Luis and His Friends from Outer Space (2018) Script

Come on, come on.

Owe, owe, owe.

Come on, hurry up. Wee!

Owe, watch it.

Yeah! That's not fair!

Guys, guys, we got to keep going.

Move over.

Please pipe down!

Open the window. Tell your mom, at least that's done.



Oh, Jennifer, hi.

Oh, hi Luis, I need you to answer a question for a school news survey, okay?

Uh, okay.

Patty, you ready?

Luis, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this recent school trip to Dragon's Peak Mountain?

Uh, ah, have you seen my shoe?

It's yellow.

I'm the journalist, I'll ask the questions here, Luis.

Hey, Louise!

This yours?

Give it back, Marlon!

Got it!

Hey Marlon go long.

Hey, catch!

There. Thanks.

Now, back to business.

Still waiting for your answer there, champ.

Um, I don't know, 5?

Jolly, thanks.

Get that Patty, Patty?

Yay, yah. Oh.

Order, children, order is everything.

There you are. Come on.

Marlon, look at the state of you!

Huh? What will people say, huh?

Uh, Mom.



Why are you still here?

Did your father forget to pick you up again?

Uh no, he's just very busy trying to, you know, well he's, uh...

You'll never get home on that.

Come on, I'll give you a ride home!


No, that's not necessary!

It's, it's no problem, really.

Watch where you going.

Hey, boy!

That bike looks like it belongs on a scrapheap.

I'm getting a new one, tomorrow is my birthday.

Oh I, have an ice birthday!

Did you hear what I did there?

Because I am an ice cream man, you see, I'm selling ice cream.

Not to criticize, but that last snip left much to be desired, darling.

Hey Louise, what took you so long?

Child, look at the state of your house and lawn.

They're a disgrace!

We're all sick of it!

Yes, Mr. Winter.

And tell your father the block association is considering discussing taking steps, steps, Louise!

Unacceptable, there's no other word for it.

It's absolutely unacceptable.


Who, what, huh, who's there?

It's only me, Luis.

Lu, what, there?

I'm back from the school trip.

Dragon's Peak, remember?

Luis, you're so tall!

How long were you gone?

Four days, Dad.

Ah, four days.

No wonder I'm so hungry.

What time is it, huh?

Just after six.

Ah, almost dark.

Time to get up and get to work!


Here's your breakfast.

Right, that's six degrees north.

And I have a cake baking in the oven, a birthday cake for tomorrow.

Good, good, ovens are good.

Ah, Okay, 1, 2, A raisin cake, 3, 4. Like Mom used to make.

And, Dad?

I found another bunch of bills in the trash.

If we don't start paying them soon they, they say they're gonna turn off the electricity and the Ah, that's very interesting.

Yes, yes, Yes.

But, Dad!

Luis, please. I have to concentrate.

There is intelligent life out there somewhere!

And your father has to find it.

Come here my boy, let me tell you a story.

A long time ago, when I was just seven, I encountered a real alien here on earth."

It was monstrous!

Vile to behold, truly frightening!

It tried to abduct me, but I escaped.

Nobody believes me, of course but one day, I will...

Dad, you've told me this 3 thousand-billion times.

What's that?

It's the kitchen timer for my cake.

Ah, ah, well, then, where was I?

Look at that!

Oh my goodness.

All right, sweetheart, it's only a tiny speck.

Let's dial it back to DefCon 3, shall we?

Now it's a tiny speck, but tomorrow it could be a smudge.

The next day, a glop!

I really need your support here, darling.

Yes, dear.

I am calm, nothing upsets me, I am totally relaxed.

What's up dawgs?

Don't call us dawgs, dear and tuck your shirt in!


And don't forget that Sarah's school play is this afternoon!

Oh that's whack, yo.

Do I really gotta go?

Oh you'll be there!

I'm taking time off work to see our snookums stunning performance.

I'm a princess!

You're a royal pain with a booger brain.

Marlon, be nice to your sister.


Well, I tried.

I am a butterfly in the eye of a hurricane.

I am fragile and beautiful, but safe.

Good morning, son!

Today is a very special day!

Close your eyes, Luis.

I have a big surprise for you.

And open, huh?

There were patterned irregularities in the ambient noise last night and your father recorded them successfully.


For so long I've been sending signals into space and now I finally picked up something like this!

You know what that means?

There are unidentified flying objects in our solar system!

Isn't that exciting?

There's a chance that they could land here on earth and this time I will be ready!

What's the matter?

Aren't you happy for me?

Yes, I am, but...

You know, you could be a bit more enthusiastic.

Your father is the leading mind in his field.

You can ask me anything!


Well, come on.

Um, why can't you just have a normal job?

Like everyone else's Dad?

Oh my gosh!


Don't move, they're here!

Happy birthday to me.

He's coming. Let's get outta here!

Huh, oh!

Attention citizens!

Aliens have landed on Earth!

Oh, please, not again!

The moment of my vindication has arrived!

Hide your houses and lock your children...

Hide your children and lock your houses!

Will you stop shouting, you loony-bin!

You'll give my wife a migraine and believe me, that never ends well.

But this time it's for real!

I saw them right in my own yard!

There, you see!

Ha, who's the loony-bin now?

Lucky for you all, I have long prepared for this day!

What do you think you're doing!

Here are your aliens!

Oh, you two are double-decker-ultra-grounded!

Oh, it's the Henderson kids, again.

It's okay, you'll be good as new.

And a nut-bucket like that is raising a kid by himself!

Poor boy, a dead mother and a crack-pot for a father.

I'm calling Child Services.

It's ridiculous.

That's an excellent idea, you should do that.

Oh boy.

We thank you all again for choosing Cosmic Caravan Cruiselines.

We put the you in Universe.

On the left side of the vessel you can now see Planet P.U. 1753-L, known locally as Ee-yarth.

One of the few inhabited planets in this backward part of the galaxy.

It is comprised of one-third land, one-third water, and one-third high-fructose corn syrup.

Ancient Fleegyarblians used this planet as a toxic waste dump, from which, primitive life-forms have evolved.

Ew, they look so bizarre...

You know, you are so right, beautiful.

They don't hold a candle to you or each of your many sparkling eyes.

So here you are.

Oh, hey honey, it's not how it looks.

She means nothing to me.


You little Oh!

Rotten, Oh!

Despicable, Ow!



I could eat.

Ah in my defense, it says all that word for word in my Spacedate profile!

Oh Wabo, why don't you give the ladies a rest and focus on your gluttony.

It's by far your greatest vice.

Hey Nag, Wabo, check it out!

We can pick up Television signals from this planet.

Oh, anything good on?

Breaking news.

Mog, what are you doing?

You're not supposed to play around with the monitors!

Yeah, give me that!

Mine, give me!

Stop it, you two or you're gonna break something!

I'll do it!

♪ Baby, baby ♪ Yummy!

This astonishing product.

Oh, that's cool.

The NubbiDubbi!


The NubbiDubbi is a high quality, interactive massage mat, that will work out any knots or kinks that you might have.

Oh Bill, that sounds fabulous!

Take a look dear viewers.

Every one of these nubs is made of a hyper flexible fiber re-enforced polymer.

That really will help you get to those hard to reach spots and send you to cloud nine.

Absolutely Bill, and even more.

This product can give your empty life the meaning you so desperately crave.


Turn it on Jill.

Sure Bill.


I feel so alive!

I love this NubbiDubbi!

Uh-huh, I love this NubbiDubbi.

And you will too viewers!

And a special feature, you can adjust the intensity!

It goes all the way up to eleven.

Up to eleven!

Wow. Whoa, oh.

Friends, if you don't order this item today, I'm 100% confident the rest of your life will be consumed by pain and regret.

Am I right, Bill?

So don't hesitate to contact me.

I am waiting for you!

For us?

Did you hear that?

She is waiting for us!

There are only 279 of these one-of-a-kind items left, so you can't afford to hesitate.

Only 279 left!

Hey, what are you guys doing?

Mog, Wabo, wait!

I am not going anyway with you!

Okay, see ya!

Hey, where are we going?

We're not supposed to be in here.

We're going down to that planet to get some NubbiDubbi before they run out!


We don't know anything about the eeyarthlings!

They could be dangerous!

Oh come on!

You heard what Jill said, "If we don't order this item, I'm 100% sure that you will regret it."

That's what she said!

But the captain has expressly forbidden anybody to...

Nag, don't be such a splignorp!

We'll be back before they even know we're gone.

Now come on, we don't wanna keep Jill waiting.

I will not come along with you!

No way!

Hi Jennifer!

Would you like some cake?

I made it myself, with extra raisins!

We made a raft, as well.

Hey, Jenny!

Brought ya a slice of my cake.

Don't mind if I do!

Mmh, hey, this is some legit cake, yo.

Did you make this?

Uh, I mean, gross, dweeb!

Hey, give that back!

And what you gonna do about it, Louise?

Sic your loony old man on me with his cray-cray-gun, yo?

You jerk!

Hey, whoa, cool it dude.

Let go.

I am an ice man. Got ya.

I am selling ice-creams.

What a loser.

Here, latest webcast is up on the school news site.

Big whoop.

Wow, have you got any stories in it?

No, they ran a piece last time, after the credits, like bloopers.

Well, maybe you'll have a big story in the next one.

They only let me do those stupid surveys because certain editors at the school news network are incapable of recognizing an epic talent when they see it.

That's so unfair.

Yea well, uh, Luis, do you need a hand?

Huh, no, no, I'm cool.

Okay, come on Patty, these flyers aren't gonna hand themselves out.

Smooth Luis, real smooth.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

This is Luis.

Oh, I feel I've come not a moment too soon!


Ms. Diekendaker is Headmistress of the Sunny Days Home for Neglected Children.

I'm worried about you, young Mr. Sonntag.

One of your neighbors has reported the sub-standard conditions you're forced to live in, and the questionable fitness of your guardian!

Since the passing of your poor mother things seem to unraveling fast.

What, no, I, my dad...

Don't you think you'd be much better off at Sunny-Days?

You'll have so much fun living with all those other problem children.

Wouldn't that be nice?

No, I don't want to go away!


Dear boy, it's not about what you want, but what you need.


Oh, my, you're not going to cry, are you, Luis?

There now, let me dry those tears.

Huh, uh, uh?

Well, well, well.

These are definitely the tears of a lonely boy.


You and your father will be in my office this afternoon at three p.m. on the dot.

Do you understand?


Please be punctual, garbage-free, and wearing both shoes.

Dad, Dad, Dad. Luis, please!

I need my sleep.

No, wait!

Dad, you've got to come to school with me!

I have a PhD son, I went to school.

Dad, they want to send me away to a home called Sunny Side.

We gotta stop them, Dad, please!

Not sunny-side up, son, over-easy.

You know that, Luis.

The Aliens.



What the?


Are you sure we're at the right place?

Of course, the autopilot just followed the signal.

What do you mean?

Well, this is exactly where the signal came from.

It must be Jill and Bill.

They're expecting us.

Stop it, Wabo!

One doesn't scribble on foreign planets!

What's he writing?

Mog is a butt-head What?

Oh come here, you.

I'm gonna year you apart.

I'm gonna slam you.

I'm going to.

Uh oh.

How dare you...

Aw, you made us crash!

No, you made us crash!

And look, the viewing screen is completely damaged.

You're face is damaged!

Oh, you wanna damaged face?

Then I'll show you a damaged face.

Oh you want to go?

I'll break it.

The NubbiDubbi is out there somewhere, come on, let's go!

No, stop!

First we have to test the atmosphere.

The pressure could make our eyes pop out, or the gases they could make our lungs explode, or, you never.

Hm, smells nice.

They, they're real?

Dad was right.

He's not nuts.

My dad's not nuts!

A blue sky, how strange.

What am I doing here?

I'm hungry.

Ok, so all we gotta do is find a viewing system.

Hands up, ee-yarthling, or we will uh, obliterate you!

No, please!

What's obliterate?

Make him explode!

We don't know how to do that.

He doesn't know that!

Don't worry, we won't hurt you!

We're just looking for Jill!

Do you know, where she is?


We looking to get our hands on one of her NubbiDubbis.

Her what?

A NubbiDubbi massage mat.

It's got thousands of polymer nubs that can send us to cloud 9.

It goes all the way up to 11!

You're not how I imagined aliens.


We're not aliens, you're the aliens.

Yeah, we're Whoopies!

We're the most attractive people in the galaxy.

Come on, fellas!

Our multi-nubbed destiny awaits!

Wait, you can't leave your spaceship here!

He's right.

This space is clearly reserved for creatures with large wheels for backsides.

Um, let's hide it in the barn over there.

Thanks, Ee-yarth-boy, we owe you one.

It's actually pronounced Earth.



Ah, forget it.

So, you flew through the whole universe in that?

No, this is only a landing craft.

The cruise ship is much bigger, like a small town.

Cruise ship?

Cosmic Caravan Cruises, baby!

We put the you in universe!

Wow and all this is happening on my birthday!


You mean the anniversary of the beginning of your existence?

You heard that guys?

It's the yurth boy's detachment day!

Detachment day?

Yeah, we Whoopies kind of grow on our moms.

Like a fungus, pretty much.

And when we're ready, the doctor scrapes us off.


And that's our, Detachment Day!

♪ A glorious detachment day to you ♪ Hey, what's your name again?


Huh, weird name, anyway.

♪ A glorious detachment day to you, Luis ♪

♪ May all your happy D Day dreams come true, Luis ♪

♪ Since they've scraped you from your mama ♪

♪ You've been bringing joy-o-rama ♪

♪ Wishing you the best in everything you do, Luis. ♪

♪ Bam, bah, bah, bah, bam, bah, bah, bah bam ♪

♪ Bah, ba, bah, bah, bah, bag, bam ♪ Oh, Luis!

Thanks guys.

That was really interesting.

Let's go, we have a mission to accomplish.

Alright, let's go!

Go where?

Hey, where are you going?


Come, come snookums, off to the school play.

It's getting late dear.

Oh, those e-arthlings are leaving their nest.

Looks like they'll be gone for a while.

Luis, does this nest have a signal-viewing apparatus?

Uh yeah, every house has one or 10.


Wait, no, but.

Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, wake up!

Wake up, Dad!

What, uh, what, whoa, what the?

What would you do if aliens really have landed?

What, what are you talking about?

And what if they were friendly and didn't want to hurt anybody?

This is what you woke me up for?

Why, I'd shoot them with my Shockfroster, of course!


They're really nice.

I mean, if they were real, I mean, they wouldn't...

Believe me, son, when aliens land here, again they definitely won't be nice!

They will plunder our resources and enslave us all.

Something like that needs to be nipped in the bud!

Why are you asking me this?

Um well, no reason, you know.

You told me to be more enthusiastic.

Well, well that's great, but not in the middle of the day!

You know I need my sleep so I can do my work at night.


Such a strange boy.

No idea where he gets that from.

Come on!


Don't wake me again! Under any circumstances!



Hello, Mr. Sonntag?

We had an appointment for three p.m!

Did Luis not inform you?

Uh um, of course, yea, my son told me.

But I, I can assure you that there is absolutely no need to send Luis away to that creepy lady's school.

Luis, is that you?

Do you take me for some kind of fool, boy?

Very well.

Well I'll just have to come and see for myself!

I'll be there in 20 minutes!

And if I find even the smallest sign of neglect, your fathers custody of you will be removed on the spot, you understand!

No, no, no, wait.


Two large melons! Huh, hey.

Look at this, it's fun huh?

Look at me!

Look, help me.

Cut it out, Wabo, I have to concentrate!

Argh matey.

And tomorrow forecast is cloudy.

Ah, no.

Ah, Wabo, please.

Oh, what's that??


Everybody knows what this is.

It's a, one of those, a face sucker!

Hey, what does this button do?


Oh oh oh, I found it!

This is your last chance, forever!


Only 14, no 13 NubbiDubbis left!

Operators are waiting for your call!

13 left!


11 left.

To get your NubbiDubbi call the number on your screen.

Don't hesitate, call now.

Five, one, five, three, two, three, four, six, nine, eight!

Ah, we need to use a numbery thingemy!

Welcome to Teleshopping de Luxe.

We have recognized your phone number in our system and have your shipping address.

What product are you purchasing today?

NubbiDubbi, NubbiDubbi, NubbiDubbi!

I did not understand your response.

I didn't get that.

Please enter the product code and quantity on your touch pad.

Congratulations, your order was successful!

You have ordered 333 electric toilet brushes.


Hey guys, quick, let me in!

Oh, it's ee-yarth Luis!

He can help.

Luis, we have to get this NubbiDubbi, please!

We are down to two, oh, no, only one NubbiDubbi left!

Only one left.

Okay, Okay.

NubbiDubbi, NubbiDubbi, NubbiDubbi.

NubbiDubbi, NubbiDubbi.

Your order was successful!

One NubbiDubbi will be delivered today!

Hehe, alright!

Nice one.

What's wrong, ee-yarth boy?

Have we been found?

Are we going to be probed?

Probed, no!


I'm having trouble with my principal.

Can I hide here with you guys?

Hehe, did you eat his lunch, heh?

Been there, done that.

No, even worse, a lot worse.

Don't worry, yurth boy, we'll help you, you're safe here.

If this principal starts to make trouble, we'll uh, We'll uh.

Obliterate him?!

Yeah, you know, we still don't know how to do that.


Dios mio, what happened?

Our next item is the Slicey-Dicey!

This makes preparing food easy and fun!

Look at this mess, dios mio.


Who's there?

I know you're here!

Do not mess with Valentina.

Oh you better be a scared.

Oh, okay!

Shh, we're toast.

Oh, maybe not.

Mr. and Mrs. Winter!

I thought you were at your daughter's play.

Um, we were, but I had a sudden desire to take a shower!

Who showers in their clothes?

I don't know.

We give up.

Who showers in their clothes?

Is there somebody in there?

Yes. No.

Um, just me, visiting.


I, I'd better get to work!

Oh, it's you, Allegro!

I didn't see you there.

Who's a good perro?

You like that, don't you?

Oh, oh, oh yeah sure.

That's good, lower to the left please.

What is going on here?

Well it looks to me like someone has a crush on you.

Oh come on, chill, babe.

Give me some more of that sweet loving huh, don't play hard to get!

Not one step more!

Was it something I said?

You think I could get her number when she wakes up?

You always have to cause trouble, don't you?

Hey, is it my fault that the ladies love me?

Hey dude, the 'rents are gone!

Told them I was sick yo and couldn't go to my dumb sister's dumb school play.

Get over here, time to party!

Yeah, we can cruise with my old lady's car again.

She'll never know!


Time out dude.

The cleaning lady is dead or something.



Uh, call you back!


What are you doing in my house, nerd boy, huh?

Um, I, uh.

Come on, talk!

I can explain everything!

Well, almost everything.

Okay to be honest, I can't explain a whole lot.

Start with what you did to Valentina?



Mom, Dad, why are you back so early?

Never mind that!

What's this about time to party and you driving your old lady's car?

And who is this Old lady?

I think he means you.

Me, old?

I'm not a day over 124!

125, don't make yourself younger than you are!

What is going on?

You are a rude boy!

That's what's going on!

Whoa, she, she's drunk, yo!

Never mind her.

Your mother and I are very disappointed in you!

You're his mother.

Oh, right, yes, I'm your mother!

I'm very disappointed in you.

Whoa dude, something is very, very wrong here.

Go to your room, wherever that is!

Cool, I've always wanted to see that look on his face.



That was fun, what do we do now?


As soon as our NubbiDubbi is delivered, we go back to the ship.

Okay, but until then, I wanna play more human game!


Go to your room!

He totally bought it!

He really thought I was his father!

Yeah, he did.

Oh, no.

It's almost 3 thirty.

I have an idea!

Wait here, I'll be right back!

What are you doing?

What did I just say?

Is this where you live?



Who's this?

That's my dad.

Oh, and he is a male, yes?


I'm getting good at this.

Tickle, tickle, tickle.

Stop, if he wakes up he's gonna zap you with that!

With this?



Stop it!

We have to leave!

The principal could arrive any second.

What, here?

Yes and when he sees this mess, he's gonna take me away.

But I'm not going, no way!

Good grief!

There must be a way to stop him!

There is.

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm the cleaning lady.

No, I'm the cleaning lady!

No, I'm the cleaning lady!

No, I am!

No, I am the cleaning lady.

Come on guys, you're both the cleaning lady.

Yay, woohoo!

Uh, Luis, is that your principal?

Oh, no, he brought that creepy lady!

Looks like the show's about to begin.

Mmh. Mmh.

Oh, hello, Mr. Principal, what an honor!

I'm Armin Sonntag, do please come in.

How nice of you to come by. Mmh.

And who is this impressive specimen of humanness you have with you?

Well, this is Miss...

I am here to assess your capabilities as a guardian for Luis and to see if he has an acceptable living environment.

Uh, yes, Luis's living environment is more than acceptable!

It's downright passable, don't you agree?

Huh, hmm.

Luis, where are your manners?

Come here and say hi to our guests!

Oh, uh, uh, good afternoon and good afternoon to you too.

Is it?

We'll see!

Mr. Sonntag, we've had reports that you spend all day asleep on the sofa.

Ah, yes, well...

Not anymore!

My dad is like a completely different person!


Well, the house certainly is clean.

Oh yes, thanks to my fabulous staff.

Twins, hatched three minutes apart.

Strange, your neighbor called and said this place was a pig sty.


Well, I'm not one to say anything bad about my neighbor's house, but I mean, did you see their house?

My, quite the dump.

Isn't it true that you spend all night looking through your telescope, searching for aliens?

Ha ha, oh no, no, no, no, no, I'm no longer interested in aliens!

Crazy beings who rush all over the solar system babbling nonsense and making.

That's if they existed at all, of course.

Of course.

Hey beautiful.

How dare you!

Stop that at once!


Oh, does someone else live here?

Oh, no that's my, uh.

Alarm clock.

At three-thirty in the afternoon?

Just a reminder to help Luis do his thing.


It's so important these days.

Valentina, would you please be a dear and turn that off?

Certainly, Mr. Sonntag. Certainly, Mr. Sonntag.

Hey, my name's Valentina!

No, my name's Valentina! We can't both be called Valentina!


Make a sound and I'll wring you like a nuclear mop, sh.


No, the aliens.

Got to get away, got to get away.

Mom, Dad, I saw an alien over there, look!

Oh man.


What the?

They're back!

Well then, the next thing we need to see is Luis's room.

Come on, Luis.

Uh, right, my bedroom.

I'd be happy to show you my bedroom.

Oh, drat.

Ah well, this is the bathroom of course.

Just down here, um!

Okay that's the closet.

Your room, please!

Yes, yes, my room.

Here it is!

Um, ah, um.

And this is your room, Luis?

My son loves this room!

He can't get enough cute little frilly things.

And who likes to wear these?

Uh, uh.

Young man, tell me right now what is going on!

I, I, uh, okay, this isn't my room.


And that's not my father.


What I mean is, he's not just my father.

He's also my best friend.


He's is building a brand new room for me in the attic, an amazing room, just the way I want!

Until it's done, I live here with my little sister.


My dad may be unusual, but he's always there for me.

On the weekends we have loads of really cool adventures together and if I ever feel sad he whips up my favorite dinner, spaghetti carbonara, just like Mom used to make."

He's the best dad in the whole world.

It's true, I am!

Well, now, it's obvious that Luis is not neglected.

This case is closed.

Come along, Ms. Diekendaker!


Mr. Sonntag, I noticed that you're a urologist.

I'm having a little trouble with my, uh, waterworks.

Drop by anytime!

I'll be happy to check you over thoroughly and that goes for you too!


I still say there's something fishy going on here.

Oh, nonsense.

Everything was above board, huh?

They're finally here!

Aliens have landed and they're here, in this neighborhood!

Are you listening?

Oh no!

Huh? Huh?


We've been busted!

Quick, let's get out of here!

What about the NubbiDubbi?

Forget about it!

Come on!

I don't know. Hurry!

Luis, what's your take on the shocking news that instant hot chocolate packs have received a five cent price bump?

I don't know!

Oh Luis, stop saying I don't know!

How am I supposed to do a story with no answers?

Oh no.

This way!

We should never have come to this planet!

What's going on?

Ow. Move!

In here!

Oh no, it's locked!

Hey, what about me!

Huh, oh, Okay.

Luis, you're not gonna get away with this!


Ah, greetings, boy!

Would you or your friends like an ice cream treat from me, the ice cream man?

Not today!

Because I am an ice cream man, you see, and I am selling ice cream.

Hey guys, I think we lost them.


What are we do now?

I'll tell you what we do, we get off this crazy rock and go home where it's safe!

Can um, can I come with you?


Are you serious?

Do you really want to leave your home?

Why not?

I've got nothing here and that creepy lady, she's gonna find me no matter what.

Yeah, let's bring him back with us.

If we show up back at the ship with a ee-yarthling, we'll be in big trouble!

But if I stay they just gonna cart me off and throw me in some home for weird kids.

Oh come on, Nag!

Let's give the kid a chance.

And how are we going to explain it?

You know what'll happen when the captain finds him.

He won't hesitate to yell at us.

Let's just take him then and don't say I didn't warn you.

This calls for a celebration!

But how do you know they're even in here?

I sense it!

The smell of loneliness of that punk kid is unmistakable!

Why don't we call it a day, come back tomorrow refreshed and energized?

You can't be serious.

No child has ever dared to undermine me in such a way.

This is personal!

Huh, hm.

Oh my poor sweet thing.

Come here, let me dry your tears.


Hm, hm.

Quickly, this way!

Oh, provisions for the journey!

Give me!

What are you guys doing?


Luis Sonntag, what's going on here?

Why is the principal chasing you and who are those weird looking people with you?

I don't know what you're talking about!

You're going nowhere until you tell us exactly what's going on!

Please, Jennifer, I've got no time to explain.

Let me through!

No, answers now.


Patty, you getting this?

Ah, ah, ah.

Over there!

Quick guys, let's hide in here.

Yeah, right there.

Huh, ah.


In there.

Oh, welcome.

What can we do for you?




Goodness gracious, I look terrible!

Ah, ah.

You're right, you're hideous, but don't worry, we can fix you up in a jiffy!


Uh, somebody is in desperate need of a make-over!

I have no intention of letting you...

Trust me, this will be tres chic!

What did you do?


Break time!


The boy!

Get him.

I want that same do!


Ah, careful, don't break it.

So ready to go home, slowly.

Get your butt out of my face!

Now what?

Mog, you only had one job to do!

It's not my fault!

It's gotta be the gizmo that connects to the doo-hickey to the whosey-whatzit, I can fix it.

This won't take long.

Oh wow, real aliens?

Patty, keep shooting, this will be the biggest story ever!

We're going to win the Pulitzer.

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Hey guys, I, found the problem.

There, good as new!


Well I hope you know how to put it back together.

Oh, well.

Of all the laser-brained idiots in the galaxy, I end up with you!

And Me!

We're gonna be stuck here forever on a planet that smells like sewage and it's all your fault!

Hey, stop it, right now!

You guys are friends, remember?


Enough, I have an idea.

My dad's got all kinds of space-gizmos at home.

Maybe there is one that could signal your mother ship to come pick us up.

Yeah, great idea, except for that frostshock gun and your dad's itchy trigger finger!

Don't worry, I'll figure something out.

Well, it's worth a shot.

Follow me!

Oh Patty, this footage is dynamite.

What'd you got so far?

Oh no, you had it on selfie.

Dad, you home?

Come on.



What, I'm a nervous eater.

It's okay, nobody reads them anyway.

Hm, hm, no.

Oh come on, oh.

Oh, oh, oh, I can do something with this!

I just put, do-da-do, over there.

There we go.

As long as you don't take it apart.

Have I ever let you down?

Yes. Yeah.

About five minutes ago, just focus!

Hm, oh, what is that?

Oh, it's an old drawing my dad did when he was a kid.

Looks like a Tontonian.

Hello, can anybody hear me?

Ah, yeah, ah, funny story.

We kind of get stranded on that planet ear-th and we need your help.

OK, I'll wait!

What are they saying?

They're trying to locate us.

It might take a little while.

I'll be right back!


Dear Dad, looks like you were right!

Aliens do exist after all and they're really cool!

I'm going to have to leave with them.

Maybe you'll be able to spot me in space with your telescope.

I will remember you always, your Luis.


Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, gotcha, okay.

What are they saying?

Luis, is there an isolated place where they can come pick us up?

Um well, we just had our class trip to Dragons Peak.

There is never anyone up there.

You get that?

Aha, hm, Okay, thanks.

Right, we have to be at the top of Dragons Peak in 45 ee-yarth minutes!

They'll shine a beam that'll pick us up!


Freeze, huh?

Who's there?


What now?

Oh, oh Mr. Sonntag!

It's Mr. and Mrs. Winter, they, they...

They what?

They tied me up!

Listen, uh, Valentina, I try not to get involved in people's personal lives.

No, no, listen!

They are not human.

Come again?

Their bodies are all wibbly-wobbly and they can transform to look like anyone and, and if you punch them in the stomach they turn into, into, el monstruoso!

Oh, Senor Sonntag, I think they're...

Of course!

What better way to disguise yourself than as the perfect family?

Why didn't I see it before?

Come in my dear woman, tell me all about it.

Can you pilot this thing?

Oof, this piece of primitive tech, please!

Adjust this, turn this.

Oh my gosh, oh.


Oh, oh, all under control!

I meant to do that.


Good news son!

You're not grounded anymore.

How about a family road trip?

Uh, uh.

Doesn't that sound lovely?


Climb in, son!

Uh, that's the drivers seat.

Exactly, young man!

It's time to grow up by operating a motor vehicle run on fossil fuels!

Awesome, yo!


What's he doing here?

Who, Luis?

He's our friend.

We should include him in more things, don't you think?

I guess, where are we going?

Well, we're taking a nice little drive to Dragon's Peak!

Oh, that's boring.

There's nothing to do there, dawgs.

That sounds perfect.

Come on, put the pedal to the metal!


Marlon, get down here immediately!

You've got some explaining to do!

We can't leave that boy alone for even a few hours!

Oh, my therapist is gonna hear about this!

Sonntag, what on earth are...

Get out here you filthy creature!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a historic moment.

After years of futile attempts, I, Armin Sonntag, can finally prove the existence of extraterrestrials beyond any doubt!

What are you going on about?

This man is crazy!

Hey over here. Yeah, yeah, right here.

What's going on?

Who would have suspected that my lovely neighbors actually are in reality alien invaders?

Observe their flexible bodies.

As soft and wobbly as Jello!

And if you punch them in the stomach, they revert to their alien form.

That's it Sonntag, I'm having you arrested!

Maybe a little harder.

Go away, you dreadful alien spawn!

I'm a princess!

Let's see what you revert to!

We've seen enough!

Yeah another false alarm, crackpot!

If we hurry maybe we can get that Bigfoot story.

And apparently it's just a simple case of a neighborhood quarrel.

Mr. Sonntag, have you seen your son?

Luis, what about Luis?

I saw him!

He was with the Winters, they drove away a few minutes ago.

That's impossible!

In your new SUV and Marlon was driving!


That's them, the real aliens and they have my son!

And our son!

Any idea where they were going?

I heard them mention Dragon's Peak.

Let's go!

Oh, darn it A delivery for Mr. and Mrs. Winter.

A NubbiDubbi?

How fast can this thing go?

Hurry, they're getting away!

Look, I appreciate the bribe, but there's a speed limit you know!

Oh, for the love of, get out of my way!

I am a leaf.

I am soaring through the sky on a gentle breeze.

That's good dear, stay in your safe zone, remain calm.

Oh shush Gary, how can I be calm?

What if our son has really been abducted by aliens?

Don't be silly, darling!

There must be a simple explanation for this whole thing!

Watch it, will you, this ain't a race car!

You dropped something.

It's a note from Luis.

He's leaving with the aliens!

There, our SUV!


Hey, guys, we're being followed by a humanoid carrier vehicle.

And it's being driven by Diekendaker!

Come on, Marlon, engage warp speed!


Have you lost your mind?

Holy Jemimah, what are you doing?

No snotty nose kid is gonna make a fool out of me!

Why is a mail truck ramming us?

Oh, probably just jealous we're taking such a lovely family trip.

Think you can escape me, think again!

Watch out!


Good driving son!

I'm proud of you, boy of mine.

Yo, is somebody gonna finally tell me what the heck is going on here?

Why was that mail truck chasing us?

And what kind of family trip is this?

Well, at least he didn't crash. We have to give him that.

Okay, Marlon, your parents, they well, they're not exactly your parents.

They're aliens.

They must be if they want to hang out with a freak like you!

Luis isn't a freak!


You just don't get it Marlon.

Isn't that right, Patty?



Don't you understand?

Luis is the first person on Earth to be in contact with extra-terrestrials!

He's a trailblazer!

Wait, you know?

Of course I know, I'm a journalist!


Okay fine, my parents are weirdos for sure, but there's no such thing as aliens!

Show him guys.

Ta-dah! Ta-dah!


Cool it, they won't hurt you!

Patty, you getting this?


Come on, Luis!

We have to get to the highest point of the mountain so they can beam us up!

You want to go with the aliens?

I have to.


I, I just have to.

They're coming!

Where did you learn to drive lady?

There, look!

Luis, don't do it.


Whoa, dude.

We have to go, come on guys!

Come on Patty!

If they want to escape, they'll have to position themselves under that ship.

What are we waiting for?

Let's go!


At last!

Luis, Luis, stop!

Back away from the aliens!

No Dad, you can't.

They're my friends!

But you can't leave with them, Luis!

Are you crazy?

Why, what do you even care?

What, what do you mean?

Why would you say something like that?

You never pay any attention to me.

You don't even know what day it is today.

It's my birthday, Dad!

Luis, I.

And I bet you don't even know what color my eyes are!

All you care about is your work, nothing else!

You don't have any time for me.

That's why they want to put me into that home, with that creepy lady!

Trust me, your boy will be in good hands with me.

What, what are you talking about?

No, no Luis, they can't take you away from me, I love you.

You, you never say that.

You're all I have.

You're my everything Luis!

Give me a chance to be a better father, please!

And they're blue, your eyes, they're turquoise blue!

Just like your mother's.

Ah, enough of this miserable farce!

Have you lost your mind?

What are you doing?

Luis, come here immediately!

No, don't!

I'll count to three.

One, two, three.

Drop the gun!

Game over, Ms. Diekendaker!

Or should I say Miss Kychon 3X7, hm?

What's going on?

This fine lady works for a crime-lord from the planet Tonton!

She sells human Children's tears!

On her planet every single tear is almost priceless.

They cure baldness.

Mm, baldness eh?

Is any of that true?

Who are you going to believe, me or some crazy ice cream man?

That was only my clever disguise!

Now, what I'm going to show you, may come as an surprise.

In fact, I am, Agent Stu of the Intergalactic Hero Squad.

Oh, oh, just a sec.

I been following this villainess through the galaxy for some time now.

Keeping a close eye on her despicable scheming.

But finally the time has come to put an end on her dastardly plan and bring her to justice.

Oh no, it's a Tontonian!


The worst criminals in the whole galaxy.

Quick, let's get outta here while it's distracted.


It's you, you're the.

Mr.Sonntag, Mr.Sonntag, get away from there!

Oh no!


Listen carefully, Luis!

You must set the Shockfroster to full power!

Come on my boy, you can do it!


No, leave my son alone, you miserable creature.

On behalf of the intergalactic confederation, you are under arrest.

Psst. Huh?

Sorry, wrong Luis.

Yoo-hoo, I'm Luis!

Oh boy.

No, I am.


Hey you!

I'm Luis!


Oh son!


Can you ever forgive me?

Let me through, I'm from the press!

Sorry, Mom.

Who cares.

I'm a princess!

Oh, yes you are honey.


Hey look, she move, her eyes moved!

Don't worry, she can't hurt anybody any more!

What will you do with it?

She will be brought before an intergalactic court and until then I'll store her in my cooling house, next to the Ice cream.

Because I have an ice cream truck, you know?

Because I was pretending to be an ice cream man, yes you know...

Yeah, okay we get it!

But uh, why was she I mean it, after Luis?

Oh well, you see, on planet Tonton, there is no substance more precious than a lonely human child's tears, you know?

Tears, from the eyes, of a child who is alone?

You are a lonely child, aren't you?

Uh, I guess I used to be.

Will somebody please just sign for the darn NubbiDubbi?

I'll take it!

The NubbiDubbi, yippee! The NubbiDubbi, alright!

Come on, Luis!

Let's try the NubbiDubbi out!

Um, there's something I gotta tell you, guys.


I'm not going with you.

Huh? Oh no!

Why not?

Are you sure? We had so much fun together!

Yeah, but my home's here on earth, with my Dad.

And with your little girlfriend, eh?

I see how she looks at you, huh, huh?


I really wish you guys could stay!

Yeah, let's get going before we all start to cry!


So long! Bye, yearthboy!

I'll never be back!

Bye guys!

Give my love to Valentina!

Oop, up we go.

I'm really gonna miss them.

I'm glad we were here, even if I didn't get any good shots.


Oh Patty, you're beautiful!

Come on, start rolling!

Sorry if I was a bad neighbor.

Over here, Mr. Sonntag.

I'm here for an exclusive interview with the renowned Ufologist Armin Sonntag, who has finally be able to prove the existence of aliens.

Mr. Sonntag, what are your plans?

Will you extend your research or will you travel the world giving lectures?

For heaven sakes, no!

I have far better things to do!



It goes all the way up to 11.