Looker (1981) Script

Oh, mirror, mirror, on the wall, how can I be sure that Bill will call?

Well, of course, you are very beautiful.

Well, that's sweet of you.

But I'm afraid there's one thing you lack.

Tell me, mirror, what is that? - Ravish.

Ravish? - Ravish Perfume.

Here, put a little behind your ear.

A drop behind the knees would please.

And dab a bit between your toe.

My toe? - You never know.

Now, I wonder who that could be?

Ravish. It fulfills your deepest desires.

You probably think I'm beautiful, Dr. Roberts...

...but I'm not.

I have lots of defects to fix.

I have a list right here.

My nose is 0.2 millimeters too narrow.

And my cheekbones are 0.4 millimeters too high.

And my chin has a little 0.1 bump here.

And my areolar distance is five millimeters.

And I have a mole here on my ribs.

So I need plastic surgery.

Is something wrong, Dr. Roberts?

Well, it's just that you're very beautiful, Lisa.

And I can't imagine why you'd want to change what God has given you.

It's for work. I do television commercials.

They want a certain look.

But these changes are tiny, Lisa.

Nobody would notice the difference.

Dr. Roberts, you did my friends, Tina and Cindy and Susan.

And everybody says you're the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Will you excuse me for a minute?

I'd like you to see my partner, Dr. Belfield.

No question. She's a space case.

She's a great-looking girl.

How many of these actresses with lists have you done now?

Three, Four? Three.

Must be some show-biz fad.

You gonna do her? I don't know.

If you don't, somebody less competent will.

I'll do her. Great.

You do her. I'll take her out.

She's really a looker.

Well, hi, honey.


Teddy, where are you?

Teddy, what are you doing in there, you silly boy?

We have to get ready for Bob.

Good morning.

Good morning. You're looking well today.

Good morning. Hi.

Your 9 a.m. Tuck is pre-medicated.

Suzy will scrub for you.

Senator Harrison's office called, wanted to know if you work weekends.

Should I call back? Later.

He won't get elected president on a face-lift.

He's got great new ads. Great ads. Maybe he should sell soap.

Good morning. Hi.

Dr. Roberts, we got those Japanese hemostats you wanted.

Your burns lecture at UCLA is rescheduled for October 15.

And you have that fundraiser tonight. John Reston, black tie.

Fine. Good morning, Jim. Larry.

Got anything big this morning?

A face-lift, a sebaceous cyst and a blue nevus.

What about Senator Harrison?

Tight eyes won't make him president. I don't know.

I've got some tricky eyes at noon.

Admiral from San Diego hopes to make Joint Chiefs...

...if he looks young and vigorous.

The guy is a military genius, he just doesn't look macho.

Maybe he's right.

Good morning, Mrs. Emerson.

Good morning, Dr. Roberts.

Be with you in a minute.

Give her another 50 of Demerol, love, will you?

And let's have Vivaldi today.

Vivaldi on Friday? I feel it.

Dr. Roberts, someone called from the police.

Do you know what that was about? No idea.

Cindy Fairmont's here for her final.

We misplaced her chart. I got her to fill out a new card.

Thank you.

Well, Cindy, how's it going? Okay.

These pictures are no good anymore.

I'll have to get some new ones.

Look at that.

They look good to me.

You've made me perfect.

I'm sorry.

Do you mind if...? No.

It's a habit.

Do I match my measurements?

Oh, forget it.

I just hope this works.

It's supposed to make me super desirable.

You were always desirable, Cindy.

Are you free for dinner tonight? No.

Oh, don't date your patients, huh?

I'm busy.

I've got a fundraiser for the pediatric burns unit.

Lisa told me about that. I think it's great.

Do you know you've done all my friends with exact measurements?

Lisa, Susan and Tina, yeah.

Did I turn out as good as they did? You all turned out very well.

Gosh, I haven't seen them in ages.

I just got back from Tahiti.

Have you ever been to Tahiti? No.

Oh, come on. It's great.

You should go. Will you sit still?

Dr. Roberts, Lieutenant Masters from the police is here to see you.

You really should pay those parking tickets.

You know what I do? I cry, and they let me off.

Crying probably wouldn't work for you, huh?

Okay, you're fine. Get out of here.

Send Lieutenant Masters to my office.

And you behave yourself. Oh, I always do.

And it is so boring.

I keep hoping for a little excitement in my life.

You know, like a handsome doctor.

Good luck, Cindy. Bye.

I appreciate your time, Dr. Roberts.

Not at all. What can I do for you?

I want to ask about two of your former patients...

...Lisa Convey and Susan Wilson.

What about them?

Anything you can tell me. They're both dead.


Last week, Susan smashed her car into a freeway pylon.

And Lisa jumped from her apartment balcony last night.

We're just following up.

Well, there's not much I can tell you.

They were attractive girls who worked in commercials.

They wanted specific cosmetic changes.

In fact, they both brought in lists, down to the millimeter.

And I performed the surgery.

Lists? Isn't that unusual? Yes, it is.

Do you think these girls would commit suicide?

I doubt it.

Sometimes we see a post-operative depression syndrome...

...particularly with patients who have unreal expectations.

People who think that plastic surgery...

...is gonna make them wittier or save their marriage...

...afterwards find things aren't that different and they can become depressed.

But suicide? No.

Could I see their records, please? Yeah, sure.

Ellen, pull charts on Lisa Convey and Susan Wilson.

I've been looking for those charts for Lieutenant Masters.

They're not in the files. I looked and so did Jan.

Well, keep looking.

Must be misplaced.

Do things often get misplaced?

No, not often.

I agree with you, Dr. Roberts.

I don't think these two girls killed themselves.

They just don't fit a suicide pattern.

No notes, no phone calls, no depression. No drugs.

Most L.A. Girls OD on drugs.

But those girls were destroyed beyond recognition.

You think it was murder?

We're considering that possibility, yes. That's why I'm here.

What are you saying, lieutenant?

Women fall in love with their doctors, Dr. Roberts.

Especially doctors who give them a new face.

Yes, that is quite common.

Men give you presents. Watches or stock certificates.

Women fall in love, their own sort of present.

Do you date your patients, doctor? No.

Never gone out with either of these girls? Never.

Never visited their apartments on a social occasion?

No, never. You sure about that?

Quite sure.

Well, that's all I have for now, Dr. Roberts.

Thank you.

Is this yours? Oh, yeah.

It's been missing about a week.

So things do get misplaced in your office.

Let me know when those files turn up. Of course.

Thanks again.

Yes, of course, I realized that.

Have you found those missing files?

No, not yet. And there are four files missing.

All four girls you did exact surgery on a few months ago.

Why should they be missing? I don't know.

Lisa, Susan, Tina and Cindy.

I've been trying to call them to redo their files...

...but I haven't been able to reach Lisa and Susan by phone.

Cindy just left but we've got her new card.

And Tina's right here. Tina?

Can we talk in private?

Change you back? Why, what's wrong?

Because I'm too perfect.

Because they're gonna kill me, that's why.

Who is?

They're killing all the girls that are perfect.

Do you think I'm crazy?

Who told you to make these changes?

Dr. Roberts, it's the office of Senator...

Later. Hold all calls.

Senator Harrison. That's who that was.

He's running for president...

...and you're helping him.

Tina, what are you talking about?

Here. Here, here, here.

I'm on the 9:00 flight to Chicago...

...to see my family.

And I want someone in Chicago to put me back the way I was.

That's all. Why?

You don't know what's going on.

This is more than commercials.

Dr. Roberts, long distance from Chicago for Tina Cassidy.

Do you wanna take it in the other room? Nobody knows I'm here.

Oh, Jesus. This is bad! Oh, Tina, Tina...

Has a big man with a mustache been here?

Has he been here?

What do you mean? The police? Police?

They're in on it. The police.

Did you mention my name?

Oh, God.

I left my bags in my apartment.

Hey, hey, hey.

Dr. Belfield has gone out of town. I'm sorry, may I help you?

No, this is not the...

Did you wish to speak to Dr. Roberts?

"Digital Matrix"?

"Tina Cassidy."

Measurements to the millimeter.

Ellen, call Lieutenant Masters.

Tell him I'm going to Tina's apartment.

So you came to her apartment...

...and while you rang the downstairs bell, she fell to her death.


Then you saw a man with a mustache on the balcony.

You came up to find him but when you arrived you were alone.

Is that it? That's it.

That's the worst goddamn story I ever heard.

It's the truth. Shit.

We got 48, 92nd at Vancouver.

"Digital Matrix, Incorporated."


Lisa. Susan.


Tina, Lisa, Susan.



Dr. Roberts, what are you doing here?

I'm a friend of Steve's.

I fixed his hand once.

So you just dropped by, huh?

Actually, I wondered if you were free for dinner tonight.

For dinner?

I thought you didn't date your patients.

Oh, no, I don't. I mean, it's not a date.

It's a fundraiser, black tie.

Actually, my date's sick.

Oh, gee, I don't know, you know?

Thanks, but I don't know if I can. I don't know when I'm done tonight.

It's at John Reston's.

John Reston?

John Reston who does half the commercials in L.A.?

I think that's right, yeah.

Well, I mean, I... I could... What time?

Dr. Roberts?

Miss Fairmont. Hello.

I'm Jennifer Long. How do you do?

Mr. Reston is most anxious to meet you...

...so if you'll excuse me, I'll go find him for you.

Thank you.


I've looked over your proposal for the burns unit.

It's very interesting. Thank you.

How much capitalization do you expect from the government?

Eleven percent, including local MRC and research grants...

...but that's only supplementary running costs once underway.

So you're looking for $ 7 million to build it.

Well, under appropriate auspices...

...Reston Industries would be willing to fund 4 million.

What are the appropriate auspices?

It would have to be called the Reston Burns Unit.

And we'd want something to say about all press announcements.

Well, for 4 million, you can have quite a lot of say.

I hoped you'd feel that way. I gather this is a personal cause for you.

Yeah, it's my project, my baby.

I know how you feel.

The desire to make something you believe in work.

Oh, I believe dinner's ready.

Did you ever try any TV shows? Oh, wonderful being in commercials.

So what exactly does Reston Industries do?

We're a $6-billion conglomerate, 37 countries around the world.

We're diversified into fast foods, leisurewear, pharmaceuticals.

We do high-technology perceptual devices...

...military head-up displays...

...pinball machines and television commercials.

But I understand you have something to do with commercials too.

Who, me? Yes, it was on the news tonight.

Something about girls who died after having plastic surgery.

It was a police report.

It was just a routine inquiry.

I didn't realize my name would be mentioned.

Well, I hope it doesn't cause you any trouble.

What was the inquiry about, Dr. Roberts?

It's all a coincidence, really.

I did surgery on several girls a few months back.

Commercial actresses.

And there have been some suicides. Oh, how awful.

Well, unstable young actresses trying to make fast money in commercials...

...they find it tougher than they thought, that's all.

The police can't think that you had anything to do with it.

Oh, no. No, it's nothing like that.

Well, that's good.

We couldn't get involved in anything awkward.

No, actually, the girls are all linked...

...with some company called Digital Matrix.

Digital Matrix?

Well, that sounds rather sinister, doesn't it, Jennifer?

You see, Jennifer runs Digital Matrix.

Really? Yes.

Digital Matrix does basic research for Reston Industries.

Well, it's true that D.M.I. Measured some girls for possible surgery.

We were conducting an experiment on a new visual technology...

...but we never went forward with it.

I mean, are you sure that these are the same girls?

I think so.

Digital Matrix does mostly theoretical research.

I can't believe it.

How many girls have died?


Must be a coincidence.

Well, that's what it sounds like to me.


Now, doctor, tell me about your staffing for your burns unit.

Larry, you've ignored me all evening.

Come meet a friend of mine.

She's very cute so watch yourself, okay?

Candy, this is Larry. Hi.

Hello, Candy. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

You told him everything.

I told him nothing. But he does suspect.

Dr. Roberts has no idea what's going on...

...and he's not going to find out anything before Sunday, is he?

I will not spend the night.

You will. I can't.

I'm working in the morning.

Come on, I have a Hawaiian Tropic in the morning.

Don't do that.

You're full of surprises.

What next?

You get some sleep.

The bathroom's over there...

...and there's a towel, soap, whatever you need.

Coffee and eggs in the morning.

And get up at 6:30.


Nobody gets up at 6:30.

Sleep well.

Where are you going?


This is very weird, Larry.

You do that every day?

Only when I'm working. But you have to admit it is weird.

Are you finished with these eggs?

Why would you have me stay the night and not hit on me?

Just looking out for your interests.

I don't understand men. Only trying to help.

Help? I'm not through with that.

You'll be late for work. What time is it?

It's all right. I'm gonna drive you. You will?

Yeah, well, it's Saturday and I got the day off.

And I'd like to watch you work.

It should be fun.

All right. Let's go again. Right away!

Right away, all right?

Fix her up. What's the line?

The line comes after Cindy lands. "Hey, great tan. How'd you get it?"

Who says that? Janet.

Janet. You say that? All right. Yeah.

And she says, "Great tan, Hawaiian Tropic Tan. It's the best."

It's the best. It's the best. All right, let's go, go, go!

All right, all right. Come on, volleyball team, let's go!

- All right, set up the volleyball team, please. Here we go!

Computer says what? Come on.

Barry, I can't control how far she leaps, jumps.

Well, just do your best. We have to match the computer.

You know what the client wants.

What was wrong with that one?

What was wrong with that one?

Not enough body twist, according to the computer.

I'm sick and tired of this computer. Why can't we just do the scene?

Come on, it's a 30-second spot. Details count, right?

It didn't use to be like this, computers telling us what to do.

I know, come on, Cindy. You can do it. All right?

You look great.

- Say again, what's wrong with it? - We're having some questions down here.

Ready for computer lock.

Ready, lock...


Computer match.

Roll tape.

- No, that jump's not good either. Look at that score, 8.4.

We can't shift the coordinates to make 8.4 work.

No, we'll have to go to animation. You better tell them it's hopeless.

We'll have to do her animation at D.M.I.

I'm really sorry. I know it's my fault. Just over here.

No, it's nobody's fault. Are you kidding?

It's hard to match things like that... Well, maybe if I just took a little break?

And do it again. Listen.

What we're gonna do is we're going to wrap this set up.

Wrap the set up? Yeah.

We'll send you in for tests.

It'll be fascinating. You get paid for it. It's a whole new deal, all right?



You were great.

You'll be okay.

That's a wrap. They want me to go to Digital Matrix...

...to be measured. Measured for what?

I don't know.

I'll go with you.

Why? Why not?

You're falling for me, but you're shy, right?

That's it. Happens all the time.

Spying on us?

No, I'm just waiting for a friend.

Would you like to see inside?

Yeah, sure.

Digital Matrix is a research and testing facility.

This building was opened last year to do various kinds of visual research...

...under contract to other companies in the Reston Group.

I can give you a good example of what we do. In here.

This is where we do visual research.

Now, these subjects are looking at ordinary commercials...

...that we always use for research.

We record their pupillary scans.

Today, we're testing only women, but would you like to see what it's like?

Well, sure. All right.

This is worse than the dentist.

But it doesn't hurt.

I'll show you a stimulus...

...and you just relax and watch.

It's been six long months at sea.

Now she's home, on liberty.

She is the Liberty woman...

... living free with Liberty Mini Hair Spray.

The Liberty woman goes where she wants...

... and Liberty always goes with her, holding her hair softly, naturally...

... giving her confidence, even in water.

So go ahead. Live free.

Take liberties wherever you go.

Liberty Mini Hair Spray.

It doesn't seem like anything happened.

Now we'll see what you were looking at.

The spot shows your point of visual fixation.

You were looking at the body of the model, not at the product.

Yeah, I liked her bathing suit.

Evidently, but that's exactly what we don't want.

At $ 1 million a minute...

...we want you to be looking at what we're selling.

Here, the computer is taking into account your specific responses...

...and making you look at the product.

It's very precise, down to the millimeter.

Down to the millimeter? That's why you wanted plastic surgery.

Yes. We intended to create a group of actors...

...with the exact specifications for visual impact.

But it didn't work.

This is Lisa before surgery, scoring 92.7.

After surgery, she scores 99.4...

...which is the video scan registration limit.

So she's perfect.

But when she starts to move...

...her score drops back to 92.9.

That was our problem. The girls couldn't maintain their scores.

They looked perfect, but they weren't really perfect.

So we had to take another approach entirely.

I assure you, there's nothing to worry about.

Yeah? Does it hurt? It's completely painless.

And I get paid $200,000 a year? That's the standard modeling fee, yes.

And I don't have to do anything?

Not once the model is made. The computer does everything.

Seems like an awful lot of money for doing nothing.

It's because of who you are. Who am I?

You are perfect in your category.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

I'll leave you here and you go right there.


Go right down there.

Have fun.

I don't know about this.

There must be a catch.

Please proceed to the lighted circle after removing your clothing.

Oh, I knew it.

- Hang your clothing outside the circle so they do not interfere with data recording.

When you have undressed...

... please stand on the center of the circle for computer alignment.

Stand comfortably with your weight equally distributed on both feet...

... and your arms relaxed at your sides.


I hope you're satisfied. Perverts.

Remember to hold the neck erect, but without tension.

Now what?

These are moiré lines for computer topographic scanners.

Help. Rape.

Please do not move your lower jaw.

It was just a joke.

Failure to comply wastes valuable computer time.

What are these?

Electronic guide tracks for maintenance equipment.

What's in there? It's just a workroom.

Can I see it? My card won't open maintenance sections.

But I think you're going to find our Scanning Room down here very interesting.

We can now make commercials entirely by computer.

With no live actors at all, once the model is made.

Computers animate the images...

...dress them, provide voices. Really?

Here you see a typical computer model being made.

The subject is in the next room...

...and the computer is constructing a three-dimensional duplicate...

...from the database.

We can program the kind of improvements that we once did through surgery...

...although Cindy has had surgery.


What do those lines mean?

Those are baseline-corrected matrices.

For major audiences, age-segregated. Depending on the audience...

...we can change the programming, altering the model.

Amazing. That could put me out of a job.

I doubt that.

Our voice synthesizer is over here.

Hi, I'm Cindy. I'm the perfect female type, 18 to 25.

I'm here to sell for you.

Hi, I'm Cindy. I'm the perfect female type, 18 to 25.

I'm here to sell for you.

Hi, I'm Cindy. I'm the perfect female type, 18 to 25.

I'm here to sell for you.

Hi, I'm Cindy. I'm the perfect female type, 18 to 25.

I'm here to sell for you.

Hi, I'm Cindy. I'm the perfect female type, 18 to 25.

I'm here to sell for you.

Boy, that was the weirdest thing I ever did.

He came to D.M.I.

With the girl, yes. Why? A D.M.I. Security card is missing.

D.M.I. Security cards are always missing.

He took it.

Now, why would Dr. Roberts take a security card?

We don't have anything to hide, do we?

I think we should search his house with the Looker device.

I don't want Dr. Roberts upset.

We took his file, his pen and his button without anybody knowing it.

All right, but be careful.

Tomorrow's the most important meeting we've had in the past 10 years.

I don't want anything to go wrong. Is that understood?

All right.

For two days you haven't let me out of your sight.

I'm flattered, but there is such a thing as suffocation...

Actress Tina Cassidy jumped to her death...

... from her West Hollywood apartment building yesterday evening.

It was the second such death in two days...

... since the apparent suicide of actress Lisa Convey the day earlier.

Larry, what's going on?

You're fine, Cindy.

There were four of us who had that surgery.

Tina and Lisa...

...and me and Susan.

Where's Susan?

Susan had an automobile accident last week.

You did us all.

That's right, I did.

But you're fine, Cindy. The hell I am.

What have you got me mixed up in?

I don't know. You don't know?

Well, let's get the police in on this. Let's just not stand here.

The police are already investigating. What are they doing?

Well, they asked me some questions yesterday.

Fine, sure. I could be dead and they're still asking questions.

Oh, Jesus, Larry!

You should have told me.

I have a right to know if somebody's trying to kill me.

Where are your car keys? Car keys?

I'm gonna go to my parents to get clothes. Do you think that's wise?

Do you have a gun?

A gun? Yeah, you know, a gun?

No, I don't have a gun.


How do you plan on protecting me? By standing and watching?

Please, Larry, give me the keys.

I'm gonna visit with my parents for a while, alone, okay?

I got one! I got a duck, I got a duck.

Lucy, that is a decoy.

Well, it sure fooled me.

Oh, Cindy, what a pleasant surprise. - What's that?


Your father's gonna be so glad to see you. - Lucy, no!

Hi, Daddy. - You wouldn't wanna shoot old Charlie...

Cindy, my darling baby. How are you? ...he's out of season.

Daddy, I don't know how to...

Trouble with that car again? Car?

I told you that insurance would kill you. Why don't you listen to me, darling?

No, no, Daddy, it's...

I know, baby. Wait. Just a minute. I like this part.


Let me ask you a frank question:

Are you feeling out of sorts?

Are you frequently irritable and on edge?

Well, constipation is nothing to sneeze at.

But there is an easy answer.


Gentle, natural, time-released laxative capsule. Relieve...

This clock's been in my family 100 years.

United Van Lines moved it over a thousand miles without a scratch.

Nice going, United.

United's pre-planning guide really got us organized.

Our furniture and paintings for my one-woman show...

...all arrived on time. - Nice going, United.

When we got transferred to Milwaukee, United gave us...

This Bud's for all you guys who keep the shiny side up...

... and the rubber side down. This Bud's for you.

For all the roads you ride and every place they take you to.

The king of beers is coming through.

Yeah, just for you.

That distinctively clean, crisp taste that says Budweiser.


This Bud's for you.

Larry? The way I look at...

Larry, what happened?

Larry, why are we coming back here? This is a research laboratory.

I don't think so.

But you told me you saw the whole thing.

Not quite. They wouldn't show me one room, the Looker Lab.

Said it was a maintenance section. Well, maybe it is.

I wanna find out what's in that lab.

You can't get past the security they have.

Are you coming or not?

High drive in the deep left side and back goes Cedeno...

... to the wall. It's gone.


Hey, you. You gotta sign in.


Twenty-nine runs batted in, and the Dodgers, who looked to be beat...

And the time. ...have won it in the tenth.


The Dodgers, three runs, seven hits and one error.

The Astros, two runs, nine hits and one error.

The winning pitcher is Fernando Valenzuela.

Where'd you get the card? I stole it.

You stole it? Come on.

What if somebody finds out we're here? They won't find out. Come on.

What's that? Testing Lab.

Right, I told you it's just a research laboratory.

It's more than that.

Come on. We have to check the Looker Lab.

What's the Looker Lab?

What's wrong?

My card won't open the door.

- Is now two and 0.

The losing pitcher is tough-luck Ken Forsch.

And this crowd of 49,642...

... absolutely delirious.

Now, there's tomorrow.

And it will be Nolan Ryan for the Astros.

We'll just have to wait and see about who will be the pitcher for the Dodgers.

The post-game show will be coming right up.

Larry, I think we should get out of here. You know, we could get into big trouble.

We're already in big trouble.

Follow me.

I can't take this.

What's in here?

I don't know.

I wanna get in the Looker Lab.

Maybe there's a connecting door.

Look out.

He's like a janitor.

Electronic maintenance equipment. It follows the tracks in the floor.

- Well, that's sweet of you. - But I'm afraid there's one thing you lack.

- Tell me, mirror, what is that? - Ravish.

- Ravish? - Ravish perfume.

Here, put a little behind your ear.

A drop behind the knees would please. And dab a bit between your toe.

- My toe? - You never know.

Now I wonder who that could be?

Ravish. It fulfills...


Light Ocular-Oriented Kinetic Emotive Responses."

Well, what does that mean? Beats me.

Hi, Warrior, isn't this the pits?

I never dreamed when I married Jim I'd end up with this in my hand.

These poor actors, having to say lines like that.

They're not actors. They're computer-generated images.

All I get is this grungy kitchen.

Give me that mop.

Warrior All-Purpose Cleaner will take charge of this drudgery.

Why, Warrior, you look like you're ready for the arena.

This is my arena.

But it's just as dumb as a regular commercial.

Seems like there should be more to it than that.

Now, you just watch.

Warrior All-Purpose Cleaner will make short work of this.

Oh, Warrior, you're my guy from now on.

- Well, what about Jim? - Let Jim get his own warrior.

I want it.

I want it.

I want it too.

They all want it, and they want it bad.

The body, the thickness, the richness of utterly desirable hair.

"Looker is a computer-generated optical pulse...

...synchronized with cortical alpha rhythms...

...producing an autohypnotic suggestible trance."

I want it.

I want it.

New Wave.

If you really want it, you can have it.

- Yes, I do. I surely do. Cindy. Cindy.

The New Wave look of...

Hey, hey, hey.

What happened?

Don't look at the screen. Don't look at the screen.

They use computer animation...

...to put a hypnotic light pulse in the eyes of the commercial.

But they're also producing a gun.

A gun? I don't like guns.

This is no ordinary gun.

This gun gives the illusion of invisibility...

...through repeated high-intensity light flashes.

It uses light.

Now, this is a Looker defense. Listen:

"Smoke is a defense against light weapons.

It diffuses the pulse."

This is the defense, and this is the gun.

It looks like a flashlight.

Is that what it is?

It's just a glorified flashlight.

This is unlike any gun ever made before.

It works with light.

It puts you in a hypnotic trance...

...so that you lose all sense of time.

That's why they were able to do what they did to me and also the girls.

Larry, you know what, I...



Fruit of the Loom Guys!

- Our briefs holding up okay, chief? - I see a lot of underwear down here.

Fruit of the Loom is the pride of my fleet.

Thanks to our Superband waistband.

Snaps back wash after wash.

- That's quality. - At a low price.

Take it from a pro.

Hey, you guys getting seasick?

- Nail color lasts at least three days without any significant chipping or peeling.

And we polished over 1000 nails to prove it.

In consumer tests, 111 women put their nails through 3 days worth of punishment.

And 76 percent came out...

All these good things are about to become the Shakey's Pizza...

... that is your favorite and ours.

A pizza so special that it can only be called the Shakey's Special.

Isn't this the pits?

I never dreamed when I married Jim I'd end up with this in my hand.

But, gee, you have a college degree.

Lot of good it does me. Jim won't let me have a career.

All I get is this grungy kitchen.

Give me that mop.

Warrior All-Purpose Cleaner will take charge of this drudgery.

Oh, mirror, mirror, on the wall, how can I be sure that Bill will call?

Well, of course, you are very beautiful.

Well, that's sweet of you.

- But there's one thing you lack. - Tell me, mirror, what is that?

- Ravish. - Ravish?

Ravish perfume. Here, put a little...

- My toe? - You never know.

Now, I wonder who that could be. Ravish.

Let me ask you a frank question:

Are you feeling out of sorts?

Are you frequently irritable and on edge?

Constipation is nothing to sneeze at.

But there is an easy answer.


Gentle and natural time-released laxative capsule.

Relieve gets you through difficult days smoothly...

... without any of the harshness of ordinary laxatives.

So if you're troubled by occasional irregularity...

... you need Relieve.

Time-released laxative capsules whenever you're...

And Converse All Stars have been there.

In Berlin, London, Helsinki, Melbourne, Rome...

... Mexico City, the U.S.

Since basketball became an Olympic sport...

... Converse All Stars have been there.

And again this year in Montreal, Converse is supplying the U.S. Team...

... with Converse All Stars.

You okay? Yeah, are you?

I've done it, Cindy. I've worked it all out.

Now come on. Let's get out of here.

Okay, we can synch up to visual. Give us a level, please.

I'm sorry, could we have that level again, Mr. Reston?

My name is John Reston. My name is John Reston.

Hi, I'm John Reston. How's that?

John Reston never tires of confronting the challenges of the future. In electronics...

You find them, bring the girl back here...

...and get rid of him. Got it? - Count on Reston Industries.

Today, tomorrow, forever.

Is that right, Mr. Reston? "Today, tomorrow, forever"?

Forever, yes! Forever! - Okay, Mr. Reston.

Lieutenant Masters.

Larry, look out!

To hell with him. We got the girl.

Come on, let's go. Bring her.

Any proof that Reston's people were here?

A smoke gun. I put it away.

Good. Don't tell the others.

We're closing in, it's just a question of...

...what Roberts does now.

And whether he stays alive.

Have you lost purpose in your life? Does everything seem hopeless?

Are you tired and defeated?

Have you lost your...?

The first day of the rest of your life.

You can have a new purpose, a new reason for being alive.

Yes, folks.

Miraculous as it may seem...

Idiot, what are you doing? ...these are the possibilities...

... for a bright, glowing future for you.

Now. Yes, I say now.

Because it's happening right now.

Because there's a high-paying career for you...

Imagine yourself as a computer programmer.

That's the future we offer you in our course at Western Technology School.

There are more of them every day.

And more programmers needed to fill those high-paying spots.

Get security now. Why delay? It's the wave...

Baker-Twelve, Baker-Twelve...

He's over there.

Would you give me that information, please?

- No, he's not here. - License similar to:

- Call it off. - Mary-Lincoln-Tom-8-2-5, possibly 2000...

RI Central to car nine, give us your position.

RI Central to car seven, give us your position.


They can never leave.

He armed?

No, he's not armed. Not armed. We're bringing him back.

Yeah, sure.

There's a big reception tonight.

We gotta keep you quiet until it's over.

First guests at the reception, all unit to positions, please.

First guests have arrived.

Mr. Reston is in the hall.

Speech will begin in four minutes. Stand by.

Crowd monitors need two additional men in the lobby, Unit 12, report.

I guess you know about Looker.

Looker? What's Looker?

There's a bunch of lookers.

You mean, you don't know about Looker?

Hey, guys, come on, you're gonna miss all the fun.

The show's gonna start, come on.

Mr. Reston will begin his speech in two minutes, all units.

Bring him back to central, Unit 12. Bring him back to central now.

We don't want any trouble.

All units to positions, please.

Mr. Reston is in the hall. Stand by.

Unit 12, report.

RI Central, the speech will begin in one minute.

Unit 12, report. Where is your party?

- Please report. - I think we got a problem with Unit 12.

It's on the 18th floor, take the elevator to your left.

Tonight we're going to show you the advances...

...Reston Industries has made in commercial sciences.


...is the most powerful selling medium in the history of mankind.

Reception is on the 18th floor. Just take the elevator to your right.

Reception is on the 18th floor. Just take the elevator to your right.

Tonight, we'll show you some of these new television commercials...

...generated by our computer on the 19th floor.

Good evening. You look lovely.

Could you loosen my hand? Later.

It hurts.

I mean, it really hurts a lot.

Larry's going to save me.

Any minute now.

Television can control public opinion more effectively...

...than armies of secret police because television is entirely voluntary.

The American government forces our children to attend school.

But nobody forces them to watch TV.

Americans of all ages submit to television.

Television is the American ideal.

Persuasion without coercion.

Nobody makes us watch.

Who could have predicted that a free people would voluntarily spend...

...one fifth of their lives sitting in front of a box with pictures?

Fifteen years sitting in prison is punishment.

But15 years sitting in front of a television set is entertainment.

And the average American now spends more than one and a half years of his life...

...watching television commercials.

Fifty minutes every day of his life watching commercials.

Now, that's power.

Yet the commercials have been as crude as snake-oil pitches till now.

Now, Reston Industries has scientific commercials.

Commercials combining computer-generated actors...

...in real settings, in a highly effective way.

The way of the future.

So without further ado, Reston Industries is proud to present...

...its latest visual development.

- Reston Industries is... Larry.

Hey, what's with the uniform?

Hi, I'm Candy.

Wherever you find the cutting edge of high technology and corporate growth...

... that's where you'll find Reston Industries.

Reston Industries makes the future happen.

In 37 countries spanning the globe...

... Norway to Nicaragua, Spain to Singapore...

... Reston Industries stands for growth...

... for innovation in science and technology and a better life for all.

Where's that son of a bitch?

Reston Industries is a name you can count on.

Reston Industries makes the future happen.

Reston Industries doesn't just plan the future, it's shaping it.

Ladies and gentlemen, Senator Robert Harrison...

... candidate for president of the United States.

Hello, I'm Senator Harrison...

... sharing with you some of my private thoughts...

... on the eve of the national election.

Perhaps you feel as I do...

... that our great nation faces trying times...

... overwhelmed by inflation, swamped with bureaucracy...

... manipulated by faceless corporations with their expensive media campaigns.

It truly seems a dark hour for liberty.

But there is something we can do about it.

We can return to the individual freedom and values of our pioneer forefathers...

... who forged our country and made it great.

A vote for me is a vote for the old American tradition.

They don't know what's being done to them.

They're fascinated. Look at them.

Against pollution of our environment and our lives.

There is still time.

I admit it, I have troubles with bugs and roaches.

- Even in my perfect and spotless kitchen. That's me.

What with everybody coming and going...

... the rush and bustle of a large family, what is a mother to do?

Well, I found my answer right here, with new formula Blast.

Fast, painlessly, and odorlessly. Even roaches...

Damn, how did he get here?

No muss and fuss, and no unwelcome houseguests.

Get new...

Gotta stop him...

What's the matter, honey?

Oh, these pressures, I can't sleep. I'm all upset.

Don't worry, darling, I have just the thing for a sleepless night.

New gentle action Snooze.

But I've tried medicines before and nothing helps.

Snooze is more than just medicine.

- Oh, I don't know. - Well, I do. Snooze is a...

New Snooze is more than medicine. It's trust.

Trust Snooze to give you the restful sleep you've always wanted.

Other medicines take your money, you'll save with new Snooze...

... for a restful, refreshing sleep.

New Snooze is more than medicine. It's trust.

New Snooze. Feel better the next day, snooze tonight.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Nothing could be more beautiful after a day in the sun...

... than the economical new Dodge Omni Deluxe.

This car is so hot, it will leave you breathless.

But let's look at those interiors.

Gives European access with deep, Dodge pile carpeting...

... for sporting space you'll love.

Nothing could be better than the new Omni interior...

... including digital dash clock...

- is standard equipment.

But don't take my word for it.

- See for yourself at your local dealership. Hey, that's Reston.

- And remember, seeing is believing. What's he trying to prove?

I love Dodge. You will too.

New Dodge Omni. Makes sense for American families.

Why don't you drive one today?

Remember, seeing is believing.

Oh, Mom, do we have to have the same old thing again?

Yeah, I'm tired of the same old breakfast.

They're right, dear. How about something different?


New Oaties are the oat cereal...

... that families adore when they're tired of the same old thing.

New Oaties...

Spurt makes any mouth fresh and alive.

New Spurt makes any mouth come alive. Get Spurt and feel that fresh, alive taste.

New Spurt toothpaste, feel fresh again.

New Spurt toothpaste, a product of Reston Industries.

You all right?

Oh, sure.

Hey, that's a nasty cut. You ought to get that fixed.

You're a doctor.

No, I can't do it.

I don't date my patients.

I am one of your patients. Not anymore.

Why not?

Because I wanna take you out on a date.

Oh, Larry.

I don't know if I could take another one of your evenings.

That's where you'll find Reston Industries.

Thirty-seven countries spanning the globe...

... from Norway to Nicaragua, from Spain to Singapore.

Reston Industries stands for growth, for innovation in science...

... a better life for all of us.

Reston Industries is a name you can count on.

Because Reston Industries makes the future happen.