Magic Journey to Africa (2010) Script

How we do ever wonder what's between us and universe?

I mean in the space, between each of us and the stars?

Is it there? Is it light?

Dust? Particles? Life?

There are many things in the space and all together form our world nature.

Sometimes, we need to find something to help us discover the world, between us and the stars and I find Cabo.

I didn't know it, he will take me to the Africa. where he'll show me a very different nature, one of that can't be touch it, nor seem but it also exist.

Seeing him in Barcelona, was a beginning of my journey.

Sir, you want refer the news?

Want you refer the news?

I know why you came here, so, you better turn around and walk away right now.

What's wrong, dad? Why did you make him leave?

I feel very bad about it, but this boys steal the phones from restaurant tables.

I mean, he walks over, he covers the phone with the newspaper and then he asking for money. He uses the other hand underneath the newspaper to steal the phone.

The boy is a thief. What he does is not right at all.

Then why does he do it?

Because he needs money, anything, stealing Is the best way to get it. -Why does he think, is the best way? -I don't know, Jana.

I'm sure someone told him. He has to steal, so, he does it.

Who tells him to?

Someone who take advantage of him, someone who tells him to steal.

But who, dad? Who tells him to? -I don't know, Jana.

Look, here come the pizzas. Let's eat now and if we're finding him later we'll ask him.

Want you refer the news?


Thief. Somebody stop that thief.

You little rascal.

You see? He just stole the man's mobile.

Why? Why does he do that?

I don't know. But somebody should be tell him, he have to stop it or he's getting in a big trouble.

I spent days and nights, thinking about that boy's problems.

If he get in the trouble, is a very serious thing.

Because he makes you sick, nak definitely not like yourself.

Must always worse someone what you really like to be.

I wish I could help him, but how could I.

I didn't know anything about him.

Where was he? What was he doing?

Where does he live?

And every time I thought about him and all those questions, I felt so a pain in my heart.

It was that very night, when a shiny butterfly appear of nowhere, flashing it's colored wings around my bedroom.

There she was. litop by intense mist of light.

What she'll doing that with me?

Why have you come?

Because I know the boy you looking for.

You don't have to worried about him anymore.

He's OK.

Sometimes he has to do the dangerous things in order to survive, but he's OK. He's a good boy.

And how do you know? -Because I see him help and love the people. -What do you mean?

That he worries about the other children the same way you worried about him.

So, don't worry. OK? I can go. -Wait, wait, don't go yet.

I told what he need it, what do you want?

Take me to him.


That's not possible.

Today it's impossible. We would have to go back to that day at the restaurant and that's impossible.

But why?

Because there no roads that's leads to the past.

There no seconds, minutes, hours or days that can take you there.

Either you there or you not there, nobody else can take you.

Not even fairies and widow magic.

Where can I find him?

Where ever your desires and imagination want to take you.

That's where you will see him again.

Oh, come on. Can't you talk normal.

What would you mean your desires and your imagination want to take you? I don't know what you mean.

Where is that place? -OK.

I want it to see him here and now. -OK. All right.

I need to see him. Where is he? -OK.

I tell will you...

He is in the hospital. -In the hospital?

Why? What's wrong with him?

Do you really want to know? -Yes. I want to help him.

Go to see him tomorrow is that you want.

His very sick.

And listen to me, as much as you want to be with him, as much as you wish to be at his side, you have to remember, that everyone has the own path and nobody can change it.

I convince my mother to take me.

I been asking everyone about the pizza boy for weeks.

My parents knew how much meant to me to able a see him again.

Is it him? Do you think it's him? -Yes. That's a boy.

Oh, excuse us. We didn't realize you here and...

Are you his mother? -No.

I'm the only person who is taken charge of him.

My husband and I are the only people here who's speak his language.

What's wrong with him? Why he's in the hospital?

Living on the streets, there's a lot of problems.

Don't you see, he's very ill, poor thing.

At times, he have very high temperature and when he dreams he says he wants to go back to his grandparent's home, to the country of his ancestors spirits, the land of red sand, where trees and animals they talk.

But all of this is very far away.

Oh, this Gabo. Dreams take him very far away.

I think he moved.

Is he awake? -Can I tell him something?

Yes, I'm sure he would like that very much.

Gabo, a girl has come to see you.

Is that his name? Gabo.

Yes, you didn't know? That is his name.

Gabo means dream in our language.


Hi. Can you hear me?

Do you want to come with us?

What is he saying? I don't understand what's he saying.

He said, my hearts stands on the hill and the heart of the Bushman always goes back to very came from, to the land of the desert, the secret land that witness our birth.

Where the spirits of the humans talks to those trees and animals.

Does Gabo comes from that country, that desert? -Oh, yes.

They don't learn only to live but to survive.

Oh, let me. Oh.

At times, the alarm goes off from no reason, for nothing. -I think, we disturb him. We should be go.

Hello. Don't worry Gabo. Here we are.

He's gonna be all right.

Let's see, what's going on with you Gabo.

I'm sure it's nothing.

I don't wanna leave him now, mom.

Oh, don't worry but we have to go now.

We would like to come back. -Please, come back tomorrow.

We'll come back, on point or the other.

Let's go, Jana. -Nurse, check the pulse again.

Looks very slow.

I'll make it curing. I'll bring it to him. -Yes. Let's do that.

I'm sure he will really like it.

What's his country like? I mean, is the really country like that?

Can you imagine, I could go visit it his mountains and his desert. I could talk to the trees, plants and animals.

Can you imagine that?

I didn't yet know, what design an imagination capable of but I'll soon going to find out.

Bless you. A flower?

Are you a desert flower?

Unfortunately, I'm now. -Then you help me.

Help you? Help you do what? -I'm doing research.

Very well then. I'm happy to hear that.

What are you researching if I may ask?

Why do you exist in the place like this?

Why do I exist? -Yes, why you're here?

We all exist from the same reason, to someone to come along and water as every ones in a while.

It would be nice if someone would take care of me.

Then, look up at the cloud, over to water you.

Hey, cloud, what are you doing up there?

Sunbathing? Can't you see that is a flower in the desert here?

Come on.


Yes, here. Down here.

It worked.

This is such a nice rain.

Now I get it. Now we know why we exist, but look at me, I haven't grown at all or got in any prettier. The rain is not use to me.

That's what you think.

Look at you from down here, I saw your heart grow.

Really? -The effect sounds immediate but eventually you will able to tell. -Thanks, flower.

I better get going, before starts raining again.

Go on. Go on. Shake a leg.

There's a huge storm coming up that will wash everything away.

Well, good luck then.

I don't need any luck.

I just need a little bit of moisture.

Moisture. I said moisture.

You know, our hearts grows.

It's a muscle a pumps our blood keep it flowing inside us, to until it's stops one day. You stop thinking, listening, singing and laughing.

You will be permanently sick and unable to use our imagination and nobody should be luck of imagination.

What's going on?

The light is switch it on. How come?

I'm here. I'm home.

Yes, I'm back home.

What I was doing in Africa?

A dream. Gabo took me.

Why is the light on? -I don't know.

Oh, come on, Jenna. Always the same old story.

You not going to said turn up by magic, are you?

I didn't turn on. -Come on. Go to sleep.

I'm not sleepy.


I let you draw for a little while to until you finished.

Is that for Gabo? -Yes, it's him riding his bike in his country.

Well, at that time being, he still in the hospital, to until he's not recovers but I'm sure when he will feels better he will be able to ride back he ever wants to.

You would really like to visit his country?

Yes and I will visit it. -Well, remember what that lady said, we have to realize that's very very far away.

Will you know how to get there? -You can fly there.

You can fly anywhere. -Really? Who told you so?

A fairy told me. -Of course.

Do your fairy have a travel agency?

Do you think he will like it? It's not finished yet.

It's a very nice drawing.

All right then. Well, I will leave the light for a while to until you finished and tomorrow morning I'll go to the hospital to see how is he feeling and if is he better we can go together in the afternoon you can hunt him, you can draw him personally. OK?

Excuse me, I wanted to see the boy that my daughter...

Was he discharged?

You are the mother of the girl who visited him yesterday.

Yes, I am. -I'm glad to see you.

He left this note for your daughter.

Thanks for wanted to be my friend.

I would love to see you again but I'm going back to the place, where I was born.

Over there, people talk to the spirits and turning to the trees and trees have branches, like the legs and arms of the person.

Leaves, like the hair of the person.

Roots, like the feelings of the person.

And the heart, like the heart of the person.

If some day you want to find me, talk to the tree.

It will tell you, where I am. Gabo.

I'm sure, he's on the most beautiful place in the world.

Look. There was this for you.

We are right here. Call us if you need anything, want us to keep you company.

I don't want my heart stop beating and also I don't stop dreaming and the same thing would happened to you.

And what's worse? Keep go run the world, there ever finding anybody. Not a flower, not a friend, not even a magical stone.

So, now the you know what would happened, if you didn't have a heart, try to listen to every time is siseling pretty.

No matter where you are, even when you a very far in your dreams.


He's here. He wants me to follow him and show me his world.

Don't touch that.

Did you do it? What is it?

Don't you see, I made a mandala with the sands of the desert.

A mandala? What is that mean?

I draw my inner world.

All of us, have inner world to draw.

It takes a lot of practice and ability.

Quality is not everyone has. I like the fact you been able to appreciate.

Other kids like you, they will run right on by.

Have been other kids through here?

You haven't seen bushman boy riding a bike?

A boy riding a bike? That is absurd.

Who wants to ride a bike in the desert?

Oh, well. So, you haven't seen him.

No, but if he's around, I would know.

I'm the one who know best everything it happens around here. -Then I'm very lucky to found you.

Yes, you are very lucky to found me.

You are the first human being who has the privilege to appreciating my fantastic work of art.

I think, you are the first my cat I met, since I arrived in Africa. -Well, you didn't have to come all this way for that. They are smart cats all over the world, cutie.

What I mean is, I never met someone who can talk to me about his mandala. -Look, some animals has been in contact with certain kinds of humans for so long, they become very rude.

What do you mean? It's impossible to have rude animals here.

Go talk to some monkey I know and see it yourself.



Hello. I'd like to talk to you.

I know you're very busy but...

Well, why no one taking any notice of me?

You were right. They aren't so nice I expected.

All I wanted to do, is to introduce myself and ask them for the help of my desert experimentation.

You want the help from monkeys?

You got to be kidding?

Looks sweaty, here everyone looks out for themselves.

What have you come here for, besides looking a boy on the bike?

I been told, that in Africa have all kind of trees, plants and animals, that can't be find anywhere else on the world and they have a lot of experience in surviving and that I'm really interesting, because I'm looking for the answers to my questions. -Oh, well, I know, I know.

Another little human looking for answers to her questions.

When you will gonna grow up? -I'm sure the boy I'm looking for has come all this way, looking for the same answers and questions I have.

That's why I have to see him. -What a disaster.

You humans are the plaque. Can't you just stay in your own world?

Don't tell me you came to Africa all by yourself. -No.

I haven't come alone.

My lucky wing horses come along with me.

Are you pulling my leg or you just nuts?

That's a stuffed animal.

This is Africa, not Disney Land.

Now you'll see.

He's inner world now. It doesn't have any light.

It was fake.

Will ask any other animal then.

I'm sure they will be able to tell us how and why they exist in such a difficult place is this.

The animals of Africa, can be many help for hints but you can't trust all of them.

They are animals, of all different colors, sizes and personalities but they all have one thing comment, their instinct.

Silly zebra.

Oh, and I can't forget about the lion, a furiousness animal, who very law eye lashes and head.

If you get close to hungry lion, will surly scratch you.

So, before you get close, you should make sure he's happy and his only happy if he eating well.

Don't make any noise or a lion going to hear us.

It's like people, when they eat and drink well, they become friendly. In fact, the lions have the same feelings we do. The only things is a dare a lions, only a people.

What's wrong with you, lion? Don't you feel well?

No, I don't.

Nobody can't understand how I feel, even less a human being.

Watch on the big one. Kill the big one.

I wounded it. -Kill it. Kill it. Kill him.

There's one.

We got it.

I know what's wrong with you.

How is that?

Do you... Do you really know?

Think about the most delicious thing you always wanted to eat but can't never try. See how happy that makes you feel?

I know what you mean.

Thanks, little human.

I feel better now.

Come on. Let's see, what daddy will eat today.

The lion, my lion from Namibia, must of really loved to every tuf missing so much.

I'm just look of that. I'm the king of animals and instead of him helping me with my questions, I had to help him with my answers.

What if I went to look for the lioness?

He miss it so much. -You can't talk to someone, Why not? Where is the lioness? -I don't know.

The lion must know.

Well, I need to talk to somebody who can explains more things to me. I'm still haven't find what I looking for since I begin my trip. -Who do you want to talk now?

Now I want to talk to boy like me, who can understand, what I'm looking for.

I want him to be very friendly, talkative, smart boy, who always want to talk and play with me.

I want him to talk to animals and knows how to catch frogs and... -Hey, hold on.

Wait a minute, Jenna.

You can't force a boy, who already existing in real world, to be someone he isn't.

You can't just decide what's going to be like.

I can't why not? -Because all children, each and every one of them, are different.

There the way they are and only they can decide what they want to be like. I'll introduce you to a boy, who is the way he is and lives in the village where the sun sets.

You are a spirit, aren't you?


Did the fire spirits sent you? -I don't know those spirits.

Everybody knows them.

They are been the flames of secret fire and stay with us for few days to until get tired and go back home.

And what did they do?

They come to talk.

You told them your problems and they advise you how to sold them.

And do they always find the solution? -Almost always, but they are complain because pay not enough attention to them.

Are you sure you aren't a spirit? -I'm not a spirit.

Oh, you aren't.

Then who are you? -Jenna and you?

I'm Mel.

And if you aren't a spirit, how did you get here?

I fly my horse. -You flew?

Horses don't have wings.

This is my lucky wing horse.

Are you kidding me? Does this thing fly?

It is a spirit.

Why does it is company you? Why he does have that shape?

Because this way can easily come with me or might travel around the world.

Do you have any marbles?

No, I don't have any marbles.

Card collections?

No, I don't have any card collections.

Do you know how to catch frogs?

They aren't any frogs around here.

Then I guess, you have any interesting story to tell?

What you want to know?

Why do you live here? In the place like this?

Where your things?

My ancestors always lived here and they never missed a single thing.

Come with me.

I'll let introduce you to my friend.

Tonight would go to the Spirit of the fire.

The fireplace know a lot of stories and they will help you if you will have a problem.

The secret fire gives an answers to prayers and wishes.

It doesn't matter who you are and where you come from.

You just have to stay at the fire and lets yourself to carried away by the flames and fived your heart is blamed.

Remember Jenna, in order to see and talk to the spirits, you have to look it the fire and feel that your heart is burning.

I felt hypnotized.

A little piece of me, my heart, felt the flames intense hit, for the rest of my body stay cold and seems further and further away.

Like having being awoke, the fire spirit came to talk to me.

The sky has blessed us.

A white spirit and the winged horse, who came from very far away, are here in our village.

Tell me, white spirit, what are you seeking amongst the desert people?

I want to go see the world.

Surviving is always possible.

I want to visit the country dreams, imagination and magic.

It is a secret country.

Only a few very special people can entered.

But I need to go there. There is a lost boy who I believe when country to find refugee.

In this secret land is not easy to find.

It is very far from the real world of humans.

It is far beyond what you can see and touch.

What do you mean? -The world of greens is made about everything we can't see, neither touch nor buy.

You can only get there with good feelings.

But how can I get there? I need to get there.

Only by talking to the trees you will be able to find a way.

Listen carefully to this story.

Two giant trees grows side by side on the mountain they get very cold and winter time.

So cold, that the birds didn't even dare to leave their nests because they fear that their wings will freeze.

Like the birds, the trees also felt the cold, but only at the tips at the branches because they felt a great worm inside of them they won't they shared through their roots.

For years, the two trees kept each other warm.

Every spring, when winter ended the branches would grown and sprout new healthy leaves.

The branches and the leaves of one tree would touch the other and they embraced and kissed each other.

Both trees were very happy and in love.

But one day, one of the trees began the notice the cold of winter inside of it. and when spring come around it's branches didn't grow and it's leaves didn't sprout and the following year was even worse.

The healthy tree sent vitamins through his roots but they were less and less effective and the sick tree kept getting dryer and dryer until the fifth winter when it dried up completely.

The healthy tree which had been wicked by sending all those vitamins to the tree at loved also began to wither and dry.

Eventually, neither of the two trees had a spark of life left and what remained of their tracks laid of mangold together in the pile of the ground.

But then, one day in the middle of that very hip, a little news trees sprout it.

In a few years, grow to be tall and strong, healthy and even to resist the hit of the summer time and the cold of the winter time.

Even now, a thousand years later, continues to grow.

This millennium tree is the secret tree of the ancestors it will show you the way you have to follow from now on.

Wake up, Jenna. Wake up.

Is there a big secret tree of the ancestors?

The answers is tree? Did you talk to the Fas Burt?

Yes but didn't stop moving and... -That's great.

The Fas Burt has talk to you.

It's says anything about me? Did it give you a message for me?

Is it happy with me? -No. It didn't say anything about you really or anybody else. Told me a sad story about two trees but shock to the die. -I already know that story.

It's the tail of our ancestor's tree and the Fas Burt is very talkative instead of taking care of the problems, it's tells that story. And is not that I don't like it but should be pay attention what you ask of it.

Well, it seem very interesting to me and I want to follow it advice.

It tell me way to the world I looking for.

OK. Let's do then. I notify eventually.

I'll take you there and that's it. Pick the bag.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Jana, come on.

Where is your tree? -Look, do this like me.

It's up there in the sky, drawn yellow and blue stars.

I don't see any yellow and green stars?

What do you mean, you don't see there?

The sky is full of them. You must not be looking closely enough.

Look directly to the middle of the universe and you will see the ancestor's tree.

I see it. I see it, there it is.

You see, how really is this?

Is the best tree in the universe. -I told you, you will be able to see it. -Depending how you hold the binoculars.

You can see the tree straight, sideways or upside down. How luck you are to have a tree like that?

Is not manul my people. Is belong to you as well.

So, why you given it to me?

Is not mine, but hey, if you wanted so much, I give it to you. Look, I talk to you, whenever you want.

Thanks, Mel.

Look, look! A leopard is climbing up on the tree.

It's true. What's it doing up there?

I bet he climb up there every night to watch and hunt the prey.

I'm sure, it's been spent hours up there.

Are you sure? -Sure. Leopards love to climb on trees, to touch the sky and watch everything to could been seen.

Maybe the leopard is the one to point out the post what I looking for.

We might have to wait hours to see it come down.

Why don't you sleep a little while? I'll keep watching the tree in the way thoughts to climb down.

Thanks, Mel. I'm really sleepy.

Wake up, Jana. Wake up. Stars falls from the sky.

Come on, let's go check it out.

Look, there. Look, there.

Look at that.

Look at that.

Look it that one over there.

Oh, yeah.

Who is he? -Maybe is one of the guardian of the stories.

The guardian of the stories?

They say, they live in the country of dreams, magic, imagination and magical creatures.

The secret land I'm looking for. -The tree of souls.

Is been a long time since the last rain this story from the sky.

You did this, didn't you? -She did.

She ask the highest priest to tell her story and he told her this one. I'm just helping her.

This story is been a long time without the sky resend in it.

You must be the reason, why the sky might rain again after such a long time.

Magical stories rain only when a child enters into theirs magic and wants that magic to come true.

Now let's see, what brought you here?

Well, I knew I started out but now, I don't think I know any more.

Think of your home, think of your world.

What are your feeling, just before left on your journey?

I was drawing a boy. -You're looking for a boy? -Yes.

He gave me this magical stone.

I have been told I can find him where everyone knows how to exist in the country of imagination, magic...

And you think, you'll find him easily? Why is that?

I don't know. A dream brought me here and...

A dream? Well, well, a dream.

We all live on dreams but very few of us can get in and out of them to live among dreams.

You must be one of the very fortunate few.

Maybe this will help you find what you need to enter the land of dreams, imagination and magic.

It's yours little human girl.

Take it and read it as many times as you wish.

You will discovered a great many things in it.

I knew it. I told you. He's the guardian of stories.

Now we know each other. I wish you lot of luck and may be dreams with you.

I have to hurry, the crows are already here.

What do they want? -They come from the world of nightmares.

They want to see all those stories fall down from the sky, so nobody can read them. I have to come to take the stories to my country so they can be save. -There's a lot of them.

They come from all over.

When children have horrible nightmares this nightmares turning into crows. They lived as long as the nightmares last.

And their only mission is to capture and destroy the stories creating by dreams, imaginations and magical creatures.

Hurry! Take the story with you and protect it.

Don't let it fallen to their claws. Take that. Take it with you.

I'll distract them. -We should go. -We must go.


Go, go, Jana. Be careful.

They are coming. -Go, go. Go, Jana.

Hurry! Come on.

Come on.

Water. It's deep.

Do you think we tricked them? -Maybe.

Let's try rest here, hidden from the crows.

A crow. A crow behind us.

Leave us alone.

They won't find us here. -Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure. They haven't followed us here.

You know, I haven't so running since I met you.

I know. Everyone tells me that, but you are save with me. No one’s run as much and fastest I do. My parents think I'll become a famous athlete.

And you want to become a famous athlete?

Of course. I hope I'll win a lot of medals on the Olympic games.

Why do you want win so many medals?

Well, what do you think? To have my picture taken with them, to being in the newspapers.

I guess, like everyone else does. -A medal doesn't mean very much and years later your friends are remember you.

Do you think, we are in the story?

Should be open it? -Yes, let's see how they drown our tree.

Let's touch it.

The moment we touched it, Mel and I lost site of the world.

This time the dream took us even further away.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. It's very gentle.

He won't hurt you.

How did you get here?

We are reading and suddenly...

We don't know. -We are reading a book the fell from the sky. Old man, who wasn't a man, who was an owl, gave to us.

A guardian of stories? -Yes. He was a guardian of stories.

He didn't suppose to do that. This can cost us a great trouble. -What trouble?

Whenever new kids get here, like you, they don't want to leave. They insist on seji.

This is not they are world.

You two, will have to go to your real world.

Why did you say real? We are already in real world.

That is up to you. Each one of us must choose this or real world. -Is this your real world?

This is my world but it isn't real.

This is the land of dreams, magic and magical creatures.

What creatures do you mean? -All of them, including me and my elephant. -What about us? It is our world as well?

It could be... but no, no, no. It can't be.

Why not? How do you know it can't be?

I know, because something tells me just passing through.

You won't stay. -And if we want it to stay?

Oh, no. Not again.

Excuse my elephant, he gets upset, because every time does a new come here we have the same discussions for hours.

Do you know what?

Seems all this arguments won't settle anything.

Let's get moving and you'll see for yourself.

The breezing smell of the sea were a good present.

I was happy having rich the new world made by dreams.

It was amazing.

And the best thing of all, we are traveling on the back of Harry, the giant elephant.

Let's go, Harry.

I saw, you said, this is the country of dreams, magic and magical creatures but I don't see that different from others. What's special about it?

What's special about it? This is where we keep all the stories humans create with their imagination.

All those stories the rain from the sky and the owls keep away from the crow's claws.

How do you keep them? -Who keeps them? -You ask a lot of questions before bed? You will see, everything in cause.

Hold on tight now.

Harry, the elephant, to cost as his city for live old temples.

We were told, that an elephants live together, dedicated to protect him, reading and memorizing stories.

This are the copies of the books, saved by the owls.

Owls. -Yes, that's the guardians of stories. -Guys, let's them work.

Let's go back.

The owls had rescue a lots of copies of my story and all of the children were absorb and reading it.

Where do they come from? It did not seen they live there.

There have no tables, chairs, woo drops, beds or televisions.

It didn't matter, they had a single mission, to read the stories to the elephants, so, they could memorize them and on this way could save all the memories of mankind.

It's the oldest of them all.

This one keeps more stories. -How old is it?

How old? We don't have ages here. Nobody counts the years.

Is it thinking? -Yes.

When is it thinking can understand any human languages and then memorizes everything is it told.

But's it not thinking. It's looking at as.

Elephants always think with one eye open, so, us to no one remember, who telling them the story.

Can I tell it the story? -Yes, he loves good stories but only one condition. -OK, what condition?

Once you'll told to elephant the story, you and Mel will have to go back to your world. -But why?

We don't want to go back. -No, we don't want to go back.

You promised me.

What's story can I tell it?

Tell it about your journey. -If I tell it, how I meets what I looking for? -What's you looking for?

A boy, I met him in my world, in Barcelona.

He showed me the pass to his country.

Tell that to the elephant.

If it seen that boy in one of the stories that it keeps in its memory, he will let you know.

I know a boy who is very ill. He needs help.

He doesn't have a home or any food and he has to go to the country of spirits, there they talk with trees and animals. I want to help him. That's way I'm looking for him.

I had seen him many times in my dreams.

He sees me, ways he lives but he lived stones away from me.

I know why he does that. He wants me to meet him in a special place. Maybe this is the place.

Maybe you know him. Maybe he lives in one of the stories you keep in the memory. Elephant, tell me, where I can find him. Where I can find him?

The elephants in the country stories disappeared and I found myself alone back in... I didn't know where I was.

What about Mel? Did he going back to his village?

What about me? I wasn't back at home.

Where I had ended up this time?

Tom! Jenny! That's enough now.

You already say good morning.

I'm Galla. Who are you?

My name is Jana. -Jana? I was expecting you.

Who me? But we even don't know each other.

Someone gave me a magical stone for you.

A stone for me? Who? -A bushman boy, who was riding on a bicycle. -Does he know I looking for him?

Do you know him? Did he say anything about me?

Look, is this a boy?

Yes. Yes, that's him. He looks like the one that shoot the arrow at me.

He left some words saying, for the girl who are becoming, for you.

And this shiny stone.

Let's see. It's like the other one he leaves me, where ever he goes. -Why does he leave you his stones?

I don't know but he must have a good reason for doing it, don't you think?

He knows I looking for him. I came from very far away to find him. -How did you get here?

Where do you come from? -My home is far away, on the other side of the world. One day, I set out on a trip to Africa and when I woke up and opened my eyes I found out that I ended in desert. -Really? Did you come to see our desert?

Yes. I'm adventures and travels a world over.

Which world do you looking for? -You know, the world. The world in general. -Look here. We have one.

Let me show you.

I realized, that made a happy to show me her desert.

She pointed to a place where Namib desert was written island it in capitals letters.

I quickly realized, that she wanted to share her country and her things with me.

The world is so beautiful, don't you think?

But this is a fake one. -No, it's real. Look, we are right here. Can't you see the shadow of my finger above us?

Gee. Is that the shadow of your finger? -Yes.

I move my finger and the shadow moves too.

Shadows are magical but I'm very familiar with them.

I show and I hide my shadows where ever and whenever I want and I always know, where they going to show up and where they going to hide. -How do you do that?

Can I do it too? -Give it a try.


I'm here. I have a new load.

Jenna, we have a new flowers. -What? What do you mean?

New flowers for our garden. -Who brought them?

My mother. Come.

She goes out every day, looking all over for the sick plants.

She rescues them and brings them to our garden, to replant them and cure them.

First stay with us and live happily for many years.

Oh, hey. How are you doing?

What are you doing up there? -Just talking about the world.

Oh, great. That's a good subject but don't take too long. It's just an insignificant marble in the middle of the space.

Oh, a new friend from school?

Jana showing me how to make shadows over the world.

And? -She comes from the desert.

Oh, really? Oh, I can see that.

In that case, Jana, must be very thirsty and hungry. So, I gonna make you a nice meal.

Don't be too long. And later you can help me to transplant this plants, hm? -Yes, mam.

Ok. -I'll be right here.

Oh, this is so dry.

Do you like our hospital? -Yes. I like it a lot.

I never seen one before.

I'm going to take a picture.

This site and all those plants had been save from certain death, make me really happy. Now that a new the deserts and savannah of Africa look like, I knew how difficult it was to survive.

My desert flower.

Thanks to my little cloud, it was able to survive and it's been lucky to rescue them to the hospital.

It will be able to recover.

Oh, Jana. It's disappeared.

Game of shadows on the planet, doesn't work anymore. -Very normal shadows.

Do you wants to keep them playing later?

I would like to very much but you will live now. -But how? How do you know?

Because you came here with the winged horse.

You are right.

I could feel the bright light of our growing hots and then I thought I was riding to the country of dreams on my winged horse.

As you can see, the winged horse takes me from one place to another.

It's average ovak bin, but it doesn't let me spend much time in the places that I like.

But the fairy say, life every moment is different and tomorrow would never be the same.

My horse follows the orders of the fairy, who gave it its magical ability to transform.

Everybody should have the own winged horse.

I have Cabo also as magical animals to protecting him.

Where is Cabo? Is he really here?

Among this valleys, rivers and savannas?

This stone is the last one he's going to leave me.

I have to continue with my journey, just like all you will do, if you are on my place.

In fact, all of you would have own journeys to make.

To pick up your own stones.

And your fairies, they will always turn up when you feel lonely but don't expect them to answers all yours questions, especially the important ones. They'll tell you to ask, whoever had the answers and not the person who doesn't have it. Like one day, I asked the fairy, why do we exist?

She said, that is very interesting question, can be answered only by those, who really really know how to exist. As she said in her own words:

"Life it's not easy for a lots of people."

I can't stop asking myself, why it isn't easy.

What's difficult about living?

Why the people make it so complicate it?

One day, I couldn't stand it any longer and have to ask: "Who knows how to exist?"

Those who survive. -And who survives?

Some people, some animals, some trees and plants face a lot of difficulties and in spite of that they keep on living.

And how do they do it?

They keep their eyes wide open to see beautiful things and there is many beautiful things is wide as the world.

I want to see a lot of them.

Where can I find them?

Oh, on many places.

You don't have to go very far.

Oh, though maybe there is a place that has more beautiful things than others. -Where?

In a desert. In the African's desert.

There you'll find everything you need to know and if you ever go there and find a magical stones on the road, don't ever forget to pick them up.

Then someday, very soon, I'll go to Africa. Yes, I'm sure I'll to go to Africa.

The fairy transformed my stuffed horse into a magical flying horse and the journey began.

That’s how I ended up going to Africa.

To explore the desert and touch the tree of stars in the country of dreams, imagination and magical creatures.

And so, my journey has just began.

And here I am. Taking pictures and writing letters to my parents and friends. Telling them about my research.

Today I received the letter from my parents.

It's says: "Hello Jana.

How yours journey going?

Here we are keeping a breast of all your news.

Today, we went to the beach and walk slowly. I found the very special small stone, in the shape of a heart, in the sand.

You'll never believe it. It's a very shine stone, inside the level pouch. Seems a piece of the star.

I'm sure you like to have it. So, I'll keep it, it is world treasure, until you come back.

Was this really the last magical stone that Cabo left for me?

I don't know. I would never know.

But I feel that his world, between him and the stars, is also mine now.

I'm sure that where ever he is, today he sleeping tight, knowing that somebody in the universe lights a candle, to watch over his dreams.

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