Looper (2012) Script

Time travel has not yet been invented.

But 30 years from now, it will have been.

It will be instantly outlawed...

...used only in secret by the largest criminal organizations.

It's nearly impossible to dispose of a body in the future. l'm told. Tagging techniques, whatnot.

So when these criminal organizations in the future need someone gone...

...they use specialized assassins in our present called loopers.

And so...

...my employers in the future nab the target.

They zap him back to me, their looper.

He appears, hands tied and head sacked.

And l do the necessaries.

Collect my silver.

So the target is vanished from the future...

...and l've just disposed of a body that technically does not exist.


-How's the French? -Slow.

-How's the coffee? -Burnt.

--devil bring you into hell! You have to heal yourself.

Two, Jed.

Hey, Joe.

-Be at the club tonight? -Yeah.

Four, Jed.

Hey, walk around.

Around the bike. l'm not kidding! Wide, around, you shit!

Rude! lf you had a mama, she didn't raise you right.

That's funny. l'm going to pick your mother up later on my bike...

-...and l'm gonna take my blunderbuss-- -Hey, Seth.

-Hey, Joe. -That's new.

Yeah, thanks.

Goddamn thing won't fucking start.

So you going to the Belle?

-So you bought a slat bike? -Yup.

How much that thing set you back? How much? l was gonna pull up in it tonight.

Well, congratulations. You're pulling up with me instead.

Don't. lf we're going in, don't do that.

-Chicks dig TKs. -They do not.

-Yes, they do. -lt's tacky. Don't do it.

About 1 0 percent of the population has this TK mutation.

When it first appeared, everyone thought we were gonna get superheroes.

But it turns out this was it. Now it's a bunch of assholes...

...think they're blowing your mind floating quarters.

lt's like this whole town.

Big heads, small potatoes.

-Full house tonight, Joe. -We'll stick backstage.

-Just meeting up. -Packing your blunderbusses?

-Hardly. Right, Seth? -l'm with Joe.

-Just meeting up, in and out. -Go on.


-Hey! -You working a shift tonight?

-Yeah. -Yeah?

A gat man bought me out already for the night.


Sweetie, l've got to work.

Hey, Joe.

-What? -Zach. He's in there right now with Abe.

-For what? -Closed his loop.

No shit?

There's a reason we're called loopers.

When we sign up for this job, taking out the future's garbage...

...we also agree to a very specific proviso.

Time travel in the future is so illegal...

...that when our employers want to close our contracts...

...they'll also want to erase any trace of their relationship with us ever existing.

So if we're still alive 30 years from now...

...they'll find our older self, zap him back to us...

...and we'll kill him like any otherjob.

This is called closing your loop.

You get a golden payday, you get a handshake...

...and you get released from your contract.

Enjoy the next 30 years.

This job doesn't tend to attract the most forward-thinking people.

So we celebrating?

Yeah! Yeah!

Look out!



Fuck, Joe.

What, fourth loop closed this month?

Loop closed. Here we go.

Loop closed, baby!




They could be here any minute.

-Are they here? -No. Who?

Oh, Christ. Joe, Christ!

-What are you doing? -Give me the gun.

Oh, right. That's smart.

-Get away from the window. -Christ, Joe.

-Just quiet down. -You can protect me.

-So they-- -What did you do?

Oh, jeez. This is like a nightmare.

This is a nightmare. l knew then what he did, so l don't know why I asked.

What did you do?

He-- He was singing.

Through the gag and sack, but l could hear the tune.

Deep memories...

...my mom in a dark room...

...taking care of me, singing that tune.

Once l knew he was me....

Joe, l couldn't. l couldn't. l had to see.

He told me-- l remember, he told me...

...there's a new holy terror boss man in the future...

...and he's closing all the loops.

The Rainmaker, they call him.

He told me it. Then he wanted a cigarette.

So l untied him, and he gives me this look.

And he just starts running.

I had my blunderbuss...

...so l know l've got about 1 5 strides until he's out of my range.

And they come and they go...

...and l just watch him until he's gone.

This is called letting your loop run. lt's not a good thing.

What do l do?

You're the only friend l've got, Joe. You've got to help me.

You're a fucking idiot coming here.

You can't be here. l'll give you some money.

Joe! A little money? Where am l gonna go?

You hop a freight train. You beat it the hell out of town.

Just don't move.

Tell Court, watch the window outside.

You got it, window.

-Kid Blue, Joe! Come on! -Just a minute!

-Open this goddamn door! -l can't do anything for you, Seth.

You've got to hide me! Please, Joe! Hide me!

Please! Just buy me some time and then l'll go! Please?

You gonna make me blow this door down?

Yeah, hold on!


Move. Move.

Come on, Joe! Open up!


-That took a while. -You think it's easy looking this good?

Tye's gonna watch your apartment while we go have a talk with Abe.

There's coffee in the tin.

Thank you.

Give me two minutes.

Know why they call that pea shooter of yours a blunderbuss?

Because it's impossible to hit anything farther than 1 5 yards. lmpossible to miss anything closer. lt's a gun for fuck-up turkeys.

Not like a gat.

A gat has range.


Kid, cut it out. Don't blow your other foot off.

-Fuck! -What the hell is going on out there?

-How you doing, Abe? -Hey, Joe.

You didn't shoot your other foot off, did you, Kid?

All right.

My great-grandfather told my grandfather, "Men are like spiders. lt's the little ones you've got to be careful of."

Don't know l agree with that.


What the fuck did my great-grandfather know?

This man is from the future.

He was sent back here by the mob, a one-way ticket, to run the loopers.

That's low effort, even for Abe, so to pass the time...

...he recruited some real muscle, the gat men. Now he runs the city.

Any other city, that would be impressive.

How can you kids stand to wear those chokers?

-Cravats? -Ties.

Ridiculous. You're aware we don't have a dress code?

-Fashion. -You know-- Well, you don't know.

The movies that you're dressing like are just copying other movies.

These goddamn 20th century affectations.

Do something new.

Put a glowing thing around your neck or use rubberized....

-Just be new. -Okay.

-lt was nice chatting with you, Abe. -l do like you, Joe.

But we're sure enough that Seth paid you a visit.

-We have to do something. -Seth?

You're expecting we're gonna break your fingers with a hammer...

...or something awful.

But l'm gonna defuse that tension right now. That's not gonna happen.

What is gonna happen is that l'm gonna talk for a little.

Not even that long.

And you're gonna give up your friend.

My friend? Seth? Sorry, l'm confused.

Well, then l'll talk a little.

You know, you were the youngest looper l ever hired.

You looked goddamn ridiculous, they said.

Blunderbuss up to here on you.

-They brought you in. l forget what for. -Watch shop.

Yeah. You rolled one of our fronts, a watch shop.

And they had you, you know. This kid, like an animal.

But you looked at me, your hair stuck to half your face...

...just one eye looking at me. l could see...

...like seeing it happen on the TV, the bad version of your life.

Like a vision, l could see how you'd turn bad.

So l changed it. l cleaned you up and put a gun in your hand.

-l gave you something that was yours. -l'm grateful for that, Abe. l gave you something that was yours.

And l remember that kid.

And l think if you ask yourself, you ask, "Who would l sacrifice for what's mine?" l think Seth would be deep and cozy inside that circle.

l'll show you how much l know you. l'm not even gonna break you. l'm just gonna set you back a ways.

We know that you've been stashing half your bars.

Which is smart, no law against it. You're gonna get out.

You're gonna go overseas. Studying up your Mandarin?

-French. -French?

You give him up or you give us half your stash.

You willing to dump your silver in the dirt...

...for Seth?

You're gonna kill him.

Not if we can help it. Be too cataclysmic a change for the future.

What we'll do is dangerous in that regards...

...though not as dangerous as killing him.

On top of which, a man from the future runs free long enough...

...this time travel shit fries your brain like an egg.

Why the fuck French? l'm going to France.

-You should go to China. -l'm going to France. l'm from the future. You should go to China.

-l'm going to France. -You're going....

The floor safe, under the rug.

Six seven four two.

lt's the little ones that get you.

Why don't you kill an hour, Joe. On the house.

Call the doc.




You know, l can't remember my mother's face.

She used to run her hands through my hair.

Just like this.

l think l just let my best friend get killed tonight.

For silver.





l'm gonna give you some money. l've been stashing my silver for years and l'm gonna give you half of it.

You can raise your kid right.

You wanna give me half your silver?

Silver's got strings. l got my job.

You got yours. lt's sweet of you to worry about me, but l'm doing fine.

Why don't we just stick to services rendered.

ls this what you want?


Then it just becomes a mess, like a pig fucking a football.

You know what l'm saying. Let's finish this up.

There's 24 there. l'm keeping count.

Two more trips should just do it.

Goddamn it!

Kid, l'm sorry! Tell Abe l'm gonna fix this!

Tell him l'm gonna find my loop and l'm gonna kill him! Tell Abe--




You got any aspirin?

All of them, please.

l'll take that coat, too.

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Joe, l told you to run.

Don't do it, you idiot.

Hurry up, Blue!

That's the second loop we had run this week. lt's getting endemic.

Fucking Kid Blue.

About two more trips should do it.


You stupid little shit.

Pound the pavement, sweep the train yard.

Every second that passes is bad. Get on it.

Stupid little shit. l can fix this.

-l can find him! -Go home.

Let the grownups work.

Kid Blue.

You bastard. How do l find you?



Black. And some water.

Anything else?

We eating?

-l ordered something. -Steak and eggs. Rare and scrambled.

Two steak and eggs, coming up.

Must hurt.

-l wasn't sure you'd remember her. -l put it together.


You know, there's another girl who works here on the weekends.

-Jen? -Right. Less letters.

That'd be better.

How's your French coming?

Good. You gonna tell me l ought to be learning Mandarin? l never regretted learning French. l know you have a gun between your legs.

No? Well, you'll get it eventually.

-Obviously. -All right, listen.

This is a hard situation, but we both know how this has to go down. l can't let you walk away from this diner.

This is my life now. l earned it. You had yours already.

So why don't you do what old men do and die? Get the fuck out of my way.

Why don't you take your gun out from between your legs and do it?


lt's hard staring into your eyes.

-lt's too strange. -Your face looks backwards.

So you know what's gonna happen? You've done all this already? l don't want to talk about time travel shit. lf we start talking about it, we're gonna be here all day.

Making diagrams with straws.

-lt doesn't matter. -l hurt myself, it changes your body.

-Does what l do change your memories? -lt doesn't matter!

My memory is cloudy. lt's a cloud.

Because my memories aren't really memories.

They're just one possible eventuality now.

And they grow clearer or cloudier as they become more or less likely.

But then they get to the present moment, and they're instantly clear again. l can remember what you do after you do it.

And it hurts.

So even when we're apart...

-...you can remember what l do after? -Yes.

But this is a precise description of a fuzzy mechanism. lt's messy.

All l know-- l know two things. l know what's happening in my head. And l know that you're gonna meet her.


She's gonna save your life.

For a long time, she thought we'd....

We'd have a baby.

She'd have been a great mother.

-She wanted it so much. -Yeah, but she--?


So she saves my life?


Let's take a look at your life.

You're a killer. And a junkie.

A fucking child mentality.

"What's mine." "My life." Save your life. You're asking me how?

The question is why. Why would someone sacrifice their life?

Cut your high and mighty bullshit. l don't need my life--

Shut your fucking child mouth.

You're so self-absorbed and stupid.

And she's gonna clean you up and she's gonna....

You're gonna take her love like a sponge.

And you think, "Maybe l'm clear of the past.

Maybe l'm safe."


Yesterday what?

Thirty years from now is yesterday.

You're not gonna remember it.

I'm gonna tell you what happens...

...to this beautiful woman who saves your worthless fucking life.

Have you heard of the Rainmaker?

Yeah, Seth said that night.

New boss in the future? He used the words "holy terror."

Yeah. A reign of terror.

Mass executions. Vagrant purges. Everywhere at once.

Legend is the Rainmaker came out of nowhere. ln the span of six months, he took total control of the five major syndicates.

-That'd take an army. -He didn't have an army.

The story is that he did it alone.

-Alone alone. -So how did he do it?

That's the mystery. There's no pictures of him. Even if it is a him. lt's insane.

There are stories he has a synthetic jaw, saw his mom shot, shit like that.

Word spread through the ex-looper grapevine...

...because the first thing he did was start closing loops. All of them.

You know what this is? This number?

Dale, wait. Slow down. lt could lead us to the Rainmaker, Joe! lt's in the hospital records.

Write this down: 0, 7, 1 , 5, 3...

...9, 0, 2, 9, 3, 5!

This is a piece of identifying information on the Rainmaker.

He's here. He lives here now. In this county.

And l'm gonna use this to find him.

And l'm gonna kill him. l'm gonna stop him from killing my wife.

Fuck you. And your wife. None of this concerns me.

-This is gonna happen-- -lt happened to you. lt doesn't have to happen to me. You got her picture right there in my watch?

Show me the picture. As soon as l see her, l walk away. l'll fucking marry someone else. Promise.

When l see that picture, that fog inside your brain should just...

...swallow up all the memories, right? She'll be gone.

-lf you give her up, she'll be safe. -Give her up?

You're the one that got her killed. lf she never meets you, she's safe.

You don't understand. We don't have to give her up. l'm not gonna give her up. l'm gonna save her.

Get to the fields. We can lose them in the fields.

Hop a train. Get out of town!

What the hell is everybody doing? You wait for my signal!

-Out back! He's running! -He ran out the back!



Fuck! Shit! Come on, come on!

Come on, you piece of shit! Come on!

-Get the tracker! The tracker! -Go! Go!

Fuck! Fuck!


Come on, baby. Time to get up.

Listen up, fucker! l have shot and buried three vagrants in the past year!

So l don't care what hobo sob story you've got. l get a dozen a week, pal. lt cuts no cash with me.

But if you show your face here again, l will cut you the fuck in half!

Well, you found him.

Tracking Seth's bike, that was clever.

Then you rustled up a posse and went out to get him.

-l could do it again. -You can fuck up again? Really? l've got too much riding, Kid. l can't afford a fuck-up playing cowboy.

Put your gat on the table.

l wanted you to say l did good.

That's all l wanted.

This is all l have.

Please give me one more chance? l'll bring him here alive and hold him.

And you can put a bullet in his brain yourself.


Get off me! Get off me!

Hey, who's there?

Stop right there! l will shoot you.

You stop! Stop right there!

l'm telling you to stop! You stop!

Head's splitting apart.

-My head. -Hey.

Look up at the light. Look up at me.

How long since you dropped?

-Dropped? -Dropped.

-A day. -A day. l can't feel my legs.

You're going through withdrawal, you fucking junkie.

You gotta help me. l'm gonna die. l'm thirsty.

Water. Water!



Come inside, baby.

-Who is that man? -He's just a vagrant.

-No, he's not. -Oh, yeah?

His shoes are too shiny.

Aren't you a smart monkey.

-ls he sick? -Yup.

-Will he get better? -Yeah.

-Promise? -Just go to sleep, okay, baby boy?

-Night, sweetie. -Night, Sara.


The first time l saw her face.

First time l saw her face.

Look at me.


The first time l saw her face.

The first time l saw her face. The first time l saw your face.

The first time l saw her face.

Morning, monkey. Do you want something to eat?

The man is up. ls he staying here now?


Toss it.

-l'm about to finish cleaning it. -Put it down.

-How are you feeling? -l'd say l'm at 30 percent.

You take it slow, by the end of the week you'll be at 50.

l took you in so you wouldn't die. You're not.

Take the morning to rest, then get off my farm.

-l can't do that. -l'm sorry? l need to stay here for a little while.

-l'm not cool with that. -Sorry.

You just lost your "take the morning to rest" privileges.

-Get off my farm. -No.

Get off my farm.

You couldn't scare a retarded hobo with that. Literally.

This is a Remington 870. One blast could cut you-- ln half. That's telling. You're holding a gun. l say l'm not afraid, so you describe the gun to me. lt's not the gun l'm not afraid of.

What are you gonna do, shoot in the air?

You wouldn't let me die, you're not gonna kill me.

So that makes me weak? l'm not a threat to you or your boy. l need to be on your property. l'd rather there's no contact at all. l'm gonna stay in the fields.

There's one thing l need, then you'll never have to deal with me again.

Verify this is your house so l'm in the right place.

-What's this? -lt's a map.

That's my house. Why is it marked?

Okay, doesn't matter. Look, l'm gonna be out of the barn in an hour. lf you can spare it, l'm gonna take this canteen.

-ls there somewhere l can fill it? -This number, how did you get this?

That mean something to you?

What? Hey! Hey! Hey!

You're right. l'm not a killer.

But l'm fine with how a blast of rock salt to your face won't kill you.

Now you're gonna tell me who you are...

...and what the fuck you're doing on my farm.


Time travel hasn't been invented yet...

...but in 30 years, it will have been. lt's gonna be used by these criminal--

You're a looper?

l can't go back to the city because Abe, the boss...

...his men will be searching for me 24/7 until they find me. Or find him.

All l've got is that map.

He had three houses marked on it, yours is one of them. l know he's coming here.

You know about loopers? You know what we do?

So he's coming here to murder my son...

...because he thinks he might be this Rainmaker?

Once he kills the Rainmaker, what happens? l think he thinks if he killed the Rainmaker...

...he never would have been sent back.

He'd just vanish. He'd disappear just like he appeared.

He'd be back with his wife.

Who is he, this guy you let run?

Just some random guy from the future?

He's just somebody. You know what the numbers mean?

This is Cid's birthday and this is the med code of the hospital he was born in.

How many kids were born in that hospital that day with your son?

-Like, two? -Sounds right.

Three kids, three houses marked on his map.

One of them is the Rainmaker.

-He doesn't know which. -What's he gonna do?

Oh, God.

-Can he really do this? -Think about what doing this would fix.

What he thinks it would fix.

lf he comes here, will you stop him?

-l'm asking, can l trust you? -l don't care if you trust me. l don't care about your son. l lost my life. l kill this man, l get it back.

He'll kill the other two kids and come here last. Put off facing me.

All this goddamn cane leaves us blind.

He can get within 50 yards of this place without a hawk spotting him.

What makes sense is we burn the fields. Level them.

How much gas you got in that barn?

-No, you can't burn down my cane fields. -This stuff is half dead anyway. lt's the seed for next year. lt's not gonna happen, you fucking nut.

Listen, use what you need and set up anywhere.

But one thing: l don't want you talking to Cid. l watch my son, you watch the cane.

-That's the deal. -Good by me.


-Jesus. -All right, hold still. lt's easy for things to get infected on a farm.

Start falling off.


l'm out here and you're in the house. We need a way to communicate.

There's a dinner bell in the barn. You can ring that if someone's coming.

Dinner bell. We need buzzers or walkies or something. l don't know what we've got, but l'll look. Cid!

-How's the math coming? -l want to help the man.

-Help him with what? -l could help him with my toys.

No. Let me talk to you. l need you to stay away from that man. Okay?

Let him do his thing, but stick with me.

-Okay? -ls he not good?

Well, we're gonna see what he is. All right?

But l need you to stick with me.

Good boy.

Hand me that Phillips.

-Tell me if you hear her coming. -What are we doing here?


But l need to make it stronger.

-And how do we do that? -Bigger battery.


Do you kill people?

Let's say l kill people.

With your gun?

-You want a gun like mine? -Yeah.

What are you gonna do with it, pole vaulting? lt's bigger than you.

Stop bad things from happening.


So how long you and your mom been out here on the farm?

She's not.

She's not what?

Sara doesn't know, but l remember my real mom.

When l was a baby, l couldn't stop it.

Couldn't stop what? l couldn't stop her from getting killed. l saw it, but l couldn't stop it. l wasn't strong enough.

You should....

-You should talk to your mom about this. -She's not my mom. She's a liar.

Spotted him coming out of a sewer tunnel on the west end. He's on the run.

Think he's heading to the west on Talbott Street...

...possibly to Whore's Alley. We have a visual.

You can't take that thing out with a plow or something?

Listen, l found a.... ln the barn, l found some parts and l made a thing.


So if you see something, just push that.


Last night he woke me up. Don't tell him l told you. He didn't--

You said you were his mom.


He told me you're not.

He said that?


-lf he's not your son, who is he? -He's my son.

l had Cid when l was 22.

But l didn't want to give up my life in the city.

So l dropped him here on the farm with my sister...

...and she saw how l was living, so she took him.

And my sister, she raised him.

She loved him. He called her Mom.

How did she get killed?

Jesus Christ.

He remembers it. You've gotta talk to him. l told you one thing. l told you to stay away from my son.

-He asked about my gun. -Stay out of it!

And stay the fuck away from my son!

Where does 56 go?

Oh, good. You're smart.


How long can you not sleep? l don't know. Probably a while. lt's a good question.

Where does it go? Come on.



-You should help Joe watch. -Joe?

Because he can't stay awake all the time.

-lsn't our business. Okay? -He's keeping us safe.

Let's do this now, okay?

You have 32 there. l know you know this one.

-No. Eight times three is what? -Thirty-two.

Eight times three is what?


-l want you to count three eights. -Eight, sixteen...


-You telling me you want alone time? -No.

Then why don't you put that where it belongs?

-Alone time. -He's protecting us...

...because you can't do it.

-l told you to stay away from him, didn't l? -l never did anything.

-Do you think l'm stupid? -So?

-l told Joe to leave-- -So?!

-You do what l tell you! -You can't tell me what to do.

You're not my mom!

You're not my mom! You're a liar!

You're gonna get killed because you won't stop lying!

-Cid, calm down. -You're lying! l hate you!

-You're lying to me! l hate you! -Cid....

-l hate you! Liar! You're lying! -Calm down. Calm down.


You're not my mom! You're a liar!

You're not my mom! l hate you!


Liar! Liar!

l'm sorry.

lt's okay, sweetie.

Holy shit.

Evening, ma'am.

Evening. How can l help you?

You can start by accepting my apologies re the hour.

-Hope l didn't catch you at supper. -That's fine. l've been walking between empty farms all day.

Thought l'd just tick this one off the list.

-Not have to come back tomorrow. -What's this about?

You alone here, ma'am?

My husband should be back any time.

Happy to hear it.

Could l trouble you for some water? l'll get you some. You can take the glass with you.

Actually, ma'am...

...my business today, this ticking off the list business... -Will you tell me what this is about? -l will, yes.

Can l come in?


l'm a deputized police officer, looking for an escaped criminal.

Anyone through here in the past two days, vagrants?

Vagrants are always passing, nobody near the house.

That man there?

He's young. No.

We're looking for his father, too. Similar looking build, late 50s...

...may or may not be traveling together.

Do you recognize them?

-No. -Keep them.

Your kids with your husband?

Yeah, just one.

-How old? -Ten.


l'm gonna show you the barn and house.

And then you can be on your way. l took the liberty with your barn. Apologies.

So the house.

-Ten, you said? Your boy? -Yeah.

And your husband? l've just gotta check in with the home office.

The boy's in the city with his father. When they getting back?

Couldn't tell you.

This goddamn thing. l can never get a signal this far out of town.

Piece of shit.

Okay. Here we go. ls this man dangerous?

He shoots men down for a living. He's a stone-cold killer.

My boss has half the city looking for him.

Half the city and me, so....

And if you find him, there's a hell of a price.

Chunk of money like that, you should think on it.

-l will. -All right. Show me upstairs.

There's drafts in the house.

My granddad built this tunnel when the vagrant raids got bad.

-Nana said he was nuts. -Thank you, Granddad.

-That wasn't the man. -No. lt's funny. l know that guy, though.

His name is Jesse. l like him. He's good.

He's gonna go away once he doesn't find me.

He won't hurt your mom.

-Sara. -Where's your mom?

Where's my mom?

She gave me up. l was younger than you.

We were vagrants, and she was alone. l thought she was stupid for getting on the drugs she was on...

...but now l see she was just so alone. lt's what she had.

She sold me to a panhandle gang. l got away and l ran and ended up on this train. l remember l was sitting there in an empty car.

And l saw myself over and over again...

...killing those men that bought me, that got my mom on what she was on.

Just finding them and tearing them apart. Saving my mom.

But you didn't.

No, a man in the city found me, put a gun in my hand.

Gave me something that was mine.

That's just men trying to figure out what they would do...

...to keep what's theirs, what they've got.

That's the only kind of man there is. l'm not gonna let Sara get killed.

l think we're clear.



All working girls, yeah?

This whole block and a couple of blocks over.

Hello, Joe. lf you want to check those, too, l can arrange.

l'm an arranger, stranger. lf you don't see what you want to see, no refunds.


What happened?

That's pretty good.

ln the city, young guys would...

...hit on me by floating fucking quarters.

And l wouldn't tell them l was TK...

...but l would keep their quarters down.

This one guy just busted a blood vessel in his eye trying to get it up.

He's you.

Your loop.

You lied to me.

But l know you're not lying when you say you're gonna kill this guy...

...your own self.

You protected Cid from that gat man.

-Yeah. -He saved your ass, didn't he?

He saved my ass.

He's a....

He's a good kid.

Yeah, he is.

You know, when l came back, after my sister died...

...l remember seeing him...

...for the first time in two years just sitting on the porch. l drove up crying. l'd been at this...

...party all night in the city when l got the call...

...so l was wearing this ridiculous party dress.

All my ridiculous shit.

And l don't know if he...

...even remembered me...

...but he looked at me....

l abandoned him.

l abandoned my baby.

And l've seen so many men in the city...

...who l look in their eyes and they're just lost.

So whether he loves me back or not...

...as long as l'm there to raise him...

...he's gonna be taken care of.

He's gonna be safe.

He's never gonna get lost.

Hello, Joe.


Put this down and let her go.

Sara, Jesse here is the best shot with a gat that l know.

When he lets you go, just sit on the couch. Don't do anything stupid.

He's coming here, Jess. My loop is coming here.

-l gotta take you in. -l got 948 bars of pure silver. l close my loop, l get right with Abe.

Whatever he gives back, l'll split it with you.

Was that your plan?

Okay, take all of it.

Are you delusional? You ain't getting right.

Long as Abe's got one gat man standing he's gonna hunt you until his dying day.

We're gonna go now. Gonna get in my truck and you're just gonna....

l'm sorry.

The Rainmaker....


Oh, my God!


Cid? lt's him. What is he, some TK freak?

You knew.

-What are you doing? -How did your sister die?

-What are you doing with those guns? -ls that what happened to her?

-No! -He kill her like that?

No. He was climbing a bookshelf and it fell back on him.

He can get scared. lt exploded.

-Jesus frigging-- -He'll learn to control it.

-lmagine what he's gonna do! -lf he did good with it, though. lf he grew up with me raising him. lf he grew up good....

He doesn't.

You stay away from him, Joe!

Cid! Stay away from Joe, baby!

Follow me, baby!

Come to me. lt's okay.

lt's okay, baby.

Right now two things have happened.

My loop knows Cid's the kid he's looking for.

And my gang knows l'm here.

That means in 1 5 minutes, one or both of them is coming down that highway.

Pack up the truck. Take everything you can and go.

Drive north away from the city.

Thank you.

Got everyone here, all our men.

Arm them up. Let's go.

l got him, Abe. l got him.

Well, shit.

That's right, motherfuckers. l got him.

Knew he was sweet on this one whore.

-l checked her building-- -They found Joe...

...in a farm on the east side. That's why all the gat men are here.

The whole crew is arming up to make a sweep.


Fuck Joe. Save your bullets! l've got the loop!

Not such a fuck-up now, huh? l'm bringing him up to see Abe.

Get this asshole!


Holy shit.


Guess l put the gun in that kid's hand, huh?

I guess everything comes back around.

Like your goddamn ties.

Take this truck. And take your gold and go live your life.

Nobody's coming after you. l fixed it.

You go kill the boy. That how you fix it?

You're goddamn right l'm gonna kill that boy!

-You just got your life back. -My life?

Your life. Becoming you.

Goddamn it! You've lost your fucking mind!

You let this boy live, he's going to take everything you've got.

And everything l got!

-See what he becomes. -l haven't seen that yet.

Goddamn it!


Okay, baby, we're going.

Put your seat belt on.

-Stop. -Duck down. lt's okay.

-Stop, please. He can shoot us. -Duck down.

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

-Cid. -l'm sorry. lt's okay. lt's okay. l'm gonna get you down.

Okay, we're going into the cane. Go. Go.



No. Cid, no.


lt's okay, baby. You're okay. lt's okay, baby.

lt's okay. l love you. Calm down.

Good boy.

Mommy loves you. lt's okay.



You did good. You did so good. Good boy.

Listen to me. l need you to run into the fields now.

-No, Mom, l don't want to leave you. -lt's okay.

-You need to go. Go! -Move!

Move, goddamn it!


Then I saw it.

l saw a mom who would die for her son.

A man who would kill for his wife.

A boy, angry and alone.

Laid out in front of him, the bad path. l saw it.

And the path was a circle...

...round and round.

So l changed it.


Where's Joe?

He had to go away, baby.