Mauli (2018) Script

-Get inside... -No!

Leave us...


Take her with you.

Once you are done with them we'll dump them in the river.

Leave me.

Who the hell are you?

There is no one around, who has not heard of me.

And to let someone go without bashing is not Mauli's style.

Generally, people run the moment they see me enter.

Since, you have decided to stay back...

I promise to not disappoint you.

When a girl is educated progress is assured...

And when a boy is not educated...

He turns into a local goon.

Can I teach them a few lessons?


Let's start with History.

When someone misbehaves with a lady...

We thrash them right there.

That was my History lesson.

Now the second one... Mathematics lesson.

If a single brick can break 8 teeth...

How many teeth can be shattered with 2 bricks?



Let me show you.

Now let's learn a 'Marathi' lesson.

Let's start with idioms.

Once bitten, twice?


They will fly!

Be your own bodyguard.

Here, take this brick.

If you find someone misbehaving with you just smash it on his head.

-Sure. -If someone questions you just say, 'Mauli' is in me.

-How is the idea? -Simply superb!

Everyone knows it.


Hey, wait...

-Greetings! -Greetings!

-Hey! What are you up to? -She is the one who told me to color you, the moment I see you.

She is back again for the 'Holi' celebrations.

On this beautiful day Of Holi celebrations

Where are you off to my dear?

On this beautiful day Of Holi celebrations Where are you off to my dear?

Show me some love I am the one with super swag.

Tag me as your lover Show me some love I am the one with super swag Tag me as your lover Now don't be upset dear This color will go off once you wash your sari with Surf

Why are you angry my dear?

Here, I say sorry!

Let's play with colors and Post a story on your Instagram I spent some money To get some eco-friendly colors Even Krishna and Gopika will Make this hash-tag trend Now cheer-up And do not wipe your colors Splash the remaining colors on me Now cheer-up and Do not wipe your colors Splash the remaining colors on me.

Now don't be upset dear This color will go off once you wash your sari With Surf.

Just stop for some time.

Let me tell you something.

This continuous dancing Is burning my calories.

Everyone around Is like a king here They are my dear friends.

Now that they are here to celebrate with me.

And the DJ has stopped Playing music.

I will simply now shout And you do not doubt Kindly give me your lovely pout Right now I will simply now, shout And you do not doubt Kindly give me your lovely pout Right now Now don't be upset dear This color will go off Once you wash your sari With Surf

Hey Mauli.

Where are you off to?

Do you think you are my only priority?

I am done with this.

Now I have some other task to attend.

-Money? -No, I don't want...

We have reached 'Kaapur' village...

Very tasty tea.

The taste of Kerosene was amazing.

Hey, you free-loader, pay for the tea.

I have a 15 rupee note, will get some change and pay you soon.

-I'll get you change -Or else take a 30 rupees note tomorrow.

Oh! A cop, here?

-Greetings! -Greetings.

Come, let's go!

Are you okay to ride this?

Of course. What's wrong in that?

Let's go.

Okay, I don't mind.

Where are you from?

This village. I can be seen here, there...


Yesterday the bus went over me. I escaped death, very narrowly.

I was sitting under the bridge and the bus went over the bridge.

I got lucky! You arrived at your destination.

May I take your leave?

Didn't he hear what I said?

May I take your leave?


Give me whatever you feel like.

Either a 20 rupee coin or a 40 rupee note.

And I will dismiss this case.

A cop like you is asking for a tip?

I am not a cop, sir. I am just a street artist.

My name is 'Kadaknath Kalele'

I have just one demand.

Stop defecating in public.

Okay, pay me quick.

It's my father-in-law's wedding, on 32nd of this month.

I have made some salted sweets.

Have fried some Indian bread in kerosene.

I made some bright white soap rice, too.

All guests will surely enjoy.

Oh, I see...

Tell me something more about this village.

Villagers are mute. The village deity is a mere guard.

Pilgrims get subsidy, drunkards get hand-cuffed...

Water is available 24x7, but criminals get jailed...

You have a job, but you will be jobless.

Where do I park this?

Why do you ask me?

Is it not yours?

He already started questioning before the theft.

Theft rate goes up when cops are around.

-I will take your leave. -What about this?

The rightful owner will take it.

Glad it had some fuel in it...

No, it's not that, Sayyed.

Working as a cop is simpler but playing cards at work is tough.

If you lose the game today, your wife will make you starve.

Shut up! Don't remind me of her.

Your turn!

Let me help you.

Deal the Jack of spade.

Who the hell are you to instruct me? Idiot!

This idiot... is the new in-charge of this place.


My name is Sayyed. This is Mr. Salunke.

This is Constable Rane...

And he is our senior most cop Mr. Bhanudas Thupe.

I am Inspector Mauli Sarjerao Deshmukh.

I have completed 6 years of service. This is my third posting.

I worship my duty...

And I treat criminals as humans.

I have never let a case go out of my station.

Because I believe...

Police men are meant to solve problems and not to create one.

If you say so!

This is of no use to me.

He is one amongst us.

I am fine with your behavior.

But no more playing cards in front of 'Bapu'.



Move 'Bapu's' picture out of this room.

Sir, he is the only one who can adjust with us.

Sir, this is for you...

How much do I owe you?

Sir, please help!

What's the matter?

Just look at her!

Hey, hold on...

Ma'am what's the matter?

You may ask...

Ask this entire village who is the one to sell the most authentic spices.

-Renuka! -Oh!

Who do you think gave him and his brother my spices to sell?


Who caught him red handed adulterating my spices?


Very impressive.


If I lose my spices I will get it back...

What if I lose my trust?

Be it spices or humans...

This Renuka can spot the genuine and fake.

Fake products can never match up the real one.

I will bash you black and blue.

Hold on.

I will teach him a good lesson.

Hey! Aren't you a responsible citizen?

As per IPC Section 272 I can imprison you for 6 months with a fine up to Rs.1000.

Now! Arrest him right away. Else I will whip him in front of all.


Let me explain.

If you punish him you will be at loss.

People will come to know about the adulteration.

You will lose business.

And eventually you will have to shut shop.

Just think about it.

'Anger' is one letter short of 'Danger'.

-Do you agree, Thupe? -You are right, sir.

I received the same quote this morning.

Quite possible.

Okay, forget it. Be kind and forgive him.

Forgive me please, sister.

-Go, say sorry. -Forgive me please, sister.

I will never repeat this, ever!

See, what I had to go through because of him.

Very impressive.

Come on, pick it up!


Will they listen to us?

Who cares?

We will stick to our guns.

Who are they to decide?

Okay, see you later.



He is fine now.

You come with me.


A water-tanker driver knocked him down. I witnessed it.

I saw 'Blessings of Hanuman' graphics on the tanker.

People were just watching.

Not a single person came forward to help.

Then I brought him here.

You are so kind.

That's the need of the hour.

Kindly lodge my complaint.

You may go to the outskirts of this village.

All water tankers are parked on a ground there.

I will look into it.


You wait here.

Record his statement when he wakes up.

-I will go and enquire. -Okay.

Sayyed, let's go.

Come on!


Who was driving this tanker with 'Blessings of Hanuman' on this?

He is the new guy in our village.

That's him. What's the matter?

He knocked a pedestrian.

He is expected to visit us for an enquiry.

We are busy with our game.

Let him come for an enquiry.

If he is not guilty we will let him go.

He can't come, go to hell.

If he doesn't come, I may have to step in.

Oh! Sure.

Come just touch him and he is yours.

Let me explain--

Now that you have stepped into our court let's play for a while.

Come, dear.

Touch him!

If you ever try to show off your power and position I swear I will strip you and bash you up in front of everyone.

It's not as easy as you think.

You are new to this location.

It's not too easy to get everyone under control.

You need to evaluate the situation.

Okay, forget it.

Thankfully they spared you today.

And that man Mr. Dharma Pawar... He is too over-smart.

Hey, you! Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?

His wife mentioned, it's not a mere accident.

It's a property issue.

And this guy took bribe from him.

Hey! It's not just my money.

My boss, too, has a share in it.


-My share? -Yes, of course.

Oh! That explains.

Now I know.

Every cop posted in this village changes in a day.

And you showed your true color a little too soon.

Put up your rate-card here and make it an official business.

And you call yourself 'Inspector Mauli'?

You are disgusting.

Everyone is just the same.

Sir, this is your share.

This is just the beginning.

Open the gate!

Allow us to fill water We have been waiting since 2 hours.

Atrocities of these goons will not be tolerated.

Atrocities of these goons will not be tolerated.


-You back again? -I have realized...

To beat someone on their own turf has its own kick.

Oh, gosh!

What I heard yesterday seemed so unreal.

What I am seeing today looks real.

How did a bomb blow out of a small fire cracker?

Move aside...

In the future if someone asks for your maker's name tell them, it's...

'Inspector Mauli Sarjerao Deshmukh'.

A cop like me is in control till the time I am in my uniform.

The moment this uniform is off I am the biggest terror you shall ever encounter.


From now, whenever you see me you have to salute...

And say "Hello, sir."

"What can I do for you?"

Hello, sir.

What can I do for you?

This is how a strict cop takes action.

Arrest him!

Hey, come!

Very impressive.

Hey! Do not stare at my moustache.

It's real.


Oh, Lord! You punished one to be a stillborn and blessed the other with life.

Aren't they both your children? Then why do you discriminate?

O Lord Panduranga...

You are our protector!

Where there are clouds, there is rain.

Where there is a river, there is water.

Where there is a tree, there is shade.

Where there are children in need, there is Mauli.

Looks like he is born to protect his brother.

They are blessed kids.

But, dear...

Where is their father?

He is dead.

Everything is gone.

I see a dark future for myself.

There will be utter darkness during our journey.

But the Almighty will light our path.

The one to give rise to questions shall provide answers.

Now, you may have several doubts.

I am a single mother, new to this place.

How am I going to raise these kids single-handedly?

Only Lord Panduranga can help me.

Saint Tukaram had answered this many years ago.

"We are the devotees of Lord, we follow him blindly.

We don't differentiate between anyone.

We are all one and the same.

We may have different bodies, but we have the same soul.

Whatever be your problem, Mauli is the answer to everything.

You may have different bodies but your vision will be the same... Mauli."

We devotees of Lord Pandurang, wherever we meet each other how do we address one another?

-Mauli! -Exactly!

Which is the word that can transform a person into a devout pilgrim?


Mauli is the one to guide you through every darkness of your life.



They both will share the same name...


How do I look?



Who intends to go to school today?

The Mauli dressed in shirt, or the one without?

Let him go...

As it is, our teacher will be asking us to recite multiplication tables.

Brother, you go today.

I'm helpless because of our financial condition, dear.

You are two different individuals for me but for the world, you will have to live like one.

Only then we can survive.

Let's have some fun.

-Hey! -Please don't hit me.

-Hey! Push him. -Please don't hit me.

Where is he going?

I looked for you all around and here you are.

I got bullied at the school.

If you fear getting beaten up you can never win a fight.

Okay, tomorrow is my turn to attend school.

-Why so? -Because tomorrow is my turn to give it back.


No bloody fights...

Bloody, no fun.

From now on, whenever you see me...

You have to salute and say "Hello, sir!"

"What can I do for you?"

What did I say?

Hello, sir! What can I do for you?

Hello, sir! What can I do for you?

Hello, sir! What can I do for you?

Hello, sir! Please come.

What can I do for you?

Hello, sir! Please come over.

Hello, sir! What can I do for you?

I hope the injury is not too bad?


No, not you. I meant those guys you bashed.

Nope. I just touched them.

So now, do you want to treat them?

You wait, I will check.


Oh! There she is, back to stare at my moustache.

What is it?

-I have got some spices for you. -So?

Earlier when we met at my shop, we had some misunderstanding.

-Did we? -Also, I soiled your uniform.

Oh uniform?

So I decided to get some special spices for the special cop.

Come on in. This indeed is your special cop's home...!

You never mentioned anything about this babe.

-Who are you talking about? -The spices girl.

-She is waiting outside. -Oh!

You were never so thrilled to see me.

Hi, there.

You changed so soon?

-What? -I mean your clothes...

I felt little awkward to wear such clothes in front of a lady.

It looked so good on you.

You feel so?

I couldn't get your face out of my head.

What amazing stunt you performed.

And your masculine moustache spiced it all up so well.

Will you please twirl your moustache once for me?

We are not supposed to twirl moustache at night.

It results in hair fall.

-Oh, is it so? -Yes.


Also, I wanted to tell you...

I pounded you in front of everyone for no reason.

Now you are used to pounding spices, so that's fine.

No, nothing like that...

I thought you are like mellow spice But you turned out to be a hot spice.

Oh! What's the difference?

You find it out.

When I saw you fight in the market it was like I discovered something special in a coal mine.

I have never been to a coal mine.

I meant, it was like discovering a diamond in a coal mine.

It was like spotting a lone tiger amidst a pack of wolves.

That was my pressure cooker, I guess.

Do let me know if you need more.

Spices, I meant.

I saw a spark in her eyes.

She called me a 'Tiger'.

She doesn't know there are two tigers. One that eats grass...

And the one that hunts.


Hello, sir! What can I do for you?

Oh! You are quite injured.

Sir, you've bashed us.

Didn't I just touch you?


Sometimes I lose my cool in a fit of rage It's perfectly fine.


Tell me your names.

Note it down!

Dharmaraj alias Nana Londhe.

I have been living in this village since last 15 years.

My network is spread across this region.

My business is not merely a business, it's my pride.

If someone attempts to ruin my reputation I will not hesitate to kill that person.

I am here to meet the boss.

Take your seat.

Give me the phone.

I can't accept gifts...

It's for your official work.

So you get proper mobile network in my area.


He is my dog.

Who did he bite the other day?

-It was me... -Yeah.

Sometimes he feels he owns the house that he guards.

That's when we cover his face with a black cloth tie him to our vehicle and...

Drag him all around the village.

It almost kills him.

But he should know, he is just a watch dog...

He shouldn't act like the owner.

Keep it there.

This is my 'Kaapur' village.

These are my liquor dens

This here, is my water-tanker business.

Land development...

Here, on this land...

I will be setting up a distillery.

The first one in this region.

All of these belong to me.

You are here to just guard it.

I will rule it.

So stay in your limits.

Thupe, if he claims all of these to be under him what area is under our jurisdiction?

It's simple.

From this table to our main gate.

Thupe told me, this village is Nana's home-ground.

I expected this to be a quiet village when I was transferred here.

Silence in the woods means there are dangerous beasts dwelling inside.

We don't have to worry.

In two years I will be transferred elsewhere.

You haven't changed a bit.

You still can't tolerate any crease on your uniform.

No cop can tolerate any crease on his uniform.

Then how do you tolerate such injustice in this village?

Mr. Deshmukh...

Let me do a round of this village.

I want to see to what extent this beast can go.

-Sir, did you recognise me? -Hello, sir!

I met you when you first came here.

Why the hell is he trying to get so close?

Sir, please keep me with you.

Hey! I don't have any such vices.

Sir, please hear me out.

I wanted to be a real cop like you.

But I ended up becoming a fake constable.

Yesterday, after seeing you bash up the goons I felt, if an outsider like you is protecting this village let me at least be of some assistance to you.

I can be your informer.

Please accept my services.

If not a constable at least hire me as commissioner.

Is it? And should I twiddle my thumb?

Listen to me please.

You straightened Nana's water-tanker gang.

That is commendable.

Now people of this village get water frequently.

But I will respect you more, if you put an end to this mess.

What are you talking about?


A liquor shop in front of the temple?

Nana's illegal empire started from this place.

He was a small-time goon in Pandharpur.

He worked for a hooch den and was very short-tempered.

One day he killed his boss and framed his friend for it.

And moved in here with all his loot.

He started his liquor shop right in front of our temple.

This infuriated the local boys.

Shantai's son Dinu and his friends vandalised Nana's shop.

In the brawl Dinu slashed Nana's face.

But Nana's ego was hurt.

That same year the villagers had decided to reinstate the village deity.

While lighting the lamp-tower Nana hacked Dinu to death in front of everyone.

Shantai saw her son die right in front of her eyes.

Nana warned the entire village...

If anyone attempts to light even a single lamp of the lamp-tower the entire village will be set on fire.

The temple has been shut since then.

Our deity is banished outside the temple...

And every villager here is in fear.

After Dinu's death, Shantai vowed that she will never enter the temple, Until God comes and end this evil.

That's why she makes one garland everyday waiting for her Lord to arrive.

The entire village was thrown into darkness by Nana.

But she is the only flame of hope, burning.

Right outside this temple.

We are so fortunate to have you in this village.

Hence I urge you to ban Nana's illegal activities and clear this mess.

Your duty is about to begin.

I came here to help my brother.

But I am going stay back for the village.


What are you doing here?

I just came to attend the fair.

Oh, is it?


Mr. Dharma Pawar, please don't.

I think you are the only one who treats a farmer with respect.

I heard about the fight in the market.

You have come like our savior.

Savior? No.

Let me be a simple human being.

Is everything all right with you?

I had saved some money to buy fertilizers.

I had to use that for my medical expense.

But that's okay. What you did boosted my morale.

From now on you have our house that you can call home in this village.

May I take your leave?

Let's go.

Is there anyone who can hit the bulls-eye?

Three rounds for just 10 rupees.

Is there anyone who can hit the bulls-eye?



I am sure you are an expert at this.

Hey, give it to him.

He will hit the bulls eye in one go.


I heard about Nana's visit at the police station.

But what happened then?

What did he say?

He apologized for his mistakes.

He must've sensed your strength.

Our bullets are bigger, maybe that's why I am unable to.

Here, take it.

Go for another round please.

Hey! Reload the gun.

No, I feel you should let it go.

You don't even have to pay me.

Hey! Shut-up and reload.


Sir, try one more time.

Here, sir...


Aim at the balloons please.

Earlier, I called you corrupt. That triggered you, right?

Tell me the truth.

Did my words have such an impact on you?

Tell me.

Tell me.

Oh, God!

Perfect aim!

Very impressive.

Be bold and come to me dashingly Come over to my place Dressed like a groom Go on your knees And propose to me, oh my love

I will surely come and surprise you And propose to you At your doorstep When I do so Do get a bit shy and coy, my dear

This grace of yours I have never seen And I get lost In this beautiful moment I don't care about the world When I lose myself In the beauty of your eyes.

Don't give the same old excuses Get lost, I don't want to hear it again.

I have fallen head over heels For you So, don't let me yearn for you more

Hey, unload it...

Kadaknath reporting, sir!

Yeah, tell me.

-The consignment has reached. -So, what do I do?

Sir, you wanted me to inform you about it.


When did I say that?

Sir, please recollect.

Oh, yes! I did mention that to you.

Yes... So, where do I come?

To the temple lane, sir. Hurry up.

Okay... You wait for me.

-I will be there soon. -Yes, sir! Over and out...

You all wait here.

I will handle it alone.

-Good you confiscated this vehicle. -Yes, of course.

This is the only way to recover from the defaulters.

It's quite simple.

-Okay, let's get a garland. -Sure.

Keep the garland back.

Leave my hand, you old hag.

Don't you understand? I said put it back.

-Just let me go, you old hag. -Put it back!

Hey! Get lost!

Aren't you ashamed to misbehave with an old lady?

How dare you touch me!

Hey! What are you guys waiting for?

Smash this shop to pieces!

I'll shove each one of you like a sugarcane into this grinder and pull your pulp out from the other end.

Hey! Take down my order...

One full glass..

One half... one jumbo...

And one with ice in it.

Oh, Lord Vitthala...

I waited for You all these years.

Here You are.

And in this form!

Oh, Lord!

Go and tell everyone.

Liquor is banned from now on in this village.

I swear I will ban liquor in the entire region.

I, Mauli Sarjerao Deshmukh, swear by my words.

I will reinstate our Lord back in his temple.

If anyone has the guts try to stop me.



There is a problem.

The inspector has shut our liquor shop.

He has confiscated our goods.

He shut our shop in front of everyone.

And he re-opened the temple doors.

He will ban liquor is what he said.

He has announced to reinstate the deity.

I underestimated his might. He proved me wrong.

Now to get a grip on the villagers we need to set an example in front of them.

Why don't you slaughter him now?

Not now.

I will do it in front of everyone.

The thrill to flash our power in front of the entire village has its own kick.


It's beautiful.

People say that a divine person like you can transform every village into a holy shrine.



I have something to confess.

Please tell me.


-Sister! -Yes.

Let me explain.

Once you reinstate our deity you will become a public figure.

You will get busy with all social activities.

We will lose contact owing to your busy schedule.

Very impressive.

That's why please tell me right now...



The 'Mauli' who is protecting this village is not...


Here, our phones barely get proper network.

And you are out to bring divine intervention?

I came to remind you.

You bashed up my water-tanker drivers.

You didn't stop there.

You bashed up my liquor shop boys, too.

You seized my goods, too.

Banned liquor.

And now, you are planning to reinstate the deity.

You displayed your power.

We can't just wait and watch.


Here I am to show you a bit of my strength.

So, you wanted to reform this village?

Try getting up first.

Treat him like Samba.


Start the car.


He is not just my brother, he is my life!

And you dared to take my life away!

Hey, get up!

He's just a petty thug!

Having a few dogs around doesn't make him any powerful.

Remember... They can break our bones but not our will!

Get up!

Look into their eyes and tell them...

Bow your heads when you stand before 'Mauli' and shove your tails between your legs!

Thanks for reminding me who I am.

This petty thug has hacked you in front of these villagers.

I have sent back your pride and strength both, to your Lord Vitthal.

From here on, in this village the name 'Mauli' will not evoke devotion.

It will spread fear.




Brother, are you okay? Brother...

No... Brother!







Your loss is very unfortunate.

I have been praying to the almighty.

To get you out of this situation at the earliest.

Which God?

The one I worshiped has left me and gone forever.

Life is helpless And the sky is pouring relentlessly

Your door is shut Whom should I ask for help?

My spirit is drained, I feel so lost.

I am devastated, Recovering is not possible.

Will you come back to me And eradicate this darkness?

Life is helpless And the sky is pouring relentlessly Your door is shut Whom should I ask for help?

Your father wanted you both to be a policeman, just like him.

This uniform will protect him.

And your father's belt is for you.


Your buttons are all messed up.

Oh, gosh! Sorry!

Will you come back to me And eradicate this darkness?

Life is helpless And sky is pouring relentlessly.

Your door is shut Whom should I ask for help?

I have lost my path.

I want you back.

My destiny was entwined With yours This sadness is killing me.

There is no one to protect me From this fire burning around me.


You please lie down.

What happened, Mother?

What's wrong, Mother?

Please speak to us, Mother.

What's happening to you?

What's happening to you?

Promise me.

You both will live like one soul.

You will never abandon each other, ever.

Mauli, promise me that no matter what you will always protect your brother.





Sir! Please come in.

I am here to warn you.


If you don't repay your debt in the next two days your land will be seized.

This is Nana's order.

But why are you playing his messenger?


It's very simple.

He is on our side.

Now I know.

Go tell Nana.

It's not possible to repay it in two days.

I need to reap and sell my crops to earn money.

I need minimum 8 to 10 days.

I am helpless. I will have to forcefully throw you out.


Please don't force me to resort to this action.

Okay, you go ahead.

Let me see who throws me out of my house!

Get out!

You go inside.

Good job.

I am glad you joined us.

I wish you had shown such loyalty earlier.

Then your brother would've been alive.

I would like to reward you for your loyalty.

Here, take this.

Please take it.

You will need it to pay for your brother's last rites.

Check that out. My picture...

Isn't it royal?

This square is my home-ground and this distillery is the capital of my kingdom.

I will spread my liquor business in the entire state, that's my promise.


I need to speak to you.

You are too late now.

Please leave this village.

What's the purpose of leading such a life?

Nana has threatened me.


If I leave this village he will not spare anyone here.

I lost my brother while reforming this village.

Where do I go from here?

So, will you go through this torture?

I have to get used to this.

I don't have a choice.

Earlier I did bear it for my sake Now I will bear it for this village.

Will this self-torture do any good to this village?

If you think so then you are wrong.

You may leave now...




Dharma's farm is on fire.

I need a water-tanker urgently.

Hey! Look!

How desperate he is.

I need a water-tanker urgently to extinguish the fire.

Do you want a tanker?

Is this your father's property to claim ownership?

Get out!

Sir, I beg of you.

Kindly give me one water-tanker to extinguish the fire.

Do you want water?


Hey, give it here.

Here, gulp it down and I will give you water.

What are you staring at?

God drank poison to save people from death.

Can't you drink just one bottle of alcohol?

Come on, have it.

Have it.

You can do it.

Have it. You'll be okay.

Bottoms up...

You have to finish it up.

That's nice.

Give him some water.


We started the fire and you came to us asking for water?

Have you lost it?


Go extinguish the fire.

I thought You are omnipresent.

I thought I will find You here.

So, I came here looking for You.

I have worshiped You all my life.

Today, I need an answer from You.

Every single person in that village thinks You are here, inside their temple.

They struggled for over 15 years to re-open that temple door.

And gave their life for it.

Now I feel...

It's good Your temple doors were never opened.

They would've discovered

Your non-existence.

You give with one hand

and take away from the other.

You took away my father...

You gave me my mother.

Then you took away my mother and you gave me a brother.

When I needed him the most You snatched him away.

You never gave me the strength to fight.

You also took away my ability to tolerate.

Every insect and bird is blessed with an instinct to protect themselves.

Why have You not given me any strength?

I am here to tell You...

Your temple may stand here forever.

But no one will ever believe in You from hereon.

I have lost everything I had.

There is only darkness that's left behind.

How do we live in this darkness?

Can You please tell me?

Brother! Brother! Brother...


Some villager spotted you entering the temple.

To protect you from Nana's goons I had to bring you here.

How many more dead do you want to see?

Do you think your silence will safeguard this village?

This is the result of you keeping quiet.

Remaining silent is not going to help anyone.

Everyone knows the real culprit behind the fire outbreak.

I wish to remind you that you, too, are responsible for this.

And you will have to pay for it one day.

Keep moving...

Keep moving...

Hey, show me the money!

You are responsible for the fire at Dharma Pawar's field.

You confessed yesterday.

Of course, I did.

What the hell are you going to do about it?

Get out of here...

You idiot!

Hey! Throw him out of here.

You, go. I will handle him.

Mr. Deshmukh...

You are out to ruin my reputation.

Your fists are not meant to just crush onions?

Time to show your strength.

Looks like he is still high from last night's drinking.

Hey, give him a dose.

There is not a single brick on earth that can hurt 'Mauli'.


Hey! Leave me!

Let me go...

Hey! Have you lost it?

Do you know who you are dealing with?

Have you lost your mind?

Hey! What are you doing inside?

Hey! You locked me up here.


Hey! What are you doing there?

Sir, of course I will enter from the door and not the window.

So, Mr. Deshmukh...

As kids I used to seek you.

Now you know where I am hiding.

Yet you fail to know where I am.

There you are.

Brother, what is going on?

How did you come back?

Please speak up!

I had given my word to our mother to protect you always.

So here I am.

What is this?

A miracle?

Or an illusion?

Let's call this teamwork, that's all.

How did I fight them?

I don't have the strength to do so.

Wood is never aware of its capacity until a small spark sets it on fire.

You have my spark in you.

Today, you showed it.

All I know is, you saved me today. I would've got crushed under the bricks.

I wanted to tell you much earlier.

But since we were busy fighting, there was no time for dialogues.

You saved me this time. What about the future?

We fought them with our fists, now it's time to use our heads.

What do you mean?

We got Bhairavnath today. Half the battle is won.

The rest...


I hope you are with me.

If you believe in me, I will always be there with you.

Hey, get up!

Let me explain.

I will ask you to confess.

You will deny.

Nana will come to your rescue, and I'll have to let you go.

Nothing of that sort will happen.

I've spent six years now, doing this duty.

It's finally time to use my service revolver.

-Hey! -Come out!

-Move! -Hey, Thupe! Thupe!

I will shoot you right in the middle of the village.

Get inside!

Hey! Have you lost it?

Hey! What are you up to?

Let's discuss...

Hey! Hey, Thupe!

Get down.

Are you planning to kill me here?

Sir, have you lost it?

How could I dare to kill you?

So, why did you get me here?

To clear some misunderstandings.

I lost my senses in a fit of rage.

Are you crazy?

I have no clue why I behaved so weird.

Please be kind enough and forgive me.


I request you not to inform Nana about this.

He will treat me like his dog 'Samba'.



I won't tell him.


Please do not inform Nana.

He gets only the information that I pass on to him.

It's that simple.

You leave now.


Stitch something that will suit my pride.

17 and half...

You wanted to see me?

Where were you yesterday?

Your phone was switched off, too.

Did you go out of our coverage area?

Nothing like that.

Come over here.

That inspector had jailed me last night.

Done, Nana.

Get his measurements, too.

Why me?

Let him, or should I volunteer?

-Okay, go ahead. -You are my most trusted.

So, why did he arrest you?

There was some misunderstanding.

He is a crazy guy.

You don't bother.

-Still... -40.

I am sure there is something fishy.

Nothing, sir.

I believe you blurted out that we were behind the fire incident.

-Didn't you? -18.

You forced him to booze.

He bashed you up.

He jailed you only to release you later?

For no reason?

Yeah, I was confused by his behavior, too.

But he just let me go.

I swear, I didn't say anything.

How dare you attempt to ruin my reputation?

I won't repeat it ever.

I will never let you repeat it, ever.

Note it.

His neck measures 16.

What's that?

-What is it? -Come on in.

-We need to go. -Where?

To the factory. Nana wants to meet you.

He has not been receiving my phone calls since morning.

Is he upset?

Nothing like that.

Maybe he was busy?

So, do you think I am sitting idle here?

I work for him, yet he doesn't value my loyalty.

You are wrong.

What nonsense!


My confessions can ruin his empire.

I know him inside out.

Exactly, for that very reason Nana felt he should not take any risk.

What do you mean?

If you try to go against Nana you will not be spared.

It is as simple as that.

They are eight men after him.

What will he do now?

That's the difference between us, dear.

You count the people.

I count my victims.

Let's go, Mr. Deshmukh...

It's time for some physical work out.

Get ready.

He doubted my loyalty of all these years.

It's stupidity to stay loyal to a cheater.

I have done everything for him.

I was the one to raise the army of men.

I stole the government funds and created a tanker lobby for him.

I helped him set up his liquor shop.

I also set fire to Dharma Pawar's farm to make space for his distillery.

You set his field on fire and he committed suicide.

No, he didn't commit suicide.

He was murdered.

Nana murdered him...

Right in front of my eyes.

I witnessed it all.

And today he doubts my integrity.

And if Nana doubts anyone's integrity, then it's the end for that person.

You record your statement.

I will finish his empire for good.

Mr. Thupe...

You did a great job today.

Sir, I supported these criminals all my life.

Today I felt like safeguarding our law from these criminals.

Let us show Nana his real place.

And you don't worry about this guy.

Sir, why have you got me here?

You wanted to be a real cop for a day, didn't you?


So, it's your day today.

We are here to clear this garbage all by ourselves.

Put on your cap.

Now he will know how an honest cop can shatter a local goon's pride.

Stop this nonsense!

I have a warrant to arrest you.

Is it?

You may go now, come back tomorrow.

Is it so?

You killed someone for this piece of land.

We have gathered proof for it.


I have destroyed your liquor shop.

We have seized all your illegal liquor dens.

Your illegal water-tanker business is also shut from today.

I will follow the rules and regulations today.

You may try your influence.

If you try to safeguard him your names will appear with this criminal, too.

Keep that in mind.

You came here to inaugurate this land and your own home-ground doesn't exist anymore.

Come, it's 'Jail time'.

Go, get my bail.

I will be out of jail in just two hours.

Let me explain.

I will arrest you now.

Your men will go to the local court.

They will take an hour and half.

The court will be shut by then.

It's the weekend from tomorrow.

You will spend the next two days inside the prison.

And in these two days I will destroy the rest of your businesses.

It is impossible.

I will never let it happen.

Hey! What are you guys looking at?

I don't use it.

But it doesn't mean, I don't know how to use it.

I will shoot his head off if anyone even moves.


After all these years I will reinstate the village deity back in the temple.

From now, our Lord will rule this village.

Lord Vitthal is earth, water and the universe.

Lord Vitthal is our support.

Lord Vitthal is everything.

True devotion is nothing but you, Lord Vitthal.

A devotee's tribute is nothing but you lord Vitthal.

Lord Vitthal's name resonates in every chant.

Vitthala! Vitthala!

Vitthala! Vitthala!

Vitthala! Vitthala!

Vitthala! Vitthala!

You are our father.

You are our brother.

You are a friend.

You are our protector.

Protect this child of Yours, always.

In the time of darkness You are always there to show us the right path.

At the time of trouble, You come running to save us.

You follow us like our shadow.

Come running to us when we need You.

How can we imagine a life without You, oh Lord Mauli?

Even when we went astray.

You showed us the right path.

How can we imagine a life without You, oh Lord Mauli?

With hands on Your hips, You stood so gracefully on a brick That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

He looks so beautiful and divine.

We don't feel hungry or thirsty, when we think of our Lord Vitthal That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

There is no fear, no worry.

Nothing can obstruct us now.

We are all one and the same.

We have understood that.

You are within us from head to toe.

We have understood that.

My body, my soul Is all Yours, oh Lord.

Oh Lord, You are in my mind all the time.

We will always be Your children.

That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

Let greed and lust In my mind end forever.

My life should be into the brick On which You stand, oh Lord.

I don't want to shine like Gold.

I will be happy to be the steps of the temple that lead to You.

Your sight will bring all the happiness that we seek.

The moment I trusted You, all my worries disappeared.

When I rest my head on Your feet the lost hopes in me have lightened up.

I know You will give Me the strength to go on.

I don't exist anymore, When I surrender myself to You.

That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

When I give up my ego I am a part of You and there is nothing left in me..

That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

I have been breaking the law for over 15 years now.

Wouldn't I escape prison in two hours?

A single matchstick was enough to burn your only witness.

And you keep this in mind...

One who has nothing to lose has no fear!

You were fearless earlier, now it's my turn!

I will destroy you first and then, this temple of yours!



Where are you?




When will you fools stop fighting for a dead cause?

Only I will rule this place!


It's been 15 years now!

People who spoke against me are all buried here!

Is there anybody else?


Who has the guts to light a lamp in this lamp-tower?


Demolish this place.

-Please stop... -No, Sister.

If we get scared of him today this darkness in our lives will never be expelled.


Hey, get up!

He's just a petty thug!

Having a few dogs around doesn't make him any powerful.

Mauli is the answer to all our questions.

You may have different bodies, but your vision will be the same.

They can break your bones...

But not your will...

Brother... will you be with me?

If you believe?

I will be there for you always Look into their eyes and tell them...

Bow your heads before Mauli and shove your tails between your legs.

Bow your heads when you stand before 'Mauli'... and shove your tails between your legs.

I will finish the terror you have spread before finishing you.

You may try as hard as you can.

But today, my courage will remain unbroken.

I found Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur, within me.

He says, why search for me when I reside in you?

I tell the world it is my privilege to have witnessed Your presence.

Your devotion is irresistible as Your door is opened now.

There is no fear, no worry.

Nothing can obstruct us now.

We are all one and the same.

We have understood that.

I don't exist anymore when I surrender myself to You.

That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

When I give up my ego I am a part of You and there is nothing left in me.

That's my Lord Vitthal's grace.

Hey, Brother!


So, finally you found me.

Where were you?

I was within you.

You were looking for me all around.

But I was within you all along.

Simply superb, Brother.

Come with me.