Lying Eyes (1996) Script



Yeah, come on, come on!Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

All right!Yeah! Whoo!


REFEREE: Timeout, Vikings.






DANA: So, he takes me rollerblading.

And we're having an awesome time, right?

But then, he introduces me to his friend Ryan, and oh, my God, one look, and I'm ready to dial 911.[CHUCKLING]

Dana, you have got to stop falling in love with every guy you meet.

Who said anything about love?


Speaking of "to die for," I hear Justin Parker asked you to the Coolio concert, Saturday night.

AMY: I have to finish that college admissions essay this weekend.

Wait a minute. You blew him off?

Justin Parker is only the cutest guy in the whole school.

I mean, his dimples should be registered as weapons.

[CHUCKLING] Along with his hormones and shoe-size IQ, like all the other dweebs our age.

So we mature faster than them, doesn't mean we have to sit around and wait for them to catch up.


My dad.

Reminding me I'm still grounded for getting a tattoo.

Hey, you want to come over tonight?

I better make an appearance at home, or my mom's going to rent out my room.



Oh, great!

Are you okay?

You mean, even though I'm gonna lose my insurance even though, for once, it wasn't my fault?

DEREK: Listen, I'm really sorry about this.

I was talking to a client on the phone, and...

I'm Derek Bradshaw. And you are?

Amy. Amy Miller.

Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, I guess.

Well, that's the most important thing, right?

And about your insurance...

It's my mom's insurance.

I was going to say that I'd be happy to have my garage fix your car.

Bill me directly, of course.Really?

Hey, I figure it's the least I can do.

That would be great, I mean, if you don't mind.

Call my office.

My secretary will handle all the details.

Law offices...

Maybe you'd rather see my license and registration?

Sorry, I... [CHUCKLING]

You know, you hear all this stuff.

Well, it's hard to trust people these days.

Yeah, exactly.

If you have any problem, don't hesitate to call me directly, okay?

Thanks a lot, Mr. Bradshaw.


And, again, I'm sorry about this.



AMY: So, in this article, we name the teacher who's accused of the harassment.

We even have testimony from two of the girls who have allowed us to use their names.

You seen my keys, Pumpkin?

But Mr. Stuart, the principal, refuses to let us print it in the school paper. [SCOFFING]

I mean, talk about censorship.

There's chicken in the fridge, and don't wait up for me, peaches.

I've got another sales meeting tonight.

Mom, enough with the "Peaches" and "Pumpkin."

AMY: I'm not a food group, okay?

Did you hear a single word I said?

House to show in 20 minutes. Love you. [KISSING LOUDLY]


We tuned her up, the clutch was slipping a little, so we replaced it.

Whoa! The only thing that needed replacing was a bumper.

Don't worry about it. It's already been paid for.

And I put your old radio in the trunk in case you still want it.

MAN 1: What's going on with the water pump. Is it done yet?

MAN 2: Another two hours.


We got to stop bumping into each other like this.

I hope those aren't too old-fashioned.

I heard the one with Hootie and the Breadfish is really hot.

[CHUCKING] It's Hootie and the Blowfish.

[CHUCKLING] Oh, right!


I was just having my car serviced over there, and...

This is incredibly generous.

I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything.

Or you could say yes to dinner tonight at the bistro on Main.


Mmm-hmm. I won a very big case today.

The kind that you celebrate with someone special.

And since I don't have anybody in my life that's special right now...

But you don't even know me. I mean...

You don't know anything about me.

What say I pick you up around 8:00?

Okay. Why not?

You see, that wasn't so hard.

Actually, I may not be home later, so maybe it's better if I meet you.


See, I'm leaning toward NYU for next year.

They have this really great dance therapy program.

So you can devote your life to helping other people?

Hmm. I really admire that.

Especially in someone who's still in high school.

Does that bother you, the high school part?

Not at all.

And what about you?

Does it bother you having a 33-year-old lawyer, feed you dessert?[CHUCKLING]

Thirty-three, really?

I could have sworn you weren't a day over 32.



Well, I think I can honestly say that that was the most incredible dinner I've ever had.

Yeah, I would have to agree.

And the food was good, too.[LAUGHING]

You know, I really don't know how to thank you.

No, I should be thanking you.

Hey, you like stars?


There's supposed to be incredibly clear skies tomorrow night, and I have a telescope over my beach house. Thought if you were free...

[CHUCKLING] Oh, God, you're going to spoil me.

Hey, if you're lucky, I'll even make you my famous lasagna.

[SIGHING] How can I say no?


I'll call you tomorrow, give you directions.


I guess I better go.

Good night, Amy.

Good night.

Good night, Derek.

He quotes poetry, he went to Stanford.

He's... Did I mention he's got a beach house?

And he has a twin brother, right?[CHUCKLING]

His name's Derek. He's brilliant.

He's totally cool.

Dana, I'm freakin'!

Take it slow, Amy.

Hey, Dane, anytime you wanna maybe help me out over here, that would be great.

Okay. My sister is such a pain.

You know, she was all set to go away to college, but then no, she had to stay and go to state just to make my life miserable.

AMY: Mmm-hmm.Move.

Thank you.

So, how old's this guy, Amy?

Well, he's slightly older than I usually...

What, what? 24, 25?

He's barely the other side of 30, if you want to get technical.

No way!

But, hey, if you find someone you can click with mentally, and who also turns you on, then...

Excuse me. A 30-something-year-old guy, who's hitting on a 17-year-old girl?

18, as of last month.

And who said he was the one doing the hitting? Huh?

DANA: You go, girl.

DEREK: Didn't I tell you it would be incredibly clear tonight?

It's amazing.

You never really get to see this in the city.

Hey, you like surprises?

I love surprises.

Good. Come on.


Come on. Have a seat.What?

Derek, you didn't have to.

Go ahead. Open it.


Do you like it?

Uh... I don't know.

I mean, it's absolutely gorgeous, but...

Why don't you try it on?

AMY: Wait.

Don't look.


You look like an angel.

Come here.

Oh, Derek, maybe I shouldn't be doing this.

We don't have to do anything you don't want to.

I could just hold you. That's all.


Do you know what time it is?

Didn't you get my note?

I went to a party with Dana.

Till 3:00 in the morning?

I'm sorry.

I had to drive some kids home, and I got totally lost.

Honey, I know it's your senior year, but how can you stay out like this on a school night and still keep up your grades?

It's just this one time, Mom.

Well, next time pick up a phone, okay?

Otherwise, I worry.


Go back to sleep.


TEACHER: 1759, Fort Niagara, Ticonderoga, Crown Point in Quebec fall to victorious British.

And in 1763, The Treaty of Paris ends the French-Indian wars.

French rivalry...

Listen, a bunch of the guys are going to get together after practice.

Oh, I can't make practice today.

What do you mean "can't"?[BELL RINGING]

So, is this where you bring all your other girlfriends?

[LAUGHING] As if you didn't know that you're the only one.


You are so beautiful, so sexy.

I am not!Oh, you don't even know it.

Which makes you all the more.

Ah, come here, come here, come here.

Oh, no.What?

I have to be home by 10:00.

My mom, you know?

But this Saturday, I can stay over, and I can say I'm at Dana's.

I'm not free most weekends. Pro Bono case.

I don't think I can get away till next Tuesday.

So I have to wait five whole days to see you again?

I'll be thinking of you the whole time.

Which reminds me...

So you know that I'm not bringing anybody else here.

And feel free to bring your friends anytime you want, okay?

You are so sweet. You know that?

Yes, I do.

Five, six, seven, eight.

And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Work it, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Okay. Let's try this again.

Where's Dana?

Probably off flirting with some guy, as usual.

New earrings?

Yeah, they were a gift.

And that cool leather jacket you were wearing today, that a gift, too?

Dana, if you want to say something, just say it.

Look, all I know is that you're seeing some older guy who buys you expensive gifts...

Look, it's not like that, okay?

Okay, fine.

So what is it like?

I really care about him, and he cares about me.

And just because he's incredibly generous...

Amy, I hardly see you anymore.

I mean, newsflash, I am your best friend, remember?

Oh, my God!

DANA: Amy, your new jacket!

Why did you just ask me about this, huh?

Oh, come on!

You can't honestly think I had something to do with this!

Then who did?

How the hell should I know?

I mean, unless...


There was some lady asking about you, before practice, today.

What lady? Asking what?

What classes you take, where you hang out. Stuff like that.

DANA: She was pretty. She had red hair.

I don't think she was a teacher. I've never seen her.

Dana, why didn't you tell me this before?

Excuse me! I forgot, okay?

I'm sorry.

[SIGHING] I can't believe this.

DEREK: When you think about it, everything we do is for women.

The clothes we wear, the car we drive.

That's why there's no greater aphrodisiac than when you feel a beautiful woman wrap herself around your little finger.

Hey, check that out.


Is my date.

You like them young, huh? You're a lucky guy.

Yeah, I am.

I was so right to buy you this dress.

Every eye in this place is on you.

I missed you.Don't worry.

I'll have weekends free soon.

Maybe I'll take you up the coast. Come on.


Amy, are you with me?[SIGHING]

Oh, just thinking about something that happened today.

Tell me.

No, it's not important, really.

Speaking of things happening today, I saw something with your name on it.


Derek, you can't keep doing this!

I've never given you anything.

No, you're wrong, Amy.

DEREK: Just being with you is the best present in the world.


You are something else.

Does that mean you like it?

Well, if you didn't have to go back to work tonight, I'd show you how much.

Daddy!Daddy's home!

Yeah, daddy's home.

Oh, you're so big. You know that?

Hey, how you doing guys? You have a good day today?


Ah, sorry I'm late, darling.

Another one of those stupid client dinners.

Come on.

DEREK: So, did you guys miss me today?

CHILD: Yeah.DEREK: Daddy sure missed you.

Oh, Mom, you scared me!

I thought you were working late tonight.

Amy, honey, I need to talk to you.

Mom, there's a sleepover at Dana's, remember? I'm already late...

I found this in the mailbox.

Oh, no.

Not again.

MOTHER: What do you mean "again"?

Don't tell me you know who did this.

No, what I meant was...

Is this someone at school, honey? Something happened?

AMY: Mom, please.

It's just a stupid prank, okay?

The other cheerleaders and their parents have been getting the same things.

It's probably some dateless wonder with a pom-pom fetish.

Look, I'm an hour late. I'm going to take this, put it in the trash where it belongs.

Well, at least they got your sizes right.

It's too creepy.

I think you should go to the cops.


Oh, bummer.

Cops?No, the popcorn.

I left it in the microwave.

Oh, I'll get it.

Let me guess.

My boy-crazy sister is going on about her latest obsession.

Thanks for the save.Sure.

So, what's new? How's it going with Mr. Dreamboat?

It's great. It's better than great.

It's off the chart.

[SCOFFING] So, how do you really feel?

Well, it's kind of weird, though. Ever since I met him, someone's been trying to play with my head.

What do you mean?

Well, like, my locker gets trashed at school.

Then, my mom gets this creepy package in the mail.

I mean, why would someone do stuff like that?

Well, obviously, someone's just jealous of you, or the attention you're giving this guy. Who do you think it could be?

I don't know.

Well, what does your boyfriend say?

I haven't told him.

Well, I'm sure it will work itself out.

Wow, this was different.

What do you mean?

Well, if I were talking to Dana about this, she'd go on about how dumb and naive I am.

And my mom... My mom would skip right to nuclear alert, you know.

I guess it's just really nice to hear someone just being supportive for once.

Well, anytime.

I mean, I am not the greatest when it comes to advice, but whenever you need to talk...

Thanks, Jen. I really appreciate that.


Do you appreciate it enough to let me borrow that nightshirt?

[LAUGHING] I'll think about it.


Supposedly, Cindy's going out with Evan, right?

But according to Tina, Evan paged her brother at, like, 2:00 a.m., and left Suzy Baron's number.

If anyone asks, I went home sick.

Excuse me?And if my mom calls you tonight, tell her I fell asleep helping you with a test, and you don't want to wake me up.

But, Amy, it's not this guy again, is it?


For you.Thank you.

AMY: My dad took us to a little place like this once...

Before he left my mom for one of his psych students.

After that, I didn't see him much.

He taught psychology. Isn't that perfect?

Anyway, that was a million years ago.





Go, Vikings!

Come on, guys! Whoo.



Amy. Um, I'm sorry.[DANCE MUSIC PLAYING]

[SIGHING] It's okay.

Amy, it was just an accident.


Come on. Let's get going.

Shouldn't take too long to repair it.

For the record, do you know the name it was purchased under?

Bradshaw. Derek Bradshaw.

Here it is, Bradshaw.

Two deluxe women's tennis bracelets.


Well, according to this, one was picked up at the point of purchase, the other delivered.

Delivered where?

I'm sorry, Miss, I can't...

Oh, of course. I understand.

If you'll wait here, this will just take a minute.


One moment, Miss.

You did say a safety clasp, didn't you?

I changed my mind. Just keep it, okay?

ELIZABETH: Good one.


Having fun? Can I join?Yeah.




Let me get this straight.

Mr. Delaney, you say that you started feeling pain about a week after the accident, yet you didn't file for workman's comp until...

[BUZZING] MARY: Mr. Bradshaw, there's someone here to see you.

Not now, Mary.

It's a Miss Miller, sir.

She says it concerns your wife.

Excuse me, gentlemen. This shouldn't take long.



You rotten liar.

I can explain.

Explain what?

That you're married? That you have a family?

That the whole time you were sleeping with me, lying to me.

They weren't lies.

I meant every word.

When I saw your wife, your kids... God, I feel sick.

Amy, listen to me.

My marriage is over.

It's been over for a long time.

Why should I believe you?

I couldn't tell you because I was afraid that I would lose you.

Oh!I was afraid that you wouldn't understand.

[SLAMMING DOOR]Amy, I'm in love with you.

I'm leaving my wife.

That's right, I am. For you.

That's why you gave us the same bracelet, right?

My secretary did that. It was a stupid mistake.

You have an answer for everything.

Now, okay, okay. Listen, I know that you're angry with me right now, and you've got every right to be.

But...Get out of my way!

I was planning to tell you everything tonight.

Do you know how rare it is, what we have?

I never thought I could have this, not until you came into my life.

So I'm begging you, Amy. Please, please don't throw this away.

But I can't go out with a married man.

Of course you can't.

And that's why I'm asking you for just a little more time, just so that I can tie up a few loose ends.

And your kids?

[SIGHING] I love my children very much, and they will always be cared for, always.

Just like I'll always care for you.

Come on.

All I need is some time, that's all.

Just some time to make sure that everything is okay for both of us.

Yes, I see.

Of course. I understand.

Hey, Mom.

Well, thank you for calling.


Another meeting, right?

I know. There's chicken in the fridge.

That was Mrs. Adams, your guidance counselor.

She wanted to know why you've been missing classes for the last couple weeks.

What?Just a minute, young lady.

While you're explaining, perhaps you'll also tell me where you've been since last night.

Oh, come on, Mom.

I left you a voice mail yesterday saying I was staying over at Dana's.

Dana's again?


And then after school, we went to the beach.

What's the big deal?

The big deal is I called Dana's house, and her mother said you were never there.

Are you checking up on me now?

Amy, this isn't like you.

Who are you hanging out with?Oh, I don't believe this.

I mean, you're skipping school.

You're staying out until all hours.

That's it. You're grounded.


How are you going to ground me?

You're hardly ever even here, you're so wrapped up in your stupid job.

That "stupid job" pays the bills around here.

That "stupid job" pays for the rent on this house.

It pays for our food.

Ever since your father left us, remember?

He left you, not me.

And maybe if you hadn't driven him away with your needy guilt trips...

[VOICE BREAKING] I am your mother.

And don't you ever talk to me like that again!

Do you understand?



Derek... What are you doing here?

Ah, it's nice to see you again.

Amy, isn't it?


Darling, this is that student I told you about, the one I had the little accident with.

Oh, pleased to meet you, Amy.

I'm sorry that you had to meet my husband under such unpleasant circumstances.

[CHUCKLING] Yeah, me too.

I just came in to order some takeout, so...

Perhaps you'd care to join us for dinner.

Oh, no, that's okay. It's really nice of you, but...

Then at least sit with us while you're waiting for your food.

Elizabeth, I'm sure...

You see, when our children are older, they're going to go to the same high school as you, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

My husband did say you're still in Franklin High?

Well, yes, but...

Wonderful. Make that table for three, please.

MAN: Yes, Ma'am.

ELIZABETH: When we first met, Derek was only an associate in my father's law firm.

More coffee, Amy?

Oh, no thanks, Mrs. Bradshaw.

ELIZABETH: Oh, Elizabeth. Call me Elizabeth.


Anyway, I think I was dropping something off for Daddy, or...

Well, you know how it is when you finally meet the right person.

DEREK: High school, sweetheart.

You said you wanted to talk about high school.

Derek specializes in divorce.

Did you know that, Amy?

ELIZABETH: I don't believe in divorce.

Or what it does to children.

You understand that, don't you, Amy?

Yeah, I think my order should be ready by now, but thanks for the coffee.

It was great talking to you. Bye.



The way she looked at me with her husband right there.

If that was me, I probably would have passed out or something.

I have this feeling that she knows, you know?

Like maybe she's the one who trashed my locker.

I think you should drop this guy like a ton of bricks.

Oh, come on, Jen.

He's practically twice your age, and he's married.

He told me he's leaving his wife.

Well, obviously, he hasn't said a word to her about divorce.

Well, it doesn't mean he's not going to.

He will, when the time is right.

And that's why you came here, to tell me, right?

Because you thought if you actually said it out loud, you might convince yourself?

Jen, I really love him.

I know how it feels, but there is no future with this guy.

Yeah, it sounds easy, but it's not.

I've been there. Who hasn't?

But you'll be going off to school in a few months.

I don't know.

What is that supposed to mean?

You're not actually thinking of giving up college for this guy?

[SIGHS] I don't know.

God, why is it so hard?

Because guys make it that way...

If you let them.


Come on.


No message? You sure, Marge?

Okay. I'll give them a few more minutes.


Your office said I could find you here.

Weird old place.

Anybody live here?

A couple in their 80s did.

They died. Their kids wanted it on the market right away.

[SIGHING] Mom, I've been thinking about the other day.

You know, all the stuff I said about you and Dad.

AMY: And I guess that I was just feeling...

I know.

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

I've always been able to trust you, Amy.

I just want to keep it that way, you know?


I was supposed to show this place to a couple a half-hour ago.

Now I'm going to be late for an appointment on the other side of town.

Well, I can wait for them.

Oh, that's sweet, but...

No, just give me the keys. I've seen you lock up enough times.

You sure?Yeah!

Go on, get out of here.

I love you, honey.I love you, too.









Is someone up there?


[SIGHING] Get a grip, Miller.




Sorry. We're late.


Over here!

YOUNG WOMAN: Okay, pop quiz.

"The type of guy who really rates with you will

"A. Rent videos and crash with you on the couch.

"B. Work out at the gym as much as you do.

"Or C. Be super sweet and nice to your friends?"

Definitely not "C."

Why? What's wrong with a guy being nice to your friends?

Nothing, if he's sincere about it.

But not if he's showing off.

Like how?

Like inviting your friends to use his beach house whenever they want to.

What's that supposed to mean?


Shut up, Dana. I asked her a question.

Come on, Miller. It's not like it isn't obvious.

[SCOFFING] Oh, yeah? What's so obvious?

Amy, just ignore her.

She doesn't know what it's like to date a guy who's actually nice to his girlfriend.

Amy isn't this guy's girlfriend.

She's his mistress.

You don't know what you're talking about.

It looks like we're low on chips. Does anybody need anything?

No, we're fine.

Christie, you are such a pig.


You look absolutely incredible tonight.

Look, what do you say we get out of here?

[SCOFFING] We just got here.


So, I got grounded, and I had to lie to my mom for the millionth time just to get here.


Hey, all I said was that you looked incredible.

Derek, where were you this weekend?

I'm sorry?And while we're on the subject, why do we always get together when you want?

And why do you take me to these out-of-the-way places, where you won't bump into any of your friends or people you work with?

What are you trying to say?

What I'm saying is that, this doesn't feel like a relationship.

It feels more like I'm your mistress.


That's really what I am, isn't it?

Come on, admit it.

You have no intention of leaving your wife. Why would you?

This way, you get to have us both.

Look, I have two children to think about.

You said you'd always take care of them.

You said...Amy, could we talk about this later?

It's over, Derek.

No more. I really mean it this time.


Are you sure you're okay?

Christie and the others are gone, so...

DANA: I'll be home, so call me and let me know you're okay.




AMY: Dana, are you out there?

Somebody help!

Somebody please help me!

Somebody help me!


I need help!

Is anybody out there?


Help me!

Help! Help!


Help me!


Let go of me!

Let go!

Amy, it's me.

The door...I heard you screaming.

What are you doing here?

I got tired of talking to your answering machine. So...

So you come looking for me in the girls' locker room?

You expect me to believe that?

Your car was the only one in the parking lot.

The janitor said that you finished practice a while ago. I was worried.

And then I heard you scream.

AMY: And you show up just in the nick of time.


Amy, come on.

Don't touch me!

Why would I hurt you?

You're the most important thing in my life.

Look, we already talked about this.

This isn't about words.

It's about caring.

If you really care about me, then leave me alone.

You need some space. Okay.

But that doesn't change the fact that we're still in love with each other.




Dinner's almost ready.

I'm afraid it's chicken again.

That's fine.

I meant to get to the store...

That's fine, Mom.

You know, I remember when your dad left, and I was so hurt and angry.

Let me tell you about angry.

And yet, I... I hid it inside because I thought if you saw that, I'd lose you, too.

You'd tell me you wanted to live with...

And then one day, we were driving back home from one of your ballet classes, you must have been seven or eight.

And you said, "Are you all right, Mommy?"

And for some crazy reason, I told you.

I told you how lonely I was and how afraid and I will never forget what you said.

You said, "I'm scared, too, Mommy, but

"isn't it better being scared together?"

God. I said that?


I was smart, huh?

You still are.

Look, I just wanted to say that whatever it is that's eating you up, Amy, I wish you could just tell me.

Talk to me about it.


But everything's fine.



Is it possible that he was being straight with you, about being there, that maybe the door was just jammed or something?

Well, anything's possible, I guess.

In which case, he's just a lovesick guy who doesn't like being dumped and probably saved your life.

JENNIFER: Back so soon? What, no guys at the mall?

No, the way I feel right now, I'd be happy if I never saw another guy again.

Something happen with that Dan guy you were seeing?


Jen, you were right. It was a big mistake.

The good news is I told him it's over.

The bad news is he doesn't believe me.

Well, since when is breaking up multiple choice?

She thinks he might be stalking her, maybe even locked her in the sauna at school.

Is that true?

I don't know.

I don't know what that word means anymore.

Well look, if you want him to get the message loud and clear, you can always use the direct approach.

What's that?

It's simple. Just tell his wife.

Oh, sure. Right.

I'll just walk up to her and say, "Hi, I'm Amy.

"By the way, I've been sleeping with your husband."

Well, no, I'm sure it won't be easy, but I think it'll definitely solve the problem.

Jen's right, Amy.

If it turns out that it's his wife that's doing all that other creepy stuff she already knows anyway and it'll give her a reason not to harass you anymore.

It'll kill two birds with one stone.


Hi.Hi there.

Honey, who is it?

Hi, Elizabeth...

Mrs. Bradshaw, I don't know if you remember me...

Sure, at the restaurant last week. Amy, right?

Yeah. Look, if this is a bad time...

Oh, not at all. Honey, go tell Andy to get ready for soccer.

They're my whole life, those kids.

Oh, would you like to come in?

Oh, no, that's okay. I just wanted...


Well, what I mean is, I came to tell you that...

What are you trying to say, Amy?

That I really enjoyed our conversation the other night and you know, if you ever want to talk about high school, like you said...

High school?

Right. Well, I can see you're really busy, so I... I'm just going to go.

You're in love with him, aren't you?


That's the real reason you came here, to tell me that you're having an affair with Derek and that you have no intention of letting him go.

No, that's not true.

You deny having sex with my husband?

Mrs. Bradshaw...Do you have any idea what it feels like to watch your family, your whole life be destroyed by some teenage slut?

[SCOFFING] Look, you have got this all wrong.

If you have any decency left in you, you'll leave him alone.

Leave us alone.

MRS. MILLER: [LAUGHING] That is so funny.

Can I offer you some more coffee?

Oh. Here's my daughter now.

Amy, this is...

Derek Bradshaw. Nice to meet you, Amy.

Mr. Bradshaw... Excuse me. Derek, is interested in the Rice house.

Your mother's been telling me all about you, Amy.

I feel like I practically know you.

Honey, is something wrong?

Well, I think I've taken up enough of your time.

Don't be silly. The pleasure's all mine.

It was nice meeting you, Amy.

Perhaps we'll see each other again sometime.

Um, Mom, I forgot something in my car.

I'll walk you out.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Attractive woman, your mother.

Actually, I can see where you get that fine figure.

You stay the hell away from my mother.

If you'd just stop playing these silly games.

Derek, I told you... it is finished. It's over.

I cannot believe that you're willing to throw something this special away.

Let go of me.

You think this is easy for me?

You're the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning, and the last before I go to bed at night.

Your wife knows.


You heard me.

You know something? You'd make a very good lawyer.

Do you think I'm kidding?

I think you're hurt, and I think you're afraid to trust.

But I also think you're worth it.


DANA: Isn't he cute?Yeah, I think he's really cute.

Yeah, I think he's cute.


Come on, Vikings!


Amy, what is it? What's wrong?

I don't... I don't feel well. Um...

I'll be right back. Okay?

All right. Okay.Go! Go! Yes!



Oh, God.

Who's there?

Mrs. Bradshaw?






Oh, my God.


Lauren, hey.

Hey. Looking for Dana? She's over there beating the pants off of some guy.

Hey, Miller. Over here.

Look who I finally met while waiting for a table.

Small world, huh?

Yeah, what are the chances?

And may I say that I am totally jealous?

I mean the way this guy talks about you.

Dana, would you mind making a phone call?

Sure. To who?

To the Pope, to Elvis.

I don't care, as long as it lasts a while.

Gotcha. It was nice meeting you.

I don't suppose you'd be up for a game.

Dana tells me you got quite a bank shot.

Why are you doing this?

Do you even realize how exquisite you look?

Of course, I wish you were wearing something I had given you.

What is this, some kind of lawyer thing? You think if you butter me up, I'll be your little mistress again?

Amy, listen...No, you listen.

Ever since we started seeing each other, someone's being trying to scare the living hell out of me.

And guess what. It's working.

Okay, you were right. My wife knows.

Yeah, I know she knows.

That's why she's trying to destroy my life.

No, no.

It was a good thing you did, telling her.

Now she's ready to accept the divorce.

[SCOFFING] Accept the divorce?

Are you crazy?

She was at my game last night.

She's been following me.

She even left a message on my locker room mirror.

My wife was at your game?

Don't you get it?

It's been her doing this stuff all along, and she's not going to stop until she knows that we're through.

Amy, calm down.

That's why you just have to leave me alone.

You have to leave me alone so that it stops.

Whoa, whoa. Easy.

Look, I'll take care of it. Okay?

I promise.


DANA: I am so tired of these out-of-town away games.

I'm so hungry by the time we get out of school, and we don't get to eat till after the game at that awful truck stop.

Hey, save me a seat.




DANA: You want to talk gross?

What about guys into piercing?Ew.

LAUREN: And the ones who take longer to get ready than we do.

Yeah, well, my personal favorite is the goatee, hat backwards, underwear coming out of the pants combo.

What, we're not trendy enough yet?

I'm going to meet you guys back at the bus.










It was his wife.

His wife pushed me in front of that truck.Amy, I know what you're thinking. "Come on, Miller.

"The woman followed you all the way out of town, "I mean if she wanted to kill you, why would she go to all the trouble of..."

You got to stop beating yourself up.

"Besides, you probably deserve it for

"getting involved with her husband in the first place."

Okay. Stop.


I'm scared.

I can't sleep.

I think it's time I go to the police.

I would probably feel the same way if I were you, but...

But what?

Well, are you really ready for your mom to find out?

I mean, that you've been sleeping with this 30-year-old married man?

We're talking tabloid heaven here...

"Jealous socialite tries to kill husband's teen mistress."

So what do I do?

I can't tell you what to do.

Jen, please?



If I were you, I would just stand my ground.

I would stay as far away from this guy as possible.

You avoid the fire, you don't get burned, right?

You always seem to know what to do.


Of course.

You're not just Dana's friend. You're my friend, too.



Mom...Oh, hi, honey.

Those people want to look at the Elm Street property again.

Damn. Where are my keys?

Mom, I really need to talk to you about something.

Amy, I'm running late here.


I do that a lot, don't I?

That's okay.

No, it's not okay. That's not how I want things to be with us.

Now, what did you want to talk to me about?

It's nothing.

You sure?


There's your keys.Oh. Right under my nose as usual.


If that's Maggie, tell her I'm on my way.Okay.

Hello? DEREK: Do you know how much I've missed you?

Derek, I thought I told you that I...

I said I'd take care of that harassment thing, and I have.

I need to tell you about it.

Tell me what?

Meet me at the bistro at 8:00. We'll discuss it over dinner.

No, tell me now.

I'm being called to a meeting. See you tonight.


I was starting to think you weren't coming.

Did I have a choice?

Champagne, please. The best you've got.

Excuse me, Miss but I will have to...

I'll have an iced tea, thanks.

Very well.

Do you remember the first time we came here, how much fun we had?

Derek, you know why I'm here and it has nothing to do with fun.

You sure you don't want a little champagne first?

You said you took care of this. You talked to your wife.

And I did.

It is your wife, isn't it?

And you told her to stop this?

Let's eat first.No, let's not.

In that case, let's get out of here.

We'll go to the beach house, discuss it there.

[SCOFFING] That's what this was really about, wasn't it?

You just wanted to get me here.

Amy, please.

You didn't find out anything. You didn't even talk to your wife, did you?

God! I am such a damn idiot!

Will you please lower your voice.

You were supposed to take care of this.

You promised.

And now it's just getting worse.








I know it's late, but I didn't know where else to go.Hey. What happened to you?

It was his wife. I saw her car.

She tried to run me...Amy, enough already.

Look, you've got to tell your mom and go to the police.

My mom would freak, and how do I explain the fact that...

You're not going to be explaining anything if you're six feet under, okay?

Look, either you tell her, or I will.

No, I just need time.

Okay, I need time to think about this.All right. Okay. Calm down.

Come on, I'll call your mom and tell her that you're sick and you're spending the night. We'll work this whole thing out together tomorrow, okay?

Thanks, Dana.







Hi, Mom.Hey, honey.

You got a sec?Actually, I'm late for a big signing at the bank.

Mom, there's something I really have to tell you.

If it's about staying at Dana's last night...

No, Mom...

I'm having an affair with a married man.

And it gets worse.

That man is Derek Bradshaw, the guy who pretended to be interested in the house.

Oh, honey.

That's why he didn't call you back.

You said it gets worse.

Yeah, you know that thing you found in the mailbox with the lingerie?

That was just the beginning.

A few days ago, I got pushed in front of a truck.

And then last night, his wife tried to force my car off a cliff.

Mom, she's trying to kill me.

Why didn't you come to me before?

I was afraid.

Of how I'd react?

Oh, Amy, this is all my fault.

If only I'd been paying more attention to you.

No, Mom. It had nothing to do with you.

I mean in the beginning, I didn't even know he was married and then I thought I loved him.

And then he lied, you know, and it got really complicated.

I let you down.

I just wasn't sure what you'd do.

I'll tell you what we're going to do. We're going to go right to the police.

It was his wife. Who else would it be?

My daughter is not a liar, Detective if that's what you're implying.

Mrs. Miller, I'm not implying anything.

I'm simply pointing out that there's no evidence nor a single witness, besides your daughter, that this Bradshaw woman actually did these things, or, for that matter, that any of them even happened.

So in other words, I'm just a jealous mistress who wants to eliminate her competition?

You said it, not me.

What about the guardrail?

Anybody could have written that.

Or maybe I wrote it myself.

Mom, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to stay here and listen to this crap.

Do you have kids, Detective?

Two daughters.

The oldest one turns 16 next month.

Going on 30.

Then you can imagine what it must be like to watch her go through something like this.

Look, it's not as if we're underworked here.

If I had to investigate every harassment complaint that came across my desk...But what if it's true?

What if this woman actually did these things?

Unfortunately, you're going to need more than "what if" to make this stick.

Is that what you'd say to your wife if this happened to your daughter?


All right. I'll check it out.

But no promises.

Thank you, Detective.


MARY: Mr. Bradshaw, there's a Miss Miller here to see you.

Did you say Miller?

I told her you were going into a meeting, but...No, that's all right, Mary.

Send her in.


Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Bradshaw.

I've heard what a busy man you are.

Excuse me, but...

Don't tell me you were expecting someone else.

Miss Miller, if this is about that house we discussed...

I think you know damn well what this is about.

How much has Amy told you?

Enough to make me come here.


Did she also tell you how hard this has been on my family...

This adolescent fantasy of her's, us having an affair?


Or how she came to my house to blackmail my wife?

Wait a minute.

You are not actually going to stand there and try to make me...

Miss Miller, I love my wife very much, and I would never do anything to jeopardize our marriage.

Now, if your daughter persists in spreading rumors to the contrary, I will be forced to take legal action.

You're not talking to some jury you can confuse with your fancy defense tactics.

Take my word for it...

I am not someone you want to mess with.

Is that supposed to be a threat?


Call it whatever you like, but if you so much as breathe in my daughter's direction again, I'll be the one taking legal action.

So, concerning this alleged incident at the truck stop, you're saying...

I was with friends that evening, here in town.

But you do own a Jaguar, late model, exactly like the one this girl says tried to force her off a cliff.

My car was stolen that night, which I reported hours before this alleged incident took place.

Mrs. Bradshaw, what exactly was your husband's relationship with Miss Miller?

Are you asking if my husband was faithful?

I'm asking what you'd do if you found out he wasn't.

Detective Meyers, the only involvement my husband had with this girl was over a minor traffic accident.

If she's chosen to make more of it, then she's the one you should be questioning.

Now, if there's nothing else...

What did they ask you?What do you think they asked me?

And what did you tell them?Don't worry, Derek.

You came out smelling like a rose, just like you always do.


You know something, darling?

I've been thinking maybe we should go away together.

You know, just the two of us.I don't think so, Derek.

No, look. I'm sure your old man wouldn't mind squeezing a few days...

That's not what I'm talking about.I don't follow.

You know, you have any idea what it's like being constantly humiliated like this?

Knowing about the lies, knowing about these girls?

Elizabeth, please...No, I wanted to believe you every time, Derek.

Every late-night dinner, every out-of-town conference.

All right, look...I wanted to believe you because I love you, Derek.

I wanted to hold onto you.

But I can't hold on any longer. I can't keep living like this.

This Miller girl meant nothing to me.

Do you understand me? Absolutely nothing.

It was just a stupid one-night thing, that's all.

That's what you said about the last one, too.

Elizabeth, I love you.

And I love our children.

I swear... I swear this will never happen again.

You're right, Derek. It won't.

Because I'm going to make sure it doesn't.

I'm filing for divorce.

My father will be in touch with you.


YOUNG WOMAN: I wouldn't think twice about it.

Okay. Thanks.

Hey, who was that?

That was the police. They checked out Derek's wife.


And she has an airtight alibi, which means she isn't the one who's been trying to get me.

Then who is?

I don't know.

But I'm going to find out.

We've got practice.


You realize this is nuts. This is totally crazy.

Don't you get it, Dana?

It's got to be someone from his past, someone who never really got over him.

Since I never saw anything at the beach house, maybe he's got something in his office.

Amy, I don't like this.

There's got to be something with her name on it...

A letter or an address book or something.




What are you doing here?


I was looking for you.

Looking for me? Why?

First you open your big mouth to my wife.

Then you sic your guard-dog mother after me.

You've been drinking.

You ungrateful little bitch.

Do you have any idea what you've cost me?

Derek, I have missed you so much.

That's why I came here.

I don't know why I did those things.

That's why I had to see you, to ask for another chance.

You're lying.

Don't you see? I only did those things because I was so hurt.

Why should I believe you?

You're right.

You gave me everything I ever wanted, and I... I threw it all away.



No, I've waited long enough.

I just want everything to be perfect.

I want to look extra special for you just like the first time. Remember?

I want you now.No, no, let me go home and change into something that you got for me.

And then I'll meet you at the beach house, and we can be together, alone.

Just the two of us. Okay?


Nine o'clock.


I'm telling you, there was somebody there watching.

They probably heard everything you guys said.

So whoever it is knows I'm meeting Derek at his beach house.

Amy, please tell me you're not thinking what I think you're thinking.

Dana, the police aren't exactly helping, right?

Which means if I want this person stopped, I've got to do it myself.

Hot date?DANA: She's going to see Derek again.

Amy, I thought you said you weren't.

I have to see him. I have to find out what's going on.

Don't tell me his wife is still out to get you?

Well, it's not his wife, according to the police, so we think it's somebody connected to him and the school because of her locker being trashed and the message on the mirror.

Yeah. I mean obviously, it's someone who's jealous of you, like Christie, maybe.

No. Too vain for something like pushing me in front of a truck.

She'd be worried about breaking a nail or something.

Well, what about Lauren?

I doubt he'd be stupid enough to have dated someone I might run into in the halls, so it's probably someone who graduated or transferred out or something.

You cheerleadered last year.

You know, like, everybody in your class.

Are you sure you don't remember hearing about some girl who dated a married guy?

You know, actually, I did.

There was this girl who was seeing this lawyer, and his wife found out about it.

I don't have to tell you guys what happened.

This girl, do you remember her name?

No, I don't. Sorry.

Well, maybe I can seduce Derek into telling me.

You're not actually thinking of sleeping with him again, are you?

I'm his teen mistress. Remember?

Fine, but what if this mystery person shows up and tries to kill you again?

That's why you'll be there, right?

Keeping a lookout.

Just like old times, huh?


Remember how shy I was the first time I came here?

Oh, God.

A toast...

To what's her name.


The girl you were seeing before me.

Whoever she is, I hate her.

Who said I was seeing anybody before you?

Just tell me her name wasn't Bambi or Tiffany or something.

Or maybe she had one of those exotic names like Monique or Arabella.

Enough talk.

Come on.Derek, wait.

Take off your clothes.

I want to look at you.

Just tell me what letter her name started with.

Why do you care so much?

I'm not angry. I'm just curious.

Then why do you keep looking outside?

Is there somebody out there?

Derek, please.

What, is it my wife you're worried about? Is that it?

Your wife?She's out of the picture, Amy.

We're getting a divorce, which means we can finally be together.

No more secret rendezvous.

We can be together whenever we want.

No, I don't think so.

What's wrong?

You know what, Derek? I think it's time we end this. I'm sorry.

What is that supposed to mean?

You're a smart guy. You figure it out.

And on second thought, I'm not sorry one bit.



Damn it!




Come on.




You couldn't leave him alone, could you?

No. You had to keep tempting him away.

Jennifer?Hey, it's not like I didn't warn you.

You even came to me for advice, for God's sake.

But did you listen?

Did you listen to a single word that I said?

That girl you told me about...

That was you?

Until I got traded in for the brand-new, improved model.

Jen, please?

I think we're way past "please" here, Amy.

But I...Just shut up and drive.

Okay, pull up to the edge and keep the engine running.


Jen, you can't do this.

Oh, yeah? Watch me.

But I don't even want Derek.It doesn't matter!

As long as you're in the picture, he'll want you.

See, he has to win.

That's just the way he is.

He'll never leave you alone.

What are you doing?

I'm helping you commit suicide, just successfully this time.

It's the only way that I can have him.

Oh, God. Please?

Goodbye, Amy.

I wish I could say it was nice knowing you.






Come on! Come on.




Because you didn't know what you were doing.

I love him so much.

I know.

I know that more than anybody.




Ready?Yes! Get closer, real close.

One, two, three...


I am so proud of you, Pumpkin.

You know what, peaches? I'm proud of you, too.


Come on, Miller.Party at Christie's. Remember?


I know, be home by midnight...Just have a great time. Okay?


Thanks, Mom.


One, two, three, four... Kick... Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four... Smile... Six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four... Walk... Five, six, seven, eight.

Pose... One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... Point your toes.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight...