Mahanati (2018) Script

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'This is the driver speaking Let me talk to your mother'

Ma, the driver wants to talk to you it seems, wake up

Ma, get up Ma, look at me What happened, ma?


Get up, ma

Uncle Wait, doctor is on the way She's a celebrity Savitri amma Rooms are full, wait here Doctor will be here soon Please ask someone to check fast Ma...please get up Nurse!

How can you leave her like this? Whom did you think she is?

Namaste, sir How is she?

'Savitri Amma!'

'Which Savitri? Why is she here?'

Who is this Savitri amma?

'A Great Actress'

"Leading lady, o' diva"

"You are our prima donna"

What has the bride studied?

She has completed her B.A in journalism in Adyar Women's College Haven't you bagged a gold medal also, dear?

She wanted to do her Masters too Why should she? Such a waste indeed Look at my son He studied up to 10th grade He discontinued and is now happily taking care of our shop

'Is your daughter working?'

'She's a reporter in a newspaper'

Her article was even published the day before yesterday Go and bring that paper

I searched, dear I couldn't find it Are you blind as a bat or what?

It's right here

'Sir, listen Let me read it out to you

'For 25 years in Kodambakkam'

'Andal company which has ruled the roost in manufacturing fritters'

'...has now ventured into manufacturing pickles also'

'Even after another 25 years'

'Andal is the synonym for fritters and vice versa holds good forever'


We like your daughter very much I am sure my son likes her too Tell us what you feel He's feeling shy!

Where are you off to, dear?

Office, father Do you have to interview Shankaramma's famous 'sambar' today?

You'll be getting married soon No need to work hereafter She isn't married as yet, right?

Let her go, dear Here's your coffee


I'm late for Can...can I take the scooter today?


Only 1 kick If you can start with 1 kick you can take it

Let me try just once more, father

'Anyway why does a girl need a two-wheeler?'

'What if you accidentally fall?'

'Remember a groom is waiting for you'

He got this wobbly two-wheeler in his great grandfather's era!

Tell me, how will it st...start in just 1 kick?

You know so many went gaga over my story published in our college magazine?

They got teary eyed All the teachers predicted I'll become a famous writer Look at my plight now Andal company Fritters and fries Spicy powders and pickles Don't get me wrong for chatting non-stop like this Sometimes I tend to stammer Because I am speaking my heart out-

Jayamma, get ready

We must get down now


Vani madam Have you brought fritters for everyone for lunch today too?

God, please bless me with ju...just 1 good story!

I shouldn't get stuck with 'Fritters' as my nickname!

Road and Transport strike Sir Take this

Shekar CM arrives at Meenambakkam by 12'0 clock Chief minister is coming, be alert

India vs England Cricket match Santosh?

Make sure you get an autograph from Kapil Dev!

For you, sir? For my wife Go now Savitri...coma

Rani Va...Vani, sir What? name is Vani, sir Whatever! Here you go Sir, that is-

Do you have a problem?

Er...sir Let me know if you have a problem Yes, I have a problem I am a gold medallist For the pa...past 6 months I haven't been assigned a good story Shekar will cover the chief minister and I am stuck with a coma patient!

This is my last chance before I get married I won't go, sir Is this what you wanted to tell him?

Heroine Savitri's story, eh? we can fill up the gaps easily Evergreen heroine A humane human being It's heart-wrenching she is lying in coma We have been reporting this for the past year, right?

Wha...what will I report that's newsworthy?

'Fritter' lady, Andal was better At least she could talk to me!

I don't even have an opt...option here Forget that Look who is here

He's such a handsome hulk And a 6 footer too He is ditto Amitabh Bachan in 'Sholay'

Not 'Sholay'

He is Anthony in 'Amar Akbar Anthony'

Look, he is coming towards us Where else will he go when you are here?

Good morning, Hemalatha madam Sowbhagya Lakshmi garu Tripura Sundari madam Madhuravani garu Good morning, Mr Anthony I've been assigned as photographer for the article on heroine Savitri garu Oh! Is that so?

Vani has been assigned the same story too Is it so?

What a coincidence!

Look how he is over reacting after worming his way to work with you At least today I should click a photo the editor approves of Otherwise my job is at stake Aiyo! What happened?

Day before yesterday I was assigned to cover the railway strike

'I went and took snaps'

'Take a look'

Where is the strike in this?

Even the editor asked the same question It isn't genuine if I cover only speeches by union leaders This is the bare truth behind that strike Your story is already in tatters He'll click photos of flora & fauna and claim it's 'Behind the scenes' fact

I'm going near Anna nagar Do you want to come with me?

It's alright I prefer taking the bus Okay I'm going that way Please take the bus!

Suresh garu Any vacancy in Doordarshan?

Mr Anthony Miss Vani Why are they waiting?

They are waiting to catch a glimpse of Gemini Ganesan who is praying inside

What are you taking?

Can't you see?

Tell me before you click any photo When will Savitri madam recover?

Today is 1 year since Savitri slipped into coma I have consulted all the specialists in India as well as abroad I arranged for prayers in all the places of worship I flew down a special bed from Singapore to prevent bedsores Nurses take care of her night and day I've spent millions without thinking twice Journalists have reported Savitri has been abandoned and Gemini Ganesan is to blame

...without an iota of conscience If our roles had been reversed and I was comatose

...would you blame Savitri for my state?

Only because I'm a man, right?

Savitri will be fine as long as I am there I've spoken my heart out So be it, you can write what your conscience dictates Poor soul! Everyone let her down That's life!

It's true, Vani madam You won't find the story here It is over there


I've closed the studio today Come back tomorrow I saw you near Savitri's house

Whose house?

I mean...cine actor Savitri I don't know Savitri I know only Savitri 'madam'!

Sorry Savitri 'garu'

You should respect elders Even elders should respect Savitri madam But you went away without stepping in?

I can't bear to see her like that

By the way who are you?

We are from 'Prajavani' paper We have been assigned to co...cover Savitri madam How are you qualified to write about her?

Wh...why does one need to be qualified to cover a cine's story?

Of course You have to be eligible to write about this great woman When we have 10 rupees with us we will think twice to donate 50 paise!

That being the case when she was penniless...

...she sold her awards to help friends and strangers

You have to be qualified to analyse a person's character So many generations later-

You won't understand Please leave

Let's go

If you sh...share your views with us we will understand, sir My generation will know Savitri garu only as a fine actress We won't kn...know her real worth and goodness of heart I won't write this simply as yet another story I will...get to the heart of it and then write it Please tell us, sir

What do I say?

From the beginning Do you remember the 1st time you met her?

Like it happened now in front of my eyes

25 years ago The company's photographer had gone to his hometown I was asked to go to Vijaya Vauhini studio

Sorry, you go

Are you okay? Have you eaten?

Get up! What are you doing here?

Move Shall I lend a hand? No, sir Sir...sir Still photographer, huh?

Open the door What are you doing here?

Keshav? I am Keshav Is this a mythological film?

Mythology, folk, family drama, comedy and courage All the elements Where are you going? Toilet Okay, go Hold this I haven't worked on such a big budget film No one has even attempted it so far Don't worry Song shoot today Only 1 artiste Savitri madam Savitri garu is here? Stop annoying me Don't use your flash He is Mr K.V Reddy Not like this, Mr Bartley We need something special

Specify the 'position' to stand, Singeetam Me, sir?

Position, man Cue sound Lie down Demonstrate Bartley, camera starts here When you come here...

...this is your last frame This girl should be teary eyed Focus the light on her face Fine, I'll position it here But how will she cry at that exact moment?

'Don't worry about that, sir'

I'm here to take care of that, uncle

You were too good You should have worn a sari!

Get up now You should emote as if you are caught in the throes of love and distress Show love's twinkle in your right eye Tears in your left eye, alright?

'Yes, sir'

Got Glycerine handy?

Glycerine? Bottle broke, sir It slipped, sir Singeetam Is the Glycerine ready?

The bottle broke it seems, sir Are you mad? How irresponsible!

We are packing up because of you, Singeetam Sorry, Mr Bartley Pack up for the day Pack up!

Why, sir? Let's take the shot How will you cry at that particular moment, dear?

I can manage, sir How is that possible? Not from both eyes, Savitri I want teardrops only from one eye Without Glycerine It will be too many 'takes'

We'll do it tomorrow We'll finish in 1 take Should I nod my head even if I am not happy with your reaction?

Trust me Over confidence isn't good for you, girl If it isn't okay in a single take... should apologize to the camera in front of everyone, alright?

Yes, sir Not both eyes From 1 eye only Just a few teardrops

How many drops?

You mean your tears will fall according to my demand?

Alright Two Just 2 teardrops from your left eye Not a drop more Not a drop less!

Ready now? Cue sound

Sound Roll camera


"I live just for you My one and only beau"

"This desire yearning Disappointment burning"

"My life revolves around you, only you"

"Even the moon aglow can lose its halo"

"If I suddenly find you are not in my mind"

Is it okay, sir? Or once more?

What happened, sir?

Even after 10 generations in Telugu cinema... will be on top of the list as a female superstar, my dear

You are very stubborn Obstinate!

Write with a clear conscience, my dear Till date no one has written an article worthy of the talent she was blessed with Wh...when did you last meet her?

Maybe a year ago

'I got immersed in my work'

But she never forgot me

May 11th

On this date 1 year ago She slipped into coma Maybe the day she left for Bangalore too Can I read it?

'How are you, Keshava?'

'Venkayya told me you have a granddaughter now'

'I am so happy for you'

'I have an important task to attend to'

'I must meet Shankaraiya just once'

'It will be good if Sathish can meet Shankaraiya'

'I am sure he will handle everything'

'I'll come and see your granddaughter as soon as I am back'

'Affectionately your sister Savitri'

This may be the last letter Savitri garu wrote Who is Shankaraiya? I don't know Maybe someone she knew Shankaraiya Why did she want to meet him when she was on her death bed?

Is he a director? Or an actor?

A fan? Or a debtor?

What a mystery!

This should be our headlines Good, Rani Vani, sir A great actress Savitri Skeletons in her closet!

Exclusive from 'Prajavani'

'Savitri madam leaves for Mysore for a film shoot'

'No one by the name of Shankaraiya is there, sir'

If only we can trace him...

'Savitri Behind The Scenes'

Facts no one knew about heroine Savitri will be divulged to one and all It will be the most widely read story Shekar, fantastic!

Carry on, my boy Okay, sir Sir, that's my story Rani, you got a good lead But they are senior journalists

'You can't be following leads roaming around like them'

How can you give my story on a plat...ter to that Shekar?

Is he you...your brother-in-law?

Is this what you wanted to say?

By a quirk of fate you got this letter But how will we get hold of Shankaraiya?

Are you really a gold medallist?

What kind of a question is that!

Vani garu A story is like love It never happens when we want it to When it has made up its mind it will come in search of us!

This story isn't Shekar's or anyone else's This story is only yours What was mentioned about Shankariya in that letter?

'I will take Sathish to meet Shankaraiya'


Hey! Who are you?


Is no one at home?

My mother is here That means...

...aren't you Sathish?


My name is Vani Do you know my mother?

I am here after knowing about her But...I came here only for you, Sathish I believe you had gone to Bangalore Your mother had mentioned you in the last letter she wrote She was t...aking you to meet Shankaraiya Who is Shankaraiya?

I don't know

'Hey! Who are you?'

How did you get in?

Journalist Does it mean you can barge in?

Come...out you go

I'll take it inside You can go


Grandma How much you've grown, my dear

'Ma, look'

'Grandmother is here'

Doctor said my mother can hear every word we speak

The more we talk to her the faster she will recover Share some news with her, grandma What can I say?

Anything you like How was she as a little girl?

When she was my age As young as you, huh?

She was even younger than you the 1st time I set eyes on her I'll share a story about her Want to listen?

'My dear Savitri'

'You listen to this story too'

'Your younger sister should visit and go'

'Not set up camp here'

'I don't mind giving some of my hard earned money'

'But how can I shoulder all their burden?'

I'm just an ordinary driver Where will they go?

She's a widow with such a young daughter

Look how beautiful my niece is If she stays with us, we won't feel the void of not having a child of our own That's why I invited them over Is that wrong?

You are very good with your sob stories

1st stop this self pity!

After she has come to our doorstep what can I say? Ask her to come in Come in, dear

It lost its way in the rain, uncle Bad enough I have to house you Plus a bloody dog, huh?

Throw that mongrel out Poor thing! He might fall sick Then dance around holding him on your head I'll be the one to fall sick!

'I know our Creator, who has the sun's strength & brilliance'

'He is beyond the darkness of ignorance'

Susheela, get down Will you lift me up like that?

Later, pray to God now Is he your father? Yes Does he always carry you or only in a temple?

Won't your father hoist you like that?

My father reached God 6 months ago Take God's offering, dear

Was my father tall or short?

Was he fat or thin, ma?

What happened to you today?

Amma, did he sport a moustache?

Of course!

He had an impressive moustache and looked like a king

My father had a moustache A real big one!

My name is Nissankara Savitri What is your name?

My name is Maddela Susheela Even my father used to narrate stories as folk lore it seems Look! He has a moustache too

I don't know how my father looked But I feel he must have looked like you Whenever I feel like talking to him can I come here and talk to you?

Can I call you 'father'?

I don't mind if you don't reply I am happy if you just listen to my chatter Father...'nana'

'Play and then time to relish lentil gravy and dried fish'

We could have happily taken a rickshaw Why did you make me walk all this way?

Why take a rickshaw? Let's buy coconut candy, cheer up Give us 2 coconut candies please Do you know how delicious it will be!

Here, my dear Give my money back please Grandpa, take this and buy something to eat

"Don't wait for life, dearie"

"March forward daringly"

"Vigorously Vivaciously"

"Embrace Mother Earth warmly Merge with the wind willingly"

"Innocent pranks, playful games Daydreams within happy time frames"

"These childhood delights of fulfilment won't let you sit still even for a moment"

"Your eyes won't identify now heartaches and hurdles, my love"

"Spreading your wings of desires sweet you fly to distant horizons, my parakeet"

"Climb on the rungs of success to the sky"

"Grab a handful of stars reaching high"

"String them into a garland scented to adorn tomorrow's neck so talented"

"Accepting your invitation from every single direction"

"I sat in your palm with great expectation"

"A gift to admire as per your heart's desire"

"Don't just stand there, girlie Walk with your head held high happily"

"Briskly Blissfully"

"Embrace Mother Earth longingly"

"Merge with the wind lovingly"

That's all Watch your step What is this waltz? Can't you walk properly?

Smart kid! Why don't you teach her classical dance?

That's the icing on the cake!

Isn't it enough she's already dancing on top of my head?!

My niece was also a bright kid Her parents taught her 'Bharatnatya' dance Do you know how well she earns now?

How much? 1 rupee Really?!

Good morning, sir I am Venkataramaiah Chowdhury My daughter Savitri Where is she?

My daughter Savitri She loves to dance I am not keen at all I would like you to teach her this art She can then make so many hearts dance with joy You can enjoy to your heart's content I swear!

She's very graceful Ask her to show you a few steps I can't show off now!

She is a natural, sir Susheela, demonstrate a step Did you see that?

She humiliated me in front of everyone I thought she will shine well if she learns to dance She's after all a kid Anyway it has to come from within Isn't she the daughter of a story teller, a minstrel?

Isn't it in her genes?

Why have you come back?

I want to learn dance formally from you Dance requires discipline You lack that quality, go home Doesn't matter if you don't take me in But how can you say I can't be disciplined?

What temerity!

If the people here know you are my student

...I will cut such a sorry figure Kindly go home now

Why can't I learn to dance?

I have creativity flowing in my genes I'll show him!

'Not because she was fond of dancing'

'In a fit of rage unable to take the rejection'

'...she learnt by watching from a distance'

'This stubborn girl Savitri'

'No one saw her faltering steps'

'They were bewitched by her expressive eyes that danced too'

'Arunodhaya Dance Troupe'

'When people asked her who her guru was...'

'...she pointed her little finger at Mr Poornaiyah Shastri'


'On behalf of our Arunodhaya Sabha'

'...I request our VIP guest popular Hindi matinee idol'

'Mr Prithviraj Kapoor'

' come on to the stage'

I am very happy to be on this stage Every single artiste here performed brilliantly Will you gobble up everything?

Aren't you going to see your idol Nageswar Rao now?

What do you mean? He has come to Natraj theater

'I've watched 'Radha Krishna' in Bombay'

But that girl who played Krsna Call her Please call her Our chief guest is calling you Please come to the stage He is calling you, go My Nageshwar Rao See him later Go now Slowly...slowly

What is her name?

Tell him your name Savitri This girl has a special gift Uncle, I don't know Hindi How will I know either? Just keep smiling at him She will be very famous one day I am not the star today She is the show-stopper!

Who is that man?

Prithviraj Kapoor, in Bombay he is the most sought after hero I watched some film of his A scrawny boy called Raj Kapoor That's his son I underestimated you, Chowdhury Even you are up to date with Hindi cinema Looks like it's a full house show What is the collection today?

After deducting the expenses your daughter gets 25 paise

That's all?

Father, famous Hindi hero Kapoor it seems He garlanded me after watching my performance I'll share the rest of the news later Savitri, wait

"My curved hip sways like the dancing waves"

"Like the jungle peacock lonely arches her plumage sensually"

[song from 'Balaraju']

Look...look there

Move aside Balaraju!

Hey! Girl Look over there

Give way Balaraju!

He saw me!

Damn you, demoness Soorpanaka!

Balaraju went away

Poor you!

Got his autograph, huh?

No, give me your hand Come on

'Navabharata Dance Troupe'

K.V.Chowdhury presents A new dance troupe

'Navabharata Dance Troupe'

Wait What do you know about dance drama?

How can you ask me that?

Do you know why the hall is jam packed?

People are eager to watch our daughter dance That being the case why should these agents line their pockets?

And pay me peanuts treating me like a beggar?

No! Times have changed We have attained independence So I have started with hope our own drama troupe When the anklets on your feet tinkle... collection box will jingle and overflow with coins So be it, uncle Check if the seats have filled up How can you even doubt that?

I have assigned 2 policemen to regulate the crowd!

Ready...ready Get into your position Hey! Raise the curtains

Let's go

Hey! Listen Where is the audience?

No one wants to watch a play nowadays People prefer going to the cinemas A new movie has released in our town today Then my Rs 2 and ¾ annas is down the drain That's it, cinema is the in-thing now Why can't Savitri also act in films?

I've never heard of anything as weird as this Will anyone make a teenage girl roam around acting in plays and films?

Why did you come?

To borrow a cup of red lentils Go and cook your 'pappu chaaru' then Won't they accept me in cinema if I don't drape a sari?

Brother-in-law! Why make her act now?

She is already 14 years old If we can find a suitable groom for her-

You got married too What happened?

Then won't you find me a groom?

How much will you charge to take us to Barani studio?

10 paisa, sir It's alright, uncle Let's take a tram Do you think you can take us for a ride?!

10 paise No, sir, 10 paisa What is the big difference? No, sir Here, 10 paise Come

Look how tall these buildings are, uncle



Here, 10 paise This is what I asked You and your language!

Will Nageswara Rao be here, uncle?

Listen, don't call me 'uncle' hereafter Call me, 'father'

Only then the boys here won't play any pranks, let's go Can I call you 'father' even after we go back?

Yes, you can Sure, 'nana'

If anyone asks how old you are

...don't say 14 remember you are 16 Okay, 'nana'

Pretend you know Tamil If anyone talks to you in Tamil just say, 'amaam' meaning 'yes'

I am Chowdhury from Bezawada Go and call your director Who are you?

My father

I was sent here by Gogineni sir My daughter wants to act in films Is that so?

So many are waiting there for the same reason, go and sit

'Did he say so?'


My father

Okay, dear Look straight ahead Look to your right Yes, like that

Gogineni sir sent us here Why these formalities?

My daughter will be acting in films now What is your name?

Savitri He is my father How do you know Mr Gogineni? He is my boss He is my father!

How many times will she repeat it?

She is so used to repeating dialogs in dramas, right?

How old is she?

16 14!

16 or 14 years?

She is-

Keep quiet This is an audition for a vamp She won't suit this role

'Send the next candidate in'

Nana, what is the name of this studio?

Vijaya Vauhini They have opened the gates just for us Move...move aside Clear out Why are you closing the gates?

Hey! Wait I need to go inside Do you have permission?

I am Chowdhury from Bezawada Gogineni sir sent us here I need a permission letter Clear out now Shall we go, father?

We need permission it seems Not to go in here I meant let's eat Get in...quick Get in, I said Move inside

Get down Look, Lord Ganesha Good omen!

Let's seek His blessings

Lord Ganesha, remove all obstacles Make my daughter a heroine Where is the deity?

He has been taken inside Let's go in, quick


You could find only this place to smoke your cigarette?

Did you know this is a cinema set?

By the way, who are you?

I'm the heroine of this film First stub that cigarette

Ranga Rao sir, your shot is ready Let's go Don't you need a cigarette in this shot?

It fell down Let's go in

What is the title of this film?


Have they finalised the heroine?

Yes, a new face called Janaki Shavukaru...!


Who is the hero?

Can you see him over there practising his stunts?

New face Rama Rao

Doesn't he have a full name? Why not?

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao

My God...a snake!


You strayed from the path, brother We should focus our mind

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Remember this name Who are you?

Run...let's go

Father, shall we go on a tram after this?

I'm wondering how to get back home when my pocket is empty And you want to travel in a tram?

At least here say 16 instead of 14!

Auditions are over for the day All of you please leave For the past 3 days we've been hovering around Even a small role is fine Didn't I tell you?

Sir, that isn't the issue Should I keep repeating myself? First leave this place Your daughter won't suit this role

'Hey fool, what do you know about casting?'

Don't you know Tamil?

Doesn't matter if you don't Your eyes...

...can speak any language!

What is your name?

Savitri Your name will be the talk of the town You'll make it real big I feel the same way too But these studio rascals don't let us in Please forgive us He is blind Even if talent stares into his face he won't see it, get lost!

My name is Ramasamy Ganesan Since I work here all the time I am called Gemini Ganesan!

I'll click some photos of your daughter Sure Turn a little

It's get it right in the photo

Move a little



Here's the recommendation letter What about a role?

Currently we don't have any role suitable for your daughter Come after a year Couldn't you have said this in the beginning?

You hand a plate and say you'll serve food tomorrow!

Don't rush She's still very young I'm not a young girl!

Let's go, nana

'When Savitri pursued her dream in the world of cinema'

'...she was ridiculed by one and all'

'Disillusioned, she went back to drama'

'By God's will'

'...cinema came looking for Savitri'

Excuse me Who is K.V.Chowdhury?

Does he owe you anything? Nothing like that Then it's me My name is Donepudi Krishnamurthy We make films under the banner Sadhana Cinema We want to cast your daughter as heroine and-

Namaste We can't come to Madras again for a photo shoot Please leave Mr Chowdhury I came here only after seeing her picture in this magazine What...? My photo?

Nana Aren't these photos taken by our Gemini Ganesan?

I guarantee your daughter has a role in our film

Who else has been cast in this film?

Mr L.V.Prasad is the director Akkineni Nageswara Rao plays an important role How many times will you drop it? Has Nageswara Rao arrived?

First look here One person for make up One more to plait your hair Royal treatment Tomorrow in the poster...

...N. T. Rama Rao on one side Nageswara Rao on the other and you in the middle!

Lady Luck is smiling on us for sure You there!

Come here Get me a cup of hot filter coffee Listen Add extra sugar Come here Nothing...go and fetch it

Shot is ready, madam Thank you Shot is ready Thank you very much Shot ready means you must go and act Means Nageswara Rao has arrived?

L.V.Prasad sir Your heroine Savitri Namaste, sir Seek his blessings Hey, no need Is hero Nageswara Rao here?

How can he not come?

Listen to your scene You'll be traveling with your friends in the car Hero will come in a bullock cart-

Is the hero Nageswara Rao? Of course He'll come and block the road Then your dialog is-

Does this road belong to your father? Move...move Does this road belong to your father? Move...move Good...good...for which he'll reply Think this road belongs to your grandfather? You move That's all, perfect This is our heroine Savitri, new face Namaste, madam Hero Nageswara Rao...!

Madam Madam, let's continue with the shoot Camera Action

Does this road belong to Nageswara Rao?

Move...move Why is the name Nageswara Rao haunting you?

This time she'll get it right This is the 1st time she's acting with men, right?

Does this road belong to your father?

Does this road belong to your father?

Action Nageswara Rao road is my father's, huh?

Hey, whom did you think this road-

My father's road-

Your father's road-

This road is my father's-


Does this road belong to your father?

Does this road belong to your father?

Action What is the dialog?

Hey! This is your father's road- thought?

Total knockout!

Who suggested this female as heroine?

Murthy, come here I saw her in a play You thought cinema is a joke?

Stone faced, can't even deliver a simple dialog You maybe good in a play But you aren't heroine material Don't waste anyone's time You are not fit for cinema!

Poor girl, she has come all the way from Bezawada What job did she think she'll get?

Talks 19 to a dozen Why aspire to be what you can't!

My head is splitting Can you get me a filter coffee?

Buttermilk is being served over there, stand in the queue Cinema is not for us Let's take the bus tonig-

Did I ever tell you I want to be a heroine?

It was your dream Who are they to certify me?

He yelled at me in front of everyone All of them laughed!

I'll go see that set I'll see you later, madam Why are you sitting here?

Who is he to say if I can excel or not in cinema?

This is common in cinema Turn a deaf ear to it You wanted to go by tram Look here Shall we go?

Sure For only 1 song in 'Pathala Bhairavi' produced by Vijaya Vauhini Director K.V.Reddy is looking for a new female face For those interested in acting...

...this is a golden opportunity Will he ridicule me in front of everyone?

I'll show him Shall we go? No, you carry on I'll see you later


Are 3 days of audition required for a small dancer's role?

Be it small or big, it is necessary Wait until we find one When will we finalize?

When we set eyes on her!

Look at that girl Clad in a red half-sari Even from this distance her face is so expressive Stop that audition We got the girl

"I will not come, I know for sure"

[song from 'Pathala Bhairavi']

"This is our fate hereafter"

"I will not come, I mean it forever"

"We are ordained, you and me come what may, it's our destiny"

"When my heart is full of strife how can I be your wife?"

Why take a screen test when you are so sure?

It has to be perfect, right?

Look there, the girl rehearsing the dialog

Where did you find this girl?

No need, Chakrapani sir Just take a look I've seen her 52 times!

She can't even get 3 words right!

Hey! Listen Did you get the dialog paper?

Okay, as you wish You'll see for yourself Action True How will he keep his word if his hands are empty?

They will only echo as hollow words If he had the money... is the limit But he doesn't All his property He spent what he had on his house and his guests preserve his family prestige!

Cut it

She was too good If you had acted like this, you wouldn't have been chucked out of 'Samsaram'

Alright, looks like I'm destined to introduce you to cinema

Listen, Raghavaiah sir Only now my daughter is being cast as heroine We've also rented a house in Madras At this point you want her dates for a Bengali film on a drunkard

'I saw your daughter perform in 'Pelli Chesi Choodu'

'She'll be perfect for our film'

True but we've just now accepted a Tamil film too

'Manam Pol Mangalyam'


That's the name of the film Director Pullaiah Clean entertainer Comedy film So we can't accept your offer

What, dear? What happened?

Why are you crying?

How will Parvati get married to the zamindar, ma?

Who is the zamindar?

Bujanga Rao, Durgamma With 1 foot in the grave!

Has 4 children Why get married when he should celebrate his 60th birthday?

Even Devdas didn't stop him Reading this story book and sobbing your heart out?

Foolish girl!

Go to bed I want to do this film, Durgamma But hasn't your father agreed you'll act in that Tamil film?

I'll act in that too I'll do whatever film he asks me to But this role of Parvati Devdas Parvati When I was reading it...

...I felt I was living that role!

Only you can convince my father Vani madam I've been wanting to tell you Did you know 'Devdas' was started with Sowcar Janaki and then stopped?

Is that so?

Okay, I was-

Savitri was only 18 years then Very young What I was trying to tell you is-

Are you Vani?

Please wait We are talking, right?

May I know who you are?

My name is G.V.G Krishnan My friend Keshava told me about you Do you know Shankaraiya?

Don't know who Shankaraiya is But I always wanted to write a story on Savitri madam But you are...?

Have you watched 'Devdas'? No Anthony sir I acted as the eldest son of the zamindar Bujanga Rao?

If I get time off from shooting or at home I'll go whenever I can to meet her Not only about her films Her wish list and her woes Stories, news So many experiences I never got around to compiling it as a book I haven't been able to archive all the facts But the world should know her story

Keshav told me he felt you were very upfront and honest Please write Savitri amma's story

'Not biscuits, no incense sticks, nothing'

'What is it then?'

An empty box!

To ridicule me Do I need all this to make fun of you, Paru?

This was just to tease you and make you smile I chose you because you have 'the girl next door' image, Savitri Show a little bit of innocence Sure, director sir Note this point Don't see Nageswara Rao in Devdas But look for Devdas in Nageswara Rao, okay?

As you wish, hero sir Likewise don't see Savitri in Parvati Look for Parvati in Savitri Do a good job Even now nothing is lost Let's replace her with a senior artiste Is it an ordinary character?


There's some spark in that girl, Manickam Let's see Empty box This was a prank to tease me That Tamil film's producer is kicking me like a football, come

1 more shot, father I'll come after that Enough Why so many shots for an alcoholic? Let's go Father...!

That...that is-

[mispronounces dialog]


Haven't you learnt Tamil as yet?

Tamil must have been unfamiliar to you Now that you are here you'll rattle it fluently I have written this dialog in Tamil Sacred thread around the neck...

...however heavy it may be A mature mind and loving heart to bear the ups and downs till the end the key to happiness

In Telugu it means, the wedding chain you wear throughout your life However heavy, bear it with love through thick and thin is the meaning Listen The extent to which you express this soulfully can be the prima donna and make waves in our Tamil industry We can make waves Wave your magic wand!

Savitri, look here

Didn't I predict your name will echo everywhere?

Is it being heard?

How is it you are here?

Is it enough if a film has a heroine alone?

What about the hero?

Is that right?

I never thought GG was you?

I wanted to meet you when I am in Madras Why...?

Because of you-

I mean the photos you clicked

...I got this opportunity Thank you very much Nonsense!

Your talent brought you here How is your first day in cinema?

Cinema is peculiar and language is unfamiliar!

I'm meandering in a strange field!

What is that?

You need to know the language to read a book To learn the language you don't need books Then how will you learn?

You answer that too If you live life, you'll get it Live life means?

After the shoot today come with me, I'll show you Good lord! What will I tell my nana?

Say something in the language you know Not possible Return my book please

Haven't you memorised the dialogs as yet, dear?

Sometime back, a man was looking at you intently Maybe he will also want you to act in a film Let's accept that film too But we must be clear about the payment Father, Girija asked me to check the costumes I'll come back home by myself

Black monkey!

You said 'live life to learn a language' Why bring me here?

Life begins and ends only in a hospital

How are you? Doing fine?

Learn Tamil from her I'll be right back Me...? How will I understand?

I have sugar from head to toe I can't taste a single 'laddu' or 'jilebi'


It's a real torture!

A long list of do's and don'ts to eat This side What did she say?

When I didn't understand, how can I pretend I knew?

You are listening to her words You need language for words But not for the heart Learn to speak from your heart

What happened?

I'm unable to bear the pain in my hand Hand, huh?

'Kai' in Tamil means hand All because of my 'thalai vidhi' That means?

It's all because of my fate Fate, huh?

'Thalai vidhi' means fate

'Kai' means hand Very sorry


2 ones and one 4

4...4 Gone case That means?

Potti Sriramulu, long live!

'Unna viradham' means?

Hunger strike

What is amusing you?

They are protesting in Tami wanting a separate Telugu state!

What is in a language?

It is enough if they understand the emotion behind their slogan

'The sacred thread around the neck...'

'...however heavy it may be'

' bear that till the end'

'...a mature mind, devotion, love, affinity, affection, honesty'

'All these virtues are very important'

'Am I not destined to have even this, father?'

'Please tell me, father'

Tell me Sir, shall I ask them to 'cut'?

Go ahead

The way you speak Tamil...

...even the Tamil women will be stunned Why do you need a dubbing artiste?

Very good...very good

"My forever friend who walks with me"

"In my life's journey Filled with flowers of harmony"

"Every bend and intersection"

"Inviting me with utmost affection"

"This was my heartfelt wish everyday"

"This was my dearest dream everyday"

"I realised it only today"

"Time waltzed with you anew Made your dream come true"

"Won't life bloom just for you?"

"Time waltzed with you true blue Found your one and only beau"

Aiyo! God save me!

What happened?

How much longer?

It has to come from within, right?

That's the feel I want 1 minute

Before he gets the right feel I'll be dead and gone Let's live then, come

"Time waltzed with you true blue Found your one and only beau"

"Won't life blossom just for you?"

"Time waltzed with you anew Made your dream come true"

I want to ride piggyback on you Come, dear

What's the use of playing all these games?

I haven't played even a single game with my father you know Hasn't Mr Chowdhury played with you when you were a kid?

He's my uncle He was more of a guardian to me But he never stepped into the shoes of a real father Whomever I saw, I wondered if my father would have been like him I missed out on games and piggyback rides I can't get back my childhood, can I?

Savitri, get up Get up Why? Stand, I'll tell you

Give me your hand

"Like deluge to the river mind spirited with fervor"

"When shyness left its shell"

"When energy accelerated as well"

"Love-thoughts as drizzle in sight Body as a rainbow arched in delight"

"When did her youth's halo with happiness overflow?"

"When did her style sparkle aglow?"

"Before realization dawned"

"Tunes in harmony hummed"

"In some veena this love-melody was strummed"

"Time waltzed with you anew Made your dream come true"

"Won't life bloom just for you?"

"Time waltzed with you true blue Found your one and only beau"

Wouldn't it have been great if Devdas had married Parvati?

Their love would be a fairy tale ending You won't be a heroine!

Will he forget their love just because Parvati got married?

Is his love so weak?

May be his strength was to let go of her?

That means?

Even after Devdas was married...

...are you saying Parvati would have agreed to be his 2nd wife?

Yes, definitely Wasn't she in love with him?

If that Devdas was Gemini Ganesan?

I am married, Savitri I have 2 daughters too I wanted to become a doctor I did not have money to pay for my education Just to make my dream of becoming a doctor come true

...I married my uncle's daughter Alamelu But my uncle passed away Hands of fate turned Ramaswamy Ganesan who wanted to be a doctor

...into this hero Gemini Ganesan

After I got married, it is true I had a fling with Pushpavalli

But none of those was true love The cherished moments I spend with you now This is true love

If a married man falls in love... may be a litmus test to his marriage vows or his love But only this is genuine, Savitri My past is true My love is real

"Is everything a mere illusion?"

"Is this a light in my life of delusion?"

Manickam Shall we choose some other heroine?

I won't let go of you

[song from 'Devdas']

Stop it What is this, Savitri?

If you don't talk to me-

If someone sees us, what will they think?

Let go of my hand

"Have you forgotten your childhood friend who played pranks with you no end"

"Don't you remember your childhood friend who played with you hours on end?"

Till you promise not to drink I won't leave this place By forcing a promise out of me you want to rob me of what little peace of mind I have, Paru?

Cut Manickam, in the next scene-

Cut...cut Someone stop her Savitri, what is this?

It was just a role in a film and will you break your head into two?

Will anyone bang her head like this?

Was Nageswara Rao really a drunkard?

It's just acting Stop glowering at me If you behave like a lunatic once more...

...I'll break your teeth!

Break her teeth, sir Isn't it wrong?

She has gone to great lengths to ensure the shot is realistic Acting?

Is it so tough to live Parvati's role?

Is it such a big deal to merge into the character?

Isn't it notable if even after 100 years...

...this Parvati is remembered for the film 'Devdas'?

Mere acting Your daughter need not be a famous actress Let her be an ordinary heroine Isn't that so, Chowdhury sir?

Sir, did he compliment me or condemn me now?'s all an act Everyone acts That dialog should be in the interval block only It's such a wonderful dialog If you emote well you'll become a great actress You go, I'll follow you This side, pull it That's right Gemini sir!

I'm fine, it's alright

Union of mind, words and action are the 3 knots tied in a wedding Only if 2 hearts merge it is ordained to be a bond If that's missing you can tie many knots It will be an affidavit, that's all That vow is for a lifetime Can that promise be broken?

That means I shouldn't even think of another woman But you invaded my mind When you have a wife waiting for you why would you think of me?

You are the only one in my heart, my dearest

I didn't get married because I wanted to Even if I tried to stop falling in love I failed miserably If I was assured in our next birth we will be married...

I'll happily die now-

I don't fear death, my dear If we do not have another birth...

...will the Gemini-Savitri love story also be

...immortal like the tale of Devdas-Parvati?

If we have just 1 birth...

...will we be compelled to continue like this?

Half our lives we are in a reel world in front of the camera Shouldn't we be true to our remaining real life?

We can act in life But our life shouldn't be just an act But how?

You are already married vows!

This is a man made ritual when he lived in the jungle If we trust our hearts why do we need this ritual?

Do you love me?

Can you live without me?

Look, Savitri I have immense faith in this love But not in getting married

Everyone won't be blessed with a love like ours

Nissankara Savitri I, Ramasamy Ganesan

...with Goddess Chamundeswari as witness

...I take you as my wedded wife in thought, word and deed

Their wedding was a simple affair just like in a film, right?

Not just one, I can cite another example What?

I didn't know they had got married before the release of 'Devdas'

Both 'Devdas' and 'Manam Pol Mangalyam' were released after they got married And were box office hits at the same time After that?

For 3-4 years Some hits and some flops At that time Anjali madam and Bhanumathi madam were very popular Savitri madam was up-and-coming Original heroine of 'Missamma' was Bhanumathi madam One day director Chakrapani burnt all the reels...

...following an argument with Bhanumathi madam Savitri madam who was the co-star stepped into the heroine's shoes Didn't Gemini sir play NTR's role in the Tamil version?

In reel life she had to act as if she was married though she was single In real life she had to act as if she was single even though she was married This is a really unique story

"Warm welcome to the silver moon"

"Come and listen to our story soon"

"A big hello to the moon shining high"

"Listen to our story without a sigh"

"Welcome, silver moon in the purple sky"

"With vows taken informally in my life I got the status as your wife"

"Without vows taken with family around I became your wife unannounced"

Our 1st 'Festival of lights' after marriage

"Words well used as lies Acting fine-tuned as a device"

Greetings Why are you so late?

We have been waiting for you Why don't you burst crackers, sir?

Me...burst crackers?

Yes, go ahead I am not too fond of this Too much of pollution Bad for health Where...hello?

Isn't anyone Come here home?

"Her religion means the world to her My religion she will ignore"

"She will never think of us as 'we' while standing in front of me"

"Warm welcome to the silver moon"

"Come and listen to our story soon"

[song from 'Missamma']

"Only when he picks a love-fight his world brims with delight"

"Rewrite your destiny in life's journey Strengthen your bond of holy matrimony"

Sekhar, keep this box in the car Okay, madam You mean to say Gemini's first wife was unaware of their relationship?

Whether she knew or not...

...Savitri madam was petrified of her

Don't cry Wipe your tears Poor thing! Her daughter is the reason for her distress She can't accept this even on her funeral pyre, let her cry it out Your Tamil love letter Translate it in Telugu

'My dearest, I cannot be without seeing you'

'Shall we both go to the beach to spend sometime alone?'

'Come as soon as you hear me honk twice'

'Yours lovingly your Ganesh'

I...nana You don't have the right to call me 'father'

Isn't this wrong, my dear?


I don't know how to explain this to all of you

Please forgive me

Hey! How dare you get married!

You wretched female!

Stop it Will you kill her?

She didn't realize the repercussions I walked into it with my eyes open I agreed to marry him knowing he is married and has children Because I love him How dare you!

Shameless hussy!

Your daughter has crossed all lines of decency She won't prosper hereafter I put her on such a high pedestal She let me down so badly I should bang my head in disgust He'll come now, right?

Let him announce his secret signal!

I bought it only the day before But little did I think it would come in handy so soon Nana...don't!

I know how to teach you a lesson Please don't!

Go...stay locked in there Father...!

Nana I'll open this door only after I kill him As if she can get away with this namesake marriage If any of you tries to open the door...

...I'll shoot you first Move aside


Who is she, ma?

Revathi, go to bed


What's the use of crying now?

Drink tea and wash your face

Please stop crying, dear What has happened now?

All along I was wondering how to break the news I don't have to worry about it now He'll kill you He will never accept you If a scoundrel deceives his darling daughter...

...won't a father be angry?

Anyone in his shoes will react like that Can't blame him Then what do we do now?

What is this I heard?

I believe you fell in love with him?

Forget him He isn't right for you I got married to him You know how many come to Madras to become a star?

You've become one Try to understand its value If this news gets around no one will make a film with you This will end your career, Savitri I'm already married to him

Your wish What do you mean 'your wish'?

If you wanted to marry, why didn't you tell me?

I would have found a prince for you Where did you pick him up?

My slippers will speak!

Who are you to talk in my house?

Chowdhury Wait Instead of chastising him for marrying her when he's already married...

...are you supporting him?

If they aren't married...

...but living together secretly, is everything ironed out?

Chowdhury This has gone past the stage of acceptance Bless them wholeheartedly When his first wife has agreed, what's your problem?

Asking me why I should worry?

Do you know how much I struggled to make her a heroine?

I gave up all my comforts to make her comfortable I spent all my savings on her I don't want anything I earned House Lands in our home town Every asset I've earned so far You can help yourself to everything To the very last paisa But allow us to lead our own lives

I treated your dream as mine

You've tumbled our world upside down

Call yourself reporters?

You should be ashamed!

Other papers crack jokes and paint me to be a fool!

Look at this, they claim I am Shankaraiya We met everyone Actors, directors, producers But didn't find anyone by that name Hasn't she written that name?

Then a Shankaraiya is somewhere out there There's a story behind that name I need to know that story Whoever brings that story will occupy the subeditor's seat Take-home salary Rs 1000 Rani, I will ensure your article makes it to the front page At least now go, I say

Front page!

But Sekar couldn't trace him even after hunting high & low and neither could we Wonder where he is!

Let's see this story unfolds

Savitri madam, is it true you got married 3 years ago?

Sir, will you divorce your 1st wife?

Madam Savitri, heard you quit films?

That's it, no more questions

Please leave all of you

Kumbakonam 'sambar'

This is even more delicious than your 'pappu charu'

Check if salt is enough

If you continue to sulk like this are you accepting we were wrong?

Mother, uncle, director sir I've upset everyone Have I gone mad?

Yes, whoever knows about our love must have thought we are stark raving mad!

Let them think Salt is perfect But we should also think about the world, right?


Now that Savitri and Gemini Ganesan are married

...will the world stop rotating!


We planned to seize every moment?

Shouldn't we?

Let's go out this evening Out...?

No need Why...?

Before marriage we painted the town red Does it make sense if we hide indoors now?

We got married not to end up as a problem to ourselves?

If being married is our problem what is this, Savitri?

That's so true Let's go I loved this film That girl has done a brilliant job, right?

If she watches your film, she'll think the same too!

Hello, where to?

For the 1st time we've come out as husband and wife We aren't going home immediately

Vos désirs sont des ordres In French it means-

Why discuss other languages now?

I'm hungry, come He left his wife at home Look how he's roaming around with her!

He has fallen into her web!

Look, that's Gemini Look how he's two timing Leaving his wife at home...

...he's having a gala time with her Not hungry Let's go home

Aiyo! Watch your step, dear

Hello, my dear brothers and sisters My name is Gemini Ganesan I am sure you recognised me

Look at that woman standing there That beautiful lady All of you know her too Get down You know Savitri as only a heroine But today...

...I want to introduce another Savitri to you I fell in love with her heart and soul And I married her Mrs Savitri Ganesan Look how beautifully he said it

I love you to kingdom come Mrs Savitri Ganesan!

"Tongue-tied hearts that beat"

"Mute hearts that greet"

"In the horizon where earth and sky meet"

"Love embraces you and me complete"

"World is just you & me in 'maya' sublime"

"Without a thought to time secure in this feeling divine"

"Welcoming our rhapsody our future tunes into a melody"

"Come here sooner o' cusp of spring and summer"

"Come to woo the koel's coo"

"In enamored enthrallment koels swinging together in that moment"

"Silent hearts inarticulate"

"Souls in a speechless state"

"Imagination bountiful"

"Droplet of light as breath beautiful"

"Boon of my smile irresistible"

"Are pollens the work of wind mischievous?"

"Or my karma of a birth previous?"

"Words expressed; vows professed"

"Merged as one in breath caressed"

"Tomorrow and yesterday merged as one today"

"Let our love-story be the almanac for posterity"

"In dreams woven sprightly let our fairy tale shine brightly"

"From a totally different world this new emotion has unfurled"

"Intoxication whirled"

"Let this state in totality pursue us for eternity"

"Within the reach of our fingertip a galaxy of stars for us to grip"

"Don't spoil the magic here by asking anyone how far, dear"

"Silent hearts in sync"

"Soul mates link"

Whatever people may say, Gemini was a charmer, right?

Now I understand why Savitri garu fell in love with him Not just Savitri madam He has broken many hearts!

Imagine how much he must have loved her Otherwise in front of everyone-

My God!

Ladies and gentlemen My name is Anthony

The girl standing over there

She is Miss Madhuravani Bachelor of Arts Gold medallist

But today I want to introduce the Vani garu I've been interacting with all along Get down, I say 1 minute The real Miss Vani only I am aware of Do you know what I see when I look into her eyes?


Truth sparkles from her eyes You'll dent the car Get down now Today Vani garu is-

Vani garu I've been wanting to express this for a very long time I like you very-

Anthony garu Enough Please get down

Gemini sir Thanks...!


What do you think of Jesus Christ?

How does it matter what I think?

What is this question, my dear?

I mean You read sacred texts of other religions, right?

Brahmam the famous seer has said God is One He says whoever is your God, ultimately you reach His feet

So if I marry someone from another religion-

I'll break your teeth Your seer's quote Dump it into the sea!

What is wrong with this girl?

Ask for His forgiveness Lord Vishnu, have mercy on her Grandma, after Savitri madam got married

...did people think her career was over?

Yes, they did But that's when the actual story started

"If we work, singing and dancing together boredom won't bother us ever"

[song from 'Thodi Kodallu']

Sir, please come in Please sit down

How is married life treating you?

Released only recently Let's see how it goes!

If I complete the 2 films I have on hand...

...I'll quit acting I'll happily bargain with the vegetable vendor daily Plan my menu for the day I'll wait expectantly for his arrival I'll be contented living in this small world of mine If talent is bottled or canned...

...the world won't be able to enjoy the fizz!

You know our company is making a film K.V. Reddy is very insistent only you should play the lead role

I'm not inclined, sir I'm happy with this life When you wanted cinema, it fulfilled your wish, right?

Now cinema wants you Haven't I wished you well always?

Rama Rao is playing Lord Krishna and Nageswara Rao as Abhimanyu You are Sasirekha Name of the film Mayabazar Scene 90, take 1

"Laddu as Sweetmeats"

"Honeyed treats as feast"

[song from Maya Bazaar']

"Delicious 'jilebi' Our speciality"

"This banquet is only for me"

"A wedding feast exclusive With a menu so impressive"

"For the groom's family to cherish Now for my taste buds to relish"

Cut What is this, Mr Pingali?

I wanted you to pen a 100 days hit song You've given me a song which will play for 100 years!

My lyrics may be a feast But your words are ambrosia to my ears!

With your lyrics and his dialogs performance should be perfect too, right?

Well said, uncle Stop laughing, my dear lady Now you are the illusive Sasirekha Let's see how you match Ranga Rao's performance!

Don't have any doubts He is omnipresent Most charismatic kingmaker

Dhu sha ta sha dhu sha ta ya ha Dhu sha ta sha dhu sha ta ya Dhu sha ta sha dhu sha ta ya ha What, madam?

Are you ridiculing Ranga Rao?


"She's a princess charming Damsel, delightful and disarming"

"It seems a princess charming Delightful and disarming"

"The groom will glance at me And faint in ecstasy"


"It is my wedding soon"

"I am over the moon"

"I am over the moon It is my wedding soon"

"Sportive rivalry between you and me"

"World rejoices in revelry"


"He will come to tie the wedding knot"

"Without a doubt"

"He'll come with the sacred thread I'll blush a bright red"

"Covering my face with my sari I'll play hide & seek merrily"


Savitri, it's a tough call as to who excelled, you or Ranga Rao!

Uncle...uncle I want you to tell me if I performed well I thought you were making fun of me behind my back But you are carrying Mayabazar on your young shoulders Ask someone to de-spell any evil eye cast on you Savitri, come What...?

Come with me Aiyo! Where are you taking me?

Wait, dear

Lady Luck won't smile on everyone like this, Savitri They need you

'House full'

'All shows house full'

Housewarming ceremony Our first invitation is for you You can take it and stuff it in his face

Look at this glass!

Imagine how much we must earn to build a bungalow like this!

"Leading lady, o diva Our very own prima donna"

"Gamut of emotions expressive Gracefulness extensive"

"Showering accolades on you elatedly"

"Mother Earth rejoiced wholeheartedly"

"With Goddess Durga's blessings in plenty"

"You were born to be people's choice favorably"

Ghantasala sir Once more, for my sake

"You are the female version of Lord Nataraja in person"

"To visual arts tirelessly you dedicated every second duly"

"You were destined to be the queen of our Indian silver screen"

Sir, you never used to look at your script before the shoot?

Today I am acting with Savitri Give me the paper

"Leading lady, o diva You are our prima donna"

"An actress extraordinaire A jewel in the crown rare"

Why do you come daily? Only to see you I'm stuck like a lunatic in the midst of these Tamilians You've seen me You can go now No, madam, I've told my people back home...

...I'll work for you Please give me any job

"A woman of substance"

"An actress par excellence"

Can anyone eat this?

Eat if you want or get lost!

"A celebrity, female superstar In-demand person of the hour"

"Connoisseur of arts Conqueror of hearts"

What, grandpa?

Is 200 BHP car necessary for the ladies' race?

Not 200 but 245 BHP V8 engine

1st car in Madras To witness its full potential may have to participate in the Men's race Why...?

We can see it right away Take my car and let's race With whom? You...?

This isn't a film, Savitri madam No need, your dignity will go for a toss No problem I'll take that chance I won't drive too fast

I am grateful to Vijaya Productions for my debut role And Goddess Chamundeswari who graced our wedding So I name our first born Vijaya Chamundeswari

"You swam against the tide to set an example worldwide"

"Whatever the language may be you rose to heights with humility"

"With your aura exemplary you filled the pages of history"

"You scaled the peaks in this rat race imprinting your name in time and space"

"Thanks to your endearing face Telugu got the befitting pride of place"

"Leading lady, o diva Our very own prima donna"

Producers usually wait for the dates of NTR, ANR and Sivaji Ganesan But they wait for Savitri's confirmation

"Heroine exceptional Noteworthy and notable"

"Connoisseur of arts Conqueror of hearts"

"A woman of substance An actress par excellence"

I'm announcing a bonus of 2 months for everyone She climbed up the ladder of our cinema rung by rung Savitri? What's all this?

Everyone is waiting for you

1 minute, producer sir This mango is simply delicious Get down, will anyone believe you're a celebrity?

Catch it, producer sir

You've been placed on a pedestal more than the top heroes, any comments?

Why discuss pedestal, golden platter and betel leaves now?

Telugu or Tamil cinema? Which do you prefer?

How can I choose between them?

One is the home I was born into Other is the home I was married into I believe you cook well?

You bet! I eat well too

"You opened your heart so generous"

"Wiped others' tears with kindness"

"What is really true wealth you realized"

"You accepted what was left behind with an equanimous mind"

Do you recognize me?

My grandson is studying in the school started by you

"That is why you are revered by one and all even if you didn't ask to be on a pedestal"

"Leading lady, o' diva You are our prima donna"

"An actress extraordinaire"

Left-handers are said to have golden hearts Isn't our heart also to our left?

"Connoisseur of arts Conqueror of hearts"

Hero garu, Susheela My childhood friend

"A woman of substance An actress par excellence"

Shake hands

Aiyo! Susi

Once upon a time...

...I've heard the royal palace had live-in goldsmiths I'm seeing it only now Like this place, Viji? Madam Aunt Saroja What a surprise?

Sister, I'm getting married What a wonderful piece of news Please sit You and your husband should attend the wedding We would love to be there Sathyam, give me that ornament

Jyothi, come here

Isn't it very expensive, sister?

Even if it's expensive will it lay eggs at home?

Look how beautiful it is on you Give it back to me whenever you can When are you planning to start shooting?

Thinking of starting in a couple of months Good I'll tell you the dates then Remuneration for both of us will be...

...0.2 million But...

...we were thinking of casting Sivaji sir as hero We came here for Savitri garu

Good choice! Why would I disapprove?

After acting together in so many films...

...even I'm tired of the same combo My dear Producer has come with such excellent news you know?

I'm getting a break from you!

Please drink your tea while it is hot

"My song, o' parakeet your lips should sing sweet"

"Your cheeks, o' parakeet should blush a pretty pink indeed"

"My song, o' parakit your lips should sing sweet"

[song from 'Mooga Manasulu']

"My song, o' parakeet"

"My song, o' parakit"

Not kit!



"Without you here the veena forgot to strum, dear"

"Without you, o' Krsna this a very lonely Radha"

[song from 'Doctor Chakravarthy']

"My precious baby, your beautiful face outshines the moon's glowing rays"

"The difficulties your parents face will melt like snow in haste"

[song from 'Raktha Sambandam']

This is your career's best performance, Savitri Congratulations!

Thank you

But this film won't do well Even though you speak Telugu... one will understand your language It has been shot too slow like an art film

Not all films are for the audience alone

'Some should be made for the artiste in us'

Nageswara Rao sir once told me so Whether this film does well or not... has given me complete satisfaction My husband also liked it very much That's why I'm buying the rights for the Tamil version Savitri madam I believe you've bought the Tamil rights for 'Mooga Manasulu'?

We couldn't make that film in 2 languages Some day or the other...

...I wish to show it to my Tamil audience

Thank you Why didn't you tell me you bought 'Mooga Manasulu'?

How much did you buy it for?

Why do you ask?

You like that film, right?

That was long ago Who will watch that story now?

You shouldn't touch some classic films, Savitri No, dear They will watch If we lose the money invested, it is okay But promise me you won't remake that film Why are you being so-

You've given me your word, that's it

How many vows you would have made to give him a son?

Look, how happy you have made him I thought we will regain our old bond But for some reason...

...I feel we are drifting apart even more

Where is today's paper? Not delivered, sir My dear, where are you going?

I am going to the temple

You must take flowers to the temple But why take that newspaper?

I wanted to-

Give it, I say

'People dislike 'sambar' Ganesan'

If you hide the news, will it stop them taking a dig at me as 'bland and boring'?

Journalists write whatever comes to their head Their report is 100% true Your films are box office hits Mine are flops I wanted you to shine above everyone But I never thought I'll be one amongst them He has crossed his limit I'll call the newspaper office-


Not necessary, dear Go...go to the temple

What are you doing?


Sathyam will drop you home, my dear children Leave now What about my father?

I'll send him home tomorrow morning Please leave now You'll 'send' me?!

Who are you to send me?

Am I some inanimate object?

I am my own boss! Will anyone drink in a club in front of both his daughters?


Asking me to drink in front of both my wives?

Repeat Do you how much Alamelu akka is worried about you?

She cries so often It's a known fact women love to turn on the waterworks!

But only a bottle knows how a man drowns his sorrows!

Are you drinking because of me?

Because of me Even when I am falling down, won't you give me credit?

I take all the blame!

My love, my marriage, my bottle and my glass

Just because 2 of your films flopped...

...have you forgotten your celebrity status?

Do you know about your huge fan following?

Repeat Are you Savitri madam?

Yes I watched your 'Narthanasala film'

Can I have your autograph please?

Excuse me Do you have a pen?

Thank you Please

Thank you, Savitri

Sorry, you lost your pen It's alright I'll stop acting That's wrong Not right, dear Don't ever say that Do you remember...

...when you 1st came to Gemini studio?

You said I'll make my mark in cinema I remember I love you a lot, dear But not interested in the institution of marriage How ironic!

A man who is not interested in marriage

...has married twice!


If you drink you'll only get such crazy thoughts, let's go

'All India Radio Hyderabad'

'Cine actress Savitri and her husband Gemini Ganesan...'

'...went to Ravindra Bharathi to be specially honored today'

Namaste, madam We welcome you on behalf of Andhra Kala Parishad

We welcome you on behalf of our Telugu community What is the next program?

To participate in an elephant procession Our association has decided to honor you with pomp and splendor What is her name? Gajalakshmi, madam Why choose an elephant?

Why not a procession in a bus or a car?

Arrange something else Procession on an elephant in these times?

Careful, madam

Climb up, dear Give me your hand

'Keep your foot there and climb up'

He's so scared

'The legendary actress, Savitri'

Hats off! They are so well organized, no?

Temerity has given you a swollen head What did I say now?

Don't retort Just shut up!

'Mahanati Savitri'

Can't he go faster than this?

'Greatest actress ever Savitri'


My dear?

Move aside I came with Savitri You can't go now

Ladies and gentlemen Presenting 'Kalaimamani'

To a leading heroine Now a great actress!

Where did you go?

We were both being honored Aiyo! That's wrong Along with this legend of an actress... ordinary actor like me was honored?

Committee members want to apologize to you I told them to come Oh! Fantastic!

They got your approval, right?

Very good Very good I reprimanded them That's why they want to apologize Otherwise they wouldn't have, huh?

Hey, why are you upset now, dear?

I should be the one crying They honored you in such a dignified manner And disgraced me If you want to celebrate...

...this is the event Why are you like this?

It is said, 'Sorrow shared is heartache halved'

Come, share a drink with me

You're a great actress, right?

I am not your equal to share a drink with you!


What's the problem with you men?

It's okay if your wife succeeds a bit But very successful that's it!

Who are you to restrain our success?


Vani garu You know she was to be conferred the Padma Shri award?

She turned it down because she didn't know how Gemini would react Then what happened?

She declined offers that came her way gradually For the 1st time... 1966 an article was published claiming she had become fat Even though Savitri madam is fat...

...your expressive face gave you the box office hits, he says Hey Sathyam Have I put on weight again?

Whether you are fat or not you will be people's favorite If one's body goes through changes... means a change for the good will happen in life too Let's see what is in store for me What does it mean?

Whatever! I think good times are ahead Taste this 'laddu'

Isn't this 1969?

Even today NTR cinema, ANR cinema Recently a young boy has come Who is it? Krishna Yes, Krishna What is this male domination?

You never told me the reason for your visit For the 1st time in the world...

...only with lady technicians

...we are planning a film We want you to direct that film And you'll be the captain of the ship Direction...?

What do I know?

If you agree to direct, we'll go ahead Otherwise we'll just ditch it

[Holy chant]

Start camera

Action If you pressurize me I can't do anything Give me some time How can I lend without surety?

Listen, Savitri madam They had promised to finance our film We are all women, right?

Now they claim unless a new person signs a surety...

...they won't fund us Go to women financiers Maybe they will lend without surety!

Who will sign at the drop of a hat?

We'll be forced to shelve the film now I'll sign No problem Is this the surety paper?

Shailaja First take a wide angle Then a close up shot

We can shoot the song there You can't see her now We want to meet Savitri madam Move aside Everything will be clear when you borrow money Everything will seem like chaos now Madam, don't you recognise us?

We came with the producer You signed the guarantee We trusted you and lent money without any collateral You haven't repaid even one paisa back!

How much do I owe you?

With interest you owe us 0.37 million

We thought you will ensure we are paid But you have paid from your pocket That's okay It's my film, right?

Watch the film with your family Sure, thank you Namaste Please go inside Rani, make sure everything is arranged Welcome Namaste Madam, hasn't the 'King of Love' come?

How can he not show up for his wife's film?

No, he has gone out of town for a shoot Outdoor shooting?

When did he leave?

3 days ago Is that so?

I saw him in a studio this morning Is that right?

I was so busy with this release I didn't even have time to talk to him Okay, madam I'll go and watch the film

Madam, are you leaving?

The film is about to start No, you carry on I'll be right back

My dear?

Are you home?


What are you doing here?

I thought you had gone out of town I just got back I wanted to come for the premiere

Savitri Savitri, stop

Savitri, don't Don't, Savitri Listen to me 1 minute, wait

Let her go She is not to be blamed

1 minute Listen to me

Stop it, my dear Have you gone mad? could you?

Listen to me just once

No need

Savitri, please!

Don't hit her


Savitri Stop

Listen to me, dear Tell me...what will you tell me?

Everyone is looking at us Aren't we film stars? Let them watch It was a mistake That's my weakness But it isn't love!

Aren't you ashamed?

It's my bloody karma!

I didn't listen to anyone Please forgive me, dear Only you mean the world to me I haven't loved any other woman in my life the way I love you You don't talk about love A love unsatiated by one wedding To think you'll be satisfied with 2 wives was my stupidity You married me well aware of my past, right?

Alamelu, Pushpavalli What has happened now?

I was Savitri then Now I am Savitri Ganesan!

Madam, your film is a huge hit Get out Wait, madam

I don't want to come Want to sleep next to your mother?

Why are you disturbing him in the middle of the night?

He is my son!

Won't I know what he wants?

I'll sleep here Shut up and come with me Leave me alone, ma I'll sleep here with grandma Don't you act smart with me!

Are you mad or what?

Didn't he say he doesn't want to come?

He can sleep in your bed tomorrow Even my children don't want me, ma?

Your nana's photo?

Someone from Chintalapudi wrote a letter to me I believe he has a photo of my father After so many years I'll finally see my father's face

Namaste, madam Come in, please sit

Here it is The 3rd gentleman is your father Mother, take a look Who is he?

What do you mean?

Isn't he your husband?

I've never set eyes on the man in this photo Some mix up somewhere!

Whatever my mother did was so different from what anyone else did Same when she drank too She could never accept being a failure But she wanted to succeed along with my father Today's bills, madam Sathyam is handling all that

'She put on so much weight, offers dropped drastically'

'Even her intention to remake 'Mooga Manasulu' was...'

' be honest, spurred by her anger against my father'

You have a visitor, madam I don't want to meet anyone now

Won't you at least turn and look?

What is the point?

You promised not to produce this film Do you remember?

You promised me too Do you remember?

Your managers are all crooks Entire industry is talking of how they are looting you Actor, producer and director How can you don so many caps?

If you need any help-

I don't need any help from anyone I don't need anyone in my life You are too stubborn for your own good, Savitri You bottle up all your feelings Only if you share your woes you can have peace of mind Come, let's share a drink Listen, my dear-

Stop right there Leave me alone, go

'Unable to snuff her love for my father'

'...she turned it into a way of punishing herself'

'During her film's release 2 of Sivaji Ganesan's films flopped'

'So no one came forward to buy this film'

Someone I know has the rights of the Tamil film 'Vietnam Veedu'

If you remake it in Telugu it will be a super hit, madam If we release both the films together will be a sure shot hit, madam Alright, let's do it Sign here, madam How much?

I'll enquire and fill in the amount Who the hell are you? Stop right there We are from the Income tax department We had sent you a notice but there was no response I don't know the details about all this I'll call my manager now-

Madam, no phone calls We have a warrant with us Search here You go to that room

'My daughter doesn't know about any of this, sir'

Her husband is the one who takes care of everything Then ask him to come

Ma, they are taking away all our jewelry You've sealed it, right? Be careful with all the stuff

50% interest will be added to your outstanding tax Till all your papers are checked-

Where should I sign?

Sign here If you seize all my assets will I manage to pay up?

Don't you have 3 months grace time?

My family members are your fans Can you sign an autograph for my daughter please?

Thank you, madam

Bye Vani garu

I got 2 tickets for 'Maro Charitra'

Will you come with me?

Anthony garu, we have work to do Vani garu, this is also part of our assignment

'If you can enquire about it-'

Okay, I will

'I'll attend to it But if you know more details-'


Though you are a girl I agreed to let you work I need my head to be examined!

What is the con...connection between the two?

Don't talk back When you kept harping it was a good story...

...little did I think it would end up as your love story!

Enough is enough!

I am finalizing the Madurai alliance Get married and get lost!

Move aside What happened, dear?

Sir, we are handing our daughter to you as your daughter-in-law With the grace of Lord Shiva

Vani Anthony sir asked me to...

...give this invitation to you His engagement it seems

1 minute

Tell me, will you keep removing your glasses?

This is reality

Truth is always beautiful

Both the films have flopped?

Where is Sathyam?

I haven't seen him Be more assertive? Let's see if she doesn't I have to get my money back somehow You come up with the same excuses When will you pay up?

Both my films flopped I don't have the money to pay you back now If you give me 2 days grace time-

If you run away somewhere?

You have stashed up money and pretending you are broke I am not that great an actress!

I can't act for nuts unless I am in front of the camera I'll repay you with the interest Shailaja, remember I had bought 100 acres of land in your name?

I am in urgent need of money now

'We sold that land for our daughter's marriage'

'I can't pay you now'

Purushotham anna, I had bought a house in your name in Bezawada

'We are staying in that house'

'We would be 'care of roadside' if we are forced to sell it'

"How many ever obstacles hinder you forever with ease you will turn them in your favor"

"You can swim against the tide resolutely And reach the shores of safety absolutely"

Sell Vijaya Mills for a good price Whatever the rate I don't mind Didn't you save that for your daughter's wedding?

Your money in the school Trust in Chirravuru, 2 million No, I can't break the faith the Trust has in me So let us not touch that amount You just sell the mill Okay, madam

Ma, are you feeling upset we've lost all our money?

I was forced to see you ruin your life all these years But if you spoil your children's lives and their future, I can't keep quiet If you continue like this I may have to send your children to your husband Shut up!

After all that has happened I don't need your advice

What I was trying to say is-

Madam, come soon

"Life is meaningless to me"

"Emptiness envelops me totally"

"Nothing but vacuum, isn't it?"

"This hollowness am I forced to live with"

Mother Ma, what are you doing here?

There's no electricity The servants are nowhere to be found Yes, true No one is there for me Enough of drinking Let's have dinner Viji, give me the glass How much will you drink?

After grandma passed away, have you given us a thought?

You'll drink yourself to death Viji, I want my glass back

Slap me, go on, kill me

Viji, what are you doing?

Stop it


"If someone asks who you are"

"You are the kaleidoscopic star who spins magic very far"


"Who animates evergreen silhouettes on the silver screen?"

"You are the reel life real queen"


"The world celebrates your glory"

"In every role, every story you create footprints in history"

Amma Forgive me, ma You are the child but you behaved more like the mother than I did No, ma, I am to blame I won't behave like this ever again

What is that?

You are diabetic I'm injecting insulin Am I diabetic?

Being addicted to drinking along with it can prove fatal You have to be careful First you have to lose weight

Sit down, fath...uncle Whoever asks you, call me 'nana'

Otherwise these town people will act too big for their boots

If I knew you will visit me only when I am in a hospital...

...I would have got myself admitted much earlier, nana

Pull yourself together, dear I'll go and settle the bill We must get Vijaya married, nana I found out today I am diabetic I don't know what tomorrow holds for me I have to change my ways, nana

I must take better care of my children

Vani You have a visitor

What brings you here?

I received the letter you wrote a month ago Have you finished your story?

I feel like reading it I quit work What is the point in writing this story?

Why was such a won...wonderful woman punished like this for no fault of hers?

Forget God What about the people around her?

Not 1 person came forward to help her Where did you go?

From her childhood, Savitri was never in the habit of accepting help from anyone The Income tax department seized her assets She sold her house and repaid all her loans with interest She started accepting even small roles in films She struggled single handed to control her diabetes and alcoholism The doctors were astounded by her will power and weight loss

"I watered 'henna' in my garden daily"

"This ground paste of green 'mehendi' Bloomed on little palms as red buds gaily"

"I watered 'henna' in my garden daily"

"This ground paste of green 'mehendi' Bloomed on little palms as red buds gaily"

[song from 'Gorintaku']

Brother, shall we go?

Take me to Vijaya studios You should travel by a car in royal style Instead coming in this rickshaw-

So what?

I get a lot of fresh air No need to spend on petrol Will I get this pleasure if I travel by car?

Your addiction to alcohol I have quit drinking


'You know it is even more stubborn than me?'

'Most people call it a bad habit'

'But it is a disease'

Just like cancer...

...alcoholism has to be treated I've read about this it is quite common abroad They are called de-addiction centers I would like to start one such center by this riverside It's my dearest wish

Let's go

Had lunch, my dear?

Not hungry, sir Don't you even have the courtesy to find out if she had lunch?

I am so-

Aiyo! It's okay I know...I know Serve lunch for us Come, dear How many people you would have showered your hospitality on?

We are in the 'Kali' yuga Nowadays people rob the ring from the hand that feeds It's alright, forget it I am happy if they benefitted from my simple hospitality Habibullah road, right?

No, I live in Anna Nagar now Is that so, madam?

My daughter is a hardcore fan of yours She has big eyes, just like you Is that so? What is she doing?

I educated her till 5th form I got an alliance for her day before yesterday That's good news But I don't know if I will have the funds to perform the wedding Let's see what happens

I'll take leave, madam

1 minute I'll be back

Danaiyah Madam Tell me, madam Will you run an errand for me?

Take this sari to the pawn shop behind our house Exchange this for some cash What is this, madam?

Please go, hurry up

Sir Madam Please accept What is this?

Even people I know won't help But your generosity-

How will I ever repay your kindness?

Perform your daughter's wedding in style That is more than enough Thank you, madam

You have to write this story, dear Her story is swamped in sorrow It is true But she had the strength to wipe her tears and rise

'You will now listen to commercials from Vijayawada and Hyderabad'

'In our next program tune in to legendary actress Savitri's soulful talk'

'I cut all my ties for the man I loved'

'As a tribute to true love I renounced the love of my life'

'In this short unpredictable life we lead true love for even a second is a blessing'

'I cherished that love for 20 long years'

'Not everyone is blessed by this kind of love'

'If you are that lucky fight against all odds'

'You live only once'

Come, dear Look at this Your father-in-law to be has brought the invitation I am marrying Anthony, father Shut up!

She's too young and spoke out of turn I spoke very much aware of my actions I spoke knowing I am in love with him I don't know if it is right or wrong, father But if I don't, in regret all my life

...wondering if I should have is even worse, father Vani...?

So...sorry, nana I have to go now Sorry, uncle Vani Vani, listen to me

Only 1 kick, father

This wedding has been decided in Heaven Bride Miss Divya Groom Mr-


How did you come he-

Move aside Anthony, what is all this?

Who is this girl?

Mo...mother, she is-

Why are you stuttering?

You shouldn't be scared of elders I told my father bravely I started the scooter with 1 kick and rushed here It's okay if my parents disown me Help her control her anger Shower Your blessings on-

Father, hold on Can't we discuss this later?

You landed here all of a sudden?

How can we discuss this later?

Anthony, listen Life is very short In that short span we should live life to the fullest Whatever has to happen will happen, good or bad

Listen to me You are very beautiful You can easily find a handsome groom Vani garu, you-

Allow me to finish I tend to stammer To get rid of it, I was told I should become more self confident I spoke for so long now Did I stammer?

I didn't, did I?

Do you know why?

The boy standing by my side He gives me that confidence

Give my source of strength back to me

Miss Vani Thank you I am not getting engaged!

She's my sister Divya She is Madhuravani B.A, gold medallist He is Ajay Divya's fiancé



Can I ask you something?

Sure, Anthony garu You rushed here without your glasses?

Are the people on the road still alive?

'I feel my life has started only now'

'But you have 1 chapter untold in your story'

'May 11th, the day you left for the shoot in Bangalore'

Let me come with you, ma Please, ma Don't badger me Not this time I want a toy dog, ma First draw a doggy Then I'll get one for you Okay

'Can I speak to Savitri madam?'

I am Savitri speaking Tell me, sir

'By the 24th of this month'

' must pay a penalty of Rs 0.2 million'

'We even sent your notice through registered post'

Why should I pay some more?

You have grabbed whatever I earned You sealed all my assets I've even sold my house Won't you let me live in peace?

'If you don't pay up, we'll be forced to take you to court'

Why should I pay?

You won't get even 1 rupee Take whatever action you want If I say I won't it means 'no'


You wanted to come with me, right?

Get ready Pack your bag Okay, ma

How are you, Shoba?

Satish keeps thinking of you He wants to get a stuffed toy Satish, do you remember me?

Remember her? Come here, dear What toy do you want?

Toy dog Is that so?

If you don't mind...

...will you take him shopping

0.2 million it seems, lawyer sir I have saved it for the past 2 years to build a rehabilitation center How can I keep paying penalty throughout my life, sir?

'This is regarding your income tax'

'It isn't something we can find fault with'

'If we don't comply we'll be in deep trouble'

'It will be contempt of court'

Then why do I pay you a retainer?

I don't care if I am arrested I won't part with the money I've saved for my dream

"Soured relationship between husband & wife embedded strife in a smooth life"

[song from 'Missiamma']

"Warm welcome to the silver moon"

"Come and listen to our story soon"

'Hello, Gemini Ganesan speaking'

'Hello...who is this?'

'Can you hear me?'

'My dear?'

You, huh?

'Can't you see me walking down the stairs?'

'Are you blind?'

Forgive me, madam You ruined my sari I'll report you to the manager It was a mistake, madam I am so sorry

"A war without victory in place"

"Makes time tick at its own pace"

"How to restore this strife Wipe the upheavals in my life?"

"A scar to savor sweet I feel"

"The heart will never heal this sweet scar I conceal"

"How much longer can my soul tolerate a jolt out of control?"

'Listen, how much will you charge to take us to Barani studio?'

'10 paise, sir'

'It's alright, uncle Let's take a tram'

"Places we visited Happy times unlimited"

"Mere dreams, no more Wearily washed ashore"

"If all those are my mind's hallucination my heart aflame, suffused in suffocation"

"Memories still crystal clear chased by moments held dear"

"Distraught, she sought consolation in numbness by intoxication"

'Clear out now Your daughter won't suit this role'

'Don't you know Tamil?'

'It's get it right in the photo'

'Would Parvati have agreed to be his 2nd wife?'

'Yes, definitely'

'Wasn't she in love with him?'

'If that Devadas was Gemini Ganesan?'

"Does the ceaseless sea at least accept the turbulence buried in-depth?"

"Did the compelling need in-built to touch the sky get fulfilled?"

"In the ensuing clash of wills of good over evil"

"Will it be finally known which is ambrosia, which is poison?"

'Are you drinking because of me?'

'Because of me'

'Even when I am falling down, won't you give me credit?'

'I take all the blame!'

"Tongues of flames scorch my heart"

"I fumble, I (s)tumble, I fall apart"

"Night and day merged as one for this jewel in the crown"

You've ruined everything, dear

"In the inferno of hell's prison"

"Love has turned into poison"

"In the end what is left for me?"

"If I have to drink this only who can change my destiny"

"Your dreams came true in your own (a)venue"

'How do I start the story which already has a tragic ending?'

'I pursued her story'

'But I found history instead'

'I couldn't trace Shankaraiya'

'Even if I found him now I have no questions to ask'

'I thought writing about Savitri amma was restricted only to cinema'

'But 'Behind the scenes' of cinema I stumbled on her magnanimity'

'She spooned a slice of herself in every role she enacted in reel life'

'Only a bit of her life is still sticking on to her now'

'I feel like turning back the clock and saving her from the jaws of death'

'She is like the golden moon shining in the starlit sky'

'Once upon a time there lived a great actress'


Sister...akka What is it?

"Thanks to your endearing face Telugu got the befitting pride of place"

Madhuravani madam?

Yes I should have returned this long ago I was wrong

"Leading lady, o' diva"

Please ensure she knows I have returned it

"You are our prima donna"

"A woman of substance An actress par excellence"

Savitri madam, aren't you fond of jasmine?

I offered it to Goddess Shakthi and brought it for you

Forgive me for turning my back on you and speaking Your million fans and me Whenever we think of you we want to remember you as Parvati in 'Devdas'

Sasirekha of 'Mayabazar'

Miss Mary of 'Missamma' fame A few months ago...

...I didn't know anything about you

I started on a journey of getting to know you

In that process I discovered myself I believe you wanted to set up a rehabilitation center

Do you remember Jyothi?

You lent your diamond necklace for her wedding

Not being able to return it when you needed it most

...she repents for it every single day

Jyothi and Susheela have monetised your necklace And started a rehab clinic to make your dream come true Life is too short It can change with twists and turns anytime is what I learnt from your life I should live life on my own terms Your life taught me this What remains in the end?

The love we shared

The trips we take down memory lane

For having enriched me On behalf of my generation And on behalf of posterity Thank you from the bottom of my heart People all over the world are upset you may pass away soon Can death take you away?

How is it possible?

Generations to come will watch your films They will shower their affection on you Laugh with you Cry with you

You are immortal

"An actress extraordinaire"

I have brought you a gift

I heard you were searching for this photo I found it in our newspaper archives

1933 Before you were born This is your father's photo With his name written on it I have nothing else to give you

"Connoisseur of arts"

"Conqueror of hearts"

"An actress extraordinaire"

"A jewel in the crown rare"

He looks shorter in reality than in the cinemas, eh?

But he is so handsome Look at that heroine next to him She is such a bad match Do you think we can meet Nageswara Rao again?

When I become a heroine you can see him daily in the shoot Good lord! My uncle would have come back home I'm going, see you, Susi When will I see you again?

Tomorrow In a cinema again

I feel like talking to you nonstop Hoping to see all of you once again for sure I take leave Jai Hind!