Masaan (2015) Script

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What is life? A subtle harmony of the five elements What is my? A mess in these elements Pandit Brii Narayan Chakbast

Public toilets

A moment.

I have a gift for you.

Thank you.

It's okay?

It's kinda weird.

Open the door !

What is happening here? Open!

My clothes ?

Open that door!

Good !

So this hotel has turned into a mess?

Well done !

Shall we go wild? Let's start with you.

Go ahead!

Checked. Your name?

Your name !

Piyush Agarwal.

What are you running from? Sir, I'm a student.

Where do you come from?


Is that what you study?

Sir, can we work it out?

Give him a good "arrangement"!

I arrange with Madame.

Your name?

Your name !

Speak ! Devi.

So, Devi, you are well fucked!


Catch that asshole! Where did he go?

Bring him out!

Let's see the arrangement you want. No sir !

I am a student. It's the first time.

Are you playing innocent? Open!


Find his wallet.

Open that damn door!

He's gonna open that motherfucker!

Search well.

Wait, that'll bring him out.

Father's name:Ramdhari Agarwal.

Emergency number:9415257547.

Go out or I call your father.

I want to go to the toilet.

You will shit in prison. Your father's number is busy.

Please don't call my father!

We will call him back.

Are you from a Madvadi brothel?

Look at the device.

No. From Nepal?

You are wrong !

Is that so ? Are we wrong?

Open, or we drag you naked in the street!


What are you waiting for?

Kill that damn door!


What the hell is he doing?

Open the door !

Are you standing idly by?

Break down the door!

Holy shit!


Come to see !

What now?

Pandey! An ambulance !

Piyush ... Quickly !


Be careful, he's bleeding a lot.

Get her dressed, we'll take her on board.

What are you watching?


My son, are you back home?

I'll bring you a glass of water.

Do not bother, I will help myself.

I give you some.

Mother, we must light the stove.

Go find the sacred fire of the ghât.

Also wake up Sikandar. He has to go to work.

Bro Bro...

Sikandar ...

Hey, brother!

Mom sends me to wake you up.

Standing !

Ram, the name of God is the eternal truth ...

I bring fire to mom, I come back. What about Sikandar?

He's up, he's coming.

Hey, Motilal!

Join us. I can't leave my shop.

Your shop! We won't steal anything from you!

They brought us this, they are from the university. Tell him.

Sir, we have an anthropological project.

They want history and tradition of our ghats. Enlighten them.

You are the scholar of our ghats!

And you, the one in our alleys!

Shady alleys at night, eh?

You save?

Yes, we forget details taking notes.

The story...

Formerly, on the banks of the Ganges, our mother, stretched the jungle.

The ritual of the pyres was born on the sacred Ganges.

Many kings established their ghât here.

Priests from all provinces settled there.

Each ghât is allocated according to the regions, castes and priests.

You see ?

The ghât where we are sitting is controversial.

Like Kashmir. Yes.

People of Maharashtra claim it.

Like those of Gudjerat,

What are we going to do with him?

Here is Jhonta, the hero of the ghats, who wants to become president.

But to bring me customers, no need to rely on him.

So what? I was going to do it!

Bring my phone. Hurry up !

The neighboring ghât is that of Scindia.

I am going to look for clients.

Kids today are in a hurry. They don't stop.

The phone doesn't stop either.

Calvary of modern times!

It's me.

They are ingenious.

Madame has put herself in suri and made herself beautiful.

They hardly know each other, and forward!


What did you tell us?

Repeat it. Explain to your father.

What are you saying "Out of curiosity".

If I tell a journalist about it go will make the headlines.

What's this ?

A file for another service?

What does it mean?

Are you not paying attention? Get out !

Can you tell me your name again?


Vidhyadhar Pathak.

I give rituals at the Nandeshwar ghât.

I used to teach Sanskrit at University.

I also translate books.

We'll call you back in three days.

For now, pay the deposit, and take your daughter.

Mr. Mishra ... What does "for now" mean?

If the boy dies, she is an accomplice of a suicide, of a crime.

Court media, you will have to face it all.

Don't beg me! Pay the deposit.

Consider that we are alike ...

Pay the deposit and get out!

Centrifugal force was used, centripetal force.

And we find ourselves stuck.

So we explore upwards.

And here we are in the world of civil engineering.


How many months of study do you have left?

Two more months, dad.

Then the exams, and the internship.

The what? The internship, for a job.

Do we have to pay to get hired?

Not anymore, mom.

Railways and electricity hire by competition.

You should not monitor ash filtering?

What if the kids steal the money?

Uncle Shambhu is there.

Shambhu is still high.

So what ! I have the right to eat?

How much will you earn?

I will find out after my interview.

It's good. Leave here.

The earliest would be best.

Otherwise even you will end your life among the burning bodies.

A wafer !

I found that, is it in silver?

Hello Master !

I took my bath early!

Weren't you there for 3 days?

Shut up and do your job.

Is your father here?

He is on the ghât.

Call him.

The boy is dead.

Did you offer her some tea?

Sit down.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Mr. Pathak, the boy is dead.

The body is autopsied, the report will not delay.

Here are the court papers.

Please fill them out.


How does the tribunal affect us?

It is a complicity in suicide.

But, sir ... the boy ...

He killed himself in front of your eyes.

Under your intimidation.

Are you lecturing me, professor?

Listen carefully...

Save your sermons for your client wankers on the ghats.


Haven't you seen it on TV?

R.K. Puram's sex scandals, and Jammu and Kashmir.

Now your daughter is part of a beautiful sex scandal.

Sir, tell us how to do it.

What is your monthly income?

I earn 8-10,000 rupees.

She works too?

Yes, in computer science.

I'll get right to the point.

Complicity, media, court, I can take care of everything.

But you have to work it out.

300,000 rupees in 3 installments. I'll leave you 3 months.

No, you are wrong.

We have principles.

And we wouldn't even have 50,000.

From now on... Never again...

Never negotiate with me again!

I come to sell a bar of soap

I am here to save your honor.

I have the video of the sex scandal of your daughter.

Just put it on the Internet, then no one in Benares won't let go of your daughter!

Find 100,000 within 2 days.

Don't nod your head like a horse!

You are going to do what?

Find 100,000 in 2 days.

And in 2 months?


Easy to understand, right?

Where are you going?

At the cremation ghât. It's forbidden for women.

You have to hit the skull 5 times.


Deepak, go help him!

Piyush, my son.

The skull must burst for the soul to escape.

That's 26 rupees.

Where do they come from?

I dived while holding back my breath very long!

So what?

Let me participate!

Are you asking me to let you bet?

It's not a bet, it's sport. And I am a pro!

So shut up. Don't you have a job to do?

You got fucked by a bull, or what?

It's Pooja with my teddy bear.

Cute, eh?

You can ask him the name of this girl?

How do I do it?

"Pooja, my mate is crazy from your girlfriend

"who goes to your poetry reading.

"Tell him his name so that he invites him."

Shall we send a request?

Deepak is quite exhilarated.

As they say ...

All night long the mango was shaken, but when the time came she fell.

What's the matter with you?

Good listening.

You remember her?

Are you sure? Yes.

Be serious.

Girls' college B.N. Roi. She must be there.

Will you find it in Pooja's album?

Yes she must be in his friend list.

It's her?

There it is!

Shaalu Gupta.

Gupta, the class!

Cool, man!

Open a Facebook account, and let the fireworks begin!

You understand? Send him a request.

We did it?


Come closer, everyone! Earn lots of money, and fast!

In a few minutes, 10 rupees bring in 50! And 50 is 200!

These young people will dive to bring back coins.

Bet on the one who will bring back the most coins!

20 on Loku, it is noted.

Do not hesitate ! Place your bets!

20 rupees on Netwa.

Let the competition begin!

... 2 ...

Go! Let's see who brings back the most coins!

Gentlemen, take a good look!

Loku brought back 3 coins.

Netwa! Faster !

Babua only brought back one piece.

Munna had 3 coins at once.

Hold your breath!

Boss, let me go! No, you're watching.

Please I want to go!

What an exciting competition! Did you bet well?

Those who bet on Munna see their earnings triple!


Throw your leg in the stake, asshole!


Looks like the old man is drunk.

A glass, king of the Dom community!

Another for you prosperity!

Do I look like a king?

Let's see! There are only two kings in Benares.

One is Kushi Nuresh, the other the king of the Dom.

One on the other side, the other on this side.

Look at poor Shambhu.

How many bonus days per year?

Hey ! Shambhu!

Yes sir !

One every ten years.

Shambhu has a bonus day once every ten years.


That day... all cremation earnings comes back to him.

Shambhu's father was touching his bonus day once a year.

He was fulfilled and he had ten children.

The bonus has been shared.

His dad had a bonus day per year, Shambhu inherited of the tenth of the bonus.

Today, Shambhu touches a bonus every ten years.

When will your next one, Shambhu?

I have no more!

I sold my bonus rights to Lulu.

He paid me 100,000 rupees.

I will live on alms the rest of my life.

If I sell my bonus, I will have a million rupees. Isn't that right, Lulu?

As if you were going to sell them to me!

Should we sell?

Are you asking your son for advice?

Our ghât does not concern him!

The educated man is an asshole!

Are you insulting my son? I will never sell you my bonus!

But you never thought about it!

Dad, I need money for the Durga Puja party.

Take in my shirt.

300 rupees, will it be okay?

Take what you want.

You are my Everything.

Will you finally explain yourself?

What do you want to hear?

I want to know.

Who was he ? What happened?

I saw him at the computer center.

I was typing his study report.

We became friends, that's it.

And that's all?


I liked talking to him.

You didn't think twice before doing it?

Not even once?




You heard? I do not know!

A boy has just died.

We have a ransom of 300,000 on our back.

I liquidated my savings of 100,000.

You're on the verge of going to jail.

And you answer:"I don't know."

Friend request sent

You come to the Durga Puja party, tonight ?

That's 20 rupees.

Put this watch in the hat.

Slowly ! Yes, in the hat.

The watch is in the hat.

Now blow into the hat.

And see now, the watch ...

The watch is gone!

The watch will reappear in the pocket of someone among you!

She's on him!

The man in the red shirt!

Yes you ! Check your pockets.

We found the watch!

Take the stage, young man!

What is your name?


I will no longer smoke. Yesterday my friends forced me to do it.

Shaalu agrees to be your friend. Write to him on his wall.

With my qualifications, I deserve at least 12000 per month.

Don't negotiate! He was one of my favorite students.

He was our teacher all of our schooling.

What we are today we owe it to him.

Bring some tea.

No thanks. I do not have time.

I have a book translation to finish.

A glass of water? From the canister.

I have received your CV.

For the moment, we have no instructor position.

The receptionist is free.

Welcome and advice to new students.

And a database job paid in addition.

In all, 5.5K rupees per month.

Perfect !

It starts tomorrow. Thanks a lot, Sanjay.

Sir, that's the least of it.

Excuse me, I have to answer.

Drink. The pottery of our bottle gives it a very good taste.

He gives just 5500.

You saw how he respects me.

Thank you.

Are you in a polytechnic school?


Civil engineering. In the last year.

We had a strike for a year, otherwise I would already have a job.

What are your hobbies?

The music.

You sing? No.

I'm listening to music on the radio, on CDs.

Only the music?

And I really like poetry!

Poetry? Yes.

Bashir Badr ...

Akbar Allahabadi, Mirza Ghalib ...

Ghalib, do you know?

Yes finally...

Thank you.

Boy! Can we have some sauce?

Szechuan sauce?

Can you bring some?

Get started. No you !

You first.


We're friends, aren't we?

By the way, if one day you get into trouble, say it to me.

What will you do?

I will solve the problem.

If someone bothers you, laughs, makes you cry ...

There are bad boys around here.


What if ever ...

What if I cry because of you?

I? No why?

Again, I will solve the problem.

Student's name in capital letters, please.

Here is our brochure with a free CD.

All the information is there.

Take them and come back tomorrow. We will register your son.

Okay. Thank you.

You can talk well.

Is this your first job?


What happened?

I didn't like the job.

I know what you were doing.

Enter the face game!

Yes are these actors. Guess and answer!

Among the correct answers, a car to win! Our standard is open.

Internship report by Piyush Agarwal

Tragic death of Piyush Agarwal, September 17, 2014

Do you want to participate? Yes !

Please ! How many rooms this morning?

More than these old folks will bring back. Let me y go!

Okay, but be careful.

Let's go.


Here is Jhonta, a new diver!

Who will bring back the most coins?

Jhonta is doing very well!

Place the pieces here.

Dive over there!

20 rupees on Jhonta?

How many?

This way. Here !

Jhonta brought back 6 pieces!

Piyush Agarwal, born in Allahabad.

He is dead.

A tragic death.

I heard it say.

I am from the center where he was in training.

These documents were his.

And he owed money.

He also had books to return ...

Could I have his address?

Get out! The contest is over!