Mars Needs Moms (2011) Script

NASA scientists are excited over recent findings by the Mars Rover of fossilised organic compounds on the surface that indicate at some time in the past there may have been life on the red planet.

Thank you.

Was it really that hard?

Every day with the trash! What is the big deal?

Well, can you imagine what the world would look like if nobody took out the trash? Yeah, it would be awesome.

And speaking of trash, have you cleaned your room yet?

And don't forget to shut the door.

Milo, sweetie, can you get that?

I have to do everything around here.

Stromboli's Slave Shack, captive 331 speaking.

Hey, stinker. Dad! Hey, are you almost home?

Because the movie starts at five, and then it starts again at seven, and I...

Hold on. Slow down. Slow down.

I don't think I'm gonna make it back in time.

Well, you can't miss the beginning.

That's when the vampires take over the submarine...

No, I know. I know. But... Iooks like my flight's cancelled.

And no one's flying till this weather lets up.

I'm really sorry, Milo.

I'll make it home as soon as I can.

I love you. OK. Bye.

Hi, honey. What's up? Stuck at the airport.

That's too bad. Milo was really looking forward to...

I was looking forward to taking him. Yeah, I know.

I'm sorry.

Well, maybe if he finishes all his dinner he could watch Zombie Dawn III on pay-per-view.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

You didn't eat your broccoli.

Broccoli makes me barf.

Besides, it looks like brains.

Well, you like zombies. Zombies eat brains.

Mom, no one likes zombies. They're an abomination.

I'm committed to their annihilation.

OK. Well, no broccoli, no TV.


Come over here.

Is that broccoli? No. That's vomit, but I understand the confusion. I thought I told you to eat that.

Well, you're not gonna make me eat it now, are you?

Go to bed. But you said I could watch...

No. That was before you lied to me and poisoned the cat!

That broccoli was poisonous? No!

Of course the broccoli wasn't poisonous.

Well, you just said that... No!

I meant that it's poisonous to the cat.

Well, how can it be good for me if it's poisonous to the cat?

Because cats are not supposed to eat vegetables.

Maybe I'm not supposed to eat vegetables.

Milo! Just go to bed.


I thought I told you to go to bed!

You told me to go to bed. You didn't say get into bed.

It's not specific. Milo!

My life would be so much better if I didn't have to be a nagging mom.

Yeah, well, my life would be so much better if I didn't have a mom at all.

Cujo. Wake up.

I can't sleep.

I shouldn't have said what I said, should I?

It wasn't a good thing to say.

I feel really bad about it.

I should go tell her I'm sorry.

Right? I'm gonna go tell her I'm sorry. Right now.

Mom? Are you still up?

'Cause I wanted to tell you that...








Let her go! Let her go!

Let her go! Let her go!


Let me go!

Hey! I'm... I'm caught in here! Let me...

Wow! I'm in a spaceship!

This is so cool!

Did I get super powers?

Hello? Is anyone there?


What's going on?

Low gravity!

Keep it together!

Jump down chute number three.

What? Who's there?

Hey, keep it quiet, and jump down chute number three!

You want me to jump in there?


Jump down chute number three!

Just jump down the chute!

Relax, it's like... a water slide... without the water! Or the slide.

A world of trash!

It is awesome.


Don't come any closer! I'm warning you!

I know karate!

Well, at least on the Wii.

No! I don't... I don't... I don't want any trouble.

I'm just trying to find my mom.

I want to find my mom. Mom?

Don't you understand? My mom.

Mom? Mom! Yeah, my mom.

No, my mom. She's the one that feeds me. She feeds me...

Feem? Feem? Yeah, my mom. She feeds me.

No, no, she... she... she washes my clothes.

She washes my clothes. You know, my...

No, my... No, she... she...

My mom. She vacuums the house.

You know, she vacuums the house.

Yeah, she's the one...


No. No, that's not it. Stop. No! My... my mom.

She's the one that... She tucks me in at night.

She tucks me in? My mom?

Can you... can you?

No. No!

No, you can't... What are you doing?!

Let go of me.

OK. All right. Chill out, Chachi.

You seriously don't want to get dropped right now.


You sent me down a trash chute, you jerk!

Yeah. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Prepare to disembark the aircraft. Let him down easy, TwoCat.

Hello? You like video games, man?

Check it out. Space flight simulator.

I programmed it from the manual so it's just like the real thing.

I'm just messing with you. Hey, brother!

Yeah. You're not a Martian. You're a kid.

Man, it's been so long since I've seen another kid.


I'm excited, too, buddy. My name is Gribble.

Gribble the First. What's your handle?

No, wait, let me guess. Maverick.

No. Wolfman?

No. Iceman.

No. Did you see Top Gun?

It's Milo. Milo. How low can you go, Milo?

How 'bout I call you "My Bro"? Check it.

You're a person... from Earth! Shut up!

What, are you crazy?

I'm part of Ronald Reagan's secret astronaut programme.

The Secronauts. You might have heard of us.

We're here to stop the threat of interplanetary Communism throughout the galaxy.

Why else do you think they call it "the Red Planet"?

I do crazy stuff like that all the time, man.

You're gonna have so much fun here.

It's wobbly and shaky here.

Come on! I wanna show you something.

You gotta move pretty fast to keep up with me, buddy.

Wait. Come on down!

Hey, check my room out, bro!

Oh, man.

You're not used to the low gravity yet?

OK, OK, OK. Don't worry, man. I can totally fix that.

I can fix anything. There we go. I got an extra.

Listen, I just wanna try and find my mom.

This'll hold you down.

What is it? Right here. OK? I'm gonna patent it, call it the Gribblemeister 3000. It's working, right? That's awesome.

I wanna show you something cool.

What? Hold on tight. Banzai!

The weight belt helping you?

Check this out, man.

They're trying to figure out how you escaped. Watch this.

Oh, my word! I cannot get out! Help me!

Oh, wait, wait, wait. Watch this, watch this, watch this.

You wanna hear what they're saying? Sure you do.

Wait. Gribble, I wanna find my mom.

TwoCat! That is disgusting. Here we go.

What is that?

That's a translator. Wait.

Supervisor not likee. Getting off me, you Martian!

Unauthorised dogpile!

"Unauthorised dogpile"? I know. They say that all the time.

Come with me, man. This is so cool.

Hey! Come on in.

What do you think, bro?

About what? About the room, bud.

It's for you, man. What do you think?

For me? Oh, don't mind this guy.

I just tried to train him to be like my wingman, you know, but he's useless.

It's more like a wing nut.

Oh, gosh.

I'm gonna get rid of him.

But forget it, man. That's all history.

'Cause I got you now! Me?

Yeah. What are you talking about?

I'm talking about you and me, bro.

Best buds hanging out forever.

Playing video games all day, watching TV all night.

There's no such thing as too much TV, man.


Oh, yeah.

Maybe there is such a thing as too much TV.

No. Wait. I wanna show you something in here.

What are they saying?

Subject will be terminating.

Oh-four, oh-three... "Terminating." Terminating?

Terminating. I love that movie.

Hey, you know what? Let's go. I wanna show you something cool, dude.

No, wait. Gribble, what's going on?

I don't wanna tell ya, and you can't make me. OK?

Just forget about it. No, Gribble, tell me.

Please! System overload! System overload!

Tell me! Help! Hey!

Tell me! Oh, my...

Get... Uncle! Get off!


All right.

All right, I'll tell you.

Fact is...

Mars needs moms.

What the heck does that mean?

These are hatchlings.

They are baby Martians, and they pop out of the ground, like potatoes, every 25 years or so.

And the Martians, they're terrible at mothering, which is ironic, really, since the ones running the place upstairs, they're all female.

Can you get to the point? I... All right.

What they are good at is building robots, right?

So they build these Nanny-bots to raise the girls.

And each Nanny-bot gets one kid to raise, and then it's toast.

It can't be reused after that.

Who knew mothering was so hard?


So why did they take my mom? OK.

They have to program the Nanny-bots each time, right?

So... they find someone who is really good at controlling their own kid.

Hey, that's my house.

And that's me! Are these my mom's memories?


See, all these Martians care about is order and discipline.

What was that one about?

Just tell me what they're gonna do to my mom.

All right.

Right up there.

You see, they have this memory extraction machine.

It takes the discipline out of the mom and it puts it into the Nanny-bots.

It works on some kind of solar-wind focusing system.

And when the sun rises...

they extract what they need to program the Nanny-bots, and that's it.

OK? That's it.

Wait. So my mom is gonna lose all her memories?

Yeah, something like that.

No, that... that can't happen.

We've gotta save her! Well, that's impossible, so, like, get over it and move on. But we've gotta try.

We've gotta try! This, my friend, is a Martian wristwatch.

You see the bars here? Counts down to sunrise.

So you must have about 6.93 Earth hours left.

Less than seven hours? That's all?

Let's say that, for the sake of argument, that we do, we disguise you.

And we use all this awesome spy gear to guide you up to the surface.

Those Martians, man, they... They're gonna spot you.

They're gonna chase you and shoot at you and... and... and...

Wait a minute.

I think it's a brilliant idea.

But you just said they're gonna shoot at me.

What? Oh, hey. What you talking about, "shoot"? "Shoot"? That's crazy talk.

That's what you said. Who said that?

Someone say he's gonna shoot at him? What are you talking about, brother?

No one's shooting at anybody. Don't even sweat it.

You trust me. This is gonna be great.

No, you know what?

As a matter of fact, this is gonna be...

Gribbletastic. Yeah!

I don't know, Gribble. Are you sure this is gonna work?

Yeah, dude. It's gonna be awesome.

That disguise totally rocks. Trust me, you're gonna blend right in.

Even the SISS won't spot you.

The SISS? What's the SISS?

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention them.

They're the Supervisor's Secret Security.

They're the ones in the black uniforms.

But I'll take care of them, man. Don't worry about it.

Anything else you "forgot to mention"?

What? No. What're you... Me?

Dude, honest Injun, man. We're in this together.

Once he gets up top, he's gonna give himself away.

They're gonna chase him halfway around Mars, and I'm gonna save his butt.

And he's gonna be so totally grateful. It's gonna be so cool.

Give me a break.

OK, OK. So, it's a... it's a fib, but it's for his own good, man.

After this, he'll stay down here, where it's safe.

OK, go ahead.

Dude, you march like a girl! Which is kind of perfect.

There's that bleached-prune lady again. Who is that?

That's the Supervisor. She's like the school lunch lady, only with the power to execute you on sight.

Man, Mars needs Botox.

Don't mess with her. She runs everything around here.

Gribble, are you seeing this?

Yeah, man. Those tags are so cool.

I don't know who does 'em, but the Supervisor hates 'em.

Oh, hey, look sharp, man.

You see that tall building up ahead? That's the Citadel.

Your mom's up at the top.

You get up there and get your mom.

I am gonna program the ship and make it repeat its last Earth mission, and then, boom!

You're through the wormhole and home in time for Pop-Tarts. OK? Easy.

TwoCat, this is it, man. They're gonna spot him here for sure.

Stop it. Don't look at me like that.

I'm gonna take care of him.

Check it out, all right?

When he gets to the checkpoint gate, he's gonna trigger the alarm, the guards'll close in, I'm gonna press this button.

The cleaning hatch is gonna open, gonna drop down to the maintenance floor, where he can escape down the trash chute. See? It's very simple.

OK. It'll all be fine.

But if anything, you know, weird or unexpected happens, just run like crazy, OK?

You see?

Totally in my control.

I pushed the wrong one. Oh, my gosh!

Oh, no, no, no, no!

Gribble, where are they taking me?

OK, just give me a minute.

Don't have an aneurysm.

Oh, man, OK, you're going up, and that's not good.

I thought I wanted to go up?

Well, yes and no.

This is a very, very bad up.

OK, OK, OK... don't panic.

Get ready. For what?

How about running, for starters? Go, go, go, go!

And he's off! Yes! Finally.

Gribble! Which way now?

Dang, I'm good! Gribble!

I'm a tie-dye, superfly Catch me on the other side Tart-choppin', body-poppin'...

Gribble! Stop being such an idiot and tell me which way!

Did you just call me an idiot?

Which way? I'm lost here!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I think that you have to apologise now.


I'm waiting.

All right, all right, I'm sorry!

Apology accepted. Go left.

No, no, no, no, not that left! Not that left, not that left!

Back up, man!

Turn it down, Gribble! TwoCat, turn off your alarm!

What is going on here? TwoCat?

Oh, no. Mommy? Mommy!

Gribble! I need to know...

Gribble, come in. Are you there?

Gribble! Come on, Gribble, this is no time for the silent treatment!

Gribble? Help me.

I'm trapped, and there's nowhere to hide!


If not using ropes, my friend, you will needing wings.

We must cleaning paint off you before someone is seeing you.

It will getting you in trouble. Giving me your helmet...

The Earth hatchling!

Gribble! Gribble, come in. They've spotted me! But I think I lost them!

Get off me! Let me go! Let me go!

Cool it! I gotta clean you up!

Get off of me! Hey!

Mellow out, man! I'm not the fuzz!

I'm not bustin' you. You're not?

Check it out!

What is that?

They were tracking me? Not you.

They were trackin' whoever you were chattin' with.

Who I was... who I was talk...

I was talking to Gribble! Oh, no!

No time! Sorry! No time!

You got time now?

This is so low temperature!

OK. You're from Earth, so you must know...

What do you "turn on"? How do you "tune in"?

What do you "drop out" of?

What powers do flowers have?

That's English! Where did you learn English?

Two quarters ago, I was working in the administration block.

The Supervisor was talking with 113-Elder-331.

They were viewing some top-secret Earth documents.

When they left, I wanted to check out what was making the weird light.

What's going on here?

It's a chrysanthemum, baby.

A chrysanthemum?

That's not a chrysanthemum.

And it was... amazing! So I copied all I could.

The way that light vibrated and sang!

Nothing in my world has ever made me feel like that!

It was like my eyes were open for the first time.

It was crazy beautiful, man.

This is a chrysanthemum.

Flower power, it's gonna change the world, man!

Yeah, that's just groovy, man.

They called it...


Your hippie alien life story is totally interesting, but I'm kinda busy saving my mom!

You mean your Nanny-bot.

No! I mean my mom! She's a human being!

Wait. No, but... I saw inside her headspace.

You said, "My life would be so much better if I didn't have a mom at all."

I know what I said, but I was wrong, and I do want her.

Heavy! Why?

Because she...

She looks after me and she tells me what to do!

Oh, like the Supervisor!

No, not like the Supervisor! My mom is kind.

She takes me to Disneyland, and she reads to me, and she makes me hot chocolate, and she puts bandages on my cuts, and she hugs me and she...

She loves me.


Chute number three.


Gribble? Can you hear me now?


Oh, no.





Oh, no. That's only five and a half hours!

Stupid weights.

"Private. Keep out. No Martians allowed."


"George Ribble."

He must've been a kid, too, when he came here.

Why wouldn't he tell me?

TwoCat? TwoCat!

Hold on, buddy.

Are you OK?

Oh, here. Where's Gribble, TwoCat? I gotta find him!

He's the only person on this entire planet who can help me save my mom.

That burnt area. That's where they shoot people, isn't it?

That's a firing squad, and they're gonna shoot Gribble?

TwoCat, we gotta save him!

Ladies, ladies, you don't wanna do this.

Listen, I'm a walking A-bomb!

You shoot me, and the whole planet's gonna go up!

You don't want that on your conscience...

OK, seriously. OK, you could be precipitating a major interplanetary war here, people, aliens, Martians.

OK, listen! I've been living in your sewers for years.

I'm disgusting, they're contaminated, and they need a vaccine and I'm the only one that has it.

OK. Listen. You made your point.

I invented some great stuff!

I can let you in on the ground floor, OK?

How 'bout blue mascara?

I've got a Slinky! A Rubik's Cube?

You like Dungeons and Dragons, I love Dungeons and Dragons.

How 'bout skateboards? I got millions... OK. Hey!

I can get you a Cabbage Patch Kid. Not one of those gnarly ones, a real one.

What about a pizza?

You like crop circles? I have quite a crop.

Oh, and I'll teach you how to moonwalk.

Can't really do it in these chains.


Wait, wait. We're really gonna do this?

Unauthorised dogpile!

Hey! Milo, what are you doing here?

I'm rescuing you. What does it look like?

It's exactly according to my plan!


Hot, hot, hot!

Wait! Stop it with the shooting!

My toe! What are you doing? Oh, my gosh!

When you're going to shoot a laser at someone, you should bring them a change of underwear!

Hairy Tribe Guys.


OK. OK. Thank you. Oh, come on. Let go!

Let go! What are you doing? They're hugging!

It's all these males ever do! That's why the females chuck 'em down here!

We don't have time! The SISS are gonna find us!

Run! Run!

Wingnut! It's Wingnut!

OK. Come on! Come on.


Wingnut! No!



Relax, Grib. Fat floats.


Oh, nuts. There goes my sexy tan.

Less than three and a half hours.


This place is amazing!

It's Gribbletastic.

You have got to stop saying that. You sound Gribblediculous.

Hey, hey. TwoCat's homing in on our headsets.

I built him with a location device.

I think of everything.

I'm the bomb. I'm the bomb.

Stretch... stretch that bar across this rock.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good, good, good.

You know this place is perfect? We can rebuild right over there.

You see that? No.

Keep still. Yeah, right, sorry.

Build a whole new lair.

Be years before we fill this place up with our junk.

What do you say, pal? You and me? Best buds?

You can be emperor this time.

And I... I shall be El Presidente.


Again with the shooting? We just talked about this!

Gimme that! But...

Maniac! These things are dangerous!

Tried to blow up some trash once with one of these, almost took my foot off!


Oh, good, it's nearly empty.

Anyway, why don't we go rebuild right over here. What do you think?

That lava slope looks like our best way up.

My mom's running out of time, Gribble.

Let's go! Hey, no, come on!

It can't be done!

Did you see what happened up there?

Man, I nearly got toasted!

To death!

Thanks for saving me, but... I'm never going up there again, man.

You... You can't! You can't just bail on me now!



Your name's George!

What did you just call me? George.

George Ribble.

You were a kid, like me! Where did you get this?

This is mine.

They took your mom, too, didn't they?

It's OK, Grib, I know how you feel!

How I feel? How I feel...

You have no idea how I feel.

You see this?

This is when they chose my mom.

But way before they chose yours.

I know, Gribble. It happened to me the same way.

No. No, you don't know.

How could you possibly know?

I was a good kid.

I did my chores.

Put my things away.

I did as I was told.

Turns out, that's exactly why they chose her.

'Cause of me.

Man. What kind of message is that to send to a little kid?

I know. It's not fair!

I'll tell you what's not fair, man.

Not fair is when a bunch of scary aliens take your mama, your only parent, away from you in the middle of the night.

Not fair is when you follow them, and you sneak onto their ship, and you search but you can't find her.

And then you see her...

They got your mama strapped into some kind of machine.


So I grabbed a couple of breathing helmets, and I went to get her.

But I didn't know what I know now. I didn't know... that when the sun came up, it'd start the machine.

I didn't know... what that machine was gonna do to her.

Not until it was too late.

And then I realised...

I was all alone.

I'd never see my mom again.

And I'd never be able to tell her I loved her.

"Never be able to tell her you love her..." What do you mean?

No, no, you don't have to worry about that.

It's not gonna happen.

Not this time.

Not to you.

We're gonna go up there and we're gonna...

We're gonna go get your mom.

Really? You mean it?

Yeah. You and me, buddy.

Best buds, right?

Thank you, Gribble. Yeah, man.

Yeah, we'll get your mom back, man.

"Best buds."

That's like the "love" thing, right?

My, my, my, my... my, my Sharona!

No! Gribble! Evasive action!

I'm sorry.

No, Gribble! Gribble, stop! Relax! Don't shoot me, please!

Gribble, Gribble! Relax! Listen! She's not gonna shoot you!

She's not gonna shoot you! She's not?

No! She's the one that helped us escape!

She is?

TwoCat brought her. He did?

I used to be administration unit 231 -Ki-312.

But now, I'm down with your scene, man.

What is she talking about?

I don't know. She talks like that a lot.

But I think she wants to help us, right?

Right on! Come on! We gotta beat feet!

"Beat feet"?

Oh, you mean run! Yeah, we do!

Yeah! All right, Gribble, let's go!

OK! Come on! It's just so weird!

Come on, guys! This is the way out!

Is there gonna be a lot of running?

Psychedelic! What are they?

They're paintings. You know, like your flower graffiti.

Wait! Wait, wait! Ki, Ki!

Hold on. You're the one... that paints those flower tags?

That is so bad!

Bad? But... but it is meant to be good.

No. No, no, I mean... no. Bad means good. I just, I think that... I think that they're amazing and...

I think that... I think you're amazing.


You can change colour! What?

That is also... "bad".

What is that?

That? It looks like a family. Kids and parents.

That's the "love" thing.

What are "parents"?

You know, people like my mom, who look after kids like me?

I guess you guys had families once.

You know, if you Martians had parents, you wouldn't have to kidnap moms to program your Nanny-bots.

Come on. But...

But the Supervisor said that Martians have always been raised by machines.

Wow, looks like she lied to you, big time.

We never knew.

That's the Citadel.

We've got to get to the top.

That's where mission control is, on the surface.

Your mom is in the Extraction Machine here.

And your ride back to Earth is in the silo here.

That's all well and good, guys, but I don't think we're gonna make it to the Citadel.

Why are they checking everyone?

Well, you're kind of a celebrity now, buddy.

And who is that handsome devil next to you?

You better keep your heads down.

If they bust you, they will slap you in the joint!

Wait a minute. That's exactly where we wanna go!

Yeah! He's right on!

What? What... Hey! We're going to jail?

No, no. When they first found me, they brought me straight to jail.

The jail's next to the silo where they keep the spaceship!

OK. Sub-level two. Go ahead.

If we can get through the jail, and up through the silo, we can get to the surface. And that's where Mom is.

Yes, but isn't the jail thousands of feet above us?

One thousand and thirty-two!

Wait! Wait a minute. How strong is this line?

I'm a little over my goal weight right now. Hey!

OK. We've got to take out the guards, shut down the surveillance cameras, then we can sneak through the jail and get to the silo.

We catching the two terrorists.

Supervisor ordering we must locking them in cells.

Is this gonna work?

No, wait. No! No, please, please, no!

I don't wanna go back to jail! Please!

No, no, please! No!

I need a doctor and I've got measles!

And I've got gingivitis! And I've got male pattern baldness.

I will getting prisoner tranquilizers. Where are they?

Bottom left control. Restless leg syndrome!

I got Saturday Night Fever!

Bat wing disorder! And halitosis!

Yes! Horrible halitosis! I do?

Hey! Awesome!

And this officially ends today's prison broadcast!

Come on! Come on! Come on! Let's go!

OK, here's the plan. I'll go get my mom.

You guys fire up the spaceship, and we'll be outta here before they can say...

Hey, Grib, what are you doing? It's Wingnut, man!

He's still alive! Hey, bud. I can't just leave him in here.

OK, well, get him out, but do it fast! We gotta go!

OK. Come on! This will do it.

Yeah! Come on out, you freakazoid!

I know. I know. It's OK.

What's with all the grabbing and squeezing?

It's called "hugging". It's another love thing.

OK, enough already. Come on! We gotta go!

Man! I must have opened up all the cells.

Who let the dogs out? No duh.


What's going on?

It's the hatchlings. They're sorting them.

Yeah. The girls are all assigned their Nanny-bots.

And the boys are sent down below where they'll be raised by the Hairy Tribe Guys.

These guys knew a bunch of boy hatchlings were coming!

That's why they were dancing down in the trash. They were celebrating!

Yeah, but all the Hairy Tribe Guys are up here now.

There's no one down there to take care of them.

The boys are gonna be all alone.

And to be alone is... to be without the crazy love thing.

Yeah. Come on, guys. We gotta go!

Wait. Wait! Go down the garbage chutes!

Listen, listen! Guys!

If you jump down chute number three, you can save the hatchlings.

OK? Do you understand?

Chute... number... three! Come on, Grib.

One, two, three! We gotta go! They'll figure it out!

No, they won't! They're dumb as a box of rocks.

Ki. It's no use. We gotta go!

Go, Wingnut!

On the other side of the rocket, there's a ladder up to the surface.

But how do we get past all those Martians?

I can totally fix that.

Hey, everybody grab a helmet. Put it on real tight.

Good game. Good game. Good game.

Here. Don't forget that.

Keep in touch, kiddo. Get up that ladder over there.

Good luck!

Wait a minute! Won't they see me from Mission Control?

No way, buddy. They'll be looking into the rising sun.

Won't be able to see a thing. By the time they figure out what's going on, we'll be on the couch eating Smurf Berry Crunch and watching He-Man.

Gribble. Gribble.

Yes. And I am Ki. Remember?

No, I know.

I mean... No, I said that because, well, you know, the ship's got this... voice-activated launch system.

And I had to record a word, and Ki just didn't seem like a word that would start an engine... you know?

Except... now that I think about it...

"Ki" is like a perfect word to start an engine because it's, you know, used to... unlock things like...

my heart.

I dig it when you change colour.

Gribble! Ki! I'm halfway there!

Oh, no!

What dummy left that there?


Gribble, I think I fell into something!

Gribble, come in!

It's OK, Ki. I've got him. Great job!

Gribble! Hey.

That's the second-to-last lens! We're not gonna make it!

You wanna bet? Yeah!

This thing is going on my Christmas list!

Guys! The SISS are gonna crash Mission Control!

They'll be through the airlock and on the surface any minute!

Oh, no! What do we do?

All right, take her in.

OK. You go save your mom. I'll take care of the SISS.

But, Gribble, they're gonna... No, no, no.

My mama always said, "Son, you gotta do the right thing."

And for the first time since I came to Mars, I'm doing it.

Man, I hope Ki saw that.

Go get 'em. Fire butt blasters!

Mom! Mom! Mom, wake up! Wake up!

Milo, can you turn the cartoons down? I'm trying to sleep.

No. Mom, come on. You gotta wake up! We gotta get out of here!

Milo, the alarm hasn't even gone off.

Can you just let me sleep until sunrise?

Believe me, that would be a bad idea.

Gribble! Gribble, Gribble, Gribble.

Oh, no! I activated the launch system.

Come on. We gotta get out of here.

Come on! Come on!

Come on, Mom. Come on! We gotta go. Hurry!

Hurry! Mom, come on! Mom, Mom!

Milo? The launch system lit up.

I can't cool it.

You got two minutes.

Two minutes! Mom, come on. We gotta hurry. Mom.

Wait a second. Did you just pull me out of bed?

No! Mom, Mom.

Mom! Mom, listen.

Mom, look at me. Mom, look at me.

Look at me. I'll explain everything, but later. OK?

Right now we gotta get to the ship. The ship?

The ship. What ship?!

That ship! Milo! Sixty seconds.

Get it on! Everything's gonna be fine.

OK. Here. Just put this on.

And then you gotta twist this lever to seal the neck. See? Like this.

What do you mean? We need air. We can't breathe outside.

There's no air? Mom, it's Mars.

OK. One, two, three!


Now, start running! Run!

Are those Martians?

Yeah. The hairy guys are good, and the uniforms are bad.

Let's just hope we don't see... the Supervisor!

No! Mom! You gave me your helmet?

No! No! Mom! No! No!

No! Mom! Mom!

No! No! No!

No, Mom! Mom, no! No.

Mommy, you have to come home with me.

You have to come home with me!

You're... you're my mom... and I love you!


No, no, no, no, no.


Gribble! My mom!


Milo! I'm coming, buddy!

I got it. I got it.

Lift her head.

Milo. You saved me.

No. It was Gribble.

No, bro. No, it was you, man. It was you.

You saved your mom, man.

I'm sorry for what I said before.

My life wouldn't be better without you.

Oh, Milo. My love.

Milo! Gribble! I've got the ship under control...

Ki! I'm good.

I can buff out the scratches. Come on, Mom. We gotta go.

We gotta go. Oh, OK.

Stopping right there!

This is not over. You will surrendering.

Hey! Surrender this!

Ki! What are you doing?

I will not letting you do this.


You cannot stopping this. This is the way it has always being.

No. No. No!

This is not the way it is always being.

She lied to us! Look!

We were not meant to being raised by machines.

We were meant to be raised by families.

By parents.

We were meant to having that... that...

That crazy love thing?

That crazy love thing.


You fool. I saved you!

Before any of you were even born I realised we do not have time to raise hatchlings.

And the males? They never helped.

Always dancing and playing.

That is why we must throw them away.

There must be order. Arresting the evildoers!

Evildoer, you.

No! I did this for you!

I did this for all of you! You will be sorry. Let me go!

So are you gonna stay?



Actually, I think I'm gonna...

You know, Mars is different now.

I'm gonna hang out with Ki and... help paint and stuff.

He's really good at red.

Stop it.

So will I ever see you again?

What? Are you kidding me? Of course.

We'll keep in touch.

How? What do you mean "how?"

I could fix it. It's gonna be Gribbletastic.

Best buds?

You better believe it.

Thank you, Gribble. Your mother would be proud of you.

It's my pleasure.

Oh, man.

I'm not crying. It's allergies.


Bye! Goodbye! Bye.


I love you, Milo.

I know that... now.

Dad! Hi, stinker.

Hi, honey. Hi.

Did something happen to Milo this weekend?


Flower power is gonna change the world, man!

Mark. No, that's vomit.

But I understand the confusion. I thought I told you to eat that.

Well, you're not gonna make me eat it now, are you?


My mom. She... she vacuums the house.

You know, she vacuums the house. My...

Yeah, she's the one. Yeah, that... No.

I'm just messing with you.

Oh, don't mind this guy. He's a...

I just tried to train him to be like my wingman, you know, but he's useless.

He's more like a wing nut. Yeah!

No, you know what? As a matter of fact, this is gonna be... Gribbletastic.


How about running, for starters? Go, go, go, go!

And he's off! Yes! Finally.

I'm a tie-dye, superfly Catch me on the other side Tart-choppin', body-poppin'...

Gribble! Stop being such an idiot and tell me which way!

Did you just call me an idiot?


Get... Wait a minute! Gribble!

Let's hit every single pipe on the way down!

Gribble! I'm trying!

Again with the shooting? We just talked about this.

I think that... I think that they're amazing and...

I think that...

I think that you're amazing.


You can change colour! What?

That is also... "bad".

Mark. Chute...

number... three!

One, two, three! Come on, Grib. We gotta go!

They'll figure it out! No, they won't.

They're dumb as a box of rocks.

What dummy left that there?

No! Mom. Mom!

Mom. Mom! Mom, listen. Mom, look at me.

Mom, look at me. Look at me. I'll explain everything, but later. OK?

Right now we've just gotta get to the ship.

The ship? The ship.

What ship?!