Love Beats (2019) Script

Phillip Schwartzman ?

Eduardo Bonet ?

Get ready ! You are next.


Yes, it is him. Look.


What's up ?

"What's up", he says !

I'll take it. No, I've got it.

My son...

We can't walk like this. Come on, we're in the way.

Have you eaten ? Yes.

Yeah ? You must be tired.

What time was the audition ? Seven o'clock.

You've grown !

What are you talking about ? You have.

It's only been a year. Look at you.

A year is far too long.

Edu, you must be looking forward to seeing the sun.

And you'll meet her family.

They're lovely people, you'll see.

I knew her mother already.

We couldn't meet before the wedding so we waited for you.

So, are they nervous ?

Your brother's very nervous.

So is she, but your brother is something else...

He might not even turn up at the church.

Stop, don't say that.

Oh, God, what a scatterbrain.

Look Edu, the band's off to practice.

I bet Farinós and Carles are there. Are you getting out ?

I'll go and see them later.

They still haven't taken down the bunting ?

They're leaving it up for "Mother of God" day.


I feel like you don't want to talk about it, but... how did the audition go ?

It went well. Really well.

Well, I think so anyway. I'll tell you about it later.

I'm going to go and help mum.

I told him there's a chair missing.

That man...


I haven't seen him smoke yet.

Who ? Dad.

I told you on the phone, remember ? He's quit.

Six months without a cigarette.

Let's see how long it lasts.

He's quit the band, too.

Why ?

Doctor's orders.

He doesn't want to go to the wedding, but he'll go to Cancún.


Where did you go ? Castellón.

So, Edu, what's up ?

How's everything going over there ?

Good, great.

So do you go out much there ?

Yeah, sure.

Well, you just missed out on the fiestas here.

Yeah, I couldn't make it, I had to practice.

Good for you.

I only went out one night with my friends.

Just once.

Been a while since you had paella, right ?

Yeah. They didn't have any in London ?

Listen, Edu, I was thinking, now you're here, maybe we could... I don't know.

Go and do something, you and me. You and me ?

Sure, why not ?

Sure, if you like. Awesome.

Guys, I'm off.

Goodbye darling. Goodbye.

Goodbye, my son.

Take care. You too.

Edu, prepare something to read for the wedding.

Bye. Bye.

Aren't you worried they're going to rape you or something one day ?

Come on, man.

It pays well, but I swear it's like this every day.

Every fucking day. And at least these guys sing in English.

Wait till you see the rappers.

This is English ?

Since when do you smoke ?

Dude, hold it properly.

Hey, how's your mum doing ?

Good, man.

Taking it day by day, she's better now.

Your mum must have told you. She comes to see her a lot.

Yeah, she mentioned it. That's how it is.

She's crazy, man.

She says when she's better, she wants to go to India.

Fucking India.


Guys, that's it for today, we'll carry on tomorrow.

What about you ? You're finished, right ?

With school, yeah.

And did you do the audition ? This morning.

This morning, dude ? How'd it go ? Good, I guess.

It's really tough to get in, I don't think they'll take me.

Why are you laughing ?

Nothing, it's just, you haven't changed.

No, this time, I mean it. I'm telling you they won't take me.

Remember when they gave you the grant to go to London ?

Same story: that guy's better than me, I won't get in.

Fifteen years old, Edu.

Fifteen years old and already pissing people off.

Listen man, you better come see her another day, ok ?

How long are you here for ? Until after the wedding.

Damn, how's your brother doing ? I dunno, man.

Responsible and caring all of a sudden.

I saw him the other day and he gave me the invitation...

Thing is, Alicia and I, we're not doing too well.

I don't even know if there's still a "we".

He should probably seat her with her folks.

I'm going to be in Clot tonight. You're coming, right ?

I don't know, OK. Yeah.

It's so good to see you. You too.

What's up, neighbour ? Nothing.

I think I'm gonna go, I'm tired.

When did you get here ? Early this morning.

Why is it so hard for us to talk ?

You mean in general or... ? No.

You and me.

You don't like me or something ? Don't be silly, Alicia.

It's not that. So, what is it ?

I don't know, I guess it's my fault.

I struggle to talk to people, especially when I've not seen them for a while.

Not when I was little, when I came from Burgos and didn't know anyone.

My mother took me to your house and they said: "Go play."

Then one day, you didn't want me to come over anymore.

I embarrassed you.

What an idiot.

What's up ?

How are we doing ?

What's up guys ?

Edu... man, I'm sorry.

You been waiting long ? A while.

What's up, Ali ? Hey.

Where are you going ?

I'm going, I'm wiped out.

Dude, I just got here.

It's late, Juanma. Want me to take you home ?

No, I feel like walking, no worries.


Get in, I'll take you back.

No worries, I can walk.

Edu, I'm not going to leave you here, just get in.



I don't want you telling Juanma you saw me like this.

Don't worry.

And thanks, really.


I don't know if it helps, but... you don't have to worry.

You'll always be Juanma's girl.

Everything will be fine, you'll see.


My God !

How are you ? Great.

How's everything here ? All good.

They're upstairs ? That's where you'll find them.

I'll go up.

Good to see you. You too.

Hey, what's on Beyond The Unknown tonight ?


It's the one about the UFO they found the other day in Benidorm.

Hey, you, see the blue ? Yeah.

If I pot it, Belén loves me. She really loves me.

Let's see.

You suck. Fuck me.

What's up, don't you guys have jobs ?

Holy shit !

How are you ? When did you get back ?

Has this thing grown, Bighead ?

It's the same, asshole.

Hey, who's Belén ?

Belén ? She's Fari's chick.

She's on her way. Seriously ?

You really have a girlfriend ?

Come on, how's Farinós going to get a girl ?

Pretty much, Edu.

Put your feet flat on the ground, if you can reach.

Goddammit. Right, check it out.

You got it ! You won !

My Bighead.

Thanks, Parrita.

I wanted to surprise you. Gentlemen.

Don't get used to it.


"Farinós and Bighead: Supplies."

What supplies ?

Who cares about that !

How come it's your name and my nickname ?

Why not "Fatass and Puig: Supplies" ?

Doesn't that sound better ?

No, man, think about it. Too long.


Can I have some change, Parrita ?

Who's that ?

Belén. No way.

Look at him, he's besotted.

Wake up, Fari.

Be right back, guys.

Ah, Belén...

Did you know my parents have a nine years age difference ? Like you and me.

And did you know you're a loser ?

I'm going to open a business.

"Belén and Farinós: Supplies."

What supplies ?

That's not important right now.

Just wait till my dad gets hold of you.

Don't worry, I'll speak with your father.

Same time, same place tomorrow !

Go fuck yourself !


She's got a real temper.

That's your girlfriend ? Course it's not.

Fari, she's a kid.

Edu, she's 16 years old and full of surprises.

Come on.

Hey, Bighead, weren't you working with your dad ?

I was, not anymore though.

He says I make him sad. I don't know.

I'm on sick leave.

Again ? Yeah. Look.

Here, too. Fuck, dude, that's gross.

What is it ? No one knows.

It's mental, I think.

It comes out when I'm down.

All the time, basically.

The shrink told me I should look for a girlfriend and leave home.

That's why you need a job. Yeah.

But if I'm depressed, how the hell am I supposed to work ?


It got stuck.

Your turn.

By the way, mum and dad told me you had an exam, an audition exam.

And so ? How's your hearing ?

I'm just kidding.

Seriously though, how did it go ?

Well, really well. I'm glad.

Okay, Ximo, see you.

Hey, Edu, I was thinking... that we could hang out again.

Tomorrow or the next day, whenever.

We could... go to the movies, for example.

When have you and I ever gone bowling, or eaten out ?

Or gone to the movies ?

Why now, all of a sudden ?

It's like the reading for your wedding.

It's not really my thing.

I'm sorry.

You get it, right ?

Yeah, sure I get it.

I get it, Edu.

This one was a real troublemaker today...

What happened to your hands ?

Sometimes you have to slit their throats.

Right, I have to get to Valencia. See you later.

Alright. See you later.


You got any plans ?

I've got a bus to catch. Want to come with me ?

What does that mean ? I don't know, okay.

OK. I'll be right down.

So, what are we looking for ?

Cork balls. What for ?

To make planets.


How's London ?

Good, really good.

You got a girlfriend ? Yeah, right.

Why not ?

I don't know, I'm very busy.

You were always destined to be a musician.

It was your thing, everyone knew it.

Everyone except me, that is.

Come on, you must have known.

Maybe not as a kid, but later on ?

I always had doubts.

I still do.

When you move away, you realise how many good people are out there.

They're a bit big, but I think they'll do.

Ah, the Earth is fucked.

Hey, have you seen Juanma ?

What's up ?

Nothing, you waited a long time to ask about Juanma.

Yeah, sorry.

Does it bother you ?

No, of course not.

Yeah, I've seen him.

You know what ? Don't tell me.

But if you don't say anything, it's a good sign, right ?

I think this is where my brother's getting married.

Here ?

Let's see.

It's weird, right ?

Aside from the other night, this is the first time we've been alone together.

That's not true.

No ? When then ?

That time we got lost. You don't remember ?

Everyone went to Saler.

You came out later and I waited for you.

We took my bike and we got lost in the countryside.

What ?

It started to rain.

Really hard.

We had to take shelter under the pine trees.

When we arrived, it was dark.

Edu, I don't remember...

What did we talk about ?

I don't know, just stuff.

You kept insisting we go and find them.

But it was raining hard.

You were worried we'd get struck by lightning.

It was funny.

Wow, Edu.

Honestly, I don't remember.

I think that's the night when you and Juanma started dating.

Yes, it was in Saler.

I'd totally forgotten. I'm sure if I saw the place, I'd remember.

Jesus, I'm tired.

...from behind, and my butt went right in some dude's face when I tripped.

Son of a bitch, man.

He didn't even wait a week. Who ?

They're just talking.

I know when someone's trying to steal my girlfriend.

But... she's not your girlfriend, right ?

Whose side are you on, man ? Yours.

I swear, man. I can feel it.

I'm going to grab a beer, want one ?



Juanma, I'm gonna go.

Why ?

Are you seriously having a good time ?

Look, I'm going to go see Farinós and Bighead, they're at the Musical.

Whatever, man.

Come by if you want, I'm sure they'd be pleased to see you.


Damn !


That's big, right ?

What a melon you've got, dude !

Hey, traitor.

What's up guys ? Took you a while to find the place.

Those two are already hammered, right ?

They're seeing who's got the biggest head.

Right, Bighead, your turn.

What, Fari ?

Fifty-seven. You nervous ?

Five centimetres smaller.

And I'm fucking Bighead.



Have you told Juanma you have a girlfriend ?

I don't talk to traitors. Dam you're annoying.

Why are you a traitor ? One, for leaving the band.

And two, for joining the guys from Alzira.

What about you jerks ? You know where I live.

You guys could've come to see me, too.

Dude, I wanted to come but...

Fari wouldn't let me.

Wouldn't let you do what ?


Are you going to tell me about your chick or what ?

Show them the letter.

Fari wrote a letter ?

He's become a poet. You've missed a lot, Edu.

Damn, Fari...

Fari, what is this ? A letter.

A love letter, for Belén.

Bighead helped me.

Well, the internet did most of the work.

I looked stuff up, and he copied it.

You guys serious ? Who the fuck is Belén ?

A kid, she's 13 years old. She's not 13.

How old is she then ?

Old enough, Juanma.

Seventeen at the most.

Fucking hell, man.

Laugh all you want.

When you see her, she looks about 20.

Yeah, right.

She's got tits the size of Bighead's head.

Five centimetres smaller...

What a dummy.

Yeah, go on.

You're a pig, dude. That's life.

You know she can report you, man ?

Like she'd do that.

Dude, I'm hammered, what should we do ?

Go and burn this in the park.

It's got to be good for something, right ?

What should we do with it ?

Hey, I know where she lives.

Slide it under her door or something.

Don't worry, come on.

Just leave it on her doorstep.

Oh my God.

The band's serenade. Okay.

"Belén Fortun y Vidal, a woman of almost 18.

I'm in love with you, even though you don't feel the same.

I don't have much money, but you'll never go hungry with me.

"Will those dark swallows return to your balcony to nest ?"

Bighead, I'm missing a page. You had them.


I'm missing a page. Where is it ?

You moron, you must have lost it on the way.

Are you sure you didn't drop it ?

Damn, dude.

Improvise. No, this is the big one.

Do you have it ? Why would I have it ? He lost it.

OK, Belén.

I don't know if you get it, but... the poem is about us, you and me.


I know about life, I'm a man of the world.

From the Atlanteans to the Romans.

Stop making fun of me, you guys. We're not.

You're nailing it, keep going.

And soon my life will be on the up.

I'm going to open a business. With you, if you like.

You see, Belén, I...

I can make a woman out of the woman you already are.

I mean, you're already a woman, right ?

But I can make you even more of one.

The thing is, Belén, I love you and...

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

First of all, you have to study hard and listen to your parents.

And, I don't know... don't ride motorbikes...

There's nobody living there, idiot.

If I was you, I'd start running.

What the hell... ?

Run ! He's back again.

For fuck's sake !

You bastards !

Bighead, this way.

Wait up.

How the fuck did you get the wrong house, jackass ?

You, Mr. fucking know-it-all, you said you'd been to her house with your mum ?

I thought you'd turned around on purpose.

Are you a fucking idiot on purpose ?

Why would I read a love letter facing the wrong way ?

Cause you were embarrassed, maybe.

"Embarrassed", he says. Son of a bitch.

I think you won her over Fari.

Fuck, what a mess.

Right, guys, I'm off to bed.

Already ?

Yeah, dude, it's 6 a.m.

I have to get home, make a sandwich, jerk off... something.

I'm off too.

Come on, Bighead, let's go.

So... Shall I take the jacket or do you want to keep it ?

Nah, I'm going to keep it.

You sure ? Yeah.

OK, sleep well.

See you tomorrow.

Bye, Bighead. Bye.

Come on, I'll walk you to the main road.

Don't worry about it. I don't mind, honestly.

I'm not going home.

Going to see Alicia ?

You guys worked things out ?

No, not yet.

Do you want to get back together ? I don't know, Edu.

Aren't you hurting her more like this ?

If you're breaking up then maybe... I'm not going to Alicia's.

And I don't get why you suddenly care about her so much.

I told you, we're not good, these things happen, period.

Things happen ? And if it was her ?

Well, it would be... only fair, right ?

Look man, this is the last thing I need right now.

We'll talk more tomorrow.


Night, Edu. Bye.

Hi ? What's up Rebeca ?

Be right up.

You ever been in here ?

I don't think so.

Definitely not at night.

And definitely not without paying.

I don't know what the hell happened to you today, law-breaker.

It makes me uneasy !

Fuck, I'm remembering all the shit I put my parents through.

You ? How come ?

Well, when we first came to Valencia, they went out of their way to make me feel better, you know.

They took me to the fair, the beach, the zoo.

And here.

And I punished them for it.

I put them through hell.

I wouldn't get out of the car, I wouldn't talk...

All kinds of things.

Well, you were five.

I'm doing it now and I'm 26.

Are they dead ?

Of course not. Idiot.

They're sleeping or resting, or whatever.


Do you think Juanma's met someone else ?

No way.

I think I'd understand if he did.

I loved coming here.

Not anymore ?

I don't think so.

Why ?

I don't know.

I guess because I know how far away all these places are now.

And I think how I'll probably stay at home my whole life and...

You feel like running away.

I've already gone far away.

Well, you're here now.

I think you can go wherever you want to go.

Those screens must be for killing mosquitoes.

Shut up, neighbour.

You're talking too much.

Run !

I fucking envy you, man.

How come ?

I was thinking, Edu...

You're in London, you've become a real musician, man.

I've always envied you, too.

Always with one girl, then another...

That's not fair.

What do you mean ?

Ali's not just "another girl" to me.

I didn't mean that.

It felt like it, dude.

You know what ?

I'm thinking of staying.

Staying where ? Here.

I don't want to go back to London. What ?

But, why ?

You're unbelievable dude, fucking unbelievable.

You're not thinking of opening a studio, are you ?

No, no, relax.

It's criminal, man. You're doing what you've always wanted.

Maybe it wasn't what I wanted.


Anyway, if you stay, you can come and do the arrangements for the bands, and I'll put my prices up.

Is it in black and white ? Yeah.

I mean, the whole film ?

Yeah, of course.

Cool, man. Awesome.

What's it about ?

I don't know, watch and see.

Edu... What ?

Nothing, I'm really glad we're here together.

Me too, but stop talking.

Forgive me. What I'm going through, it's not your fault.

...the weather will remain unsettled until the weekend.

Today will be cloudy with intermittent showers affecting...

I bet you it rains the day of the wedding...

It's the season for it.

I expect they'll have tents there just in case.


You've finished already ?

Hey, Juanma, what's up ?

I'm so sorry, Juanma.

What are you making ?

A bracelet for your sister-in-law, she liked the one I was wearing.

You like it ?

It's cool. "Cool"...

Keep it there. For once you wanna hug me...

What are you doing ?

Nothing, I wanted to see if it still worked.

You could fix it and sell it...

You still haven't told us anything.

About what ? "About what"...

You'd been dreaming about that exam for three years.

If it didn't go well, it's okay.

There's really not that much to tell, Dad.

I did it, it went well, but it's very hard to get in.


Finish up, we're leaving soon.

Ximo, are you alright ?

Sure you don't want to go home ?

No. Stop the car.

Feeling better, Ximo ?

How you doing ?

A bit better.

Eat something, it'll do you good.

Look, I bought you this.

No cheese, like when we were kids.

I didn't know... It's great, thanks.

Oh my God.

I'm getting married.

Edu, I'm getting married.

Why ?

It makes sense, right ?

You've been together a long time, you love each other, she's a nice girl.

Well, some of my friends are separated now.

They got married and two years later...

Well, look at mum and dad.

They still hold hands.


Can I give you some brotherly advice ?

Not really.


We brought beer.

And chips.

Stop it.

Dude, he's eating them all.

Do you want some ?

No, but you can't...

You can't compare- - ...Spanish football with...

You okay ?

Yeah, man. Fantastic.

So how's it going at the bakery ?

I spoke to my dad yesterday and I told him I'd been to see a shrink, who told me I had to go back to work and leave home, get a girlfriend...

I don't see why.

He was glad, and he let me come back to work in the bakery.

Hey, that's great news, right ?

The bastard's happy.

And what about the supply shop ?

What shop, Fari ?

Now you want to open one with me ? You're broke.

We did the accounts and everything. On a napkin.

And you said you'd hit the jackpot and you haven't.

I didn't know Alcoyano was going to win.

Sure, Alcoyano...

Good one. Yeah, right.

Belén's mum came to speak to mine today.

What did she say ? Bummer.

What else ? Her daughter's too young, I'm too old, I don't have a job...

You know, shit like that.

That's bullshit, right Fari ? Totally.

The thing is...

It was intense because then, this afternoon, she came to buy cigarettes at the Musical and we were talking, and she told me to forget her.

But then she kissed me.

Tongue and everything. Seriously ?

Kid doesn't know what she wants.

Seriously, what the fuck am I supposed to think ?

I can't get mad or start crying. She kissed me.

What are you going to do ? What am I going to do ?

Wait until she's 18.

Jackass. Until then...

Fari's back on the market, boys.

Lock up your mothers.

Fucking shoot me in the head.

I'm an idiot, Juanma, I'm sorry.

No worries, Fari, we know what you're like.

And when I'm with this guy, who's bitterness personified.

I don't know why you see a shrink, man, what bullshit !

I think you're the reason I go.

Guys, you know I'm not usually good with stuff like this, but thanks for coming, you've really cheered me up.

Whatever you need, man.

The guys from Alzira were here too. Leave them out of it, man.

Whatever, they're losers.

Whatever dude, that was another night, like two years later.

Look, man... the night at the police station.

Damn, that night, man.

Your mum and mine came and got the four of us in Chiva.

It was that night... Remember ?


Know what, man ? These last few days have been so weird.

I can imagine.

No, not just the stuff with my mum.

About me.

It's like all of this was...

I don't know how to explain it.

But I'm a kid, you know ?

I'm a stupid kid and I was too embarrassed to say anything.

But I've been sleeping with Rebeca, the brunette.

I know, Juanma. What do you mean, you know ?

I kind of noticed.

She's one of Alicia's best friends.

You don't do that.

I don't know... you said it yourself.

Things just happen.

No, man.

My mum dying from a fucking illness...

That's just a thing that happened.

I couldn't do anything about that, right ?

But for the rest, we can't just say "these things happen."

They're not...

They don't just happen.

They're things you do.

Is this where we got lost ?

No, this is where we took shelter when it started to rain.

It's pretty. Yeah.

But it wasn't exactly here. It's changed.

It's not here either ?

No. I don't get it, it's not here.

Well, so what ?

If you see it, you'll remember it.

What are you laughing at ?



Why are you sitting down ? I'm tired.

Come on, it's going to rain.

To the happy couple !

Hey, Fari, look at me.

What's up ?

Did a cow lick you ? Get off.

No way.

Are you that tacky to wear the band uniform, Bighead ?

Calm down, man, or you'll wear that cake.

I don't know when, but you will.

I will crush you.

Hi. Hey, Alicia.

Looking good, Farinós.

See, you douchebag ? She's just saying it to be nice.

Yeah, just to be nice...

Well, I'm going inside.

Bye. See you later.

You hear that ? She said it to me, not to you.

Kiss !

So where are you from ?

Alcàsser. Cool.

I'm just about to open a supply store.

What sort of supplies ?

That's not important right now.

First, I need to do some market research.

See what people need.

Rice, fuses, napkins...

A bit of everything.

Everything you need in one place.

Like a dime store ?

"Like a dime store." No, lady.

A supply store is not like a dime store.

Which, by the way, you shouldn't buy anything from.

Why not ? I always go there.

Because they're Freemasons.

They're what ? Freemasons.

Freemasons ? Right.

What's that ?

Hey... how old are you ?

Me ?

Twenty-nine. Goddammit.

I like listening to you.

You know... a lot of things.

Well... I do know stuff.

The hidden... mysteries... of life.

This morning, when she was putting on her wedding dress, an image came to mind.

The day she started to walk, the day she let go of my hands and I said:

"Look... there she goes."

And today, I had the same feeling.

"There she goes."

But she's walking into the arms of a good man.


And we're not losing a daughter.

We're gaining a son.

Oh my.

A toast to the happy couple !

Sorry, Ana. I don't know how to dance.

It's okay, I'll lead.

One, two, three...

Very good. One, two, three...

I suck. Not at all.


You think I should be worried ?

No way.

You're stronger.

What ? Nothing.



What are you doing ?


I was really enjoying it at first.

The waltz...

But then, all those people and that godawful music... it was too much.

He's happy, isn't he ? Who ?

Your brother ?


He was terrified, but he's well over it now.

How did you know ?


A father knows these things.


Tomorrow, when we take you to the airport, it will break our hearts.

Then we'll get over it.

No matter how hard it is. You know your mother.

She'll milk it for all its worth that first week.

But... although it might seem strange... you know what would hurt the most ?

Do you know ?

If you didn't go.

Come on, let's go back in before they get suspicious.

I can prove it.

But, for example, when we went near the swimming pool, and we got near the barbecue, you were shitting yourself.

Oh, don't !

I'm shitting myself just talking about it.

I don't think so... The thing is...

You guys remember that girl, Lucia ? She was traumatised.

I'm not surprised, it was intense.

Where you going ?

Edu, what's going on ?

Edu, what are you doing ? Come on.

Why you taking off your jacket now ?


No ! Edu !

Jump in, the water's great.

What are you doing, man ?

No, watch out ! Alicia !

Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure.

Come on assholes. Come on, Fari !

Come on, Fari, Bighead.

Stop !

Come on, Bighead !

Why did you jump, neighbour ?

I don't know, I just felt like it.

The entrecote I ordered was so dry.

And the lettuce ? What about that salad ?

The lettuce looked like it came from my grandad's farm.

Hey, you okay ?

I think I know why we couldn't find the place.

In Saler ? How come ?

Because it doesn't exist anymore.

It's the Apocalypse !

Juanma !

Come here !


What's up ?

Safe journey.