Lowriders (2016) Script

I remember when I was a little kid, I would scribble on every car at my dad's shop to show I could paint lowriders just like him and his car club, the Coasters.

My pops used to tell me...

That means, like, "You're like a dog pissing on walls."

Well, I guess not much has changed.

Still pissing on walls.

For my pops, all he cares about besides cruising down the boulevard is when he's best in show at Elysian Park.

At Elysian Park, hundreds of car clubs just like the Coasters come from all over LA to try to win best in show.

If you win, it's like you're the king of the lowriding world.

You get mad respect.

But if you don't, well...

It's kind of like you don't even exist.

If it was up to my pops, I'd be fixing cars at his shop all day.

I just want to get my name seen.

Show everybody that I'm here.

There might be hundreds of car clubs in LA, but there's thousands of billboards that I've got to hit up.

I put up my art for free.

And he wastes his money on car parts?

That makes no sense to me.

I grew up in Boyle Heights.

But for kids like me, LA isn't divided by the Sixth Street Bridge.

This whole city is my canvas.

Finally, pretty boy! Took you long enough.

Damn, Danny! Man, you been doing too much!

What's up, Chuy?

I'm sorry, did I mess up somebody's makeup?

Who you trying to impress anyways, huh?

No one in this car.

Oh, yeah? Well, you missed a spot, look.

Hey, we going or what, bitches? Come on.

We're going, but they're not going to let you in with that stupid jacket.

This jacket's fire, dude. I took it out of your mom's closet.

So I know it's fire.

Oh, shit!

Come on, let's go! What are you guys waiting for?

I ain't buying you no shots.



You get four beers or two shots.

Me and my homies, we've never been to Mexico.

And no, our Spanish ain't perfect.

But you could find us partying with the hipsters in Echo Park, chilling at the skate park in Venice or doing karaoke in K-town.

All right, sometimes, we do end up the night at Taco Zone.

Yeah, we eat tacos.

So what?

I love you, bitches.

Stop the car! Stop the car! What, what? What's wrong?

I got to piss.

Come on, I got to piss. I'm begging you. Oh, Danny.

I promise it'll be fast. Yes. Hurry up.

Hey, hurry up.

He always takes a long time to pee.

Why did he take his bag?

Oh, my God.

What are you doing?

Danny, I'm leaving! Okay?

I'm not going to go to jail for you!

What are you doing? Are you trying to get us caught?

Chill out, Claud! I'm just trying to have some fun!

Yeah, but if we get caught, that's my scholarship, Danny!

Claudia, shut up! Nobody's going to get caught!

No, no, no! You need to hurry up, man!

You done? I'm done.

Are you serious?

Oh, my God.


Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! No, no, no, no, no, no!

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Where...

He's not going to ruin Columbia for me, okay?

No, no, no. I understand that! Stop.

Okay. Yeah, yeah, I'm stopping, I'm stopping. Completely fine!

That's completely fine! But you can't leave us! You can't leave us!

Get out!

Damn it!


Oh, shit, shit, shit, shit!

You mother...


Come on.

Chuy, Chuy! Chuy! This way.

Chuy, run, Chuy! Chuy! I'm running!

Chuy, up here! Right here. What?

Dude, I can't do that!

Come on, Chuy. Hop it! Hurry up!

What makes you think I can do that?

Oh, shit!

Hurry up, Chuy! Go, go, go!

Freeze! Put your hands up!

Hands up! Put your hands up.

Daniel Alvarez? Already?

Chuy Herrera?

You two. Go.


You called my pops?

I told you to call Claudia.

She's still mad at you.

And you know I ain't got nobody that would've come for me.

And if you like your cars old, slow and restored, the annual lowrider competition at Elysian Park is in three weeks.

Good luck, stay safe and ride them low.

I just want to say for, like, whatever it's worth, uh, Mr. Alvarez...

Señor Alvarez. Uh, sir. I'm sorry.

I, uh... I'm going to pay you back...

...every dime and cent.

But I ain't got no job right now, so... You might have to wait.

I mean, or I could work at your shop if you want me to.

He doesn't need your ass there, Chuy.

That's what he's got me for.

To do all his bitch work.

Maybe he needs another bitch, man, all right?

It ain't always about you, Danny.

Oh, my bad, Chuy. I was distracted by your hair.

You look like a Mexican Eazy-E.

You know my hair is gorgeous as hell, man.

Do you have any idea what this cost your family?

Writing your name on other people's property?

Scribbling like a toddler?

Well, you're the one who always said Mom encouraged me to scribble, so...

Don't you have an ounce of shame?

A real artist. Not a criminal, like your brother.

You know he wanted to see me?

Fine. I'll let you be the grown-up.

Maybe then I'll stop scribbling on walls.

I love this song.

Let me tell you something.

Building a nice ride is like making love to a beautiful woman.

You can tell a lot about a man from the ride he's got.

White boys, they want their cars to go fast!

Asians want teeny-weeny little cars that go even faster!

But Mexicans, we like it low and slow.

You going to break a hip, homie. You better relax.

All right, all right.

Hey, I'm sorry I missed the meeting. Okay?

But this is still a business. Okay? Let's get back to work.

Hey, Daniel.

I want you to start clearing the, uh, graveyard.

Since when do you care about that shit?

Since you got arrested, cabroncito.

That shit back there, that's my savings account.

Everything back there is valuable. All right?

That's how you're gonna pay me back for getting you out of jail.

Hey, boss. You okay, or what?

Never seen you cut a Coasters meeting like that before.


Everything's not cool, homes.

We have Elysian Park in a few weeks.

I should have stayed here. You know?

Working on Green Poison.

Not bailing out my son.

Yeah, well, I wonder where he gets that from.

Man, we used to get busted all the time lowriding, man.

Riding dirty past them cops?

Could barely fit a quarter between the fender and the street, you know?

What was the name of that fat girl, man? You know, the tank?

You know the one I'm talking about?

Oh, Lydia?

Lydia. That's right. Had a little light mustache.

Tell you what, man. She wanted to ride in your ride so bad.

The only reason why you let her is 'cause she'd drop it three inches.

I don't know, boss. You stress too much.

Green Poison is famous.

I mean, she's probably gonna win best in Elysian.

I need to.

Only way we going to get some business through that door, you know?

Think I'm gonna have to cut half a turn on the coil.

Then she'll lay three inches more.

You could do that, or we could call Lydia back.

Hey! You know the rules. No phone until after homework.

I already did it.

Oh, good! Then you can help me.

Hey, baby. Hello, mi amor.

How was work?

Mmm. It was good.

Did you cut half a turn on the coil like I said?

Yeah, we're working on it.

It'll lay three more inches!

I know.

Hey, Danny. Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Okay. Get ready for dinner.

Hi, flaquita. Hey, Danny.

Isabel. You have to eat the chicken too, not just the rice.

And don't forget, tomorrow we are going to Mrs. Aguilar's for your quinceañera dress.

Ma, Mrs. Aguilar?

Look, I already told you I found my dress at Forever 21.

You're not going to wear a store dress.

Forever 21? You ain't no 21.

That's the point.

If it's up to her, I'm going to look like it's my first communion.

You have a date already, flaquita loca?

Hey. No dates, all right. You're too young.

Have you heard from Francisco?

You mean Ghost?

He got out this week. Wondering if you heard from him.

So, is he going to stay here?

He's more than welcome to if he wants.

We're not talking about that.

Why not?

Why can't we talk about Ghost?

Danny! Wait!

Leave him alone.

Who's there?

Will you look at that?

I'm back for two seconds.

You're already trying to kill me?

Come here.

Show your big brother some love.

Oh, man.

Look at this pretty boy.

How you been, cariñito?

I'm sorry I didn't call you... I didn't call you back.

Nah. Don't even trip.

I'm back now.

What's this? Huh? What is this?

What are you doing in here?

Oh, yeah?

You got into graffiti and shit.

A little bit. A little tagger.

Hey, you need a place to stay?

No, man. I got a place.

You take her out yet?


My abuelito did that mural.

That's the only reason she's worth anything.

Pops ever tell you that?

No. Yeah.

A lot of things he didn't tell you. Come on.

Get in. We're going to celebrate my freedom.

Come on, little bro. It's all good.

I don't know, Ghost.

You don't know?

So, where them hoes at?

I know a place we could hit up.

You think we can, uh, swoop up my homie first real quick?

For sure. Anything you want, bro.

That's him.

Cut the hair, you might land that Ollie, fool.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Holy shit.

What's up? I don't know if you remember me.

I'm Chuy Herrera.

Yeah, I remember you, Chuyito.

So, what's up? You gonna come or what?

For real? I mean, is it... Is it cool with you?

If he says you're cool, you're cool, little homie.

But you ain't bringing that board in this ride.

What, uh... Shit, this?

I'm done with it!

Don't touch anything.

You down to go to the Smell?

There are ladies there?

You don't even know.

You do, huh? Oh, yeah.

All of them. Inside and out, like the back of my hand.

They be coming on me like honey.

That's ridiculous.

Dawg, what is this?

It looks like a bounce house full of retarded skaters.

It's awesome.

I'll be back.

You don't like dancing?


Everybody's dancing. You're just here sitting all alone.

Well, I didn't come here to dance.

Well, then, why did you come here?

You came here to look at derivative photos on the wall nobody ever looks at?

Yeah, well, I took them, so...


I like them. I mean, I guess they're not so bad.

They're black. They're white...

Are we done?

So what, you're not gonna talk to me now?

Well, you know what? That's a problem.

Because if you sell one of those, you're gonna owe me some money.

Excuse me?

That's my piece.

Where? What, that?


If that's your piece, then what does it say?

What do you mean? It says "Draw." It's my tag name.

Mmm. Isn't that a little obvious?

Well, what's your tag name? "Hipster"?

You don't believe that's me?

I think you're gonna have to prove it.

Well, this isn't awkward.

I showed you mine, now you show me yours.

Slow down, tiger.

Oh, I'm a tiger?

Well, you're a pussy.

I'm a pussy? You just call me a pussy?

Mmm-hmm. All right.


Yeah? Well, I can tag too.

By the way, my name is Lorelei.

You better, uh, write this down, 'cause I'm not keeping it up here for the whole world to see.

Five. Four...

Oh, come on. For real?

Three... Slow down.

Two. One.

Hey, Danny!

You taking one of your monster dumps?

I don't know who the hell that is.

For real, hurry up, your brother's leaving!

I'll text you.

Oh! Was it good?

Let me see your ink.

You designed that?

Yeah. It's tight.

It's fading though.


I could fill that in for you, if you want.

You going to take it back now?

Simón ese. I got you.

I won't let you get in trouble with the old man.

How's he treating you anyway?

He's still drinking?


He's on that AA 12-step bullshit.

You know he got remarried?

Her name's Gloria.

You going to see him?


He didn't come to see me one time in all the years I was busted.

What makes you think he'd want to see me now?

I remember when I was a kid, I used to watch my pops and Ghost work on cars.

My pops always said one day, we'd all build a car together and win at Elysian Park with it.

He was never the same after Mom passed.

He always said, "Lowriders are about family."

Maybe he should take a look at his family now.

Right on the hood. It's, uh... It's kind of big.

You know, you can't miss that.

So, there's no sign of forced entry?

No. No broken windows, no broken locks?

No. Nothing like that. Okay.

It was a clean job. All right.

What happened?

Someone, uh, took Green Poison.

Daniel? Come here. Quick.

Green Poison is missing. This is Detective Williams.

How you doing, Danny?

Your father tells me you work here as well.

I was wondering if you noticed anything out of the ordinary.

No? No.

You sure?

Son, do you know anything?


What's up, big homie?

Shit, bro. How you been?

You're real funny, you know that?

What, Pops?

No love for your oldest?

I couldn't bring her back without a nice detailing.

Courtesy of Central City Car Club.

My new club.

She rode smooth, Pops.

Better than I even remembered.

A little loose on the turns though.

Might want to get that checked out before Elysian.

You would've been proud.

Me and Danny cruising the boulevard in your pride and joy.

Ain't that what you say you always wanted?

Mr. Alvarez, you want us to take him in?

I'm happy to write it up.

My manners. I'm sorry. I ain't introduced myself, Officer.

No, I know who you are, Francisco.

Yeah, I also know your PO.

Mr. Alvarez, your call.

It's okay.

That's my ride.

I hope the shop's been doing really well.

'Cause that prize money might just end up in my pocket.

It was fun catching up, boys.

I'll see you at Elysian, Pops.

What were you thinking?

Nothing happened.

"Nothing happened."

It's just a car.

"Just a car"?

Do you think that's just a car?

Do you know how much heart and soul went into that car, Daniel?

That is your heritage!

It's priceless!

This is a work of art!

Something you know nothing about!

You know what?

I guarantee you, I'm gonna make it with my art.

You're just like your brother.

You both are... hopeless.

He's your son, Pops!

And you couldn't even look him in the eye.

You're gonna just pretend like he doesn't exist?

Like you have for the past eight years, huh?

Like how you forgot about Mom?

Pops is always calling Ghost a criminal.

That he brought shame to the family.

You know why he went to prison? Grand theft auto.

For stealing car parts just to finish his own ride.

He got busted. Caught a case.

Ain't that some shit?

Oh, shit, Little D.

Can I stay here?

Hell, yeah.

Central City headquarters right here.

We run an empire out this bitch.

I've been schooling these fools on lowriders.

This right here, it's my pride and joy.

When I was locked up, I wasn't thinking about anything except for winning at Elysian Park.

I had Gordo start pulling parts while I was still inside.

My club and this car right here, we're going to show Pops and the Coasters what lowriding is all about.

We just got to put your little graffiti skills to work.

Have you to put a mural on this car.

You ever hit switches before?

No. Huh?

See this right here?


You like what you see?

So how do you like your first art walk?

It's all right.

Okay, can you tell me something?

Like, is there... Is there a time that you just get off being Mr. Tough Graffiti Guy? Like, do you clock out ever?

Maybe we could go out then.

All right, that's not what I meant.

I just... I just don't buy that stuff because it's in a gallery, hanging on a wall with a price tag next to it.

It doesn't make it any more legit than...

What you do?

I was gonna say, than what you do.


Are you done? Yes.

If it's so easy to get a show, then why don't you have one?

That's because my show is all over the city.


So that everyone can see it everywhere whenever they want.


Let's go see your show.

Come on, I'll show you the best part.

Go ahead. This?

Is this a trick?

Come on, Lorelei. I'm in a skirt.

Come on. I swear I will be good.

I'll be good.

You said you wanted to see my show, right?

Well, it's up there.

You'll be fine. Okay. I'll try it.

I'll help you. Come on.

Well, all right.

I bet this works on all the girls.

Some are actually smart.

It's amazing.

Is that it?

Yeah. That's it.

That's... That's incredible, Danny.

You're so talented, it pisses me off.

I get it.

You're afraid you're going to fall in love with me, huh?

Yeah, you know what I think?


I think you're the one who's afraid.

Is that right? Mmm-hmm.

If you weren't scared, you would have put that where everyone could see it whenever they wanted to, remember?

I'm on to you.


Having some trouble?

Gloria. Don't scare me like that.

I'm sorry I missed dinner. I should've called you.

I was hoping for a ride.

Sounds like you're having some trouble. Do you hear that?

Yeah, I hear that.

Can I get in here?

Be my guest.

We got Isabela's quinceañera dress today.

I'm pretty sure she loves it, but you know, she'll never admit it because that means I won, you know.

Chiquita. Cosita, baby?

If you're gonna work on my car, could you at least not talk about dresses while you do it?

Sorry. Ah.

The number eight plug wire. It's arcing on the manifold.

You're gonna need to replace that.


When's the last time you've been to a meeting?

Baby, I'm not drinking.

That was Angel's.

I know, I just...

I want to keep it that way, okay?

You talked to your sons?


You know what? Don't answer that.

It's just, I'm really worried.

Especially about Danny.

And Isabela really wants her brother at her quinceañera.

Can you try for me, please?

Promise me.

Yeah, I promise.

Thank you.

Crenshaw Sunday's going down, right here, in beautiful Cali-forn-eye-aye.

It's your boy, Gordo. It is what it is. It is what we do.

Central City Car Club right here in this bitch.

Sundays, all the young clubs like to come out and show their cars on Crenshaw Boulevard.

It's not about a trophy. It's about hitting the switch.

Hitting back bumper and being the baddest lowrider in the streets.

They last until the cops come and break 'em up, but that doesn't stop anyone.

Theyjust go to a new spot.

Look, I really don't come to these things, but my brother does.

And he says girls love this shit.

So why not, right?

Come on.

What up?

Oh, shit! Danny, what's up, homie?

What's up, Little D?

You good? Yeah.

Yeah? Mmm-hmm.

Is this your girl?

No... Yeah, I am.

Is this your brother?

Ghost, Lorelei. Lorelei, my brother, Ghost.

Hey... You want to hit the switches?

Excuse me? Are you with it?

I don't... I'm not quite sure what...

You're with it. Come on.

Right here. Let me show you.

Can I get in there?

Be my guest.

You ready?


Uh... Oh, my God.

I don't think you're ready.

Ooh. Whoa! Oh, my God!


Bounce it up.

LAPD. You have five seconds to disperse.

We will impound your cars.

Always trying to roll with us, eh?

Chill, homie. He's with us.

Yeah, whatevs.

What's up? This is Claudia.

What you doing here, Chuyito?

Oh, I'm looking for Danny.

We were supposed to kick it with him.

He ain't here, homes.

Are you sure? We had plans.


Plans ain't mean pito, when there's pussy involved.

Oh. We probably should go.

Come on, Chuy. You ready?

Hey, fool?

It's your turn.

Come on, youngster, we got to clean you up if you're gonna chill with us at Elysian.

No, Chuy. Are you serious?


What are you doing?

I'm, uh... I'm just going to kick it here, all right?


Will you quit being a creeper?

What, are you going to tell me I'm beautiful when I sleep?

What's it mean?

It means I was drunk in Cabo.


What does that mean?

Why are you so cute when you're jaded?

I have this friend that runs this gallery and it's... It's pretty amazing.

It's, like, exactly the kind of stuff you do.

I should kind of... I really should introduce you.



Hey, will you come to Elysian with me?

I don't know. Maybe.

Come on.

I've been working on something.

And I really want to show you.


Well, if you keep kissing me like that, maybe I will.

What are you doing here?

Don't take another step.

Nobody invited you in this house.

I didn't come here to fight with you, Francisco.

Have you seen Danny?

Look, Gloria wants to know if he's coming to Isabel's quinceañera.

That's funny.

Even sober, you can't keep track of your kids.

Tell that new wife of yours, thanks so much for getting you all straightened up.

Hey. Hey!

I didn't stop for her!

I stopped for Danny and for you.

I stopped for your mother.

Don't talk about her.

Because you don't know anything about her.

You were too busy getting drunk, while she was laying in the hospital.

I had to take Danny to see her every day. Not you.

Do you know what people call me now?

What my own brother call me?


You know why they call me that?

'Cause for the last eight years, you haven't so much as mentioned my name to remind people that I exist.

You wanna talk to me?

Tell me why you didn't visit me in prison.

You're a joke. And nothing changes.

You know that paint's gonna spill out if you don't stand that hood up.

My first time doing this shit.

I... I didn't know.

You want me to fill in that ink for you?

Yeah. All right.

Why the blank face, anyway?

Remember when, uh...

When Pops was really bad?

And we found him at the shop with all the photos of Mom.

He burned them all up.

I can't remember her face.

She was beautiful, bro.

An angel.

See, it's simple.

She had two eyes.

A nose.

And a small dimple when she smiled.

But only on one side.

Give it time. It'll heal up good.

To be honest, I never knew why Elysian Park was so important.

Until now.

Ghost told me back in the day, the cops saw us as outsiders.

So they took the one thing we used to express ourselves and outlawed it.

But even though they made lowriding illegal, it didn't stop us.

We had gatherings all over LA.

And the one place they couldn't touch us?

Elysian Park.

Hey, uh, you're not bored, are you?

Bored? No, no, I can't wait to develop these.

Well, it's a '61 Impala, as you know, and the hydraulics, obviously.

With a custom, uh, green flake paint on the roof.

Fully customized with the third eye over there and, uh...

If you need to see anything else, let us know, all right?

Oh! The, uh, mural...

My father did it.

But, uh, you probably already know that, right?

Thank you.

You did good.

Isabel? You know that Miguel and I met here?

Oh, my God, Mom. I know.

No, you don't know everything.

Back in the day, I was a badass bitch.

Mom! Tell her, honey.

What? Sorry.

Mira, I know you're worried.

But you worked really hard. Just try to relax and enjoy today, okay?

Okay. Yeah?

If you two are done, come check this shit out. All right?

Bring that camera. Come on.

You're about to see all the work your boy's been putting in.


Hey! What's up? I like your hair. Hey.

Here we go.

All right.

What? Are you serious?

Oh, my God. You like it?

Whoa, slow down, tiger.

Damn, this car is hard.

What's up, Chuy?

What's up, Danny?

You killed it, bro.

Oh, shit! Is that... Is that you, girl?

Damn! I didn't know you had all that ass.

Hey, what the...

What? "What?"

It's not funny, you know? Yeah. It is.

Think 'cause your hair's slicked back and you're kicking it with my brother, you're some type of...

Calm down. No.

Hey, calm down. What are you doing? Relax. Relax.


I don't have to take this shit!

Relax. Chuyito is the new Central City mascot.

Got a little fire in him now.

Hey, see that?

Let's go show old school what he's up against. All right?

To win best in show, your whole car's got to be complete.

Judges look at everything.

Depending on the make, model, year, they look at the rims, the paint job, the hydraulics.

Everything's got to be custom.

Little D? - Chromed out.

Go, please, go...

But the thing that makes it the most unique are the murals.

They are all one of a kind.

Shit, I hope they like mine.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out on this beautiful Southern California day!


And now for the moment we've all been waiting for!

Winner of best in show, grand prize of $10,000!

And, this is new!

An exclusive invite to Big Chele International!

You guys ready?


The Coasters! Green Poison!

Bullshit! We the best and you all know it.

I'm going to go congratulate him. I'll be back.

Let's go.

That's how we do it.

Get in the car. We out.

I want to go congratulate him.

Get in the car.


Shh! Miguel!

We won, mi amor! Stop!

I don't want Isabel to see you like this!

We're celebrating!

Yeah, I can see.

Why don't you just stop giving me shit for one minute?

Hmm? We won! Now we have money.

Now we can pay for those bills and for the party you want!

Do you want to talk about what I want?

Let me tell you what I want, Miguel. Yeah. Please.

I want you to talk to somebody.


Talk to me!

Or your sons.

I can't talk to my sons!

I try!

They just don't want anything to do with me.


But when it's your kids, you shouldn't stop trying.

Are you coming?

Come with me.

Where are we going?

My friend that I told you about who runs the gallery. He's here.

Right now? Now? Yes! Right now.

What's his name again? Marc.


Ah! Lorelei.

This is Danny.

How are you doing?

I'm good. Thank you. Hi.

I was... I was just telling him about how you've always championed street artists.

And I think that Danny is... Is really special.

Okay. I just work on cars.


Well, one of his many mediums is creating lowriders. Mmm-hmm.

Look. Ah.

See? Aren't they unbelievable?


I mean, he was completely self-taught in the streets.

I ain't homeless.

Well, you know what I mean.

Oh. Um, I love that one.

What is the meaning of... Of, uh, keeping the portraits faceless?

Why? Why is that?

I don't know.

You're so cute when you're trying to be mysterious.

I'm not trying to be anything.

You see, all of his work is based on women.

Either a woman's hand or a faceless depiction of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

It's so poignant.

He pulls from all of this traditional Mexican imagery, but at the same time, he doesn't particularly celebrate it.

You know, the... The emptiness, the lack of identity.

It's... It's...

As if, you know, he's... He's here, but America hasn't accepted all of him.

Oh. Okay. I think it's, uh... I think it's really great.


I would love to find some time to sit down and... And look at these a little more.

Yes. Yeah.

It's very nice to meet you.

You too.

I always love to see you. Okay.

Yes, me too.

That went really well.

Where is he from?

Hey. Keep a lookout.

Come on. Hurry up.

What the... What are you doing?

Back up off him!

He ain't gonna do shit! Let's just go.

What are you doing here? What do you want?

Hey, man, just let's go!

No. No, no, no. No, please! Please stop! I beg you!

No! No! Stop!

Hurry up.

Call 911.

Yeah. Someone's been shot!

Yeah, someone's been shot!

So, that's great, right?

That Marc wants to see your stuff?

Yeah. It's cool.

You really think that's what my shit's about?

Rejecting where I come from?

That's not what I'm saying.

I'm... I'm just saying, it doesn't exactly celebrate it.

And I mean, I... I know you. So...

You don't know shit about me, Lorelei.

That's why you follow me around taking photos of shit you know nothing about.

You think because you got a fancy loft and your fishnets are torn makes you unique? It doesn't.

And when you can admit that, then you can start talking to me about my culture.

Well, you're the guy who doesn't want to sell out, right?

You'll climb some building and risk your life because your art doesn't need a gallery or a price tag.

No, you just need an audience.

Well, let me tell you something.

Famous graffiti artists are in galleries and on bridges.

You don't have to be poor to be real.

But you do have to put your art somewhere where people can actually tell you what they think about it.

Not just on some car! Art is a conversation.

And yours is a little one-sided, because you're so afraid of what people are going to say.

You're right.

You're right.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. What are you...

Gloria? Danny?

What happened?

They shot him! They shot him!

What's wrong? What are you talking about? Who shot him?

I don't know! What do you mean, you don't know?

What did they say? Is he okay? He's in surgery.

And they're not gonna know anything until tomorrow.

Gomez. Do you mind taking Mrs. Alvarez for some coffee?

Yeah. No, I want to stay, I gotta stay.

I... I just need to ask Danny some questions.

Just a few questions.

It's fine. Look, let me just talk to him. Okay?

I'm not gonna go anywhere, I promise.


We, uh, found that.

I'm sorry to have to ask you these questions now.

But it's important.

It's... It's fine. I guess it...

Yeah? Okay.

So, when's the last time you saw your brother?


Oh, shit, Little D!

I was wondering when we was gonna see you again.

Fuck you!

What'd you say, son? You heard what I said!


Where you think you're at? Huh, homie?

After everything I've done for you.

Why'd you do it?

Say it! Be a man!

Yeah, Little D!

What do you want me to say? Hmm?

That he wasn't supposed to be there?

Maybe your pops is drinking again.

He's your pops, too!

He ain't shit to me!

You think you know what it was like? 'Cause you was there?

You don't know!

Drinking and disappearing and beating me for looking at him wrong?

You ain't know about that 'cause I took my beatings and yours.

That puta deserves to die.

'Cause it should be him, and not Mom.

Like I said...

I ain't the one that shot your pops.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken your beatings after all.

Maybe you wouldn't fight like such a little bitch.

We're done.

Get this fool out of here!

Come on. Hey!

Okay. Thank you.

Danny? Hey.

How is he? Is he awake?

Yeah. Just in time.

He needs you.

Amor? Huh?

Guess who's here to see you.



I'll be back.

Chuy, uh...

Chuy told me everything.

He said that it was all Ghost's idea and I...

I think we should go to the cops.


But they destroyed Green Poison.

We don't have a car for Big Chele.

You know, I don't understand anything about you.

Dad, you could have died.

Yeah, but I didn't.

But you can't let them do this to you.

I said no, Danny!

I don't want to be a part of...

Francisco going back to jail.

No cops.

They found this at the shop.


What is it?

It's your AA sobriety coin.

I haven't done much to deserve it lately.

Put it in my wallet, please.

First time I saw her, I remember thinking, "This woman is perfect."

All I ever cared about was cars.

I always wanted to build a better car.

More beautiful than the last.

When I met your mother, I thought, "It doesn't matter how hard I try."

"I will never be able to build a car"

"as beautiful as this woman."

Keep it, son.

You keep it.


Hey, I heard about your dad. I just...

I just wanted to stop by and say that I was sorry and...

You know, I'm here for you if you need anything.

I'm pretty sure that I'm the one that should be saying sorry, though.

It's fine. We're friends.

Aren't you leaving soon?

I don't know. I'm... I might not even go.

What are you talking about?

You have a scholarship.

I might just stay here for a couple of years and take classes.

You know what I think?

I think you need to quit being a little bitch.

I need to quit being a little bitch? Okay, what about you, huh?

Okay. I might not be the artsy girl, but that mural?

It could have been a lot better.


That's how you feel?


No, but seriously.

Forget about what your dad's saying.

Forget about your brother.

You need to keep doing your own thing.

I always thought that was cool about you.



Hey. What are you doing tomorrow?

I know we've got a few weeks left for Big Chele.

And this might be impossible, but we gotta try, right?

Gonna need a miracle to put this baby back together.

Yeah, I know it's not much, but imagine her, with 50 coats?

Sitting on zeniths?


Let's do it.

Let's do it.

Shows like the Big Chele Invitational, they're nothing like Elysian.

They're private events for high-end buyers and press.

Shit. No one here has ever been to one. But we've heard about them.

Yo, Angel! What are you doing? You're gonna bend it!

You gotta take the bracket off the frame first!

Hey, relax, dawg. Come on, you're starting to sound like your old man.

Here, you want to do it? Let me try, come on.

Hey, get up out of here, dawg. Come on, homie, I got this.

It's about half a dozen of the most elite cars in the world, in one room.

And getting a ticket is no small thing either.

If you're the lucky one in the group, you might be able sell your ride for, like, half a million and get tons of press.

Yeah. Could you check on that part for me, please?

Hey! Danny! Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing, man?

We're gonna need an interior.

Hey, mijo.

Did you eat yet? I saved you a plate.

I already ate.


You look tired. How's the car coming along?

It's coming along. Little by little.

Have you named it yet?


Why don't you name it after your mom?


From here?

Yeah, don't put your hand on the bottom of it.

People think that lowriders are just something that happens in East LA.

But there are thousands of clubs just like my dad's, all over the world.

And they come here.

Because this is where it all started.

I think it's time for the Alvarez family to represent.


Hey, listen, man.

I really think you should talk to Pops.

He's about to get out of the hospital.

I came by your place, but you were already gone.

I know the cops are looking for you, so I guess that probably means I won't see you for a while.

Anyways, man...

Pops really misses you, and so do I.

What are we doing here?

I just want to show you something.

Oh. What is it?

I'll show you.


I couldn't let the Big Chele ticket go to waste.


Wow! Mijo, it's...

What's wrong?

I'm sorry I never let you paint a mural on these cars before.

You know...

One day I passed under one of your tags you got busted for, right on the freeway.

I was sitting in traffic and I saw all these people around me looking at it.

It reminded me how I felt when I was lowriding.

That's how I met your mom.

Cruising down the boulevard.

That's all any of this was about.

When you look back to the beginning...

It started in every town in Mexico with the paseo.

Boys would parade through their villages to get the girls' attention.

And when the Old World came to the New, that became strutting Chevys down the boulevard.

We took the American dream and covered it with candy, paint and chrome.

But people don't like the American dream to look different.

So they outlawed any vehicle whose body was lower than the bottom of the wheel's rim.

Some traditions, you have to take 'em with you, no matter what.

They're in your blood.

They're part of you.

So, we took hydraulics out of fighterjets.

See a cop, raise it up!

Pass a cop, drop it back down.

Think Mom would like it?

Welcome to the Big Chele Invitational!

Hey, what's up, man? You don't take no time off or what?

You like it? It's all right.

"All right"? Come on. No, I'm proud of it.

Yo, the five-o.

Good luck tonight, Danny.

Thank you.

Mr. Alvarez. Hi. Hello, Detective.

Looking good. Thank you.

You don't think Ghost would show up, do you?

I don't know.

I hope not.

Excuse me, is this your car?

My son built it.

How much?

To buy it?

I'm sorry, it's not for sale.

If you could name a price, any price...

I will write a check right now.

Francisco, what are you doing? The police are here.

I don't give a shit about the cops.

You think I got something to lose?

They're gonna arrest me either way.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I don't want to lose you again.

I want you to tell me why.

Why you never came to see me.

I already told you, Francisco.

That's not good enough.

I didn't... I didn't come because I was ashamed.

Stop bullshitting me!

Not of you. Of myself.

Listen to me.

This is my family's ride.

Sorry, it ain't for sale.

I understand.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Take it easy. No, no. No, no! You don't know.

No! We can't leave him alone!

Ghost. Get out.

You're my brother. I'm not gonna leave you.

Oh, shit!

Look, Ghost, it's not too late, man! Just pull over!

Why didn't you just listen to me?

I told you to get out.

We need to get over the bridge.

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit!

Freeze! Get your hands where I can see them.

Driver and passenger! Get your hands where I can see them!

Driver. Take the keys and put them outside the window.

Driver, I will not repeat myself.

This is where you get out, brother.


You gotta take care of yourself now, Danny. No.

Ghost, no. Don't do this! Please, don't!

Come here.

Ghost, don't do this! Come on, don't do this.

You don't have to do this. Please, Ghost!

But you gotta get out.

Go. Get out.

It's all good.

Slowly get down on the ground, sir!

Slowly get down on the ground!

Put your hands up where we can see them!

Driver, get on your knees and put your hands up!

Driver, put your hands up, behind your head!

Interlock your fingers!

Driver, put your hands up!

Driver! Put your hands above your head!

Do not take one more step forward, sir, or I will shoot you!

I didn't come to see you because I was a coward.

I was afraid.

I'm right here.

I'm sorry, son.

Please... Forgive me.

Holy Mary, mother of God.

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.


I know I haven't talked to you in a while.

I guess I just didn't know what to say.

And everything was kind of messed up.

The day of the Big Chele show changed my life.

The car that we named after you, people loved it.

And we got some pretty big offers.

I thought it should stay in the family.

And Pops...

Pops got crazy work.

He even hired Chuy full-time.

And the best part, people from all over are paying me to paint their lowriders.

I guess I'm a full-time artist now.

Just like you thought I'd always be.

Who would have thought I'd be working with Pops and be doing what I love?

I just wish you were here to see it.

I hope I make you proud.

I love you, Mom.


There you go. I got it. Okay. All right.

You look so pretty!

Oh, my God!

Okay, guys, come on, we got to take a photo.

We better hurry, the sun is going down!

Where are we gonna go?

Right here.

Okay, guys, we're gonna go over here.

We're gonna go right there.

All the way down? I know, I know, I'm sorry.

You two look cute together.

Where do you think is a good spot? Right here.

Turn around right there. Oh!

I love you. You know that, right?

Do you love me more than your Chevy?



Hello, son.