Lootera (2013) Script

You need to be a little careful.

The law will be enforced any day now...

I am not selling my property, Majumdar.

Then form a Trust.

Even that takes time.

All the other landlords are doing it.




Where were you lost?

How long have you been up?

I have been up for ten minutes, but you were staring into space, moving the fan like a statue.

How are you feeling now?

I am feeling fine, thank you.

Did it hurt?

Did I ever tell you the Bheel Raja story?


A long time ago, there lived the... mighty Raja of the Bheel tribe.

Very powerful. No one could ever harm him.

Everyone was afraid of him.

The English made many attempts on his life.

They cut him with swords, they slit him with a thousand arrows, but he just wouldn't die.

Then they heard that the Raja... confined his 'life' in a parrot.

But there were a thousand parrots in the forest.

Which one would it be?

Then they sent a spy.

A beautiful one.

The Raja fell in love with her. Married her.

One fine day she found 'the' parrot.

She got hold of it and...


Then he died.

Pakhi, you are my that parrot.

If anything happens to you...

You know, finally Manikpur has electricity.

I see. And how long is it going to stay?


Stick to the left side.


We don't want to have an accident.

If we get into an accident then you were driving.

If not then I was driving.

Watch out!

Watch out.


You will get me fired.

Watch out.

Watch out.

That motor...

What are you doing?


Doctor Uncle.

Pakhi, you can go home.

He's alright. He'll be okay.




You almost killed the poor motorcyclist.

You don't know how to drive.


Then who? Me?


"The springs came and went."

"But I didn't experience a single one."

"My heart was drenched this time."

"I wonder what you did?"

What's wrong?

The filament got damaged.


The thing that lights up.

Isn't that electricity?

The electricity lights the filament, the filament lights up the bulb.

Oh, yes. I knew that.

So whatever it is, lnstall it everywhere.

And give the bills to Majumdar.

You aren't being serious.

If the Zamindari Abolishment Act is passed...

...you will be left with nothing.

The Act won't be passed, Majumdar.

It will.

There aren't any landlords in government who will support you.

Why do our fathers keep arguing?

My father feels that Zamindar uncle doesn't understand him and Zamindar uncle feels that my father keeps yakking.

I see. Yakking?


My name is Varun Srivastava.

Where have you come from?

You stay here.

Babu, someone has come from Delhi.

From where?

Some 'English' place.

He is an archeologist.

Wants to excavate our temple site.

He thinks there is an ancient civilization buried underneath.


He's coming home for dinner tonight.

Ask him yourself.

Varun Shrivastava.


Don't look back.

The driver who drove into you, his name is Babu Singh.


And what is your name?

Don't try to be smart, because you are not.


Which one are you?

Mr. Srivastava.


You are very punctual.

This is my daughter, Pakhi.

And Pakhi, he is that gentleman I told you about.



She wants to be a writer.

She's not bad.

She has written her name on all my books.

Baba, I am good.

I am sure.

So, Archaeologists.

I always thought they were old men.

Busy amidst the cobwebs of archaic buildings.

I guess that's why the name starts with 'Archaic'

Of course.

Where are you staying?

At the Circuit House. Nearby the temple.

What happened to your head?

My motorcycle had an accident with a car.

In Manekpur?


Who was driving?

I was driving.

If you drive both of them at the same time...

I was driving the motorcycle.

Of course.



And some bad amateur was driving the car.

Couldn't spot a motorcycle on such a wide road.

I don't think these amateurs should be allowed...

Sorry. I'll get some cold water.

Sorry about that.

Even the villagers here are quite used to her driving lessons.


For days together, the kitchen remained silent.

For days together, the blind dog slept hungry.

For days together the lizards crawled on the walls.

For days together, even the rats were brought to the brink.

Food came home, after days together.

Smoke filled the courtyard after days together.

Rooms sparkled again, after days together.

The crow spread his wings, after days together.

Baba Nagarjuna.

Real name Vaidyanath Mishra.

Lives in Darbhanga, my native village.

Where did you say, you are staying?

I'm impressed, Varun Babu.

This mansion instead of that guest house.

Are you understanding anything, Debdas Mukherjee?

I can understand everything.

My parents talk exactly like this.

Learn Bengali.

You'll have to learn one day.

Have you seen Baazi?


You should watch it.

Now that's what you call a movie.

Dev Anand plays a gambler.

And a moment comes when he has to choose.

A hell lot of money or his sister's life.

Or he has to quit everything, for his love.

He's an amazing actor.

And an even better fighter.

You want to see how he fights?

Like this, while swaying...

No matter how many goons attack him they will not spoil his hairstyle.

"Why are you scared of the world?"

This temple's 500 years old.

Nobody is allowed to build or demolish anything here.

This famous Radha-Krishna...

...idol is the legacy of my Roy Chouhdry ancestry.

It's at least three hundred years old.


This is where we start excavating.

And we can put up the camp here.

We would need some labourers.


So this is where we dig.

Do what?



Now, do you guys know how to dig?


What have we got all this for?

Very good.

But why are we going to dig?

Well... because this is land and...

"Try your luck."

Pull more.

Go further back.

"So what if the oars of your boat are broken."

"Use your arms as the oars."

"Use your arms as the oars."

"if you trust yourself, try your luck."

"Try your luck."

"Take a chance and mend your fate."

"if you trust yourself, try your luck."

"Try your luck."

News from the capital.

In a historic decision today the government of India...

...announced the Zamindari Abolition Act.

One of the prominent lawyers from the High Court...

...Mr. Rao added that according to this Act... the Landlords will be allowed no more than fifteen acres for themselves.

Many landlords from Uttar Pradesh and Bengal...

Will they seize the orchard?


What will they do with it?

Divide it amongst the villagers...

Free fruits for all.

My stomach is growling.

No one eats before the first fish is caught.

Tradition, you see.

Of course. Of course.

Varun Babu.

You are looking in the wrong direction, Varun babu.

Are you mad?

I was just looking.

I saw how you were 'looking'

How was I looking?

It's that 'look'

Things happen.

Nothing happens your hunger has gone to the brain.

Why are you getting upset?

I am just adding to the stuff you are already cooking up...

I am not cooking up anything.

You are not cut out for this painting stuff?

Neither are you Raja, nor Ravi Varma.

You carry that blank canvas everywhere.

But you never put any paint on it.

My dear friend, Debdas.

One day I will paint my masterpiece.

And the world will watch.

I want to learn painting.

Why the sudden interest?

Its not sudden.

I've always been interested.

You keep talking about.

I've always told you, I wanted to learn.

You never told me.

I did You never listen to me.

Fine. Ask Majumdar Babu, he'll get someone.

Ask Devyani also.

Devyani only wants to cook.

And there's no need to look for anyone.

Varun Babu is a great painter.

Finish your tea.

How do I look?

Very beautiful. Now go.

Now what?

Just go.

Have you tried to paint before?

I mean, when you used to study in Shantiniketan.

You know that I used to study in Shantiniketan?

No. As in since you are the Zamindar's daughter.

I learnt a little.

So what do you want to learn from me?

You tell me.

Lets begin with landscapes.

They are easy to grasp.

Then once you get a hang of it...

No. After mangoes and apples, the first thing they taught us was Landscapes.

Can't we learn portraits?

You don't think I know how to paint a landscape?

Shall I show you?

You know how to paint.

I don't know how to paint leaves.


They are really easy.

Show me.


Take some green.

Take some black.

What is this?



Its Modern Art.

You don't know how to paint, do you?

So you are a teacher to him?

For the class to run, someone has to be a teacher.

Someone is too smart for his own good.

I always wanted to learn painting.

And this is a good opportunity. No?

Of course.

"The breeze is against the ambiance."

"Because the bees stole the nectar from the buds."

"Life feels different today."

"So, why don't I take this chance and..."

"Mend the condition of my heart."

"Mend the condition of my heart."

"The breeze is against the ambiance."

"Because the bees stole the nectar from the buds."

"Life feels different today."

"So, why don't I take this chance and..."

"Mend the condition of my heart."

"Mend the condition of my heart."

"The courtyard's filled with a new ray of light."

"Who's knocking on my heart?"

"How can I say..."

"...who's been doing mischief secretly?"

"Mend the condition of my heart."

"Mend the condition of my heart."

"The breeze is against the ambiance."

"Because the bees stole the nectar from the buds."

"Life feels different today."

"So, why don't I take this chance and..."

My father calls me Pakhi Express.

Because I'm always in a hurry.

What do you want to do?

I want to write.

Lots and lots of books.

Sometimes, I feel like running away to our house in Dalhousie.

And just keep writing there.

While the snow keeps falling outside, lnside I keep writing... Writing and more writing...

The Raja there has a big palace.

Jandhrighat palace.

That Raja is very rich. Much more than my father.

And he also has an ancient unique Ganesha idol.

Is it?

Made of pure gold. At least five hundred years old.

Do you like what you do?

This is all I know.

I've never known anything other than this.

If you get a chance to do something else, What would you do?

Tell me...

I want to see Chandratal before I die.

Where is that?

Beyond Manali. Deep in the Himalayas.

Clear blue waters, And not a sound.

None at all?



I want to paint a masterpiece that the world will remember.


Yes. Don't tell anyone.

And if I tell?

It's a flat tyre.

Will take sometime.

What happened?


Why didn't you tell me?

"Flying away on paper wings."

"It's heading where it shouldn't."

"It can't understand the delicate heart."

"Because it's under an illusion."

"Doesn't see, think, or know... restrictions."

"Lost its way, what a fool the heart is."

"Flying away on paper wings."

"It's heading where it shouldn't."

Pakhi is a good girl.

"Because it's under an illusion."

And you will have to break her heart.

"Doesn't see, think, or know... restrictions."

"Lost its way, what a fool the heart is."

She will be shattered when you leave.

"Lost its way, what a fool the heart is."

And if I say that I love her?

You aren't allowed to love, Mr. Srivastava if you want to love, you need permission.

And that stone-hearted uncle won't give it to you.

"It can conquer all forts, break through walls."

"Love's a beautiful thing."

"It tosses the heart around now and then."

"The heart feels more like a ball."

"It accepts every grief with a smile."

"Because it's under an illusion."

"Doesn't see, think, or know... restrictions."

"Lost its way, what a fool the heart is."

Start digging in the opposite direction first.

Start here first.


Let's go.

Varun Babu.

No class today?

Yes. Our work is about to finish.

There isn't enough time.

We can learn here also.

No. Not here.

No problem.




The day after tomorrow?

The day after that?

Next week?

I leave next week.

There's a lot of pending work here.

Everyone's waiting for me.

So am I

it would be better if you leave.

It would be best, if you die.

They can dig two feet more by morning.

That's not great, when will the other work happen?

Why are you doing this to me?

Come on get back to work.

What's the matter with you today?

With me? What's the matter with you?

Why are you doing this to me?

It's like you don't want to see me.

Like I'm nothing to you.

Do I mean anything to you?

I leave next Tuesday.

And, the time that we spent together?

You wanted to learn painting.

And you didn't know how to!

Why did you agree?

You could have said No then.

I was stupid.

Do you love me, Varun Babu?

Please say yes.

Don't think so much. You did the right thing.

No need to be my guardian angel.

Eat your food.

Uncle sent a telegram asking why is it taking so much time?


Biswajeet Roy, Treasury Department.

What department is this?

There is an official seal on the letter.

This is...

The East India Company gifted that to my grandfather.

It's at least two hundred years old.

Even more.

Pal Babu - Yes.

Put all of these into our van.

What are you doing?

All of this is lndia's heritage it will go to the National Treasury and then maybe to the Museum.

This is my family heritage. You can't take it.

Whatever the East India Company gave you was not theirs.

It was all stolen.

If you won't co-operate, then we will have to arrest you.

Arrest me?

In Manekpur? In my own village?

Pardon me I'm a government servant not yours.


The world has changed Varun Babu.

It's improved for you. And ended for us.

I was so used to this way of life.

That even after you and Majumdar warned me.

I didn't think I would lose everything.

The country got free from British yoke... but that freedom cost us dearly.

You still own a lot of assets that are very valuable.

There are a lot of buyers out there.

I can help you?

The government wants to destroy us.

They think we were friends with the English.

But our hands were tied.

We gave money to the Indian National Army.

Was it our fault if the Government didn't accept their fight to freedom?

Varun Babu...

Call them.

Sell everything.

Get up.

Get up.

Put that away.

Did you hit me?

The Zamindar is ready to sell

lnform uncle.

Once the labourers leave tomorrow, we will start digging in this direction.

All this mud can be removed and put here.

We have to finish this in three nights

lts the first car I owned Very dear to me.

Hope you take good care of her I will.

Moves certainly. It's a lovely car.

Thank you.

Meet my friend, Varun Srivastava.

Mr. Mukherjee.

Hi. Pleasure.

He's bought my car.

To Calcutta?

Yes today itself.

Can Deb go with him?

Ask him, I have no problem.

Zamindar Babu,

I'll also be leaving in a couple of days.

The month is up? So soon?

Our work is done we didn't find anything.

All the best.

Thank you.

Don't go.

Zamindar Babu, I really love Pakhi.

I want to marry your daughter.

What does your father do?

My parents are dead.

I don't even remember them.

I have an uncle.

He raised me. Taught me everything I know.

Call him here.

What happened?

He won't come.

Why not?

He won't allow it.

Won't allow what?

Zamindar Babu, we will get married and go some place else.

I really love your daughter

I'll make sure she stays happy always.

I would give my life for her.

Please write... Yes.

'Zamindar Soumitra Ray Chaudhry cordially invites you to the... engagement of his beloved daughter...

Pakhi Ray Chaudhry with Varun Srivastava.



Mr. Roy Choudhry? Mr. Bajpai.

How was the journey?

Good. Thank you.

Some kind of celebration going on?

My daughter is getting engaged.


You're getting married to Pakhi?


And what will you tell Bajpai Uncle?

I don't know.

So why are you doing all this?

Do you want to completely ruin her?

What are you hiding from me?


There is something.

Where is the engagement?

At the temple.




And our work?

Its your work now. Get it done.

No, its our work.

Bajpai Uncle.

Congratulations Varun.



Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Uncle, I have to get married sometime.

I never got married.

How would I have taken care of you boys, if I had?

I know What you did for us.

Taught us everything.

I did everything you asked me to.

I never asked you anything.

Does she know what you do for a living?

Why you're here?

Suraj was killed.

He was trying to escape.

He had two daughters And a son.

You know that.

This is the life we live.

Is this what you want to give her?

I want you in Calcutta tomorrow.

We cant afford the luxury of relationships in our work.

You still tried.

Don't think I cant tell your father-in-law what you really are.

Good morning gentlemen.


Congratulations, lets go.

Fake, they're all fake.

Not a single original note.

Dinner is ready.

Should I go home?


Do you need anything else?


Ms Pakhi.

You know Varun better than anyone if you won't help then it is difficult to nab their whole gang.

What happened in Manikpur, has happened many times before.

This gang has robbed millions from Zamindars and Rajas.

Many families have been ruined.

Your father wasn't the only one who died because of them.

My father didn't die because he was robbed.

He was heartbroken.

Deceived him.

He trusted Varun.

If he were alive?

He would want Varun to pay, isn't it?

I don't want revenge, Mr. Singh.

I just want to forget him.


If you need anything or... if you feel like sharing something, You can contact me on this number.

"My heart's thinking about you, where are you?"

What are you writing?

"I'm right here..."

Some story?


What story?

It's just a story

ls there a boy in the story?

And a girl?


Do they love each other?


Are they going to fall in love?

I don't know.

The boy wants to know something.

The girl isn't talking to him.

Is she angry?


Because he's leaving?

Because he's asking too many questions.

So what is she saying?

Don't ask so many questions.


Has he stopped asking questions?

He's a fool.

Doesn't even understand a thing.

Has the boy told the girl how beautiful she is?

That there's nobody more beautiful than her in the whole world.


Has the girl told the boy that she loves him the most?


So when is she going to tell him?


Dalhousie police station.

Can I talk to lnspector K N Singh?

Who's speaking?

Pakhi Ray Chowdhury.

Hold please.

KN Singh speaking.

He had once told me that the Raja of Jandhrighat owns a valuable idol of Ganesha. Made of pure gold.

Maybe their next target will be in Dalhousie.

Thank you.


Guesthouse available on rent.

It's tuberculosis.

It's life threatening.

You should move to a warm place.

You will live longer.

Everyone dies some day.

What should I live for?

You could write another book.

My life is being taken by what I am writing.

Did I ever tell you the Bheel Raja story?


A long time ago, there lived the... mighty Raja of the Bheel tribe.

No one could ever harm him.

The English made many attempts on his life.

They cut him with swords, they slit him with a thousand arrows, but he just wouldn't die.

Then they heard that the Raja... confined his life in a parrot.

But there were a thousand parrots in the forest.

Which one would it be?

One fine day the spy found the parrot where the Raja's life was confined.

There's two men at the gate.

For the guesthouse.

What should I do?

Show it to them.

Who stays out there?

The Lady of the house.

She is not keeping well.

Please come.

Hello - Ms Pakhi, this is lnspector K N Singh.

Yes I called to inform you that the gang leader has been arrested.

He's confessed that Varun and Debdas should be reaching Dalhousie any day now.

We have booked all the places where they can stay.

They will eventually reach your cottage.

As soon as they do...

Excuse me, Mr. Vijay?

What happened?

How do you plan to ship the idol to the Museum?

By truck.

It's on its way from Delhi.

And security?

Six of our people will accompany the truck.

And if you wish, you can send some people too.

So how can I help?

We need to take measurements of the idol for the shipping crate.

So if you don't mind, could we start work tomorrow?

That's it?

We can stay here if you'd like.

Come tomorrow I'll inform everyone here that you'll be coming from tomorrow.

K N Singh speaking.

This is Devender Singh - Yes.

It's them.

Thank you.

How many men do you have?

Twelve. Do they all have weapons?

We have 303.

I want them all, immediately. Okay.

Bajrangi, get them ready.

He's not answering the phone.

Must be asleep.


Give me a cigarette.

We're being followed.

You go left, I'll go right.


See you here in fifteen minutes.

Follow him.

Come with me.

Get up! Follow him.

Stop or else I'll shoot you Varun.


Have you given him any medicine yet?

Not yet Doctor.

How far is it from here?

Five minutes.

Is he breathing okay?

Mr. Singh?

He's been shot.

Won't be able to get very far.

He's in town and he's wounded.

Spread the word.

Put up his sketch everywhere.

Yes, sir!

I want this man.

Keep looking till you find him.

Dead or Alive?

You told the police!!

My friend died because of you.

I won't let you die so easy.

I didn't think you had any emotion in you.

You still don't know a lot, Pakhi.

Please leave, Varun I need a place to hide.

You won't get it here.

Leave or I'll call the police.

You won't.

Close the door, Shyama.

Are you mad, Varun?

Close the door, Shyama.

Did the police stop you?

Did they ask you any questions?

About me? No.

Don't try to fool me, Shyama.

Your sketch is up everywhere.

They're looking for you.

You've been accused of killing a police constable.

And they say that you killed your friend.

You killed Deb?

There are shoot-at-sight orders for you.

Who are you?

He is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Shyama?

With ten names and faces.

I didn't kill Deb on purpose.

He was my friend, like my brother.

And the police constable?

They were firing at me, So I fired back. It was a mistake.

I don't believe you.

It's the truth.

You should have said the truth then, a lot would have been saved I couldn't betray Deb and Bajpai Uncle.

He raised us, when we were this little.

I couldn't just abandon them.

But you could abandon me.

You could betray my trust.

You wouldn't understand.

You've seen nothing.

You've lived in luxury all your life.

You wouldn't understand anything.

Keep it.

Use it in the kitchen.

Should I call the police?


Why are you trying to save him?


Hello. Chaubey...?

It's Nandu.

I will leave tomorrow morning I'll have to spend the night here.

You can call the police, if you want.

Zamindar Babu...?

Is dead.


You killed him.

Like you killed Deb

it wasn't your fault.

I am going home.

I won't tell the police anything.

I came here to run away from my past.

To forget everything.

Why did you come back to my life?

Why did I allow you to?

Why don't I just kill you, when you are asleep?

It must give you so much joy to see me like this.

You see that tree?

I stare at it, day and night.

As if its that Bheel Raja's parrot...

...with my life inside it.

I stare at its leaves that fall.

The day the last leaf falls...

...is the day I will breathe my last.

This is where you have brought me to.

I hope you are ashamed of living like this.

But I know you don't care.

As always, all you will do is hide.

"The complaints are fading away."

"The dawn's untainted."

"It's melting the snow."

"There's a fire burning somewhere."

"I didn't want to fly this time."

"Even the birds agreed."

"With the darkness tucked in the arms."

"The light's here to stay."

"It has returned that thing stolen from me."

"The complaints are fading away."

"You're my victory. While I am the defeat."

"I am the bond that connects us."

"You're my victory. While I am the defeat."

"Tell me my mistakes."

"The stars can decide my fate."

"Turn the looters into protectors."

"It's all about fate."

"It's a story of earth."

"This is austerity."

"The complaints are fading away."

"I didn't want to fly this time."

"Even the birds agreed."

"With the darkness tucked in the arms."

"The light's here to stay."

"It has returned that thing stolen from me."


"The complaints are fading away."

"The dawn's untainted."

"The dawn's untainted."

lts still unsafe outside.

I will have to stay here for a few more days.


I don't want.

What are you trying to prove?


When you should have done... I went away, I know.

You were surrounded by people.

I know what you want.

Is it? What?

Once wasn't enough for you.

Of course, since you're looking beautiful these days.

I am notjoking I don't know how to make jokes.

Why don't you eat something, then we can...

Just leave.


Don't say my name!

Don't shout, you'll get another attack.

See, I told you.

Why are you... Shut up.

Sometimes I feel like murdering you.

I hate you so much.

But I don't have the strength anymore.

I just want to release Varun

from you,

from myself, from this life.

"The springs came and went."

"But I didn't experience a single one."

"My heart was drenched this time."

"I wonder what you did?"

"The heart's... feeling intimate again..."

"O tormentor."

"My stubbornness..."

"Persuaded my innocent heart..."

"O tormentor."

"Tosses the heart... around like a coin."

"O tormentor."

"My stubbornness... persuaded my innocent heart."

"O tormentor."

"Mannerless, but unique."

"O tormentor."

"I lost my conscious."

"But, still in my senses." "O tormentor."

"My stubbornness... persuaded my innocent heart."

"O tormentor."

May I come in?

I tried calling, quite a few times.

No one answered ls everything ok?

Just a little cough.

Did you see him or meet him?



Why would I meet him?

You said he might come.

The guesthouse is still empty.

The 'For Rent' board is still there.


Can I look inside?

Do you have a warrant?


Do you have a warrant?

I don't have one right now, but I can get one tomorrow.

Then please come tomorrow.

Why are you trying to protect him?

I am not protecting anyone.

He's responsible for your father's death, and he shot one of my men.

He will spend the rest of his life in jail.

He might even hang

I'll be back tomorrow with the warrant I'll have ten policemen with me who I am leaving outside if he tries to escape at night, they will shoot him if not, then tomorrow I will shoot him.

I already shot him once, He's badly injured but he got away.

Not this time.

Do you know my real name?


Atmanand Tripathi.

You look beautiful when you smile.

K N Singh is going to kill you.

You know what Deb would have said to that?


There isn't a KN Singh or Rahman alive who can ruin Dev Anand's hair.

You are not a hero.

He won't be able to touch me.

I have escaped from much worse.

He'll bring the warrant tomorrow I'll leave tonight.

Don't look away Pakhi.

Look at me.



I know you don't believe a word I say, But today I'm not lying.

I cannot forgive myself for what I did to you.

Only you have the right to do that.

But I hate myself and I will keep hating myself as long as I live.

Did you ever love me Varun?

I did.

I still do.

You were my only chance to lead a better life.

And I threw it away.

Everyone in my life used me.

Only you loved me.

And I couldn't love you back.

This isn't the life you should be living.

Depending on that last leaf isn't right it isn't your parrot.

And if it falls?

It won't.

That's my promise.

"Let me be."

"Let me be."

"I am alive, that's all I need."

"I am alive, that's all I need."

"Let me be."

"Let me be."

"I am alive, that's all I need."

"I am alive, that's all I need."

"I asked the winds for my share."

"And in return I got my breath."

"When I struck a conversation with my loneliness."

"My heart called out to me."

"The story I started."

"I've to complete it."

"I want life to stand proud at my grave."

"That's how I want to die."

"I've nothing left to wish for."

"I've nothing left to wish for."

"I got what I need."

"I am alive, that's all I need."

"Let me go."

"Let me go."

"Let me be."

"Let me be."

"Let me be."

I don't know how to paint leaves.

I always draw it wrong.


They are really easy.

Show me.

This is how it's done in Modern Art.

I want to paint a masterpiece that the world will remember.

"Does the light ever..."

"Bring darkness with it."

"The dried up ink."

"Stands witness."

"Of an age old story."

"That remained untold."

"That remained untold."

"Does the light ever..."

"Bring darkness with it."

"The dried up ink."

"Stands witness."

"Of an age old story."

"That remained untold."

"That remained untold."

"Does the spring ever announce..."

"The coming of the fall?"

"The rains express their anger..."

"Of the sky."

"The leaves that fall from the branch."

"Don't do so without a reason."

"All of them."

"A riddle of dreams."

"Was it true or false?"

"Patted my forehead."

"And stole my slumber."

"Of an age old story."

"That remained untold."

"That remained untold."