Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018) Script


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Don't wake up. Don't wake up.



Stop thief!






No, no, no, no! Ammi can't see me like this!

Kamala. Out of bed. It is late.

It's 6:00 a.m., Ammi.

I have been up since 5:00, so, like I said, late.


Maybe daughters who want more sleep shouldn't stay up all night playing the World of Crafty-Craft on the computer.

(GROANS) That's not what it's...

You know, Mrs. Rizvi's son, Kumail, has already been accepted for an engineering internship this summer.

Ammi, please.

Please what? Huh?

You have so much to offer the world, Kamala.

I am only saying there are better things to do with your time than to play with some Captain Crunchy toy.

Captain Marvel.

Only the greatest superhero that ever lived, and this is a limited edition collector's statue.

Aka: worth a lot of money.

-Was that English? -(VACUUM WHIRRING)

Kamala, you need a real education to get a real job.

Playing with toys isn't a career, last time I checked.


Ammi, I just wish I could wake up one morning and hear what I'm doing right.

Kamala, pajamas!




She making out with that bagel?

-(GIRL LAUGHING) -BOY: Yeah, whatever, weirdo.

...known as the New Deal, which brought about economic relief for thousands of U.S. citizens.

Now, who can tell me which President created

-these reforms? -(KAMALA SNORING)




(SHRIEKS) Captain America!


Oh, sorry.



GIRL: Hey, go away.

BOY: You first, freak.



Nobody wants you here.

Inhumans need to go back to where they came from.

Hey, idiots! I hate to tell you this, but they're from the same place you are, like right next door, so back off.

What do you know about it?

You one of them? (CHUCKLES) Probably is.

These two look like they shop at the same Dumpster.

(CHUCKLES) Defective freaks with defective powers.

MS. MARVEL: (GRUNTS) I'll show you defective!


(GASPS) Oh, no, I really hope that's not Mr. Lane's car.




Go on. Go home.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Watch me rise Above all the lies Captain Marvel!

I won't break No matter how hard you try

-(LAUGHS) -Watch me rise She's really here!

Doreen's never gonna believe this.

MS. MARVEL: I mean, seriously, look at her go.

I wanna be her so bad.

What are you talking about? We're totally her.

Uh, Doreen, keep hydrating, 'cause I think you're delirious.

She's perfect.

We're weird.



Break time's over.



And there's nothing weird about us.

You have stretchy powers, and I have squirrel powers.

Big deal.

We've got courage. We've got guts, determination, just like Captain Marvel.

Although, now that I think about it, I might be more like Tony Stark. (CHUCKLES)

(SIGHS) Brainy and mysterious.


And we have our own page on the Hero Watch App.

It's super easy to use.

You just add stuff

-(BEEPING) -by pressing this button.

Pictures, audio, you name it, people can follow it.

I posted this last night.

Yeah, I don't know, D.

This is more your thing than mine.

And we have no followers.

Yet. Wait and see.

We'll get tons.


Not if I keep blowing it, like today.






You choked a little.

So what? It happens.

You still stepped up to protect that girl.

Except she was the brave one.

She didn't deny being an Inhuman.

So next time, don't.

It's not like you're not gonna get another chance to make it right.

(GRUNTS) Not these days.

People really don't like you guys.

They're just scared of what they don't know.

A big wave of Terrigen Mist floats in from out of nowhere, and suddenly some random people get super-powers.

Didn't help that a bunch of them were suddenly freaking out and fighting each other.

I mean...

I mean, what is that even about?

I don't know.

But I really wanna show people that Inhumans are good guys too, even heroes.

Well, if anyone can, it's you.



Hey, you're the one that did a snack break.

MAN: Help!

Help! Someone stop that thief!




Looks like it's time for two legendary heroes...

Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl!

Let's get nuts!

(CHUCKLES) And something about stretchy powers.

Hm. It'll come to me.

Hey, S.G., doesn't it cost a lot to rip your clothes off every time?

Nope, not with the magic of snaps.

It's Tippy's idea.



MS. MARVEL: That's gotta be the guy that robbed the cart.

Hey, hoodie dude, stop.


Come here!


S.G.! Got him!



Guy covered in squirrels says what?




-(GRUNTS) -Ha!

No one escapes the... big hand of the law.

Hey, come on, that was really...

(STAMMERS) almost a thing.

I mean, oh, so close.


But you're still under arrest for grand theft...

What did you steal?

(SIGHS) A hotdog.

Oh, you're not a villain.

You're barely even a thief.

I am not a thief!

Well, I'm not normally anyway.

I was just doing what I had to, so let me go before something bad happens again.

Was that a threat?

Stay away from me.

Whoa, dude, calm down. Tell me what's going on?

I've been through some pretty intense stuff myself.

MS. MARVEL: It's okay. We wanna help you.

I uh...




My tail!

No, S.G., don't. Let's chill a second, figure out...

No, Double-M.

You mess with the girl, you get the squirrel!

(MAN GRUNTING Hey, back off!


MAN: Watch out!

Thanks. W-Who are you?

Victor Kohl.

And you're the famous Ms. Marvel.

How did you...

Wait. Famous?

Dante, how many times do I have to say this?

Stop this now and come with me.

You should've just left me alone.


Does this make us even?

Sure. Yeah. Why not?






I'm sorry, but you shouldn't have gotten in the way.

SQUIRREL GIRL: That's an apology?

Did either of you see where he went?


You didn't just happen to run into us, did you?

You were looking for that kid, Dante. Why?

That's Inhuman business.

I am Inhuman.

See? Told ya.

Then you know we've got a situation on our hands, Inhumans causing chaos all over town.

I'm part of a group trying to stop that.

We'd rather help rogues like Dante ourselves instead of letting humans handle it.

I know he attacked us, but when I saw the look on his face, it felt like there was something else going on, like he was... afraid.

Double-M, he tried to roast us alive.

Good guys don't do that.

I've been tracking Dante for weeks.

He's out of control.

Even burned down his own house back in Illinois.

I have to bring him in before things get worse.

WOMAN: (ON P.A.) To the individuals beneath us, you are now in an enhanced-incident area.

Please stay where you are.



Don't worry. They're the superhero cops.

They'll help. They're still human.

At some point, they always turn on us.

Let's go.

But running will just make us look guilty.

Suit yourself.

What part of "stay where you are" didn't he get?

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson.

I'd like to call my lawyer, but I don't have one.

So just skip it and read us our rights.

Why would I do that?

Uh, 'cause we're being arrested.

No, you're not. I'm not even sure who you are.



Chattering chestnuts!

Aren't you Captain America's sidekick?

Um, oh...

-Patriot. -Patriot!

Hey, is it true you smell like freedom?



You know what?

Why don't you just tell us what happened here?

It's complicated. No, it's not. It's simple.

We were trying to nab this Inhuman with fire powers and totally lost it, and this other Inhuman, Victor, tried to help, but the whole thing was a bust.

Two Inhumans?

Why does it matter?

You have something against Inhumans?

No. No, but it's a part of a pattern.

I'm with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Analytics Division, and I've been tracking the spike in violent Inhuman incidents, but that's not the whole story.

Over half the teens identified in the attacks... we can't find them anywhere.

It's like they've disappeared into thin air.

Victor said he was working for a group trying to stop the violence.

Maybe he could help.

Except that he ran, which makes him a potential suspect in my book.

Nuts to that!

Victor stepped in to help us when nobody else was around, including you.

He's a hero.

That doesn't put him above the law.

So how do you want to handle this?

Since you guys probably got the tech to track Victor's portals...

Squirrel Girl and I will fan out and look for Dante.

-(CHUCKLES) -Or you could go home.

Let the professionals take it from here.

SQUIRREL GIRL: You can't ditch us!

Do you even have powers?


Leave it.

PATRIOT: Why does everyone bring up powers?

We don't need powers.

Your quake gauntlets could take down a skyscraper.

And I was trained by Captain America.

I know. I read it on your Hero Watch App page.

I love the new profile picture.


Who cares what they think?

We know what we are.

Two rookie heroes with no followers and no leads?




Oh, brava, Tippy. That was inspired.

Yeah, I'm not gonna translate it word for word because we both know it went on a little too long, but here's the short of it...

Captain Marvel would never give up when there's justice to be done.

-(CHITTERS) -You're right, Tippy.

But so was that S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

I think there's more to this whole Victor-Dante story, and we're gonna find out what it is.

Let's go!

Oh, I really wish you could've heard that speech in the original Squirrel.

So good.



Ready, set, Time to be a fighter Don't look down Keep on climbing higher Be yourself, 'cause heroes Shine in different ways And when your voice Can't make a sound Just know We hear you all around Don't need to fit Into the crowd To be a force of nature 'Cause we're gonna be We're gonna be, We're gonna be the best They're gonna see...

MALE NEWSCASTER: We interrupt this broadcast for breaking news.

Another apparent Inhuman attack

-has occurred in Central Park. -(GROWLS)

Two young...

(EXHALES) It never ends.

Yo, America! The news don't change just 'cause you break it.

And that's coming out of your check.

Let me do the math for you, Wilson.

I make almost nothing, and that piece of junk's worth less than nothing.

So, technically, you owe me.

Now, let me get back to work on my bike.

I've got five minutes left on my lunch break.

(CHUCKLES) That bike?



Come on!

I know you aren't grinding my gears, idiota!

Whoa, you can fly?

Yeah, and that's not all.




Please be invulnerable. Please be invulnerable.

Woo, you're okay.

No thanks to you.

Now get out of my way before...

What is that?

Hey, either of you seen a young Inhuman who may or may not be on fire?

That matchstick's Inhuman?

Then he's mine.

Oh, great, another wannabe.

I told you to go home.

You're not our mom.

SQUIRREL GIRL: Okay, good-bye forever!



Agent Exile, what's your status?

Hala, unfortunately my assignment's still outstanding.

The target remains at large.

Your last report said retrieval was imminent.

There was outside interference, but Dante's in my sights, and I found another Inhuman that...

Dante is your mission.

Much has been invested in you, Exile.

It would be a shame to discover you didn't live up to expectations.

Then I will.

Come on, come on, you stupid bike.

Keep going.


Great. I'm on an island, and I'm still lost.

I better stash this before that flying firework comes back for round two.

I'm getting real sick of running from you, dude.

Then stop. The people I work for want to give Inhumans lives worth living.

Come with me and that can be yours, too.

My life is gone because of these powers.

I didn't ask for them and I certainly didn't ask for whatever it is that you're offering.

Leave me alone!

Have it your way.


You know, for someone that doesn't like being hit by cars, you make it hard not to.

I'm looking for that stupid hothead.

Come out, Matchstick. Fight like a...


Oh, found him.



I'm calling for backup.

No, we've got a decent team comp here.

We can handle this. Don't count on me, chica.

I'm just here for my bike.





That's a gas line.

Oh, nuts.







Patriot, are you okay?

Yeah, I think so. You?

Maybe we should...


Patriot, get her to the car.

Then help me evacuate the building.

Squirrel Girl, get everyone out of those vehicles and move them to safety.

Copy that, Double-M.

We need to find a way to shut off the main gas line.

It's proper emergency procedure.

No time now.

We'll deal with it when everyone's safe. Go!

Is anyone in there?


Don't worry, ma'am. I'm here to help.


-(GASPS) -Hey, there, I'm Ms. Marvel.

And, yeah, I know the whole giant hand thing looks kinda weird, but trust me.

I totally got you.


I've got you, ma'am.


Go. We'll find another way.





Victor, are you okay?

(GRUNTS) Where is he?

Dante ran off.

Did you even try to stop him?

Victor, if you could've seen...

So you're on his side now.

I'm not on anyone's side.

It just seems that all Dante wants to do is run from trouble, not cause...


Oh, no, there could still be people in there.

Help them all you want, but a day will come when there's only Inhuman and not Inhuman.

Then you'll have to choose.



This building could come down any second.

Everybody out?

Yeah, we're clear.

Let's go deal with that gas main.



Couldn't let you handle this mess by yourselves.


Come on. You'll be okay, but you've gotta hurry.


What... she said.

Hey, you! Look out!



So much for my bike.

Stand back. I've got this. Okay?

Variable frequency vibration generating gauntlets, huh?

Yeah. They make things shake.

Huh, I thought you weren't here to help.

I'm not. I'm just a chump.

They're gone. No sign of the Inhumans.

The way you just said that makes it sound like they're automatically guilty of something, but we don't know anything for sure.

Victor claims Dante's a threat, but Dante had every chance to hurt Victor and he didn't.

Hey, you know what he did do?

Steal my bike and fry half the neighborhood.

Pretty sure that's still against the law.

Yeah, and I'm pretty sure we could've kept things under control if you hadn't ripped up that gas line.

So why don't you drop the attitude, and help us find out what's actually going on?

No, because what's happening here isn't something the Junior Avengers are gonna be able to stop.

And I don't need any lectures on morality, especially from somebody like you.

Finally, the cavalry is here.

Daisy Johnson, you're being placed into custody on charges of forgery, dereliction of duty, and unsanctioned action.


You're not authorized either, Cap Jr.

-That is total bunk. We're... -No, let him go.

He didn't know anything about this. It was all me.

-You lied to me? -I had to.

You know how much red tape we have to go through to get anything done.

I couldn't wait for some committee to decide what to do.

So you conned me rather than stick to the rules?

You know how hard it's been for me to be taken seriously, and yet you pulled this?

I hope they lock you up.


I know, I know. Just give them a second.


Okay, so that was not good, um, but I agree with Tippy.

We've gotta pick ourselves up and get back to work.

It's time for action! What do you say?


I say you could take things down a notch.

Hm? Hm-hm-hm hm?

But yes.

I'm in.


Now, let's get going and catch that guy Dante!

He is going down.

What? S.G., have you been listening to me at all?

I know it looks like he's the bad guy, but if you could've seen him, he... he's... he's going through something.

Do you actually know that?

Are you a psychic, too?

No, but I am Inhuman.

I was at a party when the Terrigen Wave hit.

It changed everything.





I could barely function at the beginning.

If my powers could've set things on fire, I might've burned a lot more than my house to the ground.

You can't def... How can you defend him?

He tried to roast us like marshmallows.

You can't give him a pass just because he's Inhuman.

That is seriously the worst thing you've ever said to me.

I'm not giving anybody a pass, including Victor, by the way.

Did it ever cross your mind that he might not be the one telling the truth?

The guy who risked his life to help us?

No, 'cause that's what we would've done... acted like heroes.

It's that simple, Double-M, black and white.

You need to wake up and see that!

Really? 'Cause I'll tell you what I don't need... this, any of it, especially from my best friend.


How's that for black and white?


Double-M? Double-M!

How am I ever supposed to be you?

-(RINGS) -Huh?



Kamala, I heard a noise...

I dropped my phone, okay?

And no, Mom, I was not talking to a boy.

And yes, I did my homework and put away my "toys," and I really don't need another person telling me how to live my life, so good night! Ugh!

Acha... are you ready to tell me what's really bothering you?

It's exhausting, Ammi.

When you feel like something's true, like in your gut... but everyone else tells you otherwise... or thinks you're crazy.


You know, my mother didn't want me to marry your father.

Yeah. Thought he was too much of a dreamer, an adventurer.


Jersey City. What an adventure.


Anyway, I couldn't break her heart, so I told your father no.

But the day before he was leaving for America, he left me a note from his favorite poet...

"Your heart knows the way.

Run in that direction."

I showed it to my mother... and a week later we were married.

Now your grandmother can't go a week without talking to her favorite son-in-law.

Sometimes I think she likes him more than me.

Beti, you already know what to do.

Have faith in what you believe... and help others see what you see.

But be patient with people, Kamala.

Everyone has their struggles.

Thank you, Ammi.

I really hope this wasn't about a boy.


Now, get some sleep. Huh? Good night.

Good night.

I'm Doreen. You're leaving a message.

Ugh, voicemail. Doreen, it's me.

Oh, I really wish you were there, but know that I'm not giving up on this.

I'm going to find Victor and Dante, so listen up.

MS. MARVEL: (SIGHS) They've got to be somewhere on the island.


-Hey. -Victor?

Okay, this is weird.

How did you find me?

Luck, I guess.

Okay, maybe Hero Watch helped me out, too.

Listen, the way I left before...

I was wrong.

I'm just tired, you know?

I've been on this job for weeks, trying to help Dante and make the world a little safer.

I just wanna prove to everybody that I can handle things on my own.

Yeah, I get it.

But, I don't know.

Maybe it's time to stop acting like I've got all the answers.

So maybe you and I could join forces.

I'm... I'm, uh... yeah, I guess we could, you know, maybe?

I was hoping you'd say that.

'Cause I've already talked to my superior.

She thinks you're a great candidate for our organization.

Wait, what?

No, I think you've got the wrong idea.

I mean, I'm more than happy to...



Sorry to cut you off like that, but since the answer was "no,"

I figured we should just skip to the part where I knock you out and take you where I want.




After all, it's not like you, or any of them for that matter, really had a choice.

Victor, how could you do this... turn on your own when you know what we've been through?

The name's not Victor.

It's Exile.

And I'm not turning on anyone.

I'm giving them an opportunity to protect their makers, the ones who designed the Inhuman genome.

You mean, the Kree?

What does this have to do with some alien species that left thousands of years ago

-and are never coming back? -Don't be dense.

A Kree spaceship is already in orbit.

Their leader, Hala, saw the rise of Inhumans after the Terrigen Wave.

Recognizing our potential, she began recruiting us, the finest warriors in the galaxy to serve the Kree Empire.

We've crisscrossed the world, looking for the perfect candidates to prove their worth.

We like to call it a "Final Exam."

What about the ones who've got nothing to prove?

It's my job to change their minds.

Dante... he didn't blast at us.

He was aiming at you...

Too bad Dante missed.

But at least he got away.

Not for long.

Why do you think I've moved on to you?


Next time don't talk so much.




(GASPS) You can heal.

Let's find out how quick.


Keep your eyes peeled, Tippy.

She comes here when she needs a place to think.


Oh, nuts!





You put up way more of a fight than Dante.

Wanna give up? Come on. It'll be great.

I can call my friends at S.H.I.E.L.D. right now.

And if you're nice, I'll even help you pick out a real sweet prison cell.

(CHUCKLES) Sounds great.

But can I just say one thing?

I'm not the only one who talks too much.





What are we gonna do, Tippy?

How do you find someone who just vanished into a portal?

That voicemail she left.

She said that I was her best friend and that we'd work it out.

But I didn't get to tell her how sorry I am that I didn't listen to her, that I judged her for being Inhuman.

That's not who I am.

What if I never get to tell her?


Chattering cashews.

Somebody just posted an audio message on our Hero Watch page.


MS. MARVEL: I'm on a spaceship, and... we're somewhere... in orbit.

But you have to hurry...

Woo-hoo! She did it! She sent us a clue!

And she used the app all by herself!

Now that's a hero!


Okay, Tippy. Let's do this.

Double-M said "spaceship" and "orbit," so hopefully she's right up there somewhere, circling the Earth.

But how do we get up there?

Hmm? Tony Stark! He's gotta have a spare spaceship we can borrow.


You're right.

I can't break into the Stark Tower and steal a spaceship.

Not alone, anyway.

I need some serious muscle for that.

So, what do you say?


I'd say you don't even know my name, Squirrel Kid.

"Squirrel Girl," as in the powers of a squirrel and the powers of a girl. And you are, again?

America Chavez, as in "not interested."

But you helped that guy under the fire escape.

You're a good person.

And good people should wanna help other good people.

And yet I'm not convinced.

Hey, I heard what you said right before you took off.

You know what's going on, don't you?

How? And why aren't you doing anything about it?

I know, because what's happening here happened to my world, and it can't be stopped.

Things started the exact same way...

Inhumans attacking each other for no reason.

And pretty soon, everyone got caught in the fallout.

My moms were both heroes.

They were trying to help those kids.

They were trying to save the world.

A big battle was coming up, and I begged them to let me fight, to let me stand for something, just like them.

But they lied to me.

They told me they invented a machine that would make me strong enough to help them.

The machine was really an interdimensional teleporter.

They never wanted me to help them.

They still only saw me as a kid.


Joke's on them, right?

'Cause history loves to repeat itself.

So I'm getting out.

And if you have any brains, you'll do the same.

Wow. Your moms would be so mad right now!

Shut your mouth!


You said they stood for something... that you wanted to be just like them!

So why aren't you?

Because it cost them everything!

No, not everything.

They were heroes, and they'll always be that!

And so can you, by honoring their memory and fighting for what's right.

(SIGHS) Okay.

But I'm not robbing Tony Stark.

That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

We need another way to get to space.

Fine. I know a guy.

SQUIRREL GIRL: Hey! Cap Jr.! Over here!


You really need better security on your phone, Rayshaun.

Once I hacked your social media accounts, it was super easy to ping your GPS.

This is the kind of thing I hate about you.

It's completely unprofessional.

No. You hate that I'm not a stick-in-the-mud like you.

But if you want serious, hold on to your macadamias!


Turns out the Inhuman guy fighting Dante is actually a bad guy who's kidnapped Ms. Marvel and taken her to a spaceship orbiting the planet as we speak.

So you gotta help us steal our own spaceship so we can rescue her and save a bunch of other Inhuman kids who are being forced to fight each other and might not survive. And... (INHALES DEEPLY)

(EXHALES DEEPLY) Actually, uh, that's it.

Yeah. Are you in?

(CHUCKLES) Even if I did believe you, I'm on probation because of that stunt Daisy pulled, so I am not gonna help you steal from S.H.I.E.L.D.

It's ridiculous. You're ridiculous.


Really? You thought that needed repeating?

'Cause I already know that people think I'm a joke.

But that's never mattered, because I had two best friends in my corner, and that's all I needed.

But now one of them is gone, and I'm gonna save her.



So go ahead, Patriot, laugh at me, make fun of me, do whatever you need to do, as long as you pick up that shield and follow me when you're done.


We're gonna get in so much trouble.



Oh, sorry. Personal space. I know.

Don't get too excited yet.

Daisy's the only one I know who's cleared for space flight, which means we gotta break her out of the cell I just helped put her in.

That was some bold stuff, fur ball.

It's what I do... eat nuts and kick butts.

(GROANS) This is so boring.

This is more boring than...

Wow. I'm so bored, I can't even think of another word.

Me, I've got nothing to prove

-(GRUNTS) -Oh, oh, oh Make way as I'm coming through Oh, oh, oh

-(ALL COUGHING) -I'm a fire in the night One, two, three...


I'm stealing a spaceship for a good cause.

Wanna help?

You've got too much to lose Me, I've got nothing to prove What are they gonna do, arrest me?

'Cause I'm breaking

-(SQUIRREL GIRL PANTING) -All rules There's nothing to hold me To the ground


This never happened. Got it?

Sure. Whatever you say.

Brand new We've got to get to the main hangar.

It's our only way out. Turn left and then right up ahead.

-Gotta stay true -Oh, oh, oh Gotta stay, stay true, yeah Oh, oh, oh Gotta stay, stay true, yeah Sorry about this.

I respect everything you stand for.



And you still got Something to prove

-Oh, oh, oh -(BELL DINGING)

Make way as I'm coming through Oh, come on, come on come on, come on!

I'm a fire in the night





You're gonna wanna get behind me.

Really? This is S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, -not the Wild West. -Suit yourself.



Oh, oh, oh Gotta stay, stay true, yeah Oh, oh, oh Welcome aboard.

Gotta stay, stay true, yeah Hold on tight. (GRUNTS) Okay, maybe not that tight.


We got company.

Gotta stay, stay true I'll prep the jet. You got this?


Oh, oh, oh

-Oh, oh, oh -Make way Oh, oh, oh I'm gonna count to three The clock is tickin' quicker

-(BEEPING) -You know I'll be the winner So don't find this war You've got too much to lose Any idea how to open the hangar doors before we crash into them?

-(ASCENDING WHIRRING) -Take the stick.

The rules Daisy, I know you're resourceful, but you can't jerry-rig a new pair of gauntlets

-in the next three seconds. -I don't need to.

Brand new

'Cause I know who I am And what I want...


Gotta stay true Hey, no rush, but if you're gonna do this, you've gotta do it now!


Oh, oh, oh Gotta stay, stay true, yeah Oh, oh, oh Gotta stay, stay true, yeah

-Oh, oh, oh -(ALL WHOOP)

-WOMAN: Yes! -Gotta stay, stay true, yeah Seriously, Daisy, that was amazing!

You've been holding out on us, chica.

You always told me your powers came from your gloves.

They help me focus my powers, but they aren't the source.

Look, I... I didn't want you to know I was Inhuman.

Not until I could trust you.

Why would you ever want to hide those amazing powers?

Seriously, Daisy, look at how hard I had to train to get even close to your level.

Don't be ashamed of who you are.

Okay, so, first we need to check satellite data for any sign of unidentified ships within the lower and medium orbit zones.

Higher than that, and we can't reach it in this jet.


-(BEEPING) -Hm. Bingo.

Looks like we've got a Kree Imperial Cruiser trying to hide behind a decommissioned satellite.


They haven't been here in thousands of years.

Who are the Kree?

Militaristic alien race.

They tried to build a legion of super-soldiers by altering human DNA.

Basically, they created the Inhumans, but they never finished the project.

You told me this whole thing happened on your planet too.

Do you remember your moms saying anything about the Kree?


But they didn't think the Inhumans were acting on their own.

Maybe they're not now either. Double-M thought Dante was trying to run away from Victor.

She tried to do the same thing, and now she's being held on some Kree spaceship.

What if she's not the only one?

Those missing Inhuman kids... they weren't fighting each other, they were being hunted.

The Terrigen Mist activated their powers.

And now the Kree are back to pick up their recruits.

We're gonna need help.

So let's recap.

We're fugitives and thieves. Who exactly do we call?

An old friend.


Where am I?


What is this place?

DANTE: I think they call it the "lion's den."

-(GASPS) -I'm not gonna hurt you.

I know that.

I saw you walk away from Victor, and I know what he is.

None of this is your fault.


I've waited a long time for somebody to say that.

Does it ever get easier?

You mean... being who we are?

Honestly, I'm not sure.

But I'm doing my best to find out.

I tried to keep my powers a secret for a long time.

Then I'd panic, and there'd be nothing but fire.

You should've seen the way that my family looked at me.

Especially after Victor showed up, and I burned everything to the ground.

Running was the only option.

Greetings, my Inhuman warriors.

I am Hala the Accuser.

You are currently charged with refusing to serve the Kree Empire.

But we are offering you a second chance to embrace this noble cause.

Your world may see you as mere children, but I see what you're truly destined to become... warriors, heroes, defenders of the Kree.

Your mission is simple: defeat the opponent standing next to you

-and move on to the next round. -(BELL RINGING)

The victors will be revered on a thousand worlds.

Those that fail or refuse to fight will be forced to watch their loved ones suffer

-at the hands of my Kree armada. -(GASPS)

-(GASPS) -Ammi!

And those of you without families...

Well, no one will miss you anyway.

(GRUNTS) I've had enough of this!


Escape is impossible.

Your cells are designed to contain all manner of the universe's greatest powers.

Your first test begins... now.



(GASPS) Seriously, Dante?

I thought we were on the same side.

You heard what she said.

Only one of us is walking out of here alive.


Not if we work together.

We decide our destiny, not them.



Grab me.


I trust you, Stretch.

Now, how do we get out without getting caught?


You burned me, you... flame-head!

There's more where that came from!


Aim all the firepower you've got at that surveillance cam, and don't stop until I tell you.




Forgot about securing the vents, Hala.

Hm. Classic mistake.



-One of these has to open it. -(BEEPING)





DANTE: Come on!

(MS. MARVEL GRUNTS) Ho... Hold on!

I need a hand with my hands.

Maybe we can find an escape pod and get off this thing.

Not yet. There are still innocent kids on this ship.

We have to rescue them too.

-What? -(BOTH GASP)


We know what they're going through.

They need our help.

Fine. But we gotta hurry.






(SHRIEKS) Who's a good boy?

And what's your name, you big slobbery mush-mush face?

Uh, can we hurry this up?

(GASPS) Come on, Lockjaw. Let's get outta here.


You don't have to do this to each other.

This is not who you have to be.

Come on. We'll get you outta here.

You used to say I was nothing...



Anyone want a ride back to Earth?

They brought me to my knees

You took my world and...

Get back.

Thought you were it And I could never leave this Where do you think you're going?

Accuser, there was an alarm, and...

One of the Inhumans' tricks.

(SNIFFLES) Now get... (GRUNTS)

Get back to... (SNEEZES)



You have no power over me Hey, hey.


-(ROARING) -(BLOWS LANDING) hard you try Watch me rise, I'm touching the skies Nothing can't stop me From living my life Oh, man!

These guys sure do know how to build a space station.

Who let these kids onto my bridge?

Captain Marvel?!

Holy hazelnuts.

Oh, oh, oh Watch me rise Agent Daisy Johnson, sir.

You don't write. You don't call.

I know, I know. I'm sorry.

What... is... happening?

I want you to tell me everything later.

But based on that intel you gave me, we need to get this show on the road.

Roger that. Guys, this is Captain Marvel.

She taught me most of what I know.

Cap, meet Patriot, America, Squirrel Girl, and Tippy-Toe.


Cute. The good news? That Kree ship hasn't moved since you sent me its coordinates.

So at least we know where to find those missing kids.

-And the bad news? -Everything else.

-Uh... -(CHITTERS)

Don't worry. That's my specialty.

The prisoners! They're loose!






(GRUNTS) Get this dog off of me!

Good boy, Lockjaw!

Remind me to never mess with that dog.

EXILE: It's not the dog I'd worry about.


Stay back!

Whatever you think of me, Exile, they're just kids.

Let 'em go.

Does that ever work?

It was worth a shot.






(GRUNTS) What?

You can't hide from me forever!

You're not just a super-cute squish-face.

You're a teleporting super-cute squish-face!

Do it again!

Where are we? (GASPS)

Right where I want you.

Lockjaw, run!





Enough! You want a fight, Exile?

Take this!

(YELLS) Whoa!

All that, and you can't even aim.


Maybe not, but I am getting better at faking stuff.








Congratulations. You've defeated your opponent.

Now finish him and be done with it... like a true warrior.

True warriors might know how to destroy, but they use their power to protect.

Lockjaw, go!

-(GRUNTS) -Lockjaw!






See, Hala? They're weak.

And yet that child defeated you on her own.

By tricking me!

I could beat her in a fair fight any day of the week.

There are no fake fights in war, Exile.

I should have never mistaken you for...





(GASPS) No way!

You okay? Let me help you up.


That's some grip, Ms. Marvel.

Sorry... Wait! What?!

You know who I am?

Sure. Ms. Marvel from Jersey City.

I heard all about you from Squirrel Girl.

Apparently, you're amazing.

-(STAMMERING) -You dare defy the will of the Kree Empire?!

You bet.





Go home, boy. Take care of yourself.

Oh, it's okay. I've got it from here.





You don't know me, but I've wanted to do this for a long time.







-(ALL GRUNT) -We've gotta lock down the bridge to stop reinforcements.

See a panel?

Yeah. Hop on.

Squirrel Girl!

-Double-M! You're alive! -(GROANING)

I was so scared I'd never see you again and get the chance to say I'm sorry.

I don't know why I said what I said, but I didn't mean it.

I know. It's okay.

And you were totally right about Victor.

Hate that guy.

Hang on a second.


You know, I really don't get to utilize my tail as much as I'd like.

-Stay with them, okay? -Yeah, of course.

She... threw me away... like I was nothing.

Then prove her wrong, Victor.

Help us defeat her. Become what you wanna be.

You mean some hero?

To who? The family that didn't want me?

The humans who laughed at me?

I don't want to save them.

I was destined for greatness!




But maybe I still am!

Maybe Hala will take me back.

Anyone can have a slow start.

All that really matters is how you finish!





The operating system's been compromised!

Somebody better take him down soon, or I'm gonna lose control of this ship!



This is for my moms.





(GRUNTS) No...


Sounds like we gotta keep this tub in orbit.

Do what you need to do, Cap. We got this.

And when your voice Can't make a sound


Just know we hear you...

This can still end here, Victor.

I don't think it's us you really want to fight.

You've never felt threatened by my power, have you?

Time for that to change! (ROARS)

Aw, crud. Embiggen!

So if it takes forever


We were born ready We were born ready

-Yeah, yeah, yeah -We gotta do something, now!

And if your heart surrenders We'll hold it up together We were born ready


Don't care if the world Ain't ready for me


Oh, come on. Don't tell me you're not even gonna try to hit me?


We'll save the world together



Wha... How did you sleep through all of this?


And if your heart surrenders We'll hold it up together

-Now! -We were born ready

-We were born ready -(YELLS)

Don't care if the world Ain't ready for me Don't care if the world Ain't ready


We were born ready We were born ready Don't care if the world Ain't ready for me

Don't care if the world Ain't ready for me


Hey, Cap, what did I tell you about my BFF?

Amazing, right? (CHUCKLES)

Yep. No question. But the day's not over yet.

Now, if someone can help me keep us from crashing, we might have something to celebrate.


Exile took out the main control console.

DAISY: I think I can reroute navigation.

Yeah. Got it.

Great. Now reverse thrusters.

-We're falling out of orbit. -Ugh.

-I can't! -(ALARM BLARING)

We've got system failures across the ship!

I need options, now!

There aren't any good ones. Our jet's too damaged to fly.

Only chance we have is to crash this ship in the best way possible.

Um, there's a best way? Aren't they all bad?

We go for a water landing.

I'll take us in, but I need someone who can get our nose up.

Know anyone who can lift a plane?

If you can, I can, Blondie.




Try and keep it level.


Kids, how we doin'?

We're leveling off, but it's not enough.

(GRUNTS) It's all we've got!

Dante, I need you up there. When I drop the force field, you drop the biggest blast you've got.

No way!

I can barely control my powers when I try to keep 'em small.

You're fighting with your powers because you're fighting who you are.

We've all done it.

But at some point, you need to let go, you need to trust yourself.

But I don't.

-Then trust us. -Besides, if they're wrong, none of us will be around to know it.

What? That's comforting... in a way.

DANTE: Okay.

Just in case.



It's time, Dante.

Show everybody who you really are.






Everyone grab on to something!



Victor, wait!



I hate teleporters.

Right? So annoying!


(EXHALES) Thanks... for everything.

AMERICA: You're welcome.

But next time, let's save the day somewhere drier.

Great job today, Ms. Marvel.

You handled yourself like a pro.

I'm impressed.

Could you maybe pinch me or something so I know this isn't a dream?

I'd rather not.

Yeah, that was weird. I'm sorry.

It's just that... I'm kind of your biggest fan.

I even have a video of you on my phone that I watch all the time.

Which, now that I've said it out loud, is also pretty weird.

But all I've ever wanted is to be you.


Listen, kiddo.

I'm flattered. And, yeah, I can be pretty great.

But so can you.

Nobody needs to be anybody else.

Can't be done. You just gotta be you.

Yes! I am never washing my hand again.

So, we're good, right?

I mean, you said you were sorry, and I said I was sorry, but...

I kept pushing you to see things my way, like I knew everything, and you were just being a pain.

But you knew in your gut that there was more to it.

That's who you are.

And I... I wouldn't listen.

You're not the only one, D.

You've always believed in us and what we can do.

But most of the time, I just rained on your parade.

Probably 'cause I was scared that I'd never be who I really wanted to be.


Guess we could both learn something from each other.

So true.

Did we get the wrong time?

DOREEN: Nope. 7:00.

And this is America's garage.

Hello? Anyone here?





BOTH: Huh?



Whoa! Secret elevator!






Mush-face! I missed you!


I'm out of uniform, so it's Rayshaun.

Or Mr. Lucas. But that would be weird.


Although no weirder than this.

Oh, come on. You love it.



What is this place? It's amazing!

Want it?

Your first adventure may not have been perfect, but you saw a pattern no one else did.

And you fought odds that would've made the Avengers think twice.

I know that people may have doubted you in the past.

You might have even doubted yourselves.

But I wanna see how far you can go with a little support instead of mistrust.

You'll report to me, but you'll be your own unofficial team.

And I do mean unofficial. What do you think?



Woo! Woo-hoo! Yeah! Yeah!

Hey, the Avengers bought the garage.

What choice do I have? So... yay.

And there's one young woman who is not only the finest S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit I've ever seen, but who just led her team when it needed her most.

Daisy, -(GASPS) -think you can take the helm?


I mean, yes, ma'am.

Woo-hoo! We got a leader. We got a base.

All we need is a name, and we'll be ready for battle.

You'll be ready to train... in secret.

No battling yet.

That's my job. One thing you're not is some kind of Secret Avengers team.

Got it? Good.

Now go.

I'll see you tomorrow morning, bright and early.

We hear ya, boss. No Secret Avengers!

I got a better name anyway. "Secret Warriors."

Not officially, of course. What do you guys think?

I think we should've asked to stay and check out the place so I could pick out my room.

I'm pretty sure it's the leader's job to assign rooms. Right, chief?

And I think it goes without saying that some of us have seniority.

You want me to toast him?

KAMALA: Guess I probably don't need this anymore now that I actually know her.

Pretty cool.

-But it helps remind me -(LAUGHING) of what I'm here for, -(CHATTERING) -what we're all here for... to find the truth.

Not just about the world, but about who we are.

And believe in it when nobody else does.

I think that's what this whole thing's been about... going beyond where you think you can go.

Reaching for what's true when it seems impossible to find.

Rising to each challenge no matter the odds, because that's what heroes do.

They rise.



You know, you probably should've let them thank you in person.

I couldn't have done this without you.

I'm surprised you were willing to give Rayshaun up.

He's got real potential.

Agreed. Which is why he deserves a chance to step out of my shadow and make it on his own.

They all do.

But you didn't come all the way from Asgard just to say that.

The talks went fine.

But I came back to a problem I need help with.

Know any heroes who can keep a low profile?

SQUIRREL GIRL: Captain Marvel?

Are you still here? I, uh... I think I dropped my...


Sweet Spanish almonds! It's Captain America!


So that's what freedom smells like.


So if it takes forever We'll save the world together We were born ready We were born ready, Yeah, yeah, yeah And if your heart surrenders We'll hold it up together We were born ready We were born ready Don't care if the world Ain't ready for me