Made in France (2015) Script

This film was shot before January 2015 attacks

With PROCIREP support Here in France, in the West pornography is everywhere.

It is in everyone's head.


Because we see it in every picture, in advertisements, on television.

Concerning films they say "forbidden for people under 18".

But what does that mean?

At the age of 17 you don't have the right it's "haram".

But at the age of 18: "Go on, watch it, no worries"

"Don't be shy, it's no big deal, it's even good for you."

This is freedom!

And worst of all: Internet !

Everywere in the West they say that Internet is a freedom tool.

They say Internet is a progress tool, a tool for feeling good.

But no, not at all!

Internet is the devil's workshop It's where the pornography venom flow through the viewers' veins.

And they say it's a progress. It's rather unfortunate.

This is decadence!

An other sign of decadence: gender relationships that we see all over the world like a spreading disease.

Relationship is when a man is alone with a woman who don't belong to him which is haram!

Here in the West this relationship is not only lawful but it's encouraged.

Men and women who look, talk and touch each other.

Wherever you go my brothers.

At work, in the streets, in the subway, in schools, in hospitals.

This is decadence!

Because this morbid relationship leads to "sex out of wedlock": fornication and adultery.

And that's why a woman should stay at home to guard herself against bad temptations.

So don't forget when you're talking to a woman that within her taboos Allah puts "sex out of wedlock" right after "murderer".

And still killing is forbidden unless it's justified.

However "sex out of wedlock" is never legitimate in the eyes of the Creator Men and women who practise it deserve the worst punishment.

Down here and in the hereafter Of course you can do it during Ramadan if you're married.

No you can't.

I swear to you. Between sunrise and sunset.

That's quite a negro thing to say isn't it?

Even with religion you find a way to fuck it up, starfallah.

Shut up I saw it on the net.

Calm down my brother, don't you see I'm making fun of you?

Anyway, neither of us is married. I don't know why we're still talking.

The only thing I didn't find is whether you can do anything.

What do you mean?

In bed with your wife!

Go on Mr. Know-it-all!

What is our sexual rights with a wife?

Foreplay, fellatio, penetration no problem.

No sodomy. You go straight to hell.




Red Beard?

Can I ask you another question?

Of course.

Is the price high?

Price for what?

The henna for your hair.

Peace be upon you my brother Peace Christophe, you good?

Not Christophe, Youssef please!

Youssef, it's the same thing, go on.

I must speak to you. Come here.

Abu Hassan came back this morning Where are we seeing him?

We have a meeting at my place at 18 p.m this evening See ya soon guys!

See ya!

My name is Sam El Khansouri.

I was born in Paris in 1984 in a working-class family of an Algerian father and a French mother.

I am a journalist and backed by my Muslim culture, I took the risk six months ago of infiltrating clandestine mosques in the Paris suburbs in order to write a work about jihadism.

One has to attend extermist imams sermons to notice their manipulation through language methods resemble those of a sect leader.

Their young listeners seeking for spirituaity listen to them initially out of curiosity.

They come back out of conviction then out of fanaticism.

They have become unable to think for themselves.

Throughout my investigation, I've got in contact with four disoriented men.

To earn their trust and protect my family, I was forced to live in a hotel and lie about my true identity.

Take a look, here's dad.

Do you want me to do it?

With pleasure.


Put it back! Put it back on the wheel.

Huh Malik?

Don't eat that.

Is it good?


Good or what?

Hassan is an imam right?

No, Hassan is the group leader.

His real name is Pelletier. He converted in jail.

He went to Pakistan for 6 months in a training camp.

And then he wants to leave permanently France for the holy war.

In any case, he must come back with enough contact.

So what are other members doing when he's not here?

They get motivated and I think they will follow him.

They don't want to disappoint him.

Are you sure they don't doubt anything?


Except two or three war suras, they know nothing about the Quran.

When are you planning to stop? You're not going with them, are you?

Well, I don't have enough content for the moment so...

I'm going back to the hotel but I promise to come back home after their departure.

Alright. Well...

Don't worry! It's almost done.

How the fuck can he play for France national team?

What the hell is he doing ? Thank god it's a friendly match bro.

Sam look at this!

I didn't know this one! That's a good one.

Not bad!

Funny huh?

I'm saving it.

Do you parents know about your conversion?

He's alone!

You're crazy.

If they knew it, they'd cut me off, they'd kick me out of here. Nah!

My parents are very Catholic.

Why didn't you stay Catholic?


Because it was boring.

That's all?

What do you mean ?

What about you, why did you choose your father's religion?

Well, my mother was communist so there wasn't much future.

Yeah, you're right brother. Come on now!

Driss please, I already told you. Don't put your shoes on my Grandma's stuff.

Take your shoes off please. Come on give me a break.

Hurry up, turn off the TV!

Hassan, my brother! I'm so happy to see you.

We missed you.

Peace be upon you Christophe.

Nah, there's no more Christophe. Christophe is done.

Let me introduce you to Abu Youssef.

It suits you.

Really? You like it?

Come on in, they're all here.


Peace be upon you my brother. Hassan where is your beard?

I'll explain.

Good to see you. We were freaked out.

You're not too tired, are you?

No, but I'm cold. It was 40º in the shade over there.

Which way did you go?

Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece,

Turkey, Iran, Pakistan.

I was placed in isolation in Peshawar.

Ten days of interrogation.

They reckon I was reliable and they brought me to Waziristan in tribal areas.

That's where training camps are.

What a fucking trip.

Were there other French guys?

There are soldiers from everywhere in the camps.

There were more than 30 nationalities in mine.

Even Japanese people.

Jap-Mujaheddins! That's crazy talk!

How does it go over there?

It's tough.

They're testing to find out who's mad.

You spend your day running, crawling, doing push-ups.

Some live-fire exercises.

With theoritical courses and prayers.


The most sensitive issue is when they suspect a traitor.

They force him to kneel down in the middle of the camp.

And they order one of his partner to shoot in the back of his head.

If you don't, you're next.

Did it happen to you?


Did they tell you who to contact to go on Jihad?

They think we are more useful in France.

What you're talking about Hassan? We're in, remember?

Wait, what do you mean by "useful" ?

They want to import the Holy War into Western capitals.

Our mission is to start an action cell in Paris.

This cell can be claimed by Al-Qaeda.


Think about it. If you accept it, you can't back off!

But who will order us? Are the orders coming from here or over there?

Be patient my brother.

What's matter now is to know if you deserve their trust.

I need an answer from each one of you.

I've made my choice.

Here or there: same struggle!

I'm following you.

Me too.


What about you?

Of course!

Of course.


From now on, we're applying "Taqiya".

Uh, what is it? I..


Shave your beard off.

Blend in.

Become invisible.

Always make sure you're not being followed.

Don't attend clandestine mosques no more. That's where their informants are.

But above all, no more phone calls except in case of extreme emergency.

Speak with moderation at work, in your family.

Smoke! Drink! Defend Israel and USA if needed but.. we must not let anyone have doubts.

If someone close to you is doubtful, avoid him.

Leave her if it's a woman.

We need weapons too.

I'm taking care of it.


Thanks dad.

As long as you stop acting foolish.


Here, sugar.

Thank you.

To us.

Here it is. Thanks


Where the fuck is he?

Take it, I haven't collected unemployment yet.

I withdrew €80.

That's alright brother. Christophe gave us a cheque from his father.

Yussef, Yussef, please.

Yussef, Yussef, sorry.

Keep your money, it's all good.


Oh Driss, who's your guy?

Ahmed? Yeah.

A guy I met at the boxing gym.

In May, he went to the Army. 3 years with paratroopers.

When he came back, he got back into smuggling but with a different product.

I'm warning you, he's a wind bag.

But the entire projects is buying from him. I've never had trouble.

What are you doing?

I'm making a film about us.

But don't worry, our faces will be blurred out.

We need a name for the media when we will take action.

I thought about that. What was the name again?

God's soldiers.

No. You serious about that Christophe?

You don't like it?

No, it sounds too Catholic.

It has too be punchier.

It must especially be an English name. If you want to be recognized abroad.

We could call ourselves "Charia For France".

What? "Charia For France" ? Come on, it's impossible to prononce it.

Plus the intials look like a bank name. It doesn't work.

What about "The French Mujaheddins"? Something like that.

No, it sounds like a wrestler name.

Something like "Les Justes" : "The Just Jihad"

It's not that good.

Eh Sam, you got an idea?

One word. In Arabic. A nifty name?

I'm sorry but this requires a little extra thought.

It looks like you're starting a rap group.

[In Arabic] Why are you saying "you" ? What?

What? Why are you saying "you" rather than "we"?

"We are trying to form a group!" You're with us or you're not?

Good question. Well, of course i'm with you.


Guys, we're good to go.

What are you doing? Take the ball.

Come on.

Walther PPK. Available in several calibers. 6.35, 7.65, 22LR, 9mm Polished, discreet, effective.

James Bond's weapon.

We possess the mini Uzi too.

Put it away, you crazy or what?

9mm Parabelum, 4 kilos. You can take down a whole team.

Very effective. How much?

€2000 for you.

Too bad I only brought €1000.

You're mistaken, that was the price for you to go down in the third round.

Because of going down so much, half of his face was like that.

€3500 for all three.

What a funny guy.

€3500 for both Uzis. The PPK stays with me.

And concerning ammunitions?

You're on your own.

I never sell ammunitions along with weapons I don't want to get fucked up.

What are we supposed to do with only ammunitions?

I just told you it's none of my business.

Ahmed, how long have we known each other?

Why are you making me look like a clown here?

You're a clown.

It's for the Cause my brother.

What cause? What are you talking about? My pocket is my cause, okay?

Just because I bang your two sisters doesn't mean I'm your brother.

I swear, both of them.

Driss, Driss, Driss. Don't move you wog.

Yeah it's better for you.

Okay, no ammunitons. but give us a good price.


Let's not make any trouble here.

My brother. €2500 for all three.

€3000 and we're good.

You should have let me beat him up.

I spend my whole life breaking his fucking mouth.

Maybe but that other guy was carrying a gun.

And a cross tattooed on his arm.

They are ex-military, those kaafir have Muslims blood on their hands.

Don't be ridiculous Driss, his name is Ahmed after all.

Don't you see this cocksucker only care about himself?

I bet he'd kill his own mother for €1000.

And besides, he talks about my sisters.

I should have beaten the fuck out of this kaafir.

I can't. I'm taking my boy to the palace.

If this is for your kid...

At the end of day?

Not before 19h.

There are even grenades, fuck!

Look at these!

Stop it guys!

They'll know it's us.


What are you doing ?

I'm making a film about us.

But don't worry, our faces will be blurred out.

"We are trying to form a group!" You're with us or you're not?

Good question. Well, of course I'm with you.

Allahu akbar

Why did you get back to us only today?

One thing after another. I couldn't do anything.

You're aware that you're considered as an accessory now, aren't you?

Well, I suppose you're a careful journalist.

So you probably know how many fundamentalists like your friends... are present on the territory, right?

I can't see the connection.

More than 3000.

That is for the official number. To tell the truth, we don't know anything.

Including tail, wiretaps and surveillance, it would take over 10 cops per capita... to ensure full control.

Except this time, you just exposed one cell that we knew nothing about.

Do you intend to keep on?

What's wrong with you? They're carrying weapons.

Problem is not the fact they're carrying weapons, but how.. they're going to use them.

And especially on whose behalf? Your Hassan must have some chiefs in France This network is probably forming other cells on the territory.

We're not doing anything as long as we don't know who's giving orders.

So we need names.

No. It's too dangerous.

You should have thought of that before.

If you won't cooperate, we'll have to arrest them straight away.

And you will fall down as well.

I can guarantee that when they'll learn about your betrayal in jail, they won't miss you.

We're setting up a device and in case of emergency we will get you out of here.

It means I don't have a choice?


Wait Driss! I bought that when I was a kid. It means a lot to me.


Games too ? Okay.


Wait! Not the TV! There's no need.

Hassan? What about TV?

The devil's toy! Throw it away.

What the fuck you're doing? We said "tidying" not "breaking", fuck it!

Not the computers Driss.

What is it?

What's going on?

Why throwing Tony Montana like that?

What's up with your Tony Montana?

Money, coke, blonde slut, that's what you want?

Don't you see American propaganda?

Only good for putting you in jail.

Yeah. You're right. Sorry, now that you mention it.

Thanks my brother.

Driss, Driss, Driss! Listen to me!

No, please! Stay away from my grandma's room.

What the fuck you care? Don't you say she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's ?

Yes. But you never know.

What if one day she feels go so she comes back? Inshallah.

It will hurt her. Poor her.

Driss? Driss?


Youssef!! What?

Sorry Youssef, what do I do with this?

Throw it away!! I get it now!!

I didn't like how you reacted last night when you tried to stop me from shooting.

It won't happen again.

I'm sure of it.

That's my son's mother.

I thought you stopped seeing each other.

Yes, I did.

But she wanted to know If I would drop by Malick's daycare.

Do it. This is no time to draw attention.

Very good.

This morning they talked about the shootings on the radio.

Really? What did they say?

They thought it was a score settling.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah.

You can feel bad you know?

Hey, if they knew what happened last night...

That's not exactly how I saw things.

Me neither. Maybe I'm not cut out for being a fighter.

There are several ways to fight.

Some fight with weapons, while others are more useful by studying, by setting the example.

You should maybe think about it.

But Jihad is a duty, a holy war. How can I be a fighter if I don't fight?

Why do you care so much about fighting?

I had this cousin in Mali. He was like a brother to me.

I went to his place every summer. We kept in touch the rest of the year.

He wanted to be a doctor.

Last summer, a French soldier shot him right in the middle of the face.

He wasn't even a Jihadist.

I understand.

But revenge has nothing to do with Islam.

Sidi? Come here.

Small, lightweight, it's for you.

Christophe, what the hell you're doing?


You're going out with this? Give me this.

You use this while getting out.

Not that great huh?

That's this gun's fault. It sucks.

I think you're the one who suck.

He's heavy, you can't do anything.

That's alright Sidi. During my first shooting practice, I couldn't hit anything.

I was so bad that they practically kicked me out.

When he noticed that this had made my life miserable, the instructor told me that if.. you want results, aiming straight is not enough, you need to choose carefuly your target. You should choose it with heart.

It's your turn Sam.

Go for it Sam.

Steal the show for me, you nerd.

Not that great huh?

You will drive.

I'm not into that, you're right.

Let Youssef handle this.

Well, now that we're provided with those, what should we do?

Stop aiming at us for now.

I say we all smoke some soldiers. This would cause a stir.

We don't hit anywhere. We're not barbarians. We're soldiers awating orders.

And the orders arrived.

What is it?

We're planting a bomb.


They haven't told me yet.

When will we know?

How are you dealing with the numbers I gave you?

No valid leads.

He was contacted very recently though.

How so?

He's received instructions.

What was it about?

An attack.

How long till this? What type of attack?

It's not clear yet. They have no explosives.

I don't get it where it comes from. Their phones are constantly tapped.

If you bug them and you get nothing, that means he's in Paris.

He's meeting that contact. You should just tail him.

We can't, he's far too wary.

I'm aware of his paranoia. I keep telling you that.

Try an approach with the other three guys in order to use them.

What do you mean by "using them" ?

Don't they want to know who their leaders are?

I suppose they want to know. But for know they stick to orders.

Come with something that will make them doubt.

I can try but I can't promise you anything.

Unsettle Hassan, get as much as possible intimate with him.

I need to go.

How much?

€1.50 please.



Glad you came.

Are you coming home with me afterwards?

Sure. But I can't stay.

What's wrong?

Go ahead, I have to make a call.

But you're okay?

I'm fine.

Go get Malick. I'll wait you here.

You followed me.


Very easily by the way, you should be more careful.

I'm glad that you didn't lie to me though.

What do you think?

Come on, excuse me my brother.

I shouldn't have suspected you.

It's alright. Forget it.

You're right to be suspicious. Come on.

Too bad.


I wish I met your son.

Can you read?


And that word?

"Ndar'a el kuffar"

"Ndara" There's a stress on the letter a. Look.

That's "The infidel's territory" in which Islam doesn't rule.

The one that you have the right to attack.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Are you okay with what's happening with your wife?

Not at all. We differ on every point.

I thought that over time, I could convince her but in fact...

I don't know much about her.

I understood that when we spoke that the other day.

She would have been suspectful. That's for sure.

You must get you son back. He needs you.

Of course.

As soon as possible.

How did you met Zora?

On the net. She was living at her parents' house in Marseille.

A kaafir family sold to the West.

I convince her to join me to live under Sharia's law.

Do you know why I immediately wanted to marry her?

To live according to your own principles? Hassan : To have something to lose.

I see no merit in dying as a martyr if you have nothing to lose.

Your daughter is a cutie.

She doesn't look like that now. The picture is old.

Where is she now?

She moved to the US with her bitch of a mother.

Don't worry, she will try to find her father one day.

Inshallah my brother.

Well, that's the one. I checked in the accounting. The owner pays by transfer every month. I think he lives abroad.

I never saw it moved for over a year.

The trunk is perfect.

We'll be able to stuff it with explosives my brother.

Are you doubting sometimes?

What should I doubt?

Your choices..

Never. If you start to be doubt yourself, you're dead.

I saw great boxers laid out because of a split-second of hesitation and some doofus striking because they never gave up.

That's the thing. Moving forward. And above else, do not think.

Take me for example. If I wasn't a hash dealer, I'd have never gone in jail.

But at the same time, I have no regrets.

I met Hassan in jail. It's fate.

Talking about Hassan, did he tell you more for what's happening next?

It's time, don't you think?

What the fuck you doing?


Well, you asked us to fend for ourselves when building the bomb. I figured it out.

I didn't ask you to get us caught.

No Hassan, I'm on the "Dark Net". There's no way they can trace me. Don't worry.

But the problem is I don't have any sulphuric acid.

I must admit.. I don't know where to get it.

I know where to find it. My cousin is an ironworker. Let's just jack his supply.


But apart from that, what about the target?

Should we choose them ourselves?

No, we'll soon find out. I'll go see them as soon as we're ready.

Are they in Paris?


Do you think we will be able to meet them someday?

One conctact per cell Sidi. That's the rule.

What do we do next if something happens to you?

Don't worry, they know who you are. They'll know who to contact if needed.

In the meanwhile, we need a great deal of fertilizer.

That's no problem.

Get back to work, brothers.


Back to work!

Okay boss.

What's missing?

One phone for calling and one for triggering the detonator.

Whatever, a gas cylinder, some nails.

What are you doing here?! Keep a watch.

Okay, okay.

How do you do?

Yeah. Christophe?




Who cares, come on!

Hassan? It's the cops!

You stay put.


Come on!

Let's move.

Hit him that motherfucker! Hit him!!

What have you done?

What have you done?

Sam, we need to pull over.

Sam! We need to pull over.

Drop me off at my mother's.

Take me to my mother's.

No, we're taking you to hospital, my brother.

Don't worry, huh Hassan?

We can't take that risk.

Allahu akbar.


Tonight was tense, wasn't it?

You weren't suppose to step in.

You did nothing wrong.

You triggered an alarm.

Sidi is dead.

It's a "mirror programm".

We need you to install it.

It will provide us access to their computers.

You do that and I plead your case. That way they will leave you alone.

I swear... I want a lots of children.

5 sons and 2 daughters Now I just have to find women who'll make them.

But I'm sure that fate will help me inshallah.

Are you right or left-handed?


Put your left leg in front of you.

Go ahead Sidi. Muhammed Ali.

Sidi come on! He's driven!

Good! Dance like the bee and the butterfly.

That's it black boy. I like it. Come on Sidi.

That's right, show them who's Ali! Where's your cross-counter!?

Your guard!

Why did you do that?


Why didn't you run over that bastard?

The cop that killed Sidi.. Why didn't you do it?

I don't know, I wasn't thinking.

I just tried to get us out of there.

But the easy way was to drive straight.

You avoided him, why? I would have smashed him without thinking.

Leave him.

If it wasn't for him we couldn't have gotten away.

So give him a break!

That's no excuse.

You had the opportunity to smoke that fucker. Sidi wouldn't have died.

But no, you didn't do that!

What did they decide?

We keep going.

We're all shaken, that's normal.

We lost a friend.

But it shouldn't make any difference.

He was still a kid, poor him.

We're at war.

Some must die.

And they go straight to heaven.

He wanted to die like a soldier.

And he died like a dog.


You're blaspheming, he died a hero.

He's a martyr.

Maybe, but Driss is right. Our struggle You shut up, don't talk to me!

I don't trust you anymore.

All because I didn't crush that cop?

No, because I never could stand you.

Pfff, you're a drag.

Shut the fuck up you yuppie!

It will happen on the Champs-Élysées.


In seven days. Saturday. During rush hour.

That's not all.

Several cells will take action simultaneously throughout the territory.

Our deed will be the first of many.

A wave of attacks will shake up all of France.

And we got chosen to give the signal. It's a great honour.

The one with the intel was formed in Pakistan.

He'll never speak in interrogation.

He's very wary.

We're bound to give up, this is not the right way.

He's also ignoring the other cells.

We need the head.

We tried everything. Only the reporter can help us now.

Just give us 2 days.

Well, he wants to stop for now but believe me it won't happen.

I'll let you know anyway.

You told me that if I installed the program, you'll leave me alone.

The situation has changed. Sam : I don't fucking care Okay, let me be clear, we had all of our teams on the case...We got nothing.

You remain the only source of information.

And if we bust the cell now, we could not prevent other attacks.

You have 2 days to find out who's giving orders.


But I'm stopping! Besides Sidi is getting suspicious.



I am stopping.

Too bad.

You said it.

Too bad I wish I was a muslim to find arguments to convince you.

But that's not the case.

Good "cop" way of doing things, huh?

Good way of good cop, indeed.

Believer, non-believer, that's no more the issue, huh?

But I wonder how you will cope when sitting in front of the TV learning the number of casualties alone with your conscience.

Hello, you've reached Laurent Pelletier. Leave a message. Thanks

Good morning.

I have a meeting with Hassan.

He's not here.

It's time for his lesson.

He'll be here soon then. He's never late.

Can I wait inside?

In the living room. Sam : Of course.

Let's push, here it is.


Too small.

No worries sir. I'll fetch you the next half size up.

I'll be right back.

What the hell you doing here? Are you crazy?

I need to talk to you.

What are you doing?

Hassan and you, what are you doing?

What do you mean?

Last night when he got home, he was covered in blood.

He said it was a traffic accident. I didn't believe him.

Where was he?

Where is he when he's out with you?

Since he got back from Mecca, I don't know him anymore.

Since he got back from Mecca?


He doesn't want me to go outside even wearing a Niqab.

He's out every night without telling me where he's going.

What's happening?

Tell me what's happening.

Otherwise I'll tell him you went through his stuff.

I need help.

Your husband's lying to you.

What are you doing here?

Your wife answered the door.


Why did you let him in?

You had an appointement.

I was not here. You don't answer the door when I'm not here.

I was the one who insisted.

I'm sorry.

We got a problem.

Go ahead. Tell them.

We need to change our target.

It's not up to you.

I don't claim to choose anything.

I'm just telling you we have to ask them to change the target.

What is it you don't get?

We received an order.

I can't.

You said yourself we're not barbarians rather soldiers.

To me, we should whack French representatives, that's our true ennemies.

We blow up a police station, barracks, a ministry, whatever you want.

But not that.

No women nor chilren.

I won't kill innocent people.

Wait, do you think they care that our children in Palestine are killed?

Our children? What are you talking about you're a Breton.

Fuck, shut up.

You're reacting as such because you don't know who are giving us orders.

Maybe it'll be good if they speak to us and explain us their choice.

We're at war.

In every war, there are civilian casualties, you okay with that?

Our war is holy. You should respect God's will.

Because you think Allah's will is to kill children?

Who are you to tell what he wants or not?

Maybe you know?

Can we know how?

You don't even speak Arabic.

You're going to obey me.

No. He's right, I'm goint to talk to our leaders right away.

But they don't want to talk to you.

Pitch them at least.

Hassan? Why not?


Then I quit.

Driss? Driss, my brother wait.

Stop it!!

Don't kill him.

Let him go.

Can I get the keys please?


I don't know about you, but I need to drink.

If you like.

After you.

You sure?


I'll come to believe you're better than me.

No, I'm sorry but you're drinking with me.

Don't be afraid my brother. Allah will forgive all of this.

Take it.


One day you get home covered in blood.

The next day you have marks on your neck and hands.

I'm not blind.

You can talk to me.

I understand you want to make a difference.

What do you mean?

I love you and I share your worldview.

I don't like what I see around me neither.

And I think this society is unfair and unholy.

You're not alone.

Talk to me.

I love you too.

You're my husband. My place is by your side.

I understand you want to go on jihad.

I didn't think you'd understand.

I was afraid to lose you.

That's why I didn't tell you anything.

Tell me. I need to know. Tell me.


Tell me about them.


I don't know...

Your leaders. Those who are guiding you.

Tell me.

What do you think of Sam?

What about him?

Answer me.

I barely know him.

Tonight he saved my life.

May Allah watch over you.

What's the matter?

Why are you giving me that look?

What else did he tell you?


WHAT else did he tell you?

Hassan, you're hurting me.

You're hurting me.

What's happening?

You wanted to see my boss? Let's go.

No, leave your phone.

Come on.

By the way, Sam, you left this at my place.


May I ask where we're heading?

There's been a change of plans.

What does that mean?

You will see, it'll be nice.

May peace be upon you.


Is it ready?

In no time.

It's not for today.


You could have told me. I had to drive.

Hey, give other people some credit my brother.

I am the one in charge.

Plus that's easy. I get there, I park, I get out, I walk away.

When I'm sheltered, I call.

No way I'm making an error. I've only saved one number.

I'd have gladly taken the camera though.

I need it, I've already told you that.

Come on, let's wait for them.


Good luck.

You're the first one to call me Youssef.

Thank you my brother. It means a lot.

Before introducing you to our leaders we need to claim responsibility for the attack We'll leave a message to declare it's only the beginning.

All we need is you know, please.

Sit down.

Go ahead and talk.

What do you want me to say?

Whatever you want.

Who you are, where you come from, why you choose Jihad.

Start with your out-of-work graphic designer story.

That no longer eligible for benefits stuff.

I'm aware you're a cop.

Sit down.

My brother.

Do you know how I figured it out?

Too perfect.

If you were the one you pretend to be, you wouldn't dare to find yourself alone with another man's wife.

She has denied for a long time.

What did you do to her?

You need to know that in addition to the date, we changed the target.

It will be your son's daycare.

This man works for French police.

I want you to watch closely what will happen to him.

I want you to understand that you can't stop us.

This is how we punish traitors.

Say your prayers.

Who's giving orders?


Give me their name.

You went to Pakistan.

I know you went there. You saw them.

You moron!

I didn't find them.

No leader, no reception.

It's just me.

Get out of here!

Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!

Yes? I'm there.

Her too.

I wrap her in a shroud like the kid in the forest.

I'll call you back. Yeah.

My name is Sam El Khansouri.

I was born in Paris in 1984 in a working-class family of an Algerian father and a French mother.

I am a journalist and I infiltrated six months ago a four-men jihadist cell in the Paris suburbs By living alongside them, I got interested and have grown fond of them sometimes to the point of feeling truly like their brothers.

They dragged me into a dreadful spiral of violence which I'm the only one who made it

The bullet that was to hit directly into my heart was deflected by the binding of my Quran offered by my father when I was a kid.

I hope that this investigation will also contribute to convey what he tought me.

Faith should never pushes us towards darknes.

It should instead make us love and respect life.

So? What do you think?

It will be very good.