Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 (2012) Script

Don't. What?

I can just feel you about to say it, so, just don't say it.

I think we should bail.

Benny, it's too late for that.

C'mon Claire, we... we don't know what we're dealing, here. I do!

No, you don't! Yes, I do!

I really do. Okay, that thing fell out of the sky... into our laps. I mean, to me, that's a sign, okay?

What makes you so sure that the sign... is pointing in the right direction? You make me sure.

Cause, you got it to work.

Always said that we deserve better, right?

So, I don't wanna wait for somebody to give us a chance.

It's time that we took a chance for ourselves.

I hope you're right.

I am, I'm always right.

I'm always right about you.

Okay. Okay!


What you're looking at, is Allentown, Pennsylvania... five days after the Battle of New York.

This is a worst case scenario.

Please tell me why is the one piece of Alien techie... we failed to capture, is now functioning.

There are four confirmed reports of similar incidence.

Richmond, Virginia. Seven days after the Battle of New York.

Greensboro, North Carolina.

Two days after that.

Charleston, South Carolina, the following afternoon.

Then Savannah, Georgia, yesterday morning.

Hey, I been there... they do a great pulled pork, right down the street.

I don't think you're taking this assignment very seriously.

That's funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you.

While you've been in here, gathering video clips...

I've been out, investigating.

It turns out a used 28 foot Pearson... was taken off the marker, in Key West.

Spoke to the former owner.

A couple matching our description, paid in cash.

Boat gets out of Dry Dock in 24 hours, so...

I'd like to get a move on.

I understand, Agent Coulson.

I'm sorry, force of habit.

We all miss him.

Your orders, Agent Sitwell.

Retrieve the weapons tech... and neutralise... the two outlaws.

Thing's a killer on the wrist.

Feels I'm getting advanced carpal tunnel, or something.


We did it.

How much? Enough.

Enough, enough?

Enough to do whatever we want.

Now, and forever.

What the hell is that?

Oh, I like that song.

Can you please...

Yup, okay... okay, I'll say something.

Just stay right there, don't move, I'll be right back.


Please stop squirming.

Benjamin, this could go a lot smoother...

Claire, it's the cops!

Hit the deck, baby!

Ay, my wrist...

Benny! Benny, are you okay? Claire... this could go a lot smoother...



Do you even know why we were in the room?

Yes, I didn't know... I knew what I was doing.

That's why... we're gonna get arrested. Okay, shoosh.

Hi, hi.. I'm so sorry about before. I hope I didn't... hurt you.

47 known alien objects hit the ground... after the portal closed, above Manhattan.

All dormant, all dead.

Except this one.

This one works just fine.

Any idea why that is?

Benny got it to work.

What? You did.

Well, I can show you how to do it. Show him, show him how to..

He can show you really, really... Totally.

Yeah! He would love to show you.

Just, anything, but we can't... we can't go to jail.

Look at him, he can't go to jail. Who said anything about jail?

I was sent here to retrieve the weapon... and to neutralise you.

Where the hell have you been? Report was due 10 hours ago.

42,000$ worth a damage at the motel.

You know I've gotten Fury breathing down my neck...


Agent Blake, I'd like you to meet Claire Wise, and Benjamin Pollack.

Benjamin here is the latest addition to the SHIELD R&D think tank.

He's gonna help us reverse-engineer some of the alien tech.

You ready to get that badge? Yesss!

Ah, hold on a second, Sitwell.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Claire is your new assistant.

What? I mean, protege.

Yeah, that's ridiculous.

Impart upon her all the knowledge and skills... that have made you the man you are, today.

Well, we don't even have another chair, here.

Now, that's ridiculous. Sitwell? Sitwell!



Do you know how to make coffee?


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