Luck by Chance (2009) Script

Screen test? What is this screen test?

Maker's eye is the camera, when you entered my office I knew that she... is the one I'm looking for.

Sona, perfect name for screen.

Sona, whatever the character demands, you should give it. You won't believe when I say it,

It is all destiny.

Destiny has brought you from Kanpur to Pinky Productions.

Everything is written here.

You start visiting me often, because, it's important for an artist and a creator to know each other well.

And to understand each other we need to spend time together.

Are you getting me?

This Life Shows us a lot of things In our hazy dreamy world

This Life Takes us to various destinations In search of an unknown desire What do we want?

Think of your destination Heart is adamant It does not listen to explanations Heart wants to Get to the stars

It wants to Get them all

This life also Speaks about a lot of things In a simple speech

Why does life See dreams every night On every lonely night There are desire in dreams Ask your heart what is that desire Is it easy or tough Listen to your heart which says It has to touch All the stars It wants All of them

Those who have dreams in their eyes Walk with care

Do not mind even if you fall And your dreams shatter and tears flow Those who have dreams in their eyes Ask them Walk with care

Do not mind even if you fall That your dreams shatter and tears flow Out of your eyes Those who have dreams In their eyes, walk with care

Don't mind even if you fall That your dreams shatter and tears flow Out of your eyes Those who have dreams in their eyes Ask them to walk with care

Don't mind Even if you fall And your dreams shatter And tears flow out of your eyes

Those who have dreams in their eyes Tell them walk with care

Kamla Devi!


Where is Rupa?

Rupa has gone far away, Mr. Amir.

You forget her like she was a dream.

Everyone dreams, kamla Devi.

But only those dreams come true, which humans don't want to forget even after many tries.

Rupa is not my dream, she is my reality,

tell her.

And cut!

-How was it? -It was good, That hat was a very good touch.

Certainly wasn't expecting that.

Lunch, half an hour.

Punit! How was my shot?

Come back after half an hour.

I hesitated at one point in the middle.

I almost follow Rupa.

I notice that, but I think that's a long shot we can...

I was not going to do a four scene role.

Raju said you have two scenes with Amir khan, then I said fine.

When will your Chaudhry sir's movie start?

By the end of the year.

I can't eat standing, come on, let's sit there.

She only has one dialog.

Wonder if she's fooling Chaudhry or Chaudhry's fooling her.

I wish you had refused when we met, it didn't happen.

You showed me beautiful dreams, and I took your hand in mine, and moved on.

Enough! Stop it!

What are you doing?

She is your lover, she broke your heart.

How many times do I have to tell you to feel it?


Who is an actor?

An actor adopts his character completely.

What is this beautiful dream?

Say it as beautiful dream.


I wish you had refused when we met,

but it didn't happen.

You showed me beautiful dreams.

And I kept moving holding your hands.

Kept moving.

When I opened my eyes, I realized that this sweet voice is a hoax.

And these beautiful eyes, were deceiving me.

Not bad.

But, Vikram, you, you kind of under play it.

We need projection in commercial cinema, Energy.


you had refused before meeting.

In Hollywood, it's easy to become hero.

But in Hindi movies, it's very hard.

Hindi movie heroes don't just act, but they sing, dance, does comedy, action.


You need many qualities to become a hero in a Hindi movie.

And for a heroine, sir?

Honey! You require the same amount of hard work.

From tomorrow, your training starts.

Beware baby, you better run for cover Here I come Beware baby, you better run for cover Here I come I am the lover of beautiful a body I am the enemy of beautiful a body My style is very different Compared to the others Beware baby, you better run for cover Here I come Beware baby, you better run for cover Here I come I am the lover of a beautiful a body I am the enemy of a beautiful a body My style is very different Compared to the others

Today is your last day, in Nandkishore School of Acting.

All the best.

Look, whatever is within the limits of my acting knowledge, I have given you.

But acting is a sea, where you can go as deep as you want.

-Mr. Mac, am I correct? -Yes.

But, don't forget one thing, luck plays an important factor along with the talent. i think the key is that you have to be at the right time at the right place.

Sir, am I right?

I'm thankful to Mr. Mac, that he came here today, to distribute the certificates.

Before he gives certificates, I request him to say something to the kids.

That will be every nice.

Please deliver the Sholay dialog, sir.


The entire fifty thousand.

Wow! Wonderful!

Hey, Sameer!

-Did you talk to Mahesh for me? -No.

All the films are under production.

Nothing right now.


Abhi, please get my Internet connection done.

I'm not your wife, dude.

Bye, darling.

See you, brother.

Why do you speak rubbish?

He won't do anything.

He is an assistant of Mukesh Bhatt.

He gives new actors a break.

Yes, is he going to give you a break or look for his chances of direction?

He has some problem with you.


-Why? -Like this.

You give photographs in offices.

And do theater in free time.

Theater makes an actor live.

But the person who sees it, becomes impossible for them to live.

Hey, Sona!

Where are you these days?


Yesterday I saw you in a TV series.

The scene with your father Abhimany Gupta was wonderful.

Thank you.

He is Vikram.

-Hi -Hi.

From Delhi, to become something in the industry.

You are in queue.

All the best.

Who is she?

Sona, my neighbor.

After the hit film Anjana, film producer Mr. Rolly is now busy with his new film Dil Ki Aag.

The director of this film is none other than Rolly's younger brother Ranjit Rolly.

Ranjit has not shown any special skills in acting, let's see how good his direction is.

Let me take you to the welcome party of the film Dil Ki Aag.

Like the director, the film's heroine is also new.

Seventies superstar Neena's daughter Nikki Walia.

And like always, Romy Rolly Production's hero is, Zaffar Khan.

You guessed it right, Zaffar Khan.

I have left everything for you, Rahul, promise that you will never leave me.

The moon and its brightness can fall apart, a flower and its essence too can fall apart,

but we... will never be apart, Priya.

-Never. -Rahul.

Cut it.

Actually, one day, Mrs. I mean, Mrs. Rolly told me you become a director.

-You are a director. -Sir Rolly is unique.

I've always said that he's... He's just been like a father to me.

I can't imagine a movie without Zaffar, I won't understand it.

Business is not everything, emotions also matter.

Actually, I never thought I'll become a heroine...

I wanted to be a vet.

Animal's doctor.

I just want to say, as much love you have given me, give it to my daughter Nikki too.

When my mom told me, Uncle Romy wants to sign me, I said, "What are you saying?"

I was so nervous.

But then I said, why not?

"I said, why not?"

On Tuesday and Friday, wear it on this finger.

And, this Pearl, this is permanent, it will keep your mind cool.


Priest, he always says okay, but only listens to the heart.

How many times have I told him five is your lucky number.

Start your movie on the 5th.

You're talking like a child.

On the 5th, Zaffar was shooting for Mani Ratnam, how could he leave that?

Only I know how much Zaffar compromised to give me the date on 9th.

Menty! He doesn't do that for anyone.

That is right.

Zaffar respects you a lot.

After all...

I understand the song's situation, but the heroine's sister died before two scenes, how will she dance with me?

I have put my entire emotion in the death scene, if we show any more crying the picture becomes dull.

We have to move from highlight to highlight.

But there in no logic.


If we look for so much logic, we can't make a commercial film, and I am still justifying the song.

The dead sister's friend takes the heroine to a nightclub, and when the music starts, I'll show that the heroine has gone into a dream, anything can happen in imagination.


Zaffar, just relax.

Trust me.

You come and check the set out.


And I'm treating the whole song like a musical broadway.

Okay, cool. I'll see you on set

-Okay. -All right.

-Take your time. Okay. -All right.

My thinking cap.

He is an ass.

Man, he is teaching me! You're an actor, you just do your work.

I was also an actor once.

Has the lighting been done?

Hope the camera man is taking the footage.

You've become a star.

Yes, shooting has been stopped because to me.

-Make up room? -Back side.

Ask for the costume of the dead sis's friend.

Doesn't she have any name?

-Alka. -Then use the character's name Yes, madam.

Alka's costume.

One minute.

Take this.

Is there another color?

I got this.

You're looking very pretty.


Ratna, put some eyeliner on.

Come in.

Good morning, Neena.

Good morning, Romy.

God bless.

She looks so pretty.

God bless. Touch wood!

Nikki, get your blessings.


Are you crying?

Mr. Romy!

I have become emotional.

Emotionally choked.

-I want to talk to you. -Your vanity van is coming.

Thank you.

I just want to say, have you seen these costumes?

I mean, we need more options. or... Look at those shoes and bags, I mean, Order from Gucci or Versace...

It's Nikki's first film.

-Correct. -I want the world for her.

I like your involvement. I want your involvement.

-But you alway have it. -Yes, of course.

You've made many costumes, why does Neena still talk nonsense?

You know the lady, sir.

She will double your costume budget.

Bloody nonsense!

Today's heroines wear short clothes, how much cloth is required for that?

Manish, I know this is all your plan, I know it very well.

Five, six, seven, eight. One, tow, three, four.

What is this?

Is it a dance or a parade?

Have some grace, come on, let's do it again.

First position. Music.

This song will be the highlight of the movie.

-You know the dance master. -Nice meeting you.

-So you're the star, huh? -The superstar.

Will be.

Come, sit. Please sit.

We will start the shot from an empty stage, then we'll make a turn, this is my frame.

Dead sister's friend.


Then I zoom in on the girl.

And the music starts.

How is this?

I knew it'll bloody work!

Now the drums will beat After eating and drinking milk The show master has come Watch the show These moments are colorful, sparkling Thousand glittering stars twinkling Bodies are now in a frenzy, are flexible How can someone not lose his heart to this I lost my body, lost my mind, that's what The world has lost, my consciousness I lost everything, I have now lost, crazy I have gone crazy Come listen to this tune and rhythm Go ahead make miracles happen Go crazy Friends!

Someone spits fire Someone walks on a rope Someone throws up the ball Someone carries the weight Some see, brother someone's twirling The bansar wheels Someone jumps from high above Feet are up and head's down I lost my body, mind, world Consciousness, energy, everything Lost right now Crazy

Come listen to this tune and rhythm Go ahead and make miracles happen Gone crazy Friends!

Hit it!

Hit it!

Hit it!

It has come along with colors A tune it has brought along, this evening On my lips, today, there's only your name

I drink wine from your eyes to my eyes

My job is I will die for you Erase myself for you

I find you lovely I find you to be mine I find you friendly I find you to be my beloved Your eyes are sharp, my heart leaps Now I sing only your praises I lost my heart, what's left to lose What do I tell you, that I've gone through I lost my body, mind, consciousness I also lost my energy, everything I have now lost Gone crazy Gone crazy Come listen to this tune and rhythm Go ahead and make miracles happen Crazy

-Be fast. -This Zaffar is amazing.

He is best.

Have you noticed one thing?

Chitra is the dance director, but he has been asking me for steps.

Did you notice it?

Yes, I did.

Now every actor will start asking me to show them some steps.

This year I'll become a dance director.

Enough of being an assistant.

Who will give you chance?

Why? I'll get myself a place somewhere.

You keep waiting for that bastard Chaudhary's picture.

Hi, Auntie Mohini.

Can you lend me 500 bucks?

I'll return it day after tomorrow.

Surely you will return, son.

Do you know what you are doing?

In Delhi, your father has a big store, go and help him.

You are wasting time.

I read, that either the producer makes his own son a hero, or a hero's son.

Who gives work to outsiders?

I don't have any problem with your stay, but I should know as long as you're here.

I'll take a message. Yeah, all right. Thank you.



-Is Ramesh Chaurani available? -You?

Vikram Jaisingh. I'm an actor.

He is in a story sitting.

I just want two minutes.

I told you he is busy.

I can wait.


-Hi. -Hi.

What did she say?

She said that, he is busy.

Sitting is going on.

Give her the photos, he wont meet you.

Then why are you waiting?

I've an appointment for second lead.

Second lead?

Very good.

By the way I am the heroine for Pinky Production.

Pinky Production.

Yes, Satish Chaudhary is a regular producer.

He is making Love Buds, starring Akshay and Kareena.

Then my film.

The title is not yet decided.

Brother, only ten days is left for the shooting to be over.

It's a love story, but the picture's mounting.

When you see the frames, it will amaze you.

We have spent every last bit on the picture.

Due to tension, he is suffering from high BP.

Give some more Vodka.

Next project,

is amazing.

Signed a new director.

Script is really good.

This is first half and this second half.

That is all fine, who are the actors?

John Abraham, Bipasha Basu.

And there is a new heroine.

Will John and Bipasha act?

I am not a new player.

The new director, is John's best friend.

Thats why you hired the new director.

-It's dashing, sister. -I know.

I know.


Please ask brother to introduce him to a corporate company.

-He feels shy. -You leave it to me.

I'll ask him to introduce Satish to a good place.

Look, Mr. Chaudhary.

If Mr. Romy Rolly is recommending you... we will seriously look into your project.

That's fantastic! Thank you.

Brother must have mentioned, that we have spoken with John and Bipasha...

And we're very happy.

But our basic criteria is property.

In Hollywood, a script is called property.

Here, property is property.

That's funny. You see, their content is key.

We want to bring this culture into your industry, your mindset...

-there must be change. -Change is coming.

We haven't signed John and Bipasha because they are stars.

We signed them because the script demands it.


And in second lead, a new girl is required so we are signing a new girl.

I met Ramesh.

Told I loved Sona's test.

Not a parallel role.

-But the hero's sister role. -Hero's sister?

Yes, I told him we'll tell him later.

Enough of sister's role, Raju, you will get me typecast.

What are you saying?

In Josh, Aishwarya was Sharukh's sister.

So did he get typecast?

She is different.

You know these love birds have ended.

Do you think these small roles are okay for me?

Forget about him.

-Take care. -Okay, thank you.

You are waiting here too.

No one wants to meet you?

No, Abhi said that he'll be at home, he will be back.

You can offer me tea while I wait.

Where were you hiding?

My fridge has broken down.

I don't have time to get it fixed.

My neighbor Auntie Varma, I keep everything in her fridge.

Your neighbor is really nice.

She is nice.

Charges me for using her fridge.

Are you serious?

She has to run her house, her husband was a stunt man.

For a movie, he was shooting a car scene, and had an accident.

He died on the spot. Sugar?

One spoon.


I've been calling the producer for money, he still hasn't paid me.

Where do you stay?

I'm... Bandra.

Come on.

Don't know when he will be back. What's your program?


Yo! You know we bring The buggers in the place Don't be messing with me 'Cause I'll hit in the face You know, you better salute to the king You know you better bow down To the same Check that 'Cause we are the greatest I have worked in two films, Teer Talvar.

But they were released only in the small cities.

And you are sure...

Satish Chaudhary will make a hit picture?

-Why? -Because people don't mean it.

No, Chaudhary will do it for me.

You're very lucky, Sona.

There is someone in your life.

You must be very special to him.

He is married.

He has kids as well.

He has helped me a lot, so no problem for him.


Someone once said, a person chooses his own success and failure.

Success and failure are only choices we make.

-Can I ask a question? -What?

Shall we eat some bhelpuri?



-Watch this. -Take that.

You are absolutely dead.

-Oh, come on. -Karan!

Hey, long time, man.

No, I'm free, tell me. What? What's up?

Of course I know you're starting your two-hero film, Koi Aane Wala Hai, with Shah Rukh and Arman. How can I forget!

He what?

He broke his leg? Arman broke his leg?

My God! That's like sad man.


And when do you start?

Next month. Okay.

All right, fine. I'll work it out and I will call you back.

Yeah? All right. Bye.

All decisions are made by Rolly.

You need to talk to him.

Whatever I say, he has only one thing.

Zaffar's first film was with me.


And my last film with him.

I'm still paying for it.

He never pays full, yet forces me to attend his niece's birthday and nephew's wedding.

Above all, Ranjit is the new director.

He is crazy.

Sona, having fun?

Devraj, is your boss still in the make up room?

Any problem?

I think so.

Tell me about it.

You listened to the script.

And you said its fantastic, mind blowing.

This is not your reason.

Brother, accept it.

It's a full on negative role.

Not negative. Anti-hero.

Okay, its an anti-hero role, and I am ready to portray it.

But you are not understanding it.

I'm not Zaffar Khan.

Zaffar Khan is an image.

He's an icon.

I work fro Zaffar Khan.

He asks if my fans permit me to portray such a negative role?

We will change the script, make the role a positive one.


Look at this.

From this month, my regular column is published.

Every month?

A little bird told me.

How is the title?

May I give you some news?

Don't use my name.

Zaffar has some serious problems, with script and the director.

How do you know?

Somebody told me.

Somebody close to him.

I can't say the name.

Come on, Sona!

I don't believe this.

Make it positive.

I don't have any problem but Rolly...

How can we make it positive?

If I have to tell you, why have I hired you as the writer?

I can think, but I wrote as I was told.


It was a blockbuster in US.

Super hit!

But this is India.

The audience here is different.

This is not because of Zaffar.

But I too felt the character should be a little positive.

In the end, the police doesn't catch him.

-So? -Means he is in love, conscience awakens.

We can add a temple scene, a monologue in front of mirror.

They are old, but when done with conviction will be a hit.

Then cut with an empty frame.

A noose on the neck with a big frame.

Then the hero suddenly enters.

He sees the noose.

The noose is swinging, which is symbolic and the hero thinks, whether to commit suicide or not.

He holds the noose, kisses it and hangs himself.


I'm not making this for a film festival.

Only like this... loud thinking, sir.


Don't mind it. I suspect foul play in this.

What are you buying? You mostly eat packaged food.

Who will cook?

You should.

Black lentils.

Butter chicken.


Remembering home.

Go back home.

By the way, I make tasty chicken.

Should I buy it?

Where will you keep it?

You don't have a fridge now.

Want a new fridge?

-Means? -You don't need to buy it.

Participate in the contest.

Look here, fill it out and if you win, the fridge is yours.

What do you think, if I fill this form out there is a chance to win a fridge?

I think if you don't fill this, then no chances of the fridge.

I am not fluent in English.

That's what I'm here for.

No frost, no cost.

What do you think?

You are smart.

So you were shopping with Sona.

There is nothing like that.

It will happen, keep it up.

Forget about this, and focus on what you are here for.


It's boring.

Yes. Shravan, speak.

-College three... -No, I'll reach at 6 a.m.

Oh shit!

But I... will call you later.

What happened?

For the morning shot, we require a grandfather clock.

Imran is going on vacation and the movie is about to release.

Mukesh Bhatt will kill me.

Where are you going to find a grandfather clock?

Visit the thief market.

Shops are not open there early in the morning.

Then I don't know, someone you know must have one.

Think, come on. Can you think of anyone?


My grandfather?

Abhi, shut up. I have no idea of what to do.

Aunt Mohini.

You loved me like a mother.

I don't have anything to offer, but I want to serve you.

I'm taking your grandfather clock for polishing.

I know its dear to you.

Tomorrow, when you get it after polishing, your happy eyes will make me feel that I have received your blessings.

Your son Vikram.

Oh, man.

You are wonderful.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Rajan! Take this inside, fast.

Hiring cost...

No cost.

Just get it polished.

I will get it done now.

Come on, I'll introduce you to Imran.

He is doing a kissing scene.

Bring two cups of tea.

With ginger.

Is Mukesh Bhatt there?

No, he has gone for week.

Out of town.

What are you doing in the evening?


Will you come to Pyar Hua Tumse premiere?

I have two passes.

Come on.

Looking nice.

Lets go.

And I've worked with Rani in my career and she's a fantastic actress, she's a very sweet girl.

Sometimes the reviews may not be good, but the audience will like it.

What's a reception without an audience?

It was a lovely experience.

I just loved working with Akshay.

In fact this is the first role we're doing together.

But the experience was lovely. I had a great time.

It's Scotch.

Of course.

Thanks for bringing me here.

Any time.


-Hi. -How are you?

-Fine. -Good to see you.

Ma'am, would you like to have a glass of champagne?

Yes, please. Thank you.


Thank you.


I want to meet Nikki Walia.

"Hello" again.

She is with her mom Neena.

We'll see.

She's so boring.

Hello, Auntie.

Please say something else.

So that I can tell my friend that Neena spoke with me.

All the best.

May I tell you a weired thing?

In a way, I'm in this world because of you.

Excuse me?

Mom and Dad were in college together.

They were your fans so they became friends.

So you see, in a way, I'm in this world because of you.

How sweet.

He saw you once at a party long time ago.

My dad had said, "You know, Vikram, she was the most beautiful woman in room."

That's kind of him.

Today I will call him and say...

She's still the most beautiful woman in the room.

Thank you, Vikram.

Vikram Jaisingh.

My daughter Nikki.

-Hi. -Hi.

-Okay then. Bye, ma'am. -Bye.

Todays generation speaks this way.

No one really feels alive.

Trust me, Mom, you're still alive.

You know my relationship with Zaffar.

-He is my kid. -I know that.

I heard from a reliable source.

He has given all your dates to Karan Johar.


I just want you to know.

Will I lie to you?

I'm waiting for him in the office.

-Where are you and Zaffar? Shut up! -No, sir. I have no idea where is he?

I don't know where he is.

If you don't know, who will know?

Ask Zaffar's mom, and call me immediately, you bloody idiot!

Are you wearing a pearl ring?

Why are you getting upset during lunch time?

Come and eat.

I have lost my faith in this industry.


Don't be like that.

You know this industry, don't feel bad for it so much.


He is not responding to my calls or texts.

This is too much.

Is this how he behaves?

Todays generation don't know how to behave.

There was a time when it was fun to film.

No enjoyable anymore.

Have to run for dates behind people who are like my children.

Does it feel good?

I don't have any reputation now.

Don't talk like this.

Everyone respects you and you have a reputation.


You have a lot of respect.

Everyone left.

Only these four walls, in deep horrifying silence, asks me, "Devdutt, what will you choose between principle and convenience?

What are you thinking?

In every path of yours, there is a diversion.

You are a human and its your destiny.


Only diversions.

Only diversions."

-Abhi is talented. -Yes.

And also hardworking.

He has been rehearsing the same play for two months.


He will get his break.

I hope so.

Why are you talking like this?

He's content.

There is no fire in it.

Do you have?

You're done?

One minute.


I don't want it.

Why? Don't you want to make a wish?

I don't need it.


Now this eyelash flying in the air, will take your wish and land slowly... into an open gutter, which is waiting for it.

Shut up!

Mr. Rolly, I am so sorry.

My sister in Chicago, something happened to her family...

Now everything is fine, right?

Yes, fine, but also not.

I was thinking...


I'm on diet.

I was thinking...

I haven't taken a break since three years.

You are working really hard.

God has blessings on you. Yes, But how long it will last.

Means... I am working like a machine.

I'm being mechanical.

Even if you work bad, it is still better compared to the others.

You're like a father to me.

God bless.

I need a favor.

Say it, son.

Let me go from this film.

What are you saying?

You don't want to work with me in my film.

Can I think like that?

Our relationship is not because of a film.

We will do ten films.

But, Romy, I really, really need a break.

Whatever losses you have...

I'm genuinely sorry, I actually want to...

Let it go.

He should have thought about it.

My daughter's future is involved.

What do I tell you, he told me, "Heroine is everything in the movie, what am I doing?"

I said, "You may be a big star.

But this script is mine it will remain like this."

He said, "It's difficult for me."

I said, you're most welcome to go.

Now who's going to be the hero?

Don't you worry, Neena.


Zaffar was doing this film previously?

I have done three dramatic films continuously.

One after the other.

I can't give you an excuse about availability.

Come on, Uncle Romy. You are making me ashamed.

Hey, Uncle Romy, I was just feeling that If I act in this role, there will be some controversy, don't you think?

I'm really looking forward to doing something light right now.

I want to do different.

Something experimental, you know?

Uncle Romy, you're like a father to me.

By the way, Dad was asking about you. He said to say hi.

You understand, right?

Like in...

You will get dates in 2015.

-Ready? -Ya.

My shot's ready, I'll be back.



You said, "Content is king, script is property."

Industry's culture should change.

And now you want me to suggest who'll be the hero?

What can we do. We are answerable to our shareholders.

Sir, we were thinking that We should start Mr. Chaudhary's project.

After all you recommended him.

You are not starting my project.

Meet him he is Mr. Dinal my old...

What can I say?

I am thankful.

I won't tell the length of our relationship.

Else you will know my age.

You still look young, Neena.

-You're such a charming guy. -Oh, stop it.


He was sad when he heard about the film.

And he said, on his own, "I'll be the financier of film."


Okay, listen Mr. Rolly.

Rolly, sir.


Except for Neena, I have no connection in film industry except that my grandfather and Soda Modi Wow!

-Very good. -I'm a shipping man.

I'll sign an agreement.

But, father, I am no where into it.

But, Neena's the boss.

Neena's the boss.

Look at that!


What about the hero?

Neena, I was thinking... and realized that Zaffar not doing this picture is a blessing in disguise.

This role demands new face.

New face?

If I get this role for free, I won't say no. New face.

It would be good if there was a star.

This new face? I don't know.

Dharam has two sons?

Bobby and Sunny?

Pinky, please.

You should have told Dharam, another son is required before 20 years.

He would never say no.

You guys make jokes about my sister.

She is such a genius, what can we do.

Too much. Stop it.

Why don't you guys suggest something?

Congratulations! I just read it.


Announcement about John and Bipasha.

Yes, it came in newspaper.

Now introduce me to the director.

-Tomorrow I'm in Filimistaan for shoot. -Okay.

Come at 2:00 or 2:30 pm.

Okay. Done.

My movie is starting.

-What? Wow! -Congratulations!

Thank you!

Come, have a drink.

Oh, man!

Very good.

Who is the photographer?



Why are you asking?

What's this?


All angles, with emotions, and straight photos.

Anyone might like it.

Very good.

You don't get a break due to these photos or parties.

Abhi, you speak nonsense.

You're feeling sad because your friend is taking me to parties.

Don't don't throw it out on my photos.

I am not sowing my anger, but advising you.

You won't become an actor with poses.

This is not the way.


Really? Do you know the way?

Then tell me, why are you here?

What are you saying?

Who says I'm here?

I am doing two shows on TV and have a reputation in theater.

By the way, I don't borrow money from friends or ask my parents for any.

Abhi, I will return your money but today you showed me your true colors.

If identity has then hear the truth.

-Guys, please stop it. -No, don't get involved, Sameer.

You're wasting your time, Vikram Jaisingh.

You are not an actor and wont become one.

Go and sit in your father's shop at Delhi.

Guys, what are you doing? Vikram!


One minute, where are you going?

What is he saying?

He moved idols in Delhi, Abhi borrowed money and watched movies with me.

Why are you getting hurt?

-How can he behave like this? -Let it go.

He is drunk.

What if he is drunk? He's my friend!

He is saying I'm nothing.

I should go back to Delhi!

You don't have to go anywhere.

I loved your photos.

You have what is required.

Look at me!

I had to wait, but if I'm getting a big break who's there to stop me?


You know you're good.

You know it.

Sona, you were sound asleep so I didn't wake you up.

I could not congratulate you last night.

So giving it now.

I wish your movie becomes a super hit.

I love you. Vikram.

The sun is peeping through my window Like rays have got their path They have come smiling

Sleep in my room has vanished Hope has taken a U-turn It has come back here again

Lets move forward With this which Is new I have lost my heart somewhere What has happened today

The tune is changing Life is going to settle Don't know why I felt that way

A heart shaped branch hangs Flowers are about to blossom Birds slowly come near to sing

It's very good.

Where do they come from?

Give me one.

Shut up! Shameless.

Give it back fast.

I'll be back.

Come in.

Did you see today's Mid-Day?

John's did an interview.

He said he is working with you.

I saw it.

Did you talk to director Kabir Kaushal?

I did, Sona, but there is a problem.

What problem?

He wants a new girl.

He's very clear about that.

I'm new.

From where?

You have worked in Teer Talvaar, two Bhojpuri pictures.

And in many pictures you acted in two to three scenes.

I did them because you told me.

I asked you every time and you said, "Do it, there won't be any problem."

Look, I don't want to have this discussion.

Isn't this nonsense?

Isn't it?

You promised me a proper break.

A parallel role.

And after wasting three years, you say it's nonsense.

You are talking as if I stopped you from becoming a superstar.

The world has changed, so has the industry super models and beauty pageant winners are becoming heroines.

But I have the talent, I can act.

Who wants that?

Look, I don't want to break your heart but no big hero will work with you.

You won't make a movie with me?

No, its not possible.

Look, Sona.

I really like you.

You keep visiting me and I said I'll see what I can do for you.

Please stop this drama.

I'm already worried.

You are here and I...

What happened?

-Sorry. -What?

What happened, Satish?


She has worked in our film Teer Talvar, Roma darling.

Sona Mishra.

Then what happened?

I'm sorry.

There are some problems in my home.

I had to give these.

Are they yours?

My cousin pictures.

See if you can get him any role.

I'll call if I have something for him.

Thank you.

What was that about?

Well, same old story.

She is need, wants money.

Spoiled my mood.

They are old photos. Look at them.

Your judgment has always been correct.

Reject. Oh my God!

What are you doing? Keep the rejected ones here and accepted ones there.

-They should be good. -What faces they have.

There was a time when we had Dharmendar, Devender, Shammi Kapoor, look what we have now.

May I come in?

Pinky, come in.

Hi, Pinks.

My, what a surprise, Pinky!

Forgot your path!

Ranjit, I had few photos, thought it may help you.

Mind blowing! More the merrier.

Pinky has become casting director.

At this time, you can only think of family.

That's true.

You've come at the right time.

I have ordered Chinese food from Mainland China.

Dablu, bring the food.

Who's going to eat all this diet food?

Don't worry he will eat that too.

Hello? Yes.

Who are you?

One minute.

Vikram, call for you.

From Romy Rolly Production.

Wait for a minute, Aunt Mohini. Tell them to hold on.

You are making the floor wet.

Hello? Yes, speaking.

No problem. I'll come.

Can you please tell me for which role?

No, it's okay. I'll be there.

Bye, and thank you.


I was really drunk that night.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Shall we hang out tonight, and drink?

Hi, guess what.

Today I got call from Romy Rolly Production House.

For an audition.

What happened?

What happened?

Satish Chaudhary's film.

It's not happening.


But I'm not in it.

It's not in my destiny.

Not written in destiny?

Look at me, Sona.

What's this destiny?

This word is for someone who can't make their own life.

Haven't I been strong in life?

What have I got?

After three years, he tells me I can't be anything.

He is a bastard.

Are you going to let this bastard decide your future?

Tell me one thing.

You came here to work for Chaudhary or become an actor?

You trusted an other person.

Now trust your self.

Sona, chances are not given, they are made.

Success does not come to us.

We have to chase success.

Keep walking in your path.

Keep walking.

The whole world will be with you soon.

In every garden, a kid chases Butterflies that are still hard to catch Who will say this mad kid?

Whatever you are find in this world Whoever finds it Finds it only in the mind Eyes filled with dreams There is no sleep and patience Eyes filled with dreams There is no sleep and patience Hello, friends, my name...

-Prabhu... -Ritam Vishwas.

-My mobile number is... -99...

-...932... -...3700.

-I'm from Jammu. -I'm from Delhi.

-Lucknow. -Punjab.

-Banaras. -Nagpur.

I came all the way from Calcutta for this audition.

I had a lot of experience in modeling...

-...TV shows. -I'm into theater too.

I have only done only one commercial in two years.

Whoever accepts this path At every end there's path A sunny path burns the feet There is a turn but no shadow Seeker keeps on going Can you fill out my form? I don't know English.

-What's your name? -Rahul.

There is no one...

-Age? -22.


Eyes filled with dreams Don't have sleep and patience Eyes filled with dreams Don't have sleep and patience The question is not a matter of my life or death.

But the question is...

Question is...

Is there someone who created this world, and runs it?

-If not my death... -...then my death and life equal.

And if he is somewhere Okay, thank you that was good.

-Sir, I didn't complete it. -I said it's okay.

Why doesn't he listen to his kids?

-Ma'am give me another chance, please. -He'll call you back.

Why doesn't he listen to his kids?

I will do better this time, ma'am.

Why doesn't he listen to his kids?

From far, everyone think it's sea Is it water or sand?

Who knows?

Days are different every day

Happiness is different and patience Is different But the eyes that see it are different Patience becomes mine And happiness gets away Eyes filled with dreams No sleep and patience Eyes filled with dreams Have no sleep and patience Eyes filled with dreams Vikram Jaisingh?


-For which role? -They didn't tell me.

Just asked for the name, age and height.

Then a scene.

-Delivered it. -Must have been like this.

Unless Romy Rolly's Production says delivering small dialogs, hires stars.

You think I should send my pictures?

May be there are two-three roles.

You should try.

If there is someone, then the question is, when will he listen to his kids?

He is good.

Shortlist him.

Finally, a Tarzan after so many idiots.

-How many shortlisted? -Two.

-There is one more. -Show.

And rolling.

My name is Vikram Jaisingh. I'm 25 years-old, my height is 5'9.

I have a certificate from Nandkishore Acting School and did theater in Delhi.

I think theater helped keep the actor in me alive.

Now the question is whether I should live or die, the question is where is the care taker of this world, if not available, my life and death are equal.

If there's someone, then the question is, why doesn't he listen to his kids?


-He seems to be sincere. -That is all okay.

-Who among them can dance? -Yes, check that out too.

These days a hero has to dance more than the heroine.

I have met this boy.

I know this boy.

There are four new photos.

Three are already shortlisted.

But he's so cute!

You're giving me more work. Give me that.

A twenty four lens will give the best shot.

Tomorrow you will read this scene.

-Sir, is this the lead role? -Of course.

Sir, thank you very much.

Don't be thankful, it's not yet finalized.

-Understood? -Yes.

Look, I was also an actor, confidence is a good thing.

But not overconfidence.

You're absolutely right, sir.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, listen.

How do you know Neena?

Not personally but I have met her once.

Yes, she thought...

She saw my screen test?

Her daughter is the movie's heroine.

Me, brother and Neena are going to make a decision.

Of course.

Hi, I'm Kunal Khanna, I want to meet Ranjit Rolly, -for a screen test. -Please take a seat.


You've come here for the test?

I am here unnecessarily.

You never know.

I know.

I was here yesterday for a scene.

I heard Ranjit talking to someone about you.

About me?

What was he saying?

He was saying...

-You're Kunal, right? -Yeah.

He was saying Kunal has confidence.

He has this aggression, which is required for the role.


Vikram Jaisingh?

Good luck.

Could you step back slightly?


I'm really sorry.

-Hello, ma'am. -Hello.

Make it quick.

How are you?

-Have we already met? -Yes, at Pyar Hua premiere party.

I'm the one in this world because of you.

Oh, yes!

How could I forget that?


Ratna, open up her hair for the test.

Open hair, baby, you look so beautiful!

I already told her.

Do it quickly.


Seeing you like this reminds meof Topal's rain song.

You were wearing this same color saree.

You remember a lot.

Are you nervous?

A little bit.

You don't need to be.

-Shall we practice once? -No, it's okay.

Ready, sir.

All right. Taking...

and action.

-Why is it so, Priya? -What?

A single meeting turned into a close friendship.

This can't be explained in words, Rahul.

Which can't be expressed in words, can be expressed with a flower.

Take this.

What is he doing? I'm sorry.

There was no flower, something had to be given.

It wasn't that bad.

-Okay, come on. Lets take it from the top. -Yes, sir. No more horsing around.

-Come on stop giggling. Taking... -Yes, order, sir.

-Okay, no joking. -And action.

Why is it so, Priya?


A single meeting turned into a close friendship.

That's the boy.

-How charming. -What are you saying, Neena?

That second boy Kunal, looks like a young Shammi Kapoor.

No, Vikram is better.

Kunal is overconfident.

Multiplex audience will not like him.

Have you seen his body?

Remove his shirt in one or two scenes.


I agree with Neena.

I prefer Vikram.

There's something cute about him.

Ranjit, I think he'll drive the girls crazy.

-Really? -I like this boy.

He's finalized.

Vikram, where were you?


What happened to your screen test?

They said what they should say.

-I'm sorry. -Sorry?

Sona, I have got that role.

-They've given me the lead role. -No!

I'm the lead!

Won't get into the details.

There was an opposition.

But I said...

This is the boy I want in the film.

After all, you are the boss, sir.

I'm only here because of you.

If it's God's plan, you will sign many movies.

What was Zaffar when he came here?

And where is he now?

Who made him?

You have, sir.

Son, guess... how much did I pay Zaffar for his first film?

How will I know?

Try guessing a figure.

No idea, sir.

Fifty thousand.

Five's my lucky number. R-O-L-L-Y. Five.

And this five will take you to the skies.

-Nikki, I love... -Puppies!

-My weakness... -Chocolate.

-My color... -Pink.

-I hate... -Spiders!

Hi, baby.

Vikram called.

He said, "Thank you so much.

I got this film because of you."

That's really sweet of him, right?

Anyway, I told him to come here for the rehearsal.

-Here? -Yes, it'll be nice.

Excuse me, ma'am if we can get a picture of the both of you, it would be great.

Are you mad?

I mean, look at me.

Take her picture against that wall, it will look very nice, okay?

-My favorite person... -My mother.

Say something interesting about your boyfriend.


Romy Rolly and Subhana are very close.

And he has become a hero.

I should write something.

Subhana won't do this for free.

If you won't do it for free, then why should I?

Your boyfriend is a big star, so you will become... a star wife.

You will shop in Rome, Milan and Paris.

And will talk about your star husband.

He's so busy, sometimes I feel bad for him.

Poor baby.

God blesses you with happiness and success.

I have to be there by 11:00 a.m.

Aunt Mohini, I was wondering... if I should take a loan from Dad?

I need to organize a flat soon.


My house seems small for you?

You can live here for as long as you like.

I feel safe, when you are here.

This is my room.

Why don't you sit?


You live in a cake.

Shut up, okay!

That's Cuputie.


Cuputie, my little doggy.

This is Vikram, say hi.

Hi, Gapoochie.

My sister couldn't have committed suicide.

Someone killed her.

-One minute, ma'am. -Yes.

It's "blood." Not "blud."


Like this. Blood.


-I'll murder. -Means.

Ma'am forget the word blood, and say "someone has murdered her."

-Lets continue. -Yes.

She was happy, and was in love with someone...

And in love, one can die.

And can also kill.

Nikki, your line?

Your line?

What's my line?


Come here.

Hi, Neena.

Hi, Vikram.

Nikki said you weren't feeling well.

I have a cold.

Come on, sit down.

-Here. -Thanks.

So, how was the rehearsal?

Not bad.

It has now started.

We used to get the dialogs on set.

You were still amazing in your performances.

Is your contract signed?


How much are they paying you?


It's okay.

They were saying 50,000.

Fifty thousand? That's it?

Five is Romy's lucky number, so...

If its in Rolly's hands, his lucky number would be zero.

I'll talk to him.

No, Neena.

-He might feel bad. -Nothings going to happen.

I'll recommend it.

Don't worry.

Now I am getting 500,000.

Five lakhs.

All because of Neena.

You charmed Neena or was it her idea?

Look, my grand mom used to say, "To make a sweet you need to add sugar."

You are naughty.

How is Nikki?


She loves her doggy Gapoochie so, so much.

You are going away for a month.

-I will be bored. -Why?

Sing sad songs.

Never say Good bye

It's beautiful!

Do you know, Minty dear?

Initially every film was shot in India.

Is this location lesser than Switzerland?

Don't you think so, Pinky? It's very pretty!


If you had had a star, you would've been abroad.


Good observation, Madam Neena.

But what matters is that I'm happy with this location.

And I am happy with this boy.

I want you to sit on the other horse.

This Vikram is from theater, yet he's dashing, isn't he, Satish?

Okay, good.

Many from theater have come to Bollywood.

Please don't say Bollywood. I hate that word.

We are the Hindi film industry.

Excuse me.

Tired of standing.


You're screwed till the movie is over.

Actually she's not a bad person.

Actually, you know, she's...

She's very complex.

The sequence is, the heroine's horse runs out of control, "Help! Help!" And all that.

Then comes my hero on a horse.

Grabs the heroine and they fall down.

I will shoot this in slow motion.

I am getting goose bumps.

Romance and thrill together.

Good shot, guys.

Are you okay?

"Saturn is on the rise.

A family member may be the cause of some mental trauma."

We all know that.

"The next few weeks could see a romance bloom."

You heard that?

Whats your zodiac sign?


I'm a Virgo.


Are you here to chit chat?

Done with your exercise?

That is a lot of money riding on your waistline.

I'm coming with you.


This is required.

Today's girls...

zero dedication.

Thats why, Neena, there is no one like you.

Doctor! Come quick!

Patient in bed number seven is collapsing, doctor.

-Oh my gosh! -Cut!


-Was that okay, sir? -Thank you. You are done.

You're still here?

Finalize something.

You said you won't go outdoors.


You have already shot a scene in this movie.

You were in a song.

That song was shot with Zaffar Khan.

It will have to be re-shot.

What's your point?

You keep acting.

Try to understand.

Now Vikram is the hero.

How will he feel if I act in just three scenes?

What's this? I'm really fed up, Sona.

I'm tired of you.

First it was Chaudhary, now it's Vikram and these three scenes.

Who is making you, Mother India?

Well, don't work for me then, okay?

Okay, madam. Okay!

I am not running out of work.

Hi, may I come in?

I've come to apologize.

The shooting was delayed because of me.

My costumer forgot to bring the costume.

It's okay. Sit.

You must have noticed.

In my serious scenes, I wear loose black, gray, dull clothes.

It's my characterization.

It's very good.

Color is important for a performance.

Where is Neena?

She's sleeping.

Mom's too strict.

If she finds out that I'm sitting here right now, she'd be very angry.

But, She's sleeping.

And Tanya?

Watching a film.


Nice jacket.

Is it yours?

All clothes in this room are mine.

Except the one you are wearing.

You're very funny!

You want something to drink?

You know, what Tanya says about you?


She's says, "He's very funny."

She's my best friend.

I can tell her anything.

She'll never tell anybody.


You're a very lucky girl.

I've heard that so many times.

Everyone thinks star kids take things for granted.

It's not that easy.

There are a lot of expectations.

Now I'm going to be compared to Mom, you know.

So what?

If she is Neena,

you are Nikki.

If they find out I'm in your room.

What will everybody say?

People are so narrow minded.

Do you have a girl friend?


I've never had a boyfriend.

Can you believe it?


What time did you sleep last night?

Your eyes are puffy.

-Suresh. -Yes.

Cover it.

You should keep an eye on her.

I'm going to Mumbai tomorrow.

When will you return?

In two or four days.

A meeting with Uncle Kanyar.

Mom, Tanya also wants to leave.

I'll be so lonely.

Bye, baby.

Bye guys, have a safe journey. Bye Tanya.

When the air recites Our love poem The atmosphere and earth listens Even the sky listens When the air recites Our love poem The atmosphere and earth listens Even the sky listens That's why there is fragrance In flower buds Thats why there is magic In mountains and streams That's why they are radiant Paths and valleys When air recites Our love poems The atmosphere and earth listens And Even the sky listens

Lonely is also smelling Some seasons feel lazy Feelings coming from the heart With drowsiness Keep some distance from me Then the story will remain incomplete The story doesn't have to be complete now Thats why there is thirst to meet you Thats why there is need for love Thats why distance seems Beautiful When the air recites Our love poem

The atmosphere and earth listens And even the sky listens

Thats why paths And valleys are Scattered

And cut.

Rewind it.

Where are you, Laxmi?

It's good you called me. I was about to call you.

Is everything good?

-I don't think so. -Why?

Is something going on between Nikki and Vikram?

Are you mad? He called me four times last week.

He makes fun of her.

Don't overthink it. Guess where I'm calling from?

Where are you now?

In Vikram's hotel. Don't tell him.

My surprise for him.

-When did you come? -Now.

Call me in the evening, we will hang out.

-Okay? -Okay, I'll call later.

-Vikram? -Yeah Is 6:30 p.m. a good time for you tomorrow?

Yeah, 6:30 p.m. is fine.

Autograph please.


Are you astonished?

Thought of surprising you.

Yes. Surprised.

What happened?

Nothing, come on.

I was thinking that you... came in vain.

I was about to return after two days.

It's good you you've good.

Where are you staying?

Let's see.

I thought I'll stay with you.

It will get awkward.

I'm here on producer's money.

Strangers aren't allowed.

You know what I mean?

It's okay, my friend Laxmi stays in another hotel. I'll stay with her.

It's no problem.

How will you go? I'll arrange a car for you.

Not required, its close.

We had a rehearsal song today.

Tomorrow, we can meet after shoot for dinner.

Is something going on between you and Nikki?

Not at all.

Who told you?


Hundred percent sure news.

Do you know her hair dresser Ratna?

She told me.

She was in her bedroom.

And the bed was...


Neena is coming back today.

That won't stop them.

Neena's out after taking her medicines.

And then...

Where are you going?

I have to talk to him.

Have you lost your mind?

Look, you have your self respect.

What are you going to do?

Fight and cause a scene?

Fight? I'm his girl friend.


When will you understand the world.

That boy has become the hero of a big film, are you getting it?

No one is anything.

Sit down.



Hello, Neena.


How many suitcases?

Do you know big actresses carry twenty suitcases?


Then how many suitcases left to become a big actress?

You're very funny.

Since when... has this drama started?

There is nothing like that.

They just make fun of each other.

That's it.

I'll break your teeth with my shoes.

Am I a fool?

Why are you so serious? Smile.

We have a good record for our film.

Tomorrow when you return, the media will be running b you.

Enjoy it.

But be very careful.

Look, the media tries to find sensation.

And if they feel, that you guys have something going on, or anything...

But Mom, there's nothing like that.

I know, of course.

You guys are just friends and make fun of each other.

Look, right now, every girl is supposed to think, "I wish he was my boyfriend."

And every boy should wish you were his girlfriend.

And if that doesn't happen... not good for your image.

-But Mom... -She's right, Nikki.

Why give everyone a wrong impression?

Look. He understood me.

Like, you should not sit so close to each other.

It's just gone by too soon. It's not fair, like...

But it's also a musical love story.


Hi, Sona.

I know you're angry with me.

But we need to talk.

I came to meet you few days back, but you were not there.

Sona, I've a flat in Versova.

Few friends are coming in the evening.

If you can come... If free, please do come.

Please come.

-Hey. -Hi.

Hey, Vikram?

Do you remember, I was writing a script?


Will you hear its narration?

Definitely, brother!

You give me two or three days.

Take your time. But it will be fantastic for you.


Very deep thinking.

I was wondering how life can change overnight.

New house and car.

Between you and me, took loan from Dad.

New girlfriend, and friends.

I can't believe we're going to be on the cover for Glitter.

Why? Where else would you be?

They are my star couple.

How do you feel to be paired... with a new comer rather than Zaffar Khan?

An artist walks on his talent.

It doesn't matter who is in the front of him.

She has done a good job. I liked it.

And this boy... won't say anything. Touch wood.

Volcano of talent.

Write my words down please. Volcano of talent.

Son, bring some snacks here.

You know my friend, Sona Mishra?

Oh, you are her friend.

Who is Sona?

My friend.


No, sir.

Just give me a sec.

Hi, Nikki.

Hi, how are you?

Very well.

This is Vikram.

-Hi. -Hi, Kareena.

-Nice house. -Thank you.

He was feeling very awkward to come.

Don't be silly, you can come over any time.

-Thanks. -Just kidding.

What will you have to drink?


-You good? -Yes. do this well, it's good.

Give me a second...

Hey, Nikki, how are you?


-And you? -I'm all right.

Getting along.

Oh, this is Vikram.

Hi, all good?

I think so.

Everything will be good. Good luck.


-Say hello to your mom. -Sure.

See you.

So, Uncle Romy hero. Just met Uncle Romy's discovery.

What do you think?

Not bad. Potential.

Did he thank you?

To me?

I mean, he's only at this party because you left that film.

-Come on. -It's a fact.

That's how outsiders come in.

Someone writes a script and a big star rejects it.

And a newcomer gets his break. Simple.


Darr, Bazigar.

I mean, many stars rejected it.

Only one man did it. Shah Rukh Khan.

Of course, Zanjeer.

Seven big actors rejected it.

The role was given to a struggling actor named...

Amitabh Bachchan Right answer.

So you never know.

Why didn't you tell me before?

You didn't ask me.

Tanvir, come on, sit down.

I've got a job for you.

Nikki and that new boy, they're having an affair.

Vikram Jaisingh?

Anyways, Nikki's friend Tanya lives in Bandra, they meet at her house, and that's where they have their rendezvous.

Are you sure?

Don't ask me stupid questions. Just go follow the story.

-Yes. -Thank you.

Sona, it's Tanvir.

Sona, I want to talk to you. It's regarding Vikram.

I know you are inside.

Open the door, Sona.

Stop disturbing us.

"The debutante, leading man and producer of Romy Rolly's Dil Ki Aag... a deadly boy, Vikram Jaisingh.

His middle name could very well be 'The user.'

Vikram uses others as a ladder.

The first run on the ladder of his gold blooded ambition, was a poor little starlet called Sona Mishra.

Vikram almost lived at her house.

-He spent his penniless... -...days with the help of Sona.

But people like Vikram don't understand the meaning of the word 'gratitude.'

After getting into the film he started pleasing Nikki and her mother.

Everybody knows what her mother has done.

Her daughter is the same.

Here was a boy who managed to charm both, mother and daughter...

...until a crew member stated... outdoor shootings...

...Vikram wooed Neena in the morning...

...and was playing with Nikki at night...

On coming back, Vikram didn't waste any time...

...before dropping poor Sona Mishra.

If he gets involved with a second grade starlet... wont be good for his star image.

And now, perhaps he's waiting for the release and success of his first film So he would get a chance to kick Neena and Nikki on their faces and look for new pastures."

How dare you publish such nonsense.

Frustrated bitch.

Shut up and listen.

If you don't apologize to me and my daughter, I will destroy you and your magazine!

I told you to stay away from him.

But, Mom.

How is this Vikram's fault?

He hasn't said anything.

Subhana had dreams about it.

If you meet that idiot again, I'll break your legs.

But you told me you didn't have a girlfriend.

Sona is not my girlfriend.

She is friend.

Means she was.

Don't lie to me.

What are you doing? Are you mad?

My first cover story... is this.

You benefit from this, but did you think about me?



You're crazy.

This article is calling me a ruthless, selfish user!

-And I benefit from it? -Yes!

A boy from Delhi.

Who, till yesterday was a nobody.

An affair with Neena's daughter, that's something to benefit from.

Mom was right.

You know?

I'm sick of you and I'm sick of your mom.

Instead of listening to her bullshit, learn how to act first, you will benefit from it.

How dare you talk to me like this!


Don't you ever call me again!

Can't you respond to my calls? I even came here to meet you.

Don't you get that I don't want to talk to you?

You don't want to talk but your desire to talk to the press is fulfilled.

-What? -Look at this.

Look at this.

Do you think I'm responsible for this?

Who else? It's signed by your friend, the writer.

How am I responsible if Tanvir wrote it?

Listen, my first film is getting released and I don't need this shit!

What shit?

Only I know what I have been through.

I worked bloody hard for this!

Why do you want your share in my chance of getting successful?

If you want your name and photos in the media, do something on your own!

You can't gain anything from talking about me.

Do you understand that?

Excuse me?

Excuse me!

Hi, Sona. Listen...

What is this?

Listen to me.

What's this?

-Hey, listen to me. -Listen?

What are you doing?

What am I doing?

Look at what's come.


Sona MIshra?

You filled out the Gordrej Eon Diwali bumper form, this frost free refrigerator, you have won it. Congratulations!

He was right.

To get something in new life. You need to raise your hand.

You need to walk tall.

He taught me this.

But I could not thank him.

Because until I could understand that I need to raise my hand... he was gone.

Long ago.

Cut it.

Is it okay?

You cry while smiling like Meena Kumari.

I should be thankful for your decision.

Everything happens for a reason.

Use this publicity.

People know your name now.

Raju, you talk rubbish.

You see what I can do now.

I'll change my name if you don't get popular.

All the misfortunes of your devotees You erased in a moment Tribute to the Lord of the universe You are my father, my mother

-How are you? -Absolutely fine.

How did the audience react?

You see for yourself, madam.

Come on! Let's go.

I'm getting tensed.

It has come along with colors Evening has brought a tune along On my lips, today, there's only your name

I drink wine from your eyes by my eyes

I will die for you, erase myself for you the only job I am left with

Tell me about the collection.

Hail to the Goddess!

This was not possible without the goddess and your blessings.

Is this something to ask for.

Nikki was a fire in her performance.

Okay, I'll meet you.

What was your Neena saying?

Film is a hit and she considers herself a superstar.

Now see.

How she'll pull the producers legs now.

You know, she's s crocodile in a chiffon saree.

A man got stabbed in Jabalpur for an advance booking.

One got killed.

-Oh God! -Cheers to that!

The boy's report is fantastic.



I gave you his photos.

Do you remember that Sona Mishra?

She brought the photo saying he was her cousin.

It's in the papers now, but I already knew they were having an affair.

Why didn't you tell me?

Remember she came to the studio that day?

She will get paid for it now.

Casting director.

How people work.

How these photos came in.

His destiny is fantastic.

Luck by chance.


-Talk to him. -Now he's also calling.

Zaffar, what a surprise!

All are like that.

Yes, the celebration is on. Very much celebrating.

What's this, mother?

People have sent flowers for you.

Call Vikram back. He called.

You spoke to Vikram?

Yes, the film is a super hit.

Producers want to cast you two together.

Call him.

I can't believe you're saying this.

You said so much... And now since he has a hit...

What kind of a person are you?

I don't understand you.

You will never.

You've lived a luxurious life.

You didn't live in a single dirty room with a full family.

Your father didn't hit you when you were six for acting in a movie.

I was sixteen, when my mother forced me to sleep with the producer.

How will you understand?

Call him.

I couldn't have asked for a better poster.

We have great on screen chemistry.

Acting is in my blood.

I'm single.

I've never had a boyfriend.

We're just good friends.

I've given myself three years to be number one.

Numbers are for accountants.

I'm an actor.

I'm really looking forward to doing some meaningful cinema.

I don't believe in destiny.

I believe in me.

All right!

Oh, God! Look who's here.

I really need to talk to you, man.

Just stay away form me, Tanvir.

-No, but let me explain. -I don't need your explanation.

Vikram, it's not about me. It's about Sona.


Where are you?

Remembered something.

Now you are a star, you can think of anything.

Just don't forget us.

Who are you?


Hello, sir.


I've been hearing very good things about you.

Thank you so much.

Come have a drink with us. Come on.

Your real work starts now.

And actors work apart from acting.

It's really to choose the right kind of roles.

You think your first film chose you.

Now you will choose your films.



Your friends?

Yes, Abhi was with me in school.

And that's Sameer.

Won't you go?



Stardom is a cocktail.

Fame, power, money.

Dangerous addictions.

I can't even imagine what it must be like for you.

Yeah? It's insane.

But I understood one thing early, don't forget, they knew you when you were nothing.

Because they are the one who speak the truth every time.

Like they knew you will be here, and so they left.

You must have faced this in school.

-Listen to me. -I don't want to.

I've decided that Sulochana will not live in this house anymore.

Listen to me.

Whatever feelings you have for Sulochana, I can say that she never broke the rules of this family, Sulochana never broke them.

Cut it. Once more.

What is a big star doing here?

I met Tanvir.

I'm sorry.

I ruined everything, Sona.

With Nikki...

The thing that happened with Nikki in Nikhari.

I made a mistake.

You surprised me.

I didn't know how to face you.

I started lying.

I'm so sorry.

What do you want now?

I just keep thinking about you.

How can I forget the way you were with me.

You believed in me so much, even when my family didn't.

It's only with you that...

I could really be myself.

Without any fear of judgment.

I needed support and you were there.

I miss you.

You don't trust me.

It's not that, Vikram.

I know you are saying truth.

Because you are selfish.

I was listening to you carefully.

How I was a part of your life.

How I was with you.

How I can still be your support.

Yours... for you...

This is about you, Vikram.

Where am I in all this? Tell me.

Today you are felling guilty.

That's why you're here.

If something interesting comes up, you will leave me again.

This is no fault of yours.

What can you do?

That's who you are.

Your series is very popular.

And you are getting praised.

My magazine wants to know more about you.

Where is your family?

In Kanpur, my parents are from there.

My sisters Tara and Megha are both married.

One in Delhi and the other in Dehradun.

How did your parents react when you wanted to get into films and acting?

I just ran away.

People were talking for two years about accountant Mishra's girl leaving the house.

Another scandal happened and I was forgotten.

Since that day I haven't spoken to my parents.

Sometimes I talk to Megha.

She said things are getting better now.

They watch me on TV.

Every thing will be okay between us.

May be they will realize one day, that I am the only girl in the family who is independent.

They wanted to get me married to someone.

He belonged to my caste.

But here no one asks for caste.

You know your job and you have a road to travel.

Yes, nothing is achieved with ease.

Sometimes I felt it was better to be out.

I do feel lonely and sad.

But I have a feeling of belonging.

I don't work everyday, but I do something I like and it makes me happy.

How many people can say this?

I can be sad that I'm not a big film star.

Or feel happy that I'm an actress.

Who is working and earning money.

I've decided to be happy.

Somebody once told me, a person chooses his own failure and success.

Film City.

I have understood this now.

The paths Have risen Seeking only for you

Your life

Every moment At every step Asks

What are you looking at, seeker?

Every direction and path

Tells you which is your path O, seeker Nobody knows it O, seeker Tell me where you're going?

There is a path of thorns And flowers ahead It's up to you to choose the path Consider that path by forgetting The other one You have your heart to listen to And make your decision To either forget or remember it Whichever path you choose Traveler, no one knows O traveler, O traveler Tell us where are you going

You can get a favor from society But tell me, do you want To live like this?

You will get freedom From your achievements Tell me what are you afraid of?

It will be your decision To choose from An easy or independent path Traveler, nobody knows

Traveler, o, traveler Tell us where are you going Traveler, o, traveler No one knows Traveler, o, traveler Tell me where are you going?

The sun is peeing out from my window Like the rays have found their path They have come while smiling

Don't know what is all this Whatever it is, it is fresh and new I have lost my heart Today what has happened

The world is about to change Life is about to transform I don't know why I felt it My heart feels so New buds are about to blossom Birds come near to sing Don't know what this is