Maanagaram (2017) Script

Okay. Once you get selected... you'll have to work in flexible timings. Okay.

Mostly at nights. Sure.

So that's it. We've come to an end.

Final question.

Why BPO?

Is this your ambition?

Or did you choose this as you didn't get any other job?

Do you want me to increase the temperature?

No. It's ok.

Fine. Continue.

To be honest...

I don't like to even leave my native.

Life is peaceful even if the salary is low.

It's not the same here.

Everything is in a hurry here.

I had enough in finding this office location.

I roamed a lot!

Sorry! I was rushing...

It's ok. Go on.

But the people around...

People around don't respect if we work in our own native.

It's a different stature to work in an AC room, with 25k salary in Chennai city.

So I came here to do the same which keeps everyone happy!

When you tell me an answer like this in the final round, how do I trust you with the job?

Twenty six thousand.

How many times ever you see it's the same number!



Will they put us in the same team or different ones?

How does that even matter when you both are going to work like slaves?

Then why did you attend the interview?

So the grapes are sour when you didn't make it through.

He is already depressed of not getting the job.

Your order please.

First clean the table.

Do you have a drink that the cops will not be able to sniff out?

Yes we do have. It costs ₹4000. Shall I get it?

₹4000? Woah!

No thanks.

The fine for drunken drive is only ₹3000.

Do one thing.

Bring a full of the drink that costs ₹150 for a quarter.

I will pay you all but I don't drink.

What are you saying?

You don't drink?

Am a jobless guy and I drink.

Have a little.

This is the respect you pay for the job.

Please don't mistake me. I don't know where to go.

This is my first visit to Madras.

I came here trusting my friend, Ramki.

He works for the Northern Post.

He said that he would pick me up after the interview.

Now he is not attending my calls.


When do we have to submit the original certificates?

Stop making a big fuss of your job!

Put it aside.

I am trying hard to 'conceive' him to drink.

That is 'convince'.

We will have to submit the originals tomorrow.

I have them ready.

You call me tomorrow morning when you go.

We will go together and submit them.

First check if your friend is picking your call.

Or else come to my place just for today.

Why do you have to trouble yourself for me?

That's ok.

He will come.


I lost my wallet.

Can you help me with ₹20 to travel to my native?

You seem to be doing the same thing always.

No sir. Hello. Put it aside.

Get lost from here.

Don't make me lose my temper. Go now.

Look at his face.

Such a sick guy!

Do you know who he is?

He gets money from everyone and gathers enough for his drink.

Why do you give him cash so soon?

Here is your drink and chips.

How do I know?

He looked very innocent.

I will show you hundreds like him.

He doesn't seem to be knowing about our city.

That's why he is keen on helping.

You will get to know soon.

You called us saying that you had some issue.

It is said that one would puke if they drink alone!

Shut up!

Just listen to him when he drops the bottle.

He will say that he followed her until the gates.

I asked you to keep quiet.

Just like the hero in movies, you just want to be jobless.

You think stalking is going to help you win my heart?

We are not in college anymore to...

Do you realise that people who studied with you have reached great heights?

Look here.

I declined when you proposed during our college days itself.

How much more can I be patient?

How dare you follow me to office?

Didn't I tell you earlier?

The longer you stay, I'll be in trouble.

First leave from here.

Just a moment.

So, should I decide on my life looking at how others are?

Can we just talk only about me?

Don't show off too much because I am approaching you.

Pooja I don't have time for all this.

If he comes here again, I will have to complain.

Look here.

I'm asking you for the last time.

Tell me if my joblessness is your only concern.

I can start going for a job tomorrow.

Take a look there.

Just take a look.

There is a lot of difference between the one who really wants a job and the one who doesn't.

Try getting a job if you think it is easy.

I did warn you that she is a pain!

She would torture to study and find a job!

You could've at least tried for Gomathi instead of her!

I said that for your own good.

She would just not ask you anything!

You guys studied together isn't it?

Now she is an HR.

Can't she get you a job in her office quite easily?

Is it impossible?

Of course she can.

It would be good. I can meet her everyday.

But she would not do that.

She will never do that!

I am reiterating what I told you earlier.

Job is not an issue at all.

We can somehow get it.

I am more scared of those guys.

Keep her informed about them.

She will at least be alert.

What are you all scared of?

Ask him. He will tell you.

What is it?

Half an hour after she argued with me...

Pooja called me.

She said that they were at the canteen and asked me to come.

So brother?

The girl is gorgeous isn't it?

I've been seeing you quite often here.

Just wanted to get to know the reason of your visits.

You look handsome.

You might win her heart.

Then what about me?

You can come.

You can keep ogling at her.

You can even stay here.

We are not bothered about all that.

Until she starts to respond to you.

He was trying for this girl.

She starting seeing someone else.

He spoiled her looks by throwing acid.

He was the one who did it.

If I can go to that extent for someone else's issue, think about what I would do for my own.

I am the one following her in the bus everyday.

If she starts looking at you.

I will disfigure her face.

Can you be along with her every minute?

All I need is 2 mins.

Do you dare me?

If it was mutual between them then it is fine.

Why did you have to add on to your troubles unnecessarily?


My arm!

Is it burning?

Why do you shout for such a small burn?

They have burnt a girl's face with acid.

Make the call fast.

They would be alerted if they see us.

Isn't it this wine shop?

Yeah. He said this one.


Be ready.

We are waiting outside the shop.

You come out first.

Can't you ask your friends in your locality to beat them up?

Shut up. Why do you aggravate him?

First she has to agree to you.

Hey! I know what to do to them.

First give me some ideas to clear the interview tomorrow.

Why don't you beat them up?

You said that you've thrown acid and all.

Yes. I've done it.

We can flex our muscle to women without a thought.

These are guys.

We need to be cautious.

Why don't you call Gomathi for one last time?

Shut up. Relax.

Lets booze and take interview classes for him.

Brother... One more quarter to this table.

The quarter alone will do.

He is not the waiter. He looks like a customer.

Sorry sir! I thought it was the waiter.


That's ok.

You carry on.


I have been searching for you and you are seated here!

Have you shifted completely here?

No. It's just for a few years.

My son is being treated here.

I will have to make a living here until that is completed.

Hope the vehicle will be ready, isn't it?

All that is fine and sorted. You also signed the papers, isn't it?

Don't tell anyone that you are new here.

I've informed that you know all the routes. Ok.

What is the treatment your son is undergoing?

Err.. That is... Wheezing or something...

It is something with breathing problems... Asthma...

Is there any problem?

No no. There is no problem.

I called you to tell you about the people from whom I got you the vehicle.

Tell me.

It's not like how we work in our native.

These people are a little wicked.

Have you heard of P.K.P?

As far as this city goes he is the kingpin.

But then don't judge him to be a great person.

Because if required he be real cheap!

He can control the government officials with ease.

If anyone dares to oppose him, that is the end.

He would kidnap their family members.

Then everything else will fall in place for him.

To make it simple, he monetizes the parent child relationship.

You are going to work with them. So be a little cautious.

Do you remember the one who opened the gates for you?

Everyone there including him have at least murdered some 4 people to be there.

Did you notice the one who was silent in the whole gang?

He is the one.

If you don't pay your dues... or get some scratches on the vehicle.

He will be the one who will come before you.

He never talks. He only whacks!

Don't scare me!

It depends on how we look at them.

I am going to just take their vehicle and drive.

Even if I don't get rides, I will somehow pay my dues on time.

Then what?

Why I am telling you all this is...

Even if there is a scratch on the vehicle...

I will get it repaired and then inform them.

What's the... It's not about all that.

It's me who has got you the vehicle.

First they will come to me if there is any issue.

Don't worry about all that.

Nothing of that sort will happen.

I've told you whatever I have to. You take care.

Where are you leaving to?

You are done, isn't it?

I want another quarter.

One more. Yes.

Go on and order.

Bro... A quarter here.

They have got their cheque. Get up.


He will come out now.

Others who came along with him will leave on their bikes.

His house is nearby.

He will have to cross your vehicle.

Don't miss him.

He should be bed ridden for a week.

He will sense something if he sees me here.

Finish and let me know. I am leaving.

Tell me some identification.

Red checked shirt.

Leave now.

Check if he is the one.

This is saffron color.

This is not red.

Saffron, beetroot, rose milk, all of it is red in color.

Didn't he tell you that it was red shirt?

Not this guy.

Chuck it. He is going the other side.

I had informed you, isn't it... A brilliant...

I don't now how to put it...

He is a brilliant.

He asks if he can join us for work.

Shall I ask him to come for interview tomorrow?

Am I running a software business to conduct interviews?

Ask him to come in the morning.

We will give him some task.

We will decide after that.


Red color shirt. He is stepping out of the wine shop.

This the one. It's checked as well.

Try to understand. My shift is not over yet.

Our room is in Kodungaiyur. That is north Madras.


He is coming near us.

There is an auto coming. Stop it right now.

Auto! Auto!


Brother... Kodungaiyur!

Let it look like a robbery.

Nobody is even stopping.

Come somehow.

How do you expect me to come?

Just find an auto rickshaw and come.

There is none here. Ok check for a cab then.

I think its a share auto.

Hold on. I will give the phone to them.

Can you tell them the route?

Stay on the line.

I am not throwing up. I am cleaning my stomach.

Why are you...

They are hitting some guy on the road.

Drunkards! Wait.

Enough of the problems you have. You come now.

Start the vehicle. Let's drop him home.

Please. No!

Just leave this bag alone.

There is nothing in this.

Don't you dare show me your strength!

♪ The night is on the hunt. ♪

♪ It's preying on the lives out there. ♪ TITLE: MAANAGARAM [THE CITY] ♪ With million eyes ♪

♪ It glitters on the street, so bright! ♪

♪ Chased by the sleepless nights... ♪

♪ It haunts us like the rope of death. ♪

♪ This is 'THE' City. The multifaceted CITY. ♪

♪ The pitch dark night... ♪

♪ Where the risky games plays so bright... ♪

♪ Sweet smell of money is 'THE' delight. ♪

♪ The night is on the hunt. ♪

♪ It's preying on the lives out there. ♪

♪ The night with the million eyes... ♪

♪ Glitters on the streets, so bright. ♪

♪ The dusk that kick starts the bright night... ♪

♪ Shows new colors and makes you high! ♪

♪ The dawn that begins with the secrets of the night... ♪

♪ unlocks brain and reveals the gone night. ♪

♪ Is this City a heaven or hell? ♪

♪ One day, all it has for you is sorrow; The next day it gives you happiness. ♪

♪ Will the darkness continue or will the City see the light? ♪

♪ Originates somewhere and unites everywhere; The city roads out there. ♪

♪ A virtual gathering of all natives; That's 'The' City for you. ♪

♪ The night is on the hunt. ♪

♪ It's preying on the lives out there. ♪

♪ The night with the million eyes... ♪

♪ Glitters on the streets, so bright. ♪

♪ Greeting dear listeners. ♪ You are listening to Radio city 91.1 FM.

Today we are celebrating 'Madras Day!'

And so the the topic of our discussion will be about Madras (Now Chennai)

A survey on the safest city was conducted having 230 cities of the world.

It's great to know that our city Chennai is ranked at 113 in the world and 1st in India!

Wow! Awesome! Just imagine that Chennai is THE safe city in the nation, isn't it Swag?

Chennai being the safest city has made us all proud.

Just like how our elders have taught us not to forget the help we received...

On this Madras Day let's thank everyone who helped us in this city of Chennai.

From the frustrated to those dejected in life...

Chennai welcomes them all.

It gives them hope, opportunities, friends, experiences, dreams and helps them progress.

A big thanks to our very own Chennai!

There's lot more to come but before that let's hear a song. This is Radio city 91.1 FM.

Tea or coffee?

Do you have one rupee coin?

The shopkeeper had called.

He has packed the provisions I had ordered.

You pick it up... and buy the items in this list too.

You keep the change.

Why are you wearing this shirt?

Take it off and wear a t-shirt.

You look good in that. Mom!

Do you know where I am going?

Am going for an interview.

I don't care.

Get me all the items in this list and then you go.

Don't irritate mom!

That man is idle, isn't it?

Ask him to get it.

Come on now!

Who is going to let you inside the office if you go with a beard?

He is lying to you.

Ask him to go.

Ask him shave his beard and come along with me.

Let's see if they give him a job.

Ask him to shut up.


Stop. Listen to me!

If both of you tussle like this then who is gonna go buy the provisions?

Wait and watch what happens when you return home for food!


Prasadham (Sacred Ash)

They called me to take the vehicle.



Is it for travels company or IT company?

It's for an IT company.

Info Tech.

Go on and write.



Hey! Get up.

This is the guy whom I informed about.

You have told him about the task, isn't it?

Yeah, yeah. He informed.

I will do it without any flaws!

Not only in Pondy! This Winning's name should be famous in Andaman too!

That is my ambition.

Is it fine?

This is the snake, snail and chalk.

This is the note.

And this is the book.

Keep in your mind. If the cops chase you, our name is Govinda.

If the enemies chase us, then our name is Perumal.

Now watch me.

If the cops chase us, our name is Govinda.

If our enemies chase us, then our name is Perumal.

That's all right.

Why would they chase us?

I just asked.


Will he do it correctly?


Biting dogs seldom bark!



Let him get caught and die if he doesn't do the work properly.

Give me a cigarette.

What brand?

Is it samosa?

Eat it, you will know.

What is the problem?

Looks like they have bashed you up!

Do we need all this?

You should've come directly to the room after the interview.

Didn't I inform you the area where I was last night?

I didn't turn up all night.

Did you even bother looking for me?

There are 25 wine shops that I know in Velachery.

At least 4 people are drunk and lie down near each shop.

Are you asking me to look at each of their faces to find out if it is you?

Despite being a difficult task I did search for you all night.

Yeah. I can make out.

I can make out from the way you are dressed up that you would've searched all night.

Fine. Leave it.

What should we do about this now?

They have been calling me one after the other.

Did you talk to them?

I didn't attend any of their calls.

Don't attend hereafter.

I have to submit my original certificates in my office by 11 am.

All my originals are in that bag.

Can we lodge a police complaint?

Police is simply waste.

Go to your office and inform them.

Let's see what they've to say.

We will then go to the police station.

What are you thinking? Leave.

If I complete the two marks in 15 minutes then the next is aptitude.

Hey memorize this.

Whatever they ask you just answer from this. They will be confused.

If there are 50 aptitude questions mark everything as A. I cleared this way only.

I am talking to you instead of going for my work.

Tell me. I am listening.

How much will I tell him?

Stop fidgeting with the phone and give him some idea.

Are you not going for a job?

There is a new Sunny Leone video.

Do you want to watch? Its amazing!

You are asking him to advice?

Tell him some ways to succeed.

Shut up. Will he get selected if we give ideas at the last minute?

You will get selected.

But that company will...

The bus is here.

Go. Get in. It's not crowded.

He will drop you at the office entrance. No. Not in this one.

I'll take the next one.

You didn't take your bike.

I said that I'll drop you but you wanted to take the bus.

Yet you are avoiding the less crowded bus.

Tell me what are you up to?

A friend of mine is also going for the interview.

I thought of going along with him in the bus.

Who is that friend of yours who goes for interviews?

Ok ok ok.

Tell us frankly that she is coming in the bus.

Let me see... who that friend is.


The car is amazing dad.

The AC is very chill.

This is our car, isn't it?


So if I fall sick again we can rush to the hospital in this car itself. Right?

Haven't I told you not to say such things?

Nothing of that sort will happen.

The car is wonderful.


You could've put a sticker with our children's names on the glass.

This is a rented vehicle.

You get down from the car.

You might just spoil my job!

Whose bag is this?


Did someone who hired the car leave this?

Can you check what this is?

I don't know what this is.

Stop wiping it! Who knows what stain is that!?

Just throw it away.

This is somebody's rank card, like the one that I used to get.


What do we do with this?

You get him ready. We will go to the temple.

Come on now.

You have been playing all day without bathing!

Tell me. What is it?

Was there any cash inside?

I told you about those guys last night.

If you are going to keep helping somebody, no one will be there to help you in the end.

Did you come to this city to help?

Throw that bag away and start with your work.

Yes sir.

I've got a ride. I'll call you later.

I've informed him everything.

He is not able to pronounce the father's name.

Don't pull words out of my mouth!

How many times should I tell you?

The boy's name is Karthi.

His father's name is Chinnamalai.

What more does he need?

Make it fast.

His father's name is Chinnamalai.


The boy's details are in here.

Hope you remember what I told?

Yeah, yeah. Very much.

Any picture?

We just have the details. We didn't get the photo separately.

Forget about a separate photo... don't you all at least have a group photo?

He looked street smart in way.

Give me ten ₹1 chocolates.

He will do it.

You just watch out.

He will do it.

7... 8... 9... 10 How much is it?

Good Morning.

Greetings Watchman.


I'm sure he is not going for the interview.

True that!


Cut the call.

Give it.

Hello sir... Sir friend... Sir...

My manager wants me at the office now.

Get up.

Students, close your notebooks.


Karthick's father is ill.

I was sent to pick him up.

And you are?

I am the driver.



How many of them are there!!

I have Dengue.

And he has malaria.

He has some acute issues. Don't know what it is yet.

We're taking him to the hospital. If we leave him you'll be infected. Is that fine?

I got an extra one.

Which Karthik is it? I need to start with the class.

It's getting late.

I don't know if the code is Govinda or Perumal if I run now!



It's my father who has been ill from morning.

This person?

He is a driver in our house.

Yes. Driver.

Ok. You leave.

Thanks miss!

Inform in the office before you go. Ok miss.

Come come.

Your father's name is Chinnamalai, isn't it?

Yes. Let's go now.

How dare you leave when am asking? Do you know who I am?

Just come!

Come now!

Sorry sorry! Please don't get mad!

Can't you catch the bus from the bus stop? Is this this the way you catch the bus?

Go and get into the bus.

Go now. Why are you staring at me?

Call me once you are there.

Pass it!

Pass this please.

What are you looking at? Please pass it.

You pour acid on women if they hate you, is it?

You take women for granted!

Hold him tight.

Let me see how you are doing it henceforth!

They are fleeing after doing something in the bus.

Don't stop the vehicle. Drive it straight to the police station.

What's your name bro?

Where did you get him from?

My name is not bro. I'm Winnings.

Ok bro. Thanks.

I will go on my own from here.

Come near the car. Otherwise they won't believe me.


Hey, don't you have any brains?

He works like an idiot. Stupid!

Wonder from where such idiots turn up!

Why are you getting mad?

It's little late. So what?

Everyone in his school today were wearing the same attire!

What do you expect me to do?

Get the boy in the vehicle first.

You know how hard it was...

Get lost...

Ok bro. See you!

Will you take your hand or should I call my dad?

My reply is the same how many ever times you ask.

One of those who escaped, gave him that bottle.

And he passed it on to another guy.

I didn't want this guy to escape.

Hence I diverted the bus to the police station.

Sir, he is blabbering.

I don't know who they are.

Mind your words!

I'm a senior reporter in a news channel.

I've power to keep you behind the bars.

Look at his guts!

Sir. Everyone come on back me here.

Where are you from?

Sir why am I being investigated?

Answer me or I'll thrash you.

I'm from Trichy.

Why do you guys migrate here and give us a headache?

Take him in.

Sir I didn't do anything.

I said take him.

Move. Sir.

Sir, people along with him were wearing a green mask.


Can't you understand? I can't sell you medicines without prescription.

Now leave. If you want medicine, go get a prescription.

Hello. Where are you?

At the pharmacy.

What are you doing there?

Do you want to get caught and be in prison for 7-8 years?


I got into almost 15 pharmacies.

None of them are selling without prescription. They are abusing.

If so, go home, get high and rest.

Don't roam outside.

If I come to know that you stepped out again, I'll break your face. Now hang up!


I won't roam around.

Now hang up.

It's time. Call up his father and talk.

Reduce the volume!

Ask him to settle Annachi's amount and retrieve his son.

Hey, give me that mobile.

That one.

The fellow whom we busted up last night.

His mobile.





Look here.

We've abducted your son.

Settle Annach...

How dare you... cut the call?

Got scared is it?

Hang up you doofus!

Your dad doesn't seem to be understanding the seriousness of the issue.


Tell your dad, next time he borrows money he better pay the interest on time.

Hello... Hello daddy.

Listen dear, I'm not your dad.

Handover the phone to that retard.

Listen. What do you want?

How many times do I repeat?

Didn't you get it the first time?

Your son won't return!

By dawn I'll have you his corpse delivered.

My son is with me.

I'm talking about your younger son.

My younger one is a daughter.

If you call me one more time...

I'll trace you down and slap you right on your face.

Listen... find out this boy's parents and return him to them.

Can't you find out from his face?

And you call him a sharp fellow!

Where is that doofus?

Car number 3567... 6869...

Who is heading to Thoraipakkam?

Sir. I'm new here.

Car number 6789 Night shift...

You must here with the car at 9 p.m for the 10 O clock shift. Got it?

Ok sir.

How long will it take to write down the vehicle numbers?

What is it?

Sir, where is the nearest police station?

Listen, give me your license.

They don't inquire about the tenant before renting out the house.

Ramki sir.


Where do you work?

Sir, right nearby at Velacherry.

In a company called Natherland.

There are 1500 employees in our company.

I work in a very high designation there.

The parking lot alone can take up to 200...

Shut up and go sit there.

Show off!

What are you looking at?

Are you fine with this molestation of your daughter coming in the headlines?

Sir come on. Please don't say that.

My daughter is innocent.

I am innocent.

We both know it.

What if the media twists the story?

Imagine your girl's plight?

Sir, what do you want me to do?



Explain him what to do. Ok sir.

Please come.

Come out with me.

Sir why is he suddenly saying so?

Go meet the inspector.


How can I trust your words?

He doesn't have his license, PAN card and his degree certificates.

You are the only one who knows him here.

Moreover he has scar on his face.

I somehow feel that both of you are naxalites.

Sir. You have totally got it wrong.

He met with an accident yesterday.

Hence the scar.

Moreover he just moved to Chennai yesterday.

Only today he came to my room.

So please have some consideration. Moreover...

I'm an I.T professional.

Then I definitely have to doubt you.

Send couple of officers to his office and verify his details.

Sir please no. It'll become an issue in the office then.

I might lose my job. Sir please.

Shut up now.

If your parents had taught you well you would have behaved yourselves.

Else this is what will happen.

Sir, please watch your words.

I'm being cooperative. How dare you?

How dare you point your finger? Put it down.

I'll strip you down.

Let me get my certificates...

I'll shall speak then.

Without investigating what the truth is, you can't judge us.

Don't you teach me to do my job.

Let the victim give his statement, then I'll take care of you.

Officer, come here.

Take them away.

Idiots, don't you know how to speak to a senior officer?

Now move!

I said move!

You too.


How dare you speak to him like that? Move!

Excuse me...

Can I meet the inspector?

Only after the writer arrives. He is late today. Please wait.

We can bribe him and take care of it.

Don't you mess with me.

I hate this job!

Look at him cut the call even before I make it.

I'm telling you guys, I can't go buy food for you.

I joined you because I wanted to be a gangster.

I ironed the shirt so that I could be presentable on the first day of work.

But they spoiled it.

They don't even let me eat peacefully.

So I questioned them.

They give answers but don't tell me what the real problem is.

His name, if I am correct, is V.G.P...

No, not that one.

It's P.K.P...

Looks like someone in his house has gone missing.

So what?

Do you know what they did to me?

They held my collar, like this.

You tell me, do I look like a petty thief?

Err... tell me do I look like a thief?

If P.K.P is famous here then Winning is equally famous but in Pondy!

But one thing... if they catch hold of the kidnapper... then he'll be a dead meat.


So, who is this P.K.P?

Who is that?

Why is he looking at him?

Is it him?

What is your father's name?

P. K. Pandian.

Come on now.

The way he said it...

I was afraid that he was going to say P.K.P.

Sir, when will it be delivered?

Does this look like a speed post, to give you a receipt and time of delivery?

I didn't mean it that way.

Someone had spit paan on it and I had cleaned it.

But the grades look good then why would one spit on it?

This is a degree certificate... so please be careful.

We know our duty very well. Sign and leave.

Thank you very much.

See you sir.

Have the tea.

What about you?

I've ordered. You have.

You look educated.

Why do you mess with the inspector?

He is a strange guy.

If he wants he'll finish off both of your career.

Are you from here?

Sir... not from here but I'm here for the past 5 years.

You've struggled hard to reach here and settle down, why do you drag yourselves into such issues.

Indeed, that is why you came all the way here.

Don't you look at me like that.

I came here long back... and I've never been to the police station.

And you?

Now you handed over him the glass.

What If you are arrested and investigated for doing so?

Sir, I don't know who they are.

He asked me pass the bottle, I passed it.

That's it.

That's what happens here when you help or take help from a stranger.

Once you are away from home, you must be alert.

Sir, my license is back at the station.

It's been 3 months past it's expiry date.

You still won't change. Isn't it?

Come back after a week. We'll see.

Hold this.

What is it?

Sir, wait here. Don't follow until I say you to.

Where are you going?

I just took a medicine.

It's very painful.

I guess the pain will reside only if I drink.

Once cigarette please.

Such a small burn and it pains a lot.

Imagine his plight.

Only I know how much it burns you idiot!

Do you want to try it once?

Hello boss.

Recognize me? We met in the bus today morning.

What are you talking about? I don't know.

You are the one who asked me to pass the bottle.

What are you talking about?

Stupid. Get lost.

Let go of my hands!

Sir, its him. Catch him. Hold this.

Leave him. I said leave.

Leave him.

You leave this place. Go take care of your issue. Go!

Sir, I want to question the inspector for hitting me.

Didn't I explain you? It's better you don't meet him.

So leave!

I said leave!

Now quick, hop on.

Leave me.

This area inspector is my friend's uncle.

Come to station.

This is not our native.

Getting into unwanted issues.

Was he the one who sprayed the acid?

Not him.

It was him who asked me to pass the bottle.

Then who was he?

I don't know.

♪ I don't know why I love you. ♪

♪ There is something about you. ♪

♪ Her looks are killing me. ♪

♪ I'm confused between fantasy and reality. ♪

♪ Her beauty lights me up. ♪

♪ Words can't describe her. ♪

♪ My heart doesn't listen to me anymore... ♪

♪ All I can see is her and only her. ♪

♪ This love is killing me... ♪

♪ Oh I feel like it's a dream, so stop doing this to me. ♪

♪ I feel so light that it makes me fly. ♪

♪ This love is magical, it makes me fly. ♪

♪ This love is killing me... ♪

♪ Oh I feel like it's a dream, so stop doing this to me. ♪

♪ I don't know why I love you. ♪

♪ There is something about you. ♪

♪ Her looks are killing me. ♪

♪ I'm confused between fantasy and reality. ♪

Awesome girl. Isn't it?

Indeed an awesome girl.

♪ My heart keeps wandering around. ♪

♪ I don't know why it's restless. ♪

♪ God knows what happened to my heart. ♪

♪ No matter what I do or how much I control it, ♪

♪ my heart keeps following her. ♪

♪ This love feels like hell... ♪

♪ And yet it is a pleasure for me to be in it. ♪

♪ Nothing else matters but her... ♪

♪ I can feel the seasons around me changing. ♪

♪ Dust or rain, Sleep or pain I can't feel anything. ♪

♪ I'm truly, deeply and madly in love. ♪

♪ I don't know why I love you. ♪

♪ There is something about you. ♪

♪ Her looks are killing me. ♪

♪ I'm confused between fantasy and reality. ♪

♪ Her beauty lights me up. ♪

♪ Words can't describe her. ♪

♪ My heart doesn't listen to me anymore... ♪

♪ All I can see is her and only her. ♪

They asked me to buy you curd rice.

But do you know what I got you...

I got you Egg biriyani.

Here have it.

See there are two eggs in it.

After that, have this candy.

I'll place it here.

Now go ahead. Eat.

Shall I ask you something?

What will you tell at home?

I love curd rice.

Is it?

I have bought that too.

It's a special one with fruits in it.

It'll be delicious.

Here have it.

Have it.

Wow, you look cute when you eat.

What will you tell at home?

Four guys kidnapped me.

And I'll say you were the one who bought me food.

Abducted you?

You too have a hand in this.

When I asked if your dad's name was Chinnamalai you said yes.


I said that to escape from the Math test.

Fine, later after we came out... at least if you had said that your father was a don, I would've escaped Isn't it?

I got it.

Your indeed Chinnamalai's son. Right?

You said the wrong name in hunger right?


What's that?

If your parents had taught you well you would have behaved yourselves. Else this is what will happen.

Don't you dare show me your strength!

I'll strip you down.

So, your shift starts around 10 at night.

And your cab...

Excuse me.


Are you alright?

I don't want this job.


Come on now! What happened?

You just left without even answering me.


Only if you say the problem we can think about a solution.

Why should I tell you?

I don't like it here hence I'm leaving.

Hello, just a moment.

All the formalities are almost done. Even you ID card is ready.

And you quit just like that?

What will I tell my boss?

Tell him...

I left this job as well as the city.

You should have said it yesterday.

Consider that I had said it yesterday.

Now let me go.

You got this job very easily and that is why you don't know it's value.

There are millions out there waiting for a job.

Why are you doing this?

What do you want me to do?

Do you want me to sign an agreement that says I'll work here forever?

Don't I have rights to quit my job?

You do have the rights.

No one refuses that.

But how can you quit without a proper explanation?

I will be the one answerable to the management.

Brother... now come on.

Don't you know how to behave with a girl?

How dare you yell at her?

The problem is between us and I am talking to her.

Who are you?

If it's so, go discuss in private.

So tell me. What's your problem?

Hey... this is none of your business.

You are here for the interview right?

Mind your own business.

I'm telling you for the final time...

If you want this job, attend the first day of training.

If you lose it then...

I haven't signed any agreement that I'll join your company.

Let me go.


Why are you pleading him?

Look there are so many here.

Select one among them.

Yeah listen to him.

Take him in instead of me.

Now what?

Are you doing a charity?

Lucky that we are in a office. Or else?

Are you threatening me?


Please wait for two mins.

I request you please don't embarrass me and leave right now.

Excuse me.

What's happening here?

Tell me.

Nothing sir.

No problem. I can handle it.

I'll take care. You leave.

I am already upset with you since morning.

I'll bust you up. So better leave.

Who allowed these rouges in here?

Call the security.


Are you a rogue?

This is an office. Leave at once.

Look here...

I'm here because you asked me to come.

I don't need your job.

And you!

You want to call the security? Go ahead.

Call him.

I said call him.

Call him.

You keep creating problems in bus, office and every where you go. Now come.

But why?

He is the main accused in an acid attack case.

Now bring him along.


Oh you were here?

You said you didn't see his face properly. Isn't it?

Here, have a look.

Sir leave me.

Sir leave me.

I said move.

There are people watching. Leave me.

T1 station right?

My uncle is the inspector there. I'll come by myself.

It was your uncle who asked us to get you. Now come.

School, grade and name, all of them are correct.

I don't know how he missed it.

Just this one time.

I know about you chief.

We have been dealing for years.

This is the first miss.

I'll set this up for you.

No chief.

Escape before they butcher you! Escape!

I asked him.

Looks like his dad's name is indeed Chinnamalai.

It's not P.K.P.

Mischievous little fellow!

I'll just step out and...

We have inquired.

He is indeed P.K.P's son.

Where are you going?

I feel I've got vomiting sensation. I'll got buy medicine.

You won't need it.

Vomit here.

Who will wash it?

You will.


Am I here with you to do such petty cleaning jobs?

Yes. What?

Look what you have done.

You have kidnapped the son of big shot in Chennai.

Wait I'll...

I'll come.

Look he talks to me like an outsider.

Did I kidnap?

You ordered and I executed it.

That is what I wanted you to vomit!

Are you trying to escape?


You started it.

So don't try to escape until it's over.

Every minute the boy is here, is a risk.

What is the plan?

What do you mean?

How about leaving the kid back at his home?


If we do so... will he spare you?

That won't work out.

We'll leave him from were we got him.

You mean at school?

By now they would have set people there.

No one should move.

Stay right there.

Stay right where you are until I reach there.


Let's plan something clever... and leave the child at his home.

If we were so clever we wouldn't have messed it up in the first place.

Shall I go drop him off?

Even if he gets back his child... he'll still avenge us for keeping the child in our custody for a day.

Please leave me.

Please don't kill me.

How about returning the child and absconding?

Sounds awesome.

We'll go to Andaman.

I have a relative there.

No need.

We'll return the boy and... apologize.

We'll tell him that our target was someone else.

May be he'll just thrash us.

I can't withstand thrashing.

What do you say?

If P.K.P forgives us for abducting his son... people will lose fear on him. He knows that very well.

He'll finish us off.

Give me two mins.

For what?

In two minutes I'll make that boy confess that he is Chinnamalai's son.

Even if P.K.P doesn't kill you...

I'll will!

Shut up!

Only if we return the boy home we'll have issues. Isn't it?

How about we drop him off in a train that travels north?

He'll get down at the next station and tell everyone that he is P.K.P's son.

Only if he'll be able to talk.

We'll cut of his tongue.

What if he rats us out?

We'll take his eyes off too.

What if he sketches us?

Come on now!

It's not that easy. You got to have a degree for that.

He is just a 5th grade student.

Chief... how about breaking his hands for our safety?

Instead we can finish him off.

I was just kidding.

Your faces look like... you'll finish him right away.



Let's finish him off and bury him here.

Do you think I didn't think of it?

Yet the problem won't solve.

Shut up and sit down.

Anyhow P.K.P is going to finish us off.

There is only one way out for us.

What would that be?

Chief... call for you.

What happened?

What is taking you so long?

Chief... they aren't part of the list.

I've captured four men at the dye factory.

You come down.

I'll be there.

Listen. Don't cry.

You quit the job right?

Now leave.

I need a minute with you.

What is it?

I lost my certificates in a spat last night.

I don't have any originals with me.

I thought I'll leave without revealing all this.

Now tell me, will I be able to join your office?

Wait outside.

Did you tell anyone else here about this?



Listen to me.

I can hold your job for a single day maximum, without your certificates.

So try getting back your files by then.

Now don't waste time. Go fill up the forms.


Please go.

He is the one responsible for all this.

I don't know why you are still keeping him with us instead of chasing him away.

He ain't picking the call.

Don't stop... keep calling.

To hunt the tiger you need a bait.

The bait is now calling the tiger.

Please pick up...


P.K.P sir?

I need to tell you something.


The mistakes made by humans are... sometimes unintended.

Such mistakes are instigated.

Similarly yesterday, a small mistake was made and... instead of someone else... we abducted your son Karthi.

So I request you pay us a ransom of 10 million before sunrise... in exchange of your son.


I conveyed it.

Tell him, or else we'll finish his son.

You say that!

I said say it!

Please tell him to say that.

You won't.

Sir... if you didn't get it then let me make it clear.

If you fail to pay up, your son... will be finished off!

Repeat that.


From the top?

The mistakes made by humans...

Not that one. The last part.

Repeat that.

The last bit?

If you fail to pay up,

If you fail to pay up, your son will be finished off.

I don't know your it was your son else I wouldn't have done it.

I fall at your feet...

I have treated your son well. I fed him egg biriyani.

So please forgive me.

They are laughing!

You think you are powerful?

In ten minutes I'll chop your son into pieces and then let me hear you laugh!


Indeed we kidnapped him by mistake.

But now I've decided to strike a deal with you.

You are indeed powerful!

You must have already began your search.

Remember if something goes wrong... then you'll be searching him forever.

So you decide the price on your son's head.

But anything less than 10 million and I'll finish him off.

So be ready.

You'll get the next call at 12.

Now that you called up even after knowing it's me...

I shall pay you that money for your guts!

But until I come in person, hand over the money and take my son... stay alive!

He'll live up to his word.

But then we are safe until the boy is with us.

I had mixed sleeping pills in the water he drank.

It'll take another three hours before he wakes up.

Raju... wrap the boy in a sheet and put him in the trunk when I say.


Let's risk as much as we can.

If death stares at us finally...

we'll finish off the boy.

Who attended to this complaint?

It was me.

You had stepped out then.

Where is the file?

At inspector's table.

Oh come on now!

What happened?

Look at him acting all sincere!



Did you question them about the acid attack? No sir.

Tell us about it?

Sir we poured the acid on the butt.

Couldn't you find a better part?


Sir, these certificates...

What files are you talking about?

Sir, that fellow... who pointed us to him.

So what?

This is his file.

He'll collect it if I call him up.

Now stop being a savior. What about the other cases?

Keep it back.

I'll tell you when to return it.


Outsiders have started questioning me. It's all because of you.

Only if this case had gone to another station...

I would have let you rot in the cell.

You would have learnt your lesson.

Actually, we did what you were supposed to do.

Stop it!

The victim at the hospital hasn't pressed charges yet.

Let him come back... then you'll know.

Look here.

One month.

All of you abscond away from the city.

If you refuse to obey then leave it to fate.

But if again...

I see you guys roaming with him.

No sir.

Let them sign and leave for now.

You wait.

How are you even alive yet?

Just because I am your father's brother... how long do you expect me to back you up?

Is it why I am sitting here?

Look here.

Don't think that I don't know why and for whom you did this.

Leave this city tonight.

Or else... if you deceive me and still wander here, I'll drag her also into this and embarrass her in front of the media.

Got it?

Now leave.

Dad's name?

Kaniappan sir.

Your place?

Jiva nagar.

Sign here.

Sorry buddy.

He is the one responsible.

The one who passed the bottle in the bus.

Remember his face?

I didn't see him properly in the bus.

I saw him at the office.

We must hurt him real bad!

Sign here.

Don't be a wuss. Stop crying.

Call me a wuss again and I swear to god!

Shall I give you an idea.


Have this... and you'll stop crying.

It's too hard. Here, no thanks.

It ain't stopping.

It's already time.

Come to Elephant gate.

You'll get the next call there.

For the last time...

Come alone and you'll get your son.

Come with your men then you'll find his corpse.

So make a call. Do you want him dead or alive?

We'll call you from different numbers.

Don't get confused.

Any luck?

If he calls again, we can trace him down.

Wrap up the boy in a sheet and put him in the trunk.


An outsider. How dare he point finger at me?

Let me see how he survives here.

Let's teach him how to behave with the cops.

Now go.

Go get me the file.


I can hold your job for a single day maximum, without your certificates.

So try getting back your files by then.

Leave this city tonight.

I request you please don't embarrass me and leave right now.

I'll drag her also into this and embarrass her in front of the media.

Don't tell anyone that you are new here.

I've told them that you are well versed in routes here.

Even if he get's back his child... he still avenge us for keeping the child in our custody for a day.




Oh my god. Where is he?

Sir that boy's file is missing.

This is your RJ Love Guru in Radio City 91.1 FM.

Sound of the traffic... the tension, the face of a charged up chennai during the morning... has now immersed in peace.

I guess everyone must be awake and would have conveyed your thanks to Chennai on this Madras day...

What's your problem mom?

I'm already leaving the city, thanks to you.

Listen to me for a minute. What?

Stay there for a month.

By then everything will be solved. Mom...

Battery is about to die. I'll call you later.

Listen to me.

I said I'll call you.

Listen to me.


Oh! Hi.

Do you know your route cab? No.

They asked me to check it here.

Excuse me. Yes madam?

He is a new joinee.

Guide him to his cab please.

Ok madam. Thank you.

Go and wait there. I'll come.



I've reached Koyambedu.

Others have left.

You are heading to Salem right?

Yes, off to Salem.

To my sister's house.

Call me once you reach.

I won't return for a month now.

Not a month.

Don't return until my uncle says so.

I have told others the same. Careful buddy.

Be safe.


She reached?

I am also waiting for her.

Her mobile is switched off.

Obvious isn't it?

Tell her that I am also waiting for her.

Do you know what the time is?

It's past midnight.

It'll be hard to convince her.

I'll convince and send her down.

If she doesn't come down then I'll come upstairs.

Keep talking like this and she'll never respond to you.

And you'll have to keep waiting there forever.

I'll send her down somehow. Now hang up.

Sir, the next cab is yours.

This is the address.


Which is the nearest route?

I don't know.

I'm new here.

You too?

There you go!

What do you mean?

I am also new here.

Fine forget it.

We'll get help and reach the destination.

No! No way!


Sir. Sir.

If I ask him he'll get me into another cab with a driver who knows the route.

This is my first trip.

It's already late.

If they tag any girls into my cab... then it'll become to tough for me to manage.

I'll somehow drop you.


First drop her before dropping him.

Now move.

Thank you.

It's ok madam.

Oh! You again?



Are you at the station? Yes sir.

Did you hear?

P.K.P's son has been abducted.

Now listen to me...

Do as I say.

I did hear about it.

There no official complaint yet.

Why should we indulge ourselves...

When have they logged an official complaint?

They are going around finishing off everyone they doubt.

Do as I say.

Take two officer along with you.

Go to the road that connects his factory and home.

And keep an eye there.

Call me immediately to my personal number if you get any information about his son.

Got it?

Ok sir.

Rajendran. Sir.

Leave that and get the jeep ready.

Yes sir.

If it was your daughter would you have let her go?

It was your son who said that the person was your driver.

Or else I wouldn't have sent him.

You are responsible for this.

You must have got everything confirmed.

Now look!

Stop questioning me.

Why don't you question the office boy?

Madam, principal himself had approved it.

You had got the approval in a hurry you irresponsible idiot!

It's you!

Teacher... don't cry. Wipe your tears.

I said wipe your tears.

What's your qualification?

How dare you come and create a ruckus in the school premises at this hour?

Don't take me to be timid as other teachers.

I'm the drill master.

It hurts. Drill?

It hurts. Drill?


It hurts! It hurts!


It hurts! It hurts!

Chief... what if the boy has already reached home to his dad?

Then that means we would have dug our own grave!

Where are you?

Near Elephant gate.

Come to Moolakada signal.

Come, wait there.

I'll call you.

The boy hasn't reached his dad yet.

Even if he reaches, he won't open his mouth.

He would be under the influence of the pills.

He wouldn't have gone far.

Come on, start the vehicle.

Ok chief.

Kanaga teacher...

The first call that chief received... it's a Trichy number.

Two calls were made from it today.

One to our chief and... other one to this number.

Apart from that, last night 30 calls have been made to a number.

We have his details too.

He works nearby at Velacherry.

Where is Winning?

He has gone to call the mechanic.

The rickshaw isn't starting.

You fool!

Why did you send him?

Chief... there was no one else.

So he said he'll go get the mechanic.

There comes the mechanic.

What happened chief? Vehicle broke down is it?

Don't you have my number? Why send someone to bring me along?

Hey... where is he?

He left long back.

He asked me pass this to you.


TEXT: Resignation letter: I hearby quit. Winnings.

I'm the boss around! If something messes up now...

I've searched everywhere.

I have no idea where the boy would have gone.

What now?

Call me if you get hold of him. Ok.

Winning has escaped.

If you come across him, don't think twice just finish him off.


This was stuffed up!

It's his kerchief.

Madam this right?

Yes, this right.

Do you know the route from the signal after taking right?

Once I take the right, there is a signal and from there I know the route.

So how was your first day at training?

I don't know if it was the first day or the last.

What's your plan?

I haven't thought about it.

I'll wait for two days and then return back to my native.

Take that trip sheet.

Sir, the trip sheet is over there.

So what after going back?

Will it solve the purpose?

Anyhow you'll have to search a new job there.

Instead you can stay here... Solved or unsolved...

All I want is to leave this city.

What will you tell her back home?

Are going to say you couldn't handle it and hence you returned?

That's my headache.

What are you looking at?

I'm talking about Divya.

I hope you remember what you promised her.

Don't forget that someone is waiting for you to succeed.

Why are you crying?

Isn't it for me you are going there?

You are the one who posted my application.

So why cry then?

Do you think I'll feel better staying away from you?

Don't try to convince me.

Tell me, who works hard for money these days?

There no value for anyone working here.

The same job over there earns thrice the remuneration.

Isn't that what your dad wants?

So that's it. You are doing because my dad wants it.

It's not like that.

Your dad has a point.

Why would he marry you off to someone who earns peanuts?

Look here.

Look at me.

I'm not going because of you.

I would have myself made this decision soon.

It's for us.

Wipe your tears.

Listen to me.

It doesn't matter if I don't get this job...

I won't return until I find a job.

Got it?

Only during the interview I got to know... that you are here against your will.

If she finds it out... she'll feel bad. Hence I didn't tell her.

I hope you too didn't tell her anything.

I would have said this earlier.

She told me not let you know that I knew her.

Else you'll feel that I selected you based on her words.

But, honestly... except the extra day I fetched you to find your files is the only help I did.

Fine I'll leave now.

First call her and talk to her.

Everything will be fine.


One minute.

They guy whom the police arrested today morning?

Sorry, I'm responsible for that.

Is he your...

Well, I mean I saw you cry.

That's fine.

I'll see you.


Shall we leave?

Tell me.

How is he doing now?

He is doing better.

I just inquired.

I got the information from the station.

His uncle has asked him and his friends to abscond. Got it?

So if you are planning anything then execute it by tonight.

Or else it'll be tough to find them.



I'll take care.

Move it to the right.

Little more to the right.


Have you sent everyone to patrol?

You and Aarumugam patrol in this circle. Ok sir.

Got it? Ok sir.

He is here to apologize.

He'll create issues as he wishes.

Over that you act cupid!

Ask him to get lost.

Don't judge before knowing the facts.

Someone has been stalking you.

That guy warned him that he'll attack you with acid if you refuse his love.

What else do you expect him to do?

If you look at it, you are the reason behind all this.

And he is silent in order to save you from embarrassment.

Let me tell you something...

No one can be so patient for a lover.

You fool!

Can't you pick up the call?

I was stuck. Tell me.

I'm near her hostel.

Come down.

Haven't you left yet?

What if your uncle sees you?

Why do you do this?

Just come down. We'll talk.

Wait for me.

So you won't listen to me?

Fine don't go.

He is leaving town in sometime.

You'll regret later.

What is it?


Take it.

Where are we now?

Sir, the cell has... some kind of application that shows route.

Do you have it in your mobile?

Ok sir.

Hey it's me.

I'm on my way to the room.

I don't know the route. I'm in an important meeting. I'll call you back.

Listen. I'll call you.

This photo is from 2007.

Don't I look cute?


This one is from 2008.

Stop the car.

We'll ask someone for the route.

We don't even know where we are.

Hello? Where are you now?

I'm at Moolakadai junction.

Did I say Moolakadai?

Well not there. There are too many cops there.

Come to Kondithoppu signal.

Shut up! Don't you dare speak!

I'll skin you alive you rascal!

How do I get to the main road?

Head straight.

You'll find a left...

Take that left...

Keep going straight.

Then at the dead end take right.

Then keep going straight again, you'll notice a big bungalow. Our councilor's house.

From there take the 3rd left and go straight. You'll notice a Mudakanniamman deity's temple.

If not that, take a right and go straight you'll find a house with a big gate but then I feel you'll get confused.

So make a U turn and come back.

Tell me properly, where do you want to go?

♪ Here is the entrance; But where is the exit? ♪

♪ Lost on the way, let's not lose hope! ♪

♪ What has happened? ♪ ♪ What does the future hold? ♪

♪ Let's wait for it, let's not lose hope! ♪

♪ Life is a war... ♪

♪ It's keeps shifting gears... ♪

♪ Many battles to be fought... ♪

♪ Who will make it in the end? ♪

Hello. Who is this?


I'm in a meeting.

Give it to me!

Stop the vehicle.

Don't turn off the engine.

There is no place here. Get lost.

Shameless pervert!

I don't understand a word that you are saying.

What are you doing?

Yes, yes. He is my friend but I don't know where he is.

I don't know what he did.

Please, listen to me, his mobile...

His mobile is lost.

If he doesn't reach here in an hour's time...

I have another number. I'll try calling him.

Let's try calling him. Please leave me.

It hurts.


Leave me.

He is not picking the call.

Where does he work?

Where does he work?

Info tech... Info tech...

Now don't give me that look.

I'm going to just tell him to never come back.

Well, I'm not asking.

♪ This love is a painful pleasure... ♪

♪ Or is painful pleasure the definition of love? ♪

♪ The only way to know it, is to fall in love. ♪

♪ So, come let's fall in love. ♪

♪ Our visions are way apart... ♪

♪ The path ahead is not so easy. ♪

♪ So tell me, should we fight for our love? ♪

♪ Or should we turn back and part ways? ♪

She is on her way.

Control your temper, don't spoil the opportunity.

Ok, I'll take care.

Don't mess it up!

I said I'll take care. Now hang up.

Hey! Who are you?

I want to go to my dad.

Give me you dad's number.





Can you please turn off the radio?

Sorry sir.

You are going through all this unnecessarily because of me.

That's ok.

How can you be responsible for that drunkard's mistake?

Forget it. The whole city is messed up.

Sir, I'm also new to this place.

It's wrong to judge the city based on the activities of few offenders.

I am saying it because... majority of the population here are like us, from outside.

So judging this city doesn't make sense.

More over... those who have come here... and have earned well... will abuse this city yet... they won't leave.


None of them will leave.

Well that's the specialty of this city.



If someone is busted up during broad daylight no one will revolt.

Millions live here... and you support it.

Have we ever revolted?

Only if we revolt..

Then someone will revolt when it happens to us.

Isn't it?

Fine... let's say you are correct.

Let me ask this.

You shouldn't mistake me.

What's "Otha?"


Come on now.

Just tell me the meaning.

I know it's an abusive word.

It's a word that abuses one's mother. Isn't it? Yes sir.

Everyone, right from the illiterate to the literate, everyone uses that word here?

Back in my hometown, my friend gets offended easily.

But today a guys abuses him on the road and... yet he remains cool and silent.

Should we get used to it?

Even if it's abusing our mothers?

Sir... it's not so.

Don't think I was backing this city.

It is said that, never abuse the land that provides you.

That is why...

Forget it.

You'll feel this way initially.

Soon you'll understand.

Look here.

It's ok. You don't have to apologize.

It's enough that you felt bad for me. Hello!

An apology?

I'm not here for that.

I'm here because this kid has to be dropped back at his place.

Look at him expecting an apology!

So you don't feel bad for me?

Then why did you cry when the cops arrested me?

Well that...

That's none of your business.

You had already planned to leave. Isn't it?

So don't question me.

Now leave.

Of course... why should I stay here when my loved ones here are ignoring me?

So I thought I'll leave.

You won't hire those who come in need of job... but if someone quits and leaves... you'll persuade them to stay back. Isn't it?

He isn't someone.

Hi is my friend's boy friend.

Their life depends on this job.

His bad time that he lost all his certificates.

I wonder what he'll do.

His certificates are at T1 police station.

Inform him to go collect it.

My friends advised me to flick his certificates for pointing us to the cops.

But it was me... who thought not to mess with his career.

Even now, I am here to apologize for what happened today morning.

This won't work out.

I'm getting late for my bus. I'll leave.

Now what?

Shall I leave or not?

First leave him at his house.

Then we'll talk.

I've located the boy.

Enough of playing fool with his dad.

The plan remains the same.

Go near the subway.

I'll come with the boy.

To the subway.

You blame me but now why are you doing this?

Did you get caught bunking school?

I already tired many times.

He isn't opening his mouth.

Just go leave him and come. Please.

Come on.

Hey Karthi.

What are you doing here?

I've been looking for you.

They are looking for you at home. Come on.

You just arrived on time brother. Take him.


It's ok.

We'll leave him.

Stop acting crazy.

Isn't he saying he'll take care. Let him go.

Why do you want to trouble yourself?

Listen to him.

Hand over the boy to me and you guys carry on.

Hey! Find a rickshaw.

We'll go leave him. Madam... listen to me.

Hand him over to me.

Are you going find an auto? Or...

Shut up you dumb! Can't you just listen?

You better show some respect!

You are after all a hooker trying to woo him.

Why should I show you respect?

Let him go.

What are you looking at me?

You don't like it when I stand up against such things.

You'll start advising me.

I don't need that.

Handle it yourself.

Come here.

Don't step out of the hostel until my call.

Now leave.

Are you alright?

Come on.

I said come on.

Where are you?

At Kondithoppu signal.

Take a right there.

Drive down 5 kms... and then I'll tell you where to come.

Well, there...


Hello, is this Pandian?

I've got your son.

Where are you?

Only if you answer I can bring him back to you.

I haven't crossed the Kandithoppu signal yet.

Kondithoppu signal? Got it.

Do one thing... take a left there and drive down... Hey!

I've never been this patient in my life.

Don't you make me roam around or else... all of you will rot in hell!

Is your dad crazy?


You have mistook me for someone else.

Your son is with me.

He was on the streets by himself.

My mobile is dead.

Here call from my mobile.

It's done.

They are playing fool with me.

It doesn't look like they are doing it for money.

All these years what I did to others... is what they are trying to do to me.

We must not spare them.

I have never counted on money for my business.

It was always based on the fear I had incurred on everyone.

I am almost there.

If he calls, pass me the number...

Finish off all my enemies. Doesn't matter if they have called me or not.

When the sun rises none of them involved in this should be alive.

His number is busy.

Well it won't work out anymore. Get on the bike and let's drop him at his house.


If you see anyone with my son, finish them off.

Don't even think twice.

Sir, don't mistake me for asking this.

Tell me.

What is the issue? Why is there a plaster on your face?

Well that?

Yesterday night few guys...


Go ahead. Attend it.


Listen... Tell me..

Where are you?

I am worried.

Tell me clearly what's the matter?

He is really weak.

He is struggling. He is unable to breathe.

Take our neighbor's help and... take him to the hospital.

I'll finish my duty and come.

Please be quick.

I'll come.

Any problem?

My child is sick.

He is having trouble breathing.

My wife sounds really worried.

I'll find my way. You leave at once.

Sir... it's my duty to drop you.

If you go by yourself, how will you find your way? I'll drop you.

That doesn't matter.

Find out the hospital.

We'll go there.

I'll ask my friend to pick me up from there.

I hope I'm not troubling you.

No you are not.

Let's go.

Thank you very much.

Oops! That's my uncle.

Turn the bike!

He already saw us. It's too late.

Couldn't you have done it earlier?

Ok now try and make him understand.




Uncle... just let me explain.

I gave you an earful at the station and... yet you keep roaming around. So you don't give a damn. Isn't it?

Who is that boy?

I don't know.

He was lying on the streets.

When I inquired he said his dad's name was Pandian.

I was taking him to his dad.

I was about to tell you but by then you yourself...

Is Pandian your father?

Just a moment.

His ID.

Take the boy in.

Come with me.

How about I drop him at home?

Then why are we here?

You are safe because I caught you first.

If someone else had seen you with boy, you would've been done for.

Do you know who is he?

Now leave.


Drop him off at the bus stand and report it at the station.

If you fail to do so then tomorrow morning I'll skin you!

Now leave. Get on the bike!


Sir, the route allotted in trip sheet is different and he is moving along some other route.

Who else got in that cab?

A new driver had picked him up.

I allotted the same cab to another girl.

Except them no one else were there in the cab.


This car belongs to our travel company.

Looks like outsiders.

Sir, the driver just joined today.

Stop it!

Tell me his number.

You stay here... keep updating us on the cab's route.

Do as I say... you'll find a board with the sign "Metro rail".

Come and wait there.

Who has my son?


You are doubting me?

You better leave.

I shall send your son's corpse.

The boy's father has started doubting.

Call Raj and ask him to make it fast.

Unable to reach him.

I got you egg biriyani and yet you ratted me out! Isn't it?

It was you!

I'll feel like finishing you off!

I told you to investigate him and leave.

Why have you held him back?

Sir, he was inquiring about which bus to board to reach Andaman island.

Hence, I thought I'll investigate him at the station.

You are such an experienced officer.

Can't you judge from his face?

He looks like a buffoon... and you've held him back.

Now go, take whatever he has and let him go.


Get down.

No I won't. What?

Now get down and leave!

Are you going to encounter me?

Only if I leave you'll shoot me. Right?

I won't move from here. I won't leave.

I'll break your teeth!

No matter what, I won't leave!

Now will you leave or should I shoot you for real?

I didn't kidnap the boy.

The minute I came to know about his dad, I left.. Get up!

I left that group for good!

Please forgive me! Sir, please come have a look at him.

Please don't spoil my career my dear Police.

My dear police...

TN 42...

Your bus will start in 30 mins. That's the one.

Well, after long time she wanted to talk to me.

She must be waiting.

What am I talking about and what are you saying? Here's your ticket.

Stop thinking about her.

Everything will be fine when you meet her after a month.

Send me you address as soon as you reach home.

I'll get your bag from her and courier it. Got it?

Sounds good. Now, go buy me a water bottle.

Stop looking at me like that. I'm thirsty.

He says his men are somewhere around nearby.

We can catch them if we try a little harder.

Unfortunately the Assistant Commissioner just called up.


There is a case file in the drawer.

Take it & hand it over at the commissioner office. Ok sir.

The boy looks hungry. Poor fellow.

There is a shop by the name Moideen Bhai in Guindy.

If you go there... they'll be serving hot snacks.



Buy ten of them.

Now start.

I said start. What are you looking at?

Are you deaf?

Return my phone.

It's getting late. Please return my phone.

I've reached the spot!

Where the hell are you?

The boy's father will be here any minute.

The boy escaped!


Some unknown scoundrel!

He busted me up and took the kid away.


You know me very well!

If you don't reach here in 10 mins...

There he comes.

What do we do now?

Hand me the kerchief.

But we don't have the boy.

I going to go for it today! I said give it to me!

Go get the iron rod.

Sir? Come here.


I said come! Ok...

Guess he'll leave me if I confess.

Here is your phone.


Check if everything is in tact.

Call his dad and... ask him to come here with the money.

Not again!

No way sir!

Don't you order me like them.

Sir, this won't work out.

Please let me go.

I said call him!

No sir.

I am scared to death when I think about his father.

Why is the vehicle parked there?

We don't how many are there with him.

Turn off the vehicle.

Next, throw the keys.

Keep the trunk open.

You'll find you son there.

P.K.P sir...

How are you?

I think you must be looking for your son.

Come to the place I mention, along with the money... and you can take your son with you.

I am there where you had asked me to come.

I asked you to come?

Where is that?

Sir... you have misunderstood.

I am not with them anymore.

I've part ways with them.

We have spoke earlier.

How shall I remind you?

Remember I cried over the phone?

You and your men laughed over it.

Do you remember?

Sir... did you recognize?

You'll die by my hands.

I'll torture you before finishing you off.

And it'll happen soon.

Until then, play all you want!

Hello daddy.

That's all.

Everything's done.


I'm scared.

Sir, why do you keep taking out the gun?

What for? What if it fires?

It's empty.

It's for your safety.

Hold it.

Can't you hear?

If you want your son, throw the money bag out.

I've admitted him. I'm on my way.

Listen, I don't know the route.

I'll find out the route and reach soon.

Do you think you are the king of the world, P.K.P?

See I made you come down all the way.

Now come on give me one of those wicked laughter of yours.

This is the last time I'm telling.

I'll count to 5.

If you don't do as I say...

I'll slit your son's throat.

Whom is he talking to?

I don't know.


The metro station work is in progress.


May be it's them.


Wait. Let me go ask them the route.



We'll ask from here.

It's either him or me.

Give me the rod.


I said give it.

You are in danger!

I'm too stuck.

Wait I'll call you back. Listen!

Sir, can the vehicle pass over to the other side?

Sir which is the route to Moolakadai?

Take reverse.

We'll ask someone else.

It's someone else.

They look strange.

Now come on turn the car. Let's leave.

Ok sir.



What was that?

Be brave!

Sir... a car is approaching.

Sir, the car is here.

He is flashing the lights.

I guess it must be the signal.


Ok sir.

Let him come out.

Repeat exactly what I say.

Ok sir.

Tell me.


Ask him to move away from the car.

Move away from the car.


Sir, it's done.

Ask him to throw he bag.

Throw he bag to me.


Why are you looking around?

No one is there.

Sir... he isn't throwing the bag.

Point the gun to the boy's head.


Point the gun to the boy's head!

Ok sir.

Look here.

There are five bullets in the gun!

I'll shoot him.

Sir... he threw the bag.

Go take the bag.

Ok sir.


Did he send you to spy on us?


Spy on you?

Whom are you looking for?

How many of you are there?

What the... You break the glass and... Wait, hold on.

Just a moment.

We don't understand what ever that you are saying.

You guys look drunk.

We have to leave. Give us the car keys.

Then why did you come here in P.K.P's car?

Sir P.K.P is...

Stop, let's not waste time speaking to him.

Give me the keys.

Now how dare you hit him when we are talking?

I should be thrashing you for breaking the car's glass.

How dare you hit him?

Who is that?


You said only two of us.

Who is this third guy?

Three share is it?

We can manage him easily.

Is it?

Don't worry.

Ok sir.

You better leave!

Or else I'll kid the shoot!

Err..sorry... I mean...

I'll shoot the kid.

Who are you?

Is he your man?

If you want your son ask him to go away.

Or else...

Sir... listen to me.

I left your son with the cops.

I don't know how this happened.

Who are you?

How did you get the boy?

Sir, you child's name is Karthi right? I was the first one to call you.

Shoot once on the ground.

Sir but there are no bullets.

I said shoot!


You said it was empty.

But it just fired!

Sir, now he has a gun!

Listen to me please.

I don't understand what you are saying!

There is a gun on my son's head.

So you better leave!

Or else you'll die!

Sir he is leaving.

He is leaving.

He'll go away.

Once he leaves, fetch the bag.

Once you get the bag, ask him to throw away his gun.

Check the amount.

Then let the boy go.

Sounds good but...

I am afraid that we'll get caught.

Once the boy reaches his dad there won't be any problem.

You fetch the bag and come to me.

No one will ever know this except you and me.

Sir... stop talking like a retard.

How do you say will no one ever find about it?

All this while he has been listening to our conversation.

Won't he tell it to his father?

He'll tell that I obeyed your orders.

Do you get what I am saying?

I'll run away to Andaman with my share.

It'll be tough to trace me.

What will you do?


Sir are you there?


Do you want to live?


So just do what I say.

Ok sir.

Tell me sir.

Shoot his father.




Hello sir?

Sir please get into mobile range and speak.

Sir did you hang the call out of fear?



Sir... Sir!


The call got disconnected.

Quick, call me. I don't have outgoing on my cell.

Please try to understand, we are lost.

We don't know the P.K.P you are talking about.

It's a misunderstanding.

Please listen to me.

Let him go.

Get lost!

He is innocent. He doesn't know anything.

So you tell me.

How many men has he set up?

He is bleeding.

Let him!

How will I know how many men he has set up?

Who ever it is. Call him and inquire!

I don't even know his name.

Call him.

He'll die if you hit him again.

Let him!

He is not picking the call.

He was attending the call all this while.

So if he is not picking it now, what does it mean?

Please try to understand.

Please let him go.

He is innocent.

Aren't you here to spy on us?

Go tell him that I am here.

Tell him if I don't get the money, his son will die along with this guy.

Now go!

If you keep delaying this is what will happen to him.



I said go!

How dare you!?

Have we ever revolted?

Only if we revolt... then someone will revolt when the same happens to us. Isn't it?

Sir, I am at the spot.

Situation under control sir.

No sir, there is no problem.

How are you related to this issue?

Now leave!

How dare you point a weapon when the police is here?

Put the gun down.

Come on sir.

Give me the gun. Gun? But why?

Let him leave.

I said give me the gun.

Sir, you are threatening me. No, I won't!

When I left the kid with you, he wasn't tied up.

Stop it you accused!

How dare you question me?

Untie the kerchief from his mouth.

Let him say who is the accused.


If my son doesn't get into my car in the next 2 mins...

I won't give a damn who it is...

Give me the gun.

No. I won't.

I press murder charges against you and put you in prison!

What did you just say?

Sir you are now changing your words.

You never told me this.

I can't trust you with the gun.

Hand me the gun.

No I won't.



No. Please don't.

Sir! Please don't thrash me.

Give it!

No I won't I said give.


Sir! Sir! Sir, my hands!

Come on!

Come to me. Run!

Two more blows and you'll die.

Won't you open your mouth?

Wait and watch!

Yes. I was here to spy on you.

This guy has nothing to do with it.

He is just the driver.

Until you get the money I'll stay with you.

Let him go.

Couldn't you have said this earlier?

Don't you dare show me your strength!

Don't you dare show me your strength!

Where is my bag?

I asked, where is my bag?

Hit him!

Take one more step and...

I won't have any consideration for you. I'll shoot and leave.

Turn away and leave!

Sir, I don't need any share.

Please let me go.

For what ever you messed up... don't you even talk about a share.

I did obey you.

You kidnapped his son.

You have black mailed him.

And now you shot him.

Who me?


When did I shoot him?

Then, was it me?

Of course, it was you.

I swear by god!

Sir, please listen to me.

Sir please. No.

Drop the gun and let him go or I'll fire!

So what if you've a gun... do you think it's easy to fire?

Uncle please don't force me.

Where are the stuff you stole from me?

I don't have anything.

Only your mobile is left and it's in the rickshaw.

No, don't shoot me. Check with the boy.

Can you drive?

Yes I can.



Ask the Assistant Commissioner to come here.


Patraivakkam patrol officer tell me.

S.I sir are you there on line?

Patrol officer receiving. Tell me.

Sir, I'm the head constable reporting from the 2nd junction at Patraivakkam.

Received the message.

Sir, someone has shot officer Neelakandan, who was patrolling.

Who else is there?

Sir, when I arrived at the spot, there was no one else.

Sir, he has lost lot of blood.

Please send in the ambulance immediately. Over!

What the heck are you doing?

You let the accused escape.

Now go!

You leave. I'll handle this.

I had much more respect on you than my dad because you were a police officer.

So you'll do anything for money?

When you can live here, why should I leave?

No matter what... life or death, it's here!

In this very city!

I'll never leave this city!

This is my city!

Sir. Sir!

Sir. Sir!

Sir please stop.

He met with an accident.

Please drop us till the hospital.

Sir! Sir!

Hold in there.

Sir! Sir!

He met with an accident. Please help.

The hospital is nearby.


We've reached the hospital.

Go admit your dad.

I'll leave. Bye.


Enough of this gangster job!

Who is he? Do you know him?


The bleeding reveals that the fight would've been a bit intense.

I don't even know his name.

What happened?

Where are you?


It's a long story.

I'll explain it later.

Not over the call.

Just a minute... don't hang up.

Listen... no one's there outside.

I don't know if he left.

Did you at least ask his name?


No I don't know his name.

He said the certificates have been retrieved.

And he has posted it to us.

Who was that? Did he say his name?

I did ask his name.

He hung up without replying.

Give me the number from which you received the call.

He has been fired from a close range.

Didn't you notice who it was?

I really don't know who shot me.

A guy showed up.

I don't know who he was.

But he left me and my son to safety before leaving.

Those guys who are down the subway... go get them and bring them to our garage. Ok chief.

I'll go get them.

Brother, can I have your phone?

Sorry didn't notice it.

Thanks brother.

What happened to that boy?

Did you leave him?

Yes, he is safe.

You said you wanted to say something. Tell me.

You don't need that city.

You come back here. I'll convince my dad.

You don't have to do that.

This is the city that will provide us with ₹25000 per months for us to lead a life.

You can't blame the city for the mistakes committed by the humans.

Is it? It's his mobile.

I don't believe it.

Is it? Then tell me his name.

His name...

There won't be any more problems.


Hold on. I'll call you back.

Thanks for the lift.

Who among them?

That fellow.

Green shirt.


I don't know.

I only got the photo.

Please don't mention.

What's your name?

Finally, at least you asked.

What's your name?

Was it you who attacked acid today morning in the bus?

How about now?

Let's have a duel!

♪ It's a story on the urban ground. ♪

♪ It's darkness hides underground. ♪

♪ Play no rules on the down town. ♪

♪ This Metro's gonna knock you down! ♪