Lucia (1968) Script

Did you look in the mirror before we left?

Your hair's a mess. Fix yourself up a bit.

Let's go see Lucia.

We have to tell her Paquita is here. With her husband!

Good morning.

How are you? Hello, Doña Fidelina.

Lucia, look who's standing at the church door.

Paquita! Where?

Just back from Paris.

Look at all her clothes! That hat!

It's exquisite!

Look at her husband! Apparently very wealthy.

But so fat! And funny-looking!

He wears a wig! And she calls him Rufo!

But she looks very happy. What?

She looks happy.

Sure, with all the nice things he's bought her!

I don't envy her.

Ladies, mass is starting.

I'm sorry.

Its nothing. It was my fault.

You know him? I've never seen him before.

He arrived two days ago. They say he's a merchant.

That woman has all the luck!

Meanwhile the rest of us... turn into old maids.

Don't be sloppy. Those men won't have time for mending.

What we need is peace and quiet, Mother.

We should talk a bit or people will realize something odd is going on up here.

We should laugh!

I hope this at least helps us win the war.

Less talk and more work, girls.

Well win the war by talking less and working more.

Besides, if anyone wins, it will be the mambises.

So stop complaining and sew.

Someone really needs that hammock.

Shut up!

Shut up!

Damn this whole town to hell!

I hope your river runs dry!

May you all die of thirst!

May your women give birth to beasts!

Long live Spain!

I hope they all die... the good-for-nothing bastards!

Long live Spain!

You there!

Long live Spain!

Someone show yourself!

I want someone to answer me!


Come out and you'll see what happens!

Bandits! Bastards!

Sons of bitches!

You'll see what we're capable of!

What's going on?

It's that woman!

Be quiet!

Shut up!

It's noon... and the Cubans are sleeping!

Who are you, you whore?

When it rains, the river floods!

We'll all drown to death!

Shut up, witch!

I'll show you, you bitch!

They're not dead!

They're sleeping!

Wake up!

They're sleeping!

Wake up, Cubans!

Wake up, Cubans!

Come away from the window, girls.

Those things aren't for your eyes.

You know who Fernandina is?

They say she was the child of an Arab on the I am.

Tell your stories if you like.

I'm going back to work.

All the time you waste!

They say she's from Havana, and the whole family was like her, from the Indians to now.

I heard she was an artist... and that shes enjoyed the bottle since she was 15.

None of you fools knows the truth!

Tell us! We're dying of curiosity.

They say Fernandina was one of those sisters of charity who go out on the battlefields to bless the dying --

I mean, convert the dying.

Those poor nuns... were blessing every last soldier they found lying on the ground.

My God, Rafaela!

What a way to tell a story!

Forgive me. I didn't mean to offend you.

Stop arguing!

I'm dying to know what happened to Fernandina.

As I was saying... before Lucia scolded me... the poor nuns spent hours dispatching souls to heaven.

For God's sake, get to the point!

Just wait. The good part is coming.

One day... while Fernandina was blessing a seeming corpse... the man suddenly leapt to life, and like the very devil... grabbed her by the hips.

Then other outlaws emerged from behind the rocks.

It seems each had already chosen the nun who caught his fancy.

And then the party started!

Mystical rose... Pray for us.

Tower of David...

Tower of ivory...

House of gold...

Ark of the Covenant...

Morning star...

Gate of heaven...

Health for the ailing...

Refuge for sinners...

Comfort for the afflicted...

Help for all Christians...

You can't cross there.

Good afternoon.

Don't you remember me?

Yes, I think I do.

I bumped into you at church.


Well, I must be going.

I'll take another way. May I see you home?

What would people think?

That we were sweethearts.

It's clearing up.

I have to go. Wait.

What's your name?

Lucia. No.

You know what your name is?


Good afternoon.

Calm down!

There's plenty of time!

You've all gone mad! You'd think the world was ending!

Where's my white hat? Right here.

Careful! You pricked me!

Because you're a bundle of nerves!

If you don't like the hat, wear this veil.

He's here! Calm down!

Someone else was bound to accompany you to church someday.

Don't look out the window. It looks bad!

Put this veil on.

There's another mass if we miss this one.

No the veil. Fine! Just calm down!

I was raised in Spain, but my mother was half Cuban, so I'm as Cuban as I am Spanish.

Just like Doña Amparo's nephew.

Whose nephew? A dear family that you might --

Mother please. It's Doña Petrona.

Ah! You're right.

Anyway, I came back to Cuba as a child... and spent my childhood on my father's estate in Camagüey.

What a coincidence! We have a nice estate in Camagüey.

Very large with beautiful orange groves.

Mother, please.

Rafael was speaking.

I hope you'll see it if you visit us there one day --

I'm sorry! Go on.

Then came the first war... and we had to return to Spain.

I'm not interested in politics.

I don't side with the Cubans or the Spaniards.

I know it's hard to explain... but that's how it is.

But you must be on someone's side.

My goodness! What a question!

It should be enough that he's in Cuba having lunch with a Cuban family.

Really, Doña Fidelina... like I said...

I'm not interested in politics.

If the Cubans win, well, I'm Cuban too, right?

Of course.

All I want is to be happy.

Why don't we change the subject?

Rafael must be bored with all these questions.

Pretty, isn't it?

As a girl I never wanted to leave here.

My father had to build me a wooden playhouse.

As small as a dollhouse! You should have seen it!

Let's go see the orchard.

But the place I really loved was our coffee plantation.

Coffee plantation?

Yes. My father's.

It was beautiful.

My brother and I would run around like crazy!

You have a brother?


Where is he?

You know what? We've planted a grapevine.

What about your brother?

He's in Spain studying medicine.

My mother doesn't want him here with the war going on.

Do you know the way to the plantation?


It's far off in the mountains. No one knows the way.

Merchants would get confused and lose their way.

It was funny.

But you know the way, right?


Mangoes... oranges... guavas.

Everything you could want.

And bougainvillea -- but that's not edible.

I love you. They'll see us.

I want to marry you.

Would you like that?

I want to show you the Indian’s cave over there.

An Indian girl lived there with her father and brother.

A Spanish colonizer wanted to marry her, but she hid in the cave out of loyalty to her brother --

Any news from the plantation? No, nothing.

We're expecting Felipe any day now.

Lucia, wake up!

Look who's here!


My sister, how are you?

The girls have made a thousand things -- new shirts, hammocks.

You know how anxious we've been these days with no word from you?

And now you're leaving right away.

Why don't you stay a few days? You can rest.

You can't?

I can't stay, Mother.

The boys are waiting outside to get back to the plantation.

I have so much to tell you.

You better hurry. I have to go.

I can't just like that.

I just want you to know...

that I'm happy.


Very happy.


Go on. You'll be late.

Take care, brother.

Play and play and sing! Sing and sing and play!

Lead me, gentleman, arm in arm to the dance!

Don't push me!

Play and play and sing! Sing and sing and play!

Lead me, gentleman, arm in arm to the dance!


Another one on the way!

Don't be an idiot!

It was the punch.

What punch?

It's just orange juice!

It was her husband's "punch'!

It was neither punch nor love.

It's just too hot to be jumping around like little babies.

It's a special day, Doña Fidelina!

Wouldn't you say, Lucia?

Of course! Mother just wishes she were 20 years younger so she could jump around all day too.

It's gloomier than a wake in here!

We have to do something!

We should sing, dance... play blindman's bluff.

But no more orange juice, please!

Come on!

I had no love of my own When love suddenly came to me Like flowers sprouting in the fields And the scent wafting down from the pines Now the scents from the trail Float in my songs For I had no love of my own When love suddenly came to me

Look at her twisting and jerking!

She's got a spirit inside her!

Shake him off, lady!

Crazy old woman! Like that?

Frenchified dandies!

Give me my sack!

Hands off!

Take it, you old hag!


Try and get it, witch!

Give it to me!

The duke of drunkards!

Look who's here.

Fernandina is a virgin!

Fernandina is a virgin!

You see neither hide nor hair of poor Doña Fidelina these days!

And much less her daughter!

It's as if she were dead and buried in their very own patio.

How did it all come to light? Tell me!

Wait. It was fate.

Just imagine:

Someone at his boarding house found a letter from Spain!

Really? Good Lord!

What did it say?

That I can't tell you.

But I can tell you this:

It was signed by his wife -- Lucia's fiancé's wife!

It spoke of their child.

So the husband-to-be here... receives a letter from his wife there!

The atrocities one sees! Wait, there's more.

Tell me! Come with me.

Remember Doña Amparo? Well listen to this.

III tell her you're here. Perhaps she'll see you.

Don't insist if she's not well.

Thank you, my child.

Come back here! Wait.

It's so dark in here!

And not a breath of fresh air!

The girls are here. They want to see you.

Get up, child. Go see them.

For goodness' sake, there's no reason to act this way.

Trials must be born with resignation.

These things are trials sent by God.

You've always been a good Christian.

I can't believe you'd let your feelings carry you away like this.

Think of your brother. He needs you.

As do all those fighting with him.

You have important duties.

A gardenia!

Give me a gardenia, Mother!

What are you doing here? You're mad!

Forgive me! Let go of me!

Go away!

You've hurt me enough already! We must talk!

I won't listen! Go away!

Let go of me!

They'll see us!

Let them!

Go away! I don't care!

Listen to me.

Yes, I have a child in Spain.

But I fell madly for you the moment I saw you.

If only I could believe you! I love you.

If only I could believe you!

I can't live without you!

If only I could believe you! I can't live without you!

Forgive me! Let me go!

Let go of me!

Don't leave me, please!

Only if you promise to meet me! All right.

At 5:00 in the refinery.

Fine! Just let me go!


Good morning, Rafael.


If you only knew.

When I came back to Cuba...

I sensed I'd never go home again.

I felt I'd been set free.

And I was right, because I found you.

What are we going we do?

We'll love each other always.

I know that, darling.

But our situation isn't legal.

We could run away.

Run away?


I don't know. Anywhere.

Somewhere we can be free... and happily in love... just the two of us... far from this terrible world.

Perhaps that coffee plantation you love so much.

The coffee plantation...

You'd really go there with me?

You know the way?


We'll be free and happy there.

Where are you going? Wherever I want.

What do you mean wherever you want?

You can't go. What's that?

Miss, please wait. Let go of me!

Listen to me.

Say what you must, quickly.

Don't tell anyone I told you this.

Don't go with him.

Don't go with him.

Let go of me! Wait!

Let go of me!


Come here, child.

He's in the plaza.

It wasn't yet summer when Father sent us to the house in the keys to get us away from the riots in the city.

What's wrong? Nothing.

You feel sick?

Just looking at the water. You have a fever?

I don't think so.

You're fine.

Where's the house? This way.

I think it's that way. No its this way.

Follow us, please. Don't fall behind.

Coming to the keys two months before the season!

Your father's crazy! This is terrible!

With the Anreuses here, we could at least play bridge.

What are we to do? Die of boredom? How awful!

Did we bring the tennis rackets? I don't know.

Did they fix the court? I don't know.

Of course not!

Your father couldn't care less if I keep my figure.

I know him well.

The house looks intact.

But look at those columns!

If anyone drops a cigarette, well all go up in flames.

One more thing to worry about. This house looks --

Why are you laughing? Give me my bag and gloves.

Why are you laughing? You're just like your father.

Always laughing and talking about God knows what!

I have to go to Cienfuegos for disinfectant or the mosquitoes will eat us up.

When Daddy sees you there, he'll hit the ceiling.

I don't care what he hits up there. Let him take care of us down here.

The barge is leaving. Please take care of yourself.

Don't open the door to anyone. Good-bye.

All done?

I'll comb your hair. III do it.

As if you knew how!


Know who I ran into? Who?

Anita Hectors wife. Know what she said?


That your father has a lover.

What? A lover.

It's just idle gossip. Idle gossip?

They were seen together at the theater.

You know people love to gossip.

Anita says she's ugly as sin.

She says she can't understand it, when he has a woman like me.

Besides... she's a mulatto who can pass for white... except for her hair!


It wasn't as easy as we expected.

As we were leaving the provincial government building... where we carried out the attack I told you about... a security cop fired and hit me.

If not for the two guys with me, I'd be dead.

I got lucky. How many of you were there?

Five, but two chickened out and didn't show.

So three of us staged the attack.

We haven't found the other two.

After I got hit my buddies brought me here.

There were five people in the barge.

We can trust the doctor, but not the barge owner.

This is where they took care of my wound.

We got here at night. You already know that.

The doctor says the bullet almost went through the bone.

As it is, it splintered it.

Does it hurt? Not anymore.

I can leave soon... although --

I don't want to go... but I have to.

I have to keep up the fight.

You understand?

It's just how life is.

Mother isn't a bad person, but she talks so much.

It gets boring. Why?

She makes up things about my father and me.

When my cousins visit, she keeps us apart.

She says all they talk about is boyfriends.

And she bad-mouths my dad.

You never confide in her or talk to her like this?

Or she with you?

She talks nonstop.

About what? We all talk, of course.

But there's always some logic to it, right?

What does she say? She talks about her friends and her canasta games.

She's never home.

It's always the dressmaker or the hairdresser or checking on my father's whereabouts.

I'm glad when she's not home. I can do what I want.

I read, listen to music... dance by myself. Really?

You'll have to teach me that.

No, no! Tango!

I don't know how.

Dance a tango. This one here.

What's that?

That's for being silly!

What's your opinion of me?

I don't know.

You don't know?

I mean, I must be --

I don't know how I am.

I like you.

And your opinion of me? Of you?

You're a very sweet and nice girl.


And sometimes... very tender.

Wind it up. It's too slow.

I already did.

Doesn't sound like it. Any more and it'll break!

I wish we were at the movies, not listening to this damn music of yours.

How can we go to the movies? Were in the keys!

A little slip of the tongue.

Of course we're in the keys, where your father wants us miles and miles away from him.

You're always bad-mouthing my father!

I'm not bad-mouthing him.

I'm just saying he wants us far away... away from him and his lover.

What lover? You're always making things up!

What? He's there with his lover! Everyone in Cienfuegos knows it!

You're a hysterical old witch! I'm sick of you!

Watch your language! Shut up!

No, I won't shut up! I'm always biting my tongue!

After a while, we came back too... because Mother couldn't stand the solitude in the keys.

I was glad.

That way I felt closer to him.

I was so happy that day. Aldo said he loved me.

But he was afraid of hurting me.

Hurry up. We'll see how your wife's coffee is.

My husband first. As it should be.

That cup. Let's see how it is.


Tasty? Tasty like you.

Careful! That's how babies get started!

What can I do? That's why I married her.

That's his business.

None for you, Lucia?

I had to sign before the notary and the priest.

If I told you all I've been through on account of that man.

He came home once with blood gushing from his arm.

I can laugh now, but back then I started shouting like a lunatic: "Antonio!'

I couldn't stop.

Via San Carlos or Paseo?

San Carlos.

Fine. In what car?

This one! What other car is there?

Just one? It's all we have.

I think you're in love with Aldo.

Don't be embarrassed. This is a girl-to-girl talk.

I'd like to help him somehow, Flora.

Do it. He deserves it.

You'll be good for him.

Flora's words helped me decide... to be with Aldo... at his side.

Don't regret it, my love.

Please don't.

You know what?

You're my first love.

I'm not embarrassed to admit it.

You're my first love.

I got a job.

That was another way to help him.

What happened? Did something go wrong?

We almost didn't make it back.

What happened? He fell jumping over a wall.

He'll sleep here tonight. He can't go home.

What about Flora? Shes used to it.

Get me water and a clean cloth.

We'll take care of this.


That damned wall!

It's just a scrape.

Does it hurt? Not too bad.

Here we go. Take it like a man.

"Much would I give, fair lady... to spread out across your back... your wild flaxen hair.

I'd fan it out slowly... and kiss it gently.

Over a delicate ear... your hair falls luxuriously... like a curtain... draped across your neck.

Your ear so fine and beautiful... as if made of finest porcelain.'

Let me have that.

Laugh! Laugh!

Jean Harlow was beautiful.

You remember? Remember what?

When the fat man fell down.

I burst out laughing. DOWN WITH MACHADO!

That guy was really handsome.

I don't like him.

Hey, don't pull my hair!

For God's sake!

The cap won't go on.

Come on! Wait!

Look at my hands!

Now there's gonna be trouble!

Know where I just came from? The bathroom.

Know what was written there? Of course they know!

I want them to tell me, since they wrote it.

"Down with Machado!'

Sluts! Every one of them!

Let's see how brave you are!

Why don't you say out loud that shit you wrote?

You'll pay for this!

Bunch of whores!

That innocent face will cost you plenty!

Don't tsk-tsk me! You'll all pay for this!

Was it you? I told you it wasn't.

Better watch your step! I don't believe any of you!

You're too old, you know. Old goat!

This could cost you all a trip to the station!

We'll take them all in!

They'll keep the others company.

You got nothing to say?

If I find out it was you, you're really gonna get it, you old witch!

When I'm pissed off I don't even believe my own mother!



Here we go!

Not like that! My God!

What's going on here?

If they shout at us, I won't dance.

How can we dance like this?

They're good people. Calm down!

Throw 'em out!

Show us some respect and dance better!

Don't get angry! The girls will dance better.

Make them come closer! Leave me alone!

That's a lie!

You're pestering the girls! Who's pestering them?

Come on, girls!

Music, maestro!

You always mess it up!

Down with Machado!

Strike! Strike!

Down with Machado!

United! United!


Let go of her!

Down with Machado!

Let me go! Let her go, damn it!

Let's go! Quick!

Berto! Let's go!

I'm coming! Hurry!

Run! Hurry!

What's going on?

Aldo, wake up!

What happened?

Machado has fallen!

It can't be! Machado has fallen!

What they're doing to me is unfair!

Firing me after 40 years of honest work!

They want my position for politicians who are --

What happened? He's been let go.

Just because I'm old. What's this nonsense?

Who are you to kick me out?

Who the hell do you think you are?

You can't kick me out! This is an outrage!

That's enough, gramps! Get going!

More coffee?

God no! I have a splitting headache.

This place is full of ants.

If only it were just ants.

Machado fell ten days ago, and not a word from them!

Be patient, Flora.

How can I?

I don't get how you can sit there so calmly.

I'm sure they're really busy. Sure!

They could find a minute to write.

They're swamped with work.

My husband is up to something, that son of a bitch.

I know him too well.

You're being silly.

Aldo! Antonio!

How you doing?

Working hard.

Like a slave, I see.

What about you?

Me? Living it up.

I left a real beauty down on the corner, man.

A secretary's niece.

What a dish!

Blonde, 19 years old. I'm crazy about her.

When they offered me a job like Antonio's, I said...

"Lets put down our guns. Everything's going to change.'

And I got this job at the ministry.

Its starting from zero but at least I can do something.

This is our struggle now: paperwork legislation.

We have to change everything.

But we're so far apart.

Don't give up hope.

Once I've got my bearings I'll take you with me to Havana.

What's the matter?

What are you laughing about?

Nothing. Tell me.

I had to let my dresses out two inches.

Why? You're such an idiot!

You mean...?


But things went wrong.

Aldo couldn't accomplish what he wanted to in Havana.

Look at them.

I'm gonna fall. Careful or we'll both fall.

Well? Shall we eat something?

Break out the rum and Aldo will come running.

Go get your husband. Where did you put it?

Dig in the sand!

Come on.

Aren't you cold?

Look at those drunkards! Try to cheer up.

Take a swig. Wipe it off. Don't be a pig.

Take a swig.

Hey, that's not water!

Good old booze!

A bunch of drunkards!

Have another swig.

Another drink, Aldo?

Take a good belt!

Come on! It's fantastic rum!

I feel sorry for Lucia, poor thing.

Aldo has swallowed all their bullshit.

What's past is past. This is the present.

Of course.

We have to forget the past.

The future cant be what you imagined in the past, because everything changes.

That's right.

As they say the child who sucks, cries.

No, it goes: "The child who doesn't cry doesn't suck.'

We can't cry now, but we suck up all we can.

You're so crass! You gotta be!

Though the lips I adore Dared to lie And though I may be A prisoner Of my loneliness Still my soul will say I love you The black flowers of fate

Mercilessly keep us apart But the day will come When you will be Mine alone Mine alone Mine and mine alone

Remember how Felito loved that song?

Don't start with the sad stuff!

He was a great guy.

If those bastards hadn't killed him, he'd be here with us now.

His luck ran out, that's all.

He died bravely and all that.

Good for him. Now he's up there.

But I'm down here. Down here we have to live it up.

Don't you even remember him? Stop reminding me!

You two always ruin the party!

Shut up, Flora! No, I won't!

Shut up! No, I won't!

They've ruined the whole day with their long faces!

Flora, please.

Why do they always have to ruin the damn party?

They haven't ruined anything.

Can't you see it's all bullshit, Antonio? This isn't what we wanted.

You gonna sit there like you're blind?

They're playing us for chumps! What's wrong with you?

Let the dead go fuck themselves? Is that it?

We sit here drinking rum, and where are they?

They're dead!

What did they die for?

Is this what we fought for?

Can't you see it's no good?

I know it's all a lie.

I know it's no good.

It's all a pile of crap.

I know it.

It's no good.

Listen, Aldo!

Go scramble on the street to support your wife and kid and spare me all this crap about ideals!

Go hustle on the street!

Leave him alone!

He's absolutely right! You hear me?

I don't know what you two wanted from the revolution, but I know what Aldo wanted.

And unlike you I won't ask my husband to trade his ideals for a few shitty pesos!

I don't feel well!


I don't feel well!

I knew nothing would change.

Aldo was always going to Havana.

It was starting all over again.

I thought things would change.

I didn't rise up so others could fight like piranhas over positions!

I thought we'd get rid of all the bad... all the bullshit!

Go back to your parents.

I can't give you anything.

Only problems.

I want to be with you.

I'll follow you down whatever path you choose.

I'm your wife.

Your wife.

Are you Lucia Nuñez?

Answer me! Yes.

Follow me.

Go inside.

No! Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Dear God! Let go of me!

How awful!

Leave me alone, Flora.

I was bringing you some money.

Come on! We'll be late!

Climb in!

We'll see how long it takes her highness today.

Ever since she got a boyfriend, we have to wake her up.

Come on, beautiful!

We've waited long enough!

I'm coming! Hold your horses!

You took long enough!

Just imagine when he's in bed next to you!

You know he says when we get married, I can't work anymore.

What am I going do? What are you talking about?

He says he won't let me work.

Let her work! Let her work!

What's gotten into you?

So you're one of those girls who climbs in a guy's truck in search of a husband, right?

Ange, lay off! It's been a rough morning.

I don't feel well.

"A rough morning'!

Who do these girls think they are? It's something she ate.

No I'm just nervous. You've been there, right?

Don't deny it!

Give the chickie a little corn.

Everyone here has a sweetheart or a husband.

You all know how it is.

Can you imagine if our husbands had caught us doing that?

We'd have been in for it!

You know how it was. We'd have caught hell!

My beautiful country girl from Guantánamo

The countryside is a source Of innumerable riches

Immeasurable beauty And spiritual rest Men and women alike Have the duty To tend the land and extract from it All its fruits And obtain the benefits We want from it

It offers us Its wealth, its air, and its sunshine And the prettiest blush Of a pure and sublime love How are the newlyweds?

That was no wedding!

Then in that case...

Her spirits must be -- just imagine!

He's on top of her day and night!

They're at it all the time!

She cant even get some fresh air in the doorway.

He won't even open the window.

Weren't you like that when you got married?

No, I got out once in a while.

My husband wore me out.

That's easy to see!


What is it?

Daddy says to come to the center for his birthday party.


They're gonna kill a pig. Just a minute.

Come out of there. Don't be such shut-ins!

Tomàs what have you done to this girl to make her so pretty?

Let her tell you. She's the one who --

Me? I'm not the saucy type! Did he bite your lips?

The poor thing's embarrassed!

What can I do! You're getting too fresh!

What did you do to Flavio?

Tomás, the party's over!

For who? Me?

Tomorrow's Monday, and you have to work.

And the honeymoon's worn you out!

When do you start back?

Back where?

Where do you think? Back on the farm!

You'll have to convince Tomás.

He doesn't want me to work. And the revolution?

He says I'm to stay home with the kids.

What can I do? You can't change his mind?

No, he says he's the revolution.

I love him very much. Well talk to him.

See what Flavio thinks. We'll talk to him.

Tomás, my brother! What's going on?

Just enjoying your party.

What are you doing to yourself? Were gonna lose you man.

Lose me? I'm tough.

I know, but listen.

You wish you were home right now huh?

Cut it out.

Listen to me. Let me dance, will you?

All right.

I'll leave you alone.

What's wrong, baby?

What's wrong is... they won't get off our backs.

Pay no attention to them.

People love to tease newlyweds.

But you know what? What?

What Tata said was right.

I wish like hell you and I were home alone.

You know that dance?

Why don't you learn? I don't know how.

Get a load of her! Look at that!

She's really something! Sure is.

You like that dance? No.

Me neither. Let's get out of here.

The Russians have started with their immoral ways!

Listen to me. That's not all.

When that dummy Julián left in the afternoon, Joselito, the baker's son, went in.

That woman really put the horns on Policarpo.

Hey, what's eating you?

Why the hell are you dancing with her?

I don't understand what's gotten into you.

You're my husband but you're acting like --

What did you think?

You can go dancing to crazy music with every guy who comes along?

But all I did --

You're sadly mistaken.

I don't know what the hell's wrong with you.

I'm laying down the law!

Since I married you, I have no father or mother.

You think I'll stand for guys ogling you and wanting to dance with you?

I want you to obey me.

You're my wife!

You're gonna be mine and mine alone!

The way I want it, damn it!

The specter of jealousy Leads one into error

It brings a mountain of woe And suffering galore It was wrong of our grandfathers To make the womenfolk slaves Only the men Could have some fun after work But the changes we're going through today Condemn that behavior

Comrades, we've gathered here... to hear some wonderful news.

Literacy teachers from Havana are arriving even as I speak!

And I want to tell you... they're not coming here on vacation!

They're coming to work and sweat alongside us, helping us plow, plant, and harvest the fruits of our labors.

That's why I tell you to keep this in mind:

When they sit down with us to eat and share what we have, they will have earned it!

I want to make that clear!

And I have something to say to the women.

There's a rumor going around --

Despite all your applause, we've heard a rumor.

Some of our sisters although they support the revolution, are saying they don't want some comrade sister... some hussy flirting with their husband!

Well I'm here to tell you that's the wrong attitude!

That's the wrong attitude!

Thought I was asleep, didn't you?

I dream of beautiful things Any coffee left?

Anything you want. Anything I want?


As beautiful as you What about me?

One more sip.

Fix me some more and I'm off.

I want you near me I want to take you in my arms And tell you

We'll spend all our lives like this, lips to lips, soul to soul All our lives? All our lives.

Listen, there's something I want. What?

I want to go see my mother.

Listen, when Belén brings the groceries, ask her to go tell your mom to come see you here.

But at night, when I'm here.

Why so afraid, sweetie?

You don't know this town. It's full of bad people.

Why mind them? They're just jealous.

They want to eat you up alive. Only I get to do that.


I'm off. I'm late.

Darling, can I go?

You know I don't change my mind.

Get back inside.

Hey, buddy.

Good morning.

What are you doing at my door?

I'm the literacy teacher.

So what?

Flavio sent me.

Flavio sent you, did he?

You're Tomás, right? Yes I'm Tomàs.

When did you talk to Flavio?

Yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon...

I'll tell you something.

We don't need any literacy teacher in my house.

I know you can read, but your wife can't.

You know a lot, don't you?

Flavio says to see him if you have any objection.

I think you and I should go to Flavio's house to clear up this matter.

That's just what I'm saying --

Then let's get going.

Can I leave my things?

No, put them all in the truck.

Come on!

What's the matter? I want to see Flavio.

Flavio, I want to talk to you.

What's up? Who sent that guy to my house?

What guy? That punk out there.

Let's go see.

Ah, it's you, comrade! Come in!

That's the literacy teacher from Havana here to teach everyone to read and write correctly.

But who sent him to my house?

You know I just got married.

So? That has nothing to do with him.

Would you have liked some guy hanging around when you were a newlywed?

He won't be there the whole time.

He'll work with you on the truck --

Calm down! And at night -- Where will he sleep?

He won't be in your house all day. Where will he sleep?

In your house like they do in every other house!

You've always been a good revolutionary.

This is a revolutionary program.

Whatever you say!

Let him talk! Let me explain!

Lucia can't read or write.

She's a victim of Yankee imperialism.

Let him talk!

This is her opportunity.

You can't stand in the way when it benefits everyone, especially your own wife.

Listen to me.

This is a program of the revolutionary government.

Lucia is a victim of imperialism. She'll learn to read and write. Fine!

But he's not sleeping in my house! That's final!

Yes, he is! No, he isn't!

I give the orders in my house, you hear?

Get going, lazybones Take the cart down into the valley Buti, bring the dog

Education is the most nutritious bread For every human being

The most nutritious, and the healthiest too Make no mistake about it That's why this time All his strategies have failed And though he flirts and jokes around And exploits his assistant Back at home The visitor has achieved his goal Hey, buddy.

You got a girl? Me?

Yeah, back in Havana.

Older, right? No, I'm a year older.

No kidding.

I heard you Havana boys live off older women.

I sure need a cup of coffee.

I busted my ass today. I got my ration.

You did? Yeah, this morning.

Is it weak or strong? Like you make for friends.

Here, son.

Tomàs! How are you? Ever since you got married --

Felina, how are you?

You've been shunning us all ever since you got married.

Don't say that!

Let him speak, girl! How's married life?

Fine. Well, congratulations.

Thank you.

What a gossip that woman is!

She'll hear you. Let her!

You know you had a visitor at your house today?

Who was in my house? Angelina.

Angelina? In my house? She stopped by in a truck.

She loves riding around in that old heap.

When did she leave? A little while ago.

Seems they had a lot to talk about... because your wife was crying.

You know how sensitive she is.

I'm off. You're going?

See you. Thanks for the coffee.

I told you no one comes in here if I'm not home!

I couldn't do that to Ange!

To hell with Ange!

What did she want? She wants me back at work!

And I'm going! I won't stay locked up all alone!

Listen to me! I'm the only one who's right in this house!

You're crazy!

I have to tell you something.

Go ahead.

Its the situation at Tomás's house.

Tomás isn't a man, he's a mule!

What's going on?

Same old thing. He won't let her work.

That's how he was brought up.

Remember how his old man would beat poor Felicia and lock her indoors while he went out partying?

Those days of slavery are over. Of course.

The poor woman looked like our town's own Saint Cecilia.

Things have changed.

If Tomás tries that now... he'll land in jail, on the work farm.

Revolution or no revolution no one's gonna change that mule.

He practically eats grass.

Can't you try to convince him? Quit it!

What's this? Just hold still.

It's too hot!

Lucia, let's get started.

Let's begin your first lesson. My first lesson.

What's this?

You tell me!

It's the alphabet.

What's an alphabet?

Its the set of all the letters in Spanish.

The set of all the letters in Spanish.

Why do you let him treat you like that?

Who? Tomás?

Well, he's my husband.

The alphabet has 28 letters and begins with the letter A.

Your husband should be the first to respect you.

Yes, but he has a temper.

I know he loves me, but --

The alphabet has 28 letters... and begins with Z.

A woman isn't her husband's slave anymore.

But what can I do?

I love him the way he is.

Have you seen the nice new housing project?

No, but I heard about it.

First crack goes to households where both spouses work.

Then I'll be way down on the list. But I'm in no hurry.

I don't get you, man.

You admit you're being left behind.

Flavio, I have my own ideas.

We all do but you're being left behind.

Like a cow's tail: below and behind.

You don't want to face reality.

You really think so?

Times have changed.

You can't treat your wife like a slave, like in your grandpa's day.

Every man paints his house the color he likes.

Sure, but Lucia's young and full of spirit.

You have no right to ruin her life.

I don't meddle in others' business, and they shouldn't meddle in mine.

Is that clear? I have a lot of work to do.

Listen, we old devils know a thing or two because we've been around so long!

His cigar's all discombobulated.

What's that mean?

I don't know, but I say it's discombobulated because it's all messed up.

Did you study yesterday's lesson?

I think I learned a little, but with so much to remember, I forget some things.

What is the alphabet?

The alphabet is the set of all letters in Spanish.

Very good.

How many letters does it have?


What does it start with? The letter A.

How do you write an A?

How do you write it?

With a little belly and a stick.

No. I'll show you.

Hold it like this.

No, you don't!

No one told me you had to hold her hand.

No one mentioned that! Tomás, please!

Or these goings-on right under my nose!

Tomás, there's nothing going on!

To teach someone to write, you have to take their hand!

Don't yell at me! In my house I'll do the yelling!

I've just about had it! It's me who's had it!

If you want me to leave, talk to Flavio!

I'll do that!

You cant yell at me! I'm the man in this house!

He's not leaving this house!

The counterrevolutionaries would think we're just like them!

I won't give them that pleasure!

His infinite mistrust of his wife

Won't let him understand That as she learns, he advances And his constant spying on her For which there's not the slightest justification Makes him protest for no reason Until in utter exasperation He gets up and, almost out of his mind Gives way to his savage temper


a word of advice.

Don't think too much or you'll end up nuts.

What were you thinking about?


Know what I was thinking about?


The day we met.

You remember? Of course.

I was out driving my truck.

You came walking along with a sack of malanga.

Sweet potato.

Whatever. You could hardly carry the damn thing!

I saw you, put on the brakes, leaned out the window, and asked --

You remember what?

If I wanted to get in.

The way you glared at me scared me half to death.

But next thing I knew, you were in the truck, fixing your hair and glancing at me sideways.

I thought to myself...

"Damn! What have we got here?'

I'm going to ask you one question:

Why did you hop in my truck so quickly?

I'd lugged that sack for four hours.

Are you sick or what?

Or are you taking a liking to Havana?

Don't give it any more thought. Get out now!

If you don't leave now, you never will.

I'm just not sure.

It could be a big mistake.

You can't go on locked up inside these four walls, playing Tomás's maid.

But I'm afraid.

And I love him very much. Maybe hell change.

That makes it harder, but you have to make up your mind.

Really, Lucia. I know.

I know it's true.

I'll leave. I will.

I can't go on like this.

I knew this would happen. I'll lay you flat, you bastard!

That's just how I wanted to catch you bastards!

What are you talking about?

You wait till I leave you alone with my wife!



What happened to you?

What's the matter with this girl? Come on! Talk!

What's the matter?

My God, what's happened? Tell me!

Is it Tomás?

Dear God! What happened?

Don't scare me like this.

What's the matter?

Those kisses are breaking my heart...

Come on. We gotta go.

Where? To bed.

Come on.

First we need a drink.

Have a drink with me.

It's time for bed.

Just a little drink. Come on, man.

Fine. I'm going.

I'm going. I'll walk with you.

I have to leave tonight.

If Tomàs finds me either he'll kill me or I'll kill him.

This has to end.

Don't worry. There won't be any bloodshed.

You're coming with me now. You have to stand up to him.

Come on.

You've put up with enough already.


"I'm leaving.

I'm not a slave.'


What's up, Tomás?

Is my wife there?

Your wife? Yes, my wife!

We haven't seen her since you two got married and you caged her like a bird.

Yeah, sure.

You know where she is.

But we'll settle this later!

Knock it off! Get lost!

We'll settle this later! He's crazy!

Hey! What's up?

You seen my wife?

No, but some women were headed down to the salt flats.

That way? How long ago? Not long.

See ya!

Look who's coming!

Drop that and come home! No I won't.

You'll do as I say!

Shes not going. She's doing her duty!

Don't make me get rude!

You're coming home with me!

Butt out, Ange! I'm fed up!


You've ruined my life, damn it!

You're coming home because I'm your husband!

I don't love you anymore! Go to hell!

Damn you!

Go to hell! I never want to see you again!

I'm your husband!

Let me go! I'm gonna kill you!

Go away, damn it!

Go away or I might kill you!

That's what you deserve!

He's fallen prey To his own foolish obsession

Which is the product of that jealousy That comes from a limited imagination He plays hooky from work And he's morally destroyed And though his wife left him She can't live without him And as a husband He's the laughingstock of the town

Oh, baby!

I knew you couldn't do that to me, because I love you so much.

I knew you'd change your mind... and see your mistake.

I've come back because I can't live without you.

But... it can't be the way it was.

I have to work. Try to understand!

I have to be useful for something. Otherwise why live?

If it was just to tell me that shit, you shouldn't have come!

You can just keep on walking!

No I'm staying with you and I'm working on the farm!

I'm staying! That's why I married you!

I love you, Lucia, but you have to obey me, damn it!

I'll go to work, and you'll let me live!

You'll love me and stop mistreating me!

You've got it all wrong! You're gonna toe the line!

It can't be like that, Tomás!

Don't mistreat me or I won't love you anymore!