Ludwig II (2012) Script

Crown Prince Ludwig!

Crown Prince Ludwig!

Royal Highness!

Crown Prince Ludwig!


Royal Highness! Continue.

Crown Prince Ludwig! Where is he again?

(Goodbye my dear Swan)

Ludwig. Ludwig.

Ludwig! Psst, Otto.

Count Holnstein is coming!

The entirety of servants have been looking for Your Royal Highness for hours.

His Majesty, your father, is expecting you.

Immediately Yes.



The new [Dreyse] needle-guns please!

Hurry up.

Vite, vite, vite, vite, vite.


Let's go.



Did you see this?

Bravo! Bravo!

This needle-gun is a stroke of genius.

May I, please?

Even from a thousand paces (1 pace = ~71-75cm) you can still hit.

Into the enemy's heart. Boom!

And loaded again as fast as lightning. And Boom again!

Thank you for your impressive presentation.

Like I heard, Bismarck has already ordered this new miracle weapon for the Prussian army.

Because of this, we should use it as well.

One day, you will be Bavaria's commander-in-chief. Are you aware of that?


Did you see this?

May God help me then to prevent wars.

To secure the future of our country, we need a powerful army.

It is as easy as that. But the military, the guns...

How should one...

You are a dreamer, Ludwig.

And always with your Wagner!

The writings of this person are just as...just as dangerous as his music.

Do you know what your love for art truly is?


Nothing but weakness.


What a perfect hand writing.

Some say, it is a window to the soul [Literally: The soul's mirror].

Did you know that?

Oh! Royal Highness. Forgive me.

What is your name?

Johann Lutz. Assistant of cabinet secretary Pfistermeister.

And all of you have work here at night?

It is not doable otherwise.

Else the protocols of the secretary conferences will never be finished Then do not let yourself be stopped.

Is this Lohengrin's arrival with the swan?

You know the music of Richard Wagner?

I saw Lohengrin.

I have never been as happy in my life as during this performance.

Exactly like it is for me.

The music, it it consoles us for the infamy of this world.

It opens up an unknown realm.

And suddenly one feels how beautiful life could...

With the blessing of music.

Obviously I did not yet succeed in familiarizing you with your future royal duties.

Because of this I ordered Secretary von der Pfordten to collect all documents in which our Bavarian kingdom is established.

Since you love reading so much, what I can only appreciate, you will study these documents ... and will report to me every week.

Count Holnstein, please be so kind.

I will better myself, dear father, and learn all details of politics.

Secretary von der Pfordten has arranged a schedule for you which you will follow precisely.

It is as easy as that.

Your Excellency, please.

It is an honor to me to teach Crown Prince Ludwig the games of power and politics.

One, two, three, four, and five.

And another one.

Since the last change of horse Highness rode 37 and eight tenth of a kilometer.

You are now in this location between Eschenlohe and Murnau.

The snack in Murnau is pretty sparse. Is there nothing better to eat here?

One will never be sated like this.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to provide Highness more. Don't worry. I won't let Highness starve.


Ludwig! Thank you.

Father wants to speak to you! It is something very urgent.

How long will I take still?

Eighty three and seven tenth of a kilometer to Munich inner city.

That are exactly

512 rounds and with that nearly four hours.

What is this nonsense, Ludwig? You are already in Munich!

We are in... Murnau.

Murnau. But I will hurry. But Ludwig, please.

How are you actually getting to Munich?

You have to go to father! Please Ludwig!



See you in a moment.

Come. Calm.

An hour ago, he still ate.

With great appetite. He even laughed.

And then suddenly his heart started to flutter, and he called for you.

It is a severe case of erysipelas.

He must get an injection immediately.

Ludwig, do not leave.

Ludwig, come!

Hail Mary, full of grace blessed art thou amongst women ... and blessed is the fruit of thy womb ...


Ludwig, no one expected that.

And now you are our king.

You can count on me, Ludwig.

I will be by your side in these dark hours.

Like I always promised to my deceased brother.

Thank you, dear uncle.

But now...

Now I would like to be alone with my father.

Is that possible?

Ludwig, if... Mother! Please.

If Majesty wishes it, it is an order to us.

Otto, come.

Dear strict father, how often did I wish you would find an understanding for me and my visions.

Why did you leave me so early?

Our father,

which art in heaven, give me the strength to be a good king.




Our condolences.

Long live The King!

Long live The King!

No poverty.


In my country, there is singing and dancing. day shall pass on which there is no singing in my...


The telegraph.

The technology.

Yes, even technology and science will flourish like never before.

I swear... l swear!

With God's help, ruling according to the constitu...

Why do I always forget that?

Constitution and laws of the kingdom.

Constitution, laws. Constitution, laws. Constitution, laws. Constitution, laws.

l trust in God.

I trust...I trust in God!

Yes that is good.

That is good, that is good, that is good. Power! The power and the glory...


I will make Bavaria flourish.

I will walk this path for my citi...


How does a king walk?

I am telling you, the day will come on which humans will understand that art

is more important than the daily bread.

Bavaria will become the center of beauty.

According to the oath I just swore and in the spirit of our for nearly half a century retained constitution, I want to carry the scepters.

Goal of my strivings will be the well-being of my beloved Bavarian people.

You all, support me in my many duties.


Long live The King!

Long live The King!

The King is coming!

Long live The King!

Long live The King!

I knew it. He would enchant us all.

Do not worry, my dear, Ludwig will be enthused.

You look gorgeous. Thank you.

My ladies, let us drink to my son.

Ludwig! Yes?

Do I need to address you as Majesty from now on?

Dearest cousin, for you I am and always will be Ludwig.

And of course your most loyal Lohengrin.

Full of glory and great.

Your name shall never disappear from this earth.

Thank you for the beautiful gift, dear Sophie.

This gives me an idea. Come. Come with me.

But your people are waiting for you.

Do you want to entrust yourself without fear and dread into my protection?

My hero, my saviour, take me. I give you everything I am.

Good. This way.

Well let me see if I meet her rightfully.



I am Lohengrin and not you!


We are very thankful that Majesty has confirmed us in our offices as secretaries.

As requested by Majesty, we collected everything your dear father worked on lastly.

Thank you, gentlemen. I will deal with that first.

But I will need some time for consideration.

You will surely acknowledge that in my schedule, will you not?

As Majesty knows, the military armament laid very close to King Max heart since it was reprehensible neglected.

The purchase of new weapons unfortunately could not be signed by him in time.

A fast decision in this matter would be very important for the safety of our people.

In this matter?

I already made a decision for the benefit of my people.

Soon the miracles of poetry and music will change the whole of Bavaria.

The creator of Lohengrin should come to Munich.

Excuse me? Richard Wagner? Yes.

But Majesty, he is a revolutionist.

He wanted to overturn the Monarch in Dresden!

Your Excellency, I know that you were a secretary there and chased him away.

But that was twenty years ago.

I am sure the only thing that matters in Richard Wagner's life today is art. Art?

Majesty, Wagner is possessed!

He poisons everything he touches.

Through him, Majesty is putting himself in great danger.

It is my task to protect the state and I will never tolerate someone that could cause trouble in our country.


What do you want from me? You pull me out here like a criminal, scare my wife to death. Especially at the most beautiful moment!

Forgive me, Mister Lutz.

But His Majesty, The King of Bavaria, wishes to speak to you.

I am here to personally escort you to him.

It is an urgent matter.


No, that cannot be. Majesty must mistake me for someone else.

Surely not. Now go! You must not let Majesty wait.


Majesty? Yes?

Mister Lutz has arrived. Oh. Mister Lutz.

A moment. Please put the palm here.

Mister Lutz. Welcome.

It is a great honor to me that Majesty remember our brief meeting.

How could I forget a friend of the music of Richard Wagner?

Unfortunately Wagner is hunted like an animal for years.

I want that this finally ends.

I need this master to prepare my citizens for the miracles of art.

And you, Mister Lutz, will be the one who finds him and brings him to me.

The trust of Majesty honors me exceedingly. but this task poses an extraordinary challenge for me.

I do not know. I believe this is above my capabilities.

A music lover is no detective, Majesty.

There is a lot of talk about Mister Wagner.

They even say he killed himself. That is only a rumor but it could be that we are coming too late.

Mister Lutz, Wagner lives.

I feel it.

And I believe you have talent.

And I am sure you will succeed in supporting me in my cause And footman Mayr will give you the needed means.

A riddle, is it not? Attention palm.

And this is only the beginning.

I let all my rooms in the residence be rearranged.

But now to our plan.

As soon as you find Wagner, you will first personally give him this ring, then this portrait of me.

And you do this with the following words.

Quiet please!

Like this ruby glows, like that King Louis II of Bavaria glows of desire to get to know the greatest word and sound writer of our century.

Try it.

Like this ruby glows, like that King Louis II of Bavaria glows of...

Please, slower.

And more exalted.


Like this ruby glows, like that King Louis II of Bavaria glows of desire Of desire. -...of desire to get to know the greatest word and sound writer of our century.

Very good. Once again. More powerful.

Like this ruby glows, like that King Louis II of Bavaria glows of desire to get to know the greatest word and sound writer of our century.

I am sorry for coming here unannounced.

They say you took care of Richard Wagner?

Who says that? The people in the village.

They say he was very sick and you hid him because he was in danger.

They're talking much. Is it not correct?

I don't know any Mister Wagner.

Too bad, I have good news for him. But thank you.

I do not want to trouble the noble lady any longer.


Majesty, we found Richard Wagner.

He can barely wait to meet Majesty.

Mister Lutz! You performed a miracle.

I knew it. You would not disappoint me.

Without my dedicated riding groom we would have probably stayed unsuccessful.

But of course, Count Holnstein. You are right.

May I introduce Majesty to Richard Hornig?

This young man proved to have a serendipity one can only envy him for.

He grudged no pains.

And has Richard Wagner already arrived? And is he well?

Yes. And he asked me to give his letter to Majesty personally.

You are a messenger of the gods!

Hesselschwerdt, you know what to do.

Yes, Majesty.

Footman Mayr! Get hair dresser Hoppe!

I like very much what Majesty wishes.

But unfortunately... with the current hair this is not possible.

I need to burn it.

Whatever is necessary, do it, Hoppe. I am ready.

As Majesty wishes.

And now read it to me again.

My dear, gracious King.

These tears of heavenly affection...

Most heavenly, Hornig. He wrote most heavenly.

Most heavenly.

These tears in most heavenly affection I sent to you to tell you that the miracles of poetry... entered my poor life like a godly reality.

His last poetizing and notes now belong to you, my merciful young king.

Command as if it was your property.

In most glee, loyal and true, Your subject Richard Wagner.

In your works...

I rediscovered the German mythology so beloved by me.

The first opera of my life was Lohengrin.

Since my childhood, the Grail's knight lived in my dreams.

Through your work, he took shape directly in front of my eyes.

He touched me the most deeply.

From then onwards, you were... the only source of my happiness.

You spoke to my heart like no one else.

[music from Lohengrin]

I long for being divulged in all of your secrets by you.

Through you, I want to discover the secret of art.

It is my most intimate wish.

You will stay with me and work on your works with me together.

You will receive everything you need.

Majesty, two weeks ago I was finished.

I wanted to leave this hostile world, forever.

You are godly, my king.

Because you must have answered me in my hardship.

Oh, do not exaggerate.


Gentlemen, you already know each other.

After twenty years of hostility, now the moment has finally arrived to put down the weapons between you.

I will know leave you alone in the trust that you will find a way to fulfill my wish.

You belong into prison.

Not by the side of a monarch.

Your sentence from back then is still valid.

And you still smell out of your mouth.

Your class obviously is still below the belt.

It will be an easy thing for me to stop you from putting me behind bars again. Resign immediately.

You are nothing else but a nasty, bureaucratic creature.

Never will I tolerate that you will do you political scheme here in Munich like you did back then in Dresden.

The conditions in this Europe are ready for total demolition!

In the Bayerischen Kurier [newspaper] it is written that I amortized all of Wagner's debts.

All details, even the complete amount, are listed.

Did you read that?

Secretary von der Pfordten noticed the payment.

And informed the press. Cannot believe it!

I did not expect so much duplicity from this respectable secretary.

How could I be so deceived?

I swore to myself to tell Majesty always the truth and nothing but the truth.

May I alert Majesty of a danger?

A danger?

Not just Baron von der Pfordten but also certain circles around Prince Luitpold say Wagner would have Majesty already in his pocket.

Yes. Yes, I know.

My mother shares this opinion as well.

I am thankful for your openness.

I need honest, capable men like you to realize my plans.

I want you to take over the position of your superior.

From today on, Mister Lutz, you are my new cabinet secretary.

Majesty! Do not be frightened, Mister Lutz.

You have already proved multiple times how loyal you can serve your king.

First of all, you will take care that from now on only positive news of Wagner can be read in the newspapers.

Nice sound.

Pour toi. [French: For you.]

Merci, Majesté. [Thank you, Majesty]

This school reform is a way better investment into the future than the purchase of new guns.

You are the first of more ten thousand orchestras that will be founded in Bavaria in the coming years.

Soon you will feel how the music will bring us the best of luck.

When art rules the world, then it will replace politics.

Our Majesty is the first sovereign of our history who understood that.

No one of you shall ever die on the battlefield.

I will champion this with all of my power.

And if we are attacked, we will march with our thousands of orchestras towards the hostile troops and begin our play.

And with the music of Richard Wagner the soldier will throw away their weapons and run to us with zest.


Line up. Posture.

Lutz calculated that you will need about two million Guilders for the music instruments for all pupils.


The parliament will surely vote against such a strain on the state treasury.

Then I will burden the entire costs alone.

Do you want to ruin this family?

You know our budget is not set that high.

Mother already suffers because of that.

You always only think of the material things, Otto.

Look for once for the ideational. Look what I can start!

Trust me, Otto. Your Majesty?

Get closer together!

Mister Wagner, it would be better for the picture if you stood up.

Yes. Of course.

Richard, come.

Impression is important.

Will to impress.

And now...

You nearly sit better on a horse than I do.

No, Ludwig, on the saddle I am the best.

Our [Austria's] political situation is catastrophic.

You must open Franz Joseph's eyes.

He will precipitate Austria into ruin if he is going to war with Prussia.

Wait, Elisabeth, I should open his eyes?

Come on, your husband always just thinks like a soldier.

Bismarck, too, will not hesitate to take up the guns.

He wants to chase Austria out of the German Confederation.

If he succeeds, it will also concern your Bavaria.

I do not understand how this singer from Vienna can be so important to you in such dangerous times. Elisabeth, look. Our old tilia.

Like this tree, art will flourish and grow in Bavaria.

Later, the wind will carry the seeds into the neighbouring states and spread the peaceful message of art into the entire world.

If you want to make your people happy, give them freedom.

This is what it desires. You are exactly expressing what I feel, Elisabeth!

My people shall live in peace and happiness, and this is freedom.

You have changed. Do I see happiness in your eyes?

I have encountered love, dearest cousin.

For the first time in my life.

Love? Tell me. Which princess took your heart by storm?

It is not a princess.

It is The Emperor of Art.

His power knows no boundaries.

And his people are the entirety of human kind.

Together we will create a world of beauty like it has never existed before.

And you, dearest cousin, you must help us with that.

If Richard Wagner inspires you so much, why do you still let all of his revolutionary comrades from back then vegetate in your prisons?

Elisabeth. Come.

Elisabeth, look! Into the entire world!


No, thank you, thank you, thank you. That is absolutely not how it works.

No, you should not touch each other at all.

You are developing a vision together.

A Utopian dream of being together forever.

You are ready to die for this idea. This also has an abyss, this is not just beautiful.

The entirety is one big breath.

And you inspire each other. Mutually. During thinking.

You look ahead. Each into their parallel world.

Meet in infinity.

You feel exactly that one understands you. Again.

Heinrich, please.

Without fear

like the eye full of

Kreuzhagel, damn it! You damn guy, you! Let me go!

Thank God, you were only hurt slightly.

I ordered Marshal Pfeufer to investigate immediately who is behind this.

He will surely not find the perpetrators.

He cannot imprison his own people.

Majesty, do not underestimate the evil powers of my opponents.

Your art will disarm your enemies.

No, no, this is not just about me.

This is a conspiracy to stop Majesty from creating your new peaceful world.

And if I continue thinking about it, I come to the conclusion that there is just one way:

Fire all of your secretaries!

First of all von der Pfordten! Mister Wagner, I understand your panic.

But just wait for the premiere. You will see, once the first performance was successful, the situation will calm down.

Majesty, I do not sleep anymore. For days already.

I do not know at all how I should continue the rehearsals in this state of mind.

I need to give up.

The premiere will not happen.

Long live The King!


Wagner won over my Bavaria.

I was sure from the beginning.

No other music tells so much about love.

Is it not the most beautiful you have ever heard?

I am not too acquainted with opera but the music was impressive.

Yes! Impressive but also sad.

But why sad?

There is so much joy in the last words of Iseult. when she unites with Tristan.

Greatest desire, she sings.

Now, she is free.

Free of all.

And finally they can experience love.

Pure love.

Stay very close to the door so you can hear me.

Yes, Majesty.

Will we now finally be received? I ask you most humbly for forgiveness.

Your Imperial Highness can now enter.


Ludwig, are you here?

That is magic!

Welcome to my paradise garden.

This night sky, it is a dream.

As a child I look into the sky and firmly believed that one day instead of rain and snow diamonds would fall from it.

Or at least a piece of chocolate.

You are the first allowed to see it.

You will be the pioneer of electricity in Bavaria.

The premiere was amazing, Ludwig. Thank you.

But you should have shown your happiness to your enchanted Munich citizens.

You fled too fast.

How should your people get to know who you are?

You know that screaming and cheering give me head ache.


A moon rainbow.

Like a gentle summer night on Rose Island.

How about we celebrate this success tomorrow together on Rose Island?

Without me. I have to get back to Vienna.

Urgently. Franz Joseph telegraphed me.

It smells like war. I am worried. Very worried.

Go away, go away, you dark thoughts!

Elisabeth, I correspond in regular intervals with The King of Prussia.

He will not dare to let the conflict with Austria escalate.

But Bismarck!

It would really be a mercy of God to let him die, this rascal.

It would spare us all from a great misfortune.


God's mercy made Wagner's music succeed tonight.

God, too, will... You, Ludwig, you made your music succeed!

Dear God will help me for sure.

And bend my steps toward the path of peace.

You do not need to be afraid, Elisabeth.

You will not lose your realm. I work on it day and night and...

No! Light! Light immediately!

Majesty, it is just a matter of seconds.

You found Richard Wagner back then.

And now you cannot find Majesty?

I just respect the royal wish.

Majesty needs nature to regain strength.

I understand that well.

Personally, I can think best during the hunt.

Not enough, Mister cabinet secretary. Not enough as it seems to me.

Do you in all honesty think in these moving days you would not need a strong king?

Yes, are you not aware that in "these moving days" actually since Friday, the crisis has extremely gotten worse because no decisions could me made?

Because of Majesty's absence. One has to imagine that!

I beg you, The King is not just a signing machine in the hands of his secretaries. Yes, yes, yes, you are right, Mister Lutz.

Still, he is under a fatal influence.

In short, if Majesty continues to stay absent from Munich, our whole country is in danger of an absolute catastrophe in this current unstable situation.

Majesty knows his duties.

Your tongue is sharp, Mister Lutz.

Take care to not hurt yourself with it.

If Majesty does not open parliament next week, I will held you personally accountable for it.

And from today on, I will take over the search.

Oh, if we could just see the earth from above.

As free as an eagle.

If I had a son, he should be like you.

Nature's blessing.


Na, na, na, na!

Majesty, Prussia gave Austria an ultimatum.

Secretary von der Pfordten asks to mention that it is more than likely that there will be war within the German confederacy.

Ludwig, I beg you, return to Munich.

You reached a fateful crossroad.

You can only keep your power if secretaries support you you can trust.

But it is not too late yet.

If you give your throne speech now you can clarify your visions.

And then you call a new ministry into existence with which you can prevent the war.

I wrote down some names of men for you who I think are the best suited to replace your current secretaries.

It is just a suggestion.

Richard, even new secretaries will not make the construction of our festival theatre possible.

It is not about music, it is about war. About doom.

I will not accept that Austria will be expelled from the German Confederacy by Prussia.

There will be no fraternal war in Germany.

Not with me!

I made contact with the party of peace in Berlin.

I will support them. If necessary, with money.

The party of peace should put Bismarck under pressure.

He must give up his impertinent intention of war.

You, gentlemen, wanted to make me believe that for the construction of this theatre there was no money available.

The state treasury is empty, you complained.

For this disgusting war, your are ready to spend vast sums of money.

I say: "No!"

Under no circumstance I will agree to the mobilisation of our army.

It is as easy as that.

For the world! Peace!

Majesty worked the whole night again. Hm?

There is so much to do, Mayr. Yes, there is so much to do.

At the Odeonsplatz, students demonstrate for peace.

They want the same as Majesty.

"Peace not just for Bavaria, for the entire world as well," they scream.

Majesty has a lot of friends.

Thank you.

Oh, these books.

Let me pass!

Tell me, show should this continue?

The smear campaign of your gentlemen secretaries against me is getting more and more unbearable. I beg you.

Wagner pockets the money for our new money.

His insatiable appetite...

Could you maybe leave us alone for once? Majesty?

His insatiable appetite... is only comparable to biblical plagues of locusts.

This exorbitant himself overestimating man who once as the head of a band of incendiaries wanted to blow the king's palace in Dresden in the air now intends to isolate The King and to throw Bavaria at Prussia's claws.

That is disgusting!

For months, I have been suggesting to you alternative secretaries.

What are you waiting for?

Now finally say something!

How often did we discuss this?

Now do something!

It is as easy as that!

Yes, just continue like that.

This is all just litter and foolery.

Potato sacks.

We do not want your music but weapons for war!

You get kicked out of the theatre! But very quick!

Out of the theatre!

Get out!

This stage is my head!

No access for the brain-deads! [Literally: brain amputated]

Who wants to listen to the music of Wagner?

I am so sorry. It is not about Wagner.

They want to force me to mobilise the army.

All the court cringers are for it.


You are a knight of the grail.

You will have the power to prevent war and Wagner, too, ...

This world does not understand us.

It judges everything falsely. Nearly everything.

But I thank you.


I notified the police.

Should the rebels be contained? No, Mister Lutz.

We do not want to fight violence with violence.

But Majesty, how else can Wagner then still be protected?

Majesty, my negotiations with Prussia have failed.

Additionally, the current protest against Richard Wagner is in danger to degenerate and has to be stopped immediately.

In times of war peril, our country cannot allow itself unrest on the inside.

At today's cabinet meeting all secretaries decided unanimously to resign if Majesty does not separate himself from Wagner immediately and orders the mobilisation.

I will leave as well, Majesty!

A denial of separation could additionally cause a revolution that could overthrow Your Kingdom.

Oh, Lord...

Oh Lord, what should I do?

What should I do?

What should I do?

Doctor Gietl, Doctor Gelde, please do something! Please, please!

Yes. The heart beats very irregularly.

But the lung is free.

The strong head aches indicate an inflammation in the body.

I guess the blood has already stowed.

Majesty will immediately receive an injection from us.

I am sure all of it has to do with this Wagner.

Well, now that the war is just around the corner [literally: in front of our doors] he, of course, wants to seize the opportunity to blow up everything into the air here in Bavaria.

He must leave here. Or else, he will kill you, my boy.

If you continue to spread your venom against Richard then you will poison me in the end as well.

Your make me sick, mother!

You make me sick in my soul.

Do you even know who your son is?

Do you know what you are?

Your are nothing more than the wife of my predecessor!

Yeah leave!

Just go to your boring thoughts and leave me alone, you.

Majesty wishes to be left alone now.

Majesty must not continue upset himself or else his heart can stop.

This agent will calm Majesty.

But it is strong and he must not take it too often.

The Prussian troops already march for the Austrian border.

The war is no longer preventable.

Did you understand me?



Bavaria must fight by Austria's side against Prussia.

This is the reality, if you like it or not.

The Prussian troops have thousands of needle-guns, and we?

Just rusty shooting irons!

Ludwig, you yourself saw, what this new miracle weapon is capable of.

We need it to defend ourselves! Leave me alone.

Else there will be a gruesome bloodbath. Do you understand? Blood!

Blood will splatter. Do you hear?

Do something!

Tell me, today in the middle of the night, Lutz woke me up, to read to me your decree to von der Pfordten.

I want to show my dear people that its trust and love are most important to me. That is why my decision is final:

Richard Wagner must leave Bavaria.

Trust me, it must be.

Else we risk that there will be more brutalities.

What are you doing to me?

You treat me like a footman that has become repulsive to you.

For what do I deserve that?

I am worried for you. Your life is in danger.

Do not doubt my loyalty. Please do not. Please.


Preferable, I would abdicate immediately like my grandfather once for Lola Montez

Yes, my friend.

My greatest, best friend!

My only friend!

The separation is unbearable for both of us.

Then I relinquish the crown and the disdainful glamour.

My brother is of age and he can become my successor.

Never ever, my boy!

I would feel like a wretched dog if you would abdicate because of me.

I am not Lola Montez.

But you are The King.

And only as king you can pursue our great dreams.

I will leave Bavaria today.

If you do not sign the mobilisation order today, our country will fall.

If I sign, it will be the death sentence for thousands of innocent people.


No, Ludwig, no. On the contrary.

We will lose our life in the first fights if we do not get our army ready for battle.

We need your approval or else we are dead.

Me too, your brother. Do you want that? Go, go! Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

All is good. Everything is good.


Come. Come on, fast!

Go. Go.

Faster, faster!

Gentlemen! The King!

He finally signs. High time.

Thank you. Ludwig, thank you.

A victory of reason.

Now we will finally be able to show it to Bismarck!

We just need to win the war now!

Majesty needs to eat something. I beg you, this way you will never recover.

You have not eaten for three days.

No, no, no, no, no. Please.

No dispatches, no bad news anymore.

It kills him, this whole nonsense.

Majesty must take care of himself!

Majesty is a very special person! We need you like you are.

Please, Majesty!

Maybe the both of us are born for misfortune.




My brother is injured! Help.

My little brother is bleeding out. Help.

Why are you not doing anything?

Majesty. Majesty? Yes.

Your brother is not here.

Come, Majesty. I will escort you to your room.

What about our soldiers? Is there still shooting?

Yesterday our troops at Königgrätz [Hradec Králové] suffered a devastating loss.


What do you want from me?

Majesty, I already heated your room at the mansion.

All access to my island is from now on most stringently forbidden!

For everyone.

Please let the police immediately come to the opposite bank and have the island closed off entirely.

Yes, Majesty. And we will from now on, every night send a star to heaven for every soul that had to leave our earth.


Majesty, wake up! Wake up, Majesty!

Majesty, please! Do not give up!

For you I want to be Ludwig.

You may say du* to me now. [German intimate form of you]

No, no...


No! No!

Let go off me immediately!

How can you dare to come close to me without being asked by Majesty to do so beforehand?

I most beg Majesty for forgiveness.


Repeat my following words:

I most solemnly swear and pledge...

I most solemnly swear and pledge... to never ever... to never ever... kiss again. kiss again.

Holy, never to be broken oath...

Holy, never to be broken oath...


Majesty, I ask for forgiveness.

The events have forced me to ignore the prohibition by Majesty.

Majesty has lost the war.

What about my brother?

Prinz Otto is safe and sound on the way back to Munich.

Nearly safe and sound.

More than ten thousand of our soldiers have died.

Majesty, your people grieve and believe you are dead, too.

Ten thousand... If Majesty does not show himself soon...

Majesty should come with me.

There is still some things left to save.

The dead cannot be saved anymore.

Prussia has already annexed several German states and their princes have been expelled into exile.

Bismarck granted us a true of three weeks which begins today. Today!


I will never take this again.

This stuff is from the devil. It is from Satan. Throw it away!

Away, away, away!

Never ever do I want to feel your gaze on my back again!

Step back. Immediately!

We committed a mortal sin.

I asked for forgiveness.

With remorse and humility.

This awful war!

Believe me, Hornig, I understand now what it means to be king.

I will get married now.

I will fulfill my royal duties.

With all power. It is as easy as that!

May I continue serving Majesty despite everything?

Yes, he may.

But from now on, he is forbidden to come close to me than three steps.

In my heart, you rule as almighty king.

It will belong to you until its last beat.

I am very content, Majesty.

Even though we lost the war against Prussia, we do not have to relinquish anything of our country.

Bismarck will only demand a military alliance [Literally: alliance of security and defense]

So you find it appropriate that my army has to be available if Prussia goes to war?

Yes. It is a good compromise.

So I should declare my hated enemy as my best friend of tomorrow?

Additionally, giving up one of my most important king's rights?

Majesty, we could not expect better conditions.

Only the army commanders will be let in.

You want to console my loyal people with lies and deception?



Not for anything in the world I will agree to such a solution.

You can go. I take over the leadership of the negotiations from now on.

Unfortunately, Majesty, it is too late for that.

What is that supposed to mean?

The negotiations deadline of three weeks is not over yet.

That is correct. But it was said that Majesty is very sick... and could not leave Rose Island in time.

Because of this the alliance is already signed.

No one...

No one except me has the right to make a decision in such a situation.

Who signed?

It was me, Majesty.

You are removed from your office as prime minister. From now on.

How can Majesty believe to now have everything under control and to not be in need of these people who have political experience?

Mister Lutz, escort The Baron outside!

This will have the most momentous consequences!

Oh bullocks, secretaries only exist to fall.

Then the next will follow.

I beg for forgiveness.

We will revoke the military alliance.

If Prussia has the power of order of my army, then it is over for me.

And for Bavaria, too.

Majesty, your citizens now need a king that show them the way.

Show yourself!

Travel through your country. I am sure this will be the best strengthening for Bavaria.

Attention! His Majesty is coming.

Please continue working.

Together, we want to seal the tears of grief into our chest.

I thank the honorable people of Bamberg for their loyal position.

For you.

From now on, we want to unlearn the rough warcraft forever and continue to live in peace.

Long live The King!

For the people. Cheers to our king!

We are expected in Würzburg at three o'clock.

Planned are the revue of the garrison and a visit of wounded soldiers.

Then exactly at eight o'clock festive entry into the city and reception with the heads of the public authorities.

After that great court table and ball at the Concordia.

No, no ball.

No dancing.

Look, gentlemen.

In heaven is beauty and solace.

But on earth only death and devastation.

But you don't need to get married immediately.

Give yourself time, Sophie.

You are still young.

I'd understand very well if you had concerns.

It isn't urgent. I know, dad.

Protocol and etiquette are nothing for you.

You rather ride on a camel alone in the desert in front of the pyramids This is your happiness.

Precisely, princess. You say it.

Feeling of being free is way more important than a life at court or some glorious future.

Do you understand me?


Sophie! What are you doin' there?

For God's sake again, Sophie!


Thank you, Majesty.

I had everything prepared for the festivities You will be happy.

I will have Lohengrin be performed again - for you and for me!

Is it not to early to bring Richard to Munich?

Our wedding, my dearest, is supposed to become something very special, one of the most extraordinary happenings of our century.


But I love you despite that, my grail's knight.

You have such pretty eyes, Elsa.

Since childhood you are connected by the love for art.

I am so happy that now the wonderful flower of love roots in your hearts.

My son, this wedding is the most beautiful present to me since your birth.

And Otto's of course.

I said, just sweets!

He doesn't like anything else, our kid.

That you will take daughter as your wife make me immensely proud.

And thankful.

But by now I slowly begin to feel like a purveyor to the court.

One to Vienna, the other to Munich.

Out! Let's go, let's go.

Sophie, I wish for you... God's wish will be fulfilled.

Sophie, I already see how your children will grow up here.

It is too wonderful that the House of Wittelsbach fills with life again.

Long live Our King and the future Queen of Bavaria.

And our adorable little monarch grandchildren.

To the bridal couple! Yes. Cheers to the bridal couple!

Such a circus, such a boost.

The beauty of this carriage will amaze Bavaria on my wedding day.

It will show everyone that the monarch is the actual nerve center of the state, like once Louis XIV in France, le Roi Soleil.

Majesty, this love for France is understandable but could be met with a lack of understanding by the people.

Since the time of the first Napoleon the resentments have been rooted with the people.

The people fear that France, even though it does nice to us, still carries aggressive intentions against Germany.

I know that Bismarck has this circulated everywhere.

I loves to make war the tool of his politics.

He is even proud of it!

But I will put a spoke in his wheel.

These horse trappings still need to be extended to the upper lip.

That is a very beautiful horse.

Beautiful color.

We will make a treaty with France which ensures the mutual renouncement of war between our two countries.

This will be the most beautiful wedding present for my Sophie.

The clouds are leaning downwards, the clouds bow down to yearning love.


In the past, I was also able to quote Goethe.

J'ai malheureusement tout oublié. [French: I have forgotten everything.]

I do not believe that, mon cher Napoleon. Your German is splendid.

I love your wonderful language.

Let us continue speaking German. Please. With pleasure.

I am happy that there is a king in beautiful Bavaria who loves France.

I will think about your suggestion.

An amazing suggestion!

If Bismarck's dream of a great German realm becomes true, it will cost us all dearly eventually.

This man is a country devourer.

He cannot get enough.

This might be but with your attendance at my wedding we will light a mutual beacon of peace to scatter all the unfounded fears of my beloved people forever.

[continues in French]

Little country, great king!

I'm excited, mon ami, to meet your bride in person soon.

You will be delighted. Sophie is a soul so pleine de compassion.

If there is ever a woman that can make me happy, it is her.

Her and no one else. And she has a mind, too.

And she loves your France just like I do.

Is she also as knowledgeable in the plans of the hall of mirrors?

She shares my fascination as well.

But now show it to me. I can barely wait.

Mister Lutz!

Congratulation to your appointment as secretary.

Welcome, Mister Wagner.

Oh, I promise myself a lot from you.

Your attitude towards art and politics is immaculate.

You can be sure, Mister Wagner, that I will not use my new position to fall into a higher civil servants sleep.

I know what I owe The King and art.

For the first time alone since we saw each other.

Thank you.

The next one, please.

What a beautiful couple.

Yes, Sophie looks gorgeous. Not just that.

Now it is my turn. Please.

Someone seems happy.

What time is it?


Look! Please!

Quarter past ten. I have to go.

But why? You cannot leave Sophie alone now!

Accompany me!

Thank you.

In the past, when I played with Sophie I always wondered what would have happened if Elsa had kept her promise and not asked Lohengrin who he is?

Probably would've become a couple. Beautiful couple. Pure hearts.

Probably had more from love.

Maybe Lohengrin would have not wanted this closeness to a human.

Oh, but our Lohengrin is amazing!

For years I'm fond of this voice of Tichatschek.

I knew I would find you here.

Sophie, I am not ready yet.

Richard, I must tell you. Tichatschek is no Lohengrin.

He is too old for this role. His demeanor, his appearance stop me from believing in the love between Elsa and Lohengrin.

But I want to believe in this love!

Without any doubt, do you understand me?

My boy, it got late. Sophie is waiting for you.

We will talk about Tichatschek the next time. Goodbye.

Ma chère,

you looked especially beautiful tonight.


It's wonderful. Very wonderful!


May I introduce myself?


My name is Heinrich Vogel, and it would be an incredible honor to me to sing the Lohengrin for you.


Never should you ask me neither knowingly procure where I came from, from the drive nor what my name and my kind is.

My friend Tichatschek was told that he must not sing Lohengrin anymore.

He will be reshuffled.

Please continue painting.

I wish that this aged knight of sad shape finally does not show his face again.

You cannot decide on such a reshuffle alone!

Yes, yes I can do that very well.

Only one thing makes me blissfully happy and that is to promote your genius works.

Furthermore Lohengrin belongs to me and I can do with my property what I want.

Your property? Yes.

You transferred the rights to this opera completely to me as well, for a lot of Guilders. Did you forget that?

Ludwig, which demon blurs your vision?

Did you lose the peace of your soul completely?

With that, this performance of Lohengrin is dead.

I will cancel everything. Today. No.

That will surely not happen! The Lohengrin is my child!

And I decide what happens to it! And was your child not supposed to be like me?

Obviously just a dream.

Please continue painting.

Ludwig? Is everything ready?

I am so excited to finally meet Lohengrin.

A performance without Richard suddenly appears to be so senseless to me.

Why are you torturing yourself so much?

Richard is hurt, he has a reason for it but I am sure he will be thrilled about your choice and soon reconcile with you.

I will write to him I wish for his attendance at our wedding.

He cannot say no to that. No.

Everything between Richard and me is over.

Out. Finished.

Our stars will never find each other again.

And my star?

Where is it in your heart?


We two, we live like on an oasis in the midst of a sea of sand in the desert.

Maybe one day you tell me how our future life together should look like on this oasis when I am your wife and you are the wonderful king by my side?

Come, the rehearsal will start in a moment.

No, no!

If you should try again to do such an outrageous thing, we will be separated forever!

But Ludwig...

Will you deny me any tender prove of love?

I am sorry. Forgive me, dear Sophie! Forgive me, come!

Forgive me. Forgive.

You have always been my dearest friend.

And your...

My lo... My affection for you... always gave me security.

Your kiss confused me.

I also do not know why.

This chaos...

But Ludwig,

I do not demand the impossible.




You hide here, leaving Sophie completely in the dark!

My whole family is desperate. What is the point of that?

I must find inner clarity. I do not want to ruin Sophie.

Inner clarity?

You completely hurt her and disappointed me in the deepest!

Elisabeth, please take this.

This is a miniature of the Blue Grotto in Capri which you love so much.

Stop this childish behavior!

Sophie suffers because you are playing with her and her feelings!

The loves I yearn for does not seem to exist.

But you must know that the best!

You become desperate by the untruths of this world often enough.

I forbid you to speak this way about me!

But you are right if you continue to treat your future wife like this, my sister, by God, can never become happy.

Dear Sophie, I now had time to test myself and I see that still my loyal deep brotherly love for you is rooted deep in my soul, but not the love necessary for the union in marriage.

No marriage is better than a bad marriage, dear Sophie.

May God let you find happiness which you deserve in such abundance.

Now farewell.

Ludwig, your Lohengrin.

Your people need an explanation.

A speech in front of your people, to curb the discontent in Munich about the calling off of your engagement.

I notified the chief editors of the Bavarian newspaper.

If we take the next train, we could already be at four o'clock...

I will not drive to Munich.

One does not have to give much about the public opinion, Your Excellency.

Majesty should be an eternal riddle.

We want to stay friends forever, Ludwig.

The touches you long for, they must not exist.

I will never break our oath.


Pure as the swan knight I will stay.

It is as simple as that.

Bismarck arms against France and asks for my support.

But his actual intention is just to forcefully squeeze Bavaria and all independent German countries into a single nation state.

A perfidious pretense!

My citizens are very scared.

They feel threatened by France.

This had the number of Prussia's friends and the national idea rise considerably, of course.

My brother, I beg you, ignore the schemings of Bismarck.

We were in agreement that France will never attack German countries again.

I had talked it through with you. I am sorry, Ludwig.

Bismarck denies all compromises.

If he continues to provoke me, he forces me to declare war on Prussia.

Do you not feel well?

Does my unconditional love to your country mean so less to you?

If Prussia wins, the German Reich will come into existence and my kingdom loses its sovereignty!

Mais mon cher Ludwig, my crown and France are in danger too.

If you wedding had happened, we would have lit a mutual beacon of peace.

We could have maybe halted this current hate.

But times have changed.

They are still not ready for your dream of world fraternization.

Did France declare war?



Please leave me alone.




But Majesty can hear what kind of storms of enthusiasm about the first loss of the French army have evoked among the people.

My citizens do not know what they are doing there. Shut up!

My poor, poor France.

Now Bismarck is close to the finish line and the union of the German states cannot be stopped anymore.

Majesty is excepted in Versailles to talk about the founding of the German Reich together with the other German princes.

It will be of high interest to get to know...

After everything what the disgraceful Prussians have done in France I will surely not travel to Versailles.

Unless they offer me the German imperial crown.

But I cannot.

I am sick, very sick.

You will travel to Bismarck and take part in the negotiations.

I expect daily telegraphic reports from you.

Very well. Majesty.

But Mister von Bismarck, I have been waiting for days.

When can we finally sign the contract that determines the special conditions for Bavaria?

As soon as we have proclaimed the German Reich.

Up there, in this unique gallery of mirrors the platform will be on which all German prince will name King William of Prussia as the German Emperor.

It would be extremely important that King Ludwig II offers him this imperial crown publicly.

I understand that this poses to be a political necessity for you, Your Excellency, but His Majesty himself nourishes hope for this crown.

If you want him to participate in these festivities then you need to at least offer that the imperial crown alternates between Bavaria and Prussia.. But you should...

I do not want an Emperor from Prussia!

And my brother neither!

I will not stand in for him at this proclamation.

And this miserable letter will never be signed by Ludwig!

Did you write this letter? Yes.

The special position of King Ludwig II must be honored properly and maintained towards all other German princes.

He should be present at the proclamation at least through an announcement.

I already prepared this draft for him.

Of course. Majesty just needs to copy it and saves himself a humiliating journey. How generous!

With intrigues and betrayal you just want to lure Ludwig!

How can you believe he will participate in such garbage?

Royal Highness...

You want nothing but to harm Bavaria!

He wants nothing but to harm Bavaria!

Royal Highness can be assured that only the best we...

I told you!

Make way, you wretch!

Royal Highness!

Stop him! Go away!

Mister Schmittke, stop him!

Royal Highness!

Damn it. [Literally: Crucifix again.]

Hail to thee, emperor!

Feel the splendor of the throne filled with the greatest joy to be the favorite of the people!

Hail to thee, emperor!

We have lost our sovereignty.

Destroyed it is, our kingdom, wonderful.

But you can continue to decide about the beer tax and rail and mail are also still in your majestic hand.

Great, Ludwig, I thank you.

Bismarck say, "He lives in his dreams."

I believe he is right.

Ludwig, soon the name Bavaria won't exist anymore.

Will you make me king now?

I heard you will flee from Bavaria.

How wonderful misery is!

Dear brother, I thank you.

Vive le roi Othon!

Vive le roi!

Ludwig! Help me, Ludwig!

Do not leave me alone, Ludwig!

You are hurting me.

Ludwig, please!

Giddyup, go!

Otto has went adrift from everything.

No one can take a away his freedom.

I cannot stand this any longer.

Everything disgusts me.

I will go away from here.

But your dream of a better world, do you want to give it up?

You cannot flee now.

You are saying that to me?

The one who sailed around the world searching for freedom and veracity?

Yes. I opted for flight... and found a piece of inner peace in the loneliness of Corfu.

But loneliness is a coffin. I know that now.

I must be the king.

Then be the first and recognize the signs of the times and surrender your country to your people for self determination.


You will forward all applications and reports of the ministries to Master of the Horse Hornig who will return to you my instructions and the necessary signatures.

But Majesty, how do you want to accomplish to completely retreat?

For the Bavarian, who adore their king, it will be a disaster to not be able to see him anymore.

And for me?

How should I continue to assert myself politically without the daily consultations with Majesty?

My vision of a more beautiful and better world will finally become reality, even though this world is very small for now.

But my people will profit more from it than of these awful parades and pure masquerades of the kingship.

Furthermore, I much more love to spend the time alone with me instead of striking compromises that estrange me more and more from my true nature.

An absent king could soon be king no more!

The state cannot be ruled from a far.

It is not possible.

Are you the new psychiatrist Bernhard von Gudden?

Yes, Majesty.

My cousin, The Empress of Austria, most warmly recommend your methods to me.

Is my dear brother making progress?

Since I treat him with the English No-Restraint-principle without mechanical force for the mentally ill...

My brother is not mentally ill.

The horrible experiences of war hurt his soul.

He must just rest.

I fear, Majesty, your brother will not awake from his mental derangement anymore.

I wish to take a walk.

He is calm but it could still become dangerous.

Richard, please have the park locked down.

Majesty wishes to take a walk.

I will build a realm of the future according to my idea.

I already have them look for an island I can purchase.

For example one of the Canary Islands.

And I will build you a castle, Otto.


Yes, really. Far away from Munich and all the awful people that want to force us to be someone else than we are.





For you.

Take, they taste good.

Thank you, dearest brother, but these blueberries are not ripe yet.

And they are way too hard for my sick teeth.


Otto, I have such pains again!



It is no problem.

I will keep them for later when they are ripe.

Will Otto become your successor then?

Take care!

Especially back on the corner.

Take care on the corner! Thank you!


Do you like my castle?

I will name it after you and the swan knight.


Please come up here.

Make way! Go away, disappear!

Away, away, away!

I never thought Majesty would succeed in turning our theatre castle into reality.


I am so excited, after such a long time, after 14 years, to be allowed to sing again for Majesty.

Yes, but a lot has changed in the meantime.

Sleeping mostly during the day, living at night.

Majesty cannot bear daylight anymore.

Furthermore, Majesty must never be looked at.

There must be no coughing, it is forbidden to sneeze or to clear one's throat.

And under any circumstances ever, you must not with anyone, no matter who, talk about what you will see and experience now.

Okay? I told you, Mister Vogel.

Alright. So you said now, that with the water pipes. Were will they go?

Along here. Yes.

May I show you the plan? This is how we thought about it.

Richard! Yes?

Here, Richard. Majesty does not want to see your naked face anymore.

Why this time again? Well, you have never been pretty.

Contrary to you. Le Roi Soleil, hm?


The sun has not set yet but Majesty has already risen.

Chop-chop! He is already expecting you.

Again no time for my footbath.

Hehehehe! The partridges to the kitchen.

Immediately. Alright.

Gentlemen, where do you think you're going with the creature, hm?

The kitchen is there! Bring it there!

The blue is not intensive enough.

And this fountain must nearly touch the sky.

Only this way it will form a bridge between us humans and God in heaven.


Here. Look.

The gas and water contractor Wachter and Morstadt filed a suit again Majesty today.

If these debts are not amortized with one month the company wants to plead in court for an auction of Linderhof Palace.

I do not understand this. How can this company dare to sue our king?

What one has asked to be manufactured, one must pay, Richard!

That is the same for everyone.

Shall a Chinese Castle be build as well?

Yes, Majesty has found an ideal lot at Plansee which we want to purchase in the next days.

And that?

What is that?

This is the first draft of the candelabra for the mirror gallery at Herrenchiemsee castle.

I heard that Majesty never wants to stay there but just wants to give it to his friend Louis XIV. who has been dead for the 170 years. Is that true?

Johann, there are so many rumors circulating. Forget that.

I need to speak with Majesty in person immediately.

Who do you think you are, monsieur?

If you do not let me through, the creditors will soon queue here and move into the castles!

This is why I came up with a plan for the recovery from this catastrophic financial situation.

Oh really?

Majesty must just stop his construction activity and return again to the residence in Munich.

That is all!

Majesty could live simpler, more modest, like his fair father has lived.

As children, Otto and I never had enough to eat. I slept on a wooden slab until the death of my father.

Now they want to force me to return to this cage as if my father wants to decide about my life again from the beyond.

Count Dürckheim has arrived. Enter!

My dear Alfred, please save my life!

The dragons from Munich want to butcher me as if I were a fool!

I need money so my world can continue to grow.


Travel to England immediately.

Lord Stanhope already offered me means.

You missed your target, Mister von Lutz!

Yes. Just like Majesty.

For a longer period of time already, I tried to change his stand but I do not seem succeed.

Why do you want to change Ludwig?

Let him continue to construct and to finish his buildings.

It can only be in the interest of Bavaria to nurture his extraordinary fantasy.

The Bavarian parliament should grant one or two more percent of the national budget to Majesty then this financial problems would be solved. No, surely not.

But if you, Your Excellency, as German chancellor would attend to the matter...

I must disappoint you, Mister von Lutz. But this is a purely Bavarian matter.

We will not let ourselves be involved in this matter.

You are all fired! Out of here!

The whole design is confiscated.

What are you doing here?

Without the permission of Majesty nothing here must be changed!

Now listen carefully, Mister Master of the Horse Hornig!

You will stop me from nothing at all here.

The Bavarian parliament and the ministry have unanimously decided to cease work on all castles immediately and completely.

Neither the parliament nor you are allowed to forbid our work!

Yes, I am allowed to.

And you should consider very carefully what you want to do against it.

Because your luck in life could very soon come to an end.

These wrested swine!


What are you hiding there?

Count Dürckheim wrote that the government has declined the credit offer from England in the name of Majesty.

Excuse me?

This is the end.

But Majesty do not have to despair.

If these little minds want to rob the high spirits of Majesty, then Majesty can rob them with good consciences as well.

What do you mean?

There is still enough money in the bank. One just needs to get it.

We will look for a specialist who can enter the banks of Berlin, Stuttgart and Paris.

My friends, this is a marvelous idea.

And finally I will kick out the entire secretary lowlifes!

First, you will send Hesselschwerdt to Italy.

If he procures me the complete sum, I will give him 20,000 Mark immediately.

Please make a neat copy of all of it.

Thank you, Lorenz.

Abiding to the rights appertain to me, it is my will that prime minister von Lutz as well as all of his councilman step down from their offices until the end of the month.

For fourteen year I am doing the work now that is actually that of Majesty.

For that I will now be raised to the rank of vermin.

If The King's moods put the public welfare into danger and make the further continuation of the state machinery impossible, then I cannot stand them any longer.

Show me this letter.

Did footman Mayr write that?

Maybe not just written but also drawn it up.

So it is not certain at all that these commands come from Majesty?

And the worst is that my contact with Majesty only happens in the form of these letters anymore which Mayr delivers to me.

Looking at it pragmatically, this footman is now the most powerful man in the state.

Can this absurdity be enhanced any more?

Ludwig always had a lot of fantasy.

I pledged loyalty and obedience to Majesty.

But can one keep loyalty with a person of unsound mind?

Only radical steps can save the Bavarian monarchy from total collapse now.

Ludwig is The King and this for life.

We will build a castle on an island, a new Versailles.

Just for our Louis. Richard, will you help me with that?

You are a traitor,

a renegade.

How could you allow yourself to use plaster when you knew that is must only be marble?

But there is no money anymore, you know that!

You dare to look and scream at me with a naked face?

Our pact is broken!

You are dead!

Let it be finished.

Men, hurry up!

Fire in the workshop? Here, here! Fire!

Our models!



You live.

You are alive.

If I would not be king anymore but just Ludwig, your friend, could you then live with me?

And maybe

even love me?

My whole life I would have liked to just dedicate myself to you

but you forbid it yourself.

In front of this mystery of love my heart solidified.

Now it is too late unfortunately.


Farewell, Richard.




The hairdresser of Majesty shall assemble a new cabinet and he will become a secretary himself, if he manages to do this.

It is worse than I feared.

Now I have it in black and white.

Very good.

Like I said, first class information deserve a good pay.

How much can you pay me for it?

A new position at the successor's of Majesty will probably be the best payment for you.

Of Majesty?

A successor?

Majesty, flee immediately!

There is a conspiracy running against you in Munich.

Majesty himself knows the littlest details of Versailles castle.

And about the life of the Bourbons he knows as much as if it was his own.

The same is true for many other topics.

Why are you not writing down what I am reporting?

These qualities of Majesty do not really interest me.

But you asked me for the extremes, the extraordinaries of Majesty's personality.

It is for me more about the extremes of his soul, his mind.

I want to know which consequences this had on his relationship with you? Did he torture you, humiliate you?

Finally I understand what you are getting at.

But without me!

Majesty once told me:

"I want to stay an eternal riddle for me and the world," and even you will never be able to undermine that!

Your Excellency, Professor von Gudden.


Mister Professor!

I did not expect you again before Thursday.

Good day. Here is the proof.


And here is the assessment.

Did you ask the footman about the slightly special relationship of The King towards men?

No, I do not attach importance to that.

Abnormal sexual behaviour is a weakness also observed among healthy humans.

Very good work. In just 24 hours, incredible!

Cases that are without any doubt are easy to diagnose.

So then we can call the conference with your colleagues immediately?

I am begging for it.

I will conduct the therapy myself.

Please. Thank you.

Adieu, you kings, you saints.

How thankful I am to you.

You represented God's will on earth.




It is as easy as that.


Forgive me, Majesty. Forgive me.

Look at me please.

Lorenz, we will from now on only be face to face.

Tell me, Lorenz, was I a good king to you?

Majesty is the most noble human in this world for me.

You will procure dynamite for me immediately.

Dynamite? You must.

For what?

If these criminals should succeed in chasing me out of my castles they shall all be blown up.

No. No, no, I cannot do that.

Please, do not do that!

I beg you! Do not do that!


Forgive me.

What will you do when I am no more?

Continue to serve Majesty. Good.

Then open up the door to the tower for me now. Please.

Please, please!

In the name of His Highness Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria!

Open the gate!

Buckle on!

Cock the gun! Move forward!



Forward! March! March!


Help! You must come immediately!

Majesty wants to throw himself from the tower.

Let the doctors through! We need help! Let them through!

Footman Mayr, wait! Mayr, now wait!

Do you have the key?

Yes, Majesty.




Thank you.



What did you do?

What is this? Majesty, I have the order to escort Majesty to Berg Castle, today.

You want to lock me up?

Majesty needs our help.

You believe you can treat me like Otto?

Majesty is in a very advanced state of a disturbance of the soul and suffers from the kind of mental illness that is called paranoia.

With this form of illness, Majesty must be declared incurable.

I forgive you, Lorenz.


Because of this illness the free determination of will of Majesty is entirely impossible.

Mon Roi.

I will never return here.


It's alright.

The smell is unbearable!

Put the books there.

Bring lilies and close the curtains.

I am only allowed to take orders from Doctor Gudden.

But the light hurts me!

It is strictly forbidden to look at Majesty!

Get out of there immediately!

Go away or I will have your eyes gouged out!

Your Excellency.

Give this present to Majesty from me.

Call footman Mayr and hair dresser Hoppe.

I want to be dressed and styled.

It is one o'clock in the morning and everyone is asleep.

But I am not. Wake them up.

There are no more Mayrs and Hoppes. From now on I am your Mayr and Hoppe.

Then dress me immediately.

You will have to do that yourself.

At the order of Doctor von Gudden, from today forward the night becomes night and day become day to you.

How can you dare to order your king?

But Majesty is no real king anymore.

Just a poor lunatic.

I feel way better today than yesterday.

I am very happy to hear that.

I owe that to you... and your well-considered approach.

Maybe you will succeed in operating the misfortune out of me.

You exquisitely supervised my brother Otto but we never had the chance to get closer.


If I had met you earlier, everything would have gone differently and better for me.

Such extraordinary people like you, my dear doctor, you only meet very rarely in life.

Majesty is an incredible example for me what miracles psychiatry can do.

He is already waiting.

If I am not allowed to attend mass on Whitsunday, I at least deserve a walk. I need fresh air.

Furthermore, I would like to get to know more about your no-restraint-therapy.

Very well, Majestät.

Just let me grab my coat very quick.

I will be back in a moment.

Please be so kind and bring that back. I do not need it anymore.

No, no nurse needs to come with us. I have everything under control.

Does someone like you believe in the immortality of the soul?

Yes, Majesty.

I believe in it too. And in God's justice.

In the case of Your Majesty, everything material you created is nothing but an expression of your soul.

And this way Your Majesty's soul will continue to live among us even centuries after your death.

You say that?

You whose reprehensible doing destroyed the completion of my lifework.

You understood nothing nothing of my soul.

Majesty, it is late. We need to get back to the castle.

No. Majesty!


Stay here!



Majesty! No!

Adieu, mon roi.