Looking Glass (2018) Script

So sorry to do this, Mr. and Mrs. Gallup.

But I need to ask a few questions.

Honey, I really gotta pee, you gotta hurry, Ray.

I gotta go, now.

I'm gonna piss my pants in the seat right now.

You want me to go in with you? No.

Wait, wait, um... what do you wanna do about dinner?

Get away from me.

Want me to stop and get some coffee?

No. I'm gonna take a nap.

You okay? Yeah, just tired.

I love you, Maggie.


Ben? It's Ray.

Maybe he had an emergency.

Yeah, maybe. The signs are on.

It looked bigger in the pictures.

Big as it needs to be I guess.


It's all yours.

I can't believe, he'd leave the key out where anyone could just...

Babe, where you going? Huh?

To get the stuff.

Well you don't have to do that now.

I'm not gonna leave it out there overnight.

Alright fine, let's just get it over with.

No, no, no, I can do it. You go on to bed.

Are you sure? Yeah, I got it.

Hello? Hey Ray, man, you made it.

Ah that's good, that's good.

You found the keys?

You just left it outside.

Oh, yeah, I just wanted to make sure you got in okay.

How do you like the place? Pretty sweet, huh?

Well the microwave, it's... it's not...

Oh, don't worry, I got that taken care of.

You see by the phone?

I left a card with all the numbers.

I think so. Numbers?

All the vendors, the vendors.

You don't really need anything else, so good luck.

Wait, so I don't have an email on you, or a cellphone?

If something comes up, is there something wrong?

Fuck no man, nothing like that. I mean, the place is yours.

I gotta tell you, you guys are gonna love it.

Wait. Look it...

You can handle this, I promise.

Just keep it simple. I gotta go.

Ava, right?

Uh, I'm Ray, the new owner.

Yeah, so I'm Ray, my wife Maggie, she's... well you'll meet her.


Oh, strange how cold it can get out in the desert, huh?


Who's he?

He's my nephew.

Alright, well, if you need anything. Just...

Okay. Alright.

Who was that?

It's just the cleaning lady.

She wasn't very talkative.

Mm, I guess we're gonna have to wake up early from now on.

You don't have to, I'll let in her.

I'll get her a key.

You were gone for hours last night.

I know.

I was already asleep.

I know, I was just... just a little restless thinking of everything we have to do here.

Hey! Ow!

Ow! Oh, that hurt!

It hurt? Yeah.

Babe, can you grab us a new frying pan when you're in town?

Not a lot of room in these cabinets either.

I'd call Ben and complain but his number's been disconnected.


That's weird, Maybe he changed it. Yeah, maybe.

Maybe, I'll get a little frame for those while I'm out.

That'd be nice.

Thank you.

A key.

Somebody here?

Our first guest, I put her in room six.

Whoa, I thought we were gonna wait to go official tomorrow.

So, we're a soft launch, it's okay.

I felt bad for her, she looked tired.

Yeah, okay.

At first, I was really nervous, but then I did the whole registration thing, I took the cash, it was cool.

So, who's the guest?

I don't know, some woman.

And, by herself?

As far as I could tell.

She said she needed to sleep.

This all feels really good to me, Ray.

I... Once business picks up, I think we're gonna be real comfortable here.

Yeah. Good, me too.

You want a beer?

No, I'm okay.

Oh hey, you must be the new boss man.

Something like that. I'm Ray.

Hey Ray, how are you? I'm Tommy.

Nice thing about my rig being so loud is I don't need to ring that damn buzzer, do I?

I'll take number ten if it's free.

It is.

Ah, good.

My lucky day, huh?

Yes. Just kidding.

Here. Oh.


I won't be needing this, because I'm pretty much the regular around here.

But then again you don't know me from a damn hole in the ground, so how about I put my name down here.


Still 35 even?

Works for me.


I like things that don't change.

Oh, no, that's a gratuity.

Just help us get off on the right foot, you know.

No. Yeah.

Thanks, but it's not necessary.

I know you're just getting started.

Try in your pocket.

Thanks, but really.

Good night Ray.

Stopped in Laughlin. You know that place?

Oh, yeah, it's for people who can't get to Vegas.

What the hell?


I'll trade you for whatever you're worrying about.

It's nothing.

Come on, Ray.

Babe, really, it's nothing.

Well hey, look at that for timing, huh?

Couldn't sleep anyway.

Well maybe I should give you some of mine.

I plan on getting a lot tonight.

You need me to fill out one of those...


You know Tommy...

I haven't really had a chance to clean number ten yet, so how about seven?

No, no I'm good with that, I don't mind another man's mess.

You're sure, 'cause...

I'm that sure. Night buddy.

I'm sleeping, baby.

Where'd you go, sweetie?

Just... Just needed some air.


Someone's at the door.

Hi, Ava.

Hi mister.

How are you this morning?

Good. Oh I made you a key.

Here, so you don't... You don't have to, you know, the buzzer.

Okay, let me get...

My wife, Maggie, um, we just... we like to sleep in is all.


Thank you, mister. You... You have a good day.

Before I forget, I moved the woman in room six to room 10.

She was real nice about it, family needed double beds.

What is this?

What's what?

Your journey toward adoption? Jesus Christ, Maggie.

It's just information, Ray.

It's not like we never talked about it, you said, once we're settled in...

Th... This is settled in? We just got here.

You promised me.

Shit Maggie, I need some time for this, I can't just...

Fuck, I mean...

It's a piece of paper, Ray.

Okay, you don't have to pay for it, you don't have to feed it, you don't even have to watch over it.

What is that supposed to mean?

When I said, I'd stay, you promised we could do this, and now you don't even wanna talk about it.

It's like being married to a brick fucking wall.

We came here to start over, and everything is exactly the same, it's exactly the same.

I have a relationship with her.

I talk to her every day.

And you can't just... you're not allowed to just... replace her.

Don't you talk about her, I was with her.

When you were off being just fucking friends with the neighbor, I was there with her!

Yeah, you were there, you were high.

You were a million miles away when she was sitting on your lap.

I'm gonna be better...


You know, fuck it.

Are you happy now?

Ain't you the fellow who took over that place across the street, the Motorway?

Yeah, Motorway, right.

Ray, hi. Hey, welcome to town, Ray.

You and that young lady of yours you need anything at all, just let me know.

Alright, appreciate that.

You find you got any ne'er-do-wells around your place I got a lot of friends in this town, we can take care of that.

Me and my boys, we can take care of anything in this town.

Okay, that's really cool. You have a good night.

Yeah, you too.

Well I just don't know why you gave away 10, Ray.

I told you, we needed the room.

Now five's just as good.

No, I'm a loyal customer, and you know damn well that's true.

What can I do, Tommy?

Well, you know, I don't wanna come in here and... and shake the whole place awake every time I come and leave so early.

That's why I like it down there on the end.

I know what you do in there.

Come on, Tommy.

You're not gonna tell me those girls are your daughters?

No, they're not my daughters.

But I'll tell you what's the truth, is I am a married man, and to be honest my wife doesn't like to get it on so much anymore and...

And I'm a sex addict.

Now I read up on it, and it's a condition.

As long as you pay for the room, what you do in there is your business.

As long as you're not killing anybody.

No, I'm not killing anybody.

Have a good night, Ray. You are a good man.

Damn good fella.

You're cold.

Shouldn't you be watching for customers, young lady?

I can see the cars from here.

I have a phone. Mm-hmm. Yeah?

I guess, you got it covered.

You know, the number 10 key was in the overnight drop box.

Good, we can double-sell the room, she was all paid up.

You're really taking to this aren't you?


Ray. What?

Nobody's watching.

What are you doing?

What do you think that's about?

I don't know, probably nothing.

I'll be right back.

I gotta say, this is a first.


Not smelling Ben's coffee as soon as I step in here.

He always had a full pot right over there.

I'd be glad to make you some.

Yeah, that'd be wonderful.

Howard Kellor, welcome neighbor.

Ray, good to meet you Howard. And you.


That's a start. Plug it in.

I'll... I'll be right back.

Not going anywhere.

What does he want?

I think he just wants to welcome us to the neighborhood.

Seems like a nice guy.

So old Ben finally went and sold the place.

Only swore he'd do it for six years.

You a friend of his?

Me? No.

No. We only met after I answered a Craigslist ad.

No shit.

You usually run hotels?

No, I'm an electrician.

Carpentry, whatever I can get my hands on.

I just wanted to try something different, you know?

Sure, I mean, why this?

Well, I guess sometimes you just need a change of scenery, right?

Yeah, I hear that.

Yeah, I hear that.

Hey, I don't suppose you know where Ben ended up, do you?

I don't, and I can't even get him on the phone, his number's been disconnected. Yeah, and you know what, people around here are just funny about that.

They just up and leave without...

There's this RV city down the road, and they do that all the time.

Just suddenly, boom, gone, you're like...

Well I mean, was there something you need to see him about?

No, no. I just wanna stay in touch with him.

Well, don't worry Howard.

Every morning I'll be sure to have a fresh pot here for you.

Well, that sounds like a deal.

Oh yeah.

Well hey, I won't bug you, I just wanted to poke my head in.

And listen, if you ever need a hand around here, I know it's the off season, and now's the time to get stuff done, you just come to me first.

Will do, thank you. Yeah.

Oh and hey, if you ever do hear from Ben, you get his mailing address for me.

Sure thing. Alright.


Mm, that feels good babe.

You deserve a night off.

Officer, I repeat, I am fine.

I only had a little bit of wine with dinner.

Oh, then walk a straight line.

And maybe some whiskey.

And a beer or two.

Don't shoot, don't shoot.

Mister, you've been a very bad boy.

And you're gonna finish what you started by that pool today.

Uh-huh? Yeah.

Well first I wanna get us a couple more drinks.

Okay. Copy that. Hurry up.



It's a body, Ray.


Ray, what the fuck is it?

It's a pig.

Oh my god.

Ray, where you been, buddy?

I rang a bunch of times, but nobody opened up and let me in.

Thought I was gonna have to do it in the hot box.

Is your sign busted?

It says no vacancies.

Ain't no cars in the parking lot.

We had a little trouble here tonight, so I...


Somebody threw a dead pig in my pool.

Oh lord. Now that's a new one.

At least you got breakfast for a few days, huh?

I burned it out in the desert.

Damn Ray.

You not only feed the coyotes and the crows, but you just cook 'em up a mess of ham?

You're a hell of a guy.

I gotta get back out there. But...

But we got time for a couple of nips, huh?

I'm good.

What did you mean about being a new one?

Ben didn't tell you anything, huh?

I guess he didn't say anything 'cause... 'cause he was worried about you getting skittish on this deal.

And... there was this girl.

This girl was staying here.

You know.

And she decided to take a twilight swim.

But not before she cut herself up real bad.

But Ben had nothing to do with it.

It wasn't his responsibility, 'cause that gate was locked.

She jumped over the gate, bled out in the pool.

Look, I gotta get back there, I got to do my duty to my wiener.

And then I'll come back and we'll drink some more.

No, I'm fine, you go on.

Alright, is 10 free?

Or is that 15 now?

You have a good night, Ray.

I know I'm going to.



Nothing, forget it.

You have a good night.

Alright, Ray. Good night, buddy.

It's a nice little space, right?

It is, it's beautiful out here.

There's the man right there.


You been holding out on me, Ray.

You never told me you had such a beautiful wife.

Can I bother you for a cup of coffee?

I don't see why not.

Great. Pleasure.

Same here. Hope I get to see you more.



Little pick-me-up.

Heard you had some weirdness here last night.

How do you mean? Well the boys over at the gas station said you peeled outta your parking lot pretty fast.

Like you was on a mission.

Oh, yeah.

Somebody tossed a pig into my pool.


Did you save it?

Well, it was pretty dead already.

I'm sure it was just a prank, that's why I didn't call anybody.

And where did the carcass end up?

I took it out to the desert and got rid of it.

I really didn't wanna make a big deal out of it.

Well you made one, Ray.

Because the rangers found it this morning.

Or what was left of it.

Look, if you're gonna roast a pig, do it in a fucking campsite, will ya?

I... I'm sorry, Howard, I really didn't know what to do.

You know, Maggie was pretty upset about it and I just wanted to get the thing outta here.

It was pretty weird.

So that happens, and what, you're on your way back here, and you get lost?

Because the boys say you don't show back up here for a couple hours.

Yeah, I just sat in my truck and... listened to music.

I just needed to decompress from everything.

That's what I saw on the general store cameras, I appreciate you leveling with me.

Do you know who did it?

Well who's to say?

Some punks with nothing better to do, I'm sure.

They used to give Ben grief all the time, I will talk to them, to back off.

I mean does this have anything to do with that girl who killed herself?

I can't quite understand how anybody... could come up with that.

Unless she knew how to slit her belly clean through... before she jumped into the water.

Killed herself?

She was just a townie.

Crissy Neal. Crissy?

Parents died right outta high school, she was just a drifter... no one to care about her.

I mean she had some folks that she was friends with here in town, and I liked her a lot, sweet pea.

Then the L.A. prick shows up, does what he does to her, and he stayed here for a little while.

They're looking for him, but you know, L.A.'s a big town.

How long ago... did it happen?

It's funny you should ask me that.

Because the answer is a real pisser.

It was the night after you showed up here to come see this place for the first time.

I mean it was just a couple months ago you came here to look at it, right.

And the boys across the street said they saw your same truck in this parking lot... the day before.

Is that some strange-ass timing or what?

Did you do it?

Did I do it?

Did you do it?

Did I do what? Ray, did you do it?

Did I do what, the pig? Did you do it?

Howard? Ray, did you do it?

Did I do... Did you do it?

Did I do what? Ray did you do it?

Did I do what? Did you do it?

-Did I do what?

I know you didn't do it. It's all right.

So you in touch with Ben at all?


Listen Ray, I want you to give me a shout if you see... just anyone unusual around here.


So far, just you, Howard.

Come again?

I've never seen anybody who'd ask for coffee in this kinda heat.

Well you know, you keep making it this good...

I might come an awful lot.

Take care of yourself, Ray.

Hi. Hi.

Just one person?


I'll give you... room three.

Oh, I really like that end room.

What number is that again?


That's right...

Ten's a peach.

I'll take 10.

There you go. Have a good night.

You too.

Oh, and if you need anything... say... coffee, or...

just anything, I'll have a fresh pot here in the morning.

I know what you need.

Brochures. What?

One of those racks with all the brochures.

Goes right over there.

Or over there.

Good night.

What? What? What is it?-

It's a tiny little snake.

I no clean. Okay, I'll clean.

I no clean this room. I'll clean it.

I no clean. I'll clean.

I no clean.

Plane left alone...

Oh my god, Ray, come here.

Found a body and called the police.

The woman has now... What? been identified... What is it Maggie?

Jessica Phillips.

The cause of death is still unknown, but police are working with the medical examiner's office to determine exactly how she died, but so far results of an autopy have not yet been released.

Is that her, Ray?

That's her, isn't it?

She was our first guest.

Ray, can you get that?


Okay, I'll get it.

Hi, can I help you?

I just wanted to ask you a few questions.

About Ray.

Ray, pick up.


Hi, how are you?

Would you mind filling this out for me, please?


Do you have a room preference?

We've got double or king available.

That I do. Room 10, please.

Been here before?

This your old man?

-Yeah, Ray, why? You know him?


I'd keep my eye on that one if I were you.

Are you ready to do everything I say?

Yes, mistress. I'm sorry, did I say that you could speak?

Get on your knees.

Are you ready to do everything I say.

Good, knees.

Do my shoes look clean to you?

No, mistress.

I'm sorry, did I say you could speak?

Why don't you clean them?



You have permission.

God damn you fucks!

Hey, did you see that, just now?

Someone just threw red paint, maybe blood, over my wall down there.

Did you see anybody? I wasn't watching.

You weren't? No.

I thought you spent a lot of time watching my place.

Figured you must've seen somebody.

Now why would I watch your place?

You tell me. You want something or not?

Yeah, I want you out of my fucking business.

And I might just call the cops anyway, tell them I suspect you.

Look, I got no time for your shit.

It might've been locals, but don't come in here accusing me.

So, that's your place now, huh?

That's right.

Sure as hell wouldn't want your gig.

Why's that?

Seems like the pool would be hard to keep clean is all.

Do you know that woman from the news tonight?

Everybody knows everybody around here.

Except you.


Do you remember me?

Should I?

I run the Motorway Motel, over off to 55.


Listen, baby, you're cute, but check back with me tomorrow, okay?

I have a date on the way.

No I'm not here about that.

Well, please, just sit right down.

I saw you at my place.

You were with... you were with that girl from room six, the one they found out in the desert.

You like to watch, is that it?

You got that look.

You know the more you watch, the less you feel.

Come here.

I wanna see if I know you.

Easy baby, don't hurt yourself.

Mama won't let you fall.

Nobody's watching.

Hey, we're just sitting here looking at each other, right?

You were with that girl the night she died.

She needed a friend, is all.

I was her friend.

What are you a cop? No, I just... run the motel.

Well, why don't you go do that then?

I'm meeting someone.

I'll move when they get here.

Yes, you will.

I don't know anything about that girl or any other girl. Yeah, you do.

You just said, you were her friend.

So, what else do you know?

I know get the fuck away from me.

You got a problem here, Cassie?


But it's just leaving.

Time to go.

I'm talking to her.

Get the fuck out!

Now, motherfucker, go.

Alright! Alright.

Who else was in that room with you?

Wanna be a hero?

Back up.

Back the fuck up. Back up! Okay.

Easy. Yeah?

You don't wanna do anything stupid.

Stay the fuck away from my motel.

The Motorway Motel.

You're not welcome.

Honey, I'm so sorry, I left my phone.

Where were you this time, Ray?


And don't tell me that you went out for a beer.

I saw you go after that bitch, I saw you.

It was not like that.

Did you fuck her? What?

What are you talking about?

And the girl that was staying here, the one that got murdered, I bet you fucked her too.

What the fuck are you talking about, Maggie?

Howard came...

Ray, and he was asking all kinds of questions about the night that she stayed here.

You waited this long to tell me?

I was trying to call you!

What'd you say to him?

I told him that you were here and that we were together and that we got in a fight and that you went to go blow off some steam, that you weren't here.

Okay. Is that good enough for you?

Yeah, that's okay. Don't you fucking touch me, don't touch me!


Maggie, stop, open the door.

Goddammit! Stay away from me, Ray.

Just calm down.

Would you just open the goddam door?

Stay the fuck away from me.

No, no I'm not letting you.

No, you are not.

You fucked the whore.

Calm down. Calm down!

Go in the shower. You're gonna cool off.

No, Ray! Calm down!

Fuck you, Ray, I won't calm down!

Cool off, cool off, Maggie. Fucking let go.

Calm down, that's it, that's it.



Come on... just... please, I don't wanna have a fight.

Okay, okay.

Dammit, Ray.

I just... just let it out, that's okay.

Okay, alright.



Hey, Ray.

Remember my mom's cabin?

We went there one spring when I was still talking to her.

I think I'm gonna go there for a while and sort some stuff out.

I'm sorry. That's all right.

Last night was... it was great in its own way but...

I think it's best if you hold down the fort here for a little while. Yeah?

That way you don't have to... feel badly about lying all the time when you fuck around.

It's okay.

It's who you are, it's who you're always gonna be, but...

I realized something about myself last night.

I can't live like this anymore, because no matter how badly it might hurt, I don't wanna be lied to any more.

Maggie, I need you here with me.

If there's stuff I didn't tell you, it was because I was so worried about you.

It's true, Maggie, please.


You gotta stay.

What is it?

Oh, Maggie.

Talk to me.

I... I'll just show it to you, I'll show you.

You watched people have sex without them knowing it.

That woman, you followed her to the bar?

Who the fuck are you, Ray?

You sat behind this mirror.

Jesus Christ, look at you, look at your face.

This is a crime, Ray, we could lose the motel, you could go to jail.

I feel sick.

It was stupid, I know.

It's my fault.

Something happened in this room.

Like what?

I don't know for sure.

Might have something to do with that girl's death.

And maybe the other girl, Crissy.

And I don't think they're the only ones.


I didn't expect you on a Sunday.

Yeah, it surprised the both of us.

Oh... what happened there?

This, it's nothing, I just banged it on a corner last night, being careless.

Come here, come a little closer, let me take a look at that.

Oh yeah, buddy, you got your shiner.

Let me get you an ice pack. No, no, I'm fine, really.

Why don't I get you some coffee?

I'm good. Iced tea.

You were right, why drink coffee in this heat?

Listen, you just keep doing whatever you were doing, I'll just hang out with you a bit.

I was just finishing up cleaning some rooms.

Good by me.

Yeah, after what you said, I got to thinking... how dumb it was to be drinking something hot when I'm already hot.

Guess there's something to be said for that big city logic.

Why do you think I'm from the city?

You told me.

I did?

I don't remember that.

No? Somebody told me.

Now maybe it was Ben before you, before you got here, I don't know.

The hell was that?

Goddamn praying mantis in here.

You ever see the inside wings one of these things?

It's like a dark, burnt orange, kinda like a sunset.

When they fly at you, it's... like there's a demon heading right for you.

Ah, here's something.

Jesus, that could've gone better.

Sorry, Ray.

-It's okay.

Here, just give me a wet cloth, I'll clean this up.

No really, it's fine, I'll take care of it.

Well listen, I'm in your way. You know, you...

You just answer me one thing, and I'll get outta your hair.


I really... need to speak with Ben.

Have you ever heard anything from him?


You don't think Ben has anything to do with this, do you?

Well, only that he might remember something from the first time round, help me make a case.

It's a poke in the grass, but it's worth a shot.

So, do you know?

I... I don't Howard, I'm sorry.

You know, we're small-town cops and all, but, it doesn't mean that... we don't have access to the big city police reports.

You had some year, huh?

I mean it's bad enough that your little girl... falls... from a window, but then all these questions pop up.

Were there domestic dispute calls made to the residence? Was the wife a known substance abuser?

Or the husband a heavy drinker?

And why was the husband socializing... with the neighbor next door during the incident?

Can the parents be charged with child negligence?

I mean is this...

is this why you made some kind of deal with Ben?

I don't... feel like talking to you anymore.

Look, I get it, you wanna put all this behind you.

You move somewhere new, you wanna start fresh.

But Ben Harling has left you holding a steaming bag of shit.

And I don't know why you're so loyal to him.

I need all the help I can get, Ray.

How many times you think she's been here?

Maybe five, six times total.

She was registered under Sally Smith, but I think they also call her Cassie.

Who does? Some guy did in a bar last night.

You were with her in a bar last night?

I just happened to be drinking at the same place.

Yeah, with a gun, I heard.

I know who that is, she goes by a ton of names.

It just... up to her old tricks again.

But hey, do you remember who it was?

Who what was? Called her Cassie.

Just some guy did, I didn't know him.

He was big, had a crew cut.

What, like a military crew cut? Yeah.

Who knows, maybe she has a... partner in this crew cut guy.

What do you mean, partner?

I don't know.

Maybe they're into some... weirdness together. You know, fetish stuff, sick shit, theatrics, whatever.

I'm not sure exactly, but, there's something going on with her.

I'm afraid, I'm not following.

You said you wanted me to tell you about anybody unusual?

She's unusual.

Sorry, I got a customer. Yeah, no you did the right thing here.

This... this could be a lead in all of this, and if you... end up seeing that Mustang again I want you to call the station and you ask just for me. I'll get a GPS on that and I'll see where it goes. Right.

And Ray, listen, are you in touch with Ben?

No, I am not.


Ray, Ray look, hey thanks for that.

Uh, yeah, hi.

Can I... Can I get the number for a Ben Harling, please?

Benjamin, maybe.


I realize that, but I very much need to speak with him, so please if you hear from him, would you tell him to call me.

Tell him it's an emergency.

Hello. Hey, Ray?

Yes, yeah, Ben.

You called? Ben, I know, I know, I've been trying to track you down.

I need to talk to you.

Are you still there?

Just meet me off a High Pass Road.

Just past the wind turbine, by the old Country Two exit.

Ben, Ben?



Are you alone?


What are you doing? What are you doing?

Okay, okay.

Good. What was that?

It's Russian-made, they use it in the Ukraine.

Are you staying up there somewhere?

Oh, somewhere, man, but not staying long.

You can bet on that.

I don't think anybody followed me, if that's what you think.

Well it's conceivable, isn't it?

Everything is conceivable.

Oh, Ray, did you finish that screen door for room three?

I had three guys working on it, it was like major brain surgery, and I would've done it myself...

The door's fine. We need to talk.

About what?

I... I really shouldn't even be here, Ray.

I came down because you were calling everybody and you can't do that. Come on, Ben.

Ben. What is going on?

What is going on?

The world is demented, it is peerlessly demented.

It's all this shit that's coming down, and you know.

You built that thing, didn't you?

That tunnel.

What did you see?

Did you see something, Ray?

I... I never did anything, I...

I never even said anything. You put them in room 10, right, and then you watched?

It was sociology, it's the study of people.

I like to study people, that's all.

Right. Did you see something, Ray.

You should close it up.

And you should think about getting out.

Was somebody killed in there?


Little Crissy.

Oh wow, she was a... she was quite a child.

She was special, that one.

Listen, Ray.

I tell you what, I'll send you back half your money, okay?

Half the money, you can take it or leave it.

But take that lovely wife of yours and go.

And maybe you'll be fine.

She brought in that new microwave, right?

You got a new micro...

Come on, come on, pick up.

Maggie, Maggie please, you really have to listen to me very carefully.

We have to leave now.

We have to leave now, just lock yourself in the house and don't answer the door for anybody.

Please, there's no time to explain, just do what I say, I'll tell you everything when we're on the road.

Just pack. Ben's dead, pack now!

Maggie. Maggie?

Looks like your boy is gonna chicken out.

I really wanted you to see me blow his head off.

Yeah, he's just yellow you know, you can kinda, just kinda tell.

Probably just packing up his shit to go right now.

But listen, when we hear that truck pull away, we can... commence our getting it on.

What's that, I can't hear you? Hang on.

Hang on, hang on.

Fucking freak, let me go!

Let me... Hey, shh.

Please. Shh. Shh.

Please. Get away?

No, no, no, no. Please.



I wanna get so close to you that I'll be in front of you and behind you at the same time.

And everywhere in between.

And I really wanted this to look like a murder suicide, but if Ray's not gonna take the bait,

then it's just gonna have to look like he killed his cheating wife.

And I'll deal with him on the road when I catch him.

What the fuck?

Son of a bitch, that's how Ben knew what I'd done.

Fucking pervert. You a pervert, Ray?

You see this?

Your boy's been whacking off while watching the hotel guests bang each other.


Shit that could've gone better.

Jesus fuck, Ray.

Hey buddy, ma'am. Uh, 10 available?