Loveless (2017) Script

Guys! Wait for me!

They're here, to check the flat.

Clean your mess.

Hello! Good evening. - Please come in.

I'll give the shoe-covers right away.

No no, please, for heaven's sake.

It's a nice district here.

Good ecology.

There will be a new metro station soon, and a mall is nearby.

A church was build there recently.

A church is good.

What about the neighbours?

They're calm.

Why do you sell the flat?

We're divorcing.

Oh... I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Alright, what's there?

Here's a bathroom.


And a toilet there.

And what's here?

It's a bedroom.

How many square meters?


And here?

A living room.

How many square meters over here?




What's next?

Well... Here we have a children-room.

I see.

Say hello to the people!


He's 12 but what a wild-man.

You've got a real man here, what do you want.

A real man... He starts crying at a hint of a problem.

Well mom... Don't "well" me, how many times must I repeat this!

Can you remind the overall amount of square meters?

-85,4. Right.

Mm, I see.

[Speech from a TV talk-show, talking about relations]



What do you care, anyways?


So? Did they come?

They said they'll think.

I see.

And what about you?

Have you thought?

About what?

What do you mean? You're the mother.

I'm so tired of you...

He really needs a mother.

At this age he needs a father more.

On the other hand, knowing what kind of father you are...

He likes it in the kids' camp, he'll like it in the boarding school as well. Very similar.

He'll join the army one day, so why not start getting used to.

And what did you want?

You wanted it to be the usual way?

You hit it and quit it, you shit here, shit there, and she'll clean up the mess, right?

No no, it won't happen that way.

I'm gonna move on as well.

Heard of equality?

Do you even understand that they'll get us?

Who's gonna get you? You yourself can get anybody.


Social workers, I don't know, some child psychologists...

Fuckin ombudsmen!

Then keep him, don't torture yourself.

You'll have more problems, you're the mother!

You decided to care about me?

Oh thank you.


Juvenals will be only too happy.

It's like saving a newborn out of a fire.

House's burnt, family's burnt, and a baby got saved.

Ombudsman's act of bravery.

Well maybe... We should talk with your mother again?

Talk to yours, in some spiritual séance.

I've talked to mine already, I don't want to do it again, thank you.

And the "Beard" is gonna discover...

Oh now I get it!

How stupid I was to think that you're worrying about the kid!

How funny would it be if you get fired from your precious work, huh?

Naturally, after having sent his own son to an orphanage!

That's so un-Christian, so un-Orthodox, right? The "Beard" won't approve, right?

Oh my, oh my... What are you gonna do? That's when I'll be laughing at you...


Look how decisive he is!


What are you looking at?

Stop gritting your teeth.

You p*ss me off so much.


So when are we gonna tell him about it?


What do you mean "we"?

You're gonna tell!

Yeah, you'll tell whenever you want, if you want you can wake him up now and tell!

Come on! Go ahead.


Enough, stop it, don't talk anymore to me about it.

Don't talk to me at all! I can't stand you anymore, literally!

Move out already, how long can you be waiting!

If you're so greedy, I can hire the loaders for you!

So that they move away your goddamned junk.

Get the f*ck out! What are you hanging around here? It's long over!

I have the same rights as you!

Yeah, yeah, you do! You'll get what you want, anyway!


Piece of shit.

[Voices from the TV, talking about exercises]

I'm not hungry anymore.

Eat it up. Why should I throw it away?

I'm not hungry anymore!

Drink your cacao.

Why are you so feeble? Have you fallen ill?

I'm not feeble.

Okay, leave it I'll put it away.

And where is a "Thank you"?

Thank you.

[Voice from the radio, talking about politics and about the end of world in December of 2012]

Watch your way, asshole.


Fifth, please.

Thank you.



Hey there.



Bon appetit. Thank you.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

-215 roubles.

Hey, in case the family status of an employee of the company changes, will they realize it up there?

Sooner or later.

During some team-building or company party.

Because everybody has to be with a family, with children.

And why do you ask?

Just curious.

During all this time I've been working here, I've never seen anybody divorce.

That's because it's our corporate policy.

You know yourself.

People divorce only due to some natural reasons.

Death and so on.

So you mean nobody ever got divorced?

Last New year's corporate party one of the IT guys brought a fake wife with two daughters. No way.

Because he got divorced with his real wife.

This is how he was overcoming the situation.


Where he found a fake wife -

I don't know.

Maybe hired.

Looks like nobody found out about it yet.

He still works here.

Maybe he married one more time.

I see.

So, if you divorce and then quickly remarry, you can get unnoticed?

If your families aren't too close friends.

My family isn't.

Then who cares.

Well, yeah.

Look, and where from do you know about this IT guy?

Well, first of all, he's not an IT guy.

I said it on purpose.

He's from a different department, don't ask from which.

Second of all,

I know it from the source.

Well, you got it.

By the way, I haven't talked to him for a long time, lack of time.

Just saying hello to each other, sometimes, from afar.

You won't tell anybody, right?

Just like during a confession, don't worry.

What do you think, will there be the end of the world?

For sure.

Will you hand me some material to work with?

Have anything?

God said we must share.

Maybe I'll get something in the evening.

This will a mutual benefit, don't worry.


Oh my...

He's worrying a lot.

Good, let him worry.

He's suffering, poor guy.

Good. They all are masters at messing things up, how about cleaning things?

You think he's worrying about the kid?

Yeah, right.

Ha has loans from the bank, he's afraid of getting fired.

You know, his boss is all so Orthodox, to the bone.

A fundamentalist?


Has a huge beard while wearing a Brioni-costume.

A glamorous guy?


He started an Orthodox shariah there.

You get a job only if you're married.

And baptized, of course.

And during our vacations we had a pilgrimage all around the temples.

Yeah, I remember. On the other hand, it's kind of cool. Exoticism.

Oh come on, it's so boring.

Bend your leg, shall we.

But he has a big salary for that.

So, as I see, he's really getting nervous.

You think he can really get fired?

The hell I know.

I really hope.

And what about the alimony?


Are you kidding me?

Hey, there's very little left, relax.

My friend told me once that her boss is fond of extreme sports.

Really? Yes.

So he's taking them to parachute or to canoe or to downhill-ski.

Downhill-skiing is cool.


The knee of my friend broke, so she had to wear a cast for half a year.

Goodbye the ligament.


So some of them started buying certificates on the internet about the heart condition or the blood-pressure.

And? Got fired.

If you're ill, go to a hospital. Holy crap.

So, the temples of yours, those prayers - all that is still bearable. Turn over.

Well, I don't know. I think...

Vacations mean summer, sunshine, a beach, an all-inclusive hotel...

And what does your new boyfriend say about this?

He's fine with it.

He's so, you know, up-to-date.

Well, he has the money, he's healthy. Why not be up-to-date?

Knock on the wood...

Don't worry, I'm not a hoodoo.

I'm not superstitious, too, it was just a reflex.

So, is he divorced? Any kids?

Yeah. Divorces 3 years ago.

The daughter is grown-up, she's studying abroad, in Portugal, I think.

And works there, too.

And how old is he?


He's looking good.

He does some Chinese exercises.

Doesn't smoke, almost doesn't drink.

I'm even jealous.

So, I even it up? Just a bit.

And how does he feel about your boy?

Nothing particular.

Looks like this boy of mine hates me.

He's just like his father.

Even starts to smell like him.

Secondary sexual characteristics, he's growing up.

And did you want him to stay an angel all the time?

He may look like an angel, Oh, hi, will you wait?

But he's actually all so spiky, he almost tore me during childbirth - didn't want to get out.

I was delivering almost 24-hours.

Yeah, the life is hard...

Just like my tyke.

Everytime I look at her I realize a sad fact that she's just like her father.

I hope he died there in his Kapotnya.



But you know, she doesn't drink.

I told her that I'll kill her immediately.

She's a girl of a character.

But not like her father, more like his mother.

She's such a bitch.

I forgot, how old is your daughter?

-19, but she's real stupid.

Well no, she's smart, she finished the school, exams, but doesn't want to study anymore, no matter what you do.

All she wants is to roam around.

I tell her: "If you get pregnant, your life is ruined.

Don't count on me". And she says: "I have safe sex".

Well, at least that.

I don't know how she'll live further.

No profession, no desire whatsoever.

I tell her: "Who do you want to be?" "A member of Parliament".

I say: "Study while you still have time".

She says: "You don't need to study to be an MP".

What can I say.

So your daughter is clever!

It's because she's just like me.


Zhenya, come downstairs, please.


Why you don't tell me anything?

What do you mean?

How did it go with the flat yesterday, what did the buyers say?

They said they'll think.

Eh, Masha, if there was any progress, I would have certainly told you.

Why can't you sell it for all this time?

Aren't you working in the Sales Department?

You realize that those are different things, don't you?

No, I don't.

Don't take the pelmeni, my mom said no pelmeni.

Where's she tonight? At home?

Oh, she left for her auntie.

I got tired of her myself.

Tonight we're alone.

Thank God.

How can you say that? She's my mother!

Hey, go take the broccoli.

-1275, please.



Everything is going to be alright with us, right?

You won't leave us, right?



Are you crazy?

Where do those thoughts come from?

I just sometimes get so scared...

I'm with you.

You must have been saying the same to your ex-wife.

Me and you, we are a completely different story.

There was no one who made me feel so happy.

And how many were there?

More than 10?

I'm quite hungry, what about you?

I'm always hungry these days.

By the way, I feel offended.

I'll go cook something.

Bring me an apple.

Catch it.

Boiled chicken and broccoli, huh?

I don't want.

I want a salad with cucumbers and tomatoes.

Wow, a salad with cucumbers and tomatoes...

"Got a tooth pulled in a dream. What does it mean?"

Hi! Hi.

Why are you so early?

I was expecting you later, I barely managed to get off work.

My girls didn't want me to leave.

There are still lots of customers.

So, where are we going?


Why are you silent?

Come on and tell me where we are going this time!

Look, can we first get a watermelon on the way?

Young lady, do you have a second to tell me your number?





And your name?


I can't eat when I'm observed like that.


Okay, I was kidding.

You got new hair cut, or is it just me?

You noticed.

Of course.

I'm looking closely at you.

You still are?

After all we've done?

Especially after all we've done.

After what we've done the day before yesterday?

Or the day before the day before yesterday?



What's the matter?

Something's wrong?

[Voices in the background, suggesting to have a drink]

Girls, let's drink for love!

For love!

You my beauties!

Let's make a selfie!

For love and selfie!


You're asleep?

It's not fair.

I love you.

Do you hear?

I never loved anyone.

Only my mother when I was a child.

And she was so blunt with me.

Never caressed.

Never said a kind word.

Only the discipline, the order, the studying.

Wicked and lonely wretch.

She is alive and well, I hope?


And actually quite healthy.

We don't talk much.

Every time I call we end up in a scandal.

Even later on, I cannot understand why.

Who started it.

Only with you I realized what love is.

I didn't love my husband.

And before him I had no one.

And even with him, I got pregnant by mistake.

He was so happy, suggested to get married.

"Everything is fine, we're together".

But I didn't want that.

I was so scared.

I was afraid to do the abortion, I was afraid to keep it.

Didn't want it so much.

When I was delivering I thought I was gonna die.

They had me in critical care.

And then, when they brought him, I couldn't even look at him.

Like some kind of disgust.

I even didn't have milk.

Later it somehow got better, some life started.



You can't live in un-love.

Even now, when I look at him or think about him, like right now, it seems like I have made some unforgivable mistake.

I blame him and I blame myself.

How much do I want to be happy!

I'm a bitch, ain't I?

Of course.

You're the loveliest bitch in the world.

You really love me?

Come to me.

Yeah, hello.

Did you see Alyosha yesterday evening?

No, I didn't come home last night. Why?

The school called right now, they said he wasn't there neither today not yesterday.

What do you mean?

And who called?

The head teacher.

The head teacher?

And what did she say?

That he wasn't there!

Neither today, not yesterday! Are you deaf or what?

Had he been in at home?

I don't know!

I came yesterday at night, I thought he's sleeping.

Woke up late today.

I thought he's already left, as usually.

His phone is off, has he called you?


Dear God...

Stop panicking, he'll come back, what else will he do.

We need to call that... the friend of his.

I already have, he hadn't seen him either.

Neither today, not yesterday.

I see.

And where are you now?

At home, where else.

And you fuckin cannot understand if he had been home or not?

I damn cannot!


It's easy.

Then come and see yourself!

I'm at work, in case you didn't know.

We haven't heard of him for more than 24-hours, do you get this or not?

Maybe he's in the elevator right now, for example.

I think you're exaggerating.

He must have done something and is afraid now that you'll give him a beating.

That's why he's roaming around somewhere...

So, I'm at fault now, right?

You even...

You don't even know if he had been at home or not.

He probably had.




I'm calling the police right now, and you can keep sitting at your work and speculate what may had been and what may not.

Got it?


Dasha, look, one office worker says to another office worker:

"What car do you have?"

"Volkswagen Passat"

"And I have Volkswagen Credit"

So funny.

Look, one office worker...

Wait wait wait, Seryozha...

It was funny.

I've finished.

Good, thank you.

Take that.

Wait for me in the car, we have one more call.


What can I say.

I see no crime here.

What crime?

You know, sometimes the parents finish off their child and then claim that the child got lost.

You thought that way about me?

That's the version we check the first.

Here we have a "runner", the usual case.

12 years old, a rebel-heart, full of hormones.

He'll roam around for a couple of days and will come back.

Well, we can, of course, go to the Department, spend a couple of hours filling a detailed form - and probably already not today.

At least because your husband must be present as well.

And even then, I think this case won't go further than the material checking.

You say there's no crime.

And what if he was kidnapped?

Cause I can't even imagine where he can be now.

He must be roaming somewhere around the block.

He won't last long.

He's used to the comfort, and it's right here.

They come back to such families that you couldn't even imagine.

Cause the street is not a home, no matter how shitty the latter is.

And considering the kidnapping, This is how it goes:

First, there's the material checking. It means:

Examining the parents, relatives, friends, possible witnesses and so on.

We don't have enough staff for it.

Plus, there are a lot of other cases - robberies, murders, burglaries, thuggery.

Thus, collecting materials can last a couple of days.

If by then the "runner" doesn't come back, the searching operations begin.

And if during them we find reasons, i.e. factual evidence of murder or kidnapping, then criminal proceedings are initiated.

But it is initiated by the investigating committee.

You know yourself, how long can it take.

The writing itself takes forever.

During this time they usually come back and run away again.

So, you won't do anything, right?

Ma'am, I'm explaining the real situation.

We must react and we will.

But in this particular case we physically don't have time or staff to keep chasing every teenager.

I got it.

The case will be thrown to a trash-bin, right?

And what do I do?

Just sit and wait till he returns?

And what if he doesn't return?

Facts are stubborn things...

In most cases the teenage "runners" come back in a week's time, in 10 days at most.

What I can advise is, If you really want to start looking for him, go to the internet, to the web-page of the search-and-rescue squad, call them, give them all the information, they'll tell which information they need.

They are volunteers, not a government service.

They work 24-hours, for free, without any bureaucracy, A well-developed highly-efficient algorithm of actions.

Where do I know from? Have been collaborating, productively.

Look, here's my card.

Your phone number has already been written down, we'll stay in touch.

Is that it?

For now, yes.



If it were any other officer, it would have been much harsher and less informative.

And it's not because I'm so kind.

It's because I save my time, yours and volunteers'.

Who will start searching the sooner you contact them.

And they will find your fool somewhere in the streets or in a mall.

And most probably, at some place of his friend's, whose parents went away for a day or two so that he's alone now.

So, take actions.

Or keep waiting, it's up to you.

When have you spoken to him last time?

I just saw him leaving for school.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

I'm sorry, there are traffic jams.

Take a seat, engage yourself, my name's Ivan, I'm the coordinator of the search-and-rescue squad.

Yes, my wife told me on the phone.

Great. Then, let's start. I mean, continue.

So, I say it one more time so that there are fewer questions.

Now I'm going to carefully ask you about your son, Alyosha, while other searchers are surveying the neighbours, possible witnesses, on the streets, in the shops, everywhere where he could have been seen.

Yes, Lena?

The neighbours got nothing.

Nothing at all?

Nobody has seen him, neither yesterday, not today.

They can't remember.

There are more of us now, in the parking place.

Good. And we have the posters now.

Oh, got printed? Good job.

I'll continue with the neighbours.

Keep surveying.


Depending on the results of the survey, we'll focus on particular objects and tasks.

We finish with you now and to to the police department.

Your detective officer promised to help out with the security cam footage.

It's very important and it may help us a lot.


Since the night is coming, the guy needs to sleep somewhere.

It's not summer outside.

We'll search the doorways.

We'll ask the same officer for the door-codes, hopefully he won't refuse.

So. From the very beginning.

Alyosha Sleptsov.

12 years old, around 1 m 50 cm tall.

Healthy, no specific marks.

Blond hair. was wearing blue jeans, a red jacket with a hoodie, blue sneakers.

Had a blue schoolbag.

Left the house yesterday, as usually. Hasn't come back since, as it seems.

The mobile phone is off but we keep calling nevertheless.

Got it. Next.

Tell me, what kind of hobbies does the boy have?

Any sport clubs, maybe planning to go building a spaceport, traveling around the world and so on.

No, nothing like that, doesn't do sports.

I think, he sits at home usually.

"You think"? I see.

If so, then he has a computer?

Is his laptop on the table? Yes.

Yeah, we're trying to limit the... Especially you do.

Look, you can discuss your relations later, okay? Yes, sorry.

Have you got the access to the computer? Yes.

Get the access to his e-mail, to the accounts in the social networks, addresses of his friends, girlfriends, buddies.

He has only one friend.

Kuznetsov, I think.


"You think", again? Alright.

I have all his logins and passwords, he really has only one friend - Kuznetsov, in real life, I mean.

In the social networks... Yeah, I got it.

Okay. The closest relatives where he could go to?

Grannies, grandpas, uncles, ants, cousins?

My husband has none, I have a mother she lives in the Moscow region.

We haven't been there for 3 years, I don't think the brat remembers.

"The brat"? I see.

I hope you called the granny and she said he's not there?

No, I can't reach her.

You know, our relations are very...

What do you mean, you can't reach her?

She wasn't answering at first then became out of reach.

The phone-line is quite bad there.

The phone-line is good, the woman is quite insane.

Mm. The granny with a spirit? Mhm.

Did you call the neighbours?

No, I have no phone number.

It's her house, her area, the neighbours...

It's better to stay away, or else... What if she's hiding that Alyosha is there, if he asks her to do so, for example.

No, I don't think so.

She can do anything, she's a female Stalin.


We went there only by car, How is he gonna get there?

What if she'd been secretly communicating with him?

Ain't it possible? She doesn't love him!

Loves, doesn't love. She used him as a tool against me.

Look, we must go to your granny urgently.

Where exactly does she live?

In a summer house, all the time.

Kiev direction.

It's not easy to explain, there's a small side-road from the highway.

But you're with a car? Yes.

How long till there?

Around 3 hours, maybe 2,5.

Here's what we do.

You give me all the contacts of his friends and fellows, including the phone of the head teacher.

I hope you have it?

We do... Great, also all the logins and passwords.

I take the computer with me to the headquarters. After that, we act according to the situation.

Meanwhile you... Is it the head teacher's?


Meanwhile, you two jump into the car and head to your wonderful granny.

Lena joins you, you saw her. She's our experienced searcher.

She'll be behind you, she has a car.

On the way, try reaching the granny nevertheless.

When you arrive, inspect everything carefully, don't miss anything.

Report me the results immediately, no matter what they are.

Understood? Yes.

Will you manage?

Any questions?

We'll leave someone here at the flat, in case the boy comes back.

So, shall we start?

Let's go!

Damn you...

Can you switch that off, my head aches!

There's a pill in the glove compartment.

Switch off! Please!

You think he's at her place?

Where else? Think about it.

What a mess has he made...

Chose a good time, little shit.

What if something horrible happened to him? Let's not even think this way.

He's completely alright.

Just wait, he'll get what he deserves.

You can't smoke here.

How could I forget.

I'll smoke out of the window. I said don't!

What will you do? Throw me onto the road?

So, your head stopped aching, right?

Raise the windows.

Raise the windows!


Raise the goddamned windows!



They've put the gates.

What are we supposed to do? To ram into them?

She must be constructing barricades there.

Stop making a monster out of her.

Is there another way in?

Except over the fence.

We don't have the keys.

Got it.

Where did she...



Mom, open up, it's me!



She's inside.

Mom, open up, Alyosha is missing.

Dear Lord, Almost had a heart attack.

First they call in the middle of the night, like during a fire, then I see them climbing over the fence!

Oh Lord, God save us all...

That can drive anyone crazy!

And most importantly, I cannot find my phone.

How can I survive!

You could have warned, at least!

I kept calling all day, don't tell me you didn't hear.

I swear!

First, you didn't answer, then switched it off.

I'm telling you, I don't know where it is! Must have lost it somewhere.

Cannot find it since morning. Well, screw it!

You better tell me, my dear, why have you decided that your kiddo is at my place, huh?

He's not here. Feels like he has never been.

We'll check everything.

Where is he wandering?

Your goddamned dickwad. God bless us all...

You said you're divorcing, didn't you?

You curse and pray in the same package...

What? In what package?

In what package?

What are you blabbering?!

Are you completely nuts?

Got so clever, huh?

Don't shake your head to me!

You're talking to you mother, by the way! Have respect!

And if you don't like something - be off!

I didn't invite you here.

Look at her...

Why did I even give birth?.

Just look at yourself: how do you look right now?

How? Like a wh*re!

Mom... Mom what? Want a breast? Here!

"Mommy, oh mommy"...

Oh? Oh?

What, searched everything? Not here?

How could you even think about this.

No battery. Of course.

Of course there's no battery, where was it?

Was lying under you bed.

Must have fallen, then.

Thank God, it was found.

Well, let's have some tea, then.

Although I don't have anything sweet, just the honey.

Became all hard over time... No thanks, mom.

We'll go. Oh how polite she is, just look at her.

You two don't even seem very upset.

"Alyosha is missing!"

You're lying, aren't you?

To make me sympathize?

You chose the wrong person.

I see right through you.

You said you're divorcing.

Decided to hand you b*stard to me?

Seen this?

I told you back them and am telling right now: I won't babysit him!

Do you even talk to anyone except the TV?

And when you were big-bellied, do you remember what I was telling you?

"Change you mind, dear, change your mind!"

And what did you tell me to do, remember? Well, I remember.

I told you you will come crawling to me but it will be too late. And here you go.

Now it's your problem.

A good lesson for you. Mom, what are you talking?

Have shame, there's a stranger in the room...

Don't teach me. Why did you start teaching me?

Why should I be ashamed? I'm in my house, by the way.

Look at them! Trying to make a fool of me!

Brought their asses in the middle of the night, just like thieves, brought some valuator with them - and I won't leave my house to you!

Do you hear me? Don't even think about it!

I'll give everything to God! That's it!

I have nothing to offer to eat, all I have is a pension... Okay, let's go. don't even care about me...

Okay, mom, we'll go. ...and I don't need your care!

Let's go... Oh dear Lord...

Won't even come to my funerals... We'll come, worry not.

F*ck you!

Where are we? Is there much left?

Around 40 minutes, I think.

Her paranoia is only progressing with time...

So much hate... It's crazy.

You think you're full of love?

Why do you defend her?

Cause she's right. In what?

In saying that you can't wait till she dies?

Watch your tongue.

She's right in saying that I shouldn't get involved with you, shouldn't give birth, shouldn't be so foolish.

But I listened to you.

"Everything's fine, we're together" Explain to me now, how did it happen that you were promising love and happiness, and as a result I've had only pain and disappointment.

Impenetrable ass full of shit.

I never even loved you.

I just couldn't live with her any longer.

And couldn't get unstuck from her either.

I could with you.

I used you.

As I thought.

In reality, you used me.

You needed a family, not I.

I could have managed without it, really.

I just should have start to live on my own somewhere.

But I got pregnant.

That's when I got depressed.

I shouldn't have listened to you, should have made an abortion.

Yeah, you should have.

It would have been better for all of us.

Oh really? And what would have changed?

Would you have changed?

Haven't you made big-bellied another young fool, with pulling her into your hell?

In 10-12 years, if you still get a boner, you'll perform this trick once more, I'm sure.

Poor girl, I even pity her.

You ruined my life, do you get this?

Thank God, I met a decent man, who doesn't need anything from me, except for me myself.

What happened? We broke down? Yeah, we broke down.

Get out. No, seriously.

I'm serious. Get the f*ck out!

Get out while I didn't kick you out with my legs.

Go on, what else haven't you done with me, ***!

Don't forget that your son got missing, jerk!

Let's keep the line!

Stay close!

Fox 1, doing the calling.




Fox 1, the calling finished.

Let's go, guys.

This is it.

Can you do it one more time?

He's not there on the other cameras.

Neither on the way to school, not to the mall, to which they all go as if there's a magnet there.

Well, there's food and it looks nice. not on the way to the bus or the route-taxi.

If he wanted to go towards the metro and then to the train station, for example, the options are: either he turned where there are no street cameras - and there are a lot of such places - or he chose to walk so that he avoids them, which is unlikely.

Or he was taken.

What do you mean, taken?


Are you serious?.

You don't joke about such things.

It is impossible.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is. And what do you have?

Yesterday's survey was useless.

It took a long time, according to us.

You should initiate a investigating case.

Maybe even a criminal one. Excuse me.

We handed out the posters, to emergencies and shops, to the kiosks... Hello?

Darling, I missed you.

Will you come tonight? You promised.

I don't think so, I must take part in the search.

And what about me?

What about your work? You said it's so strict there...

I took a day off.

And a day off of me, too?

Don't be ridiculous.

You perfectly understand everything.

I just feel so lonely.

You're there, I'm here...

It won't be always like this, will it?

Sure it won't.

Okay, goodbye, I really have to go.

No, wait, wait!

Don't hang up, I want to listen to what you're doing there.

What are you talking about?

It's not appropriate.


Are you hiding something?

Of course, not.

You're definitely hiding something.

Is your ex also there?

Masha, don't be silly.

I love you.


Of course.

I love you, too.

We love you. Okay, bye.

Bye. Kiss you and I'm waiting for you!

Oh, oh, how gentle she is, like a kitty!. Mom...

Let me do things myself, okay?

Sure, for God's sake!

Of course, you do it yourself.

It's just that my mother taught me and I taught you:

Those men, Masha, you know, are like babies.

You're such a beauty, my dear!

Check this one, I showed you as you walked by, you didn't even notice.

Mm, no...

Hi, dad.

Hello, my dear.

So, how are you?



And we're having summer, by the way, all the year.

Are you coming to Moscow some time?

What will I do there?

Well, to see me.

I see you right now.


Okay, dad, I have to go, I have a meeting, I told you.

Don't feel sad without me, please!

I kiss you so so so much!

Okay, bye, I kiss you.

Kiss you! Bye bye bye!

Get up.

It's time to go.

What's the time?

Look, I'll go with you, if it's okay.

Yeah, sure.

Don't you need to go to work? The work will wait.


I need to call that, what's his name, the coordinator.

God, how late it is. I did set the alarm clock...

I switched it off, you had to rest.


Hello, Ivan? Yes.

Hello, this is Alyosha Sleptsov's mother.

Yeah, do you have some news?

No, do you? Haven't found yet, we keep working.

Okay. Something else?

You see, I came back very late yesterday, so I couldn't... I'm sorry, I have absolutely no time right now, I'm sorry.

Yes, yes, I understand, just tell me what I can do.

I cannot just sit here and wait Take the phone and start calling all the hospitals in the district, without exceptions.

Any unidentified boy aged 10-13, brought by the police or ambulance, no matter if he fits the description, is our case and must be visually checked.

If you find one, inform me immediately, preferably by SMS. I'll send a group there.

We can go there ourselves, we have a car.

Great. But inform me nevertheless.

In any case, there will be and experienced searcher who knows how to behave in this situation.

If there are multiple cases, it's better is there are more that one group. That's it, I cannot talk anymore, we'll be in touch.

When did you see him last?

Well, two days before yesterday, I think.

On the 9th?

On Tuesday?

Yeah. Where?

Here, at school.

And what did you do after school?

Nothing, we went home.

And where do you hang out usually?

In the courtyard, I don't know.

Okay, in the courtyard, and where else?


Oh come on.

In the mall, probably?

No, our parents don't let us go there.

Are you some babies? Do you stay in the courtyard? Playing in a sand-box, or something?

Why babies? We play football on a hockey playground.

And do you have a bike?


So, where do you usually go to with Alyosha?

Well, nowhere.

In the block, around the buildings.

Look, young man.

If you know where he is but you're not telling because he asked you - fine, don't tell.

I understand it, really.

The main thing is that you are sure that you friend is safe, alive and well.

We are the grown-ups, we'll run, we'll search, it's not a problem.

Just like the hide-and-seek, right?

Do you play a game with us?

I really don't know where he is.

Okay, I believe you.

And where can he be?

I know, you have a camp.

To be honest, I don't know where it is, but I really know that it exists.

You chatted about it on VKontakte.

If you really don't know where Alyosha is, but you assume he could be there, you have to tell us where this place is.

Because you friend might be in danger now.

Look, bro, we'll find him anyway.

But it can be too late, and it will be sad.

What's more important for you, a friend or some place?

You'll find plenty of other places like that!

And if you gave some oath, believe me, you aren't breaking it now, because you're saving your friend, and he really needs your help.

It's in the forest, the camp.

Okay, good.

What is it? A dugout? A hut?

No, it's an abandoned building.

It's in the basement.

Is it better to go there on foot or by bike?

It quite far, better by bike.

Will you show?

You helped us a lot, thank you.

The boy of yours is a fine fellow.

Tell me, do you have some more time?

Yes, I do.

Good. Will you go with us? Would you help?


Thank you, good bye! Good bye!

So? Shall we go?

Yeah, let's go.

One moment.

It's there.

That's his jacket.

Grandpa Pihto to Ivan, over.

We found a jacket, the father is sure it's his. How copy?


In this case we search all the complex of buildings and surroundings.

I remind:

Mark dangerous, strange places inform about them but don't go inside.

There are professionals for that.

Don't increase the suffering, don't get hurt.

If something like this happens we stop the search and focus our efforts on helping the partner.

First, contact the coordinator, that is, me.

Medical assistance is provided by the doctor only. He's there.

Until he comes, the "runner", in case he's physically restrained, stays untouched, we talk to him, we comfort him verbally, wait for the doctor.

Okay, let's race.

The race is a metaphor, don't take it literally.

Okay, let's go!

Dawn to Ivan.

First floor and basement checked.

What are the further actions? How copy?

Acknowledged, Dawn. Roger that.

You can help Fox 1 in the neighbour building.


Acknowledged. Roger.

Granpda Pihto to Ivan.

Roof and all rooms of the 2nd floor examined.

No traces.

How copy? Over.

Acknowledged. Message for everybody.

Object closed, the both buildings.

The boy's not found, we search the forest next.

Hello. Hello.

We need you help. Listening.

We're from the search-and-rescue squad, we're looking for a boy, Alyosha Sleptsov, 12 years old, this is his mother.

He ran away and could have called himself by different name.

We know that you received a boy who fits the description.

Can we see him?

You two, take a seat here, please.

And you go with me.

Is he okay?

He's fine, just tired and scared.

Scared by what?

Well, the police picked him up in the street yesterday at night.

They kept him till the morning somewhere, then brought here.

How could they do that? They know about him, I filed a report.

They know nothing.

Another shift came, that's it.

Some strange kid, who says nothing. They took him to the hospital.

A usual procedure.

Come in.

Hey... Wake up.

Don't rush!

Keep up!

Maintain the visual contact.

Keep together.

No, we didn't see him here.

You cannot get to the territory without a pass or a special permit.

It's a secure area.

May I leave the posters?

Maybe the other shift saw him?

No problem. Thanks a lot.

Thank you!

Fox 1, doing the calling.




Grandpa Pihto to Ivan.

Came to the river. No traces.

How copy?

Acknowledged. Come back.

Roger. What about in the river?

We don't look for the dead.

It's done by the police or the Extreme Measures, if there are reasons.

Crew! Go back!

Return to the base.

Fox 1, we're going back.

With regard to the absence of a positive result in the search of a "runner" and a sharp worsening of weather conditions I make a decision to change the status of the search.

We start an intense informing of the public about a child gone missing.

We start the total poster put-up: bus stops, underground crossings, doorways, light poles, benches, information boards, fences, shops if there's permission of the administrator.

As usually.

Now, I need 2 groups of 5 people to check the doorways.

Great, we'll sort it out.

The others get on the put-up.

Okay, let's go!

The descriptions are here.


Dawn to Ivan. The elevator stopped at the 3rd floor. How copy?

Acknowledged. We wait.

It's going down.

Oh. Good evening. Howdy...

Dawn to Ivan. It's not him.

Acknowledged. Keep the surveillance.

Young man... Let's go...

...are you? Excuse us, please...

You silly.

I almost fixed your love life...

Yeah, right.

Wow, the "green fellows"...

From what planet are you, boys?.

Young lady, please, go.

How polite!

Wait here.


Here we are.

Anton, can you...

It'll be hard.

I am ready.

It's not him...

Alyosha had a birthmark here, on the chest...

A birthmark, on a chest...

Not him...

Are you sure?.

No, no, it's not him...

These hands and fingers...

Hair, everything... No, it's not him...

Please, take him away...

Please, take away...

In fact, we should perform a comparative DNA analysis so that we're sure that...

It's not him, isn't it clear?

You know, sometimes people just refuse to believe that...

It's not him, how many times must I repeat?

Listen to me, this analysis can be done only by you.

The cops haven't initiated a case yet, they'll drag it...

God, you must be kidding me You don't here me? It's not him, how many times must I repeat?

I'm talking to you in plain Russian - it's not him!

Zhenya... It's not him!

Why are you silent?

Why are you silent?

Zhenya! I would have never given him away!

You hear me, bastard? Zhenya!

I would have never given him to anybody!

No way in the world! God...

To no one in the...

Take her.

[Voice from the TV, talking about the war in Ukraine]

Well, we have discussed everything with your auntie.

Generally speaking, she likes this option.

Want some? Mhm.

What about you, guys? Are you ready?

Have you talked to him?

I have. He said he'll think.

There's nothing to think about.

A great option, I think.

Mash, you see yourself, we live on the top of each other here.

[Talking about victims of the war in Ukraine]