Love Mocktail (2020) Script

What buddy selling tender coconut in winter? will people drink it?

Yes sir, crazy people drink more in winter What's wrong with these people?

Give me one, let it be cold What?!

I have got cold so.

For cold!!!

There won't be any problem if we have it in winter?

Brother where is the rest room here?

What? rest...!!!

Hey it's toilet Oh toliet! just get down the cliff you will find it Ok thank you brother I showed her the way and she calls me brother!!!




Excuse me where is the washroom?

It's there Thank you

Snatch her phone Don't let her go Hold her

Help... help...

Hold him

All ok?



You fought like a hero, so i felt like a heroine!! can i hug and thank you?

You want to thank me?

Yes You are welcome

No one had fought for me like this...

So i got excited By the way my name is Adithi, And I am from Udupi, We are four in our family dad, mom, brother and me I will tell you one secret? i am learning music!


When i grow up, i want to become... a big singer...

Do you know Shreya ghoshal...


Like her!!!

But dont ask me to sing now i am not yet ready Actually i am studying in Ooty... i was just returning home after my second year exams Oh my god!! just one more year to complete my degree!!

I will get married and settle down!

If i get married, it has to be a love marriage.

There will be so much thrill in love marriage right?


Yes even i know, i have seen in so many movies. so where are you going?


Udupi Oh you are going to my hometown?

Yes Will you drop me?

You din't give me a hug, i know you will drop me atleast Wait i will go get my luggage, dont go anywhere

Sister was there any problem?

Wear a saree and go you will know!!!

Where were you aditi?

What Ranganna where were you...

I searched for you everywhere...

You are so careless I am getting late i will leave now!

What! are you kidding? car will be ready in10mins Ranganna If something happens who is responsible Mr Ranganna Who will answer to your father Who will answer to your mother Mr Ranganna Who will answer to your brother Hey just stop it!!

Chill ya!!

You get the car ready I will be going with my friend...

What? friend?

Yes childhood friend What's his name?

I will ask and whatsApp you and also send his intagram ID link I will call your father and tell him I already called him, he asked you to reach home safe I have to reach safe!?

I think both father and daughter are lunatic..

Hey how long will you take to get it ready?

He saw her and stopped and asked for tender coconut She drank tender coconut and went to toilet Now both are going together!! what's happening here?

Where shall i keep my bag?

Won't it take 4hours to reach Udupi from here?

Yes we need See how lucky you are!!


My friends tell me, time just flies when am around Oh is it!!

See 4 hours will just go like this Super!!! come lets go But there is one small problem...

What is it?

I am always hungry and eat a lot Can you stop the car inbetween?

That's not a problem Thank you!!!

But you have to pay the bills

Sorry!! forgot to ask your name!!

You are asking me so early!!

Aadi Adithi... Aadi...

Nice name Thank you Hmm Are you an engineer or a doctor?


Shall i guess?

Yes u can You are an engineer! is it right??

Right!!! how did you guess?

See i know everything!


You are into software or hardware??


Shall i guess this also??

Tell me You might fight hard but i feel your heart seems soft So, you are into software.. is it right??

Yes its right!!

See i know everything!!!


Don't beat around the bush.. come directly to the point,

Do you have a girlfriend?

You try and guess You look very decent Really!!


So i dont think you have a girlfriend, is it right??

Who said decent guys won't have a girlfriend?

But what you said is right!!

See i told you!! when i saw your face only i knew that you haven't loved anyone.


What happened?


Are you smiling?

No Are you telling me or not?

No, its ok leave.

I am gonna abuse if you dont say

I had fallen in love, when i was in high school.

What!! Highschool?

Why, this was not written on my face?


Fine, atleast tell me your high school love story You want to listen to my love story, This love story happened in and around 1998, 99, Y2K My native is Mysore I studied in Marimallappa's high school But this love didn't happen in school but in Tution!!!

Weight 200 pounds clash Chest 50 clash Biceps 18 clash Clash Height 6"1 clash Clash Rank 2 Rank 1

Stone cold steve austin Aadi.. Aadi..

He is coming with Ash.


Yes Which Ash?

My girl!! Ash!!!

Which Ash?

Come i will show you, come, Who is that? where are you taking me?

I will show you come with me Who ?


My Ash!!

Hey that's Sushma right?

Doesn't she look like Aishwarya rai in some angles?


Look at her smile! wow!!

So... fondly i call her Ash Ok fine... what should i do now?

He will be roaming around with her all the time We should do something to him.

Ok come!

We have test tomorrow, i know ya.

Prajwal.. Prajwal.. i have one doubt man Please this one i dont know Prajwal you carry on, i will be there.

See this LCM and HCF here... I'm so confused ya Hey! You pay money for the tutions right?

Then why are you clearing your doubts with him Go and ask your teacher Giving me stares?

Why are you with Ash all the time?

Which Ash?


Oh he told you?


Ask him whether he has spoken to her atleast once?

You think without talking to her he is in love ?

No You haven't spoken to her?

No So what? i will challenge you, he will propose her today itself Get lost you idiots, if you hit me again i will complain to my mom He doesn't have courage to talk to her, he will propose it seems Viju this is the matter of our pride!!

You propose her today only, I can't do it, she talks only in english Dude, you are the hero of our tution Propose to her, on my behalf Even i am little weak in english, Hey you get better marks than me in english Marks is different and talking is different!!

Dude, it's the matter of our pride!!

Ok come Ya!!

Tomorrow is maths test ya i have to study a lot, i don't know what to do I will see you later.. bye...bye..

Hey Prajwal.. Prajwal hey.

Hi Ash!


Ah Sushma, hi!!

Why did Prajwal run away as soon as you came here? is there any problem between you guys?

What's wrong tell me?

I Tell me?

She.. What she?

What? tell me?

Hey idiot... tell me what is it?

Ahhh.. my friend is in love with you!!

What love?


Listen to me carefully i am already committed and don't be a mediator This is the last warning i am giving to you.

I am already committed and don't be a mediator!

You undersood?

Hello did you understand? am already committed, don't be a mediator!! thank you!



Viju who is the rank student in our tution?

Rank student is.. hey first tell me what she said?

You tell me.

First You tell me.

Do you know the meaning of committed?



I dont know!

Then tell me who is the rank student, Hmm.. she is the rank student.. her name is Reema.

Ok come, Ahh.

Hi Reema.


Are you a rank student?

Ahh Yes!

So you know English?

Obviously i know!

Shall i test?


Tell me the meaning of committed in Kannada?

Committed means... if u hold onto something you won't let go Ohhh! dude it means if she holds you she wont leave you!

What about Mediator?

Mediator means...

How to tell you?

Ahh.. ya its like a bridge Dude she is saying right, that you are the bridge to my love!

Hello excuse me, what's your problem?

Whatever you said i liked it a lot!

Now i will tell you a complete sentence can you translate it in Kannada?

Hmm What do you mean by

'I am already committed don't be a mediator'

Ohh like that?

Hmm That means i already have a boyfriend and you don't have to come in between, Ahh!

Is it like scolding?


You proved that you are a rank student, thank you!

Hey nonsense!!

Viju don't feel bad, come From which angle does she look like Aishwarya rai?

Does she come anywhere near to your skin color?

Reema.. Reema.. i have one doubt please wait i will coming!


What?? din't you clear your doubts with her? get lost you idiot!

Reema... i doubt...

Small kids are scolding me I am having a very bad time.

That nerd girl was laughing at me!

Look at her face!!


Where is the rose plant there?


Dude Ahh You were saying Rose.. Rose Rose is Titanic film heroine right?

Yes dude..

From all the angles she looks like her only...

My Rose..

Who? that four eyed girl?

Her mouth is full of fencing wires You should see when she removes her glasses First make her remove her glasses then will see.

How is my look?

What's wrong with you ?

Look here.. same to same!!

It looks good on him.. and on you it looks ugly Hey you know she smiled at me...

Not only her the entire class is laughing at you!



Dude.. did you fart?

Yes don't tell anyone..

Chi its smelling bad!!

Its him.. him..

Oh... rank students also fart?

Not me.. not me..

Viju, i will give her a handshake today...

No boys are giving handshake.. you keep quite.

Hey i am special to her

I told you to keep quite see you din't get the chocolate also She gave it to everyone..

Did she give me?


Wait here... i will give her birthday gift!


Viju.. dont forget to call me..

572004.. don't forget to call I will be waiting.

Bye... bye... why are you still standing there run..

Oh my god!!!


Amma Hello Amma Hey get lost!

See i will take her glasses off Prajwal go and dust this!

Miss i will do.. i will.. i will.. miss i will do it Okie take it !!


Hey mad!!


She looks the same, without the glasses


What are you smelling like that?

You don't watch Ravichandran movies?

No way, my parents will scold me!!


Hey.. why dude?

What are you doing with the pillow?

Amma dishoom.. dishoom.. i was playing WWF You are acting wierd from last one month.. i dont know whats wrong with you.

Hey go ma!!

Aadi.. Aadi.. Aadi.. Aadi..

I have spoken to Reema about your love.. everything is fixed!!


She is waiting to talk to you directly.. come come.. you have made impressed her What did you tell her?

I will tell you come.


Hey go .. go..

You talk to him i will be there Hmm!!

Hi Reema.. can you remove your glasses once?



Ahh I heard that you love me?

Yes yes!!!!

Your friend only told me!

He also told me that if i don't accept your love then you will commit...


Ahh!!! Suicide??? no.. no!!!

Aadi i have to tell you something very important I had a very bad past, my parents got seperated when i was young If i accept your love then my mother will not like it!!

I will be the lamp of your house..

I will fill-in your father's shoes I will take care of you like a princess Oh god this is so lenghty!!

How do i translate this in english?

Aadi.. Aadi..

Aadi.. Aadi..


Did you understand?

If i don't say this in english, i will never get her..

Love has that power You can do it..

You will tell..

You will definetly tell..

Come on tell It's okie.. it's okie.. ok Thanks for understanding Aadi..



Is this a love story?

God i need to thank you for this!!!


There is a temple nearby shall we just drop by?

What Aadi..

Just because you coudn't communicate in english You just left her?


Oh you studied in kannada medium?

My father didn't send me to Kannada medium but he sent me to English medium When i was studying, only girls use to talk in english.

We boys were like soldiers..

When it comes to our language and girls We will protect and respect it.

Hmm!!! so all your love stories are done right?

Ya done with high school..


Next is PUC..

PUC is life's turning point You can't go behind girls in PUC I went behind Did you?

But no girl fell for me!!

That's why you are an engineer or else you would be a road romeo Okie tell me what happened further.

After my PUC i got into engineering ...

Shall i guess what happened there?

You want to guess this also?

Hmm Okie tell In engineering there will be so much to study Internals, externals & projects you won't have time for anything Hello stop it there!!

You can say whatever you want isn't it? who said there wont be any time?

Why should anybody tell?

Parents sent you to engineering to study Not to fall in love Shhh!! this is a temple!!

I know!!

I only got you here!!

Lord! has he loved any one in engineering ??

Tell me..

How will you tell You have closed the doors of the temple and gone out!!

I will only ask him!

Did you love anyone while doing engineering?


Just because he has the support of Aadi that Vijay is acting too much.

We should hit him guys, we should hit him..





Hey come on ya.. Aadi...Aadi...

How much money i have made, using you!!


Hello excuse me..

Hey what's your problem? hey you guys keep shouting!!

Aadi...Aadi... what is happening here?

Aadi...Aadi...Aadi...Aadi... come on ya Aadi...


Ahh Is match very tight?

Yes dude 1 ball 6 runs needed!!

Wow 1 ball 6 runs.. boys 1 ball 6 runs ya.. yes..

Bro what is the bet?

100 rs dude!!

100!! boys 100 rs ya..

Hey, come dude lets go and hit him Wait buddy, match is very interesting let it finish..




Hello, what are you looking up? look down!!



Ooooh!!! i won 100 rs!!!

Hey!! he got bowled dude!!

That's the twist !!!

I had a bet, that he won't hit We love you Aadi...


Wicket it damp because it rained Its difficult to bat Hey it was 6 balls 6 runs..

You wasted 5 balls, now its 1 ball 6 runs.

I told you not to bat.. you wont listen to anyone Hey talk softly, don't embrass me!!

You want runs right, i will hit..

Put this mud.. we will get power..

Hit.. hit.. yes!!

You are acting as if you lost first time If i don't over act now, they won't let me bat again God knows how many have lost their money Betting on you Prajwal is coming with goons..

Is it?

Hey what's your problem?


Look Aadi.. my Ash..


My Sushma..

This guy has gone blind and he compares her to Aishwarya rai!!

Is she so beautiful that you both have to fight for her?

Love is blind dude!!

Correct Vijay!!

Not love you both are blind..

I don't care Aadi.. It has to be decided today.

Dude from 3 years they are committed like love birds.

Why are you troubling them?

I want her!!

Take her and go!!

If i call her, she won't come..

If he calls her, she will come..

I am here to make sure, he will never calls her.

Boys attack...

Hey just a minute...

Ash is that Sushma right?

She had told that she was committed?

Everything was a lie!!

That day vijay took me to reema do you remember?

There it all started..

My love was fading And his was blooming

Hey my bat!!

Didn't score 1 run off 6 balls.

What kind of bat is this

You go now.. hey you also go ya..

Hey what are you looking, go fat boy..

Hey you fat****

Hey where are you running? come fight..

Hey, you broke all the wickets and bat like a big hero How do we play now?

Ohh did i break all?

Sorry dude From morning i am troubling you!!

Its all because of this guy.. i am not able to score I will thrash him today..

Hey don't hit, i will tell my mother!!

The badluck left..

Dude you need not worry, we will play one more match We will open the innings, is it ok?



Viju what happen?

Give me your phone Ahh.. what happen?

Oh my god!!!!

Take it..

Dude there is only 1Re balance..

Give a miss call.. cut the call.. cut the call.. cut..

What happened? I am coming!!

Hey just to say this, you could have messaged Dude give some money if you have?

Why? just give me, i will tell you..

I have only 100rs Hey my Ash is not feeling well.. is 100rs is more important than her?

Noo!! then let's go...

Why are you coming?, go and play there!!

Why is he scolding me?

Hey, why are you honking?

He said you are not well?

Yes.. little cold...

Why so much buildup for just cold?

Give me, i will give it back!!

Hey keep quite!!

What sushma you are.. where is your sweater? it's so cold outside..

What will happen to your health?

Take this fruits and cut and eat and sleep and take rest..

Ohh...!! give me your phone.. you speak English so well!!

Hey give man..

Don't know what he learnt after loving you.. but you have taught him such good English!!

You also love someone like me she will also teach you English!!

Hello, i will teach her Kannada!!

I will message you from his number..

Hey, they only give 100 messages free per day.

Who will message you?

That's right!!

Okie i will leave now.. there is apple and pomegranate inside.. eat it Come... she will eat...

Be carefull, its cold outside So...?

You might sprout out!!


Bye.. bye...


Hey just keep quite... you just blew my 100 rs ... bye..

Hey Sushma, who was that with Vijay?

Oh that's Aadi.. my best friend.. very decent guy.

Oh i have seen decency of these boys Hello, He is not like other boys Oh is it!!!

Give me his number, I will show you his decency No chance.. challenge?


Hey guys look there, My tiger is back!!! love you Aadi..



He came back again!!

Why does he come..

Only one bat is left, don't give it to him!


I am with the batting side..

Hold it buddy!!

You play dude..

Let the wicket fall... Let the wicket fall...

Let the wicket fall..

Ahh done!!

Hey give me the bat..

I know you were waiting for me to get out? be careful with my bat Dont worry it's like my bat, what's the target?

Ours is first batting.. Okie..

Tendulkar batting...

Dude someone messaged you..

Is it?

Idiot play!!

Who is it?

Someone has sent Hi..

Some useless people leave it..

Sorry dude .. please..

They have messaged Hi Dear!!

Is it??????

Hey everyone catch the bat..


I am good...

Who are you dear? tell me?

Hey why these messages are'nt delivering?

Your 100 sms got over long back But you were messaging someone?

I was reading old sms i had sent to Ash!!

Go and recharge for 50rs..

Give me the money...

Hey dude!!

Dude.. dude..

Give me 50rs if you have?

I won't come for match tomorrow I need to study.. hmm..



Just hold on...

You were right, He is very decent, he din't reply to my sms at all I told you..

I felt so embrassed!! okie don't feel bad.. i will ask him to reply..

Okie.. Byee..


I have to wait till midnight 12, for free messages!!

Is it a girl or a boy?

I have this strong feeling It must be a girl!!


Is it good omen or a bad one?

Amma, get me a candle

Why is she calling me at this time?

Hello.. were you sleeping?

No i was studying..

Don't lie..

There is no power, How can you study?

To concentrate on my studies.. i was preparing my time table.

Okie leave..

Did you get any message? ya.. ya..ahhh Which one??

You din't recieve any sms from unknown number? i got some message... i guess!

That's my friend..

Why you didn't reply?

So many girls will sms me..

Can i reply to all?

Don't you think, you are acting too much?

Ahh!!! Sushma, Person who messaged... is a boy or a girl?



Hmm!! okie.. power is back You continue your studies..

Don't forget to reply..hmm..


Ahh Sushma I will be busy with my studies..

Tell her that i will message her after 12..


Idiot has disconnected it long back..

What's the time? 10:30..

Its 11.. still one hour to go!!

11:30 !!!!

11:45 !!!!

Yes it's 12 !!

Hi, usually i don't reply to unknown numbers..

Lots of girls will be messaging me so..

I feel this is little too much!!

Got a reply!

It's okie i can understand..

Sushma told me that you are very decent There is lot of demand for decent boys!!

Yes of course There is always a demand when the supply is less!!!

Ohhh! i finished 98 messages already!!

Only 2 messages are left!!

What shall i message her?

Shall we meet tomorrow?

Shall we meet tomorrow?


What will she tell?? hmm?

Got a reply!!!

Sure, i will message you the time and place...

Eager to see you.

Come, if you see me you will be blown away!!

Ahh!! wait relax..

Ya I will meet you tomorrow.

Good night dear Dear is little too much..

Just good night is enough.

Good night!!

Good night!!

What is that goodnight, in the middle of the night?

Hello sir Table for one?


You can sit there.. Thank you!!

Pose like this ya.. like this.. now like this..

Hey wait wait wait..

I will do Taal movie Aishwarya rai pose Wow

Aishwarya rai!!!

What shall i get you madam?

You have thayir vada?

What is thayir vada?

It's the dish in which you mix curd with vada Oh that one!

Mixing vada with curd is so tasty..

Order one for me also..

Hmm ya, 2 thayir vada.. ok madam Hey Kareena kapoor pose?


Kareena kapoor???

What man?

You both know to speak Kannada right?

Yes.. my mother tongue is Kannada Then why English? when you can talk in Kannada!

What's your problem?...

What's your problem?...

Are you mad...?

Are you mad...?

Mind your own business..

Mind your own business..

Hello, both are of the same meaning..

Either of you talk..

Hey just leave ya..

Such low class peoples Hey whom are you telling low class?

You are as thin as ice candy!!

You are calling me low class As if you are an handsome hunk!!

I will show you what i am!!

Hey go man..

Without knowing how she is, I spoke so much.. what if she is not pretty??


Did i message this girl, the whole night??

Oh my god!!

She is coming towards me!

Thank god!!!

Wow.. she is so pretty...

She is looking towards me..

Is she waving at me?

Why will such pretty girl message me?

These two are perfect for each other!!

Ahh.. another girl is coming here!

Oh, is she the one? my beauty and her's is perfect Hi...


Who are you idiot..

Oh it's not her!!


Look at her.. ice candy!!


Is it her???



Please sit!!

Why are you spinning around like that?

Nothing nothing..

What happened?

Are you feeling dizzy?

No actually, last night I couldn't sleep So...

How sweet!!


I too couldn't sleep...

First time, it's happening to me..

Why are they staring at us?

Ahh.. first time i am coming with a girl...

Ya.. ya..

Sushma told me that you are very decent..

So... i took your number


Shall we go for a long drive?

We shall go...

Your name?



You can call me Joo..

Actually i want to tell you something very important about my past..

Aadi.. i have to tell you something very important..

Can we talk in Kannada?

What happened?

If we talk in kannada it's like...


I was in love with someone..

No problem, I too loved someone in my school But it was oneway!!


Very cute!!

You too!!

In my family...

They get us married soon...

No problem, I will ask my dad to get me married soon!!

Intercaste marriages are tough at my place No problem, they will agree in my family So...

Are you proposing for marriage?


Come close..


Turn this side..

Close your eyes...

Hey take that..



What happened?

Hey kid, go inside..

What happened?

I kissed!!


Shh!!! ohhh.. its my first kiss !!!

Whom did you kiss?

That Sushma...

What! you kissed Sushma??

Hey not sushma...

Her neighbour!!

Is it Jooo??


Hey, how do you know her?

I am messaging her from last night..

What! Last night you messaged..

And you kissed her today?

It happened!!

I have been dating since 3 years...

I haven't kissed once..

You want kiss right?


I have fallen in love dude!!!

Wait, i will get some tea

Give me two tea.

Hot hot tea..!!

Oh.. Oh..

You enjoyed a lot with a pretty girlfriend!!!

Hmm.. when you are in college everything is beautiful..

We wont have any responsibilities...

The actual life starts after your college!!


Tomorrow you have campus interview right?


How much salary you might get?

My seniors had got 80,000 per month For my talent...

Minimum 1.5lakhs i will demand..

If they really request me...

I will agree for 1.25 lakhs Wow super..

Then buy an SUV on EMI..

When you come home, for marriage proposal.

You will have buildup, infront of my father Hmm!!!

What kind of Resume is this?

There is nothing in it!!

Sir, are you from Mangalore?


Are you also from Mangalore?

No sir, i am from Mysore!!!


Sir, there is nothing in the Resume But i am very talented sir You are so talented, that you ignored going to college?

Yes sir..

I use to be little busy!!

Busy with love?

Yes sir!!


He talks very well..

I like your honesty!!

How much salary would you expect?

Sir Around 1.5 lakhs.


Sir 1 lakh is enough!!

Just 1 lakh for your honesty!!

We will offer you 2.6 lakhs..


Thank you sir!!

After all the deductions...

Per month you will get...

20,000Rs Just enjoy!!!


2.6 lakhs is per annum?

During recession time, it's difficult to get a job Yes.. yes..

Don't miss such an oppurtunity..

All the best..

Thank you sir All the best Thank you..

I have given her all the false hopes..

How will i say i will earn just 20,000

Hi What happened?

I got the job..

Wow congrats!!

What's the salary?

20,000 Rs Ohh.. is it?

It's ok .. don't feel bad..

Anyways every 6 months there will be hike..

So need not worry!

Okie, I will talk to you later..

Congrats again.. bye..


Whom are you congratulating?

My friend.. he got a job!!!

Ohh!! What's the salary??


20,000Rs People work whole month for 20000rs..

It's so difficult outside And you, will just swipe and shop for 1lakh Where have you seen difficulties?

You have been bought up like a queen..

I have to search for a Flithy rich boy now Where will i find him?

Joo.. me and Vijay will be in the same company..

Sushma will be in the same campus!!

But the fun part is we all are getting same salary!!

I was tensed, what if Vijay gets more salary than me..

I am relieved now!!




What happened?

I know, you are upset because i am going..


Don't worry One more year, you complete your studies..

I will only refer you to my company..

Then happily we can work and be together..

What do you say?



What happened?


Tell me what it is?


I thought you will get 1 lakh salary..

And you will settle down soon..

I had dreamt so many things..

But what can we do with 20,000Rs?

Ohh, are you worried for this?

I have already enquired..

If i work double shift, they will pay me double Just see, how i will settle down..

Hmm then fine!!

But you have to come every weekend to meet me!!


Friday night i will be off to mysore.

In our town, In our area, in our street We are the hero...

But, Once we come to Bangalore we will realise We are Nothing!!!

Vijay and me stayed together We use to go to office together I had sworn an oath before coming to Bangalore!!

I had only one aim...

To settledown soon..

I started working double shifts and over time...

Months just passed..

When everyone had left..

I was still working...

I use to be not aware, if it's a day or a night!!!

My life's biggest accomplishment was Buying a second hand car from my own money!

And it gave me immense satisfaction.

It's nice?

Hi viju !!!

What's happening Aadi? you look happy?

People in Love, are like that!





Aadi.. this is Nidhi she works in my team..

This is Aadi our childhood friend!!


Aadi are you going to mysore tomorrow?

Obviously!! tomorrow is valentine's day Full party...

Nidhi, don't you have any plans?

Nothing just office..

How boring..

How lucky is Joo!!

For valentine's day..

He is going from Bangalore to Mysore!!

Should i also go to Mysore and come back?


Okie guys.. the day after, We will complete 7 years of being in love So..

From our side We are giving party to both of you.



Do anybody celebrate for disasters?


Keep quite ...

She is staring...

Hi.. Aadi...

Did you see my car?

Hmm i saw... okie come..

Wait a minute..

See dude He has such a pretty girl friend!!

Wait dude, i will pull his leg..

Why should we get into unnecessary things?

Wait ya !!

Hey dude..

Tell dude..

What dude Grand celebrations for valentine's day?


What are you guys doing here on valentine's day?

Who will fall for us bro?

We are not lucky like you..

Nobody has fallen for me !!

If she falls on you or if you fall on her, both are tough...


If you guys waste time here, who will fall for you?

Go around, someone will fall!!

By next year, may you be blessed with a nice girl...

What bro...?

You only got insulted..

That's why i told you not to interfere..

Can you shut***

Happy valentine's day.. !!!!

Thank you..

How is the car?

It's nice..

You want to drive?

No, i am hungry, i want to eat..

Ok, You drive my car to the restaurant..

Not in your car..

Lets go in my car?



Oh god!!!

It's okie if i don't find a nice girl..

But please bless him with a nice car !!!

Super bro...

Where shall we go for lunch?

Southern star...

Southern star?

It's expensive!!

Let's have hanumanthu pulav.. it will be very tasty!!

Oh god!!

Are you calculating for a single meal ?

Valentine's day happens once a year If you can't keep me happy on this day..

How will you look after me all my life?

Am getting good proposal's for marriage..

How long can i avoid?

And you are thinking for a single meal?

Just lunch in southern star right?

Not a big deal, come let's go..

Don't spoil your mood for such small things..

Don't to you understand, what i am saying?

You have been telling our life will change... when will it change?

Joo It's for us, that am slogging so much..

What are you slogging?

Same old 20,000Rs salary And now, you have bought some 2nd hand car It's all my fate that i loved you..!!

How was your valentine's day?


Hey Aadi??



I don't think this will work...

I spoke to her yesterday..

Anyhow, they have fought..

This is the right time Where is he?

Room door was shut...

He must be sleeping..

Call him once.. hmm..



Where are you?

Mysore!! hmm..

Where is he?

He is in Mysore!!!




I think it got disconnected..

Aadi sorry!!

You act crazy in the night..

Again in the morning, you will call and say sorry..

And i come running to console you..

This has become the routine.

Sorry Aadi..

Okie i made a mistake..

You punish me.

You please stop pressurising me to settle down..

One can't just settle down immediately..

It takes some time!!

Hmm... correct...


Tomorrow i am coming to Bangalore!!


Tomorrow Vijay, Sushma are celebrating their anniversery, You also join us!!

No, it's a family function i can't come..

Okie, i will only come there!!

No My whole family will be there.

Why to take risk So what?

I will just come...



I am fed up of your sorry's..

Please leave me!!!

Sorry... Sorry... Sorry.. Sorry..


Which is your native?

Udupi Oh!

Do you eat fish then?

Yes, i do eat!!

Aadi.. go on flyover..

Not on flyover!! we should go down..

Where are you going?

Wait viju.. Joo is here..

We will just drop in and say hi!!!

She will also feel happy!!!


That's why, you are full of life !!


Come out!!


Won't you introduce her to me?

Ofcourse, I will..

First i will give surprise her..

And then i will introduce You said, these two are cute..

See us, We are the cutest!!


Hi Joo!!!

Why did you come here?

What if someone sees?

I had told you not to come?

Hey relax.. relax!!

See i got chocolates for you!!

Oh wow!! chocolate!!

What a surprise!!


Is this a surprise?


I told you not to come..

You have become so irritating nowaday's Aadi..

Just leave now!!

I will be back in a minute..


Joo is calling you..

She might have called to ask sorry !!


I am unable to handle this Aadi..

I am going mad!

My parents are pressurising me for marriage And i also met a guy in the party And you are so silly, You got a chocolate to surprise!

I don't think this will work Aadi!!

Hey Joo, Don't talk nonsense..

You asked me not to come, But I came there, Sorry Aadi..

I have agreed to marry him..

Have you gone mad!

Let's end it Aadi..

I am sorry.

Hey Joo...

Hey Joo...



What happened?

She is gonna get married itseems..

It's her usual drama!

She has gone mad!

See, She will call me tomorrow..

To ask sorry!!

Forget it..

Why to spoil your mood..

It has become common for me.

Hey Aadi Can you just sleep!

Hey Can't you just sleep!


What's wrong with you?

I just can't see you like this..

She won't answer my calls..

She won't reply to my messages..

It's been 3 months, i haven't spoken to her!!

She clearly told you..

That she will marry someone else..

How can she marry somebody?

Can she live without me?

I have gone mad not talking to her..

I feel like ending my life!!

Hey Just don't talk nonsense!

What else can i do?

She had so many dreams about our future!!

But now??

No chance buddy!!

She can't live without me!!

You have seen, how good we were!

If we discuss, everything will be fine!!

Forget it Aadi..

This won't work!!

If Sushma says the same..

Will you let her go so easily?

What can i tell you, if you say this?

Okie what shall we do now?


Come Tomorrow is her birthday..

We will go to mysore.

No Aadi..

Listen to me..

Dude, please come this time..

If something goes wrong..

I will do whatever you say..


She will be expecting me!!

Is she expecting you?

Okie, Let's go If this doen't work..

You have to do as i say.


Okie come dude!!

Is she coming?

I have messaged her, she will come.

Where will she come..? i have gone crazy to do such things with him!!


Ask where Joo is?

What's you problem?

You ask her first..

Look, where he is sleeping!!


Hey Aadi??

Viju did Joo come?

Where will she come?

Lets wait, she might come!!

Nothing to wait, come

Go, Joo is there!!


Just 5 minutes i will be back Ya..

Hi Joo.. Happy birthday!!

Why din't you come?

Did i tell you that i'm coming?

I had messaged you?

Did i reply?

I had arranged everything for you!!


Who are you to arrange for me??

How many times should i tell you?

I have moved on!!


You are talking in anger..

If we sit and talk, we can..

It doesn't matter, how we discuss!

I have decided!!


Try to understand..


Don't trouble me..

Hope you are sensible enough!!

Come let's go!!

Don't you have self respect?

Is she the only one in the town?

You don't worry, I will search a better girl for you.


You are the reason for this one.

You just keep quiet.

Hey, what did i do?

She asked me the number, I just gave it Who knew, all this will happen.

I am not able to take this!!

Hey, Take his phone..

Call her..

Aadi If you have any self respect..

If you are a real man..

Give it back to her!!

Don't call her Hey, call her..

Told you not to call..

I am telling you to call..

I told you not to..

Give it me.. i will only call her!!

Sushma don't call her..

Don't call her.. hey..

Hey Aadi How many times should i tell you?

Why are you calling me again and again?


If you trouble me again, I will complain to my parents!


You marry anyone you want.


I will never call you again!!

I am also not waiting..

One more thing...

What is it?

Scold her... don't leave her...

Give it back..!!

Never call me again!!

You think i will call you?



How nicely you gave back to her!!!

You just see..

He will be in Mysore tomorrow!!



If there is problem in love, we can solve it..

But if the person whom you love is only a problem it can never be resolved!!

I have spoken to a girl already..


You just marry her and settle down.



You have suffered enough.

I am doing this for your own good.

You trust me right?

You will listen to what i say right?

Tomorrow you go and meet her!!

Does Vijay have any common sense?

You had still not recovered from Joo's torture!!

How can you go and meet another girl?

I had promised Vijay that i will do whatever he says!

But I was definitely not ready for it..

Why did i go there..?

I really don't know..!!

Nothing was happening as per my wish..

So, had decided to go with the flow i guess.

The girl whom vijay wanted me to meet was..




I think i am late.. sorry!!

No problem.. i just came..

Will you have something?

Ya, i will have some soup..

One second..

Excuse me..

Yes tell me sir?

Two soups Broccoli soup?


Thank you sir.. thank you mam One second..


Did she come?



Give her flowers and talk to her properly..


I will do it..

Sorry.. office call.

No problem..



Very nice..


So what else?


Who all are there in your family?


I stay in PG..

My parents died in an accident when i was young..

I grew up with my grandmother.

Why, are you not aware of this?

I know about this!!


You asked me, what else?

I din't know what to say..

Don't mind..Sorry..

No problem..

What else?


My native is Mysore..

I know..

And my parents..

I know about them..

In Bangalore i have..

I know about that also..

Your friends have told me everything.


One second..



You gave the flowers?


Ok don't get tensed..

Give her the ring and propose..

I will..

It was from office Okie..

Your food is ready sir.. hmm..

It's hot mam!!

Ya.. your soup..

Thank you..

Thank you..

Have a nice time sir..

Have it..

Actually i want to tell you something..

I had..

Very bad past!!

If you don't mind!

Can we talk in Kannada?

If we talk in English..

It feels like i am talking to a stranger..

But if we talk in kannada..

Feels like i am talking to my own people..

Hmm okie!!

You know..

Everything about me and my past..


I don't know if i am out of it yet!!

That doesn't mean, you are ready for it!!

I have heard a lot about you..

It seems you are a nice person..

I will marry you!!




Will you marry me?

If you are willing to..

Sorry i think you need some time?

You take your time and tell me..

It's okie, even if you don't like.

I think i am only not ready yet!!

I just came and..


I don't know what i am talking, i am too tensed!!!

You just forget what ever i said.

Is it from office?

Ya, it's from office!!

Why did Joo call?

Why did you put the ring?

What is Joo's problem?

I will tell you everything..

Give me two minute..

Now where are you going?

I had lot's of water!!

Wait i will come!!

Come fast!!

You please turn the other side Ahh!!!


Thank god..everything went as i thought..


This is the only good thing you have done in your life..!!




She is a nice girl..

You can happily be with her..

No one will ever, Come in between you guys..

Joo had called !!




Why did she call?


Why no calls?


Why should i call?

Finally! You realised..!

Thank god!! bye..


Is she mad?

Just ignore..


Who's message is that?



What is it?

She asked, if i reached?

Mr!! you can continue with that!!

What are you looking like that?

Come and drop me to the PG.

Bye.. Bye dude!!



Aadi ..

Your phone is ringing..

Check out who it is!

It's Nidhi..



Were you sleeping?

Yes i was..

Sorry, did i disturbed you !!

I will call you later..

No it's ok What time is your office?

Ahh, it's at 9:30am Ok, i will pick you by 8:30 be ready..


She said she will pick me!!

There was a time when you waited on footpath Now it's your time, someone is picking you!!

Golden time..

Enjoy the Phase!!!


Bow your head and enter, it's an electric car!!


Aren't you coming?


Ya i am coming... coming!!

Please come..

Wear the seat belt..


Seat belt..!

Is it there?

Ya it's there..

You had your breakfast?

Ahh.. I have to !!

Take this..

There is the Water...

Tissues are here...


Don't eat out from now on, I'll get it for you.


Let's go?


Aadi.. can't you be quiet...

And remain single for few days?


Should i narrate the story how you want...

Or should i narrate you, the way it is?

No tell me whatever has happened!!

Then just listen !!!


Where are you?

I'm in canteen..

Oh, you finished lunch...

I thought we'll have it together..

No, i am not here to eat...


Vijay is eating, I'm looking at him... hey..

Just to look?


Oh, will you join me for lunch?

Ya i am coming Okie..


You finish mine too... See you Bye... Okie enjoy..!

Ahh!! okie i will leave then..

Are you in a hurry?

No.. nothing like that I thought we will chat for a while Ok, we will talk.. will talk..

I will just remove the seat belt..

She said we will talk for a while..

I thought she would...

Talk for 5 to 10 minutes...

I should've realised when she removed the seat belt This train would never stop!

I knew girls talk a lot...

But never thought to this extent!

How much she talks!

How much can i acknowledge!

Atlast I was saved by a divine intervention

I am tired of talking...

I am hungry, let's have pani puri?

Ya we will have...

Oh!! it's late I guess we won't find pani puri You said you are hungry?

Let's go check..


I think he is closing...

We won't get...

Wait, i will go and ask him..

It's okie forget it...

I will be back!



Give me one plate pani puri..

Pani puri is over...

It's closed..

Just one plate...

No, it's closing time...

A girl has asked something for the first time It's a shame, If i don't buy her...


Who is she...

Your love?




Then what?

I have put a ring...


Putting ring?


Please give bro..

What is he telling? ring and all?

I can only give one plate!! don't ask for more Hmm...


I guess you like panipuri a lot?

Hmm, I would die for it.

Oh great!!

I will bring you some more?

"I can only give one plate! don't ask more!"


I think it's enough...

Even i think so

Pani puri was yum!!!

I can eat pani puri all day..

Give it to me in the morning, evening I can eat forever and never get bored of it!

Are you feeling sleepy?


Let me know, if you are sleepy.

The train was that fast with no fuel...

Imagine now, when it is full!

How far can i control?

I tried for sometime...


I couldn't...!






You dozed off?

Hmm.. sleep..

God!! i don't like girls who talk a lot!

Girls should be like me, silent and decent Without knowing anything about Nidhi, How can you just put the ring?

When people can tie knots blindly...

A ring is not a big deal!

Rightly said bro...

My dad hasn't understood my mom, Inspite of being married for 5 years...


Hey! how old are you?


Then you said it's been 5 years..

That's my dad's 2nd wife!!


Usually, it's very painfull to go through breakups...

It's hard to explain the agony...

Once Nidhi entered my life everything seemed to settle down...

I was actually feeling better.

It's okie atleast you were happy! brother bill.

How much is it?

100 Ask her for tips, don't forget, okie brother.

It's 100Rs, pay him Ahh?

How rude, you make a student to pay the bill?

Take it.


Ahh? Anything more!

I want some...


Nothing just leave Aadi...

What happened next?


On my birthday!

Come i will tell you.


Your phone is ringing.

See who is it.

You need an assistant to check your phone!!

It's Nidhi!!


Can you come out.

It's 12 o'clock she must have come to wish on your birthday!!

Won't you wish me?

Let her wish you first!

Wear something nice Ohh!

You dropped the cake?

What happened?

Are you crying?

What happened?

Super figure!!

At this hour!

I think she is a call girl.

What's your rate?

She is crying Dude...

She is just a kid...

Correct dude.

Come on guys Hey boycut...

Who is that?

See dude We didn't rape her...

We just tried to rag...

Hey dude Let's run away...

Let's run away Hey let's run away.. run away!!


Stab him...

Stab him...

Stab him...

Stab him.. stab him.. stab.. stab..

Stab him...

Don't leave, stab him...

Please stop!!

I had enough...

Can't make out that you fight so well!

I bought this cake with so much love...

Everything went in vain.

One minute i will be back...


Where did you go?

How is the cake?

Aww.. It's very cute?

Shall i cut it?

Blow it.

Happy birthday!

Thank you.

If you don't mind, can i ask you something?

Ya please..

You knew about my ex girlfriend...


Why did you accept my proposal?

I heard, how sincere you were in love And how tolerant you were with her tantrums.

You even slept on the road the whole night in mysore Who told you?

Your friends.


I feel so sorry for you.

If you can give so much love, for such a girl...

Me being such a nice girl...


I could imagine, how much you might love me...

So i agreed.


Can i take a picture of this ring?


Let me take...

Keep you hand along

It's very nice...

I will put it as WhatsApp Dp Dp? why?

Nothing, go ahead Hmm...


It's my mistake, i got you guys together...

You neither let me sleep in the moring nor in the night...

First change that ring tone


Hi Aadi..

Happy birthday..


I have come to Bangalore, specially for your birthday I will share you the location See you at sharp 10, bye What happened? why are you shell shocked?

It's Joo's call!!

Ahh... What!?


Are you planning to meet her?

You only tell him.

She has come all the way from Mysore to meet you, It won't be nice if you don't go.

Hello You have no idea about him!

If you allow him..

You please go...



Happy birthday!

Come with me..

Take this

Cut it

Aadi I have something to talk...

We will go inside the restaurant?

No, we can talk in the car.

Okie, come Aadi We will sit in your car..


Why Aadi?

Are you not comfortable?

Nothing like that.



Give me your hand.

Give it..

This is not the way to hold a girl's hand!

You should hold it like this!

Take a picture now

Why Aadi?

You don't need a picture with me?

You forgot me so soon?

Aadi I know I have done a big mistake.

I have humiliated you...

You can punish me for it...

But please don't say that, you will leave me...

We have been together for so many years...

Everytime i made a mistake, it's you who always compromised...

You know i am a big fool...

I have realised your value now!

Please, give me one last chance If i make a mistake again...

You can leave me and go I won't ask you anything!

Don't you think i deserve one more chance?

Please Aadi?


Joo..Joo..please please..

Give me sometime...

I will call you.

Aadi please don't leave me...

Aadi please Aadi!

Joo you go now..

I will call you I will call.. you please go..


All these apologies are just drama...

She is just jealous, that you have put a dp with another girl.

We are together from a month, But you were with her for 4 years...

If you want her, please decide..

Don't regret it later!

It's not like i won't feel bad..

I will be fine in few days!!

What did you decide?

Her name is Nidhi...

She loves me a lot I can't betray her...


So can you betray me?

You just forgot me so soon...

And you are already with another girl What kind of a person are you?

Have you told her about me?

Or you are just playing around with her too...

God i can't believe you did this to me!

I was just fooled!

I feel ashamed that i loved a person like you...

You such a cheat i can't...


First talk in Kannada!

Are you ashamed that you loved me?

You were ashamed of my salary...

Of my gifts...

You were embarrassed to sit in my car...

You can't eat paneer butter masala in a normal hotel You can only eat it in a 5 star hotel...

You think people who eat in a normal hotel, are not human beings?

You just know to have fun with your father's money How will you know the value of hard working people...

Today you have come to celebrate my birthday On your birthday, I was waiting for you the whole night Where were you on that day?

You were not bothered if i'm dead or alive from past 6 months I just put one picture... and you couldn't take it...

Hey Aadi just shut up okie!

Hey just keep the phone *****!!


Ahh!! whether i am dead or alive!!


What Aadi, you used such words?

So many days of frustration, Just came out...

I shouldn't have scolded her.

No no, what you did was right!!

I find Nidhi extrordinary!!

She loves you a lot!

She gives you time!

She gets you Breakfast!

She gets you cake in the midnight!

She also allows you to meet your ex girlfriend!


She is just perfect...

You just think about this...

Can any girl...

Be so perfect?

I think she is just faking!

Actually even i was confussed!




What you have felt is right...

You are on the right path!!

What did you do next?

What i did was...


With that confusion...

In that confusion?

I just...

You just?

I just married her!


You married her?

You just said you were confused?

We boys are like that...

We will get married in confusion...

Or we get confused after marriage!

What aadi?

When i asked you, you said you are single!

You were feeling so proud of guessing everything right, and i did't want to dissapoint you.


Actually, You have to listen to my first night story...

Ahh??First night!!


It's an extraordinary episode you will be just blown away!

Please don't fall on my feet...

I just wanted to keep the glass...


Are you not interested?


Are you not?

Not that "No"

I have..

Oh you have!!

Yes i have.

Every boy would have dreams about their first night And you?

What are you smelling?

Even i had...


I had it since i was a kid!

Since you were kid?

Doesn't mean i was a small kid...

I was kind of young...

What sort?

That we sit far away like this... and spend the whole night?

Oh sorry!!

It's not like that...

Then how is it?


It's nothing new for you right...


This is new for me too...


You haven't done anything so far?

Not like i haven't done anything..

Have you done?

No no...

I haven't done anything of that sort!!!

Then what all have you done?


Can you give me two minutes?


That's why they say, Never love till you marry... or marry the one you loved!

Come on!!

I am so pretty!

You are so lucky to get me!!

My eyes, colour, height,smile..

Ah I also cook so well...

You also eat my head...

And trouble me so well...

You have fooled me by saying great things about you.

You are a big fraud!

Am i a fraud?

I have seen your ex girlfriend You have seen EX.. have you seen double EX?

Double EX?

Double EX is the one before EX

Her name is Reema..

My high school love If she removes her glasses She looked like Titanic heroine Her eyes.. her lips.. her smile!


She use to hardly talk...


Was she dumb?

I meant her words were precious...

She would never blabber like you...

Oh i see!

Let me see her picture, if you have?

I haven't seen her since 15 years...

Why do you need all this?

Workout well and maintain you health!


I have already decided...

From now on full workout, full diet...

Ahh super!!

I am extremely hungry...

Let's eat Panipuri Ahh?


Not necessary...

There is apple in the car, you can have it.

Am i a patient to eat apple?

I want to have only panipuri.

I said no...

I said i want I said no..

Don't be stubborn Ohh...

Before marriage, didn't you get panipuri from a closed stall?

After marriage, did you lose interest?

You guys are all the same you all should be shot with a gun!

If something goes wrong...

Shall i get you one more plate?

You never listen to me...

I told you not to eat... panipuri...panipuri...panipuri...

It's not because of panipuri, i puked Oh!

You puked because i asked you to eat apple?



You puked because i fed you?


Hmm now i am sure...

You might have puked as you married some like me...


That might be possible!

What is with you?

Are you sure?


Everything changed once Nidhi entered my life.

It seems like a dream!

Thank you Nidhi...

For loving me so much...

Every moment i spend with you...

Is beautiful!!!

Good morning...

Morning Nidhima...

Tea for me Hmm..

Isn't it late for office?

Why didn't you wake me up?

You quit your job...

And take rest at home...

Why should i quit?

I won’t I told you to quit I told you i won't You should listen to what i say...

You shouldn't talk back for everything...

Is this how you treat a pregnant wife?

You start scolding me, early in the morning When did i scold?

Hmm.. drama begins!!!

Have tea..

I thought you won't take tea, as you were upset...

What happened?

Women work till their 7th month during pergnancy...


But you are asking me to quit right now...

You don't want any trouble in office so you are trying to lock me up at home?

I know, You have planned to have an affair at office Ohh!

Are you done?

Can i talk now?

People who love their wife casually will let them work till 7th month Since I love my wife a lot...

So i am asking you to quit early!!

Nothing like that...

You are just fooling me..

Do you need so much of tension and pressure in office?

You are like my princess!!!

Be like princess at home You ask me whatever you want... hmm..

You will get me whatever i ask?


Will you get me panipuri whenever i ask?

That's all?


What Mr Aditya?

You seem to be very happy?

I will be a father soon...

Oh wonderful!


Thank you sir.

I have also a good news for you!

Good news?

You have been promoted!!


Thank you...

It's a new project, You will have to put in little extra hours of work but you will be paid well!

Sure sir, no problem, I will do it!


All the best to you!

Thank you sir.


Hi Nidhima!


There is a good news for you Are you quiting your job?

Hey monkey!

I got promoted...


Why are you reacting like that?

What happened?

I am getting bored alone I know my sweetheart is getting bored So, we will go out for lunch Vijay, Sushma don't know the good news We will surprise them!


Ok.. ok.. Where shall we go?

Chinese? Continental? Italian? North indian?

South indian? Naati style?

Hello.. hello..

You got so excited about eating out that you got up.

How did you know that i got up?

I know everything...

Be ready, I love you..

Ok.. bye..

Love you..


What would be the surprise?

Mostly, Joo might have called...

I was just kidding...


They are coming...

Both are wearing similar t-shirt.

Something is written on the t-shirt.

Mom to be...

Dad to be...

It's Mom to be, dad to be!




Is it true?


We are just loafing around wearing it.

Hey donkey Congratulations Congrats Thank you I will just go to rest room and come.

Hmm okie..

Congratulations dude What a life you have!

You loved a girl in school, And one in college And got married to some one else And you are going to be dad Look at my life...

What's wrong with yours?

Ahh..I was just kidding!

You spoilt my school love...

And you spoilt college love...

You both are the reason for my life's twists and turns.


Didn't we find a nice girl for you to get married?

That the only, reason i am treating you guys today!

Come Nidhima Or else i would have..

Why? what happened?


Ahh... yes Haven't you stopped saying 'yes' 'yes' 'no' 'no' yet?


You have learnt a new word "what"!!

Do you remember how you were roaming behind me?

Was i?


Behind you?


I am married, she is my wife.

Hi.. hi..

You are so cute...

Why did you marry him?

I only rejected when he was behind me!

Excuse me, You have mistaken him as someone else Sushma?


You both are here.

Sushma Do you remember, how you used to scold him?

So stupid!

Your husband...

Told Vijay, he would commit suicide if i say no to his love.


Right Vijay?

Then.. she must be..



You recognised me I have changed a lot right?



Aadi keeps talking about you...

Reema was like that...

Reema was like this...


Is he still not over me?

When did i always speak about her?

I only told about her once, Ahh.. you know what?

When he came to propose me, it's a long story!

Reema, is it required now? why all that now?


Atleast ask her to sit she is insulting me while standing itself...

Should i make her sit and get more insulted?

I have to leave now, It was great meeting you guys.

I will tell you the full story, next when we meet.

You all take care..

Silly fellow!!



She was like a flower...

Now she has turned into Cauliflower!

I had told you then, she doesn't look like Titanic heroine You never listened to me.


You were calling her Ash!!

Look at her face properly.

I was happy that i got promotion, And also i was going to be a father!

Life was perfect!

But This work, career all these things Just took me far away from myself...

Hello. why no calls?

I will call you back.


I told Nidhi to quit her job to take rest.

But it made her restless.


What happened to my Nidhi?

Why did my bird get into the nest?

You shouldn't get upset for everything.


Come here.

Nidhima did you come?

If you love me... you will be here before i count 3.



1 Forget it, If you don't love me...

What will i do with this panipuri?

I will put it in dust bin!

She is like a maruthi car...

Maintenance free It's tough to convince wife even with a diamond necklace...

But i would get the work done, with just 25Rs panipuri!

I am lucky to get a wife like her!

You always say, you are bored at home.

Shall i open a panipuri shop for you?

Hmm super idea!!!

You too quit your job...

You keep making it for me, And i will keep eating it.

I somehow convinced her that day.

And i decided not to repeat it next time But Nothing worked...


Manager is calling you.

Ya i will come.

I just forgot what's important and what i should prioritise

Oh, 20 missed calls!!


What happened?

Did anyone say anything to you?

Who is here to say anything?

I had too much of work in office.

Before we were just 2 of us...

Now we are going to be 3...

To own a house, A car...

And a good lifestyle I have to work right?

If you work you will get money But your presence is not here If you are not here...

What will i do with the money?

I don't want...

The money you earn...

I want the time you give me

I don't know if we will be there tomorrow, But i want you to be with me for today, Will you be there?

I am hungry

I always treated Nidhi like a kid, But what she told...

Was so true.

I thought, whatever i was doing was for our future, But she made me realise...

That i wasn't there in it To keep our loved one's happy.

We work hard But the real happiness lies in...

In those wonderful moments we spend.

Why are you taking such decision Mr Aditya?

Think about it...

Who will say no to promotion?

This is for your future.

I have taken this decision for my future,

Just a minute, Hello Hi Sushma, Where are you guys?

I have come out with Vijay, I am all ready, What's the surprise?


Oh tomorrow is your birthday right?


Aadi didn't tell me anything...

Where is he now?

Is it?

He might be in office, Everyday he is late, He might come by 12 and surprise me!

Be on line..




Why did you come so early?

Are you mad?

If i come early, you have a problem?

If i come late also you have problem Wait, i am hungry I will freshen up...

Hey he might take me out for dinner, he said he is hungry!

I will call you later.

Ahh okie...

Ahh okie.. enjoy.

Okie bye.

Are you going somewhere?

You said you were hungry, So, for dinner You want to eat out everyday?

What about your health?

Come let's eat here only.

Why? what happened?

Nothing You want me to feed you?

I will eat myself.

Ok eat.

Hello, where are you guys?

Full on party?

We are at home.

At home?

You cut the cake?

What is the surprise?

No cakes.. no surprises..


Where is he?

He is sleeping here.

Is he sleeping?

Wait i will call him now.

Leave it, he is sleeping.



I forgot to wish you Happy birthday



Happy birthday!!

Why no sound at all?

You must be far away from us?

Yes, we are in hell.


Thanks Vijay!!

Thanks for remembering and wishing me on my birthday

Why are you shouting?

I can hear you...



Such crazy people!

Why sweetheart?



Who is your sweetheart?

Everyone is wishing me for my birthday, What's wrong with you?

Oh, it's your birthday...

I am roaming around you, wearing new dress...

Can't you see?

Sorry.. Sorry..Sorry.. Sorry..Sorry..

Sorry sweetheart...

Happy birthday...

Leave my hand.

Didn't i surprise you in the mid night...

On your birthday?


You enjoyed so much then...

Why can't you surprise me?

What can i surprise you at this time?

It was during this time...

You went to surprise her, And sat the whole night in Mysore footpath!


Did you lose interest after marriage?

All you men are the same!

It's not like that Nidhima...

Hey get lost..


Get lost?

Are you crying?

Sorry I kicked you.

Wow you are so romantic!

You both make a very good pair.

After seeing you both I too want to get married soon!


I have started liking Nidhi now I want to meet her once.

Which baby did you have?

Is it a boy or a girl?

Can i guess this one?




Why did you become silent?

Are you her husband?

Yes, What happened?

It's a miscarriage.


How is she?

She is fine, You can go and see her.



Why are you asking me sorry?

You shouldn't cry.

Sir, Doctor is calling you.

I will speak to the doctor and come, You rest.

How are you related to the patient?

I am her husband Why? What happened?

Any problem?

We got blood sample reports, HCG levels are very high.

If it's too high, Then there might be presence of malignant cells.

Any serious issues?

I can't confirm you right now.

You do one thing, Get PET scan And these tests done.

Once i get the reports, I will tell your wife's exact condition.

Doctor, what has happened to me?

The reason for your miscarriage is..

You have ovarian cancer!

It's in stage 3 Cancer?

It's just not possible...

Something must be wrong with the report.

How can she have cancer?

See her, she is so healthy.

So what if she has got cancer?

It's so common these days.

It can be cured right?

Nothing to worry, If it's in stage 1,2 and 3 It can be cured.

There are treatments...

Let's start treating from today.

Yes of course, We have to do chemotherapy and radiation therapy For which, you have to be mentally strong.

She is very strong doctor, Infact we both will fight together.

Very good, Don't worry, i will be there with you.





What happened?

Doctor has already told us There will be hair loss.

I love my hair.

Why is it happening to me?

Will i be fine again?

100 percent you will be fine...

Still, i won't look nice without my hair Who told you?

My Nidhima is pretty however she is.

I don't look good even with my hair, No, You are look good.

Cancer cells have spread to other organs.

It's in the last stage.

Sorry to say this, No further treatment will help.

We can give pain killers to reduce the pain.

Can we somehow...

Save her?

What are you doing?

Doctor just told me, She will be fine in a week.

Sushma, You take a week off.

We all will go on a trip.

Viju, Select a good place to go.

Nidhima come...

You know what, Doctor couldn't believe That you are recovering so fast.

You are the only patient to recover so soon.

To whom should all this credit go to?

I have taken care of her like a princess.


You want some water?


What are you guys doing here?

Aren't you late to office? leave now We will meet tomorrow, come.

Don't forget to book the tickets.



I know, i won't live long, Who told you?

It's written on your face.

What's written?

You are feeling comfortable right?

Those medicines are keeping me comfortable.

It's just temporary.

I am sorry Aadi.

Why are you asking me sorry?

I dreamt of having kids, grandchildren, And that we grow old together.

And now i am leaving you halfway How much time is left?

If i look at you, I don't think i have much time.

Can you fulfill my word?

Just sleep for a while.

Can you take me home, please?

You wanted to meet Nidhi right?

Here she is...

Hi Nidhima...

Look who is here.

How are you?

I have brought your Xerox.

Even she is like you...

Talks very less...

Say hi.

She can't hear you...

Open your mouth and say.


What are looking at?

Why don't i have tears in my eyes?

She was the one who taught me what true love and happiness is.

If i cry infront of her, she won't like it.

Look, She left me alone And happily settled there.



My nature, My hairstyle Everything is similar to Nidhi right?


That's why you saved me, You dropped me, And spoke so much with me...


Life is still a long journey...

Can you again...

Love someone?

Everytime i was in love, i felt, it was true love.

When everytime it failed, I looked for a new love.

Nidhi might not be there with me, But i never felt, her love is dead or a failure.

Because true love happens only once in a life time, And it already happened to me That's enough for this life time.

It was nice meeting you Aadi.




This was my best journey.

Your friends were right Time just flies, if you are along Bye..