Macon County Line (1974) Script

Oh, life could be a dream, Life could be a dream sweetheart

Oh, life could be a dream

Sh-boom if I could take you up in paradise up above

Sh-boom and tell me darling I'm the only one that you love

Life could be a dream, sweetheart

Hello, hello again, sh-boom

And hopin' we'll meet again

Life could be a dream, life could be a dream

(heavy breathing) (bed squeaking)

[Dr. Daddy-O] Hello, Captain Jake.

This is your cat on the mic, Dr. Daddy-O Put your leg up.

[Dr. Daddy-O] Moving right along on Rhythm Roundup playing some old, some new, some borrowed and some blue.

Do you love me, baby, do you?

[Chris] Hook your heels behind me there, come on.

[Woman] That's another $10.

[Chris] Coming up, I got a hot one from the man in velvet.

(jazz music)

Hot, man.

[Chris] Get those buns up higher.

Goddamn it, get your hand off my ass.


(heavy breathing) (bed squeaking)


Squeeze it like that.

Come here.

Get those legs up there. Hey.

[Man] Bark, come on, bark.

Bark, come on.

Like a dog, bark.

Bark, come on, bark!


(woman barking)

Hey, Chris.

You better hurry up before her man gets here.

[Chris] Coming!


Wait a minute, man.

Wait a minute.

You better get your exhaust pipe dressed.

They're on their way, man.

[Chris] How many?

Just three.

Three? That's right.

[Chris] You son of a bitch.

Let go of me, goddamn it, let go.

Goddamn you.

Would somebody come on back to bed?

You son of a bitch. Where's my jeans?

Where's my shoes?

Help me find my shoes will you goddammit. Get me a drink.

[Wayne] I told you, they're on their way. Come on, I'll bark for you.

[Chris] Come on goddammit, where's my pants?

I can't find my pants.

[Wayne] I got the purse, come on.

[Chris] Wayne, help me!

Oh, shit, you son of a bitch!

[Woman] Hey, where are you going?

You bastards.

(mellow upbeat music)

Jim Dandy to the rescue - Go get them.

Jim Dandy to the rescue

Go Jim Dandy, go Jim Dandy (dog barking)

Jim Dandy on a mountain top.

30,000 feet to drop.

Tied me on a runaway horse - Just keep running!

Uh huh, that's right, of course.

Jim Dandy to the rescue

Go Jim Dandy, go Jim Dandy

Jim Dandy to the rescue

[Chris] Six lousy goddamn dollars, that whore.

I thought I was worth that much alone.

Looks like you didn't get paid, brother.

[Wayne] Come on, Chris, let's go.

Jim Dandy in a submarine

Got a message from a mermaid queen

She was hanging from a fishing line.

Jim Dandy didn't waste no time!

Jim Dandy to the rescue, go Jim Dandy

[Chris] All right, where's the car?

[Wayne] It's been towed away.

[Chris] How do you know?

How do you know?

[Wayne] Because it's not here and I can read.

[Chris] Aw, that's great.

Now what the hell are we gonna do?

[Wayne] Well, we go get it.

[Chris] Where?

[Wayne] To where they towed it.

Well, I don't know.

[Chris] Oh, shit.

(piano music)

Life's journey may be filled with pain and sorrow

Oh yes

your life may seem to you

To be in vain

It's alright, yeah yeah yeah

Cheer up, soon will be a new tomorrow

It's alright, it's alright

The sunshine always follows after the rain

Have faith in God and keep on keeping on

Have faith in God and keep on keeping on

After the darkness of the night

Comes an early morning light

So have faith in God and keep on keeping on

Seems the cards are always stacked

Against you

No matter what you do you cannot win

Cheer up, have faith in God

And only trust him

And soon your frowns

Will turn into grins

Have faith in God and keep on keeping on

Have faith in God and keep on keeping on

After the darkness of the night

Comes an early morning light

So have faith in God and keep on keeping on

So have faith in God and keep on keeping on

Keeping on, keep keeping on

Keeping on, keep keeping on

[Wayne] Hey, you son of a bitch!

Have faith in God and keep on keeping on

After darkness of the night

Comes an early morning light

[Chris] I had her barking, Wayne.

Did you see that? Yep.


[Chris] That's my car there.

See that, 850-263. Yeah, that checks with your registration.

You got the dough to get it out?

[Chris] Are you kidding?


Yeah, I got the dough.

How much you need, pops?

$15, towing.

$5, storage.

And tax comes to $21.

Hey, this will make it a lot easier for you.

Hey, what's this tax crap here?

The man says, "Collect the state tax."

So we collect the state tax.

I don't make the laws.

Yeah, I know, you just abide by them, don't you?

It's $21 including tax, you got a dollar?

Is that right? I thank you and the state thanks you.

By the way, the gear you left in the back seat is in the trunk compartment so it wouldn't be stolen.

[Chris] I thank you and my friend thanks you.

That old fart.

Tax, can you believe that?

They come snatch your car, charge you $5 storage and then they tax you to get it out.



We must never quit, that's what they tell me

When I never win, that's all so true

Have faith in God and just keep on trying

you'll find that we will surely see you through

Have faith in God and keep on keeping on

Have faith in God and keep on keeping on

After the darkness of the night

Comes the early morning light

So have faith in God and keep on keeping on

(honky tonk music)

Go Rita, go Rita

Where you been so long

Go Rita, go Rita

(cashier clanging)

I ain't had no lovin'

Hey, ma'am.

Where's the men's restroom?

[Verna] It's right down there to the left of the jukebox.

Okay, can I have some more coffee?

Yeah, and another order of toast, please?

You want it buttered?

[Wayne] Yeah.

[Verna] Hey, Frank.

Hey, Verna.

Tom. Hi.

Two cups of coffee, Verna.

And give old Tom here a piece of apple pie.

Go Rita, go Rita Hey, Ed, how come you ain't over at Doc James' house?

Cockfight starts about 1:30.

You know I don't go to Doc James no more.

You know me better than that, Tom.

[Frank] That's right.

He makes more money running shine.


I don't go to Doc James no more.

My check, Verna.

I don't go to Doc James anymore.

I don't go to Doc James, haven't been there for three or four weeks.

There you are.

I don't go to Doc James no more.

Hey, Ed. I don't go to Doc James.

[Tom] Hey, Ed, keep looking back.


Is that right?

That's right.

Thank you. Hey Verna, let's have that pie. Y'all come back now.


(energetic music)

That kid and that other guy?

They just beat me from the check, go get them.

Come on. Get them, Frank.

Goddamn it, hurry.

Jim Dandy to the rescue

Go, Jim Dandy, go, Jim Dandy

(screeching) (crashing)

Tied me on a runaway horse

Uh-huh, that's right, of course.

Jim Dandy to the rescue

Go, Jim Dandy, go, Jim Dandy

Jim Dandy met a girl named Sue

She was feeling kind of blue (cheering and laughing)

Jim Dandy the kind of guy I wanna see their faces so bad I'm almost tempted to turn around and go back.

Next time, son of a bitch, you drink the coffee and I eat the breakfast, I'm starved.

Are you starved? I'm starved.

[Chris] Here's some toast, buddy.

[Wayne] Oh, thanks a lot, cold toast.

Psst, psst.




I'm going all the way to Dallas.

[Jenny] You're going alone.


- [Radio] Now remember, baby.

Write to P.O. Box 453 in Dallas, Texas and get your autographed statue--

[Wayne] Hey, look at that.

- [Radio] Of Jesus Christ that glows in the dark.

Put it on your Studebaker.

And now, Mr. Carl Perkins.

He's a little white, but he's all right.

[Wayne] Hi, sweet potato.

Name's Jenny Scott, okay? Okay.

I'm 20 years old.

[Wayne] Good.

Yesterday I got picked up by this old Southern boy.

He said I reminded him of his daughter.

Screwed her when she was 14.

Today this Cuban immigrant and his fat wife picked me up.

He kept putting his goddamn hand on my leg and all she could do was laugh about it.

So what do you two got in mind, hm?

Oh, we just wanna put our hand on your leg, that's all.

So the judge said, "Son, you're gonna get three years.

"You're either going in the military

"or you're going to jail. "

I said, "Your Honor, since I'm not partial

"to incarceration, the United States Military's

"gonna have my company for the next three years. "

Then he re-enlisted so we could go in on the buddy system.

Yeah, the judge gave us a couple of weeks before we re-enlist.

So for these two weeks, we're just gonna be out catting around and having us a ball.

That's it, a week from Monday, we're gone.


But in the meantime, see.

[Wayne] Hey, don't be touching her leg.

By the way this is my brother, Wayne, and I'm Chris.

Hi. Hi.

What did you do to get three years?

Well, the technical term for what I did was, what was it?

It was assault with a friendly weapon with the intent of doing bodily harm.

It's all his fault.

Ever since we were kids, he's been getting us into trouble.

That's the God's honest truth.

You're the one that's always getting us into trouble.

I'm the one that's getting us out of it. What're you talking about?

What did you do-- You shitting me?

I'm getting, I'm the one that gets us out.

What about that time you threw an M-80 at that sheriff out there on that construction site.

Hey, wait a minute. It went off right next to his head. Excuse me.

Lit up the whole sky.

Hey, you could've run. What did you do to get three years?

I did run.

No, I tell you what, it all started, you see, when I hit my old lady.

[Jenny] You hit your mother, huh?

Just a couple of times, it wasn't a big deal.

[Jenny] Great, great why?

[Chris] We were rolling some of her dates.

And she didn't think that she was getting her fair share of the bread.

She thought we were pocketing all the money.

So she charged at me like an animal and she sunk this spiked-heel shoe right in the back of my neck.


As a matter of fact, you can stick your finger in it.

Right there, your index finger.

Right there in my cutepus plexus.

And so she, uh,

when she did that, I went like that and I fed her a knuckle sandwich.

Yeah, I had her in a double firebrand had her neck bent down, stretched her out.

I had it.

[Chris] Wayne, every time we tell that story, it gets better and better.

[Jenny] Sure you did.

(shotgun cocks) (trigger clicks)

Hi, Reed. Hi, Gurn.

Got a shipment of Ithacas in.

Good price, 20% off before the season starts.

Hey, uh how much you want for this one?

Oh, roughly in the neighborhood of $60.

Now, with your discount, that'll be about 50.

But what do you want another gun for?

You bought that Browning over and under a month back.

That isn't for me, it's for Luke.

What do you wanna get Luke a big gun like that for?

I got a bunch of. 410s and 20-gauges back there that'd be just right for him.

Hey, Gurn, come here.

I'm gonna get Luke a 12-gauge.

He can handle mine pretty good.

How old is he now?

He's 10.

The hell you say.


I could handle my daddy's 12-gauge pretty good when I was 10.

Goddamn, I must be getting old.

I can remember when your daddy bought you your first gun.

But I could've swore you were older than that.

Mind plays tricks on you when you get my age.

Except when you're talking about money.

It comes from a real strong desire to eat regular.

Well, you don't look like you miss many meals.

Hey, 50 the best you can do?


But I'll take 20 and you can owe me 30.

Pay me at the end of the month.

Won't even charge you any interest.

Yeah, but, what about I give you 10?

Reed, my mind don't play me that many tricks.


But look it, don't get mad if I'm a little late in paying you the rest.

[Wayne] It's probably that fuel pump again.

Why don't you pull over and let me drive?

[Chris] Aren't you tired?

[Wayne] No, I'm not tired at all.

[Chris] All right.

[Wayne] You wanna get in the back seat and rack it up?

[Chris] You know what I want?

I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

(peaceful country music)

(dog barking)

[Man] Well?

Well, you're, you sure you won't trade that mare for the four retreads and the two tractor tires?

I've told you, Hamp, the mare's in foal and you'd be getting two for the price of one.

No, sir.

No, sir.

If that mare hadn't been in foal, I would have given you the four retreads.

The mare alone is worth four retreads and four tractor tires.

You must think I'm some kind of hick to go for a deal like that.

If the Lord was gonna give the world an enema right here is where he'd stick the hose.


(hood slams)

(door slams)


Last year, you said that you wanted to trade the mare for four retreads and two tractor tires.

And I told you I'd think about it, and I have thought about it You get the idea.

And I'm gonna take you up on your offer.

Well, let me tell you something.

Last year was seven months ago.

And I already got the retreads and the tractor tires from old Jim Gooch.

And I also didn't know the mare was gonna get herself in foal when we made the deal.

So if you still want that mare, you gotta sweeten the pie.

Now, I gotta get home now before Rita starts yelling about my ruining her supper.

I'll see you Sunday.

And remember, if you're still thinking on it think of sweetening that pie.


I'll see you later on.

(dog barking)

[Woman] Hamp, did you get the mare?

[Hamp] No, no, he said he's gonna think on it and let us know Sunday.

I told you to trade for that mare months ago but you kept saying he'd come down to four retreads.

Well, he didn't.

And now he's thinking on it.

Between the two of you, nothing never be done.

Oh, she's the bane of my existence.

Can I fill it?

[Wayne] No, sir.

It's the fuel pump.

Think it's either jammed or broken.

[Hamp] Let me see it.

How long has it been like that?

Oh, quite some time, but it got us to here, though.

Well, it won't get you any place else.

You see that catch there?

[Wayne] Yeah.

You gotta fix that catch before it'll go any place.

Now, what you need is a new pump.

And we sell new pumps.


[Reed] Hi, honey.

[Carol] Hi.

Hey, what are you doing home?

I gotta change this shirt.

It's so damn hot out there.

[Reed] Hey, where's Lee?

Oh, he called to say he wasn't coming by.

And he had to go to the doctor about his diabetes.


He's just hung-over, that's all.

I don't think we're ever gonna get that new house built.

As far as Lee's concerned, it's finished.

He hasn't even started on it yet.


Good catch.

[Carol] Hey, you hungry?

[Reed] No, man, I had something to eat earlier.

Is that a new gun?

Oh, yeah.

Got a deal on it down at Gurney's.

Said I didn't have to pay him till the end of the month.

My credit's good.

It's a surprise for Luke.

Would you get me a beer?

Carol, would you get me a?

Oh, would you get me a beer?

Hey, mister, I guess we'd better go and take that fuel pump.

Well, can you pay for it?

[Chris] I got a credit card, yeah.

Well, I don't take cards.

Why not, hell, it's good.

You can check it out.

They're responsible for getting the money.

We used it in Louisiana, Alabama.

[Wayne] Florida, Mississippi.

No, I don't take cards.

We even bought a tire with it.

I'll tell you, I took cards once, I don't take them no more.

You get the idea?

It's either cash or charge.

All right, we'll charge it.

You can't charge it.

I don't know who you are.

You're just gonna have to pay cash.

How much is it?

Well, just a second, I'll check.

How much we got?

I got $3, how much you got?

I got four.

That's, uh, $27 including tax.

[Jenny] Chris.


I got $3.

No, that's all right.

Get the gun.

What gun?

Get the gun.

You see that?


That's a .22 caliber rifle.

Now, what we wanna do is trade you that for that fuel pump.


Well, I'll tell you, I got no use for a .22.

Hey, you got a shotgun?

I could use a shotgun.

I'll tell you what we'll do.

We'll trade you this .22 rifle and that $8.30 for a fuel pump.

Now, that's a bargain.

No, no, I got no use for a .22.

Didn't he say he could fix it temporarily with a catch or something?

Didn't you say that?

You did, didn't you?

How much would that cost?

Yeah, I could fix that for about five bucks, but it wouldn't take you very far.

Maybe 20 miles or so, I don't know.

[Wayne] Look, how far is the nearest station from here?

Well, that would depend on which direction you're going in.

[Wayne] Well, we're going west, but we have to go to the nearest station first.

Oh, west, well, let's see.

That's probably, well, Macon's down here, 85 miles, but.

Well, let me think on it a minute.

[Chris] Take your time.

[Hamp] Let's see, you go down here and you'd swing around oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

They got a gas station there.

Where, down here?

No, over here in Thornton.


What is it, 40?

I'd say it's 40 miles.

It's 45 miles, you get the idea?

Yeah, I got gas there myself once.

They'll take your credit card for you.

Look, go ahead and do that deal where you fix it for $5, you know temporarily.

We'd appreciate it if you could do that before it gets dark.

We gotta get out of here so we can go to the station.

Sure, yeah. All right?

Well, even if I do have the right catch, it's gonna take a little while.

[Chris] Say, where's your restroom?

It's right oh, it's right around in the back here.

Just swing around, there's a sign there.

It's right near the sign.

Right around there?

Yeah, I gotta go see if I got the catch.


Man, I sure hope he can fix that catch.

I'd hate to get hung up in this place.

[Chris] Boy, you can say that again.

Man, I sure hope he can fix that catch.

I'd hate to get hung up in this place.


What do you think of that girl?

Oh, she's all right.

[Chris] Yeah, she is all right.

Did you see how fast she came up with that money?

She could've just left, you know.

Well, you think we're gonna score with that broad?

What's this we shit, huh?

She said you had bad breath.

She didn't say that.

Yeah, she did.

Are you serious, huh?

Get out of here.

Hi. Hi.

Have you got an extra toothbrush?

No, I just got my own.

You wanna use it?


Do you wanna use it?

Yeah, if it's all right.


If it doesn't have any food on it. (laughs)

(sarcastic laugh)

Oh, Chris? What?

Might be a little easier with this.

Bye. Thank you.

Hey, Ida, what's going on?

Reed, you good-looking son of a gun.

You're not supposed to scare a body half to death.

Now, make some damn noise when y'all come in.


Hell, I made enough noise to wake the dead.

[Wayne] Jenny?

[Jenny] Coming.


[Chris] Must be jelly, because jam don't shake like that.

Oh, God, it's hot.


Hey, Ida, I don't believe you.

You're cheating.

Now I know why you won't get on that scale.

Oh, I get nervous when I read them clinical books.


Clinical, my ass.

You just like reading them dirty books, that's all.

You know that ain't the truth.

I just get nervous sitting around here when business is slow and yelling at that lazy Hamp.

(bell rings)

[Man] Fill it up, dad.

Hey, Ida, don't give me that but, but.

You sound like Hamp.

Hey, you know, the truth of the matter is that you just ain't got all that intestinal fortitude you was always bragging about.

Look over there.

How long they been here before me?

[Ida] Them three kids?

[Reed] Yep.

I guess they got here about the time that Augie left.

Oh, that must have been about 15 minutes ago.

Hurry it up.

Hey, dad, I said hurry it up.

[Lon] Enough.

[Elisha] Take it easy, Lon.

Come on, hurry it up.

[Lon] I know what you need is a beer.

[Elisha] Well, I don't need no cops.


Hey, Hamp?


Hamp, are you back there?

Yeah, I'm back here in the back.

[Reed] Sure is a nice car you got there.

I thought that was you, Reed.

I figured you'd be getting ready for the big day tomorrow.

Hunting season starts, you know.

I am.

I'm on my way to pick up Luke over at military school in Hood right now.

Hey, you know he just made lieutenant?

In the Army, I never made more than staff sergeant.

What the hell are you looking for?

[Hamp] Oh, I'm looking for a catch.

Catch, catch for what?

A catch for that, for the water pump in that Buick outside.

Hamp, that's not a Buick, that's a Chrysler.

I'm looking in the wrong place then.

What them kids need anyway is a new pump.

But they ain't got the money to pay for it.

Yeah, well, see you.


What's the trouble?

Our fuel pump's jammed up.

The linkage is messed up on it.

Where y'all from?


Well, uh, what are you doing here?

We were just passing through, until our car broke down.

Soon as we get it fixed, we'll be moving on.

If you got any influence on hurrying the square in there, we'd appreciate it.

Yeah, Hamp is kind of slow sometimes.

Say, y'all wouldn't mind showing me some identification now, would you?


No, not at all.

I think I got me a catch that's gonna work.

Where you been?

Take it out, will you?

Thank you.

[Chris] Down in New Orleans.


What were you doing there?

I went down there to take my physical.

You from Dallas?

Yeah, yeah.

Take your physical?

Physical for what?

[Chris] For the Army.

Did you get drafted?

No, I enlisted.

Go on.

You're kidding?


You enlisted?


Here you go.

Say, uh, tell me, you got some money on you?

Yeah, why?

Well, you see, you've got to have

$10 a piece, 30 total or you're considered vagrants.

You know what that is, don't you?

Yeah, vagrants.

Yeah, I know what that is.

See, we got a law here.

You got to have that $30.

You wanna show it to me?

No, I'd rather not.

I think I know what you mean.

You say you're gonna be moving on just as quick as Hamp finishes working on the car?

Just as soon as possible, yes, sir.

Got no reason to stick around for nothing else, do you?



No, as soon as we get it fixed, we're moving out, just as soon as we get it fixed.

That's real good.

Hey, Hamp.

[Hamp] Yeah?

Hurry up on the car, there.

Don't wanna keep these nice folk here any longer than we have to.

They might grow to like it.

I wouldn't like that at all.

Well, see you.

What was that?

Dumb hick.




Give me a make on a

'48 Town & Country Chrysler convertible Illinois plates, 850-263.

That's 850-263.


And get back to me quick as you can, will ya?

- Will do.

Hey, Bill?

[Bill] Mm-hm?

Reed needs a make on this right away.

Is he okay?

Yeah, he's all right.

It's just that we've been together for a long, long time.

Hey, how about that place there?

[Lon] It's as good as any.

Let's get it.

(gentle whistling)


Mr. Morgan, I'm here to pick up my son, Luke.

Class, 10-hut.

Lieutenant Morgan, dismissed.

Class, be seated.

Hi, son. Hi, dad.

Hey, let me look at you.

Those lieutenant bars really look good.

You made your mom and me mighty proud.

Hey, how about going hunting with me tomorrow?

Do I have to go, dad?

There were some other things I wanted to do.

[Reed] No, you don't have to go, boy but I sure would like to spend some time with you.

You know, since you've been going to school here we haven't been together too much, haven't had any time to talk.

I'd like to go, but I wanna play ball with the Pirates.

They're some of the kids from Jeff Davis.

They asked me to be on their team and I said I would.

[Reed] Well, if you promised.

I did, dad, honest.

Hey, Luke, do you think they'd mind very much if you didn't?

No, son, you go ahead and play with them.

We'll go hunting next weekend.

Thanks, dad, they really need me.

I'm a good hitter.

Hey, why don't you and Mom come to the game?

I don't think Mom would go.

You know how she worries about you.

She didn't even want me to take you hunting tomorrow.

Or any day, for that matter.

Oh, boy.


Come on, let's go home.

(kids chattering)

See you next week, James.

See you, Luke.

[Luke] Bye, Charles.

(kids playing)

- [Man] Have you left no sense of decency?

- [Man] I know this hurts you, Mr. Welch.

- [Man] Senator, I think it hurts you too, sir.

- [Man] I'd like to finish this.

He's been talking day after day about the way he wants to get anyone tainted with communism out before sundown.

- [Reporter] The Army-McCarthy controversy erupted today with new sensational charges and denials involving another high official of the Eisenhower administration.

The crowds that had long applauded Senator Joseph McCarthy in the Caucus Room for so many days were suddenly silent.

They seem to have acquired a new hero, also named Joe. Joseph Welch.

(foreboding music) Mr. Welch.


No, no, no, don't make a noise.

- [Reporter] Had been needling him--

Hi, Momma.

We ain't gonna hurt you if you don't make no noise.

We just came to take a few things.

- [Reporter] Witnesses had sounded in front of McCarthy.

As Welch bore in, McCarthy began squirming.

You see?

- [Reporter] His aide took the punishment he enjoyed.

That's my friend over here.

- [Reporter] It was common knowledge that Mr. Welch became a special Army counsel.

He had considered using the young attorney named Fred Fisher.

Learning, however.

[Elisha] Lon, you're right, there ain't nobody around.

(eerie instrumental music)

- [Reporter] Welch, toward making additional.

I'm gonna take you back and tie you up in the room, just so you don't make a lot of noise.

You stay still and we won't hurt you at all.

Come on, Momma.

Come on.

Please No, it's all right, Momma.

Just sit down.

I'm gonna tie you up.

(eerie foreboding music)

(suspenseful dramatic music)

That your old man, Momma?

Your old man a cop?

He's a big man, huh, Momma?

How many times a week does he give it to you, Momma?

Does he take it from you or does he ask you for it, Momma?


[Lon] Hey, need a man, Momma?


(dramatic music)


[Chris] It's pegging on us.

[Wayne] He said it'd get at least 20 miles.

[Chris] Well, almost.

Hell, we're only 10 miles short.

Well, hell, he did the best he could.

He worked on it for about five hours.

The only problem was he had an IQ of about eight.

Hello, sunshine.

Did you sleep?

[Jenny] Yeah, a little bit.

What's the matter with the car?

It's crapping out.

Well, that's it, man, we bought it.

It's not going any further.

I'll tell you what I'm for.

Get some sleep and worry about it tomorrow.

There's nothing we can do about it now anyways.

I think you're right.

Tomorrow morning we'll hitch a ride to Thornton get a fuel pump and hook it up ourselves.

You can do that, can't you?

I don't know, if I had the right tools, I might be able to, I don't know.

What do you mean, if you had the tools?

What, you gotta be coaxed?

It has nothing to do with being coaxed.

I just don't know if I can do it.

If you don't.

If you don't fix it, we're stuck.

Right now, all I care about is getting some sleep.

We can worry about it tomorrow.

Maybe the car will get towed off we won't have to worry about it at all.

We'll get Jenny out there to stick out her leg so we can hitchhike.

We wouldn't get any rides that way.

All that I'm saying is, if we don't get it fixed, we're stuck.

That's all I'm saying.

Okay, we're stuck.

What the hell am I supposed to do about it?

Let's get some sleep then, okay?

Dibs on the car.

No, we gotta look for a place to sleep.

[Jenny] Good.

(foreboding instrumental music)

[Chris] You know, what we ought to do is put a note on the car in case that sheriff came by here.

Don't you think?

Well, Wayne?

[Wayne] All right, I'll do it.

[Chris] What?

[Wayne] I said I'd do it.

I'll tell you what.

You two solve our problem.

I'm gonna go sleep in the car.

Good night, Wayne.

What's he so upset about?

I don't know.

It's probably because there's just one girl.

Come here.

You never did tell us why you were going to Dallas.

Well, I was working in this bar and they found out I was underage.

How'd they find that out?

I had a roommate and we talked a lot together and one night we exchanged life stories.

See, the manager of the bar was her boyfriend.


And, uh.

He kind of started looking at me more than he did her.

Anyway, one night, one night he made a pass at me.

And, uh.

Somehow she found out about it.

I don't know, maybe he even told her.

You know, what's funny is you never did tell me why you were going to Dallas.

Look, does it matter?

No, it doesn't matter.

Well, then why ask?

I was interested or curious or.

Hell, I don't know.


Yes, sir?

You know that boy you waved to back there as we left school?

Yes, sir, his name's James.

How do you know him, son?

He doesn't go to your school, does he?

Well, one day after study hall, I had some free time so I went to use the basketball court and there they were.

We chose up teams, and so far my team's won seven out of 10 games.

But I don't think the school wants them there.

They've been run off a couple of times.

You know how in school you have rules and laws that you have to follow?

Just like you have laws to follow.



At Sutter, they just.

They just don't take blacks, that's all.

Not because they don't have the money, but they just don't take them.

But, dad, that doesn't seem right.

The school feels that blacks should go to school with other blacks and whites should go with other whites, son.

It just seems to make things a whole lot easier.

Your mom and I feel the same way.

Does that mean I can't play basketball with them anymore?

I wish you wouldn't.

Okay? Okay.


Thanks a lot.

(gentle instrumental music)

[Bill] Look at that, will you?

I think I'd better have them pull over and tell them to get their lights fixed before their ass-end gets bashed in.

(unsettling music)

Oh, shit.

We can't outrun them in this thing.

I'm gonna pull over.

Don't do it.

Don't you fall apart.

Just keep your mouth shut.

Howdy. Hi.

[Bill] I seen you drive by.

I noticed your taillights were out.

Didn't want nobody to run into you.

Damn they must have just gone out.

They were working when we got gas back down the road.

Well, I'll get them fixed.

[Bill] Yeah, I'd do that if I were you.

Don't want y'all to get hurt.

Now, you'll find a station about six miles.

Just keep following the highway.

[Officer] Hey, Bill, look at this stuff here in the back seat.

All right, you guys, get out of the car.

(gun firing)

(suspenseful dramatic music)

(gun firing)

We're dead. Keep driving.

- [Bill] Car 36, code 10.

Repeat, code 10.

I'm in pursuit of a late-model Studebaker heading north on Turner Road near Junction 209.

All available units respond to code 10.

(sirens blaring)

I know they're gonna get us.

Come on and drive.

We're dead.


You come on.

You're driving like a woman.

We're gonna make it.

No, we ain't gonna.

We're not gonna, I know, I can see.

Don't let them get me again.

You quit sniveling and drive.

Oh, boy, if he catches me, I'm gonna kill you.

Look out for that truck!

(tires screeching)


(horn blares)

(birds chirping)

(bells chiming)

(gun firing)




Hey, Luke.

You all right, boy, wake up.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I was only having a dream, dad.

Oh, okay, you had me worried.

Bill, I wanna talk Mr. Williams.

My partner had a wife and two kids and I just got done talking to them.

But I'm appointed by the court to defend these people's rights and they have a right to see their attorney.

When can I see them?

When I'm good and ready. Bill.

Get your foot off the table.

All right, take the cuffs off this garbage.

Chuck, go out and get yourself some coffee.

Okay, sign these papers.

What for?

What for?

These are confessions for the cop you scum killed.

I ain't signing no confession.

Hey, dad, I wanna talk to the public defender.

You'll see him after you sign these confessions.

Now sign them.

Now sign them.

I ain't signing no confession.

We know what our rights are.


You ain't got no rights as far as I'm concerned.

Now get to it.

I ain't signing nothing.

Put your hands on the table.

What for?

I said, put your hands on the table.

Flat, you son of a bitch, flat.

(soft suspenseful music)

Now you right-handed or left-handed?

I'm right-handed.

Now, either you start writing or you're gonna become left-handed immediately.

Wait a minute.

Hey, man.

Hey, sir.

Hey, man.

(gun firing)

[Reed] Hey, don't forget your suitcase.

[Luke] Oh, yeah.

And hurry inside.

I got a surprise for you.

Hey, Luke.

Now listen to me carefully, boy.

You stay right here, now, don't move.

What's the matter, dad?

You stay here, now.

(gentle unsettling music)



(dramatic suspenseful music)






(gun firing)

What's that? Get up, get dressed.

(dramatic music)

[Reed] Luke!


Come on. Mother.

Mother, mother. Luke, Luke.

Goddamn it, shut up! Mother.

Shut up, shut up!

Now, come on!

[Wayne] Man, come on, let's get the hell out of here.

He's crazy, he shot at me.

[Chris] Sheriff's coming with a gun.

[Wayne] Let's go, get the hell out of here.



Send an ambulance to my place right away.

[Bill] What's all this junk?

This is the evidence taken from the suspects' car.

Annie, run a serial-number check on the TV set.

Check out the rest of the stuff as best you can.

Bill? Yeah.

Reed told me to send an ambulance to his house and then he turned off the radio.

I can't get him back.

I dialed his home but there's no answer there.

I'm worried. When did all this happen?

About five minutes ago.

Did he say anything else?

No, but something is wrong out there and somebody ought to go.

He said nothing, huh?

Look, you keep trying to raise him on the radio.

Annie, get busy on the phone.

I'll call you from out there.

(suspenseful music) Let's go.

(gun firing)

That son of a bitch is crazy, man.

Come on, boy.

Come on, Luke.

Hold it.

Oh, my God.

[Jenny] Chris!

Terry, I'm calling from Reed's house.

Send a car out here right away.

Reed's wife was murdered.

I tell you, you wouldn't believe it.

(suspenseful dramatic music)

[Reed] Come on, Luke.

(distant gun firing)

(gun firing) (screaming)

Send Jeff and Carter out to the levee road near Reed's house.

(gun firing)

(gun firing)



[Chris] Jesus Christ, she's bleeding like crazy.

[Jenny] God.

Be still.

Goddamn it.

It's pretty bad, huh?

I don't know.

You crazy son of a bitch, what's wrong with you?

Are you nuts?

What are trying to kill us for?

We haven't done anything, man!

Can you hold that? Yeah.

What do you see?

I don't see anything and he won't answer.

What's the problem?

There's a steel plate over the ignition and I can't get to the wires.

How's the ear, Jenny?

It's still there, I think.

She's tough, isn't she?

Something horrible has happened and he thinks we did it.


We got a girl in here that's hurt and she needs help!

Do you hear me?

We haven't done anything!

[Wayne] He's gonna kill us, man.

He doesn't care about anything.

I'll tell you what, I don't like being stuck on this houseboat.

There's an outboard up here about 50 yards.

If I can get to it, get it started we can at least get on the other side of the river.

How are you gonna get there without getting shot?

[Chris] I think I can swim.

Can you swim with this?

No, you keep it.

[Wayne] Take it.

The second you hear that son of a bitch start up, get outside and be ready to jump in.

All right?

[Wayne] All right, I'll see you in a minute.

[Bill] Goddamn.


(dramatic suspenseful music)

Start, come on, start.

Come on, Chris.

(dramatic suspenseful music)

Wayne, why'd he stop?

(gun firing)


Chris! Chris!

Are you all right?

(dramatic suspenseful music)


Chris, answer us!

(suspenseful instrumental music)

[Jenny] Chris?

[Wayne] Chris.

[Jenny] Chris, is that you?


(suspenseful instrumental music)

(screaming) (gun firing)


(gun cocking)

(gun cocking)

(gun cocking)


Everything's gonna be okay, Luke.

I swear to God, everything's gonna be okay.

(sobbing) (gentle instrumental music)

(wistful piano music)

Another place, another time

Another song, another rhyme

Is it so wrong to wish it so

The seasons come, the seasons go

Another year, another day

So long ago, and far away.

There was a time when we could do anything

With a brown paper bag and piece of string

Go for a ride, we'd put the car-top down

Somehow we'd end up in another town

Funny how things can turn themselves around

There was a time when we could go anywhere

And not have to worry 'bout things when we got there

We used to think the world was doin' fine

Travelin' below that Macon County Line

Funny how people can be so unkind

There was a time when we could be anyone

A time when things were good and life was fun

When I met you, it was my lucky day

Didn't have time to say what I wanted to say

Sure gonna miss you when you go away