Love Takes Flight (2019) Script

(dramatic orchestral music)

(light instrumental music)

Look Mom, it's a plane.

Oh yeah, it is a plane.

What are those things on the bottom?

So it can land on water.

Like a duck?

Yeah, like a duck.

Wait, can you hear that?

It's quacking.

Quack, quack, quack, quack.

(child cheering)

Do it again!

Oh wow, you are such an adrenaline junkie.

I'm gonna have to keep my eye on you.

Hello, old person.

Quinn, sweetie you can't say that.

I'm so sorry.

Oh no, it's okay, I am old.

And how do you do, ma'am?

How do I do what?

[Mom] He means, how are you?


Me and my mom are shopping for cereal.

Isn't that funny?

I am too.

What's your favorite kind?

Oatmeal, not as colorful as some, but I enjoy it.

What's your favorite kind?

I can't have any of my favorites.

Oh surely you must get a treat every once in a while.

Oh we wish we could, right?

Well, maybe you should try oatmeal.

Is it good?

It's good for you.

Can we get oatmeal?

You might be the first five-year-old in history to ask that.

Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you ladies.


My name's Quinn, and this is my Mom.


A pleasure.

Hope she comes out of her shell one day.

Tell me about it.

Well have a nice day.

You, too.

Are you ready for takeoff?

Huh, you feel normal.

My mother always told me I'm special.

You drive ambulances for a living, and you couldn't find a thermometer?

What, and miss a chance to see you?

Lizzie has a strict rule about mixing work and her personal life.

I'm still new.

Let me ease her into the idea of me dating someone from the hospital.

Excuse me.

Hi, you work here, right?

Last I checked, how can I help you?

I'm Charley Allen, I hear you need an EMS pilot.

Oh right, the interview, I'm Felicia Page, deputy administrator.

This is Todd.

Todd, how you doing? Hi, Todd.

Your interview's not till 9:30.

Well you know, early birds and all of that.

Right, well, Lizzie Beauman's our COO, and she'll be conducting your interview, but I don't think she'll be able to get to you before then.

I can keep myself busy.

If you're looking for me, I'll be up on the heli-pad.

Wait, you can't just go--

Oh, I'm sure I'll find it.

Upstairs until I see the sky, right?

Remember we have piano practice at Nana's this afternoon, okay?


Turn please.

All right, all right.

Okay, there you go.

I love you so much.

Love you too.

Bye Sweetie.

Good morning.

Morning, Lizzie.

The invoice for the incubators came in over budget.

Pay it.

I don't know if the board's gonna go for that.

Well, ask them next to the nursery.

They can't say no next to a bunch of adorable babies.

You miss being an OB-GYN.

I help more as an administrator.

Okay, I just noticed you hadn't let your medical license lapse, so.

Doctor Kapoor is back from vacation today.

Great, what else?

Doctor Stadler called.

Saint Carmen's is in the running.

Her patient's in Georgia, and she doesn't want risk too much travel.

See if she can have lunch.

Already booked, Monday at Collins Quarter.

Look at you.

A patient asked for a consult in the OB wing.

Felicia. I know you're staying out of patient care, but they asked for you specifically.


There was something else.

Oh, the interview for the new EMS pilot.

Oh yeah, I met him earlier.

He's here?

His interview's not until 9:30.

I know, he seems very eager.

He said he'd be waiting for you on the heli-pad.

Well, he is not supposed to be up there.

I would have tried to stop him, but there's no way he's getting past Marcus.

Good point.

I went over his resume this morning.

He's the best candidate we've had by miles.

Well, he'll have every opportunity to impress, at 9:30.

Good morning, Miss?

Hey, sis.

What are you doing here?

I wanted to see a doctor.

You have a doctor.

Fine, I wanted to see you.

And I want you to have the best care possible, which is why I referred you to Doctor Crawford.

Doctor Crawford's not my sister.


Is everything okay?

Are you feeling fine?

No, yeah, it's nothing like that, just I'm due in 10 days, and I was hoping you could say something to just make me, I don't know, less scared?

It is perfectly normal to feel scared, we all do.

Okay good.

And when this gets going, feel free to take your husband's hand, and squeeze it as hard as possible, because it is our right as mothers.

Thank you.

So just because I'm not gonna be your doctor, doesn't mean I'm not gonna be there every step of the way.

You are in great hands, Doctor Crawford is the best.


(bright instrumental music)

So that actually happened.

This isn't much pad for a chopper that size.

If you need help bringing her down, let me know, I don't mind.

Come on, you throw down a postage stamp, I'll find a way to land.

Charles Allen?

Yeah, you can call me Charley, though.

Nice meeting you man.

Marcus, it was great talking to you, and I hope I can trust you as a flight controller a lot more than I can trust these stories you're throwing around here.

You should be so lucky.

I like this guy.

He seems very qualified.

Yeah, that too.

Looking good?


The helicopter.

Oh, yeah.

Propellers look good, struts are steady.

Dials are clean.

Great, glad it's up to your standards.

Why don't we head downstairs and conduct the interview?

Why don't we do the interview up here?

Enjoy some sunshine.

I think it would be more professional in my office.

Oh come on, everybody can use a little more fresh air.

I don't like heights.

Okay, well in that case, why don't you just hire me, and we can skip this whole interview thing altogether.

I can't hire you without doing an interview.

Well I was kidding, though I don't know what an interview tells you about how I can fly.

Questions are mostly routine.

I'm not big on routine.

It's a hospital, routine saves lives.

People save lives, routine saves lawsuits.

It's nice meeting you, Mister Allen.


Are you serious?

I promise you a better pilot will not walk through that door.

[Lizzie] He's a cowboy.

A hospital is no place for a cowboy.

He has tons of experience, all his certifications, he even flew two tours in Iraq.

He's military?

If we want Doctor Stadler to choose Saint Carmen's for her procedure, we have to have a pilot, even if it's just for the next few weeks.

Fine, bring him in for an interview, and maybe he'll make a better second impression.



Did you have a good day?


Okay, why don't you get your backpack?

We're gonna be late for Nana's.

Okay. Okay.

(soft piano music)

[Quinn] Nana!


Hello, my little prized student.

So, have you been practicing?


Good, you go get warmed up and I'll be right there, okay?

Hey Mom.

Quinn is just getting better and better.

Can't wait for our recital in a couple of weeks.

Our duet's gonna steal the show.

How do you feel about sharing your spotlight?

Well if one must pass the torch, least it be to my own granddaughter.


Everything okay?

Have you heard anything about Quinn having trouble making friends?

Quinn? Yeah.

No, I can't imagine that.

I know, but, she was working on this thing, a little book, and on the cover she wrote, mission: find a friend?

If you want I'll do a little fishing.

No, I don't think I was supposed to know about it.

I just, I've been working so many hours and--

Don't even start.

You are a terrific mother.

And don't feel bad about being a little snoopy either, 'cause that's what we mothers do.

Okay, good to know.

Yes it is.

And after all the customers were gone, the Prince turned to the Cobbler and said, "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

The End.

Can you read it one more time, please?

It's a good one isn't it?

Yeah, it shows us that we can make friends anywhere.

Like where?

Like anywhere.

Like, at a day-care,

or a piano recital.

A hospital?

Well, hospitals are places where people work very hard to make people feel better.

But you said anywhere.

Yes, and it's your bedtime.


Let's go to sleep.

All right, let me tuck you in.

I love you very, very much.


Good morning.

Good morning.

Can I get a coffee, black?

Of course, and for you, young lady?

I'll have chocolate milk, black.

You got it.

Thank you.

How's your chocolate milk?

It's yummy.

All right, want to trade?


Can I have a sip?


Let's sit here.

All right.

How is it, too hot?

Hello, young person?


Mom, look it's Walter!

It is, hi.

Good morning.

It's me, Quinn.

How could I forget?

Me and my Mom just got coffee.

You're drinking coffee?

Well, it's chocolate milk.

But I could drink coffee.

Nana says I'm mature for my age.

Without a doubt.

Elizabeth, wasn't it?


We come here all the time, surprised we've never seen you.

I'm trying to get out of the house more.

I thought it could improve my mood by reading my newspaper around people.

How's that working?

It's nice, I see people drink their first cup of coffee, gathering their strength for another day.

We like to read too.

Last night Mom read me the one about the prince and the guy who makes shoes.

The Prince and the Cobbler.

You've read it?

My wife, she read it to my son when he was your age.

It's a wonderful tale about finding friends in the most unlikely places.

In my experience, they're the best kinds of friends.

What kind of coffee did you get?

Actually, it's tea.

We should have a tea party!

Can we please?

Since when do you drink tea?

I love tea.

You do?

Really, don't feel like you have to.

No no, no no no.

First the cereal aisle, and now of all the sleepy cafes I could have chosen, it almost feels like fate.

If you would do me the honor, I would love to host you at my house on Saturday for tea.


You can come too, Mom.

Oh well, you're five so yes, I think I'll be coming too.

All right then.

It's a date.

[Charley] First off, let me apologize for yesterday.

If I were upset you wouldn't be here.

You move around a lot.

I am a pilot.

Got most of your experience overseas.

Do you mind if we pick up after that part?

Of course.

After you got back, you flew in Vegas, four jobs in eight months.

I'm sure if you call, they will all sing my praises.

I did call them, and they did all sing your praises.

Why so much bouncing around?

I don't know.

A rolling stone gathers no moss, right?

You know that's an argument against rolling stones?


Who wants to be covered in moss?

It wasn't that I wasn't committed.

It's just things out there work better, short-term.

How did you end up in Savannah?

I grew up here.

I got back about four months ago.

I'm not sure how long I'll be here, but while I'm around I thought I'd make myself useful.

So you're not settled here, then?

What do you mean by settled?

Long term.

Maybe not, but I've learned the hard way that, it's what you do today that's more important than what you're gonna do tomorrow.

So if you hire me today, I'll make a difference.


We'll bring you on, for a two-week probationary period.

No reason for either of us to commit if it's not a good fit.

Long term.

Thank you.

[Message Voice] Hey this is Luke, leave a message.

Hey Luke, it's Lizzie.

I just wanted you to know that Quinn is having her first piano recital on Mother's Day.

So if you were thinking of getting me anything.

I know you're busy, but it would mean a lot to her, if you would come.

Let me know, okay, bye.

Hi there.

What's in the bag?

They wanted to come to the tea party.

Well of course, let's go.


There he is.

Welcome, ladies.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon. Welcome.

Thank you.

Hi Quinn, you're looking lovely.

Thank you.

Step right this way.

[Lizzie] That is so beautiful.

Why can't our house have a lake?

Good question.

And here you are, Mister?

Sorry, what's his name?



Went to school with a Clyde Berry, ancestor of yours?

Your uncle, really?

How is the old card?

Shall I tell him Beary's not real?

A piano!

Hey Quinnie, you have to ask permission--

No, no no, it's all right.

Those keys could use a little exercise.

Very good.

Me and Nana are doing a recital on Mother's Day.

Wonderful, what are you playing?

Heart and Soul, have you heard of it?

It's one of my favorites.

Nana's playing the hard part.

I'm just playing the easy part.

Would you like to help me practice?

Well, I'm a little rusty, but I'd love to hear you play.


[Lizzie] What's that?

[Quinn] Look Mom, it's a duck plane.

It is.

That's my son.

I wanna go see.

Quinn, wait!

Quinn, wait up.

Wait, is that?

Hey, boss.


Seems like I missed a real shindig.

We had a tea party.

A tea party?

Wow, what'd you talk about?

This and that.

This, and that.

Well, you've been more than generous.

Unfortunately, we have to go.


I hope not on my account.

Why don't you thank Walter for having us over?

Thank you, Walter.

The pleasure was all mine, my lady.

Next time you can come to our house.

I wait with baited breath.

Thank you again, for having us over.

We're just gonna grab our things.

Take your time.

Okay, thanks.

See you at the hospital.



♪ What the world needs now is love sweet love ♪ Dad, some stuff you need to sign.

It'll update your car insurance.

I don't drive much anymore.

Yeah, still need insurance.

Why don't we just sell the car?

We're not selling the car, Dad.

How else would you get around?

She did all the driving, you know.

I know.

Took a couple of jokes for it, but she always was the better driver.

Have you eaten anything since your tea party, today?

Not feeling very hungry.

I can make you something.

Come on Dad.

A few hours ago, you were out there playing Downton Abbey with a bunch of stuffed unicorns.

You told me to be more sociable.

Please help me understand.

Why will you talk to them, but not me?

There's nothing to understand.

My mistake.

(introspective piano music)

The second he came in, he acted so odd.

So he's protective of his dad.

Are Quinn and I really that threatening?

I like to think that all of the Beauman women are intimidating.

Hey, do you think that you would have had more kids, if you and Luke stayed together?

Probably not.

He traveled too much.

I remember he had more clothes in his suitcase than his dresser.

Yeah, it wasn't just the traveling, it was, he would breeze in for the easy stuff, play the hero, and then breeze right out.

Well, you definitely deserve better than that.

Thank you.

Hey, hey boss.

Hey, I want to talk to you about the other day.

Well, you weren't exactly welcoming.

I may have misread the situation.

It was a little girl's tea party.

What was there to misread?

It's complicated, but what do you say you and I bury the hatchet, and we'll arrange Walter and Quinn another play date.

I'd say it's best to keep our relationship professional.

Thank you.

All right, I was a little bit of a jerk.

Good, we both agree.

Now, this is when you tell me why.

My Mom passed last year, and things with my Dad and I have not been easy.

I'm really really sorry.

When I saw him with Quinn,

for just a second, I saw the old Walter, and, this is gonna sound ridiculous, but I was jealous.

If it helps, Quinn is a very good sharer.


I've gotta tell you, when you guys left the other day, my Dad went and sat at the piano.

He used to play for my Mom, all the time.

But he doesn't do that anymore.

So he hasn't played since your Mom?

No, he hasn't touched it.

Quinn is taking lessons from my Mom, and she just, she saw the piano and got excited, and I'm so sorry if it made him feel uncomfortable in any way.

No, no no no, the opposite.

I think Quinn had some effect on him.

So I saw a book that Quinn was making in day-care, mission: find a friend.

Yeah, I know.

I didn't read it, but whatever her mission is, I think your Dad has something to do with it.


So, I will talk to Quinn, and we'll figure it out.

Awesome, thank you.

Yeah well, sounds like they both could use a friend.

Can't we all?

See you later.

As you'll see, on the dossier, Saint Carmen's has up-to-date facilities.

You have a pilot?

Yes, we have an EMS pilot on the staff.

He has all of his certifications.

He has experience flying tissue for transplants?

He actually, he worked overseas.

So, I mean--

Doctor Beauman, I have no doubt that you have a lovely hospital, but for my procedure I don't need, up-to-date and amazing, I need cutting edge, and perfect.

Well it was very nice meeting you.

When I make my decision I'll let you know.

Doctor Stadler?


There may be other hospitals with more advanced procedures, bigger research grants.

But I know, that we have 42 doctors, 98 nurses, 13 lab techs, six custodians, and yes, one very well-qualified pilot, who will bend time itself to make sure that your procedure is a success.

Now, ask me what the other hospitals don't have.

What else?

They don't have me.

I won't let so much as a thermostat be at the wrong temperature when it comes time for your operation.

Well, leadership is very important.

I'll take that into consideration when I make my decision.

Thank you, Doctor Beauman.

Thank you.

What are you doing Dad?

I signed those papers you needed.

The car insurance, a couple of others.

Hope you don't mind I didn't read them all.


I can't believe you kept all of that.

We used to have so much fun playing after church.

Yeah, we did.

Lizzie called, she invited us over to their house.

I thought I'd teach Quinn how to play croquet.

That sounds like a great idea.

I understand if you don't want to come.

It's not always fun seeing your boss in a social setting.

What are you talking about?

I wouldn't miss it.

Good job, let's go.

I can't tell you how great it is to see him like this.

It's the old Walter.

Well, having young kids visit assisted living facilities has been found to improve mood, cognitive function, even life span.

Maybe it's that.

Oh, I knocked the wicket over.

By the way, who's Doctor Stadler?

How did you find out about her?

I keep my ear to the ground.

Sounds like she's a big deal.

Yeah, yeah, she's amazing.

She developed this procedure for kidney transplants, cuts recovery time by 80%, makes rejection risks almost non-existent.

If her procedure is successful, the grant money alone.

Yeah, nothing in a hospital's cheap.

No, it isn't.

It's not just that.

When I became an administrator, it was my dream to build a housing wing for patients' families.

The money she'd bring in would make that possible.

Who's winning?

I don't know.

Well you'd better figure it out.

Winner gets lemonade.

What's the loser get?

Lemonade, so the stakes are pretty high.

Tell Charley he's invited too.

You are also invited for lemonade.

Well, who could pass that up?

That little girl had you on the run.

My heart hasn't hit that many BPM's in a few decades.

Use it or lose it though, right Doc?

I try not to weigh in on friends' medical issues.


[Walter] Thank you.

Are you serious?

Yeah, well in medicine it's important to stay objective and if you know the patient personally--

That must be our little Beethoven now.

I was just kidding.


Pretty good.

I still need more practice.

Sounds pretty good to me.


How about you play something for us, Dad?

If you don't feel comfortable.

Come on, you know the other half of Heart and Soul, right?

It's been a long time.

It's not been that long.

It's fine.

Nobody wants to hear me play anyway.

But if you like, I'll listen.

Maybe I can offer some pointers.

(piano playing)

Look if he doesn't feel comfortable, he does not have to.

You haven't been living with this, like I have.

If I didn't push him, he wouldn't do anything.

It's for his own good.

He's grieving.

And that's just a process that takes time.

Yeah, but a little pain now, for a lot less later?

I'd want to be treated that way.

Have you thought about getting him some professional help, someone who's not so close to the situation.

I've been down that road.

Professional help, close or not, the real question is always, are they putting the patient first?

Like family would?

I'm just gonna get some more lemonade.

Hey Pops.

Long day.


I snuck a nap in the on-call room after shift.

Smart choice?

Look I know you don't want to talk about this but,

we need to come up with a plan about Mom's ashes.

I didn't know you were in such a hurry.

It's been over a year.

It's something she wanted us to do together.

Dad, I have dropped everything in my life--

I didn't ask you to.

Look, I know it's hard.

But this isn't just for me.

It's for you, too.

Lizzie and Quinn asked me to come over and make cupcakes for Quinn's rehearsal tomorrow.

Quinn asked if you'd come to, if you're interested.

Yeah, it sounds good.

500 degrees?

Is that too hot?

Not if you're making briquettes.

I told you I was no good at this, but all the kids at Quinn's rehearsal are gonna thank you.

Yes, they would.

When I was in high school, Lizzie made brownies for my field hockey team, and we used them as eye black.

Thank you for the eggs, and the commentary.

Like I would miss the chance to meet the famous Walter and Charley?

Oh, infamous really.



You must be fly-boy.

Yeah, or Charley.

You must be the baker in the family?

That's right, but there's not a lot of competition in that department.

Mommy, it came off.

Stay right there, I'm gonna wash my hands, okay?

I got it, I got it.

What do you have there?

Oh yeah.

Easy peazy.

Now, you gotta be honest with me, though.

Is that where you get all your superpowers from?

I don't have superpowers.

What? Are you sure?

You could have fooled me.

Thank you.

Of course.

Look, all fixed.

(phone ringing)

This is Doctor Beauman.

Hello, this is Doctor Stadler calling.

Hi, Doctor Stadler.

I just finished my meeting at Sky Valley.

Sky Valley, that's one of the best hospitals in the country.

It is, but they just didn't make the same impression you made.


If your offer still stands, I'd love to perform my new procedure at your hospital.

Doctor Beauman?

Yes, yes, the offer still stands.

It would be our pleasure to have you.

Great, you'll be hearing from my team soon.

I trust you'll start prepping things on your side?

To be honest, we already have.

Figured as much.

Talk soon.

Yes we will, thank you so much.

Okay, you hear that one?

It's a warbler.

Pretty good.

But what color is it?

Black and white.

That's amazing.

But you spend as much time in the air as I do, you make friends with the neighbors.


Well, duty calls.

See you tonight?


All right.

Bye. Bye.

He seems like a great guy.

Yeah, he is.

I think he wants to make things more serious.

Oh, all right, congratulations.


I still haven't told Lizzie about us, yet.

Why not?

Lizzie's always been so adamant about not mixing home and work.

Really, she has?

Big time.

She leaves the grounds to take personal calls.

She won't even deliver her own sister's baby.

I don't know what she'd say about me dating somebody from the hospital.


I've been looking for you.

What's up?

Doctor Stadler called.

She chose Saint Carmen's for the procedure.

That's amazing.

I know.



It's very exciting for the hospital.

Oh she needs the serial number for the helicopter for her paperwork.

Okay, I don't know it off the top of my head, but if you want to come up with me, we can get it.

It's okay, you can just get it and run it by my office.

Oh, that's right, you're afraid of heights.

Afraid is a very strong word.

Well why don't you just come up there with me, and then you'll know where to find it next time.

Three, tango, foxtrot, fiber.

Got it, thank you.

Hey, slow down.

You've been up, right?

No, it's fine by me.

There is nothing dangerous about flying, especially with me.

Well I'll have you know, that acrophobia is very normal, and common.

There's nothing common about you.

Come on, let's take a quick spin.

It's the middle of the day.

What if a call comes in?


Go for flight control.

Hey, I want to take Doctor Beauman up for no more than an hour, are we clear?

All good, Allentown is double staffed, they can cover.

Says we're good.

Listen, anytime that you go, and you get uncomfortable, we'll come right back down.

I promise.

Right in front, there you go.

Can you hear me?

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you.

You don't have to yell, I don't have a crash cart, so I'm gonna need you to breathe, okay?

If my phone rings, will I be able to hear it over the propeller?


You really should look out the window.

You're missing all the fun.

Having a lot of fun, thank you.

That's my Dad's house over there.

Don't you wanna see?

Yep, I think I prefer the view from the ground.

Can't wait to take you skydiving.

I thought you said one step at a time?

Actually I'm partial to giant leaps.

I've noticed.

(light instrumental music)

What are you doing?

I'm gonna bring her down.

You're gonna land it down there?

Lizzie, I have over 2,000 hours of flight experience, and I've landed in tighter spots than open meadow.

But if you really aren't comfortable with me landing, I can take us back to the hospital.

Gives you a different perspective, right?


Flying like that.

Oh yeah, well, literally.

Look what Quinn gave me.

I gave her those.

She re-gifted me.

Well, I will not let her kindness be wasted.

How was her rehearsal?



Yeah, the cupcakes were a hit, thanks to you and your Dad.

She was very excited to share.

Always been very giving.

I guess every parent says that about their kid.

Yeah, they do.

But Quinn is different.

She's a pretty special kid.


When she got sick, I thought it was the flu.

I thought, I'm a doctor.

I know what the flu looks like.

And when she didn't get better, I finally took her in.

Her blood sugar levels were,

almost lost her.

People make mistakes, you can't--

No, I couldn't be objective.

Would I have made that mistake with someone else's kid?

Just, between her Dad leaving, and the insulin,

she's had to deal with so much adult stuff already.

It's not fair.

No, it's not.

It's not fair, at all.

My Mom passed while I was deployed, and I just needed to be somewhere else.

I can't imagine how hard that was.

You know in Alaska they have all these little towns that are completely surrounded by wilderness.

No roads, and I've got this buddy, Paul, who flies in supplies, he's got this squad of bush pilots.

Sounds isolated.

Actually, the opposite.

It's funny no matter how far apart people get, they still find a way to connect.

I know what you mean.

I know that you do.

You know what, I want to show you something, come here.

You okay?


My Mom and Dad used to come here.

See, it wasn't that bad, right?


I was only petrified, half the time.



Well, you may have had a calming effect.

Well, human Dramamine, at your service.

Oh look.

[Charley] You used to do this, right?

Didn't you deliver babies?

Yep, every day.

You know, if you loved it so much, how come you became an administrator?

As an OB, I was on call, all the time.

And when Quinn's Dad and I got divorced, I went to the board and asked to be moved to administration, so I could spend more time with her, and still do what I love.

Quinn is lucky to have you.


It's funny,

I've never been nervous for a delivery, but with my sister, if I was her doctor and something went wrong, I would never be able to forgive myself.

It's a risk she's willing to take though, right?

Ah, I know.

Home and hospital, never the two shall meet.

Found 'em.

Oh, where were they?

Laundry room.

Oh yeah, thank you.

What's you got going on here?

I thought I'd give Quinn some pointers on reading sheet music.

That's a nice thing to do.

I'm enjoying it.

Marks on paper, yet carry more meaning, than can be expressed by all the words in the world.

I took Lizzie up in the helicopter today.

I thought she was afraid of heights.

There's not much she can't do when she puts her mind to it.

I took her out to your spot, the one you used to take Mom to.

Beautiful view of the water there.

Yeah it is.

I miss her too, Dad.

Hey. Hey.

You're helping Doctor Stadler get settled in okay?

Actually there's been a small hiccup on that front.


Well, we don't have an EMS pilot after today.

What about Charley?

You forgot?

Forgot what?

Oh, today's the last day of his probationary period.

He is off today, I could go--

No no no, I'll go talk to him.


(knocking on door)


Come on in.

What's all this?

Well, my Mom, she used to do all the bookkeeping, so to speak.

So she was the signatory on their paperwork, and when my Dad wouldn't return their calls, they started calling me.

And that's why you came home.


I got most of this worked out.

And there's this one other thing that my Dad and I have to do together, but I don't think he's quite ready for it yet.

Okay, so when you're done with all of that, then what?

I don't know, there's not much keeping me here, is there?

What if you stayed?

A little bit longer?

Look, I know, I know I forgot about your probationary period, and we really need a pilot on staff.

But I've never been anyone's long-term solution--

Or Doctor Stadler goes to another hospital.

And it seems like your Dad is still struggling.

I'm sure it's nice to have family around.

Honestly, I think he'd just rather hang out with you and Quinn.

I think I just make things worse.

That is not true.

So, you only want me to stay for Doctor Stadler?

That's it?

Just a few more days, till we're done with the procedure.

Okay boss, you can count on me.

Thank you.

I'll let you get back to it.

I have an operating room on standby.

As soon as the tissue becomes available, the theater is yours.

And my patient?

Arrived today.

He's in a room just next to the OR.

You're the pilot?


You understand what's at stake?

Charley is more than capable--

I have flown evacs from hot zones, touch and goes, invasive maneuvers through anti-aircraft fire, I'm pretty familiar with high-stakes flying.

For my procedure, we'll have a tight window for the tissue to still be viable.

Every second counts.

When the call comes in I will be airborne in under five minutes.

There's a storm coming, high winds.

Our helicopter's already a little big for our pad.

And if it's too windy to land?

We have a backup hangar 20 miles away.

20 miles, city traffic, that's another 30 minutes, maybe more.

Won't be an issue.

I'll land on the pad.

You sure?

Yes ma'am.

Okay, well if you don't make it back in time, we'll do a normal transplant.

It's taken months to find a suitable candidate.

I won't risk the reputation of my procedure if conditions are not perfect.


Copy that.

Cheers, by the way.

What are we cheers-ing to?

To Saint Carmen's being HQ for that fancy pants Doctor Stadler's new operation.

Well, she hasn't done the operation yet.

What's wrong?

You have such a hard time letting yourself by happy.

I've had a lot of practice managing expectations.

See, I hate that.

You shouldn't have to manage your expectations.

You deserve everything you want.

Thank you.

Of course.

My friend up in Alaska gave me a call.

He has an opening for a pilot.



I mean it's what you wanted, right?

Yeah, it's what I wanted.

But you'll stay through the surgery then?

Of course.

Great, great.


No, hey, it's fine.

Like you said, you're no one's long-term solution.

After the surgery, we'll look for your replacement.


(thunder rumbling)

(soft piano music)

Weather's coming in.

I need to clean those gutters tomorrow.

Mom, please let somebody help you with that, this time.

Stop, these knees may be getting a little creaky, but I can still climb an eight-foot ladder, thank you very much.

Okay, what's up?

I think Charley's leaving after Doctor Stadler's procedure.

Oh, Lizzie.

I'm sorry.

No, it's, it's kind of expected.

It's just Quinn has really taken to him.


And what?

And maybe you're a little taken with the dashing young pilot, yourself?

Just, a little?

Why didn't you remarry after you and Dad got divorced?

Where'd that come from?

I mean was it, life was too hectic?

Was it me and Barb?

I just waited.

And I just didn't look that hard.

Why are you asking me that, now?


I know he loved me, and I know he loves Quinn so much, but he was always moving around, and he was never there when we needed him the most.

Wait, you're not regretting you got divorced, are you?

No no no, nothing like that.

It's just, with Charley.


With Charley I see that same fear, of standing still.

And I wonder,

I just don't want to bring another man into Quinn's life, who's gonna leave again.

Sweetheart, don't let fear keep you from being happy.

Okay Mom.

All right, Sweetie.

It's your turn.

25 points.

Nicely done.

Hey, you have your piano recital coming up, don't you?


Are you nervous?

A little bit.

Oh you have nothing to worry about, you're going to be great.

(phone buzzing)

Sorry, I gotta take this.

Hey Felicia.

Don't worry, she's gonna be okay.

Who's gonna be okay?

I assumed she called you first.

What are you talking about?

Your Mom, she's in the emergency room.


Oh no.

Mom, what happened, are you okay?

No parent should ever have to hear their child say, I told you so.

You cleaned the gutters.

That ladder is not as sturdy as you think.

Is it broken?

The ladder's fine.

Your hand, Mom.

I think they called it a radar fracture.

A radius fracture.

I'm fine.

But what this means is that I can't play in Quinn's recital now.

I'm just so mad at myself.

No, no no no, look, the most important thing is that you are okay.

Fold this over, like that, and this over like that, and voila, you've got an airplane.


Chuck it.

It flew.

You know what, my Dad and I used to make these all the time, and if you catch the wind just right, they will fly forever.

Let's make another one.

Let's do this, great idea.

Now remember.

Well, she was cleaning out her gutters, and she fell off the ladder, and she broke her wrist.

Oh no.

I know.

Is she gonna be okay?

She is going to be just fine.

But, she's not gonna be able to play your piano recital.

I know, Sweetie I'm so sorry.

I know how hard you practiced.

What about Walter?

He know Nana's part, he could play.

Well, you know Walter hasn't played the piano in a long time.

You know what, he'll do it.


No, he'll do it.

There you are.

The call just came in, they found a kidney.

The kidney's in Banford, that's a three-hour roundtrip.

Three hours is pushing our timeline.

By then, we'll be in the middle of a squall.

Our heli-pad's a tight fit, even in the best conditions.

Just be ready for me.

Hey, Charley.

Please be careful.

Come on, this isn't half as dangerous as cleaning gutters.


Got ya!

Oh, Luke.

Hey Lizzie.

Daddy's here.

Well yeah, I see that.

I'm sorry for popping in, but I just wanted it to be a surprise.

Well you surprised me.

Hey she said something happened to your Mom, is everything okay?

Oh, yeah yeah.

She's gonna be fine, thanks for asking.

Good, I'd love to stick around and help, but I have to go to Italy for work, and it's this last second thing.

I just came to say goodbye.

[Marcus] Hey, that storm hasn't slowed down any.

You need to be quick.

Yeah, well I'll flap my arms as fast as I can.

(Quinn squealing)

Do you know how much I love you?

How much?

What is the biggest number you can think of?

One hundred.

Well I love you more than a hundred, hundred, hundreds.

You're coming to my piano recital, right?

I'll try.

I'll try.

Hi Luke.

Hey Felicia, right?

Have we heard from Charley?

He just flew over Chatterton.

What's he doing flying in this weather?

Lizzie, if you'd like to take Quinn home, I'm happy to hold down the fort for a while.

Okay great, hey, you're gonna go with Felicia, and I'm gonna talk to your Dad for a second, okay?

Bye Sweetie.

Come on kiddo.

You'll try?


She's five years old.

When you say you'll try, she believes you, because she doesn't know you the way that I do.

Liz, there'll be more recitals.

Okay, it'll work out.

You know what, it doesn't just work out.

Messes don't just disappear because someone always has to clean them up.

That's not what I meant.

What did you mean?

Quinn is taking a nap.

Thank you so much for watching her.

Oh please, it's no problem.

Well, Charley's due in soon, so I have to get back to the hospital, but I'll be back to pick her up as soon as we're done.

Long as you need.

Thank you.

Guessing Quinn asked you to play the recital.

Walter, if you're not ready, you don't have to, I will understand, Quinn will understand.

It's okay.


When I was a young man, I used to play piano in an old bar.

One night, this beautiful woman comes floating in.

Now I'm finishing up, and she comes over and asks me to play a song.

What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love.

So I fat-fingered my way through what I could remember, and I'm sure I'm bombing.

And she asked me to play it again.

And again, and again.

And from then on whenever she asked, I played it.

At our wedding.

When Charley came home from the hospital.

Then, she asked me to play it at her funeral.

And for the first time, I didn't play it when she asked.

I'll play at Quinn's recital.

You have my word.

(soft acoustic guitar)

♪ All alone it was a fever

♪ Cold sweat hot headed believer ♪

Hey, what's up?

If Charley,

when Charley gets back, Doctor Stadler's gonna be in surgery for hours and then there's post-op.

Everything's ready just like you asked.

No, it's, Quinn has her piano recital tomorrow, so I'm not gonna be able to oversee all of the post-op.

So I'm counting on you.

You can do it.

I trust you.

All right, I'm gonna get a little shuteye.

♪ Not really sure how to feel about it ♪

♪ Something in the way you move ♪

♪ Yeah, it makes me feel like I can't live without you ♪

♪ It takes me all the away

(thunder rumbling)


Wind's really starting to kick up.

Is it safe to land?

Safe? No.


Could it put our other patients at risk?

Helicopters don't crash pretty.

But I will tell you this, if I trust anybody to land in this mess, it's Charley.


Excuse me.

Well, we're still on the timetable you set for us.

Barely, but if he has to land at the hangar.

Then we'll do a standard transplant.

The patient comes first.

I know you've waited a long time for a suitable candidate.

No, you're right.

[Charley] Flight control, do you copy?

That's a go, flight control.

Little soupy up here, flight control.

Soupy? More like clam chowder.

I'm about two minutes out.

Am I clear to land?

You sure about this, Charley?

Am I clear to land?

What do you think?


Tell him to land at the hangar.

You do not have permission to land, I repeat, you do not have permission to land.

I can do this.

Sorry Charley, look it's a no-go.

Unless you have a clear air path, you have to land at the hangar, okay?

I'm telling you, Marcus, I can do this.




I know you want to pull through for us, okay, but I can't let you do this.

No offense, boss, but I got a lot more experience flying than you do.

It's too dangerous.

You let me worry about that.

I'm in charge, it's my call, and I'm telling you to land at the hangar.

I'm coming in for a landing.


Have some white jackets here to take the package.

Charley, do not do this.

I'm gonna get off com, it's time to concentrate.

There he is, there he is, there he is.

Hang in there, hang in there. This is bad.

Wait wait wait, what is he doing?

He's trying a new angle.

No, no, give me the radio again.

Unless you can talk him out of it, all you're gonna do is distract him.

It's steeper.


I may have had better landings in my day, but I believe this is yours.

Thanks, hope you're as good at groveling as you are at flying.

What's that mean?

See that?

No sweat.

That was one of the most selfish things I have ever seen.

Well it wasn't exactly a field of daisies for me either.

I am responsible for the lives of every single person in this hospital.

You don't have the experience to make that call.

What if it would have spun out of control and hit the side of the building?

What if something would have happened to you?

You were thinking of no one but yourself.

I was thinking about you.

I know how much this procedure means to the hospital, and how much this means to you.

I knew I could land that helicopter.

Was it dangerous?

Yeah, flying a helicopter's dangerous.

But everything worked out.

You're fired.


Oh hey, I heard Doctor Stadler made it into surgery.


(dramatic piano music)

(lyrics muffled)

♪ Are you in or are you out

♪ I'm still in need


Where are you Sweetie?


Mommy, you weren't supposed to see that yet.

Oh Sweetie, I'm so sorry, I didn't know.

Come here.

I want you to know that it is not your job to find Mom a friend, okay?

You should never ever ever have to worry about that.

I know, I just wanted to get you something for Mother's Day.


you old coward.

Maybe now that Lizzie's had a chance to cool down.

I'm gonna be fine, Dad.

Don't you start worrying about me, now.

All right, that is enough!

Once the funeral was over, you barely stuck around for a cup of coffee before you were off, so I've heard quite enough about poor Charley and everything he's sacrificed for his poor pitiful father.

I've had it.

You didn't tell me.

You didn't tell me how sick she was.

We thought, we thought, you had enough to worry about.

Enough to worry about?

I never got to say goodbye.

When I got back I wasn't in a good place.

I was angry, specifically at you.

So I took some time to clear my head.

Maybe that was a mistake but, I'm here now.

I'm trying to make it right, and all I'm asking is for you to meet me in the middle, and you can't even do that.

Charley, I know I haven't been there for you the way I should.

But every time I look at you, I see her,

and it reminds me that she's gone all over again.

You lost your wife.

But I lost my Mom.

I lost her too.

Charley, I'm sorry.

My tummy feels all funny.

Well, there are a lot of people here.

You just have some butterflies, that's all.


Yeah, so that feeling in your tummy, those are butterflies taking flight.

It happens when,

when you really care about something.

You're gonna do great.


(audience applauding)

Can we stall?

I wish, if he doesn't get here soon.

Where's Walter, Mommy?

I know.

You sure you can't play with one hand?

I wish.

Oh honey.

Okay, hi.

Listen, I know that you practiced really really really hard for this, and I am so sorry.

I should be the one who is sorry.

I apologize for running late.

We still have a spot?

Yes, you're next.

Can I tell you a secret?

I'm nervous.

You have butterflies.

Yes, a thousand beating wings.

That just means you care.

Oh, that's your cue.

Go knock 'em dead, kiddo.

(crowd cheering and applauding)

("Heart and Soul")

(audience applauding and cheering)


That was incredible.

Where did you learn to play like that?

Nana and Walter taught me.

Well, I hope you stay humble when you become a big star.

I won't.

You are your father's daughter.

For you, maestro.

Glad you came.

Well next time I say, I'll try, I'll mean it.

I got one more thing for you.

Hold on.

Here we go.

You know it, I'll hold those, while you open your card, and I'll be right back, okay?

It's for more.

Thanks Dad.

Come here.

I love you.

She was really great.


Walter was great, too.

He was, right?

Did talent just skip our generation?

We have other strengths.


I called my friend up in Alaska, and he said that pilot job is mine if I still want it.

I'm flying out tomorrow.

I'm really happy for you.


You be safe.

You know me, I'm as safe as they come.


I'm ready.

Here you go.

All the Beauman women.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

We love you.

And happy Mother's Day to you, and you, your first.

Yeah, it's her first Mother's Day.

Hey, where's Charley, I thought that he and Walter would be here.

I fired Charley.


Elizabeth Jane, you fired Charley?


Well he did something brash, reckless.

Look, he was just trying to help, but he put a lot of people in danger.

Hire him back.


She just said he was trying to help.

Hire him back.

Even if I wanted to, he took another job, in Alaska.

Leaves tomorrow.

I've done you a dishonor after you passed, my dear.

You were so full of life, you never would have wanted me to stop living.

You have a promise, a promise from the bottom of my heart, I will live and,

I will love you forever.

(sentimental orchestral music)

Here she comes, hey mamma.

Oh my back is killing me.

[Lizzie] I am so sorry.

Last night it was so bad I was Googling home remedies for inducing labor.

You're almost there.

Have some tea.

She was due, two days ago.

You don't think that there's--

No, it's completely normal.

You know why I've been bothering you with all this baby stuff?

You want me to be your doctor?


Okay, I know you became an administrator, so you could be there more for Quinn, but I can tell you miss being an OB-GYN, too.

So I thought, helping me, I don't know, you could get that feeling again.

That is so sweet.

Thank you.

You're my big sister, it's the least I could do.

And I think for the record, I'm the nice sister?


And as a nice sister, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that, you were crazy for letting Charley go.


I'm just saying, you're gonna regret it.

Well you know what?

He was the one that decided to take a job in Alaska.

And did you ask him to stay?

Not in so many words.

How many words did you use?

When he was coming in for a landing, I had to make a choice, what's best for the hospital, over my feelings for him.

This is the exact situation that I was wanting to avoid.

You think you made the wrong decision?

No, and he ignored me anyway.

Sounds like a risk he was willing to take.

I need more milk.

You know what, I have to think about Quinn, too.

I mean, he's a pilot, what if something happens?

With everything that she's been through.

You know?



Okay, yep, yep, it's time.

All right, all right, great, all right, we're gonna get to the hospital, you're good.

All right, you want to go to the left.

Hey, Felicia.

Room 3-A is clear.

Thank you.

Thank you.

How's she doing?

She's doing great.

Are you gonna?

She's family.

The least I can do is deliver her baby.

I put up boundaries between home and work to protect the ones that I love, but it turns out the only one I was protecting was myself.

I know about you and Todd.

I was gonna tell you, I just--

He's a great guy, and you two, make a really cute couple.

But, if he breaks your heart, I know a few orthopedic surgeons who break bones for a living.

Thanks, Lizzie.


Okay Barb, you guys ready to get this show on the road?


You're doing great.


(phone ringing)

[Lizzie] Hi, you've reached Lizzie Beauman, sorry I couldn't pick up, but if you leave me a message, I will call you back.

Oh, hi baby.

Thank you, Lizzie.

I mean I did do most of the work, but thank you.

Yes, you did.

I'll give you guys some time.

Hi Daddy.

Oh, are you sleepy?

What is it?

Charley called.

I thought you said he was going to Alaska, today?

He was supposed to be.

Go get him.

You just had a baby.

So? I'm fine.

But, you're fired, you're no longer my doctor.

Go get him.



Come on, pick up, pick up, pick up.

Hey, Charley, it's Lizzie.

You've probably already left, but maybe you haven't left, and if you haven't left, please don't leave, not until I tell you what I have to say.

You know what, never mind, this is just a waste of time.

(engine running)

("What the Word Needs Now")

(phone ringing)


You're hard to hear.





Are you okay?

Everything's fine, yeah, it's good, it's good.

I think you forgot something.

I'm sure you two have plenty to talk about.

Hope you have a good speech.

Your Dad is a good man.

He does have his moments.

You know the first time I met you, I thought I was gonna hate you.

That's not how I expected this to start. You're cavalier, impulsive, you have an almost terrifying hero complex.

This isn't getting any better.

And yet every time I'm with you, every time I think about you,

I get butterflies.

It means that I care

about you,

so much.

I was so closed off for so long, that my daughter had to make it her own personal mission to find me a friend.

Well, mission accomplished.

I don't want to separate my life into boxes anymore.

I want to live one life, with you.

Please stay.

(acoustic guitar music)

Was that the answer you were hoping for?

I decided to stop managing my expectations.



You know, she has a full tank of gas.

You up for it?


I'm up for it.

♪ And I want you to stay

(light instrumental music)