Madhumati (1958) Script

What is the time? It is 8:10.

"8:.10! Pretty late. Bihari, drive the car faster!"

"Are you mad? Such a stormy night, and these twisting roads,.."

" mistake, and we will go straight down. "

"We have still to cover 20 miles. Bihari, why don't U drive faster."

Why are you getting so restless?

"Why not? The car came late, and we reach the station late, then..."

...Radha will be unnecessarily worried with our small baby.

"Whether they get worried or not, you are getting impatient to..." your wife and baby.

"Who will argue with you now? Bihari, drive faster."

"Sir, there are boulders on the road. "

Then what are you staring at? Go and clear the way

"Come, let us also help. - Ok. "

"What has happened? - Sir, these are big boulders. "

You sit in the vehicle. There is a village nearby. I will get....

"...some men from there. Ok, go running. "

It will take some time. There is a bungalow up there.

Go and rest there.

Don't worry about us. Go and get the men quickly. Go.

"lt may take time. Why not go to the bungalow, perhaps we can..."

...arrange a fire.

"No, I'll stay here-Road won't be cleared if we sit here. Come!"

There seems nobody inside.

"Now that we have come, let us have a look. "

Who opened the door? - Myself. The knob is there.

And who are you?

"Due to a road block, we had to halt here. "

Will you offer us a place to stay for sometime?

Yes. Please come in.

It seems a very old mansion.

"Listen, was there a painting hanging here? "

"Yes, but last year, due to the quake it fell and broke. "

How did you know there was a painting here?

I don't know. I just felt there should have been a painting here.

"lnstead of being an engineer, you should have been a detective. "

Can you arrange a fire? It is getting quite cold.

Yes. Come upstairs. Upstairs? - Yes.

Will you be restless like this the whole night?

That driver has given as yet no information.

"ln this rain and night, it will take him some..."

"...time to collect the men, and clear the road. "

Go and look if the rain has decreased or not.

Did you see a stream when you looked through the window?

"Yes, how did you know? Did you come here earlier. "

"No, but since I have come to the mansion, I felt as if I am..."

...quite familiar with all the things here.

All this is due to your anxiety and fear.

I have some brandy. Have some and go to sleep.

"No, no. I don't want any brandy. "

Who is it?

Did'nt you hear a scream? - No.

May be I had imagined that..

"Devan, what are you looking at, in this photo? "

I had made this myself. What are you saying!

This painting is quite old.

That I do not know. But l recognise each stroke in this.

What happened? What was the noise?

Ugra Narain! Who is Ugra Narain?

He was the last landlord of this place.It is his portrait.

"Deven, but how did you know that? "

I don't know. But I have made this portrait with my own hands

I remember now quite clearly. Who knows when... happened. Perhaps in the last birth.

I had come as a manager to Ugra Narain in these hill tracts.

It was a beautiful day. Flowers bloomed as if to welcome me.

"A delightful journey, and the weather is beautiful"

I am afraid I do not lose myself.

"A delightful journey, and the weather is beautiful"

Who is it that laughs hidden in the flowers?

To hear whose tune has the spring become restless.

Who is it that laughs hidden in the flowers?

To hear whose tune has the spring become restless.

"Sometimes humming, sometimes singing, dances the earth. "

This wavy and jumpy movements of these streams looks as if... if a rustic is walking after meeting his lover.

These visions are all very loving & very beautiful A delightful journey and the weather is also beautiful I am afraid I do not lose myself.

"A delightful journey, and weather is also beautiful"

That sky bends down to the earth...

I have seen this union here only.

The sky bends down to the earth.

I have seen this union here only.

My world & my dreams! perhaps I will find them here.

"A delightful journey, and weather is beautiful"

I am afraid I do not lose myself.

"A delightful journey, and weather is beautiful"

Sir! Don't move forward!

"Please come, my stranger. "

Is the road to Shamgarhi this one or that?


Look up. Don't be afraid. I am not a man!

Then who are you? - If you toss up another 2 annas I'll tell.

"l will give you 4 annas, but first come down-Here you are?"

What has happened? Have l become upside down or you?

Now you give me 2 annas and I will tell you.

"Here! Now, we are quits. "

What is your name? First you tell.

I am Anand. - Really then I am Upper Anand.

Which is the route to Shamgarhi timber estate?

"You are Anand, isn't it? I told you I am Anand. "

"Sir, I am Charandas, and I have come to pick you up. "

Where is your luggage? - My luggage is at the station.

"The luggage will come later, you come with me. Come. "

This place is quite beautiful. You feel it is beautiful. But...

...ask me. I took three days to clean it up. Dirt and dust. Even...

...Iiquor couldn't have cleaned this-You seem quite tired.

Why not drink a cup of tea? -I don't need it. I'll get for you

"You have come new here. Here right from top to bottom,..."

...everybody is a thief here. And the accountant here...

"...he is the biggest...yes, he is the best. Accountant, welcome. "

I was praising you only. You have a long life.

Enroute I hope you didn't have any difficulty. I had sent him.

He loves wining and dining. And enroute is a liquor shop. I hope...

...he met you at the station.

"Yes, he did. Isn't it, Charan? - If I hadn't how would he be here"

"Ok, I will rest and come for work from tomorrow. "

"Don't worry I am here. Rest for two-three days, roam around."

We have beautiful countryside here. But the sad part is that...

...people here are as bad as the earth is beautiful here.

"You are new here. Take care. Right from top to bottom, every.." is a thief. And he is the boss of all thieves!

"l am your kid. - Nonsense. if you don't look after him,..."

...master will cut off your neck!

"l will not trouble sir, but he can give me any trouble he wants. "

"Sir, you rest now, if you need anything let me know. Good day. "

What are you standing here for. No tea for me.- I'll just get it.

"Please come now, my stranger. "

"l am standing here since long, & eyes are tired waiting for U"

This entire area is ours.

"The entire work here, is given to us by Gauriraja. But see our..."

"...bad luck, some days back he died. Now the entire business.."

...has gone to his son.

Where is his son? - He stays in the city somewhere.

"He is a waster, and he was not allowed to even come here."

"But now since the business is his, one day he will come here. "

"Hello Bir Singh. Sir, this is Bir Singh. He looks after all the..."

" here. He is our new manager, Mr Anand.-Salutations"

"Bir Singh, how many trees did you cut today? "

700. 600 have been sent. 100 here and there.

"What is this, 100 'here and there'? "

You want to learn everything in a day?Leave something for later

"Come, let us go to the office. "

Let us go.

"Accountant, there is a lot of irregularities in the books. "

"Sir, in such a big business, little mistakes do occur. "

"But this is bad, such mistakes should not occur. "

A telegram.

"Oh my god, what I feared is happening. Junior King is coming"

But what is there to be afraid of?

"Yes, we are not thieves. There is nothing to be afraid of. "

"Did you hear, our new Junior King is coming. "

I have heard that.

"You have heard, but still you are smelling flowers!"

"The entire public is shaken, and you are so cool. "

How will that affect me?

"Sir, sir! Are you going that side? "

"Yes, I am going that side. "

"lf you are, you will see a river ahead. Don't go across that?"

Why? - There is a big jungle there full of fierce animals.

But such animals are here also.

"Do I look like an animal to you. Leave the animals, come close. "

There is a big notice placed there. Noone can go in.

"You go your way.- I'll, but don't go inside there. "

"Be careful, oops, I was slipping myself. "

"Please come now, my foreigner. "

I am standing this side for so long & my eyes are tired gazing.

"Come, my foreigner. "

"l am standing since long, & my eyes are tired gazing. "

"Come, my foreigner. "

I am a lamp which is neither burning or able to extinguish also

"Please come to meet me, my life partner"

"l am standing since long, my eyes are tired gazing. "

"Come, my foreigner. "

"You were with me for many births, why have you.."

"...forgotten this, my lover. "

"You were with me for many births, why have you.."

"...forgotten this, my lover. "

I am restless & yearning for you day and night

"l am standing since long, & my eyes are tired gazing. "

Come foreigner.

"l am a river, but still l am thirsty. "

"This mystery is deep, though the matter is trivial."

"l am a river, but still I am thirsty. "

"This mystery is deep, though the matter is trivial."

"Without you, every breath of mine is thirsty. "

"l am standing since long, & my eyes are tired gazing. "

"Come, my foreigner. "

Who are you? What is your name?- Madhumati Why did you steal my drawing?

"Don't cut money this time, I need it, cut double next month, sir. "

"No. - Sir, I will die. -That is not my lookout, go. "

"Kill me, but don't cut my money. "

"You only do justice, don't cut my money this time. I need it badly"

"You keep quiet, I will..."

"Bir Singh, return the money. -But the cutting? "

Return the money. Ok.

"Charan, where are these girls going? - Girls? "

"Girls are different, they come and go like this only."

"l am just asking, where are they going?"

"When they are not coming here, let them go anywhere?"

"They are going to the fair, but you do not go there"

Why?-You will get tempted to buy and regret later.

Will you be going? - Yes- Then I too will come.

I have met the eyes of one who troubles me.

"Friend, how do I express it?"

I have met the eyes of one who troubles me.

He hides and plays the flute secretly He hides and plays only the romantic tunes on the flute.

"He calls me under the stars, "

"He calls me under stars, steals my sleep & I remain awake"

"The days are small, and the nights seem long. "

"Friend, how should I express it?"

I wonder how this affair grew.

"While talking, this disease of love keeps increasing,..."

...and my heart pines for him more.

Somebody see my madness...

I am calling the moon in my lover's name See what is happening to me.

"Friend, how should l express it?"

"l wonder how it grew, I fell in love with one who troubles me"

"My child, my child. "

Watch how you ride!

Who said that?

I said it. Could'nt you see? The child would have died!-Sorry

"May you live long, you saved my son. You are so brave. "

"Sir, are you badly hurt? No, it is just a..."

"Look, blood is coming out. "

Give that. I will just come.

Let me see.

"Madhumati, that day, why did you run away? - I got scared. "

And now? - Now I am not scared- And why not?

"You are brave, you saved that boy's life. Else he would have..."

It is his luck that saved him. I had nothing to do with it.

Is it still paining? Yes.

"Then come to my house, father will put medicine. "

I hope he will not lose his temper.

"Why? Infact he will be happy. -lf that is so, let us go. "

"Listen, walk a bit slowly. You come running then. "

How far is your house? Come.

Come on!

"See there, down below. -T here below!"

Yes. - But how will we reach there.

"This way, there is a way that side"

"This way, no, not me. I don't want to go. "

"Nothing will happen. Come, catch my hand. "

"Come, come. Father!"

Father! You sit down. I'll see and come.


Who are you?

I am Anand.

How did you come here?

I had come with one...- Who?

"l brought him. Father, you know Manglu? "

Sir saved his brother's life.

He is very brave. See his hand is cut. Please put some...

"...medicine, father. Sit down. "

"Let me see, where is the injury? -No injury, only some scratches"

"Yes, it is initially only a scratch, later it becomes a big injury. "

The medicine is a bit strong.- Yes.

"Sir, are you new here? "

"Yes, I came some days back"

To tour or something else?

"No, I work here. "

Where? - In Timber Estate belonging to the king.

Where? - In king's Timber Estate.

Go away from here. Don't step into this house again.

But what have you against it. -I don't want to say anything.

Father! - I say go away from here.

"Father, he doesn't know the way. -He will find out, come inside"

"Charan, who is it? It is me. "

Where were you lost in the fair?

"Charan, across the river. Who stays there. "

"Behind the valley, in the centre of the jungle? "

"Will you tell, or you will keep jabbering?"

"Sir, you will get hot, and the food will get cold."

Who is that old man?

"Him? He is the Panda King. Their forefathers were kings,...." the foresters still call him King.

Is there some enemity of the company with him.

Enemity? Company people are not allowed to cross over the... into that area. Nor are they allowed this side.

"Many years back, when company crimes increased, this Pawan..."

...Raja's son got the villagers together and came to fight...

...with the company people. Bir Singh stabbed him in the back...

...and killed him. The company people also committed many...

...attrocities against them.

"Oh, my God. I have said something I should not have. Listen... "

The local king here is also worth mentioning. He is great.

Why don't you eat some rice?

"Jivan, how is it going. All well sir. "

"Sir, you are the boss, there is no need for you to come..."

"...everyday into the forest. Sit in the office. For this place,.."

..I am there. The labor gets scared of you.

Am I the devil that they get scared of me?

You have been called by the Rajasaheb.

"l am a bit busy, tell him I will come a bit late. "

"Listen, you go now. This Raja saheb is bossy. But he likes..."

...being pampered. If you can... -I'll try & remember your advice.

Did you like the painting?

You! - Greetings.

The manager! You are brave. I saw the proof in the fair.

"You had called me? Yes, out of necessity. "

"On coming here, from the police to the accountant, everyone..."

"...called on me, on arrival. Only you did not come. "

"You see, on coming here, I got busy on some jobs...."

It is the tradition here to come to salute master when he comes

"Remember it for the future. - l will, now that I know. "

"What was the work? - Just checking the old accounts,..."

...there were some irregularities. -Have they been sorted out?

"No, not as yet. It will take some time to correct it. If you had..."

"...seen, you would have understood. "

"lf I had to see, why would I hire you? "

"ln matters of accounts, and money, don't trust any servant"

"l would say, not even me. "

"l admire the way you speak. I stay mostly in the city, but..." times I have to come to this jungle. Where there are...

"...mere servants, if I can speak to someone like you, what more..."

"...would I want? Cigarette? -No, thank you. "

"Ram Singh, where were you? Open the shoes. Bloody animal. "

You can go now. -Farewell- Hurry up!

"Sir, don't mistake father. He is good at heart. -I heard"

Where are you going? - The village across.

Come with me! - Where? Now at this moment.

"Where the shadow of this hill is falling, there. "

Coming father. Where had you halted?

I got a thorn on my foot. Come along.

"Sir, I have come. But I had thought...."

That I wouldn't come? - Yes.

But hadn't I given you my word. Look!

See how the tree sways. Like this and this way How happy it is? I too am happy.

But why are you happy? -I am happy just like that

I will make a portrait of you? - My portrait?

Make it! - Not like this. Come here.

Sit down here.

"l can't sit longer. If you were a girl, U would know the problems"

I am getting late-Wait for little tim. Ur picture is almost ready.

"See sir, come here. Come here. What happened? "

See the ants are going home. -So what they are going home.

See water is coming! - Where is the water coming?

Where have you gone?

The nose you have made a little long.

I told you sit there. Suppose the sun sets.

"Sun? Do you know where it goes after sunset? Come, I'll show U."

"Behind that hill it gets into a cave, and next morning it comes.."

...out of the caves behind that hill.

"lt cannot be- Why not? At night when we sleep, it goes..."

"...through netherworld, and comes out from that side. "

"From down below? - Yes, you don't even know this much!"

Who will explain such complicated things? - I will.

"Ok, you will explain, and I will understand. Now sit down there. "

Do you think I am a tree or a stone that I stay at one place.

"We will roam, and stroll and talk. Of that nothing!"

What are you looking at? - You.

"You know God has made you so beautiful, I cannot make a..."

...picture of you.

Look this side.

Turn your face.

Somebody is coming.

"Great, I never knew you draw also. "

"l draw a few lines here and there- No, Anand"

"l may not have any great qualities, but I have an eye..."

...for good art. Such a beautiful picture only an artist can make.

This beautiful girl. Who is she? -lt is just from imagination.

Your imagination is great. Come sometime to the mansion.

"Where is the time, there is so much of work..."

"Oh, I see. You are right. "

"Let me go. - No, no, I will not listen. "

"Please have mercy let me go. -No, no one can go from here. "

"My son has been bitten by a snake, he will die!"

What can I do if he dies. Noone can go from here.

"What is the matter? - Sir, he is not allowing me..." go to the other side. My son has been bitten by a snake and...

"...he will surely die, if he is not treated. Please tell him!"

Let her go.- But king has given strict orders.

I will talk to the king you let her go.

Halt! - Bir Singh.

"Sit down. I have understood, but why is our new manager so..."

...much interested in that area.

"The old man has a daughter, and Mr Anand is having some affair!!"

"Can't blame him. that girl is too beautiful-So, that's the reason. "

You have come after so many years. She is a like a beautiful...

...picture but Anand still makes only her picture And he keeps meeting her near the spring.

Are you in any hurry to go somewhere?

"Yes, my work has finished for today. I..."

But my work is left. These are some estate accounts. Have a...

...Iook and make the summary.

"l will do it tomorrow. - No, Anand, it has to be done today."

Tomorrow morning it has to be sent. Thank you.

"Every moment my heart pounds, why is it so? "

"Today at the time to meet, why does my cover slip."

"Every moment my heart pounds, why is it so? "

"Today at the time to meet, why does my cover slip"

Every moment my heart pounds.

"ln exchange of my whole life, I had asked for this evening. "

"l will get lost today, just holding his hands. "

I got love today as much as I wanted.

My heart pounds! Why is it so?

"At the time of meeting, why does my cover slip? "

"Birds, you keep quiet today and I too will remain silent. "

My lover will understand what the heart says by himself.

"See my heart pounds, I'm losing my courage, why does it beat"

"Today at the time to meet, why does my cover slip? "

"My heart pounds, why does it...."

So you are the imagination of Anand?

Leave me!

"The heart in pain asks you to come hither, don't avoid..."

"...Iooking at me, please come forth, I swear. "

"The heart in pain asks you to come hither, don't avoid..."

"...Iooking at me, please come forth, I swear. "

"Without you, there is no spring. "

The flowers don't bloom as they are waiting for you

You are awaited.

"The heart in pain asks you to come hither, don't avoid..."

"...Iooking at me, please come forth, I swear. "

"The heart in pain gives you this punishment,..."

"...I am yours now, I am with you forever. "

"The heart in pain gives you this punishment,..."

"...I am yours now, I am with you forever. "

For you only I have this beauty in my life...

I am living for I am in love with you.

"Only because, I am in love with you. "

"The heart in pain asks you to come hither, don't avoid..."

"...Iooking at me, please come forth, I swear. "

"The heart in pain gives you this punishment,..."

"...I am yours now, I am with you forever. "

The effect of love is smiling everywhere.

"Where am I and where is my heart, I do not know..."

The effect of love is felt smiling everywhere.

"Where am I and where is my heart, I do not know..."

"Where is it, I do not know. "

"The heart in pain asks you to come hither, don't avoid..."

"...Iooking at me, please come forth, I swear. "

"The heart in pain gives you this punishment,..."

"...I am yours now, I am with you forever. "

Come close to me.

Dont talk to me. Why didn't you come yesterday?

"You don't understand. To be a male, can be a big problem."

We have to earn bread. And those who give bread....

...Ieave no time for love.

Then why do you do such a job? What else will I do?

"Do you know that with love, there is hunger also. "

"l will bring your bread. Ok, and clothes? "

Clothes? That too I will bring from father-And house?

"Enough, your demands are increasing. "

Yesterday you didn't come. Suppose something happened... me then? What would have happened?

Suppose there was a problem! Don't talk like that.

"Suppose someone tries to snatch me away, what will you do? "

"l will kill him, who is he? - No one, I was just asking. "

"Today, we will go and sit somewhere else. - Where? "

Come with me.

What a strange place is this? -That is why I got you here.

You see these old stones. This are gravestones of our ancestors

How peaceful is this place?- lsn't it?

"Whenever I am sad, I come here. Alone. "

Then I don't feel alone. I feel they are all with me.

And they talk to me. What are you saying?

It is true! Nothing dies on this earth.

"See, it appears the stars are below and we have come up. "

There is some dance and frolic in the village.

"Come let us go and see. Yes, let us go. "

"Oh, a scorpion!"

For a moment I sat under the shadow of the fig tree...

...after filling my pot...

"Oh my god, a scorpion has come on to me. "

"Oh, I will die, someone take away this scorpion"

"Oh my god, a scorpion has come on to me. "

"l say the magic chanting, that it is a delicate skin..."

"...Ieave the girl, go. Go, Go, Go away"

The scorpion climbed further over the body.

What a fire was lit by the scorpion!

The scorpion climbed all over the body.

See the sinful scorpion.

We said the chantings.... We sought the doctors...

"My love, please come back home...."

See the scorpion has come down.

"Yes, the scorpion has gone away. "

"Seeing my lover, we don't know where the scorpion has gone. "

See the sinful scorpion!

"You don't know, sir is scared of me, like a crow of a catapult. "

"And I don't bother of him. More U bother about them, and they..."

...climb on your head! Talk of today. He was not giving leave.

"When I lost my temper, he became a sheep. "

"He folded his hands and said, your name is Charandas, but..." fact I am your servant. He caught my feet & wouldn't...

...Ieave. He kept crying. Then?

He gave me this nice suit. Then?

He gave me this hat worth Rs 50/-. - Then?

He took out this nice shoe. Then?

"Then I took out a tie. In the hope that if Sir asks me,...."

...I will say sorry. Then?

"Then what. Here is your shoe, & here is my head. Please start. "

"Sir, this is your shoe only. -Sir, leave him. Forgive him. "

Madhu is saying something. -Don't do such acts again.

"l will write it down, for the next 7 generations no one'll do such.."

...a mistake. It is all due to this liquor. Don't ever drink...

...It is a very bad thing.

See! This is how one gets out of a tricky situation!

"Won't you feel scared alone, so late at night? "

"l am a jungle girl, meet me tomorrow near the spring. "

"You must come. Ok, see you. "

Where are you going?

Where are U going? Go inside. Don't step out till I return.

What can I do if l feel like laughing.

"Write my name too, on this tree."


You! I was dreaming of you only.

"Sir, how are you here?"

I have come for you.

Has father seen you?

"Sir, you are all wet. Sit down."

You have fever. -Don't do like this again What happened?-U did'nt come & strange thoughts came to my...

...mind. I was feeling suffocated. Then the storm came. Lightning...

...crackled and rain surrounded me from all directions. A storm...

...rose in my mind. I couldn't hold myself. I came out.

I fell and stood up several times. I had lost my balance.

I could only see and think of you.

"l am saying the truth, Don't ever do it again."

You are crying?

You have suffered a lot on account of me.

And I just slept here.

"This should happen always. Whatever storms come, let them.."

"...come to me only, so that you can sleep in peace."

"No, without you I cannot live. I say, if I live, it will be with..."

", and if I die, it will be with you."

"lt is true, even when I die, I will be near you only."

"lf I laugh it will be with you, and if I cry it will be with you."

Tell now. Speak!

"Ok, I will see myself."


"Where are you running away, after trying to steal my..."

...self respect? You lowly scoundrel! You wretch!

"Here! You can kill me, but don't make such cheap allegations."

Such cheap and false acts is the religion of people like you.

Sin is a part of your blood.

"There is no sin in my blood, there is falseness in your vision."

There is falseness in my vision? In my vision? - Father!

"Get aside Madhu. I will die, but I'll not allow anyone to tarnish.."

...our love. You have fever of love?

It will be there till I die. You are lying!

"No, father, he is telling the truth."

"Fool, you don't know these treacherous people."

"Ask him, will he marry you? Ask him!"

Will you marry me?

"Yes Madhu, if your father gives me permission."

"Animal, you talk all rot."

I don't know. I want that girl. That is all.

"Sir, the job is not that easy. It is like putting a hand in..."

"...a tiger's mouth. - Quiet. Present the girl, whatever it be."

There is a way. There is a Chandanpur fair. The old man...

...visits there for 2 days. If you can send Anand for two days...

"...out on duty, this job can be done easily."

It will be arranged.

Now give me the pack. -Return soon!

I am going to the fair. It would take one or two days.

And I too am in a hurry. I have to arrange your marriage.

"Listen, what should I get from the fair for my daughter?"

Whatever you feel appropriate.

My heart desires a lot for you. You should be married like a...

... princess. Today I am a king only in name...

"...alas, if your brother was alive."

"Father, Get red color bangles for me from the fair. - Ok, I will."

I had to call you here. For several days I have told friends..

...I will arrange a hunt. All arrangements have been made.

But from Neelpur there is news of some urgent work.

"For two three days I won't be here, but going to Neelpur is..."

...also essential.

Please tell me how can I help you?

"You can go to Neelpur, and do my work."

But sir...

I have made all arrangements for your going. Go as early... possible. Right.

"No, I will not allow you to go."

Why will you not let me go.

I feel scared without you.

"And you say, I never feel scared, that too..."

"No, not like that. Then?"

"Father is not here, and you too are going. And your Raja saheb..."

...he is not a good man.

Don't worry about him. He is going with his friends for a...

"...hunt, and I will return before he comes back."

"Look I am going, and you...." a bit!

"lf you have to go, then come with me."

Where? - To take the Lord's blessings.

"The flower fell! - So what, if the flower fell?"

"lt is a very bad sign. If one's flower falls, one dies!"

You are unnecessarily saying bad things.

No. I don't want to die. Before meeting you I was not scared...

"...of death, Now I want to live. For you I want to live."

"Lord, I am not even married."

Now you are a married lady.

God is witness.

You give this tonight... that is it!

"Don't worry boss, I will give so much, that for two days..."

...the effect will last.

"Good, I will do the same. Yes."

Should I get more?

"No, I have taken a lot. Not a drop more. You know..."

...sir has forbidden me to drink anymore.

No one has seen a peacock dancing in the jungle.

"But when I drink a little, and swing, everybody sees."

No one has seen a peacock dancing in the jungle.

The fair maiden's big eyes are intoxicating....

... they have destroyed the peace of many.

The fair maidens big eyes are intoxicating....

... they have destroyed the peace of many.

Nobody sees this crime they commit.

"But when I drink a little, and swing, everybody sees."

No one has seen a peacock dancing in the jungle.

Some have a craving for the green bucks.

"Some have a craving for good clothes, suits."

Friends I have a craving for simple liquor!

"But when I drink a little, and swing, everybody sees."

No one has seen a peacock dancing in the jungle.

A disaster has occurred. -Disaster? If I had sung...

...a bit more lustily something more would have happened.

A disaster has happened. Anand has met with an accident.

He has been brought to mansion He is crying Madhu's name

"You fetch Madhu, and l will get the Doctor."

"Madhu, while going to Neelpur, Anand has met with an accident."

Where is Anand? - In Raja sir's mansion - Why there?

The villagers brought him in injured condition there. He is...

...repeatedly calling out your name.



I have come. What happened to you?

Leave my baggage at my place. I will just come.

"Just a minute. Ok, go now."

"Madhu, give me a glass of water, dear."

Where is Madhu? Where is she?

I have just returned from the fair. At home she was...

"...not there, and there was burnt rice on the stove."

And she was not there! Did she meet you?

"No, I was for two days in Neelpur and have just returned."

Then there has been some calamity. Let us search for her.

What happened?

Looking for her appears futile. Some wild animal has eaten her.

"No, this cannot happen."

"Come, my foreigner. The darkness of night has come..."

"Where is Madhu? - Now where is Madhu, sir."

I just heard her voice. Didn't you hear?

There you can hear her voice Come with me.

"Did you hear her? Where, sir?"

"You are not hearing her? -No, it is just your imagination."



"Sir, you've come. Mistake is all mine. Punish me as you wish."

What have you done?

Bir Singh told me you met with an accident and are... the palace. There I took Madhu and she was caught in...

..Rajasaheb's trap.

But Rajasaheb was not there.

"l have come to know, it was all a lie. It was all..."

"...a plan. In reality, he did'nt go there at all."

Sir... don't go. Don't go alone.

Your heart cannot equal mine...

"That cannot be a glass, and this cannot be a stone."

"Whether you listen or not, I will speak my heart."

Where is Madhu? -Madhu? How would I know?

Get out of here. - You scoundrel! Swine!

I know what hunt you were on. You have outraged the modesty...

"...of an innocent. Tell me, where is she?"

I will drink your blood. Tell me where is she?

Tell me where is she.

Take him away. Hit him and break all his bones

"Bir Singh, throw his body outside our area."

Stop you scoundrel.

Where are you taking our sir?

"Get out of my way. - And I say, get down!"

"You wagging mongrel, I have to settle several scores with you"

Get down!

I will teach you a lesson!

Where are you taking the cart?

Take this beating.

And this for my Madhu.

And this for Sir.

What happened? It didn't come!

Who didn't it come?

"Was to come, but didn't. What is the problem?"

"l was with Sir the whole night, but his condition..."

...hasn't improved.

"Tea is ready, take it. - ok."

Careful. Take it carefully.

"You can go from my eyes, but not from my heart."

I will finally get to you.

What happened?

"Sir has gone out of his mind, and I too may get the notice."

"When I went in, he was talking on his own with someone."

I know what has happened. Tell me.

Should I tell? - Tell me or....

"Ghost, not on you, but on your sir."

First give me a cigarette. Have 2 but tell fast.

"There is a man, he has removed many ghosts. Let us..."

...go to him. He is very scary. I hope you won't get scared.

Fear! I don't know what it means. If you feel scared...

"...get behind me, come along."

"Here you take the lead, later I will come forward."

Come inside.

Don't sit here!

Someone else is sitting here.

There is nobody!

Don't ever do it again. Touch your ears!

Get up. Sit. Get up. Sit. Go.

"You will not go? I say go peacefully,..."

"...or else, I will finish you! How dare you!"

It is strange -Go! Why have you halted behind him. Go!

Sit down. What is the matter?

Hls boss has a small ghost troubling him.

Then what should I do. I don't bother for small ghosts.

"lt is not a small ghost, but a female ghost, very deadly."

"lf she is deadly, I am her son! Son or father?"

"Ok, father then. Let us see how she will not go. Let us go."

Your skull? - Take it along also.

Go and call your sir. Sir or his ghost?

Your boss!


Really? Then close the door.

"l will say such a Mantra, what ghost, its father will run away!"

"A bit louder, Baba. Louder!"

He is going. See he is going. Now he has halted.

He says give Rs 1.25. Or elsel will not go.

Do one thing. Tell him to go for Rs.1 only.

If he troubles you again don't blame me.

I don't think he will bother for 4 annas. - That I don't know.

Look with the ghost the man has also dissappeared.

You only said chant a bit louder. Hadn't I said my....

..medicine is quite powerful.

"Tell me where is my boss, or else I will break your head."

"The window is open, he has run away from there."

"He has become a cat! My god, a cat!"

"Where were you, Madhu? I have been looking for you all over."

"Why are you looking at me like that. Come near me, Madhu."

Isn't it Madhavi's voice? - l hope she is not in any problem.

"You look this side. Madhavi, where are you?"

Madhu -Brother!

"Why are you running away from me, Madhu."

"l am not Madhu. Don't say that, Madhu."

Say you have forgotten me. Perhaps you don't love me...

...any more. -Let me go. Brother.

How dare you insult a lone woman?

I am not insulting anyone. I am only calling Madhu.

Who Madhu. She is my sister Madhavi.

Can't I recognise my Madhu?

"Behave yourself, don't you have any shame, trying to touch her?"

"My name is Anand. - Hey, get going from here. Go."

You haven't gone as yet. Don't you know him? He is the police...

...captain of this area. And I am his brother in law. You know!

Where do you stay? -At the Dak Bungalow.

Come let us go. The complete picnic fun has gone awry.

Come Madhavi.

"He was sitting here, making a drawing."

"Yes, it is strange. This picture resembles you totally."

But he had never seen me before. Can there be any one...

...else like me?

It has happened at times that two unrelated people have such...

"...similar faces, that we police people also get confused."

Then he was not lying. He must get this picture back.

Broken dreams have taught me...

"What the heart had gained, has been lost by the eyes."

Broken dreams have taught me...

"What the heart had gained, have been lost by the eyes."

The broken dreams...

"We search for those, who on meeting once do not meet later."

"Why are they annoyed, those who are now set in my heart."

"What was I seeking, and what has come to the fore."

"What the heart had gained, have been lost by the eyes"

Broken dreams have taught me...

"That what the heart gained, have been lost by the eyes"

The broken dreams...

"My appeals returned, after striking the stars."

It returned from all corners of devastated world of mine.

"But all this sorrow, has been of no use...."

"That what the heart gained, have been lost by the eyes"

The broken dreams...

Does anyone by the name of Anand stay here?

"What to say, he does and also does not. I can't..."

"...understand. I just make his food, which I have to eat."

"Neither he or his servant is here. Wait inside, one of them...."

...should be coming very soon. Please sit inside.

Don't talk to me. You deprived thief!

That must be your father!

"And your grandfather, great grand father and all your fore..."

...fathers. Yesterday you let me down!

Telling me about your Ghost removers

"Please forgive me, It was not my fault. Forgive me."

"l am scared of ghosts. Forgive me, Madhu."

"l am not Madhu, but Madhavi."

"Let me touch and confirm. Yes! Same nose, same features."

"...same eyes. So it is you, he mistook for Madhu."

"Just tell me, who is Madhu? What happened to her?"

Please sit down. I will tell you everything.

This is the story of this unfortunate girl. I am fairly...

...sure she is dead. But sir doesn't believe she is dead.

"Now I know why on the hills, he was calling for Madhu."

It is dark now. I will light the lamp and come.

Sir has come!

"lf there was any one else in my place, he would've been misled"

You do not know what injustice I have gone through.

"l know, I have heard it all."

I feel as if Madhu's sorrow has become mine.

"Don't shed tears for me. Same face, same eyes, same looks..."

"Come, my foreigner."

The darkness has set.... Are you hearing it?

What? - She is calling me....

Where are you going?

"l stay close to you, amongst the stars."

"l had promised. I won, and he lost."

Who?- Wake up and see. He has my blood on his hands.

Who has? - Ugra Narain. That snake wanted to bite me.

I am going-Where?- His hands are red with my Madhu's blood.

And that snake is still alive. -Whom are you talking of?

Ugra Narain.

I know this Ugra Narain. He is quite a goon. Earlier too he had..

...a hand in two or three murders.

"You know it, and yet this dangerous animal is free!"

"Why don't you arrest him, lnspector?"

I have expressed my helplessness.

Without proof nothing can be done.

Madhavi's dance and I will not come? There are still...

15 minutes left. I am reaching there straight away.

"Ok, if you don't have time, I will take leave"

Wait. Leave the pistol here. Bring it here.

Give me the pistol for just 2 days I will kill that sinner. Later you can hang me.

"My revenge will be complete. -Don't be rash, keep the pistol."

"Listen, if you want Madhu's murderer punished, then produce..."

...some solid proofs. I assure you I will help you.

Where are you going? I don't know.

Come with me. Where?

Just come.

"Hello lnspector, you took quite some time."

"Yes, some office matters and we got delayed."

"Oh, the scorpion!"

"The mantras are of no use, and so are the doctors..."

But when my lover came back....

"lf law wants proof, then it is in front of you."

"What are you saying Anand, I haven't understood you."

"lf Madhavi appears in the garb of Madhu, like me, he too will..."

...think Madhu has returned.

"Then what will happen, Anand?"

That coward will break down in such a situation.

"He will admit his crime, and seek forgivance."

"Madhavi, I request you, please help me."


"Then when do we act, Anand?"

That I will return and tell you.

"lnspector, are you with me?"

To be with you is the duty of Law.

I will not forget your favor till my death. I'll take leave.

You are sitting here? - What are you doing here?

To apologise to you. For what?

"ln youth, one makes many mistakes and I did the same."

"Tell me clearly, what do you want!"

"For Madhumati, I unnecessarily fought with you. The result you..."

...see in front of you. I have nothing to eat or wear.

"l am fed up of life. - If you are fed up, why have U come here?"

"lf you help me, l will return home."

No I do not want money for free. I will work for it.

"You are still very proud. -lf my pride was still there,..."

...I wouldn't have come to you.

"You know I make portraits, l will make a portrait of you."

"Your hobby of making pictures is still there, but I don't have time."

I might not live to come again Please help me.

I don't have time. - I will come at whatever time you say.

"Ok, you come tomorrow at around 6 or 6:.30 in the evening."

"Thank you very much, I will take leave."

"Here, take this. Come tomorrow at 8:.00 in the evening to palace"

You will come? This dress is exactly like the one she wore...

...on that night.

"Sir, you will come with her tomorrow night? - Yes."

"Ok, then I will make a move."

"You have just come, have a cup of tea. Madhavi, a cup of tea."

"No, no. Don't take the trouble. I have a lot to do. I can't stay..."

"...for a minute. But tomorrow, at 8 sharp. Will you remember"

"Yes, tomorrow, at 8 sharp."

Poor chap.

"First I will go, all arrangements have been done. - ok."

What a dreadful night!

"You have come here to talk, or to make a portrait!"

Do your work.

Behind you! Whose shadow is that?

"lt is nothing, just the shadow of the curtain."

Did you try and scare me? -I am myself scared.

I don't have time to waste.

What's the time? - There isn't much time left for 8 oclock.

Go do your work.

"Rajasaheb, blood! Blood?"

Yes. See here!

There are blood spots which've come up on your picture.

This must be your handiwork.

"No, Rajasaheb, there is someone else's hand in it."

"But besides us, there is no one else here."

There is somebody else here. I can feel it. Did you hear it?

As if some one is softly entering. Can you hear it?

"No, I am not hearing anything."

Rub out those spots.

"Are you afraid, Rajasaheb? Of course not!"

What are you staring at me for?

"What ever the artist sees. What is inside, he wants to..."

...portray that.

"Rajasaheb, do you believe in spirits?"

Why do you ask such a question?

The night is like that. It appears some spirit...

...whose dreams are incomplete is trying to enter here.

"Those shadows, those terrifying sobs....- Enough!"

Close the window!

Those footsteps!

"Who is that? Anand, lights!"

Don't come a step forward. Go away from here. Get out.

Why should you be scared today. Do you remember that stormy...

...night? You brought me here on some false pretext!

"What happened after that? Speak, what happened?"

Why are you quiet?

"Halt, I will tell everything."

"You came crying for sir, into my room..."

I tried to get hold of you. But you slipped my hold...

...and ran away. I followed you...

"Halt there, if you come forward, I will jump down from here."

You will never be able to get peace after killing an innocent

"Then you buried my body near the stream, so that..."

"...nobody will know. Yes, I had killed you."

And today I will kill you again.

"Some body here? Lights, lights."

You are under arrest. All this is false.

I have heard all and you just admitted to the murder.

"Any clarifications you have, you can give in the court."


Take the gun.

"That sinner will get punishment for his crime, but so what?"

"My peace will never return. My peace can never return, Madhavi."

I am grateful to you. Because of you...

But how did you know all these things...

How did you know all those things which I too didn't know.

"After reaching this place, how did you know what happened..." Madhu? Why are you smiling? Why that strange...

...brightness in your eyes.

"Brother, it is 8 o'clock. I will go running."

"Why are you quiet, answer my questions."

"Sorry, I am late. The car broke down on the way."

What happened?

Madhu had come. Who?

Madhu. But where is she?

Heard it? She is calling me.

"Come. Since long, I have been waiting for you."

My eyes are tired waiting...

"Come, my foreigner!."

And that is how my last birth came to an end.

"l did not get Madhu in that life. At the time of death, I had only.."

" wish. One wish. That in my next birth, I'll get her back."

"And in this life I have found her, Doctor! - Who? Radha?"

"Yes. Crossing death, we were born again. And we met again."

It is morning! There is no sign of the driver.

Radha must have had a harrowing time at the station..

...waiting for us.

"Has the road opened? -Yes, it is open, but..."

...there is some bad news. The train in which Radha...

...was travelling has met with an accident. Many are injured.

How have you come to know?

People coming from below are saying so.

"lt cannot heppen! Come, doctor."

"For a moment, I almost died."

It appears I have found you again.

"Do you know, we are partners of several births!"

Oops! I had forgotten!