Mal de pierres (2016) Script

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No, not now.


It's late.

Mr. Rabascall.

Hows this? Not too gaudy?

It's nice.

Where are you from? La Ciotat.

On the coast?

You know Lyon, ma'am?


Is the Conservatory far?

Over the bridge and we're there.

It's like a competition?

Yes, for young pianists.

From all over France.

What's he doing?



You take him.

I'll see you there.




"Mr. Sauvage - 1st floor"


Hello, Gabrielle.

Take a seat.

Take a seat while I finish up.

You received your correspondence classes?


History bores me.

You'll keep at it, won't you?

I don't like learning that way.

I want to be talked to.

I have your book.


You're hot.

It's a superb novel, written by a young Englishwoman who never left the countryside.

Where she lived- She never left?

She died young.

Beautiful handwriting.

Go on.

You had something to tell me?


"This book belongs to Jean-Claude..."

We'll be naked.

I'll lie on top of you.

I'll spread your arms out.

You will know with me the principal thing.

You will enter into me.

You will enter into me.

So, Mrs. Savourney, happy with the harvest?

Better than last year.

What's your yield per hectare?

15, 16.

This year, the flower's good and dry.

Top quality.

Come along!

Good evening. Sit down with us.

To next year!

Here I am.

Good evening.

You liked the book?


It's a book of love.

Yes, a love story.

This is for you.

What is it? Take it. It's for you.

I didn't read that.

It's for you.

Who wrote it?


Where'd you come up with that?

It's me.

Those words. You're mad.

You gave me the book.

It's a book.

Good night. Not good night.

Not good night. Where are you going?

You're a nothing.

What are you all staring at?


Come here, my girl.

Open up.

Come out of there!

You'll be hungry.

You're not happy at home?

I am.

Would you like some time away?

No, why?

There are places for...

She gets these cramps. She'll be fine.

With her, you never know if it's an act.



Well... we'll be seeing each other again.

What for?

And you?

Do you hear me?

You're there.

You're naked.

Give me the principal thing.

Or let me die.

Hello, José. I'd like a word.

Do you want to go...

No, here's fine.

Have a seat.

Thank you.

Well, José...

I was thinking, you have a tiring life.

Always moving on. Maybe you're sick of it.

I don't beat around the bush.

My daughter...

You've met my eldest daughter?

I sense you're not indifferent.

She's beautiful.

There comes a time to start a family.

I won't lie. She's ill. It's her nerves.

She has... her head in the clouds.

She's not mad.

Don't believe the gossips.

She needs a man in her life.

A husband.

I hardly know you.

But you seem the solid type.

But she...

Has she seen me?

She will.

You're Catholic.

I have no religion. I have nothing, ma'am.

Nothing to call my own.

I know.

But you have a profession.

We could help set you up in business.

You're a bricklayer by trade.

Think it over.

What does the guy want?


I don't understand.

He wants to marry.

Marry who?

Let go!

When our village was taken, a few of us escaped and hid in the mountains.

We laid low for several days.

Franco's men arrived, and that was the end of the war.

I'd fought with the Republicans.

I couldn't stay.

We waited for...

We waited for help to come.

After a while, we had no choice. We left.

That was the last time I saw my village.

In flames.

Do you have any news of your family?

My older brother went to live in Zaragoza.

We've stopped writing.

We passed through La Ciotat.

Those big shipyards.

José's going to work down there.

It's full of communists.

It's sad When events divide families, turn cousins and neighbors against each other.

We had that here not so long ago.

Would you like to live by the sea, Gabrielle?


What are we celebrating?

You want to marry me?

You're mad.

We're strangers.

You're a stranger.

I don't even know your name.

I forgot.

You're playing along with it.

They want to be rid of me.

They've bought you off.

Good-bye, miss.

Adèle, leave her!

Let me be!

I won't hesitate, Gabrielle.

I'll have you interned in Marseille.


I won't sleep with you.


What will you do?

There are women.


Where we'll be.

You'll be unhappy.

Why choose to be unhappy?

I don't love you.

I'll never love you.

I don't love you either.

He told Mom he'd take Communion.

What's wrong with you?

You have too much makeup on.

Come down. We're waiting.

Good night.

Good night.

Are you awake?

This week, I'm staying in bed.

I don't want to be disturbed.

"J. RABASCALL Building Contractors"

Mrs. Rabascall. Morning.


Yes, ma'am, but we need to do a quote first.

I didn't catch that.

For the construction or renovation of one wing?

I'll be at the site on rue du Cap.

Anyone asks for me, please send them over.


You'll call back?

Thank you.

You'd like a drink before dinner?


You're going to Toulon tonight?


Because it's Saturday.

Those women, what do they do for you?

You don't talk about it.

Tell me.

We spend some time together. They know.

It happens.

Doesn't sound very complicated.

Do you pay them for it?

Of course. How much?

You want to know?

200 francs.

Put the money on the table.



Well, Mrs. Rabascall?

Like it?


What's wrong?

You had no idea you were pregnant?

No, no idea.

After your attack, you lost the child.

Did they tell you at the clinic?


You risk losing any others.

Your affliction shows up on the abdominal X-ray.

You'll see.

You see these light spots?

Good morning.

Take a seat.

This one's as big as a hazelnut.

People call it stones sickness.

I was telling your wife, one option is a lobotomy, but it's a long, delicate operation that leaves significant scarring.

The first step I recommend is a spa cure.

There are specialist establishments.

I have a list in France.

Or Switzerland, but it's expensive.

We'll manage.



You won't take a cure?

If you want to have a child...

You want to have a child? Yes.

You want to have a child.

We'll go.

It's sad here.

Mrs. Rabascall, Gabrielle.

Booked in for six weeks.

Six weeks? Yes.

I'll get you your key.

Lower ground floor, first corridor on the left.


I'll come to see you.

Don't I get a good-bye?


You'll be happy on your own.

You must respect the exact times for taking the waters.

Same goes for balneotherapy.

Above all, all day long, drink lots of water.

The calculus may dissolve and you'll feel better...

What if I don't want to?

You've worked here long?

Four years.

Where are you from?


Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée. Near Péone.

I'm from Bargemon.



I haven't been back for ages.

On vacations, I go to see my daughter near Paris.

Coffee perhaps?


All the meals are here?

Yes. We don't do room service.

Except for bedridden patients.

Don't you like it here?

What's wrong?

I'm fine.

Mrs. Rabascall.

Can I help?

Course not.

Why? Are you bored downstairs?

I wasn't married.

She's raised by good, upright folk.

I'm allowed to visit twice a year.

Holidays, Christmas...

How old is she?

She'll be six years old on November 18th.

She's blonde, like her father.

Beautiful from here, isn't it?

This floor's for the rich.

Come in.

You'll tag along every day?

Morning, Mr. Sauvage.

Morning, Agostine.

The shower down the hall is cold.

I know.

Unless you're in there before 8:00 a.m.

Pass me my newspaper, Agostine.

I'd like to shave.

I'll fetch some hot water.


You work with Agostine?


I'm taking a cure.

I never go downstairs.

Only sick people down there.

Tell me...

The elderly gentleman next door, I don't see him or hear him anymore.

Do you mind taking a look?


I thought as much.

They take them to Lyon to croak.

Would you like me to do it, sir?

Yes, please.

The razor and soap are on the sink.

He's a lieutenant.

Served in Indochina.

His father's a general or colonel or something.

He got something nasty there. With only one kidney...

He has attacks, called uremia.

Sometimes he's in terrible pain.

He never complains.

We give him morphine.

He goes woozy, smiling like a baby.

Will he die?

The Good Lord's a louse that way.

He has visitors?

No wife, no kids, he told me.

I have to go.

Come in.

We're going to lose this war.

You were over there a long time?

A few months.

The young man just now, was he with you?

He's my orderly.

He brought me the papers.

At age two, he was baptized, Christianized...

We renamed him Blaise, made him a French soldier.

Were we right?

I never saw a Chinaman before.

You think there'll always be wars?

The true life of men before death.

Or so they say.

Do you miss it?

I was born into it. It's been my whole life.

I miss my comrades.

Is that medication?

No, it's opium.

Blaise brought it.

By chewing it like this, you don't stray too far.

It soothes the pain.

Have you worked here long?

No, I told you, I'm...

What have you got?

Stones sickness.


"On Happiness"

"André Sauvage 26 rue Commines, Lyon"

Ladies and gentlemen, your 4:00 waters.

Mr. Green, Mrs. Schneider, Mr. Cabetti, Mrs. Rabascall, Mr. Hartmann...

You're out of bed?

Dodging your warm water?

You don't believe in it?


What are you playing?

"June Barcarolle" by Tchaikovsky.

You play an instrument?

The piano.

A little.


Why am I so tired?


I'm sorry.

No wedding ring?

I took it off.

With the showers and treatments, it's easy to lose.


Is that Catalan?

Yes, I've never been there.

What are you exactly?

A hospital visitor?

You're feeling better today.

I die cured.

I wonder where that goes. The forest, I suppose.

We can go for walks.

When you're feeling better.

Perhaps the room needs airing.

It must stink.

I smell nothing.

Is that the book you're reading?

I've finished it. I'll lend it to you.

When people lend me books, it ends badly.

So I'll give it to you.

You have slender hands.

I'm tired now.

Mrs. Rabascall, your husband is here.

You told me you were coming? Yes.

I drove it without a break.

When are you leaving again? Early tomorrow.

You can't sleep here.

I'm staying in the village.

The guesthouse for one night is fine.

You're not eating?

How are things down there?

We have orders coming in.

They're building in Lavandou.

The house will be ready when you get home.

I got a refrigerator, the big model we saw.

Morning, sir.

You left this upstairs.

Every time you come, it rains.

People are right. What?

You're mean.

Who says that?

It's stopped.

The weather's fickle here.

I'm going for a smoke.

Nice man, your husband.

What have you got against him?

Thank you.

"Indochina: Vietnamese forces advance on Son-Tay"

You must eat now.

You feel better?

How long was I in bed?

Three days.

You're pale.

Where's Agostine?

She's not here.

In the kitchens?

No, she's taken a few days off.

But I thought...

I was told you wouldn't come back.

They treated me in Lyon, at the hospital.

A transfusion or something like that.

Change your blood, get you back on your feet.

I wanted to see you.

My father's home from a mission.

I have a beautiful new room. West Pavilion, room 112.

You wanted to see me?

I thought of our moments together.

You were there with me.


Excuse me.

Time for my treatment.

So your father got you this room?


I think he pulled strings when he found out I was ill.

We hadn't spoken for six months.

We don't always see eye to eye.

We never see eye to eye, in fact.

You don't have to agree with your parents.

Mine say that I'm crazy.

So they locked you up here?

The photographer's here today.

Do you want him to take a photo of us?

Ma'am, eyes this way, please.

Perfect! Don't move.

Very good, thank you.

I was at boarding school, military academy...

I've always lived among men.

Not counting nurses with crepe soles.

Or whores in Saigon or Dalat.

So I'll be the first.


You're married, Gabrielle.

Married to no one. You are.

Marriage is a sacrament. Before God.

What do you know about God?

How do you know what he allows or what he forbids?

You came back.

Back to me.

I'm not sure.

You're mad.

He's mad.

Where have you been?

Right here.

You're seeing the doctor at 5:00.

I'll help you clear up.

We're accused of being charlatans, but with certain qualities, judging by your results.

Besides your dizzy spell, you're fine now, ma'am.

The cure is over. You can leave us now.


Your husband called- I don't want to go home.

Your private life is not my concern.

He telephoned.

He's picking you up tomorrow.

We have to leave.

We have to go right...

What are you doing?

What's all this luggage?

I was waiting for you.

My husband's coming tomorrow.

It's the end of the cure. We knew.

I'll leave with you.

Not now. It's impossible.

I have matters to attend to.

I'm leaving the army. It's over.

There's no point now.

What will I do?

What can I do?

You can't just walk out either.

I won't leave you.

I don't want to. Me neither.

We'll write, okay?

I'll tell you where we'll meet.

I don't know yet, but I'll tell you.

Right now, it's impossible.

If you love me, believe me.

Promise me.

I promise you.

The same amount?

450 francs?

The bill's itemized.

Treatment and accommodation.

That's the treatment?

Time to say good-bye?

We'll meet again.

You think?

I've been happy here.

I put furniture in.

Feel free to change anything.

You bought a piano?

For you.

So you're happy?

You've thought of a name?

You've absolutely floored Mommy.

She can't stop talking about it.

She must be missing me.

What do you think of René?

He seems fine.

He's tall.

Don't be mean!

We're moving to Gap.

A dentist's selling up.


What's the suitcase?

Leave it!

It's clothes and stuff.

Fine house José built you.

Don't go in with your shoes on.

Can we have some help here?

It's heavy.


Go for a swim.

I forgot my costume.

To offspring!

Good health, Gabrielle!

I'm going to hurt you, José.


You want this child too, don't you?


I met a man at the spa.

I love him.

When he asks, I'll go to him.


Where will you go?

I don't know.

I'll be with him.

What the hell!

My love...

Perhaps you left Lyon.

I suppose the Defense Ministry is in Paris.

You haven't yet replied to my letters.

What are you doing?

Where are you?

I'm afraid for you.

I haven't unpacked my suitcase.

All I do is wait.

That's all I am.

Your body invaded mine.

I am planted within you.

I am alone with you.

I made myself a dress.

It's blue.

I have to wear a slip with it.

Otherwise it's see-through.

I'd forgotten where I put this.

"André, I belong to you..."


Nothing else?

Check. Check in your bag.

That's all there is.

Nothing at the post office?


Just a catalog.

My love, you say nothing.

You leave me in silence.

What displeased you in my letters?

Where are you?

I hope the army didn't take you back and send you back to the war.

I picture you there, wounded perhaps.

There were awful photos in "Match."

Talk to me.

I need you to talk to me.

There are cold currents in the sea.

On Tuesday, a young boy drowned.

No, ma'am, nothing.

What are you doing?

You see.

But you've had no reply.

True, you're right.

Send the taxi away.

My love...

I'll do my best to finish this letter.

What do you want to hear that I haven't said?

I have no more words.


Why are you angry with me?

What did I do wrong?

I think back.

I have no more words.

I have no more words.

"My body's on fire"

"I want to feel..."

"I picture you there, wounded perhaps."

My letters.

Go away!

Let me go!

This is the last time I'll write.

I'm expecting your child.

I didn't want to tell you...

So you wouldn't think I was trying to influence your attitude toward me.

I don't want to know why you didn't read my letters.

My head couldn't stand it.

If you don't reply to this one...

It will all be over.


Where's that beautiful baby?

Kiss your son, Gabrielle.

The Association of Veterans of French Indochina was founded to defend fighting men's interests and honor the memory of our dead.

At times like this, remembrance is crucial.

Spare a thought for men in Viet-Minh camps awaiting liberation.

Thank you.

We can now go aboard to interview the wounded.

Where were you wounded?

In Cochin China.

A long time ago?

Lunch outside, José?


I'm filing for divorce.

What are you talking about?

We don't divorce in our family.

I never see him.

He works all week.

Sundays, he's out with his friends.

I'm always alone.

You've not been unhappy with José.

José's the private type.

He never talks.

Even about events in Spain when he was young.

Or what happened with me.

He keeps it to himself.

No, I've not been unhappy.

We had a great adventure.

Go on, show them.

Maybe it'll spill out in the car.

Show them.


Not enough sweet pepper.

Look, there's two of them.

That's a huge fish.

Come on.

You see its little scales?

"June Barcarolle" by Tchaikovsky, from a suite of 12 pieces for piano, performed by Emil Gilels.

Try again.


I'm very pleased. He's hardworking and gifted.

Of course he's gifted.

Can you work on that?

"The Barcarolle."

Later, perhaps.

We'll see.


Marc, see you Friday.

Hello. Hello there.

Twice a week's a lot, isn't it?

You're no musician.

I'm going out to play.

Bravo, honey.

It was marvelous.

All on your own here, Mama?

I don't find Gabrielle very affectionate with the boy.

Perhaps... she was never taught any different.

You'll stay over with us tonight.

No, I'll go home.

Good, wasn't it?

Yes, it was.

His teacher wants to enter him for a national competition.

In Lyon.

We could go.

I don't know.

It'd get us out.

Has my mother gone?



It's late.

Mr. Rabascall.

Ma'am, please.

The taxi's waiting outside.

What's he doing?

You take him.

I'll see you there.




Do you remember me?

A long time ago, at the spa.


Can I come in?

I'm afraid I have to lock up. It's for sale.

The general passed away three months ago.

But André...

André Sauvage?

He never replied to my letters.


The lieutenant died.


The day he left the spa.

You were there.

The ambulance took him away.

He died in Lyon. At the hospital.


He came back.

Afterwards, he came back.

No, ma'am.

He didn't come back.

He did.


How did it go?

Well. He won second prize.

Did you find anything?

Wash your face. We're going.

You came to see me at the spa.


It was a foggy day.

You said I always brought rain.

I'm going for a smoke.


Sir, can you sign this?

You're taking a cure?

No. You?

This is my last night. I'm leaving tomorrow.

Transferring to Desgenettes Hospital in Lyon.

All bets are off.

Black tobacco.

I'm not bothered about dying.

As a man and soldier.

It's the only thing the army teaches you.

Have you been to war?

I've seen it.

See that woman?

Beautiful, isn't she?

We met here.

I could have loved her. In another life.

Nothing now.

No hard-on. I feel nothing.

I'm sorry.

You came to see someone?

My wife.

At the guesthouse, I couldn't sleep.

I went back that night.

If you want, I'll leave.

It's an Italian boat.

A container ship.

That one's going to Sardinia.

Why didn't you ever tell me?

I wanted you to live.

That's it?


Which house is yours?

"From the Land of the Moon"

"Based on the novel by Milena Agus"

"From the Land of the Moon"