Maggie (2015) Script


I've gone to the city.

Please don't come for me.

There's a curfew here. Just... just keep them safe.

I'm sorry.

I love you.

You are listening to NPR. I'm host, David Newborn, and this is Global Position. Now for today's top headlines.

Months after the initial worldwide outbreak, national and local governments are beginning to suppress the necroambulis virus epidemic.

The Department of Agriculture has found no solution for infected, dying crops.

Agriculture Officials are encouraging farmers to burn their crops in a desperate attempt to destroy what may be preventing growth.

Please return to your homes.

Curfew is at 8:00.

While citizens of inner cities and metropolitan areas remain hardest hit, through quick response and quarantine, weekly infections reports have dropped 30%.

Cleanup and martial law are still in effect.

Medical officials, along with the CDC, have been tight-lipped about a cure or vaccine.

As for the infected, scientists are now suggesting that an elevated sense of smell is the telltale sign of what's being referred to as "the turn."

Check this one for infection.

Look at that skin. Yeah, we caught another, 10-4.

Curfew-breaker. See if infected, over. Get her here.

Doctors with stage three patients are reminded quarantine pickup is at 1700 hours.

Sir? You shouldn't be in here.

This is the shelter for the infected. It's dangerous.

But my daughter is here.

What's her name? Maggie.

Marguerite. Marguerite Vogel.

Marguerite Vogel...

Mr. Vogel?

Your daughter's bite wound was very severe.

Now, we may know a lot about this, except that we can't stop this yet.

She's probably going to show more signs of aggression.

She's gonna lose her appetite, and then she's gonna get it back again.

Look at me.

When that happens, take her to quarantine.

I wouldn't normally release someone with her type infection.

I'm doing this as a favor for Vern.

Quarantine is eight weeks in.

Say your goodbyes and get her straight to Blaire.

I'll send all the necessary paperwork to Vern.

He'll follow up and answer any questions you have.

Good luck, Mr. Vogel.

Dad? Dad!

I'm sorry. I've been searching everywhere for you.

I'm sorry.

What did he say?

The doctor?

Vern helped us get you out.

Stop picking at it!

Where are you going? Inside.

Mag. I'll be fine.



Maggie? Maggie? Get in the truck!

What's wrong? Just do it right now. Come on. Go.

Mom! Daddy's home!

Slow down, honey! Oh!

Did you pack your bag? Mm-hm.

Is Pretty Pony going? Mm...

You're not taking Pretty Pony?

Got everything you need? Yeah.

Molly! Daddy!

We missed you.

It's so good to see you. Hey. Hey, Moll.

What happened to your arm?

I just got hurt.

I scratched mine, but Mommy fixed it.

Who fixed yours? Uh, the doctors.

Is that where you were?

Yeah. It took a while for them to fix it.

I missed you.

Dad said you were sick... but you're dying, huh?


A few kids at my school got infected.

I knew one of them. Steven.

I didn't like him much, but... I don't think he deserved to die.

Does it hurt?

No. Not anymore.

Why do we have to stay with Aunt Linda?

Because I'm contagious.

Mom's afraid we'll get it.

Just because she loves you.

Hey. Go on, and be nice to Molly.


I missed you, kiddo. Missed you, too.


They tell us that patients have days left before what they're considering the final stage.

And stay tuned at the top of the hour. We'll be in conversation...

Why don't you get settled and help me with the dishes?

Caroline is fixing us something to eat.

I'm not hungry.

Allie called a few times.

Two weeks?

You spent two weeks out there looking for me?


I made a promise to your mother, that I would protect you.

Yeah, but... what about you guys?

What if I hurt you? Don't worry.

Caroline and I, we know the precautions.

You shouldn't have brought me back.

You have to eat something.

For me.

I'll try.

Maggie? Where are your bandages?

I'm so glad I came down.

I know, I know. I...

I just can't look at it.

I can't see it, knowing what's going to happen to her.

I just can't do it, Wade. I'm...

I'm sorry.

I just don't understand. I...

I keep asking Him and asking Him, but... He's not giving me any answers.


- You've reached Fred and... Ken.

And we're currently out on the farm.

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

Oh, that was awful.

That was pretty funny, though.

What do you think about the schools opening up?

No, you need to stop pretending bad things ain't happening out there.

Bad things?

Well now, as the government sanction...

...people are ID 'ed in the system and sent home with families.

They even have forced appointments with their local doctors, who report back to the hospitals in the cities.

And if they violate their allotted time, the authorities come to get them.

Yeah. And how long does it take to turn?

How long is that allotted time?

They say six to eight weeks for any one person to turn.

But, well, we know it's different depending on who you are.

And what if someone turned early?

I mean, how many people they gonna hurt...


No. No.

You don't do that and then leave.

You don't send half of them home to their families and hope they come back to be killed.

You just kill them. That's all.

Mag! Are you okay?

Your finger!

Come on, I've got you.

Here, sweetie. Sit down.

Caroline? Let's see what I have.

I'll call our doctor.

Yes, it's Mrs. Vogel. Caroline Vogel.

Yes, I'm... I'm calling about my stepdaughter.

It's urgent.

It's an emergency.

Get behind me.


No, don't! Please, Dad. No. Please!

Go home. Just go home.

Please, say something.

Nathan, please.

I asked him to say something.

Maggie used to babysit for her.

It had to be done. Ain't nobody fighting that.

Bonnie was wrong for what she done.

Was she?

She kept them in the house and didn't notify anybody.

She should have brought them into quarantine.

We had damn near the whole station out there.

Now we can't even find Bonnie.

Look, Wade. When the time comes...

Now, Ray... I know.

I know what you're thinking, but... it's for the best.

You think about what those two could have done today if you hadn't have been out there.

Quarantine rules apply to everybody, Wade.

I mean, wake up! Look at the... Holt!

Go call the trucks down from Owensboro.

Tell them we've got two bodies to clean up.



Now, Ray, you and I, we go back a long ways.

You've always done us right, especially after Sarah's passing.

But I swear to God, if you, him, or anyone else come out here for her...

She's my daughter, Ray.

Trucks will be down here in the morning, pick up the remains.


Think about what you had to do today, what you might have to do in the future.

How is she?

She asleep?

Her finger is gone. She made sure of that.

I got it all bandaged up, but she's still refusing to go to the doctor.

I figured that.

What did Ray say?

He said that Bonnie kept them locked up for a while.

Too long.

I killed them both.

No. You, uh...

They'd already moved on.

There was something in their eyes. Wade.

You can't do this to yourself.

Bonnie should have taken them in.

And what about Mag?

What happens when she gets close?

Don't think about that right now.

Just... just...

Let's enjoy the time we have with her.

What is it? Shh.


Stay here.


It's late.

How's Mag?

About as good as she can be.

Doctors gave us all these special rules and papers for children with her condition.

"Lock subject in room at night.

"Avoid touching subject without gloves."

Never once said her name.


She's just four.

She was scared.

She slept with us most nights as it was, so we'd...

We'd take turns with her through nights.

She got worse.

One night Nathan went in, didn't wake me for my turn. Next morning, door was locked.

Locked himself in with her.

I pounded and pounded on that damn door, cried till I couldn't no more.

Still, never answered.

But he knew.

He knew what he was doing.

Take me to where they're at.

Dad! There's someone on the phone.

Hello? - Mr. Vogel?

Yes? - Yes. Hello, sir. This is Mr. Garmen from the quarantine unit of St. Mary's Hospital.

We're calling to inform you that we've scheduled a follow up appointment with Dr. Vern Kaplan to track your daughter's progress in advance of quarantine.

Tomorrow we're gonna go and see Vern about your finger.

No arguments. You hear me?

James, Carrie, get over here.

Right now!

Come here, sit by Mama.


Vern. Maggie.

Okay, take a deep breath for me.

Let it out.

Lungs are clear.

Scans show that the asthma has receded already, and your heartbeat is abnormally strong.

That's a good sign.

Now... let's have a look at your arm.

Looks like the origin site is spreading.

Maggie, what happened here?

She broke it. I cut it off.

Why would you do such a thing?

What good's a finger if your arm's falling off?

Maggie, your arm is not going to fall off.

Now, there's a lot we don't know about this thing, but this decay, it'll stop.

Your arm is yours to keep. You got me?

I'm gonna take a sample, okay?

Allie's been asking about you.

Said she tried to call a few times.

I know she'd love to hear from you, so... give her a call, okay?

Doctor's orders.

All right, all done.

All we gotta do now is put a dressing on it.

I'll have Judy come in and take care of that.

There you are.

She's strong, but from what I've seen, it's progressing fast in her.

Pretty soon, she ain't gonna want any food.

She's gonna want something more.

Skin will start smelling like meat.

When it finally happens, you're gonna have a few choices.

One, take her to quarantine.

I'm not gonna do that.

I wasn't suggesting it.

My report will say she's progressing slow, so it'll buy you some time.

Option two:

We give her the cocktail they'd give her in quarantine.

At least this way she'd be with you when she takes it, and not a bunch of strangers or other infected people.

But you know how she doesn't feel anything right now?

She will feel this.

Reports say that it's painful.


All the way up till the end.

What's option three?

Make it quick.

Caroline, the food is delicious.

Oh. Ah, the stove is shot. I...

Some of it's really...

You think this is funny? Hm?

Well, no dessert for either of you.

Is that a threat or a stay of execution?

Why do you even still have this piece of crap?

Well, because I trust this piece of crap.

You know, Caroline had four cars now, ...and they all broke down. Yeah, I know.

I had to pick her up the last time.

What did you pick her up in?

You see?

What are you reading there?

Uh, it's called "Morning Light of the Past."

It was in one of Mom's boxes.

It's like really, really weird.

Your mother was a bookworm.

Until today, I still don't know what she saw in me... because she had everything.

She was smart, beautiful, ...and she had those long legs. Okay. Okay, Dad. Thank you.

That's enough. What? I mean, I'm just saying.

I mean, the whole time we dated, she always pushed books on me.

She always wanted me to read more.

And I just didn't have the time with the farm and all.

You read to me all the time. Only because she made me.

I remember just before you were born... and I bought a whole bunch of books.

And your mother had a hell of a green thumb.

And there was this one book that I read to you over and over.

It was called, uh, "A Daisy's Journey."

That's actually how you got your name.

There's a Marguerite in it? And your mother loved those flowers.

She just loved them.

And she was so strong.

I mean, every time she needed to fight back, she did.

You have a lot of your mother in you. You know that?

You know, maybe it was the, um, truck.


Why Mom loved you.

Well, that's for sure.

My truck.



No! No!

Maggie? Allie's here.

Hey. Oh my God. There she is!

Shut up.

Oh... Hi!

Where have you been?

Oh. Well, I haven't been feeling too well.

Yeah? Yeah.

Well, how are you feeling right now?

Uh, right now? Yeah.

Um... why?

Okay. All right. Trent and Candace and a few other people are going out to the reservoir tonight.

I know it's not like a super fun trip to KC or whatever, but school starts soon and I doubt our parents are gonna let us out much further than that.

Trent's going? Yeah. Did you hear?

Yeah. How's he doing?

I don't know. I mean, he seems all right, but don't take my word for it.

You should come see for yourself.


Come on. Everybody misses you. They wanna see you.

I miss you, and I'm not going without you. Okay?

Hey, uh, hold on real quick.

What? Here.

I found it on the couch the other day and threw it on this old thing.

I figured you might wanna wear it.

Thank you. Oh, it's nothing.

Go, get out of here before Allie explodes.

Yeah, I know, right? We are late.

And you have a nice young man waiting for you.

Is it gonna be like this all night?

Um, yes. Oh god!

Yes, it actually is. Take me now.

Oh, here we go!

Hey! How are you? Hey.

Hey! Hi. Long time no see!

I don't get why they're opening up the school so soon.

Gotta get back to normal. Normal?

What's normal about all of this?

Now, we have teachers missing.

Still have a bunch of infected people.

No offense. Not you guys.

But like the Andersons. You know?

How many more are like that? What happened?

She had them locked up in a room.

Didn't tell anybody.

And they got out, and Mag's dad found her.

Holy shit, Mag. What'd your dad do?

Look, does it matter? They're dead.

Point is, she screwed up.

I mean, how many other people have people locked away? You know?

What should Bonnie have done?

What would you do?

What should my dad do to me? Quarantine?

Do you know what it's like there?

My uncle works at the hospital in KC.

He said that they tell people everything's nice.

That they'll... they'll hold your hand until the end, but they don't.

They throw you in a big room with everyone else.

They don't separate the phases.

Everyone's all bunched up together, people eating people, and they don't care.

So what would you do?

You know what I would do to me?

I'd put a gun right here.


Mason's a dick.

He's just afraid.

Yeah, but he's still a dick.

You know he stayed over the night before I got bit?

Played video games and got into all of Dad's beer.

And when he found out, he put me to work in the field the next morning.

She looked really bad, Mag.

I don't know why I went over to her, but I did.

Felt bad, I guess.

I told her to stay there, but when I turned around to call for Dad...

she bit me.

I could see it in her eyes.

She regretted it.

Probably didn't even know she did it.

Then Dad showed up.

He shot her in the chest and in the head.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

No. No. I mean...

...about us.

I figured I'd done something wrong.

No. I was just...

...scared, I guess.

Yeah. Me, too.

I missed you.

I missed you, too.

I missed that.

So did I.



Yeah. I'm gonna see you again this weekend, right?

Yeah. I promise.

Okay. Well, I'm going to hold you to it.

Yeah, when don't you?

Hey, wait. Wait.

I love you, okay?

I love you, too.

I'm gonna let you go. Okay.


Hey. There's no need to shout.

He's downstairs.

Let me see. Not too close.

I'll be fine.

Do you smell that?


Are you sure? It smells like food.

It's probably your father cooking up something you shouldn't have.

I'll get the drops.


Caroline? You find the drops?

No! No. Hold on a sec.

Oh, hey, did you find them?


So, what was Dad cooking?

Caroline? Oh, uh...

Nothing. Hm... Nothing.

Maggie? Phone!






Just open the door.


What are you doing in here?

Just let me talk to him.



I can't open the door.

I smelled him, Mag.

I can't go to quarantine.

We're ready for the extraction and will confirm with you

- ...that we are en route. Easy, gentlemen. Easy.

Go ahead with the extraction.

Your uncle said he would take care of you!

He said it wouldn't be like the others. I won't go!

Look, I know that you're scared.

I am, too.

But you are so strong.

I've always seen that in you.

Just... just let me in!

This is the police. We are entering the home!

Let's go.

Get away from the door, Maggie.

Maggie? Please?

You need to open the door!

Come on, son. It's time.

Trent? Just open the door.

Step back, son.

Dad? Please? Dad, please!

Dad! Dad! Dad! Listen.

It's gonna be okay! Trent! Maggie!

It's gonna be okay!

Go home, Maggie.

Just go home.

Dais? Maggie!

Wade? Oh!



Wade! We have to take her in!

No! No! No! We have to take her in now!


Look at me. Look at me.

Good, Daisy baby. That's good.

Now tell me. What happened?

Hey, come on. Don't!

I'm not moving! I'm not moving.

He was afraid of me.

I didn't know it. I didn't know it.

I swear, I didn't know it. I didn't know it.

What was? What was afraid of you?

The fox. The fox.

I heard... I heard it and then I... and then I caught it in the trap, and it smelled...

I couldn't stop.

I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop.

Daddy, I just wanted to help it!

Daddy, I just wanted to help it! I'm sorry!


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Wade, please, just call them. It's time now.

She has to go in.

What if it was Molly?

Or Bobby?

After everything that we've been through, you still think it's about that?

I've loved her like she was my own, but she's not her anymore.

Wade, please. Don't.

I'm chewing so loud.

She was afraid of me, wasn't she?

When did she leave?


I don't feel well.

You got enough firewood there?

Well, if you'd get the power turned back on again, I wouldn't have to do this everyday.

Well, you know that's not my department.

So, why are you here?

Need to talk to you about Mag.

The time's come, Wade.

Can we see her?

This is bullshit. Holt.

No. She's well beyond the time. She needs to be in quarantine.

We've got an entire town to protect!

I'm going to the house, Wade.

You know she needs to be in quarantine.


Get out of my way.

Now, come on, boys. We don't need this.

Wade, just... let us take a look at her. All right?

You're not gonna take her in.




Stop it!

Leave us alone.


Maggie, you tell me you're doing okay, and we'll leave. All right?

Ray, look at her.

I'm all right.


That's all I needed to know.

Get your ass in the car.

Get in the goddamn car.

Now, Ray... Shut up and listen.

I'll be back.

Between now and then, you need to figure out what you're gonna do.

I'm sorry about what happened. I am... but you and her ain't the only ones in this town.

Are you okay?

Are you? Yeah.

What happened? Sit down.

They wanna take me away, don't they?

Don't worry.

You're not going anywhere.

There's something I want to show you.

It's Mama's garden. But how?

It was your idea.

Before you ran off, you said I should plant some daisies in Mom's garden.

That they would grow.

After you left, I planted some.

And when we came back, this was here.

It's the most beautiful thing ever.

Thank you. You're welcome.

You have to promise me that you'll do it.


Promise me that you'll make it stop.

I just can't...

I can't do it anymore. You know?

Please, Dad. Please?

You have to do it. Please.

Please. Okay, baby.

This is what they give the quarantined.

You want my personal opinion?

Use that instead.

Hey, munchkins.

I just wanted to call to say that I love you guys.

Bobby, Molly.

I just wanted to say...

Is that you, Allie?

Tell him thank you for bringing me home.

I just... It was horrible.

I'm so lucky to have you.

Dais? No.


Maggie, what happened?


Maggie! Snap out of it! Maggie! Snap out of it!

Come on!

Come on, don't do this!

Not yet. Maggie?

Snap out of it. Come on.



That's my girl.

That's my baby. Daddy.

~ Synced & COrrected by Dragonborn ~