Mau Jadi Apa? (2017) Script


My name is Soleh Solihun.

A student in Communication Faculty...

A student in Communication Faculty... JATINANGOR, WEST JAVA, 30 AUGUST 1997

...of Padjajaran University. JATINANGOR, WEST JAVA, 30 AUGUST 1997 And here I was, having just finished...

Syel? Syel?

I just had a wet dream. / That's nice.

Was she pretty?

I'm serious, Syel. What am I supposed to do?

Well, you must marry her, or else it will be a fornication.

Fine, I need to take a bath.

Don't tell anyone.


Syel? What's wrong with Soleh?

He had a wet dream

Soleh had a wet dream. / Wow, lucky him!


Soleh, you're not taking a junub bath?

Who's taking a junub bath?

I'm just checking the toilet.

This is it?

Well, what do you expect?

I'm not going in there.

You're embarrassing, so gross.

Wink, wink. Somebody's having fun.

Soleh, who were you dreaming about? Pamela Anderson?

Go marry her, Leh. I feel sorry about her.

David Hasselhoff!

One thing for sure, a few months before I passed through that sleeping bag...

...I had to pass through the important thing.

My name is there.

Yes, there it is!

Soleh, that's what I'm talking about. Now your father is no longer ashamed.

If anyone in my office ask...

..."What college is Soleh in?" Soleh is now accepted... State University UmPad.

UnPad. / Yes, that's what I meant.

Come, come, come.

My family was so excited,...

...the celebration party last for two whole days.

Much obliged, ladies. Praise be to Allah.

Praise be to Allah.

Please pray for me, ladies and gentlemen.

Amen. / They pray for me.

Ros, I need to pee!

Look what you did! You made me wet myself!

Why me? / Enough, later.

Are you alright?

I'm alright.

She was really frantic.

I know, she really need to go.

Hey, we're wearing the same shirt.

Oh yeah, you're a Slanker too? / Yeah.

You're a fan of Slank too?

Okay then, I need to go. / Okay.


I finally found a beautiful Slanker that I can marry.

Fikom 1! / Fikom, Fikom, Fikom!

Please remove your masks.

Good morning. / Morning.

This morning, my fellow committee and I received a special news.

Extraordinary and shocking.

So, among you who are suffering right now... of your colleague was instead experiencing pleasure.

Solidarity among freshmen must be maintained.

Regarding to that matter, may the person please step forward...

...and apologize to your fellow classmates

Nobody wants to come clean?

Okay, I will pick the person.

Come on, who was it? Still don't want to confess?


Was it true that last night you had a wet dream?

Yes, I did, Brother.

You are selfish and ungentlemanly.

Now come forward and apologize to your fellow classmates.

But it was consensual.

And it was in my dream.

Why do I have to apologize for real?

It was early, and already I got embarrassed in front of my future wife.

If it goes like this...


Take me to the front, Man.

Not a motorbike taxi, Man. / Are you sure?

Yes, not a driver. / Are you serious? / I'm serious.

You look like one. / And you don't look like a driver?

Perhaps you are wondering, why Soleh in his 20's... played by Soleh in his 30's?

We planned to cast Reza Rahadian.

I'm sure Reza Rahadian would be perfect to play as Soleh Solihun.

But Reza Rahadian has been cast for main roles for too many times, right?

While I've never had one.

Well, better take the role myself.

Besides, my face then looks older than my face now.


Here's your change.

Yes, thank you, Ma'am. / You're welcome.


To the campus. / Hold it! Hold it!

Now wait a minute! You said this is not a motorbike taxi!

Well, it isn't! / Then why are you taking a passenger?

This is my friend! / Your friend?

Nope, taxi. / See? You discriminate!

I don't discriminate! I'm not a driver, I'm a college student.

What's the matter? / This driver discriminate.

Hey, Man, if you're a motorbike driver, don't discriminate.

You're a driver, right? / No. / He's not a driver.

Is he a driver? / Yes. / See, he's a driver!

A student. / Then why aren't you carrying a bag?

Do people have to go to college with bags?

Do they carry bags? / I'm unemployed.

Are you a student? / Yes. / See? Are you carrying a bag? / Here.

See? That means you're a driver!

I don't go to college carrying a bag, I carry my spirit.

Really, I don't know him. He's a driver. / See? A driver!

You're a student, right? / Taxi! Taxi!

This one, right? Rhetorics? Everything's okay?

Do you have a class? / Morning. / A morning class? Me too.

You want a refill?

Are you having a class? It's Mr. Dadang today, right?

Hey, did you submit the assignments?

Leh, Syel, give me a hand, will you?

In this campus, there are many students.

But I think we're the only ones pushing a car like this.

Leh, keep pushing. Stop talking to yourself.

Now, viewers, I think this is the right time to introduce... friends who are pushing this car.

Come on, guys. Push the car. / Now, this is Lukman.

A Padang-born Bandungnese, silent but deadly.

This one is Eko. He's from Jakarta.

A sarcastic music fanatic.

And then we have Syarief, whose mouth is a s big as his thingy.

We used to call him Arab, until one day, something happened...

...that made us stop calling him Arab.

Hello? May I speak with Arab?

Arab? Which Arab?

We're all Arabs here.

After hundreds of years, we regain our independence!

But why are you all so feeble?

This pretty one is Fey, a Bataknese-German mixture.

I still don't understand why a pretty girl like her hung out with guys like us.

Now, do you remember this twerp?

His name is Marsyel. He's been my friend since high school.

Always acting retro. His idol is Ali Topan.

Why? Why?

Where's your spirit? The spirit of a warrior!

Enough! You're so noisy! I'm exhausted!

Leh, I don't think Ali Topan pushes cars like this.

I don't think Ali Topan looks anything like you, Syel.


Like I said, where's your spirit?

Where's your warrior soul, Leh? Where?

You know I'm high spirited, Fey. Look at Eko there.

He's not pushing with his strength.

What? Everybody push using strength.

What, do you think I use plink-plunk?

The beating sound of my drum.

Lukman! Why don't you just sell this car?

Think before you speak.

This car was handed down to my old man. This is a legendary car!

What legend? Chrisye?

Iwan Fals, he's a legend.

Ricky Yacob? / Robby Darwis, I'm his fan.

Djajang Nurjaman. / Enough.

Come on, keep pushing the car.

You have a crystal clear cheerleader, why are you still disheartened?

Come on, to the campus. / Crystal clear?

Sir, am I a vocal group member?


Sir, what the heck? / Sir, why aren't you helping us?

That huge figure's just for carrying that beard? / I know, right?

One thing the six of us have In common...

...we still don't know exactly what do we want to be.

RESERVE PLAYERS RESERVE PLAYERS' RESERVE RESERVE PLAYERS' RESERVE We tried to be athletes, but we have short breath.

We tried to be athletes, but we have short breath.

Where's your spirit? If you have faith,...

...after this game, you can be real players!

Your body maybe weak, but keep your prayers and faith strong!


By opening our heart, by Allah's will, we can understand...

We tried to join mosqe community, but we are sleepy heads Goodness.

You can do it, Syel!

We tried to join the explorer club, but we're afraid of height.


What are we doing here? / Hey, Ko, this is a part of the history.

We will be remembered in history if we take part in this action.

Yes, but how long do we have to stay here?

Well, until Soeharto listen to us, what's wrong with you?

Our nation unites, we cannot be defeated!


We tried to be activists,...

But we have different priorities.

Hey, let's get out of here. / You said until Soeharto listen to us?

Soeharto already heard it from UI boys. Depok is closer to Jakarta.

Syel, it's Putri, Syel.

Where? Where? / There.

Syel, go after her.

Ew, would a pretty girl like her like an uncle like you?

Let him be, he needs a girl. Come on, Syel. Hurry.

Always chasing Putri.

Better than Putra. / I'm so tired.

Hey, how's my cut middle?

What? / My hair separation.

I'll go with you. Putri is closing in. / You're wrong.

Part middle, part middle. / Buy me some leather jacket, Pan.

Hey, do you stink? After pushing the car?

I smell good, Leh. / Hurry, I'm right behind you.

Wish me luck, okay? / Okay, from here. / Yeah.


What are you doing? / I'm reading the bulletin board.

You didn't attend Mr. Sahlan's class yesterday, did you?

Well, I happen to have a copy of the lecture materials. Do you want it?

Wow, thanks.

I've been asking the others guys for this.

There are loads of them. Want me to explain?

Okay. / Let's go.

Okay, thanks. / You're welcome.

You may have the same lecture material.

But the facial material is different, Syel.

Putri, an adolescent girl who just opened her eyes.

She becomes wild because she wants to look cool.

And deemed trendy.

Your latest edition received praises from my colleagues.

Really? / Yes. / Thank you, Miss.

Because Fakta Jatinangor is critical.

Observant of sociocultural changes, that's what we need in times like this.

The contents are actual, factual.

This is the kind of publishing I've been waiting for. Fakta Jatinangor.

Thank you, Miss. But honestly...


What are you doing? That's my office!

Oh, I thought it's the toilet.

Read the sign!

Right, sorry, Miss. Your discussion was very interesting.

It was mesmerizing and made me misread the sign. Sorry, Miss.

Inspirational, Miss.

Excuse me. / What's your name?

Soleh, Miss, A friend of Panji.

Your friend? / No, Miss, I don't know him.

Remember those demonstrating students?

Now, this is the room where their favorite magazine was born.

It's called Fakta Jatinangor.

Super serious magazine, discussing serious issues.

Just look at the headlines.

Honestly, this is not my taste.

Then what am I doing here?

The answer is... / Hi, Leh.

Hi, Ros.


How was it? / I like it so much.

Oh, yeah? Really?

In my opinion, without Bongky, Indra, Pay...

...I think they're missing something. / You think so?

I'd say, Abdee, Ridho, Ivan will last longer.

Ah, well, it's just one album.

We'll have to see.

And which one is your favorite song?

"Kosong Sama kosong". Yours?

"Bimbim Jangan Menangis".

I like that song, but a bit too similar to "Fool To Cry" by The Rolling Stones , don't you think?

Bimbim, Bimbim, please don't cry.

Fool, baby you're a fool to cry.

Right? Sounds alike, right? / You're right.

Told you.

Good morning. / Morning.

Okay, friends, I welcome you... our second editorial staff meeting of this semester.

But before we start our meeting, I'd like to welcome...

...Mona, and Iva.

And also Soleh, our future reporter.

Give them an applause.

But you're still a candidate, it's not certain.

Okay, before I start...

Fakta Jatinangor is known better by its cooler name, which is...

Fak-Jat! / Fak, Fak, Fak! / Jat, Jat, Jat!


I love the spirit, Man.

Okay, as we agreed, for our next edition...

...we will write about labors' life in Ujung Berung.

That was an excellent suggestion, Ros.

I like it. It's just that...

If you go to Ujung Berung again, don't go by yourself, it's dangerous.

Take someone with you from our Fak-Jat team.

I'm available. / No.

If it's just accompanying her, I can do it. / No.

Me? / Even worse.


I have enough experience about the location.

Any objection? / No. / Any objection?

Any objection? No? Okay.

And Soleh had an idea yesterday.

An article for next edition, which is...

..."How's Pure Saturday?" / Yes. / Why's that?

Because Pure Saturday hadn't had a recording for the last four years.

And I heard they are recording for a new album.

So I think it's worth to be covered.

Leh, we are Fak-Jat.

We are agents of change.

We are agents... / Of charge!

What kind of change do you expect to make...

...if you write about something so shallow?

What's the contribution for our nation?

But this is Pure Saturday, Ji.

The first band to sold 5.000 copies...

...without any help from major labels.

Their influence for Indonesian music industry is immense.

Look, before you write, ask everyone here.

Anyone listens to Pure Saturday?

Do you? / Nope.

Do you listen to them? Do you? / No.

Do you? Do you? Certainly not, right?

Absolutely not. / Do you? / Nope.

Do you listen to them? No, right?

Nobody listens to Pure Saturday!

Our country is in the midst of revolution.

Right? Don't be selfish.

Like I said, you have to think.

Other ideas, other topics that correspond with our mission.

Fak-Jat's mission! / Fak, Fak, Fak! / Jat, Jat, Jat!


Ah, I love that spirit!

Here's an example.

What's with that guy? Such an improper college student.

He never carry a bag to the campus.

And he nonchalantly joined Fak-Jat.

He thinks he's so handsome.

Even having a crush on Ros.

Doesn't he know that Ros is Panji's sweetheart?

Hey, didn't I ride my motorcycle to the campus?

Jat, Jat, Jat! Fak-Jat!

Live your life... a poop, Nest.

It begins with a sincerity.

And then it flows.

Floating, enjoying the current.

Go with the flow.

Don't think too much!

I think I've heard that before.

Huh? Where? / From a movie or something...

What movie? It's from my own experience, you know?

Anyway, after you talk to June...

June? May, her name is May.

May, June, it's only a month difference.

After you talk to her, tell me about it. We'll talk again, okay?

Hey, guys, this is my friend in Room 20.

Soleh. / Hello, Ernest.

Lukman. / Ernest.

Syarief. / Ernest.

Eko. / Ernest.

You look like a friend of mine in my old dorm, Jaya.

You're the one who looks like a neighbor of mine.

Mr. Afuk's son.

Which neighbor, Ko? / That store owner.

Which store? / That store next door.

Next to what? / That store, with that sissy employee.

He looks like you. / Hey, what was your name again, Chinese?

Arief! Don't say Chinese!

Why are you being so racist? Arab!

Alright, sorry. Javanese!

And what's your major? / International Relations, '99.

A Chinese in IR? / Yes.

What are you trying to be? A diplomat?

Yeah, a diplomat or something. A governor? I don't know.

Governor! / Governor!

A Chinese as a governor! You better become a comedian.

That's right. There aren't many Chinese who become a comedian.

Most of them become warriors. Wong Fei Hung, The Dragon Slayer.

Yang Guo, you know him? Condor Heroes?

You must become a comedian, you'll become famous quickly.

A rise in carrier. You're funny.

Acting so innocent. / Or maybe you can be BI governor.

Bank Intermission.

Hey, Fey, are you going to call your mom?

I'm going to, but I'm confused.

Confused why?

My mom wants me to go to Germany, study in her alma mater.

That sounds fun, you can meet J├╝rgen Klinsmann.

Of course not. Bottom line is, I'm going to ask my mom...

...for some nore time, so I can prove to her...

...that I can exist in UnPad.

The problem is, the deadline is closing in.

And I'm still wandering aimlessly.

Come on, Fey, you're not alone.

We're all still wandering here.

Hey! Sorry, next year I'll be out of here.

Where are you going? / After my dad's project get through...

...I'm gonna go to college in Australia.

Land of the wool? / So they say.

Aborigin is the tribe? / So they say.

Bumerang is their weapon. / Wow, wow.

Kangaroo is the animal.

What's with you? Please be more serious!

You're not the only one with a problem, Fey.

You have a problem with your mom.

I have a problem with my dad.

Yesterday he asked to meet me. He wants to give me some money.

I said, "Nevermind, Dad, just keep the money for yourself."

"Lukman doesn't need your money!"

Hey, Man, that's a cocky attitude.

He cancelled three plans for us to meet.

Kept canceling, always acting the way he wants!

Let me see.

Come on, Man! Why you draw my lips like this?

Why can't you make me look more handsome?

An artist must be honest.

You have plump lips, how can I draw them thinner?

That's impossible. Give it to me.


What's with him?

I don't know, He's been like that since yesterday.

What a headache!

Hey, what's wrong with you, Syel? Being cranky like that!

Hello, Mother. Thank you.

The pants from you just arrived. / I'm sorry, Syel.

I had to sew them myself. I had no money.

But thank goodness, I made it into two pairs.

Oh, yeah, that's fine, Mother.

I'm wearing the pants right now, I'm going somewhere.

Hey, hey!

You're that '97 guy, right?

Yes. / Come here.

Marpel? Martel? What's your name?

Marsyel, Bro. / Oh, yeah. what are you doing here?

Looking for Putri. Have you seen her, Bro?

Putri went home, she has a radio show tomorrow.

Oh, she went home. Okay then, thank you, Bro.

Hey, wait a minute.

I feel like there's something wrong with your appearance.

Try to walk.

Walk back here. / There? / Yeah.

Come sit, sit.

Hey! Let me inform you, okay?

Since the Pharaohs' time...

...corduroys have vertical motif, not horizontal!

Is this a pair of pants or a notebook? / It's a pair of pants.

Marsyel, you poor thing.

Where are those pants now?

I took it to a massage parlor, to get them straightened it up.

But, I will get even with them.

Let's go!

I'm ready!

Fey! / Hey!

If I go into a fight, I will lose.

You! I was all fired up.

You know how emotional people are. / You wimp.

I will get even with them with something intellectual.

I will defeat them with creations.

Creation? What creation? Recreation?

You want to take them to Cibodas?

Better go to Ciater. Smooch and Tremble.

That's cheesy. / Corny.

I will pay them back with my writings.

When you're done, where will you publish it?

How about our own media?

What media, Solihun? Think before you talk!

We create our own media, Lukman.

Outside our campus, there are many choices of media, diverse.

How come our campus always talk about politics?

But, Leh, what if it doesn't sell?

Then what?

Well, what's important is our effort, Ko.

You want us to wander around until we graduate?

We have no work, nothing to make people remember us.

Instead of just doing nothing, dissing others.

Calling things bad, criticizing.

We better start our own media as a competitor.

Ko, what's with you?

I'm getting our spirits up.

In movies, this is the part where we enter the montage scenes.

But this isn't a movie, you frog. / That's right.

What? This isn't a movie?

Then why do we have audiences?

Hey! Keep it quiet, will you?

I can still hear you!

You want revenge? / I sure do.

Wanna get even using your works? / For sure.

Well, I'll be waiting for your writings. / Yes, Sir.

My column is called, Karung Analysis.

The title, "For me my Corduroy, for you your Corduroy."

Make a cartoon strip for our magazine.

People will know that you're good at drawing, and get entertained.

I'm making this Karung Comic, "Ona and Oni".

Cool name. Catchy.

You have a vast knowledge in music.

You can make references or something.

Anything related to music. / Okay.

I'm making Karung Music, "Top 10 Alienated Students Songs".

Why did you include "Usia 17" by Potret?

Because I think this song is awesome, but not many people know about it.

At most, Melly Goeslaw, her family,...

...and her neighbor next door to the left. / What about her neighbor to the right?

It's an empty house.

Well done.

I see people easily tell their stories to you.

They do. / Why don't you make a consultation column?

What if nobody consult with me? / Just make up some questions.

My column is called Karung Know-It-All, counseled by Miss Fey.

First question from Male A.

He has been single for 10 years, approaching a girl for 4 years.

They hugged, but not hooked up. How pitiful, right?

Syarief. / What should I do, Leh?

Can you write? / I can't.

Can you draw? / I can't.

Ah, you can pray for us.

Dear Allah! / Amen.



My name is Rusli.

Bro, that's Bruce Lee. / Stop messing around, you!

For the design, I can ask my friend for a favor.

A Merpati Putih martial artist who works in a printing shop.

For our next edition, let Lukman learn from him.

What is it, Leh? / You still work in printings?

I don't even have hairs, what perming?


I do. What's up? / Can you please design something for me?

Yeah, yeah, I can do that.

But I have no money. / Hah?

Then what do you have, Leh?

I have spirit.

Oh dear. / Brother Rusli, it's been too long for them.

Oh, right, it's a test for maturity. / Okay.

Karung Goni. Chronicles, Utterances, Courtship and Opinions.

Now we have the layout.

We paid Rusli with Syarief's fried rice.

To make reproduction easier and cheaper...

...we use a photocopy machine.

How much did you sell, guys?

Leh, your dad want one? / Yes. / Just one.

Huh? One?

Leh, Lukman, kids, I'll have one.

Here, how much? Alright.

One? Just one? / Just one, thank you.

Thank you. / Happy reading, Uncle.

Here you go, Miss.

You use it as fries wrappers?

Read it, Uncle! / Huh?

Why you use it as wrappers? Uncle!

Fine, I'll read it. Sorry, Leh.

Now what? / Relax, guys.

I have a consolation. Relax.

Just a moment.

Let's have some hamper lunch.

From my beloved mother.

Now that's what I'm talking about. Your mom should bring us food everyday.

You think my mother owns a restaurant?

This is hot. Green chili.

No drink? / My food, my drink.

What do you have, a big mouth?

I have high spirit, to eat these.

Your mom's cooking.


The cassette? / Oh, right.

Bring your own drink. / Here.

It's done, I've prepared it.

Here, I made a mix tape special for you.

Wow, thank you so much.

This is called a cassette. Remember that.

Don't ever call those round, flat things,... cassettes. They're called CDs.

Don't forget to tell Ros, pay attention to song number 4's lyrics.

Oh, right, you have to pay attention to song number 4's lyrics.

"I'll get you" by The Beatles?

And at two minutes ten seconds...

...the bass play is so delightful.

Pay attention, fourth song,...

...two minutes ten seconds...

...the bass play is so delightful.

I'm just kidding. / But there is one song...

...that I really like here. / Which one?

I can relate to this song.

"I Love you..."

"..and Him."

Who's he?

I'm just kidding!

Hi, Ros. / Hi.

We're interrupting, aren't we? / Are we interrupting?

I think we're interrupting.

Hey, you have martabak.

They're good, aren't they, Ros? / Are they good?

I think they're good.

Of course they're good. I bought them.

May we? / You may.

It's good.


That Risma and Dinda.

How did the get to talk simultaneously like that?

That's because they've been together all the time, so they have the chemistry.

How nice, to have a chemistry with someone.

Not just them, if we stick together all the time...

...we'll get that chemistry as well.

Oh, is that so?

Can't wait for that.

Hey, Ros, speaking of chemistry...

...may I use your bathroom?

You have a chemistry with toilets?

How is it? Feel better after you poop?

Hey, who pooped? I was just taking a pee.

When I poop, it takes longer time. I relish the moment.


There's a turd here!

This is a turd, isn't it? / Is this a turd?

I think this is a turd!

Soleh! / Did you take a dump?

I didn't. / Liar!

Come clean! / No, I didn't!

Your turd is still there! / I was just taking a pee!

Fine, if you won't confess. We'll take Ros.

Come see for yourself. Soleh's turd is still stuck.

Come, quick. / Come with us, come on.

No, I didn't poop, Ros.

I was just peeing.

It was all thanks to your mom's green chili.

Why are you complaining now? You we're so eager to devour it!

There, there. Let's continue our meeting.


We must learn from what happened today.

We must do something to increase our sales.

But... What should we do?

Talking so loud, and you still don't have any answers.

Aw, man!

What's wrong with you? / Ask Soleh.

Earlier Alfred, Yulia, Bagya, they all made fun of me.

"Wink, wink, Marsyel. How's Putri, Syel?"

I don't think Ali Topan ever got teased like that.

It must be your doing, right?

Ali Topan? Ali Topan was charismatic.

But, Syel, I only told Alfred.

How should I know? He's a macho man.

Turns out he likes to gossip. / You!

That's it! / What?

It's not just Alfred, you know?

This incident proves...

...that the whole Communication Faculty enjoys gossip!

Why don't we give them what they want?

Fey, you're like a theatre student who hadn't had enough stages.

A maiden shouldn't squat too much.

She's relapsing. / You should get enough nap.

But you have a point, Fey.

Should we change the Courtship part to Gossip?

So, Chronicles, Utterances, Gossip dan Opinions?

So we'll have a gossip column?

Like "Cek & Ricek"? / Yes, that's right.

Let's call it, "Cot & Bacot."

But where should we find the scoops, Leh?

About that, leave it to me!


Put your hands like this / In Arabic, to spice it up.

Female A '99 is facing a dilema.

She allegedly received a love letter from Male B '98.

Yet at the same time, Male K '99... also attempting to lasso her heart. BETWEEN YOU, I AND THAT LOVE LETTER Male A '96 is not only handy in twisting the switch of his camera.

But also twisting flowery words.

Using that camera, he approached Female C '97... ROMANTIC LENS AIM they prepare the faculty's students orientation. ROMANTIC LENS AIM

From a trusted source, we found out about an unexpressed feelings...

...of Male Y '97 toward Female A '97.

Love between Y&A. Yes or Yuck? LOVE BETWEEN Y&A: YES OR YUCK?

Sadly since this news was printed, it is unclear whether Male Y...

...has ever declare his affection.

Keep reading this column for further progress.

How is it? Are my writings okay?

Agreed! / Easy with your thumbs!

Love betrayer! Come here, you!

You! What a jerk!

I've read Karung Goni magazine.

Thanks to that magazine, I found out that you were cheating!


Karung Goni magazine!

Karung Goni? What kinda magazine is that?

It is the trendiest magazine in Communication Faculty of UnPad!

So where can I get this Karung Goni magazine?

Buy it a the parking lot, behind the Land Rover!

I only read Fak-Jat!

Eh, Fey, what else should I say? / Huh?

You womanizer!

You cheated on me!

You crocodile!

Stop, stop! Wait, wait!

Continue. / Huh?

Read Karung Goni!

Before reality shows became a hit on television...

...we used it first as our marketing strategy.


Fey, you're too much, you know?

It's okay if you hit me here, but here? Ouch!

Hey, Rief, check out the result.

Come and get it, Karung Goni! Karung Goni!

And just as we thought, Communication students...

...were in need of alternative readings.

For fast sale, Corolla Twincam GTI '91.

What is this car advertisement? Is this Pikiran Rakyat newspaper?


All ivory cracked. Nothing is perfect, right?

But it's missing something. Like a teaspoon short.

Bro, are the pictures done?

Oh, yeah.

This is Ambrosius.

Probably the first guy in Indonesia whom people called Bro.

He has lots of female fans.

Bro, you're like Roy Marten in the old days.

I do? / I know what's missing.


BOOKS AROUSE ME Hey! Are we photo shooting or playing badminton?

So much supporters! / Indonesia!

Stop blocking my view! / You perverts can't see a girl!

Take my picture, make me look sexy. Me, make me look sexy.

Fey, Fey!

Hey, Fey, wait for your turn.

DREAM OF PANTURA MELODY Karung Goni! Karung Goni! Come get some!

Give it to him, Man.

Karung Goni! Karung Goni! Latest column, Fikom Babes!

Yo, Karung Goni! Karung Goni!

Come get some, Karung Goni!/ Come get some! Fikom Babes!

What is this? / Karung Goni, Sir.

I've read your previous edition.

The contents were great, very innovative. I salute you all.

You only salute us, Sir?

You can't use salutes to buy Padang rice, Sir.

You're doing this only to buy Padang rice?

No, Sir. Sweet ice tea as well, Sir.

Crackers, Sir. / Parking fee? / Oh yeah, parking.

Don't forget, you can use salutes to catch a thief.

Huh? / Pencak salute.

Oh you, Sir!

Here, for you. / It's free, Sir.

Free? / Yes, Sir.

Since we included Fikom Babes, Karung Goni became more famous.

The guys and I were able to bring up topics...

...that were cast aside. From sports to music.

We started this band because we want to produce an album.

Join a major label, make a video clip.

Yup, that's right. / With Sophia Latjuba.

I have a feeling, just a feeling, okay? It's a strong one.

That Sophia Latjuba has a thing for band vocalists.

There's no way Sophia Latjuba will like a band vocalist.

Moreover a band vocalist from Bandung.

THE CHANGCUTERS, A BAND WITH CD PHILOSOPHY Have you seen this Karung Goni? This is so wrong.

Only gossips No credible sources.

The contents are not intellectual.

It's nice, light. It lets us know the daily life of our students.

Peace be upon you. My handsome boy is so diligent. / Peace be upon you as well.

Greetings. / Please.

How was it, Dad, your medical checkup?

Shouldn't listen to doctors like that, giving you headaches.

What headache? I just took you there.

You have a heart problem!

It's his heart!

Enough, sit here. / I have a heart problem because you won't stop talking.

I'll make some tea. / Mine with sugar, don't forget.

Goodness! Listen to him!

Sugar? Thanks to your illness, you're not allowed to consume sweets.

You always make my tea unsweetened, give it some sugar.

No, no, no. Bitter tea.

Leh, I was at the doctor's waiting room.

I read your magazine. I enjoyed it.

I'm glad that you have activities.

You can gain knowledge aside from classes.

Thank you, Dad. / How's college?

Praise be to Allah, Dad, it's fine.

Leh, you disrespectful. Come here, don't talk from afar.

Shouting like in the jungle! / Right, Sir.

I'm concerned, I'm worried, Leh.

About your mate, your partner in life.

I see that you're still single, why is that?

I'm still trying, Dad.

Take me for an example!

When I was your age,... a week, I had seven girlfriends.

That's two, Dad. / Here, add five.

You had seven girls with that face? / Don't insult me.

You insult me, you insult yourself.

Right, my apologies, Sir. / Seven what?

Soleh, your father had seven what?

Honey. / What?

Our offspring will be handsome and pretty for seven generations Yes, Soleh must be proud.

Dad's the most handsome? / For sure!

That's why I love your father!

She has a high sense of belonging.

She's a jealous woman. / She's so afraid to lose you?

Of course she is afraid. Nobody's as handsome as your father.

I'll wipe my bike again. / Carry on.

Why are you so weak, Leh? You can't stand that much?

It's so cramped in there, Ros. And people were smoking.

Oh please, you can ask me for CPR.

Oh yeah, that's right.

I'm just kidding.

Oh yeah, right.

But Abdee, Ridho and Ivan were awesome, right?

Yeah, not bad. But still, in my opinion...

...compared to Abdee, Ridho, Ivan, Bongky, Indra, Pay are cooler.

They had this chemistry that I think fits very well.

Yeah, but this formation is better.

Yeah, Abdee-Ridho are cool.

But... / Ridho is much too cool.

You know how school musicians are, they're not street enough.

You have strawberry milk?

Sold out, Man. / What do you have? / I have orange juice.

Okay, one orange juice. / Okay, I'll get it.

Come close to me.

Cry in my arms.

I will clean your vomit and wash you with water.

I will kiss your smile with something in it.

You stroke my anger away with softness.

Ridho. / Hi. / I'm Ros.

I'm such a big fan of yours. / Hi, Ridho.

I also like that song, "Kosong Sama Kosong."

That's nice. When did you start to like Slank?

I've liked Slank since... I don't know, it has been so long.

I also liked Slank for so long, since junior high.

That's nice.

Why are you still here? You're not going home?

Yeah, my friend is exhausted, so I'm just sitting here.

Wanna ride home? / I do.

But there's only one seat left.

We can only take one person.

Maybe not, it's okay.

Hey, next time Slank is rehearsing, you're welcome to watch.

Yes, I'd like that.

But my studio's very small. Really sorry.

Next time, okay? / Okay.

Alright then, I'll be going now. / Thanks.

Bye now.

Ridho! / What was that? Ridho Slank.

He's unfriendly. / How is he unfriendly?

To me, he was just like, "Oh, nice, nice."

To you, he was, "Come, come!" / Maybe it's just you.

Well, he was being cold to me.

Let's wait for a taxi here. / Okay.

Ros, you know something? According to a research...

...if we go to music concerts often, our lives will be happier.

Really? I go often.

You can feel the effect when you go with someone.

You're making things up. You just want to go out with me again.

Well, yeah, if that's okay with you.

Leh, thank you. I really had fun tonight.

Ros? Why are you still out here this late?

Where have you been? / I was watching Slank!

Oh, you want a ride home? / Oh, okay.

Leh, I'll go home with Nina, okay? She's a friend from my dorm.

Bye. Thank you, Leh.

First letter from your reader? / Yeah.

Pen name, Male C.

He doesn't know how to get close to a girl.

Eko, make me a Fikom Babes, please.

He doesn't understand what Fikom Babes is. He thinks it's Fikom Bubs.

Later, last edition. / Of the year?

Of the time.

Morning, everyone. / Morning, Miss.

Today in Journalistic Ethics, we will have a case study.

And the media we will discuss is...

First, let us review the vision of the makers.

Or to be exact, the absence of said vision.

I'm saying this not without reason.

Because there are three reasons.

First, the lack of sources.

This is a clear example of yellow journalism.

Built over sensationalism... / Leh, what's yellow journalism?

What do you think are yellow?

Eko, what's yellow? / Poop.

Poop? Chicken poops are green.

They are grey. / Green!

The green ones are buffalo poops. / Buffalo poops are black, Soleh.

That's a mole. / Hey!

What are you talking about? / Colors of life, Miss.


Second, this female objectification... highly regrettable.

Highly regrettable!

Such thing should not exist In our campus.

Shouldn't! Unintellectual!

Hey, Man, you're not going home?

I was in the graphic lab. / Well, I'm going, okay? / Yeah.

Man. / Dad?

Are you well?

I'm well, Dad.

This is unusual, Dad. / Yeah.

Gosh, Man, I lost again.

I thought I was winning, but I lost.

But relax, my handsome boy. I have a way out.

This car is mine.

I'm planning to sell it.

The market price is not bad.

Give me the key.

The registration?

Then what about me, Dad?

I'm in bankruptcy now, Son.

Didn't you said you know someone from the inside?

I do, but my competition has a better connection.

I don't wanna get stuck here, Dad.

Likewise, I don't wanna get stuck in one place!

I wanna move forward, Dad. / Good, then you must do one thing.

Don't move backward. Right?

I wanna go to Australia, Dad. / Likewise!

I want to know what kangaroos look like, Son.

I don't want my youth to be a failure.

Likewise! I failed in my youth.

Now I fail in my old days.

The important thing is in life, you must never give up.

Accept with sincerity.

You're telling me not to give up, keep trying...

...but you yourself gave up. Whatever, Dad.

Ko, what's wrong with you?

Don't keep it to yourself, it's better if you share it with us.

Yeah, Ko. / That's right.

I was on the phone with my dad.

His business failed.

My plan to go to Australia is officially messed up.

He lied to me.

What kinda parent is that? / Ko.

Don't say it like that.

What am I supposed to do, Fey?

All I had is that dream. A dream to go to college abroad.

Elevating my standards. Gaining a Bachelor of Art degree.

Now what? Everything is in shambles.

I'm telling you. If you're not prepared...

...better not have children.

Don't be like my dad, only full of promises.

Failed to provide for his son.

Ko! You realize what you're saying?

You should be thankful you still have a family!

You should be thankful you can see your dad whenever you want!

What the heck, Man? You just met your dad.

Yes, I met him. And what? For three years he never came!

Now he come just to take my car back, he wants to sell it!

To cover for his gambling debts! Your problem is nothing!

Why are you upset? This is my problem with my dad!

Hey, calm down. Stop fighting, please.

Ko, Man, chill.

Guys, come look at this!

The other way around, Leh.

Still upside down! / Oh, right There. / See?

"Let the facts speak, which one's the worthy Students Press."

What the heck? / Where did you get this, Leh?

It's all over the place.

This is asking for trouble!

So? Are we just gonna do nothing?

Heck no! We'll make a reply posters.

I'll make a cooler rivaling design.

Hey, I'll make the headline.

Turned out having a common enemy has its benefit.

Eko and Lukman found their cooperative spirit.


Not paper wrappers.

Hey, Man. / Come get some, please.

This magazine is awesome, Bro! / Fak-Jat!

Fak, Fak, Fak! Jat, Jat, Jat! Fak-Jat!


Karung Goni! It's getting better!


Such a big tip!

Come on, fellow UnPad! / Gloaters.

Karung Goni, it's my taste.


Young people read Fak-Jat!

Last one! / You lose! / What? Sold out?

Read Fak-Jat!

Karung Goni!

Fey! / What's wrong? / Is this true? Vicko hooked up with his crush?

Of course, why wouldn't it be true?

This is insane. I've been following his love story for four editions.

You're amazing, Fey. / What? / You are.

Amazing? That's why you should read Karung Goni!

Karung Goni!

Hey, guys, I need to go for a minute, okay? Something came up.

Okay. / Karung Goni!

I know, Mom, but I'm comfortable here.

And I'm doing something positive, Mom.

Fey, listen to me now, okay?

You take that Polytechnic test so you can go to college in Germany.

So you can take care of Grandma as well.

That's positive. / Mom.

Studying in UnPad is the only choice in my life that I made for myself.

You want to take that away from me?

I gotta go. I'm through talking.

I need to study.

Fey? Hello? Hello?

Your daughter is unusually stubborn.

See? So she does inherit some of your traits.

That girl of yours, whether she wants to go to college... Germany, abroad or UnPad, it's the same.

Many graduates from foreign colleges... they're selling tofu, still wondering, being smart alecks.

Hey, Soeharto was a farm boy, he became a president.

I'm just a tour guide, but you were willing to marry me.

Did you forget? You were the one insisting me to marry you.

That's why, you shouldn't insist your children... do things your way. It creates troubles like this.

It's Soleh, isn't it?

Is it Soleh?

See, it's Soleh.

Soleh what are you doing here? You wanna take a dump again?

Next time, flush your turd!

Hey, who wants to poop?

Besides, I've never pooped here.

Then whose turd was that?

And it stinks like heck!

Hey, how can you tell that it was mine?

It looks like you.

Was it wearing glasses? / No.

Did it have long hair? / No.

Was it charismatic? / No.

Well then it's not mine.

Then whose turd was it?

Hi, Ros. / Hi, Leh.

Hey, Leh, have you read this?

What is it? Oh. / Time. / No, I haven't.

Amazing, now this is journalistic investigation.

It has in-depth reportage, and the impact is so great.

This is the kind of coverage that makes me wanna be a reporter.

Oh yeah, what were you saying?

No, I just wanna tell you that next edition...

...Karung Goni will also have a journalistic investigation.

That's great.

Journalistic investigation? Are you out of your mind, Leh?

Of course not, Ko. I think it's the rational next step for Karung Goni.

Or else, we'll always be mediocre. / But we are unique, Leh.

Ko, you cannot avoid evolution.

I don't want to keep writing...

...about gossips, this guy's having a crush for that girl.

What did I studied journalistic for if I use it only for trivial writings?

Do you realize that you sound just like those Fak-Jat guys?

Don't say that. I'm not like those Fak-Jat guys.

I'm the hip one. Fak-Jat guys don't even understand Pure Saturday.

What's with you two?

Always bickering.

Like a couple. / I know, right?

So, how was it? / Oh yeah, you two should hear this.

Bro told me he got a C for a subject.

And after he bought a book for 20.000 from his professor...

...he changed it right away into an A.

Seriously? From C to A? / Yes, seriously.

See, Ko? These are the kind of affairs that I'm talking about.

We can cover this story in Karung Goni.

This will make Karung Goni more substantial.

Incidents like this is common in other campuses, Leh.

What are you trying to do? You wanna be an agent of change?

Agreed, Ko.

By the way, Fey, do you know many professors like that? I have a lot of Cs.

Bro. / Huh?

Why don't you tell Soleh, that thing you told me, about your grade change.

Oh, that. I wanted to have a grade improvement.

Political Communication. He told me to buy his book.

From C to A, to N to D and Y. Sweet.

How fortunate, I also got C for Political Communication.

Buy it for 20.000.

Excuse me, Sir. About your subject...

...I got a bad grade, Sir.

Perhaps you didn't understand because you haven't read my book?

Where can I get one, Sir? / Fine, here's how it goes.

You can buy one from me, okay? / Oh, I see.

Finally I can conduct a journalistic investigation.

Albeit a small one. BOOKS FOR GRADES: GRADE TRADING IN FIKOM UNPAD I also need a grade improvement, Sir.

But I don't have the money to buy your book.

Then what can you do? / I can sing, Sir.

I'm your little miss, my dear. Little, little miss, my dear.

My love is only for you.

Goodness, you're giving me a headache.

Here, some money. You said you didn't have any.

Fill your grade card yourself, okay? Let me sign it.

Hey, hi, Ros. / Hi.

Been waiting for long? / No, I just got here a few minutes ago.

I was on my way home.

Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I need to go to Ros' place."

And I wanted to show you this.

Show her what?

What? / Nevermind, it's nothing.

Oh yeah, your article about that grade trading, that was good.

A little more and you can compete with Fak-Jat, but that's a long way.

It was good. / Oh yeah? / It was, it's just that...'ll take a long time to match us. / Let me see it.

I have one in my car. / Oh, you do? / It's in the car, come on.

Okay, will you be alright if I leave you here alone?

It's fine, I'm a laid-back guy.

But where are you going?

We're going to Brown Sugar concert.

So, Ros told me about this research.

So, the result states that if we go to music concerts often...

...our lives will be happier. Happy face.

Go to concerts, so that you don't look confused like that.

Oh, is that so?

Who do you like? You know Brown Sugar? You know their songs?

Black music, soul, R&B.

Have fun go mad. Do what I say. Have fun go mad.

You don't know?

What music do you listen?

Well, other than Slank, I told you, I like Pure Saturday.

Pure Saturday again? Tell me about their song, I'm curious.

Trying to relive again, everything that has happened.

They sing with flat expression like that?

It's like a dying person's vital signs.

Like that. Now show me your move when you watch Slank.

Can you move like this?

Of course you can't, but I still think...

...Slank and Pure Saturday are better than Brown Sugar.

Why? / Slank and Pure Saturday write their own songs.

Perform their own songs. Brown Sugar cover other people's songs.

Have fun go mad. Do what I say. Have fun..

You're oblivious to western music. Let's go, Ros.

Come on. We need to go, okay?

Just tell him. / Nevermind.

Just tell him. / Nevermind.

Just tell him. / Nevermind. / What is it?

We should tell him, should we? / Should we tell him? / I think we should tell him.

Stop saying "should". If you have something to say, just say it.

So, we want to confront an disrespectful professor.

But I told her not to. / He will deduct our grades.

Who was it? / We needed a grade improvement.

He started to get frisky.

Frisky how?

Seriously? / Hey, but... / Do not print this, okay?

Or else.

What do you think? This is an appealing story.

Gosh, this is serious stuff, Leh.

Not just serious, it can cause an uproar, Leh.

Not just an uproar, an earthquake!

A bit risky.

Relax, Fey. If anything happens, I will take responsibility.

Ko, what do you think?

Like Soleh said. If anything happens, it's his responsibility.

Not only nimble with the keyboard as he wrote his doctoral thesis ...

...turns out that one of the professor in Fikom was also dexterous...

...with his fingers on his female students' thighs.

That's right, in a grade improvement session...

...Professor A could not refrained himself from touching...

...certain body parts of Female R and D.

Not satisfied, the professor also recited some indecent remarks.

Like a chef seasoning his cooking.

"How ironic, because Professor A..."

"...had been known as a popular figure among the students."

"Yet behind his courteous and friendly facade..."

"...lies an obscenity that makes us want to raise our voice."

"Unfortunately, not a voice of awe, but a collective vomit."

Nice, right?

You piece of crap!

We told you not to print it!

Now you've made things worse!

That's right! He will hinder our grade improvement!

We thought you're different. / Turns out that you're the same.


GRADE A TOUCH: SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN FIKOM UNPAD What did I told you, Ma'am? This is bound to happen.

This is no game. This is a serious accusation.

I want the chief editor expelled. / Goodness, it's not that simple, Miss.

At first, I supported them. They're actually quite good.

But why would they print an article without confirmation?

I agree, Sir.

Wow, we have martabak.

You wish This is for Putri.

Putri? Where, Syel? I don't see Putri here.

Putri is not here, but she's here.

Huh? Your nipple?

My heart! I'm taking this to her radio station.

So before her show starts, this martabak will be waiting for her.

But Syel, Putri is Nino's girlfriend.

Doesn't affect me. Even Ali Topan had Boy as a rival.

But he finally got the girl, Anna Karenina.

No matter what, before the wedding bell rings...

...Marsyel will never bury his feelings.

What are you talking about, Syel? / Good thing you're here, Soleh.

Leh, let me borrow your motorbike.

Ali Topan is borrowing a bike?

This Eko, Ali Topan's bike is just for setting.

It's only a film. You're funny.

People borrow bikes for film shooting?

I've never been in a shooting, I don't know.

Good evening. / Evening, Sir.

License and registration? Why's your headlight off?

I left my wallet back at the dorm, Sir.

Argh, you left it?

Is it a coed dorm? / Yes, Sir.

I'll raid your dorm some other time, huh?

Take off that helmet!

Come on, come on!

Do you remember me? I'm your buddy!

We used to hangout at the station.

We used to pickpocket! / I never pick pockets, Sir.

I'm just kidding.

Acel, right? / Tobok?

Don't you remember me, Acel? / I do. / Acel!

In junior high, we danced on a stage.

We're going to Lake Toba!

Here's my registration, Sir. / Your driver's license?

Well, I have my license.

Because I was in a hurry, I didn't bring my license.

The license's in my wallet, Sir, back at home.

Can't you help me out, Sir? / Nevermind! This is upsetting!

Put, it will only take a minute. / I'm about to finish.

So you're about to finish? / Put! Putri!

Putri. / Hey, Marsyel.

What are you doing here by yourself?

That Nino, taking me to the radio station, but he didn't bring the papers.

I'm late!

Goodness. Driving on the street without papers?

He can't even complete his papers, How can he complete your life?

I can take you. / But you only have one helmet.

You'll get a ticket.

Clear. / Clear.

Give him the ticket, Sir!

Check his baggage!

Are you late? / I don't think so.

Here, your murtabak.

Thank you, Syel. I get a ride...

...and martabak as well Special martabak even.

Well, special people deserve to receive special treatment.

Hey, goodness, this is the pants that inspired your article, right?

It is, right?

Yes, but how did you know?

Of course I know, Syel.

I'm an avid reader of Karung Goni.

Wow. / So that time, I used your article... a material for my radio show.

Nice, nice.

Oh yeah, Syel, you think we should talk more often?

Oh, heck yeah! I mean, sure.

That sounds fun.

Okay, then how about we have lunch together tomorrow?

Just the two of us? / Yeah, just the two of us.

Okay, tomorrow noon, I'll clear the cafeteria, okay?

Okay then, see you tomorrow. / Okay.

Ride safely, Syel. / Okay. / Thanks.

Yes, Putri. / Bye. / Bye.

"We hereby invite the Editor-in-Chief of Karung Goni..."

" attend the trial by our faculty's disciplinary committee..."

"...on December 15th 1999 at Fikom UnPad auditorium."

What is this love, that I am feeling.

Be quite, why are you so loud? This is a serious matter.

Why you snap at me, Camel? I just wanna share my happiness tonight.

What's the matter, Fey? / The Board of Dean summons us.

They want to put us on trial for tarnishing their reputation.

Why us? It's clearly written...

...the one summoned is just the Editor-in-Chief.

We're all together in Karung Goni.

One for all, all for one.

That's right, Ko. / Clearly the one who made the decision... print that article was Soleh himself.

And don't you realize?

What damage Soleh's writings has done to our campus?

The whole campus distrust us.

Lecturers and students suspect each other.

And what's worse, yesterday I heard some alumni...

...withheld tens of millions of donation for the campus...

...until this case is resolved.

Perhaps Miss Astuti was right.

We writes gossips, we never check and recheck.

When you write something serious, you're just as lazy.

Ko, what are you saying? That I'm not a good journalist?

What kinda journalist writes for a girl?

Leh! / What the heck? Why do you have to bring her up?

At least I still appreciate what I have.

Unlike you. Shove that Australia dream.

Hey, Leh! I can't go to Australia.

And unlike you, I can get expelled from UnPad.

Are you satisfied, Leh? You really are an agent of change.

Changing my life to ruin!

If you want it, I can also ruin your face.

You grow a pair in front of me.

You don't even have the guts to tell your feelings to Ros. / Scat!

That jerk Eko, calling me a coward.

I'll prove it to him that I'm brave!

I have a spirit of a tiger. Bandung tiger!

Hi, Leh. / Hi, Ros.

Are you reading Fak-Jat?

How would you compare it with Karung Goni?

Just as good. / DoI you like Karung Goni?

I do. / Praise be to Allah if you like Karung Goni.

You like Fikom UnPad? / Of course I do, why do you ask?

I like Fikom UnPad too.

How about Slank?

I'm a Slanker. What's with you? Why are you asking me all these?

You like Karung Goni .

We both like Fikom UnPad.

We both like Slank.

So the chance for us... like each other is quite big, huh?

What do you mean? / Well...

Because I like you. / Huh?

So, how about it? Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Soleh, I consider you as a friend.

It's better if we stay as friends. I don't wanna ruin that.

Is it because I'm ugly?

It must be because I'm ugly. Just admit it, Ros.

I can tell. Making up excuses that you'd rather be my friend.

You see me as a big brother? I don't need it!

I already have two siblings at home!

You're not mad at me, are you?

No, I'm not.

It's alright. I'm a laid-back guy.

You know? It's your laid-backness that makes me like you as a friend.

Oh, is that so?

Okay then, give me five, to cut the tension.

I need to go to the toilet, okay?

I like it so much.

And which one is your favorite song?

Kosong Sama kosong.

Crap, my bike!

Ko, where are you going?

I'm going home to Jakarta.

Are you sure? Soleh's trial is today, you know?

Well, whatever your quarrel is, please try to put it aside for now.

Soleh needs supports from us all.

Ko, you better calm yourself first.

We all have made a plan.

Marsyel and Lukman will go look for Risma and Dinda again.

Fey and I will come with Soleh.

That's right, Ko.

There, give it a rest.

You just choose which one to follow.

Just don't leave now.

We're all together in this team.

Now that it comes to this, Soleh needs me.

Eh, what?

Did he listen to me before?

I'm not needed here. I'd rather go home.

He's leaving for real. How did it end up like this?

Hey, Leh.

Why do you look so disheartened and weak like that?

What's wrong? A problem with a girl or a test?

A test, please pray for me, Dad.

Oh, of course. Mom and Dad always pray for you.

But Soleh, when you're facing a test,...

...use the principle, "Mens sana in proses sano."

What does that mean? / If the process goes this way...

...but the result goes that way, that's okay.

What's important is the process.

You will feel calm and at peace.

You can be cheerful, not moping around like this.

Alright, Sir / Yes.



What else do you have to say, Fey?

You really want to go to Australia that much?

Is your dream so great compared to all of us?

You know what my dream is right now?

My dream is to become a student of Fikom UnPad.

But my mom doesn't support me, Ko.

All my life, everything is arranged.

But you, whether you're going to Kenya, Australia, or even to the world's end...

...your dad will support you.

But if your dad failed,...

...that doesn't mean he's wrong.

That's called life, Ko.

But whatever happens...

...we're not suppose so leave our family.

And for me, you're all my family.

I can't stop you from leaving.

But I can remind you of one thing.

If you're in trouble like Soleh is right now...

...none of us will leave you.

AndI I'm certain, Soleh will be the first to support you.

That's all I have to say.

So now everything is up to you.

I'm sorry, but Eko still refused to come.

Yeah, that's okay. How's Marsyel and Lukman?

They will come later, Leh.

But before that, they need to find Risma and Dinda.

Cheer up.

Good morning. / Morning.

Today we will discuss about a publication...

...that has been surrounding our daily campus life.

This publication is known as Karung Goni.

Fak-Jat! Fak, Fak, Fak, Jat, Jat, Jat, Fak-Jat!

Hey, Man, can't you keep it down?

Isn't it enough that Soleh got trialled? What a snob.

Order, order.

We ask the audience to honor this forum.

That Karung Goni publication has caused a negative impact...

...over students' life in our beloved campus.

And how Editor-in-Chief...

...must take responsibility for such impact.

Right, I shall present you the first evidence.

Please open the "Cot and Bacot" column.

This is an example of yellow journalism.

No credible source, merely sensation.

This is the first evidence.

Or a yellow light.

Objections, Your Honor. Are we discussing evidences...

...or traffic lights?

Marsyel, slow down!

Hurry. Why are you stopping?

Fine, let's settle this with RPS. If you win, we go that way.

If you lose, we turn back.

I win, turn back!

Syel, what are you doing? Sheesh, this guy...

Sir, come here. / Hey, Syel!

You uneducated! Disrespecting elderly people!

Sorry, Sir. May I ask if you know the house of those twin nieces?

I do, it's right around the corner.

Let's go, we found Risma and Dinda. Excuse us. / Likewise.

Female objectification like cannot be tolerated.

For me, this is the second evidence.

One that will not receive a green light from me.

But there are also dangerous news in this publication...

...that implies a wicked agenda by the creators of this Karung Goni.

This is the third evidence that cannot be forgiven.

Red light. For that, Miss Chairwoman...

...I demand Karung Goni's circulation to be halted.

The members suspended.

And the Editor-in-Chief expelled.

Objections, Your Honor. The demands are overburdening...

...and disproportional compared to the accusations.

This is not a court. You don't have to call me "Your Honor".

Yes, Ma'am.

This is the house. Excuse me, Miss. / Yes?

May I ask if Risma and Dinda are here?

Miss Risma and Dinda are no longer here.

Innalillahi wa inna ilahi raji'un.

They're not dead! / No?

From a research that we conducted, 8 out of 10 students...

...experienced increased happiness when they read Karung Goni.

It shows that the growth of students' happiness index in this campus...

...corresponds with Karung Goni' sales.

And the last point that I'd like to present is...

Excuse me.


My apologies.

Here, what I'd like to say is...

Enough, enough. That bogus statistics...

...that you presented prove nothing.

Are you able to present any student as a witness?

We have prepared our witnesses, and with all do respect...

...I call for Panji, Yadi and Uchan.

Panji? / Just relax.

My name is Cahyadi, people use to call me Yadi.

At first, I thought that Karung Goni is pointless.

Filled with gossips and beautiful girls' profiles.


Gossip is sinful, for example...

...the gossip of Male A having a crush on Female B.

But if that is the fact...

...then it's not a gossip, right?

And as long as it's not a gossip, I'm fine with Karung Goni...

...existing in our beloved campus In fact, if not because of Karung Consultation column... by Miss Fey, I wouldn't have the courage... express my feelings to someone.

And without that declaration, my life would probably never have...


That's what happened with my life...

...after my profile was covered in Fikom Babes.

To be featured in that column has increased my confidence.

And thank goodness, last week...

...I was signed for a dangdut album recording.

So if my profile in Karung Goni... deemed as objectification, I absolutely...

Disagree, Miss. Yes, Miss Astuti and I...

...we agree on many things.

But I'm sorry, Miss, for this matter, I have to be on the different side.

And I will present to you my reasons.

Since the existence of this magazine...

...I've seen the fall of separting walls among students...

It's like watching Asep Show.

Mosque community and the explorers.

How was it, did you found them?

We didn't.

But weren't Karung Goni...

...and your magazine involved in a poster war?

I'd say that's the dynamics of campus life, Miss.

And I think that is normal.

Besides, regarding that matter, I'd say they were just being touchy.

Am I right, friends?

Alright, enough from me. Thank you.

Like that?

Thanks / Yeah.

I need to remind you, despite the presence...

...of the witnesses and their testimony... doesn't automatically erase the fact...

...that Karung Goni has committed slanders.

Unless Soleh can present the witnesses and the victims...

...Then I'll have to ask the members of the disciplinary committee...

...and the magistrate to decide this matter immediately.

Wait, wait, wait!

Hold on a minute.

Yes, thank you, Mister Eko, if you please...

...welcome the witnesses to the podium.

We have planned to present the witnesses.

But because of the unpredictable traffic in Ujung Berung...

...there's a slight delay.

Good morning, everyone.

My name is Risma. / My name is Dinda.

We are from Public Relations class '97.

We are also known as the twins.

Though in truth, we are not twins.

See? They're not twins!

What's with you? / You think you can fool me, Ko?

They are not twins. / Not twins.

You know us... Female R. / And Female D.

We are here to tell you. / That the article that Soleh wrote...

It's true. / Not a gossip. / Not a fabrication.

Because we both experienced it.

Honestly, we were furious at Soleh when the article was out.

We also didn't want to be here for this confession right now.

We are afraid. / We are embarrassed. /

But somebody convinced us... do the right thing.

We hope with our testimony...

...other victims can speak up their voice.

Is that professor in this room right now?

He is, Miss. / Can you point him out?

Mister Alam! / Mister Alam?

Order please.

I realize that there's a bigger problem... this faculty that needs to be solved right away.

Soleh and Karung Goni are not a part of that problem.

Should we continue this trial?

That won't be necessary.

Mom, Dad, why are you here?

Bah, your mom dragged me here, that's why we came.

Yes, yes, it was my idea, Fey.

I saw the whole thing.

And I realize, Fey.

That you do belong here.


Soleh! Soleh! Soleh!

You probably wonder what happened after the trial.

Mister Alam resigned, and Fikom UnPad...

...managed to restore its reputation.

Years after that, Karung Goni had to be closed. 4 YEARS LATER First, because it didn't have a descent staff regeneration.

Second, because its founders have graduated, except me.

Give it up for Lalieur Laleuleus Paregel!

Now that's my band! My band!

Your adolescence don't come twice

The passing time won't compromise

Instead of letting out those sighs

You better create something nice Gaudeamus igitur, juvenes dum sumus.









Hey, Ros, hi.

Hey, Soleh.

You're reading Fak-Jat?/ I am.

Do you like Karung Goni?

Karung Goni's nice.

Do you like Fikom UnPad?

I like it as well.

Do you like Slank?

Well, of course. I'm a Slanker, how can I not?

So the chance for us to like each other is quite big, huh?

What do you mean?

I like you.

Do you wanna be my girlfriend?

Soleh, I've been waiting...

...for months for you to say that.

Of course I want to be your girlfriend.

And, cut!

Tell that Ros to act more affectionate.

Because that time, she was so romantic.

Tell that Deanda.

Now, ladies and gentlemen.

After I became a comic, and then I became a reporter... I'm exploring films, as a director.

And finally I can bring my life story to the big screen.

In its truest, honest form.

Without fabrication, any fiction whatsoever.

Okay? Roll credit.

BASED ON A BOOK THAT INSYA ALLAH BECOME A BEST SELLER Hold it, hold it! Roll credit, roll credit!

Roll credit, roll credit! / I don't think that's how it happened Leh.

Leh, I was the real Editor-in-Chief.

Leh, 5 years, I've been working with you.

Why didn't you include your own wife? Even Ernest had Mei in his movie.

What's wrong with my act?


No need to think too much. Just enjoy this day.

Nobody knows how long a person will live.

Who knows? Maybe we'll die tomorrow.


Don't laugh! / You look like Rhoma, Bro.

Huh? / Like Rhoma. / Rhoma Irama? / Yes. / Which part?

Your goatee. / How about my voice?

A little. / Thanks.

Let's pretend that we are Zamrud, I'll be Krisyanto, who will you be?

Azis, of course. / NS? / Doaibu, of course.

Who's Doaibu? There are no guitarist called Azis Doaibu, that's a bus name.

Rhoma Irama song is better, it's about reformation.

The wind of change is rumbling. There.

Besides, we're not hoes who get sad when there's no customer.

But I know hoes who don't get sad. / What hoes?

Hoes Don't Cry. / Boys Don't Cry!

Roy Marten is still a good-looking guy.

Can his son be as handsome as he is? I wonder.

No way!

Roy is undefeatable, Bro. Roy.

See, it's good, right? / Yadi! Yadi! Buy my magazine!


We have pretty girls' profiles. / Goodness!

There one in Garut.

The Virgin Well. / A well filled with virgins?

You fool! A well filled with virgins? It's water!

Go on! Get in! Knock yourself out!

I can use the phone all I want! I'm a paying customer!

Hey, Miss? Miss! You haven't paid!

I can't stand it, this lesson is giving me headaches.

But this is from your class no matter what.

Yeah, I know. What don't we switch?

But we're in different classes. / We have to share our burdens.

I wish I had brought my bike. I would've given Ros a ride home.

Eh, I did brought my bike, didn't I?