Max 2: White House Hero (2017) Script

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Have a seat.

Now this is highly irregular, Agent Thorn.

Never had to recall this type of specialist back into active service.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Saved more lives than he could possibly know.

Smart, loyal, keen military instincts.

Best I ever served with.

And the family?

Very Supportive.

No, the Wincotts are military through and through.

They were only happy to lend him to us.

He looks good on paper, but he's been out of the game for a while.

How do we know he's still got it?

Agent Thorn, meet Max.

Welcome to the Secret Service, Max.

And Russian president Vladimir Bragov will be arriving later this week to attend President Bennett's first state visit since taking office, an event that's set to kick off a full week of arms negotiations at presidential retreat Camp David.

These two leaders couldn't be more different.

The question remains if Bennett's laid-back style can handle Bragov's stronger, - more aggressive stance. What?

Critics will be watching...


Just because the Kremlin cowboy hunts tigers, it doesn't make him strong.

Dad, can I talk to you about something?

It's about school.

Look, these things, they just take time.

You're the new kid on the block.

Look, TJ. Why don't you invite some of your new friends over to the White House?

I mean, how many kids your age have their own bowling alley?

No, I'd love to invite my new friends over.

If I had any.

Okay, you know, it's kind of hard to make friends when every time someone comes up to you, they get frisked.

We know this is hard, TJ. It's a big adjustment for all of us.

It's more than just an adjustment, Mom.

It's like living in a fish bowl, and I'm the only one who didn't ask for this.


There have been a lot of kids who grew up here, and I'm sure every single one of them felt exactly the way you do right now.

But I will bet that they wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world.

You know, so, maybe, do your mom and I a favor and just try to give it a chance.

I guess.

That's the Bennett spirit!

Go have a good day.

Bye. Bye.

Baby bird, hold on.

Don't forget your lunch.

Baby bird? Seriously?

Oh, man. I've gotta get a cooler code name.

Hey! You're new here.

And well-trained!

Well, I guess I know what you want.

Who's a good boy?

Who likes his belly rubbed?

What's your name, fella? His name is Max.

And he's not here to play.

I wasn't playing with him, Agent Thorn. I was just...

Okay, maybe I was playing with him a little.

What's he doing here?

Max is one of the country's highest-trained tactical canines.

He's been called to duty to replace Charlie, who's out on maternity leave.

Hmm. Charlie's a girl?

Let's go, Max.

Now, if you'll excuse us.

We have work to do.

Max, come.

Nice to meet you, Max.

Good luck in the fish bowl.

Hail to the geek.

You know that's cheating, right?

Does anyone want to trade for a PB&J?

Hit me! You can hit me!

Come on! They're not gonna do anything to you.

Come on! You can hit me! Someone hit me!


And fun fact number 41...

It's TJ.

It's First Son, TJ Bennett.

I told you we might get lucky today.

I love you, TJ!

It's bad enough that I had to dance with my mom at the inauguration.

But now I'm a part of the tour, Coop. I live here but I feel like I'm on exhibit 365 days a year.

At least a gorilla in the zoo gets Christmas off.

Look at the bright side, T.

At the zoo, they don't let you feed the animals.

Think about it.

Worst case, you're only gonna be here for eight more years.

Less if your dad gets impeached.

Thanks for cheering me up, Coop.

I do hear what you're saying, T.

But for some reason, they put a really high value on security here.

Did you know that they X-ray everything that comes into the kitchen?

Even the grapes.

I mean, what can you hide in a grape?

But it's not just that.

I miss my old life, my old friends.

I didn't run for office, you know.

Might just grow on you, T.

Why do you think so many presidents' sons go into the family business?

Like you said, at least the food's good here.

I mean, what do you put in these things anyway?

Secret ingredient. Hold on. That one's still probably a little bit hot- Hot! Hot!

Hey, Max! Come here, boy!

Come here, boy!


Good boy.

We'll get right on that.

I want someone on the ground at 0800 hours for this situation.

Hey, TJ.

Who's your new friend?

Sit, Max, sit!

Good boy. Meet Max, our newest addition to the White House staff.

Well, hello, Max.

I hope I can count on your vote in the next election.

Oh! Yes! What a good boy!

Yes, what a good boy!

Uh, Dad, I don't think.

Agent Thorn wants anyone to be playing with Max like this.

TJ, come on.

I'm the President of the United States. I'm pretty sure petting any dog I want is in the constitution.

Isn't that right, Max?

Yeah, isn't that right?

Mr. President, I apologize. Our new security canine shouldn't have left his station.

We're still getting him up to speed on his duties here.

Good, then it's not too late.

Too late for what, sir?

To add a few more duties.

Like playing with TJ on his off hours.

Sir, as head of White House security, I must voice my concerns.

This is an important week. And I would hate for the dog to get confused about his purpose here.

Noted, Agent Thorn.

But I'm sure a man with your abilities can find a way to accommodate this simple request.

Otherwise, I'd have to issue an executive order.

Get the Supreme Court involved.

You know, it can get really messy.

Of course, Mr. President.

Thank you, Agent Thorn.

Well, you see that, TJ?

This morning, I told you things would turn around for you here.

And President Bennett always delivers on his promises.

Thank you, Dad. Come on, Max!

Come on, Max! Let's go!

War hero, veteran, and now Secret Service?

Tactical canine Max is on loan to the White House this week to help out with the Russian state visit.

And by the looks of things, he's making himself quite at home.

Who wants the ball? Who wants the ball?

Who wants the ball?


Good boy!

Let's go, Max.

I'm TJ. Alfred.

Max, security detail. Cool.

Lunch today'?

Yeah. Yeah, thanks.

That's cool.

Mom, Dad, can I go to a party tonight? A kid at school invited me.

Oh. I'm sorry, honey.

Tonight really isn't the best time for this.

TJ, you know that the Russian president is gonna be here...

What's that gotta do with me?

Look, I know that this has been really difficult, but we are the First Family and that job has responsibilities.

And you know what? We were hoping that you could help us out.

See, President Bragov's wife couldn't make the trip, but he is bringing his kid, Alex, who just happens to be about your age. Wait.

So you want me to babysit some Russian kid?

Well, we were hoping that you would see it more as being our "goodwill ambassador."

Well, I was hoping I would have a vote on anything that goes on in my life.

It's not fair and there's no way I'm dressing up in a fancy outfit and smiling for the cameras just so you can get your poll numbers up.

Look, I'm sorry, nope.

I am just not doing it.

TJ, what is on your face? Mom.

Mom! Hey, hey, hey,

Dad, she's a girl.

Yes, Alex is short for Alexandra. I hope that's not a problem.

President Bragov, it is an honor to have you here as my guest.


You seem to have changed your tune since campaign when you called me, what was it?

"Crazy Kremlin cowboy."

You must be tired, let me show you your quarters.

He seems nice. Yeah.

I'm supposed to be nice to you.

I am to be polite, nothing more.

My name is Alexandra Bragov, but you may call me Alex.

I'm TJ.

I know, I had briefing about you.

They say you are very resourceful and fine player of baseball.

Also a big fan of spy movies and always eat ice cream too fast and get brain freeze.

They know all that about me?

My papa's people are very thorough.

But no mention of dog. Oh.

This is Max.

But he's not my dog.

I mean, I guess he is now, but, um, not later or before. Do you know what breed he is?

Oh, he's a Secret Service dog.

I mean, I know it's not a breed.

He's a... Belgian Malinois.

How'd you know that?

I am, how you say? Dog person.

Oh, yeah? Me too.

Tell them to put that in my file.

So, TJ, do you think your "dog-for-now" could help us sniff out something to eat other than boring state dinner?

I think I know just the place.

Oh! No, no, you Malinois!

In borscht, we slice beets thin like paper.

My president... Dimitri!

I misspoke.

It is honor to be in such beautiful kitchen.

Even if you do not belong here.

I assume he came with you?

Hey, Coop.

Meet Alex, she's from Russia.

Call me Coop, I'm from Brighton Beach.


Say, Coop, would you like to whip us up a couple of the house specials, please?

Why, of course, sir.

Anything to get me off borscht detail.



Such flavor!

Why is this grilled cheese so good?

Sorry, secret ingredient.

It's classified.

You do not know, do you?


So what do you do for amusement here?

Well, do you like to bowl?

Not particularly.

Me neither.

There's all kinds of stuff here, but they're no fun to do alone.

And under 24-hour watch.

And let me guess, many important "responsibilities."

No kidding. Sometimes, I feel like I'm just here for photo ops.

At least you do not have to stand for eight hours at the Victory Day Parade.

Doesn't even compare to visiting the Iowa State Fair.

They make sculptures out of butter.

Why? I think there isn't much to do there.

I was actually invited to go to a party downtown tonight.

But I can't go 'cause I have to entertain our guests.

Well, I hope they're at least nice.

Not so bad so far.

I know how this goes.

You can't go to your party because your parents are making you go to their party.

It's not fair. Just 'cause we're the presidents' kids means we don't get to have any fun?

Sneaking out to party would be fun.

It would, wouldn't it?

But if we got caught...


I was going to say Guantanamo.

Same difference.

But do you always obey your parents?

Me? Not always.


Okay, pretty much always.

I just thought I was in "land of the free and

"home of the brave."

Don't worry, Max. We'll be right back.

Let's go, come on.

Tomorrow morning, we'll be heading to Camp David.

I know how much you love the outdoors and I thought it would be a more informal venue for our talks.

We will see.

Of course, the brunt of our time will be spent discussing the arms treaty, but we've got all sorts of great events planned for your visit.

My beautiful wife here is an esteemed concert pianist.

She's agreed to perform an evening of Tchaikovsky.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky? Yes.

I love Tchaikovsky.

But everywhere I go, they play me Tchaikovsky.

I was hoping for Bon Jovi.

Well, I hope the kids are getting along better than we are.


Don't look down, Alex.

I told you it was gonna be easy.

Come on.

I'm allergic to dogs.


Okay, ladies first.

You know, we could get in a lot of trouble here.

My father always says, "There is no reward without risk."

Mmm. Mmm.

Thomas, Maureen, I hope you are enjoying the borscht as much as I am.

Well, I have to say, this is the best borscht I've ever had.

It's wonderful.

All righty. Now, say hello to President William Henry Harrison, who caught pneumonia at his inauguration, and, fun fact number seven, died 31 days later.

And we're walking.

Hey, kids. Who wants some hot...

Oh, fudge!

You think they're looking for us yet? Probably, but it's only a few more blocks.

Look out!

Go, run!



TJ! Run!

Come! Come on, Alex!

Mom, you should've seen Max out there. He was like, like, like a superhero.

We were worried half to death.

Agent Thorn, how is this even possible?

Unfortunately, sir, due to the restoration, the alarms on the windows have temporarily been turned off.

I'm really sorry, Dad.

Let's go through this again.

Is there anything you can remember that might help us?

Okay. I didn't wanna say anything in front of our guests but I think I heard one of those guys say something in Russian.

Max bit one of the guys on the ankle.

Dad, you have to check every one of those Russians for bite marks.

Son, let's just let the Secret Service handle this, okay?

You mean the Secret Service who can't keep track of two 12-year-old kids?

Okay, I think that you have caused enough trouble for one evening, young man. Don't you?

But, Dad, all I'm... No, I don't wanna hear it.

I want you to go to your room, go to bed, we will discuss your punishment in the morning.

Fine. Come on, Max.

If he did hear someone speaking Russian, maybe there are bad players on the other team.

We can't make unsubstantiated accusations with the entire world watching, Agent Thorn.

But, Thomas, if somebody is looking to hurt...

It's okay, Maureen.

We'll be fine at Camp David.

You mean, we're still going?

- I'm working. My agents have been on site securing the grounds for the past 30 days.

If there is something going on, there is no safer place for us to be right now.

Yeah, no safer place to be, because you and I are gonna be there. Right, Max?

Come here, Max.

Sit, Max.

Pick up.

Good boy. - Max, come.

Perimeter search.

Go on, boy.

Hi. Hi.


What's going on? Why are you being so weird?

I was thinking we could get together later and talk more about what happened last night.


I can't. What?

Why not? What's going on?

I don't know.

Maybe 'cause the only person who knew I was going to that party was you.

In fact, you pretty much made me go.

TJ, why would I kidnap myself?

How better to make it look like you're not involved?

Um, just off the top of my head, maybe not sneaking out with you in the first place?

That's exactly what a Russian spy would say.

I'm so glad that you decided to continue the peace talks, Vladimir.

I'm hoping that we can jump into it right after lunch.

No, no, no, after lunch, we ride.

We... We ride?

My people, many think best way to keep Mother Russia strong is to keep Uncle Sam weak.

But I think strong can work with strong.

So we ride as men.

Then, I know how strong you are.


Come, Mr. President! Let us feel the wind on our faces!

Atta boy!

We ride like men!

Yippie Jovi yo ki yay!

I'm serious, Coop.

If one of the Russians does wanna stop the talks, it'd have to be someone who came with Bragov.

Someone who's not happy to be here.

Someone like...


"Authentic Jovi Alfredo!"

Even their food is bland and stolen from other countries!

You sure about this, T?

Think about it. He was also in the kitchen when Alex and I were sneaking out.

And he sure doesn't seem like a fan of America. Does he?

Careful with this, T. You never know where things can lead.

Don't worry, Coop. A Bennett delivers on his promises.

Max, I think we're finally barking up the right tree.

Come on, Max. Let's find out what's in that box.

I wish one of us spoke Russian.

Max, we gotta do something.

Drop the knife!

Are you crazy, little boy?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

What does it looks like? I'm making famous homemade Russian rye bread.

Bread? Da.

Finally put stop to dry, tasteless monstrosity your buddy, Coop, insists on making.

Now you ruin surprise and dough!

Security hear about this.

And then I tell your mama.

Wait, no. I wasn't here to ruin the surprise.

I was here because... I... Um...

Because the US President is allergic.


Allergic? Yes.

That is why American chef make dry bread.

It's gluten free.

Oh, oh, yeah. My dad gets real sick if he has any gluten at all.

Didn't you hear in the last campaign?

It was a huge scandal.

The wheat growers association wouldn't endorse him.

The pizza lobby picketed his events.

I just wanted to stop you before you got in big trouble.

Yes, you owe this boy a great debt and apology.

Don't you?

My humble apologies.

Now, come on, TJ. Weren't you going to give me a tour of the grounds?

What did you think? He had body in box?

I don't know. l...

That was stupid, right?

Not as stupid as thinking I was behind the attacks.

Sorry about that. I didn't know who to trust and...

It's okay.

You knew I was innocent. Didn't you, Max?

Uh, how did you know we were out here?

I was doing my own investigation and saw you doing yours.

You were investigating me?

Someone is looking to hurt both of our families, TJ.

You think I am not worried, too?

You would have known this if you actually talked to me this morning instead of putting me on Most Wanted list.

You're not gonna let me live that down, are you?

Not until it stops being fun.

So, who do you think is behind it?


Before trip, I heard Olga say she thought arms talks with your country were terrible thing.

Would make my country weak.

In America, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

I also saw her applying antibiotic ointment to her ankle this morning like she has fresh wound.

Hope she looks good in orange.

Stop staring at her.

Well, if I'm not staring at her, how am I supposed to know she's doing anything suspicious?

Would anyone like to sample today's blue plate special?

Thanks, Coop. She's cute, T.

Honey, do you want me to get you some more ice?

A glacier wouldn't help.

Oh. Morning, Vladimir.

How was your sleep?

The sleep of 1,000 men. You?

Who wouldn't feel great after a four-hour ride on Diablo?

Good, then, well rested. We go white water rafting today.

White water rafting.

You know, I was hoping that we could just jump right into our talks.

No, today we ride the rapids.

Like men!

Maybe I'm not hating him as much as I thought.

Seems we're having more in common all the time.

I'll send for your chiropractor. Thank you.


Morning, kids.

Hey, Dad. Morning.

Come on, let's follow her.

TJ. Maybe we should tell somebody about this.

We will, as soon as we've got proof. Come on.


Are you scared?

Aren't you?

Why should I be scared?

We've got Max.

What do you think she's doing?

I don't think she's listening to Katy Perry.

I do not think we can get close enough to see her ankle from here.

Maybe Max can.

We'll be able to see everything Max sees.

TJ, you're much cleverer than your file had indicated.

Max. Go, go.


What about Max?

What are they saying?

They're spying on my father's First Secretary.


My father always says trust is weakness.

That's no bite mark, she just got a tattoo.

Of a unicorn?

I am very disappointed in you, TJ.

As am I, Alex.

Maybe you are not my precious little angel after all.

If you cannot control your son, I will control my daughter.

Okay. Bragov, it takes two to tango.

That is true, but I must do this.

Hand it over, Alex.

Hand what over?

What you got from your Alfredo for Christmas.

There will be no more of this foolishness, and you are not to be around this boy without supervision.

But, Father, I... No.

I was wrong to bring you on this trip.

I thought it would be good for you.

But now, I can see it has been quite the opposite.

Uh, Vladimir, are we still going rafting or would you like to just jump into negotiations?


This is... This is great.

I thought we agreed that you would stop spying on people.

But they're spying on people, too.

That is their job!

My job is to protect you.

Mr. President... Agent Thorn, please.

With all due respect, sir.

I think perhaps we should consider bringing in another tactical canine to replace Max.

He's clearly been confused by his time with your son.

Agent Thorn, that is your way of saying "I told you so"?

Very subtle.


TJ, I think it's time that maybe we made a change with Max. No, Dad. It's not Max's fault, it's mine.

Yes, TJ, that may be true but I have some...

You can't take away my only friend.

Please, Dad.

He makes me feel safe.

Let me still hang with him.

I'll drop it, for real this time. I promise.



But I want you to stay out of trouble, okay?

Both of you.




You done, pal?

I'm finished, all right.

Don't let it get you down, T.

Your dad will let up, once negotiations are over.

Maybe, by then...

That cute one will be gone?


At least you still got me, right?

TJ, you ready to go?

Go? Go where?

You're more strong. Come on!

Give back my shoe. Max.

Come on, Max! Max!


Go on, Max.

Do your job.

How about over here? Who'd like some water?

Here you go, darling.

Good, yeah. Lovely.

I will be coxswain.


TJ, come on! Alexandra.

Positions, everyone.

Eagle's about to take a dip.


Come on, paddle!


Wh oo! Quickly!

Attaboy, TJ!

Good job, guys!

Look out!

Back paddle!

Back paddle!



Whoo! We did it!

Everybody, high-five!

Looks like our countries can work together when we need to, eh?


I believe in peace.

But there are those in my country who think peace is weak.

They think any talks whatsoever with your country amounts to treason.

What do you think?

I think...

Here we go again!

Well done, Alexandra!

Stay in the middle! Stay in the middle!

Hang on, Alexandra!


To the right!


Paddle, Alexandra.

Harder, TJ!

Alexandra! TJ!

Dad, help!

Alexandra! Help!

All agents, move in now!



I'm coming!



No! Alex!

Save Alexandra!


Dad! TJ!


Papa! Help!




Hold on!



Okay, I got you! I got you, you're okay.

I got you! Come on!


Help! Alexandra!











Thank you, Max!

Yeah. Thank you, boy.



Alexandra. Papa“.

Alexandra. I'm okay.

I'm okay.


My daughter was almost killed.

I do not want to hear any more of your sincere apologies.

We inspected the raft fully before embarking.

It must've gotten caught on a sharp rock or some flotsam...

Or someone tried to sink it on purpose.

TJ, on purpose?

We went over this.

Dad, did you feel us hit anything?

Because I know I didn't.

And do you really think it's a coincidence that we were all attacked...

Okay, TJ, enough!

You heard Agent Thorn, it was an accident.

But I just... Don't!

I don't wanna hear another word. Drop it.

Go on, Max, give it to Alex.



Over here!

Don't scare me like that.


Did anyone follow you?

Just you.

Payback for when you followed me.

I think I know who's trying to stop the talks.

Agent Thorn.

That's a relief.

I thought you were going to say something crazy, like Agent Thorn.

I'm serious.

Think about it.

Where was he when we all went overboard today?

And it was his job to check the raft.

And it was his job to follow up on all leads for both attacks.

Exactly. And all that stuff about Max not spending time with me?

He probably knew he'd sniff him out.

He also could've intentionally let us sneak out to go to that party so you'd get attacked.

I knew it, an American is behind this.

Wait. Who said he was American?

He could really be a Russian in disguise.

A double agent.

Remember the accent we heard that night?

He was probably faking that accent to make it seem like he was Russian.

An American posing as a Russian.

A triple agent.

Or he's a quadruple agent.

Really a Russian, faking the accent of an American, doing a Russian accent so we'd think he was American...

Okay. Maybe we should stop at double agent.

Russian or American.

I can live with that.

So, wait.

Are we really accusing the head of your presidential security...

Of what is basically treason with almost no proof?

My dad will think I'm crazy.

And as much as my papa would like to embarrass your country, I think he would, too.

So, we set up a trap to expose him to our fathers.

Saving the arms talks.

And the world!



But how the heck are we gonna do that?

I think I know.

All right. Take it up, man.

Up. Yes, that up. Good.

There we go.

Yeah... That's good.

Now, tie that off.

Make sure you tie it off really good.

My tummy hurts.


You do feel a bit warm.


I think it was the borscht.

It's, uh, really rushin' through me.

Well, I'm sure your mom will understand.

Max, make sure he drinks plenty of liquids, okay?

All right, get some rest.

Alex, Alex.

Over. Alex!

I do not understand.

Why can you not tell me what is wrong with you?

Well... Uh...

If Mama was here, I could tell her.


I see.


Feel better, or rest up.

Thank you, Papa. I will.

Alex, Alex, over.

TJ, what are you doing?

I said I would call you when I was ready.

My papa almost found out I had this. Sorry.

You good for tonight?

Do not worry.

My papa will not check on me again tonight.

Or probably ever again.

Good, then Operation "Catch-a-Quintuple-Agent" is a go.

You couldn't leave it alone, could you?


Thank you for coming, Bragov.

It's my pleasure, Mr. President.

I am afraid Alexandra will not be joining us this evening.

She's not feeling Well.

Your son is not coming, either?



Also not feeling well.

Maybe they have the same ailment.

I do not think so.

I've always believed that music was a universal language.

A language that we all speak.

A language of humility, love, and, most importantly, peace.

Okay, remember the plan.

When Max lures Thorn, you pretend to faint, and when he bends down, I snap. I know.

It's my plan. Remember?

Your plan? But I'm the one who...

Forget it.

Go, Max, fetch Thorn.


All clear, backstage.

Was this part of your plan, too?

I don't know.

Um... It's okay. It's good part.

You're right. Her Tchaikovsky's not half-bad.

Well, half-thank you.

Max, what are you doing here?


Leaving my post.

Well, no security detail.

We're alone.

Yeah? And how does it feel?

Very secure.

I feel same, also, hot and worried about running out of air.

But secure, that, too.

Make that very worried.

Mom, look out!


It doesn't matter that we tricked you.

If we weren't here, Mom could've been hurt or worse!

I don't understand.

Who could've done something like this?


Excuse me?

Look at his ankle, Dad.

He'll have the bite marks from the day Max saved me.

Agent Thorn, I'm...

I'm sorry, this is really awkward.

It's no problem at all, sir.

But, no, it's not possible.


Alexandra, it is time for us to go.

Go where?

To the safest place on Earth, Moscow.

Go. Go!

Vladimir, you're leaving?

Do we, at least, have a deal on the drawdown?

As I said, if you cannot protect our children, how can you protect our children?

Come, Alexandra.

I'm sorry, TJ.




Well, it seems who was ever trying to sabotage the meetings has finally succeeded.

Mr. President, our new security canine has clearly been corrupted by his relationship with your son, as I feared.

Permission to terminate his service here.

What? No, Dad, you can't do that!

TJ, you've brought this upon yourself.


Agent Thorn,

permission granted.

Thank you, sir. - Dad!

Please, no. Max.

Mom. I'm sorry.

Let's go, Max.

- Come on. Dad, please.

Let's go. Max.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Max! Come!

Come on. Come on.

Let's go, Max. Come on.

Max, wait. Don't go!

I'm really gonna miss you. Max.

I'm really gonna miss you, boy. I'm really gonna miss you.

Let's go, Max.

Come on, come on.

Let's go, Max.



You're up early.

Couldn't sleep.


I know you're bummed the Rooskies are leaving early.

But I gotta tell ya, that Russian chef, bigger dictator than Bragov.

Nice try, Coop.

You can't beat yourself up about this, T.

You followed your gut, you saved your mom.

But now, I'll never know who was really behind it, and that's not even the worst part.

My dad can barely even look at me.

I'll never see Alex again, and who knows what they'll do to Max, now that he's been "corrupted."

Look at it this way, T.

At least you got the first chapter of your memoirs figured out.

As usual, Coop, you're the only one around here who makes me feel any better.


Oh. Hey.

Let me help you with that.

Uh, I guess I better start packin'.

Oh. yeah?

Are you sure you don't want a smoothie?

Nah, I'm cool.

No worries, see you back at WH.

Uh, yeah, the White House.

T, You know I can't let you leave, not after what you just saw.

What do you mean? I didn't see anything.

Nice try, kiddo.

Coop, what are you doin'?

Oh, yeah.

My name's not really Coop, T.

That's just a good friendly American name, no?

What? You're Russian? You've been behind all this?

Why? Why?

Because peace is weak.

The people I work with will not allow my country to surrender its weapons, not for your country, not for anyone.

I will keep Mother Russia strong, not men like Bragov.

So, now, I'm going to give you a choice.

You can keep trying to play the hero, or...

You have made your choice.


This time, you'll not get out so easy.

Let me out!


Time for insurance policy, Olga.

Yeah, privy to Alexandra.


I'm really sorry it had to come to this.

I really enjoyed our talks over these months.

And, FYI, the secret to a great grilled cheese is to add just a touch of Russian dressing.

Help! Help!

Can anyone hear me? Help!


Sweetheart, wake up.

Your papa, he wants to see you now.

What? My papa? Yeah.

Put on your slippers.

Let's go.

That's it.


Come on, Alexandra.

Careful, now.

Wait, Olga.

What is my father doing out here?

No more question.


Get the dog!

Block him off!

What is going...

Max? Come here!

Where is it? Close in!

Max! Max!

But you're security, you can't even stop a dog!



TJ! Thorn!

TJ, come here. Oh, my God.

Are you okay? What happened?

I'm fine, I'm fine.

Max! Max!

You saved me again, boy.

You saved me again.

Alex, she's in terrible danger.


The Hawk's on its way, sir.

We'll have eyes in the sky in less than 10 minutes.

They can't have gone far, so, I set up...

They'll never find her at this rate.

Depending on which direction they've gone, we'll have to split up our resources.

Come here, Max.

Seek, Max, seek. Seek, Max, seek.


If you wanna find her, follow Max.

All right, men, move out. Go, go, go!

There's Max!




Stay With him, Thorn.


Tsk, tsk. It's not safe for you to be in woods alone.


Pull up, pull up! Stop!

Look what Max found. That is Alex's.

TJ, get in, come on!

Wait till my father gets his hands on you two!

Rotten door.

Told you not to get an American car.

Go, go, go! Come on!

Max, find her, please!

All units! We need to cut off all access routes north of the river.

Shut her up!

Naughty little girl.



I got her! No!

- I got you! Stop, stop!

I hate that dog!



Get him, Max!

Stupid dog!

Out Of the vehicle!

Get him off me! Get this animal off me!

Take her away.

We would've gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for these meddling kids and the dog!

Hey, Coop.

I know everyone in maximum security's gonna love your grilled cheese!

Listen, TJ, I am so sorry that I didn't listen to you.

It's okay, Dad. No, it's not okay.

We may be the First Family, but we are a family first.

I know how difficult this must've been for you to be ripped out of your old life.

I promise you, I am going to do everything I can to make your new one a little easier.


I love you.

Alex, I am flying in my personal physician to make sure you are all right.

Papa, that is not necessary.

But there is something that you can do for me.

Just say the word, my precious angel.

I'm pleased to announce that we've come to terms on a historic nuclear arms treaty.

One that will keep both our countries strong.

And one more thing.

We wouldn't be here today if it weren't for someone very special.

Now, this may be a little bit unorthodox but also incredibly deserved.

I am pleased to present the very first ever K-9 Medal of Honor to an amazing dog named Max!

You really have to leave tonight?

Why, do you want to accuse me of another conspiracy before I go?

You're not gonna let me live that down, are you?

Like I said, not until it stops being fun.

I was right about one thing, though.

What is that?

A Russian was behind it.

But he was undercover as American in White House.

So, we call it even?

I'll take it.

What was that?

Excuse me.

Sorry to interrupt.

But I'm afraid.

Max's time with us has come to an end.

I'm really gonna miss you, Max.

We all are.

I know you're gonna miss me too, boy.

Go on.

He sure is some dog, huh?


It's not gonna be the same around here without him.


Why don't you come with us?

I think we may have something that'll cheer you up.

Come on.

These are Charlie 's puppies.

Take your pick.

I want them all.

Hi, guys.

Who wants to play with TJ?

Come on! Come on, guys.

You got my ear.

So ticklish!

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