Masterminds (1997) Script

♪ you make it hard to breathe ♪

♪ it's as if I'm suffocating ♪

♪ and when you're next to me ♪

♪ I can feel your heart beat through my skin ♪

♪ I wish there was a way ♪

♪ a way for you to see inside me ♪

♪ I've never felt this way ♪

♪ about anyone or anything ♪

♪ tell me what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you happy ♪

♪ what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you understand ♪

♪ what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you want me ♪

♪ but if I can'tmake you want me ♪

♪ what do I have to do ♪

♪ I know exactly what you're thinkin' ♪

♪ I swear this time I will not let you down ♪

♪ I'm not as selfish as I used to be ♪

♪ that was a part of me that never made me proud ♪

♪ right now I think I would try anything ♪

♪ anything at all to keep you satisfied ♪

♪ God, I hope you see ♪

♪ what losing you would do to me ♪

♪ all I want is one more chance ♪

♪ tell me what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you happy ♪

♪ what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you understand ♪

♪ what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you want me ♪

♪ if I can't make you want me just tell me ♪

♪ tell me ♪

♪ How can I ♪

♪ how can I ♪

♪ how can I ♪

♪ what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you want me ♪

♪ what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you understand ♪

♪ what do I have to do ♪

♪ to make you love me ♪

♪ if I can't make you love me ♪

♪ just tell me what do I have to do ♪

♪ to forget about you ♪

Out! I said, "no unauthorized entry"!

Mom! Get back to the cabbage patch, dwarf.

Well, you stink! Ozzie!

Mom! I didn't even touch her!

Mel's a little girl, Ozzie. You have to be careful with her.

She's your sister. Stepsister.

Mom! Helen, I have to leave in two minutes!

We will discuss this later.

Your dad has the biggest deal of his life today. Let's help him.

Don't mess with the master, captain moron.

Hey! I'm boiling babe for dinner. Deal with it.

Two billion... Umm, that's the final bid. Yeah.

Honey, I need you. Hang on, one sec.

You're kidding. What time? There's a meltdown upstairs.

Your son is torturing my daughter. I don't have time for this.

K-dog? K-dog, get up, man.

Looks bad. Very, very bad.

K-dog? K-dog, get up!

How much did you get, man?

Ninety percent before the midget arrived.

But I'm going back over the wall right... now.

I need you to talk to Ozzie before you go. Okay?

Okay. He's just acting out. He misses me.

I know, I overreacted. l don't want to fight with him.

Will you talk to him?

Dude, don't get grounded, man. It's gonna hurt us.

I'll handle it. Just get up, ya burner.

I'm up!

Oz? Ozzie?

Mea culprit. Mea maxima culprit.

The word is culpa. But culprit is right, Oz.

And it means "guilt."

And, dad? You know, I am guilty.

I mean, I'm always thinking about myself, doing all this crazy stuff.

You're saying, "Ozzie is acting out because l'm working too hard, I'm never around," and naturally I'm going to have a hard time accepting Helen.

But you know what, dad? I'm gonna try something new.

I'm gonna to try thinking 'bout your needs for a change. Hmm!

I don't want you to worry about me when you're about to close the big deal.

And Helen, the last thing you need is for me to be bugging Melissa...

Okay, okay. We get it, Oz.

What's your offer?

I take Melissa to school and I'm cool until you get back from San Francisco. Promise.

Then you and I can work on gettin' some real quality time together.

Ah, that's real cute, Oz.

Hmm! Okay, if you're messing with me, if you're setting me up, you're history.

You understand me? Military school.

Ready to wipe out the hard drive quickly?

What are you downloading, Oz?

And through whose back door? Ozzie?

Scream II.

Which isn't out till Monday, am I right?

You're pirating something that's not out till Monday?

Look, wipe it out, Ozzie.

You're in big trouble when I get back, okay?

We're going to have a serious talk. Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me!

You know, military school, first thing they do?

Cut your hair.

Mel, honey, your... brother's going to take you to school.


♪ Mom said "slow"!

You're in big trouble now.

I'm always in trouble.


♪ You don't hear a word they're tellin' ya ♪

♪ you're all dead ♪

♪ you're all dead ♪

♪ you've been wasted ♪

♪ don't believe a thing they're sellin' ya ♪ Okay, I'll pick you right up after school. Bye.

♪ Got a carrot on a stick in front of ya ♪

Snotty Glen. Home of the over-privileged suck-ups.

God, I hate this place. I hope you realize that this is a painful experience for me.

Pain is good.

Aww, no way, Paxton. You're not comin' in.

Come on. I'm just dropping off the stepsister, Elliot.

Sorry, Paxton, but you're banned for life.

Maloney will skin you alive if she catches you in here.

We're still peeling the frog guts off the science-room ceiling.

You think I like being here? I get hives whenever I come near this place.

He has to drop me off at class. My dad's making him.

Five minutes. But you remember, I'm watching you here.

Gabby! Hi, Mel!

The boss's daughter. Never too early to start kissing ass.

♪ Say a prayer for the youth of America ♪

♪ Say a prayer for the youth of America ♪ Hey, Mel! Get a life.


♪ Say a prayer for the youth of America ♪ Watch him go! Watch him!

Mel, we'll get in trouble!

All right. Have a great day. Bye.

Mom said, "All the way to class."

♪ No regrets for me ♪ Hey, Paxton! Shoes only! I am wearing shoes, baldy!

You are a very brave young man, coming back here.

What can I say, Miss Saunders? My life was so empty without your English class.

Oh, I am touched. Just watch out for Maloney.

Why? I've been hiding out in here for years.

Hey! Make sure you tell the mom. I want full credit for this one.

Beg me! Yeah, you wish.

Go! Let's see.

♪ No regrets no regrets for me, uh ♪


How did you get in here? Elliot let me in.

You are in exile, Paxton. Banned for life.

Then maybe you should get a new security guard.

Call the mom. She forced me to drop off the stepsister.

Family obligations. Out of character for you, Paxton.

Now thank you and good-bye!

Huh. And I thought this was a family-oriented school.

What do we have here?

Mr. Bentley! What we have here is the main reason for our new security system:

Oswald Paxton.

Oh, if we had had you last year, we would not have had the, uh, science-room burn out.

So, this is the young man who caused that mayhem.

You little bugger! Lucky for you, you didn't have me to deal with.

I'm sure the lovely Miss Maloney here was much too soft on you.

I tossed him out on his ear, didn't I? Yes.

He's in the public school system now, aren't you, yes?

And we want to make sure you get there on time, don't we? Yes!


Mr. Bentley, are you all finished in the computer room?

Claire, please. Raif.


I guarantee by this evening, Claire, I will have finished all my work at Shady Glen.

Then how about a trial run, Raif?

Just the two of us, Claire? Yes.

"We two alone will sing like birds in the cage." Ugh.

I'm going to miss this place.

In the cold, corporate world that I'm accustomed to dealing with, it's...


It's great to meet someone who's as...

Gracious and... Generous and...

Charming as you are, Claire.

Thank you, raif!

Go on through!

Feeding your face again, doughboy?

I'll get you, you...

Thank you.


All set? Yes.

Initiating demonstration.

State of the art!

I should hope so, since you spent three weeks digging up the school.

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, Claire.

Rendering security system.

Velvet and I were about to take Luke into the hot tub!

Enjoy the show, Maloney.

Let me tell you about the hot time we had in that hot tub.

We had a good time, velvet and I.

oh, give it to me, big boy. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah.

Just a teensy glitch. I'll take care of that right away.

Mm, you're such a big boy. Oh, yeah. Give it to me.

Hey, pops! Can I get a little help over here?

Just a second.

Paxton! You're dead meat!

Guard booth secured.

Listen, I'd like to push the staff meeting to 11:00.

Do not hang up. This is a truancy report for Kennedy Junior High.

Wait, hold on a second. Your child, Oswald Paxton, is not in school.

Grow up, Oz. If we do not hear from you...

I have to call you back. Your son will be considered delinquent.

Hello. Hi, this...

This is the shady Glen school.

Our phone system is temporarily down for repairs.

If this is an emergency, please call 555-0132.

Surveillance reestablished.

What is going on?

Raif! Do something! I am, Claire. I'm taking over your school.

You're what?

I can hardly make myself clearer.

Secure the buildings.

I don't know. What is going on? Has anyone...

Over here.

Come on, K-dog. Come in. Something's coming down here.

Why? Why would you do such a thing?

Why does anyone do anything in this country, Claire?


K-dog! Come on, man!

Marvin, call Barrett security. You have the code.

Tell them it was a false alarm. And find out why this happened!

Now, Claire. I'm going to have to pull these children for a special class.

"Margaret Rafferty, Julius Berg, Gabby Law..."

Ten of the richest kids in America. Exactly.

What would you say, five million each? Or ten?

Decisions, decisions.

Excuse me? Excuse me?

I'm Helen Paxton. l'm a parent.

Sorry, ma'am. We're running a security check.

I don't care. Something's going on here. I'd like to speak to Claire Maloney.

All right, gentlemen. Enough of this happy boy business.

Let's make our true presence known.

Uh, this-this is, uh, ab-absurd...

Hey, lady! Something's wrong with your car!

Come on, come on, let's move. Let's move. Hurry up.

Come on, time is money. Mucho money.

Careful with that equipment. It's worth more than you.

Hey, careful with those things, will ya?

Marvin. Gentlemen. Boss.

Such a violent society you have in this country, Claire.

Sad, really.

Oz to K-dog. Come in, K-dog.

K-dog? K-dog, where are you?

- Where are you, doggie? Are you there, man? Everybody move!

Where have you been? As of five minutes ago, you were officially absent again.

Your dad is going to kill you, man.

Shut up and listen, doggie. Something's going down.

I'll tell you what's going down. We're losing all our Scream II sales.

I got 12 guys, they wanna buy. You don't deliver, they're gonna go retail, man.

You gotta get serious here, buddy. I am getting serious!

Look, man, there's all these guys here with guns. Th-they've closed off the compound.

What compound? You're in a school.

Oz. Action man, come in!

I see the comedians are right on time.

Right. Get all the kids into the auditorium. Now.

Let's go, lady. Power's back. G- et your hands off me!

What do you mean? Guys with guns?

We're talkin' hard-core artillery here, man.

I'm tellin' ya. We got a Die Hard situation here.

Everybody. On my Mark.

Remember, nobody gets hurt.

Not yet.


Now! Holy...


Hello? Oz?

That's enough! Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

Let them get out! Go, go, go, go!

They're clear, boss.

Now, let's have some fun. Destroy their vehicles.

Holy crap!

Unh. Aaah-h-h-h!

I think we got their attention. - Let's go!

Oz. Come in, man. You okay?


This must be where they kept Uncle Fester.

Hello, Oz? Oz?


Goddamn this American merchandise.

K-dog? K-dog?

Listen, uh, Oz, if you can hear me, I'm cutting out of this juke joint.

I'll be... right over, man.

Dad, you're never going to believe this one.

Oh, man!



All right, all right, check around the side. I'll get on it.

This is number two. Okay, guys, let's keep the lines clear, huh?

All right. Come on.

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.


All right! Time to open up some gates.

Who opened the gates? We better call this one.

Sir, we have a bit of a problem here.

Marvin, perimeter gates are opening. Yeah, yeah, I'm workin' on it.

Damn it. What's wrong with this thing?

Get in there and deal with it. The security door is jammed.

I can't get to the computer.


I can.

Techno geek.


What a mess. Thank God you're on our side.

Who says? There it is.

I'm going to have a look at this. Just close the gates.

Yeah. Sure you don't want to blow this up?

What the...

Weinerhead? This machine knows you, Marv.

Shut up! And give me some room.

Stop breathin' down my neck. Don't you have a gun to clean, or something?

Perimeter sealed again. Gates are closed.

Good morning, children. I'm Mr. Bentley.

Good morning, Mr. Bentley!

See? They love me.

As you remember, I'm in charge of security here at shady Glen, and today is a very special day.

We are doing an exercise with the police to make sure that you...

Are protected at all times.

Why? Because you are so important to your parents.

Now, you may hear some strange noises today.

Like explosions. Boom!

And you may see some strange sights, like guns.

But don't worry! Because it's all pretend !

Now, I'm going to ask your principal to tell you all about...

The fun things we have planned for you today.

Miss maloney. Miss baloney!

Okay, children, as part of this, uh, special day that Mr. Bentley has arranged, he's also asked for us to have, ah, free play. All day.

Whoo! Yes!

You must be Gabby Lawrence.

Come on, Gabby. We have a special class for you. I have to go with Gabby.

Mel, sit back down, please. Mm-mm.

What's your name? Melissa Randall.

Melissa Randall? melissa Randall.

I'm sorry, darling. Maybe later. That's so unfair!

Then I'm not going either!

All right. Who am I to come between true friendship?

Mr. Bentley, may I ask what you intend on doing with these children?

You know my dear, uh, why don't you take care...

Of this special art class today?

Here, you, uh, help her find the rest of these kids.

Uh, 2413, you're clear for...

Number 12, let 'em in. Go.

Let's go. Go!

Okay, we'll have a hostage negotiator on the phone at any time.

Perimeter guards check in every two minutes.

Marvin, I want every security camera on-line. You got it.

All right. Tell Ollie to put in the needle. Start drilling.

Ollie? We're hot.

Right. Gentlemen, start your engines!

all right!

Okay, Ollie. It's all on your shoulders, baby.

Come on, fellas!

Looks like the concrete's three feet! Just drill!

All clear. You're covered, sir.


To whom am I speaking? This is captain art jankel.

Is everyone all right over there?

Let's dispense with the small talk. I know the drill. No one has been hurt... yet.

What do you need?

Fifty meters of space between you and me at all times.

Every time this is violated, you will be punished.

We believe in discipline here at shady Glen.

Is that clear? It's clear.

I also require 75... That is, seven, five... Million dollars...

Delivered in a twinstar helicopter by midnight tonight.

You must be kidding. The city budget doesn't have that much left in it.

Where are we going to find $75 million?

Well, see if these names ring any bells.

"Maggie Rafferty, Julius Berg, Gabby Lawrence, "Rupert Henry III, Justin Kaufman, Zack Gates, Elvis Bradon..." I don't get it.

No, of course not, captain.

But you will. You will.

Now, I've also taken the liberty of going on-line with the police computer.

Along with the list of hostages, you will receive their parents' names, corporate affiliations and net worth.

Call me when you have the money.

I, uh, just sent Miles his little present. - Goody.

The two great titans of television, Larry Millard and Miles Lawrence, are upstairs locked in the final stages...

Of the billion-dollar battle for WMN cable networks.

Of course, we appreciate your observation.

So far Mr. Millard's bid and our own seem identical.

Identical? We're offering 150 a share on top of your bid. That's $35 million!

There's one major difference, ladies and gentlemen. We're offering cash.

A cash dividend on top of our stock.

Our software offers by far the most attractive synergies.

Thanks. The court of Delaware doesn't give a shit about "synergies"...

Hello? Nor do sophisticated stockholders.

Janet! Janet, it's Helen Paxton. Yeah, Helen?

Listen, y-you have to... you have to get Jake on the phone, And you have to tell Miles; I-it-it's about Gabby too.

Helen. What's wrong?

Hney, I'm at Shady Glen. The police are all here, an-and something just awful is happening here.

We think i-it's a kidnapping.

Just take it easy. It's okay. Take it easy.

It's numbers that count!

Precisely what I am talking... Excuse me just one second.

Cookies and milk?

Thank you. What?

I'm sorry. It's been confirmed. They've got the whole school. Gabby's definitely in there.

We're gettin' the hell out of here. What's happening?

- They kidnapped our kids. What?

Helen's hysterical. Both kids. They have both kids.

Make sure that the plane is ready to go as soon as I get there.

I'm on it. I'm going.

What're we gonna do, boss?

Okay, we gotta buy some time. I want you to get back in there. Hammer that board.

I know this bastard's got a weakness. Find it.

Call me.

This is K-dog to Action Man. Action Man come in.

K-dog to Action Man. Oz, are you ere?


Come on, you guys. come on, come on.

Captain, captain. What we have here is a barter situation.

I give you something, you give me something. What I want from you is money.

And what you want from me is some of these children released. Correct?

Ah, yes, correct.

Well, to show you how helpful I am, I will be releasing 25 of the children in the next five minutes.

Uh, everyone? Say "howdy" to Captain Jankel.

Howdy, Captain Jankel!

Well, as you can tell, there are plenty of kids left, Captain.

You'll get a sign from our side within the hour.

All right! Now, the back two rows can exit at this time.

And thank you.

Get rid of the teachers as well.

Make for the gate, everybody! Make for the gate!

Have you seen my kids Melissa and Ozzie?

Uh, Melissa Randall and Ozzie Paxton?

I'm sorry, have you seen m-my kids? Ozzie Paxton, Melissa Randall?

Richard, Richard! What are you doing here? Nothin'.

Well, you were talking to Ozzie, weren't you? He's in there, isn't he?

No, I... no, no, no!

Richard, don't blow smoke at me like that, Richard.

Get him on that walkie-talkie right now!

Melissa! Come on. Here's the plan. We gotta get out of here right now.

You're supposed to be in school!

I am in school; I'm in your school. We gotta get outta here right now.

These guys with the guns are taking over. No, they're not.

Oz, come in! Hello? Oz, this is K-dog.

Move! Come on, come on.

Let go of me!

Oz? You gotta neutralize them dirtballs. Hello.

Action Man? Oz? Hello? Hello?

Why aren't you in school, Richard? What?

You're roadkill!


Jesus Christ!

Ah! Ooh!

You little shithead!

We'll see who has the living brain here.

Come on. come on, burn!

Take another step!

You'll regret it.

Now what are you gonna do about it?

You know, coal is still one of our most abundant natural resources.


Number seven.

Number seven, come in.

Number seven, come in. where are you?

Ollie? Go check out the boiler room.

We seem to have lost number seven.

Sorry, Duke. Can't do it.

Ollie, just go check it out and report back.

Number seven's broken off contact and I want to know why.

Uh, guv's set schedule. Can't fail him.

I set the schedule, idiot!

Just do it!

Sod off! Come on, lads, step it up! We're drilling!

No time! Come on! Move it, lads!

Right! Come on! Move it!

More water!

What are these guys doing?

Stick to the schedule!

Hey, boss.

Ollie's tunnelled in 50 feet already. We are dead on target.

Remember! We're just looking for an extra 20 yards.

Something they won't fight over. Let's go!

Security breach at perimeter. Good! Right on schedule.

Our men clear? Uh-huh.

Fenced perimeter breached.


Wait another ten meters, then give them a taste. Colonel.

Okay. Here we go.

Watch out. They got mines!

Watch out!

Security fence compromised. Alpha quadrant.

Alpha quadrant activated.

Bravo. - Bravo quadrant activated.

Delta. Delta quadrant activated.

Let's get outta here!

Delta quadrant secured.

Nice control, Marvin. Thanks.

Now they'll go for the gates. Whew!

I want a pipeline to the FBI and the chief of police. That's my daughter in there.

I know. Yeah, he's right here.

Foster. Yeah.

Sorry, miles. No extension. Nada.

Delaware court says this thing has to be over by 6:00 P.M.

Second wave coming. They're so predictable!

Wait until he clears.

Hold on. Not yet.

Let 'em clear. Hold steady.


Jankel, I said 50 meters. Now it's gonna to have to be 100.

And if there are any more bright ideas, someone's gonna get hurt.

Now, I don't want that. I'm not some sodding amateur.

Oh, and by the way, I wrote the book you're endeavoring to use...

In this pitiful little operation of yours, so just get me my money.

Marv, is it hot in here? Or am I just getting over-excited?

No, it-it's a little warm.

I hope you enjoy your sauna, Bentley.

Duke? On it.

It's like a bloody furnace down here.

My men are dropping like flies. We can't work. And I'm falling behind!

Ollie, the control is in the boiler room. Now, do something about it.

Bleedin' hell!

Ferret! Come on! Huh? Unnh!

Ollie. It's been busted off.

Ah-h! Would you look at this? It's terrible. It's overheating!

I'm gonna have to shut the computer down! Marvin. Marvin.

Just calm down. Get some ice in here.

Ice! Ollie?

It's gonna blow! It's not gonna blow.

It's gonna blow, I'm tellin' ya! You gotta get out!

I need more ice!

Come on, give it to me, give it to me! Quick, quick, get some more!

You gotta believe me! The boiler's about to explode!

Maybe we should get out! Yes! Children first!

She's right! Everything is under control!

Fix it, Ollie!

Okay, that's enough.



Get back to drillin'. We're runnin' behind!

Come here, little boy. In your dreams!


Crafty bastard.

I don't bloody believe this! It's that damned kid!

Duke! Get in there after him.

I can't fit in there.

Send in the ferret.

Keep in touch.

This is ugly!

It's hot, man!

I'm over the service corridor. He's heading for the canteen.

Keep moving. I'll drive him to ya.

Ah! Oh, shit.

Ferret. Ferret! What?

He's heading east on y-2.

Smoke him out!

He's turned into the old vent shaft.

Cut him off from x-3. Haah!

Oh! Jesus Christ.

Oww! Uhh. Aah.

Sit tight, ferret! He's coming right to ya!

We've got him trapped Good.

Let ferret tear him apart.

Attention, kmart shoppers!

We have a weather update for you. After those smoldering tropical highs, our new forecast is for cooling temperatures, with a very high chance...

Of sudden showers.

Oh, what the... Holy... What th... get...

Get my umbrella! Get all the umbrellas you can find!

Everything's gonna get wet!

It's going to short out! How much more?

I don't believe this! Goddamn it! What else have we got to go through?

Cats and dogs.

I don't believe this. This is trouble!

Everything is gettin' wet here!

Yes, I'm aware of that, Marvin. Can you fix it?

Got him trapped, have you, colonel?

Who-oa! Holy... look at this. Will you look at this? I told you!

I knew it! I knew it! l knew it! Ollie?

You're going to have to help us out here a minute.

Can you find a water main and shut it off now?

Turn off your own bleedin' water.

Water's off, number one.

We can't drill without a spray!

Well, I... I...

Get me my laptop, fast. Wait a minute!

Bring up the security room computer up here too. Now, move! Move!

I'm cool.

Bentley! We need water!

We gotta make schedule. What do we do now?

Great. Come on, lads, back to work! Yeah. Yeah!

Whoa! Whoa!

Give me this. This is ridiculous.

You know, I'm not a violent man, but I really do think I'm gonna have to kill someone here.

Ollie, will you turn that damned water off?

Sorry, guv. You set schedule.

Come on, lads!

Want me to tell you what's happening? Please.

The bastard's patched into the heat and fire control menu and screwed it up!

Well, there's only one place you could do both of those things.

Colonel? The electrical room.

Backup power, Marvin.

Well! Turned out nice again.



Jake, I'm so scared!

Okay, who's in charge here?

Mr. Lawrence, I'm Captain Art Jankel. Sorry to meet you under these circumstances.

I want those kids outta here. Bottom line, whatever it takes:

You, the F.B.I., National Guard... Just get 'em out.

Now, if it's money you need, I'll get it for you.


From talking to the man, I think money'll do it.


It'll have to. The school's like a fortress now.


Every single exit's sealed. And... it's mined.

Captain, my Captain, would that be my helicopter I heard just now, by any chance?

That's Bentley. Who's Bentley?

Bentley, Bentley. He used to work for us. He was head of our security.

He was caught embezzling. We fired him. He's Ex-S.A.S. British Secret Service.

Military. This man set up the security system in the school.

We're screwed.

Yes, we've got your helicopter. And more.

But we'd like to see another gesture on your part.

You've seen one already. Now it's your turn to make a gesture.

You call me again when you have the money. All of it.

You arrogant son of a bitch!

- What the hell do you think you're doing? Miles?

Is that you?

Well, how good of you to join us.

You know, some of the boys doubted, but I said you would turn up.

I want to see my daughter. Well, of course you do.

Miles, she is a charmer!

You touch one hair on her head, I'll spend every last penny I have rubbing you out!

Miles, you are chilling.

I don't suppose you brought my money with you, have you, you pompous prat?

No, no...

$5 million ready to go over the fence right now with the helicopter. You satisfied?

It's a start. At least it shows I've got your attention.

And $5 million could conceivably release some of the kids.

I have to have my daughter. Oh, Miles.

I'm afraid she's going to be much more expensive.

You know, it would have been cheaper for you if you'd just treated me with more respect.

I can't get ahold of that kind of money.

Oh, Miles, Miles, let me refer you to this morning's Financial Daily News.

"Gutsy Miles Lawrence is putting up at least $1 billion in cash along with the share swap...

As part of his bid for the WMN network."

But you know what, Miles?

You know, you're right. $75 million is preposterous.

I'm going to have to ask for $650 million.

Why not the billion?

Because for a billion, you'd sacrifice the kids. I know you people.

It's impossible. It's shareholder money. It's not mine.

Oh, don't insult me.

Yours is a privately-owned company. The money's yours.

It's in your hands...

And I want it in mine.

Bearer bonds of $1 million each. I will let you know what I want you to do with them.

But in the meantime, you can make the down payment of $5 million.

And for that, I will release some of the kids.

Well, the ones without trust funds anyway.

Come on! Feel good about yourself, Miles!

Release the little children.

I gotta hand it to you, Bentley. Looks like you got this thing wrapped up.

Stay back, please.

Stay back.

Keep those people away from there!

Okay, take it away. Stay back.

This isn't from a cellular phone, is it?


Well, then, there is congratulations to all of us.

Uh, a couple of hours.

We've had some glitches, but we're back on schedule.

Ah. Will you give my best to the boss when you talk to him?

I will see you later.

It's the real McCoy. It's fantastic. Th-they're perfect.

- And it's even small denominations. I hope they fry you, Bentley.

I'll be frying, Claire! Under the hot, tropical sun.

They'll catch you. Well, think about it.

If we're smart enough to get all this cash, we are smart enough to disappear with it!

All right, gentlemen. It's time to release the kiddy-winks.

Right, boss.

Oh. But one thing, Claire. I can't release any of the children...

Until I know which one is little Ozzie's brother or sister.

Now you can help me there, and you can help the kids too.

Restore them to their families.

Or we can prolong the agony for all of us. What do you say?

Claire Maloney.

37 Tribune Street.

And you'll get nothing from me!

Claire, I've not worked this hard to have my dreams deflated...

By a foolish little child.

Now, what's it gonna be, then?

175 terrified children and their hysterical parents?

Or 174 happily reunited families?

Now, I... I swear to you, Claire, I will not release one child until I have in hand the Paxton sibling.

Why, you miserable son of a bitch.

Melissa Randall Paxton.

Go bring her.

Why can't we go?

- Why would he keep her? Why? I don't know.

Richard, have you heard anything?

- Richard, have you heard anything? Nope.

Um, c-can I try it?


If you can hear me, I just want to know that you're there, honey.

Hey, boss?

I'm picking up something on some weird half band.

Some lady's talkin' to that kid.

I mean, even if you can't...

Or you don't want to talk to me, I just want to know that you're there, honey.

If you could just gimme... Gimme a sign.

Ozzie? Is... Is that you?

He's not gonna break radio silence. He's no fool.

Good lad. He's the only worthy opponent among the whole bleeding lot.

Oh, God, Ozzie. I'm so glad you're all right.

Because I know, honey, that if anyone can find a way out of this, you can.

Me? Since when can I do something right?


Listen, Oz.

I-I'm sorry that I'm not your mother.

And I'm sorry. I know how terrible it was...

When she walked out.

And I know how hurt you must be.

And I know that I can never replace her.

I mean, no one can replace her.

Not me and not even your dad.

And he loves you more than anything else in the whole world.

I know that we could be a family, Oz.

We just can't do it without you.

I'm so sorry to interrupt this touching family reunion, but I now know who you are, and I have your sister.

I'm going with her.

Take me!


Don't worry. I won't fail.


Jesus h. Christ!

We hit the granite!

Good. They're almost through to the storm drains.

Time for a little blasting.

Set the charges, Ollie.

Maybe I could hack into his computer.

Go ahead. Jack, what are you thinking?

This is where Ozzie gets it from. Like father, like son.

We're dividing up the money. Come up and get your share.

Guess what? It's time to pick up our share of the cash.

Give me the bat. Okay, gimme the bat!

I do not believe l did that!

Neither do I. And they say you're not good with the fellas.

Don't push me, Paxton. Sorry.

Where's the troll?

Bentley took her. What! I don't believe this.

Every single brat in this place is fine except for my sister.

Shit! Watch the profanity.

Sorry. But you're right. This sucks. Let's take care of the kids.

Yeah. Follow me. What?

Trust me.


Children, come on. Move out! Single file. Come on!

Go, go, go. Everybody go.

Saunders? I've got the rear.

Truer words were never spoken.

I'm in. Captain? Come and look at this.

What is that?

This is Bentley's computer. I don't know what this is.

It's like a 3-d geological survey map of the basement.

It's got sewers, pipes. - That's it.

That's the way in there. I've been in there before. I know that pipe.

K-dog, that's a sewer pipe. So?

- Only a rat could get in there. Well, we did!

I've been in there before, with Oz. I've seen him...

Let us do our job, son.

What the hell would he need a map like this for?

Whew! Rancid!

Gee! Aaghh!

Take a little nap, Colonel? Didn't go awol, did you, buddy?

I'm fine; 100%.

And when I catch him, he's cat food.

Now, where's the ferret?

Get me outta here!

Get me out! Gaah!



Kids, come on. Quick! Single file. The tunnel.

Keep your head down. Quick.

Fast. Come on. Hurry.

So, this is how you've avoided your Latin, right?

Non illigitimi carburundum.

Don't let the bastards grind you down. Appropriate, Paxton.

So you were paying attention.

I gotta go find Mel. What's your plan?

With all due respect, Maloney, you don't wanna know.

Try to leave the school intact!

Here we go!

Get that stuff over here.

We didn't have time to fill all the numbers. You can do it in the chopper.

We still have a chance with the deal.

Most people say not a prayer in hell.

And Larry Millard's licking his chops right now.

But Miles has survived tougher times than this.

I wouldn't count him out. Thank you, David.

Thank you, Foster.

We know he's here somewhere. I'm gonna resweep 1.

Note the quality of the work, guv, despite the conditions and delays.

I think you'll find it quite satisfactory.

You're not building the great pyramid, Ollie.

I don't care how long this lasts after tonight.

Right. - Boss? Uh, we lost the kids.

We don't know where they are. What do you want us to do?

You've lost the hostages. You don't know where they are. What should you do?

You find them, you idiot!

Got one kid left, and she doesn't have a pot to piss in. Ow!

Marvin, check the monitors. Three and five have lost the kids.

What? What are you gonna do?

What do you think I'm gonna do? I'm gonna bluff! Imbecile!

I'm an imbecile. I didn't lose 'em.

Mr. Deroy. They're waiting for you at the command center.

Sure hope nobody flushes.

Okay, boss. Fire in the hole. Going on five...

Four, three, two and one.

Did you hear that? Jesus Christ.


Here at Shady Glen school, the $650 million...

From the Miles Lawrence WMN bid is about to be handed over as ransom for the children.

At this moment, the kidnappers are demanding the helicopter for their escape.

Bentley, it's Miles. We have the money, and we want to discuss the transfer.

There'll be no discussion, Miles.

I will tell you exactly the order of events that must be followed.

You will send over the bonds.

Once I'm satisfied that they're untraceable, I will contact you to land the helicopter...

On the field behind the main building.

Once we're in the air, I will disarm the mines and open the gates.

I'm sure little Gabby will be very happy to see you.

I need to talk to her. Later, Miles.

Oh, and by the way, if there is any problem with the bonds, little Gabby will suffer. No!

Th-that's Mel.

Is that clear?

- It's clear. Let go!

I want them brought over by that...

That officious, self-important son of a bitch who fired me.

Your chief financial officer.

I told him I would see him again, and I always keep my promise.

I'm sure he's right there by your side.

Aren't you, Foster?

Oh! Neat wheels.

Cool gear.


To the second. A man can do anything.

Right, boys?

Drilling complete.

Ollie's through to the ATVs, boss.

Those idiots still think we're leavin' in the chopper.

Okay. So this vest really works, huh?

Sure. It's Swiss. It'll take any caliber of bullet short of a howitzer.

Try to take it in the chest if you can.

Take it in the chest. You're kidding.

The vest is not as effective if you get shot in the face.

That's sufficient motivation.

The wire is woven into the fabric of the jacket.

They can't detect it unless they have an electronic screener.

I won't forget this, Foster.

Nor will I, Miles. I'll hold you to that come Christmas bonus time.

Good luck.

Here you go.

This way.

Number six. Check out what's on the roof.

Foster Deroy. It's good to see you again.

Screw you, Bentley.

Or didn't I make that clear...

The last time we spoke?

Yes, you did. Well, screw you too, Foster.

Marvin. Put the satchel on the table.

I do hope, for everyone's sake, that these are not marked.

What about you, Foster? Are you wired?

Yeah, yeah. They're fine.

Well, lookee here.

Tell Captain Jankel what he's won, boss.

What the hell is this, foster?

Yes, Ozzie! You little shit!

That's mine! No!

We got ya, buddy.

Yeah. Well, if it isn't Dennis the Menace.

Very nice. Just one small misjudgment.

I don't think so, pal.

I think so.

An honest mistake, but a mistake, all the same.

Come here, you.

Must be a little hard for a kid to appreciate the allure of $650 million.

I rewrote all the numbers. There's not a chance they'll be able to trace these.

Very nice. We're ready to get out of here.

Start the engines, Duke. I suspect you may want to make a call.

- This is secure? Totally.

Listen, I'd really like to stay while you two gentlemen discuss these fine points, but we need to get the hell out of here.

- I'm going down. It's Deroy. You're closed?

Congratulations. Yes, we're done.

Thank you.

We're outta here. The 650 million is all ours.

He said it was cheap. A little finder's fee.

He's right. It is cheap.

Well. School's out.

You are coming with me, my little insurance policy.

Let her go! Give her back!

If ever you do graduate, Ozzie, give me a call. I'll have a job for you.

Shove it! Ozzie!

Come on! - Ozzie! Help me!

Oh, crap. Melissa!



Right. Okay. Come on. Chop-chop. Pick it up. Get it out.

Hey. Who the hell are you?

What the...


What the hell was that?


What was that? Jeffries, come with me.

Move, move! Go!

Let's go. Come on! Come on!

Go! Go! Go!

I can't let that delinquent deal with this on his own.

Take that. You're gonna need this.

You've got the kids!

Sorry, maloney.

I'm not going! Shut it.

Whoa! Forget it. It's peanuts.

Get in.

Hate to have to leave you behind, Foster.

But you know what, Mel?

I never was much good at sharing.

United! United!

K-dog! K-dog! I'm not the enemy!

I thought you were.

Never mind, man! Look, Bentley's got the midget. We gotta go right now.

- What about Maloney? She's a hardass. trust me.

She'll survive. Come on. Man, you smell!

Aw, you try crawlin' through a sewer pipe, huh?

Up ahead. There he is.

Catch up to him!


Oh, shit!

Who does this guy think he is? Saddam Hussein?


He's goin' again!

You little...

Come on.

Faster! Come on!

Melissa! Grab ahold!

I can't reach!

You all right, doggy? Yeah, Im fine man. Let's go.

One, two, push!

All right, man. You drive. Really?

Just get me alongside so I can grab Mel. All right. Here we go.

Sorry about that.

You're hitting the wall! Three-point turn.

Doggy! Jesus Christ, man! Sorry.

They're gettin' away! Let's go! Sorry!

Drive faster! drive!

Come on, K-dog! Go, go, go, go! I'm trying!

If we lose 'em now, we're never gonna find 'em.

Kill the engine. These storm drains go all over the city.

This way. Go. Come on.

Please, slow down!

Ollie! Help me!

Let us out of here! Please! It's okay.

God! Gabby! Daddy!

Is Ozzie with you? What about Melissa?

No. They took her away right before Ozzie got us out. I don't know where they are.

- Oh, God, Jake. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Faster, doggy.

Keep it steady, man! Keep us alongside.

Come on, K-dog!

Come on, K-dog! Get closer! All right. I'm trying.

That's it! Hurry up! Melissa, give me your hand. No!

Jump. You can do it. No!

Come on, jump! No! I can't make it, Ozzie!

Give me your hand. Reach over.

Pull her over! I'm gonna fall!

Jump! Come on!

I'm gonna fall! Give me your hand.

No! Reach!

Ozzie, I'm slipping!

Hurry up!

Ah, sod it. You take her.

Yes! I gotcha. Way to go, man. We did it.

He's gettin' away.

Bloody kids! Where the hell am I?

Who is it? It's Deroy.

Foster, are you okay? No, I'm not. I fell.

Are there any other kids back there? I have no idea, Miles.

He's bleeding. We'll get you some help.

If you don't mind, we'd like to talk to you.

Come on, Melissa.

You want taxi? Man, let me use your radio.

You got 50 bucks? Come on!

They could be back there. We have to...

Captain, it's urgent. Phone call for Paxton.

That's us.

Hello? Mom?

Oh, God! Thank God they're alive! It's Ozzie.

Don't be mad, okay? Is Melissa with you?

Mel's cool too. Mel's there, and K-dog.

K-dog smells kinda rank, though. Some friend.

Here's your dad. Dad, it wasn't my fault!

It's okay. Uh, where are you?

Downtown, I guess. How's everyone doin' back there? How's Maloney?

She's still missing. We don't know.

But Deroy's here. He's kinda beat up, but I think he's gonna be okay.

Bentley gave him quite a shot.

What, are you kidding? He was Bentley's partner.


You were Bentley's partner?

What? Your son's out of his mind.

My son is not out of his mind.

He's right on the money, you deviant swine!

You are caught, you shithead!

That's the most preposterous thing I've ever heard.

You... you all saw what I did.

Oz, can you prove it? I saw it!

I know. I believe you. Can you prove it?

Find his phone. Hit redial. He called the real boss. Maybe that can help you out.

I need his phone.

All right. Easy, easy.

Hang on, Oz. He said he talked to the guy who set this whole thing up. Press redial.


It's ringing.

Satisfaction? Guaranteed.

Thank you.

Yes, who is this?

Larry? Larry Millard?

Millard. Who is this?

Hey, hey. Get him outta here.

Let's go.

I hate to say it, Oswaldo, but thank you.

Hey, no big deal. I'm not gonna let some maniac pick on my little sister.



This is the police. Oswald Paxton, stay where you are.

Oh, man, I'm in trouble.




♪ Say a prayer for the youth of America ♪

♪ God bless our youth of america ♪

♪ and I can't stand there sad anymore ♪

♪ oh, I'll be frying, Claire! Under the hot, tropical sun.

I'm not a violent man, but I really do think I'm gonna have to kill someone here.

Enjoy the show, maloney.

I do not believe l did that!

We gotta buy some time. Get back in there and hammer that board.

You know, military school, the first thing they do? Cut your hair.

If you don't get Claire Maloney down here this minute, I'm gonna call the police.

Oh! Sure hope nobody flushes.

You're in big trouble now!

We're outta here. The 650 million is all ours. He said it was cheap.

Four, three, two and one.

You'll get a sign from our side within the hour.

You're gonna have to help us out here. Can you find a water main and shut it off now?

When I catch him, he's cat food.

Move it!


♪ I can't stand there sad anymore ♪

♪ all the dead kids lying on your door ♪

♪ and you don't hear a word they're telling you ♪

♪ you're all ♪

♪ dead ♪

♪ you're all ♪

♪ dead you've been wasted ♪

♪ say a prayer for the youth of America ♪

♪ say a prayer for the youth of America ♪

♪ say a prayer for the youth of America ♪

♪ It's over, it's over lt's over ♪

♪ it's over, it's over lt's over ♪

♪ it's over, it's over lt's over ♪

♪ it's over, it's over lt's over ♪

♪ it's much closer now much closer than it may have been ♪

♪ like the headlights flashing splashing off your rearview mirror ♪

♪ but when it's over you say it's over, girl ♪

♪ don't leave the light on ♪

♪ don't leave the light on ♪

♪ no ♪

♪ Don't leave the light on ♪

♪ Wrap me up and seal me in ♪

♪ 'cause I don't wanna see ♪

♪ the falling rubble I'm standing in ♪

♪ it all breaks down to me ♪

♪ have I dug the hole too deep ♪

♪ I'm down too low too low to sleep ♪

♪ I threw you down like a piece of shit ♪

♪ but now I find I stand in it ♪

♪ the one to blame ♪

♪ is sitting here ♪

♪ tellin' you his awful piece ♪

♪ tellin' you his awful piece ♪

♪ I drove to town ♪

♪ the other day ♪

♪ I hated myself all the way ♪

♪ I hated myself all the way ♪

♪ all I wanted was a big stone wall ♪

♪ to plow my way through let's say no more ♪

♪ don't worry yourself I'm not that daft ♪

♪ I couldn't throw it damn that shaft ♪