Madame Mills, une voisine si parfaite (2018) Script

Mr. Ming-Pei. Paulikevitch wrote this work seven years before Calder's "Circus."

I'm telling you, this is gonna be turn art history upside down!

This sculpture consists of three independently moving parts, that are a perfect match.

Two of them are mine, and this is what they look like.

And the third part I will receive shortly.

Mr. Rosenberg, if I understand correctly, show me two parts here a sculpture of a unknown Russian artist.

And you don't have the third piece.

And these three parts shall together the history of art of the 20th century?

That's right, they will.

We can prove, that Paulikevitch the inventor of three-dimensional art, and not Calder!

And this, that's worth a lot of money.

And you come to that third part?

No kidding?

Trust me.

And? It's rented!

Too bad, I'm all alone. I really liked it up there.

Don't worry, this time the owners made right.

The new tenant should be very quiet.

A lonely old lady. No kids, no dogs, no problems.

Bonsoir! Monsieur Cottin, a package for you!

Have you seen her yet? Have you seen her yet? You're gonna love her!

I think she's a foreigner. Wait a minute!

How is that pronounced? Missus.

Again. Missus.

Miss Mill, now. Millssss. With a "sssss"!

That's a lot of "sss". Nobody's perfect.

Just call her "madam." I gotta get that! See you!

Hello Edouard, what's up?


They interfere with marketing? Impossible.

They can't just do that, without my consent!

Bonsoir. My name is Mrs. Mills.

I'm your new neighbor. I'm glad to meet you. No!

You're not answering. I'll talk to you tomorrow at the office.

Excuse me... I'm delighted to see you, To get to know you! Madame Hélène, right?

Hélène is enough, the "madame" is redundant.

Redun - what?

Oh, my French is ch-ch-ch-ch!

I'm gonna have to get back on the stockings.

That's what they say, right? It's all right.

Your French is perfect. Excuse me.

I have a lot of work to do today.

Call me Scarlett.


Scarlett Mills. Scarlett Mills.

Hélène. Hélène Mercier. Welcome.



...what do a lawnmower and brake pads together ?

You could both be preprogrammed deficiency

We had rather pleasant weather yesterday, is this how it's going to be?

because according to Arnauld Benedetti the performance of an actor.

of Louis XIV...

Bonjour, Mathilde! Hello, Hélène.

Thanks. Les éditions Savannah, hold on!


Hi, Helene. My dream was Dantesque!

I was sitting in a highchair, sort of, high chair.

Out of a clear sky appears Barbara Cartland with a spoon.

She's coming towards me. I want to keep my mouth shut, but I can't do it, and bam! She feeds me strawberry yogurt.

It was bad. I couldn't sleep!

Strawberry yogurt, that's awful! But otherwise you're okay?

Well, I have a breathing problem.

I have a lump in my breast, so I can't breathe properly.

So how's it going with the therapist? Stop it!

Sorry, but I thought, You would have said 9:00.

That was my mistake. For us, 9 is 8:30.

We would like some coffee!

Who is this Hilary Simpson, that e-mailed me last night?

She's our new marketing manager.

Apparently she's the head of marketing in Toronto.

Okay, so what? She's in charge from now on, as we here in Marketing continue and communicate.

This is still my company. You just don't want to admit it!

You have the majority of your shares, to pay your debts.

And you have a Contract with Stephen Boyd, who's still buying your remaining shares.

Your vehement denial of the facts is incredible.

Whatever, Toronto's a long way away, isn't it?

What's our new guy's name?

Toronto is closer, than you think you are right now.

Charles. Charles Pinson. And I love your publishing house.

Next time. I'd like milk in my coffee.

Where did you get that? He has a PhD in philosophy.

He won awards at the Paris Conservatory.

And he has an autistic disorder that but doesn't show up in social media.

That's why we hired him.

Thanks to him, we will finally be able to to the 21st century.

He's my maid's son.

Another one? At least try it!

I did. Didn't do any good.

I'll just take away all your lighters.

A delightful balancing act!

With you Parisians the cancan simply belongs to it!

In every cliché there is some truth!

Could you possibly unlock it for me?

Yes, of course. Let me help you, my child.

Wait, Mrs. Mills. These are much too heavy.

Please, don't trouble yourself.

Shall I take them to your office? Mrs. Mills, that's really not necessary.

What kind of magnificent view of La Défense!

So romantic! Have you read them all?

Yes, I have read and published them.

You work in a publishing house?

Yeah, something like that. I'm a publisher.

Publisher! Oh, how delightful!

You are certainly very successful!

It keeps within limits. It's just a small publishing house.

Mrs. Mills, you've done quite enough.

Call me Scarlett. What's the name of your publisher?

Les éditions Savannah. What?!

Oh, my God.

Oh my God!

What a coincidence!

I know them all by heart! I am Your most loyal and avid reader!

I am overwhelmed!

It's incredible...

Fleurine and Marcelin. In "The Opal of the Hindi".

This is love! True, true love!

"Where will we go ...still carry that passion?

Yeah. I'm sure.

"Just as I am sure of my heartbeats.

He takes her hand and put it to his heart.

What a grand gesture!

"I follow you through hell, Alistair, if our love requires it."

As I can see, you're a big fan.

Aristotle and Mathilda in "Close Encounters."

It's upsetting.

"You are the mother. The foster mother of my best friends.

To my beloved heroes."

Oh, I'm getting queasy! Do you have anything to drink?

A small cup of tea? I'm not sick.

I just feel queasy. That's different.

Don't you have anything stronger? I have vodka.

It's the strongest I've got.

Well, look who's here.

Take it easy, kid.

That I'm going to be... moved in with you, is the result of a series of coincidences.

You and I have to go to find out together, what this means. You'd make a good writer, Scarlett.

Scarlett Rose Josephine Hippolyta Mills.

Is that your grandmother?

The similarity is simply amazing!

Which being did the Hélène of that time?

She was a little girl, that his grandmother loved.

What about you, Scarlett?

I was going back to Paris. My father... lived here during the war.

But tell me more from your lovely grandmother!

I grew up with her. My parents died when I was 12.

Then when she died, I inherited the family business.

For the past few years. romance novels don't do well anymore.

And I couldn't or I wouldn't, as Edouard always says, take the necessary measures. That's why I had to... sell my shares to the Canadians. The Stephen Boyd Company, who, with her brain-burning marketing pitch gets on your nerves.

What's inane?

You won't find that in "The Signature of Destiny" or in "Newlyweds." Hence . they don't sell anymore either.

These days, love is like the flu.

You catch it. And you end up in bed. Voilà!

Savannah is for the modern world like a cup of chamomile tea.

It's old-fashioned, unfashionable, obsolete, pathetic and poor.

Just lousy.

Your husband must have forgotten his keys. I'm off!

No, it's Sabine. She brings me the new books.

May I please use your restroom?

Sure, just down the hall to the left.

Bonsoir! Hello, Hélène.

Already our met your new neighbor?

Yes, just now. She's very charming, isn't she?

She's really nice. I told you.

I'm a good judge of character.

Right. Well, I'll leave you alone again.

Thanks again, Sabine. See you.

And your husband? Is he still coming?

Which one? No husband, no fiance. I don't even have a hamster.

And no children either. I am alone.

Excuse me, Scarlett, I've been a little off my game lately.

I need to get this manuscript still reading and revising.

Can I wash my hands? Tell me, Scarlett.

Can I give you the manuscript to read give? I'm interested in your opinion.

You know your way around.

Oh my God! You mean me?

Editor for Savannah!

I never dreamed this could happen.

But it won't make you rich. I'll start reading right away!

Thanks. Thank you, Scarlett. Good night, Miss Scarlett.

All right. Molly Bertignac.

"Tropical Nights". In Maracaibo. I have to think about our Parisian days, when I was with a delicious croissant in your hand the crescent moon rising.

In Maracaibo, I have we must think of our Parisian times, when I was with a delicious croissant in your hand the crescent moon rising...

and appears behind the curtain.

He sits behind her and he's completely immersed in his game. He looks at her shadowy figure, blurred by all this smoke.

She's moving away. But her eyes wetted with golden powder giving their trail even in the dark.

capture the man's gaze.

He's being Wave of passion seizes...

I got everything. Are you coming?

Yes, immediately! Call everyone in.

Together we are strong. We're strong together. Mathilde! Charles!

This is the new proposal by Stephen Boyd.

Are we selling underwear? Oh, God, no!

We sell fucking romance novels! No, that doesn't work. Get rid of it!

We need a counterproposal.

And fast. Let's go! We don't have much time.

But we definitely do something better than this junk!

So - any ideas?

Just an idea! One idea!

I think that... Yeah?

It's not about the readers or the significance of romance novels in today's society, but we have to talk about think about how people see their everyday life and how we in the books.


We need a new one for the coffee. Anything else I can contribute?

No, thanks, Charles. That was enough.

Okay, that's it. Let's call it a day.

Weren't you going to see the February numbers?

They are sobering. Stephen Boyd is pushing hard!

No, no. We'll do it tomorrow. Please go now.

There's something I have to do. Thanks. See you tomorrow.

It's nice for a change, to wake up in the arms of a man.

Better than the office couch.

How late is it?

It's a quarter to eight.

Why are you here so early? I have a lot to do today.

And I have a date tonight.

Can I borrow your phone, please?

What's your PIN? 6, 9, 6, 9.


Are you calling Stephen Boyd?

It's still night in Toronto! He gave you his number, so I'm calling him.

But he gave me his number I'm sure it wasn't so you could just drop him in the middle of...

Hi, Stephen! This is Hélène from Paris. Damn it!

How are you doing? Oh, two in the morning?

You've been asleep? Damn, I didn't think of that.

I'm sorry. totally bad with time zones.

I'm sorry, Stephen! But the early bird catches the worm.

Listen, I have a problem.

Yeah. No. Listen.

I don't know what your proposal is. It won't work in France.

I get it, we have to try something new. But not this!

This misses the target group! Seriously, this is bullshit!

Sure, Edouard feels the same way.

Everyone here thinks, that it's fucked up.

Don't you fucking get it? How do you say "shitty" in English?

No! What?! I'm calm!

I'm absolutely calm! I'm just trying to make you understand that it's a cultural thing. Cultural! Do you understand that?

Oh, I'm arrogant? Of course I am, I'm French!

Anyway, it can't go on like this.

In the future, I would like, ...that when it comes to such things... get my consent. There's one more thing.

We here have already designed a better campaign.

She's much better! Stop it now!

No, I'll send them to you.

Yeah! See you next week!

No! I'm sure, you'll love it!

Okay, that's it.

You sound tired. The best thing you can do is get some sleep.

Good night.

That's great! Thanks a lot. Now we're both fired.

And the campaign? What about it?

Where is she?

Could she be hiding here? She's not here!

I hope you're thinking about dinner. tonight with Jacqueline Duneveu.

Oh no! Not Jacqueline Duneveu! Please, Edouard!

Cancel it, please! Please, Edouard!

This is the third time now!

What campaign?!


Hi there, I bought croissants. Croissants on Sundays, right?

So, who do I remind you of?

Honestly, nobody in particular.

Take a good look!


"Tropical Nights". Molly Bertignac.

From the "Full Moon Collection"!

I'll make us some tea. "Carriage Collection." Carriage!

With these croissants, I just have to immediately think of Molly and Gustave.

"In Maracaibo, I found we must think of our Parisian times, when I was with a delicious croissant in your hand the beautiful crescent moon ...rising before me."

You are already far away with the manuscript, I gave you the other day?

Come on, we have to Hold your hand under the water!

I'll check it out quick, if I have an ointment for you.

No! I'm coming with you! No! You leave your hand under the water, so that the burn calms down. No! I don't want to stay here alone!

Calm down, Scarlett. I'm here!

No, my child, I'm going with you!

I feel queasy again. No, no, no, we're almost there!

Sit down! I'll have the ointment in a minute.

She was around here somewhere...

Where can she be?

Or had I used them up already?

Do you know what this is? Do you know what that is? Biafine.

Come on. Put this on. No, thanks. No, thank you!

What is it? Stay here! I forgot an important call, which I must do immediately.

Mr. Ming Pei?

Yes, this is Rosenberg. Rosenberg here. Got it!

I know where it is.

Scarlett! It's gorgeous!

I, I...

Yeah, I'm coming!

Scarlett! All right?

I have to go now, unfortunately, now...

Yes, I'm coming!


Yes, please? I need to look at your hand.

I don't want it to get infected. But it's really not necessary.

Very thoughtful. Look how red and already swollen. You have very big hands.

Tell me, Hélène. Hélène?

The object in your bathroom...

That thing. What thing?

This thing, so this looks so weird...

The stable one? The stable? The stable...

Oh, is that what it's called?

It's beautiful. You think so?

Yes, I do. Don't you?

No. Not particularly.

But you're not the only one, who likes it.

One man is already pushing me for months to sell it to him.

I have no idea why, because this thing is worthless.

I had it valued, you never know.

It appears to have originated by a Russian artist.

Unfortunately he is unknown.

But I'm keeping it because Grandma heard, you know?

I would never sell it.

Pity. Why?

No reason. Would you like a cup of coffee?

Are you all right, Scarlett? I'm all right.

I'll survive. So you want coffee now?

Yes, I'd love to.

You know, Hélène, you have to get away from things.

Said Buddha already.

Please come in my office in the morning.

But Hélène expects me!

You don't have an appointment. Would you mind so please wait in the waiting room?


Try harder.

Be a bit spruce!

As receptionist for Savannah you should have a little more style.

A little attitude!

Make music! Or give it a try with synchronized swimming.

Scarlett! We've been expecting you! I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

I found in the Lafayette Gallery a delightful dryer.

It's much more suitable to dry your underwear than that thing in your bathroom. What are you talking about?

The stable one! In your bathroom.

It contradicts the Feng Shui, if you keep this.

You have to get away from old things. can separate them, right?

You don't say, Scarlett Rose Josephine Hippolyta.

I think, They don't know why you're here.

You're just staffage, right?

As you can see, Mrs Mills, we need something new.

Our readers need a new look!

A radical spring cleaning.

We'll redecorate her life.

Our new slogan: "With Savannah tell your own stories".

That's wonderful! Wonderful!

But we need another heroine, which radiates a touch of optimism.

We need a great muse, that helps our readers, to rise above yourself.

And which inspires them to do so, to write their own stories.

They become the heroes of Savannah themselves!

I don't quite understand.

Me neither. Let's be patient a little longer.

And our heroine is resourceful, timeless, and imaginative.

It exists.

And I met her. You, Scarlett!

You are our new muse!

You're out of your mind!

When I saw her in your room yesterday, all those wigs lined up next to each other, I thought of Melisande.

At Margarita in "The Andalusian prisoner".

To Leonie in "In the Shadow of the Stars".

No, no, no!

Let me explain. Enough! Enough! No!

Savannah's talking out of her sewing box.

She's the bomb!

Your own stories.

She's the star! The queen of social media.

Five million hits in one week, right? In not even a week!

With your fresh 70 years, ...and I think I can safely say your age, you went viral. A real social phenomenon.

Now is the time: We have the brand-new Muse of the Savannah publishing house. Scarlett Mills!

Good morning, Scarlett. How do you do?

Good morning. Fine, thank you very much.

Thanks to you and your gorgeous sense of humor is the rejuvenation of an entire species, which, until now, seemed pretty outdated.

So my mother reads the books. Maybe a little sex is missing.

Scarlett.... Scarlett....

I have a confession to make. Just between you and me:

I've been working this weekend "The Perfect Love" completely read.

I have to say, I did it. no longer out of your hands!

Do you believe in Love at first sight?

Sorry, big guy. I got plans today.

Too bad.

Mrs Mills, can I have your autograph? Scarlett!

May I take a picture with you?

So what do we do now? We have to go to the next appointment immediately!

It's in five minutes.

But I can't see anything anymore!

and sharp-tongued. Scarlett Mills is today my guest in "Boomerang"! So if you have a question for her...

here: The lovely Scarlett Mills, who with us about the current book from the Savannah publishing house.

"The Perfect Love" by Jacqueline Duneveux.

now speech and answer.

- What do you want to know? Hello? Yes, hello?

I wanted to ask, is Scarlett still single?

Listen up, everybody!

So, to this day, we have a whole 90,000 copies sold!

We've never had such a success with a book.

The rights are sold to Germany, to Spain, to Italy.

And Stephen Boyd already knows how to thank us.

And now for you, Scarlett.

She's beautiful! She's beautiful!

You're a star!

Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett....

Hélène, this is all a misunderstanding.

A fantastic misunderstanding!

With you connects me a special friendship.

They are authentic and unique.

I'm telling you this in confidence, and I really don't often do that.

Hélène, one thing is very close to my heart.

Anything you like! All right! The solid from your bath...

"Mrs Mills! A Proust reminiscence against the contemporary disillusionment!"

Excuse me.

That's unbelievable! Let me see!

"Those at Savannah Publishing ...published romance novels..."

Hello? Who is this?

bonjour Bonsoir.

Monsieur Ping, Ping Mei?

Ming Pei? This is...

This is Leo. Leo Rosenberg, Mr. Ming-Pei.

what on earth is going on in your house?

No news is good news?

Good news, good news...

They'll be here soon. I still have no proof, that the third part even exists. Show me.

The photo you sent me, doesn't prove anything!

What can I say? that's not very convincing! show me all three parts together!

I've been waiting two months! Is that clear, Mr. Rosenberg?

Yeah, sure...


Have a look! Looks lovely, doesn't it?

Our home. Charming!

Yes! I love it!

Wow! I'm going to put a couple of books on the subject, hold on!

It turned out real pretty.

The hallway was so empty before. Now it looks much more homely.

Oh, I'm just so scatterbrained!

Have you lost your keys?

Did the concierge a duplicate key?

Yes. Unfortunately not, and where can you get a locksmith here at this hour?

That's bad luck. Then I'll go to the hotel.

And with my back!

What do you mean hotel?! That's out of the question!

You'll sleep with me tonight. Thank you, you're very kind.

But I don't want to be a burden on you.

Scarlett, I have lots of spare keys.

Here, in the office, by the concierge, everywhere. You never know.

You know, "Beware is the mother of the porcelain box", that's the way I always hold it. You don't say.

I would be honoured, to cook you a little something.

That reminds me to the good old days, when I was preparing dinner for made my husband Kitouch.

You remind me to my Grandma Babou.

Whenever I came home from school, it smelled like clafoutis.

It smelled of tobacco, and also a little Chanel number 5.

It was comforting. You don't seem like anyone, to be taken care of.

Can you bake clafoutis? Of course I can!

First of all, we have to get to take care of the protein.

Then we need sugar.

Hold on! You need No protein for clafoutis?

It is for the American version! It's from Dakota.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Okay. Suit yourself. You're the cook.


You know, it's nice, to help each other.

Among women.

Hélène. Hélène?

I have something very serious to tell you.

No! Nothing serious tonight!

The big explanations we'll save ourselves for another time.

Tonight we will celebrate. Us, Scarlett.

Our friendship.

You are my most beautiful coincidence!

Cheeeeese! Cheeeeese!

With a... With a piece of silicone?

Totally sticky! But what are you talking about?

Sex toy!

You don't find that at Monoprix. How inconsolable!

Yeah. But it's better to do it with a man.

In twos.

Or even three of them!

You've had a threesome before? I sure have. Haven't you?

If I'm honest, it was... too many people at once for me!


I, uh... wanted...

I really wanted a man once.

No, no, no, no.

I wanted so badly...

I wanted a man so badly...

...really love.

I'd be glad to.

Do it again! It's about time!

What a wonderful evening!

I'm so tired.



I feel sick...


Hélène, judge a book never after the binding.

What exactly are you? A pervert?

A predator? A collector?

You're the man who's been making me because of the stability, right?

Who do you think you are?

A heroine for Savannah? No, you're pathetic!

Just pathetic! You're pathetic!

I was thinking, They are real and authentic!

And what else do I know! Well, you succeeded!

Hélène, I want to be honest.

Between us ladies.

I mean, between us. I'm honest too!

I find you just sick, Monsieur...

Chomsky. Léonard Chomsky.

Because of you, I'm putting up to their neck in shit!

Mills is a huge success, it is a social phenomenon.

That's what everyone's fighting for. We can't go back now!

Stephen Boyd will be here Friday morning.

He wants to meet you! So you have to move on!

You're exaggerating. You can tell him no.

Now you listen to me very carefully.

I don't know Léonard Chomsky.

Scarlett Mills will do her job. And she'll do it according to the contract!

Or else... Or else what?

You'll see! I don't see anything!

We're both in this together. Me, because I want you stable.

And you - because if rip my wig off on TV and drop my skirt, then you can say that you up to their neck in shit!

You threatening me?

Hélène... you're starting to get on my nerves! So you really are a man.

You are under contract for two years, and exclusively!

Don't forget the bread! Don't get on my nerves!

Things can't go on like this.

People will wonder why this Mrs. Shaving cream in her handbag!

People are much more open today!

Whatever, We both have to go through this.

You are a woman and stay one!

No more of that! Pantyhose, Breasts, depilation - no thanks!

Excuse me, I'm gonna put my nuts back on!

On Instagram 20,000 new followers will follow us, because Rihanna is going to make us tagged in her story.

Not to mention Twitter.

We need a good hashtag for the publication of our new book.

The cities are booked!

First, Brive-la-Gaillarde, then the book fair in Aix, the festival in Bandol. Then comes Tours, with a conference on the subject of age and its image in our society.

And then Paris, with the festival of the female novel.

Tell me something, where is she, anyway, our Scarlett?


You haven't eaten today?

She's feeling a bit tired today. She'd rather stay home.

Again? It's been going on for days now.

You party too much?

No, it's just a lot, what we ask of her.

She's getting a bit long in the tooth. Is it serious or just a hangover?

No, she's just tired.

Nothing bad.

By the way, Scarlett and I are going away for a few days.

All we have to do is two or three Reschedule, no big deal.

We got it covered! Are you fucking kidding me?

You can't just walk away! Stephen Boyd is coming in two days.

He wants to buy your remaining shares and see Scarlett! How do you expect me to do that?

I don't know, just keep him busy with something!

I can't sign for you! Then just tell him:

I can't sign anymore!

You are so right! We don't need him!

That's not the point! Mrs. Mills is no longer... she's no longer... She's not what anymore?

I, I, I... Ramesh Pritem, "Ashes of the Damned" from the Nocturne Collection, these are the last copies.

They are extremely precious!

Mrs. Mills is dead.

Hélène, what are you talking about?

She's really dead? She's dead.

All dead?

She died a week ago. in her bed from a heart attack.

Bugger it!

Mrs. Mills is dead.

She died in her bed. A week ago. Heart attack.

Bugger it! What are we gonna do about Drucker?

We've never been to Drucker!

That would be... Shit! Mrs. Mills is dead.

I'll alert the press. Where, where, where will Mrs. Mills be buried?

In some dump! As far as I know...

...her family took care of it.

But, uh...

...which means that...

Mrs. Mills... we can, we can... say goodbye to Mrs. Mills.

You need to calm down, Charles. Everything's gonna be fine.

I would have loved from Mrs. Mills.

She was my friend.

Hey, you can't park there!


Where is she?

Where is she?!

She moved out today. What do you mean moved out?!

But, uh... Did she leave anything behind?

A note? No. But she gave me her clothes.

You're welcome to take your pick. This one's beautiful!

Excuse me, please!

And a yellow leggings to go with it!

Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!


Oh, I, I... just wanted to read this...

Due to delays in the driving sequence

from Strasbourg by about 45 minutes.

In the United States there are thousands of Chomskys.

132 in New York alone!

On the other hand there's only one Leonard Chomsky.

He's a DJ in London. Here's his picture.

Not bad, is it?

This research stays between us, Charles, understand?

I won't say a word. But what exactly are you looking for?

You bet!

Not who, but what! Thank you, Charles!


Paul what? Just Paul. His name is Paul.

This is how he signs all his works. Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Paul! He's a Russian exile.

He has the Soviet Union abandoned in the 1930s.

He went to Paris. Between the world wars, then!

Oh, great! And also, Paul, that doesn't sound very Russian!

Off you go upstairs! 1930 is up there. Go, go, go!


You mean Poliakoff, could it be?

Of which here lies a lot of booze around.

No, I would have recognized Poliakoff. But Paul is his first name, so I need his last name. He's Paul something or other, I don't know.

Wait a minute. Now I remember something about this.

It wouldn't happen to be a name like...


No idea. An artist!

Six months ago. someone has already asked for him!

Oh, really? Yeah. In Russia, he was the assistant from Tatline. You know Tatline?

No. Constructivism, all that!

Who asked you about him? Who asked you about him?

A man, on the phone!

That's it? Did he give you say his name or anything?

Kostya Paulikevitch.

He has registered with us. in fact 1933.

Here you go! He was a friend of...

...Eva Jadovska.

She was a of the best dancers in the Bolshoi.

I see. How I adored that woman.

Well, then, let's look.

Here! A letter from Eva Jadovska.

"Moi-daragoi"... "Daragoi," meaning "darling."

I am. Yeah. Keep going, please.

Yes, yes, I'll translate it for you right away.

"Our little troupe has left France in a hurry.

With them are the experienced Artists Pouchkine and Grichka.

The luckiest among us is Kostya Paulikevitch, which, according to some in these difficult years, to marry, with a young heiress from Boston.

She is a descendant from the Mills dynasty.

And they had a daughter together

"with the name of Scarlett."

Scarlett? Scarlett, yes!

Scarlett! This here's Scarlett!

Scarlett Mills.

She wrote me once. 1950.

Oh yes! 1950? Okay, I gotta go. Thanks a lot.

I want to know everything about Scarlett Mills, who was born in Boston in the 1950s.

Photos, rumors, Facebook. Everything!

Quiet down!

Search also for a Connection to a Kostya Paulikevitch.

Facebook was only...

I don't care! Then look up the screen text!


until her death in Boston in 1995.

She was the only daughter of Barbara Mills and Kostya Paulikevitch your total assets went to the Mills family foundation.

Even though you might fire me: I'm afraid that's all I found out.

I don't understand anything anymore.

And you, Babou?

What do you say to all this?

Mean anything to you, Paulikevitch?

He built this ugly thing, that you loved so much.

Your "secret tree." as you used to call him.

Now imagine... It was stolen.

Makes you wonder why.

Unless... he has a secret.

Please say something.

Say something!

I know it's late, Mathilde, I'll be right there.

No, wait, please book a flight to Boston.

But only one-way.

I brought macaroons.

What more do you want from me? Hélène. I have to talk to you.

Get out of here! legacy hunter!

You want to get the Mills' inheritance I'm right?

That's not true!

Scarlett was my friend then. And she gave me her father's works.

I loved her. They mean a lot to me, you know?

One day I saw a picture of his Studio in Paris with your grandmother.

He had so many things left behind in France.

So many.


You are the granddaughter of Paulikevitch.

Your grandmother brought Christian into the world, your father.

Only a few months after Paulikevitch's Departure. He never knew.

Your full name is Hélène Mercier Paulikevitcha.

Why didn't you say so from the beginning? It would have been easier than this masquerade!

I wanted to be your heiress. not to make life difficult.

Yes, it was not exactly Catholic, but that's how it was.

Now you know everything.


I've got to go to the loo.

Thanks a lot.

For an old friend, I'd be happy to.

Good. Are you finished now?

It's so beautiful here right now!

You should have told me, I would have cleaned up. and cooked you a delicious steak!

I feel very comfortable here. Just you and me. Would you like a coffee?

When you said "I" just now, who were you talking about? Scarlett? Mills?

Chomsky or Leonard or who else do I know?

You can be very resentful! And justifiably so.

They mingle still in my life!

But now I hold the reins. Get on the line! Make way! Sit!

Shoo, Mills!

They are still bound for two years. And exclusively!

I owe you nothing more! You have killed me, remember?

Liar! Robbers!

By the way, speaking of Speak of brigands. This is one!

He'll buy you. for an apple and an egg.

Come on, answer it!

Hi, Stephen, how are you? No. I'm sorry that we have to sign had to postpone. But because of... the passing of Mrs. Mills... That must be awful for you! Hélène, are you all right? or do you have to crying all day long?

It's okay. Let me give you a list, what companies he bought? And their is in the Caiman Islands now?

Savannah suits Savannah. It's exotic.

"Tax evasion in a tropical paradise". That would make a good title.

Yeah. Please hold on a moment.

To him, Savannah is just a tax matter.

Just a moment, Stephen!

What are you talking about?

What did you think? When he no longer needs you, he'll send you to the desert! What are you talking about?

From you, Hélène. And what is dear to you.

Do you really want to give up Savannah?

Have you really thought about it?

Savannah's like the child, that you never had.

And you want to give that up?

Monsieur is now a therapist too! Just be quiet!

And I resent the fact that you are constantly interfere in my life!

- Hélène? Yeah?

No, I'm just arguing. with a friend. Think, Hélène.

Say goodbye to the Sunsets on the Mekong.

Of the tender innocence, the living Lightness and good manners.

From Gwendoline, Jean Georges, Sinclair and all the others.

You can't just leave her out in the cold like that. Exposing brutality to the real world.

Without you, they will fade away, and wither away, Hélène.

So are you.


Help! If the Paulikevitch stable is finally complete, ...then in return we get between three and six million dollars.

Six million dollars? No, Stephen, you heard wrong.

With the money you can buy back Savannah.

It's in your hands, Hélène.

Look at me!

Fabulous! Show now Give me your best smile!

A beautiful smile, Simone. Great!

Au revoir.

Very good, Simone! Smile a little bit more!


Oh, dear. I forgot. Thank you!

Thanks. What is it? Ha! The Japanese love our books.

You find them vintage and kawai. Kawai means "sweet" in Japanese.

Maybe you get the urge to travel? Happy birthday, Hélène.

Mathilde! A book, right?

I was thinking about your health. There are different scents in there like the vanilla of the Îles, or cocoa from Guatemala.

It works on everything.

It'll get you out of smoking, too Congratulations from me, too.

Since you're sometimes a little depressed and often seem so tired, I was thinking, that a little color would do you good.

It's from Givenchy.

Thanks, Charles.

I have you to thank. For this, that you gave me confidence.

And a chance, to work here with you.

What's up?

Don't worry.

I really have everything really well under control!

Hélène, cheer up.

Even if he buys us out, Savannah will always be Savannah.

What matters is that we're here. And that we stay true to each other.

And also Mercury is in retrograde, so...

What?! That's not the way to do the deal.

It's not working! What are you talking about?

Mercury! It's a neutral planet.

He's gonna influenced by other stars.

And it's very clear, he's blocking the deal.

You really believe that?


It does not make sense, Hélène.

Savannah's completely in debt.

Why do you want my shares back?

$2 million?

Yes, I understand.

I see.

Effectively this was the value Your shares of Savannah, right.

But through the influence of Mrs. Mills.

Wait, Mrs. Mills came from me!

belongs to Savannah!

And I have most of Savannah's shares!

May I remind you have signed a purchase contract ?

For your information, I'll only be a minute. I've been thinking about your proposal.

I'm not interested.

Oh, I know that look. You're in trouble.

I can't buy Savannah back.

Stephen doubled the price, thanks to your success, Scarlett!

I thought as much, that he reacts like that.

What a cutthroat!

Together we're strong. You and I should work together.

Both of us? We sell our stable.

You can use it to buy back Savannah.

We'll go 60/40. the majority. It's fine by me.

I do it for my own sake too, Hélène.

I still need you. So, what's the catch?

You've caught me out.

Here, read.

These are the most beautiful works of the gallery owner Ming Pei.

More like his father's.

He got them from destitute artists bought for a song.

And he sells the works for millions of dollars.

That ruthless son of a bitch.

He knows how to do business.

And he likes pretty women, too. And that's where you come in.

A beautiful heiress impresses him more, than a dusty amateur collector.

We stop here a treasure in our hands.

Would you excuse me just for a second? Of course.

Bonjour, leave please leave a message. Thank you very much.

Edouard, it's me. Listen, how can I put it?

I've figured out how we can Stephen Boyd for good.

But I have to go away for a few days. I'll explain later.

It's totally crazy.

I have my grandfather I found it again, it's just crazy!

At last! You'll love him!

Have inanimate objects even a soul?

These definitely have one.

They hold many secrets, who want to be discovered.

Helena Paulekevitcha, they're yours.

You're the heiress. And you decide, how you deal with it.

This collection belongs actually more you than me.

You can always nor change. You don't have to do this.

You're much too honest, Hélène. That can be trouble sometime.

You were right. I can't live without Savannah.

I don't know how, from what money...

Oh, what the hell, I'm robbing a bank!

I like it when you talk like that.

I just wanted make my point. So...

Another important point would be, you must seduce Ming-Pei And that means work.

Oh, damn it! Nothing fits me!

And this one? Oh, no, certainly not that one.

That is really too bad. You have the body of a goddess.

That dress would be your sensual breast very flattering.

Should I read Paulikevitch's works or sell my own?


Where are you?

In the bathroom.

I found a Mrs. Mills fan club.

Oh, good old Mrs Mills!

Sometimes I miss her. Don't you?

Oh! Where's your dress?

Oh, that. I'm wearing that underneath.

Oh, and you want go out in a bathrobe, or what?

This is not a bathrobe, but a kimono.

I beg you! That's a robe!

Take it easy. I'm not going out like this.


I discuss I'm not discussing this with you any further!

Do you have an instruction manual, how to walk on these things?

The balance of your body is on your toes.

You must on your toes.

Shift your weight to your toes!

And it goes like clockwork!

Honest, I never thought that...

You remind me of Guilia in...

"The Countess in the mirror"?

From the popular "Love at first sight" collection.

If I may...


That's perfect!

It's very moving.

Everyone's asking about this painting...

"I want to see moving Mondrians create," Calder said, when he made his first stable, the "big circus."

Mr. Rosenberg.

Finally, you're in Shanghai.

I hope you have I brought you some good news.

I did, as you can see. I'd like you to meet...

Madame Hélène Mercier Paulikevitcha Hélène? Hello.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, Mr. Ming-Pei.

May I offer you some champagne?

Here you are.

To your health! Cheers!

You know what I like about art?

It's like love.

It is this moment of uncertainty.

And temptation.

So, what brings you to Shanghai...

At last! Where have you been? I've been waiting for an hour!

For 13 minutes, to be exact. So, how'd it go?

Well, how shall I put it...

Six million.

What? I didn't hear you! Millions, Jesus! Six million!

Here you can scream in peace. People don't care.



She just had to come to the party.

They're beautiful!

Promise me one thing, Hélène. Promise me one thing, Helene. Anything you want!

If one day... pay damages...

Then I'll take care of it.


But why do you ask that? Because Paulikevitch, Constructivism, Paris in the '40s, Babou, that was just an act!

Taxi, please.

Oh, you, Scarlett, and your stories.

You just have to ...and still go one better!

They are pulling my leg. I'm not kidding you.

What do you mean, "no"? It was all a bluff.

Made up from A to Z.

Paulikevitch was never the pioneer of something.

His talent was only in copying his masters.

And its famously stable is just an imitation, that your grandmother acquired.

In a gallery on the Place des Vosges. For 300 francs.

Which, by the way, was a lot of money back then.

And the certificates of authenticity?

Oh, that. Those were fake.

A fake? Either you're an expert or you're not.

Professional? Yes. A crook expert.

Leonard Dupont, at your service!

Leonard Dupont? That's right, Leonard Dupont.

And such a name cries ...but you're an impostor.

Let me out, please.

Let me out of this car right now! I can't do that.

I can't stop now.

I believed everything, your whole history of the stable one, Babou and Paulikevitch.

My grandfather... ...I believed all that.

I think rather, They wanted to believe it.

It's best that way. If you want it Even if you believe, you convince others.

They were even willing to do it, robbing a bank.

Let me out! Hey, what are you doing?

Are you out of your fucking mind? I want to get out of here!

Hey, are you crazy?! Get the fuck out of here!

Do you have something wrong or what?!

Get back in the fucking car! Do you feel better now?

You'll be fine. At worst... with an impostor. ...who is quite well known in the business.

At best you've given me your trust.


But you can't... ...tell stories?

But you love my stories, Hélène.

They lived for those stories! They even sell them!

You're crazy!

Oh, was Mrs. Mills normal to you?

They are just as as stupid as your heroines!

You should make a book out of it!

You got me into this.

And why are you telling me the truth now, of all times?

What can I believe now?

You want the truth? I'm old and alone.

Loneliness eats me up.

So I wanted to make my dreams come true with a clear conscience.

It's my dream, to cheat the scammers.

Now you know the truth. This is the proof, that I trust you. And my affection.

You can undo everything.

And Paulikevitch is going never the hero I dreamed of.

And Savannah will be wiped out forever. Hélène!

We can both go to our to a meaningless life.

But sometimes you have to give someone free Leave your hand so there's a happy ending.

You have to end of history itself, Hélène!

We're both alike.

Finally we never wanted to grow up.

We are always ...we've stayed true to our dreams.

Besides... it was fun, right?

Please, say something.

Where should I start?

Basically, what you're telling me that you're a good person, right?

Yeah. That's right.

What's the word? Insolence prevails!

How much time do we have left?

Only until 3 more. Then it's double the price.

We'll manage it. Have you got everything?

Uh, yes!

Quick, quick, quick, Quick, quick, quick!

That's beautiful. Just great!

French quality! I am overwhelmed!

It's just for so long, until we find something bigger.

I see, Savannah's doing well!

We now also sell erotic novels. Oh, really?

They'll be a smash! Madame Mercier is waiting for you in the office.

Edouard! Champagne for Monsieur? Champagne?

Today is a special day, Stephen.

We're honored to have you here.

Cuvée spéciale for monsieur, please.

Monsieur has arrived.

Very good. He may be patient for a moment.


Follow me.

Here you are. Okay.

Stephen, nice, that you're finally here!

Let's dispense with the preliminaries.

We always had a good relationship with each other.

I couldn't agree with you more.

I've heard, that the tax investigators in Canada just your holding company because of A closer look at concealment?

How do you know that, Hélène? I have my sources.

But I have a solution for you.

I owe you that, after everything you've done for me.

What's the meaning of this? I have a buyer for you.

Hélène, you know I like you.

You're funny. But I'm not selling anything.


As I'm sure you know, it's all a matter of timing.

You have to sell now. And you know it.

Or would you rather wait for the Result of the investigation and the penalty?

Are you serious? I knew you were interested!

You know, he's a Savannah fan.

I sold him the rights for India.

Bollywood is crazy after our novels!

He's a professional. In his family. the place is crawling with executives.

You'll see: He's charming. He's waiting for you.

Let's go!

Come on, come on, Come on!

Hold on!

Gentlemen! We have the best oil! And the wind!

And here on the grass! Look! The best!

The best oil just for you!