Mandara (1971) Script











This is meaningless.

Meaning? What meaning?

Is meaning necessary?

I'm never doing this again.

You're right, exchanging lovers once is enough.

No, don't!

I'll never do this again.

Why? Didn't you feel good? Don't say such a thing!

It's frightening.

Of course, doing this once is sufficient.

After the second time, it becomes a habit.

Hold me. Erase all traces of that man.

What a serious expression Yasuko had.

You must've treated her quite roughly.

A special service.

It may be the first time for them, but there have been plenty of times for us.

I'm tired of making love just out of curiosity.

But you don't want to continue with just me, do you?

I want to.

I think we're good for each other.

Yet being good doesn't stimulate sexual intercourse.

Although I believed I'd be able to keep you for myself at first, now I can't do so any longer.

Who has made me this sort of woman?

We've become emotionless, whatever we do.

Of course, I'm responsible for that.

I can't tell whether or not I've gone in this direction on my own initiative, nor what the aim might be.

You're not a stoic man.

That's the truth.

I've never lived with a plan.

I'm an untidy man.

That's why my present life sometimes seems so irresponsible, having nothing to do with myself.

Me too, in front of you?

Not only you.

I become alienated from myself.

The present time becomes rarefied, as if my spirit was leaving me.

At such moments, I always feel like I'm being dragged back to a certain point in my past with a paralyzing feeling of ecstasy.

I was an average and unremarkable child in nursery and primary school.

My parents were typical of the rural middle classes.

I was their second son, and I was brought up in comfort.

However, when I was in Year 6 of primary school...

It was in winter, I'm sure. evening, they started quarreling violently.

That was the first time for me, and I was so surprised that I left the house to look for my elder brother.

I ran here and there, but I couldn't find him.

However, I didn't feel like going back to the house, because my regular home had changed...

...into a place of worry all of a sudden.

I was afraid to return there.

I wandered about, and I noticed...

...that I was standing near a certain pond where I loved to play.

It was as if I'd been led there by something.

I felt something vivid within myself.

It was standing there, without any thoughts.

At that moment...

At that moment, all of a sudden, I felt like time was disappearing.

Then, a small sound became audible, though one can't really call it a "sound".

It's an indistinct acoustic wave, like we may hear when we hold a glass near to our ear.

I felt fear so vividly...

...and an inexpressible ecstasy.

I couldn't move for a long time.

The sight and the sound of that moment have never left me.

Though my parents are still alive and well, that extraordinary emotion is far more familiar to me than they are.

Even now, when I feel nervous and weak and shut my eyes tightly in the night, that sight, deprived of any humans, emerges with inexpressible familiarity.

Then I can't move, as though I was bound hand and foot.

That pond, is it still there?

Not any more.

Last year I went back to the outskirts of the town for the first time in ages.

It had been completely filled in for the construction of houses.

Also, a motel had been built there.

That's the reality.

I don't care.

That sight is a symbol.

As it's an illusionary symbol, it'd be better if it didn't exist.

The less it exists in reality, the clearer it becomes in my mind.

It's a sight from before I was born.

You ought to make love to that illusionary sight.

When I die, I shall lose my consciousness whilst considering that illusion.

I'll return to the previous world, while being absorbed in the illusion of snow.

My death should then be pleasure itself.

What unbelievable childishness!

The place you'd return to wouldn't be a woman's body, but that sight.

But I can't do anything about that sight.

I can't destroy something that's inside another's mind.

It was a misfortune for you to have loved a man like me.

How about parting from me?

I'll think about it.

Come in.

Those two couples were exchanging partners.

Is that so? I didn't notice.

We could have hope in the couple who remain.

Today, try to act as I've ordered you.

What are you doing?


Let me go!


I can't breathe.


You were aware midway through.

Why did you stay silent?

And you, Shinichi?

You treated me as if I was a corpse, silently, roughly and without any regard for me.

That's right.

We have no words to say to a corpse.

Hiroshi, are you refusing, because you suspect that the baby inside me could be Shinichi's?

What? It's true, isn't it?

But you're wrong.

It is yours, without any doubt.

You're an idiot.

Do you think I'm refusing because of that?

The blood of a baby is nothing but a notion.

The proof would be a married couple whose baby was switched with another by mistake.

The longer they live together, the less they'd want to abandon the child.

If a man regards a baby as his, then it is his.

If I really want a baby, I'll let it be born, regardless of whether I suspect it to be Shinichi's.

Then why?

I don't want a baby!

It's foolish to make a baby and contribute to the multiplication of mankind.

I don't believe in the concept of genus.

There is no "mankind", but only an aggregate of individuals.

Those who talk about mankind forget the fact that they're merely individuals, obsessed with a notion.

Though there is an exception.

The relationship between a man and a woman?

That's it.


By exception, I mean a man who is obsessed with religion.

He's obviously an exception.

The Last Judgment.

"When the seventh seal was removed, "Heaven and Earth were enveloped by darkness."

With these words, human beings became paralyzed.

Maybe so, Hiroshi, but then what on earth am I?

An individual.

You're Yasuko, an individual.

An individual taking female form by chance.

I'm a man only by chance.

If so, then I don't understand what I'm living for.

It's as if I was one of the living dead.

In that case, to live requires an insolent attitude of "so what?".

I'll kill myself whenever I wish.

I live in order to find a reason to die.

Yes. It's true.

I thought of committing a terrorist act against the university once.

But it's worse to die because of the Unity and Solidarity Group.

Do you want to bear the baby of a man like me, despite all that?



That incident on the seashore is rather strange.

I suspect it was planned by someone.

Although our disheveled clothes were clearly visible, the motel owner didn't doubt at all our explanation that we'd fallen from a cliff.

If he'd planned it, he would've known the pleasures we'd tasted in that half hour.

We'd have been ridiculed, and would still continue to be so.

For I've been longing to be violated as a corpse, and you've wanted to violate me as a corpse since that evening.

If we continue in this way, I can't help but kill you.

The alternative means giving up pleasure.

Yasuko isn't a suitable candidate for an abortion.

Abortion doesn't choose a woman.

Anyway, can you suggest a hospital? Hospitals are the same everywhere.

But she doesn't yet seem to have made up her mind.

She has.

She has already.

You ought to follow her.

I won't make her abort, because I suspect it could be your baby.

I know that.

The hospital I consulted is a gynecological one in Yasui.

Yukiko. Let's go to the motel.

All right.


What a motel!

It's only open on Saturdays and Sundays.

What's that?

I remember the stronger man. He attacked me.

Yes. I remember him too.

Hey! Do you remember my face?



We eat no meat.

Do you know why we came here?

You're creating a sort of Utopia or Republic here, which has at its center auto-sufficient agriculture.

Something like that?


You're obsessed with a very old myth.

Utopia's merely a foolish dream that neither Fourier nor Saint-Simon could realise.

I didn't bring you here because I wanted you to judge my values.

Rather it's you who wanted to come. You're right.

I've come here because I wanted to learn about that incident.

You made us experience an odd thing by employing those two men.

One becomes a corpse, whereas the other violates it.

What's odd about that?

You should have experienced extreme pleasure.

You've lured us here with that.

It's true that we fell into your trap.

I admit that.

But you can't make us work here like peasants.

I won't force you to do anything.

You're free to go back.

My wife knows...

No, all the inhabitants here know that.

This way of life here and that incident there, how are they related?

You despised me as a utopian.

I don't mind.

To put it simply so that you students can understand, Utopia is a kingdom where the principle of simple reproduction rules all.

For that reason itself, agriculture and the search for eroticism are the two main focuses here.

Eroticism is endless, simple reproduction.

Or I could say that, unlike sexual intercourse, it is reducing reproduction.

Because behind eroticism the shadow of death is always hovering.

A human being wanders about, looking for a brief taste of ecstasy.

But what is ecstasy?

It is a moment when one loses the feeling of time passing, or rather the feeling of history, in a larger sense.

As Faust said:

"Stop, time!"

Of all human activities, only simple reproduction could create an eternal space, deprived of time.

I heard you.

In a room in that motel, you were talking about a sight from your boyhood.

When your mind gets weak and it's dragged little by little toward death, you would return to that illusion.

When I heard you talk about that, I thought you were the right person to come here.

You may want to lose consciousness in that snowy, illusionary sight.

That clearly tells us, that sight is none other than the object of your eroticism.

You're right. He doesn't like any moving things.

To move is an act related to time.

That's why he loves a still body, as well as a still sight.

I invited you here, because I wanted to show you a sight that is separate from time, not in a weakening consciousness but in the midst of life.

As I said, I won't force you.

We have a room for you.

If you want to go back, do so tomorrow.

Has the doctor failed?

I won't be able to get pregnant again.

It isn't the doctor who's responsible, but you, who asked me to abort!

You're responsible! What? Only you think so.

Before we execute today's action, let's confirm our own will of solidarity!

That's them.

That's him! That's Nitta!

Trotskyist Nitta is with his girlfriend!

Catch him! Wait!

Wait, you bastard!

Come here!

I have no business with you. What? But we have with you.

Many of our comrades were injured by your destructive group.

One's even limping!

Come to our headquarters!

What are you doing? Bastard!

Don't let him run away!

Don't let him run away!

Murayama... Oh?

I'm his friend.

Where is he?

That's what I'd like to know.

I've not received this month's rent from him. Any idea?

You should ask my permission first before you come in.


I didn't expect I'd encounter the Unity and Solidarity Group.

But as long as you're opposed to them, you won't be able to return to the university. What will you do?

If I had to criticize myself in front of them, then I'd rather throw a bomb at them.

You're always so selfish.

But I'm not demanding that you accept that.

Shinichi, Yukiko, the gods are very content that both of you participated in the ground-breaking ritual of this land.


That was nice.

What gods?

Gods here and there.

Here and there? But the central god may be single.

No. I've heard that in the body of the mistress dwell a Japanese god, as well as a Hindu one and various others.

She says she's a prostitute for the gods.

A prostitute doesn't refuse any customer who wants her.

A prostitute?

So she isn't only for one particular god.

Then what is Maki, the leader? He embraces a prostitute for the gods?

Not at all. He's accompanied by those two sumo wrestlers.


I can understand that you don't care at all if your sexual life is public.


You don't have to hesitate.

What about the gods?

You never say anything about that, which would compel us.

So you want to be compelled?

I can't be compelled to believe.

Of course, spontaneity is the only basis for each member here.

There's no additional rule to it.

Only those who deny time and history gather here.

That's all.

You don't need to worry about anything.

But what about the gods' words which come out through the mouth of your wife?

They don't compel?

Unfortunately, the one true god hasn't yet dwelled in her body.

And the true god will never speak.

The words of the true god may be like an echo, spreading through the vast void.

It must be beyond our comprehension.

Whether you're an atheist or not is irrelevant to that echo.

I learned it from her whom god was embodied in.

Looking at her ecstasy,

I thought she was being violated by a silent god.

Only in looking at her, did I experience an ecstasy that made me shiver.

The true source of that ecstasy doesn't lie in the lascivious poses of a woman.

It's truly erotic because there is no word contained therein.

I realised that.

"In the beginning was the Word."

I've realised that is completely false in the world of eroticism.

That's all.


I can buy a woman here?

How much?

HOW much? 10,000? 20,000?

Or 50,000?

A woman's silence and resistance make a man a rapist.

Yukiko and Kimiko, impersonating corpses each time, should certainly get the utmost pleasure.

The men are upstart peasants of the Agricultural Cooperative.

I hope they won't die during sexual intercourse.

For we don't yet have a device here to deal with corpses.

Where will you find women?

Yasuko, I guess they went to the seashore again.

To that motel. No!

Never talk about that motel again!

Don't get so emotional!

They returned from the motel a day after us.

Since then, their attitudes have changed completely.

Do you remember the last time the four of us met up?

While they talked with us, their minds seemed to be elsewhere.

They ought to have objected to you, by insisting that I should give birth to the baby.

Yasuko, let's go to the seashore.

No, not to that motel.

A cheap inn near there will do.

Let's rest for a few days.

It would be better for your body too.

When I recover, Hiroshi, let's get married.

OK. All right.

Hello. Hello.

You paint well.

What are you doing?

Where is this?


Let me go! Let me out!

Set me free! Let me go!

In ancient times, women would have accepted men at once.

A foolish act such as rape wouldn't have been possible.

Contemporary humans have lost the capacity for telepathy, and their sensual capabilities have regressed as well.

Open the door! Open up!

Open the door!


Not only regressed, it is now considered taboo.


No, don't!

Let go of me!

As a result, once raped, some women would remain frigid for life, as if they had sinned.

Though people often use the word "love" nowadays, it was originally a mean word.

Then was there once a word more appropriate than "love"?


"Make harmony with benevolence."

"Benevolence" is the word.

"Love" is accompanied by vulgar egoism.

"Benevolence" is clear of it.

Though love tends to destroy a community, benevolence does not.

It's the principle that could raise individuals up to form a community.

The woman is quite melancholic.

The man too looks depressed, influenced by her.

They seem to have sufficient qualities to become our fellows.

Shigeo. Mamoru. Yes?


Watch out for the police.

When I look at the sea, I feel like I'm being gradually pulled towards it.

The rhythm of the waves to and fro seems to coincide with that of my body.

That's proof that your body is weakened.

When we're weakened, we always look to Mother Earth and Mother Nature for relief.

And, as our ancestors were fish, we long for the sea.

But nature is merely a lascivious trap.

When one talks about the notion of nature, one is finished.

But you should've shown me more tenderness.

You speak like an egoist, who ignores his own responsibilities!


You bastard!

FUCK you!

What's the matter?


Oh, it's you.

What on earth do you want?

If we could reform the world into such a Utopia, we wouldn't need to strain.

Simple reproduction might be a dream of mankind, but as long as the mode of reproduction on an enlarged scale is established, we can't remedy it.

We'll be absorbed into it sooner or later.

As its result, this valley which you've cultivated with hard work will be offered for sale as a resort property by a wicked tourist agent.

I won't allow that.

This is my ancestral seat, where I grew up.

I'll never hand it over to anyone.

Your dream is naive.

If a tourist company isn't the right example, then let's say the State.

Once it aims at something, it will carry out its will at any cost.

Shinichi, what are you thinking?

I didn't think you were occupied with such a Utopia, after disappearing from us.

It's regrettable. I expected you to say that.

No matter whether this Utopia is a decadent idea or not, I'll be content if my present dream is realised.


I no longer believe in the future at all.

I no longer think that a classless anti-State will come to pass, if only I rely on time.

You want to say you're a convert?

I don't know. I doubt it.

Being a convert means to return to the university and get a job.

I belong neither to the converted nor the non-converted.

Rather, I've abandoned the world.

That's a kind of conversion. It's not!

Suppose that after you've worked hard relying on time, the Earth becomes a single community without any classes.

There would be no revolution then, because there wouldn't be any conflict there.

That's the truth!

It should be a kind of developed form of primitive communism.

But in a society where there is no conflict or development, time is extinct.

Supporters of eternal revolution fail on that point.

That's absurd!

They practice eternal revolution in order to deny it!

Words, words, words!

In other words, it might mean to feign to believe in time to destroy it.

But I'm tired of feigning in that way.

We had a commune for a short while in the barricades.

Isn't that true? Yes.

Don't follow a dream any more. No, I won't.

I was obsessed with a strange eschatology in there.

Somehow, I seriously thought of the Paris Commune.

What were the city workers of Paris feeling, surrounded by the national forces and farmers, who should've been their allies?

Not what they were thinking of, but what they were feeling with their whole bodies and skins?

I was suddenly interested in that, and wanted to find out about it.

That reminds me of you remaining behind in the library we'd liberated.

What did you discover?

"Stop, time!"

The same sensibility as Faust.

In a documentary film on the Paris Commune, when they were established, a worker threw a stone and broke something.

What do you think that was?

You imagine something like a symbol of the political powers?

Get on with it! What was it?

A clock on a clock tower.

I went numb, as though I'd received an electric shock.

I felt like I suddenly understood the workers of the Paris Commune.

Wherever and whenever it may be, to reform is to stop time.

I realised something then.

"Stop, time!" means "Come, death!"

That was the reason you insisted on absolute resistance?

Yes. I sincerely wished to be killed by the Gendarmerie.

That was a regret.

But if you thought of actually dying, you'd have had a lot of chances.

If someone had been dead inside the barricades, the advantage could definitely have swung towards us.

So, then, Hiroshi...

Didn't you think of dying at all?

Of course not.

I wanted to make them believe that we'd go to the limit, but at the same time, I hoped there'd be no victims on either side.

I expected, if there were any victims, it would likely be among us, by accident.

I didn't suspect that you were obsessed with death to such an extent.

Was that why you were so excited by the body of the unconscious Yukiko?

Having survived, I've been thinking ever since about achieving a state in which I'm dead while alive.

Now I live in this place, strangling time.

Otherwise, I even thought of becoming an undertaker.

I wanted to be at ease among ex-humans who'd escaped from the burden of time.

I thought about such things.

You ought to have become an undertaker.

I find radical limits in this Utopia!

Were it not for the charisma of the leader, a Utopia can't establish itself.

In other words, it's a kind of religion.

Whether primitive communism or Utopia, neither one can ever be free of the burden of religion.

But in an extraordinary future society that eternal revolutionists imagine, we'll be free from both charisma and religion.

Though a highly controlled society works superficially well even in today's Japan, charismatic people are in fact active everywhere.

Although they believe in the future and depend on time, they're realistic and of low quality.

Then what about Maki?

Even in this Utopia in the mountains, he still breathes the air of modern Japan.

I'm not a charismatic.

A charismatic is most likely to say that. He isn't a charismatic.

As we're outside of time, a charismatic would only be a spatial symbol.

Then his wife is.

She looks like a medium.

I wonder.

Various spirits seem to enter her.

Sometimes even the spirit of an earthworm seems to enter her.

But a spirit is a symbol of universality, isn't it?

I'm looking for a Utopia without any symbolic manipulation.

We can't attain it without struggling with time!


You have in fact converted.

Not converted.

I've just become a little more sensitive to Eros than others.

I've made your companion rest in a quieter place.

Don't worry.




It's best to treat her roughly.

Will that have any effect on her?

Ever glory.

Ever glory. Ever glory.


We haven't had any patients with that name.

No one uses their real name when they come for an abortion.



I wrote...

...a note of self-criticism and returned to the university.

Do you despise me?

No, not particularly.

But I won't return.

How's Yasuko?

She's disappeared.

Didn't you hear?

Let's go.


He looks nice.

Good! Good!

Do your best! Turn!

Do your best! Good!

With your waist! Lift it up!

Fine! You've done well.


Let's go. Do your best!

Do your best!

Do your best! Good!


I lost this time too.

How frustrating!

But you've done well.

Let's go.

You've come back.

You've come back on a good day.

Today is a sacred feast day.

Many gods have arrived, and Shigeo and Mamoru are taking care of them.


I couldn't find Yasuko anywhere in Kyoto.

Drink first.

Ever glory!

Two, three, four!

Two, three, four!

A Utopia or a secret society?

They must've killed her and pretend to have done nothing.

Tell me!

Tell me!

Where have you hidden her?

Hey! Where is Yasuko?

She is dead.


Say you killed her!

If charisma is the ruling principle, it should be permitted to kill someone!

Where is her corpse?

Somewhere around here. Today is the day of sacred feast.

Don't talk of trivial things. Trivial?

You were fed up with her. Why are you looking for her now?

Certainly I was fed up with her, but it was because I saw my own shadow in her!

That's why I was irritated.

It wasn't that I disliked her.

It's too late.

Rather, you ought to form a couple with Reiko and become an inhabitant here.

It's no use endlessly thinking about a dead person.

Come here! Come here!

Come here! Come here! No!

I'd prefer to die alone, than to go insane collectively.


Do you really believe that you can erase time here?


Time is a notion, not an existence.

I've abandoned the future.

I would be content to erase time in my finite life.


You're handsome.

You're a seducer.

I'll banish your gods.

With my sweat and sperm, I'll erase the place where gods would dwell in you.


I'll never be deceived by a female corpse.

I'm going to violate a live woman like you.

Now tell me! Where is Yasuko's body?



Tell me! Tell me!

Over there.

Damn it!

Damn it!

Damn it!




A female corpse, in which no god resides, is merely organic matter.

And look at what's around her waist.

Traces of caressing are obvious.

It's clear who did that. We'll search for him and catch him.

What's the use now?

This land has become stained.

Let's depart!

For where?

Just remain silent and follow me!

There remains my land on Oki Island.

Let's go there and cultivate anew, and recreate our country!

Mamoru, hold it firmly!


Are you all right? Yes.

Mamoru! Sorry.

Don't be silly! Yes.

Hold it firmly! Yes, sir.

There's an old ship over there.

We should do what the gods and Buddha ordered.

Let's board that ship and set sail!

Set sail!


Are you that eager to die?


Though it bears no smith's name, they say it must be a Masatsune of Kobizen.

This is the registration document.

With this document, I can take the sword anywhere, right?

Yes, that's right.

But it costs 5 million yen. You must be a very wealthy man.

I've sold off a motel which had been recently built.

Because of inflation, it's better to own a work of art, which will retain its value.

I see. You're right. That's a good idea.

Especially since swords have no practical use nowadays.


Attention, please!

Super Express Hikari 84 for Nagoya and Tokyo will arrive at Platform 12.

Platform 12, attention, please.

Please make sure you have all your belongings.

People accompanying passengers must not board the train.

Chapter 25: The Lotus Sutra. The Buddha of Compassion...