Looking for Trouble (1934) Script

Los Angeles calling Mr Tom Nieu Sing, Chinatown Exchange, San Francisco.

San Francisco. You're through.

Get me the test set.

It's down in the wagon. Can't you do without it?

Go on down and get it. Are you going to be a Prima-Donna all your life?

Hospital trunk lines 1 to 5 open. Unable to get through to subscriber.

Switchboard, Commodore Hotel. Out of service.

4th and Central .. got it.

Drexel 2470.

Investigate .. out of service.

Got it.


Say ..

Do you have to be born with a talent for that or do you learn it by practice?

Well, practice helps Mr Regan.

Of course, nothing like being born with a good eye like I got.

I never missed this once in 100 times. Where's your transfer slip?

Right there under your nose. Ha-ha. That's what I mean by having a good eye.

So, you're a trouble-shooter on the Azusa Exchange?

As a matter of fact I was the Azusa Exchange. I put in the system.

I took care of the troubles.

In fact, I ran the entertainment committee at the Church.

Why do you want to be transferred here? Well, it wasn't exactly my own idea.

You see, Mr Richards figured that you could use a really good man in the city.

So he ordered me transferred. I see.

Well, it seems a pity to deprive Azusa of a personality like yours.

You're absolutely right. But look at it this way: Azusa loss, Los Angeles gain.

What do you want, a match? Why, don't take a minute, neighbor.

Startled you, didn't it!

I pull things like that in Azusa all the time. My natural-born sense of humor.

What did I do to deserve this?

Want me to go with you, Mr Regan?

No sense of humor.

Where's Graham and Sutter? Ain't checked in yet.

Well in that case then, somebody else will have to ..

Oh hello Joe, I was just looking for you.

I got a couple of little chop-chop jobs for you.

Don't mind night work, do you? No, no. I love it.

Especially tonight when I've got a date.

Where's Dan? Washing up.

There's something else I want to talk to you about, Joe.

How'd you like your job? Fine. Why?

How'd you like a better one? What, for instance?

It seems that Ma Bell wants to show her thanks for the quality of your work.

I got notice from the General Office that starting Monday, you're promoted.

Yeah? Promoted down to what?

Promoted up my boy. Foreman's job. Fifth district.

Oh no. No thanks, I'll stay right here.

Have you lost your mind? You'll have fourteen men under you.

Better hours. Easier work.

Yeah, and get calluses on my can from sitting in an office all day and ..

Double my laundry bill starching those white collars. No thanks sir. I'm okay.

That sounds screwy to you I suppose, but I'm a very funny guy.

Some people live for riches and luxury.

Others like a fireside, a shady tree, a comfortable bed.

But I'm a guy that lives for the thrill and excitement I get out of life.

I broke my old man's heart when I wouldn't go to work in his paint-shop.

That was ten years ago.

Ever since I've been doing things I want to do most, no matter what and where.

And right now I think being a trouble-shooter is swell.

The constant hurry, everlasting change and adventure .. it's got under my skin.

I don't know. Maybe my old man dropped me on my nut when I was a baby.

That's the way it is anyway.

I wish we had more like you Joe. Yeah, you tell those guys.

Getting dirty again my little man, we got night work to do.

Not tonight. I can't. It means overtime.

I know but I got uh ..

My mother's been very ill. I promised to see her tonight.

It's alright, I'll take care of these jobs myself. It will be a relief.


Wait a minute .. I've got somebody to go along with you.

Hey, Casey .. yes .. you!

This is Casey .. he's from Azusa.

Where he was top trouble-shooter, chief comedian .. and pillar of the Church.

Take him with you so he can show you how to do jobs the way they should be done.

This is Joe Graham. Hello Joe.

I told you .. a comedian. Now ask him for a match.

Oh no Mr Regan. I never repeat the same gag on the same day. Down Azusa ..

How'd you like to pick up the tools and Azusa yourself out to the trouble wagon?

Okay Joe, old boy. It'll only take a minute.

Right on the job at all times.

Put the tools in the car. I'll be with you in a minute. - In the car.

Information, please.


Never mind.

Information please.


Never mind.

Information please.

Hiya, sweetheart.

I got you quicker than usual this time.

What information do you wish, please? What's up? Supervisor hanging around?

Say listen Ethel, I'm stuck again. I've got to do overtime.

Listen Joe, this is the fourth time you've stood me up.

Honey, I can't help it. If there is work to do I got to do it, don't I?

I never know if I make a date with you, whether you're going to keep it or not.

What's he doing? Dodging it again? More overtime.

I can't talk any more now Joe, she's coming back. Yes, I'm good and mad.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Don't go away. Will I see you at lunch tomorrow?

I'm sorry sir. We do not have that information.

I'm sorry, sir. We do not have that information.

Never a dull moment with Casey .. that's my motto.

You're building up to a good clip on the chin. You know that don't you?

No sense of humor .. what a guy.

In Azusa .. I ain't never ..

Hey, know something pal?

Seeing as we work together, don't you think we ought to know about each other?

Alright go on, tell me all about yourself .. I can hardly wait.

No, no .. that would take weeks and weeks. What I mean is, I uh ..

Well, you ought to know by now, that I'm pretty attractive to the ladies.

What are you trying to do? Warn me that you're liable steal my girl?

Oh no, nothing like that. I didn't even know you had a girl.

No, I'm not that kind of fellow, unless the brute in me, gets beyond control.

Is he dead?


Don't touch that!

I'm just trying to reconstruct the crime.

You get prints on that receiver, you'll get reconstructed at the end of a rope.

But what will we do?

In this case, best to call your own investigator.

Saves being tried for murder.

You wait here and don't touch anything.

Hey .. hoo ..

Cold as a mackerel.

Hello .. give me Regan please.

Hello Mr Regan. This is Graham. Drexel 6542.

Receiver off the hook. There's a stiff laying on the floor in the living room.

Better phone the investigator. Bring a Cop with him. There may be dirty work.

Okay Joe. I'll have them right over.

You wait until they get there before you go on your next assignment.

Yeah .. I got to run back. I left Azusa with the stiff. Anything can happen.


Well, Joe Graham. So we got the goods on you at last, huh?

Hi Lieutenant. Captain, you lug. I've been promoted.

Oh, you know where the body is buried, huh?

Captain Flynn, I want you to meet Casey. He's got a theory on how this happened.


Murder, plain murder.

Why, that glass there smells of whiskey.

If you look closely, you'll see there's two different brands of cigarette stubs.


Well, here's your two brands of cigarettes right in his pocket.

There's whiskey in the glass, but he was a boozer. You can tell looking at him.

Well, there is nothing here for me. A case of heart-failure.

Probably felt it coming, tried to phone. Before he could talk, he dropped dead.

Give me a ring some time, Joe. You're quite a stranger.

Yeah, if I get in a jam, I'll let you get me out.

If you get in a jam, I'll frame you in steel and throw away the key.

Scram, won't you.

That guy is altogether too cocky.

Why if this had happened at Azusa, we'd have the murderer in the Pen' right now.

Ah, I can imagine .. come on.

Don't leave your fingerprints on that phone.

Yeah? Telephone men.

There is nothing wrong with our phone.

We got to get to your terminal in there. To make some changes on the main line.

This is a private club. I've got a big crowd here.

Alright. It won't take us long.

It's behind this. Thanks.

You fellows step on it, won't you. Yeah, yeah. Sure we will.

Come on, control your mind Azusa. We got work to do.

Beautiful skin. Which one?

The one she's sitting on. The tiger.

Shimmy up the pole outside and make the cross connections.

Talk back to me on the line.

No sooner said than done. You know, even as a kid, I used to like them.


Give it back! Please, it's all I've got, please ..

I've spent money on you. It won't hurt you to give back a little.

Here, here. What's this? He took ten dollars away from me.

Cut it out Sam. Give it back to her.

I know what I'm doing. She owes me a lot more than ten bucks, the little ..

Please Sam, you're cock-eyed. You can keep the money, only go away.

I'm not leaving until I'm good and ready.

You're too rough with your sick mother, ain't you?

What are you doing here? I'm mother's little helper.

I suppose you're going to shoot off your mouth to Regan about this?

I never did like you and I never will.

Now I know how you make your money, it's going to be swell when you get fired.

I won't have to help either. This Regan ain't so dumb.

You got one foot on a banana peel and your fanny aims right at the sidewalk.

Now go on home and sleep it off, before I lose my temper and let you have it.

Do you want me to help you? I'm doing alright .. screw.

I'll get myself some black coffee. Yeah, you need it.

That's telling him, big boy.

You work together? Yeah, more or less.

Dan and I are old friends. Funny I never met you before.

Dan and I don't mix socially.

That's too bad, because then I would have met you sooner.

Well you finally got your break, didn't you.

Hello, Casey.

How is it?

Come on Pearl .. circulate. Lots of people coming in.


Hey, Casey.

Who is on this line? This is Police Headquarters.

Oh, I'm sorry. This is the telephone man. I'll drop off.

Hello! Hello! Will you please get off!

Hello .. hello .. Murphy?

I'm here, Chief.

We've had a lot of complaints about that gambling joint at 1483 Union.

Close it up .. bring in the Proprietor of the day.

Okay, Chief.

I'm sorry Joe. I don't want you to think I laid down on you.

Alright. Never mind.

You hear? They're going to raid this joint.

Pipe down.

Well, I'm only telling you. Alright, you've told me. Now shut up.

Don't be sore Joe. It won't happen again.

Alright, alright. Forget it.

Come on, Azusa, let's go.

Listen, I just got word. They're going to raid the joint.

What? Just this minute.

Goodbye number 62.

I'll be seeing you.

She's a fair-looking dame.

All through? Yeah.

Anything wrong, Joe? You never can tell.

Thank you, boy.

What's up? Admiring yourself? No, I was seeing if I need a shave.

What are you doing for lunch? Oh, eating mostly.

I'm expecting my girl and her roommate. Stick around and I'll introduce you.

Girls? Hmm.

Is the roommate a blond? Probably.

She was a brunette before yesterday. Right down my alley.

Hello honey. Hello.

Hi there, poison. I got someone for you. What you've got, I can do without.

This is Casey, a big-shot from Azusa. This is Miss Greenwood.

How do you do.

And that is Miss Maizie Bryan.

How are you Miss Bryan? Hungry.

Oh, a wisecracker, huh?

You coming? Lead on.

Sore at me? Shouldn't I be?


I'll never make a date with you again. Oh, sure you are. In about a month.

I'm going to be silly enough to ask you, and you'll be silly enough to say "yes".

Mad at me again?

No, I'm not. Why?

I just heard you turned down an offer of promotion.

That's right. Oh Joe, why did you?

Now listen baby, if you want me, you got to take me as I am.

I ain't the kind of a guy that can sit an office all day.

And I can't wear white collars. They don't fit the size or color of my neck.

I've got to work with my hands. Yes. Because you haven't any brains.

I wouldn't have picked you if I had any brains, would I?

Come on, let's eat.

You have got brains, Joe. You just won't use them.

I don't want to use them, it gives me a headache .. what you going to eat?

Some salad I think.

What you talking about? How can you take care of those kids on salad?

Give her some roast beef, rare. I'll take the same.

What kids?

Those 7 or 8 that are going to call you Mama and me Papa.

Joe, aren't you ever serious?

Aren't you interested in making more money?

More dough? No, I'm doing alright. I've got plenty.

Vegetables, ma'am?

No, I won't be able to finish this roast.

A double order of spinach for both of us.

Not spinach.

Good for you. Puts hoosies in your whatsies.

Are you going to bully me all my life? Yep.

If taking care of you is bullying you, that's what I'll do.

Two hunks of that apple pie.

Joe, I never eat pie.

You'll eat it or I'll wipe it off your chin.

You'll have me weighing a ton. That's fine. More of you to love.

If you don't mind me saying so Miss Bryan, you don't eat enough.

Are you trying to reduce?

Well, I could take off a couple of pounds and still .. sit comfortable.

No .. that's a mistake.

A woman should have what nature intended her to have.

In all the places she intended her to have it.

Well, if you think nature's been skimping on me, honey ..

Oh, ain't nature grand.

How are you two getting along? Oh, just fine.

Mr Casey just gave me an interesting little nature talk.

I was just telling Miss Bryan that she ought to keep what she's got.

Don't worry, I intend to.

By the way, where is Dan?

I left him downstairs. He has a hangover he's trying to get rid of.

Don't be so hard hat.

I like a guy that takes a drink once in a while. It gives him something.

I don't care if he drinks, but the guy is a lug. He's no good in spades.

He's going to get the air someday, and I won't be surprised if I gave it to him.

If you ask me, your boyfriend is burned up because you and I were with Dan ..

You did what, with who?

Well, you were working overtime. So you two-timed me with ..

I'm not married to you yet! And if I want to go out ..

Not with him! Not if you want to keep me hanging around.

If that's the way you feel, I'm not so sure I want you hanging around.

You are entirely unreasonable, Joe. You've been everywhere.

Around the world, seen everything. You never want to go out at night ..

Because every place is an old, old story to you, but it's not to me.

I get a kick out of stepping out and enjoying myself, like any girl would.

If you didn't think so much of working your head off and risking your life ..

Just for the stupid thrill of it, we'd be a lot more congenial.

After we're married, if we ever are.

I'll be willing to sit at home and darn your socks.

And listen to your stories about Asia and Africa and what have you.

But right now I want a little fun and if I feel like going with Dan, I'm going!

If I've hurt your feelings, I'm sorry.

What's the matter with Ethel? She looked like she was crying.

Mr Graham, aren't you? Yep.

Mr Regan wants to see you in his office with your helper, right away please.

Oh, come on. You heard what she said, didn't you?

Well .. I hope there'll be no gunplay.

If there is, I hope you're in it.

You want to see me Regan?

The is Joe Graham, one of our ace trouble-shooters. Sergeant Murphy.

Dan Sutter, Joe's assistant.

You were testing at 1483 Union last night, weren't you? - Yes.

Did you cut into a line between the Chief Of Detectives and Sergeant Murphy?


How much did you hear?

Practically nothing. I dropped off as I was on a busy line.

Did you overhear the conversation? I wasn't working with Joe last night.

Oh yeah .. I know.

That Azusa goof was with you .. Casey.

So that's it. Why? What's this all about, boss?

Sergeant Murphy here got orders to close that joint you were working in.

Somebody overheard the conversation and tipped them off.

When the Police got there, the place was empty.

Did Casey overhear this conversation too? - Yeah.

That probably explains it. Get Casey here.

Wait a minute.

Casey didn't do it, boss.

Are you going to come clean or do I have to slap it out of you?

What are you talking about? What are you trying to do? Make me a Patsy?

Sutter was at that gambling joint last night .. as a guest.

I dropped the line when I found the cops were talking .. Casey didn't.

He hung on, and then he came in and told me what he overheard. He was with us.

Then as we were leaving the joint, we saw the Proprietor and this son of a ..

Disguise some dough. It's a dirty lie.

Anything else, Mr Regan? No, that's all Joe. Thanks.

You're welcome.

Check in your tools. Draw what is coming to you, and then get out of here.

So you take Joe's word against mine? Any time, on anything! Now get out!



Oh .. wait a minute.

It's the pride of Azusa, Casey.

He wants to come up and see me.

Well, have him up. I guess I can stand it.

Well I don't know. He ain't much of a bargain.

And his intentions are probably strictly dishonorable.

Come right up Mr Casey.

Uhuh ..

When are you going to get that guy off of your mind?

Well I did think he might at least get in touch with me.

If I had you got, I wouldn't be worried about anything running around in pants.

[ Doorbell ]

There is the wonder-boy now.

Hello y'all.

I is Colonel Winterbottom from Dallas Texas.

I extend my greetings to you lovely ladies.

Well quit posing in the door there, Colonel. We recognize you.

Yes ma'am, yes ma'am. Say, I brought a friend along.

That being Mr Graham .. I want you to meet these lovely ladies.

Miss Bryan, Miss Greenwood .. Mr Graham.

Step on in a little. The lovely ladies are so happy to see us.

Aren't you, ladies?

Oh, it's that good old Southern hospitality.

It's been a very jovial evening. We want to thank you for the tea and cakes.

Graham .. get the horses.

Well, now that you are in, you might just as well park it.

You see, they want us, they need us Mr Graham .. step in a little.

Mr Graham or "Joe" as we laughingly call him down in Dallas.

Has invited us all out for the evening.

I'm sorry.

I'll try not to be jealous again. I promise not to lose my temper again.

Lookee here, lookee here.

If I'm Joe's assistant, well I've got to do the things he's got to do.

Did that come all the way from Azusa or Dallas?

No, ma'am, that's just my Dallas.

I ain't Azusa'd you yet. But I'll get to all that later.

Oh honey, I can hardly wait. You're a lucky woman.

Come on, get on your bibs and tuckers girls. We'll go to The Grove.

Here we go to The Grove.

[ Telephone ]

Who's that?

Hello .. who?

No, I can't see you now.

I'm going out, Dan. Some other time, please.

Couldn't I come up for just a minute, Ethel?

I've got something important to tell you.

No, no. Don't come up.

I'll come down.

It's Dan. He wants to see me. He has something important to tell me.

You don't mind, do you?

Sure I mind.

You're going to start all over. You said a minute ago, you wouldn't be jealous.

What is it Joe? Don't you trust me?

Well, if you want to wait, I'll be back in a minute.

Dan, you mustn't come here anymore. Joe's upstairs and he doesn't like it.

After all, we are going to be married, and you know he's terribly jealous.

Yeah, I can second that.

Why, what do you mean? He got me fired today.

He didn't? I ought to know.

He told Regan a rotten lie. Then to top it off, he socked me .. in the stomach.

You can't tell me he did it for any other reason except that he knows I'm ..

Well, that I like you.

Oh, I'm terribly sorry, Dan.

I know that Joe is hot-blooded, but I didn't think he would carry it that far.

What number do you call to get the riot-squad?

Listen, Dan. I don't want any more trouble with you.

But if you don't stay away from Ethel ..

What I did this afternoon is just a sample of what I'm going to do you.

Joe, please ..

You've caused enough unpleasantness already.

So you're taking his side, are you?

You're impossible. I never do anything but quarrel with you. I don't want to.

Oh, I'm sick of it. I wish you'd go.

Okay .. that's all I wanted to hear.

Don't cry, honey. He isn't worth it.

I've got a car outside. We'll take a drive down to the beach.

He's so unreasonable sometimes, I could kill him.

Fresh air will do you good. Come on Ethel.

Maizie, I'm going out with Dan. I'll be home early.

Well .. things seem to have been happening downstairs.

Ethel is going out with Dan.

I suppose Joe has gone far into the night.

Which leaves us at the exact point where we started.

Well, what do we do now?

What do you mean: "what do we all do now"?

Oh, I'm headed for the last roundup.

Dooby-dooby-doo, dooby.

Okay .. give me the cutters.

Just a minute .. here.

Give me the pliers.

Hey, what's the idea?

Gee, you might have killed that guy, Joe.

I don't know what's the matter. I'm all thumbs.

I know what's the matter. So do you, but you're doing nothing about it.

Give me another pair of pliers. Alright.

The way Maizie talks, you know.

Ethel feels just as bad about things as you do.

Who told you I felt bad about it?

Them pliers you just dropped.

Know what the trouble with you is, Joe?

You don't realize or understand the psychology of women.

Now, in Azusa ..

If you mention Azusa to me again, you're going to follow those pliers.

Alright, no sense of humor.

She ain't working at the phone company no more.

You mean she got fired? No. She quit.

She's working in an office downtown. Doing what?

I don't know. That's all Maizie told me.

So she quit so there would be no chance of running into me, huh?

I don't think it was like that.

Well, I'm quitting too. You're doing what?

I'm quitting. Tomorrow or Saturday.

I'm going to run down to San Pedro and get on a boat for China or someplace.

This town and this job are getting on my nerves.

Listen, you won't like it in China. I've been there and I like it fine.

Maybe I'll get on a boat that don't touch shore for six months.

I've done that too, and it's alright.

Alright, alright.

I see that you're in no mood for enlightenment on the subject of love.

So I'll just give up.

Where are we going now? It's around here somewhere.

This is it. What's the grief here?

Not much. Get the tools.

Which one of these joints is it?

The Real Estate office.

Telephone man. What's wrong with your tele ..?

Hello, Joe Graham. Van Dyke 3476. Report on the trouble. Call me back will you.

There is nothing wrong with that phone.

Hello .. okay.

What did you send for a repairman for? Nobody called from here.

Oh. In that case, Casey's building himself up for a good clout on the chin.

You like your new job? Yes, it's alright.

Getting a lot of dough? Enough.

We seem to be running out of conversation, don't we?

You got anything to say to me?

Why? It is you who should do all of the talking.

I will do the talking. I'm blowing town, tomorrow or the next day.

Goodbye and good luck! Oh Joe ..

I don't know which one of us was at fault.

But these last few weeks have been very ..

Yeah .. yeah, me too.

Oh, let's stop being foolish.

Let's ..

Any phone calls Ethel? No, none.

Anybody come in?

No, no-one.

Hello number 62. Remember me?

Dan's working here too, huh? Yes, he's the manager.

Nice going, and you're working for him .. that's dandy.

Hiya baby.

Well, I ain't seen you in a long time.

Still at the same place?

Oh no. I have an apartment of my own now.

It has a phone too. No kidding.

That's an innovation. Why don't you come and fix it for me?

What's the matter with it? Not a thing, honey.

Come up and fix it anyway. Why certainly, certainly.

Anything to oblige a lady.

Pearl is the name, and the address is ..

Wait a minute, I'll write it down for you.

A pencil, please.


Oh Ethel, will you come in a minute?

What did he want?

Why he uh .. He didn't come here to see me.

No, he came about the telephone. Was there anything wrong with it?


I could have taken care of that.

It's alright Ethel. That's all for now.

He had me worried for a minute. Do you think he suspects anything?

No .. say, why were you so interested in him?

What's wrong with saying hello? I don't like him. That's enough.

Dry up you two. You're starting to sound more like Gracie and Allen every day.

Come on, Martin.

Listen sweetheart.

If I want to talk to somebody, I'm going to do it whether you like it or not.

You don't own me. Don't forget, it was I who introduced you to Max and Martin.

Another thing. What's the idea of having that good-looking dame hanging around?

She's just working here.

I catch on. Nice work if you can get it. If you don't like it, you can get out.

I've got my belly full, and you might as well know it.

That's swell. I've had all I can stand, too.

Only when you get paid off, I want my cut, see?

And if I don't get it, I'll yell so loud they'll hear me at the Police Station.

You'll get your check, only hurry up and blow. You're giving me a headache.

Can you get him?

I'm connected with their office wire, but there is nothing happening.

Hello .. oh yes, how are you Mr Fuller?

Hello Parsons .. say, listen ..

I'm just telephoning to tell you ..

I have all the stocks I need at this particular moment.

And I shan't be doing any more buying for the next couple of months.

I say: I shan't be doing any buying for the next few months.

What's the matter? Can't you hear me?

There seems to something the matter with this phone.

I happen to be having trouble with it for the last couple of weeks.

Somebody is beating me to the punch.

Every stock I'm interested in, jumps before I get a chance to buy it.

It almost appears that another person is getting information into my activities.

Well, afraid that winds us up. What do you mean?

Fuller has quit dealing with our next door neighbor.

He says somebody seems to have a lot of information about his stock dealing.

Well, that's that.

Anyways, it was good while it lasted.

I'll make out your checks.

Make out three separate ones this time, will you, Martin.

As you wish.

You coming, Max?

No, I'll hang on a little while longer. You never can tell.

Here's your payments. Alright.

Hey Max, here's your cut. Okay.

Here's yours Dan. Thank you.

By the way, what's that young lady's name?

Who? Oh .. Pearl ..

As a matter of fact she has many names. Don't know which to write on the check.

Well, I'll leave the name space blank so you can fill it in.

You'll see that she gets it? Sure thing.

Goodbye Miss. Goodbye Mr Martin.

Busy? No. Just changing the ribbon.

You seem to be having a tough time.

I don't know why you ever hired me as a secretary.

That's why I'm firing you.


Well I can't blame you. I shouldn't have taken this job. I wasn't fitted for it.

I might as well give you your closing check now.

Better see if I got the amount right.

What's this mean? Not enough?

I don't understand.

I just sold Martin a big chunk of real estate.

That represents half the commission. I want you to have it because ..

I want you to look on us as partners, Ethel. You and me.

Well I can't take it, Dan. Why not?

Why because we're not partners. We will be.

I'm going to Mexico City soon. A sort of combined business and pleasure trip.

I want you to come with me.

The check is so you can pay your own way.

Just so you won't feel indebted to me.

Now you know that won't do. Why not?

I don't take trips to Mexico, with anybody.

I'm really in love with you, Ethel. I'm crazy about you.

Mexico City is a swell place for a honeymoon.

A friend of mine wants me to inspect his property down there.

A big ranch .. we'd have a wonderful time .. what do you say, Ethel?

I don't know what to say.

Take this in the meanwhile. Please .. just as a gift.

I can't take that until I make up my mind .. oh, I've smudged it.

That doesn't matter .. two thousand is still two thousand.

Even if it is a little dirty.

Hey Dan. Come in here, quick.

I said hanging on to that phone wouldn't hurt.

I just heard the cashier talking to the Federal Reserve.

They're expecting a shipment of Treasury certificates.

Two million dollars’ worth of negotiable securities.

So what? Just this.

That stuff will be kept in their vault over the weekend.

Until Monday morning.

Well, what about it? What about it? Come here.

That vault is just the other side of this wall. Not twenty feet away from us.

You're not thinking of .. Listen.

I can get guys who can go through that wall like it was tissue-paper.

Two million ..

Two million buck's worth of negotiable securities.

Are you in? Take it easy.

Wire-tapping is tough enough, but bank robbery is means twenty years.

Twenty years if they catch you. Two million bucks if they don't.

Never mind. I'll get the guys and do the job myself. You, clear out.

Wait a minute. What do you mean: "clear out"?

This place is in my name. They'll hook me as an accessory.

In that case, your choice is limited.

Either come in, get a bit of the dough, or get out and get put in the cooler.

You're set on this are you, Joe? Yes, Mr Regan, absolutely set.

Sure you're not making a mistake? Probably.

Pulling a flanker, going places, make mistakes .. been doing it all my life.

Here Azusa. You admired this for a long time. It's yours.

Oh listen Joe. That sets you back twenty bucks.

That's okay, I won't need it in Tahiti. You know .. just a G-String.

When does the ship sail, Joe? In about an hour.

Take these and use them. Sweet steel. Thanks Joe.

Here's some other stuff. Thanks Joe.

That's all my own stuff, boss. Yeah, I know that, Joe.

Well, that's that, I guess.

Goodbye Mr Regan. It was nice working for you.

I think you've lost your mind, Joe.

I never had much to lose, boss. Well, good luck to you.

If you want to come back, they'll be a job open for you.

Thanks very much. I won't want it for a long time, if ever.

Lug, you ought to be tickled to death I'm going. You'll probably get my job.

Who wants your job? You're the only guy I ever met that I'd ever work under.

I'm a first-class trouble-shooter in my own right, a good one. Just ask Azusa.

The only reason I worked under you is because ..

Well .. because ..

So long boys. Good luck to you all. Goodbye, Joe.

Goodbye. Take care.

It was swell working with you all. Don't think bad of me for walking out on you.

But I got quicksilver in my pants and I can't stay in one place for very long.

When you guys are working up to your hips in mud or up on top of a pole ..

Splicing wires in the high winds and the rain, think of me.

On the high seas under a beautiful blue sky.

Or on the beach at Pago-Pago under a great big yellow moon.

Mr Regan! From the Special Agent's office. Very important. Rush ..

Yes sir. Going places and doing things. That's Joe Graham's idea.

Say .. this is something.

Baker, this is your district. Suspicion of a wiretapping job.

Where's that complaint from?

Securities Investment Corporation. 16th and Flower.

From where?

Boss, I resigned, didn't I? - Yeah. Well, I'm un-resigning.

I'm working for you again, and starting with this job.

Come on Case, get the tools. Alright boss.

Sorry Case, I'll be needing this. Are you ready, kids?

Let's go!

Well, come on. Will you tell a pal what it's all about?

You heard what he said, didn't you?

Suspicion of a wiretapping job, Security Investment Corporation.

What's that got you so hot and bothered about?

I'll tell you my little mental genius.

The Security Investment Corporation is next to the Globe Realty Company.

Which is run by my old playmate, Dan Sutter.

Real estate, my ass ..

I'll do a little subdividing on his schnozzle before I get through with him.

I can't understand what in heaven's name you're hesitating about.

I can't see what there is to decide.

You don't understand Maizie. I love Joe.

And I'm not so sure about Dan.

It seems to me it's as easy to love a guy with money, as a guy without it.

It's just a habit.

You've got the wrong habit, that's all.

Yeah but .. after all, I do love Joe and ..

Well, I can't just turn him off like I turn off a water faucet.

I've got to be sure.

I'm going to call him and give him one more chance.

Go ahead if it will make you happier. He'll probably hit you with the phone.

Hello, hello.

Joe's not in lady. He's not in.

Well, will you just tell him Ethel called.

I can't do that lady, I can't do it. I can't holler that loud.

He's on his way to China. He checked out this morning.

Oh ..

Thank you.

Max. Yeah?

They are moving in the stuff. Good.

We'll have to hurry. Hop to it, boys.

By this time tomorrow, we'll be retired capitalists.

What about that girlfriend of yours? She's not back from lunch yet.

Yeah? Well, give her the afternoon off.

Hello Ethel.

I just finished talking long-distance to my friend in Mexico City.

He wants me to leave right away.

Drive to New Galles tonight.

Leave from there tomorrow on the train.

Have you been thinking it over, honey?

Uhuh. Well, yes or no?

Yes .. oh Dan .. careful.

Now look .. take the rest of the afternoon off.

Go out and load yourself up with a new wardrobe.

I'll arrange with the bank to get this cashed.

Oh leave it, I have enough to get what I want.

We'll leave sometime after midnight.

I'll call you after dinner and arrange all the details.

Well, I'll wait for your call.


What did I tell you? Right into the attic of Dan's place.

You may be right after all. Yeah, maybe, I was once before.

I'd better get on down there. Hey, take it easy.

They may be down there. They may hear us. Besides, I've got to do this alone.

Who says you're going to do it alone? Come on. Give me a hand.

You wait here. Grab a hold of this thing.

I'm coming too.

It seems to be empty.

Saturday afternoon. Maybe they're out playing golf or something.

Come on .. give me a hand.

Alright .. lower me down.

Let go, you're behind the eight-ball. They got me, Case. Get the cops!

Come on buddy, reach for the clouds.

So we meet again. The rover boys to the rescue.

Tie them up boys .. nice and tight.

You got a knife?

A knife .. knife?

It won't be long now.

The car is around the corner. I'll bring it into the alley.

[ Fire alarm bell ]

Where is the fire? It sounds like it's in this block.

Hey, what's up? Wait a minute.

A false alarm. Looks like somebody gave us the run-around.

I don't see anything that looks like a fire around here.

Alright, let's go home, boys.

Somebody must have turned on a false alarm. They're leaving.

How you coming? Any minute now.

Say, wait.

I had an idea that maybe ..

But it's alright.

Come on boys, hurry it up.

Hello, Ethel?

Hiya honey. That's good.

Listen, I called you up to tell you .. Hey, we're in.

Just a minute .. you're in the vault? Yeah.

Honey, I called you up to tell you we're leaving right away.

Yes, in about an hour.

Listen, sweetie. Throw some things together and meet me at my apartment.

Yeah, you know, on South Harvard.

Alright dear, I'll be expecting you. Goodbye.

[ Fire alarm bell ]

Something screwy. It comes in from all over that neighborhood.

It's a triple alarm this time. They've phoned. There's nothing wrong.

They're coming back. Head them off.

Get back where you came from. A false alarm.

If they blame the fire equipment they'll blow again. We must do something, Case.

Watch this.

Case? Case, are you alright, kid?

Come on Case! Say something to me. Get a doctor, will you. He's burnt bad.

Think nothing of it, Joe.

You know how us Azusas are used to the heat.

That's it. That's where he lives. Alright. Come on.

Oh Joe! Oh, it's terrible. What's the matter? What's happened?


I rang the bell and there wasn't any answer, so I tried the door ..

And it was open and I went in and ..

Here .. here .. take her ..

Bring that girl in here.

Is that the guy we came after? Yep.

What do you know about this, Miss?

Nothing. I found him just like that.

Well, whose gun is this? I don't know.

There is something in his hand.

What's your name, Miss?

Ethel Greenwood.


Well, you'll have to come along with me.

Why? What's the idea?

We'll give you all the dope later. But Murphy, you stay here ..

Phone the Coroner, get any fingerprints that may be on that gun. Come on Miss.

Oh wait a minute. Listen ..

Bank bandit's sweetheart is "guilty" says District Attorney.

He looks forward to a speedy conviction.

How do you like that? How do you like that?

Listen, she'll be out of that can before I can say Azusa.

I don't know, Case. It looks pretty tough.

What do you mean "tough"? You don't think she done it?

I don't know what to think. I'm talking to myself.

There's plenty of evidence. She says she was going to Mexico with that guy.

Oh, that's what's burning you, huh?

You're the guy who knows all about women. The big globetrotter.

The guy with a gal in every port.

So, you're jealous, huh? Just because she wants to marry somebody else ..

You want to see her get hanged. I'll bust you on the nose, you lug.

Yeah? Well, you go ahead and bust away. You ain't fooling me.

You can take one look at that Ethel and tell she wouldn't harm Mickey Mouse.

You said it.

Listen Case, I'm so nuts about the girl I don't know what I'm doing.

I can't sleep, I can't do anything. Now she's in a jam and I can't help her.

Now listen, Joe. Don't let it throw you, kid.

Take a look at me. The living example of the perfect bachelor.

You don't see no women getting me down. No siree.

No, the old Azusa bloodhound is strictly a man's man henceforth.

Boy, your troubles have educated me a hundred percent.

Here, darling.


Why are you torn? This is a hospital. The girl's here to build up my strength.

Uhuh .. I get it.

A cute kid, a blond with a turned-up nose. Her name was Pearl.

Pearl .. Pearl?

Pearl La Tour? Yeah, that's the one.

Oh, she quit here about a month ago.

She got a better job, or a new man or something.

Where'd she go?

I don't know. I don't ask the girls any questions. They don't tell me anything.

The less you know about them, the better it is.

She moved away a few days ago. Did she leave any forwarding address?

No she didn't. In fact it was all very funny. She left at night.

And the next day when the maid went in to the apartment, she found the note.

Telling me I could re-rent the apartment.

Although it was paid a month in advance.

Any idea where she went?

A week or so ago, she told me she was going to the beach for the summer.

What beach?

She didn't say.

How much does she owe you? Plenty .. thanks.

Now, listen Joe .. don't go and make a sucker out of yourself.

I know how it is when a guy gets stuck on a dame.

He hates to believe anything, but this is an airtight case.

The evidence is conclusive and you can't change facts.

Now don't let your crush on this girl blind you.

I'm not blind. I know what I'm saying. Pearl and Dan Sutter were plenty thick.

I saw them all over town together.

I saw them at speakeasies. I saw them at his real estate office. Every place.

Listen, if the dame is innocent, where was she the day Sutter was buried?

She knew the guy well enough to go to his funeral.

The landlady said she left suddenly. Why did she leave? Where did she go?

Listen Captain, I'm telling you this dame could tell us plenty.

I'm not saying that La Tour wasn't in on the racket. She probably was.

She saw the papers, got scared and blew town when he was bumped off.

That doesn't alter the fact we've a cut and dried case against Miss Greenwood.

A murder case.

That hasn't anything to do with La Tour, wiretapping or anything else.

It's not cut and dried as far as I'm concerned.

I'll bring this broad in if I have to bring her back in pieces.

Haven't made much headway, have you? No.

I suppose there are plenty of people with reasons to bump Sutter off.

But finding who it is, is another matter.

Say Joe .. you don't think that maybe Ethel did do it?

Say, up until now, you and me have been pretty good friends.

Sorry, Joe.

Only it looks pretty tough for her. Yeah, yeah. Sure it does.

That check just about clinched it, too.

This is a pretty wild stab, but I've got to do something.

Have we got any records of phone-calls Sutter received that last day?

What's the matter with you Joe? You know we don't keep records.

Out of town calls? Long distance?

I don't know what good that would do. I'm grabbing at straws.

Give me the records. This is Regan, repair service.

Give me the records any out-of-town calls made by Olympia 8146.

Yeah, I'll hang on.

How's Casey?

I saw him this morning. He'll be out in a few days. - Good.


Yeah, that's what I want. What's the number?


Say, he did make some long-distance calls.

Two on Friday and three on Saturday and all to one number in Long Beach.


Call the Long Beach manager. Tell him I'll need some help from him, will you.

Sure thing, Joe .. get me the Long Beach exchange.

You think you're on to something? I don't know. I hope so.

Hey, you! I'm good and sore. What's the idea of going out on a job without me?

How did you get out of that hospital?

Well, I was almost cured but ..

I heard you were going to do something without me, so I had a relapse.

Did I burn?

Alright kid, come on.

Where we going? Promise me you won't talk.

Where you going? To hunt for a needle in a haystack.

Now remember what I said about not talking. - Okay.

One day in Azusa, why I used to be ..

Give me the record-clerk, please.

This is Mr Richards. Will you please get me the address on 62748? Yes, I'll wait.

Unusually hot weather we're having. Yeah.

Hello .. oh .. alright, thank you.

It's a pay station in a drugstore. Where at?

South East corner of 62 Stanley. Thanks. Come on, Case.

Look Joe, this is it: 62748. Yeah, yeah.

Look, I'm trying to trace a party that's been making phone-calls from here.

She's about five feet two, weighs 115 pounds and has grey-blond hair.

I know who it is. You do?

It's me. Ha!

My weight and height, and if you don't think I'm a blond, look at the roots.

Listen, I'm not kidding. This is official business.

Well, honest mister, how do you expect me know?

I thought maybe you might .. on nuts. Thanks.

Swell roots, baby. Ha-ha. No sense of humor.

Hey Extra! Extra! Telephone operator on trial. Extra! Extra!

Any luck? No, no.

Hey, locate me that drugstore on the map, will you. - Surely.

Right down in there. Alright.

Now, get me all the phone numbers in that area.

All the phones? Yup.

Boy, there are a thousand of them there. How would that help?

I've got a hunch that everyone calling from that drugstore hasn't got a phone.

They haven't used their own phone as they know the calls will be traced.

The only way I know to find her is .. By calling the thousand numbers.

You're setting a fine job for yourself. Casey will help me.

Then, supposing you find the girl hasn't a phone. What then?

I don't know.

Come on. Will you get me the numbers? Most certainly.

Hello. Give me the records department please.

Hello. Is Miss Pearl La Tour there?


Hello. Is Pearl La Tour there?

I'm sorry.


No, this is the Long Beach Crematory.


Hello .. is Miss Pearl La Tour there?

You got the wrong number. There ain't no lady here.

Who said she was a lady?

We don't seem to be getting nowhere. Getting discouraged?

Not me. Listen boy, where I come from in Azusa, our motto is ..

"If at first you don't succeed .. ".

How'd it go?

Gathers no moss. Well, it's something like that.

Hello. Still at it?

Hello, is Miss Pearl La Tour there?

Sorry, must have the wrong number. Got anything yet?


Five o'clock. What you want for dinner? Want me to send something up?

I don't want anything. How about you, Case?

I never eat when I'm on the job.

Hello .. is Miss Pearl La Tour there?

We don't have any "Pearl" here.

Hey Joe .. can we use any violets?

Sorry madam, we can't use no violets today.

I want to make a note of that, boy.

Hello .. hello, is Miss Pearl La Tour there?

Is there a Pearl La Tour there?

I'm very, very sorry.

What is it?

Hello .. hello?

Is this Pearl?

Who is this?

Why, this is Joe.

Number 62. Your boyfriend.

Well now, is this funny? Or is it funny?

I mean, my getting you on the phone this way.

I had a day off and I come to Long Beach for a swim and I run smack into you.

I don't get it. How did you know my number?

I didn't know your number.

How did you happen to be at 65439?


Oh you're at 38, huh?

Well how do you like that. A telephone expert like me dialling a wrong number.

I was just calling a friend. We don't need him. You and I got to get together.

What do you want to get together with me for?


Oh, I thought maybe it was business.

Alright, come on up, it's 223 Ricardo Street. Apartment 6.

Okay Pearl, okay Pearl, I'll be right up.

I got her! I got her, I got her!

Hey, check on this right away will you?

The address is 65439. Supposed to be at 223 Ricardo. Verify that will you.

Right away.

Get Captain Flynn on the phone at the Hall Of Justice.

Tell him to send cops to the Long Beach station.

And send a stenographer, to take down the confession. - Got it, Joe.

Hello. I want Captain Flynn, Hall Of Justice, Los Angeles. Very important.

That's the right address. Good. Hop in a cab and meet me there.

Wait for me. Okay Joe. Good luck kid.

Hello, is this Captain Flynn?

I'm talking for Joe .. I haven't done this since I left Azusa.

I'm talking for Joe Graham. I want Captain Flynn down at Long Beach.

Hi baby .. how is it?

Am I glad to see you. Hello number 62.

What's the matter? You look worried. Me? What can I be worried about?

I don't know. I thought on account of Dan being bumped off ..

Why should that worry me? You tell me.

What's the matter? You're acting kind of funny.

If I am, I don't feel funny. I feel very serious.

I feel like the guy who found gold at the end of the rainbow. You hear of him?

No. Maybe that was before my time.

What's the real reason you're up here?

The check they found in the apartment was your cut of the deal, wasn't it?

The papers say it was made out to someone named Ethel Greenwood.

Quit stalling! You went to Sutter's apartment for your dough.

He refused to give you it, and showed you the check.

You tried to grab it and it got torn. Then you had a fight and you shot him.

With your imagination, you can write scenarios.

Yeah, as soon as I learn to spell good, I'm going to.

Hey, wait a minute, take it easy. That thing is likely to go off.

Yes, it has before.

[ Gunshot! ]


Joe! Wait!

Come on, get it off her! Hurry!

Go, on! Beat it and see if you can find a doctor.


You can't get her back to L.A. You can't move her. She has only minutes to live.

You got to keep her alive. A woman's life depends upon her testimony.

You got to keep her alive until a Police car gets here.

But all the roads have been torn up. Not one chance of a car getting through.

Can you revive her? I'll try.

If I could just get Flynn on the phone. Look. What can we do with those wires?

Joe, the wires are dead. The exchange is wrecked. You haven't got a chance.

Where's my car? Over there.

See if you can find it, will you. Hurry it up.

Pearl, this is Joe Graham. Do you recognize me?

Hello number 62.

Who are you? I'm a physician.

How am I doing, Doc?

I get it .. oh well, what the hell .. Pearl.

Pearl, listen do something for me, will you? Like a good scout.

Will you write out what you told me in the apartment?

When you said you'd do to me what you did to Dan? Come on.


I can't move my arm. All I can do is talk.

And for the first time in all my life.

It won't do me or anyone else any good.

Here you are, Joe.

You can't go up there. High voltage!!

Joe! Look out! Those wires are wide open. You'll get burnt.



You get anything?

All dead. I can't get through.

Hello? Hello, operator?

Hello this is trouble-shooter number 62.

Get me Captain Flynn, Hall Of Justice, Los Angeles .. Captain Flynn!

You got to get through. This is a matter of life and death. Come on, hurry it up!

Alright, I'll hold on.

Hey, Case .. I'm getting through.

Hey Doc, how's she doing? You got to hurry.

Hello! Hello, operator!

Now it's gone dead. Give it to me.

I did the best I could.

Hello .. hello ..

I wish I could help you, Joe.

Joe .. listen ..

Hello .. hello, Flynn? Hello.

Flynn, listen. I got the girl that got Sutter. She was hurt in the earthquake.

She'll talk to you over the phone. This is Joe Graham.

It's Joe Graham. He's at Long Beach in the quake.

Wait a minute .. hold the phone. I'll tell you when to talk.

It's a confession. He found the La Tour woman. She'll talk. Get me a Dictaphone.

Go ahead .. speak slowly.

Yeah, now listen ..

Hello .. this is .. Pearl La Tour.

I want to confess .. to the murder of .. Dan Sutter.

He crossed me up .. and tried to do me out of my cut.

Oh, here he is .. well, where you been?

I thought you'd be here to hold my hand while me and Maizie got married.

Sorry I was late.

Well, come on. Let's get it over with.

Pardon me.

Joe, I want to thank you for everything you've done.

If it hadn't been for you .. That's alright.

I've been an awful fool. No .. you did what you wanted to do.

You've got a right to prefer one fellow over another. There is no harm in that.

Well .. it wasn't a question of preference.

There never was anybody but ..

Oh don't you understand?

Why sure I understand. You liked Dan better than you did me. That's alright.

Oh, Joe Graham. You're an idiot. Oh yeah?

You haven't got a grain of sense in that big, thick skull of yours.

Oh? I suppose I do all my work with the aid of mirrors?

You may know everything about telephones.

But you don't know anything about women. I don't pretend to know about women.

I'm just a lug who fell in love with a dame who didn't go for me. It's alright.

Don't worry about me.

0h shut up! I won't shut up.

What are the names, please?

Ethel Greenwood, and his name is Joe Graham.

He's an awful goof but I am crazy about him.

Is that your Azusa? No, honey. That's still my Dallas.

Will you please take this application over to the desk and fill it out.

Will you please take this ..

Will you please disconnect, lady. The line is busy.