Marauders (2016) Script

[thunder booms]

[wrist computer beeps]

[indistinct chatter]

Hi, how are you?

[woman] I just... you see what I'm talking about here.

Mr. Hutchinson, could you please look that over for me?

I have my own copy, this is for you.

We can get going, I'll look over what I have.

Let me help you outside.

I'll keep everything.

This is all your receipts, it's all for the transaction you did.

You're gonna hold onto this.

It's all right, be careful in the rain.

Oh, yes.

[rain pouring]


[thunder booms]




[wrist computer beeps]

[computer voice] Everybody down.

Put your palms on the floor.

Everybody down.

Put your palms on the floor.

Everybody down.

Put your palms on the floor.

Cell phones out.

Place them in front of you.

Cell phones out.

Place them in front of you.

Cell phones out.

Place them in front of you.

Open your drawers.

Do not hit the alarm or we will kill your manager.

Open your drawers.

Do not hit the alarm or we will kill your manager.

Open your drawers.

Do not hit the alarm or we will kill your manager.

Remain on the floor or we will kill you.

If anyone leaves or calls the police within 15 minutes, this device will explode.

If anyone leaves or calls the police within 15 minutes, this device will explode.

If anyone leaves or calls the police within 15 minutes, this device will explode.

[thunder booms]

I'm sure you'll be as pleased with those reports as we are, and trust you will enjoy your business in Cincinnati.

Despite numerous attempts to move our headquarters to a larger city, we have chosen to stick with our roots, give back to the community.

Hubert Nationalist played a great role in the revitalization of The Queen City.

Something we're actually quite proud of.

Would you like to add anything else, Mr. Hubert?

What floor are we on, Andrews?

14th floor, sir.

Which in reality is the dreaded 13th floor, is it not?

Yes, I... I guess it is, sir.

My friends, there is a spider on the outside of the window here.

Brown recluse if I'm not mistaken.

A spider that has climbed 13 stories so far without falling.

Which, considering today's lovely breeze is most impressive, wouldn't you agree?

Why does the spider climb so high?

Is it striving to get to the top?

Or does its spider brain have no concept of there even being a top?

Maybe she believes she can just keep going up, and up, and up forever.

That's what I choose to believe.

Only small thinkers believe there's a top.

A plateau to reach.

We here a Hubert National Bank will never stop climbing higher to maximize your bottom line.

I give you my personal guarantee as president of this bank that like my friend the spider here, I will devour any little bugs that get in our way.

Sir, Dagley's on the phone.

Excuse me, please.

Uh... let me show you the rest of our corporate offices, shall we?

How much?

I don't know yet. Police have it all sealed up.


[Dagley] They're all over the place.

Can you see Hutchinson? - Yeah, I saw him.

Are they speaking to him? - No, they took him out.

He's dead.

What do you want me to do?

Welcome to the shit show.

[Chase] Ready for you guys inside.

[Montgomery] How long after the robbery 'till the first officers were on scene?

[Chase] Twenty-five minutes.

[Montgomery] Why?

[Chase] Because they laid out a device with prerecorded instructions saying it would explode if the cops were called within 15 minutes.


And it was a car stereo, but nobody moved for 20 minutes.

When your first action is sending a shotgun blast through the bank manager's chest it sends a pretty clear message, "Don't fuck with us."

So the bank manager bled out. Nope.

I was told he was dead. He is.

They executed him on the way out.

He resist? Negative.

Witnesses say everybody fully complied.

Especially him.

[Chase] Victim's name is Steven Hutchinson.

How much was taken?

Three million from the safe and whatever was in registers.

Let me see that device they left.


Sargent Mims was the first detective on the scene.


They tagged and bagged it before he got here.

I was told they found a print.

What print? We don't know yet.

They said Mims is unreachable, I said bullshit, I sent a guy down to the station.

That shady cocksucker, you find out where he is before any of the cash evidence goes missing too, and next time please make that the first thing you tell me.

[hip hop music]

♪ We gonna burn it down up in here ♪

♪ Baby we on fire ♪

♪ Let this motherfucker burn ♪

♪ We don't need no water ♪

♪ Burn it down up in here ♪

♪ Baby we on fire... ♪

[muffled music]

[whispers] Mims, it's three doors down.

[Mims] Okay, follow my lead.

♪ Shots after shots up in this motherfucker ♪

♪ I can't feel my face up in this motherfucker ♪

♪ She got a pad that's new ♪

♪ Race up in this motherfucker ♪



Get your hands up!

Hands up, gets your hands up!

[man] Police!

Hands up, don't move! Police!

Get the fuck outta here!



Crack and wings?

When'd that chicken joint change the number six?

Are you James Jackson?

Where the fuck's your warrant?


This is my warrant.

Man you broke ass cop. Man, we know you gonna skim that shit!

Broke ass cop? Broke a...?


Just put a little Neosporin on that, you'll be fine.

Good afternoon, everyone.

We have a robbery homicide.

Brutal, professional, yet seemingly also very personal.

We have a print, or at least we should, but we have no fucking clue where the hell it is! Chase.

They think the print is from a James Jackson.

Do we have his jacket?

Possession, possession, petty theft, disturbing the peace.


Anybody else smell horseshit here?

This guy's a thug.

No way he pulled this off.

These guys are pros.

Agreed. They operated with precision.

We need the evidence, and where is the evidence?

Still with Mims. Why is it with Mims?


Because we allowed him to take it from my fucking crime scene!

Excuse me sir, who's Mims? He's an asshole.

And who the fuck are you? G.I. Joe?

Everyone, this is new Special Agent Wells, fresh out of Quantico with flying colors, decorated Special Forces, renowned sniper, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Like I said, G.I. Joe.

All right, nobody takes anything from my crime scene unless it has been cleared, am I clear?

Now I wanna know where the fuck it is, I wanna know where it is now.

That's it, go!

G.I. Joe, my office. Yes, sir.

Getting settled in nicely? Yes, sir, thanks for asking.

Close the door.

Like to smoke weed, Wells?

What? Do you like to get high?

No, sir.

On your polygraph, an abnormal answer causes the needle to jump as high as here.

Mine's beneath it.

But at a greater variance than your other answers.

I figure with your Special Forces training, lying to beat a polygraph is probably child's play.

So, I'm gonna ask you one more time, for the last time.

Do you like the sticky icky?

No, sir.

Why the skip?

I smoked weed maybe three times when I was younger to impress this hot chick.

How hot? Ass for days hot?

It was middle school.

When you applied, you were asked whether you did drugs, using marijuana is grounds for immediate disqualification from the FBI.

I don't care if you smoked last week.

What I care about is honesty.

If you lie, you withhold facts to get ahead, I'll cut off your balls and bury you.

[phone rings] [Montgomery] Or fire you.

We work as a team, we clear?

Yes, sir. Montgomery.

When'd she get in? Thanks.

Bank manager's wife just arrived from vacation with the kids, no one's informed her, you wanna go?

I'll drive, where does she live?

Indian Hill, no you won't, I always drive, you can regale me with more hot chick stories.

[thunder booms]

[doorbell rings]


Mrs. Hutchinson? Who's asking?

Special Agent Montgomery of the FBI, this is Agent Wells, may we come in?


My husband isn't here, but he will be shortly.

[Montgomery] Are your children upstairs?

[Mrs. Hutchinson] Yes. Please have a seat.

[Montgomery] Thank you. Please...

Mrs. Hutchinson, your husband was killed during a robbery at Hubert National this morning.

I'm very sorry.

God, the kids.

Is there someone you can call to come over? Family?

No, no, I...


I'll be all right.

Take my card.

Take care of your family tonight.

If you can give me a call, we'll have someone bring you in, ask you a few questions at a better time.

Do you work, ma'am?

What? No, why?

Your husband the only source of income?

Yes. Again, we're very sorry for your loss.

We'll see ourselves out.

What was that about?

Well, the average bank manager makes 60K a year, wife has expensive taste, they live in a $2 million house, and both kids go to a private elite academy.

I saw the pictures, so...


Next time show a little more finesse.

Yes, sir.

She also wasn't surprised to see us.

She wasn't confused until I told her her husband was dead.

Yeah, I saw that. You think she's dirty?

[phone rings]

Something is.

Go. [Stocky] How's G.I. Joe doing?

Jury's still out, what have you got?

Cincinnati PD has James Jackson in custody.

We're on it.

We just got a front row seat to the shit show.

Can't wait.

[thunder booms]

[indistinct chatter]

Agent Montgomery, good to see you.

No one paged you, Captain.

Monty, how you doing?

I'm good, I'm good.

What the fuck are you doing?

Detective Mims had a lead on a print discovered on the fake bomb.

He followed up, found weapons and drugs at the suspect's residence.

So why didn't you wait for my okay to go raid the apartment?

I'm Homicide. It was a homicide.

Don't pull this bullshit on me.

[Montgomery] I allow Cincinnati PD to fully partake in my investigations but at the end of the day, don't make the mistake:

That money says federal reserve now.

Well, you didn't do a very good job of reserving it.

Wow, that's very clever.

[Captain] Mims, calm it.

Captain O'Connell, shut the fuck up.

Do you know how I'm able to tell him that, Mims?

Because my official title is Special Agent in Charge which gives me the authority over a Special Agent who's over your Captain, who's over you.

You don't take evidence from a crime scene until I get there.

You don't do a fucking raid unless I tell you.

You got a print? I want it.

James Jackson? No.

The print belongs to T.J. Jackson.

Say that again.

What, you don't know who T.J. Jackson is?

He was a ranger.

Keyword there is, "was". T.J. Jackson's dead.

James Jackson is T.J.'s little brother.

We figured James had some of T.J.'s old stuff, T.J. was a US ranger hotshot.

So maybe he had some of this high tech shit and they used it.

That's what you two figured?

That they'd be that precise but not take the time to wipe it off?

These are thugs. Did you see the tape?

These guys move better than a SWAT team.

If I were looking for thugs, my first suspects would be you assholes.

This is not gonna hold up, these guys will be out in 15 minutes.

Sooner. Jackson's lawyer claims she has a liquor store tape of James making a purchase at the time of the robbery.

And who the fuck are you?

Number three on that list of people who outrank you.

Well, congratulations, gentlemen, you've just been played, it's called disinformation, that print was put there on purpose and you've given our suspects... a nine hour head start.

Well done.

Hey, by the way, how much cash did you guys recover from James Jackson's place?

No cash.

Nothing? Wow. None.

That's strange 'cause I always heard that there was a lot of money to be had at a drug bust.

That's weird.

Okay, people, things just got a lot more interesting.

The print that our good buddy Mims found is not that of petty thug James Jackson.

It is the print of his big brother.

His dead big brother T.J. Jackson.

Does anybody here not know who T.J. Jackson is?

Wells, tell those pretending to know.

This young man, Alexander Hubert, was held for ransom in 2011 by a rogue group of US Army Rangers.

One of those rogue soldiers was a Cincinnati based native named T.J. Jackson.

Kidnapping went South, Alexander Hubert died.

US Military swooped in and killed T.J. and his accomplices.

I assume Alexander Hubert was related to the Hubert National family?

Exactly, he's the younger brother of Jeffrey Hubert.

Sole heir, now runs the show.

They're brothers?

They look like they're about a century apart.

Theories. Let's talk motive.

Why did T.J. and his guys kidnap Alexander Hubert?


It didn't work, T.J. was killed.

Now we have his print on the scene of another attempt to get Hubert's money.

Well, shit, Monty, you're right.

This has certainly gotten more interesting.


[cell buttons beeping]

[electronic voice] You have two voice messages.

Voice messages.

[woman] Hey, baby, don't forget to stop and grab some wine.

See you soon.

[phone beeps]

[woman] I'm thinking how do you have so many dirty clothes.

[laughs] I miss you.

[thunder booms]

[woman muffled singing]

[baby crying]

[Chase] Hi, Martha Wallace? Yes?

Yes, I'm Special Agent Chase with the FBI.

I was hoping to ask you a few questions about T.J..

Thank you.

That was you singing? Mmm-hm.

You have a beautiful voice. Do you perform anywhere?

Yeah, every couple of weeks I play a jazz club.

T.J. used to come hear me sing.

How can I help you, ma'am?

Do any of T.J.'s old friends ever come by to visit?

No. No military pals maybe?

According to the military, T.J. was a traitor.

You know they still have never really explained to me what happened.

Wouldn't even release his body to us.

We had to bury an empty casket.

Jeffrey Hubert of Hubert International attended the opening of his newest North coast branch yesterday.

It was just three days ago when one of his downtown branches was robbed in what I'm told was a very sophisticated operation.

In spite of initial rumors of pending arrest, the police have released no real info...

[TV turns off]

[thunder booms]


[wrist computer beeps]

[computer voice] Drive to work.

Unlock the safety deposit boxes.

We know the bank has a secret access code.

Do exactly as you are instructed and no one will be harmed.

Otherwise, we will kill you.

But first, we will kill your wife and your daughter.

No, no, no. No, no, no!

Don't do... [computer voice] Drive to work.

Don't do this, please.

[phone rings] This is Dagley.

[muffled voice] Hubert wants you at the West Chester branch now!

Who is this?


[computer voice] Put this in your ear.

We can hear everything you do.

Open the vault to the safety deposit boxes.

Hit any alarm or disobey in any way and Patricia and Ava will die.

Hit any alarm or disobey in any way and Patricia and Ava will die.

Morning, Will.

Would you mind doing me a favor and making sure that maintenance stocked the bathroom with toilet paper? Thanks.

Hi, Mr. Teegan! Morning, Michelle.

Hey Mr. T! Jared.

Hey, would you mind running next door and grabbing me a coffee?

Sure, I'll go. Actually, everyone run next door, grab a bagel and some coffee, okay?

It's on me. You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure, I can handle any early birds.

[Michelle] Thanks, what can I get you?

Just a coffee would be great.

[padlock beeps]

Strong feather.

[computer voice] Open box 3-5-1-1-1.

Wait! Don't!

Will, get down!


[wrist computer beeps]

[computer voice] On the ground. Cell phones in front of you.

Put your palms on the floor.

Hit the alarm or call the police and we will kill you.


Hit the alarm or call the police and we will kill you.

On the ground, cell phones in front of you.

Put your palms on the floor.

Get out.



[grenade hums]

[loud pop]

[ringing sound] [groaning]



[phone rings]

Yeah? [man] They killed Dagley.

They left his body on the street.


[police sirens wailing]

Excuse me, Special Agent, can you tell us if one of the victims was a bank manager like the last robbery?

I just got here.

So you're saying it's not related?

I'm saying we don't know yet.

Well why else would the Cincinnati PD be investigating a crime in West Chester?

I'll tell you what, Miss Adler, I'll be back within an hour to give you an update.

Okay, thank you.

Four suspects in Kevlar masks.

And we have another victim.

Bank manager again?

No, it was the guy on the street.

His ID says David Dagley. And he was legally armed, but never had a chance to pull his weapon.

You should know the gunman also saved the guard's life.

[glass shatters]

[man] Sir.


They didn't take cash.

They emptied the safety deposit boxes.


[alarm buzzes] Mr. Teegan, how are you?

I'm alive, thank you.

Glad to hear your family's all right.

Not glad to hear that you can open safety deposit boxes without the owner's keys or permission.

You'll have to explain that one to me.

I'd like to wait for my attorney please.

Well you're an employee of a bank that contains federally secured currency.

You have to answer my questions with or without your attorney whether you want to or not and you know that. Okay.

Okay, this is a still from one of your security cameras and the suspect is focusing on a very specific folder from a very specific box, any idea who that box belongs to?

You know I can't divulge that kind of information, it's a violation of our privacy policies.

And that's okay because I already know the box is registered to a Jan Martense.

How did...

How what?

Unfortunately, that's about all I know.

How's your marriage? What?

I mean are you happy, do you love her?

Did you make a good choice? Did you pick well?

You did, so you know how lucky you are to have a wife.

Yes, very.

Thank God they didn't hurt my family.

So you're all good. Fuck the next guy!

Except for him, the cops show up and these guys are still in the bank and they kill his family.

Now I want you to imagine that right now.

Soon as you leave here, the first call you make is to a funeral home to pick out a casket for your wife.

Then they show you the special caskets for the children.

And all the different colors and pillows and cushions inside and you're sitting there thinking what pillow would make them more comfortable fighting the realization that they're already dead so they don't give a flying fuck what color they're buried in, you motherfucker your wife is alive!

But that's not your problem, is it?

Are we being recorded yet? Not yet.

How often do you think the owner of a bank visits his branches?

I'm not talking about the VP or anything like that, I mean the man at the very top.

No idea, how many locations does Hubert National have?

[Teegan] Almost 3,000.

Hubert probably doesn't ever visit any of them.


Only the large main branches.

And those maybe once, maybe twice a year at the most.

But Hubert, he visits ours a lot.

Usually after we're closed.

Well, it's got a print. You run it?

It belongs to T.J. Jackson.

What the hell's going on?

Sir, I need you to walk with me.

Can it wait?

[Chase] I've been keeping tabs on all large deposits in the area since the robbery. [Montgomery] And?

And exactly $3,000,000 was reported on the grid.

Why do you think it's from the first robbery?

Because the serial numbers match.

What bank? It wasn't a bank.

They may be a charity, but they certainly don't fuck around with their paperwork, this better be in the evidence locker.

Shh! Don't shush me, motherfucker!

Follow me.

I hid it back here so nobody would find it, it's definitely the money from Hubert National.

Yeah, I know.

Are you that big of an asshole you think I wouldn't find out you took money donated to the City Mission from a bank robbery?


Monty, look, the City Mission runs all donations through me, I even signed it.

The reason why I didn't report it?

Because the whole department, they leak to the press.

Including you. You're fucking right I do.

But I know a hustle when I see one.

These guys are trying to make themselves look really fucking good, a $3,000,000 donation to a charity?

The press gets hold of that, they look like the Boondock fucking Saints.

You're right.

You still should've reported it to me.

What, the FBI doesn't have any press leaks?

I know you guys do, it's not like you're making any more money than we are.

Guess again, I live up in Akron next to Lebron.

I'm assigning an agent to you and your team.

Fuck that!

Fuck you, "fuck that", do you have any idea how incriminating it is what you just did?!

There's just no pleasing you, man.

Well, you keep trying, don't you Mims?

Yeah. I got agents downstairs, they'll be taking the money off your hands.

[thunder booms]

[blender whirs]

[whispers] Hey.

I made you breakfast.

You're home so late.

How you feeling?


You're here.

So are you hungry?

I'm okay. I can't keep anything down.

Can you just hold me?

I was having the best dream.

[indistinct chatter]

Are the security measures in place?

Yes, sir, top of the line. Good morning, sir.

Staff was prepped this morning.

The fuck?

[Stocky] Press is already making their own assumptions.

For the first time, they're probably right.

Vanessa Adler, she's a reporter for Channel 12, right?

The one with big tits.

She's also a writer for The Plain Daily.

I only know about the big tits.

Look, Monty's assigned you to Detective Mims and his crew.


Gotta coordinate with CPD.

Cops hates Feds, you're the newest.

Least amount of hate.

Don't take any shit from those assholes.

Thanks for meeting me.

I felt bad for never giving you anything at West Chester.

Do you think this is political?

I don't know. Apparently you do.

Seven of 16 Ohio Representatives and one of our Senators have accounts at Hubert's West Chester branch.

I'm sure they have lots of accounts.

Not with safety deposit boxes where people keep their dirt.

Hubert lures these guys in so he can spy on them.

That's interesting.

I don't recall reading that in your article.

Oh, that's far too sensitive a topic with not enough facts.

And beyond that, papers don't usually print stories of conspiracy against the bank they owe money to.

So the paper wouldn't go against its funding for a story, but with solid evidence you would.

It would have to be beyond solid.

Hey. Hi.

At least drink the fucking wine so I can send you to AA or something.

Give me a Bushmills Black.

[bartender] Here you go. Thank you.

What do you think Velasquez is doing right now?

Oh, come on.

Getting high?

Remembering how he killed my wife?

You wanna talk about it?

I just did.

[man on TV] Good Samaritan bank robbers in Cincinnati.

In a Channel Five exclusive, we have learned that the suspects in the two recent Hubert National bank robberies gave a reported $3,000,000 to the City Mission.

Are you fucking kidding me?

[thunder booms]


You ready, let's go.

Where's the rest of your crew?

Why, you wanna babysit them, too?

No, I'm just asking. Where are we going?

We're gonna see a security guard who works a couple blocks from Hubert's in West Chester, claims he saw a plate.

Wait, so no one's interviewed this guy yet?


I guess the Feds can be just as slow and inefficient as the cops.

[man reads indistinct]

[thunder booms]

Know who the VIP is?

Senator Cook.


Any idea where Senator Cook lives?

West Chester.

It would be convenient enough for him to do his banking at Hubert National, why, what are you thinking?

I'm thinking it's pretty fitting that they're having their little bitch fest in a graveyard.

[camera clicks]

[sirens wailing]

[Mims] Heard you met with Vanessa Adler.

Yeah, you know her?

Yeah, I banged her a couple times.

No, we bounce information back and forth once in awhile.

She actually went to college with my wife.

Oh, yeah, you married? How long?

Almost ten years. How'd she fall for you?

I don't know you, I don't like you.

This is not about my wife. Tell me about this guy.

Chris Hall, he worked at Icon Jewelry a couple blocks from the bank.

Private security, seems legit.

Ten bucks says he asks about the Bureau.


Eleven o'clock.

Chris, Agent Wells, this is Detective Mims.

Nice to meet you guys.

Hi, can I grab you anything to drink?

I'm good, thanks. [waitress] Okay, thank you.

Thanks for taking the time. Where did you see these guys?

I didn't see them, I saw a black SUV racing off down Oak Street after the robbery.

As I understand... It could've been anybody.

It could have.

You just have a habit of writing down license plates?

Well, I work security.

Oh, so you must see a lot of action then, huh?


I'm sorry for the detective, Chris.

Please continue.

Look, I work close to the bank, SUV peels out, cop cars show up, I wrote it down, I mean, if you guys aren't interested, it's cool.

Oh, no, no, we're interested.

We'd love to see the plate number.

I wrote it down.

Address and the location where I saw them.

Thank you.

So why didn't you come sooner with that information?

I called right away, you guys were just the first ones to get back to me.

No, no, this is great. Thanks for your time, we'll be in touch.

Hey, guys, listen.

I was thinking about applying to the Academy in the Fall and I was just wondering if maybe you'd put in a good word, tell 'em I helped you out.

Oh, yeah, we'll jump right on that.

Special Agent Wells here will personally inform the FBI Director.

Maybe even the President.

[Chase] David Dagley, our victim in West Chester.

He was in T.J. Jackson's Ranger Unit, Commanding Officer.

He alerted the military about the kidnapping and was the only one who didn't go on the mission.

Guess who hired him when he came back stateside?

Jeffrey Hubert. [Chase] Exactly.

File for you, Agent Montgomery.

Thank you.

Senator Cook.

Now what would your pretty little wife think of these?

[Mims] What you got?

Plate's registered to James Jackson.

James Jackson, I knew it, my gut is never wrong.

Monty, he's not gonna fucking believe it.

Call it in.

Fucking hates me, that guy.

Derohan, you around?

[Derohan] Go ahead.

I need you and Leon to stake out

15691 North Central Look for a black SUV, plate number Foxtrot Papa Tango Nine One Five Five.

The driver most likely will be James Jackson.

[Derohan] Okay, for how long?

Until I say so.

Until the babysitter says so.

[Derohan] Understood.

You good? You want another pillow?


I just...

I love you.

We're gonna go on a beach and sleep on a hammock just like one of those beer commercials.


That's so sweet.

My husband's ideal romantic getaway is a beer commercial.

I'll go away with you on your Corona commercial if I can, baby.

Of course you can.

We're gonna go on a long tropical vacation sooner than you think.

[sirens wailing]

[ "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven]

[distorted voice] How are you this evening?

Who am I talking to?

Robin Hood.

I think it would be more useful for both of us if you didn't worry about trying to trace this.

So I won't have to hang up and we can have a conversation.

You're taking an awful lot of risks.

Purposefully leaving evidence at the scenes, sending me stuff, now calling me at home.

Yet, you still don't know who I am.

Oh, I assume you have theories.

Have you considered the possibility that I'm helping you catch a bigger criminal than myself?

Yeah, that's crossed my mind, but I really don't give a damn, your crew's killed two people.

I'm after you.

Both were bad men.

How do you know that?

Eye for an eye.

So this is revenge?

Was that a general statement or are we bringing God into this conversation?

I mean do you believe in God?

I do, but I wouldn't go so far as to say he'd approve.

Think he's gonna let you get into Heaven?

Why does that matter?

If one believes in God isn't that what it all comes down to, where we end up after all this?

Probably not, but maybe.

I'll go to Hell so someone else could go to Heaven.

- You got my package? I did.

Are you gonna do the right thing?

So Senator Cook likes guys. Doesn't bother me.

Don't be dense.

That's just the salacious details to make the public pay attention.

I'm talking about the documents with it.

Yeah, they're intriguing, but I'm not about to start justifying murder and theft as a means to fight public corruption.

How does it feel knowing the man who murdered your wife is still breathing while your wife rots?

[thunder booms]

Does doing things the legal way really make it better?

[Montgomery] FBI.

Carrying a concealed weapon.

FBI, concealed weapon.

It's the only one I have.

Special Agent Montgomery.

Good to see you.

Thanks for being here.

Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea?

No, thank you, this is not too shabby.

These robberies have been just terrible.

Money's one thing, but the unnecessary savagery disgusts me.

I noticed you beefed up security downstairs.

Our customers deserve a sense of protection, don't you think?

Yourself as well, I'm sure. Yeah, everyone.

So, West Chester, you seem to have some kind of relationship with the man who was killed there?


If you're referring to him informing the military about the kidnapping plot against my brother, then, yes, of course.

He was a hero.

Were you and your brother close?

Very close.

You have any brothers?

I do actually.

I was 20 years older than him.

I loved him dearly. Died far too young.


He didn't seem to follow in the family footsteps however.

All of you with your Business and Law degrees and Alexander is a Philosophy major at Dartmouth?

What's your point?

Well, one of my agents came across a paper he wrote, it was published, about the corruption of government and the banking system and its negative impact on society.

[chuckles] Yeah.

He was a bright guy.

Quite the young liberal.

I take it you lean a little more to the right.

[chuckles] Not this year.

I'm trying to stay out of it. Me too.

I never would've taken you as an enthusiast of the macabre.

I find it fascinating.

Lovecraft fan, huh?

This an original?

It's first collection.

May I? Sure.

Books are meant to be handled and read, of course.

Even incredibly expensive ones. You a fan as well?

My wife was.

She loved all his ideas about a secret world existing beneath our own.

Me, I get enough of that every day at my job.

But I read my fair share and there was this one story in particular.

The Lurking Fear.

There was a character in it named Jan Martense.

Which also happens to be the name of the owner of a safety deposit box that may have held compromising information on your friend Senator Cook.

Why would you be holding dirt on him?

Do you know who all my friends are?

I only ask because I find it funny.

Why would you be blackmailing a guy that you're the main campaign contributor for?

Thanks for coming by.

Have George come in please.


That's a first.

Not everybody needs a gun to get things done.

What else can I do for you today, Special Agent?

I'm asking you simple questions, just answer them.

What's the difference between a question and an allegation?

An allegation is the one you don't answer.

A question's the one you do answer.

I don't think I need to answer any of your questions, really.

Let's not do theater. Okay, Special Agent.

Look, why don't you cut the shit and just tell me who's behind this before you wind up like Hutchinson and Dagley.

Or you could make a move and I'll shatter your face against those floor to ceiling windows.

That's one of the things that could happen.

[sirens wailing]

[guns cocking]

[padlock beeps]

[indistinct chatter]

Everybody down!



[distorted voice] Let's go, now!


[distorted voice] Get out of here! Keep moving. Move, move, move!


[gunfire continues]

- Move, move, move, let's go! Move it out, move it out now!

Lower your weapons and we will not harm you.

No, what are you doing?!


Down here! I'll fucking kill her, I'll fucking do it, I'll fucking kill her!

Which one of you creeped up on my computer last night?

Let him go!

I suppose these guards deserved to die, too!

Maybe you boys are just starting to unravel.

Give me the girl, I give you your man!

Otherwise, I put one in your skull and one in his.

Whoever's left gets a prize.

[distorted voice] Let her go.

So you're the boss man, huh?

Turn around.

Take the money and go!

On the count of three.




[sirens wailing]

Monty! Hey, fuck off!

Get that goddamn camera back now! Move!

How can you not find them, they peeled out in the middle of downtown!

Ah, shit.

You okay?

Should've been me.

Hey. You see all those people over there?

They're alive because of you.

Let's get these assholes.

[phone rings]

What's up? [Derohan] I got your plate match.

How long has it been there? - Just got here.

Okay, sit tight.

So what made you join the Bureau?

Fell into it.

You got that born on the 4th, be all you can be look.

Special Forces.

What about you, what made you become a...

Boy Scout?

I wasn't gonna say that, but, yeah.

I can't remember, but I'm sure it was something good and noble.

Yeah, I'm sure.

This is a photograph of our dead white victim.

Well, besides him conveniently not having his driver's license on him, he also didn't have any fingerprints.

[Stocky] Burned off, the molars pulled out, too.

Say what you want about this motherfucker, but he was dedicated.

Where else do we find this kind of dedication?

Military. Definitely, absolutely military.

Which brings us back to T.J. Jackson.

But we all know T.J. himself can't be involved, right, Chase?

Because T.J. Jackson is dead.

His body never showed up stateside.

Okay, so either these guys want us to think they're somehow connected to Jackson's unit, which is unlikely because they're all dead, allegedly, or they have some kind of point to make about T.J. Jackson's unit.

You think T.J. Jackson had a small unit, sir, or a big ol' large unit?

Stocky, you're a third grader trapped in a grown man's body, shut the fuck up.

All right, anyone else? Any non-comedians?

Can you think of any point they may be trying to make, anybody?

All right, daddy's turn.

Here we have an entirely different platoon not to be confused with T.J. Jackson's.

Who is this?

[Stocky] Hutchinson, the manager killed at the first robbery.

[Montgomery] What about him?

Senator Cook.

Before he was a senator, Cook served in The Gulf War, he was the commander of this platoon.

[Montgomery] Recognize him?

[Chase] Dagley. He was in Cook's platoon.

[Montgomery] Exactly, as was Hutchinson.

A very young David Dagley, now let's fast forward to 2011 where Dagley is the commander of T.J. Jackson's Ranger Unit, the unit that we all know went rogue and killed Alexander Hubert.

Everyone in the unit except for Dagley.

Except for Dagley. Dagley, who is connected to Cook, who is connected to Hutchinson, who is connected to Hubert, who coincidentally hires Dagley after his time in the military.

[Chase] Jesus.

Are you guys saying what I think you're saying?

What do you think we're saying?

That Jeffrey Hubert, what, that he somehow staged the whole thing just to kill off his little brother?

Agent Montgomery, you told me to let you know if PD tried to release Hubert.

Why are we holding Hubert? Because he's a witness to a robbery, I'm not done with him yet. I want him to sweat a little.

They're letting him go right now.

Officers, no one leaves without my permission!

Oh, Senator Cook, what a coincidence.

My colleagues and I were just talking about you.

Is it customary to lock up the victim of a bank robbery?

Can't remember ordering anybody to be locked up, but I'm sure if you give me time I can find some reasons to put you away.

They don't pay you enough money to get a real suit?

Just go back to that shitty bar that you hang out and order that shitty wine that you never drink.

Tell me something, at what age was Alexander supposed to receive his inheritance?

'Cause my guess is 25.

Tragic he died two months before then.

Fuck's the matter with you?

[thunder booms]

There it is. No movement since I called you.

Okay, you guys hang here, me and the stiff will go check it out.

Copy that.

[baby crying]

[phone rings]

Yeah. Jackson's headed your way.

Follow him, hold back. See where he goes.


Cincinati PD. Agent Wells, FBI.

May we come in? Okay.

Thank you, we won't be long.

Was that James Jackson leaving your apartment?

Yes. Was he here long?

What's going on now?

Just gonna ask you a few questions and then we'll be on our way.


Well, that's an awful lot of money.

Did James give that to you? Yes.

Since T.J. died, Jamie helps us out when he can.

Where'd he get it? I don't know!

Any other police come by, don't mention us.

You might want to find a better place to hide it.

I didn't take you for a softie.

I really was a Boy Scout.

[phone rings]

What you got?

We followed him to East side.

He's in a remote house that looks abandoned.

We're gonna keep an eye.

For fuck sakes, man.

What's up?

They lost James. Goddammit.

This came for you, sir.

Get the fuck out.

Every day Christmas around here.

You should take these.


A single file that lays out the whole conspiracy.

And this was in this Hubert's personal safety deposit box.

Now why the fuck would he hold on to something so incriminating?

I think of it as leverage.

If any single individual in the conspiracy wants to target Hubert as a fall guy, he simply connects the dots.

This is his currency.

That's the one thing Hubert understands.

So what are we gonna do with this?

[thunder booms]

I wanna shove it up his ass.

I love it.

[thunder booms]

I handed off everything to Vanessa.

Good. Good, throwing this to her should make things interesting.

I'm still trying to get an arrest warrant for Hubert, turns out all his bluster about having friends in high places, it's actually true.

You know, sir, I just wanted to say I think it's really honorable, you handling the case in this way.

What way's that?

Doing what you think is moral.

Doing what's moral. Meaning?

You made the right choice. You refocused on Hubert.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

I'm going after Hubert 'cause he's an asshole.

And my main reason for going after him is to shake out these cowboys that have turned this city into the O.K. Corral.

But there's the greater good.

Are you suggesting that these bank robbing assholes are somehow doing the right thing by leading me to a bigger fish?



I don't know.

My wife had her eyes cut out of her head while she was still alive.

She was undercover trying to bring down a drug lord, Mateo Velasquez.

He made her and he tortured her to death.

He nearly walked when Mims lied to the DA.

And why would Mims do that, well, he was trying to help me.

He thought he was doing the right thing.

And by the way, Velasquez gave money to charity, too.

Nobody ever thinks they're the bad guy.

Leon's still out there.

Nobody's been in or out.

Jackson's inside, maybe he's waiting for somebody or maybe he's guarding something.

What do you think?

Estimated take from the robbery is around ten million.

Most of it is in there.

I think you know exactly what I'm thinking.

[indistinct chatter]

[car honks]


You decided to show up.

Paperwork, someone's gotta do it.

Fuck paperwork.

I see you've had a couple.

I've had a couple.

All right, man, wake up.

You're home.

Nasty, you got napkins?

Yeah, sure, right here.

Right here in the glove box. There you go.

You all right?

My wife has cancer.


Terminal, she's in stage four.


I had no idea, I'm sorry.

Nobody knows.


I can't let her go.

Then I wouldn't waste my time here with me.

[door slams]


Baby, what are you doing?

Where have you been?

I asked if you wanted to go out with us.

Are you serious?

Does it look like I could be hanging out in bars?


Brian. I'm so sorry.


Please don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

I promise I'm gonna get us away from here.

I don't need to go anywhere.

I'm right where I need to be.

I'm so sorry.

[Adler] I have obtained verified confidential files that indicate Jeffrey Hubert of Hubert National was directly related to the death of his brother, Alexander Hubert in 2011.

What was once believed to be a deadly kidnapping perpetrated by a rogue ranger team now appears to be directly linked to none other than our very own Senator Cook, who falsely informed the ranger team that weapons of mass destruction were to be found at the temporary Costa Rican home of Alexander Hubert resulting in the young man's death.

The soldiers were then tragically killed on the scene and falsely painted as traitors.

[alarm buzzes]

[door shuts] [alarms buzzes]

Do you know what I think about a lot?

Your death.

I don't mean with the lethal injection that's probably, what, a good ten years away.

What I think about is...

Killing you with my own hands.

The way you killed my wife with your own hands.

[thunder booms]

[phone rings]

Yeah, Jackson's still alone.

Keep me updated.

Derohan should be there soon to relieve you.

You really think all that money's in there?

Yeah, I really do.

[man] Hell yeah.

I'll see you tonight.

You know how much? Thanks.

Chicago office says one of their Hubert National banks just had two unauthorized vehicles make cash pickups.

He's grabbing cash because his accounts are frozen.

Could only get a temporary freeze, but he doesn't know that.

He's panicking. Two trucks, that's gotta be upward $50,000,000 or so.

Asshole like Hubert's gotta have foreign accounts, fake names.

Greedy fuck wants his cash now?

Tell you what, greed is what I'm counting on, we find the money we find Hubert hopefully with a warrant in hand.

Yeah, how's that's coming? I'm working on that.

Where'd the armored trucks go?

I have no fucking clue.

We know the trucks left from here, but where'd the money go?

I'm thinking he'd head to a small airport, right, fly South?

He's got three private planes.

One in Chicago, two here in Cincinnati.

We have men with all of them. So far nothing.

Who killed T.J.'s team? What?

We know Dagley ratted him out, who did Cook send in to kill him?

Is that relevant? Hold on, kid. What are you thinking

[Chase] Sir? Chase, are you sure that you tracked down every one of Hubert's planes?

Yes, they're all secure.

I want you to start a new search, every plane registered under the name Jan Martense.

Right away. But sir?

Do you want me to do that before or after you go hear T.J.'s girlfriend sing?

Tonight? In an hour.

[gentle piano music]

♪ La la la la ♪

♪ I live to say ♪

♪ That you were mine ♪

♪ I wish to say he cares ♪

♪ But I guess not this time ♪

♪ Can't fight the mood ♪

♪ Loving someone else ♪

♪ Sharing what I cherish most ♪

[T.J.] You must think I'm pretty foolish to be here, huh?

No, when you love someone life just isn't life without them.

♪ Didn't think our love was ready ♪


Wanna stay for one more song?

That one's my favorite.

Subject is secure.

Let's go, T.J.

[thunder booms]

Where are you going?

I just gotta do this thing.


Be here with me.

That's all I need.

I love you.

I know, so just...

I just need to do this thing.


Wells, Wells. Chase got a lead on a cargo plane.

It's at Lunken Airport, it's registered under the name Jan Martense.

She's also got a chopper under the same name, Martense, it's on a rooftop downtown.

My guess is they're gonna use that chopper to get to the airport.

Let's go, come on.

Anyone else from your platoon still alive?

Just me.

Then who did the robberies with you?

I didn't have nothing to do with the robberies.

All right, so you weren't involved, let's go with that.

Sure as hell looks like someone's trying to frame your ass.

How could someone frame a dead man?

You don't look so dead to me.

Look again.

I'm out.

Pick up a tail? No.

I just think we should do this one by the books.

This was your idea, man.

It's just...

I can't do this.

We shouldn't do this.

Fuck that. You don't want in anymore, that's on you.

We'll send you a coconut from Mexico.

Hubert National robbers are at 1507 East 31st Street.

They're armed.

Do you know what it's like... not to be able to see your own kid, your girl?

Out of fear that something may happen to them if the government finds out you're still alive?

For five years I've been watching them from a distance.

Still doesn't answer my question, why do I keep finding your prints all over the crime scenes?

Well, maybe they let them there for you to find Hubert.

Who's they?

Why are you covering for them?

All right.

Forget it.

Let's go somewhere else, take me back.

Tell me what happened.

[T.J.] Orders came down from our CO.

The mission was to go in to eliminate a terrorist group reporting an unknown quantity of WMDs in Costa Rica.

[Ranger 1] Does she look like a terrorist to you?

[Ranger 2] I don't see any weapons.

[T.J.] There are no weapons, somebody fucked up.

[Ranger 4] Tell me this is a terrorist!

[Ranger 2] We just killed innocent people!

No, no, no, I don't believe it! [Ranger 2] Fucking believe it, man!

Squad leader, this is Alpha Six!

These look like dead American college kids, man!

What the hell is going on?!



[mumbles]...we're being attacked!


[mumbles]...we're under attack!

Abort, we're under attack!

How'd you get out?

Whoever's behind the robbery snuck you out, didn't they?

You know the parable of The Good Samaritan?


This one's angry.

[thunder booms]

[sirens wailing]

Where the fuck is the rest of it?!

Put the gun down! Get down on the ground!

[Police Officer] Get on your knees! Put down the gun!

Don't do it!


Get down on the ground! Get on your knees!

I want it brought to me, Cincinnati PD does not take custody, they do not book him!

I will take custody from the state cops!

Look who it is, come on in here!

Hey, Mr. Lucky, the escape artist, how'd you get away?

What are you talking about? Okay, explain this to me.

Why'd your boys just get arrested with some of the robbery money?

Some of the money?

Yeah, you look disappointed, I thought you'd have the rest.

Are they okay?

No, Derohan is not okay, he's less than okay.

Monty, we had a lead.

So why didn't you tell us, why didn't you report it?

I'll tell you why, because you were gonna try and rip off the load.

Now one of your boys are dead.

Deny that, motherfucker.

How'd you find the house?

From a tip. What tip?

From the security guard that got the plate at the robbery.

[laughs] So you had a lead on a plate and you didn't notify us?

Wells had the lead. What do you mean Wells?

Wells had the lead!

What do you mean Wells had the lead?

Yeah, Wells brought me the lead.

Sanders, get me Wells' jacket now!

Connect me to Icon Jewelry, it's in West Chester.

Yeah, I need information on a Chris Hall, a security guard.

Wells was stationed in Panama in 2011, right next door to Costa Rica.

Son of a bitch was in the country same time as T.J. and he doesn't mention it?

You tell me you don't have any security guards?

Units at the helm.


[Stocky] No, stop! The fuck is wrong with you?!

Trying to take a chopper off in the middle of downtown, are you fucking crazy?!

[sirens wailing]

You motherfucker!

Hubert got away!

[Wells] We don't have to do this.

Yeah. We do.


[yells indistinct]

Stocky, are you all right?

You all right?

It was the kid. Yeah.

Fucking G.I. Joe motherfucker.

I was just starting to like that kid, too.

Yeah, me too, my friend, me too.

We lost Hubert. Forget about him, we'll get him.

I'm just glad you're all right.

You're not gonna kiss me are you?

Do you have breath mints?

Come on. Come on beautiful...

[thunder booms]

I saw your map.

I've been in these tunnels many times.

Everyone else followed you, but I came here.


Go home, Mims.

I can't.

You know that.

You made two smart choices today, make one more and get out of here.

Nobody knows I'm here, you can go.

You just need to leave the money.

I knew you were half a bad guy, don't come here and rob me.

I'm not gonna take anything, I just need to turn the money in.


I don't know how much my wife knows about the man that I've become.

I've done some really fucked up things, man.

Really bad things.

But it ends here.

That's not how this is gonna go down, Mims.

I need to do it for her.

This has nothing to do with her.

No, maybe it does.

Maybe the man that I've let myself become is killing her.


If I do this I can heal her.

This can't save her, but it might kill you.

[whispers] I gotta try.

Are you kidding me, I will kill you right now!

Put the gun down and go home to your wife.

If I leave, I'm guilty.

If I've got dues to pay, I'll pay 'em.

This has nothing to do with you, everything got fucked up.

Hubert is still out there.

I need to do something good with this money.

I'm the one who has something to make up for.

I can't let you get in the way of that.

I need to take the money.

Put the gun down!

Walk away, Wells.

Don't make me do this!

I need you to drop...


Officer down in the old brewery tunnels.

[man on radio] You're breaking up, repeat!

Officer down in the old brewery tunnels, come quick!

Tell my wife...

I died good.

[phone rings]

[Stocky] He hit the grid, Mexico.

Hey, Stocky, forget this call ever happened.

[mariachi music]

[indistinct chatter]

I knew if I trailed him long enough you'd pop up.

So it was you I was holding at the bank, huh?

Mims picked a bad day to go straight.

Ten dead, most of them not on your list.

Well, 11 if you count Velasquez.

Which I mean, I figured.

A couple inmates gouge out his eyes with shanks.

That wasn't a coincidence, right?

So was it all worth it?

I don't know.


Well, T.J.'s finally safe.

He's back with his girl and his kid, so there's that.

I know you and your boys were sent in to kill T.J. and his unit.

It felt wrong from the start.

Only half a team was sent in.

That's never done.

It was supposed to be clean.

No bodies, no evidence left behind, clean.

They just kept telling us that a group of soldiers had gone rogue.

That's what I kept hearing, rogue, rogue, rogue. Didn't feel right.

I knew before we went in this mission was bullshit.

Why didn't you speak up?

Are you kidding me?

I'm not gonna do a job that I was trained to do because it didn't feel right?

With all due respect, sir, I was a soldier.

Who was I gonna tell that to?

After we were done, T.J. was the only one left.

He was scared, confused.


[Wells] I took one look in his eyes and it confirmed everything I had been feeling.

We, all of us, had been set up.

How'd you get him out?

Snuck him out in a body bag and then a weapon's crate.

So you and your boys can blame others for your actions back then.

Who do you blame for them now?

We all lost sight of the point.

All the security guards killed at the last robbery, it all got fucked up.

I just couldn't stop it.

What was that point, that you were gonna get your revenge and a few million in cash for your time and effort?

I don't know, maybe?

So what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna finish what I started.

It ends with Hubert.

No, Hubert ends with me, you lost that privilege when you became a vigilante.

No, you don't get out of this that easy, you've got more debts to pay.

All that money you and your boys stole.

It's not gonna bring anybody back, but I know a lot of people who are suffering because of your actions.

I trusted you once, you betrayed me.

I'm gonna trust you again.

Don't make me regret it.


Can I have two glasses of Pinot Noir delivered to that table?

Thank you.

[Montgomery] Is that, Hubert?

What are the fucking odds we pick the same vacation spot?


It's all right.

This one's all bark and no bite.

Would you excuse us?

You might have just cost me a $100, 000,000 deal.

Best news I've heard all week.

I took the liberty.

Thanks, Hun.

Why not.

I guarantee you whatever they serve is better than that swill you buy in your dive.

I prefer my swill.

I'd ask you why you don't drink it, but I don't give a fuck.

[Hubert] What now, Agent Montgomery?

Surely even your little mind understands this country's so corrupt, what are you gonna do?

You can't touch me here.

Whereas I could have you killed.

That, and it wouldn't cost me the price of one of your cheap suits.

You really don't like my suits?

It's all right.


You're not drunk are you?

One sip of this?


I'll go to Hell so you can go to Heaven.