Mata Batin (2017) Script

Alia, tell Abel to come in.

The sun is setting. It's going to be dark soon.

Okay, Mom.

Evening, Mang Asep. Evening, Miss.

I'll get going. I've finished work. Okay.




I've been calling for you.

Someone is behind the tree.

There's no one.

There was!

He said... we cannot stay here because it is his house.

What does he look like?

Let's go inside.

He was there.

I saw him.

Do you not believe me?


You've been like this several times.

You say you saw someone, but then there's nobody.

It's just your imagination.

Let's go inside. Mom is waiting for us.


You will hurt your neck if you sleep like this, Sweetie.

What's wrong?

If I don't listen to music, I will hear other things.

What other things?

Someone. Who?

It's just a dream. Sleep tight, okay.

Good night, Sweetie. Good night, Mom.


Abel! Mom! Dad! Abel!

There is something inside!

Calm down, Abel. It's Mommy.


What did you see? A person? A burglar?


Looks like you're working hard.

Need a hand?

No, thanks. I'm almost done.

How long have you been here? Twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes? Yeah, I've been looking at you.

You're so beautiful. I never get bored.

Quit it, Davin!

UNCLE HERMAN Just a sec.

I'm doing fine. What's the matter?

I'm sorry that it had to turn out like this, Alia.

We cannot wait until you get home.

Your parents needed to be buried immediately.

I'm sorry that you couldn't see them one last time.

At that time, your parents' car tried to swerve from a truck that pushed its brakes all of a sudden.

The truck was carrying steel and it went through the car.

Your parents were taken to the hospital immediately.

But on the way there, they couldn't make it.


You have to be strong.

Be tough.


It's fate. It has happened.

I just want to tell you, Abel.

Take care of her.

You are the only family she has right now.

I would like to tell you one thing before I go back to Jogja.

About this house.

It was your father's residence from the company.

Since your father has passed away, you can't stay here anymore.

The company where your father works says that they will give you three months to pack up and move out.

Maybe... you and Abel can go back to the house your parents left you.

Your childhood home.

The one on Teratai Road. It's been empty for almost a year.


BORN: MARCH 09 1975 DIED: NOVEMBER 15 2017


Bel? This is Alia.


Bel. Hey.

I'm home.

This is Davin, my boyfriend.

He came all the way from Bangkok.

Everything is going to be okay.

You're not alone. I'm here with you.

I will take a job offer in Jakarta.

And I will stay with you.

We will be together like the old times, okay?

I will get things done quickly. Including moving houses.



This house belongs to dad's company. We can't stay here.

Where are we staying then?

Our old house. The one on Teratai Road.

Yes, Sir, I will come to work next week.

Thank you.

Is everything okay?

Thanks for accompanying me, Vin.

But what about your work back there?

Photographers don't go to work. We're mobile.

I can go to Bandung and even meet my dad.

If I stay there, I can't concentrate.

I can't leave just the two of you here.

Are you sleepy, Bel?

Can't we stay someplace else?

Can't your new office give you a place to rent?

There's no harm in staying at our own house, right?

We should take care of the house that Mom and Dad left us.

But I don't like it there.

Why not?

Something else is there, besides us.

Nothing is there, Bel. That was a burglar.

Your window wasn't closed all the way, and it was unlocked.

Dad said so.

We filed a report to the neighborhood as well. Remember?

We've moved several times.

When Dad had to move to Semarang, Medan, and Balikpapan, we've always tagged along.

And you were always like that, not just in this house.

Please stop for now.

That's the house?

Mang Asep. Oh, Neng Alia!

How are you? I'm good.

Neng Alia, Neng Abel, I offer my deepest condolences. Please stay strong.

Neng Abel, stay strong.

Thank you. And thanks for cleaning up the house.

I'm not done yet, the backyard needs mowing.

There are leaks in some places, too! The roof tiles have moved.

Go ahead and take a look.

I'm going to go and see the house. Please do.

Watch your step.

Vin, I'm going to see my room upstairs.

Your room is over there, the guest room.


Your room is next door, this is my parents' room.

A lot needs to be fixed in this house.

If we want to make it quick, we can't do it with just the three of us.


I'll tell Mang Asep to get a few people down here.

Let's go.

Let me do it.

It's been doing this for a long time.

Are you sure you can do this? Sure.



Let's go and see your room.

Here it is.


Bel, let's eat!


I made you petai fried rice, your favorite!

Bel, come on.

Fine, you should just rest.

But you have to go to school tomorrow. I will take you.

I don't want to!

Bel, you've been absent too many times.

Don't be like that. Go to school tomorrow.


Abel, what's wrong with you? Don't make me confused.

Someone keeps following me in school.


If you're absent for too long, you won't be able to keep up.

Your scores will be a mess.



Al? What's wrong?

Abel? What are you doing?

Praying, so he will leave.


Something is in this house.

Like a person, but not a person.

Nothing is here. There is!

Bel, stop being like this.

Please trust me.

We'll find a psychiatrist tomorrow.

We'll find a new one.

Not the same person Mom used to take you to.

So that you won't be afraid like this anymore.

You won't think there's a person, or something scary anymore.

No more hallucinating.

But I was never hallucinating.

Mom never took me to a psychiatrist.

She took me to Bu Windu.

Bu Windu?


I... can see them.

Things that most people cannot see.

I can see them, the dead.

My third eye has been open since I was little.

Abel? You usually call before coming here.

I'm sorry.

This is Alia, my sister.

Sis, this is Bu Windu.

Alia, how are you?

I'm fine.

And this is her boyfriend, Davin.

Can you explain to my sister about the third eye?

The third eye is also known as the inner eye or the sixth sense.

It's the ability to see the other world, the supernatural.

But not all people believe in the existence of the third eye.

Actually, the third eye and the other world exist.

Everyone has a third eye when they are born.

The difference is, some already have their eyes open, and some are still closed.

We never know when our third eye is opened.

It's God's work.

Since she was five years old, Abel has had her third eye open.

She got it from your grandmother.

For those who have their third eye open, it's not a pleasant experience.

The other world is dark.

There is pain, sadness, burden and anger.

The bad energy is always able to affect our senses and our mind.

Guidance and adapting is also needed for a long time to be able to live our lives normally.

For all this time, Abel has been coming here with your late mother.

We've been discussing all about the other world.

Abel is able to accept herself even though she still feels afraid.

But it is hard not to be afraid.

Because they... are able to instill fear that is unusual for us.

I'm sorry, but I don't get any of this.



You said that everyone is born with a third eye.

Which means I also have one?

But mine is still closed and not naturally open like Abel's.

Can we... open it by force?


Then I want my third eye to be opened.

I don't want Abel to keep thinking that I don't believe her.

I always want to believe her.

As long as there is proof.


I want everything done quickly.

We came all the way here to discuss this, it shouldn't be for nothing.

If you are right, I believe you.

But if we open my third eye and I don't see what you see, we're going to see the psychiatrist.

Can we start?


Opening the third eye takes a lot of preparation.

You have to be ready physically and mentally.

And you have to be ready to accept everything you are going to experience.

What has been opened cannot be closed again.

You will see everything, forever.

You will be able to sense their presence.

Smell them.

And hear their voices.

Put your arms over your chest.

Close your eyes.

Now, open your eyes.

Nothing is different.

We're going home.

Excuse me.


You need to believe me.

Bu Windu has explained everything.

I can really see-- Go to your room and have a rest.

You're going to school tomorrow.

Afterwards, we're going to the psychiatrist.

Sorry you had to witness all of this.

It really makes me uncomfortable.

It's really okay. I'm here for you.

You'll be late getting to Bandung.

Right. I'll get going.

Thanks for keeping me company. You're welcome.

Say hi to your dad for me. Of course.

What is it?


What's wrong?

I don't know.

I have bruises and my head is aching. I'm about to get a checkup.

How about you?

Dad hit me.

Do you have a dad?

He passed away.

Was he violent with you?

Can you tell my mom I still love my dad.

She is over there.

Miss Alia?

1ST FLOOR You're just too tired and you need vitamins.

I'll write a prescription for you.

It's just vitamins.

Thank you. You're welcome.



Excuse me, Ma'am.

Are you Tasha's mom?

Who are you? My name is Alia.

I saw your daughter earlier, and she asked me--

She asked me to tell you... that she still loves her dad.


Are you making fun of me?

I'm sorry if I offended you, but I thought you should know.

My daughter passed away this morning.

Please don't bother me.

I am grieving.

Excuse me, where is the little girl who was sitting on that wheelchair?

Over there, the one who talked to me while I was waiting.

You were sitting alone, Miss. No one else was there.

Abel, are you home?

I'm at the supermarket.

Come home now, I need to tell you something.

- What is it? Just come home now.


How do you know if what you're seeing is a person or not?

What did you see?

I was talking to a little girl.

But the nurse said she didn't see anyone.

Her mother said she had passed away.

But she talked to me, Bel.

She was like a normal person.

You haven't seen more?

Sometimes they look normal, and we can't tell the difference.

But a lot of them are... scary.

Come home now.

Where are you going, kid?

Excuse me, I need this medication.

All right, Miss. Just a second. Can you please hurry?






Miss, what's wrong?

What's wrong with her? What happened?


Miss! What's wrong with her?




They are everywhere.

Not only in quiet places. They can be in crowded places, too.

I first saw them when I was at school.

There are more of them than there are of us.

Because they live longer than us.

Some of them are even over a hundred years old.

Sometimes, when they are around us, we feel uneasy, heavy.

Our head starts aching.

But sometimes it doesn't happen.

Sometimes they smell pleasant, sometimes they smell rotten.

Why do they come?

Bu Windu says it's because they have unfinished business in this world.

Some are nice, some are evil.

Most of those who come to us ask for help.


To help them finish their business.

They know who are able to see them and help them.

Bu Windu also said that we have to suppress our fear when they come.

And we have to ask them what they want.

If we know what they want and we can help, they will go back to where they should be.

And they will leave us alone.

Have you ever tried?

I'm too scared.

Sleep with me?


Do you miss Mom and Dad?

I really miss them.

But we have to let it go.

We have to be strong.

Life must go on.

Mom and Dad always taught us to be independent.

Thank you for not leaving me.

You sacrificed a lot of things in Bangkok.

It's okay.

You are my only family in this world.

It means you're the most important thing to me.

How long have you known Davin?

We met about eight months ago at a photography exhibition.

But we started dating about two months after that.

He is a nice guy.

He really is.

Have you met his family?

Not yet.

His family lives in Bandung.

His relationship with his family isn't that good.

So, I have a lot to work on with our relationship.

Do you want to use these?

If you listen to music, you can feel calm.

You won't hear the weird noises that can come.

You can wear them.



Riding a train Choo, choo, choo Who wants to get off?

Son, please stop playing.

Get your dad.

Let's have dinner.

Dad, let's eat.

Why are you here?

What do you want?

Do you need help?


What can I help you with?



Riding a train Choo, choo, choo Who wants to get off?


Open the door.

Go away!



What you have witnessed is just the beginning.

Facing the other world means that you have to enter their world completely.

Not just seeing, but also experiencing the supernatural.

Understanding their world.

But they did this to me.

There was a mother, a father, and a son who came to me.

They smelled rotten.

My head and body also felt heavy.

They have shown themselves more than once which means they have something to do.

A rotten smell is the smell of a spirit tainted with evil.

Their negative energy makes us uncomfortable.

The bruise you have is proof that they tried to touch you.

Have you asked what they wanted?

They said...

House means two things, your bodies and the house that you are staying in.

They want to possess you and use your bodies to finish their business in this world.

After that, they will take you to their world as revenge for staying in their house.

Their world is not a pleasant place like heaven.

It's something like hell.

You will forever stay there with them.

This is a detector.

If it spins clockwise, it shows positive energy.

Anti-clockwise, negative energy.

The smaller the movement... the smaller the energy.

The bigger the movement... the bigger the energy.

I cannot explore any further.

Only the residents of this house can communicate with them.

You two.

Because your energies have known one another.

But don't be afraid.

The bad energy of the evil spirit will only increase if you are afraid.

Scared people are easier to possess.


What Alia and Abel are experiencing is real?

I can't see anything.

Those whose third eye is still closed cannot see anything.

The spirits can see us, humans?

Can they see each other?

Some can, some cannot.

Those who can't usually don't realize they are dead.

They always think they are still human.



We have to try this.

They are all bad energy. What for?

Remember what Bu Windu told us.

We have to have faith.

We cannot lose to the fear they give us.

They get stronger if we are weak.

We have to fight them.

You are no longer alone.

We both have opened third eyes.

I believe in you.

Put your hands on the table and hold each other's hands.

Close your eyes and focus.

Tell yourself that you want to communicate with them.

Unite your mind to understand what they mean.

But remember, stay within the boundaries.

So you won't be affected by their negative energy.

Let yourself listen to what they are trying to say.

Do not open your eyes!

Listen to what they are saying and understand them.


They do not want to talk with him.

Hey, who are you?

Quick, call the cops!



They are a family.

Mother, father, and son.

The Sumarno family.

They were robbed.

And they were locked in until they ran out of oxygen.

This happened before your parents bought this house.

They lived here before that.

They don't like you living in their house.

They want you out of the house.

They will keep bothering you, or... they will possess you to get revenge on the murderer.

They have power over this house.

If you stay here for too long, it will be very dangerous.

We inherited this house from our parents.

This is our only house.

I don't have enough money to get out of this house either.

Is there any other way?

We can get them to go to their own world.

But we have to do a ritual to open the portal to their new world.


You cannot be here until everything is over.

It will be too dangerous for you.

Let's hold hands.

We will try to open the portal.

Close your eyes and focus.

The portal isn't open yet.

Let's try again and focus.

Close your eyes.

Sis? Sis!


I don't see them here.

Where are they?





Alia, let go!

Abel! Abel, wake up!

Abel, get the rope!

Alia is possessed.


Bu Windu.

They can possess an empty mind. Don't leave your mind empty.

Alia was too focused on you, that's why she was possessed.

Come here.

Come here, you.

Come here!

Want to get us out of this body?

Want to send us away?

Your place is not in our world!

Then try. Try!

Hold hands. Let's hold hands!

Keep holding hands!

Do you know that man?

Mang Asep.

He is our gardener.

Abel, hold Alia!

Don't let go!


Alia! Abel, hurry!

Alia! Sis!

Alia is going to find Mang Asep and kill him.

We have to stop her!



Sis! Alia!

Sis! Abel, go through the back door!

I'm going to go outside for a while.

Okay, don't take too long. Okay.

Come home soon. All right.

Neng Alia? What brings you here tonight?

Sorry, the light is broken.

Neng Alia?

Neng Alia!

Neng Alia who?

Remember us?

The Sumarno family!

Remember what you did to us?

What have you been doing? My garden is a mess!

My wife's flowers are dead!

What kind of fertilizer did you use?

I'm sorry, Sir. I used the one that you gave me.

You must have used it wrong, right?

Can you even do your job?

My wife, you can relax.

I will receive my salary tomorrow.

It can be used for your surgery.

But after our child is born, we'll need even more money.

Our child's heart isn't normal.

There has to be a way.

Salary? Yes, Sir, it is due.

Sir, please.

I have tried my best in my work.

If I made any mistakes, I apologize.

I will improve, but for now, please.

My wife is about to give birth. Please, Sir.

You can't even do your job! Sir, please.

You're asking for money? In your dreams!

Please, Sir. Get out of my way!

Hey, who are you?

Quick, call the cops! Honey!

Mang Asep.

Does it hurt? I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill anyone!

I'm sorry!

No, don't! I'm sorry!

Don't! Forgive me! No!




Sis! Alia!

Don't, sis!









Abel? Abel!



Abel? Abel, wake up! Abel.

They couldn't take you with them, so they're taking Abel.

Abel is more afraid than you, she is easier for them to take to their world.

They don't want to lose that easily.

They always want to win.


Abel's spirit is now with the evil spirits.

Forever. Abel!

She is still holding on.

She has a strong will to stay with us.

When is she going to recover?

Her condition will drop in time.

There must be a way for her to come back.

She can come back if someone goes to pick her up.

You mean, to the other world?

Astral projection.

Can you bring her home?

I have to guard the gate, so they don't come into our world again.

Then I will bring her home.

Whoever goes there will never come back home.

Unless accompanied by an entity that is like them.

Someone not human.

Alia, haven't you realized?

Abel, what happened to you?

Ma'am, she said she is afraid.

She said she sees something over there.


There is nothing. What did you see, honey?

Don't be scared, sweetie, Mommy is here. It's okay.

Calm down, sweetie. Mommy is here. It's okay.

Calm down, honey.


What's wrong? What did you see?

Nothing, Mom.

I think my eyes tricked me.

Abel, calm down, sweetie.

What about her sister?

She isn't like Abel.

She doesn't realize her ability.

A brave person is usually like that.

But we must tell her. No!

I don't want her to know.

I don't want her to be afraid, even more than Abel.

I can't bear to.

Her third eye is already opened. What are you doing this for?

To enhance her sensitivity.

A closed third eye is like a window with a curtain.

Since you were little, your curtain has been opened halfway.

I helped you open the remaining half.

Before I opened it completely, you have been in encounters with several of them.

Some of them are even friends with you.

A good friend that can accompany you and bring Abel home.

Would you accompany Alia?

Davin, come home, see your dad.

It's been four years.

How long are going to oppose his marriage?

Vin, your father has never forgotten about your mother.

But he needs a life partner.

Those who can't see they are not aware that they are dead.

They still think that they are human.

Those who are unaware that they are different can still touch people, like normal.

Unlike those who already know that they are dead.

No, thanks. I'm almost done.

How long have you been here?

Twenty minutes?

Quit it, Davin!

There is something in this world that is keeping you here.

But now it is all done, right?

You have met your father.

He has let you go, too.

When you talk to someone who is sleeping, they can hear you in their dreams.

Now you just need to say goodbye to someone.

We don't have much time.

Do me a favor, okay?

Let me go.

Remember Abel. She has to come back.

Bu Windu.

If Alia goes there alone, it is too dangerous.

Let me go there alone.

Those who are dead cannot bring the living back home.

Only the living can.

You just need to accompany her so your energy can become one.

They will not recognize Alia because they will be distracted by your energy.

But remember.

When you take Abel and Alia to the road back home, at the intersection, choose the tunnel with the light.

Your place is in a pleasant world, not with the evil.

You have to hold hands, to be one energy. Don't let go.

Or else, they will recognize Alia, capture her, and she will be stranded there.

Hold hands.

Close your eyes.

Hey, are you okay?

That's your way out.

And that is yours.

To a better place.

We have to be strong.

Let's mark the exit.

Now where do we go?

Bu Windu said... the spirits who cannot rest go to darker places.

Riding a train Choo, choo, choo Who wants to get off?

To Bandung, Surabaya You may ride for free

Come on, friend, let's hop on The train doesn't stop for long

Abel! Abel.




Abel, are you okay?

Who put you here? The Sumarno family?


He doesn't want me, he wants you here!


Hold my hand!

Hold my hand! Alia, hold Abel's hand!

Don't let go, they won't know who you are.

That's the mark, let's go!


Abel, you go first.

Go on!

Will we ever meet again?

You have a long life ahead of you.

You will meet more people.

You will have a new love.

I will never forget you.

I will never forget you either, forever.


I know that it's difficult.

But if we love someone, we have to let them go.

Not for our sake.

But for them.

Even if it hurts you.


I met two of them this month at the office.

A man and a woman.

They didn't do anything.

They just observed me.

On and on.

I still cannot understand what they want.

How about the one at your school?

She followed me home.

I told her not to enter the house.

But earlier this morning, she went inside and turned on the shower.

She has been staying at the tree next to the house for a couple of days.

It's natural for them to bother people.

But you have to be careful.

They might have a hidden agenda.

She doesn't smell rotten, though.

What does she look like?

She has a hole on her back.

Have you asked her name?

Her name is Mirah.

You should try asking her.

She might need help.

Why did God give us this ability?

It is his secret.

Whatever God gives to us, good or bad, we have to accept it wholeheartedly.

We even have to be grateful.

Because with it, we are able to live our lives without burden.

Those of us with opened third eyes are here for them.

What's wrong?

Why didn't you tell me?

About Davin.

If I told you earlier, would you have believed me?

Who is it?


Did you follow Abel home?

What do you want?