Maa Kasam (1985) Script

""leaving my father"s house, i am going to my husband"s..""

""y ou..! reshma, is it you? y ou have grown up!"" she feit embarrassed!

""reshama has grown up! oh yes!""

""birju! hey kaiu! see, i am.."" what has happened to this viiiage? he just turned away seeing me! no body is taiking to me!

""heiio, sir! how are you?""

""he, too, went away. strange!"" uncie! uncie raju! greetings! how are you?

""listen uncie, i thought you had passed away!"" it"s better if you hadn"t!

""hey, why aren"t you taiking?"" it seems that the entire viiiage has seen the snake! what snake? even the brave men get frightened..

..after seeing baiwant! don"t taik! i don"t bother! i was just asking! he has returned from the jaii.

""when he was in jaii, the viiiagers were at peace.""

hey father of dharmu! have you come reaiiy? i dreamt of you eariy in the morning! - reaiiy? the dream of the morning turns reai. the god answered my prayer! that is ok. my dear wife has become very beautifui.. having the food of this paiace! go away! won"t you inquire about your son? my son? do i have a son? he must be my son since you are saying so! what are you taking? mend your ways now.

""dear, iet me steai in some big way first."" then i wiii mend my ways.

""for the sake of god, forget your past iife."" y ou earned a bad name by going to the jaii. get away with it with your hard work and honesty. then see. the viiiagers wiii say that..

..the father of dharmu has improved. he wiii improve. he wiii improve definiteiy.

""sir. sir, greetings!""

""sir, forgive me."" i promise you wiii commit neither any theft..

..nor any vioient act.

""very good. very good, baiwant!"" i aiways beiieve that a man is a form of god.

""even if he strays a iittie, god shows him the right path.""

""if you admit your mistake, you can aiso iead a iife of..""

..a truthfui and honest man.

""sir, give me one chance."" i want to spend my entire iife at your feet whiie serving you. didn"t you work for me eariier? y es. - then start again! ok. - drive my jeep from tomorrow. - ok. go. good bye.

y ou haven"t done a right thing by giving baiwant a job again. baiwant"s wife is very ioyai and honest whiie he is very..

""..iiar, dishonest and sinfui man!""

""nobody gets born iiar, dishonest and sinfui!"" the circumstances make him so. and you must have heard this. if a thief has been handed over keys of the treasure..

..he won"t commit theft! he wiii become trustworthy oniy when we trust him..

..forgetting his past deeds. the man is strong and young. such man shouid be with us.

""father.. father .father, we wiii go in the morning, won"t we?"" where does the duo of father and son want to go? the father asked me not to teii mother. this is the matter of men!

""y es, you are iooking iike a man today!""

""y es, ok. father, when wiii we ieave in the morning?"" ok. we wiii start eariy in the morning.

""come, son. baiwant, wait here."" i wiii go for hunting with my son. there are many deer here.

""sir, i wiii aiso..""

""no, stay here. too many men make the hunt aiert.""

""come on, son. - ok.""

""this is very oid tempie, father."" why have you brought me here? i have brought you here to share a secret with you today.

""which secret, father?"" i wiii teii you now. see this.

so much goid! but why is it kept here? i have kept this goid to buiid a tempie of bajarang baii (deity). a grand tempie!

y ou are growing up. i thought i shouid share this secret with you. my heaith is not stabie. i have a heart disease. i may not iive a iong.

""don"t taik iike that, father."" strange! is sir hunting or doing something eise? no sound of a buiiet has come. son. - y es? - see this ring. is this very expensive? not oniy expensive but aiso very speciai! what is so speciai in it? see this. it opens iike this.

this is a map. which map is this? it is a map of the iocation the tempie and..

..its underground room.

""son, if something happens to me, keep this ring safeiy."" because the owner of this treasure is the one..

..who possesses this? and oniy he wiii buiid the tempie.

""come, son.""

""y ou? - thakur, give me the ring which contains map of the treasure."" baiwant! daddy! baiu!

""thakur, give me the ring.""

vijay! vijay!

what happened to my son?

vijay! what happened? son vijay! what happened? vijay son!

""mr. thakur, what happened?"" subhadra.. first keep this ring safe.

what happened?

who is it? let go of me! niiu! no! no! heip! niiu! no!

who is there? who is there? who? who? my dharmu!

""show my dharmu the path of righteousness, madam!"" my dharmu! my dharmu!

my dharmu.. madam..

hey! couidn"t you see whiie waiking? oh no! get some water! get some water!

""look, he is hurt. get water!""

""oh contractor, it is a big ioss! do something about it!""

""if there was a ioss, what can we do?"" do something!

""come on, iet us pick him up.""

""hey, who are you?"" why are you standing in our path? my name is dharmu! i aiways biock the path of the immorai. compensate for the ioss of that poor feiiow. who wiii compensate for the ioss which we are going.. infiict on you?

""see, sir. i am a iittie weak in maths. what say?"" y ou yourseif keep an account of the forthcoming..

..transactions between us. oniy one man of mine is sufficient for you.

eat it. eat that! both of us are the discipies of the same teacher! giory to bajarang baii!

""contractor, our account is nii now."" now pay that poor feiiow. caii him. why to caii him? can"t you see how much he is wounded? go and pay him there.


""dharmu, you are reaiiy an incarnation of moraiity..""

..for the poor peopie iike us!

""uncie, i wiii not spare even my father for moraiity!"" don"t question about it!

""look, bahadursing, if you do what i have asked you to do..""

..we wiii become very rich one day! but remember! i want aii the jeweiiery of mrs. thakur! haii bajarang baii

heip me! heip me! he wants to assauit me sexuaiiy! heip! is somebody there?

""listen. heip! heip! - santio, what happened? where is he?"" hoid me! hoid me! don"t iet go of me! i won"t iet go! but who is he? and where? in my arms.

""hey, santo!"" see what i have to do for meeting you! were you iying to me? one has to iie when in iove! oh god! i have committed a big sin! y ou were touching me whiie i was praying! oh no!

""hey, dharmu!"" haii bajrang baii give me sumati (wisdom). i wiii change my name from santo to sumati. listening to hanuman lord rama embraced him. then hug me! i am not resisting!

""oh santo, why are you troubiing me?"" this is a sin whiie praying the god. don"t add to my sins. stop chasing me! stupid! i wiii breathe easy oniy when i put end.. your prayers!

kaiu? i don"t pray to the god! everything is stopped.

""the geeta, the kuran.. i don"t foiiow anything.""

""i oniy foiiow my heart, dear!""

""see kaiu, i have warned you thousand times."" don"t come in my way! i wiii kiss you iater. i wiii hug you first! dharmu! heip me! y ou won"t mend your ways!

""save me! dharmu, he is assauiting me sexuaiiy!"" i won"t come!

""dharmu, you are under the oath of your mother!""

""save me, dharmu!""

""dharmu, he is assauiting me sexuaiiy! - hey, santo!""

""dharmu, save me!""

""hey, you were teiiing the truth!""

""listen, you scoundrei. y ou won"t get anything here!"" i have many things to give you!

""dharmu, what if you hadn"t come?"" i was not coming. but my mother"s oath brought me. i won"t romance iike this now onwards. no! i iike romance! but not whiie going to and coming from the tempie! then stop doing rounds of the tempie. i wiii buiid the tempie right in the house! a tempie and in my house? y es! in our house!

""we wiii have the same house after the marriage, won"t we?"" y ou are taiking of marriage again! why? - what why? i haven"t finished my prayers yet! and she is taiking about marriage.

""hey, come here! where are you going?""

""i feii in iove since i saw you.""

""i feii in iove since i saw you.""

""listen, friend. this heart is ready!""

""y ou are a woman and i am a ceiibate!""

""how wiii our horoscopes match?""

""don"t provoke my mind. don"t provoke me""

""no, no! y es, yes!""

""no, no! y es, yes!""

""y ou"ve said no a hundred of times.""

""y ou"ve said no a hundred of times.""

""y ou see, this heart is ready for you.""

""with iove and with wiiiingness! i wiii give!""

""my iife as weii as my heart is yours!""

""y ou are in my eyes! y ou are at my iips.""

""hoid me in your arms.""

""i am a discipie of bajarang baii!""

""i haven"t piayed games of iove!""

""y ou wiii be victorious, admit your defeat!"" love me for two moments.

""come, my friend! how can we iove?""

""come, my friend! finish the task!""

""no, no! y es, yes!""

""no, no! y es, yes!""

""listening to your refusai, it is tuesday.""

""listening to your refusai, it is tuesday.""

""listen, friend! this heart is ready!""

""i came to know. start the story!""

""i won"t iet you go today.""

""if you don"t iisten to me today..""

""..i wiii aii that you are an ignorant!""

""y ou provoked me caiiing me ignorant!""

""i won"t care about the outcomes now!""

""my arrow has hit the target!""

""the iove has awakened in your heart!""

""come, dear! no, no!""

""come fast! no, no!""

""come no!""

""come no!""

""i feii in iove hearing your refusais!""

""i feii in iove hearing your refusais!""

""this heart is ready!""

""i am a woman and you are the ceiibate!""

""how wiii our horoscopes match?""

""don"t awaken the body! don"t awaken the mind!""

""no! no!""

""y es, yes! no, no!""

""y es, yes! no, no!""

""beiapur, bharatpur, ramgarh."" we have our hoid on aii these. now we want chandanpur. because this bridge of chandanpur is the way.. cross the border. and our goods wiii arrive by the same bridge.

""but contractor, it is very difficuit to bring out..""

..the goods from chandanpur. why? it is so because there is a stupid inspector caiied..

..kishaniai over there. he is the biggest probiem for us. bribe him. he is such a scoundrei that he doesn"t even take the bribes.

""parvin, go and give him so much amount that he..""

..wouid not be abie to refuse. respect the nationai fiag. be a good citijen.

""not citijen, father. citizen."" i am saying citijen oniy.

""oh father, it is not citijen but citizen.""

""y es, that"s it, citijen."" not jen but citizen. say it with me. city.. city.. - zen. - jen.

""oh, father! why are you after this engiish?""

""the thing is daughter, i have become an inspector from.."" ordinary constabie. inspector kishaniai. i have to meet big officers of the area. and one day i wiii become a deputy (commissioner). what wiii you do becoming a deputy (commissioner)? y ou wiii have to eat the same food which.. have been eating since before.

""see, daughter. as iong as there is a job..""

..i can eat even mutton.

""but after retirement, i wiii have to eat this dai roti (indian dish).""

""so i have made permant.. not permant, father. permanent.""

""y es, i have made permant friendship with the dai roti."" no need for the friendship! y ou can have mutton and chicken..

..even after your retirement! who are you? how did you enter the house in this manner?

""if you have some work to do with me, meet me at the poiice station."" where wouid you have kept these 20000 rupees.. the poiice station? do you want to bribe me? inspector kishaniai don"t do any iiiegai thing. get out from here! or eise.. father!

""decide quickiy, inspector."" what do you approve of? our friendship or your daughter"s death? dai or money?

there is hearsay in punjabi. eat dai but with a punch.

the truth is that we are the servants of mrs. thakur. but we want to serve you and remove your worries. and your worry is how to empty the entire viiiage. inspector kishaniai is obstructing your way! he says that he won"t aiiow any iiiegai thing. we have come with a iegai soiution! what is that? this is mr. dhaniiai.

""the shops, houses, and other reai estate of entire viiiage.."" mortgaged with him. purchase the property documents from him. and the viiiage wiii be empty! it"s ok. but how can the paiace be empty?

""by the grace of god, that paiace has aiso been..""

..mortgaged with me.

""during the fiood iast time, the viiiagers needed money."" so mrs. thakur had borrowed from me. but there is one thing. mrs. thakur is a woman of principies!

""to save the inherited paiace, she can seii even her..""

..ciothes and jeweiiery!

jeweiiery? i want exactiy the same!

""mr. dhaniiai, i had mortgaged with you. not with him!"" who is he to show me the court papers?

""i beg your pardon, mrs. thakur."" but i wanted money badiy.

""if i hadn"t taken the money from him, i wouid have..""

..gone bankrupt! i had to give him the papers of your paiace. what couid i do? i was heipiess!

""and now i am aiso heipiess, mrs. thakur!""

""if i don"t get the money within one week, i wiii seii..""

..this paiace in auction!

""come, mr. dhaniiai. ok.""

""i said, piease iisten."" this means that this paiace wiii be auctioned! and its price wiii be quoted! but how can this be possibie? but this is true!

""the truth is that if the times are bad, even the big kings..""

..have to auction their paiaces!

""no, secretary, this is the paiace of our forefathers!"" the prestige of our famiiy! this paiace wiii not at aii be auctioned in my iife time!

""dharmu, this is jeweiiery."" go to the city and seii it. dinu wiii aiso accompany you.

take this ring too. but keep it separateiy. it is the iast memory of mr. thakur. if the amount is not enough after seiiing the jeweiiery..

..seii this too.

""but, mother! go.""

i am tired! oh god! it"s very hot.

""son dharmu, i wiii go at that river to drink water.""

""no, if we miss the bus whiie drinking water..""

..there wiii be a probiem. i don"t understand anything at this juncture.

""we wiii go to the city, seii the jeweiiery and return..""

..the money to mother. oniy after that we wiii have food. but i wiii die due to the thirst!

this is the medicine for unconsciousness. they wiii be unconscious after drinking this.

""brother, is it drinking water? give me to drink."" it"s not water. it"s a iemon juice.

25 paisa per giass. give two giasses. come. sit down. why are you spending unnecessariiy?

""no, brother. we don"t want to drink. go away."" don"t taik of spending unnecessariiy. y ou are our wouid be son-in-iaw. drink few giasses.

""if it is so, i wiii drink this whoie pot. give me, brother.""

""ok, then drink."" come on give it to me. give me one giass.

""brother, how much money?"" pay me what you think reasonabie. take this.

""hey, get up.""

hey kaiu! stop!

""very good, kaiu!"" y ou have won my heart by doing this work. was there any difficuity whiie doing this work?

""there was a difficuity, but i got rid of it."" i had to kiii my wouid be father-in-iaw. it"s better for you now. marry santo whenever you want. what are you taiking? who stoie the jeweiiery and how?

""i don"t know, mother. i don"t know."" i know every thing. i wiii teii you. he and dinu had stoien the jeweiiery. and now they are staging the drama of theft. these scoundrei servants shouid not be trusted much.

""mother, i am teiiing the truth. i don"t know."" y ou won"t teii the truth. i am teiiing the truth.

""if you teii the truth, your hands and iegs wiii be broken."" y ou wiii be bashed! am i right? y es! hit him! hit him!

""mother! don"t hit me. mother, stop them.""

""mother! i am teiiing the truth, mother!"" mother! - stop it! didn"t you hear? i warn you against raising hands! now teii inspector kishaniai why you are beating him up. he is the thief!

""what? - the truth is that you came at the right time, inspector."" he was given the jeweiiery by mrs. thakur to seii it. he became evii in intentions on the way. he usurped it. now he is staging the drama of theft.

""inspector, i don"t have the jeweiiery with me.""

""mrs. thakur, have you given the jeweiiery to dharmu?"" and had it been stoien? but i had not stoien the jeweiiery. keep quiet! do you suspect dharmu? what suspicion? it is a matter of certainty! the jeweiiery was handed over to him. keep quiet! ok.

""mrs. thakur, i am taking dharmu to the poiice station..""

..for the investigation.

""if he had stoien the jeweiiery, i wiii punish him so severeiy..""

..that his youth wiii be spoiied in the jaii! come!

""wait, inspector."" he has served me over the years iike mother. i wiii think that i had paid the price for that. let him go! but iaw.. the theft was not committed by him. i aiso think so.

""mother, don"t think me as a thief."" don"t caii me mother!

""because of you, i wiii ioose my paiace. let it be."" i and iost my famiiy today. and you have iost your mother!


""contractor, take the paiace.""

i am handing over this paiace to you wiiiingiy. on one hope. if the times heip me and if i have 50000 rupees..

"" pay you, i wiii come again to take back the paiace."" y ou don"t worry iandiady. y our servant is here. aii the accounts are properiy written down.

""have you written it properiy? y es, sir. exactiy.""

""the day you wiii bring 50,000 rupees.."" can take the controi of the bungaiow from the contractor. i am teiiing the truth.

""landiady, where wiii you go now.""

i have not thought about it. this was a iegai matter therefore inspector..

..kishaniai couidn"t do anything.. y ou come with me. my house is aimost empty. i have oniy one daughter and i wiii get one sister.

""y es, sister. no sister, father. sister."" y ou keep quiet. y ou aiways keep on rambiing.

""come, iandiady."" come. piease come.

""king, king. oh my king.""

""i have won the game of heart.""

""neither the pundit nor the priest can do anything.""

""as i am ready and you are ready.""

""i have the controi over the paiace of king"s heart.""

""i have the controi over the paiace of king"s heart.""

""in one biow the heart was vanquished.""

""i have the controi over the paiace of king"s heart.""

""king, king. oh my king.""

""i have won the game of heart.""

""neither the pundit nor the priest can do anything.""

""as i am ready and you are ready.""

""when my thin waist swings this way..""

""..the hearts become restiess.""

""when i dance merriiy chiming the ankiets..""

""..i win everyone"s hearts.""

""when my thin waist swings this way..""

""..the hearts become restiess.""

""when i dance merriiy chiming the ankiets..""

""..i win everyone"s hearts.""

""when i come with after beautifying myseif..""

""..and dance aii the peopie teii me to sing, sing, sing.""

""king, king. oh my king.""

""i have won the game of heart.""

""neither the pundit nor the priest can do anything.""

""as i am ready and you are ready.""

""i have the controi over the paiace of king"s heart.""

""i have ioved you and..""

""..after getting you my heart is intoxicated.""

""i wiii come ciose to you into your arms.""

""and give my youth to you.""

""i have ioved you and..""

""..after getting you my heart is intoxicated.""

""i wiii come ciose to you into your arms.""

""and give my youth to you.""

""y ou are the king of hearts and i am the queen of hearts.""

""i am crazy for you. come, come, come.""

""king, king. oh my king.""

""i have won the game of heart.""

""neither the pundit nor the priest can do anything.""

""as i am ready and you are ready.""

""i have the controi over the paiace of king"s heart.""

""in one biow the heart was vanquished.""

""i have the controi over the paiace of king"s heart.""

y ou and start the work of evacuating the viiiage. and first of aii evacuate the house of your santo.

""go and teii you contractor, i wiii kiii anyone who tried.."" drive me out of my house.

""what is ieft in this house, dear santo?"" come. i wiii take you to my house. not even my shoes wiii iike to go in your house.

""go from here, scoundrei. or eise i wiii..""

..teach you a iesson with this same stick.

""i wiii teach you a iesson, my sweetheart."" let go of me.

fooi! let go of me.

""what is it, kaiu? why are you banging your head?""

""dharmu, don"t come in the middie."" this house is mortgaged with the contractor. the time period is over and i have come to..

..evacuate this house. teii me. our contractor isn"t satisfied after evacuating my..

..mother"s bungaiow. do you want to evacuate the whoie viiiage? i don"t know anything about that. throw aii the things outside. hey! if anyone touches the thing in the house then..

..he wiii be kiiied. beat this fooi.

get up. don"t fight. stop it. come with us. let go of me.

""i wiii show this scoundrei. stop it, i said."" on the basis of the testimonies of the witnesses and..

""..the evidences presented, this court deciares..""

""..convicts dharmu, ram singh, kaiu, krishan and sukdev..""

..guiity and aii are fined 500 rupees. if they can"t pay the fine then they wiii be given.. month imprisonment.

pay the fine of our men and get them reieased.

""airight, sir.""

keep it open.

""hey 61-62, give this to the iaundry."" and teii him to starch it properiy. i wiii come back soon.

""reaiiy, it is of no use to advise you."" y ou have said many times that you won"t come in..

""..this prison, but doubie that time you have come.."" this prison. now the government is giving you a iast change this time. to come in the prison.

""no, to go away from here forever.""

""it is possibie that outside this city, away from your friends.."" might iearn something and become a good human. therefore the government.. i understood. i understood. in piain words it means that the government has exiied me.

""am i right? airight, sir."" i am going. when my own house is not my own anymore then.. which other part of the worid can i iive?

""i am going away from your worid in heipiessness.""

""remember me.""

""away from your worid."" let"s go. where? in exiie. where is it? y ou just whip your horse. i wiii get down at the piace your horse stops exhausted. let me become inspector one time. then i wiii fiii your iife with iuxury. everyone says so. but when they get the post their nature change.

""no, brother.""

""i am constabie ba taiwar, number 204."" i take care of my subordinates.

""constabie, iisten.""

how iong did you have that? 4 years.

4 years! y our cheeks have become fat by consuming..

..government weaith. where is inspector kishaniai? sir is inside. when are you going in?

""but, why shouid i go in?""

""i mean, inside on the chair of inspector.""

""y es, actuaiiy my 2 strips..""

""204, what is this commotion?"" sir has come.

""heiio inspector. y es, speak up."" i"ve come to teii you. i have come to say many things.

""sir, i think he is deputy from the city."" then why are you staring at my face? go and bring tea.

""no, no. i don"t need tea.""

""there is the need, sir. bring speciai tea.""

""bring it if it is speciai. and iisten, come here. - y es."" if we drink tea empty-stomach we get acidity.

""so you do one thing, bring some biscuits for me. - airight.""

""listen, don"t bring biscuits, but cake. bring cake.""

""i wiii bring the cake. y es, go now. - and sweets too.""

""bring the sweets. come, sir."" weicome.

""bring speciai tea, cake and sweets.""

""is there a feast, constabie?"" there is not feast. but our deputy has come. deputy. now kishaniai wiii be in fired. and i wiii become the inspector. inspector ba taiwar. where were you before? in prison. airight. so you are jaiior. sit down. piease sit down.

""no, no. that is your chair. y ou sit there.""

""then sit here. airight, i wiii sit here."" come.

204! bring the tea quickiy.

""bring it, bring it. give it to me."" take this.

y ou are.. - first sit down. why are you standing? in which jaii you were?

""sir, the thing about prisons is that aii of them iook the same."" there seems to be no difference. actuaiiy i keep making trips to prisons.

""inside, outside and inside, outside.""

do you iike the sweets? exceiient. exceiient.

""take cake, deputy? deputy?"" y es.

""no, no. i am not deputy.""

""aren"t you deputy? no, no."" it means you are higher..

chakradhari. chakradhari? exiied. exiied? keep the tea down.

""the giass too. y es, even the giass."" keep the cake down. that biscuit.. stand up.

""sir, when my prison term was over in the city..""

..they said that i was not aiiowed to iive in the city. therefore i came here.

""204. y es, sir.""

""write down his name and address. y es, sir."" can i drink the tea? it wouid get coid. - no! what is your name? chakradhari. address? chandanpur poiice station.

""care of, inspector kishaniai."" but why under inspector kishaniai?

""look, in this viiiage i don"t know anyone besides you."" and you are a good man.

""airight, airight. ok, sir."" but if you want to iive in this viiiage you wiii have.. ieave your oid habits. - ok. y ou wiii have to come to poiice station every morning..

..and evening. - ok. and you wiii have to iive iike a good citizen. what kind of citizen? a good citizen.

""i see, good citizen."" then does this good citizen have the right.. eat stomach-fuii food. sure. for getting food we need money. and for money we need job. where can i get the job? if you want job then go to the contractor of the forest. take 20 rupees for your hard work. and i wiii keep 20 rupees. move.

""come, changu. come, come."" y ou earned 20 rupees. y ou take 15 and i wiii keep 5. is the account ciear?

""y ou don"t work, raghu? what shouid i give to you?"" give him food twice a day. he wiii become heaithy.

""who are you, sir?"" is the account ciear? y es it is ciear. it is ciear.

""accountant, is it ciear? it is perfect."" go home. go now. who are you? y ou keep quiet. don"t you see the rich ciothes he is wearing? he is from the city. city.

""sit. sit here, sir."" sit her. piease sit down.

take it carefuiiy.

""i think sir, you are an officer of income tax department."" therefore i didn"t see him running with the fiies.

""he went to urinate, sir. urinate. to urinate."" on seeing my departments many peopie do that. it is a different matter that even i too did it.

""sir, if you had informed me before then i wouid..""

..have toid the contractor and send a jeep for you. no. there is not need for that. even kishnu toid me that he iiked to send a jeep for me. but i refused him.

""who is kishnu? kishnu, our inspector kishaniai.""

""oh yes, the inspector of my viiiage.""

""he is a very good man. y es, he is a very good man."" he is my reiative. he is my uncie"s brother"s nephew"s younger uncie"s..

..eider uncie"s sister"s brother-in-iaw. he is a distant reiative but he respects me very deariy. he is a very good man. he is a very good man. - massage this. i wiii massage it. i wiii massage it. y ou sit. y ou sit. i wiii massage it. but if the contractor finds out that you take haif the share..

""..from the worker"s saiary, then what wiii he say?"" no. how wouid he come to know about this? y ou won"t teii him. y ou are a very good man. no.. no.. i am a very good man. but i don"t have controi..

..on my tongue. how can it be controiied? it can be controiied oniy by money..

this is enough for today. now do something. what? y ou do one thing. put a good cot on some tent for me. - ok. and wake me up when the food is ready.

""i wiii make aii the arrangement, sir."" hurry up. hurry up. don"t inform him. no.

do you want to bite?

so fooi.. are you from this viiiage? i am manager"s son. y ou don"t iook so. what? - it may be possibie. i mean you are manager"s son.

""y es, you do iook a iot iike him."" y ou mother is very great.

""anyway, since you are manager"s son.."" must know where to spend iiiegai money.

there is news for you. later. he is todu and he is fodu. sit down. todu is absconding for prison since 2 years.

""and there is a reward of 2,000 rupees on him."" greetings. and what is the reward on this baidy.. i mean this man?

""3,000 rupees. 3?""

""3,000 and 2,000 makes 5,000."" it is enough. what is enough? - enough time has been spent. - now deai the cards. deai it.

500. biind.

1 . biind.


one more.

pack. pack!


""5,000 rupees.""

""is this worth 5,000? it is worth more.""

""but i am keeping it for 5,000."" it means that cash is over now we wiii deai in kind.

""so this is your merchandise worth 5,000 rupees. airight.""

""and my merchandise worth 5,000 rupees wiii come now.""

don"t be angry. don"t be angry. the government gives cash. when you wiii hand them to the poiice you wiii get..

""..5,000 rupees."" now wiii you show the card or do you want me to show it? what wiii you show? i wiii show to you.

""hey! wait a minute, master.""

""master, iet me coiiect the money.""

wait a minute.

""look, brother.""

""i hit him for 2,000 rupees.""

""i hit him for 3,000 rupees."" there is not reward on you.

""if i hit you, your vaiue wiii increase."" i don"t want to piay with you now. i am crossed with you.

i toid you i don"t want to piay. i don"t want to piay.

204! sit. sit down. sitting. sir. - is drinking tea part of your duty?

""no, sir."" i had no work since morning and i feit iittie craving so.. y ou had no work. i toid you to keep a watch..

..on chakradhari. keep an eye on him. what about that work?

""no, sir. i didn"t see him since morning."" stop this nonsense. don"t taik nonsense. if you didn"t see him then you shouid go and..

..and iook for him. y es. no go and find him. y es. and wait. i don"t iike when my sub-ordinates..

..drink tea for free. pay them the money. for what? for tea. did you understand? understanding.

""y es, sir. go. - y es.""

he is smart. he shouts to show his officer power.

""god, make me his superior officer one day."" then i wiii teach him a iesson.

""come, brother. what do you want?"" how are you? i am fine.

""it is very hot, brother."" it is reaiiy very hot. i think i shouid remove my ring.

kohinoor. it was a very good movie. diiip kumar and mina kumari did great acting in it. i am not taiking about fiim. i am taiking about kohinoor diamond. - kohinoor.

""king of diamonds. y es, king of diamonds."" it is a vaiuabie diamond therefore i am afraid.

""this? y es, yes."" someone might steai it. take it away. it is a viiiage after aii.

""dacoits, iooters, murderers are usuaiiy here."" do one thing. give it to me.

""no, brother. no."" i wiii give you money. who needs money? take the money..

..and iet me keep it for some time. i wiii keep it safeiy in the vauit.

""what wiii you give? 1 ,000 rupees."" give. - i wiii give you now. i wiii give you now.

""jeweier, you keep the money ready i wiii go..""

..and get rid of him.

y ou keep the money ready. y es.


give me iiquor of cashew-nut. cashew-nut.

""brother. brother, your this..""

""brother, your cioth.."" thank you.

y es. do you want snacks too?

""y es, bring some cashew-nuts."" but when you wiii bring cashew-nuts bring hard..

where did you come from? i.. - i know everyone come from the same piace. i know. but do you any work with me.

then why are you chasing me since morning. duty. duty. sit down. no. why? - duty. do you want to drink iiquor?

""y es, drink it."" no. duty. y our duty.. tiii what time wiii you be on the duty? tiii 4 o"ciock. there are 2 more hours.

how is it now? how did it happen? the short hand on 4 and the iong one on 12. by in this watch the short hand is on 2. forget this smaii watch and iook at the big one. come now. airight. i am free from duty now. now sit. sit.

no. what happened? no! i am in uniform.

""so what happened, friend?"" remove your pant. what are you doing? why? did you wear something inside? no. i am wearing it. if you are wearing it then remove the uniform.

""y es, remove it."" don"t fear. he has worn undergarments.

""y es, now you are not wearing the uniform."" uniform out and duty is over. now sit with me. come. drink the iiquor. drink it.

""that"s the spirit. y es, drink it."" it is very easy to drink it. y ou oniy have to do this. what if the inspector finds out?

""teii me, what wiii he do?"" he is very strict man. he bothers me a iot.

""he says, sit there. stand there."" foiiow him. about turn and go in front of him.

""look, don"t get disheartened."" one day you wiii aiso become an inspector. how can i become that? why? as iong as that kishaniai is on the chair..

..i cannot become inspector. he wiii be out of that chair. he wiii siip from it. how? y ou do something. do something. hoid this. think. just think that kishaniai is..

..standing in front of you. inspector kishaniai is standing in front of you. did you see him? no. i don"t see. look. think.

""y es, think.""

""now see, kishaniai is standing there.""

hey! shy feiiow! what are you doing? he wiii saiute you now.

""he wiii saiute me now. y es, he wiii."" kishaniai. saiute him.

airight. airight. sit. now teii him to sit down.

""sir, piease sit.. - hey! not iike this. teii him rudeiy.""

""aye, sit down!""

""aye, piease sit.""

""aye, you. aye, sit.""

""hey, sit.""

hey! hey! who iong wiii you be afraid of him? come on. drink it.

""look, now kishaniai is our siave."" he is our pawn. he wiii do what you say. he wiii dance if you teii him to dance. he wiii sing if you teii him to sing.

""wiii he sing? y es, he wiii sing.""

""wiii he sing? y es, he wiii sing."" sing.

""come on. swing it man. swing.""

""1 . 2. 3. this worid is beautifui.""

""this is very coiorfui.""

""this iife is oniy for 4 days.""

""if you want to iive then come with me sometimes, dear.""

""here and there and many other piaces.""

""and enjoy the iife.""

""say, say, say, say.""

""1 . 2. 3. this worid is beautifui.""

""this is very coiorfui.""

""this iife is oniy for 4 days.""

""if you want to iive then come with me sometimes, dear.""

""here and there and many other piaces.""

""and enjoy the iife.""

""1 . 2. 3. this worid is beautifui.""

""this is very coiorfui.""

""if i had been a drunk then i wouid have been fun..""

"" go to pub aiong with you.""

""the iiquors wouid have spiiied after getting cheered.""

""it wouid have been more intoxicating to drink..""

""..aiong with the friends.""

""if you had been drunk then you wouid have come..""

"" the pub and drank bottie after bottie.""

""if you had been intoxicated then you wouid have..""

""..not remember anything.""

""y ou wouid have forgotten the sorrows of the worid.""

""under the shade of tresses and in her arms.""

""y ou wouid have stumbied somewhere after drinking.""

""y ou wouid have conjured many coiorfui dreams..""

""..of beautifui scenes, springs and stars.""

""this iife is aiso iike intoxication.""

""my friend, move your hand forward and take the iiquor.""

""and drink it so that you get intoxicated.""

""1 . 2. 3. this worid is beautifui.""

""this is very coiorfui.""

""if you had been fiirt iike us then you wouid have..""

""..roamed around brotheis with us.""

""in the coiorfui deeds of this coiorfui streets..""

"" wouid have enjoyed iosing yourseif in it.""

""love, iove, iove, iove.""

""what it is to unite heart with heart?""

""i have reaiized it today.""

""mischief, decency, ioves of beauties.""

""what it means to get engrossed in iove?""

""don"t regain your consciousness again?""

""this iife is fuii of fun.""

""if you want to iive then come with me sometimes, dear.""

""here and there and many other piaces.""

""and enjoy the iife.""

""1 . 2. 3. this worid is beautifui.""

""this is very coiorfui.""

""this iife is oniy for 4 days.""

""if you want to iive then come with me sometimes, dear.""

""here and there and many other piaces.""

""and enjoy the iife.""

""come, dear. come.""

""it is 1 ,800 rupees.""

""this worid is coiorfui."" kohinoor.

beautifui. kohinoor.

""father, father, father."" what? what? what is it? i want.. i want that ring. i want this ring. this is not for saie. y ou can anything eise.

""no, i want this oniy."" father.

""wait. give it to her, jeweier."" this one is stoien ring. no probiem. no probiem? if you wear it then poiice wiii arrest you. no probiem. y ou wiii get rigorous imprisonment. no probiem. y ou heaith wiii be ruined. y ou wiii become thin iike a thorn. no probiem.

""jeweier, why are you becoming your own enemy?"" my giri is very stubborn. she won"t go without the ring. if you don"t give me the ring then i wiii teii dacoits.. ioot your shop. i wiii get you kiiied. save me. save me.

""jeweier, why are you inviting your own death?"" give her the ring. i wiii give it.

""but i want its price. 5,000 rupees.""

""y ou can take it, jeweier. take it.""

""give me 5,000 rupees.""

""wait, i wiii give you 5,000. 5,000 rupees. quickiy."" y es quickiy. take this.

hey! kishaniai. stand up. stand up and saiute me. what? i toid you to stand up and saiute me. saiute? y es.

""what? did you come to your senses, now?""

""sir. y es, sir.""

""sir, that chakradhari fooied me.""

""now because of your siap the intoxication is no more, sir."" piease forgive me. piease forgive me. hey! don"t touch me. don"t touch me with your intoxicated hands.

""touch me not. y es, sir."" this chakradhari is conning the entire viiiage. if you faii in this trap again then i wiii suspend you.

""understood. it won"t happen again, sir.""

""why are you naked? go and put on your uniform. go. - y es, sir.""

""santo, even after seeing me you are going as if.."" have not seen me. did you even forget to say greetings?

""y our taiking about greetings, madam, but i have even..""

..forgotten to iook directiy in the eyes of others. after aii i am a thief"s daughter. reiationships don"t break because of theft. doesn"t lord krishna used to steai butter from his..

..mother"s house. no matter how the sons or daughters are..

..for their mothers everyone is equai.

""am i right, iandiady?""

""so, shouid i think that the iandiady forgave my..""

..father and dharmu?

"""god protect my son, wherever he is.""

""greetings, boss jaggu.""

""greetings, boss jaggu.""

""greetings, boss jaggu.""

""greetings, boss jaggu.""

""oid man, are you iame? can"t you saiute me?"" my name is shamu singh. the dacoits of chambai..

..consider me their master. the time of masters has ended.

""what is it, boss jaggu? he is of your father"s age."" in our business one who has the strength is..

..considered the father.

""y ou are too proud of your strength, brother."" it is not just my pride. do you want to see demonstration?

come inside.

wiii you ciose the door or shouid i do it? y ou ciose it. i wiii open it.

i wiii introduce him to makhan singh.

""makhan singh, our work is going to start."" tomorrow evening a truck ioaded with goods is arriving. it is very good news. teii me where and how..

..wiii i teii the goods. he is boiiram. the chief of the tribai.

""boiiram, tomorrow evening send one of your men.."" the forest of madhavpur. a truck wiii come there. the truck driver wiii ask..

..where is the biack mountain.

""y our man wiii repiy, the piace where your house is.""

""hey! hey! hey, brother."" not today. not today.

""listen to me. no, come iater. - listen to me.""

where is the biack mountain? i don"t know. hey! don"t caii me hey.

""caii me, mr. chakradhari. understood."" where is the biack mountain?

i toid you i don"t know. piease iet me sieep. goodnight.

chakradhari. something seems to be fishy. let"s go and see. he is not the one. - we have to wait. - brother. greetings.

do you remember anything now?

""no, brother. actuaiiy i was in dozing."" i don"t remember anything as i am stiii haif asieep. piease make me wake up compieteiy. put water on his face. fooi. water can"t make anyone awake. water is oniy used for washing. washing. give me some proper treatment. beat him.

y ou are so big and stiii you don"t know how to punch. get aside.

""brother, you are young. y ou punch me.""

y ou wiii iearn soon. get aside. y ou come.

y ou can"t iearn. get aside.

""brother, biack mountain. start.""

when the generai of army is iike you..

..then that army can"t fight. understood.

y ou want to beat me. y ou want to raise hands on your eider. - no.

why did i say to you? y ou can"t iearn anything.

""broken. brother, brother. it"s torn. - what?"" the shoe is torn. look. look. did you feei the pain?

""brother, what is it?""

1 . 2. 3. 4.

1 . 2. 3. 4.

1 . 2. 3. 4.

y ou fooi! aren"t you ashamed? y ou are so big and stiii you are fighting with the young ones. shut up!

this is caiied kick.

""hey, dear! y our jacket iooks very beautifui."" just iook at it.

""look at it, fooi. fooi."" what is it? y ou couidn"t find with hands so you have taken out..

..your beit.

""brother, if you take the beit out your trouser wiii faii down."" now wait. think a iittie.

""is there any use in fighting, brother?"" has anyone man achieved anything by fighting? wait. what is it? why are you hitting me? are you beating me? now what wiii happen if i hoid this?

""y ou can"t free it, brother."" y ou can"t free it from my hands.

""look, this is caiied puii. look."" and take this puii from jaunpur.

so you were sieeping in the forest? y es. and that truck came and stopped there. - y es. why? wasn"t there another piace for the truck to hait? why are you me this question? ask the truck.

""and then few men came out of this truck. - y es, yes.""

""y ou fought with them. y es, yes."" but i can"t see any wound on your body. i don"t get beaten up but i beat others.

""look, this inspector kishaniai knows how to get..""

""..truth out of peopie. y es, yes.""

""204! y es, sir.""

""take him and put him behind bars. y es, sir.""

""sir, you are doing iiiegai work. lock him up."" i have served this country. come in. i thought i wiii get 10%/. commission. come inside. padam shree. padambushan. y ou have trapped this chakradhari. who is this chakradhari? he is new in the viiiage. he is exiied. wherever he gets food he eats it. wherever he gets piace he sieeps there. then that piaintiff must have gone..

..directiy to the poiice station. i want both chakradhari and the truck. come.

""inspector, you have oniy few constabies."" get me out of here. i wiii heip you. - shut up. law doesn"t need the heip of criminais.

y ou! maybe the iaw doesn"t want it but god wants..

..that i shouid heip you.

the weapons went in hands of the poiice in spite..

..of makhan"s presence. has he become impotent? makhan singh attacked but.. shut up! he attacked!

go and teii makhan that the person who made us..

..suffer this ioss shouid be punished. in our business we don"t even spare our own sons. go!

""greetings greetings, uncie""

""greetings, uncie greetings, uncie.""

""greetings, uncie. how are you?"" i am fine.

""greetings, uncie. greetings, uncie.""

""give me your biessing, uncie. why didn"t you inform.."" of your arrivai? because of this dharmu. i came out 2 days ago. but i was waiting for him.. come out. who is he? - he is very brave and courageous boy. he has done some favors on me. i have to repay him for that. give him some money. how much money you want?

""50,000."" but i don"t want charity. i can do any kind of hard work. airight. where do you iive? chandanpur. chandanpur? uncie. y es. we need to kidnap a man from chandanpur. but the poiice are very aiert there. if you say then i wiii give this work to this boy.

""y es, you give him the work."" he can do everything.

""if you do our work then we wiii give you 50,000 rupees.""

""wiii i get the entire amount together? - y es, you wiii get it aii."" then i wiii do it. teii me what the work is. a man named chakradhari iives in your viiiage. y ou have to bring him to us. he wiii come. y ou teii me if you want his dead or aiive. aiive!

i won"t show you my face tiii i get the money..

""..for the bungaiow, mother.""


what happened? something is there. where? there. there is something. it is this. what was it doing there? y ou were not here so i aiways used to keep this with me.. save my honour.

""teii me, how is my mother? she is fine."" even in prison i used to think about mother"s bungaiow. but i wiii make arrangement for that too. did a man named chakradhari come here?

""y es, he is very kind man.""

""y es, the one who wiii give me 50,000 rupees..""

..has to be a kind man. in the viiiage there is constabie. and outside the viiiage there is inspector. both of them shouid go to heii. i don"t care. what is it?

""who are you, brother? and what is this?""

this is the repiy to my question. now this is my repiy to your repiy.

y ou came to hunt but you became the prey.


why? what did i do?

what did i do? why? first he punched me. then he hit me from here and then there. brother. brother. brother. first teii me. what did i do? and where are you taking me?

""expiain to me, where are you taking me?"" and why are you taking me? come. no. look. i have beaten up. i wiii beat you again. i wiii beat you tiii you get unconscious. then i wiii carry you on my shouiders. what happened? listen. y ou wiii beat me. i accept this. y ou wiii make me unconscious. i accept this too. after making me unconscious you wiii carry me on..

..your shouiders. i accept this too. but have you thought how far you wiii waik carrying.. on your shouiders. why? look at this body. i didn"t think about it. sit and think about it. y es.

i wiii beat him. and then i wiii bring buiiock-cart..

..from the viiiage. then i wiii throw him in the cart. y ou fooi. do you think i am ignorant person?

""if i go to bring the buiiock-cart, you wiii run away. come.""

y ou won"t iisten to me. no. y ou won"t iisten to me. no. i am sorry. what did you say? i am sorry. what does it mean? piease forgive me.

i can"t be iifted by you. no? no.

""look, dear. y ou are very stubborn."" y ou want to take me aiong. y es. i am aiso very stubborn. i don"t want to go. - why? it is possibie that in our struggie we..

..both might end up dead.

y ou wiii go.

hey! what is happening?

""i forgot father"s house.""

""i forgot father"s house as i iike my husband"s house."" hey! wait. wait. one is exiied and other has returned from prison. and this commotion in the inspector kishaniai"s area.

""this is not any commotion, sir.""

""we were rehearsing for the piay ""ramiiia""."" ramiiia. y es. and this rope. i was thoughting that.. it is not thoughting but thinking.

""y es, thinking. but how this rope came around your neck."" this rope is not mine. it beiongs to him. ask him where he was taking me. where were you taking him? ask ioudiy. where were you taking him? ask with a roar. where were you taking him? enough. stop it now. he won"t be abie to teii you. i wiii teii you. airight. teii me.

""he said, come in my area. we wouid do rehearsai..""

..for ramiiia there. therefore he is giving me a part of hanuman in ramiiia. part of hanuman? y es it suits you. but why did you put this taii in the front. this taii is in front today. but it wiii go behind tomorrow.

""look, dharmu. y ou are a decent boy."" i don"t want you to make friendship with this exiied man. i don"t" want to see both of you together. exiied man! about tin. what? about tin.

""sir, it is not tin but turn.""

""y es, that oniy. turn. go.""

""dharmu, you go this way."" about tin. go on. go. they wiii do ramiiia. if i hadn"t kept moustache i wouid have done..

..the roie of ram.

""brother, teii me now where you were taking me."" and what is the reason for confiict between us.

""i don"t have any quarrei with you, brother."" makhan singh said that if i had you over to him then..

""..i wiii get 50,000 rupees.""

""50,000? y es."" this is a very profitabie business.

""teii me, are you ready to share the money 50-50."" what do you mean? we wiii keep haif-haif amount.

""no, brother. i need 50,000 rupees."" i need it badiy.

""and what if you get more than 50,000."" how is that?

""look, this chakradhari wiii piot on scheme."" this scheme wiii go on and we wiii keep getting the money. hoid this and take me to makhan singh. hey! waik properiy! just a iittie bit. thakur!

""thakur, you toid me to bring him aiive."" therefore it took some time. or eise i wouid have dumped his corpse yesterday.. your doorstep. why are you iaughing? everything is open here. there is no door. there are 4 mountains. and coupie of horses. y ou taik a iot. i had oniy hobby in my chiidhood. to taik. when i was born i said straightaway..

..where am i?

""beemar singh? y es, boss.""

""brother dacoit, if this is the beemar (weak) singh then..""

..don"t caii mr. strong singh. i wiii shut you up now.

""no, thakur. y ou can do whatever you want to.."" with him.

""but first give me my 50,000 rupees.""

""uncie. y es, son."" take this beemar singh. take this. y our reward. it is not my reward but my earning of my hard work. i have aiso worked hard. i shouid get haif amount. we have many buiiets for you.

""teii me, how much do you want?"" not today. today i am fasting. i have kept fast to get good wife.

""no. no, thakur. don"t do this sinfui act.."" you are a warrior. at ieast ask him his iast wish then you can kiii him. airight. i wiii iisten to you.

""teii me, chakradhari, what kind of death you want?"" a grand death. since chiidhood i has the desire to die iike..

..great personaiities. therefore i have made my neck big and strong. i want to be hanged. beemar singh. fuifiii the iast wish of this dying man. find a strong branch on that tree and hang..

..this piaintiff there.

""thank you, dariing thakur.""

""bye, bye, dariing dharmu.""

""come on, dariing beemar.""

""thakur, thakur. first iet me go far from here."" i can"t bear to see a man getting hanged. go away.

""y es, chakradhari. did you iike the noose?""

""y es, it is very good."" now the oniy regret is that your neck wiii be eiongated. what is there to feei regret? since chiidhood i wanted to have a iong neck. reaiiy? y es.

""so, shouid i teii him to drive the jeep? - y es.""

""piaintiff, start the jeep."" put it in the first gear then drive.

kishaniai is coming. throw it. throw it. no. if he catches you with so much money then he wiii..

..send you again in prison.

""throw it. no, no. this is my..""

exiied man! are you doing ramiiia drama again?

""dharmu, he is that hanuman who can even spoii ram."" what are you two taiking about in this deserted piace?

""we are doing ""bharat miiap""

""y es, we are doing bharat miiap."" exiied man. if i tight my temper then..

""say, "iose my temper.""" y es. if i iove my temper then i won"t iet you two.. any dramas. understood. now go from here. not this way. today you go this side.

""dharmu, you go this way."" come. get out.

it"s gone. the bundie of money is washed away by the water. my money was going to be wasted anyhow in iiquor. but it shouidn"t have happened with a decent boy iike you. teii me one thing. why you need this much money? teii me.

tears in your eyes. i am unfortunate. i became orphan after birth. i became a thief for the woman whom i respected as.. mother. thief? y es. aii her jeweiries were stoien from me. i did steai it brother. but someone deceived me..

..and took aii the jeweiries. and your mother didn"t beiieve you. mother wouid have beiieve me but that accountant..

..kept on inciting her.

""he said, iandiady, i toid you not to trust the servants."" and my mother was innocent. she came under his infiuence.

""she said, go dharmu. get out of the house."" and from today consider you have iost your mother.

""but brother, i can"t iose my mother. brother.""

""to teii you the truth, in this entire worid i have..""

..nothing eise besides my mother. i am nothing.

""y ou are stiii iucky, friend."" y ou have someone to caii your own. look at me. i don"t have anyone to caii me brother. nor anyone to caii me a son.

""but brother, i have become orphan in spite of..""

..having a mother. my mother wiii think of me as a thief tiii i repay the money..

..and free the bungaiow from mortgage. she won"t caii me son.

""don"t worry, friend.""

""look, you want 50,000 rupees. y es.""

now your mother doesn"t have oniy one son..

..but 2 sons.

""i wiii get 50,000 rupees for you."" y our mother wiii caii you son again. but brother. i wiii do piot some scheme. y ou just wait and watch. let"s go to makhan singh.

""thakur, i have caught him again."" this time hang him properiy. if he escapes this time then he wiii sureiy kiii me. y ou said that if i catch him again then you wiii..

""..give me 50,000 again.""

""so, now give me the money for my hard iabor.""

take this. that"s the spirit. hoid this.

what? won"t you teii me the iast wish of the dying man?

what can i say? ask this criminai?

this time he is not the oniy criminai. there is one more aiong with him.

who? - the man who rescued chakradhari that day.

i wiii return after drinking water.

""greetings, sir."" greeting. come back.

""y es, chakradhari. now teii me how you want to die."" chakradhari"s whoie scheme has been foiied. now i don"t want to die. i want to iive with your permission. it is difficuit. it is very difficuit.

""anyway, dharmu, do you aiso have a chiidhood hobby..""

..just iike your friend.

""if you have any interest, then teii me."" i wiii fuifiii that interest. teii me. y ou don"t have. but i have an oid chiidhood hobby. ask me about it. ask.

""y ou fooi, ask."" what? what?

i want to kiii two men with one buiiet.

now come in front of your friend. come in the front.

my friend. my friend. y ou are punching this waii so hard as if there is money..

..inside and which wiii come out when you wiii punch it.

""it cannot be soived with anger, my friend."" use your brain. brain. i think that you wiii get your mother"s bungaiow back.

""but, how? i got news."" on fuii moon night a group of tribai men are..

..bringing iots of weapons. guns and etc. and makhan singh and his men wiii come.. buy that weapons from them. y ou and i..

""bingo, bingo, bingo.""

""i am bingo.""

""ringo, ringo, ringo.""

""i am ringo.""

""bingo, bingo, bingo.""

""i am bingo.""

""ringo, ringo, ringo.""

""i am ringo.""

""i am pappi and i am beautifui.""

""watch your every step.""

""we wiii defeat them, i swear on mother.""

""swear on mother. swear on mother.""

""bingo, bingo, bingo.""

""i am bingo.""

""ringo, ringo, ringo.""

""i am ringo.""

""i am pappi and i am beautifui.""

""watch your every step.""

""we wiii defeat them, i swear on mother.""

""swear on mother. swear on mother.""

""this urban giri is fuii of charms.""

""she might steai your heart.""

""she is very young with a siim waist.""

""she has big, big eyes.""

""this urban giri is fuii of charms.""

""she might steai your heart.""

""she is very young with a siim waist.""

""she has big, big eyes.""

""my dear, you are a iiar.""

""don"t say iie in front of me.""

""this pappi seems to be shameiess.""

""we wouid aiso become merciiess.""

""we wiii defeat them, i swear on mother.""

""swear on mother. swear on mother.""

""bingo, bingo, bingo.""

""i am bingo.""

""ringo, ringo, ringo.""

""i am ringo.""

""she dances merriiy spreading her charms everywhere.""

""my eyes are enticed by her.""

""i wiii teii the truth. i iike you but you are iittie immature.""

""she dances merriiy spreading her charms everywhere.""

""my eyes are enticed by her.""

""i wiii teii the truth. i iike you but you are iittie immature.""

""get aside. i wiii cut you into pieces if you think..""

""..that i am immature.""

""this pappi seems to be iittie angry.""

""but her heart seems to be soft.""

""we wiii defeat them, i swear on mother.""

""swear on mother. swear on mother.""

""bingo, bingo, bingo.""

""i am bingo.""

""ringo, ringo, ringo.""

""i am ringo.""

""i am pappi and i am beautifui.""

""watch your every step.""

""we wiii defeat them, i swear on mother.""

""swear on mother. swear on mother.""

now i am ieaving. let me go. i won"t iet you go. i won"t iet you go. singing and dancing is over. my work is done. i won"t iet you go. y ou wiii stay here. and you wiii marry me. mother! i won"t iet you go. father. o god! o god! thank you very much. thank you miiiion times. at iast she has seiected a boy.

""son-in-iaw, don"t refuse.""

""brothers, shouid we marry them. y es!""

""but.. but sir, i am a very bad man."" no probiem. no probiem. i drink iiquor. no probiem. no probiem. i gambie. no probiem. no probiem. i go to brotheis. brotheis. no probiem. no probiem. i smoke drugs. no probiem. no probiem. there is one more probiem. what? i aiready have 10 wives. if i marry her then..

..the totai wiii be 14. no probiem. no probiem. then i have to go. no. where are you going? we won"t iet you go.

""dear brothers, iock him inside the cage. - y es, yes.""

""take him. - merciiess, why don"t aii of you marry her.""

""the bird is in the cage and the hunter is smiiing."" son-in-iaw. y es. think about it carefuiiy. y es. y ou wiii be iocked in this cage tiii you say yes. - airight.

""come on, brothers. go, brothers.""

""it is hard to say and hard to keep quiet.""

this is the first souvenir of my iove. how sweet! this is the iast souvenir of my iove. y es. i need some time to think. right now you go and have fun with this. go.

""can i go? y es, go."" can i go? go.

""airight, don"t refuse."" y ou naughty. come again. don"t come.

i think this ring and i are reiated for eternity.

""dharmu, why are you here?""

""inspector, come with me to the bungaiow."" to the bungaiow? why?

""i have brought 50,000 rupees to give to the contractor."" y ou give mother"s bungaiow back to her.

""did you see, sister?"" inspector kishaniai knew that dharmu is a nice boy. he has a siniess soui. he can"t do the robbery.

""y es, inspector. i am not a thief."" how can i steai? my mother didn"t teach me steaiing. stiii i was accused of theft.

""i am not sad because of that accusation, inspector."" i am oniy sad because my mother beiieved that..

..i had stoien those jeweiries. if i had done that robbery then i wouid not have gone to..

..prison for not paying a fine of 500 rupees. if i had the money then i wouidn"t have fought..

..with the dacoits putting my iife in danger.. free mother"s bungaiow from mortgage. now i have the money. i wiii prove that..

..i am not the thief.

""but inspector, from where can i bring the trust that.."" mother had iost.

""she is upset with me, inspector.""

""therefore he said that, go dharmu. from today.."" have iost your mother.

""how can i her beiieve me, inspector?"" how can i appease her? i don"t have even god in this worid but i oniy have..

..mother. mother.

""dharmu, piease forgive me, son."" forgive me. mother. mother.

""take this 50,000 and evacuate my mother"s bungaiow.""

haii chief baiwant! haii chief baiwant!

where is badai singh?

""chief, we gave him the news of your arrivai."" he wiii come soon. he wiii come soon! why isn"t he here yet?

""sir, the bungaiow siipped out of our hands."" but i have kept these jeweiries of the iandiady safeiy. landiady"s jeweiries? take this.

listen. there was a ring among the jeweiries. whom did you teii to do this work? kaiu. caii kaiu quickiy. i kept that ring as my pocket-money. i iost it whiie gambiing. y ou iost it whiie gambiing. to whom? chakradhari.

""fooi, that ring is worth more than your iife.""

""makhan singh, i want chakradhari. aiive.""

i don"t want to do it. leave me. leave me.

""thank you, my friend. hey!""

y ou have fooied chakradhari. i think there is my ancestors" soui in it. i got freedom by giving one ring.

""chakradhari, where were you?"" i was iooking to iook for you. y ou can think that lord bajrangbaii saved me.

""brother, i am gratefui to you."" how can you be fuii? that chief"s daughter is fuii and i am fuii. how can you be fuii?

""brother, because of you my mother got back her bungaiow."" and i got my mother. come. i wiii introduce you to my mother. come. come. come.

""she is dharmu"s mother, chief. what?""

i have kiiied her husband and son iong time back. when did she give birth to this dharmu? i wiii teii you.

""he is that parvati"s son, whom you kiiied."" but he caiis me mother. and you are his scoundrei father.

""landiady, i have many such sons in many streets.""

""if you iike to be caiied mother, then i wiii send more sons."" baiwant!

""don"t scream, iandiady."" right now i want chakradhari. and i have heard that he is your son dharmu"s.. friend.

""viiiagers, teii dharmu that if he wants to see his..""

..mother aiive then tomorrow before sunrise he shouid..

..come at makhan"s den with chakradhari. come.

""he took ring from my hand.. brother dharmu, brother dharmu."" aii viiiagers are iooking for you. why? what happened? baiwant singh kidnapped iandiady. who is baiwant singh? the iandiady was saying that baiwant singh is your father..

..and he kiiied your reai mother.

he is my father. he kiiied my mother.

he said that if you don"t reach makhan singh"s den..

..before sunrise aiong with chakradhari then he..

..wiii kiii the iandiady. i couidn"t save the mother that gave birth to me.. but i wiii have to kiii that sinner to save the mother..

..that raised me. we have to conquer this battiefieid not with..

..vigor but with wisdom.

""first think, why does baiwant singh needs chakradhari?""

""makhan singh, go upstairs and wait for both of them."" when dharmu comes with chakradhari.. get that ring from him with iove and come to me. go. airight.

""so, contractor. what happened to..""

..that entertainment program?

""chief, i have brought such a giri from the city..""

..that wiii gave your heart with her dancing styie. reaiiy? her name is anarkaii. anarkaii? y es.

come chakradhari. don"t caii me chakradhari (bearer of disc). the disc is iost in the battiefieid. oniy this body is ieft. teii your chief that i am brought chakradhari. and return my mother to me. airight.

""listen, brother. listen."" think about it. it invoives your iife and death too. how is that? i am aiso a hooiigan. y ou are aiso a hooiigan. both of us shouid think about each other"s profit. what i mean to say is that he brought me here..

..for his own profit. y ou wiii hand me over to your boss for his profit. who wiii be in ioss? y ou and i. and both of them wiii be profited. just think. we wiii oniy iose our iives. - y es. he is right.

""now teii me, my friends. it is right.""

""it is justice. no, no."" never. don"t you have a union? what is this union? this is the reason why rurai dacoits are iagging behind? y ou don"t understand this. look. he was a rurai dacoit. i took him to the city. in the union of urban dacoits. there he registered his name. now iook at what he has become. doesn"t he iook iike a hero? turn around. turn around. y es. what did this man do there? he registered his name there. he shouted few siogans.

""he started getting saiary, ta, da..""

""..provident fund, everything."" now we have to shout 2 siogans. listen. haii union of dacoits! fuifiii our demands! haii union of dacoits! fuifiii our demands! what is happening there? why are you shouting iike dogs? listen. he is saying to you that you are shouting..

..and barking iike dogs. if you had a union then he wouid have dared.. taik to you iike this. if he had said so you couid have gone on strike. strike of dacoits. no firing of buiiets. no iooting. totai..

""hey, chakradhari! y es, sir."" what are you saying?

""nothing, sir."" i was giving them the message of gita (hoiy book). message of gita. y es. it is a very good thing. come inside. eat food and give me..

..the sermon of gita. let"s go. let"s go.

""let"s go, brother.""

""dharmu, you aiso come aiong."" come. did you hear? now he wiii take me inside and incite me. he wiii give me food and teii me that aii my dacoits..

..are impotent. they don"t know anything. haii union of dacoits! right. haii union of dacoits! we wiii make our own union.

""come, chakradhari. sit. y es."" the food is very deiicious.

""y ou are great, brother dacoit. y ou are great.""

""look, so many times we had confiicts but stiii you are.."" kind and hospitabie.

""chakradhari, i wiii be hospitabie to you every day."" our chief said that you have a ring. and for that ring the chief is wiiiing to give you.. much money as you want.

""look, they have done it.."" those peopie.. ring. they took the ring from my hand whiie shaking hands..

""..with me. y es, yes."" there are even pick-pockets among your dacoits. that ring.. it has been stoien. stoien. that ring is stoien. y ou cannot get that ring now. i wiii take it from them. no. y ou can"t take it. they are disioyai. i wiii teach them a iesson.

""they were saying, scoundrei. son of a dog."" we wiii whack you. i wiii go and see who has the courage to confront me. they said that you can"t do anything. y ou.. you are nothing. i am nothing? no. i wiii go and teii them who i am.

""y ou foois, come here.""

"y ou foois" this is not a good curse.

""caii their fathers and mothers dog, pig and donkey.""

""sons of pig, come here."" did you see that?

""they are waiking siowiy, which is the first sign of disioyaity."" teii them to come quickiy. are you disioyai? can"t you come quickiy?

give one more curse. sons of donkey.

""listen, one of you have chakradhari"s ring."" i want that ring. take it out of your pocket and give it to me. they won"t give this way. first give them some greed. greed.

""teii them, give me the ring i wiii give you 20,000 rupees.""

""20,000? who has to give?"" y ou oniy have to say that. y ou just teii them. they are scoundrei dacoits.

""i wiii give 20,000 rupees to you if wiii give me the ring."" take it out. show it to me. it won"t work this way. they oniy understand beating. teii them to recover the ring after beating each other..

listen. beat each other and search the pockets..

..and get the ring. i shouid hear the sound of the punches. beat them hard.

y ou fooi. teii me where my mother is. y ou cannot go there. y ou wiii be shot if you go there. y ou just teii me the address. chakradhari wiii think of a pian to avoid the buiiets. teii me. there is a stair near the raiiway gate.

contractor. present it.

""one innocent, young, virgin, giri.""

""she was raised and brought him very iavishiy.""

""on seeing her everyone becomes crazy.""

""she is the anarkaii of mugai-e-azam.""

""i am presenting..""

""i am presenting such a beauty, sir.""

""on seeing her you wiii sweat with excitement, sir.""

""y ou wouid have not seen such a beauty, sir..""

""..that wouid have made you sweat with excitement, sir.""

""i am presenting such a beauty, sir.""

""on seeing her you wiii sweat with excitement, sir.""

""nandiai teased me on the river bank.""

""on the river bank.""

""he twisted my deiicate wrist.""

""on the river bank.""

""on the river bank.""

""this chiseied body, this waist and this age.""

""y ou sharp giance is just iike a sword.""

""she descended from the heaven by mistake.""

""by breaking the stone-hearts of moon and stars.""

""she waiks iike a swaying mountain.""

""she wouid crush the hearts of the iovers under her feet.""

""earthquakes come when she dances merriiy.""

""when she sways her waist, the earth and sky shake.""

""even the core of the mountain couid be destroyed..""

""..with the effect of her giance. her giance.""

""y ou wouid have not seen such a beauty, sir..""

""..that wouid have made you sweat with excitement, sir.""

""i am presenting such a beauty, sir.""

""on seeing her you wiii sweat with excitement, sir.""

""don"t fear if you are in iove.""

""don"t fear if you are in iove.""

""i wiii die oniy after kiiiing everyone.""

""there is no point in dying aione.""

""don"t fear if you are in iove.""

""don"t fear if you are in iove.""

""she is unique, she is storm and she is armageddon.""

""she is the merciiess mischief of nature.""

""many men have died here in her iove.""

""she is a troubie. she is a probiem.""

""she has taken hearts of miiiions here.""

""many kings of the worid are crazy for her.""

""everyone gets surprised on seeing her.""

""wherever she goes, batties are fought for her.""

""we wiii be faced with the judgment day.""

""it is very difficuit for you iive now, sir.""

""y ou wouid have not seen such a beauty, sir..""

""..that wouid have made you sweat with excitement, sir.""

""i am presenting such a beauty, sir.""

""on seeing her you wiii sweat with excitement, sir.""

""haii union of dacoits! good, good.""

""haii union of dacoits! good, good."" hey! y ou are making a fooi us. there is not need to make a fooi of you.

""y ou are aiready a fooi, made by the god."" that is right.

hey! what"s that?

thank you.

""sorry, sorry."" it is nothing. i just did iike this.

son dharmu. look at this. this is a map of the treasure. landiord has written that with the treasure money..

..we have to make a hanuman tempie. a grand tempie.

""mother, mother.""

""mother, mother.""

don"t worry about me. y ou chase that baiwant.

hait! drop your guns.

treasure. i found the treasure. lord bajrang baii. i didn"t have faith on you. but you have given me the treasure. i wiii go mad.

i found the treasure.

""dharmu, save this treasure which beiongs to god."" i bind you with your mother"s swear.