Maniac Cop (1988) Script

Come on, Cassey, another straight after hours.

You've been on your feet whole day!

No, thanks Joey. I've got a day job too.

-Are you sure I can't give you a lift? -I'd rather face the muggers.

Come on! Gimme your money! Sweetheart!

I worked whole for these tips, and I don't leave it.





Officer! Thank God its you!

Two puerto rican guys... just trying to mug me....

I swear to god! It was a cop with a knife.

It was a cop, a big cop.

I hate the smell of these places.

Good morning.


Well, We have a C-2...

C-3 fracture dislocation...

The head was unstable and there was a desolvation injury...

The residual hanging...

...where the head just "popped"

That's not what is interesting.

What's interesting is we also have a crushed larynx.

The head's just flopping.

You're tryin' to tell me two kids did this?

I just got a statement from an eyewitness said he saw the kids attack her.

Can't you cover her face?

Her name's Cassey Philips I used to go in her place for a nightcap.

She always have latest jokes, nice sense of humor.

I always told her she ought to...

... audition for one of those comedy joints.

All the more reason I was thinking was these bastards put away.

Don't pass out on me Lovejoy.

Take a look at the size... of those hematomas.

You think I don't want those two kids could have done that?

Shit, you really think that a cop did this?

Why not? She knew me, she knew a lot of cops.

What's the use? Let's go. I think I need some fresh air.

You must've been so afraid Cassey...

... And you saw a cop.

So we just about closed that club. .

You're not kidding.

Sam, wath the lights!

What's the matter with this thing? Its quite broken or something.


What's the hurry?

Oh, shit, its a cop. Ditch that beer.

Where did he come from? I don't know, I don't know.

Alright, what seems to be the trouble, officer?

Oh no, I think he wants you to go with him!

What for?

I don't know. You just better cooperate, alright?

I can't stand any more tickets. My insurance will go up.


Commissioner. Detective Lt. Mc Crae is here to see you.

Send him in.

Have a seat, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant, I've been going over your report.

Seems you automatically assume , that it was a police officer, instead of some ... lunatic son of a bitch dressed up like a cop.

He didn't kill the girl. He wanted a witness.

Oh, there you are.

Obviously, someone tried to discredit the police force.

I mean if its my profile for not to be a cop.

All the same I think, we have to take a look at around people.

I'd like to have police psychologist give a rundown on cops who've been under... mental disturbance, attempted suicide, under extreme emotional stress.

Sure, why don't we just test the whole damn force while you're at it?

Otherwise, We're looking for a white man well over six feet tall, wears a police uniform, doesn't have an alibi.

I don't know where to start to look, Commissioner!

Listen, I want you to keep this within the department. Keep it quiet.

As long as we can... but he will kill again, he enjoys killing.

You know Lieutenant, You seem to know a hell of a lot about this guy.

Tell me something, when was the last time you had a mental test?

Anytime, Commissioner.

As a matter of fact, didn't you try to shoot yourself a couple of years back?

The gun went off.

The gun went off.

Exactly, ten days after your partner was killed in the line of duty ... your gun just happens to ... discharge all by itself.

You've been even killed in every sense, Even now, You don't smile very much.

Hey! What you!

This is my car!

Help! please help!


Help me!


Please! Help me! Please!

This is not funny! Stop it!

Help me!

a cocktail waitress, a drunk driver now this musican all killed by uniform police officer a we've to do something about it and fast what if this has to happen just before an election if we down play'it we get accused to protect the police if we go all away then PBA and a couple office saying we weakening law enforcement forget that Jerry we're dealing with a deranged person here I guarantee he's gonna kill again for the time beeing i want to keept that quiet will be get an internal investigation for now no public announcement a cop might be involved nothing like that. Right Jerry

I'm so suprised when you called.

I didn't think we will see each other again.

I see you on the news, in the end of each night.

Just before I shut off the lights.

How romantic.

Gina, this is'nt about romance. about murder.

People have to be warned.

Most people, they respect the uniform. They do anything the cop tells them, Including take a walk up a dark alley.

Who is he killing? Pushers? Hustlers?

Innocent people.

Jesus! Maniac cop?

How's that for a tag?

I knew I could count on you to sensationalizing the best way.

Now you got to make it bigger than AIDS.

Its the only way to city hall off their ass.

You're ready to go on the line on this?

Be quoted directly?

I'm ready to hand you an exclusive on this...

... But I want you break it on the late news show tonight.

Okay, I'll need a backup on every detail, names of witnesses, specifics from...

Find everything you need right there.

Mc Crea, remember ...

I owe you one.

You don't owe me anything.

God damn it why can't the son of a bitch Pike control his own men ?

You want McCrae in here? Hell no!

Worst thing I'm need is accused of a coverup.

Issue a statement, saying I didn't know about the connection beetwen this killings and say I'm setting up and inquery board headed by a group of independent psychologist.

What about also saying something nice about the police?

I mean the average Cop on the Street, because there are the one's take the heat for this.

Still look at What about McCrae?

Oh we let him handle the investigation If he fails I bust him, If he succeed -- recommandable ......

And six or eights months later -- Cut his balls of ...

Now a news channel exclusive ....

This report was informed by the source within the New York Police department...

... of attempts by the Homicide Division... to suppress facts regarding three recent homicides.

Facts and witnesses to these murders point unmistakably to a uniformed police officer.

I repeat, a uniformed New York cop has been seen in the commission... of these brutal killings occuring on the streets of the city after dark.

The question this station wants answered, why has Commissioner Pike withheld these facts, and does the Mayor know what is going on in his city?

How can the public defend themselves if they're unaware...

...that one of New York's finest may indeed be a psychopath... whose intent is to kill them rather than protect them?

Tomorrow on the morning show, we will have an interview with...

...Detective Lt. Frank Mc Crae McCrae who is in charge of the investigation. was ordered not to speak to the press.

You're not gonna get me!

Anybody who wants to shoot a cop these days has got a helluva excuse.

Can you believe that?

She thought he was the fucking the maniac.

Look. We've received 700 letters accusing individual police officers.

Look Councillor, A cop gives you a parking ticket so what you do naturally... write in a letter accusing him of being the killer. Right?

Shit! Why does that have to happen 4 weeks before of my retirement?

We're all in trouble, Captain. Tourism's off by 38 percent.

This nut must be quite, he is costing the taxpayers bringings every day.

Ripley, If you can't handle this, put in for early retirement and step down.

No way, Councillor.

I want to nail this bastard.

Pretty sharp.

He'll be one step ahead of me.

If I stake out Tribecca and Soho, he strikes the east side.

He may be getting information from inside the department.

That means he is one of us.

I didn't know you were on duty tonight.

Yeah, With all the flu going around, they had to put a lot of us on overtime.

Always at night.

It worries me when you work so much at night.

Worries me too.

You don't talk about it much.

When I come home, i wanna forget.

But it makes me feel left out, Jack.

You used to talk to me.

Look, You're the one who dropped out of the therapy.

I was willing to go. I was willing to pay the bills.

So it's all my fault now. Is it?

I did everything to hold this marriage together.

You talk like it's already over.

It's not enough to talk, you have to listen too.

I suppose that's why you've been taking all this overtime.

To get away from me.

Or is it something else? What is that supposed to mean?

Sometimes you wake up...

... screaming, like you can't breath.

Sometimes i get afraid that you might hurt me in your sleep.

Have I ever hurt you?

I know it's wrong to be afraid of my own husband but I...

Now, why could't you say that to the therapist?

Why couldn't you simply say, I'm afraid of him and I don't know why.

Don't Jack, please!

Don't go out tonight.

Stay with me.

Now, how can I? I'm on the duty roster.

I'll make it up to you on the weekend. We'll go for ride in the country.

We gonna go up to Tarrytown...

Hey, Don't pull away from me.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what's happening to me. I...

...I don't like being alone till all hours I hear things.

I think I hear things.

Look, There's enough locks on the doors, you've got a gun and you know how to use it.

Let me fix that for you.

Look, If I get out early tonight, I'll try not to wake you.

You can wake me up.

Maybe I'm sleeping too much. They say that could be depressing to a person.

You know too much sleep.

Be careful now.

You say that every night.

He went out again, didn't he?

Who is this?

Why do you keep calling me?

Why does Jack keep killing people?

He going to do it again tonight?

Why you keep doing this to me?

-Hey Jack? -Hey Benny.

Its not a big deal. I'll fix it.

No, I'll fix it myself.

Why did follow me?

I thought ...

I was afraid you were...


I didn't want you to find out this way.

I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how.

Just...don't come near me.

You have every right to hate us both, but let me just try an explan....

I don't want to hear another word.

You say anymore...

... I'll be killing you both.

Ellen, don't point that thing.

Just drop that thing. Let her go.

Let her go.

Oh, Jesus.

You folks checked out yet?

You must've partied up good in here.

Let's see what other damage done.


Let's talk. Yeah, sure Captain.

So you decided where you settle down after your retire, you...

...still think about florida?

It's about your wife.

She called you and complain about our trouble.

I thought she'd be going to a lawyer or something like that.

So you two haven't been getting along.


Captain Ripley!

Captain, since when is my personal life any of your business?

Since your wife was found dead in a motel room.

In a sleazebag Motor Inn on Eleventh Avenue, With her throat slit from ear to ear.

No. You gotta be wrong.

You want to see some pretty pictures?

She ran out, I thought she might back home.

You admit you were there?

I tried to stop her but she had a gun.

Patrolman Forrest, before you say anything else...

...I better read you your rights.

Good afternoon We're pleased to announce an arrest was made in the series of unfortunate killings, that've been plaging the city in recent weeks.

Patrolman Jack W. Forrest Jr has been charged with the murder of his wife as well as killings of three citizens.

Rather than being a deranged Maniac, as described in certain tabloids We believe that patrolman Forrest is perfectly aware of the nature of his crime and he is competent to stand trial.

You saving your reviews?

Never saw these before.

What about this?

Your wife's diary.

She wrote ...

"I now believe my husband may be doing these murders."

Is that why she followed you?

-Is that why you shut her up? -This is not true.

Have you got an alibi for last Wednesday night and the preceding Friday?

-I was home. -Come on Forrest.

If you were home, your wife wouldn't have suspected you.

Alright, I was seeing somebody.

I'll talk to my client now, alone.

Councillor, We've read him his Mirandas...

...and he elected to make a statement.

That's inadmissible!

He did admit that he was in that motel room with presence of the victim.

And that's enough.

Now you two guys, outta here.

Must remove now, Councillor.

Councillor, We intend to have this suspect, appear in a lineup for the witnesses, first thing tomorrow morning.

Good day Sir.

These guys are trying to make me the fall guy.

Everybody's screaming for blood I was and I'm it.

I'm certain you had no control over what happened.

Call it irresistible impulse. That's a legal defense.

Better yet, bet you don't even remember committing the crimes, Blackouts, Momentary lapses of memory.

What are you talking about? I'm not crazy. I didn't do it.

You were seeing a therapist on a regular basis.

Come on, a marriage counselor.

I've got a witness. Okay, Somebody else who was there.

I don't want to bring her into this unless there's no other way.

Pal! You need all the help you can get.

Its gonna ruin her career.

Let's give it till the end of the week. If they don't find the real killer by then, I'll name her.

Yeah, so I told my kids, You see a cop, you cross to the other side of the street. I see a cop, I'm outta here. a policeman crossed the street to the other side.

I seen there my friends murdered by cops.

Shot in the back. Shot when they didn't have a gun or knife.

You know, cops like killing, that's why they're cops.

Who's gonna be next, huh?

Cops want you to be scared of them. That makes them men, real men.

Because without that uniform what are they? I don't scare.

They respected cops in my day or they hit you on your head with their billy.

They didn't take no guff. They were the law.

Nowadays like this, they got to shoot you to get respect.

Nobody gives no crap to the cops, no more since this crazy cop come along.

You see a cop coming now, you get out of the way!

And there ain't much crime no more.

Hey, Listen...

But 18 years back I had a case for ya, This guy made it look as if a psychopath was at work.

So what does he do then?

He goes in, He kills his wife and it looks like its one of the serial killings.

Jack, but set up to take the heat off the real psycho.

You gonna tell me you think that he's that smart.

He's a cop. Maybe even a Detective.

-Fuck you! -Come on Ripley, why not?

Every Detective keeps his own uniform hanging in the closets and thats the one thing you never could get rid off.

Let me tell you if....

If Jack had an alibi, he would have come across with it by know.

Jack is protecting someone.

Whoever it is, he doesn't want to be get involved. and the killer knows who it is.

And you're a cop.

-Fuckin I'm a cop. What the fuck are you?

Fuck you.

-You put you in danger -How?

The scum wants to lay low for a while, till he starts another killing spree.

He likes us to relax our guard.

And he accomplishes that he hands us a prime suspect.

Why would he pick me?

Your size, your description, your personal file.

He's getting his information from inside the department.

-And, of course, your sex life. -John, but nobody knew about that.

Your girlfriend might've told somebody, Jack.

She's the only one that can give us the connection and that puts her in danger.

John, She can take care herself.

She outshoots me every time we go to the range.

She's on the force?

You know her.

Theresa Mallory.


Its a well kept secret.

Not well enough according to you.

Where do I find?

She is on duty tonight.

How're you doing beautiful?

Well, it depends.

Would you like a lift someplace?

Oh, I'm pretty much at roam right here.

Could I interest you in something else?

Want to be a little more specific?

You wouldn't be a cop?

You got it, mister. You asked the jackpot question.

Now, why don't you run along home to your wife and kids, like a good little boy?

Yeah, that's just what I was gonna do.

But I'll be thinking of you, baby.

Can't arrest you for that.

Ciao, baby.

Who is it?

Are you Malone?

Hey McCrae.

Don't get the wrong idea.

I'm on duty here.

Officer Mallory, 33rd Precinct. Vice Squad

It couldn't have just been a bullet proof vest.

I hit him in the head atleast twice.

Just bring me a tab, will you?

-Okay -Thanks.

Look at the marks on your throat.

I'm telling you Frank, his hands were so big... they felt like ice, even through his gloves.

He wasn't breathing.

Well, we won't put that in our report. Huh?

Why did you come looking for me?

You were Jack's only witness.

You had to disappear.


He speak to you, say anything?

No, no not a sound.

Last call, want anything else?

Yeah, one more round. Doubles.

You're trying to get me drunk.

No, I'm just gonna stash you away some place for few days for safekeeping.

Why can't I go home?

Oh come on, If he knew where you were assigned to work it's sure he almost know where you live.

How could he?

You must have told somebody at work.

By a relationship?

Come on, Jack was delibrately set up. Somebody found his wife to follow him.

Now, who did you tell?

I guess you know Sally Noland?

Should I?

Sure, She's been on the force for 20 years. She's like a den mother to all of us.

You know, she wears that leg brace.

-Oh yeah, she uses a cane. Sure. -Yeah that's her.

Her father was a cop.

I know, she's fixtures down headquarters.

She's been there so long, you hardly notice her.

What is this?

The key to my apartment, 4E. I want you to lock yourself in there.

I'll call before I come back, So you know its me. I'll ring twice, hang up, ring once again.

Don't answer the phone for anybody else.

Wait, I thought you were going to keep me company.

I'll phone for a cab. I don't want to get out to streets.

I will stop down at headquarters. I have a feeling, Miss Noland will be haunting the joint.

Mc Crae, What did you do in your hands?

I cut myself shaving.

Sign me in. Will you?

Yes, Right.

You came in a very bad time. The computer is down.

How do we ever please this town without a computer, huh?

The requested information...

... You have to out this form and I'll process it in the morning.


...You have a pen?


We have a hard time writing this, got little stitches in my...

You know, we really should know each other, were passing each other in the halls for years.

-Do have one friend in common. -Who is that?

Officer Mallory.


She had a close call this evening.

Why? What happened?

She was working under cover vice. Ran into a psycho, Its a mess.

How is she?

She is okay.

Thank Jesus for that.

She is a fine girl, that one.

I knew you'd be relieved if she is okay.

Yeah, we should...

We should all have us a beer together sometime. Got to know each other.

Sure. We'll all be inseperable

How is that form?

I'll tell you the truth, its not very important. Forget it.

Better get that computer fixed.

I'm glad we finally got say hello.

Don't do this, please.

I know it would be safe if you put the girl away but this way is even better.

Now they think they got the guilty man so that way...

...they gonna let you guard down and you'll be free to get to the mayor and the commissioner...

...and put an end to this.

I knew you had that anger in you, Matt but...

But I thought it would be the dealers and the junkies and the human garbage that you'd be cleaning the city of.

Not all them poor people just minding their business.

What is it that got into you, Matt? What's changed yourself?

I said I'd stick by you and I will.

But you gotta stop these killings.

Just only save it for those who did wrong to you.

Who's out there?

Answer me!

Oh, guess i was just jumping.


Matt, where are you?

I need you, Matt. You need me.

Come back ...

Hey you?

Oh, take it easy, What you are doing?

I had to take a leak.

You always take a leak with a gun in your hand?

Its a good way to blow your balls off!


You scared me. You're wearing a uniform.

Yeah now everyones packing a gun and I don't blame you should get hazard pay with this uniform.


You got yourself killed back there those timbers are ready to freak.

This place is going to be demolished in a couple of weeks.

Yeah, the whole city'is going to hell, you can't take a pee anywhere anymore.

Here, more about Cordell than you've time to read.

He was my hero.

Yes, Matt believed in an old saying: Shoot first and ask questions later.

He was kind though. Gentle enough if you got to know him.

Did you?

I hate to admit it, but he used to like come in here and look in his clippings, just like you're doing.

He gotta like being a celebrity.

Real shame about what happened to him.

It was a crime what the politicians did to him.

Put him in Sing Sing with with all those criminals he's been chasing all those years.

It was like handing him a death sentence.

They say he violated people's rights.

You see even killers got rights, huh?

They murdered him, those bastards at City Hall!

He had no kids, no wife.

I guess a one hundred percent cop like him give no time for a personal life.

Here Clance thanks, you may put this away.

You're wrong about that, He had himself a real nice girl.

I think he wanna go married if they hadn't been for all that trouble.

-You're sure he was? -Sure.

He brought her in one time to show off for her.

She wasn't much to look at, but nice.

And, of course a cop.

She must have taken it pretty hard.

Worse than that. Right after he was convicted, the poor soul threw herself out of a window trying to kill herself.

Terrible thing for a Catholic girl to do.

She crippled herself.

Thanks Clance.

Yeah, they don't make cops like him anymore.

He was one of the kind.

-He is still is. -What was that?

Nothing. Forget it.

Common in.

Well this is great, I get to meet the mayor Now what did I do to deserve this honor?

Detective McCrae was in your file room and asking a lot of questions eralier today How did you know that? Or, we keep a eye on him.

So what he wanna know about? Cordell, we're talked about Cordell.

You remember Cordell? Yeah, what about Cordell? He's dead and buried.

Well, maybe is not my place to say. But you throw him to the wolves.

He was after thoose mafia big shoots with the big connections and so you got rid of him.

Court found him guilty. Don't you worry about your job Clancy?

Not, not really see I retire a week from Tuesday.

So I can tell it to your face mr. mayor. You murdered the guy.

Now will there be anything else?

Go on, get out.

Sure but like I said, nice to meet you.

Oh, we're interrogating the suspect for about half an hour.

Okay, Call me when you feel.

We know who the killer is.

-Did you tell the D.A? -Yes, we tried you but he wouldn't believe us.

You won't either.

You ever hear about Detective Matt Cordell?

Yes, before my time but you know, he's a legend.

Really trigger happy right? He died in jail.

I suppose he didn't. Suppose he's back.

Only now he kills innocent people.

But how can he get out of prison alive?

We're gonna find out, tommorow morning I've got an appointment with chief medical examiner of sing sing, Doctor Gruber.

Now why don't...

...why you continue this questioning for a while alone?

Rough him up a little bit.


Officer Mallory will continue the interrogation till I get back.


He knows, He knows.

He knows. He knows you're here.

He knows that I'm no good to him anymore!

He knows, He knows, He knows.

He knows. He knows...

He is here! He is here!

Stop it!

Lean on me. Come on, walk this way, come on.

I'm not afraid. But to have him kill me when I still love him so much.

Why doesn't anybody answer?

Put her down, Cordell!

Put her down!

Son of a bitch!

No, no, no, stay there.

Hey, what's the matter with you? Didn't you hear the buzzer?

What, you deaf?

What are you doing?

I've got to get you out of this building. Come on.

What about you? If they see you with that gun, you gonna get shot.

Don't worry about me.

We gotta to find Mc Crae. How did you get here?

With Mc Crae. His car is still outside.

Okay, here is the deal. Get in and wait. If we're not out in five minutes, hot wire it, haul ass out of here. You got it?

-Got it. -Okay go!

Keep your hands where I can see them. Back up against the wall.

Hold on, I didn't do any of this.

You broke out of your cell. You killed them all.

Wasn't me. Was somebody else.

Shut up!

He's still here. You're letting him get away.

Nobody's getting away. I'm calling for backups.

-Don't even try. -Ok, ok!


-I didn't do any of this. -Sure you didn't.

Put your guns over there.

Alright, on your face! Both you!

-We may've gone after him. -You heard him, he didn't do it.

Teresa, let's go.

McCrae, Sally Noland, nine others some how he got them killed all He's sending a message to me. He wants me Whats Jack Forrest are got to get's you? It's not Forrest it's Cordell!

Cordell is dead!

Maybe he isn't. The way he looked to me after the sentencing.

He knew I pulled all the strings. He knew it.

And will be satisfied if he's got me.

Keeping McCrae's appointment in sing sing.

Sure, walk into a prison what happens, police force are out looking for you.

-You're a brave man. -No, not brave, scared shitless.

Unless we can prove that in Cordell is still alive, its gonna be my ass.

Step over there, please.

Your left.

Yes, Can I help you?

Yeah, we better here in meeting with your Doctor Grubber, We're a little early.

You got a name?

Mc Crae, Detective Frank Mc Crae.

Yeah, The Doctors office' around back to your left.

-Alright, thank you. -You're welcome.

You know Matt Cordell?

Not many like that.

I did the autopsy on him.

Look, the authorities knew this something like that could happen to him.

Why didn't they prevent him?

He wouldn't allow it. He refused to be in isolation.

Guess he...

...don't want admit that he was afraid.

What do you do in a case like that?

What do you mean?

When they're all cut up like that?

This is no ordinary morticians home.

We're not into a cosmetic approaches here.

When a prisoner dies, it's not our job, to make him look good again for his family.

We just stitch up the parts. and put them into a wooden box, and we bury him.

Is that what happened to Matt Cordell?

I've look in my records.

Would you mind?

Most of them just go to the potter's field.

These are those records.

-His body was claimed by a woman. -May I see that?

We both know Miss Noland.

I think before this goes any further, I'd like to see some identification Detective Mc Crae, something with your photograph on it?

Det. Lieutenant Mc Crae died early this morning.

He was murdered.

Murdered by the same man that killed over half a dozen people at police headquarters last night.

I haven't gotten to my morning paper.

No wonder you know all the lurid details.

If I had murdered a bunch of officers, the last place I'd come is the penitentiary.

Don't bullshit us. You know who did the killings.

How could I know?

Cordell, wasn't dead.

And then you saved him.

Answer me.

Look, he was a fine Detective.

He had a lot of friends.

Everyone knew...

...that if we put him back in the prison community, they just attack him again.

There was no way he could survive.

So, when they brought him up here, more dead than alive, this policewoman convinced me to do the decent thing.

Like remove him from prison mortuary alive?

He wasn't exactly alive, There was severe brain damage.

I'm certain he was legally dead.

I was telling the truth when I signed that death certificate.

There's no way he could function as a human being again.

Read the newspaper, Doc.

Get out of my office, Now!

You never came here.

I'm not going to pick up that phone. This never happened.

There's no end to your decency, Is there Doctor?

What did I do wrong?

You should have seen him on the operating table, cut to pieces.

I know the system screwed him.

The politicians, put him in prison and the inmates did the rest.

And now you're trying to ruin my life and my career.

We're not trying to ruin anybody.

We just want to bury Mat Cordell once and for all.

Get out of here. Go away.

Here Doctor, put this on.

What are you talking about?

You know it's St. Patrick's Day?

Hey, The Mayor and the Police Commissioner will be there.

Yeah, along with five thousand cops.

I bet Cordell has loved walking in that parade every year he was on the force.

Whatever he loved he hates now.

And so this years St Patrick's Day parade continues on schedule, despite speculation of the parade may have been cancelled due to fear of violence.

Authorities report scores of death threats against the police, plus threats of bombings along the parade route.

But this has not deterred a record crowd for turning out for New York's St Patrick's Day parade.

What a parade it is.

Public have rage on the continued killings by the so called maniac cop, have brought many hostile New Yorkers to New Yorks 5th avenue today.

Police security forces and the special bomb squads are on full force.

As well as plaincloth detectives were mixed into the crowd.

I can't walk in. They're gonna shoot me on sight.

I'll do it.

Alright, but you gonna get through to the commissioner.

I'm supposed to convince him these killings are being committed by a dead man?

Commissioner pike was Chief of Police when Cordell was sent to jail.

He's probably the one that Cordell blames more than anybody else.

-Where you gonna be? -I'm gonna be right here. Okay

They're ready for you on the grand stand.

Oh come on. Jerry, you'll be late.

You go, stand in for me. Tell them I'm not well enough.

Look you got to make an appearence. The press is expecting you.

It'll be a slap on the face of the entire N.Y.P.D not to show up.

To hell with that! Thats what Cordell wants me to do.

Show up at the parade so he can have a clear shot at me.

Will you stay calm?

The maniac has never made a move in broad daylight or in a public place.

You can be safer on that grand stand than in here.

I'm staying here, I want security around me, doubled!

If you're dealing with a ghost, you really think that's gonna keep him out.

So he says, Commissioner said that this is my wife.

Look who's just walked in. Jack Forrest's girlfriend.

Come on, everybody outta here.

Alright, so where is that son of a bitch?

He's willing to give himself up. After you listen.

So you're giving orders now.

I know who committed these murders.

So do we sweetheart, its your boyfriend.

You are wrong. Its a man named Matt Cordell.

A ghost.

Did you come up with this lunatic idea up by yourself, or are you on drugs?

It was Mc Crae's theory.

But we verified it.

Listen sweetheart, last night before Mc Crae was murdered, he called my house, I wasn't there I was at a charity event but he was kind enough... leave a message on my service. Would you like to give a listen?

This is Frank McCrae. I've got solid evidence this, homicidal maniac is getting information from inside the department.

His accomplice is a female employee. A policewoman.

I'll be at the Crime Records Division, waiting.

Call me when you get in.

Ofcourse he couldn't have been talking about you.

A policewoman, The killer's accomplice...

He's talking about Sally Noland.

That's really great. You accuse a dead woman, When the fact is, the log states that you came to see Jack Forrest last night on alleged police business.

And that you aided in his escape from that cell block.

-You helped him kill all those people. -That's a lie.

Why are you doing this? You know I'm telling the truth about Cordell.

Enough for the shit, I've got a parade to attend.

Thats alright. You better go sir, you know everyone else is left for the review extend.

No Wait, You may be in danger if you go down there.

Don't you understand? Cordell wants to kill you and the Mayor.

That's what Forrest told you to say?

If you have any sense at all, you won't go down there.

Book her! Asses for the first degree murder.

Nice to hear Commissioner avoiding reporters.

-Sit down there. -What?

Right here.

I understand that you were going to book me.

Well, what's the rush? I mean, We got the commissioner's office all to ourselves.

We got a place in Newberg, you know me and your lady...

Not before you.

Commissioner, the tie!

Never mind the tie, come on.

-Oh, we've to wait?. -Hardly...

Won't you put a a real feather in my cap and lay it all out for me.

The reason behind those killings...

...was extortion money, wasn't it?

Money had nothing to do with those killings.

It was an act of vengeance against the city.

You know the truth is darling, I could really use a collar like this one.

Come on, win me the big promotion.

Make me a hero.

If you gonna put me under arrest, I wanna see my lawyer.

You know, you got a real rotten ass attitude.

Fine let's go. I'll take you downstairs.

Dont give me any trouble, huh?

This is great, I don't believe this.

Everybody else has gone to parade and I'm stuck here with you.

This is fantastic.

You with your great attitude, ruin makes things nice. You know...

Is that Forrest?

Let's get him!

Hold right there!


Listen to me, He's up there!

He is in Pike's office.

Don't you go giving any orders! I ought to put a bullet right between your eyes.

...and I'll be a hero!

I'm the wrong guy!

He's out there...

Tell "His Honor" that this "Maniac Cop" has been recaptured.

Hurry up! You're wasting time.

The killer's in that paddy wagon! Come on, let's go!

Do you know how to handle a shotgun?

You just get close enough and watch me.

Vehicle last seen heading towards the river.

The river? I think I know where he's going.

Yeah sure.

Now listen to me. Do you know where Pier 14 is?

Those piers are all closed. They're collapsing.

McCrae once tracked him to Pier 14.

Hurry up!

Hold on a sec! I'll call for backup.

This car 4604 requesting a backup in pier 14. Right away!

Let him go, Cordell!

Theresa, get these cuffs off.

Hold it there!

He was Cordell.... But its done.

The person was disfigured beyond recognition.

He could've been some lunatic passing himself of as Cordell.

There has to be some rational explanation.

At least thats what you have to tell the public if you want to be re elected.

Leave me alone, hold all calls. I don't want to be disturbed.

Have it your own way.

Go easy on the bottles, Jerry.