Lucio Flavio, o Passageiro da Agonia (1977) Script


In the sixties, an organization surfaced in Rio called...

"The Death Squad“ by the papers, which took the law... into their own hands. At this time, various figures emerged... who became famous.

Ll.'lcio Flévio was one of them.

This is his story, as told shortly... before his death.

What is shown here really happened.

The names of the criminals are the real ones... but those of the policemen are fictitious.

You've got to be a real man to pull a big job.

No lies, right? Ain't that what we agreed?

They're pigheaded, they'll only learn after a beating.

Turn over there!

I only did what Moretti told me. I thought I was doing... what you both wanted.

But they double-crossed us. They got the dough... and the cars. Right?

Right? I know, but...

I thought you knew all about it.

Stop this shit right here.

Stop it, damn it!

Get out.

We've been in the gang a long time. We're friends.

Get going!

Let's go!

I never double-crossed you.

If Marco Aure'lio did this, it's because Moretti... forced him. Forget it.


I swear I wasn't going to give'em the cars.

But Moretti talked me into it, he said... it was arranged with you.


He threatened to put us in the solitary.

You're a liar!

Believe me, it wasn't my idea.

It was a dirty trick of Moretti's. Stop this bullshit!

We knock ourselves out in Rio and these 2 bastards... try to pull a fast one on us.

Ll.'lcio, Llflcio. Moretti or not... you're a fucking double-crosser.

Look, they're coming.

Let's go.

There they are, everything must be 0.K.

Come on.

Got water there? I think so.

This is a hold-up!

Everybody, hands on your hands. This is a hold-up!

Sit down! Hands on your heads.

Everybody shut up. Nice and quiet.

Shut up. Stay here.

Come on, “mm.

Over there.

Open up.

Let's go.

Let's go. If anybody moves, is going to get killed.

I'll blow your brains.

Over there.

Let's go.

What this family's gone through because of those boys.

God is punishing them.

I told their mother to go to a witch doctor.

You gotta pray to Yemanjé while you're still alive.

They didn't listen to me.

Am; at you guys know Link: He'w'm?

Noquinha? Noquinha?

That's right, he's a dreamer.

Is this crook nice, grandpa?

I'm not talking about a crook, I'm talking about a boy...

I knew, who ended up the way he did... because his mother didn't get Yemanjé's help.

This way we'll never arrest anybody.

And who cares?

To you, we are what you want us to be.

For instance, to police, every Negro is a thief.

See that, boss, the man's a hero... with a girl's name.

Noquinha. Noquinha?

Until I found out what I want to know...

Grandpa is going to drink with me... and you'll drink more than me.

You know, I'm working And the boss might be mad.

To mother Janal'na.

Where is Lucio Flavio?

Where he's got to be.

I'm not like those guys... who fool you and don't pay up.

I'm on your side, I'll pay for the drinks.




All I want to know is a few little things, nothing important.

Nobody's going to hurt the boy.

Drink up, grandpa.

We'll have to do a lot of drinking... to clear things up.

Drink up, grandpa.

I'm asking you. Where is Lucio Flavio?

Where he's got to be.

I'm asking you something simple.

Even if I knew where Ll.'lcio Flévio is, I wouldn't tell.

What if he shot you guys up... like his buddies in Goiés?

What would you think of your good little buy then?

The man is asking you.

Are you deaf?

I got nothing against Ll.'lcio Flévio.

Not Ll.'lcio Flévio, Noquinha.


I was dying to be with you.

Do you think we'll be able to stay together, like now?

After all, it's not asking too much. One of these days.

Sometimes when I get home I can't sleep, you know, alone... it's agony.

I know.

But God willing, I'll make a big hit... and we can change our lives.

You think some day we'll have our own house?

Sure, but it'll be some other place... another country, where nobody knows us.

I got something to tell you.

What? You're not going... to be mad? No! Say it!

Guess, guess? Come, Janice, tell me.

I'm pregnant... and I'm going to have the baby.

But, Janice, a baby, now...

When would you want one?

Impossible. We can't have a baby now.

To have a baby, Llflcio, all we need is love.

And I love you.

It's not only that, Janice.

It's just impossible.

Listen, I've made up my mind. If it's too much for you, it's your problem.

Open up, it's me, “mm.

They got Micuglfl. We waited for that prick Moretti... and he didn't show.

Look like those guys were after us.

You shouldn't risked coming here, Nijini!

Shit, I had to tell you right away...

Micuglfl will confess to things e didn't even do.

You better get going.

That bastard Moretti gets the lion's share... and even then doesn't do what he promises.

You think something went wrong? Nothing went fucking wrong.

We risk our ass to get a shitty 58.000... and he tells the reporters 100.000.

He couldn't even get that straight.

Moretti gets 30.000 without moving a finger... and we get screwed.

Let's go.

Just a moment.

Take care, baby.

If anything happens, Nijini will tell you.

You behave, 0.K.?

I'll take care of myself.

Let's go, buddy, come on.


Come on.

Just look at that!

We're always broke...

And those burns just rolling in it.

We're gonna get a little of that, right?

And keep your mouths shut. Cause we got orders... to get real tough. You hear, Noquinha?

Who are man? you guys?

Who are you guys?

I'm number 132. That one's "Rattle Snake", and the driver...

Don't have a name. He works for the police.

You guys see Moretti? Who?

Moretti. You working for him?

That ain't the way it is. We're together in this.

Moretti doesn't like for his friends to be poor.

You gonna be there when they grill us?

It all depends. Depends your ass.

Are we or aren't we in the same boat?

Let's say we are.

Then listen carefully.

One's never alone in this.

Do you think I escaped that often without paying for it?

I've dropped a lot of dough.

So I want to know your game.

If you're with me, you're with Nijini, Fernando and the rest.

Listen, no thief pushes me around.

How were Armando and Marco Aure'Iio killed.

I'll stay in this pigsty...

But I want you to know.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

The bastard who tortures me is going to get his throat cut.

I'm paying plenty for protection.

Talk, damn you. Tell the truth.

The truth or I'll kill you.

Listen, you gonna talk or not?

Your boss isn't going to be around.

I want the whole truth... from the day you bust out of jail till the job in Goiés.

Who killed Armando and Marco Aurélio?

Who killed Armandinho and Marco Aurélio?

I did.

Why? Those were my orders.

Whose orders?

Whose orders?

Whose orders?

Ll.'lcio Flévio's. I'm with him.

I'm in his gang.

Where do you keep the dough?

Wait a minute. This guy's important.

Knows how to read and write.

Still has all his teeth.

The eyes are green.

Looks like a big shot.

Think you're a big shot, goddamn queer?

Take his clothes off.

Gotta treat criminals like they do in the Orient.

Cut out their tongues, gauge out their eyes.

Save the state some money and protect society.

Why did you kill them?

It was a private matter.

Nothing doing.

Why'd you kill them?

You better talk.

Nobody will give a damn.

Nobody knows you are here.

And I'm going to bust you all up.

Why'd you kill your buddies?

Talk, son of a bitch...

Fuck you!

Leave him alone.

I got a better idea... to break him up.

Open up or I'll turn you into a cheap whore.

Are you gonna talk or not?

And real fast.

Come on.

What are you, a man or a mouse?

How about it? I can't, fella!

I can't. I'm all busted.

I'll help you. Forget me.

Just take care of yourself.

Did you talk to Liece? Yeah.

He'll wait for you where you said.

This one is for Janal'na, my guide and your spiritual godmother.

Think of her when you're in trouble, Noquinha.

They went to your house.

They worked over your father, mother and sister.

They turned the place upside down.

It was a horrible mess.

The cops hold my mother long?

They kept her all day.

The bastards get away with murder.

Why don't you start all over, Noquinha?

Now it's too late for that.

I'm in too deep.

For a reporter you're really way out.

Nah! I'm Mk. now.

Nobody's going to step on me.

Can't give up now.

You're still young. You can start again.

Come on, old man...

I'm not the kind that gives up easy.

What'd they think?

That Ll.'lcio Flévio is a small time punk?

And all those years?

You think I've been playing?

No, I don't think you were playing.

You're just counting too much on Mother Janal'na's protection.

The other day at the “macumba“...

I saw this tall man with a chain necklace.

He's out to get you.

He says he's your friend... he's gonna embrace you... but be careful. He's dangerous.

Who's this man? He laughs, but he is sad.

Embraces you, but is no friend.

Take this, it will protect you.

A charm to protect you.

Thanks, old buddy.


Christ! I thought you'd never come. Okay?


Let's go? Let's go.

How are things, big boy?

Got your lumps, eh?

It ain't easy to be a crook.

What you mean, crook?

A crook always... money in his pocket, eats in the best places... doesn't have to hide.

Don't be so stupid, woman!

A good-looking woman don't have to be smart.

Real stupid.

What happened after the beating?

This guy tells me somebody... in the street wanted to talk to me.

Didn't make sense, I knew they'd... work me over out on the street.

Tell me another.

I'm telling you. Look at me... you think I ran into a door?

My darling, they really gave you the business.

Today, nothing's going to keep me from the beach.


I'm tired of sitting here playing cops and robbers.

Where's the money for... my new bikini? Take it easy, woman.

You know Liece will take damn good care of you, take it easy...

I'm sick of feeling... watched in the street.

When I bought the paper... a black guy gave me a funny look.

Fat guy with rings on his fingers.

So what? Nothing... only they stopped talking when I paid for the paper.

That's why I suspected them.

You think he suspected something? I don't think so.

You sure?

He didn't follow me, I walked a bit, then I crossed the street...

I looked back and he was in the same place.

It's gotta be that 132.

I sure want to find him. Let's go.

Let's go.

You stay here.

Open your mouth and I'll give it to you.

Just keep eating.

What's eating you, fella?

Who wanted me beat up?

Who's this prick Bechara?

Moretti knows everything, 0 Bechara is off his rocker.

He went back on his deal.

There wasn't supposed to be no beating.

I swear by my mother.

Who were the guys with them hoods?

I don't know.

Were they supposed to finish me off?

I can't figure what happened between Moretti and Bechara.

But you gotta trust Moretti.

I think you gonna take a piss... and I'm going with you.

Walk... walk...

Come on!

I'm not interested in...

Moretti, I want the names.

If your empty head doesn't remember, you don't... deserve to live. Take this.

Bechara brought in outsiders... who know how to give a beating without spilling blood.

Who gave me that chop in the neck? The one... with the showy shoes. Don't you remember?

Big Connie.

His address, man. Talk!

Somewhere in Tijuca. Tijuca is big, man.

An Oscar Pimentel street.

How about the guy in the suit, about your height?

That one I don't remember.

Don't yell...

Who was the guy with the dark suit?

Sit down, you'll think better sitting down.

Don't do this to me, Lucio. I'm not a bad guy.

I gotta wife and six kids.

I don't even make enough money to feed my family.

Stop lying, you jerk, I'm going to kill you.

No, no. Shut up! Shut your mouth.

Beating up an old man, a friend of mine.

Is that the way you show you're tough, goddamn queer?

I stayed in the bar, just following orders.

I didn't bother your mother.

I want you to know one thing, from now on...

I give the orders, understood?

Listen, I know where your mother lives... near a nice square full of trees.

She can have an accident, right, Liece?

Sure, man.

Listen, I don't mind paying off you guys.

Did you get the 30.000 or not?

When I pay you 30.000...

I expect you to do your part, I want it all in black and white... understand?

Tell Moretti to meet me tomorrow at the garage dump.

You can go. I'll be watching.

Shit, did you have to pick this place?

Is it the smell or don't you like to get your shoes dirty?

You can't go around treating people.

You think I'm playing games?

I don't get it.

You don't get it. They tried to finish me off.

And then my body would be found... so it would look like...

I got it in a gang fight.

You're all wrong. I ain't wrong.

I sent you a lot of money through 132... right?

And I got no cover, Moretti...

All I get for my money... is sh“ hem you, Murat“.

Nobody talks to me like that.

If you don't like it, go fuck yourself.

I know I'm alone.

In my gang anybody who... doesn't like orders gets out.

And you guys haven't got the guts to do anything about it.

That's why you got in jail like a sucker.

I think you knew. Me in the solitary... and you with my dough.

How do you think you get out?

Think you just walked out?

I spread money... there right and left.

There were two machine-guns that... could cut you in two when you jumped the wall.

Think they were jammed?

I had to grease everybody's hands.

Lisle“, mm... we're like this coin. One on each side... but always close together.

Cops and robbers are all... in the same boat, the protection guys... want theirs whether you have it or not. So we gotta befriends.

How much is it this time?

100.000 for me and 200 to spread around... and you'll be snug.

I got a plan.

“Med guns, a machine gun and a seemed-up car.

What's the plan? A bank full of money.

How much?

We don't know yet.

Just do your part and leave the rest to me.

I'm going...

I don't want any bad surprises.

Liece is keeping his eye on you.

Not a peep out of you or you'll get it.

We've been waiting you for 3 hours.

Listen, I work for Bechara.

I'm no cop. I only obey orders.

I want you to be calm...

like you were... in that torture chamber.

I want Bechara's address and phone.

Connie here is a pro... he knows what he's doing and never gets excited.

I don't need to wear a hood to bust you up.

No, address and telephone.

Nothing doing.

You heard me, address and phone!

Address and phone!

Is this Dr. Bechara's house?

Is he in?

Who's talking?

Light the gas.

Sit down.

Take a bath!

Tomorrow we'll work the bank job.

If there's as much money as I think, we'll be all right.

I can't stand the smell of those bastards. Let's go.

Lucio Flavio's gang... has just held up... the First National Bank... in Taubaté and got away with 400.000 cruzeiros.

They looked all the employees in the bathroom and got away.

The police has put up road blocks around the city.

Goddamn lying bastards!

There goes 400.000... and we get all the blame.

I'll see Moretti.

I want part of the dough.

Think this is Moretti's work?


Nobody moves a finger without Moretti giving the orders.

Shit, I can't figure this out.

What's so hard to understand? They hold up a bank... we get the blame and they get the money.

Get me another beer.

Shit, there's nothing in the paper. How can...

Bechara keep Connie's death out of the papers?


Moretti. Are you kidding?

No, he said he was “mam.


Lucio? I don't know where he is.

I can look for him.

Everything Mk.

I'll give you a ring.

That's a good one...

Moretti always knows where we are.

He even has our phone number. Shit, we'd better get out of here.

No... no.

You must die.

A stupid crook deserves to die.

Let that wise guy think we're dumb... so when he gets near, we'll fill him full of lead.

Christ, life is really getting rough.

I think I'll go shopping.

You want anything?

It's Moretti, friends. Take it easy.


Moretti's always working.

I brought the guns.

All in perfect shape.

That was a pretty fast service. Leave the rest with us.

Nice set up, eh? Fancy apartment, pretty girl... color TV, drinks, what else is missing?

I'd like to know more about those 400.000?

Don't know anything about it.

Of course you don't. It was Bechara, right?

He even kept Big Connie's killing... out of papers, eh, 132?

I didn't have to ask.

I knew who did it.

I think it was a mistake. Bechara could been on our side.

I don't want anything to do with him.

After what he did to me and Micucu...

Yeah! He did and you'll take it.

If you want to get anywhere... you'll have to take that too.

I'm not the boss.

I got to keep on making deals.

Get beat up... and sit down at the same table?

I don't go for that.

But is the way things are.

Don't forget he's the cop and you are the robber.

Think about that.

I know I'm the robber!

But I don't like to get my face busted.

I got guys who can handle Bechara.

His day will come. You can bet on it.

He can wait.

O.K. Gentlemen, let's get down to business.

Hell, Moretti, what's this with Bechara?

He's vain, man, doesn't like to lose.

But then, who does?

I got a good deal now. I want to count on you.


I want to know everything about Moretti.

What did he do to you, now?

I didn't like it.

He didn't know where we were.

So he dropped in... to show we couldn't get away from him.

Somebody's talking.

You suspect somebody? Liece's girl, Ligia.

How did you find out?

Just a hunch.

Does Liece know? No.

And I don't want him to. That's why I'm here.

I want to know if Moretti meets Ligia... in this apartment.

I want you on my team, but from outside.

Can I count on you? Sure you can.


I want to talk to you.

Get in. What's your game?

What are you doing here?

It's nobody's business what I do.

I think you'd better say.

What are you doing?

I already warned you. I don't want... anybody to touch Lucio.

You know he works for me.

I don't want him beaten up again.

You better wake up, Moretti.

Things are changing.

You either learn the rules or you're out.

You'll never be the boss. You were born to take orders!

You were born to take orders!

Hey you guys...




Come here.

What's your hurry?


You're Lucio's girl, aren't you?

That's wonderful.

Let's get this over with.

Let me see... beautiful.

I'm gonna cut out those tits of yours.

I'm gonna cut you all up.

Lucio, Lucio, they want to kill me.


Now it's your turn, you small time crook!

Lucio, open up. I have a present for you.

Do you hear me?

You' re surrounded. You better give yourself up.

Lucio Flacio's 15th Arrest

"The others are O.K. stick it out, Moretti.

Send him in.

Sit down.

What's your deal with Moretti?

I don't know what you're talking about.

We're from the Federal Police. We're checking... on some policemen. It would be good if you could help.

You think Moretti works with Bechara?

Hard to say. I only saw the bastard once.

Who is Bechara?

You think I'm a stoolie?

We're trying to clean up the system.

A lot of cop's on the take.

How long do you know Moretti? I just can't remember.

Where does Moretti get all the dough?

Ask him. He might lend you some.

Answer me, fellow.

We're only trying to clean up the jails.

Torture is out, now.

Try to remember.

Get on our side, or you'll end up dead.

Listen, I'm as good as dead already.

It's just a matter of time.

I'm a frameless picture.

I opened many locks with this.

Everybody wants it, but I don't let go.

It busted many stoolie's ass.

This will get tough now.

What's this thing about a stoolie?

Son of a bitch.

We know about this business... with the Feds. You talked to the cops.

They grilled me, but I didn't say a thing.

We're not interested in hearing your stories.

Tell me about Armando's... and Marco Aurelio's death.

They were double-crossers.

We just waited for this to finish you off.

I'm sick and tired of your threats!

You gonna get what you deserve.

I can take everything you guys can dish out.

I won't die like this.

If you don't believe me, get it over with.

I want to know who's paying to get me killed.

If I can't get out, I'll kill myself.

What were you up to?

I fell into Moretti's trap.

You sure? Yeah... he asked me to drive a motorboat... to take a lot of people to a yacht.

Wild, everybody drunk or on pot.

It was good money, so I took the job.

One of the guys went wild... and killed two broads.

Murat“ took him tor a big wad.

But the guy... was afraid I would talk... and wanted Moretti to give me the business.

Get it? He wanted my head.

And More“?!?

Promised me 10.000 and got a story in the papers... that I was killed.

With my picture and all.

I never got the money.

So I forgot I was supposed to be dead... and took a walk.

They pick me up and put me into a dark cell.

They took my clothes off and said with a tape recorder:

Now you'll confess whatever we want.

They broke an arm for me.

But I didn't give in.

So they hog-tied me, and burned me... with butts, so the game was up... and I confessed the killings. I said I'd killed... the broads, I said all they wanted. Now I'm a murderer.

Listen, you jerk...

I don't want to hear any more lies.

Moretti sent you here to kill me, right?

Come on, out with it.

Isn't that right?

He's gone, but we'll keep him alive amongst us.

We'll never forget his fighting spirit.

The organization he left... will continue his work... in protecting the community.

It's our duty to maintain... his standards of crime-fighting.

We are here to apply justice... and to wipe out all those outlaws by whatever means we have.

We're here to see that justice is done...

and justice will be done by us.

Well, so your buddy is still on vacation?

We'll get him back... in circulation soon.

Sure, but the Feds are hearing him.

They want to know everything.

You're kidding...

You don't know what's going on in your own department.

People think he's too dangerous.

We want silence and he's always in the headlines.

Who you talking about?

You know what I'm talking about.

We're an organization now. No more...

“I want, I do“, get it?


Everything will be about the same, only now... we'll do things nice and easy. Some things have changed.

Moretti could drop dead, but the organization goes on.

They've got the right protection.

So you'd better stick with us... or the cord might break at your end.

Hail the chief!

Let me die...

you won't get blamed for this.

Please let me die.

I'm a murderer.

Let's go down, old man. Fast, come on!

Come on.

Nice and quiet. Let's go, old man.

Is Lucio here?

Let's go, get out, boy.

Come on, jump.

Jesus, at last!

Your brother Nijini is a grown man now. Took after you.

He's still a child...

but I can trust him.

I sometimes think it was crazy... to bring him along.

But he wanted to come, it's in his blood.

We're getting old, Noquinha, and with a beer belly.

What's your game, Moretti? Mine?

What's your name, pussycat? Neusa, but everybody calls me Jane.

You know this guy?

Nah, but he's cute.

He's my oldest brother.

You don't look like.

We're on the same team... but with different uniforms. Right, Noquinha?

What's up, man?

Ligia is sleeping with Moretti, in that building.

You sure? I saw them.

And Moretti?

He's Bechara's man now.

But our party's still on.

I'm expecting this bank job to be real big.

Who's going with you? The whole gang.

There'll be nothing left for me.

I need 200.000 for me and...

I don't want to split with suckers.

Cut that, Moretti, these are good men.

I'm not dividing until I got the dough in my pocket.

Why? The guns are first class...

I even got a machine gun.

But why have a parade?

I want to be sure I got plenty of cover.

I think there's gonna be a lotta loot there.

Remember, I know what I'm doing.

EL, Mk... I'm pumng om.

This time everything's going to go smooth.

Let's go, in an hour we're gonna be far from here.

We won't stop for the wounded.

May I help you? I'd like to talk to you.

What do you want?

We're opening our firm nearby... and would like to open an account.

All right. Quiet.

Everybody quiet!

In the back, let's go, everybody.

Open the safe, come on.

Open, or I'll blow your brains out.


Open the safe.


Come on, open...

Look, Lucio.

The car, Fernando.

It was so easy, I couldn't believe it.

Much too easy.

I'll tell ya...

I think there's more money than we expected.

Look how heavy the bag is.

This time Moretti' gonna be satisfied. If he isn't...

I figure at least 500.000...

Something like that...

Well, we needed it.

What's that? Trouble.

They're catching up. We'll let them pass.

Hand over the dough. Give us the bag.

All right... give the bag.

I'm gonna ran him over.

Shit, who are those guys? They ain't cops, anyway.

We'll soon find out.

Want something to drink? We came to make accounts.

Come on in.

Was it hard to find the house?

Easy. But it's hard to find out what your game is.

Who were the boys on the motorcycles?

What do you mean?

The guys that tried to stick us up.

I know nothing. I think you do.

You an us were the only ones who knew about the job.

I'm always to blame... and the others are deaf and dumb?

Wanna know something?

I'm sick and tired of your suspicions.

Here's the whisky, fellas.

The police is at the bank. They talk about 700.000.

540.000. The radio said 700.000.

Well, they're wrong and we are right.

Liece, you're god at math... divide that by six.

Why equal parts?

Not all had the same responsibility.

Everybody did his best.

90 each, tax-free.

A good salary to stay at beach all day.

Christ, everybody is nervous.

Let's get going! The party's over.

Anybody opens their beak gets skinned.

Let's get going.


Look, there are those guys.

Yeah, let's go over.

I'll put the bag in the trunk, it's safer.

Quiet. Call the other guy over.



Who hired you guys? Moretti.

What else?

He said Dr. Bechara would pay us off.

Who's this Moretti? He's on the “Death Squad“.

And the dough?

We was going to give it to him.

No, don't shoot.


How is he?

As wild as his father.

He's growing so fast.

What will he think of me when he grows up?

I won't be around to find.

Hove you, no mafia when happens.

Don't you ever leave me again.

I feel I'm going under... I'm not the same.

I can't control things any more.

I'm always watching everybody.

After all this work, for such a long time...

I'm still broke, worse than ever.

Don't say those things, my darling.

You know...

I've been thinking of going away.

Take the kid to another country... some safe place, what do you think?

Are you serious?

Did you killed somebody, Llflcio?

Who told you that? A fat guy... who waited for me at the door... said a lot of stupid things about you.

It's all lies, my love.

Lucio... Lucio... this is Moretti, can you hear me?

What a fab finding you.

I miss you, buddy.

132 is looking for you like crazy.

There's a thief robbing us... went straight to the place.

I don't know why [suspect Klaus.

No use crying over split milk. I got a job for you.

A small bank in Belo Horizonte... full of cash.

They say Belo Horizonte is getting big.

How are you, ma'am?

Excuse me.

What do you want this time?

Klaus is digging your grave.

That's why you came here?

No, I came to make you an offer.

For 10.000 cruzeiros, I can get you a passport... and a visa... because they're out to get you.

Who wants to kill me?

Lots of people, even Moretti.

They say he won't need... any more hold up money, the “Death Squad"... is going to get paid for every stiff.

And your name is on the top of the list.

What else?

My second job is to arrest you, take you to Rio... and while you wait in jail, I'll arrange a passport.

What if it's lie?

You can always have me bumped off.

I also have a proposition.

I want all the dope on Bechara... these guy went too far. No use, buddy.

There'll be other Becharas, even worse.

Even Moretti is just a messenger boy... for the squad.

Try to understand.

You can't stay alive unless you're in jail!

If I arrest you here, I would fix it...

so there's no trouble for the girl and the kid.

What do you get outta this?

My promotion. I may not be very smart, but... you either go on robbing banks for Moretti... or come with me.

Then we go to the police station.

Come on, you know how it is.

Jail without money? No, thanks.

Well, I did my best.

Officer, how was the hold up?

I think Lucio Flavio's gang... was very well organized.

They waited for the armored car... and then invaded the bank.

How long did they take?

Less than tern minutes. The help couldn't do anything.

But, even so, they set the alarm on.

What measures have you taken?

We have set up road blocks on all exits... in the attempt to catch the gang.

Thank you, Officer.

Two employees of the Minas Bank were killed... by the Lucio Flavio gang during a hold up this afternoon... in Minas Gerais on Afonso Pena Avenue, here in Belo Horizonte.

Once again Lucio Flavio got away with a lot of money.

The series of hold ups made by the Lucio Flavio's gang... is concerning the population.

The public has been feeling a lack of security in this city... and are demanding better results.

We interrupt our program to announce that...

Lucio Flavio's gang has just held up... the Mina Gerais Bank here in Belo Horizonte.

Besides robbing millions, the thieves... left two employees... killed during the audacious day time robber.

As you know, the famous green eyed bandit...

Relax! Everything will be all right.

In a little while, we'll be far away.

Going some place, Noquinha?

Against the wall. Fast!

Get ready to get your lumps.

Nobody is going to help you.

You're on your own.

Colonel, can you tell us... why you used such a big force to get Lucio Flavio?

We wanted him alive.

He has a lot to tell us.

This case is very important to us.

How did you know where Lucio Flavio was?

We have our sources.

But why did the Federal Police...? There he is.

Do you know informed on you?

Who was the stool pigeon?

Let's talk to his wife, Janice.

Did you take part in the hold-up?

No. I ran away with him, because I love him.

Do you know about his crimes?

No. I never get mixed up in this.

Leave her.

She's got nothing to do with this.


Hove you.

I love you, Lucio.

Do you know you're mixed up with a criminal?

Lucio's better than you!

I'd die or kill for him.

I'm happy when I'm with him.

How many people can say that?

And the child?

I hope he won't suffer too much.

Lucio, Lucio. Lucio...


The Feds arrested Lucio in less than 24 hours.

Accused of 200 assaults and other crimes.

Lucio Flavio just arrived at Galeao airport... where a police detachment... awaits him.

The Federal Police has announced that Lucio Flavio will meet... the press in the next 48 hours.

Why was the Federal Police... is on this case?

We are trying to find a connection... between some members of the police department... and some criminal elements.

Anything specific, Colonel?

We are investigating possible police involvement... in drug traffic and the killing of alleged criminals... prostitution and other crimes.

What has Lucio Flavio to do with those investigations?

We know that Lucio has paid for his protection... and we want him to help us find these corrupt members of the police... department so we can weed out... those elements.

But now you can ask him yourselves.

How many banks did you hold up? I never kept count.

How much did you steal so far?

More than the papers pay you... to ask stupid questions.

How did you manage to escape from jail so many times?

Money, my friend, lots of money.

Or do you believe what you read in the papers?

You think it's easy to jump a prison wall?

But money can help you over the wall.

Who helped you escape?

You guys want to know everything?

The cops gave me a hand.

Can you explain your deal with the cops?

They put the pressure on you.

If you don't pay up, your body is found in the sea... can you understand? Are you of the “Death Squad“?

Are you kidding?

Who do you know in the squad?

I wasn't invited to their graduation ball.

But there are a few of them right here in this room.

One of them told me I'd get my tongue cut out... my eyes ton out, like they do in the Orient... for the good of society.

One of them told me that while he was beating me up.

There he is, going out.

You can ask him.

Yes, I'm an outlaw...

I steal money from banks, money that has no owner... when I need the dough I go and get it.

That makes me a thief.

If I have to, I shoot... to defend myself.

I never hold up a bank, thinking I'm going to kill somebody... but these guys, they got a license... to kill.

Let me say it: cops are cops and robbers are robbers!

Lucio Flavio talks


Lucio accuses the "squad"





He's taking advantage of us. I'll turn you all in.

Everybody will go down with me.

Don't do that, we'll help you.

Murat“ has your passport.

You'll get out in no time.

I'm through with Murat“.

I want to see you guys in the headlines... shot full of holes like Nijini.

I'm telling the whole story... names and everything.

How to become a partner of the police... and how much to pay to get out of jail.

You don't mean that!

I've never been more serious.

I shoulda known I couldn't count on you for nothing.

You guys got your little group... and we only give blood and stupidity.

But the whole country will know about this.

I have a friend who knows... how to write this story.

You can finish me off, but not my story.

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, you sell a few papers... with your headlines, but tomorrow you're forgotten.

You're just a dreamer.

Noquinha... hum...


Noquinha, hum.

Who are you guys?

Don't you remember me from the island?

We're on vacation.

Want to try your luck?

Not today.

When it's your day, maybe it's not mine.

You either do it today or not at all.

The guy's queer!

Shut up... or I'll take the knife away from you.

You'll take it, my ass. Just try.

I run this birdcage, damn you!

He's dead, buddy!

We're not being paid for this?

It's just a nightmare.

Now it's my turn. Careful... or you'll cut your finger.

Think I'm going to piss my pants?

He sleeps like a log.