Man of Tai Chi (2013) Script



(MAN OVER RADIO) Sniper team in position.

(WOMAN) Go, go! (MAN SHOUTING) Go! Police!




(shouts, groans)

(GASPING) (MAN) Finish him.


(MAN) Finish him.


(POLICE RADIO) Area clear. Subject not found.

Wong's not going to like this.

I don't like this.


What happened, Chi-Tak? You let me down.

Come on, D. Let me explain.

Next time, I promise I'll do...


You're not a warrior, you're a rat.


Find me another contestant.


You said your source was reliable.

He is.

Then where's the proof?

I believe Chi-Tak may have been compromised... and killed.

Believe? I deal in facts.

How can you arrest someone based on a hunch?

Sir, I know Donaka is involved.

I have Chi-Tak's testimony!

But you don't have Chi-Tak, nor any evidence.

That means you don't have a case.

My instinct says we do. Your instinct? You're so emotional.

That's why I'm sitting here, and you have to knock to come in.

I care about my cases.

As do I. There are men dying on the streets of this city every day, while you're busy chasing your so-called instincts.

This case is closed.

Sir, I believe there'll be another...

Listen to me.

If you want to be a good cop, do your job.

This case is closed.

The time is 5 am.


(RADIO HOST) New radio for China's new age...

New radio for China's new age...

98.6 Hits FM. 98.6 Hits FM.

Start your day right... the right way. The right...

Slow down.

Empty yourself. I can't.

Slow down. Don't let your Chi control you.

Slow down.

You are not controlling your Chi, your Chi is controlling you.


Your form has stopped, but your Chi is still going.

Good. Stay in place.

I attack, you evade.

Guide your Chi! Control it!


Where is your unfinished Chi?

Guide it! Use it!

(shouts, pants)

How do you feel?

I feel good, I released my Chi.

You must be careful with this, Tiger.

What do you mean?

You used power to break the spear, instead of guiding your Chi to evade it.

TAI CHI IS ABOUT BALANCE: The harmony of form and spirit.

But power could also solve the problem.

The choice you made today will not only affect your martial ability, it will also determine the essence of who you will become.

You need to be aware of this.

This decision will lead you to a very different path.

As the only successor of this martial art, you must take time to meditate, in order to fully understand it.

Welcome back! Live from Beijing, the fourth round of the Wu Lin Wang Championship!

I'm Wong Yi, and here with me, as always...

...Chairman of the Wu Lin Kung Fu Association, Grand Master Ding Lu.


Next we have Chou Ping versus Tiger Chen.

An intriguing matchup.

Chou Ping, from Guangdong province, known as King of the Southern Fist, and Tiger Chen, the dark horse of the competition, from Hebei province, with Ling Kong Tai Chi.

Tai chi, that's different.

BLUE SIDE: Chou Ping.

RED SIDE: Tiger Chen.

These martial art experts are about to begin.

THE RULES: One point for a strike to the body, two for the head, three for a knockdown, submission or a knockout-victory!

Please bow.

First round. Ready... Begin!

Tai chi's for show. You've already lost.



Blue side ready? Start!




The Southern Fist King submits in the first round!

Beaten by the dark horse.

Tiger Chen wins!

Tiger, congratulations!

But tai chi is not traditionally used for fighting.

What does your master think?

Where is he today?

My master doesn't believe fighting can prove anything.

What do you believe?

I believe I can change people's minds.

I want to show the world that tai chi is not just for exercise.

It can also be very powerful.

That's great. You've certainly changed my perspective.

Thanks, Tiger.


What do you think, boss? Start the content.

I'm on it.

We have a contender.

(RADIO HOST) Stuck in traffic and late for work?

Here's a new song to make you feel better.

Better. New radio for China's new age, 98. 6... Better.

Start your day the right way.

I'm here.

Forty-four! It's the blue door!

Sot it!

I'm here. Not that one, it's the other blue door! Okay, I'll be right there!

Where are you?

What took you so long?

I'm sorry.

Sign here?

Good morning! What took you so long? Hurry!

Hey, I saw your match on TV. You did good!

It was nothing. Were you guys fighting for real?

Of course! Really? That guy looked tough.

The stronger they are, the better I fight.

Ah, you tai chi guys have an expression for everything.

Is the contract here yet? Yes.

Is it stamped? Yes.

This should've been sent seven minutes ago!

Sorry, it was my fault. I was late.

If there are any problems with this, I'll have you fired!

And you. Am I paying you to stand there and chat?

I'll fire you too.

Then you two can talk all you want on your honeymoon!

Deep breath...

Find your point of balance.

Relax! Relax!

I am relaxing!

Copy. On my way.

Hi, who is this for? This is for Coach Liu.

"Always on time. Always reliable." Remember that. Now go!


Tiger, you're supposed to be here at six o'clock!

Sorry, sir. Traffic, sir.

Don't give me excuses! What's our slogan?

"Always on time. Always reliable." Always on time! Always reliable!

Work harder if you want to keep this position!

Yes, sir. Go!

What time is it now? 6:03.

Why is everybody late?

Mom, I'm here!

Son, you're back.

You look so skinny!


Dad. You're here.

I brought you some wine.

Again? I still haven't finished last month's.

Take your time.

Who's playing? Shanghai versus Guangzhou.

He says it's just underground fighting, but it's not.

There's something else going on.

Officer Suen, please.

You gotta get me out. I'll get you out. I promise.



I heard Wong closed your case.

What are you thinking? I want to rip his head off.

Never had a case closed on you before, huh?

Look, Donaka's been here since '97 with his security company.

His clients are millionaires.

Why risk it to run an underground fight club?

Maybe it's for pleasure.

If it's pleasure, then he's picking the fighters.


If I follow Donaka, I'll get the next fighter.

Don't even think about it. You'll lose your badge.

Chi-Tak trusted me. I promised to protect him.

Listen to me. Don't do this.

I promised him I'd stop this.



Oh, I remember, rent tomorrow.

Don't worry, a package came for you.

A Package?

Is this for the interview?

Where are we going?



(WOMAN OVER LOUDSPEAKER) Please approach the mirror.

Please stand facing the mirror before the white line.

Turn to the left.

Turn to the right.

Now please face the mirror...

...and state your name. Tiger Chen.



(yelling, grunting)




How do you feel? Good.


Was that tai chi? Yes.

Really? What style? My own.

How would you like to test how good you are, Tiger?

Or could become?

No referees, no rules.

Pure fighting, man to man.

Would do you mean? What's the job?

You fight and get paid. I fight and get paid?

What about the security position?

(CHUCKLES) This pays better.

I can't fight tai chi for money.

It's dishonorable.

You must have responsibilities.

A master? Parents?

Fight for them. (SIGHS)

What if I lose? You're fired.

Call me.

Enjoy your flight home.

Tiger Chen!

Where were you yesterday?!

Sorry, sir. Sorry.

This may be just a job to you, but this is my career!

Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

Did you even hear me?!

Sorry sir, I'm sorry!


Hello. Master?

I'm on my way!


They say the temple isn't safe... Is it true? Here.

Safety code violations...?

This is a 30-day eviction notice!

The universe is blind to our pain, and deaf to our sorrow.

All things have their way.

I understand, Master. But I don't accept it.

We can fight this.

The developers submitted a petition for redevelopment.

They want to knock down the temple.

But it's the birthplace of Ling Kong Tai Chi!

600 years! 21 generations!

600 years!

We could use that!

We can block them with a heritage preservation petition.

What do you mean?

Fill this out. Tell us about Ling Kong Temple's history, and explain why it's worth saving.

But Tiger, if you don't fix the violations within 3O days, you will lose the temple.

How much will all this cost?

A lot.

(TIGER ON PHONE) Mr. Donaka Mark. Tiger.

I'm interested. So am I.

This is how it works.

(WOMAN OVER LOUDSPEAKER) Now please face the mirror and state your name. Tiger Chen.

" Fight! (MAN YELLING)."

Come on, let's fight!


Come on!

Come on!

Here are the rules.

No hits to the groin.

No hits to the back of the head.

Stop! Stop, stop!

Wait for my signal.

Red side, ready? Start!


Where does the money come from?

Work. Don't worry, it's nothing.

I'll go take a look?

Hi, can I help you? No problem.

Thank you for this opportunity.



Damn, that guy's a beast.


He likes it.



(DONAKA) Fantastic. What?


Hey, Tiger! I'm Gong.

Man, I need to shake your hand.

Who are they? What are they doing?

What, those? For your fans.

What do you mean, my fans? People watch?

The world over, Tiger. They love it. They love you.

No, no one ever said anything about showing the fights.

Hey, don't worry about it, man.

It don't get screened in China, just overseas to a very select few group.

I thought this was private. I thought...

It is. Don't worry about it.

Look, it's like pay-per-view.

People pay to see the fight, that simple.

And right now, T-man, you are the star!

Were they always watching? Does it matter?

Is that what you fought for?


Is that why you won?


Why'd you win? Because I'm better.


Even slower.

What have you been doing?


What kind of work?

Have you been fighting?

For the temple.

So when the temple's fixed, and you've tasted blood, what then?

You must meditate.


To clear your mind, guide your Chi and gain control.

I have control.

No, you have power, not control.

Power is control.

That is an illusion.

It is not an illusion, it's reality.

I live in it, you don't.

What I learn in here, I can't use out there.

How can you use what you have not yet learned?

Only when you've dispelled these illusions, will you find your way again.


I'm not lost.

What's the number?

Good, they like him.

First round. Ready? Fight!

Blue side. Ready?


Blue side.


Blue side.



One, two. (Cheering, applause)

Seven, eight!


Tiger knocked out the Sanshou Champion, and it looked so easy!

How did he do it?

He used soft style in a hard way.

Soft and hard? That sounds like a contradiction.

No, no, no, no.

This is Gong, live from Beijing Championship Hall, signing off from another fantastic fight, where our T-man, man of tai chi, was once again outrageous.

He has it in him.


So this place is a firetrap, right?

Not anymore.

Not bad.

Well played... but this isn't over.

What do you think?

We'll see.

Don't worry. Once we get the heritage preservation order, there's nothing they can do.

Dad, how's the new television? Better than the old one!

That's good.

Tiger, your favorite: Fish-taste pork. Eat up!

"Fish-taste pork"?

With rice, too?

Damn, I'm hungry right now, man.


It's work. I'll be right back.


Hello? (DONAKA) I'm not interrupting, am I?

No. Tomorrow night.

What time? Six P.M.

See you tomorrow.

Hurry, the food's getting cold. Okay.

Is everything all right? Everything's fine.


What's going on? Where's the fight?

Does it matter?


What's going on? Who are all those people?

Your fans.

Get yourself ready.

(pounding, yelling)

Here I am tonight with my man Tiger Chen, just before the fight. What you got to say, Tiger?

Tell our audience how you feel. Are you ready?

Yes. All right, he's ready!

Good evening.

It is my honor to introduce to you, Tiger Chen...

...and his opponents Zian...

...and Zihou.

A fine line separates a fighter from a warrior.

One is motivated by reason, the other by purpose.

Tonight, we witness this distinction as our contestants battle to prove who and what they are.





He's getting killed out there, boss.

I thought you wanted him to go all the way.

He has to learn.



What's the matter?

You afraid of what you can do to them?

Don't be.



(laughter, people chattering)

Tiger Chen.

These two unique styles are fighting to decide who will advance to the final round.

In Wu Lin, styles don't matter, skills do.

Bring up camera six.

But whose skills are stronger?

The answer! Right now!

Master Yang! What an honor!

Your student is about to fight.

Looks like a sure win to me.

(GONG) Our hero, Tiger Chen, fighting today.

A knockout artist, a punisher. The crane.

Will Tiger survive?

Let's find out.

Here are the rules.

First round! Ready, fight!




Tiger Chen, what are you doing?!

Tiger Chen has violated the spirit of this competition!

What was that? What style was that?

His own.

He's lost his mind, as if he's possessed.

Was that tai chi?

Is that tai chi?

He should be disqualified. The cruelty!

Boss, this guy's a killer.

Tiger Chen.

The referee is making the decision.

Disqualified! He has been disqualified!

Tiger Chen and Ling Kong Tai Chi are out of the Championship!

Li-Hung, stop him! Ask him why he did this.

Tiger, what happened? Tell us why you did this.

Is it because you were possessed like Master Ding said?

Could you say something?

Tiger, where are you going?

(yells, echoes)


You have improved quickly...

I don't need meditation.

...At fighting.

But is that all you want to be?

Tiger, you are free to walk this path, but without meditation, this path will only lead to destruction.


(Chi-Tak) There are people Watching.

He says it's just underground fighting, but it's not.

There's something else going on.

There are cameras everywhere.

It's like a show.

It's like a show.

You can trust De-Ming. Ask him anything.


This is OCTB Chief Inspector Jing Si.

Hello. I'll leave you to it.

Can you check for unauthorized or pirated signals on these dates?

Sure, no problem.


Here. I see unauthorized signals matching these dates, but it's quite interesting.

They're all encrypted with the same signature.

Can you crack them?

It's possible, but I'm not authorized.

Could you give me the signal's location if it appears again?

I can do that.

Call me. Thanks.

Tiger Chen?

Chief Inspector Jing Si with the OCTB.

What's this about?

You and your involvement with Donaka Mark.

He's my boss. I work security for him.

What kind of security?

I can't say. It's confidential.

I know Donaka runs an underground fight club, and you're one of his fighters. Right?

I work security, I don't know what you're talking about.

Tiger, take a look at this.

A month ago, he was a fighter like you.

He's disappeared, probably dead.

I believe there were others as well.

We need your cooperation to stop this.

I can't...

Do you know what you're involved in?

This isn't about fighting.

It's about killing.

OCTB. That's the Hong Kong police.


Yes, call me.






The heritage petition was rejected.



Tiger Chen has violated the spirit of this competition.

What was that? What style was that?

What happened, Tiger?

Who makes the final decision?

What do you mean? Who makes the final decision?

Well, the director.

Tiger! Tiger!

You rejected this?

Yes. How much?

Excuse me?

You know what I mean. Don't insult me, Mr. Chen.

In your application, you wrote Ling Kong Tai Chi represents the temple.

What you displayed in the competition is not what we want to preserve.

You should think about this.

I'm recommending the re-development application.

Now, if you don't mind, Mr. Chen.

Tiger. I have to go.

Get me a fight.

A fight you will get.

Tonight is about more than fighting.

Who am I facing? A mercenary.

What's his specialty? Killing.

Get yourself ready.

(FEMALE ANNOUNCER) Tonight, we bear witness to the purity of purpose and the absence of reason.

Two men, one ring.

Two warriors, one destination.


...or Uri Romanov?

" Fight! (YELLING)".

Got it. Where?

Here. I'll send it. Send it.


(yells, panting)

Finish him.

Finish him!

Finish him.

Finish him.



Why did you kill him? Don't kid yourself.

I just finished what you started. I didn't come here to kill.

Then why did you come here? For the money?

I don't want to do this anymore.


What? You think this is a delivery job?

(LAUGHS) You think you can just quit?

(LAUGHS) What do you mean?

I'll see you in three days.



Hello? Hello. This is Tiger Chen.

Yes. Are you kidding?

I don't want to fight anymore.

We'll stop the fight before it starts.

You just have to lead us there. I'll take care of the rest.

This is the only way we can get the evidence.

Get him back to Beijing.

Yes, sir?

Your instincts were right.

Thank you, sir.

I'll follow you from the airport, tracking your cell phone.

It'll be all right. Okay? Okay.

Let's go.


Do you have visual?

They're leaving the airport now.

Good. We've got a lock on you and the subject.





(DONAKA) You on your way? Yes.

Pass me to Gong. (RAPPING)

Sure thing, boss.




So chill right inside. I'll be back when they're ready for you, all right?


Are you all right? I'm stuck...

Here, let me help you.


Is it done?

Target confirmed - just left airport in pursuit of red Bentley.

It's done.

It's done.

Is she dead?


Enjoy. I will.

Jing Si. What's up? Hey.

Something big is going down.

(MALE ANNOUNCER) From the mists of ancient times, tai Chi.

Not traditionally thought of as a martial art, until now.

In the heart of China, an only son, and the last student of Ling Kong Tai Chi, began his quest.

Chosen for greatness.

I want to show the world that tai chi is powerful...

Powerful... powerful... powerful...

He wanted to be the best, and we gave him that chance.

I can't fight tai chi for money. It's dishonorable.

(ANNOUNCER) What would he fight for? WE GAVE HIM A REASON:

His temple.

(ANNOUNCER) We had him. Fight!

(ANNOUNCER) And he did.

And he liked it.

We pit him against other styles to evolve his own.

(FEMALE ANNOUNCER) Chen Lin Hu's punch strikes at 23 miles per hour with an impact of 900 pounds per square inch.

(MALE ANNOUNCER) He saved the temple. Decision.

(FEMALE ANNOUNCER) He could walk away, he could go back to his life, his job, his master, his temple, his honor.

What time? (MALE ANNOUNCER) He changed.

Ready to be a warrior. (MALE ANNOUNCER) A new man.

(FEMALE ANNOUNCER) He let go of all that held him back.


(FEMALE ANNOUNCER) He surrendered reason to purpose.


(FEMALE ANNOUNCER) He fought his master and betrayed his legacy.

(MALE ANNOUNCER) Dishonor. (FEMALE ANNOUNCER) He lost his temple.



(MALE ANNOUNCER) He wasn't ready, but tonight he is... face the ultimate challenge. And now it's time.

(male, female announcer) You've watched him, you've followed him. ONLY FOR YOU:

(MALE ANNOUNCER) Tiger Chen, Man of Tai Chi.

Journey into darkness.

How did you like it? (PANTING)



Anybody can watch a fight, Tiger.

But to watch a person's life evolve and change, that is what I offer.

This was never about the fighting.

This was about you.

Your life.

Why? Why me?

Because we want to see the loss of innocence.

We want to see a pure-hearted, good-natured man of tai chi become a killer. No.


Kill or be killed, Tiger.

That's what they want.

That's what I want.


Ming, I need you to track... No, no, no, no.

No unauthorized signal tracking. I don't have time...

I'm not authorized! Superintendent Wong told me I can't...

Wong? Yes, he said no one can...

Are you tracking or not?


Jing Si could die.

Let the show begin.

Good evening, and thank you for joining US TONIGHT FOR A SPECIAL EVENT:

A fight to the death.

If you please, Gilang Sunjaya from Indonesia...


...and Tiger Chen from China. (APPLAUSE)


I won't fight you.

I won't fight you.

I won't fight you.

I won't fight you.

I won't...

I'll fight you.

I'll fight you! I'll fight you!

I won't fight you.

I'll fight you.

Kill him.



You owe me a life.

(MAN OVER LOUDSPEAKER) This is the Hong Kong police.

You are surrounded. Go, go, go.

Everyone here, please remain calm and stay where you are.


Do not move until given clear instructions.

Get down!

No problem, I give up!

Sir, this way.

I'll still be your boss in your next life.

Why not be my mother?

(OFFICER) Please take out your identification and state the reason why you are here.

Donaka? Did you get him?

Not yet, but he won't get far.

You're safe now. It's all over.

So what now?

We'll get your statement, then you're a free man.

Thank you.

Take him to the station.

Suspect not found. Setting road block.

You owe me a life.


Fight me.


Show me. (YELLS)

Show me.

Do you know who you are, Tiger?

Do you know what you are?


You're nothing.

I am nothing.

You owe me a life.





I knew you had it in you.



What do we have? We found an informant.

To reach a destination, there are many paths.

The traditional and the modern can coexist in harmony.

I thank Tiger for his hard work, that unites us here today.

Thank you for coming, and may all of you find your true path.

I'm here at the Ling Kong Temple, with its legacy of 600 years.

Letu Realty and UPCS plan to establish a cultural village.

You did it.

We did it.

What are you going to do now?

I'm going to open a school in the city... and teach.

You're going to be a real tai chi teacher now?

Call me "Master".

We'll see who teaches who.

Come on, I want to show you something. Where?

You'll know when we arrive.

(yelling, echoes)