Marie Antoinette (2006) Script

Friendship between Austria and France...

...must be cemented by marriage.

My youngest daughter, Antoine...

...will be queen of France.


The court of France is not like Vienna.

Listen closely to Ambassador Mercy's council.

All eyes will be on you.


Do you like him?

He has kind eyes.

He's definitely very French.

Three. Four. Six.

Are we there yet? Yes.

We have arrived at Schüttern for the official handover.

Then you will be presented to the king and to your fiancé, Louis Auguste.

Your Royal Highness, may I present your mistress of the household...

...Comtesse de Noailles.

Your Royal Highness.


This structure for the handover ceremony...

...has been built precisely astride the borders of the two great lands.

You have entered on Austrian soil... will exit on French as the dauphine of France.

Now you must bid farewell to your party...

...and leave all of Austria behind.



You can have as many French dogs as you like.

It is a custom...

...that the bride retain nothing belonging to a foreign court.

An etiquette always observed on such an occasion.

You're lucky. Apparently she's quite beautiful.

I'll probably end up with someone who looks like a dog.

Or a horse. Or a horse.

I've heard she's really nice.

Think they got rabbits here? Maybe.

Come on.

You notice anything strange about me lately?

It's so muddy here.

I know. My stomach feels a little bit sick.

Are you feeling better now? Are you feeling better, Camille?

I wonder if our little doggie is sick. Feel a little sickly.


Oh, my goodness, it's so uncomfortable underfoot.

Come on.

There we are.

How is her bosom?

I have not looked at the archduchess's bosom, Your Majesty.

Oh, didn't you? It's the first thing I look at.

The Duc de Choiseul.

The foreign minister who was instrumental in this union.

I shall never forget that you were responsible for my happiness.

And that of France.


Here comes the Austrian.

I hope you like apple strudel.

May I present Madame la Dauphine, Marie Antoinette.

My dear grandfather king.

Welcome, madame.

Let me present my grandson, Louis Auguste.

Welcome, madame.

She looks like a child.


Thank you.

Thank you. You're welcome, madame.




To the dauphin and dauphine of France.

May you have many healthy children...

...and produce an heir to our throne.

Good luck.

And good work.

Apparently, nothing happened, Your Majesty.


Nothing. Nothing.

Oh, dear.

Madame... the morning dressing ceremony...

...rights of entry are given to members of the high court.

Major rights to princesses of the blood and mistresses of the household...

...while minor rights to the valets and charges.

Anyone with rights of entry may enter at any time... you must pay attention, to acknowledging properly each arrival.

And you must not reach for anything...

...for the handing of an item to the dauphine is a guarded privilege.

Must go to the highest rank in the room.

For example, the Princesse de Lamballe... a princess of the blood by marriage.


Thank you.

It's cold. Yes.

Good morning.

So now the position must go to the Duchess of Char...

...because she is also a princess of the blood.


So now, as a member of the royal family...

...your sister-in-law, the Comtesse de Provence, must have the honor.

This is ridiculous.

This, madame, is Versailles.

So I've heard you make keys as a hobby?


And you enjoy making keys?


She had to let her servants go. My maid knows the cook.

You know everyone.

Comtesse de Noailles looks very out of sorts.

I think her husband's been causing a little problem lately...

...spending far too much time with his stable boys.

Too much.

Marie Antoinette looks very pretty tonight.


Darling, a new life, unfortunately.

When you think about it, this poor Marie Antoinette.

So young, so...

I think she should go back to her country.

Look at her, so disgusting.

The comtesse is looking rather dour this evening, don't you think?

Always dour. Always tragic.

Can't believe they've brought those ghastly aunts out again.

Where have they been hiding them all these years?

Oh, really? This is shocking.

What is she...?

It's so awful, I can't... Oh, my goodness.

Who is she?

That lady is here to give pleasure to the king.

That's du Barry, the king's mistress.

She wouldn't be allowed at court...

...but the king did some maneuvering to secure her a title.

The one thing I've learned about girls from the gutter... they know their jewels.

No way are those fake.

You see that?

Is this the way people are treating me?

To the stocks.

Nobody treats me like a lady here.

Now she's staring at me. It's so awful.

She should not be sitting at this table. I'll have one of...

Did you hear that?

She just burped. Out of the whorehouse, darling.

I don't know who you're referring to. Everyone at this table is for sale.

Curls. What a little tart.

Well, she's not the only one at this table, darling. Take a look around.

Look at this beautiful Marie Antoinette. I look like her?

Don't you think so? A long time ago.

Oh, you exaggerate. She has blue eyes like me.

I suppose she's rather sweet. For an Austrian.

I think she's delightful. She looks like a piece of cake.

Be interesting to see how long she lasts.

Good afternoon, Your Majesty.

How is your grandson, the dauphin?

He's off hunting the stag.

She doesn't seem the least bit interested in him.

She is Austrian. They're not exactly the warmest people.

But it's true. Her brother Joseph is so cold. He's an awful man.

They say in Austria, that she was with child...

What a hunt today.

I'm exhausted.

Would you like some meat?

Your Royal Highness...

...handing out cold meats to a hunting party... not the most becoming conduct for a future queen of France.

I was just trying to be a nice wife for the dauphin's hunt.

Surely there's no harm in that.

And I received a letter from your mother warning you not to ride... this is one of the leading causes of miscarriages.

Well, as everyone knows, there's no danger of that.

And it's not my fault.

Do you realize the consequences of an unconsummated royal marriage?

That it could be annulled?

Your mother has asked that you take this matter very seriously.

And do everything in your power... inspire the dauphin.

I'll do what I can.

Of course I want to please the dauphin and my mother.

You'll have no influence over the king and dauphin without a pregnancy.

Madame, you have the alliance to consider.

Letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness.

I am pleased madame is taking this seriously.

Oh, is Mops on his way?

I'm working on it...

...but Your Royal Highness has more pressing matters to attend to.

Oh, and I received this letter from your mother.

Dearest Antoinette:

It is clear that the heart of your problems in your new home... your inability to inspire sexual passion in your husband.

There is no reason a girl with so many charms as you...

...should be in this situation.

Remember, you represent the future...

...and nothing is certain about your place there...

...until the final physical act to crown the Franco-Austrian alliance... performed.

It's cold.

It is a bit chilly. Shall I get you a blanket?

No. It's okay.

Are those your feet? They're like icicles.


...sleep well.

Thank you.

Night. Good night.

Your hair always looks so pretty.

Oh, do you think so? Yeah, it's gorgeous.

It's not what I'm used to. It is. It's so nice to be blond.

Have you been to see Léonard? No.

My head is in agony.

This morning, I think, you know... Did he pull it?

Léonard must've been in a bad mood...

...because he was pulling my hair so hard.

And I want to tell him, you know, it's not my fault if he's had a bad morning.

Don't take it out on my scalp.

That was unnecessary.

Watch it.

I would love to go to the opera in Paris.

Why go to the opera when we can listen to the comtesse here?

Must she sing all night?

Can't you do something about your wife?

Madame, shall we retire to make love all night?

Four times last night wasn't enough.

Dear Antoinette:

I am extremely concerned with your situation.

Fortunately, the king doesn't show preference for your sister-in-law.

But what if she becomes pregnant?

Also, I have heard...

...that you are not making invitations to Madame du Barry.

Snubbing the king's favorite, in your position... extremely unwise.

Du Barry is dreadful. Dreadful.

The way she dresses. She thinks she is the queen.

Yes, she does. And those ridiculous pet monkeys.

Where does she come from?

From every bed in Paris.

You know, we didn't think she'd last long until she married the comte...

...and then he was conveniently shipped away somewhere.

She doesn't stay in the boudoir.

She's political. Very.

And extremely anti-Choiseul.

And I don't want to say this...

...but I don't think that she has greeted you with respect.

That's just my opinion.

Ambassador Mercy says I must pay her a visit.

Well, if we invited you to tea at the last minute... wouldn't be able to, would you?

She died giving birth to her tenth child.

What a pity. What a pity.

There was blood all over... Here comes our little Austrian.

Good afternoon, madame. Good afternoon.

Good afternoon. You look lovely.

Oh, thank you. So do you.

Thank you.

Look at du Barry. What is she wearing now?

Another one of her exotic fantasies?

She can't pass a mirror without seducing it.

Do you think she's wearing enough jewelry?

Never enough for du Barry.

She's coming.

Oh, I love your shoes, Victoire.

Oh, why, thank you. I got them from Christian in Paris.

Oh, I must call on him. Yes, you must. He's wonderful.

Madame du Barry would like to offer you some diamonds.

I have enough diamonds.

Snubbing the king's favorite is publicly criticizing the king's behavior.

All you need do is say a few words to her.

Because of rank she is not allowed to speak first.

I certainly have nothing to say to her.

Why should I approve of his cavorting with a harlot?

Your Royal Highness. Well, that's what she is.

Everyone knows she's from a brothel and that title was bought for her.

Your mother and I are very concerned.

Du Barry has been complaining to the king that you will not address her.

And you cannot afford to fall out of favor with the king.

Especially as your marriage...

...not exactly on solid ground.

Fine. I'll talk to her.

There are a lot of people at Versailles today.

Yes, there are.

Those are my last words to that woman.

The first mechanical locks were made of wood.

Records show them in use some 4000 years ago in Egypt.

Any good fans? That one's pretty.

Evening or daytime? I like lace.

These are so du Barry.

Do you like these for hair? It's beautiful.

You don't think it's too much? Maybe one.

One feather? Yeah.

Or in white?

Can we get these in white, maybe?

I don't know if I like that one.

I love these.

Do you want these too?

Yeah, but in pink.

Oh, okay. Two in pink.

Has madame read the brief on our current situation?

No, I haven't read it yet.

Can you just tell me about it?

Well, the reforms in Poland by King Poniatowski have led to civil war.

The Russians and the Austrians have taken over a third of Poland...

...which is, of course, distressing... Poland is a friend and ally of France.

Which sleeve do you like? With ruffles or without?

Have you been paying any attention?

Your mother is relying on you to smooth over this crisis.

Where will I be if there's a rupture between our two families?

Am I to be Austrian or the dauphine of France?

You must be both.

- Well, I heard that she bought a boy. - No.

Yes, I heard. She found a peasant boy by the side of the street...

...and took him in like a stray dog.

Well, it's not as if she can have one of her own.

Maybe if she spent less time with Lamballe...

...and more time with her husband...

...there wouldn't be a problem.

Well, let's not forget she is an Austrian spy.

And I can't imagine that's very warm in the bedroom.

Come, my little truffle cake.

I'm going to ravage you.

Will you come back right away? Yes, my sweet.

Just a quick hunting excursion, we'll be back straightaway.

I will be humiliated before the court and the public...

...if your brother's new wife becomes pregnant before I do.

When I return from Saint-Cloud, you can be sure...

...that I will resume my regime.

And hopefully everything will go swimmingly.

I have absolutely no intention of breaking the alliance with Austria.

I am very relieved to hear that, Your Majesty.

But what on earth is going on with that young couple?

It's a disaster.

Send for Dr. Lassonne to visit them.

Yes, of course.

Do you find your body responsive?


Do you find your body responsive?

What do you eat for breakfast?

Hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate.


Hello, Yolande.

How lovely to see you.

Yes. This is the Duchesse de Polignac.

Hello. Your Majesty.

We haven't seen you for a while. I know.

I've been in St. Petersburg, where I met Dimitri.

Isn't he divine? Have you ever been with a Russian?

No, I... They're so bossy.

Look how fat the marquis's gotten. Hope he doesn't break the chair.

Is he still sleeping with Camille?

Anyway, I must be off. It was lovely to meet you.


Applause is not usually permitted at court performances.

Why not? It was wonderful.

Clap, clap.


Dearest Antoinette:

I'm pleased to tell you how wonderful your brothers and sisters are doing... their marriages.

Maria Carolina is pregnant...

...expecting her first child in June.

And Ferdinand is enchanted with Beatrice...

...having made her his wife at once.

All this news, which should fill me with contentment... diminished by reflections on your dangerous situation.

Everything depends on the wife...

...if she is willing and sweet.

I can't repeat enough...

...the importance for you to employ charm and patience...

...never ill humor, to remedy this unfortunate situation.

Remember, nothing is certain about your place there...

...until an heir is produced.

Excuse me. It's all right.

I'm sorry.

That's all right.

I'm sorry. It's all right.

Good night. Good night.

Your Majesties are requested at the delivery of Comtesse de Provence.

Bravo, bravo.

Oh, wonderful! It's a healthy baby boy.

Oh, my God. How happy I am.

Let me see my nephew. The new Duc d'Angoulême.

Congratulations. Thank you.

It's the first Bourbon prince of his generation.

He's so beautiful.

It's barren. What do you expect?

When will you give us an heir?

I hear she's frigid.

I like the pink. It's like candy.

This is wonderful.

I love this.

Oh, it's a classic.

Could we get some more champagne?

Monsieur Léonard.


Oh, Léonard.

You're the best.

It's not too much, is it? No.

We should all go to Paris for the masked ball.

We're not allowed to go without a formal reception.

Well, if it's a masked ball... one would have to know, would they?


Which way?

Come on.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Where do you come from, monsieur?


And has the dauphin done the deed yet?


Has the dauphin deflowered the dauphine?

Excuse me? - I'd love to do the honors, you know.

Doesn't interest me. Cheers.

Look at that sword.

I'd like to see what he could do with that.

Oh, who's he talking to?

Hideous dress she's wearing.

Pretend you're having a really good time.

Have fun.

Do I know you? No. I don't think so.

Are you making any progress with her?


Are you going to tell me who you are?

Are you?

Count Fersen of the Swedish army.

Count Fersen.

That's the dauphine.

We must go. It's half past three in the morning.

No. Let's just stay a little longer.

Oh, please. Let's go. Come on. Please, please.


Do you know of Count Fersen?

Yes! Count Fersen, of course.

Beatrice de la Falaise was with him last summer.

He's got quite a reputation, you know.

Comtesse de Sevigny. She was with him too.

Good morning.

What is it? The king has fallen ill.

Is it serious?


He doesn't have long.

You know, we cannot take his confession while he has a mistress.

It will be taken care of.

Madame du Barry...

...I'm sick and know what I have to do.

Rest assured...

...I shall always...

...have the most tender feelings of friendship for you.

Bring me du Barry.

She is gone, Your Majesty.

The king is dead. Long live Louis XVI.

Your Majesties, I am at your loyal service.

Dear God, guide us and protect us. We are too young to reign.

May God crown you with a crown of glory.

How marvelous.

Here are two for me and the queen.

Happy birthday, darling!

One, two, three.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, darling. Eighteen. Happy birthday.

Big stakes! Come on now!

That one.

That one's for me.

What's coming?


Here are two.

So pretty!

Oh, Léonard.

Thank you.

Okay, come round to the salon.

Speak to le beau Julian.

First. And then you'll see me. Marvelous!

I've heard he likes men as well.

No. No. It's not true.

Do you want some cherry?

I love your hair. What's going on there?


It's fantastic. It's full of secrets.

You're winning, I hope.

Madame, it's quite late.

I think it's time for the dealers to return to Paris.

You said we could play but you never specified for how long.

You're worthless. I won again!

Give me my chips. How'd you get so good at this?

Good night. Oh, no. Don't go to sleep.

We're gonna watch the sunrise. Don't you want to see that?

I'd rather get some much-needed sleep.

Have you ever watched the sunrise?

When I rise early for the hunt, my dear.

That doesn't count. It's your turn.

Try not to lose our whole fortune.

On a roll.

I'm taking off.

That's impressive. That is very impressive.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Spin with me!


Come along.

Come on. Come on, people. Move, move, move.

Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Happy birthday. Happy birthday.

Cheers. For the birthday girl. Happy birthday.

To the new day.

And the next one.

I think I have a fly in my champagne.

I would like to plant oaks all along these paths.

How long will that take?

It will take two weeks to get them, but they will be quite small.

What if I want them that size?

It will take at least three years.

Three years? Yes.

Well, can't they bring in bigger ones?

Well, I can see.

Your Majesty, you have spent over 50,000 already this month.

There is nothing left to go to your charities.

Your Majesty? Léonard is here to fit your new wigs.

All right. I'll get the small trees.

And I'll ask Louis for the money for the Young Mothers' Fund.

The Americans are asking for help in their revolution.

Well, I can't exactly see assisting those...

...who are rejecting their sovereign.

But it would make a strong statement to England.

Can our finances take the strain?

Oh, taxes will be raised slightly.

I recommend we help our American brothers...

...and show the rest of Europe our strength.

All right, then. Send funds to America.

Madame, your brother, the emperor, is in the salon waiting for you.

He's here? Thank you.

Have you come to take me home?

Unfortunately, I can't kidnap the queen of France.

Is your hair quite tall enough today?

Maybe you can keep a pet in there or something.

The emperor of China sent me this tea.

Watch the flower.

Isn't it divine?


It's jasmine.

As your brother, I have to lecture you about your constant gambling...

...and choice of friends, like the Duchesse de Polignac.

Do you think she's the proper lady-in-waiting for a queen?

But she's fun. She makes me laugh.

And your constant parties.

I mean, they can hardly leave you enough time to spend...

...alone with your husband.

I'm sure our mother has worried you.

Yes. Well, of course she has.

I think I'm gonna talk to young Louis.


We have a female elephant in our Austrian menagerie.

Well, perhaps we could arrange a marriage.


...I thought we could have a little talk about the marriage bed.

The doctor said I was fit.


What goes on exactly?

I understand you have a certain passion for locks.


Well, sometimes when a key doesn't quite fit...

The problem is only that the king and queen of France...

...are complete blunderers.

There's nothing really wrong with Louis XVI.

Everything works, just not at the right time.

I think after our conversation, the great work will be accomplished.

Very warm in here.

I can't even believe she's getting enough air.

Is it a boy?

It's a girl, look.

She's unconscious. We must get her air.

Please, the queen needs air.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Get back. Back. Get back, please.

Everybody, please.

Get back.

Oh, he's beautiful.

You are adorable.

It's a girl.

Poor little girl.

You are not what was desired, but you are no less dear to me.

A boy would be the son of France...

...but you, Marie Thérèse, shall be mine.

Come look.

Oh, she's so small.

Look at her hands.

I would like to feed her myself.

But, madame, we have the nurse for that.

And you know, it's not a good idea in your fragile condition.


May I present you with your new retreat, the Petit Trianon.

Thank you.

I want something more simple. Natural.

To wear in the garden.

Are you getting food for the little lamb? Let's feed the lamb.

Marie Thérèse, come here.

You do it. You do it. You feed the lamb.

You feed the lamb.

Little lamby.


What is this? It's an egg.

Welcome to my little village. I love it here.

Really special. It's my heaven.

Hello. Sweet.

Oh, look, the chickens are out. Fabulous.

Oh, the lilies look so beautiful.

It's heavenly. Hello.

Come on, you little chickens. Come on, little chickens!

Oh, look at those little things. Hello!

That one's named after me.

Oh, this is my favorite, all the fresh herbs. They smell so good.

You've got to brush the dirt off a bit, but they're quite clean after that.

Oh, we must do this more often. I love the country.

Where'd you get this from?

Wait till you try this milk. Oh, what beautiful porcelain.

How lovely. That one's very good.

One of these.

You must try the milk.

Thank you.

Rousseau says:

"If we assume man has been corrupted by an artificial civilization...

...what is the natural state?

The state of nature from which he has been removed?

Imagine wandering up and down the forest...

...without industry, without speech...

...and without home. "

Let's get a blue flower.


No, I think perceived austerity must be encouraged...

...but I'm afraid the queen has a somewhat artistic temperament...

...which needs nourishing.

May I speak to you?

Yes. Excuse me, Father.

We have not received any invitation by the queen...

...which is customary to our rank.

I'm afraid the queen is not well enough for formal entertaining...

...but I will speak with her, madame.


How can we be expected to live in a place...

...without any certainty of our position?

I don't understand.

The Duchesse de Char was very angry.

But this is my escape from all the protocol.

Raumont, amongst others, was complaining.

Well, we'll invite them to the theater for my first performance.

We'll need an audience. Splendid.




And in the end, I don't know how they go out.

It's always raining there. Not like here. It's always raining.

They are cheerful, I must admit.

There's someone to see you.

Oh, who?

Good afternoon!

You've come to pay me a visit. How gallant you are.

Have you seen Marie Thérèse today? She's been married off.

Can't we at least wait until she's talking?

If you insist.

Come home. We're having a ball for the soldiers who fought in America.

I will.

I hope there are some handsome generals.

They've been away from women a long time, you know.

May I also present Comte d'Estaing.

Excellent victory on the capture of Grenada. Excellent.


Your Majesty, may I present Colonel Smythe.

May I also present Count Fersen.

Count Fersen.

Pleasure's all mine.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

What is this? It's a wild strawberry.

Try it. It's quite exquisite.

Honestly! "The Marriage of Figaro". You'd love it.

The servants take over the house.

It's superb.

The women were carrying the verses around on their fans.

Best thing I've seen for years. You enjoyed it, didn't you?

I think we saw it together.

It was over three hours. Far too long for me.

Cheers, everybody. To the queen.

To our queen.

Have a good evening.

And to Raumont for bringing the oysters.

To Raumont for the oysters.

And to Lamballe for bringing the flowers.

For the flowers, beautiful flowers.

And to Fersen for coming all the way from Sweden.

Yes. To Sweden.

All the way from Sweden.

That is a very long journey, I must say.

How long was it? Took about ten days.

Yes, ten days is a very long time.

Personally, I can't travel that much myself.

Far too long. I must show you this trick.

Everybody, lick your finger and then rub it around the rim of the glass.


A horrible sound. Oh, come on. It's like angels.

It's like angels. It's very pretty.

It is pretty, isn't it?

It's very spiritual, really, isn't it?

When was the last time you went to Mass?

Of sorts. I haven't seen it.

Ask another question.

I can ask another question? Yeah.

Am I a male?

No. No.


That's terrible.

Oh, that's so mean.

My turn, it's my turn.

Am I a woman?

Am I a soldier?

Do I write music? Yes.

Am I a vegetable?

Yes. Good question. Yes.

Am I...

...from the ancient world?

Am I here? No.

No, thank God.

Am I...

...present now?

Yes. Yes, always.

Am I...? You're very talented.

Am I Alexander the Great? Yes.

Is it Mozart?

You saw! You've seen yours.

That's the second time I've won as well.

You saw that. There's something in the oysters.

Be careful, please.

But you should try to visit America.

It's beautiful, very different than France.

Our queen seems rather fond of looking at Count Fersen.

Then you've not heard of the Hasselhoff family singers?


Well, he's easy on the eyes.

But don't you think she favors him too clearly?

Just because it is not you?

Don't you think it would be unbecoming to our queen...

...when he has quite a reputation?

He amuses her, and she likes to be amused.

There's nothing unregal in that, monsieur.

You must meet soldiers all the time. No, I don't.

You don't?

And then he took it out. Just like that.

I said, "What do you think you'll do with that, monsieur?"

Oh, good God, don't act all innocent.


I could have told him exactly what to do with it.

And what is that, darling?

Put it back in his trousers where it belonged.

Lamballe, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a prude.

Better than a whore.

I wish I could go with you.

I should kidnap you.

Of course, you know the one about the English letter.

Don't you want to go to Paris, see the opera?

Your go.

I'm more comfortable just to stay here.

We have everything we need.

I should talk to the priest. No, that's inexcusable.

It is. It's dangerous for her safety.

Goodness, a criminal could come in here.

Cheat. Conceivably her husband.

You know, I heard she's not even really a duchess.

Yeah, it's all a front.

Her husband's a thief, and he bought her title.

Is that what happened? Really?

That's what I heard.

How much did that cost? A fortune.

It would cost a fortune, wouldn't it?

To buy a title? Yes. At the court?

She shouldn't be allowed.

She should buy a new dress, is what she should buy.

She should buy a new dress, yeah, you're right.


What are you laughing at? Nothing.

May I be excused?

Yes, of course, madame.

I might go and ask her. That way she'll tell us exactly.

Ask her about her family.

The problem of the debt is grave, Your Majesty.

The people of France are hungry.

Sending troops to America is costing more than what we estimated.

But we can't let England win.

We must show our strength.

We will continue aid to the Americans.

And when they went to the queen to tell her her subjects had no bread... you know what she said?

Let them eat cake.

That's such nonsense. I would never say that.

And here you're having an orgy with quite a big group.

I think I'm here sucking your toes.

Don't they ever tire of these ridiculous stories?

They say you gave Thomas Jefferson a special tour of your gardens.

Is Jefferson admiring the royal bush?

Oh, that's awful. Can't you do something?

I'm not going to acknowledge it.

The French can be fickle...

...and Her Majesty would do well to be more attentive.

Life is getting harder for the people of France.

The bread shortage is grave.

Well, there must be something the king can do to ease their sufferings.

Tell the court jeweler to stop sending diamonds.

You don't need any diamonds, do you?

No. How pretty Madame Royale is.

I'm pleased you find me so.

Say thank you.

She is certainly a daughter of France.

Oh, I know.

What's the matter?

Your mother has died.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, my brother, I am devastated by the news of our mother's death.

You alone are left to me in Austria...

...which is and will always be so dear to me.

Remember we are your friends, your allies.

I embrace you.

Madame, you have fulfilled our wishes and those of France.

You are the mother of a dauphin.

May I present the dauphin of France.

What a joy. The dauphin of France.

Hello. Why don't you hit the ball over there?

Come on. You're gonna hit it.

Your Majesty, the Bastille fortress was stormed by an angry mob.

In view of the hatred felt for the Duchesse de Polignac...

...thought to be the queen's favorite...

...I would recommend that she leave for the Swiss border.

I also must urge all of the princes and princesses of the blood... leave at once.

Yes, they must go. I will stay.

Certainly the royal family must find somewhere more secure.

Metz is one of the strongest fortresses in Europe.

You will not be safe here.

I will see to it that my mistresses are off at once...

...but my place is here with my husband.


Your Majesty, your immediate return is requested.

There's a mob of hundreds...

...on their way in demand of flour from their sovereign.

It would be more secure to decamp to Rambouillet twice the distance from Paris. I will not be a fugitive king.

It is too dangerous here. At least send the queen and children.

My place is at the king's side.

The first of them have arrived in town. - We will stay here.

Save the queen, madame. They're coming to kill her.

Celine, don't be frightened.

Let's get the children.

Are you admiring your lime avenue?

I'm saying goodbye.