Mademoiselle (1966) Script


I was worried about you.

I'm tired.

I'm going to bed.

I left the banner in the field.

I'll go get it.

Let the priest do it. It's his job.

Bring me some hot water.

Go on, more!

Where were you?

Don't forget, we're foreigners.

They blame us for everything.

Because they're cowards, and they're scared to death.

Why are you wearing my pants?

Take them off. I told you not to wear them.

It's a girl's?

We're finished.

Finished? I've had enough.

Let's go!

Carry me on your shoulders.

You'd rather spend all day in bed. And you, all night.

At least one bed's enough for me.

What's happened?

Another fire.

They find anything? Nothing.

I can guess who they all suspect. So can I.

Where's Bruno?

Why isn't he back?

Perhaps he's with a girl.

I'm going to bed. Stay a while. Have a drink.

I'm worried. I'd better look for him. Wait a bit.

He'll come back.

You're right.

I think it's best to leave.

No, I want to stay.

Soon they'll realize they were wrong.

Now that Bruno's found somebody to help him, this Mademoiselle.

He needs to settle somewhere, and so do I.

In a place like this, you'll always be in trouble with the women.

It's not my fault.

They always get the best of me.

If they even look at me, I can't resist.

That's why the men hate you.

Only she could stop me.

Now she's dead, and you're starting again.

Where were you?

Come here.

What is it?

Is it bad? What happened?

It's nothing.

Cut my hand off, that's all.

Wearing your father's pants?

He wants to take my place.

Where were you last night?

Where'd you go? To the fire.

But before that, when I came home earlier you weren't there.

Where were you before the fire?

Be careful.


Stop fooling around!


You make me sick.

Dirty whore!

I hate you!


Come here, you slacker!

Get back to work.


Look, a girl!

Antonio! What happened?


I'm leaving tomorrow with Bruno.

We'll walk to the road.

It's only two kilometers.

There's a bus at 7:00.

We'll find work elsewhere.

We'll be all right.

I know.

There's nothing else to do.