Madchen in Uniform (1931) Script









Have we not been announced?

I'm Miss von Kesten. Don't get up, Your Excellency.

I'll take a seat too. Please.

I have to inform you that the headmistress is terribly sorry, but she is indisposed.

So sorry to hear.

The headmistress would have loved to welcome you herself.

She is asking to please forgive her. But of course.

Let the headmistress know that I regret it as well.


I would have loved to introduce our little niece myself.

Manuela? Please curtsey.

How do you do?

Well, you are pretty big for 14.

Fourteen and a half.

How are her studies going?

Her education to date leaves much to be desired.

She's a half-orphan.

My brother-in-law is certainly a good man...

But you know what those army officers are like.

They have no idea how to educate a young girl.

My poor sister passed too soon.

She's very sensitive.

And she is always scatterbrained.

There, there, now. There's no harm in a few tears.

It will pass as soon as you feel more comfortable here.

Manuela, pull yourself together.

A soldier's daughter crying!


You're not allowed to go up.

Why not? Come down. It's the rules.

How do you do?

My name is Margo von Rasso. I will look after you.

So, Manuela...

Keep your head up.

Make your father proud.

Work hard and do as you're told, so you bring home a good report card.

I don't want you to spoil my plans for your future.

Do you promise? Of course, Auntie.

Well, then give me a kiss.

Adieu, Miss von Kesten. Goodbye, Your Excellency.

And thank you for everything you'll do for this girl.

You are more than welcome.

Be good, Manuela.

Come on, this way.

The big staircase is only for the headmistress and guests.

Let's first try on your uniform.

The wardrobe mistress is expecting you. It's on top, on the fourth floor.

I'll show you everything else.

But you have to do things for me too. Of course, Marga.

In the morning, you'll bring me water for washing.

That's only the seventh graders, the little ones.

And everyone shouts As loud as he can When do we get something to eat?

I'm awfully hungry.

That's the new girl. How do you do?

I'm Oda von Oldersleben. How do you do?

I'm Barbara von Beckendorf.

Hello. I'm Ilse von Treischke.

Do you know what dorm you're in?

Marga says I'm in Miss von Bernburg's. Wow!

Me too.

Well, don't fall in love.

But why?

Almost all the girls here have a crush on Miss von Bernburg.

Oh, God! When I finally don't have to listen to that anymore.

"Ilse! I envy you!"

"You're in her dormitory! Oh, gosh..."

"Tell me, is it true that she kisses you at night?"

Ilse! Oh, Ilse!

I've had lots of governesses. Crazy ones.

I never really cared.

It's funny with her.

You never know exactly how to take her.

First she throws you a terrible look.

Then, all of a sudden, she is awfully nice.

She's almost a bit creepy, that Bernburg.

Ilse, you're not supposed to just call her Bernburg.

I'll be glad to call her "The Golden One."

Manuela, where are you? Come already.

Leave her alone. Let's go downstairs.

There you are. Come on in.

Come on in.

So you're No. 124. Come on, get undressed.

What are you doing with my clothes? Just calm down, my dear.

In five weeks, if you're good, you'll have a day out and get it back.

Now come over here. Come here, sit in this chair.

Now we'll do your hair.

Oh, please, don't do that.

It's the rules. The hair must be tight.

But it hurts. You'll get used to it.

The hairpin! The hairpins are required too.

Soon you won't feel them. Now come on. Let's get the dress.

Come on.

Put the dress on.

It's too long. We have to pin it up.

But someone has worn this before.

Of course! What were you thinking, everyone gets a new outfit?

That's not economical. Miss von Kesten would be mad.

We don't allow that kind of luxury.

When a girl leaves, her dress is handed down.

Until it's worn out.

Look! What does that say? That's a heart.

And letters.

"E.v.B." That stands for Elisabeth von Bernburg.

The girl who wore the dress before...

She must have also had a crush on Miss von Bernburg.

So you're the new one?

Let me take a look.

It suits you.

Turn around.

Your hair needs to be neater. Everything pinned in. There you go.

Why are you shaking?

Are you nervous?



Manuela, I require total discipline.

You must notify me before leaving the dormitory.

Chatting while changing is strictly forbidden.

Do you understand?

Yes. Good.

Go join the others.

This is your closet.

The key is in the lock. Open it up.

Books are forbidden.

They must be turned in. But why?

Do you have money? Yes, some.

Give it to me.

It's not allowed. They keep it for you.

Manuela, come here.

Nice, right?

Mia put up pictures of Henny Porten.

But I've got Hans Albers.

He has such... What do you call that again?

What do you call what all the movie stars have?

Sex appeal. Right?


He's got a lot of it.

Chocolate must be turned in.

But I got it from-- No buts.

Rules are rules. My God, Margo, don't be like that!

That's none of your business! I'm in charge. She's my new student.

My name's Edelgard.

How do you do?

Can I help you with anything?

Yes, please. Come.

What kind of book is that?

That one? I took it from my uncle's library for the trip.

I haven't read it yet.

Wow, my children!

That's quite something.

Will you turn it in? We won't turn it in.

That's my book!

What's all this?

Marga? Yes, Miss von Kesten.

Something forbidden? Yes, Miss von Kesten.

Take those things away.

Meinhardis, come here.

This is where I enter my good and bad marks.

If I ever find something forbidden in your closet, then you get a bad mark.

And if you have more than five bad marks in four weeks, you won't get your day out. So...

Watch out. Yes, I will.


Here are the bills, Headmistress.

Headmistress? Here.

We have to spend less money. The expenses are much too high.

But, Headmistress, we do our best.

The children are already going hungry.


Prussians are raised on hunger.

They are children of soldiers.

And if God is willing, soon again mothers of soldiers.

What we need is discipline and order, not a life of luxury.

So very true, Headmistress, so very true.

Poverty is not sin, poverty ennobles.

This is the true meaning of Prussianism as it once was.

Let the others splurge. They'll regret it.

My favorite food is stuffed roast hare.

And afterwards, our cook makes a coffee cake this thick.

Chocolate-covered cream cake with with extra cream is much better.

Through discipline and hunger. Hunger and discipline.

This will make us great again. Or not at all!

My mom wrote that they've been slaughtering.

So why can't send my mom a whole ham?

No one shall be better off than the other.

Why better?

If my mom sends a whole ham? Many families aren't doing so well.

But I would share my ham with the others.

I don't want it all for myself.

Why are you scraping so much butter off?

Don't blame me. There's only half a pound for 50 girls.

The girls are as meek as lambs.

They're afraid to say anything.

Because of all the order and discipline here.

Yes, yes, we are supposed to be raised on hunger.

Line up!


Line up!

The young Meinhardis, Headmistress.


Well, well.

Line up for prayers!





Line up on the left.

We will now sing the first verse of the hymn.

"So take my hands."

So take my hands And lead me Until my joyful end And in all eternity My wish is not to walk alone A single step Wherever You will go and stay I'll be by Your side I ask you to raise your hearts and hands, to repent your sins.

Acknowledge the errors of your ways, and beg forgiveness of your Father in Heaven.


I have a few further remarks.

Apparently you have broken several rules.

I heard that letters are being sent without prior approval.

Letters that contain unfounded complaints about the school.

My staff is required to notify me of such disobedience immediately.

The first culprit will be severely punished.

Days out will be canceled and wearing uniform forbidden.

She will march the streets in her own clothes.

Remember that.

Just imagine her naked.

I'm warning you.

I won't send my children to boarding school. You?

I have to think about it.

That's the infantry.

That's the cavalry.

Girls, come over here.

I will show you something.

Take a look at what Marie can do. Come here, Marie!

Watch. Go on, Marie!

Just leave me alone.

You just want to laugh at me. No, Marie.

Now blow really hard, Marie!

What a body, right?


What's all this noise? Hurry up!


What are you doing?

We were talking about Manuela's mom. She died a long time ago.

And she just told me about it.

Go wash up.

You don't have a mother? No.

Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Come on now. Is that so terrible?

Come here.

Don't tell yourself that it's awful here.

You haven't gotten used to it yet. You don't know the other girls.

But you can't tell yourself that you'll be unhappy here.


You have to tell yourself that you'll be very happy here.

And you have to pray to God every night to ask him for his help. Can you promise me that?


See? You're a pretty reasonable girl.

Now go to bed.

I'll be back to say good night.


"Apparently... you have broken several rules."

"I'm warning you."

Get to bed!

So? Are you all ready to sleep? Yes, Miss von Bernburg.

Every girl gets a smooch.


Watch, Manuela. I'm up next.

March in a circle.

Step, step, step.

Right turn. And step.

Hey, listen. Little Josi Bleicher has a crush on me.

"Dearest, sweetest Mia." Sweetest!

"Let me be with you and sit with you at the table.

Sincerely, your loving little Josi."

But that's... Marga!

What's this note? Nothing.

Let me see.

Go on.

How long do you want me to wait?

I don't want to know about your silly games.

Throw that away and remember once and for all:

Letters are strictly forbidden.

Thank you.

What happened? That was so nice of Miss von Bernburg.

She's just like that. So nice.

I want to be a friend to the girls.

On equal terms? Why not?

How do you maintain authority? You are their superior.

You must keep your distance.

We must awaken the children's ambition in spiritual matters.

Excellent, Miss von Atems.

Very important. We must be a home for the children.

Their mothers.

We are a facility. There is no room for affinities.

That only leads to infatuation.

Always love.

Discipline is our focus.

The German classics must be cultivated.

Miss von Bernburg, I have long noticed that you don't give very many bad marks.

I don't need to punish the children.

They listen to me and obey.

Is that so?

And Manuela von Meinhardis?

Yes, she is having trouble learning. But that will change.

I find the child charming. Really.

And she learns very well in my class.

Manuela is so ladylike. She learns excellently with me.

She's always well prepared for my lessons too. Better than the rest.

So far, although I say it myself the results of my teachings have always been good.

Yes, exceptionally good.

What is that supposed to mean? Ladies!

Yes, yes, we know.

And we recognize that.

But please don't try to put yourself above your colleagues.

I would never.

The children must trust us.

Sit down.


"Jacob was in a strange land with his father-in-law, Laban... and wanted to return to Canaan with his wife Rachel and Lea and his children."

Who will tell me his story?

Me, me! Marie.

And Jacob lifted up his eyes and behold, Esau came.

That was his brother.

Then he took his many wives. And the most beautiful, that was Rachel with the little Joseph and the little Benjamin.

He put her all the way in back. But why in back?

Because he was afraid! He had eaten Esau's lentil dish once.

And he didn't know if he was still mad.


And the male sheep he put all the way in front.

Esau then approached and was so nice and warmly embraced him.

Jacob dared to come forward and was very happy.

That was a beautiful story. Very good. Take your seat.

How is our work for today? Edelgard, first verse.

"Oh, that I had a thousand tongues and a thousand mouths.

Then would I use them all to sing from the depths of my heart.

Praises for all eternity of what God has done for me."

Well done. Take your seat.

Manuela, second verse.

"Oh, that my voice would carry...



Unprepared again.

Hey. Manuela.

Edelgard, it's just so awful.

I really learned it well, but in front of Miss von Bernburg, I forget everything.

Manuela, Miss von Bernburg asked to see you.

What does she want from me?

I feel sorry for Miss Manuela.

Sorry for her?

Why, if I may ask?

She must cry a lot at night. Her pillow is always wet.

Oh, no.

She must be homesick.

Now what? I won't be able to say a word.

It's always like that. I feel dizzy.

Come in.

Come here.

Take a look.

Tell me. Did they not send you with new undergarments?


Where were you before you came? At my aunt's.

At your aunt's.

Well. Full of holes.

My aunt thought it would still do. What do you think?

It won't do anymore. I absolutely agree. It won't do.

Well, maybe we can find one for you that's still in one piece.

It might be a little too long, but we can take it in, right?

For me?

That's too good for me.

Silly child.

Well, well. You are such an emotional young girl.

Come on now.

Have a good cry. Sit down.

I'm not unhappy.

I don't even know why I'm crying.

Tell me...

Are you homesick?

Homesick? No.

But I have to cry sometimes.

And you don't know why?

Or... is there a reason you don't want to share with me?

I can share everything with you. But it's so hard to say.

Why don't you try? I would very much like to know.

I don't know.

When you say good night to me in the evening and then leave.

And you close the door to your room.

Then I just have to stare at the door through the darkness.

And then I have to get up and go over to you.

But I know I'm not allowed to.

And when I think that I'll have to leave here when I'm older and you'll stay...

And kiss other children every night... What thoughts you have.

I just love you so much.

But you're always so far away. I can't come to your room and talk to you.

Or hold your hands... Now pull yourself together.

Forget that you're a little girl and be a good comrade.

You know that I can't make any exceptions.

The other girls would get jealous.

I often think of you, Manuela.

I'm so glad.

And you won't cry anymore? No.

Never again. Well then.

What is it now?

May I ask you something?

Are you happy?

You can't imagine how wonderful it is to live for you children.

Well, yes, but... Now run downstairs to the others.

And take your garments.

Thank you very much.

Girls! Another one of those Sundays...

I mustn't give up, says my mom.

"The fatherland needs people of steel."

My mom was here too for four years.

Did she forget how awful it is?

Wow, that's deep! Sure is.


Marga, come here. What are you two doing?

How deep do you think it is? You're so stupid.

You can find out using the law of falling bodies.

How does that work?

Gosh. You count the seconds it takes for something to fall to the bottom.

And then you add the acceleration due to gravity.

Nine comma eight one.

That's cool. Watch.

I have a bang snap. No, don't!

It'll be too loud! Don't worry.

It will make a bang.


One... two...

Girls! Listen up.

"Dearest parents. Another horrible Sunday.

Why are we even hungrier on Sundays than on other days?

Please send some food. Your loving daughter, Ilse."

Very nice. You know...

If the headmistress finds that letter...

She won't, I'll smuggle it out.

She's coming. Hide it!

Hello, children. Nice Sunday, isn't it?

Oh, yes, very nice.

Are you doing good work? Let me see.

Very good.

And you? Also very nice.

Marie, let me see your stockings.


Also very good.

The miller loves to hike the woods The miller loves to hike the...

Let me see your stocking.

Very good. I will give you a good mark for it.

Bye then, children.

Goodbye, Miss von Kesten!

She can't ever see it.

Johanna! Come here.

Johanna, you have to smuggle out my letter.

But don't get caught.


But you know better, Miss Ilse.

I'll take care of it. Thanks so much, Johanna.

Bye now. Thank you.


"Hold, O Queen! Long was I sunk in a delusive dream.

I loved, but now I am at last awake."

Oh, Manuela, you're beautiful. You think she'll like me?

She must like me! But of course.

You'll see. Today I will not forget my lines.

"Hold, O Queen! Long was I sunk in a delusive dream.

I loved, but now I am at last awake."

"All alone, Madam?" "Madman!"

"With none of your ladies-in-waiting?"

"To what rude boldness my indulgence leads!"

"Our pleasant sojourn in Aranjuez is over now, and yet Your Highness quits these joyous scenes no happier than before."

Ilse! The beard.

Be quiet. Our scene is up now.

"Cannot some letters be discovered?"

"Truly, an intercepted letter from the prince would work with rare effect."

This letter came back because it was insufficiently addressed.

Sender: Ilse von Westhagen.

"By heaven! I'm all amazement. Compass this.

And I'll bow down to thee, Dominican!"

"Soft! Someone comes.

'Tis she-- 'Tis she... herself."


Open it.

Give it to me.

"Why are we even hungrier on Sundays than on other days?"

How charming.

Now listen to me.

Children who lie and smuggle letters don't get to be in plays.

Now take off the costume.

I can't be in the play? No.

Fortunately, the letter did not reach its address.

So your parents are spared the grief they must feel for their ungrateful child.

Ilse! Leave me alone.

Stop daydreaming!

"And for the future Carlos stands nearer the throne."

No, child. How often do I have to tell you?

Don't just speak. Declaim!

"And for the future Carlos stands nearer the throne."

Go. You have no talent, child.

Next. Posa?

Let me hear the line that you always get stuck on.

I can do it now. Very well.

Goodness, child! "One pen-stroke now, one motion of your hand..."

"One pen-stroke now, one motion of your hand..."

On your knees! Open your arms.

But I thought... Don't think, obey.

"Grant us liberty of thought!"

Miss von Atems.

All right. Eboli, come here.

Let me hear your lines.

"O Carlos, how cruelly you play with me." No.


You see, here you demonstrate a woman's power of seduction.

I'll show you. She looks at him, right? Now listen.

"O Carlos, how cruelly you play with me."

Excuse me, Miss von Atems, but it's about to start.

Good evening, children. Good evening, Headmistress.

Take your seats.

I won't leave them, my dear Hans.

Due to internal difficulties, the role of Domingo will be read by Liese von Zieritz.

Our pleasant sojourn in Aranjuez is over now, and yet Your Highness quits these joyous scenes no happier than before.

Come here.

You got yourself into a fine mess.


Well, it's not that bad.

I don't get to be in the play either, right?

Now wash up and come downstairs.

My, she's so lovely.

At length the happy moment's come, Carlos may touch this all-beloved hand.

I hear a step. What boldness! Arise.

I will not rise. Here will I kneel forever.

Here will I lie enchanted at your feet and grow to the dear ground you tread on.

Madman! To what rude boldness my indulgence leads!

Know you, it is the queen, your mother, whom you address in such presumptuous strain?

And know that I must die!

Let them come here, and drag me to the scaffold!

A moment spent in paradise like this is not too clearly purchased by a life.

But then your queen?


God! I'll go.

I will leave you.

Hurry with the lemon.

Have a taste.

What a fine punch you've brewed!

It's a real punch.

It'll make people sick.

You know what the headmistress said?

"She has nice legs, nice legs."

What did Miss von Bernburg say?

It was strange. Bernburg didn't say a single thing the whole time.

But the way she looked at you, you can't even imagine.

Let's be a little quiet now, girls. A little quiet.

I was overall pretty happy with you.

Manuela, that was very good.

For the next time, just remember: more declamation, less emotion. Well done.

Manuela, I want to tell you something.

You're very talented.

If you work hard, you could be a very good actress.

That makes me so glad, Manuela.

The children performed very well.

A little more, ma'am?

It's a very good exercise for the children to recite Schiller.

Isn't that true? There's nothing better than our German classics.

The children are so lucky to be here in your charge, Headmistress.

We do our best with the little we have.



Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, Your Excellencies, etc.

I am happy that you managed without my assistance to garner the applause of the staff and their guests.

I congratulate you.

Your helmets, swords and boots were polished to perfection.

And everything else was pretty good too.

It could have just been a bit tighter, tighter, tighter.

But you did a very nice job.

Especially our Don Carlos. Cheers, Manuela!


To Manuela! Cheers!

Whoa, what is this stuff?

Oh, you Rhine maiden... The punch you made is quite something.

It's tasty.

Girls, I like it very much!

Have mine!

I'm already tipsy.

Play something else!

All right. I'll play "Patern."


Shall I tell them to be quiet?

Today we let them enjoy themselves.

I think it's good for them to really let their hair down.

Kesten. Please go check on them. Of course.

I was actually a little surprised. Schiller is sometimes rather free.

I am so happy. You're hurting me.

What is that?


Girls! I want to give a speech.

I love you all.

Shall I tell you a secret? Yes!

She gave me a present. An undergarment.

And I'm wearing it. An undergarment?

She opened her closet and gave me one of her undergarments.

I'm supposed to wear it and think of her.

No, she didn't say that, but she didn't have to, I just know.

I'm so happy because I know for sure, she... she loves me. But who?

Miss von Bernburg.

I don't care about anything else.

Yes. She is there. She loves me.

I fear nothing.

Yes! Everybody should know!

Long live our beloved Miss von Bernburg!

Has she gone mad?

Long may she live, long, long...

What a scandal!

How awful that Manuela was so drunk.

Mon Dieu, sometimes you just have to drink.

If you're angry or worried...

I understand.

If I were in charge, Manuela would have to leave right away.

Such a child does not deserve to be at our school.

You are right. This is no place for her. She belongs in...

A reform school. Exactly.

Edelgard, have you seen Manuela?

No. I'm not allowed in.

No one is allowed in.

I don't understand what's going on.

I'd advise you to be more careful.

Please, no advice.

I'm tired of being careful. But, ma chère, you wouldn't jeopardize your prospects, would you?

For this child? Maybe yes.

Mon Dieu! But why? Why?

Because I can't bear for her to suffer injustice!

Look out!

Hanni, I feel so strange.

I can't think straight and... my head really hurts.

Hanni, how did I get here?

You were completely drunk.

What a mess!

No one is allowed in the hospital ward.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

An embarrassment! Since this school opened there hasn't been such a scandal.

You're the worst child that has ever been accepted.

If you were younger, you'd get spanked.

Look at me.

Look at me, I said!

It's inconceivable. You were acting like some urchin from the street.

You're bringing shame to the entire school!

Where is the headmistress? Someone like you should be cursed!

Excuse me.

People like you are banned from society.

You'll find out about your punishment later.

I'm sure you know that you sinned against Miss von Bernburg.

She'll never forgive you.

But what did I do?

What's going on? A phone call for the headmistress.

Her Royal Highness is coming this afternoon.

Manuela must be here. No one can be missing.

But she won't be allowed to talk to the others.

Of course, Headmistress. Hurry up with the preparations.

Her Royal Highness is always on time.

Always on time. Of course.

Girls, have you heard?

Headmistress said that Manuela should be cursed!

My God, poor Manuela! Well, she shouldn't have acted out.

Shut up! You're always so mean to her.

Leave me alone. But it's true!

Did you hear the headmistress yell?

Have you heard about Manuela? So mean!


What is going on here?

Why are you staring at me?

I have an announcement before the princess arrives.

A very sad and unprecedented case of disobedience has occurred.

The headmistress wanted to spare you from all contact with the culprit.

But due to the royal visit, we have to make an exception.

Manuela von Meinhardis will come out of the hospital ward.

The headmistress is counting on your tact!

You are not allowed to associate with her.

Whoever speaks with Manuela will be punished. Understood?

The headmistress doesn't want you to speak with Manuela when she comes down.

The child must be isolated.

I see.

To boycott her? That's crazy! It's never happened before.

I'll speak to her when she comes down.

Me too! No, don't do it.

They'll just blame Manuela. No!

We should really tell the princess.

That won't help things.

But the princess is the only one who--

Whatever she says, they'll do.

I'll tell her, even if they kick me out.

Forward. Where's Manuela?

Everyone behave.

Now hurry up.

There we go.

Stand still!

Her Royal Highness is here.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Miss Gaerschner, how do you do?

Very well, thank you. Miss von Atems.

Ah, Miss von Bernburg. How do you do?

Excellent, thank you.

Mademoiselle Oeuillet. Comment allez-vous?

Merci bien, Your Highness.

This is our new English teacher, Miss Evans, Your Highness.

Your Highness.

I'm going upstairs to watch the parade.

Royalty is always beautiful to see.

You said you would tell her. Yes, I will.

You have to tell her now!

She's coming.

We must tell her!


Yes, my child?

It is enchanting to see so many happy children.

Absolutely, Your Highness.

Beckendorf... Yes, my dear. I didn't forget.

Dear Headmistress, I'd like to see the young Beckendorf.

Beckendorf! Beckendorf.

You're the young Beckendorf. How do you like it here?

You love it of course.

Meinhardis. Yes, what is her name?

Meinhardis. Yes, I'd like to see the Meinhardis girl.

Meinhardis! Meinhardis.

I knew your mother. She was a very pious woman.

I hope you try to be like her. You look very pale.

Very pale.

She's not sick, is she, Headmistress?

No, no, of course not, Your Highness. What a charming girl.

Very charming. She will be the pride of the school, I can tell.

And, Headmistress, I would like to speak to you about the nursery school.

May I ask Her Highness upstairs?

Goodbye, children.

First you brag and then you say nothing.

But why? If the headmistress hadn't been there...

Yeah, right.

That wasn't the reason. You're a coward.

Not true. I've just been raised properly!

No, no.

If I didn't have to take the princess in consideration, I would expel Manuela today.

Excuse me, Headmistress, but I see things differently.

I know Manuela and the other girls better than you.

I'm close to the children. I love them.

And you give them your garments! Manuela doesn't have much.

If the child doesn't bring enough garments, you write to the mother.

She doesn't have a mother.

Edelgard! Come here.

Come in here.

Such disobedience!

I wouldn't have expected you to break the headmistress's rules like that.

I don't know. I'm so worried about Manuela.

She's acting so strange.

I'm going to tell you something, Edelgard.

Your friend doesn't deserve what you're doing for her.

Associating with her only harms you.

Your parents would be very upset if they knew who you chose as a friend.

Manuela is not a bad person! That may be so.

But you know... I can't really explain, you're too young.

But believe me, you'll thank me one day.

What you call sin, Headmistress, is what I call the spirit of love.

It takes on a thousand forms.

At this age especially, young girls need someone to lean on.

But I'll talk to Manuela to rid her of her exalted ideas.

You call that exalted ideas? Miss von Bernburg, don't you see that there can be no more contact between you and her?

I forbid you to talk even one word with her!

What is it? I'm so sorry...

You should be sober now. Dearest Miss von Bernburg...

Please, don't make a scene.

Very well then.

Go to my room and wait for me there.

Did you see how pale Manuela was?

Yes, terrible. And when she curtsied, I thought she'd fall.

Manuela! Child!

Why all the crying?

Pull yourself together.

Don't be so weak. Come sit down.

Now be reasonable, yes?

You know what you did.

What you did to me, you know too.

We don't have to talk about any of that.

You're supposed to be punished.

You're supposed to be locked up.

Not like prison. Just in the isolation room.

Manuela, don't be unfair. The punishment is fairly mild.

Legally they were supposed to expel you.

The headmistress thought about it for a long time.

But this once, mercy shall prevail.

Miss von Bernburg, will I be allowed to visit you?

No, Manuela.

But... But you won't leave me!

It's better for you that way.

I'm supposed to never see you again?

I won't be able to live like that.

But, Manuela... what sort of talk is that?

You shouldn't think such things, let alone speak them.

You must be brought to your senses. You must be cured, whatever it takes.


Of what?

You're not allowed to... love me in that way.


You have to go now.

I must go.

There's no point in you staying any longer.

I'm going now.

Farewell, dearest Miss von Bernburg.


Miss von Bernburg. I have to speak with you.

You spoke with Manuela against my orders. Yes, Headmistress, I did.

I can answer for it.

I am sure to have acted in your interest.

Girls, what if Manuela harms herself?

That could be a real problem for the headmistress.

Is Manuela with you?

Are they hiding her?

No. No.

But that's not okay! We have to help Manuela.

This rebellious spirit comes from you.

I will not permit revolutionary ideas. Not while I'm in charge here!

I don't care about my job. I know I can't stay.

I can't stand to watch how you turn these children into scared, helpless creatures.


You go this way, I'll go the other way.


Have you seen her? No.

Oh, my God. Did you see Manuela?

No. Where could she be?

Our Father, who art in heaven... hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread... and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, the power... and the glory... forever and ever.



All I hear is "help her." We're talking about a human being!

Where is Manuela?

You're leaving the school today.


Manuela! Be still.

Quick, quick.

Did everybody go mad?

What is going on?

What are the children doing here? Manuela wanted to jump!

We must thank God, Headmistress.

The girls have prevented a tragedy that we would have had to bear for the rest of our lives.