Love Me Tender (1956) Script




Listen to this! Listen to this, you fellows! You fellows, listen!

General Grant chased the Rebs out of Richmond four days ago.

And it's rumored that Lee's already surrendered.


The war is over!











Here's the captain's papers. Get those Yanks out of here quick.

All right, you two, get this body out of here. Get him out of here, Davis.

Pardee, get these men out of sight. Come on.

Now come on, let's go.

VANCE: Hurry it up, Mike. Hurry it up.


HARRIS: Captain Cagle? Yes, sir.

Brevet Major Harris. We've been expecting you, major.

Here's the warrant for the payroll.

Well, you brought a very small guard for this much money.

There's no Rebs within 50 miles. What about Randall's raiders?

We drove those bushwhackers clear out of Louisiana with their tails between their legs.


All right. Hand it down.

Where's the station agent?

He got taken sick all of a sudden. One of the boys took him back to camp.

Where you going?

Back to the train. Go ahead.

Just stand beside it with your mouth shut and get on when it pulls out.

I'll be watching you from this window.

Sign this receipt. And get that money to your camp in a hurry.


Stop them, major! They're rebels.

They shot the station agent! What?

Get after them, you darn fools! They stole your payroll.


You all right? Yeah. Let's get out of here.

Fire at them, they're rebels!


Hey, lieutenant. Ain't that a federal offense, breaking open them boxes?


Ain't that a beautiful sight?

Makes you feel like a sore-eyed kitten with a whole basin full of milk.

Yeah. What a pity it don't belong to us.

How much you figure it comes to?



Lieutenant, how about making that a neat, round sum?

Say $10,000, and us fellows dividing up the difference?

Why, you thieving river rat. The Army'd shoot us for that.

How'd they know about it? Who would tell?

I wouldn't, for one. Me neither.

Look at us. A bunch of starved scarecrows, whipped and dead broke.

We got nothing coming out of this war except shriveled guts and saddle sores.

You got a mighty tempting argument. But I kind of doubt if it's legal.

It ain't legal, Vance, or moral.

Confederacy can use that money a heap more than we can.

You're right. Tomorrow we're taking this to General Randall.

Well, we tried anyway. Let's get into this grub.

The regiments broke camp and moved out.

Yeah. But where to?

I don't know. The general said they'd wait for us right here.

Been away eight days. Might've been attacked.

Or ordered away all of a sudden.

We better ride into Claysville and find out.

VANCE: What's your regiment, soldier?

Fifth Louisiana Rifles, or what's left of them.

Where's Randall's outfit?

The cavalry disbanded two or three days ago.

Scattered every which way so as not to give up the horses.

You fellows would be wise to do likewise before the Yanks confiscate them.

Wait a minute. What are you talking about? What's happened?

What's happened? You mean you ain't heard?

General Lee surrendered to Grant four, five days ago.

Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia.

Surrendered? You're crazy.

No, that's a fact, lieutenant.

All of us gave up our guns in Shreveport last Monday.

So the war's over. We can all go home.

MAN: If you've got one left to go to.

Now that the brigade's scattered, how we gonna find the general?

That's just it. We can't. We gotta try, Vance.

Why? Why?

To give him the money, of course.

I don't know. The surrender changes everything.

We gotta talk it over.

We can't take this money, Vance. It don't rightly belong to us.

Then tell us who it does rightly belong to.

Well, it belongs to the Confederate government, I suppose.

Confederate government? There ain't no more Confederate government.

-It's finished. That's the truth, Brett.

They'll probably hang Jeff Davis and throw all the others in prison.

Well, then it must still be Federal property.

You mean we ought to give it back to them? Like thunderation we will.

I got a minnie ball in my leg that's gotta be paid for.

Your own brother nearly died of gangrene in a Yankee prison.

Ain't that worth nothing to you? Listen.

We didn't steal this money. We took it in battle, fair and square.

It's what they call "spoils of war," like capturing a horse or anything else.

We didn't know the war was over and neither did the Federals.

So it's still prize money.

It's ours. You don't have to take your share, if it sticks in your craw.

How do you feel about this, Ray?

What Vance says makes sense to me.

If we got a right to it, we'd be plumb fools not to take it.

So it's settled. I got it all figured out.

We got $1750 apiece coming to us.

Wait till I get back to Georgia with this.

I'm gonna buy me a hog and a dog and a rocking chair.

And we all three just gonna sit there and scratch.


Not us. We're gonna fix us up the best farm in east Texas, huh?

You bet. But first, I'm gonna get married.

Cathy's been waiting four years. It seems more like 40 to me.

And now, instead of going back to her empty-handed, I got this money.



Look at them. All brave and sassy now that they licked us.

Not us, Mike. Maybe the South is licked but not us.

Still, it's smarter if we split up here and now.

So long, Mike. So long, Vance.

Whenever you get to Texas, you know where to find me.

I ain't ever gonna leave that rocking chair.

Goodbye, Brett. Lots of luck. Thank you.

Goodbye. GAVIN: Sarge.

FLEMING: Tucker. Vance.

You're new around here. What happened to McComb?

He joined the Army. I'm minding the store until he gets back. If he's still alive.

Vance, how you think Ma would like this bonnet?

Oh, fine. That's pretty. See if they have a fancy one with lace and long pink ribbons on it for Cathy.

No, that's the only one I got left. Anyhow, who feels free nowadays?

He does! He's going home to get married.


That's if we clean him up enough so his sweetheart'll recognize him.

Don't worry. Cathy would know me a mile away.

Sure wish I could take her a real nice present like a gold ring or a bracelet.

Sorry. But that's all the female finery I got left, mister.

Except this here bustle, which I've been using for a mousetrap.

And give us that too. Hey, Vance.

Now this is fit and proper for a bridegroom.

And it's just your size too. Say, this feels like real broadcloth.

Sure is, mister. Probably the last good suit left in the state.

How much you want?

Well, with the pants, that'll cost you $14.

And I'll throw in a pair of galluses free.

I'll take it. I mean hard money.

No Confederate shinplasters.

This look hard enough for you?

A $20 Federal bill. I ain't even seen one of these since '63:

Does that cover what we owe you? Sure. Sure, I'll go wrap them up.

Well, Jethro! Well, I'll be dad-burned if it ain't old Jethro!

You're a sight for sore eyes. You worthless old rascal.

How'd you ever stay alive all these years?

What's the matter, Jethro? We ain't changed that much, have we?

You look kind of surprised to see us.

We heard you were dead, Mr. Vance.

Well, he done near was.

That minnie ball just misspelt my name a little.

Say, you mean our folks don't even know I'm alive?

No, sir. Nobody does.

Come on. We'll ride by Cathy's house and tell her first.

She ain't there no more. Her folks was killed in the same raid your pa was.

Where is she? Your place. She moved in with your ma.

VANCE: Strange how things work out.

We go off and fight four years. But they come and kill him here at home.

BRETT: Whole place looks mighty run down.

RAY: Yeah. Plumb wore out, like us.

Come on, let's go in yelling like we used to.




Ma, ma.

My Son!

They told me you were dead.

They were almost right.

But here's what's left of me, Ma.

Just think. All three of you.



All my sons. Home again.



Clint! Oh!

Clint, come running!

VANCE: Cathy! Cathy!



Let me have a good look at you, honey.

Yeah, that's just how I've seen you night and day for four long years.

Except for those britches.

BRETT: Clint! Clint!


Oh, no!

No, this can't be the sprat! Look at how he's grown and filled out.

Why, he's almost a man now, ain't he, Cathy?

They told us you were dead. Yeah.

Yeah, I know. I know. Now, come on. Come on. Tell me about you all.

I can see we got a heap of work to do.

The first thing is to get Cathy out of those britches and into a dress.

Been trying to, but she works harder than a mule all day helping me and Ma.

You don't have to anymore. We got three new farmhands.

Come on, I got a bushel of things to tell you.

Vance? I don't reckon you could have known about this, but me and Cathy got married about three months ago.


Well, this is a...

This is a day of surprises all around.

I don't know what we'd have done without Cathy, son.

Or her without us after her folks died.

We had mighty poor scratching to keep body and soul together waiting for the war to end.

Well, it must've been hard.


Congratulations, Clint.

We always did want Cathy in the family, didn't we, Ma?

Yes, son.


Hey, Cathy.

Look at the nicks on this saber Vance gave me.

How many Yankees did you all get?

We didn't stop to count. Whole bunch of them, huh?

Most of those nicks came from butchering pigs, Clint.

Yeah, I'll bet. A blue one with the brass buttons.

Boy, I wish I would've been there.

I'd have gotten my share. All I could do to keep him home.

He ranted and raved every time we got news of a battle.

You did right to stay here, Clint. You did fine.

I love my bonnet. You boys shouldn't have spent what little you got on me.

Well, that's a mighty poor gift, Ma, for all you've given us.

CLINT: Hey! Look here.

A brand new Sunday-go-to-meeting suit.

Well, that's a present for you, Clint. From all of us.

For me? Gee, it must've cost a fortune.

Where'd you get all the money? We had some saved up.

And we still got a few dollars left, Ma. That's more than we got, son.

Sit down while everything's hot.

Come on, Clint. You're hungry, aren't you?

Dear Lord, I thank you most kindly for bringing my boys home safe and sound.




Good to hear him sing again.

It sure is. All we're missing now is Pa.

Remember how we all used to sit out here at night and sing?

Indeed, I do, son. Brings back a heap of good memories.

Vance used to sing the loudest.

This one was his favorite.


If we wanna get to work before sunup, we better turn in.

Yeah, a lot of things around here need fixing.

What's troubling you, Vance? You ain't your old self tonight.

Oh, I'm all right.

A little tired, I reckon.


I know you and Cathy used to be kind of fond of each other, but...

You ain't got no hard feelings against either one of us now, have you?

Hard feelings? Me? Why, of course not.

You really mean that? Down deep?

Listen, Clint, did I ever lie to you? No.

All right. Oh, I liked Cathy, sure. But we all did.

But I was never in love with her.

We were just real good friends.

And that's how it still is.

So don't you ever think nothing else.

Why, I'm just happy for both of you.

I hoped it'd be that way, Vance.

We're so much in love. I could never tell you.

Why, you don't have to, Clint.

It's written all over your face. And hers too.

You go on to bed. I'm gonna lock the barn because there's still a lot of stragglers on the road. They might steal our horses.

You can't even trust a Reb nowadays. I'll see you in the morning, Clint.

Vance, you've gotta let me talk to you.

You never said one word to me tonight.

Please let me try and explain. There's nothing to explain.

Oh, but there is. Please let me...

Give me a chance to tell you...

Coming to bed, Vance?


How soon you figure we can tell folks about the money?

Maybe two or three months. We'll spend a little at a time so as not to start talk.

You're the boss. Whatever you think's best.

We gotta buy seed if we hope to get a good crop this summer.

The crop'll have to wait.

The money we got hidden in here is a lot better than seeds.


Your mare worked her shoe loose.

It's all right now.

Please, Vance, I've been trying to see you alone for more than a week now.

Won't you even try and understand?

Nobody asks why a woman gets married.

You do. You ask me with every look.

You've got no right to think I was faithless.

I waited for you, just like I promised.

I thought about you all day long, and prayed for you every night.

Then that letter came saying you were dead.

I didn't want to live myself anymore.

I loved you, Vance.

With all my heart and soul, I loved you.

You know I did. How can you doubt it?

That's what hurts the most, Cathy.

I know. And I can't forget it.

Well, we got to, both of us, or we can't live under the same roof.

I know that too.

Maybe time will take care of it.

I want you to be happy.

I never will be unless you are, Vance.

I can hear you lying awake at night. I know what you're thinking about.

Me and Clint, side by side.

Why'd you tell him there was never anything between us?

Did you want me to tell him the truth?

He already knows it. I told him myself before we were married.


Because I don't like living with a lie.

He believed you when you said you never loved me.

He'll believe anything you tell him because he loves you just as much as he loves me.

So if he's big enough to forget what's past, then you can too.

Please, Vance. Please try for my sake.

CLINT: Cathy?

What you doing?

Is something wrong? No, Clint. Nothing. I was...

Cathy, you're crying. What are you crying about?

I don't know, Clint.

I had a bad dream, I guess. The war and everything.

Don't cry. We're all safe again.

There's nothing to worry about anymore.

I hope not.

But to have to lose you again so soon.

I knew this was gonna happen, son.

I could see the heartbreak growing in you.

I reckon what you're doing is right.

There's no other way, Ma.

I've tried to hide it, but I can't stay on.

Sooner or later Clint would see.

He might guess now anyway. No, he won't.

I'll tell him I'm going out to California just for a few months to look around.

He'll believe it.

And the rest of you'll never tell him.

When you planning to go?


No, Ma. The quicker the better.

Tomorrow we'll all be going out to the raising of the new schoolhouse.

I'll tell Clint and Cathy there, and leave before they can try and stop me.

They'll both be mighty upset, Vance.

Maybe so, but they won't make a scene in front of all our friends.

I wouldn't be too sure of that.

Clint thinks the sun rises and sets in you.

I know, Ma.

That's just why I'm going.

What's wrong?

My, you girls look pretty today. I'll have to keep an eye on both of you.

Go on, Clint.

CLINT: Ray, tell the fellas to hurry it up. We don't wanna miss any of the fun.

RAY: All right.

Ninety, ninety-five, two.

How come you're only taking 200, Vance?

You all need it more than I do.

Give Ma the rest of my share when you figure it's safe.

Tell her the truth how we got it and that it's rightfully ours.

It isn't fair, giving up everything. Come on, Vance, take more than $200.

You got a long way. You gotta have a stake out West.

I'll get a job somewhere. Don't worry about me.

Now, come on. Act natural.

I don't want Clint and Cathy to suspect anything.

CLINT: Come on, fellas!

What kept you so long?

Greasing your hair for the girls at the picnic?

-(BELL RINGING) MAN 1: Hey, folks! Right this way!

Take a chance. Spend the money to build our school!

Hey, you missed! One more!

Hey, you missed again! Right this way, folks!

Come on. Give some money to build our school!

Everybody, come on this way!

MAN 2: Pull out all the twenty dollar bills!

We want the money to build that schoolhouse over there!

And there's one of the best roofers in the entire county!



We want the money to build that schoolhouse over there!




GIRL 1: Sing another one! GIRL 2: One more!

She's not a day over 20 years old. She'll last.




What do you mean, going away? Where?

Well, I've got an old Army friend who's got a ranch out in California.

He's with me, he needs a partner. And I've been getting restless anyway...

That's not your reason, Vance.

You're leaving because of me and Clint.

Maybe so.

I can't meet his eyes after what you told me.

We don't want you to go, Vance. This is your home. We all love you.

A home can be full of too much love, Cathy.

Then one night it burns up, and everybody in it.

I can't stay on facing the others, knowing you left because of me, and they knowing it too.

I guess you'll have to learn.

Oh, Vance, you can't go. You know how I feel.

Don't say it, Cathy. You know that...

Even if it's true, don't say it.

Not now.

Not ever.


Cathy? What's the matter?

What's wrong?


What's wrong with Cathy? I told her I was going away, Clint.

And I was coming to tell you.

Away? What do you mean? Vance! Ray! Brett!

These fellows wanna talk to you.

Vance? That's Major Kincaid, and this gentleman's Mr. Siringo.

Howdy. Won't you light and join us?

No, thank you. This won't take long. We hope.

I've been engaged by the Federal government to recover property that was lost or stolen during the war.

Well, that's good news.

We lost a lot of things around here. You want our list?

No, we've got our own.

Three of you Reno brothers were members of Randall's cavalry brigade, a unit of which attacked the rail road station at Greenwood on the morning of April 10th, 1865.

Eight weeks ago.

By impersonating Federal soldiers, you took a U.S. Army payroll amounting to $12,250 from an officer who was on the train.

Now, those may have been your orders from General Randall but none of you knew the war was already over and had been since noon of the preceding day.

Got any idea what he's talking about? No.

He's got us mixed up with some other fellas.

There's no mistake. We found one of the men who got away with you and we recovered his share of the money.

What's more, he told us who stole the rest.

Then he's lying.

Don't be foolish, Vance. I've known all of you boys since you was knee-high.

And I'd sure hate to see you get in any trouble.

So if you got the money, go on, give it back now.

We didn't steal any money, Ed.

Well, that's possible, but we mean to make sure.

The Federal paymaster can identify the men who took the money from him.

So we're gonna take you to him.

You got anyone who wants to see us, you bring him here.

We're not leaving.

We hoped you'd make no trouble but if this is how it is, you're all three under arrest.

We're taking you into Tyler on tonight's train. Get your horses.

You ain't got no right to do this!

My brothers never lied or stole from nobody.

Stay out of this, Clint.

Go on. Get the horses.


Now, don't worry, Ma. Everything's gonna be all right.

Don't you worry.

Don't worry, Martha. I'll go with them.

If that paymaster recognizes you, we're done for.

How can he? We were all bearded then.

He can't tell us now from Adam.

What happened, Mr. Vance? You boys in some kind of trouble?

Nothing serious, Jethro.

Just a little misunderstanding.

We'll get it cleared up right shortly.

The whole thing's a pure frame-up. There must be something behind all this.

Sure, there is. Go on, get me some hot water.

The Federals are taking revenge on Randall's men for driving them crazy all during the war.

Start making up some lank charges, like stealing money or something.

What'll they do with Vance? They'll clap him in some stinking prison.

What's the matter, Clint?

Well, why did you say just Vance? We're worried about all three of them.

Well, of course we are. That's what I meant.


What was that?

Somebody just rode up.

MARTHA: Clint? No, now put that gun down!

You stay in here.

CLINT: Who are you? What do you want here?

Is your name Reno? Yeah. What about it?

We're friends of your brothers.

Is there any of them around? Vance, Brett or Ray?

No, Why?

We've come to warn him. There's some Federal men out looking for him.

You're too late. They arrested them this morning on some lying charge.

It was a lie, wasn't it?

Sure, it was. Where'd they take them?

To town. Tonight they're going on a train to Tyler to stand trial.

Let's get going. CLINT: Wait! I'm going with you!

Clint! Clint!

We've gotta stop him before something happens.

Who are you men? How do we know you're friends of Vance?

Don't worry, miss. We know you well enough.

You're Cathy.

Vance must've showed us your picture a thousand times.

Ain't it natural that his brother wants to help us get him free?

Good night, miss.



I understand how you might feel about this money.

Even if they don't identify you, they can still send you to prison.

The three of you.

I don't want to send you boys to prison. All I want is to recover the money.

I'll make you a fair proposition.

You tell me you'll give me the money back and I give you my word we'll drop the charges. Forget the whole thing.

This is your last chance.

If they identify you tomorrow, you'll get 10 years.

Even if they should let you go, you'll be watched for the rest of your life.

The money'd do you no good.

I know you've got it.

Here's the $20 bill you spent at that crossroad store.


You know, it's funny.

If the war had gone the other way, you might have been questioning him instead of me.

Well, what do you say?

We haven't got all of it. Only our shares.

Where's the rest?

I don't know.

That's no good. We want it all.

I'm willing to do what you say, but we can't give you more than we've got.

Then we've got no deal.

Sit still, mister. Don't make any moves. Sit down, or you'll get shot.

Get his gun, Ray.

Get his gun and keys and unlock those cuffs.


Stop the train at that water tower! Go on, grab the brakes!




Get out, quick! Sit down!

Keep your seats and nobody'll get hurt. Sit down!

Listen, Mike... Get out, Vance. Sit down!



Get out!

Clint, what the devil are you doing here? You didn't think I'd let you down?

Get mounted and get out of here!


CONDUCTOR: They got away!

KINCAID: We've got to get back to Bedford as fast as possible.

Conductor, telegraph descriptions of these six men to the surrounding counties. Leave orders to shoot on sight.

They're armed. CONDUCTOR: Yes, sir.

Engineer, get up there and back this train into Bedford.

Yes, sir. I can't believe the Reno boys planned the getaway.

You saw their faces. They were surprised as we were.

Believe what you like. I say they knew.

They had everything timed to the split second.

Don't you agree, Mr. Siringo?

It certainly looks that way, major, but I'm not sure I can agree with you.

If the escape was planned, why would Vance confess to me?

That's what I mean. He was...

What are you trying to do, defend this man?

Look, you had your chance and you failed.

Now I'm gonna get him my way. And the money.

All right, Clint. Get on back home where you belong.


You heard me, get going before somebody sees you.

That's a lot of thanks for helping you.

I didn't want your help. None of you.

You was being took to prison. I could've made a deal with Siringo.

Now he'll be gunning for us. We got a head start.

We'll be halfway to the Mississippi by morning.

Head down river, he can't catch us. Hold on, hold on.

We're gonna get off the road and settle this here and now.

Ed, Pardee, Mike.

I led you through four years of fighting, and I never steered you wrong, did I?

So you ought to know by now that nobody hates giving up more than I do.

But these Federal men will hound us until we're all dead or behind bars.

So you did take the payroll!

Why didn't you tell me the truth?

We felt we had a right to it, Clint, as spoils of war.

We did have a right to it. You told us that yourself.

What changed your mind?

Siringo and common sense.

He offered to forget the whole thing if we surrendered the money.

I got a hunch he'll still do it, in spite of that train holdup.

Nobody was hurt. Nobody was robbed.

I vote we give it back, Vance. A few thousand dollars ain't worth that risk.

I agree. We've been shot at enough for one lifetime.

What about you?

You two boys can do as you please. I'm keeping my share.

Me too. And me.

You'll never get away with it. They'll organize a manhunt, scour the country.

They'll shoot you on sight. We'll take our chances.

Mike, don't be stupid. There's nothing in this for you now but trouble.

And the trouble with you is that you've lost your guts. Come on, boys.

Hold it!

This deal with Siringo is only good if we turn in all the money.

So if I gotta save your necks too, that's the way it is.

Get it. And their guns.

Now I'm going back to get our shares.

I'll meet you right after daybreak at Hanna's mill.

Brett, that means you and Ray too.

How do we know you ain't lying?

Maybe this here Siringo didn't make you any deal at all.

Yeah, and even if he did, how good is his word?

I trust it.


Nobody knows you're in on this.

Ride into town and tell Siringo I'll come in with the money, all of it, tomorrow morning.

And you come to the mill and give us his answer.

That satisfy you?

What choice have we got?

VANCE: Go on, Clint. Get going.

And we thought he was our friend.

He is, Mike. Best one you ever had.


We found nothing so far.

If the money's still here, they must have buried it somewhere.

Martha, if you know where it is or where the boys are you better tell us.

But I don't know. They had no money.

And we haven't seen any of them since you took them off yesterday.

Well, it's the truth. Why can't you believe us?

We don't know any more than what you've told us.

Where's Clint? He went into town.

I'm sorry to have to do this, ma'am.

But we're leaving three men here, day and night.

What for?

Just in case your sons come back for any reason.



Mr. Vance.

Where'd you come from? Don't ask questions, Jethro. Just listen.

We're in bad trouble. But it may work out if you'll help us.

Well, you know I will, Mr. Vance.

If they do come back, these men'll shoot them.

We can't stay here and do nothing.

How can we warn them? We got no idea where they are.

I'm gonna ride into town. There must be someone there that can help.

Maybe they won't let you go. I can try.


Jethro! Jethro, what are you doing here? Where'd you get that?

Mr. Vance sent me for it, Miss Cathy.

Where is he? Up in my cabin.

Well, give it to me. He said I should bring...

There's a soldier outside, and if they catch you... Get down!

Need any help, ma'am? No, thank you.

Let me throw the saddle on. It's too heavy for a girl like you.

I can manage. I do it myself every day.

Which one of these Reno brothers is your man?

None of your business! No need to be testy.

I'm just trying to be friendly.

The war's over, or ain't you heard?

It don't seem like it. Ransacking our house, tearing the barn apart.

Don't know why you can't leave decent folks alone.

Decent folks don't go around stealing money or holding up trains, do they?

We got orders, ma'am. Nobody's to leave here without being searched first.

Well, go ahead. Search me.

Well, if anybody asks, you tell them I searched.

I don't wanna get in no trouble.



Cathy, what are you doing here?

I brought the money. Where're the others?

They're waiting. We'll give it back, then they'll let us go free, we hope.

But they don't know that. They got orders to shoot you on sight.

Then I've got to get to Siringo first. Clint rode into town to say I was coming.

So give me the money and we'll...

-(HORSES GALLOPING) Wait! Don't move.



You all right? I'm all right.

If we can get across that swamp, there's a place you can hide. Willing to try?

They didn't see us. Come on.


And after you've given the money back, will you still go away?


It won't help, Vance. We won't ever forget each other.

You and I know that, Cathy.

But nobody else must ever know.

BRETT: You see Siringo? CLINT: Yeah.

BRETT: What'd he have to say? CLINT: He agreed.

He said to bring the money before dark and he'd drop charges.

What about us? All of you.

But he says you gotta take a chance riding in because Kincaid don't trust you.

And he can't get word to him.

Vance should've been here by now. That's what we figured.

I ran into old Jethro. He said Vance came to his place a little after daylight.

Kincaid's men were watching our place so he sent Jethro to fetch the money and Cathy took it from him and rode out to meet Vance.

Is that the girl from the farm? That's right. She's my wife.

Your wife? She was Vance's girl.

Go ahead, Clint. What else old Jethro have to say?

The soldiers jumped him and they had to male a run for it.

Didn't Cathy come back home? No.

GAVIN: Probably rode a long way by this time.

Yeah. In any direction.

What do you mean by that? He's got all the money now, ain't he?

What are you trying to say, that Vance would double-cross us?

Not only us. Didn't you know he was crazy about your wife?

BRETT: You're wrong, Mike.

Yes, he liked Cathy once. That ended... Why are you lying? We know better.

He carried her picture all through the war. Said he was gonna marry her.

GAVIN: It's about time somebody opened your eyes, kid. He wanted her.

And now he's run away with her. KELSO: And with our money.

They probably had it all figured out.

Clint! Clint, wait a minute!

Come on, Ray. We gotta find them before he does.

They could all be in on this. Come on.

Nobody knows about this place except Brett and Ray.

We used it on hunting trips when we were boys. You'll be safe here.

It's you I'm worried about. You got no way of knowing what Siringo told Clint.

If it's no, they'll kill you.

That's a chance I gotta take. Clint will be waiting for me at the mill.

What'll you do if he isn't? Go into town, give him back the money.

So you stay here and I'll send somebody for you by nightfall.


What makes you so sure they're headed west?

You ain't in cahoots on this, by any chance, trying to throw us off the trail?

Why not? Then you brothers lose us and join them. That could be the plan.

Fools! Think I'd send my wife out at the risk of getting shot?

Maybe not. If all this about her and Vance is put on you still got us to settle with.

Ain't nothing put on with them, I'll bet you. They put one over on all of us.

Shut up! I don't wanna hear no more. Then find him. And fast.

Don't worry, I've got more reason than you have.

If he finds him, he won't even wait to listen. He's half crazy now.

Vance wouldn't run out on us. He's probably hiding out until we...

Hey, hold on. I know where he might be. Let them ride on.

I was right. That's Cathy's mare.

Then he went to the mill to meet you and the others, taking the money with him.

When he doesn't find you there, he'll go into town to face it alone.

Yeah, we figured that's how it was.

Look, Cathy, something's come up you gotta know about.

Clint thinks you run off with Vance. Well, I did. I told you...

No, I don't mean like that. Clint thinks you left him for good.

Well, that's not true! Whoever put that idea in his head?

Gavin's bunch. They think Vance took the money and you.

I tried to reason, but he wouldn't listen. He's out of his mind with jealousy.

If he finds Vance now, there's no telling what he'll do.

Well, let me talk to him. Where is he? Come on, we'll try and find him.

What more proof do we want? Your brothers cut loose to join them.

I told you they was all in this together, Mike. This one's leading us on.

You'll see if I am.

All I wanna do is to find him if it takes the rest of my life.

CATHY: Clint.

Where is he? Better listen to her, Clint.

Listen careful.

CATHY: You don't believe what they told you, do you?

Nobody had to tell me. I've always known. This just plain showed me.

Clint, let me tell you. Listen... Quit lying to me, Cathy!

I believed all your lies, like you wanted.

Like the night you stood at our window crying, saying it was a bad dream.

Then yesterday when you ran from me because of what Vance said.

No, Clint, listen, and let me...

Stop it, Clint! Give her a chance! For what, to deny it? She can't!

Go on, say it, Cathy. Say I'm lying! Say he weren't your lover!

Say you ain't laid awake every night thinking of him!

Wishing I was Vance! Wishing you'd waited for him and never married me!

Shut up! There ain't none of it so.

Tell me he hasn't held you! Tell me he hasn't kissed you!

Stop it, Clint, you're hurting me! You can't say it because it's true!

You're lying! You love him! No! Stop it!

CLINT: You're lying! You love him! Stop!

I know you do! You're lying. I ought to kill you.

You're crazier than a mad duck!

You would've killed her! CLINT: What're you trying to do?

You know what you meant to each other well as I do!

You're just trying to protect her, that's all.

Get up here.

Hold it, Ray.

Come on, now.

You're going home.

I want you to go back where we found you.

I want you to wait for Vance in case he returns.

Warn him what happened. Tell him to stay there.

Now get out of here. Go on!

I sent her home. Now you're going into town with us. Now get mounted!

Hold it, Brett.

They're lying to you, Clint, about her going home.

She's heading back to him. We gotta follow her.

That's a lie! Vance is on his way to Hanna's mill to try and find us.

With the money to meet Siringo, like he promised.

You think we're gonna swallow that?

Pardee, get their guns.

Give Clint back his gun.

Now, Clint, you can do what you want. We're trailing her.

CLINT: You're right. They're still trying to throw us off.

Now you two can go back to the mill or to Hades as far as we're concerned but don't follow us.

Let's go, boys.

We gotta find Vance, but where?

We'll try the mill. If he's not there, we'll try to catch him before he gets to town.

GAVIN: What'd I tell you? She led us straight to him.

CLINT: Where is he? I don't know.

You're lying. Where? Brett told you the truth.

You're still protecting him! Leave her alone. That ain't helping.

He wouldn't have left her here unless he was coming back.

So we'll just set here until he walks in.

VANCE: Ray! Brett!

So now they're gunning for you, Vance. Clint with them.

They all think you double-crossed them.

Maybe we can knock some sense into their heads before anybody gets hurt.

First we gotta get rid of this.

Ray, ride into town fast. Give it to Siringo and tell him what's happened.

Where are you going?

We'll get to the cave ahead of them and wait.

You bring what help you can. Now get going.

Vance? He'll never give you a chance to explain now.

We tried. So did Cathy. Clint came near to killing her for it.

He'll listen to me.

I'm warning you. He's more dangerous than any of them.

That's him. With Brett.

All right, get out of sight. Watch her.

But wait till they get up close.

BRETT: They got here ahead of us. VANCE: Yeah. They're up there with her.

BRETT: They must've seen us coming.

You stay here. This is my job.

Wait a minute, Vance. Any one of them's liable to shoot you.

Not Clint. He couldn't. And he'd stop the man who tried.

You haven't seen his face.


Can you hear me, Clint?

I know what you're thinking, Clint!

But you got it all wrong! Dead wrong!

All Cathy did was to bring me the money!

There's nothing else between us! I swear it! Nothing at all!

Well, I know different, don't I?

I was going away, Clint! And I'm still going, for good!

But I had to square things with Siringo first and I've done it.

He couldn't have. He ain't had time to get to town and back.

It's a scheme. He's trying to draw us out.

Listen to me, Clint! Ray's going in to take Siringo the money!

That'll give us clean hands, all of us!

Unless one of you loses his head now and adds killing to it!

He's lying to you about the money. He's still got it on him.

He only came back for her. And she knows it.

Why don't you answer me, Clint?

What's stopping you? Can't you see he's just stalling?

Working closer till he can jump us?

Probably got Ray and Brett working on behind us.

VANCE: What's troubling you?

Well, go on. You asked for him. Take him.

I got no reason to lie to you. I only came to tell you our trouble's over.

We can go home with nothing to fear!

"Go home." Go home to what?

Well, go on. Take him. Now! Or I'll take him myself.




Come on! Let's get the money and get out of here!

Get away from him! Leave him alone!


CATHY: Clint, look out! -(GUNSHOT)


Hey, don't move. Just lie still.

Cathy, where's Vance?

I gotta talk to him.

Right here, Clint. Vance, I didn't mean it.

I know you didn't, Clint. You don't have to tell me.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Everything's gonna be all right.