Make Your Move (2013) Script

I got to go I got to go. I'm on a roll she treat me low I got to go.

I'm on a roll she treat me low Welcome to the new look girl Ladies hit the floor. Floor, floor, floor, floor Welcome to the new look girl Ladies hit the floor.Floor, floor, floor, floor, floor Do it for the night. Do it for the day Do it for the self Droppin' low. Droppin' low I'm on a roll. I'm on a roll. She treat me low Do it for the night Do it for the day Do it for myself. Do, do, do Welcome to the new look girl Ladies hit the floor. Floor, floor, floor, floor Welcome to the new look girl Ladies hit the floor. Floor, floor, floor, floor Floor, floor, floor, floor--

There he is. That's what I want to see, baby. What's up, man?

Are you ready? I'm ready.

Just bring the people. I'll dance, alright.

I need you on your A-game. Alright, I'll bring the show.

Hi. One second. Could we just... time out.

Just get a crowd on me, alright? Yes.

Yo, Donny. First bus of the day. All right.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, please come this way.

Step this way.

Please come closer. I got something special for y'all and his name is Donny Bray.

What he does with his feet has never been seen on Bourbon Street.

And he's going to show you the real N'Awlins.

I think they're ready, let's go!

I taught him everything he knows!

Nice catch!

Yeah. Come on, come on.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

All right. All right let's go. Show's over!

That's it. Show's over! Move it on. Let's go.


What's wrong? What'd I do?

You're not supposed to be within a hundred feet of a bar or hang around with the criminal element.

That's a condition of your parole and you know it.

Oh, come on, man, this is New Orleans. There's a bar every twenty feet.

Ladies, please don't--

Why are you hassling me?

Because you don't listen.

I told you when you got out you have to have a job or you're in violation.

Dancing is my job, okay. It's what I do.

And how do I know that this is legit.

You got a work slip? You got a W-2 you can show me?

This is bullshit. You want me back in jail.

You're not as dumb as you look.

You know, kid, you answer to me for the next six months.

And I'm telling you now, you're done with this.

You got it... or do we have a problem?

No problem.

Good. Let's move it.

Do we have a problem? Give me a break.

That PO keeps busting my chops, I'm going to have a swing at him one day.

This place looks hot.

What, Static?

Yeah, it is hot, man. Number one underground club in New York.

You know, my brother started that place with his partner, Kaz.

That's him.

Right. I see the family resemblance.

We're foster brothers, obviously.

You know, they're hiring dancers up there at the moment.

Is that right? Yeah. Paying pretty good, too.

What are you doing?

They're not going to let me dance here, hell, I'm going to Brooklyn.

You have six more months of parole.

You can't leave the State. Hell, you can't even get in a club.

Don't worry. I got a plan.

Listen, if my parole officer calls, just tell him I'm working the pipeline between Shreveport and Baton Rouge, okay?

Are you nuts?

Just make sure you call me. I'll call him right back.

I'll fly back in for my check-ins.

In fact, I'll be making so much money dancing for Nick, I'll fly back first class.

This is crazy.

If your foster bro finds out you skipped parole he's sending you back.

Well, he doesn't need to know that, does he?

Hey. Yo, D, have a good time.

Alright, man. I'll see you guys later.

Hey, you still owe me fifty bucks. Cheque's in the mail.

Brooklyn nobody nobody No, nobody does it like Brooklyn Something's going off on the outer edge of exciting exciting Brooklyn Nobody nobody No, nobody does it like Brooklyn Something's going off on the outer edge of exciting's a city by itself. BK home of the best if nothing else. Her influence is felt Thoughts have gone global. Once was all local.

Young Street hustle has crossed the young motto... the young...

Nobody nobody No, nobody does it like Brooklyn Something's going off on the outer edge...

So I asked, knelt right there by the pews and said, "Girl, do you need a prayer? 'Cause I would definitely put hands on you."

Nick, you said that to her in church?

Choir practice, Sixth Grade. Her name was Tiffany.

We gave the Book of Psalms a remix.

Wow. I don't know how you do it, man. You know my lines always come out wrong.

Cause you got to commit to it. You got to own it.

What's your best line? Man, I ain't giving you shit.

Come on, man, what's your best line? My best line?

All right, my best line. Science Class, Tenth Grade.

I looked at this chick and I said, "Baby, your lab bench or mine?"

Really? Man, I knew it.

That's your best line? Come on, man.

How long has it been anyway since you last seen your little bro?

Two years, man. Two years too long.

Me and him used to get into some shit.

Yeah, Nick here.

What do you mean they're back?

I'm close. No, I'm close, I'll handle it.

I said I'll handle it.

Who is it?



That's okay.

Shuffle heel toe. Toe heel step. Shuffle heel toe.


Keep it going!

You okay? Yeah.

I told you to stay out of my neighbourhood.

Consider us your eviction notice.

No! What are you doing?

Whoa! Easy there, Hello Kitty.

Does it look like I'm into all that "Crouching Tiger"?

You're disgusting.

Yeah. Well, you just get your ass out of here.

Tell your brother I won't be so easy on you next time.

You okay? Yeah.

Who dat?!

Hey, Nick, what's up? What's up, dude.

What's this on your face? You got peach fuzz now? Shut up, man.

Oh look at you, Dukes of Hazzard, where'd you get this?

Oh, you got jokes. I got it where I got it.

Thought you finished puberty. You got jokes.

Why were you so late?

I had some business to handle. Yeah, business?

Yeah. Glad you finally called, baby brother.

Well, you know, I been kind of busy.

How's it feel to be back in the free world?

Man, I'm not going through all that ever again.

Had this parole officer on my case once a week.

Couldn't step foot in a club, a bar. And I couldn't do anything.

No, I'm not going back to that.

So you're a law-abiding citizen now? Good for you.

I always knew you were tone deaf. I didn't say that.

...playing with the monsters in the mind Now hold it up... hold it up...

Long ways out, don't you think?

Keeps its mystery that way.

One-way street out there. Yeah, you mean it avoids regular cop patrols.

Knew you'd fit right in.

Welcome to Static.

Standing room only five nights a week.


Yo, Nick, did you get your brother? Yes, sir.

D, Raphael. Hey, man.

Don't even. I didn't say anything This place used to be a factory. They built ship motors, you believe that?

Immigration buckled down, sent the illegals packing.

The company that hired them didn't want to pay real wages so they went Chapter Eleven.

And you stepped in.

We are the D.I.Y generation, bro. Come on, my place is around back.

I've finished all the invoices. Great.

And you must be Donny. I'm Tatianna. Oh hi.

Yeah, I've seen your body painting dance online.

It's cool. I like it.

She keeps our I.T. straight.

And his ass out of trouble.

You're going to keep pushing until something pops off.

"Pops off"?

I'm not the one who started it.

Well, then be the man and end it.

Come on, little brother, I'll show you around.

And you grew up with this guy?

Yeah, since I was six.

This is the room that Kaz used to stay in.

Right here is where we first dreamt up Static.

So when will I meet him?

That ain't going to happen.

What? I thought you guys were partners?

Were. You wouldn't believe the stuff that's gone down, man.

So what happened? There was this guy, Michael Griffith.

He made millions on Wall Street swapping bonds when everybody else was in the toilet.

Sleazy bastard would roll through the club three times a week with his clients.

He'd buy out VIP.

Just dumb all the way around. And then she walked in.

Aya, Kaz's sister.

We let her and her crew perform at the club.

Michael became obsessed with her.

Kept hitting on her like she was the sweetest deal in town.

She's beautiful.

Yeah, she all right.

Kaz painted it. Matter of fact, he painted all of this.

Anyway, Aya wouldn't give Michael the time of day.

Michael whispers to Kaz that I'm screwing him over.

Says he'll set him up in a new club.

Promises that his sister can dance there.

New club?

Now they're our competition.

Really walked into it here, huh?

You'll catch up.

Say, man, make yourself at home.

Hey, I'm glad you're here.

Are you okay? You weren't hurt?

We're fine. You sure?


And where's Natsumi? I'm in here.

Not you. No guns in my house.


I told you guys not to go there. If you want to rehearse use Oto.

I'm on a deadline. For what?

For work.

We're meeting a woman later this week. She's a producer.

Who this time? With Rocketeer.

She's real. So was the last one.

And so is the banks, asking for their credit cards back.

Now I got to buy you guys a new set of drums.

I'll take care of my own problems.

Michael would invest in your show. Please.

He works Wall Street. And that road connects everywhere, including I.N.S.

This producer could sponsor me. I don't need Michael.

If they sign, produce and sponsor you. Okay?

Your visa's up in three weeks.

Then you could say, "Good luck".

They're going to send you back to Japan.

Do you have any idea how hard I worked to get you here?

It took me three years just to get you on a plane.

I am doing this for us.

And I want us to do it the right way.

I need the bathroom!


Hope you don't need your bowl returned. He will use it.

It's okay. Michael gave it to me.

It's your rent.

Will you talk to her for me? Sure.

Are you serious?

It's Gina. She wants to know the plan.

Tell her to get dressed. We're going to do a show.

Everybody everybody

Hold up right there.

Roscoe's spinning tonight. We're gonna have a full house.

All right. You don't have to worry about patrols.

Knew I could count on you.

This is B. New York's finest. Hey, man.

This is Donny. Newbie's going to be helping me out.


You see, he'll warn us if the ABCs are sniffing for a spot without a liquor license.

So what am I going to be doing here, anyway? Learning.

Tend bar, work street promotions, do some inventory. Follow me for a year or so.

A year? You always want things yesterday. Give it time We're going to open up clubs in Manhattan, Queens, maybe one with your name on it.

What you want me to put one of those little belts on, walk around selling Jager shots, too?

Hey, you're the one that called me, remember?

Alright, so give me something real to do then. Come on.

It's complicated, man. You don't just dive in.

Nobody will respect you, you got to earn it.

We're live at Static where a dozen New York artists will be auctioning their works to buy instruments and art supplies for city schools.

Put a smile on your face, would you.

Hey. How's my favourite blogger?

Good to see you. You too.

As always we are so happy to give back here at Club Static.

I mean, at the end of the day it's all about collaborating with as many people as I can.

Y'all make sure you come on out and support. Much love.

All right, you heard it from the man himself.

Now get down here to Static and support.

It's always like this. You never give me a chance.

Nobody gave me shit.

Hey, buddy. Hey, Wall Street.

I don't care what they say, you boys deserve those bonuses, you hear me?

Yes, sir, we do. Cheers.

And maybe she'll be your next bond. Maybe.

You know what that is.

Check your watches and lace your sneaks. It's Showtime.

Give it up for the KINGS & QUEENS.

Cut it. Aya... Shh!

I bet I could so some of that.

It's a long way from dancing on a New Orleans street corner, man.

But I could.

I could do something different, you know, bring something new to your place.

What, you criticizing my shit now?

No, no, I didn't say that.

I worked way too hard for you to mess things up.

Whatever. No, it's not whatever, it's what is.

I'm going to get a closer look.

Just stay off my stage.

Move, man, move! Get out of the way.

Hey! Move! Back it up!

What's this!? Who is this!?

Come on. Let's not get into it.

We own this...

Alright, yeah.

Oh my gosh! Taiko is back in the house!

Hey, hey. You need to play me. You need to play me

How the hell did they get in here, huh?! I don't know!

You're fired.

Yeah! Let's get it on

Oh! This club's about to go off

Back up in the club makin' all the speakers blow.

It's your turn to act a fool so push the throttle. Let it go.

Ladies' hips rockin'. Boys droppin' when we rock (roll)

Keep the crowd turned up We're out of control

What are you doing?!

Ladies and gents, how many clubs do you see this in?

People! People! What is going on? Make some noise!


Give me some tape. What?

Give me some tape. Hang on.

Here you go.

That's some serious execution!

Out of the way!


Whoa, has she met her match, ladies and gentlemen!

All right.

Ah, we got a battle on our hands.

You ready to get this place open old-school style?

Let me see your hands up!

You okay?

No. Whoa! Oof.

Again? Hey!

Hey, get the hell out of here.

What do you think you're doing?

Give me that beer. Yo! Behind you.


Hey, Nick, we got a hiccup.

Put it away.

What's up, Nick? Why don't you get out?

What you looking at? Take her with you.

All I want is the drums you stole.

I told you to stay away from my sister.

I can handle this.

Show our guests out. No need to be gentle.

I give this hole in the wall two weeks.

Let's go.

No. Let me go! Hey! You're hurting her, man, come on.

Hey! You crazy, man?

Kaz, we'll kill you!

Let's go!


Hey, Nick, you all right?



Come on.


Go! Go! Go!

All right. We made it.

Who are you? What?

Who are you? You jump up on the bar, put cans on your feet.

Who does that? You were up there too.

Where to?

Ten blocks at the subway.

Okay. Yeah. It's a tight squeeze back here, man, don't you think?

File a complaint. I am a courier, too. I have many jobs.

It is New York.

Are you okay?

He hit you.

Been popped harder. I'm Donny.


Yeah, I know.

How do you know Nick?

He's my brother.

Your brother? Yeah.

Well, our mums used to work together, mine split.

So Nick and his mum took me in when I was just a kid.

So he's my brother.

This is crazy.

It was kind of crazy but we kind of got used to it.

No, no, no, no. You saw what happened.

Nick and Kaz were ready to kill each other.

Whoa, listen, I just got in today.

I'm not in all that back there.

You're in it now.

What the--?

Stop! Don't.

Well how can I find you?

Give me your phone.


Come on!

I didn't even know my phone could do that.


Let's go!

Are you fucking crazy? Someone could have been killed.

No, stop it!

We can keep this up right here, if you want.

Either shoot somebody or pay me. My meter's running.

Get in the car now. Get in the car!

In the car.

What kind of stunt was that, huh?

What are you doing? Someone could have been hurt.


This is exactly what I warned you about. You don't know shit!

You been here one day-- He's been here one day and look at the mess you've caused.

Listen, I have nothing to do with whatever's between you and her brother.

I told you to stay off my stage, didn't I?

I was on the bar. Yeah, I'm going to hire a babysitter next time Now get your ass in the car.

Yo, let's roll.

Forget this.

Man you don't even know where you're going.

Yo, Nick, you want me to go and get him?

No. Let him dance with a hat on the ground for a few days.

You reached Nick, you know what to do.

Hey, man, it's Donny. Just give me a call back when you can.

We goin' light up this city Ooh, if you're rolling with your crew, I pity, pity the fool who, Who don't rep for this city Ooh, if you got some drank in you, I pity, pity the fool who, Who don't rep for this city.

We goin' light up this city Ooh, if you're rolling with your crew, I pity, pity the fool who, Wish us luck.

Who don't rep for this city We goin' light up this city

We put this together for you.

Thank you.

How many girls do you use again? Six, counting me.

Oh, this next one has a softer vibe.

That's better.

So when are you performing next?

We don't really have a spot right now.

But I need to see you live, in front of a crowd.

The audience goes crazy when they see us. It happened the other night.

But I wasn't there.

Camille. Your two-thirty's here.

Look, we produce live acts. We find you names to tour with or open for.

We connect you with investors to fund off-Broadway runs.

But we need to know if there's an audience for anything we back.

Good luck.

Here you go. Thanks.

I'm not your ordinary chick with the radio song I'm not saying I ain't cute but don't get me wrong I'm making... making... when you put it on All the way to the... Club Don't be confused when you see me I don't want to be compared to nobody If you want me to start to raise you up Crank it up a little higher 'til you feel good...

Admit it. You were only there last night to show Nick up.

You hate losing as much as I do. I didn't lose.

You did give him your number...


Eh, "Kon-ban-wa."

He's even learning Japanese to impress you.

I understood some of that. My impressive Japanese, right?

Natsumi. Hi. Aya, how are you?

Good, thank you.

Let's hear it one more time for Blueprint Cru!

New system sounds great.

A little too much bass, if you ask me.

Here we go with the Korean again.

Maybe he didn't want you to understand.

So come on, let's do this.

Sunday night, you and your girls finally perform here.

You can go on as late as midnight.

We can invite Camille.


This producer that's interested in us.


She just needs to see us live in front of a crowd.

I see, so you want to use my place for your audition?

Your and my brother's place, you mean.

Yeah, I don't think it's going to work like that.

See, if you perform here it's exclusive, nowhere else.

Look, it's just business, okay?

I'll tell you what. I'll tell you what, I'm a fair guy.

I'll match whatever this producer offers and I'll add two percent of the door.

That's good business.

Thank you, but no. Aya.

I said no thank you. Excuse me.

Well, I've got guests to show backstage.

Let's get a technician in to calibrate that bass.

Put your hands together, ladies and gentlemen!

Tonight's headline - All the way from Korea. U-Know!

A mile out and we're traveling alone Things are calm and you were saying Where are we going Do you know the way? Two miles out and the warning lights on And so I say the car's overheating We're done for today Think about the way that we came Doesn't make any difference When it all breaks down Here we are Running on empty


What are you doing here? If Kaz sees you...

Forget your brother. I came to see you.

What we did last night I haven't done something like that in a long time.

It was amazing.

It was okay. Okay?

Whoa, what if I said I was holding back?

Then I'd say you're lying.

Let's get out of here then and find out?

No, I can't. I have to work. This late?

Something happened at Static. I don't know what it was.

You felt it, too. I don't even know you.

We can solve that problem. We can't solve anything.

Kaz, my brother could hurt you. I'm not afraid of him.

There's the door, let's just get out of here, okay? Nobody's looking.

This way.

Hi Aya.

Rei, Kaori, I need your help.


What are you doing? Keep it on.

Get him out of here... Hurry!

Go! Go!

I just want you to be successful. You know that.

I'm not going to work for Michael.

I'll be here, okay. Nothing's going to happen.

You can't always protect me.

What if Nick's right? What if all you did was steal his idea?

Steal? He's the one who screwed me, okay.

And you can't patent an idea.

I opened up a real club, not some underground joint.

Nick has to bend rules and skirt laws. He can never do what I've done.

But how much of yourself have you given up?

You're running out of time, Aya.

Come on. Hey!

I don't believe you paid the cover charge.

Yeah, your joint's over-priced.

Did Nick send you?

No, I just wanted to see this dump for myself.

Well, now that you've seen it, don't come back here no more.

One thing. What kind of shampoo does this guy use?

What is this? What is this?

Are you nuts? If someone sees.

It's Nick's brother.

You're that Wall Street prick, right?

Yeah, he came looking for Aya.

Oh. Come on, let's go. Let's go.

His brother?

This could not have been the plan Be exactly where I am Never found a place to land Never found a flame to fan You ditched my girls. Did you get out OK?

I won't get used to this No problem. So how do we end this mess between our brothers?

And the dreams that came upon us Found out they don't really want us Chase them down and let them go They run faster than you hoped You don't give up, do you?

I used to. All the time Could I hold you like a secret?

If I was strong enough to keep it I want to fall for you, babe I know it's nothing new, babe Why does it all seem so hard lately?

I want to fall for you Come on, man.

If you won't go out with me, can we at least dance again?

I don't know.

Why does it all seem so hard lately?

I want to fall for you I do. How about tomorrow?

I want to fall for you Busy teaching class at B-LIVE.

I'll join in!

You'll never keep up!

Five, six, seven, eight...

Turn, jump! Turn, jump!



Ho! Ho! Wow! Amazing. Next group.


Hey, I'm here, right? Let's go. Okay.

You ready?

Yeah. You want to speed up? Okay.

Speed up? Let's go. Five, six, seven, eight!

Turn, jump! Turn, jump!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Come on. That wasn't bad, right?

I mean, it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad.

Rookie. Sorry.

Okay, Bye bye. Good night. Bye.

Nice class.

Can't you take a hint?

I'm not going anywhere. Not without that dance?

All right, one dance.

What are you doing? Come on.

I... I never planned to hold out my hand So take it or let it go If you feel it inside The love in your eyes Cause sometimes You never know The lines of faith The walls come down And I'll be waiting

So let me in I won't let you fall We could have it all

'Cause in our dreams things are better Than what they've been So let me in

So let me in I won't let you fall We could have it all Cause in our dreams things are better Than what they've been So let me in

How did I do, teach?

I give you an F.

But for extra credit, I'll let you buy me dinner.

So let me in No, no, you don't have to do that. Nick, you've got to see this.

Red Bull's on the line.

They're cancelling our sponsorship.

Here's why. This just got posted.

Links are everywhere. YouTube, Facebook, Yelp, foursquare.

Let go of her. You're hurting her. What?

Shit didn't happen like that. There were no gunshots.

"Static, Brooklyn. Avoid at all costs."

He's trying to shut us down.

If you want the digs you have to pay premium. Premium.

No, no, no. Screw you, Lawrence.

Damn Brits again. They don't take no for an answer.

DJ samples. And you still need to approve these.


They're not going to renew her visa again. You know that, right.

She may never feel the same way about you.

Then again she might... if she just gives it a chance.

Why her? I mean, you can have anyone you want.

She's not anyone. Man, she fights. She doesn't quit.

Look, I can have the paperwork done by Monday. I have an attorney on standby.

Is she going to work here or not?

So what? Stealing my ideas wasn't enough?

Step back. Don't try.

Now you're trying to ruin me?

I take it you're not here for a drink.

Don't play stupid with me, man. It's all over the Internet.

You got some nerve. Man, shut up!

You like the club? Look, Kaz built everything you have.

He found your promotions, your sponsors and took your hole-in-the-wall club to the next level.

And where do you get off sitting in my VIP with a boner for his sister?

So what does it feel like pimping her out to this fool anyway?

You didn't keep your promises, huh!

All I wanted was to be treated fairly. You were a damn street artist.

Get out now or I'm calling the cops!

Go on. Pizza will get here faster.

We were partners and you kept everything for yourself.

You were hired help.

Unless you're here for that drink, I have a business to run.

Yeah. Well, so do I. And that's the last time I plan on saying it.

Hey, and tell that runt brother of yours to stay the hell away

I still can't get those drums of yours out of my head. They were great.

They're from Asia. It's called Taiko.

What's that lettering on the front of your drums? What does that mean?

Cobu. It's the name of our crew.


It means, dance like drumming, drum like dancing.

Drum like dancing. I like that.

One producer's interested in us but she has to see us play live.

And if she backs us I'll be able to stay.

Stay? In America.

Otherwise you have to leave? In three weeks.

That's crazy. Wait.

If this lady signs you then she can get you a work visa, right?

Yeah, but it costs money to book a space. And... I'm broke.

What are you going to do?

Change the subject.

That's what you're going to do?

Uh huh. Okay. All right. All right. I won't ask anymore.

So what's next for you?

What do you mean?

Are you going to perform in Static?

Nick and I, we have issues.

I know he wants the best for me, but you know, the whole older brother thing?

Oh yeah. It gets old.

I know. There's so much I can't tell my brother.

Well, sometimes I've learned it's better not to say anything. Easier, too.

What? Is there something you want to say?

You know, dancing, I like it, but it's been more about making money for me.

I don't get it.

Well, when I move my feet, people are all watching what I'm doing instead of paying attention to what's going on around them.

I was just a distraction.

I was working with a bunch of different guys, you know, pickpockets, credit card thieves, you name it.

Just about anything you can take from tourists, we did.

I was young, but I knew better.

This one guy was working a pretty big scam and one day I got caught.

And I had to serve two years in jail.

Would you do it again?

No. No, I've moved on from all that.

Do you mean that?

Yeah. Yeah, I mean that.

I love the way you talk.

Shut up. No, I do.

The way your words sound. It's cute.

I'm trying. Anyways, this is it.

How do you say it in Japanese, good night?

Oyasuminasai. Oyasim... what? And in Korean jo-eun-koom-ku-wo.

Can you speak both?

I'm Korean blood, born in Japan.

Our histories are long and complicated.

Maybe it's why I love it here.

All right, oyasu-- What is it?

Your grades are improving.

Night. Night.

You can teach me that one tomorrow. Maybe.

Hey, boss. What's up, Jim?

Get everything you can for me on a real pain in the ass, Donny Bray.

He's a dancer from New Orleans. Call me back.

Yes, sir.

Kaz here.

Your sisters been hanging out with Nick's brother and I expect you to do something about it.

Kaz, these are Michael's guest from Britain. This is Lawrence.

Dublin, lassie, not Britain.

And I've been waiting an hour. The sod's ducking me.

Sorry, Michael's been delayed.

He'll be crapping his pants if I get my hands around his neck.

Why don't you guys enjoy yourselves tonight, okay? Natsumi, buy these men a drink.

I'll take your drink. But I'm not enjoying shit!

Everybody check this out.

I want to give a toast to my man Kaz, hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Static is going to be a huge success. Thank you, guys, for coming out.

Love you.

I owe this guy everything. I owe this guy everything.

Club Static's going to be the hottest club in New York Here's the tally for tonight. Oh, and Aya left this for you.


Hello? Yo, D., this is me, man.

Hey, Rene, what's up? Your P.O. won't stop snooping around.

Whatever you're doing you better do it quick.

You're digging yourself in a hole getting deeper every minute.

Okay, man, all right. Peace.

We're off 15%. But it really hit us in VIP.

Maybe it was just a slow night.

Back-to-back slow nights all because of that damn video.

Nick, what are you going to do?


Nick, what?

Hey, can we talk?

You got a lot of nerve, man.

You disappear for four days and you blow back in here.

Well, I'm here now, okay.

It's too late. I got bigger problems.

All right, then, let me help. Put me to work.

Fine. Whatever. Bobby!

You got another back to use.

No, not that. Well, then what?

What I do.

Look, man, I told you that New Orleans thing ain't gonna cut it down here--

You said it. You want this club to feel fresh and new.

Then mix it up.

Come on, man, I can do this.

Just give me a shot.

All right. We'll call it an audition.

You'll be outside tonight.


Inside and onstage.

You got one shot.

One dance.

Don't blow it.

I'm going to want the house band, too.

Raphael's going to need your camera tonight.

And then he had an idea for a routine and it wasn't bad.

So maybe we should try it out sometime.

You're supposed to be working. You've been talking about this guy since I walked in.

No, I haven't. Yes, you have.

Are you sure about this, with everything that's going on?

I know. It makes no sense.

You really do like him. And you never like anybody.

Okay. Okay. Most guys just take, you know. They want to control me.

Like Michael. And Kaz.

Plus I'm always busy. I don't have time for a guy.

But this one, Donny?

I want to make time for him.

Well, don't worry. You've only known him a few days.

It won't last. He's a guy.

Come see the dust fly tonight?

Rehearsing now.

Where is he? Is he going to do this or not?

Hey, can I borrow these?

Yeah, no problem. Thanks.

All right, people, give it up for New Orleans in Da House!

Excuse me.

Get it started!

Four on the floor.

Yeah, come on!

Come on, get up here.

All the hoofers, let's go.

Hey! Let's go, come on, baby!

That's right.

That's my brother! That's my brother! That's my brother!

Woo! All right, well, this is it. Make yourself at home.

Do you want a drink? No. I'm okay.

We've got pretty good tap water in there.


I'm sorry it's such a mess. I haven't really been staying here much.

I was so proud of you tonight.


I probably wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been for you.

Would you miss me if I had to go back to Japan?

More than you know.

Look and see Through the people I'm waiting patiently Let's break free Together to the music and breathe You found me You found me In the middle of a crowd You catch me You catch me In the bass and the sound of my heart Oh, it's moving for you You found me You found me In the middle of a crowd You catch me. You catch me In the bass and the sound of my heart It's moving for you

I want to feel you I want to feel you Breathe Oh. Come and be with me Come and be with me Ooh, ooh. Oh you found me. You found me In the middle of a crowd You catch me You catch me In the bass and sound of my heart It's moving for you

Yo, yo, Donny! Come get some breakfast over here, man.

Just whipped up some grillades, fried some beignets.

Oh wow, okay.

Now I know why you danced like you had a hard on.

Just wait here, okay?

Come on, man, don't O.D. it.

What the hell are you thinking, man? Kaz will come after you.

You guys created this together, man- Screw him!

It's you and me now.

We're back. And all those dreams that we thought died, us running our own joint, hiring and firing, making our own rules, it can happen. It's happening now. No, man, that's you, Nick.

That's always been about you.

You want to dance now, fine.

There. You just got paid to dance.

Next shift is tonight at 10. Just give up the girl.

Not a chance.

Does she know?

Huh? Does she know you quit everything you ever start?

And when you think you have it, you hold it for five seconds and then you let it go like you always do?

We're out. We? Oh, it's we now?

Get back here! I said we're out!

I'm done.

What's going on? Come on.

Donny, wait a second.



Is it done? What?

You saw them. She spent the night.

I said, is it done?

You can't do this now.

Look, if you won't do it I'll hire somebody that will.

Ten minutes. It's still uploading. Thank you

I can't believe he talked to you that way. Forget it. That's Nick.

Forget it? Did you see the way he looked at me?

So much hate in his eyes. Listen, Aya, forget it. All right?

It's me and you now. Then what?

He's your brother, Kaz is mine. We can't change that.

Listen, I just told my brother to shove it right there in front of you.

Okay, if it wasn't for him, growing up, I'd get my ass kicked three times a week instead of twice.

I'm feeling this, too. So you think I'm not?

You didn't answer my calls. Sorry. I had my phone off.


What's going on?

Speak English, already. Please.

Let's go, Aya. Now. I'll call you later, okay?


I think we got it. We'll be in touch. Okay, thanks.

They found the car ditched in an alley. It had been stolen.

Was anyone hurt? Luckily, no.

Yeah, but we could still get sued.

And the police recommend that we shut down for the weekend.

If things are that serious-- Things are that serious.

I got clients in from out of town. This is bad for business.

This is bad for my investment. I'll handle Nick, okay?


Look, you've had your chance. I'm taking care of it.

I'm relieving you of running Oto. What?

This is my club. This is our club.

And I own fifty-one percent.

You can't do that! I can do that.

After last night we'll be lucky to draw half capacity.

Stay on as a creative advisor, but you're through with the day-to-day operations.

I'm calling the shots now.

What did you say to me? What did he say to me?

Let him stay.

I want you to see this.

Hey, guys, look at the headache that was going on at Oto's last night.

You want fun without the drama? Check it outat Static.

I didn't know. Why would we believe a word you say?

I don't care what you believe, Kaz.

Well, after all the lies your brother told? You stole from him. All right?

You gonna step to me?

Screw you.

Break his legs!

He didn't do it! Out back!

Get off! I was with him all night!

He didn't do it, okay.

Donny, I think you should go.




You back?

There's a slot open at 12 if you want it.

Somebody could have been killed.

You used me!

Let him go.

Get off me!

I get knocked down, I get up and I keep fighting.

That's all either of us know how to do.

Kaz didn't screw you.

You screwed yourself 'cause you're an asshole!


Nick! I couldn't stop them.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is this? Where's B?

B's suspended. So are the others you bought off.

This building was condemned in '09.

You sublet it from a management company that's not even licensed.

This is his property now. And we're here to escort you off the premises.

What? You can't throw me out.

We can if you've been running an illegal club.

Serving alcohol, without a license, violating safety and fire codes.

I built this. This is mine!

Not anymore! Everyone out now! Let's go.

I close million dollar deals before morning coffee.

This, this is nothing.

And you, white trash with gourmet Chinese.

Stick to dollar carry-out.

You son of a bitch!


Restrain that man right now! Let's go! Grab him.

Get him out of here. Get him out of her right now. Let's go.

Did you see that!?

That's assault, pal.

Open up.

She's okay. She's okay. She's with me.

Bray! You're lucky.

Someone wants to cut you a break.

Let's go.

Give us five minutes. We don't need those, do we?

You okay? Yeah. You?

So I know everything.

I know that you jumped parole back in Louisiana.


Whoops. You forgot to mention that, didn't you?

Aya, I... it's complicated.

Cops don't know it, yet.

But as soon as they run your priors they'll find out and then you'll be back to New Orleans and back in jail for parole violation.

You had six months left. That's what?

Six more months behind bars.

Ouch. Doesn't have to be that way.

Here's the deal. That remains our little secret.

I don't press charges and you're free to walk out of here and get on the next plane, train, bus, I really don't care what, back to New Orleans to never come back here again.

And you come work for me.

Aya, no.

Keep your little friend here out of jail.

Don't do it. Shut up.

And I give your brother his job back.

Now, normally, I like to give my clients once I put the deal on the table.

Your time starts now.

He can't do this. I mean, who the hell does he think he is?

Aya, I'm sorry, okay. I tried to tell you. I wanted to tell you in the restaurant.

It doesn't matter now. I'm not even angry.

Where are you going?

To accept his offer.

No, Aya, you can't! I don't want you paying for my mistakes.

There's nothing you can do. If you don't leave, you go back to jail.

I won't let that happen. I'll be fine, all right?

Don't worry about me. Donny, take a look around.

Look where we are.

We had our time but you and I are over.

So he's dropping the charges. You're free to go.

Wake up in the mornin. Trying to wish the night away

Hiding in the corner. Waiting for the light to change

Yeah. And you can tell yourself. The drama doesn't help Good luck getting out of your own way Praying you can stop, chasing everything you're not Making all the same mistakes Heaven forever slipping through my arms again I'm dying inside me I know I'll find a way to hold on 'til the end The time will blame me This curse is on my back It's like it's got me trapped But I will keep on trying. I'll go on reaching 'til the world is in my hands I'm catching shadows

Oh, oh, oh, Heaven forever slipping through my arms again...

Hey, it's me. Nick is looking for you.

Yeah, I know Nick's looking for me.

Just listen. I need your help with something okay.

...hold on till the end I'm catching shadows

Is it on? Yeah, it's ready.

I left New Orleans Monday night.

A day later everything changed.

That's when I met Aya. Since then a lot has happened.

It's been pretty crazy. And some of it you've probably even seen on here.

As of today, the two hottest clubs in Brooklyn are gone.

They shut down Static.

Took it from Nick and everyone who works there.

And Kaz has been demoted. Oto will never be the same.

Yeah, maybe Nick and Kaz went too far and let their egos get in the way, but these guys created something special. Something visionary.

But who really brought them down?

Some bullshit operator on Wall Street. An asshole who ruined everything for everyone.

One of those guys who has money but nothing else.

No vision. No morals, but they wind up with all this power.

So what are we going to do now? Do we just stand by and let this go down?

Not me. Not anymore.

I'm not going to throw the towel in this time.

I'm making things happen now. I'll start something new.

Bringing artists together just like Nick and Kaz did.

So I'm hosting a pop-up club tonight.

If you guys want to come down and check this place out.

It's going to be a great night, no cover charge.

And, you know, what? Drinks are free.

Whoa? Free drinks?

Listen, we got to fill this place up. We got to get them here somehow, right?

What if this doesn't work? It has to.

Listen, just get everyone together, okay?

Go back to Static, raid the liquor stash.

We got a lot of work to do.

But don't tell Aya. Not yet. We got to time this just right.

Hi. I'm looking for a Camille.

Camille Young? Yes?

Hi. I'm with Cobu. I'm the manager.

Who are you and what are you talking about?

The group with the girls and the drums.

I've seen their stuff. You got to check these guys out. They're amazing.

And I came to give you this. It's tonight.

They're going to be there with a live audience and everything you need to see these guys in action.

Very nice. Thank you.

Wait. You got to. Just...

And it starts at 10. So I'll see you there, right?


Rocketeer Entertainment. May I help you?


Thank you.

I knew you'd stick around. I think you're the only honest person I know.

This is business. You never touch me, you never try.

Exclusive terms. My immigration lawyer is the best.

He'll look after everything you need. And Kaz?

Well, I tried calling him and he hasn't called me back.

Maybe you can give him a shout and talk some sense into him.

I'll need you to sign where it's indicated.

Don't I get two minutes?

Why don't you read it over?

You can bring it back with you tomorrow night when you start.

Hey, it's Donny, Nick's brother.

Listen, I need your help promoting something.

Big news going down in Brooklyn tonight, people...

Running through this city. I've been gone so long...

He's expecting you.

Don't know how I'll make it The guy's a wanker. Thinks I'm a Brit.

Thinks I'm Japanese.

He's been screwing me out of deals for months now.

So the answer is, I'm interested.

Yo, Nick, it's past nine. He's still not answering.

Forget him.

Yeah? Let's go.


Your brother, he kind of made other plans.

What are you doing out here?

Kaz. Kaz, I have to show you something right now.

I got to go inside. Please. Please?

I'll be back.

This place? Yeah. Come on.

All right, so where is he? Give it a minute.

What's he doing here?

What's this about?

I told you. Can you wait a little bit?

Come on.


Did you know Nick was here? Yes.

Trust me. Camille's going to be here.

There she is..

I'll be right back.

What's up, man?

Hey, welcome to Oto. Under new management.

Thought there'd be a few more people, too. It's early, go have a seat.

What are you drinking? Scotch.

Scotch. Excuse me, sweetheart. Can you get a scotch for my friend? Thanks.

Somebody hacked into our mailing list.

I left New Orleans Monday night.

A day later everything changed.

That's when I met Aya.

All my life I've charged into things without thinking.

Doing some pretty dumb stuff. But I want to get something right.

I'm not going to throw the towel in this time. Not on you.

I left New Orleans Monday night.

A day later everything changed.

I can't believe you did all this.

I couldn't leave town, not without one last dance.

End this now! I already did.

I sold my 49% share in Oto.


Oh, and by the way, meet your new partner.

Come on!

You know what's worse than being partners with a pissed off Irishman?

What? When he's pissed at you, friend.

Hey come on, Kaz. Kaz, you can't do this.

Kaz! Don't touch the shirt.

Excuse me!

Coming through. Excuse me.

If I hold you closer would you make me set you free Hey, Kaz.

I'm not letting go. So now I know it'st meant to be Whenever you look at me.

It's time to celebrate. Throw'em up and go hard We keep on doing what we're doing. Like there is no tomorrow So now you know I'm not messing around Messing around I'm never going to let you down

You finish this.

Alright, guys, come on! Come on!

Cobu! Here we go!

Girls! Can you see the love that's in our eyes Can you feel your heart, it beats with mine Now we know So everybody goes...

Start tweeting.

We're live right now, right outside of Bushwick, witnessing something new and unseen.

And I don't think about what all these people have to say So everybody. Just let your body I said everybody. Let your body go To let somebody know. Let's jump into the flow we show. Let your body go To let somebody know Let's jump into the flow. Let your body go And jump into the flow. This is how we show So let somebody know

Can you see the love that's in our eyes Can you feel your heart, it beats with mine Now we know--

Aya, you're amazing. I'm so proud of you. That was great.

Donny? What now?

I go back. I do time. I finish parole...

It doesn't matter. I'll get through it.

There you are. I loved what you did.

I want to see you in my office first thing Monday.

Does this mean she can stay?

Bring your passport, I'll take care of everything.

And you! You put all this together?

He did. I want you dancing for me, as well.

Well, I'm kind of booked for the next six months. I have to go back to Louisiana.

But you're coming back? Nothing can stop me.

We good? We're good.

Did good, little brother. Thanks, man.

Hey, you know I brought your sax, right? I brought your sax, you're playing it.

Let's go. Come on.

Now we know. So everybody goes...

Wow. Can you see the love that's in our eyes Can you feel your heart, it beats with mine Now we know. So everybody goes...

Now we know. So everybody goes...