Lords of London (2014) Script

Jesus! Tony!

Somebody call a fuckin' ambulance.

What are you all fuckin' lookin' at? Get some help.

I'll get some help, Tony, please. Oh, jeez.

Oh, shit!

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Miss! Excuse me!




Excuse me.

Excuse me!

Excuse me!


Hello! Hello!

Hello, I need to use the phone! Phone! Can I use the phone?!

I need to use the phone, please. My granddaughter's birthday.

They love these family gatherings.

She couldn't be happier, eh? Who?

They think that the grass is always, uh... greener.

She wants to go travelling, meet new people.

I keep telling her, we have some of the greatest cities, in the world.

Florence, Milan.

Rome, Venice.

Look, mate. Look, you got to... Francesco. Nice to meet you.

Welcome in my country.


I understand, but I need to leave.

You need to leave? Yes! I need to leave!

Is where you came from, really better, than this?

Look around you, Tony.

Look where you are.

I don't know where I am.

Pick your feet up.

Trust your fucking mother to lumber me with you. Come on!

Watch the sounds on the floor. Sit down. You sit there.

Stay still, don't move. Don't talk to anybody, don't even look at anybody.

Do you understand?!

Get the fuck outta here! Get the fuck off me!

Get the fuck off me! Shut up!

Get the fuck off me! Shut up!

Help! Help me! Help me, please! Help me, please! Get the fuck off me!

Get the fuck off me! Shut up!

Get the fuck off me! Shut up!

Get the fuck off me! Help! Help me! Please, help me!

Hey! Come here!

I told you not to move.

I told you to sit still. Come on. Sit right here and don't move.


Come in. Sit down.

Hey, sit down.

Come on, sit down.

You want coffee? I just want to get out of here, do you mind?

Get out of here? So, you don't know this place, Tony?


Well, I know it's Italy.

And everyone's avoiding me. They don't know you, Tony.


You don't know why?

So... this place means nothing to you?


Palumbaro. Never heard of it.

Perhaps in your past.

The nearest I got to Italy, was a restaurant down the I street.

Me and the boys used to eat there, you know?

But, my mum took us there when we was kids.

She never mentioned this place?


Why would she?

She died when I was young.

I'm sorry. Long time, now.

Is that your granddaughter?


I saw her praying... down the lane.

My wife.

Margherita really misses her.

I do, too.

She became sick.

It was hard... to see her, like that.

It's been two years, now.


You're come from London, yes? Does it show?

Everyone talks about London, London, London.

Mama mia.

You will understand, soon enough.

Anyway, come on.

I have to lock up.

What's that all about?

You don't fucking start again!

What is it?

What is this?

It's cold. You want me to eat this cold? You want me to eat it?

You want me to fucking eat this cold? This...

Leave the fucking thing. We're gonna fucking eat. I'll eat it.

I'll fucking eat it. You want me to eat it? I'll eat it.

Fucking shit. Shit.

I'll fucking eat...

I'll eat it.


Fuck you! Fuck this fucking house! Fuck ya!

Your granddaughter is a beautiful girl.

Yes, she is.

I don't know what she sees in him.

He's trouble.

Are all you English trouble?

Come on. Now, if there is no language barrier, Freddie.

There's hundreds of language in the world, Tony. Nobody speaks different languages.

Nobody has a clue whatever you're saying... We are not speaking the same language.

Come on, make me laugh.

This guy joins this religious order... Now, here we go.

He's in the middle of a joke, love. Do you mind?

Don't bring your mum up here all the time. You still with us?

I've a one track mind, but it's on the right track.

Well, anyway, this guy joins this religious order and the rules are, you're only allowed to take two words every ten years.

First ten years are up, he goes up to the head monk and says: "Bad food," and he leaves.

Second ten years are up, twenty years and he goes to the head monk and says: Hard bed, "and he leaves.

Third ten years are up, thirty years later, he sees the head monk, he says: "Can't sleep," and leaves.

Fourth ten years are up, forty years later, he goes in to the head monk, he says: "I'm leaving."

Head monk says: "Oh, fucking time. All you've done is bone since you got here. "

Where were you? What's goin' on?

Nothing. What goin' on?

I was in the rehearsal. And you? Where were you?

Come on, have some fun. Let's go.

No, I want-I want to stay with the others. Let's go. I've got me bike.

Margherita, coffee, please. Right away.

Thank you.


Thank you.

Sit down.


Why is everyone so here unfriendly in this town?

The people don't know how to take you, Tony.

Yes. A strange man, alone. In this old-fashioned place.

Nothing changed here, in 100 years. You could say that again.

Look, I just need to get near a phone. Nearest one is the... next village.

You are lost in the dark ages, i'n't ya?

Look, I appreciate all of this, coffee and all the chats and things, but...

I just want to go home. Why?

Have you found out why you're here, yet?

No. I just wanna get back to England.

At least someone found their way home.

She's a good girl.

She lives and works here with her friends. But she's not happy, Tony.

She looks happy to me.

She's in love with a-an English boy. She wants to go to travelling to London, you know?

Ah, London's OK.

It's not how you remember it, Tony. What are you talking about?

I've spent me whole life in London. It's a fantastic city.

Perhaps I am... just an old man, talking.

But if you want to use the phone... Yes, the phone! Where is it?

It's in the next village.

Good luck, Tony.

Tony, Tony! Tony!

Margherita's missing. What?

I had a fight with her, yesterday. About her boyfriend?

Yes! I don't know where she is gone, now. I look everywhere, but...

Calm down, calm down. I'll look for her.

I'm forever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles in the air They fly so high up to the sky And, and then? Just like my dreams

all dreams always hiding that's all they hiding No, they hide forever.

Yes, and? I looked everywhere I'm forever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles in the air Brava!

You found her, Tony? Yes, I found her. She's with the English boy.

And I gotta say, they look pretty good together. It's not that we disapprove.

What... what do we do?

But this guy, he want takes her away... from her studies, Tony.

She's an artist. And a natural, too.

So let 'em go, these kids. Let 'em do their own thing.

She want to go travelling with him.

If she live with him in London, she never come back here.

Of course, she will. They always come back, don't they?

She have to stay here.

This is her land, Tony.

I don't want to lose her. Here, is her destiny, Tony.

We have to do something. I know exactly what to do.

Stop it. Not violence, Tony. Not violence, please.

I can't wait to go to London.

With you, my love.

I want to see everything. Every places, every... every cities.

And I want to sing with you. Every time we do.

I want to visit Bath, York, Canterbary.





Yes. That'll do.

What's that?

What is from your town? Will you shut the fuck up?

Sorry, my love. You shut the fuck up, right?

You got it?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. OK? I'm sorry.

Margherita, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. OK?

I'm sorry. Come here. Come here.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Come on.

I'm sorry, OK? I'm sorry.

You alright? You OK? Look at me. Look at me.

You alright? You OK, then? Yeah.

I'm sorry.

OK? Yes? Yeah? OK?

Yeah, say yeah. Say yeah. Say yeah. Go on.

You know I'm sorry, don't you? I don't know.

You do. You know I'm sorry. OK.

What, no kisses this time? Not with that around your faces, no?

I was gonna tell you, mate, but I just had to let Tony see it...

Why, what's the problem? It's not good news, Tony. No one has any money.

Of course, they have. It's just you two are not getting it.

But the people we've been dealing with just haven't got the business, anymore.

There's cash places!

I don't have a problem gettin' the money!

Look, we've tried, Tony, but they're all in debt.

Right, then, we need to show 'em that we mean business, fellas.


Are not you afraid of that? No.

Really? Yes.

Good evening.


Good day. Good evening.

Yeah, that's what I said. We play a game, then?

No. No. No. No.

Not even for a friend? Money.

Tony, money.

How's that?

You happy? Huh? He's happy, isn't he?

Alright? Thank you.

Pour me a fucking drink, man.


Terry. Honey.

Don't think your debt's paid.

What was all that about, then? That was your last fucking warning.

That's a shit hand, isn't it?

Terry. What? I'm in...

Terry, you have no money. I can get money, alright? Don't worry about it.

Wait, that's enough. I've got money!

Where you gonna find money?

It doesn't matter, where. I'm good for it, alright? Now come on, show or go. What you gonna do?

Well, he's out, now. What you doin', then?

Terry, you got no money. I can get money. I told you that.

Where you gonna get money from? I got money, alright? Don't worry about it.

Yeah? Yeah.

I see you. You're seeing me?


How 'bout you fucking see these, then.

Where'd you get those cards from? It's over.

What? It's over.

How do you get those cards? You fucking old cunt!

Where'd you get these cards? Get the fuck off of me. Get the fuck off of me.

Where did you get these fucking cards, hey? Where'd you get 'em?

I know where your little girl live, eh?


You what? Don't you fucking... you fucking touch her. You fucking touch her, I'll do ya!

Home! Go home. Arriverderci. Home!


How do you get it? That's enough.

Come on, leave me, you fucking cunts. Fuck off! Yeah, here with my jacket.

I'll be fucking back for you, fucking cunts. Especially fucking you.

Yeah, sit.

Fucking sneaky cat.

Happy card. Fuck off.

Calm down, John.

John, calm yourself down.

Now, you know you owe us four and a half grand and you're walking about without a care in the world. Yeah?

You've gotta be very careful where you walk, these days, John.

Or you never know what else can happen out there. Eh?

I was really curious, when I was a kid, you know?

I used to do things, uh... other kids wouldn't do.

Like a moth in the, uh... the burning flame.

You know what I mean?

You know what I mean.

You know... I think it was preparing me for what I do more like today, you know?

I mean, I can do things other men can't do.

Move your hand away.

Let me go home, and I'll get your money. Open your mouth, John. Open your mouth.

Let me go home, and I'll get your money.

Look, John, just open your mouth. John, John, John. I'm gonna get blood all over me, mate.

Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Open your mouth.

That's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. It's in there. That's in there.

Alright, now don't move. I'll get your money.

Stay still.

This'll be over in a minute. So what?

I got something to show you, but I'm not sure you're gonna like it.

Good evening.

Good evening, Francesco.

It's just down here.

I knew. He was no good.

- Did he see you? Yeah. He saw me.

Good. Good.

How you gonna tell her? I can't.

What do you mean, you can't? She needs to know.

She will make the right decision, Tony.

Don't worry.

Calm down.

Where do you think I'm goin'?! What do you think I'm up to?! What, do you think I'm fucking gallavanting about all over the place?!

I'm trying to get a lving, a fucking living for you and him!

Why is he, just fucking listen to him! Adults talk to him! He doesn't fucking listen to me!

Not to me! He never fucking listens to me! Not when you fucking show up!

Fucking shit, how it is.

Oh, that's it. Smash the fucking kitchen up now!

Get up. Get up! Oi!

Wait. Oi! Wait.

Wait. Come here. What's the matter? What's the matter?

What's the matter? What's the matter? What's the matter?

Stand up.

What have you done?

What have you fucking done?

Marie. Marie. Marie. Come on. Come on, wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Don't, stand up.

Breathe. Breathe. Stand up. Stand up.

Stand up, please, come on. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up.

Terry. Hey, what's wrong?

Our apartment. Everything has gone. What?

Where were you the last night? I thought you were at the apartment.

I was just gonna take care of that business, that's all. Before we go to London. What's missing?

Everything. All the money for the trip. What?

Our money for our trip, Terry. It's alright. It's fine.

Come on. Let's go.

What you after, lads? Where's your dad?

He's not here at the moment. What can I do you for?

Just get him, sweetheart.

It's alright, darling. No, it's not alright.

You're late with your payment.

Look, I've told you before. I haven't got it, alright?

You better find it.

What happens if I don't pay it? We'll take everything you own.

Even her.

Can we do this somewhere else? Of course.

I can't believe you done that.

You know me. I like to leave my mark on 'em, Tony.

Hang on. Hello?

Uh, Tone? Kevin.

Yeah, I-I'm sorry about all that stuff, earlier.

Look, I'll have it sorted by the end of today. I promise.

Well, alright, then, 'cause we don't wanna come 'round there again, mate.

Of course.

He sends his love.

Still think he mighta been behindin' a bill, Tony.

They knew the consequences when they borrowed the money, right?

They make you laugh, don't they? We're a business! What is it here?


She was lovely, wasn't she?

Oh, yeah. I wouldn't mind leaving my mark on her, too.

Now, that would make her laugh. Tony.

Is everything gonna be OK, Dad?

Yeah. Of course it is.


Yeah. We'll be alright.

Let's celebrate, fellas. Kevin's pub is ours for the takin'.

Why, what's happened, then, Tony?

You know he can't afford to do it up, or pay me. So I'm takin' it.

Well, here's to Tony two clubs, then.



He took the coward's way out. Cheers, boys. Good day's work.

Who would do this, hey? Break into your fucking flat and rob ya?

Take all your money and all your jewelry.

I'll tell ya one thing, I find out who it was, I'll fucking kill him.

I gotta get outta here. Why do you want to go?

There's something wrong with me. What's wrong?

Don't know, there's something wrong with me. I don't know what it is. I can't explain.

Do not be so theatrical.

Tell me that...

Tell me that's an old newspaper? Please. Yes, it's today's newspaper.

Oh, God. I've gotta get out...

You said you didn't have a telephone.

I gotta get outta here.

You know what's going on, Tony? I don't . No, I don't.

You know what's going on.

Come here.

Tony, come on.

He's crazy, this man.

I had, uh... I found that downstairs. It was by the door. I just put it in my pocket. I was...

I don't want to hear any more lies.

I just... You're only a lier.

I found it downstairs. I picked it up and I put it in my pocket. I was gonna give it to you later.

Shut up! You watch your fucking mouth.

Stupid and poor man. I found it I was gonna fucking give it to ya.

Goodbye, goodbye, Terry! You stay here! Don't you fucking go anywhere!

Fucking get back here! Come back here! I'll find ya! I'll fucking find ya!



Fuck off.

What are you waiting for?

Go and fuck off for your auntie.

Go on.

I'm gonna look afer the boy. Fuck off.

What do you think I'm doing?

Shut the fuck up, right? You do what I say, yeah? You understand?

Get up. get up.

You OK? Come on, look at me. Are you OK? You alright?

She's an artist. And a natural, too.

She have to stay here. This is her land, Tony.

I don't want to lose her.

Here is her destiny, Tony.

I'll fucking find ya!

Can I have a word, please?


I made a mistake, you know? I'm so sorry.

I need you to forgive me, OK? I can't.

I need you to. I love you. I love you so much.

No, you don't love me. I do. I do.

I love you. I need you to forgive me, alright? Please. Please, OK? Please. Please.

No, no, no, no, no.

It's over, Terry. No, no. Don't say that. You can't say that.

Go home.

I love you. Go home.

Hey, you're coming with me. Right fucking now. No! No!

You're coming with me, now! You're fucking coming with me, alright?!

You're fucking coming with me, right this fucking...!

Let go of my daughter! Fuck off!

Fuck off! My daughter!

Get out. Margherita!

Go on!

Come on!



You OK? Yeah.

English boy.

He's trouble. Trouble.

I can't thank you enough, Tony. I didn't do anything, mate.

You did more than you can imagine.

You know why I'm here, don't ya?

And you will know soon enough.

I think I know already.


Your great-great-grandmother once told me a story, Tony.

One day, while she was working the land, she came across a gold coin, by the side of the road.

Times were difficult, so she buried the coin, waiting for the day when she would need it.

Two days later, a young man came to the village, looking for the coin.

Even though the coin would change her life... honesty got the better of your grandmother... and she led the man to the coin.

The coin was given to the man, by his father, and to his father before him.

It was of such importance to the man that he vowed to bring the crops from the south, for our family, every year... during Winter.

The man came for many years. Until, one year, he stayed.

Our family only survived because of this man.

This man was my father.

So, if there's any problem, just give me a ring. Alright. We'll be alright.

Come on, we got a table booked.

OK, uhh... yeah, uh, I got my wallet. No, I'm paying.

Oh, yeah, as if! Shut up! Come on!

See ya, Leish. See ya!

Sometimes, we have to sacrifice what we have, to protect those that we love.

Thank you, Tony.

I have shown you what you needed to see.

It's up to you, now, Tony.