Matador (1986) Script

Today, the art of killing.

If you've fought the bull well, you must kill it well.

If not, it's a tragedy for both.

The matador doesn't live up to his name and the bull's bravery is betrayed.

The matador first examines the bull from a distance to decide what to do and to see which horn the bull favors.

A good kill comes after good passes with a cape, when the bull stops charging and asks for death.

He shows us his death.

The sword must stab him behind the head in the cross between his shoulders.

We call this point "the needle's eye."

It can't be crooked, it must go straight to the heart and lungs.

There are three ways to enter into the kill.

The first is "receiving."

To kill, the sword must be an extension of the arm, which is bent 90 degrees.

The hand should be at heart level.

We must stab him at the cross or fall prey to the devil.

We move the cape towards his face and goad him towards us.

Always watching his snout, we sink the sword into the cross.

But that's not enough.

To kill a bull like he deserves, he must be killed not just with the sword, but with the heart.

- And you? I'm not wearing clothes.

Very good today.

We want a chance.

- We want to fight bulls. So do I.

It's not my fault you're lame.

- We'll talk later. Maestro.

We're throwing a really wild party tonight.

- Will you come? Not tonight.

You're such a drag!

They're wild tonight.

You have to help me pick up girls.

- You can't do it alone? I've never done it.

- You've never been with a girl? Never.

Treat a woman like a bull.

Let her know who's boss.

- Give me that. Don't...

That's my lunch!

It's an amanita.

- What's wrong? It's very poisonous.

- How do you know? Look.

The color of the cap and the stalk.

Throw them away, they're dangerous.

You got dizzy when I talked about women.

You're still pale.

No, clouds give me vertigo, you know?

Can I have some water for a pill?

Sure, of course.

Pills don't take away fear.

I'm not afraid of death. Not of mine.

Fear is normal, it gives you courage.

- Did you feel afraid? Yes, it's part of the game.

Don't fear fear.

Your girlfriend?

Ava Gardner. You don't see movies?

No, my family's very religious.

I've spent my life praying and exercising.

I recognize her.


She's my neighbor.

You like her?

She's very pretty.

But those models are so stuck-up.

Eva's different.

- You know her? She is my girlfriend.

What a coincidence.

- How about a game of pool? Okay.

You do well with women, don't you?

Being an ex-matador excites them.

Why do you want to be a matador? You're not like the others.

Well, I don't know.

I guess I like danger.

And if I have to die, dying in the bullring is much more exciting.

Isn't it?

You're too young to think about that.

What does that matter?

You should think of killing, not of dying.

Your turn.

I don't know how to play.

I promised my mom I'd go home and study.

Angel, - I'm just curious. Yes?

Do you like guys?


Why did you ask?

Most kids your age have been with a girl.

My age! My age! Why does everyone treat me like an idiot?

- Sorry I asked. I'll show you I'm no fag!

- You don't have to show me anything. I will!



What are you doing?

I told you not to lock yourself in!


Where are you going?

To get some air.

Open your window.

I'll be right back.

Dinner's in an hour. Don't be late.

Treat a woman like a bull.

Let her know who's boss.

What are you doing? Let go of me!

You pig!

I'm sorry.

Son of a bitch!

Come on, take your shower!

Hurry up.


Stop looking in the mirror.

I go through too many pantyhose.

Lord, bless the noodle soup, the filet of sole and...

- And? Custard.

And the custard we receive through Christ our Lord.

You're a disaster.

Falling down! Did anyone see you?

I don't know.

By the way, when will you see the priest?

I don't know.

That was a condition for living here again.


Why the wait?

Two months without going to church!

This isn't a hotel. There are rules here.

I won't pay for a life of luxury and dissipation.

If you can't be pious, I don't want to see you.


I don't mind being alone because I'm not alone.

What? Do I bore you?

No, I was just thinking.

About what?

Nothing. About...

The storm.

The storm.

You make my life a storm.

You might be crazy like your father.

May he rest in peace.

I think I'm crazy, too.

You do?

I need a psychiatrist.

You don't need a psychiatrist, you need a father confessor.

You'll go tomorrow. Now eat.


Allow us to feel, Lord our God, upon receiving you, relief for our body and soul.

Through Christ our Lord.

The Lord is with you.

- And also with you. And also with you.

The blessing of almighty God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

- be with you all. Amen.


Go in peace.

Thanks be to God.


Tell him you want to confess.

He'll like that.

I'll wait at home.

Come on.

Go to the sacristy.

I want to see you go.


Hello, Father.

Well! You've finally come back.

We've missed you.

I want to confess.

Good, son, it's about time. Wait for me outside.


- Hello. What do you need?

- I want to see a detective. What for?

To turn myself in for raping a girl.

Some women are lucky.

Right there, the one with the photo.

Thank you.

Come in.

- Good morning. What do you want?

To report a rape.

- You were raped? No, I was the rapist.

- Are you sure? Yes.

Come in and tell me what you did.


It smells good. Wet paint.


- Police. Police.

- So what? Eva Soler lives here?

Of course. Why?

She was raped last night.

My daughter? lmpossible.

She would have told me. See you later.

One moment.

Someone's here.

What is it, Mom?

- Nothing. Go to your room. Nothing? She's hurt.

Come over here.

I slipped on the mud.

Remember the storm? It was huge.

If he goes free, he may rape you again.

First, he didn't rape me.

- See? And if he touches me again, - I'll castrate him. She means it.

Come with us to the station.

How can we come with you with the house like it is?

I'm painting and I have no one to help me with it.

Don't make this difficult.

I have an audition.

We have an audition. And the house is a mess.

That's enough, ma'am. Be quiet.

Don't shout at me or I'll smack you.

It won't take long.

If you don't mind, we'll need to get ready.

We can't go to the station dressed like this.

First they rape you, then you have to talk about it!

Make yourselves at home.

Close the door, let's keep this private.

- Have a seat. We're in a hurry.

Let's start, please.

Very well.

Are you Eva Soler?

- Yes, I am. I'm her mother.

- You know Angel Jim泄nez? Yes.

We're neighbors.

You're very bad, Angel. Look at her before her audition!

Ma'am, please don't interrupt.

Did Angel rape you?

No. He tried to.

He says he did.

No. He came between my legs.

I understand.

Tell me exactly what happened.


- You can wait outside. Who, me?

This is disagreeable for a mother.

Well, it's not fun, but I'm no child and we have no secrets.

It's not the first time.

We've had three attempted rapes.

- Or four? Three.

Tell me about it.

I left home, and I imagine Angel followed me...

- What time? 8:00.

Are you sure? Think about it, it's important.

Yes. I had a date.

Fine. Go on.

He took me to an alley.

He had a knife.

You know the rest.

- While he was trying... He ejaculated.

He ejaculated.

Anything else?

At the end he apologized, then he fainted.

That cut...

He did that?

No, I slipped in the mud.

Can we go now?

One moment. Do you want to prosecute?

No. What for?

You have to!

Quiet! You've gone too far.

Think about your mother.

She's so pious.

I'm sorry, ma'am, really I am.

Well, control yourself a bit.

If we weren't in the station, I'd tell you a few things.




It's strange. He looks so happy.

What's wrong?

Never seen a corpse?

I've seen a lot.

Why are you trembling?

- Did you know him? Yes.


Where from?

I killed him.


In his house.

He was very excited.

He just wanted to have me.

He undressed immediately, and when he tried to penetrate me, I killed him.

What about him?

Did you know him, too?


More or less the same thing.

Tell me about yourself. What do you do?

My mom makes me study agronomics.

But I want to be a bullfighter.

- You like bullfights? Yes.

I go to Diego Montes' classes.

She thinks I go to a gym.

Diego Montes.


I'll show you some photos.

Study them carefully, please.

Take your time.

Do you know them?

Yes, from the bullfighting classes.

I killed them, too.


You know me?

No, I don't think so.

My name is Mar薪a Cardenal. I'm your lawyer.

Why are you defending me?

I think you're innocent.

You're wrong.

I'm guiltier than you can imagine.

Ask my mother.

I will. There's only proof you tried to rape Eva Soler.

That's not serious? She's my maestro's girl.

By the way, call him and tell him I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

He's Diego Montes, the bullfighter, right?

Yes. Do you know him?

I've seen him bullfight.

Was he as good as they say?

He was the best.

Back to the matter at hand.

I'll make the decisions from now on.

You understand?

Fine. I'll do whatever you tell me.

That's my boy.

Don't accuse yourself of more murders.

Four is enough.

You're right.

Close your eyes. Play dead.

Forty Spaniards are listed as missing.

Police have arrested the man who raped Eva Soler, Angel Jim泄nez.

Bastards! They announced it!

... and Ana Vela, whose bodies have not been found, and the murders of Ra褗I Ord褍褋ez and Pedro Soto.

Attorney Mar薪a Cardenal will defend him.

Naturally, certain feminists have complained because a woman is defending this monster.

"The Spanish Constitution guarantees all citizens a defense, "

Ms. Cardenal dared to declare, showing truly repugnant cynicism.


- Will you take me home? Yes.

- Amazing. I don't believe it.

Why not?

If he were a killer, he wouldn't have fainted, he'd have killed me.

Poor girl. It must have been horrible.

- Let's forget it. The police will remind me.

- Did they call you? Not yet, but they will.

Can I have some blood sausage?


I feel sorry for Angel.

Don't be naive. He threatened you with a knife.

- Are you jealous? Angel is crazy.

So am I, about you.

Let's go.


Is Mrs. Jim泄nez in?

Well... Wait, I'll go and see.

Ma'am, the woman we saw on TV wants to see you.

I can't receive her.

She's already received.

Tell her I'm busy.

I have enough problems as it is.

All right.

Madam isn't in.

What do you mean? I heard her.

She can't receive you, she has a visitor.

I'll wait, then.

All right, then. What do you want?

I'm Mar薪a Cardenal.


I'm defending your son.

He must accept God's punishment.

God isn't the one who's trying him.

Are you an atheist, by chance?

Are we going to talk here or sit down?

All right, come in.

I have nothing to say.

And I won't pay you.

I want to talk about Angel, not money.

- Your son... He's not my son.

A raping, murdering monster can't be my son.

God can't expect that.

Forget God for a moment.

I need information.

I did everything I could to save him.

He wasn't like others, he had terrible visions as a child.

Evil was already inside him.

I tried to teach him to fear himself, but to no avail.

Ma'am, do you understand your son's situation?

Do you understand mine?

You're not in jail.

Pain and shame can also be a prison.

How can a mother not defend her child?

There are some people that you can't defend.

Right, I'd never defend someone like you.



I can't see you. Can you see me?

Damned traitor!

I want to see her.



You always said you could be flexible, I didn't believe you.

- I love you. Don't cry, Pearl.

Don't cry anymore.

I had to do it. I had to.

Let me... Let me hold you.

- Let me... Yes, hold me.

Hold me.

Come to me.

If you need an apartment, our classified ads offer a selection...

Why are you following me?

This is the men's. Did you see the sign?

Don't trust appearances.

I'll buy you a drink somewhere nicer.

I'm not thirsty, but I want to talk, too.

It's all yours?

I bought it from the city.

It's very tranquil. And sinister.

- Do you like it? Yes, very much.

It must have been expensive.

Money doesn't matter to me. I made a lot then.

But it wasn't easy.

I don't do things because they're easy.

You like bulls?

- I prefer bullfighters. I'm glad.

- I really like a good bullfight. Me, too.

- Give it to me. No.

Some blood sausages?

Something more personal.

If these will do...

They'll have to do.

- You use videos? I tape their bullfights.

Angel. I was with him today at the prison.

I saw you on TV.

Why defend him? He says he's guilty.

He didn't act consciously.

And when he raped my girlfriend?

He tried to imitate his maestro.

That kid is dangerous.

Maybe, but he's so lonely.

I'm lonely, too.

You're dangerous, too.

You wanted to kill me.

I have a right to defend myself.

Give me back the pin.

No, I think I deserve to have it.

You can't hesitate at the moment of the kill.

Bullfighting's golden rule.

Well, if this is a wedding dress, then...

Cover up the scar. They'll think I beat her.

No. Disfigure this side of her face.

No one disfigures my child!

- She'll be lovely. Mom!

Is this a fashion show or examples of anti-cosmetic surgery?

It's a massacre, ma'am.

- Francisco Montesinos? Yes.

- Great! How vulgar!

- I heard you. I know.

I'd like to interview you.

- Tomorrow. I'll be brief.

- You're not ready! Very brief.

Go ahead.

First of all, why is the show's title "Divided Spain"? Why?

This country's divided.

Algeria, get dressed!

- Divided in how many parts? Two, basically.

What are they?

The envious and the intolerant.

Elvira, get ready!

- Which side do you belong to? Both.

- Interesting. And you?

I've told you not to shoot up in the dressing rooms!

We're almost finished, man.

If you have to do it, go to the bathrooms.

Why these models...

- Well... It's not real.

Don't worry, it looks great on you. Go out like that.

- Like that? Sure, she's a pro.

- It's hot. Let's see.

Okay, Juan, you stay in the back, lying down, and make sure we can see the cape.

Why does he get killed? Who kills him?

The girl in red.

- Why? He beats her.

She doesn't love him and she's cranky.

And that's why she's so bloody?

- That's right. Interesting.

So you don't believe in marriage?

Marriage is necessary, otherwise there wouldn't be wedding dresses.

That's beautiful.

I have to go, I'm busy.

- Francis, the gun. Hide it wherever you can.

At the end, they kill you.

Mom, go look for Diego.

Yes, I can't stand all this genius.

- Hi. Hi. How are they doing?

It's a madhouse.

I'd never be a model, whatever they say.

- Sunflower seeds? No, thanks.


The girl with the braid.

I have a braid, too. But not so showy.

- It looks good. Thank you.

You know who it is?

Angel's lawyer.

I didn't know lawyers liked fashion.

She's a bit slutty.

But she is pretty, I admit that.

Excuse me, Pilar.

I don't like this at all!


I saw a suicide from here once.

I felt strange, empty and outside my body.

I come here often.

You and I are similar. We're both obsessed with death.

Everyone is.

Not the way you are.

- What if I hadn't grabbed your hand? And if I hadn't defended myself?

Diego, are you coming?

Not now.

The goring again? You're so morbid.

- We have to talk. Some other day.

- It has to be now. What is it?

I got a job in Japan for two months.

- My mom's happy, but I'm not. It's good for your career.

Fuck my career. I don't want to leave you alone.

You'd be better off.

- What's wrong? Nothing's wrong.

It's that woman.

It can't be.

You left the show together.

- Don't deny it. I don't.

- Don't play games with me. Don't you.

- Go, I want to be alone. Fine, I'm going.



He's had a few bad days, but he's a good person.

I wouldn't leave him if he asked me to.



Who is it?

- Diego. I need to see you. No.

- Why not? Because.

Don't call me. I don't want to see you.


You work here, too?

Yes, twice a week.

- Is Mar薪a in? I think so.

Give this to her when I leave.

- What is it? A surprise.

I'll take care of it.

- Where's her office? In the back.

But here's her secretary.

- Yes? I have an appointment.

- What's your name? Diego Montes.

She didn't say anything.

She can be reserved.

Wait here, but I doubt she can see you.

This cocky gentleman wants to see you.

I said wait there!

- Just close the door, please. Okay.

- I didn't want to see you. We must talk.

- Is it that urgent? Yes.

Not here, I'm working.

What do you want?


Can I have my pin?

You only care about your damn pin!

Is this blackmail?

Let's be frank.

- Why are you afraid? You know why.

Please go.

We're condemned to each other.

Not even we can avoid it.

Go. If you don't go, I'll shoot myself.


This is from Diego.

He gave it to me before coming in.

- You didn't tell him about... No. Leave me alone.



- These are amanitas, right? They're very poisonous.

Look at the cap, you see?

It holds the poison.

- Can I take one? Yes, but careful.

- Don't eat it. Don't worry.

Detective del Valle. Is the maestro in?

He's in the ring with the kids.

- Shall I get him? No.

Does he live here?


He gives theory lessons downstairs.

Let's go take a look.

How long have you worked for him?

Since he started bullfighting. After the goring, I came here to help.

I live in the house next to the garden.

- With your family? Do you live with your family?

They're in Toledo, I go there on weekends.

And this sausage?

"Angel Jim泄nez."

"Angel Jim泄nez."

Two policemen are here, watching.

- Where? Behind the leaves.

One's a detective. They snooped around.


Good afternoon.

I'm Detective del Valle. I'm on your classmate's case.

I'm Diego Montes.

Yes, I know.

- Will you be long? No, we finish at 7:00.

Remember the class of the 27th?

Angel's last day at the school.

I remember.

The maestro was showing us how to kill.

Did he go straight home after class?

Did he talk to any of you?

We talked. He said he had to study.

Now, this.

Look at it.

Does it belong to anyone?

Look carefully.

It's nice. You've never seen it?

You haven't seen Anabel and Esther...

- Dom薪nguez. ...since they disappeared?

- They're dead. How do you know?

The newspapers say so.

Maybe. There's no proof.

You must know Angel Jim泄nez's situation.

I'd like you to tell me about him, anything you like.


Well, if you suddenly get back your memory, I'll be at the Tetu斜n station, okay?


- Yes, yes. Yes, yes.

Good, you can continue.

You look good.


can I talk to you?

- Wait in the car. Okay.

- Is that from the goring? Yes. And yours?

Mine is psychological.

Do you think Angel is homosexual?

- What? You knew him well, right?

No, I didn't. I just gave him classes.

But he was upstairs that last night.

For some water. What are you getting at?

Nothing. You gave him classes and water.

For a pill. We talked five minutes.

- What about? Women.

That night he tried to rape Eva.

What about that?

He's a son of a bitch.

I don't know.

It's hard to classify him. He's out of the ordinary.

That's true.

The other day he said he really admired you.

- Really? Yes.

I don't understand.

Remember when your two girl students disappeared?

One three months ago, the other four.

Do you remember if it was on a weekend?

We don't have class on weekends.

All right.

- Where did you get the amanita? The bullfighting school.

Citrina or phaloides?

Citrina, can't you tell?

How are you doing with Angel Jim泄nez?

The kid has a guilt complex.

No wonder, with that mother.

Could he be a killer?

You only care if he did it or not, not about his motives.

Motives? Why is this mushroom poisonous?

It's its nature. Just like our nature.

Evil's inside it.

- And good. But good is boring.

People aren't mushrooms.

No, people are more complicated.

I can't believe you can't feel anything for Angel.

- I feel great curiosity. Only that?

In all my cases, I wish some people were guilty and others innocent.

As far as Angel goes, I'd like him to be innocent.

See? You're not as bad as you seem.

- Let's sleep together tonight. I said no.

We don't have to fuck, just hold me.


He can't hear out of one ear, that gives him vertigo.

- An operation? There's no need.

The other one's fine.

Don't bother him today, he'll be dizzy. Let him rest.

Doctor, could vertigo make someone so hypersensitive that...

Doctor, people don't kill because they're a bit deaf.

Often mental problems have physical roots.

We have to talk about the pin.

- All right? Okay.

- Is it really yours? Yes.

Why would you want that nice pin?

To kill with.

- Where did you buy it? That doesn't matter.

It does. I need to know in order to help you.

Can't they leave me alone?

I'd like to live in the desert.


With no one around.

I can't sleep.

I hear the knives go in and out, the pins pierce the neck, the shots echo in my head.

I can't take it anymore, I can't take it.

So much killing in this town!

I don't care about crimes in Madrid.

Only yours.

Angel is in no condition to be questioned.

He knows more than he's saying.

- He's with his lawyer. "In no condition," eh?

Ana was beautiful.

I trained with her all day and I got very excited.

After the class, she waited for me on the platform, naked.

And there, I strangled her, while I had her.

And Esther Dom薪nguez?

I killed her in the tub.

Where are the bodies?

I buried them in the garden.

- By yourself? Yes.

Let's go look, then.

- You were listening. Yes.

I'll deny it in court.

- I have a witness. I didn't hear anything.


You're all ridiculous and sentimental!

At least I have feelings!

And you seem to have too many.

- Too many what? Feelings.

Come on, Angel.

Show the detective the bodies.

Maybe he'll calm down.

Angel can't leave, he has vertigo.

He needs a shot first.

Go on, what are you waiting for?

Get in, scumbag!

Where did you bury them?

Hurry up!

Look, a russula.

- A russula. A cyanoxantha. I see.

Come and help him dig.

Start with the picks.

Get back, son.

Here they are.


Get the body bags.

- Now what can we do? I don't know.

It's a challenging case.

Maestro, I want to apologize for what I did to Eva.

Compared to this, it's nothing.


- No hard feelings? No.

Trust me.

- Am I in danger? Yes.

- Let's go. But trust me.

- Take Angel to the car. Let's go, Angel.

Why must you trust him?

- He still thinks I'm his maestro. Aren't you?

I didn't teach him to dig.

How could he bury two bodies here without your knowledge?

He'd need four hours. I'm not always here.

- That's a bad argument. So is yours.

- Get better evidence against me. I will.

I'll get better arguments.

We'll see.

I suspected it, but I wasn't sure until today.

I want to show you something.

I've never brought anyone here before.

It's wonderful.

I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes.

Careful, there's a step.

I can't see.


You can open your eyes.

My suit!

How did you get it?

From your sword handler.

And what about all this?

Your maid stole it and sold it to me.

Why didn't I ever see you?

How long have you collected my things?

Since I first saw you kill.


I've looked for you in all the men I've loved.

I tried to imitate you while I was killing them.

Why didn't you contact me?

I didn't know you were still a matador.

I tried to avoid it, but I couldn't.

Giving up killing was like giving up living.

Men think killing is a crime.

We women don't see it that way.

Every criminal has a feminine side.

And every killer, a masculine one.

I've waited so long for this, I feel like I'm dreaming.

But since I met you I haven't slept.

I can't sleep either.

That means I don't live.

I feel I won't sleep if you exist.

I won't live if you live.

Your son can't be guilty of at least one of the murders.

He was at his class.

You confirm he came home afterwards.

Yes, but what about the other three?

There's evidence.

The more there is, the less guilty I think he is.

Interesting method you have.

- Angel's hiding things. That's news.

Talk to him, he won't lie to you.

He's been lying to me for the last 22 years.

Just like his father, may he rest in peace.

Then talk to his psychiatrist.

Let's go to the hospital.

I want to be present.

Come on, bed three is clean.

Jesus, he's fainted.

Slap him a couple of times.


- Idiot! What happened?

- We came in and he fainted. He's weak.

- Get some smelling salts. Yes.

He hardly eats.

No, it's seeing that other patient.

He can't stand blood.

He can't stand the sight of blood?

No. He's not like me.

He's a coward, like his father.

He'd never flagellate himself.

One drop of blood, he'd faint.

Do you see what you're saying?

Of course. I'm his mother.

- And you think he's a killer? I wouldn't be surprised.

How could he be if he can't stand blood?

I don't know.

The devil has many tricks.

Remember that.

Poor Angel.

- The smelling salts. He doesn't need them.

With the eclipse, the sky will go dark and the stars will become visible.

Birds will fly to their nests and animals return to their lairs, thinking night has come.

They won't suspect the sun will shine again in a few minutes, upsetting these irrational beings, slaves to their instincts.

What a universe!

Because of the eclipse, our country will be visited by many scientists...

Want to go to a movie?

- Not getting up today? No.

- Because of the eclipse? What?

It was just on TV.

You're a bit out of it.

Is it because of Diego? Forget him.

You could catch something better, a lawyer, senator, or dentist.

It would be easier.

Get one for yourself.

Don't make my mistake.

At your age, I was pretty, too.

Mom, I love him.

I loved your dad. What good was that?

- Hello? Eva, it's Diego.

I was thinking about you.

I left your things with Mariano. Come get them.

- We have to talk. It wouldn't do any good.

- I'm having an awful time. It would be worse if we stayed together.

- But... I'm sorry.


You have to try harder, honey.

Leave me alone! Go!

Eva, dear, you've been in there for half an hour.

Open up, I'm getting worried.

I made gazpacho for you.

- You look so pale. Are you all right? It's my makeup.

- You look dead. Good.

Help me with this.

Here. Don't step on it.

- Where are you going? For a walk.

Then you wonder why they rape you.

- You're going to him? None of your business.


What you put me through!

- Hi. Hello, Eva.

Diego's not here. He left a bag for you.

I came for it.

I was just leaving.

On the early bus, because of the eclipse.

No, no, wait.

Let me in. I have to talk to him and it's cold out.

How can you go out half-naked?

Let me go in.

He'll be angry with me.

- He told me not to. Mariano, please.

Go in, and what will be, will be. You two work it out.




- Where's the poster? Behind the board.

Don't worry. Mariano didn't see you kill or bury them.

No, the girls disappeared on a weekend and the police know Mariano was in Toledo.

Always worried. They have nothing on you.

- How did Angel know? I don't know.

But he won't talk.

I know police tactics.

They're waiting for you to get nervous and make a mistake.

So what are we waiting for? Why prolong it?

Since I met you, I'm on the edge of a huge orgasm.

I like prolonging it.

They know now Angel couldn't have killed the men.

They won't suspect me, no one saw me with them.

Only with you.

You're my only danger.

It would be absurd for the police to catch us now.

That's not our plan.

I want you to give Angel a cape.

I'm too excited to think.

- I need a week to get things ready. Not a minute more.

Do you want it as much as I do?

More. I've waited longer for it than you have.

You'll need a bag.

- What's wrong? I'm impatient.

- Any message for Angel? Yes.

Tell him thanks.

Only a desperate man would say that.

I'm desperate.

Call me at the office.

We'll prepare things tonight.

Eva, come out!

I warned you.

Why didn't you listen?

I heard it all.

I shouldn't have trusted you.

You'll have to now. Your future depends on me.

And yours on me.

You're not afraid?

I'm only afraid that you'll leave me.

I never wanted to mix you up in this.


Just go and forget me.

I don't want to forget you. I can't.

- I love you. You'll get over it.

You have your life ahead of you.

I don't want to. It's that woman's fault.

- She drove you crazy. I am crazy.

- There's no fixing that. There is, trust me.

Forget me and what you heard.

I will if you stay with me. We'll bullfight together.

Eva, I don't want to hurt you.

Don't make it more difficult.

We can save our love.

- You really believe that? Yes.

I can rebuild it, trust me.

Just give me a chance.

Fine, rebuild it.

Let me stay here.

No, I'm too nervous today. Come tomorrow.

You'll go to her office.

- No. Promise me.

I promise, but you promise you'll forget what you heard.

Keep your word, I'll keep mine.

Remember our deal.


Eva was hiding here and heard it all.

Didn't you break up with that brat?

- Yes, but... How did she react?

I promised to go back to her, but I don't think she believed me.

I knew she'd bring us problems.

We can't wait any longer.

We have to buy something, right?

I'll see you at the Almirante jewelry store.

Don't take too long.

I won't, dear.

I'm leaving.

He's waiting for you.

On Monday. I'm sorry.

Send this to Angel Jim泄nez.

- Is anything wrong? No. The eclipse.

- We must talk. Come back on Monday.

You're going to him, you bitch.

- I heard it all. So what?

- You're in my hands. Really?

You know you are.

- What do you want? Leave him.

Diego needs me.

Wouldn't it be dangerous for you to be with him?

- I'm not afraid. You have no idea.

He was fine before he met you.

Except for the murders.

He had a crisis after the goring, but he's better. I love him.

You can't give him what he needs.

Diego belongs to another species. Mine.

I'll tell the police. You're lost without me.

No one will believe you or what's between us.

"When two heavenly bodies meet, "their light seems to go out, "but in their brief convergence, "they acquire a new luminosity, "black and ardent."

An eclipse. How beautiful!

Something horrible is going to happen today.

The eclipse is affecting you.

We must do something.

I have a not very scientific theory.

Every time you have vertigo, you enter an almost hypnotic state.

I'd like to know what's happening to you.

We have to stop it.

We could operate on your ear.

It's Diego.

Can you see him?

He's with Mar薪a. They're in danger.

What else?

They've stopped to buy flowers.

The flowers are dangerous?

I'll buy you a car like that.

- Buy some flowers, handsome. Roses.

Grab them, I'm holding the baby.

Another bunch, you can afford it.

Thanks, big spender. I'll read your palm, too.

What a pity.

You're his girlfriend. This isn't revenge?

I told you. Why not go and see?

Don't worry, I will.

- Yes? Hi, it's me.


Angel says Diego's in danger.

You too? What's with you women today?

He's with Mar薪a.

- How do you know? Angel told me.

He saw them out the window?

Angel sees more than we do.

You'll drive me nuts.

Eva's here and she accused Diego and Mar薪a of the murders.

So something is happening. Wait for us.

What's going on?

I wish I knew.

So do something.

- Here they are. We must hurry.

- Yes. Hold on.

- They're getting away. Wait.

Eva says they left half an hour ago.

- They'd be out of Madrid. Not yet.

- You cut your hair! Don't you like it?

- Angel, can you really see them? Yes.

- Where are they now? To the left of a tunnel.

- A tunnel? Now by a fountain with birds.

Plaza Mariano de Cavia.

- The road to Valencia. Valencia?

Get an arrest warrant and go to Diego's house.

- And Mar薪a? Check her office and home.

I hate making a fool out of myself, so you'd better be right.

- Now where? Straight towards Valencia.

- You still see the car? Yes. They're near a factory.

The Chinch褍n distillery.

Why do you believe him?

The eclipse has hypnotized you.

Some things are beyond reason. This is one of them.

Home at last.

Help me set this up.

- Sure. So long planning this and now we're unprepared.

I've felt this scar in me for so long.

But I've never kissed it before.

Wait for me in heaven, my love If you get there first Wait for me, I'll be there soon Wherever it is you are Wait for me in heaven, my love If you get there first

Wait for me, I'll be there soon To start all over again

Our love is so great So great that it will Never end

And life is so short that it's not enough For our romance That's why I beg you Please Wait for me in heaven There among cotton clouds We'll build our nest

I've never been kissed like that.

Till now, I've made love alone.

I love you more than my own death.

Do you want to see me dead?

Yes, and for you to see me dead.

You hear them?

Yes, she says, "I've never been kissed like that.

"Till now, I've made love alone.

"I love you more than my own death.

"Do you want to see me dead?"

What does he answer?

"Yes, and for you to see me dead."

Look at me.

Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at how I die.

Look at me, look at me.

The eclipse!

- I couldn't save him. Nobody could have.

It's better this way.

I've never seen anyone so happy.