Mask (1985) Script

How about a kiss in the sun? How about not a kiss in the sun?

Why not? It's very romantic. Mr. Romance. Great.

Hey, Mom!

What? You forgot what we gotta do this morning.

Jesus, who's that? My son. Did I?

The school, the clinic, the blood run. It's today, Mom.

Shit. Wait a second. What's going on?

I gotta do a million things with my kid.

You got things to do? What about us?

We can get together some other time.

What the hell have I been doing for five hours? I don't know.

Wait a minute. Mom.

I'm sorry. Hey, look.

I just gave her a ride home.

Okay, okay. All right.

Hey, Rock. Yo, Red.

This the one you been looking for?

No, I already got two Steve Garveys.

I told you that wasn't the right one. Thanks anyway, Red.

He's trying to find, Ruby Walters.

Rube Walker, card number 108.

108. Brooklyn Dodgers.

1955. Good year. Seems like yesterday.

You say that about everything, Red. Everything does.

I seen you grandstanding for her.

I was protecting her. Where the hell were you? Here comes Mom.

You got the lease? I got everything else. Shit.

I told you it was Rube Walker. You said...

Shut up. Let's get goin'. We're late.

What's the matter? You never saw anybody from the planet Vultern before?

Mom. Beep, beep-beep-beep.

Yes, may...

Never mind. Wait a minute!


Hi. I'm here to register my son for the ninth grade.

Well, Mrs...

No "Mrs." I'm Rusty Dennis. This is my son Rocky.

Please, sit down.

We're running a little bit late. So could you move it along?

This is a public junior high school, Miss Dennis.

There are special schools... with wonderful facilities that might be more appropriate for his needs.

Do you teach algebra and biology and English here?

Of course. Those are his needs.

Perhaps I should speak to the boy's father.

Perhaps you should speak to the pope too. He'd be a lot easier to find.

Under the circumstances, I do feel that for the good of my students as well as your son, I'm going to need some additional information...

Mr. Simms, you know what? Don't jerk me around. I'm not in the mood.

I've had a real crappy day so far.

First I find out we're in the wrong school district. I gotta come play pussyfoot with you.

This is a copy of our lease, this is a copy of Rocky's birth certificate, and this is his last report card from Stevens Junior High School... where he was in the top five percent of his class.

And I got some additional information for you. My lawyer's name is B.D. Higgins.

He's told me of my rights. If you give me shit, he's gonna drag your ass into court.

Don't worry, Mr. Simms. I look weird, but otherwise I'm real normal.

Everything will be cool.

Thanks a lot. See you next week.

Mom. What?

We have a lawyer named B.D. Higgins? Yeah. Bulldozer.

Come on. Let's get out of here. Hey, you're a lawyer, Doze.

Bullshit rules!


Cranium circumference: 67 centimeters.

Sixty-seven centimeters.

Last one, kid. Yeah. All right, Billy.

32.5 centimeters.

32.5. That's good news. Let me measure yours.

Rocky, since your last checkup in April, your jaw measurement only increased 1/8th of an inch.

I'm cured.

I'm healed. I can go home now. It's the water in Azusa.

Picture time! He knows this routine better than we do.

Wait. Hold on a second. Rocky, you look great.

I wanna get my hair perfect. You look fine, Rocky.

Okay, shoot. Okay.

How's your mom, Rocky? She's great.

Stand still. Sorry.

Turn now. Why don't you fill me in on this, Doctor?

The patient was first diagnosed...

With craniodiaphyseal dysplasia... at four years of age... You can turn around.

When it was discovered that calcium was depositing at an abnormal rate...

Calcium. My pal calcium. Throughout his skull.

- And what have we learned about this disorder? It's extremely rare, one in approximately 22 million births. Twenty-two million.

- How was it first described? I know.

They call it "lionitis"... means "look of the lion." You new around here?

Yes, I am. Cause? It's caused by two recessive genes... and happens to the offspring of normal parents.

His mother had an uneventful pregnancy, didn't ingest any chemical substance or teratogen during gestation.

That means it wasn't my mom or dad's fault.

- Hello, Rocky. Hey, Doc Rudinsky.

Good to see you again. How's it going?

Our data on this patient supports your article in the New England Journal...

How are you feeling today, Rocky? Good. How are you feeling?

You still have those headaches?

Yeah. They've been getting pretty bad lately.

Is your mother still using the same method? Yeah.

What methods are those?

Well, she talks to 'em, and they go away.

No medication? Nope.

We're ready now, Doctor. You can get dressed now, Rocky.

See you later, Doc. Do you have any questions?

When you gonna invent one of these things so a guy's rear end isn't always hanging out?

Excuse me. May I see these?

I'd like to do the follow-up counseling with that patient's mother myself.

Now there's a great idea. Wouldn't you agree, Doctor?

Definitely, yes.

Dr. Cameron, pick up line two. Dr. Cameron, line two.

Mrs. Dennis? What?

I'm Dr. Vinton. I need to talk to you about the test results.

All right. Hey, Mom.

Hey, babe. Why doesn't he wait outside.

What for? So we can talk.

Talk. It's about the test results... on him.

Him. Him, by the way, has got a name, so if you got some information for him, I suggest you give it to him.

You don't understand. No, you don't understand.

He's got a cheeseburger waiting with his name on it, so I suggest you hurry this along.

Well, as you know, plastic surgery is not an option... until the skull stops thickening, and there's no evidence that it will.

The cranium is growing at such an accelerated rate, creating pressure on the spinal cord to such an extent that... the prognosis is not good.

We, feel that life expectancy is...

Three to six months.

You're not really gonna give us that life expectancy number again, are ya?

You know, for 12 years I've been listening to you guys bullshit.

First you told me that he was retarded, then you said he was gonna be blind and deaf.

Then you told me he'd never be able to do anything regular kids could do.

If I had dug his grave every time one of you geniuses told me he was gonna die, I'd be eatin' fucking chop suey in China by now.

Anything else?


Looks like it's time to get Dozer to give blood.

Take your stick. Never has before.

Here comes Dozer's welcoming committee.

Come on now, Doze. Red Cross needs some blood.

Come on. It's only gonna hurt for a second.

Go on, Dozer! Run!

Hey, Rusty! Look who's here.

The prodigal son returns. Hey, Rocky.

Ben, when did you get back? Yesterday.

He's looking good. Yeah. Better than he acts.

Well. How's your dad?

He was great. Great for you, shitty for me.

Here it goes. Usual crapola's starting. Watch your mouth.

Hey, you got baseball cards. I just started collecting those.

Me too. You did not just start.

You didn't tell me Ben was coming home. It's a surprise to me too.

You happy about it? Not especially. He's acting just like his father.

I think the only reason he's back is his father didn't wanna pay the bills anymore.

Of course, 18 months out of 16 years... doesn't seem like a hell of a lot to me, but...

Well, who needs them, you know?

If you take their money, you gotta take their shit.

The doctor say the usual? Screw him. He eats everything that ain't tied down.

That Ben's getting a real smart mouth on him.

It's the age. They think they know everything.

Good slap upside the head, and he don't know everything. I never hit Rocky.

I don't believe this, Ben. You don't even have a Steve Garvey.

A Steve Garvey, for Christ's sake. I do.

I must have left it at my dad's in Michigan. You probably lost it.

Garvey's batting .325 this year. He's an important card.

You gotta have a Garvey. Really?

Yeah. Well, do I have anything you want?

Nah, we better forget it.

You know, I feel really bad about this, Ben. We grew up together.

I should just give you my Steve Garvey.

You know, I will, for anything you got.

Anything, like this one.

Who the hell's "Rubie" Walker?

I think that's an old Dodger before they came out to L.A.

Yeah? Well, I'll take it. My grandpa likes them.

Come on, Doze. Red Cross needs blood!

Take another stick.

Hey, you remember we used to talk about riding Harleys across Europe?

Yeah, I remember.

Well, I had been planning on going by myself, but now that you're back...

Yeah. That'd be great. Anything to get out of school.

Get that big fag!

Puppies. Cool.

Look at that one. Can I pet him?

Take your pick. - Hi, puppy.

Now he was born for you, Rocky.

I gotta ask my mom. Come on, Ben.

Be right back. I'll save him for ya.

Try this. And what's so special about this, John?

Now this little baby is dusted with angel wings. Mom?

What? I gotta show you something.

Wait a second. Am I interrupting something?

What do you want? Well, this lady's got these really cool puppies.

You seen 'em, Doze? No puppy. No dog.

Why? 'Cause you never talk to the cat.

You don't feed the goldfish, the bird or the rabbit. I'll feed the dog. I promise.

Read my lips, Rock. No.

There he is! Go get him!

What's with the big guy? Is he a dummy or something?

Dozer just doesn't like to talk.

Hey, well, show her the other stuff.

Take your pick.

Don't let them bother you. I mean, my mom's a pain in the ass also.

I don't believe this.

What? It's Gar.


Come on.

Hey, look, it's Gar.

Is that Rocky's dad? No. I was married to Rocky's dad.

Who the hell is that? Just a guy I used to know.

Damn, it's good to see you. Where have you been?

Been on the road. Damn, you're gettin' taller.

She must be pouring that health food shit into you. She is.

Don't cut yourself. Thanks.

You been okay? Yeah.

Still planning a Europe run? More than ever.

We were just talking about this. God, this is so weird.

Yeah, isn't it? How's everybody else doin'?

Like who? Like Grandma and Grandpa.

They're okay. They don't get around much anymore 'cause it's such a long drive.

We moved, you know. Yeah?

She talks about you.

Yeah, I'll bet she does.

Go on. Benny's waiting for you.

Get out of here. I'll see you later. See you later, Gar.

See ya, Rock.

Hey, mama, toss me a beer.

T.J. Gar.

Aren't you gonna introduce me to your lady? Yeah.

Angel, this is Gar. Give him a kiss. Handshake will do.

You sure?

That a way, Dozer. Get 'em.

All right. I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, Dozer.

Good night, Mom. Good night, babe.

Good night, Bone. Good night, buddy.




Marseilles, Marseilles, Marseilles, Marseilles.

My God.

Hey, puppy.

My God.

Look at you.




Scooch over.

I'm gonna make that fat bastard eat 30 pounds of dog food.

Trouble is, he'll probably love it.

Hey, Rock, honey, your limo's here.

Will you turn that stuff down, Mom? Okay.

I don't wanna go, Mom. Then don't go.

But I gotta go. Then go.

This is... This is easy for you to say, Mom.

You're not the one who's gonna be going to some school... where kids are gonna run in the other direction when they see you, making fun of you.

Yeah? When they stop running and making fun, they'll get to know you... and think you're terrific, just like at your other school.

You know, it takes time for people to get to like each other.

I don't know why you think it should be different for you.

But I am different, Mom.

Yeah. You're more beautiful on the inside than most people.

Anybody can't see that... Screw 'em.

You're weird, Mom. Get out of here.

Hey, Dozer.

Thanks, Doze. No, no, no. I gotta do this alone. Have a good day.

Hey, kid, why don't you take off your mask?

All right.

Well, welcome back, ninth graders.


Now, we have two new students with us in homeroom this year.

First, we have Miss Nancy Lawrence. Where are you, Nancy?

Where are you, Nancy? Hi, Nancy.

Thanks a lot.

Our other new student is Mr. Rocky Dennis, also in the back.

Thanks a lot.

See you later. Bye.

Dempsey, Eric. Locker number 137.

Right 46, left past 46 to 16, right to four.

Got it all?

Dennis, Rocky. Locker number 138.

Left 22, right past 22 to 12, left to nine.

You're not writing it down. Don't need to.

He looks like Frankenstein.

What's the matter? Haven't you guys ever seen anybody from the planet Vultern before?

Beep, beep-beep. Beep, beep-beep.

That guy's weird, man. Cut it out, guys.

Forty-six, four, five.

Dick wack! Is it stuck?

No. Eric, you're taking forever. Excuse me.

I lost the goddamn combination. That's okay. Try right 46, left past 46 to 16, right to four.

Right to 46, left to 16, to four.

We got enough candy here to feed an orphanage. I'll sell mine at school.

What? More money for the trip.

Yeah. Hey, maybe I'll sell some of mine.

Come on, come on. Let's dance.

Hey, Red! Hey, Rocky, what a haul.

I got you a present. You got a Baby Ruth in there?

For you, man. Anything for your diet. How's the kids?

What's to drink? Hi!

Party time.

Hey, Rock. Hey, Gar!

Thanks. Take this in your room and open it up.

Okay. Thanks.

I forgot. Red slipped me a fiver for the strongbox.

How much we got saved in here now? Thirty-one bucks.

Plus the six we got for baby-sitting tonight. Plus the five Red slipped me.

So we got 44. Forty-two.

Forty-two. Yeah.

Check this out.

Tear that old sucker off the wall. Let's put this thing up.

I am really getting into this now.

I wish we could just get out of here and go tomorrow. Me too.

You know, Gar always said the best run was right here across Europe.

He rode across all by himself.

You should get some of those little things... Map tacks.


I want to go to every place I've ever read about, all those great cities our relatives came from.

Not mine, Rock. We're Americans.

Only the Indians were Americans first. The rest of us come from somewhere else, like Paris, maybe, or London... or Rome, Vienna, Barcelona...

Yeah. Like my grandparents... are from Hungary or Budapest or something.

Budapest is in Hungary, Ben. No kidding. Is it?

That jacket's the only thing of yours that's ever gonna be on my bed again.

Okay with me, baby. What the hell did you come back here for anyway?

Winters are too cold back East, and I wanted to see... Rocky.

Can someone tell me how the Trojan War began?

Those lightbulbs over your heads are blinding me.

Okay, Rocky. Give it a shot.

Well, there was this huge wedding, right?

And all the beautiful goddesses in the world were invited, all except for this one goddess.

She got really pissed off. That's the fact part.

Now, the myth part goes that she sent this golden apple... that said, "For the most beautiful," to the wedding, and this dude named Paris was supposed to judge who should get the apple.

Right? Kind of like a Miss Goddess contest. He's the only judge.

He was a lucky guy. Of course, all the goddesses wanna get picked, right?

So one of 'em goes up to Paris and says, "Look, man, if you pick me, I'm gonna give you this really hot wench named Helen."

Except Helen was already married to someone else. Didn't matter.

Paris saw her and flipped out because she was just so beautiful.

She had a perfect body and this face...

a face that could launch a thousand ships.

Somebody said that.

So anyway, her old man had this huge, hollow, wooden horse built, and puts all his armies into it, and wheels it over to Troy, and says, "Hey, man, we got a present for you. Open the gates."

They open the gates, wheel in this horse and say, "Big horse."

And they all fall asleep.

Nighttime comes, and the horse opens up, and all the armies come out, and then...

And that's how the Trojan War began.

Something like that.

Thank you, Rocky. It was very impressive. Thanks.

Now, along those lines, class, let me read you something from a book that's not...

Not bad, Dennis. How about helping me? What do you mean?

Tutor me. This guy almost flunked me last year.

It's gonna cost ya.

Three bucks an hour. Three bucks?

Three bucks?

Hey, I don't work for free.

Better pay the three bucks, cheapskate. You need all the help you can get.

Thanks a lot.

Hi, Mom. Hi.

Mom. I got an "A" on a poem I wrote in English class.

You've been a busy little boy, haven't you? Want me to read it to you?

Why not?

Are you going out again tonight?

Yeah, but go ahead and read it. I'm listening.


"These things are good: [Turns Faucet On]"

Ice cream and cake, a ride on a Harley, seeing monkeys in the trees, the rain on my tongue, and the sun shining on my face.

These things...

These things are a drag:

Dust in my hair, holes in my shoes, "no money in my pocket, and the sun shining on my face."

Is that it?

Can I talk to you for a minute, Mom? I said I was going out.

You're always going out. I told you to take down the tree.

What's wrong, Mom? You've been acting like you hate me for a whole week.

What did I do? You didn't do the dishes.

I'll do the dishes later. Do the goddamn dishes now.

Don't go out tonight.

I wouldn't do that again if I were you.

I hate you going out all the time and coming home wasted out of your mind!

It's none of your goddamn business! You're my mother!

Yeah? Well, you're not my warden!

I can't hack this. You're always watching me, telling me how to live my life.

I never tell you how to live your life. The fuck you don't!

What's this? What do you call these? I found these all over the house.

They were planted everywhere but in my goddamn Christmas stocking!

I don't want you taking drugs!


How could you do that? I hate you.

All you care about are these stupid cards.

All you care about is getting loaded and laid.

You wanna shut the door?

What, were you born in a barn?

What's the problem? Shut up. It's my kid. Wait for me.

I don't wait for nobody. Then get the hell out.

No problem, baby. No problem.

Mom. It hurts.

Where does it hurt, baby? In the back, mostly.

All right, pick something. I'm sorry about what I said today.

Pick something. I can't think, Mom. It hurts.

Don't think. Just pick something.

The trip with Ben. How?

Boat. Okay. Now see it and tell me.

Tramp steamer, big, black.

Has a red bottom, and paint's all chipping off.


Me and Ben on the deck.

We're cleaning something.

The sky's blue.

It's a bit cloudy.

And the ocean, it's dark. Come on.

Smells good.

We leave to Spain in the morning.

I check the bikes. Tell me about the bikes.

Mine's a 74-inch Shovelhead...

With a suicide shift,

bright red, Ape hangers shoulder high.

Now what are you gonna do?

Make myself well.

Good night, Ma.

You okay?


Thanks for last night.

Gar called this morning. Said he wants to take you to the carnival.

Are you coming? Maybe.

It's okay, baby. I'm sorry about yesterday.

Yeah. I'm sorry about your baseball card.

That's okay. I have two others just like it.

You little shit.

I liked your poem, Rock.

I just get scared for you, Mom. Don't be.

It's bad for you. I can handle it, Rock.

What if somebody deals you bad stuff, or what if you take too much of something...

What are you, the director of the Inland Valley Chemical... No.

Dependency Center. Yeah.

I get scared something's gonna happen to you... Well, don't. Just lay off.

Jesus Christ, okay.

Okay what?

Okay, I will cut it... down.


I said so, didn't I? Don't push it.

All right. I used to be a good swinger when I was young.

Bumper cars! I saw this amazing 74-inch Harley Knucklehead.

We better check it out. Yes!

Gar, you gonna go on this? Wouldn't miss it, kid.

All right. Mom, you gonna ride?

No, babe. You go ahead.

Hey, Rusty. Look what Dozer won for you.

Hey, Doze, it's great.

I can use this for after-dinner mints.

Hey, let's ride those bumpers. Yeah!

Anybody else wanna go ride 'em? No. Let the boys play.

You can ride, kid, but I can't take the blame... for what happens to retard here.

I can't take the blame for what happens to you, can I?

Take the tickets.


Babe, this remind you of anything?

Yeah. A bunch of guys running around in circles.

Goin' nowhere.

Yeah, except my Rocky.

Can I have a small lemonade, please?

How would you like something nice to wash down with that?

No, thanks, John. Real high-quality stuff.

I promised my kid. You promised your kid? I like that.

I'm gonna put that with "I promised my parole officer" and "I promised my wife."

Put it anywhere you want to, John. You know where to find me.

Watch it.

Did you see where Mom went? Yeah.

Yeah. Don't worry. Have a good time.

Hey, Babe.

There's something I've been wanting to give you.

You picked a hell of a time.

I can't take that, Red. That's your good luck charm.

I kind of think of you as my good luck charm, Babe.

Well, if you put it that way.

Will you wear it? Sure.


There. Sentimental old bastard, aren't you?

Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, you guys. Are you in here?

Shit. Get any dope for me, lady?

I didn't get any. Yeah?

What, you don't believe me? Should I?

Hey, I...

Check it out. Mirrors.


Hi, Rocky.

I'm getting dizzy.

Ben. What?

Look at me.

Get behind me and look at me.

Get my mom.


Rusty, how about one of the old numbers?

It's okay with me, Red.

Rock, what do you think?

What? Little Egypt.


Ladies and gentlemen, step right up.

See Little Egypt do her famous dance of the pyramids.

She crawls on her belly in the dirt like a reptile.

You gotta love her for doing this. She's my mom.

Put your hands together for Miss Rusty Dennis.

- Hey, Gar. Hey, Rock.

Good year.

I'm going where you ain't been. That's where I'm going.

Come on. Let's go. - Come on, Rusty.

Sing another one.

You know, you did a terrific job with the decorating committee, Rocky.

Thanks. You going to the prom?

I don't know.

Hi, Rocky. Howdy.

How are finals going? Pretty good, Mr. Simms.

I had a great idea for you. How about a couple of weeks at summer camp?

I don't think so, Mr. Simms.

I'm saving up for something else. It wouldn't cost you a cent.

A friend of mine is a director of the camp for the junior blind, and he could use a C.A. For the July session. What's a C. A?

Counselor's aide. You help the counselors with the little kids, and you get to go free.

Little blind kids?

Most of 'em.

Hey, Rocky. I got an "A" on my algebra test.

You owe me 14 bucks. I got Roy Campanella for you.

It's a deal.

I tutor him.

Well, how about the camp, Rocky?

I don't think so, Mr. Simms. My mom kind of needs me here.

Somehow, Rocky, your mother's never given me the impression... that she can't take care of herself.

Well, that's not what I meant. I kind of organize things for her.

You know, just kind of keep things together.

Yeah. I guess you probably do.

Well, will you at least think about it?

Okay, I'll think about it. Good.


You okay, Rock?

Mom, what would you think about me if you were a girl?

That's a toughie, but let me see.

I don't know. I'd think you're pretty cute. I like guys with red hair.

I wanna talk to another plastic surgeon.

One said you couldn't do anything until your bones stopped growing.

I know.

Well, what is that, Rock? Two years at the most? We've been doing this for 16 years.

Don't you understand anything, Mom? It's girls!

Come on.

Now, wait. I don't want to wake up... old man.

Come on. This is serious.

Rocky? Rocky, honey, come on. Wake up.

You got a guest. Come on, Screech. Come on, boy.

Geez, what happened to your face?

W-W-What do you want?

The lady brought me here.

My God.

I don't believe she did this.


Well, what? What do you want?

You don't happen to have a Carl Furillo, do you?

No, it's just a joke.

Do you wanna sit down?

Mind if I smoke?

How old are you? Nineteen.

How... How much do you get?

Depends. Yeah, sure.

Well, how-how much for a basic?

Twenty-five. Is that it?

You need a business manager. No, thanks. I already got one of those.

Why is your map all stuck with pins?

Those are all the places I'm gonna go.

I'm going to Seattle, Washington. Yeah?

Yep, as soon as I get enough money.

Seattle? Yeah, I got a sister that lives there.

I get postcards.

It's real wet and clean.

What happened to your face?

I used to do a lot of drugs. No shit?

No, I'm... I'm just kidding.

Where the hell have you been? Getting something for Rocky.

And me.

I hope it was worth that 40 bucks you took out of my jeans.

I remember a time when you weren't above... copping a couple bucks for some snort.

I've grown up since then.

Forty bucks?

You want to take it out in trade?

Are you all right?

You know, my mama used to say some people were born with no place to go.

I don't believe that.

Then how do you explain all the rotten things that happen to people?

I don't know.

You know, Lorrie, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I think you got a really shitty attitude.

It's pretty negative. It is?

Yeah. And if you think like that, then things will only get worse.

When something bad happens to you, you gotta remember something good that's happened.

Like what? Well, I got a bunch of 'em that I use.

Like the time that we all went down to Mexico, or the way my grandma's kitchen smells.

I don't think I have any. Everyone's gotta have at least one, for Christ's sake.

Well, maybe the time...

Nah, I don't know.

Lorrie, I hope you don't think that I don't like you or anything, 'cause I do.

You're really pretty and nice and stuff.

It's just that I thought it would be... with someone that I was in love with, you know?

You know what? I just thought of one.

Yeah? Yeah.

When I was in fifth grade, we had to paint these pictures... of a pine tree with snow on it.

Mine was the best one.

The teacher, she put it on the wall by the door... where all the kids could see it.

She put a big gold star on it.

And all the kids saw it.

You want some more toast, Lorrie?

I gotta go to work. Gar. Can you give her a ride to the bus stop?

Yeah, sure. Come on, Lorrie.

Bye. Bye.

Bye, Rocky.


Do I look like a freak to you? No.

You've always been real big on telling me my face doesn't matter, but it does, doesn't it?

You think that I can't even get a girl to like me unless you pay for her.

That's not true. Bullshit!

Bullshit yourself. Lots of young guys got problems getting girls.

What if I was your dad and I did the same thing? I'd hate that too.

I'm sorry, you know. Maybe I was wrong.

Goddamn right you were. But it had nothing to do with your face.

Bullshit, Mom!

Rock, where are you going?

Hey, Rock, how's it going? Hey, Rock.

You know, Rock, your mom sometimes does the wrong thing but for the right reason.

You always stick up for her, Gar.

And then she pisses you off and you split.

Then you come back.

It's all so nuts.


First time I met your mother, she was workin' behind a bar, drawin' beer.

She had to wear this cheesy little two-piece thing.

I could tell she hated it.

Takin' a lot of shit from a lot of assholes.

I asked to take her home.

She said she was gonna get her kid and have his picture taken.

You know, at one of those stores.

I said I'd ride her and her kid on the bike.

She liked that.

Well, she came out of your grandma's house with you.

You must have been five, maybe six.

Well, I nearly shit.

I mean, you didn't look like your regular kid, right?

Well, we get down to the store.

She's standin' in line with the rest of the mothers and their little kids, and all the mothers and little kids are starin' at you.

Pretty soon it's your turn.

She puts you up on this big red block, and the guy taking the pictures nearly shits.

You're just sittin' up there with your nose runnin', this big damn smile on your face.

And I looked over there at her, and... I never saw a woman more beautiful... than the way she was lookin' at you.


Hey, Screech. Come here.

Come here. Here comes Rocky.

I'm not goin'.

Why? I don't have anything to wear.

I've got the same problem all the time!

Hey, it's my goddamn graduation.

It may not mean much to you guys, but it's a big deal to me.

Better remember who you are, boy.

You ain't no citizen like that friend of yours.

What's that kid's name, the one with the letters on his shirt?

Eric. Like him. What's the matter with your jeans, for Christ's sake?

I can't wear jeans to my graduation, Garth.

Bullshit, Rock. Get me another beer, and we're goin' to your graduation.


Get me another beer. Now.

We all chipped in, and Gar picked it out. But you gotta wear it.

Now, that's a point.

Well, what do you say?

Thank you, everybody. - You're welcome, Rock.

Better go get it on.

Now, before we send our junior high school students on to senior high, we would like to acknowledge some of our stars.

An academic achievement award in English... is presented to Caroline Meyers.

All right, Caroline!

And for academic excellence in mathematics, Rocky Dennis.

Way to go!

Thank you.

You may as well stay here, Rocky.

For achievement in history, Rocky Dennis.

Way to go, Rock! All right!

Go get 'em, Rock!

And... for academic excellence in science, Rocky Dennis. Rocky Dennis!

That's my family.

There's Rocky.

See you later. Have a nice summer, Rocky.

Have a nice summer.

Hey, boogie! Congratulations!

You made it, Rocky.

All right, man. You made it, Rocky.

You made it. I graduated.


Way to go. Finally you graduated.

Thank God.

I... I'm...

r-real... p... proud... of... y-y-you...



Thanks, Doze.

Stop there!

Grandma! Grandpa!

Mom? Are you up? Yeah. Yeah.

Mom, they're here. Well, bring 'em in.

Morning, Gar. Come on. Mornin', Rock.

Why don't you try playin' this one straight?

Give your old man a chance.

What a terrific idea. Why didn't I think of that?-

Go ahead. I'll be out as soon as I put on my wings and halo.

I wanna get a picture of that.

Hey! Honey boy.

Honey boy. Hey, Grandma.

Are you gonna try out for the Knicks?

Look how tall he's getting, Evelyn. Hey, come on.

I can't believe it. Fast, fast. Come on. Quick.

Stop. Abe, stop. That's a boy.

You'll pull out your back and you'll exhaust the boy.


So, show us the new house?

Abe, don't start anything. You promised. Abe. Yeah. All right. All right!

Come on in.

Hello, Abe. Son of a bitch.

Look who's back here. Gar!

I didn't know you were back. I want to show you my dog.

That's all you need around here is a damn dog.

Does she have any cleanser? Now, Evelyn, that's not your job.

I just want to give her a hand. Okay.

I'm not gonna do anything. I'm not gonna do anything.

He's all right, that mutt.

Hey, that's terrible. Come here. What?

This hole. This hole in your infield here.

That is real terrible. My God!

Shit. I mean, Pee Wee Reese?

Yeah, well, you just consider that a belated graduation present.

Grandpa! Say, why don't you go show the dog to your grandma.

Well, okay. Come on, Screech.

Hi, Pop.

Well, there she is.

Yeah. Lookin' like a million?

You look great too, Pop.

Hey, Ma, wanna do the windows next?


All right. Pee Wee.

I've been looking for that one for years.

I found him a couple months ago in a store, sittin' there waitin' for me.

He's beautiful. Pee Wee.

Well, Abe, how's it feel to be retired?

It's driving me crazy.

Man's only as good as his last day's work.

How long are you stayin', Pop? Hey! Already she's tryin' to get rid of us!

No, Pop, I thought I'd make you something nice for lunch.

You cookin'? No orderin' out? No, I got a roast.

You like roast. Yeah. I couldn't chew it the last time, but...

I thought the roast was delicious.

So, what are they learnin' you in school, Rocky?

Same old stuff. Math, history, science.

Yeah. First you get a good education.

Then you get a job with some security.

I always tried to tell that to your mother.

She never went for the old 9-to-5 though.

What was it you used to say, Rusty? You were more the...

The freelance type, Pop.

Yeah, the freelance type?

Yeah. I got her a job interview one time down at the gas company.

Lou Cappesio's brother. What the hell was his name?

Anyway, she shows up in this kooky outfit... with her hair all the way up to here and these little lines painted under here.

Looked like she had a couple of spiders under her eyes.

Yeah, you remember that, Rusty? Yeah, I remember, Pop.

I remember. The guy's name was Vinnie. He wanted to give me the job.

He also wanted to give me a little early bonus right there in his office.

So I took him up on the bonus, and then I told him to shove the job up his ass.


Rocky, find out what time the game's on the tube, will ya?

Usually it starts at 2:30, but I'll check.

Mom! Grandpa got me tickets to the Dodger game. Could I go?

Yeah. All right. Check it out.

Come on, Rocky. Let's move it out.

Lasorda's gonna need all the help he can get. Bye, Mom.

See ya, Gar. See ya, Rock.

He tried, honey. He really tried. It's okay, Mom.

Anyway, I'm glad Gar is back.

Don't you wanna wave good-bye? No, I don't.

If you're gonna get wasted on that crap, I ain't gonna hang around here and baby-sit ya.

You must be confusing me with somebody who gives a shit.

Must be.

You know this is not gonna work.

I'm doing things to please you, and I'm gonna end up hating you for it.

Come on, baby. You and your old man been going through this shit forever.

Got to you again, didn't he?

Got you ready for one of those two-hour screamers.

Gets you to a place where I wanna put you through a goddamn wall.

Go ahead. Put me through the goddamn wall then.

Why should you be any different than any other guy I've been with?

Come on out, or we're coming in to get you!

Well, what are you waiting for, Bonaro?

You and Madigan lost your nerve?

Just the lock. There's a girl in there.

Dan, you should be covering me. Let me go in first.

Knock it off! Keep him talking.

Barney! Look what I got.

Send the girl out. She can't help you.

How do you know? I might get bored!

Come on, Barney. She has nothing to do with this.

Let's talk. Florence, is...

The mayor here yet? No, sorry, Barney.

He couldn't make it. He's busy with the budget.

Dan. Dan!


Sergeant, get these people out of here. Clear the way!

You're gonna be all right, Dan.

Thanks, Commissioner. Save your strength. You'll be at the hospital in two minutes.

I'd like to go with him, Commissioner. Go ahead.

What'd you do today, Mom?

Some smack? A couple ludes?

That was some promise you made me.

In front of Grandma and Grandpa too. Why?

Why do you do this, Mom?

Well, I'm not gonna hang around all summer for this.

I'm going to a camp where everybody's blind.

That'll be a break.

Who's gonna take care of things?

You. You're gonna have to take care of things, Mom, including yourself.

That'll be something new, won't it?

Hi, Dewey! Hi, Dewey!

How are you? Kevin, turn off your radio, all right?

All right. Come on. Summer, can you get 'em over here, please?

Who's getting the luggage?

This is great, isn't it? Move around there a little bit.

Hey, you. Take that mask off so I can see who I'm talking to.

Well, I'll try, but it ain't gonna be easy.

Gee, I'm sorry. I really thought it was a mask.

It's okay. It happens all the time. No big deal.

Hey, Dewey.

Rocky. Rocky Dennis?


Hi, Rocky. I'm Norm Kaplan. Hi.

Glad to have you with us. Walter Simms has told me a great deal about you.

Excuse me, but Jake wants to see you in the kitchen.

Okay, Rocky, put your gear over there. Then give Dewey a hand over there. Okay?

Okay. Thanks. All right, boy.

Make myself... well.

Make... myself... well.

Go, Ben. All right, Ben. Swing!

Down the third base line.

Throw to first. He's safe at first.

Almost there, guys. Haven't missed too much.

Hey, Kevin.

How's the caboose doin' back there? Fine.

All right.

Bobby Smith on the mound. He goes into the windup.

It's a drive down the third base line. Yeah!

Bases loaded. They held him up at third.

Here we go. We have Abby up at bat next.

Releases. Fastball, down the middle.


Runners at first and second. Good shot.

Bobby Smith on the mound. We have Alex at the bat.

He goes into his windup. Fastball. Alex swings. It's a miss!

Close though.

We have the bases loaded with two outs.

One strike. Bobby Smith, on the mound for the Bombers.

The Bloomfield Bombers.

We have Alex at the bat. He goes into a windup.

A knuckleball down the middle. It's going...

Hi. Hi.

Strike right down the middle. Let's hear it for Bobby. Yes, Christie.

Lucky shot, Bobby.

Down the middle. Pitch. Swing.

I'll tell you, last year he struck out 18 batters in one game.

He can be bad, folks. He can be bad.

Who's that? Hi.

Hi. My name is Rocky.

Hi, Rocky. I'm Diana Adams.

Dennis. Rocky Dennis. You a camper, or...

Yeah. I'm also a counselor's aide.

That's neat.

You look like Alice. You know, in Wonderland?

No. What's she look like? You.

Great. That's a big help.

You wanna hand me that bridle?

He's in a quick windup. Releases.

Fastball, down the middle. Into center field.

Great. Thanks. No, this is a halter.

A bridle's leather and has a bit.

Has a bit of what? No.

A bit is a metal piece that fits into the horse's mouth.

Yeah. Yeah. Of course.

Thank you.

Don't know, much about horses, do you?

Well, I ride motorcycles.

I love horses. I got one at home.

Where's your home? San Marino.

Where do you live?

Azusa. Azusa.

Are you starving?

I'm starving. Could you take me to lunch?

Sure. Great.


Okay, Maria. He's ready.

Okay. Fine. Thanks. Yeah.

No, here. I'll take your elbow. Okay.

Diana... of the woods.

What's that? She's some famous goddess.

The huntress, I think.

I couldn't hit a barn with an elephant.

That's funny.


Yeah. Rusty? What?


What's the matter? Rusty.

Gar, I can't, write a letter to Rocky, and I miss him.

You need sleep, Rusty. No, no.

Come on. You help me. You help me.

You help me write the letter. Please?

Dear Rocky: Um, I miss you, and... you're away at camp.

You're not in your room, and... and I miss you, and...

And I'm sorry that I was bad.

And, Screech is here, and Gar is here, and I love you.

Love, Mom. Love, Mom. With little kisses.

Have you got that, Gar? Yeah, yeah.

I got it all. Okay.

I got it. Okay. Okay.


You okay back there, Rocky? Fine.

Ho, ho, ho. On your right, we've got some chaparral.

It's covering the rolling green hill.

It ain't just your forest green we're talkin' here.

It's kind of a misty, grayish green.

Rocky, I've been blind since I was born. I don't know green.

You don't know green. People have tried to explain colors to me, but I just... I don't understand them.

Anyway, go on.

Well, up above, we got some, some white clouds.

It's okay. White. I'm sorry.

Some... Some clouds. They're... They're billowy.

Rocky, I don't know billowy either.

This is very strange.

I think we're pullin' over here. Let's stop!


Thanks, Pete. I got ya. Okay, Rock.

Thanks. Boy, I can't wait to tell Eric and Ben about this.

Yeah? Who are they? Eric's my friend from school.

Ben's my friend for life.

Let's sit down here. Yeah? I have a friend like that. Anne Marie. Yeah.

Me and Ben are gonna ride motorcycles across Europe.

Yeah? That's so neat.

My parents are so overprotective.

My mom is very... modern.

Yeah? Did she name you Rocky?

Yeah. My real name is Roy.

Roy? When I was a kid, I used to like to rock back and forth in the crib.

So she started calling me Rocky.

I like that. Hey, you two. There's one apple left.

You guys wanna share it? Yeah.

Thanks. Thanks, Maria. Here. I'll cut it in half.

I wanna show you something.

Rocky, what do you look like? Describe yourself to me.

Well, it's too bad you've never seen any pictures of the Greek god Adonis, 'cause I kinda look like him.

He was supposed to be gorgeous.

He was. We are.

Here. Geez.

See the star?

Five-pointed star is supposed to be lucky.

Diana, I don't look like Adonis.

I've got this real strange disease, and it makes my face look real unreal.

Come on, Rocky. Don't be a chicken.

You look pretty good to me.

My mom says that I look like a lion.

She... She says that I was a lion in a past life or something, and it got left over.

That's funny.

Hey, you two.

Show us your pearly whites.


Hey. Sorry. Is now a good time? Sure, Rocky.

Now's a good time. Thanks.

Wait. Okay. I have to go.

Let me help you. Okay. What are you doing, Rocky?

Wait a minute. Hold on a second. Have you no patience?

No. Right up here. Now, sit down.

It's a ledge. Sit up. Right there.

Okay, now hold out your hands. Ready?

Wait right there. What is this?

This... Hold on a second.

There's a... Wait a sec. Wait a second.

Right here. Great.

Okay. Ready? This is blue. No. What?

It's freezing!

It's blue?

This... is green.

Rocky, I think I understand. Hold on a second. Hold on, hold on.

Shit. Sorry, Diana.

That's okay. I say it all the time. You do?

Yeah. Okay, put those down.

Now, this is red. Aaah!

My God. It's red?

And when it cools down... When that cools down, it'll be pink.

Rocky, I understand! Okay. Hold on a second.

This... is billowy.

And this... is beautiful.


Man, do I have a great one to use now.

What? A great thought.

My mom taught me that when things get rotten, I should remember a good memory.

Tonight sure is a beaut.

Does it work? Yeah.

Can two people use the same memory?

Okay, campers, ten seconds to New Year's.

Nine, eight, Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Diana.

Bye. Come back again next year.

Okay, great. Bye, you guys! See you later, Diana.

Bye, Robert. See you guys later.

How are you? Daddy! How are you?

God. I missed you.

Mom? I missed you so much!

I missed you too.

The boy I told you about. Rocky? Right.


He's somewhere around here. I don't know where he is.

I just... Rocky? Rocky.

Yeah. Hi.

Mom, Dad, this is Rocky Dennis, the boy I told you about on the phone.

Rocky was voted best buddy and friendliest camper... at the camp awards we had.

That's... That's wonderful. Yeah.

Well, we'd better hit the road, honey?

Wanna beat the traffic.

Yeah. Nice meeting you, Rocky.

Yes. Come on, honey. Let's go. Just a minute. I want to say good-bye.

Bye, Rocky.

Bye. Call me, okay?

I will.

I wanna kiss you, but my parents are watching.

I understand.


You damn son of a bitch.


You look great! You look great. Hey, Doze.

Hey, Gar. How ya doin'? Rock. Good to see you.

Good. Where's your stuff? Over there. Thanks, Doze.

Hey, Rock. It's my buddy. How's it goin'?

Hey, Babe. Miss me? Hi, sweetie.

He looks good, doesn't he? Looks great.

Mom, I have some great news.

Me too. You first.

I quit. I'm clean as a whistle.

Yep. All right, Ma.

Yeah, I even called the drug rehab twice.

What'd they say? Well, I hung up.

Well, it's a start.

Well, what about your news?

Well, it's no big deal. I met a girl. We're goin' out.

Tell us! Well, her name is Diana.

Yeah? Yeah? And she's beautiful. She's got long blond hair.

All right.

She rides horses and she's beautiful and she's smart... and... she loves me.

Well, what's not to love, baby?

Hey, Rock?


You look real pretty today, Mom.

Why, thank you.

You know, I've called Diana every day since I've been back, and her mom always says that she's not there.

You think that's kinda weird? I don't know.

Rocky, what's happening? Hey, Ben.

Hey, babe. What's happening?

Rocky, I-I gotta talk to you.

Okay. You want some cake?

No. You sure? My mom made this.

It's actually pretty good. Thanks.

Okay. Want something to drink?-

How 'bout a noose to hang yourself? What's the matter, Ben?

I've been wanting to tell you this for a while.

Well, what?

Rock, I'm goin' back to my dad's in Michigan.

He got me a job there. It's great money.

Well, when you comin' back?

I'm not comin' back. What do you mean, Ben?

I'll go nuts if I have to stay here.

I mean, my mom, the school.

So I quit.

Look, I can work back there. I'll be makin' 7.50 an hour.

What about the trip?

I'm sorry, Rocky.

Look, you can keep the money.

I don't want the frigging money. I want to go to Europe.

What about our trip?

How can you do this? This is all we've talked about for a year.

It's all you talked about. That's bullshit, man!

You talked about it too, and you know it. I know I did.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. You never know what you mean, do you?

You know why? Because you are stupid!

You are so stupid, Ben!


I'm gonna show you how stupid you are. Rube Walker, man!

I conned you out of Rube Walker!

Rocky, take it easy. No more, Ben.

No more taking it easy! I am... Rocky, stop it!

Get out of here, Ben.

That was Gary U.S. Bonds, "Dear Lady Twist."

Hello. Mrs. Adams? Is Diana there?

Rocky Dennis.

D-Do you know where she is?

D-Did you... Did you tell her I've called?

It... Okay, thanks. Good-bye.

Look. There's that guy I heard about.

If that's a mask he's wearing, I sure wish he'd take it off.

I'll take my mask off if you take your mask off, you son of a bitch!

What's the matter?

Red died this morning.

Babe called from the hospital.

She said he'd been sick for a long time.

Never told anybody.

Babe was with him when he kicked off.

May the wind be always on your face, brother.

And the breath of a sweet woman on the back of your neck.

For the cold nights, Red, you old bastard.

Stay fried, Red.


I told you not to give it to me, didn't I?

Get down. 21 guns, Red.

One, two, three...

Hang on a second, Red.

Seven... eight, nine, ten.

You okay? Yeah.

We okay?

Yeah, ma. We're okay.

And 18.

Adios. Arrivederci, man.

You gonna throw something in the grave?

I don't wanna say good-bye to Red.

He's not over there anyway.

He's everywhere now.

It's like he used to say, Mom.

Nobody ever really dies.

Ma? We're out here.

I gotta go somewhere, Ma.

Where you goin', Rock? I just got somethin' to do.

I'll be back. Don't worry.

No, Screech, stay.




Hi, Diana. Hi, Rocky.

Anne Marie, this is Rocky.



You wanna excuse us and just take Copper for me?

Yeah. Come on. Let's talk.

Why didn't you call? I called you. You never called me back.

And I made you tapes, and I never heard from you.

Rocky, my parents.

I knew it. I thought you'd forgotten me.

I thought you had forgotten me.

I guess they don't want me to get hurt, 'cause I never stop talking about you.

And I have to go away for next semester.

Where? I'm leaving on Monday.

The school has really good programs for the blind.

Here. It's in Santa Barbara.

Let's sit down.

I'll write. I'll send you tapes.

Rocky, I've missed you.

I don't want to go.

Are you laughing at me? God, no.

It's just that here it is, the most rotten time in my whole life.

You're goin' away, and I hate my school, and the trip to Europe is off, but...

Rocky, no. No, you see, but it's okay.

That's what's kind of funny. It doesn't matter.

It's okay now, 'cause I know that you still love me.

I do. I really do.

I wish we could run away and be together all the time.

No. We can't run away, Diana.

I know. But we can sorta run away in our minds.

We can remember.

Camp and the mountains and the ocean.

And colored rocks and billowy cotton.

Yeah. And New Year's Eve.

Especially New Year's Eve.


And right now.

We'll always be together, Diana.

Even when... we can't be together.


Haven't seen the old number in a long time, Rock. How 'bout it, Rusty?

Good idea. Hey, I'm up for it if he is.

No, I'm feeling kind of tired tonight, Stickman.

Come on, Rocky, Rusty. - Come on, you guys.

Yeah, let's see it. - Come on. Sing a number.

You okay, babe?

My head hurts a lot tonight, Mom.

I'm gonna throw these bums out of here early.

You go to your room and make yourself well.

Go on.

How 'bout it, Rusty? You gonna sing? Nah.

What about that other one? Yeah, sing the other song.

I don't want to.


How ya doin', kid?

Good night, Rock.

Mom? It hurts. Yeah, honey.

I know.

Come on, Screech, come on.

Why don't we just go back to bed? It's okay with me.

I gotta go do this thing. I'll be back soon.

All right. I'll wait for you.

See ya later. See ya later.

"Do It Again," Steely Dan.

Now here's "Ripple."

Yeah. No, he's not here. He's at school.

Yeah, I'm sure.

What do you mean he's not there?

Yeah. Okay, thanks.

You aren't going to get a scholarship if you stay in the sack all day, are you?

You had a Spanish test, didn't you, Rocky?

Afraid of a little Spanish test?

You're cold.

Well, you've got your covers off of you.

Don't pull this shit with me, Rocky!

Do you hear me? Wake up.

Come on, baby. Make yourself well.

Rocky, wake up.


Now you can go anywhere you want, baby.

These things are good:

Ice cream and cake, a ride on a Harley, seein' monkeys in the trees, the rain on my tongue, and the sun shining on my face.

These things are a drag:

Dust in my hair, holes in my shoes, no money in my pocket, and the sun shining on my face.