Lost in Space (1998) Script

Finally, the warring nations of Earth... had forgotten their differences and banded together to save our planet.

The United Global Space Force was searching the galaxy... for worlds rich with drinkable water and breathable air.

The hypergate was our best hope to colonize space... our best hope for survival.

But as we prepared to launch ourselves into the black of space... terrorist forces calling themselves the Global Sedition... were preparing to strike.

Grissom base, this is Cargo 7 requesting landing clearance.

Roger, transport. This is Grissom Gate Control.

Please download security codes. Downloading.

Transport, l've got two blips inside your radar signature.

Checking. Sal, They're hiding in your shadow.

Don't see anything.

This is Gate Control. Battle stations!

Battle stations. Two Sedition fighters are attacking the hypergate.

Battle stations!

Gate Control, this is Eagle 1. I'm locked and loaded, ready to fly.

Roger, Eagle 1. You're clear to launch.

Jeb, where are you, buddy?

This cold war just got hot.

They're Sedition Raiders.

It's another mutant suicide squad.

Here we go. Man to man. Split 'em up.

Okay, last one to kill a bad guy buys the beer.

I'm gonna go through the gate.

Try and get out in front of him. That's not standard procedure, Don.

Gotta get inside its shields.

Damn, you gen-techs are ugly up close. Target lock.


Yee-haw! Bogey 1 dispatched.

Don, he's right on my tail.

Damn. Can't shake him.

I've been hit! Weapons are off-line.

I'm gonna jettison the main drive core.

Am l good or what?

Warning. Failure in redundant drive systems.

Gate Control, this is Ranger 1.

Engines will not respond.

Don, I'm falling towards the hypergate, man.

Breaking thrusters won't fire!

Impact in 30 seconds.

Ranger 1, this is base.

Rescue craft have been dispatched.

Grissom, this is Eagle 1.

Those pods will never reach him in time. I'm going in.

Major West, you are not authorized to jeopardize...

Never liked that station anyway.

Warning. Proximity alert.

Hang on, Jeb. I'm coming in. Abort. Abort!

Alright, I'm gonna give you a little kiss. Now, don't take this the wrong way.

Impact in five seconds.

Hey, Don. Does this mean we're going steady?

You weren't getting out of buying those beers that easy.

With intrepid pioneering spirit... the Robinson family will journey to the distant world of Alpha Prime.

What kind of future can our children look forward to?

A future in paradise.

The Jupiter Mission, made possible by the U.S. Army... and Silicon Graphics Corporation. S.G.I.

Saving the future for our children. Saving the future for our children.

Give me a break.

Holo-call from Houston Middle School.

Hello? Hello, Principal Cartwright.

What exactly has he done this time?

He hacked our main power grid to run his experiment.

The school was in chaos.

Yeah, right.

We didn't even have lights.

This is no laughing matter, Professor Robinson.

Will is... ls terribly gifted.

The changing shape of education.

His little time machines, though pure fancy... are the products of a truly brilliant mind.

No more monkey business.

I mean it.

The boy is starved for attention.

I know your life is anything but normal right now... but wasn't there some way his father could have attended the science fair?

As you are aware...

Alpha Prime is the only other habitable planet... yet detected by Deep Space Recon.

My crew will sleep away our 10-year journey there... in suspended animation.

Once we have rendezvoused with the research colony on Alpha... l will supervise construction of a hypergate.

By then, technicians here on Earth... will have completed the companion hypergate... in our planet's orbit.

Once both gates are complete... ships will be able to pass instantaneously between them.

Immediate colonization of Alpha Prime will be possible.

Can't you just use the Jupiter's, uh, hyper-engine... to zap straight to Alpha Prime?

Hyperspace exists beneath normal space.

If you try to enter hyperspace without a gate... your exit factor is random. There's no telling where you'd come out.

Ninety-eight percent of the galaxy is still uncharted.

There's a lot of space out there to get lost in.

Professor Robinson.... Professor.

How is Captain Daniels recovering from the flu?

Will he still be able to pilot the mission? Ladies and gentlemen.

You came to get your first look at the Jupiter 1.

Don't you think you've waited long enough?

Let's move into the launch dome.

One more question, professor.

Now that the mission's been pushed up... how do your children feel about leaving the Earth behind?

They couldn't be more excited.

This mission sucks.

I don't wanna leave early. I don't wanna go at all.

We will discuss this at dinner.

For the last three years, I've missed everything... training so l can spend the next 10 years missing everything else.

I'm not staying home for dinner.

I'm going out to see my friends.


I'm going out to say goodbye to my entire life.

Penny, I need you here tonight.

Wait a minute.

On this eve, before she's torn from everything she knows... kidnapped, hurled into deep space against her will... what thoughts fill the mind of the daring space captive?

Will there be boys on Alpha Prime? What will l wear?

I wonder what it'll be like to jettison your body into deep space.

First, you'll try holding your breath... but your blood's already begun to boil.

And then your skin inflates like a balloon.

And then, pop.

Do they have a name for what's wrong with you?

Dad says don't bring them.

Like anything l do matters to him.

Don't sweat it, kid.

I got apology videos for two birthdays.

And he forgot last year completely.

This mission's the only thing he cares about anymore.

So that's a "no" to family dinner?

Let's see.

Do I spend my last night on Earth... watching Mom and Dad pretend not to be fighting again... or blow 10-years-worth of allowance at the mall?

You do the math. Mom's gonna go thermal.

What's she gonna do, ground me?

I'm nervous about jamming in a new pilot the last second.

The Global Sedition is getting brave.

First, the hypergate, then Daniels.

Next time, they may attack the launch dome.

Damn. We can't afford to wait.

Will's science fair. Apology video for Will.

He'll understand. Ben, listen.

My family is on this mission.

I need a pilot who's more than just spit and polish.

I've got your man. He just doesn't know it yet.

At ease, major. Sir, why was l pulled from active duty?

Those gen-techs may attack again. I... l need to be up there.

Do you know Professor Robinson? By reputation only.

Your father's battle strategies were required reading at the academy.

What can you tell me about the Jupiter Mission, major?

The Jupiter is an oversized robot.

Everything's automatic.

Any monkey in a flight suit can pilot that ship out of the solar system... and set her down on Alpha Prime.

It's a babysitting job, sir.

No offense.

Major, are you aware Earth's resources are severely limited?

Every schoolchild knows that our recycling technologies... will cure the environment.

Sending a family across the galaxy is a publicity stunt to sell computers... to people of all ages.

Every schoolchild has been lied to. Recycling technologies came too late.

All fossil fuels are virtually exhausted.

The ozone layer is down to 40 percent.

In two decades... the Earth will be unable to support human life.

The new Global Sedition knows the truth as well as we do.

They're building their own hypergate.

They hope to colonize Alpha Prime first.

If they're successful, Western demons like you and l, Major West... will be left on Earth to die.

Captain Daniels doesn't have the flu, does he, sir?

Captain Daniels was murdered in his apartment last night.

The flu story is a cover we fed the press.

I flew with Mike.

We should pulse-blast their bases. A decisive strike now.

My squadron is alert status and... Your rescue stunt was foolhardy, major.

I had a friend in trouble.

So you endangered a $10-billion spacecraft... disobeyed a direct order because of a friend?

Yes, sir.

I did.


He'll do.

Congratulations, major.

You're the new pilot of the Jupiter Mission.

Where is my money?


The Sedition hired me to provide access to Daniels' apartment and no more.

My work is done.

They've found a replacement pilot.

Our attack on the hypergate failed.

How tragic for you.

We require a more direct intervention on your part.

Oh, l see.


It will cost you.

And l'm afraid that my price... has just become astronomical. Heh-heh.

Holograph off.

Come in.

Control hasn't received the results of the preflight exams, Dr. Smith.

The Robinsons have checked out 100 percent.

They're fit as a fiddle and ready to fly.

Wish them luck.

For me.

The mission protocols are simple. Professor Robinson is in command... unless you encounter a military emergency. ln that case, you are in charge. But, sir, I'm a fighter pilot.

There must be better candidates.

Hell, even my own family can't stand me.

Shut up, major.

Jeb. Jeb Walker. He's an excellent flyer, sir.

He'd be perfect for this mission. Welcome aboard, major.


Looks like somebody sprung for the full-extras package on this beauty.

If you have to be a babysitter, it's not such a bad nursery.

Wouldn't you agree, major?

I don't get it. l can't get the cryo-sleep systems up over 96 percent.

Dr. Smith approved the specs.

Dr. Smith is the base physician.

I am responsible once this ship is in flight.

These tubes will be perfect or the ship will not launch. ls that clear? Absolutely, doctor.

Judy, I want to introduce you to Major West.

He's going to be taking Mike's place.

He's heavier than Mike. We'll have to recalibrate.

I'd be happy to discuss my dimensions, doctor... say, over dinner?

West. l've read about you.

You're a war hero, aren't you?

Well, yes, actually.

Who was it who said, "Those who can't think fight"?

I think that it was me.

It was nice to have met you.

That's one cold fish l'd love to thaw. Hmm?

I'm not gonna make it over for dinner tonight, Dad.

It's gonna be a long flight.

Maureen, come on, pick up the phone, honey.

I know you're there. Are you still packing? Look, just leave it. Go to bed.



He won first prize again. ls this the new model he's been working on?

Crazy idea he's got about a... time machine?

Pretty sharp stuff for a midget.

Sorry about dinner.

You know, that new pilot... John, the family needs you here.

This whole thing is about family.

My only condition for accepting this mission... was that we could bring the children with us, so doing our job... wouldn't mean leaving them behind, so future generations would have a new home.

You're off saving humanity... so, what does it matter that Will has to black out his school... just to get his father's attention... that Penny's been dragged home by security three nights in a row... that Judy's become a ghost, just like her father?

I have to compensate for the new launch time.

Do you think I'm throwing parties?

You're revising the life-science protocols.

I'm also trying to deal with two kids who are leaving an entire planet behind.

I'm sorry, John. But there's no manuals on how to deal with this.

Well, maybe it doesn't do any good...

saving a world of families if we can't save our own.

Is that it, professor?

John. - l know, baby. I'm scared too.

More med supplies for the Jupiter 2?

Yeah. That's our last crate.

They're not taking any chances.


Forgive me if I forego the kiss, my sleeping behemoth... but the time has come to awake.

Robot is online.

Reviewing primary directives.

One, preserve the Robinson family.

Two, maintain the ship's systems....

Spare me the chatter, my steely centurion.

Sadly, I fear I have far more dire deeds in store for you.

Robot is online.

Reviewing primary directives.

Sixteen hours into mission, destroy Robinson family.

Destroy all systems.

That's more like it.

Farewell, my platinum-plated pal.

Give my regards to oblivion.

Apparently you have completed your mission on schedule.

I do so admire a spot of timely terrorism.

I thought I told you never to call me here.

The transmission signal will be traced.

I just wanted to express my most sincere gratitude... for your unflagging loyalty.

Good work, good doctor... and goodbye.

Jupiter 1, launch in three minutes.

Mom, just...

Shoot. Mom, l'm fine.

Hey, that's supposed to be there.

This is almost acceptable.

Mom, don't. What?

Vogue says this will be the style in 10 years.

Can we cut back on her oxygen... so she's not quite so annoying when she wakes up?

Does he have to wake up at all? Okay, that's it.

I'm gonna turn this spaceship right around. Come on.

Satellite defense net locked and A-okay.

Everything's gonna be fine, sweetie. Thirty seconds. Mark.

Hey, there, buddy. Com-links encoded and secure.

Good night, guys. Good night.

Here we go.

Artificial gravity at 100 percent.

You get a C in paternal expression, but an A for effort. l'm doing the best I can. Come here.

You always get an A in this.

Main drive systems online.

Sweet dreams.

See you there.

You are at T-minus-1 minute and counting, Major West.

Houston, the bird is hot.


She's all yours.

I'll try to give you a smooth ride.

Mission Control, this is Dr. Robinson.

We are in the green. Roger, doctor.

You are go to initiate cryo-stasis.

Oh, uh, one question, doctor.

You are a T-minus-50 seconds.... ls there room in these tubes for two?

There's barely enough for you and your ego, major.

Hey, don't sweat it, doc.

I do this all the time.

Just drive carefully.

You are at T-minus-40 seconds and counting.


You are at T-minus-30 seconds and counting.

You are at T-minus-20 seconds and counting.

Mission Control, this is Jupiter 1.

The Robinsons are all tucked in. We are ready to fly.

Major West, your escape vector is clear of all traffic.

Op is go on your command.

Roger, Houston.

And the monkey flips the switch.

Jupiter 1 boosters disengaged.

This is Jupiter 2.

Diverting all spacecraft control to the main computer.

Eight years of flight training.

Navigational holographics online.

Fifty combat missions.

Course confirmed for slingshot exit of the solar system.

Just so I can take the family camper on an interstellar picnic.

You know, 10 years is a lifetime.

Sleep well, old friend.

Ah, l never liked these freezing tubes.

Bad dreams.

Navigational interface confirmed.

Cryo-sleep systems at 100 percent.


Robot is online. No! Help!

Sixteen hours into mission, destroy Robinson family.

Destroy all systems.

Disable program! Disable program!

Sixteen hours into mission, destroy Robinson family.

Destroy all systems.

Robot is online.

Destroy. Unh!

Destroy all operating systems.

Destroy Jupiter 2.

Destroy all operating systems.

Destroy Jupiter 2.

Destroy cryo-sleep systems.



Destroy navigational system.

Come on. Wake up, damn you!

I can't stop this infernal contraption on my own.

Emergency cryo-stasis desequencing in process.

Destroy all systems.

Destroy Robinson family. Maureen, the children!

Destroy. Run!


Get down. Destroy.

Deactivate safety.

That was a mistake.


Mom, let go. Will, stop!

Destroy. Destroy.

Destroy. Destroy.


Destroy Jupiter 2. Destroy.

Destroy Robinson family.

Destroy. Destroy.

Oh, no. Look away, baby.

No! Robot, disable pulse blaster.

Command accepted.

Cancel attack sequence and stand by.

If the family won't come to the science fair... bring the science fair to the family.


Robot. Online.

Standing by.

Return to docking bay and power down.

Major, you all right?

Next picnic, no robots.

Where's Judy?

Stabilize the operating systems.

Fire control.

Attempting containment protocols.

I want to go home now.

Navigation's down, system shorts everywhere.

Damn. Communications are out.

Link up the secondary system.

Shunting power from reserve. Come on.

Try it now. Okay. Navigational boards are lit.

Yes. Attempting conduit reroute. l'm still locked out of the helm. Nothing in computer control.

Main com to manual. See if she'll respond.

The main subroutine still won't open. I'm gonna try remote ops.

Aah! Smith.

Get back! Get away from me! Aah!

What the hell are you doing here?

Major West, thank God it's you.

I was in here to do some last-minute checks...

...and someone hit me from behind. That's Sedition technology.

You're a damn spy. You did this.


Stop it! What are you doing? Throwing out the trash.

Aah! We need help!

I can't get Judy out. She's dying.

Touch me and the girl dies. l don't deal with dead men. Kill me, kill the girl.

How much is your revenge worth, major? I can save her life... but only if you give me your word as an officer... that you will spare mine.

Help her. l've got helm control.


We're way off course.

We're caught in the sun's gravitational pull.

Is that what that big round ball is?

We've got four minutes before the outer hull begins to melt.

I need you to check on the thruster alignments.


I'm gonna try for the Mercury mines.

I'll need Dr. Robinson's portable gurney. You'll find it below.

Smith, come on!

You tried to kill my family.

We trusted you.

It's the world behind the world, Professor Robinson.

Lie once, cheat twice, and everything becomes clear.

Do not mistake my deception for a character flaw.

It is a philosophical choice... profound understanding of the universe. lt is a way of life. You're a monster.

Perhaps, but l'm also the only one that can save your daughter's life.

Penny, precious, l want you to short the power on my command.

Does he have to call me precious?

Penny, precious.


She's not breathing. Sick bay, move!

The sun won't let us go.

Heat shield breach in 60 seconds. I need options, professor.

We have to divert all power to the engines.

I'm rerouting life sciences.

Rerouting essential life support.

Engines at 80 percent.

There's no cardiopulmonary or respiratory functions.


Again. Clear.



Rerouting error. Systems are crashing.


We're losing her. Do something.

Come on, child.


Put a little heart into it.

The other life l save... will be my own.

Wake up, baby. Please.

That's all the power we've got.

Okay, l'm putting the pedal to the metal. Here goes.

Ah, she can't break free. She doesn't have enough thrust.

There's got to be a way to get through this.

That's it.

lt's working! Heh. What is?

If we can't go around the sun... then we go straight through it using your hyperdrive.

Engage the hyperdrive without a gate?

We could be thrown anywhere in the galaxy.

Anywhere but here.

On my mark.

Three, two, one, initiate.

Hyperdrive at 100 percent.

Major, you have the com.

Dad? Dad!

Let's see what this baby can do.


Maureen, everyone?

You all right?

Judy. Where is Judy? She's okay.

Yes, she is. Thanks to me.

Here l am.

Either I should, uh, cut down on the liquids, or l should sew in a new flap... because it was really hell getting out of that thing.

Vitals are normal.

Pulse and respiration seem to be... Hey, are you okay? l'm fine, really. Come here.

Will every little problem be an excuse for familial sentiment?

How much, Smith?

What was the price tag that you put on our future?

You can't do it, can you, John?

You can't kill the man without becoming the monster.


What's happened, John? Where are we?

I bypassed most of the damaged systems.

Gonna have to repair the rest manually.

You had me worried, doc. Nice to see you thawed.

You have a puzzling definition of a smooth ride.

Computer, map.

Our current position.

Searching for recognizable constellations.

This database... has star maps of all the known galaxy.

I don't recognize a single system.

We're lost.

Aren't we?

Aah! Easy, doc. God.

Oh, please.

The cryosuit absorbed most of the electrical charge.

You're lucky this wasn't your hide.

Doctor, is that concern I detect in your voice?


Great bedside manner.

Ooh, what's that? A battle scar?

Sort of.

It was a tattoo.

An ex-girlfriend's name, but I, uh, had it removed.

Wouldn't it be easier to use a Magic Marker?

Heh. Yeah, well, that's me.

A girl in every port.

So, major, no family? Nothing to tie you down, no one to miss?

No, I've never been the fit-in and play-nice type.

I guess you think that's romantic.


No, I don't.

But what about you, doc?

Is there some lucky little nerd you left behind?

I spent three years working on this mission, major.

We're trying to save the planet here.

I haven't had time for fun.

Well, if there's no time for fun, doc, then what are we saving the planet for?

Here. Thanks.

Hate being little.

Um, I think it broke.

Okay. l'll try and fix it.

Why aren't you up on deck with Mom and Dad?

Have you met our parents?

Good point.

Popcorn, orchids... waves, Billy, kissing.


It's a list...

of everything we left behind.

Never love anything, kiddo... because you just end up losing it.

Smith could still hurt us.

Maybe I shouldn't let him live.


But how can we bring civilization to the stars if we can't remain civilized?

Right, professor?

Have you noticed that you take the opposite position to whatever l say?

Of course I do. We're married.

Alert. Spatial anomaly in progress.

What the hell?

l must be dreaming. That looks like a ship.

It appears to be some sort of hole in space.

Where does it lead?

A reasonable question.

Major, wait.

I'll wait later.

Pull back.

Let there be light.


She's one of ours, all right.

All right.

I've never seen a ship like this.

No response to hails.

Scanning all military and civilian frequencies.


I'm getting inconsistent life signs, but they may be sensor ghosts.

Their computer is still on.

I'll try the standard docking codes.

Control codes confirmed.

Initiating docking sequence.

Weird. What kind of ship is that?

That's not one of ours.

Boys, that's not even human.

If this is all a dream, why can't there be more girls?

As part of her enslavement... the brave young space captive, Penny Robinson... is forced to utilize her dazzling technical expertise.

Identify yourself, soldier.

West, major, United Global Space Force.

Requesting permission to see the prisoner.


Major West.


Could he be cuter?

I don't think so.

Breathe, Penny, breathe.


These quarters are totally unacceptable.

We're going to check out the probe ship.

Maybe we can figure out how they got here and how to get home.

Ta-ta. Have a wonderful trip.

Put this on.

You're coming with us. Out of the question.

I am a doctor, not a space explorer.

No, what you are is a murderous saboteur.

And l am not leaving you on this ship... so you can do more harm than you've already caused.

I absolutely refuse.

Give me an excuse to kill you.


Black was always my color.



Activate standby.

Crush, kill, destroy.

Crush, kill, destroy. Destroy.


Safety on.

No. Dad, chill. lt's okay.

I hacked into his CPU... and then I bypassed his main operating systems... and accessed his subroutines.

He's basically just running on remote control.

Will, l know I haven't been around... Professor.

We're ready to go.

We'll talk later, son.

Take care of my dad.

Okay, Robot?

Vacuum check complete.

Oxygen levels are normal.

Microbe scans are negative.


The air is stale, old.

That's the smell of ghosts.

I've got her onboard computer up.


Not working? No. She's working, all right.

Just... Well, too damn fast.


Dad, do you hear something?

Like the drip, drip, drip of blood.

You really need to shut up.


This matter appears biological.

Nothing good will come of this.

You, of course, being the expert on space exploration.

Let's go.

Oh, trust me, major.

Evil knows evil.

Motion sensors are still working.

This way.

Rambler-Crane series robots.

But like no design l've ever seen.

Well, well.

Aren't we the poor cousin?

Down here.

It's a remote-op station.

Come on, Dr. Smith.

Could this ship be a prototype?

Looks like some kind of fire fight.

Captain's log is degraded.

Maybe I can gather some fragments.



The hyperspace tracker seems to be functioning normally... but we cannot process all the data.

There is no sign of the Jupiter 2.

I have exceeded my timetable...

...and l've.... Jeb?

When did he make major? l want this on the record.

I am not willing to give up.

Don would have came looking for me.

That's it. The rest of the data's totally corrupted.

How could they launch a rescue mission for us... when we've only been lost a day?

There's no data on the alien ship... but it looks like they brought in something that was attached to its hull.

Got it.

Some sort of egg sack?


Get back here.

Happy to oblige, major... although, I don't think it's me you should be worrying about... but rather these.

I'm detecting motion.

Behind you.

After it. Move.

Will, bring Smith.

Don't even think about it.


Growth like this would take decades.

Unhand me, you mechanical moron.

Don't move.


Easy, buddy.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Easy, easy.



Looks like you made a friend.

Still, l'd wait a few weeks before tattooing her name on your arm.

Do yourself a favor, don't evolve.


The Dr. Dolittle of outer space.

This could be a creature from that alien ship.

Yeah, but this little guy's no pilot.

He looks like a child.

Okay. Try it now.

Strange. The scales are giving off heat.

I've tapped into the internal sensor array.

There's no other animate life present.

Besides us, this ship is totally deserted.

A ghost ship.

The flavor of the day is banana beef.

Who thinks up these combinations?


Good. Major West.

I highly recommend you never breed.

That, by the way, is my medical opinion.

Little thing was hungry.

I've got their star maps online.

Here we go.

More systems than I've ever seen.

Finding a route to Alpha Prime. Yes.

Downloading to Jupiter. Wow.

I don't like the sound of that sound.

Mom, they're moving.

Get this infernal ape thing off me!

Come here.

John, get the hell out of there.

Mom says, "Get the hell out of there."

Evacuate. Now!

The controls are too slow. Activate holographic interface.

Holographic interface online.

Ew. They eat their wounded.

Seal the bulkhead.

Unh! Codes are locked.


Emergency bulkhead....

Fire sensor activated.

Emergency bulkhead closure in progress.

Stop! Stop!

Will, we have to get that door open.

Open, damn you! Get out of here.

What is it? Man, these damn doors.

I can't override the fire protocol.

A million bucks worth of weaponry... and l'd trade it all back... for a lousy... can of Raid.


Stand clear.

Get moving! Go! Go!

Come on. Maureen.

Can you get me anything? Cycling through a vacuum check.

I'm overriding.

No way it's that easy.



Run! Get back! Get back to the ship!

Move! Move!



Got it. Try it now. Mom says, "Try it now."

Will, can we save it?

Can't move him without letting the spiders into the ship.

Leave him behind.

Aah! Aah! Spider scratched me.

Stop laughing, you little worm.

Goodbye, Robot.

You couldn't save him, kid.

Save him? Of course. Huh?

What are you trying to do? Shh.

Prepare to disengage.

Oh, this is a fun picnic. Aah!

First yellow aliens, now giant spiders.

The crowd goes wild.

Recall your childhood nightmares, major. Monsters are rarely so easily dissuaded.

Why don't you go out and talk to them, Smith, bug to bug?

I think they'd rather come inside.

Arming torpedoes.

Fire in the hole.

Alert. Detonation failure.

The robot must have damaged the detonator cores. They won't blow.

Alert. Outer hull has been compromised.

DNA extrapolation coming up.

Silicone-based, admantium shell and lack of respiratory system... means they do live in deep space.

Tiny front brain implies communal relationships.

Like bees.

If the biology lesson is over, I could use some help here.

They may be attracted to heat and light.

Inner-hull breach in 15 seconds.

Uh, l'm bringing the Proteus fusion drives online.

It's working. Let's turn up the heat.

What are you doing?

Never leave an enemy stronghold intact. Major, stop.

One of your father's first rules of the game. That's a direct order.

I hate spiders.

That's coming really fast. Gravity harnesses now.

Manual helm engaged.

Children, secure? Secure.

I'm in.

Pull up. Pull up.

Really? No kidding. Thanks.

Coming in too hot. I'll try and slow us down.

Hang on!

Everybody by the numbers. Life sciences, still breathing.

Video mechanics, okay.

Mission medical, l'm alive.

Me too. Robotics, I mean.

I'm alive...

Major West's poor excuse for piloting skills notwithstanding.

Oh, Dorothy.

Back in Kansas at last.

You violated a direct order.

About half the core material's burned out.

We'll never generate enough power to break orbit. We can get off the ground... but getting back into space is another story.

I ordered you not to blow that ship's reactors.

Life support is marginal.

It's gonna get cold in here tonight.

Also, the, uh, pod and the chariot are pretty much scrap metal.

Don't you walk away from me when l'm talking to you.

Give it a rest, professor. I was technically still in command.

I am commander of this mission.

Look, no offense, but you're an egghead with an honorary rank.

No one ever intended for you to handle combat situations.

You handled it brilliantly... sending us crashing down here.

Those aliens posed a continuing threat.

I made a judgment call and if I have to, I'll make it again.

Hell, you of all people should understand that. lf your father were here, he'd back me up. My father is dead.

Killed in one of those combat missions that you admire so much.

My family is on this ship and you will follow my orders... whether you agree with them or not. Is that clear?

Hey, save your speeches. I like you, but I'm gonna do whatever it takes... to ensure the success of this mission, with or without your help. ls that clear?

Am l interrupting something?

No, really.

I think you two should go ahead and slug it out.

I mean, here we are, stranded on an alien world... and you boys want to get into a pissing contest?

Please, go for it.

I'll have Judy down here in a heartbeat to declare you both unfit... and l'll take over this mission.

I don't want to hear another word from you. Is that clear?

Maureen... Not another word.


Now if you've finished hosing down the decks with testosterone... l suggest you come with me.

I may have found a way to get us off this planet.


Tell me about it.

Damn bug bite.

Huh. She....

She really is an interesting specimen.

Huh, doc? She's fascinating.

The retinal aperture dilation... Can l keep her? seems directly linked to the skin pigmentation.

Judy. Judy. Hey.


Can l keep her?

Penny, she's not just another fad that you can just pick up and throw away.

Oh, please.

Look, she's all alone here and l promise l'll look out for her.

I promise.

She... She kind of needs me.

The minute that you misplace her, that you forget to feed her... Don't smile.

I mean it, Pen.

Thanks, doc.

We're both a long way from home, aren't we, little one?




That's what we'll call you. Blarp.

Oh. Nice girl.

Pretty girl.


The atmosphere here can sustain human life.

I've located 500 rads of radioactive material five miles west.

We'll need at least that much to get the core functioning again.

We start out at daybreak.

Be safer that way.

Those are my orders, major.

l agree with your recommendation, professor.

D├ętente is a beautiful thing.

Oh, major.

It's nice to see you found a calling to suit your talents.

Turn down the bed before you leave. l gave my word I'd let you live.

I never said for how long.

Family hour is over, major.

We're dying here.

Robinson is out of his league.

Look into his eyes and tell me you can't see his fear.

I fought in the millennial wars, major.

Survival is a soldier's game.

We both know that, that this civilian fool will lead us straight to hell.

Robinson needs our help... if he wants it or not.

With minimal force, we could take this ship... and assure that the mission continues, under your command.

Of course.

My God, Smith.

You're right.

How could I have been so blind?

I'll just run and get you a gun so we can hijack the ship, okay?

Sarcasm is the recourse of the weak mind.

Ooh. I'm hiding the pain.



Your pain, major... has just begun.

Starlight, star bright.

A million strange stars and only one wish.

I wish we were home.

Never seen a sky look so alien.

We really are lost, aren't we?

When the, uh, first sailors circled the globe... saw a brand-new sky... they thought they'd sailed right off the edge of the Earth... but they were really just around the corner.

So you're saying that we should just billow our sails and let the wind take us home?

Is that it, major?

So those sailors... found familiar shapes... in the stars... to make the sky seem more friendly... and to help them find their way home.

That's how the constellations were born.

Porky, the wise and mighty pig.

The great big-eared bunny, Bugs. Heh.

You know, the way you got us down here, that was pretty flying.

So my quarters or yours?

Excuse me? Don't play coy.

We're the only single man and woman of consenting age in the galaxy.

How much more of a setup do you need?

So you figure why not just dispense with the pleasantries... and get down to business?

You have a way with words, doctor.

Do you want to show me how you handle the helm?


Right here on this console?


Yeah, right here would be fine.

Why don't you just hang on to your joystick?

Excellent technique, major.


Hey. Hi.

Will was looking for you.

Yeah. l sent him back to his room.

He's, uh, decided he can rebuild the robot.


He wants to stay up all night and show me his designs.

Funny creatures, men.

Try so hard not to be their fathers... end up making the same mistakes.

We can't get off this planet, let alone get back on course.

I don't have time.

Just listen to him, John.

You know, it doesn't matter what he says. Just listen.

Sometimes, especially in the eyes of their fathers... little boys have to come first.

As soon as we get back up into space... we're gonna spend a lot of time together, I promise.

It's nice having your whole family under one roof.

Even if we did have to go halfway across the galaxy to manage it.

Good night, John. Good night, Maureen.

Good night, Judy.

Good night, Will.


Good night, Penny.

You guys have got to be kidding.

Good morning, Will Robinson.

Solar panels are charged.


John, the radioactive material we need for the core...

...is in the center of that bubble. l was afraid of this.

Okay, everybody. Let's get settled now.

I think that this bubble out there... is exactly the same thing we passed through in space.

Both of them are opening and closing doorways.

Doorways to where?

Doorways in time.

You can't be serious. Time travel is impossible.

No, it's not. It's just improbable.

What if we crossed into a time... years after Earth sent a rescue mission?

Perhaps the professor hit his head when we landed.

Think about it. The way the Proteus seemed deserted for so long.

Your friend looking so old.

So if we walk inside that bubble... we could be walking further into the future.

Hey, Dad, what if the doorways aren't natural?

Will, this kind of phenomenon could only be produced naturally.

No. That bubble's exactly the kind of side effect...

...I predicted my time machine would do. Son...

What if someone built a device...? Son.

I appreciate your input, but now is not the time for flights of fancy.

You never listen to me.

Not ever.



This time bubble could be causing these earthquakes.

There's no telling how long before this planet breaks up entirely.

The major and l are going to locate the radioactive material for the core.

We may have very little time.

l'm leaving now, Will. That's a surprise.

Will, you're the most important thing in the world to me.

One day, l hope you'll be able to understand that.

What if one time you don't come home?

Whenever your grandfather went on a mission...

he'd leave these with me for safekeeping.

And when he came home, I would always be there... waiting to give them back.

I'm coming back, Will.

I promise.

Hey, listen. Uh....

About last night....

Go on. You can do it.

I'm sorry.

Well, see, that wasn't so difficult.

Yeah. Like pulling steel needles through my cheeks.

Then, um, you understand what saying this feels like.

Try to come back in one piece.

Listen, doc, l'm, uh....

I'm thinking this is your basic "kiss for luck" occasion.

Wouldn't you agree? Thinking.

It's not really your strong suit, is it?

I've got a fix on the radioactive material.


Oh, yeah, that was scientific.

Scared, major?

There's an alloy in this crater wall that's disabling the com-links.

You're not gonna be able to communicate with the ship.

Come home to me, professor.

I love you, wife.

Come here, squirt.


Nice girl. Pretty girl. Nice. Ha, ha.

It's okay, major. You're still in one piece.

Come on.

Can you hear me, Robot?


Systems error. Robot unable to locate motor controls.

Unable. Unable to... Calm down.

Will Robinson, what is happening to me?

I didn't have enough time to finish the download.

Warning. Penny. Penny, give it back. My circuits are unbalanced.

So l had to finish you off with another personality.

I put my mind inside of yours.

Aha. That explains this warm fuzzy feeling when l think about baseball.

Strike! You're out! But this does not compute.


Robot tried to destroy the Robinson family.

Why did Will Robinson save Robot's personality?

I guess sometimes friendship means listening to your heart... not your head. Hmm. Put that in your memory bank.


Don't worry, Robot.

I'm gonna build you a new body.

Mom always said I should try to make new friends.

Oh. Ha, ha.

I need a micro-sealer.

I got it.

After much deliberation, the space captive has finally decided... to accept her new role as a member of the crew.

The Robinsons, after all, can obviously use her help.

Blarp, come back here.

Theoretically, this future would be fixed... unchanged by what we do in the past or did in the past...

Hey, professor? I guess you'd... Yes, major?

Give the egghead a rest, huh? What?

Out here, we got two moons, a crater the size of Miami... and that would be one great climb.

You know, my father would have liked you.

What's that?

This metal's decades old.

What kind of a nightmare is this?

Where the hell are we?

No, major, the question is when the hell are we?

Will Robinson, l will tell you a joke.

Why did the robot cross the road?

Because he was carbon-bonded to the chicken.

We have a lot of work to do.

That sounds like old Morse code. What does it say?

"Danger, Will Robinson, danger."

William. Come in.


You said someone was in danger.

We all are.

You are wise to arm yourself.

This gun is set to fire for me only, so don't try anything funny. Lock.

William. Ha, ha.

You misjudge me. I... l only want to help you.

Help us? You tried to kill us.

But now our fates are intertwined.

If your father and that idiot, West, fail... l have no chance of getting home.

It's in my best interests that they succeed... and l always follow my best interests.

Ugh. What monsters roam these alien wilds?

Oh, they're fools.

To set off blindly across this savage land.

Much as l hate to admit it... it will be much harder without them.

What are you talking about? They'll be back. They'll be okay.

Will they?

Someone should go after them. Unlock.

Will, I forbid it. You're a boy.

A clever one, but a child nonetheless. This planet is likely full of predators.

And even if you found them, what if they're hurt? Ravaged?


What good could you do?

You can help them. You're a doctor.


I'm a doctor.


We made it. Mom didn't see us.

Oh, that's fantastic, William.

I told you we could get into the bubble this way, Dr. Smith.

The bubble's growing.

Run, child! Run!



William, wait!


Come on, Dr. Smith. We can always go back.

It's just like stepping between two rooms.

I can barely contain my glee.

Dad's signal is this way.

I loathe children.

Billy, kissing.

Billy, kissing.

Billy, hot wings, orchids, corn.

Waves, Billy, popcorn, kissing....

Dr. Smith. What did you find?

Come on, son. No time to dawdle.

Come on. Let's move along.

Follow your father's signal. There's a good boy.

Orchids, Billy. Come on.


Well, well. All things really do come to he who waits.

What is this place?

Ah. The shock must have scrambled your brain. Take a look around.

Don't you recognize this spot?

You're home.

This can't be. What have you done to the ship?

Where is my family?

What chance do you think your family had without you?

A few spiders survived the destruction of the Proteus.

They reached this planet and....

I can still hear the women scream.

Who are you? You don't recognize me?

I'm your son, Will.

Dad's signal is just over this ridge.

Oh, be still, my foolish heart.

Oh, shit.

A boy of your intelligence should never swear.

Oh, shit.


Look, Father... what my flights of fancy have wrought.

I used your hyper-engine to build my time machine.

Okay, Robot, put him down.


Where are we?

I think we've been brought to the Jupiter 2, but in a different future.


Once this core material is fully introduced into the control console...

Core material.

If we could get that back to our Jupiter.... l will open a doorway stable enough... for one person to take one trip through time... and space as well.

Commence proto-generation.

Cool, huh?

Today, l will change history.

I'm gonna go back to that day you dragged us into space.

I'll stop the ship from taking off.

I'll save the family.

Earth, October 1, 2058.

Target lock confirmed.

Excellent. Son.

Look around.

The force of your time machine is ripping this planet apart.

These violent distortions in time are being caused by your experiment.

What if it has the same effect on Earth?

What if, in getting home, you destroy Earth in the process?


I know you mean well.

No. I'm going home.

I'm gonna save the family.

Will, you've got to listen to me. I'm your father.

My father?

Let me tell you about my father.

I'll never forget that morning 20 years ago.

What was it you said?

"I'm coming back, Will. l promise."

You promised, and you never came home.

No, my father's not coming to the rescue.

William! What do you think you're doing, young man?

Let me tell you about life.

Around every corner, monsters wait. I know. I am one.

We monsters have no fear in devouring little boys.

To survive, you must be fully prepared to kill.

I can do it.

Can you?

Listen to me, my child.

I've crossed this world with you... risked my life, but I would not throw it away.

Who knows what dangers lie ahead?

You can't protect us.

I can.

And l will.

Give me the gun.

Enable gun for all users. Voiceprint confirmed.

A brief lesson in survival:

On this world or any other, never trust anyone.

Especially me.

Okay. lt's almost time. l hope it works. Never fear.

Smith is here. Will?

Don't move, Professor Robinson... or this rather peculiar family reunion will be tragically brief.

I'll ask you to step away from that, major. It's a time machine, you idiot.

I had hoped to take over the ship with this.

One of life's little ironies.

Let's try this dance again.

You are the puppet, l am the puppeteer.

Do try to get it right this time.

Robot, you will respond to my voice alone.


We need electric disrupters.

Now, that's a good gargantuan.

You did it. Just like l imagined.

You linked the dimensional sifter to the navigational array.

That's how it can be in the same place at the same time.

But the spatial delivery system, the targeting laser... l never thought of those.

The future is never what it seems like when you're 10.

Say goodbye to your past.

Your future lies with me.

I'm going home in your place.

What are you grinning at?

Look around you, doctor... at this hostile world.

Do you really think a boy could have survived all alone?

Never fear, Smith is here.

Dad, it's Dr. Smith. Hello, doctor.

How nice to see me again after all these years.

Confused, John? Have l changed?

The spider's sting had some unexpected side effects.

My unique gifts gave me an advantage in this quarrelsome world.

After the women were savaged... l became the father Will never had.

Two decades of agony taught me the error of my ways.

But you, doctor... your crude ambition fills me with self-loathing.

You see, I have looked within me... and what I see is you.

I never liked me anyway. Hmm.

Robot, kill them all. No!


Dr. Smith, please.


Very well.

Robot, take them inside and keep them there.

If they move, then kill them.

Proceed or be destroyed.

Nothing works.

I'll draw his fire. You grab Will and get out.

Halt. Will, no.

Stop. Stop.

Robot, do you remember me?

Do you remember what I taught you about friendship?

I need you to help us now, Robot, because we're friends.

Logic error. Friendship does not compute.

Just forget logic. Act with your heart.

Robot has no heart.

Robot is powered by a fusion pulse generator.

Every living thing has a heart.

My programming has been modified to remove all emotion.

Any attempts to override command protocols... may result in fusing my neural net.

Please, Robot?

If you don't let us go, we're all gonna die.

So l'm asking you now, will you help us?

Will you be my friend?

Robot attempting to deactivate control bolt.

Come on, Robot. Commands overridden.

You can do it. Destroy Robinson family.

Destroy. Destroy. Destroy Robinson family.

You did it.

Robot will save Will Robinson.

Robot will save his friend.

Where are they?

Wait here, Will.

Without that core, I can't promise we'll get off this rock.

See if you can make it back to our Jupiter.

I'll try to get the core material.

We don't have the trackers to find our way back.

John, the family needs their father. The crew needs their pilot.

I can't fly the ship as well as you can.

You're their best chance to survive.

Listen to me, Don.

I know you never wanted to take this job.

I think you're gonna turn out to be a grade-A babysitter.

So the camper's all yours now.

You take care of them.

Good luck.

Dad. Professor.

Remember the space spiders in the Proteus?

They're not gonna be able to get back.

Penny, enable all missiles.

But the warheads don't work.

Just do it.



Damn, he's still breathing.

Fire in the hole.

So these sailors, they drew shapes in the sky...

Don, look. lt's a flare. to help them find their way home.

Danger, Will Robinson. Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.

Climb on, Will Robinson. Hurry.

Field dampeners online.

Portal compression commenced.

Tell me again, old monster, how did the girls die?

We've been over this before, son.

In all the years since...

the spiders have never resurfaced.


Let's forget the past.

Portal aperture reduction, 50 percent.

Careful, child.

The plasma around the portal will rip a man into pieces.

Haven't you made the doorway too small?

Not for me.

But then l'm not going, am l?

Spiders didn't kill the girls.

It was you.

I just never let myself see it.

You kept me alive because you needed me.

Because I could build this for you.

Poor, poor boy.

Did you really think that I would let you go?

Let all that l have become vanish?

Look at me. I am no mere man.

I am a god.

Within these egg sacs grow the seeds of a master race of spiders.

We shall descend upon helpless Earth, an entire planet to rule.

An entire planet on which to feed.

Time to die, son. l'm not your son. Goodbye.

My father once said:

"Evil always finds its true form."

You should have killed me when you had the chance.

You know, you were right. I couldn't kill the man.

But l can kill the monster.

Spare me the fury of the righteous.

I think there's time for a snack before my trip.

The pain.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Remember the Proteus? Hmm?

These monsters eat their wounded.

No! No!

Take all the time you want to die!


Wake up. Wake up, son.


Core material insertion complete.

Earth, October 1, 2058. Mission Control.

You could've taken the core and left before it was too late.

I couldn't let you fall.

You're my boy.

Mom, it's them.

Will. Hi, Mom.

You all right? You're not as dumb as you look.

I'm gonna get your name tattooed right here.


Where's John?

The bubble closed behind us. It was his only way back.

I'm sorry.

We've already begun the preflight countdown.

I'm gonna save as many lives as I can, major.

Kept hoping somehow he'd make it back.

Let's go, major.

Goodbye, my love. Engaging primary thrusters now.

Look. He made it.


Go home.

We're not getting any altitude. We don't have enough power.



I'm sorry.

I couldn't save them.

So many years ago.

I can still feel it.

Our sun.

Our Earth.

It's all I've thought about.

Going home.

A long time ago, you told a small boy... that one day he'd understand how much his father loved him.

I could never see how much you cared.

Until now.


Let's go, major.

I kept hoping he'd make it back.

Goodbye, my love.


Don't make me wait another lifetime to know how you feel.

Dad! You made it.

Dad, it worked! Whoo!

It worked!

Come with us. l can't.

Only enough power for one person, one trip, remember?


It's good to see you again, Mom. It's good to see you all.

Take care of them, Will.

Don't forget me.

He sacrificed everything for his family.


I'm glad you came back.

I just want you to know I love you, son.

I love you very much.

The planet is breaking up around us.

We're doomed! We're doomed!

Boy, that felt good. Get us airborne.

All right, l'm gonna try and reach escape velocity.

We don't have the core material. The gravity wells will pull us down.

Well, we might be able to reach a thermal... Trust me, we won't make it. l know.

We have to go... down.

Through the planet as she's breaking up.

We can use the planet's gravity. What?

To throw us out the other side and back into space.

That's insane.

I don't have time to argue.

That's a direct order, major.

Yes, sir, commander.

Oh, this should be interesting.

I see it. Full burn.

Stop! Turn right!

Dive! Let me drive.

All right, everybody, hold your noses.

Rock 'n' roll.


Amazing, major.

Nice work, flyboy.

So l earn that kiss yet? You earned this.

This one's on credit.

Cold fish, huh?

There you are. Come here.

Where have you been, you little creep?

Creep. Little creep. Oh, great.

Major West, my sensors indicate we have a problem.

The planet's gravity field is collapsing.

We'll be sucked in. There's no way to get clear in time.

The hyperdrive.

I'm accessing the Proteus star maps. Here we go again.

Targeting Alpha Prime. l hope. lnitiate now. Cool.