Manny & Lo (1996) Script

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AMANDA: Did you ever dream about someone before you saw them in life?


AMANDA: Sort of like you made them up but you didn't.

They really happen, things like that.

Strange, amazing things.

I swear they happen all the time.


Lo, get up.


Get up.

Ugh, Christ, is it raining?

Sort of.

I thought this was a park.

At night, it looked like a park.


What if we were in Italy?

That would make us Italian, right?

Or we could be French girls living in Italy.

Just enjoying the food and the lifestyle.

Yeah, except we're in someone else's yard and we're starving, so hurry up.

Starving French girls, all right?

MAN: Hey.


MAN: That's my lawn you're parked on.

LAUREL: Yeah, it's nice. It really is.

MAN: I think you better get off it.

LAUREL: No problem.

MAN: I think you better get off it now.

I just said no problem.

Sorry about your lawn.

MAN: What was that?

AMANDA: I always liked traveling.


AMANDA: The day our mother died, Lo hid the station wagon behind the garbage dump just in case.

That summer, she ran away from her foster family and so-called kidnapped me from mine.

She said it was up to her to save me from low quality families like the Gordons.

I didn't think they were that bad.

Except for making me sleep in the garage.

But I'd rather be with Lo any day.

She's my sister and she's good people.

Do you want some?

Do you know what this is for?


Okay. She's not the owner.

Didn't think so.

Lo, they make this stuff out of horse hoofs.



Go check the milk.



AMANDA: Lo used to say that there were people who were born the family type and people who weren't.

And there was no use feeling bad about it if you weren't.


AMANDA: She said that since our mother was never the mother type, that just meant me and her were the naturally independent type.

With a special knack for traveling.

That's why she planned on becoming a stewardess.

And how you are today?


Would you like something to drink, gentlemen?


Luckily, she had a natural gift for turbulence.

Okay. And what about you, little girl?

Lo, get off.


I have a cramp.

-LAUREL: Already? -Lo, get off.


LAUREL: Could I ask you a question, Manny?

When are you gonna grow out of this shit?

We're running out.

We got to get some more tomorrow.

LAUREL: We have Right Guard in the car.

Well, she didn't smell like Right Guard.

Yeah, you're right. She didn't.

You know why?

Because she fucking smelled like this.

What's wrong with you?


You wanna take my side?


For tonight.

AMANDA: There's things you can notice or not notice.

Like your own eyelashes or certain bugs singing in your ear.

Lo could keep from noticing something longer than anybody.

What are you looking at?


That's how we acted all carefree for so long.

Just being two girls on the go.

If you got a car nobody knows about and you know how to borrow gas with a hose, you could travel for a pretty long time.

Hey, Joey.


AMANDA: We just stuck to Lo's number one rule.

Keep moving and you won't get nailed.


I didn't do it for you.

I know but thanks anyways.

I got you something.

What is it?

It's a present for you.


Open it.

What is it?

It's a blouse.

Try it on.

What for?

I don't know. I just--I wanted to see what it looks like on you, so...

What do you think it'd look like?

I don't know. I think it'll look different.

No, I mean, you know, and I mean, nice, you know.

Fuck you, Joey.


-Fuck you, Joey. -Fuck me, why?

I didn't--I didn't mean anything by it.

-I'm just... -Come on, Manny. We're going.

JOEY: Wait, where are you going?

Listen, I'll get you another one.

I'll get you one with a different pattern, a different blouse or something.

Where are you going?

I love you.

LAUREL: Hurry up, Manny. I wanna practice.

I got a new stewardess tray.

I don't feel like it tonight.

LAUREL: Why not?

I just don't.

LAUREL: Why not?

Because it's-- well, you're too...

Too what?

You're too...

LAUREL: Are you calling me fat again?

Lo, maybe it's not that, maybe...

Okay, okay, so I'm fat, all right, I admit it.

And maybe it's not such a mystery, Manny.

Maybe it's not such a big fucking surprise.

Read that.

-AMANDA: What? -That.

Egg whites, sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, corn syrup solids, starch.

This is the kind of crap we eat every single damn day.

The thing is I know I can lose the weight anytime I want.

All it takes is willpower right?

And who's got more willpower than me?

No one, Lo.

Damn straight.




-Right. -Georgine.

We haven't seen you around here before today, have we, Suzie?

No, first time.

So how are things going?



You know, you guys didn't have to give me that urine test thing.

I already know what the deal is.

The deal?

I'm pregnant.

Yes, you are.

Well, that's why I'm here, to get it taken care of.

Taken care of?

Look, if it's a sin, I guess I'll find out when I die, but it's not like I have a choice really.

Because, like I said, I'm pregnant.

And you passed the last turn back spot a good while ago.

You could have that baby tomorrow.

Are you gonna do what I want or not?

Why don't you sit down here a minute and we'll talk.

You and me, we have a lot of catching up to do.

I didn't come here to talk.

You know what we need?


We need a place in the country.

Some place we can hang out for a while without people finding us.

That way, we're just not floating around when this thing hits.

All's we need is a little stability, right?


LAUREL: Until it's over and then we can move on.

Now which way to the country?

I'd say it's that way.

Sounds good.


What if mom was here and we told her you were having a baby?

What do you mean here? Like a ghost?

No, I mean still alive sitting in the back seat, just talking to us like normal.

What do you think she'd do?

Depends. Is she drunk or stoned?

Come on, Lo.

Listen, how do I know what she'd do, Manny?

Why do you always wanna ask me stupid questions like that?

She'd give you a nice big hug, that's what.

Yeah, I guess she would.


LAUREL: So how long have we been on this dirt road?

Thirteen minutes, forty seconds.

How long since the last house?


And you're sure you saw a mailbox?


I guess some people really take the privacy thing serious.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

Go see if someone's home.

AMANDA: What if they are?

I don't know. Tell them you're selling cookies

-or something. -What kind?


Just go.

AMANDA: Hey, Lo, come here.

Wasn't even locked.


You know, I think people are living in this one.

Not now they're not.

This is a winter house.

These people won't be back for a while.

How do you know?

You see those skis?


You see any snow?

No food in the fridge, not even plugged in.

Plus tons of cans, soups and shit.

Winter food.

Go check the beds.


Tomorrow, I'll find a baby type store and get some of the stuff we need.

AMANDA: Like what?

Like a book.

We have to start studying up on this thing.

I saw a cat do it once.

-LAUREL: Yeah? -Uh-hmm.

Nine kittens in ten and a half minutes.

See, it can't be that hard, compared to all the other stuff we do.

And she had mange.

Yeah, at least I got that going for me.

No mange.

You know, you think they could've at least gotten a dish out here.

Go see what videos they've got.


Born Free.

Seen it.

To Sir with Love.

Seen that, too.

How about Welcome Tiffany.

Welcome Tiffany?

AMANDA: Uh-hmm.

Never heard of it.

Well, it can't be that bad.


MAN: Okay, Hon?

AMANDA: Look at that woman.

MAN: Just relax.

I bet that's Tiffany.

Lo, look, see?

WOMAN: My God.

I can't.

-I can't. -Lo.



AMANDA: I say we watch To Sir with Love.


This one looks good.

It has lots of pictures and stuff and it has sketches.

Look at this.

You can hear a baby crying 200 yards away.

Let's try.

Say something, Lo.

Go ahead.

ELAINE: Basically, there are really only three choices, a disposable, fabric, or diaper service.

Of course the disposable are very, very convenient, but they are not biodegradable.

And of course it's gonna be much better

-on the baby's skin. -Come on, let's go.

ELAINE: A closure.

-We have... -I said let's go.

Just a sec.

ELAINE: So if you wanted to go with the diaper gift, those are your options and there is one particular one I could recommend if you want.

-It's adorable, isn't it? -Uh-hmm.

Unfortunately, babies like to be rocked head to toe, not side to side.

I don't know why Connie carries a floor cradle because, even with the most casual rock, you can inadvertently fling a baby up against the side of the cradle and shake it like jello.

Frankly, if you're dead set on rocking, I'd get a rocking chair.


-Hello. -ALLISON: Hi.

-Will this be all? -Yes.


Is this for your baby?

Yes, it is.

I think you're gonna want the pink sleepers.

Oh, that's okay.

I'd rather play it safe.

Well, I can tell you, I've never been wrong once.

-Not that there's any signs... -Wow, did you ever see anybody who knew so much about babies?

ELAINE: But, no, I've never been wrong yet.

Not even once.

-Knock wood. -Excuse me, hi.

-Hi. -I'm Connie.

And this is my store.

-I'm Allison. -Hey, Allison, hi.

And this is my Aunt Elaine who helps out when she can and we're very grateful to have her.

Elaine, I think that Allison was interested in the yellow sleeper.


-Yeah. Hey, how are you? -Good.

So, I'll be back in the morning, Elaine.

-Okay. -Uh-hmm.

ALLISON: Thank you.

Maybe you could ask her a question, Lo.

ELAINE: Gently. These are fully exchangeable.

Go ask her a question.

Still seems wrong just to take her.

LAUREL: Come on, we take stuff from stores all the time.

AMANDA: Lo, that's not funny.

Listen, you want me to go to the hospital and get busted or do you want me to do it myself and fucking croak?

I don't want you to get busted or fucking croak.

All right then.

Besides, we're already wanted as it is, remember?

I'm sorry but we're closed, you'll have to come back tomorrow.

I can't.

Do you know exactly what you want?

-Yes. -All right. Well hurry.

How can I help you?

I need a country critter.

We have country critters.

We have them in two styles.

Over there, we have the stuffed animal style.

And then back here in the back, -we've got the hand puppet-- -Freeze, it's a gun.

All right. Put your hands up.

I mean it, put both hands up.

Manny, get that thing in her mouth.


And quit humming, damn it.

I mean it, no fucking humming.

All right. Get her legs.

Now get a card.

Any damn card.

Say some cousin of yours is sick.

Some cousin in France.

No, don't write that.

How about, "Dear friends, I need a vacation.

Love Elaine."

All right. Go ahead.

If you're foolish enough to believe you can get money this way, you are sadly mistaken.

I don't want your money.

Well, what do you want?

Come on, Manny, let's go.


Go see what she's doing. I'll cover you.


I hope you slept okay.

I put some music in here for you.


Some people like music when they sleep or you can play it when you're awake, if you're bored or... just feeling down.

SINGER: ♪ ...sister flow, sister, hey, sister, go♪ AMANDA: Well anyways, my sister just wanted to know if you were okay.

Please tell your sister that I have many relations, friends, and colleagues who rely upon me daily.

Not one of whom will take my absence lightly.

Therefore, I'm not the one that she should be concerned about.

Please tell her that for me.

-Okay. -ELAINE: Thank you.

-She said that-- -I heard what she fucking said.



AMANDA: Elaine, hi.

Look, ready?

I'm an alien.


Oh, come on, Elaine, laugh.

She still won't eat.

So get a spoon and feed her.

I already tried that.

I think she's on a hunger strike.

-A what? -A hunger strike.




I do not give in to criminals.

I don't care what type of drugs are involved, or so-called religious rituals, or what have you, I do not give in to criminals.

Fine, then starve.

And I do not take vacations, ever.

It is a well-known fact.

You have to go to bed sometime.

I can't believe I listened to you about that vacation thing.

AMANDA: I said I was sorry.

I didn't know.

Go check the bathroom.

She's been in there a while.



Still on one for the first one, she's on fifteen for the second.

So how many combinations does that leave?

Around 22,000.

All right.

Now you're gonna keep on checking

-twice a day. -AMANDA: Right.

-That's your job. -Right.

LAUREL: And you're gonna tell me when it's time to change the lock.

When she gets to 15, 22, anything.

And you're not gonna let her see you're checking either.

You're gonna let her think she's getting somewhere.

Give her a feeling of accomplishment.


That way, maybe she'd chill out a little.

I bet she'd chill out if you'd just talk to her, you know, explain the situation.

LAUREL: First she chills out then I talk to her.

When she knows who's boss.

I think you should talk to her now.

Well you're not the boss either, are you?


AMANDA: One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the...



Is this yours?



Is that your house?

Yup. That's my room, that's my fort.

And there's my bike over by my room.

What's your name?

What's yours?


But you can call me Chuck.

AMANDA: What's wrong with Ben?


I just like Chuck.



BEN: Take one.

They're signed.

I'm Tiffany.

Where do you live, Tiffany?

Oh, up the creek.

Is that your mom?

BEN: Yeah. That's the one.

She's making Sloppy Joes.

I told her I was in a Sloppy Joe mood.

So, she's making them.

That's weird.


I'm kind of in a Sloppy Joe mood, too.



Hmm, that is weird.

Well, maybe I could eat over.

My cousins are coming.

Well, I like cousins.

I mean, there's probably not enough.



I got to burn some more stuff now.

You want me to come over tomorrow to your house?

No. That's okay.

Are you sure?


Whatever then.

Take care.




-Where the hell have you been? -Nowhere.

You didn't talk to anyone, did you?


Didn't do anything stupid or weird, did you?


Better not.


We're going out for supplies, but we'll be back sooner than you think.

So, don't even try to do anything.

There's no other houses around here and it's at least five miles to the main road, right, Manny?

It's four and a half.

Plus, there's broken glass all around this place.

Manny, show her what you got.



That's every shoe in the house in there.

What else?

Stuff you could turn into a shoe if you're really super desperate.

Now there's a bucket on the floor in case you need it.

Let's go.

Here, in case you wanna call off hunger strike and...

since you already know about music, so...


I don't know. It seems sort of like a lame idea to me, Manny.

Well, you're the one that's gonna keep the baby.

No way we're keeping this baby.

Then you just have to choose somebody.

What about that family on the Castle Hall?

They look okay to me.

You think they look okay?

I think you're cracked.

What's wrong with them?

LAUREL: Check out the way the mom swings her butt every time she hits the ball.

Do you think you can trust people like that?

We've got one or two mothers out there that aren't that crappy.

And if I have to choose one, I'm not gonna be choosing a crappy one.

AMANDA: Oh, shit.





Connie's Connection. This is Connie.

Is Elaine there?

CONNIE [OVER PHONE]: Who's this?

-Barbara. -CONNIE [OVER PHONE]: Who?

Barbara. I'm a friend of Elaine's.

CONNIE [OVER PHONE]: Oh, sorry, Barbara.

Elaine is not here.


Do you know where she is?

She's on vacation.



Do you know when she'll be back?

CONNIE [OVER PHONE]: I really don't.

You know, to tell you the truth, are you a new friend of Elaine's?


You're not from the church, are you?


Well, do you think that you might be hearing from her any time soon?

I don't--I don't know.

CONNIE [OVER PHONE]: If you do, I'd like you to give her a message from me. Would you do that?


CONNIE [OVER PHONE]: Please tell her that this business has many financial backers.

And I'm personally responsible to them.

I can't afford to have unpredictable people working here, even relatives.

It's not that I don't have sympathy for her.

I do. And I think--

Get in the car.

How do you know it was tapped?

I know she was fucking with me.

I know that.

Don't drive that way.

You're squashing the baby.


AMANDA: Why are we parking in the trees?

Keep it down until we know it's safe.


No, stop it.



My God, you are pregnant.


You're gonna have a baby.

What the fuck would I need you here for if I wasn't gonna have a baby?



You're gonna have a boy.


I said it's a boy.

And I've never been wrong once, knock wood.

What are you doing smoking when you're pregnant?




AMANDA: What do you think it is?

LAUREL: I have no idea.

ELAINE: It's called hot dish and it's for eating, not poking.

I believe kidnap victims have just as much right to a balanced meal as anyone else.

And if I'm not mistaken, the same holds true for innocent babies.

If you two benefit in the process, well, that can't be helped.


It's good.


You know Connie?

ELAINE: My niece.


How come she doesn't wear that nurse type thingy like you do?

Oh, Connie has many fine qualities, but I'm afraid she has no nursing experience whatsoever.

That place we worked?

That's the Rice Springs Convalescent Home where I performed any number of medical tests while my father resided there.

AMANDA: How come you're not wearing the same outfit as the other nurses?


It was a formality.

A what?

I keep the majority of my photographs at home.

And I would sincerely hope that you would honor my right to privacy even as you hold me here against my will.

Can I have this picture?

ELAINE: Excuse me?

AMANDA: May I have this picture?


Well, I suppose you may for the time being.

AMANDA: Thanks.

ELAINE: Amanda?

I have two things I wanna say to you.

Number one, crime does not pay.

And number two, while I cannot condone this kidnapping because a number of innocent people have suffered from it, not just me.

But I do think you're a very fine young lady.

AMANDA: Really?





ELAINE: Who is it?

It's Laurel and Amanda.

ELAINE: Come in.

It's like he's having a spaz attack in there.

It's not kicking either.

No. It's too rhythmical.

I'd say it's hiccups.

Shut up, Manny, I'm asking Elaine.

Well, I've seen it before.

Is it bad?

It can be.

What should I do?

Put your head down here.

Come on. Put your head down there.

Then I want you to put your knees on your elbow.

LAUREL: Like this?

I'm afraid so. Okay, now, Amanda, please tell me when exactly

12 minutes have gone by.

That will be 10:34.

ELAINE: I'll be putting on some water for tea.

So how is it, Lo?

Shh, I think it's working.

I'll be in the other room if you need me.


Thanks, Elaine.

You're welcome, Laurel.




So how soon do you think it'll happen?

Oh, I think he's got to cook a little while longer.

I hope to shit he pops out early.

Laurel, there is nothing more frightening or dangerous than premature labor.

A woman should stave off labor as long as she humanly can.

How is she supposed to do that?

ELAINE: Well, for one thing she can stop wishing for it.

What else?

Avoid certain things that bring it on.

LAUREL: What things?

Hmm, rich spicy foods, excessively long showers, soda pop, tight underwear, dancing.

No dancing? Really?

Especially no hard rock dancing.


And I was really in the mood.


Why don't you go get your sister a glass of water, okay?


AMANDA: Lo, did you hear what I said?

She's been on 43914 since Saturday.

You must've messed up somewhere.

AMANDA: I didn't, I swear.

Listen, just because she chilled out lately doesn't mean you can start slacking off.

Maybe she just rather stay with us, did you ever think of that?

LAUREL: Rather stay with us?

Are you saying she's some kind of a weirdo?


Then give me one good reason why someone like her would wanna stay with someone like us.

You better check those numbers again before you start calling someone a weirdo.



SINGER: ♪ Struttin' her stuff on the street♪

♪ She said, "Hello, hey Joe!♪

♪ You wanna give it a go?♪

♪ Oh! Uh-huh♪

♪ Gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya...♪

You don't have a family, do you, Elaine?

Some people have a gift, Amanda, but they're not able to use that gift at the usual time.

Sometimes... they're forced to wait until their body is no longer able to package that gift, do you understand?

No. Not really.

Well, when I was younger when my physical side was ready to produce it happened,

but my emotional side, how do you say it?

Um... it was cluttered.


I'm afraid I was not terribly unified as a younger person but, um, I'm much, much better now.

That's good.

ELAINE: And there's all sorts of ways to give a gift, not just one way, and not just the obvious way.

Does that make any sense?


It sort of does.



Amanda, could you freshen your sister's bowl please.

-AMANDA: Sure. -I don't want her legs cramping up again.

I'll take a refill, too, thank you.


So did you check those numbers again?

You were right, she's still trying to get away.

Told you.


ALL: ♪ No matter how young a prune♪

♪ May be he's always getting wrinkles♪

♪ A baby prune is like his dad♪

♪ But he's not wrinkled half so bad♪ AMANDA: Did you ever notice how certain people won't trust somebody unless that somebody is wearing a chain on their ankles?

Well, Laurel, was one of those people and I guess Elaine knew it.

Anyways, if it wasn't bugging them, that wasn't gonna bug me, why should it?

Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God.

Hey, Elaine.

Shh, your sister is sleeping.


I brought something for you.

I hypnotized him, eight minutes.

That was more than thoughtful.

Why don't you go get cleaned up?

AMANDA: ♪ No matter how young a prune♪

♪ May be he's always getting wrinkles♪

♪ A baby prune is like his dad♪

♪ But he's not wrinkled half so bad♪

♪ All got wrinkles on their face but...♪



Lo, get up.



Lo, get up.







LAUREL: All right. What?

What dammit?





Feels good, doesn't it?


Nice, long shower.


ELAINE: Better put some clothes on, I think.

And, uh, let your sister sleep.

We'll have a late... dinner tonight.

Careful, Amanda.

Hot, hot dish.

Hmm, cream of mushroom.



Are you okay, Elaine?

I'm fine.


Just thinking.

LAUREL: About what?

Well, I was just curious if it had ever occurred to you how long this whole thing might take.

How long we might actually be holed up in this house.

Not exactly.

ELAINE: Well, that explains it, then.

Explains what?


LAUREL: What is there to explain?

Well, it just... seems to me that people in your position, captors, generally would prefer to be moving targets as opposed to sitting still in the same spot for weeks on end like squatting ducks.

Sitting ducks, Elaine.

Sitting ducks. Thank you, Amanda.

As if there were no such thing as the process of elimination.

Wait a minute, are you saying we got to move?

Well, it's not for me to say, is it?

I mean, it's your show, isn't it?

You know, Lo?

I think she's right.

I think we ought to move.

[SIGHS] Wait a minute.

Do you have a lot of people looking for you, Elaine?

That's a ridiculous question.

LAUREL: Do you?

Of course I do.

I mean, my church group alone, I am the coffee chairman, you know?

Can you think of one reason why they haven't found you yet?

I'll tell you why.

Because this is a fucking killer hideout, that's why.

You think I don't know that?

You think I'm stupid?



ELAINE: Oh yes.

It's going to heal very nicely.

Very cleanly.


May I ask you a personal question?

Yeah, of course.

I was just curious as to the exact nature of your visit here.

What? I mean, this is my house.

I understand that.

I was just curious if... anyone else would be joining you?

I came here for some quality alone time.


I'm someone who needs some breathing room from time to time, and my people know this about me.


I think we have to focus... on each other for a survival solution.

Are you seeing these guys?

They know you.

You could stall them while I make a run for it.

I'll get to a phone and call the Sheriff.

He'll come quickly.

He's a client of mine.

He's a pro bono client of mine, so he'll come very quickly, I promise you.



I think that's a very interesting plan, Mr. Humphreys.


I'm gonna think very seriously about it.


What are you doing?

Why are you gonna-- you should untie me.

No, what are you do-- what are you doing?

The only thing I don't understand is why you couldn't "breathe" at home with your own family?



Did you know you got a bunch of glass back there?

Yeah, I know.


What kind of game are you guys playing?

The kind we don't tell anybody about it.

He looks kind of mad or just weird.


I don't know if he's weird, but...

I know he doesn't have that special gift.

What gift?

Just a certain gift some certain people have.

Here, you want it?

No, thanks.

We're having Sloppy Joes tonight, if you wanna come over.

That's okay.

We're having hot dish.

What--you're not gonna tell anybody, are you?

About him?

You still got my picture?


Maybe I'll come over tomorrow.



You take care.

Are you coming, Elaine?

Laurel, I thought we were going to quit smoking.

We are.


And I'd really appreciate it if you didn't sit in that chair.


I just rather you didn't.

Lo, don't sit in that chair.

Are we gonna sing?

No, we're gonna talk.

We have to talk about something serious now, certain someone's future.



LAUREL: Now, Elaine, you probably figured out that we have a certain type of lifestyle and we can't be having a baby around us, even if we wanted one when we don't.

Well, I don't mind.

Don't start, Manny.

[SIGHS] Now, I've been giving it a lot of thought.




What was that?

LAUREL: I'm talking here.

I used to think no way can you give your kid to your hostage.

But you're not like most people, Elaine.

I can really see that now.

You're way past that grudge shit... stuff.

Way past.


You've got the knowledge, the medical know how, and it's not just that, it's like...

you're the real thing.



Who the fuck is that?

You should've taken his shoes, Elaine.


Can I ask you a question, Elaine?

Have you ever heard of a hostage who took her own goddamn hostage?

Come on, Lo, she was just trying to help us.

What kind of a fucked up person would do that?

It's not like you and me didn't do the same thing to her.

That's just it, Manny. Don't you get it?

She was supposed to be different from us.

I bet she never had any kids.

You don't understand Lo, she was all cluttered back then.

I guarantee you she's no fucking nurse.



Get out of the car.


I mean it, get out of goddamn car.

Lo, stop! Lo, cut it out!



AMANDA: Damn you, Lo.


What did you say?

I said goddamn you.

Do you wanna get out, too?

Is that what you fucking want?

Who are you with, Manny?

Me or her?



Don't you wanna sit up front?

No, thank you.



[SIGHS] Come on, Manny.

Cut the crap.

You can't sleep out here.

Listen, I'm sorry she turned out to be whacked, but she did.

And it's better I figured it out now, this way I still have time to figure something else out.

Quit dancing.


I said quit dancing.

Who's dancing? I'm freezing my ass off out here.

You're dancing and it's sort of looks like hard rock dancing, and it's gonna give you labor, so cut it out.

Who told us that, Manny?

AMANDA: You know who told us that.

And who turned out to be full of shit?

You should still quit dancing.


Cut it out, Lo!

Lo, I'm serious, stop it please!

You're gonna have labor, please stop, Lo!

Stop it!


Get up, we're going.

I said get up.

It's hardly even light out.



What's wrong with you?


You look like you swallowed a fly.

[SIGHS] Yeah? Well, I didn't.


Give me five minutes until you come in.

AMANDA: I'm not coming.


I said I'm not coming.

Crime doesn't pay.

LAUREL: Damn it, Manny, you're the one who gave our food away.

All right. You sit here and you act like a shit, just make sure no cops see you doing it.




Lo, where are you?

-What are you doing? -Did you see that cop?

-AMANDA: Yeah. -Did he see you?

-Yeah. -LAUREL: Oh, shit, Manny.

[CLEARS THROAT] What are you standing on?

Some crates.

LAUREL: Are there any more down there?

A couple.

Stack 'em.


Still don't see him?

Why do you keep getting that look on your face?

You're having those crown things, aren't you?

You've been having them since last night, haven't you?

Not like this.

Didn't I tell you not to dance like that last night?

Didn't I tell you not to dance?

LAUREL: Shut up, Manny, please!



What are you doing?

Look, Manny, I don't wanna get busted either, but cops know medical shit and I'm gonna fucking die otherwise.

So we're not moving until they come.


Lo, we can't stay here anymore.

They'll be here any minute.

It's been half an hour already.

That cop saw me, Manny.

He saw you.

I know.

So you don't think he's after us right this minute?


You don't?

I don't think anybody has been after us any minute.

What the fuck are you saying?

You know what I'm saying.



I'm gonna die right in the middle of this fucking road, in this fucking car.

No, you won't.

I don't wanna die, Manny.







SINGER: ♪ Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir♪

♪ Voulez-vous coucher avec moi♪

♪ Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir♪

♪ Voulez-vous coucher avec moi♪

♪ Oh♪

♪ Gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya, da-da♪

♪ Gitchi gitchi ya ya here♪

♪ Mocha-chocolata, ya ya♪ Elaine, it's me.

SINGER: ♪ Gitchi gitchi ya ya here♪


I didn't know when you'd ever come.

Me neither.

Do you have any idea what sort of ruffians prowl these roads?

And that brand doesn't work at more than 200 yards.

I did not deserve what your sister did to me.

It was a terrible, terrible thing and I do not deserve it.

We know.

We're sorry.


Yes, me and Lo.

We're sorry.

You'll be okay. Look who's here.


Can you say you're sorry?

I'm sorry.

She said it.


You think you could help?


Excuse me a moment.


I'll do my very best.


It's not supposed to take this long, is it?


Okay. I'm gonna stop now.

I just want it to stop but I'm gonna go, okay?

I'm gonna go.

Laurel, look at me.

Look at me.

You're not going anywhere, do you understand?

You're not going anywhere and neither am I.

We're gonna stay right here and have this baby.

Do you believe me?

Do you trust me?


Then will you stop fighting me?


ELAINE AND AMANDA: ♪ Pruney has them every place♪

♪ No matter how young a prune♪

♪ May be he's always getting stewed♪ Push.

♪ No matter how young a prune♪

♪ May be he's always getting wrinkles♪

♪ A baby prune...♪





I think you should pick him up or something.


Damn, Elaine.

He really is a boy.





Well, Amanda, we've got a long drive ahead of us.

Um, your sister, of course, will have her hands full.

But there is something I would like for you to do for me.

-What's this for? -ELAINE: Well, I would like for you to write an essay, 500 words or more about certain lessons you've learned.

-Lessons? -ELAINE: Uh-hmm.

About taking hostages.


Of course, as soon as we're settled, I fully intend to write one myself.

I think that's only fair.

Well, if it'll make you feel better, Elaine.

I believe it would.

Okay. Buckle up for safety, everybody.


You sure you know how to drive, Elaine?

Oh, honestly, Laurel, what a question.



AMANDA: Did you ever dream about someone before you saw them in life?

They really happen, things like that, strange amazing things.

I swear they happen all the time.