Mark of the Vampire (1935) Script

I'm sorry, gentleman and lady, but it will be best for you to stay here tonight.

Come now, my good man, you can't frighten us.

We've been over your foul roads before.

Please, you do not understand.

It is not the road. It is the darkness.

Here our doors are protected with bat thorns.

What is all this bat thorn business? It keeps them out.

They're afraid of it, the demons of the castle.

Good evening. It's a lovely evening.

Well, Doctor, for one who is not afraid of the dark, you have been pushing your horse pretty fast.

Well, you know horses.

Once they get started for home, there's no stopping them.

I admit I was a bit impatient... I mean, hungry for one of your wonderful meals.

Yes, the vampires are hungry, too, for their supper.

Nonsense. Rubbish. Vampires. Nonsense.

I won't keep you waiting. I'll be right out for my supper.

He can "tut-tut" all he likes about vampires, but I'd hate to be on a farm needing his help tonight.

What is all this about vampires? Yes, and this castle.

That's where they live in their coffins.

And they come out at night and drink people's blood.

Silly superstition.

You would not laugh if you lived in these mountains.

Fancy, Ronnie, vampires in the 20th century.

Ripping. They'll never believe that at the club.

She says, "Please do not mock.

"Because if the vampires should hear you, "they would take their revenge on all of us."

- Did you find out what was the matter? Monsieur Baron Otto is coming.

One minute. I have something to say to you.

I'm the bearer of very sad tidings.

Last night your master, Sir Karell, was murdered.

There's no cause for alarm.

Get up on your feet.

Police Inspector Neumann from Prague is upstairs now with the body.

He'll be down here shortly to question all of you.

Now, tell him the truth and nothing can happen to you.

That's all. You can go back to your work.

In the University of Prague there are records, documents that prove the existence of these creatures.

Dr. Doskil, I'm uninterested in your old wives' tales.

I'm trying to find the cause of Sir Karell's death.

But you have it right here.

These little wounds on his throat are the bite of the vampire.

Yes, you said. I have seen such marks in these parts.

Sir Karell dismissed you at 9:15 last night.

Yes, Mr. Inspector, yes.

Then what were you doing down here this morning at 3:30?

I don't know. I couldn't sleep.

A bat was fluttering against my window, and I felt something was wrong.

A bat made you feel that way?

Yes, sir. No, sir. I don't know.

And you, why didn't you come to the castle at once when Jan telephoned?

Because Jan told me Sir Karell was already dead.

Does your medical license admit Jan to certify to the death of your patients?

Oh, no, no. Of course not.

But it was night, and I realized there was nothing I could do.

Oh, I see. You're no moonflower. You're a morning glory.

Now, if there's enough daylight to bring out the physician in you, make a thorough examination of the body for the cause of death.

Real, not supernatural.

Here, Jan, give the doctor a hand.

Why, the idea.

I'll get your wrap, my dear. We'll step over to my place.

You've eaten nothing. Oh, the very thought of food.

I couldn't. I couldn't.

But, Irena, you must conserve your strength.

It's Fedor. My dear, I'll tell him.

No. No, thanks.

Oh, where have you been? I've been making enough noise to raise the dead.

Oh, don't, Fedor. Don't.

Well, what's wrong, dear? What's happened?

Fedor, Father's... Father...

Oh, you poor darling.

This young man, tell me something about him.

Who, Fedor? Miss Borotyn's fianc�, Mr. Vincent� from Prague.

His family, wealthy? Moderately. Why?

With Sir Karell out of the way Miss Borotyn will come into quite a bit of money.

Why, surely you can't suspect Fedor?

What are Miss Borotyn's immediate plans?

Why, naturally, she'll be moving next door to my place, I being her guardian.

Oh, her guardian. Why, yes.

And being her guardian, naturally, you'll be the sole executor of her estate.

Yes. Why, what's wrong?

Oh, I see. I'm under suspici�n, too.

In such cases, everyone's under suspici�n.

The idea of talking to me as though I were one of his common policemen.

"Old wives' tales.

"Look for the cause of death.

"Real, not supernatural."

What? What is it? Look.

Well, Doctor, what have you found?

Inspector, the examination fully confirms my diagnosis.

Those marks are the only sign of violence.

Had Sir Karell been ailing of late?

No, on the contrary, he enjoyed good health, except for a slightly sluggish heart.

And you prescribed for that? Naturally.

Well, I shall want an autopsy. Of course, that will be done.

But I am positive. The cause of his death is told by those little wounds.

Well, surely, Doctor, a man of your learning does not believe in vampires?

Then how do you account for his body being drained dry of blood?

Yes, Mr. Coroner.

In the night, Farmer Narodni was found dead in the road.

Count Mora and his daughter were seen again near the castle.

Oh, piffle. Superstitious twaddle.

Dr. Doskil. Yes?

You've examined the body of this farmer, too?

I did. The corpse was drained of blood.

There were the same marks that I found on Sir Karell's throat.

And you have seen this Count Mora and his daughter?

No, sir.

When I saw them, they was in form of bats.

These poor deluded creatures believe that vampires change themselves into bats and back again into human forms.

How versatile. Really, Mr. Coroner!

"Poor deluded creatures." I must protest.

I hold a degree from the medical faculty... Sit down!

Do you want to make your township and this court ridiculous?

Forget your absurd old superstitions. This is 1934.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think that under existing circumstances the decisi�n of this inquest must be that Sir Karell Borotyn met his death from cause or causes unknown.

Darling, they're doing all this for you. Doesn't it make you happy?

What... Why, dear, you're crying. Boris, please drive on.

I'm sorry, dear. I didn't mean to make you sad.

Forgive me, Fedor, for being so moody, but seeing them all dancing suddenly brought it all back.

How Father used to tell me that at my wedding feast all the villagers and peasants for miles around would come, and they'd sing and dance.

Fedor, he had it all planned.

Now he isn't here.

Darling, I'll always try to make you as happy as your father wanted you to be.

The villagers and peasants would be quite satisfied with wine of the country.

It is just what Sir Karell would have done.

Yes, sir, but for one thing. What's that?

He would have had the wedding feast at the castle.

Come, Jan, do you think Miss Irena could bear to go back there?

After that dreadful tragedy? I suppose not, sir.

But it's heartbreaking to see the place neglected, rain and sleet entering through the broken windows.

I know how you feel.

Recheck your list. Be sure we've got enough of everything.

But you must remember life goes on, my dear.

Your father wouldn't want these days, of all days, to be clouded for you.

I know. I feel ashamed of the way I acted with Fedor last night, but it all seemed to sweep over me again.

Well, no more of that, young lady.

If I remember correctly, we have a wedding to prepare for.

Fedor! Fedor, oh, darling, what's the matter?

Annie, some water, quick!

What is it, Fedor? What happened to you?

I don't know. I can't remember.

I was running to the train and then, by the castle, I fell.

I must have struck my head.

Oh, you poor dear. Here, drink this.


You say you fell by the castle?

When I came to, it was dawn.

I was too weak to move.

I just lay there.

It seems... It seemed hours before I was able to drag myself here.

Annie, the doctor, quick. Dr. Doskil.

Fedor! Those wounds, like Father's.

Vampire! Vampire! Let me out of here!

Slow down! Slower!

Are you trying to kill me? Let go! Let go!

Slow down! Slow down! I'm not gonna be upset in no ditch!

And I'm gonna tell the Baron how you've been beating his horse.

It's all your fault, taking so much time over your beer.

I told you we had to get home before sunset.

Why are you afraid of the dark? The darkness won't hurt us.

If you wake up dead in the morning, your body drained dry of blood, you'll be afraid of the dark!

Afraid of the dark.

Heaven. Heaven, protect us. Oh, heaven.

I've been a good girl. I've been a good girl all my life.

Don't let her get me.

She's got me! She's got me!

We must see him! We must see him!

But you can't! You can't disturb him now! We've got to see him.

He must be told what we saw.

I must warn you. You cannot disturb him now.

What is this? What is this? The castle, sir!

It's haunted, sir. Dead people!

Jan, close the door. We saw them! We saw them!

Yes, we did, sir! Keep quiet. I'll explain.

Some real-estate brokers from Prague... No, no. We saw a woman.

A dead woman in her grave clothes. That's enough!

What you probably saw was one of the broker's clients inspecting the castle.

The place is being shown for rent.

Oh, excuse me, sir. I'm new here.

I want no more disturbances in this house.

Understand? Yes, sir.

Miss Irena has gone through enough excitement.

No, sir. Yes, sir. I'll keep my tongue.

What is it? Boris!

Oh, Boris.

What happened to her? What's she doing out here?

I don't know! I couldn't find her. I looked all over and there...

I don't know! I don't know!

I felt her deadly, cold breath on my throat.

I must have fainted.

I knew no more.

Colleague, your diagnosis is correct.

Professor Zelin.

Gentlemen, I've spent my life in the study of...

Miss Borotyn, will you excuse us, please?

May we continue our talk in another room?

Maid. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Go to Miss Borotyn. Stay with her.

Under no circumstances leave her. No, sir.

Professor Zelin, why all this secrecy?

I broke off my sentence for Miss Borotyn's sake.

There is no more foul or relentless enemy of man in the occult worid than this dead-alive creature spewed up from the grave.

True. True.

This attack by a beautiful woman on Miss Borotyn goes far to confirm the legend of the castle.

Who else could it have been but...

The daughter of Count Mora. Exactly.

My very own conclusi�n, Professor.

What is your advice? We can't undo what's been done.

Miss Borotyn is in danger of repeated attacks.

Come in, please.

It's Inspector Neumann. Excuse me.

Baron Otto, I must speak to Inspector Neumann before he leaves!

Please. You should be lying down.

Miss Borotyn, you must come away from there.

I'm afraid you treat me like an invalid.

Maid, quick. The doors, the windows.

I want everything closed and fastened securely.

Every moment counts. Run along now. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Dr. Doskil, there's a certain thorny weed that grows in these parts. Yes, yes. Bat thorn.

That's it. That's it. I want you to get me some, if you will, please.

We'll have to work fast. The sun will soon be down.

Yes, yes. Very good, sir.

With my permissi�n, a broker in Prague leased the castle.

Look. Look at the signature of the tenant.

Karell Borotyn. Some relative, no doubt.

No, no, it's Karell himself. What's wrong with you, man?

Sir Karell's been dead for a year.

It's his signature, I tell you. I know it as well as my own.

Inspector Neumann.

Your arrival is providential.

We need his help the worst way.

Inspector, Miss Borotyn has been attacked by a vampire.

Well, I suppose coming from you this is no joke.

But you know I don't believe in such things.

Why have you sent for me?

Why were you instrumental in bringing me down here?

Please, Professor, no argument. I can't stand any more of this.

I'm too excited. I beg your pardon, Baron.

Sorry, Baron.

I'll tell you why I brought you here, Professor.

I thought you'd help me uncover the truth.

Why, the facts speak for themselves. There have been three attacks.

Sir Karell is dead. Miss Borotyn and her fianc� lie within the shadow of worse than death.

The vampire is a pestilence that grows.

Each victim that it kills itself becomes a vampire.

A corpse by day, at night it leaves its coffin to sustain its unnatural life on the blood of the living.

Inspector, we must protect this house with bat thorn to prevent their entrance.

Baron, I have sent for a supply.

If you will pardon me, I'll see if it's arrived.

Inspector, do you really think...

Miss Borotyn, you should not be down here.

You must not disregard my warnings.

But I heard a voice, outside, calling me.

It's your weakened condition, child.

No. No, it sounded like Father, Father's voice.

Come. I'll take you back to your room.

Did you hear what she said? Her father's voice.

Hysteria. I place no stock in it.

His signature. His signature on that lease.

Now don't you start believing that nonsense.

Dead people don't leave their graves.

But, Inspector, we must make sure that Sir Karell's body is still in its coffin.

Fedor, you're not well enough. You promised me not to come tonight.

What are you trying to keep from me? Who is this man?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Professor Zelin. Professor, Mr. Vincent�.

You've been so ill, dear. We thought it best not to let you know.

But now that you're here... Please, please.

You'll overtax your strength.

Mr. Vincent�, Miss Borotyn must be spared all excitement.

She's passed through a terrible ordeal.

Like you, she was attacked by the vampire.

The vampire?

She must have rest.

She'll get rest. I'm taking her away from here tonight. Now!

Mr. Vincent�, if you interfere with my plans, if you disobey me, my work will be destroyed.

Why, it's not only your lives, your souls are at stake.

We must all die.

There's nothing terrible about death, but to live on after death, a soul earth-bound, a vampire.

You don't wish any such fate for your beloved.

No, of course not. Of course not.

Then you must leave with me. I'm not leaving here.

Please, dear. Do as he says.

I'm so tired. Good night.

Maid, maid, come here, please.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

I want you and the butler to place some of this bat thorn in every room on this floor. You understand?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Go along.

Come, young man.

Don't do that.

He wants some of this put in every room in the house.

Oh, yes, you? No, we.

The vampire's power prevails during the hours between sunset and sunrise when it leaves its coffin. Professor.

We've just come from Sir Karell's tomb. The coffin was empty.

Help! Help!

Irena! Irena! Fedor! Fedor!

Darling. What happened? Oh, my dear.

What happened?

Stop jittering. What are you trying to say?

Oh, it was terrible. It was awful.

Quiet, please. One at a time. Speak up. Tell me what happened.

Yes, sir. We were told to put some of the bat thorn in every room.

We had just come out of that door and started down the hall...

I don't like it. It's a horrible business.

I wish he'd hung the beastly stuff up himself.

We'll get it over with.

He was there. Coming towards us. Yes, yes.

He had a white face, a dead white face, with burning eyes and a ghastly wound on his head. It was Count Mora.

Yes, yes. Have you been drinking?

No. No, sir.

If I have, I hope to choke on the next one.

This is no time for levity.

The vampire, he is still somewhere within this house.

Young man, place some bat thorn at this door and lock it securely.

Yes, sir. Maid, butler, search the rooms at that end of the house.

You mean go into those rooms?

Yes, you idiot. Hurry.

Baron Otto, we must drive him out of here.

Quick, Inspector, we must search the rooms at this end.

In that room, Baron. Quick, Inspector, we've no time to lose.

Maria, Maria, don't leave me.

Inspector. Inspector, what is it? He got through the window.

Did you... Baron, Inspector, come here.

Please, quick. What is it, Professor? What is it?


Was that he? The last one?

Who? Sir Karell, her father.

Her father? Why, yes.

Didn't you find his coffin empty?

No, no, I can't believe that. I won't believe that.

Inspector, please hurry. Place this at these doors.

I'll attend to the others.

Professor. Baron, a moment.

Baron, there are things going on in this house that I don't like.

What do you mean? Well, this weed, the way the Professor's acting, I don't like it.

Well, I'm bewildered.

I no longer know what to think.

I'm afraid, Fedor, afraid to close my eyes.

There's nothing to be afraid of. We'll be here with you, watching over you.

No, no, no. We must go.

We can't remain here.

She must have quiet. She must have sleep.

Her exhausted body demands it.

Miss Borotyn, the maid will be here with you.

But I dread every moment between now and morning.

Dismiss all fear from your mind.

The room is quite safe now.

The organ. That music. He was always at the organ.

Sounds like it comes from the dead.

This window.

It's Sir Karell.

Are you sure? Are you sure it's Sir Karell? Yes.

The night will soon be spent and nothing accomplished.

Well, are we going to sit here and think, or are we going to do something?

Incredible. Incredible.

If Sir Karell...

I still maintain Miss Borotyn's the only one who can influence her father.

Are you mad? Good heavens, no.

Can't you understand? She mustn't even know her father's there.

Of course not.

Vampires or no vampires, I'm going to... What are you going to do?

Call headquarters for help. Yes, surround the place, set fire to it.

Fire, an army of police, a hurricane of bullets would do no good.

You seem to forget that during the hours of darkness the vampire can't even be harmed, let alone destroyed.

If they can't be destroyed, then we're wasting time.

I didn't say they couldn't be destroyed. They can.

By day the vampires must return to the ground in which they were buried or else find shelter in some accursed retreat.

It is then they are powerless.

Then we must leave at daybreak. It's our chance to get away from here.


And leave these monsters here to continue their work of destruction?

It would be cowardice. What else is there to do?

Search for them. Find their corpse-like bodies.

It is in that state and that state only they can be destroyed.

Their heads must be severed with one clean stroke and a sprig of bat thorn placed within the gaping wound.

We would be crazy to attempt what you're planning.

I'll never do it, never. In the morning, we're leaving.

I agree with you.

Yes? Yes.


In three hours it will be daylight.

Oh, thank heaven the house is well protected for the night.

Come, gentlemen, let's go to bed and get some rest.

I had gone to bed as you said.

I laid here for hours trying to go to sleep.

But I was restless. I couldn't.

Then I heard Maria leave the room.

Why did you leave the room? You had your orders.

To get some coffee to keep me awake.

You fool.

And after Maria left the room, then what happened?

I heard a sound like wind at the casement.

I felt a draft.

Then I saw her, just as she was on the terrace.

I fought to keep my eyes open, but they closed.

I felt again that deadly, cold breath.

The horror of it made me feel faint.

There, there, my child.

That young man, go to him. Hurry.

That cross I told you to wear...

Maid, get it immediately. Put it about her neck.

Wake up. Come on. Go away. What? What's the matter?

What's wrong? Fedor, are you... Are you all right?

Something's wrong. Irena, what's happened to her?

Mr. Vincent�, quiet, please.

Fedor, Irena, she's been...

Miss Borotyn is asleep.

Quick, Inspector, close that door, please.

Why are you here?

We've been watching through the night, but now the dawn is here.

We wanted to be sure that you were safe before we retired.

I felt drowsy. I must have fallen sound asleep.

Sound? You were in a stupor. We had to shake you.


Tell me, this deep sleep, did it refresh you?

Why, yes. Why do you ask?

What are you doing?

I just wanted to look at the wounds on your neck.

That deep sleep was unnatural.

Fortunately, he wasn't harmed.

When the maid screamed out to us, it must have frightened the monster away.

Gentlemen, we must face the truth, the horrible truth.

Miss Borotyn is in their power.

To save her we must break the spell.

If we don't succeed in destroying those monsters by sundown, we may be too late.

Quick, get into your clothes. Come, Baron.


Professor Zelin.

In here, Inspector.

Have you searched thoroughly above? Yes.

Not so much as a mark on the dust-covered floor.

Same over there at the organ where you saw Sir Karell playing.

The dust lies thick and undisturbed.

That's what makes it so difficult to find the vampire's hiding place.

Well, don't let's stand here talking. Let's go on looking for them.

You're quite right, Inspector. Have you some matches?


Oh, look.

No, no, no, no, no. Up there on the rod.

Stop, you fool.

Would you destroy what might give us a clue?

Smash it. Take no chances.

No, no, no. That would do no good.

It's only in its own corpse-like state that it can be destroyed.

Now, we must search the vaults beneath the old ruins.

Come, we have not much time left before sunset.

You have matches, Inspector? Yes, Professor.


Professor Zelin, are you all right?

Professor. Professor Zelin. Here. Please, hurry.

Quick, Inspector, get the candle. We must find the others.

No, no. Don't leave. Destroy him first.

Stop him!

Have you gone mad?

One more stupid act and we'll be lost.

Please, please don't leave him like this.

And expose ourselves to the vengeance of the others?

Why, their fury would follow us to the ends of the earth.

No, we must destroy them all together. Come.

Inspector, put a mark on that door so we'll know his hiding place.

Quick, matches. Wait, please.

We'll be trapped in here. Hurry. The sun is going down.

I'm staying here until you come with me. I won't leave you.

Fedor, you must go.

If you love me, please do as I ask.



The fool.

Fedor, we're being silly.

Don't let's argue, darling. We'll just forget all about it.

Now, you run along downstairs.

I want to get out of this negligee. I haven't had a dress on for ages.

Irena, I don't understand you. You silly boy, what's wrong?

Last night you were terrified and tonight you're...

You're gay and cheerful. Are you sorry because I'm happy?

Yes? Come in.

Those doors. Those doors. They shouldn't be open.

They should be closed. The bat thorn.

Oh, Miss, you know the Professor said that you shouldn't...

Go away, Maria. Leave us alone.

It's all right, Maria. You can go. I'm with her.

Oh, mister. But, mister... No, run along. Just run along, okay?

What's the matter with everyone, worrying about a silly weed?

Irena, I've got to know why you're acting like this.

What are you hiding from me?

Don't ask me, please. But I have a right to know.

There's something wrong with you. You're not yourself.

Irena, look at me.

Irena, I feel that I'm losing you.

Fedor, forgive me. Forgive me for what I am doing.

Darling, tell me. Tell me. Fedor, I...

No, no, no, no. Irena.

Irena! Irena!

Inspector Neumann.

Inspector Neumann.

Be brave, my child.

I'll try.

Then go with Luna.

No, no. Don't go up.

But don't you see?

If Sir Karell was in life the kindly, benevolent person you describe, your lifelong and devoted friend, you could go to him. You could appeal to him.

No, no. I can't.

Go away, Fedor! Go away! Go away!

Irena. Irena!

Everything is getting cloudy.

Getting cloudy.

You understand?

Getting cloudy.

You're going upstairs.

You understand?

You're going upstairs.

No, no. I can't do it. But, Miss Borotyn.

I can't go on.

But you must. You wouldn't fail us now.

Miss Borotyn. Inspector.

Inspector Neumann, I can't go through with it.

He looks so much like Father, even his voice.

I've been willing to do all the other things you've asked of me, but this...

This is more than I can endure.

But don't you see this is our last chance? Everything else has failed.

But you both said Baron Otto would break down and confess if we confronted him with this gentleman pretending to be my father.

I know, we all thought our vampire scheme was so simple, so certain of success. We never thought we'd fail.

I'm sorry.

But, Miss Borotyn, after the attack on Mr. Vincent�, it was you who first suspected the Baron of the crime.

We are positive you are right, but we lack definite proof.

If you fail us now, we will never know.

But to live through those moments again, to act as if you were my father, alive and with me... Don't you see the horror of it?

It's one year ago.

One year ago. You understand?

One year ago.

You're going to see Sir Karell.

You understand?

You're going to see Sir Karell.

Miss Borotyn, get ready.

Baron Otto will be here any moment.

I'm afraid you can't count on me.

Oh, no, no, no, my dear child, you must be courageous.

I admit what we're trying to do is only an experiment, but I feel certain, now that we have the Baron hypnotized, he will reenact his crime if he's guilty.

Baron Otto is at the door, sir.

Oh, please. Without you, we're helpless.

I'll do my best.


Jan, I want you to do exactly as you did the night of the murder.

You understand? Yes, sir.

Omit nothing. No, sir.

Let him in.

Good evening, Jan. Good evening, Baron.

How's your rheumatism? It's gone, sir.

Thanks to the fine weather we're having. That's good.

Now, we'll soon know if my theory is correct.

I hope you're right.

I'm anxious to know how he drained that body of its blood.


Irena, I've never seen you more lovely. Oh, thank you, dear Baron.

No, Karell, I'm only staying a moment. It will do me good to stop for a smoke.

Speaking of smoke, that reminds me, those pipes I ordered from London have come.

Yes, they came this afternoon and they are beautiful.

Well... Now, any three of them are yours. Three? I'll be satisfied with one.

Now that's like the one you gave me two years ago.

Now, Father, don't work too late. No, no.

And don't forget your medicine. I won't.

She knows you, Karell. I know you both.

Good night, Father. Good night.

Good night, Baron. Good night, Irena.

Put it here on the desk, Jan.

Jan, three drops of this in a glass of water.

Yes, sir. Now, what about the third one?

There, there, there.

Now... Karell, I was surprised when Irena told me this afternoon.

I thought you weren't going to consent to her marriage to that boy.

Well, now, if I weren't here, you'd be her guardian.

What would you have done?

I would have said no. I never would have given my consent.

I've always hoped that we had other plans.

What do you mean, other plans?

Well, that she would marry someone more worthy of her, someone nearer her station in life, who could give her what she's accustomed to.

Why, you know she'll always have more than enough.

Haven't I arranged for that?

How soon is the wedding? Within a fortnight.

A fortnight?

Karell, will you let me have Irena's ruby necklace?

There may be time to have bracelet and earrings made to match.

And you would have said no?

Why, you've spoiled her since the day she was born.

Jan, help me here.

Now, where did I put that necklace?

There it is, my good friend. Thanks, Karell.

I've been keeping you from your work long enough.

No, no. I'm glad you came over. Good night.

Good night.

Good night, Jan. Good night, sir.

Quick. Get through one of those rooms and watch the window on the terrace.



He thinks he's drugged your wine. I know. I saw him. Jan, come here.

Tell me, did Sir Karell drink the wine before he dismissed you?

No. No, sir.

You're positive? Quite.

Drink it, collapse, and then we'll see what happens.

All right.

Put these pipes in my room, Jan. Yes, sir.

I don't think I'll be wanting anything more tonight.

Very good, sir. Good night, sir. Good night.

Stop! Don't move, Baron!

Look at me. Look me in the eye, Baron.

That's it.

Everything is getting cloudy.


You understand?

You are returning, returning to the present. You understand?

You are returning to the present.


Baron Otto, you're under arrest for the murder of Sir Karell Borotyn.

You were very clever in concealing the motive of your crime.

We never dreamt it was Miss Borotyn you were after.

Franz, take him out to the car.

I don't get the idea of his heating the glass.

Only to cup him with, to cup him of his blood.

That hot glass over the wound creates a powerful suction.

Forgive me, Fedor, but they wouldn't let me tell you.

They were afraid that you wouldn't let me go through with it.

This vampire business, it has given me a great idea for a new act.

Luna, in the new act I will be the vampire.

Did you watch me? I gave all of me.

I was greater than any real vampire.

Sure, sure, but get off your makeup.

Yes, and help me with some of this packing.